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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                 B S   T H E   L E G E N D   O F   Z E L D A
                       K O D A I   N O   S E K I B A N
                 (A N C I E N T   S T O N E   T A B L E T S)

Complete FAQ/Walkthrough written by Garrett (masterthiefster@gmail.com)

version 4.0 FINAL, updated 29 September 2005

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                    == T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S ==

What IS Kodai no Sekiban?................................................WHATIS
A Brief History of Kodai no Sekiban, or How It Came To Us                ORIGIN
Changes since ALttP......................................................VSLTTP


    Week 1...............................................................WEEK1
- Overworld part 1                                                       OVR1-1
- Dungeon 1..............................................................DNG1-1
- Overworld part 2                                                       OVR1-2
- Dungeon 2..............................................................DNG1-2
- Overworld part 3                                                       OVR1-3

    Week 2...............................................................WEEK2
- Overworld part 1                                                       OVR2-1
- Dungeon 3..............................................................DNG2-3
- Overworld part 2                                                       OVR2-2
- Dungeon 4..............................................................DNG2-4
- Overworld part 3                                                       OVR2-3

    Week 3...............................................................WEEK3
- Overworld part 1                                                       OVR3-1
- Dungeon 5..............................................................DNG3-5
- Overworld part 2                                                       OVR3-2
- Dungeon 6..............................................................DNG3-6
- Overworld part 3                                                       OVR3-3

    Week 4...............................................................WEEK4
- Overworld part 1                                                       OVR4-1
- Dungeon 7..............................................................DNG4-7
- Overworld part 2                                                       OVR4-2
- Dungeon 8..............................................................DNG4-8
- Overworld part 3                                                       OVR4-3
- The Final Battle.......................................................DNG4-9

Endings and Scoring
- The Good Ending........................................................END-G
- The Bad Ending                                                         END-B
- Scoring................................................................SCORE

Timed Events.............................................................TIMER
- Week 1                                                                 TIMEW1
- Week 2.................................................................TIMEW2
- Week 3                                                                 TIMEW3
- Week 4.................................................................TIMEW4

Heart Pieces Guide.......................................................HEART
- Week 1                                                                 HPWK1
- Week 2.................................................................HPWK2
- Week 3                                                                 HPWK3
- Week 4.................................................................HPWK4

- The legality of emulation                                              EMULEG
- Where to get the ROMs..................................................EMURLS
- Which emulator to use                                                  EMUS9X
- Changing Weeks.........................................................CHANGE

- The new digging engine                                                 DIGGIN

Cheat Codes..............................................................CHEATS
- item codes                                                             CCITEM
- clock adjustment codes.................................................CCTIME

Tricks, Secrets, and Oddities............................................TRICKS
- Magic Meter ½ upgrade                                                  MAGIC
- Ram those trees!.......................................................TREES
- The Running Man!                                                       RUNMAN
- Whack-a-Smith!.........................................................WHACK
- Rental Shops                                                           RENTAL
- The Thief's Slot Machine...............................................SLOTS
- The Mole                                                               MOLE
- "unlocking" characters.................................................UNLOCK

Bugs and Glitches........................................................GLITCH
- Fixed Bugs and Glitches                                                FIXED
- Translation Progress...................................................TRANS

Still to come, unfinished................................................FINISH
Closing Comments                                                         CLOSE
Thanks To................................................................THANKS
Version History                                                          VERSHS
Copyright, and other mumbo-jumbo you don't really wanna read but should..COPYRT

                        == What IS Kodai no Sekiban? ==                  WHATIS

Well, I assume you suddenly found a "new" Zelda game listed, and are now very
keen to know what it's all about. Did someone add a hoax or beta? Well, no!

Kodai no Sekiban is like a "second quest" (remember Zelda 1?) for Nintendo's
famous Zelda: Link To The Past, which I shall refer to throughout as "ALttP".
It has the same basic overworld of ALttP, but it is far more than simply a
Master Quest, as they have added the rental shops and the timer events, as well
as changing the contents of all the caves and houses and various other things.

This walkthrough anticipates that you have already played through at least a
little of ALttP in order to have a general understanding of gameplay mechanics.

