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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

BS Zelda Faq ver. 1.0 Final

by Sephiroth X

Questions, comments, flames or anything 
can be sent to danman42@hotmail.com

Intro: For those of you who don't know, this game was a 16-bit remake of the Legend of Zelda,
which originally appeared on the NES in the mid-80's. BS Zelda was only available in Japan via a 
satellite system that connected to the Super NES. The game was simulcast with a TV show on 
Sundays from around 6 to 7, which gave info on the game and other Nintendo related things. 
Unfortunately, players only had an hour with which to watch and play, over the course of four 
weeks. (Which is why the game stops after 57 minutes)

DISCLAIMER: (READ THIS THINGY RIGHT HERE, FIRST!) For those who might be evaluating the game 
on an emulator, bear in my mind this game was NOT completely finished as far as the copy 
floating around the net goes. If a complete copy of the game even exists, it hasn't been dumped. 
The way the game was dumped was by using a console copier called the Super UFO Pro Drive VII, 
which could copy games to disk off the Super Famicom Bulletin Service Satellite System. 
(thanks to NoaSQUARE@aol.com for the info.) DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON, send me me mail regarding
the ending, there ISN'T one. Anything else is a hack. You CAN NOT get the Power Bracelet,
you can NEVER get to world 9. If you can, you're playing a hack. Albeit a damn fine one. And
under NO circumstances ask me for a "clean" version of the ROM, Sephiroth X is not your
hookup. I've gotten way too many requests over the past three and a half years this FAQ has
been up.

Currently, i know of only 5 things missing from this game. The Power Bracelet, an item that
allowed you to move heavy objects, the final dungeon (Level 9), the Master Sword, which is 
the most powerful sword in the game, the Red Ring, which protected you from damage, and the 
Silver Arrows, which were neccessary to beat Ganon in the original game. Since it can be assumed 
that the Red Ring and Silver Arrows are in Level 9, really only 3 things are missing altogether.


8  MW 8  PM 	  FR	5		HC = Heart Container	SL = Starting Location
7  FR	 W  FR	  7			L = Letter		ST = Store
6  WS	 HC PM	  RG			MW = Medicine Woman	F= Fairy
5	 4     ST MW 2 			FR = Free Rupees	W = Warp
4     ST    FR 1	HC		RG = Rupee Game
3	 MW    FR	L		WS = White Sword
2  F  HC       ST RG			# = Level
1     FR 3  HC	  SL	W		PM = Pay for Repairs
   A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H

Now, here is a reasonably straightforward walkthrough from the beginning to the "end" 
of the game:

Start: Link (the lead character) seems to have been replaced by the mascot for the BS system. In
any case, we'll call him Link. Link will immediately walk into a cave on the first screen. From
there, it will sit until the clock hits 00:07. You will then recieve your first item, the
Wood Sword.

>From there, go one screen up, then one left. there is a shop here, which offers the large 
shield, a dungeon key, and a candle, costing 130, 100, and 60 rupees respectively. From there,
go one screen left, one up (without crossing the bridge), one right, and finally one up. You'll
now be on a screen with a long bridge going left. Also, if you look at your map, Link (marked
in green) will be right next to a red dot on the map. That's Level One. Cross the bridge and
enter the tree.

Level 1
Item: Bow
Boss: Aquamentus

Go one screen left to pick up the compass, which will tell you where the boss is. Kill all the
bats to unlock the door left, then enter it. One of the Stalfos in this room has a key (not 
hard to spot), kill him to get it. Kill all the Stalfos to unlock the door left if you want
to read some japanese. If not, go back to the entrance, then one screen up. Kill all
the snakes in this room for a key. Unlock the door up, go through, and unlock the door up in
that room. Go up and collect the Map, then kill all the bats to open the door left. In this 
room, kill all the little droplets to open the door left, enter, and push the block on the far 
left up. Go down the stairs, collect the bow, and return to the droplet room. From here it's all
self-explanitory, because there really is only one path. When you get to the boss, watch his 
fireballs, get in between them, and stab away at the head. This will get you an extra heart and
one room right is the first piece of the triforce.

By now you should have enough rupees and at least 4 bombs, so it's time to collect some basic 
stuff. If you spent a lot of time slaughtering enemies and have a spare 190 rupees, go get the
large shield and candle by going (from level 1 entrance) right, down, left, left, down, and 
right. Primarily, you really need to get the candle, but it helps to get the shield, too. You 
can also bomb the center wall 1 screen up from the start of the game to play the rupee game, 
which will get you money quick. Now go left, up, right, right, right. You'll see a cave open 
to you, go in and collect the letter, which you'll need later. From there, go up 2, and left one. 
A bolt of lightning normally kills every enemy here, so collect anything left behind, bomb the 
center of the big rock, and enter Level 2.

Level 2
Item: Boomerang
Boss: Dodongo

This level is a no-brainer, you should be in and out in 5 minutes, tops. Go up one room, kill
all the wolf creatures (another name that escapes me), and collect the boomerang. Go up to get 
the compass, and up until you're in a room full of snakes. Kill them all to unlock the door
left, go in and grab the map, then kill the blobs to get out. Go one right, collect the bombs,
bomb up, go in, then left, bomb up in here for more japanese (presumably which says "Dodongo
dislikes smoke") then collect the key in the previous room, unlock the door, enter the stairs, 
and you'll be face-to face with Dodongo. put two bombs in his path to make him swallow them,
and collect your heart and triforce piece. Level over.

Now, we double-back by going right, down, down, left, left, left, down. Now, cross the bridge
and use the candle to burn away the 3 bushes. Go left, left again, and down. See the two bushes
at the bottom? Burn the one on the left and get some free cash. Go one screen right and enter 
Level 3. 

Level 3
Item: Raft, Magical Boomerang
Boss: Manhandla

One quick rule to this level: kill everyone you meet. A lot of enemies have keys in here, or open
locked doors. Go up one room, right, down, right, collect the 35-40 rupees, then bomb up. Go in 
and collect the key, then go down, left, up, left, and up to get the compass. Two more rooms up,
in a room with 3 blobs, bomb up, and follow the path to your first meeting with ironknuckles.
They can only be hit on the side their shield doesn't face, and they change direction quick.
In any case, run into the stairs and collect the raft. Go four or five rooms down, until
you're one room above the entrance. Go right twice, this room oughta look familiar. Go right 
through the locked door, and collect the map. Go down one, and a bolt of lightning should kill 
everything in the room. Collect the Magical Boomerang and go all the way up. When you come to
an old man, bomb left, and enter the stairs. Follow the path to the boss, and your third triforce 
piece. Getting too easy, eh?

Now we have to go on a little excursion before going for level 4. Go left one screen, then up 
along the LEFT side. there are two bushes, about two tiles apart from one another. Use your
candle on the left, and you'll have your pick of either Red Medicine, which can fill your life 
twice, or an extra heart container. Take the heart, you'll need every last one you can get. Now,
go down one, then up along the right side, then up again. Go left, then up until you come to
the graveyard. in the middle row, second headstone from the left, push on it to reveal a passage.
Go in and collect the White Sword, which is much stronger than your wooden one. From there,
go down 4 screens, then left one, then up. enter the store there, and take your pick of Arrows,
the Blue Ring (lowers damage), or Meat (don't worry about it yet), for 80, 250, and 60 rupees.
Go right one screen, walk onto the dock, and you'll be whisked away to the entrance of Level 4,
the last marked on your map.

Level 4
Item: Flute
Boss: Digdogger

Run through this one, too. Go left for the compass, back to the entrance, up one and kill 
everyone for a key. Up again, kill everyone for some bombs. Bomb right and go get the key, then 
go back, up, and right for the map. Then back again, and continue up until you can unlock a door
right. Don't worry about the locked door down yet, instead go up. Go right to hear some more 
japanese, or left which will be a room with two Ironknuckles and a staircase. Instead of dealing 
with them, bomb left, where an old man will let you be able to carry twelve bombs for 50 rupees.
Then go kill those Ironknuckles for the key, and go down the stairs for the flute. Go right, 
down, unlock the door, and continue down to a room with a staircase. Go down, and you'll come up
in a room with Ironknuckles and Pols Voices, but ignore them and head left. Play your flute once,
then stab the stuffing out of the the mini-eyes that come out. Get your triforce piece and heart, 
level's over.

Ok, now we do a lot of running around. First go down, burn the bush sticking out and go inside.
Select the letter, and give it to the woman inside. She sets up several medicine shops on the 
map, including where you are right now. Go left, down, and right until you're at what's left of 
those 3 bushes by the bridge. Cross the bridge, and go up, then right until you can't anymore. Go 
up to the dock and ride the raft to a new area. This cave here will just be a guy with 
information, in japanese. Go left two screens and burn the bush. This is a money making game.
Choose the correct rupee every time, you get a more rupees. Choose wrong, you lose rupees. This
is an easy way to get tons of cash. Now you might want to race back and get the Blue Ring, or 
wait. Either way, from the game, go one right, up, and up the stairs to the cheapest store here.
You can pick up the Large Shield, Dungeon Key, or Meat, for 90, 80, and 60 rupees. Buy Meat. Go 
down, then right, and position yourself above the headstone. Walk directly up, and you'll pass 
through the rock to the ridiculously obscure entrance to Level 5.