        == A Brief History of Kodai no Sekiban, or How It Came To Us ==  ORIGIN

It may surprise you to learn that the game was not for the SNES at all! It was
in fact a game for the BS-X (which stands for Broadcast Satellite, and X means
"unknown"). The BS-X was a Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) base unit that sat
underneath the SNES, not unlike the proposed CD drive. The games were sent via
a satellite and stored on flash-RAM in the base unit. The player could also buy
additional storage carts that sat atop it in a Super GameBoy-like adapter.

The game was broadcast live (one episode per week), and the majority of
cutscenes etc. in the game actually had live voice actors for the story-driven
parts. This is why when you are playing you will find several points where the
characters move around but don't say anything through text.

                           == Changes since ALttP ==                     VSLTTP

Since this is basically like a mod for ALttP, I will discuss what has been
changed since that game. First, a quick rundown of the controls. The game
controls the same as ALttP, except that you begin Week 1 with no sword
(therefore A serves no purpose until you get the sword) and R now displays a
help box; you can move the cursor around to find out what all the buttons and
items do (in kanji). This is because the game had no manual at all; people just
downloaded and played right away so each BS-X game had some sort of explanatory
feature built in.

Also you can change direction when running with the Pegasus Boots, an addition
that only found its way into Link's Awakening (it's not in any of the others).

The Flute (or "Ocarina" for all your 3D-age Zelda fans) now acts like the Magic
Mirror, and will warp you back to the beginning of the dungeon.

The game is divided into Weeks, see the Emulation section

                          == W A L K T H R O U G H ==                      WALK

                                  == WEEK 1 ==                            WEEK1

My Week 1 walkthrough is based off the excellent overview by Fyxe, found here:

After the old man finishes yapping he gives you the Large Bag, containing all
the items you need in each week of your quest. Now you have the Bag open your
inventory (you *did* play ALttP first, didn't you?) and let the Gold Bee out of
its bottle. This is a special bee and it will remain with you forever until you
get your sword--that's right, you are currently defenseless except for the bee.

                             == Overworld part 1 ==                      OVR1-1

Now on to Dungeon 1, and the sword! Go to where the Eastern Palace dungeon was,
and that's Dungeon 1. That's where the similarities end, however, as only a
couple of the dungeons appear in the same places as their ALttP counterparts.

                                == Dungeon 1 ==                          DNG1-1

Go through the left-hand door. Let the bee kill the tentacles while you lift
the top-left pot to get a Small Key. The bottom-right pot hides a door-release
button. The other two hold arrows so you might as well grab them while you're
here. Go back down through the door you came in by.

Now go through the right-hand door. Once the tentacle monsters are destroyed,
unlock the door and go through.

Here at last is your sword! Switch to the Bug-Catching Net and bottle your Gold
Bee, otherwise you'll lose it FOREVER after opening the sword chest. Go through
the door to the right.

Open the chest for 10 Bombs. Bomb the wall above you for 60 rupees. Lift the
top-left pot for a Key and the bottom-left one for a Bomb. Go to the right and
open the chest for the Map. The pots contain Bombs so fill up and bomb the top
wall for 40 rupees. Go south, west, west, and bomb the wall to continue.

Open the chest for your Shield then go through the locked door. Open the chest
for the Compass and bomb the western wall (40 rupees). Now go east, north, and
bomb the left wall (40 rupees). Killing the Stalfos opens the door so go on in.

Go down the stairs to B1. Go through the top-right door and kill the tentacles
to proceed. Lift the right-hand pot for a Key. Go down the stairs and through
the door.

Go west, up the stairs, lift the pot, hit the button and get the Big Key!

Go to the left, up the stairs, and open the Big Chest for the Bow! Now go down
the stairs and bomb the top-left wall (40 rupees). Go back and unlock the door
and lift the central pots to restock your arrows (you'll need them!)

In the next room use arrows or pots to kill the Eyegore for a Key.
Open the topmost door, fight *two* Eyegores and again collect the arrows.
By now you should have 30, so unlock the Boss Door and go in. Bomb the right
wall (40 rupees) and shoot the red cyclops (you can throw pots at the other).