Level 5
Item: Stepladder
Boss: Patra

This one takes a few. Go up one, right, right, then bomb down to meet with a fairy.  
Along your travels you'll meet an old man, and you also should have picked up a key, which you'll
now need. Return to the room 1 screen up from the entrance, and unlock the door. In here a man
will say "I'm hungry" or something to that effect in Japanese. Give him the meat, continue
up. And keep going up until you run into the compass. Push the block up, grab the compass,
and bomb left. Enter and go back, this time pushing the block right, then go up. Kill the much
harder and faster Blue Ironknuckle, then push the block on the left to unlock the door and a new 
staircase. Go down the stairs, emerge and bomb left for more bombs (which should bring you up to 
16, not bad!) go down one room. Now kill the 3 Dodongoes, and go down, entering the staircase 
right away. Pick up the Stepladder here, and go back to the stairs two rooms up. Go down to the 
room below where the hungry guy was, and get the key. Now go up to the room you bombed left in, 
go in and down. You can go up in that room to read some japanese again, if you like, but if not, 
follow the path to the bottom, where a staircase will take you to a room just before the boss. 
The boss is quite simple. Keep slashing from a safe distance until it's toast. Get your triforce 
piece and get ready to move on to Level 6.

Let's quickly grab a heart piece and move onto the next level. If you haven't gotten it already, 
I'd suggest buying the Blue Ring. From the Level 5 entrance, go down, left, down, right, down, 
and down again, where you'll notice a heart container. Use your stepladder to walk over and 
grab it. Then go down, left, down, and right to find a grave on the beach. Play your flute, and 
from the sea comes the entrance to Level 6. Also note that it's now night...Octorocks are now 
ironknuckles, and blue octorocks are now blue ironknuckles...be careful.

Level 6
Item: Magic Wand
Boss: Gohma

These dungeons are beginning to seem too easy, eh? Well, this one is no different. Go up 3 rooms
and kill all the monsters. Push the left block to open the door left. Go in here, then right one 
more room, bringing you to a room with a fairy you can't reach, and a key. Take the key and go
two rooms left, then go up until you can't anymore. Here is a locked door with an unfriendly
guy who was the level 4 boss. Kill him the same way, then go 1 right and pick up the map. Bomb
up for an old man saying some Japanese. (presumably, "Walk into the center of the A") Go down
two screens from him, and pick up the bombs. Remember this room on your map, on your way back
you'll need to bomb into the left wall to pick up that key. Walk down the center of the room,
and you'll pass through the wall to a hidden staircase. Go down it and pick up the Magic Wand,
and return. Now start heading all the way back toward the entrance, picking up the key I
mentioned earlier. Once you are two room above the start, unlock the door right, go inside,
pick up the compass, and bomb right. Go inside, and you have two choices: down or up. Up is
that fairy you couldn't reach before, go there if you need it. Down will put you in a room with
one snake, trap walls (whatever they are), a staircase and a passage down. Go down first, pick 
up the key in there, then go back and down the stairs. Kill the mummies, and ready your bow and 
arrows. Unlock the door, go inside, and put on arrow in the eye of the boss while it's open. You're
finished with another one.

Let's now pick up a few things before we get into what is technically the end of the game. Make
your way to the Level 2 entrance. From there, go left and cross the river with the stepladder.
Go left one screen, and bomb in the right side of the middle hump of rock. Go in for another
of the cheap stores. It has the same items, same prices. One screen left again, then up.  If you 
bomb here, there's a cave where an old man will charge you for blowing up his door. Continue 
left. On this screen, you can bomb in the middle/left hand side of the rock to get a heart 
container or red medicine. Go left, enter the cave to listen to some more Japanese, or go down 
one screen for even more. (This guy wants ten rupees to tell you a secret), or you can go up one 
screen, bringing you to a group of statues. These statues are supposed to come to life when 
touched, and the top right one theoretically has the Power Bracelet. Since he won't come to life, 
there's only a few things you can do in the game from here. However, the remainder is below, 
including the Pro Action Replay codes that will give you the "lost" items, hence being able to 
finish the remainder of what's in the game.


Items: 200 rupees, Blue Medicine, Master Sword (?) 

>From the Level 1 entrance, go one screen right, down, and left. Burn the bush in the center of
the screen, and go inside. Here a Moblin will give you 100 rupees. Go to the dock leading
to Level 4, then one screen right. Burn the bush on the corner, go inside and collect another
100 rupees from another Moblin. In front of the Level 5 entrance, there is a man offering Blue
Medicine, only if you haven't gotten any red medicine yet. (I was told this, and seen it, but 
have never gotten him to appear myself.)
The remaining things here are not confirmed, just rumors I've read or something odd I saw on a 
BS Zelda map i had. From the Level 5 entrance, entrance, go down, left, down, left, then up the 
stairs. Go inside the cave. You should be able to get the Master Sword in there, though I never 

Pro Action replay walkthrough:

Here is the remaining walkthrough if you use the following Pro Action Replay Codes:

Master Sword Code: 7E743A03 (gives you the Master Sword)
Power Bracelet Code: 7E742E01 (gives you the Power Bracelet)
Red Ring Code: 7E742B02 (gives you the Red Ring)
Silver Arrow Code: 7E742302 (gives you Silver Arrows)

>From the same screen you got the Wood Sword on (the start), go 2 screens right. Push the block 
in the way of the staircase, and go in. Go down one screen from here, then left, up, then right.
Push the bottom block out of your way, and go up one screen. Do not bomb on this screen, there's
another old man that'll make you pay for his door repairs. Instead, go one screen right, and bomb
here, where you'll find another store. Buy Meat if you don't have any. Leave the store, go one 
screen down, push the left block in the little cross-shaped group. Go inside and collect another
30 rupees from another Moblin. Leave, go up, right, and bomb here to reveal a cave with 45 
rupees. Leave, go down one screen, and enter Level 7.

Level 7
Item: Red Candle
Boss: Aquamentus

Immediately go right, ignore the Ironknuckle, grab the key and leave. Go up, left 2, up again,
kill the Ironknuckle for some Bombs, then bomb right. Go inside, pick up the 40 rupees, go right,
pick up another 40 rupees and a key. Go up, and once again collect 40 rupees. Go down, left 2,
down, and right 2. Unlock the door down and go inside. Go down the stairs. From here, go up, kill
the two Patras, go up one and push the block, go through the door left. Grab the key, kill the 
bats, go through the door, push the block and go up, then left. Bomb down, enter the stairs, and
get the Red Candle. Make your way up, right, and all the way down to the stairs. When coming back 
from those stairs, go right 3, pick up the compass, and then go left 2. Go as far up as you can, 
collect the map, kill the Ironknuckle, go down 1, bomb left, go in and get the key. Go up for
another old man and his wacky Japanese, or unlock the door left, and go in. Up leads to a fairy, 
down will lock you in a room with a mummy. kill him, push the block on the left. This will open
the passage you came from, a passage left, and a staircase. Don not go into the staircase, it's 
a trick that'll send you way off course. Instead, go one left, then up. Kill the creature, then 
push the block on the left. Go down the stairs, then go up one, and fight the boss, who's also 
the boss of Level 1....very easy. Get the triforce and you're done!

>From here, go up, then left 4, which may look familiar to Zelda fans. It's Spectacle Rock, and
also the entrance to Level 8 if you bomb the left rock.

Level 8
Item: Book of Magic
Boss: Ghomas

Go up, kill the 2 blobs for a key. Bomb right, go in and collect the Book of Magic. Go left, 
then up. Welcome to the dark room. you can't see the path through this room, you pretty much 
have to wing it. You can bomb left and meet a fairy, or go right. In here you can bomb up for 
a shortcut through here, or follow the path right, and up to get the map by pushing the block 
second row, left side. Go up, left, down, left, and up. There are stairs in here. Take the 
stairs, and basically follow the path to the two spider bosses. Beat them, get the triforce, and
not only is the level over, but unfortunately, the game. There is nothing really left to do.

As far as the rest goes, if anyone can tell me any of the names i missed, any secrets (I came up
missing two heart containers...), or any patches to unlock Level 9, the Power Bracelet, or 
anything else of interest not in this FAQ, please e-mail me at my address at the top. Enjoy, 
it's a really cool game, despite what it's missing.

Pro Action Replay Codes

7E742101: Boomerang
7E742102: Magic Boomerang
7E742216: Infinite Bombs
7E742301: Wooden Arrow
7E742302: Silver Arrow
7E742401: Blue Candle
7E742402: Red Candle
7E742501: Flute
7E742601: Meat
7E742701: Blue Medicine
7E742702: Red Medicine
7E742801: Magic Wand
7E742901: Raft
7E742A01: Magic Book
7E742B01: Blue Ring
7E742B02: Red Ring
7E742C01: Steppladder
7E742E01: Power Bracelets
7E742F01: Letter
7E743714: 5000 ruppees
7E7439FF: all pieces of triforce
7E743A01: Wooden Sword
7E743A02: White Sword
7E743A03: Master Sword
7E743C01: Bow


Everyone that's helped on Zophar's board, Daves board, and in particular one guy that gave me 
the BS Zelda map from NES World....(i lost your name, please e-mail if you read this, so I
can credit you!) Also, tons of credit to Con.S@gmx.net, Taichou Maiku, and Mr. About.

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