In the next room lift the top-left pot for a Key. Open the chest to get the
Pegasus Boots.

OPTIONAL: go through the door to the right and talk to the thief to trade 50
rupees for +10 max arrows.

HINT: if the clock's reached or passed 18:16 you'll notice an infinity symbol
beneath the arrow icon. You have UNLIMITED so you don't have any boss worries!

Now unlock the door and fight the Armos Knights. They take 2 hits each instead
of 3 (as in AlttP), but the final red one still takes 3.

Collect the Heart Container and Tablet and you can leave the dungeon.

                             == Overworld part 2 ==                      OVR1-2

Now you've got the Bombs you can explore! Go back to Sasharlha's hut and bomb
the back wall for 60 rupees and a Piece of Heart! Go back outside.

Leave the complex and head towards the bottom-right corner.

Over to the right is a Piece of Heart surrounded by holes. How do you get it?
Stand above it and face the wall and then use the Pegasus Boots to ram the
wall, propelling yourself backwards and onto the island--who needs that silly
Roc's Feather anyway? Now fall down any of the holes. Go out and up the stairs.

From here go east and down one screen. Both the caves here hold 80 rupees, the
right-hand one also has fairies. Go out, up, left, down, and into the left-hand
cave mouth. Bomb the right-hand wall (120 rupees), then go out either door.

Go a screen to the left and ram the rock-pile for a Piece of Heart.
Go up a screen and bomb the wall for another Piece of Heart.

Go to the Witch's Hut and purchase the Gold Potion which should be available
by now. While this means saying goodbye to your precious Bee, the potion is
likely more useful anyway. Ram the rock-pile to the right and go up a screen.

Bomb the wall to the left for a Piece of Heart, then go right and up a screen.
Ram the rock-pile for fairies and a thief who gives you 300 rupees!

OPTIONAL: if you need the cash you can rob the Mole's diggings before he's even
dug them! Walk down to the door out of this room and walk around it and down a
screen. Open the chests and go out through the door. Watch out, as the camera
tracking may stuff up if you walk too far to the left.

Either way, leave through the door. Go up and to the right into Zora's Domain.

Looks like Zora decided to redecorate, this place is a LOT smaller than it was
in ALttP! Anyway buy the flippers, you should have plenty of cash to spare!
Now you can swim! Go down a screen. Swim over to the left into the waterfall.

                                == Dungeon 2 ==                          DNG1-2

First of all go straight up and light the torches with the Lamp and go through
the shutter-door that just opened. Go down the stairs, up, and open the chest
to get the Compass. Now go back down and right, then right again. Lift the pots
for a Key, kill the water bugs, use the Flute to warp back to the first room.

Unlock the top-left door and go through it. Kill the Stalfos and claim the Map.

In the next room kill the Eyegores and head through the far, far right door.

Again, kill the Eyegores and Stalfos and then bomb the wall to the right.

WARNING: you MUST push the block, or you will CRASH THE GAME. Get 100 rupees.

Go west, south, south, and into the room with the stairs and bombable wall.

Bomb the wall for 40 rupees, but watch out for the invisible spitting statue.

Go down and then up the stairs; the bottom-left pot hides a door button.

In this room the centre pot hides the door-release button, while the Chest
holds the Big Key.

Open the chest for the Boss Key, lift the pot beside it for the door button.

OPTIONAL: return to the entrance room, open the chest, and claim the Boomerang.
Because of the game's broken-ness, this is no longer a necessary item...

Go down a stairwell and into the first room (unless you did already) and go in
the far far left door.

Enter the bottom-left door for 20 Rupees. Bomb the top-right wall (another 20).

Go through the Boss Door. Walk way, way up, get the Key, go through the door.

OPTIONAL: bomb the bottom wall for an Upgrade Thief, 50 rupees for +10 bombs.

Go up the stairs, press 9 (to fix the transparency glitch) and bomb the wall.
Open the chest (20 rupees), kill the Stalfos (blue one has a Key), and go down.

Open the chest (20 rupees), go right (70 rupees), bomb the right wall, go up.

Pull the tongue (100 rupees), go down and left, bomb the north wall, go up,
unlock the door, and fight Moldorm. Hit his tail three times to defeat him.
Collect your Heart Container and Tablet, press 9 again, and you're outta there!

                             == Overworld part 3 ==                      OVR1-3

By now there should be a Piece of Heart in the water right in front of you.

Warp to the Witch's Hut, go a screen to the left, fall in the water, and swim
up into the waterfall for lots of fairies and a Piece of Heart.

Warp to ducky drop-off #2 and talk to the Mole. Warp back to the Witch's Hut
and go a screen to the left. There are 6 chests in his new cave (600 rupees)!

Now let's play the digging game! Go to the nearest Rental Shop, get a shovel,
and look at the map. You'll see an X, one of these two locations...

1. dig in the little circle of trees to the upper left of the witch's hut.
2. dig in the bottom-left of the Eastern Palace land-mass (between the bridges)
3. dig in the center of the outcrop west of the witch's hut.

Dig in any of these for the final Piece of Heart.

Now go to the area with the Rental Shop south of the Eastern Palace complex.
When the timer hits 18:43, Zelda will come running and (in the original format)
calling for help from the north. Kill the Octoroks to save her.

HINT: walking into Zelda will stop both her and the Octoroks, so you can keep
on walking into her if you want a breather to plan your strategy.

She will then follow you, so go to Hyrule Castle and she'll detach, and the old
woman there gives you 300 rupees for saving her. You also get 10,000 points!

That's all for this Week, so you can go rent another shovel or whatever. When
the timer reaches 18:56 wait for the end of the cutscene and until the game
crashes (makes funny noises). Then quit the emulator, rename the .srm file and
go on to play the next Week of exploration and fun!

                                 == WEEK 2 ==                             WEEK2

When you first begin, you get the bag of goodies back (but NOT the Golden Bee).
Go out the door and into the grass-roofed hut to the left.

                             == Overworld part 1 ==                      OVR2-1

There are 4 chests downstairs, each with a red rupee inside. The bombable wall
leads to 6 pots with arrows, bombs, and hearts inside.

--Note that the Bottle Man doesn't appear (literally) to open shop until 18:28,
so save up your rupees and go see him when the time comes.

The Smith's brother is missing *again* (sheesh, they should have on a leash or
something!) so don't even bother visiting. You can rescue him later though.

Now go fall down the well to find a Piece of Heart. Walk over to the right and
exit--do NOT use the stairs, as this will put you on the wrong plane.

As always, bomb open the doorless hut in the bottom left corner to get goodies
--in this case, a Piece of Heart and a red rupee! As in ALttP, the pots contain
bomb/arrow refills.

The chicken coop now has a man selling bombs, arrows, and Red Potion, so buy
something if you wish, or if you don't still have a Gold Potion from Week 1.

Go into the house with the old lady sweeping out front. Blow down the wall to
get a chest containing a sweet 100 rupees!

Right about now the rain comes down to hamper your progress. It will extinguish
any and all bombs, so don't even bother trying to blow open anything outside.

Worse than that, ALL overworld enemies are replaced with Zoras. To make it even
worse, the Boomerang only hurts them instead of stunning them, and they have a
lot more health than their ALttP counterparts. So beware!

Anyway, go through the back door of the pub to get... a Piece of Heart! Yay!

Take the upper-right path out of the village. Ram the rock pile to the bottom
left and go down the stairs for 4 fairies 100 rupees!

Ram the rock pile to the top right and enter the dungeon!

                                == Dungeon 3 ==                          DNG2-3

Go through the right-hand door first. Notice the chests and pots form a smiley
face :) Anyway, the chests contain 20 rupees and a map! Blow down the wall for
two more 20-rupee chests.

Now go through the upper left door. Because the key was on a rammable object
that is lost to us at present you will have to cheat and walk around the door.
In the next room are loads of those jellyfish things. Be careful or you can get
pushed back beyond the room limits. Walk around the blocks and through the door
to the right. Grab the key and open the chest--you got the Blue Tunic! Use the
key and go through the bottom door.

The chest contains a compass! Go through the door to the right.

Pick up the top-right pot and use the key on the door. Go up.

Kill the enemies (try running back and forth) and light the torches to make a
chest appear. It's the Boss Key! Go down the stairs.

Go through the door to the right.

Open the chest! Yay! Magic Hammer!

Now walk down to the right and stand EXACTLY beside the wall. You are on the
wrong plane, and the stairs are broken, so you need to fix this by exercising a
glitch. Walk down through the black nothingness until it takes you to the next
room, and then go up again. Now you can bomb the walls to left and right. The
left one leads to a total of 150 rupees, and the right one leads to 300 rupees!

Now go through the open door to the top right. Lift the top-left pot for a key.
Bomb the wall for a Beamos and 100 rupees. Go back to the stairs; go up them.

Bomb the wall, collect 100 rupees, bomb the wall, collect 100 rupees, bomb the
wall and trade those rupees to the thief for 10 extra bombs. He also refills
your bombs. How cool is that?!?

Go back down the stairs, to the right, use the key, and go down the stairs. Go
through the door and through the door and fight the Helmasaur King. Fight him
exactly the same way as you did in ALttP. Remember, you can use the hammer OR
bombs to break his mask. Once his mask is gone, only the hammer will kill him.

Collect the Heart Container and Tablet, and you're done!

                             == Overworld part 2 ==                      OVR2-2

Now that the rain has cleared, you can explore again.

First of all warp back to town and go through the far-left Lost Woods entrance.
Why, it's a Mushroom! Yum! Yes you'll do something with this in a minute. Hit
the pegs and go up to the left. There's that useless Smith! Now warp to the
witch's hut and give her the mushroom (she moves inside if it's raining). Equip
it and press the item button (NOT the talk button) to give it to her. In return
you get a bag of Magic Powder! Sweet!

Now warp back to the village and take the Smith home. Talk to them and get your
L-2 Sword! Yes, they create the Master Sword for you, strangely enough! However
you can get the Tempered Sword from the Master Sword shrine during Week 4... so
it all evens out I guess.

OPTIONAL: now that the useless dwarf is out of the way, go outside, hit the peg
with the Magic Hammer, and fall down the well for a Magic Meter upgrade.
See the "½ magic meter upgrade" (keyword: MAGIC) section for details.

Anyway, go back to the village, go down a screen and immediately to your right
is a bombable wall! Two red rupees and a Piece of Heart await!

Now go a screen to the left and in the very far left corner is a bombable wall.
Bomb open the rock, bomb open the next bit of rock (the peg heads and something
else originally stopped you doing this) and get your Piece of Heart, baby!

Warp back to the village and go into the forest and to the right. Go down into
the stump for 40 rupees! Take note of that suspicious square of bushes above it
--we'll return here later for a bomb-throwing game with the friendly thief. :)

Go up to the right and down the stairs for 4 fairies and 100 rupees!

Go to the very top right of the forest and go through the trunk.

                                == Dungeon 4 ==                          DNG2-4

Go through the door straight ahead. Then go through the door to the top-right.
Go through the leftmost door and get the map from the chest, then go up and
open chests etc. as you go. You'll find 100 rupees in the middle chest and 300
in the top chest.

Now go back to that bottom-right shutter door. The opening function is lost to
us, so walk around it and the game will scroll the screens. Bomb the right-hand
wall for 100 rupees.

You don't have a key, so again go around the door. The camera won't follow you
correctly, but walk to the right straight after entering and it will scroll and
reset the view. There's that key! If you want to play honestly, go back and use
the key on the door (to your bottom left right now) or you could keep it for a
later door. Whatever you do, DO pick it up as it raises your score! Go down the
stairs to B1. I recommend NOT using it as you need it very soon for the door it
was most likely intended for.

Go down until you see a door, then go through it. DO NOT use the stairs as they
put you on the wrong plane.

Bomb the top wall for a thief who upgrades your arrows for a mere 100 rupees.
Go through the left door.

Go through the bottom door, ignoring the fire-chain thing, and watch for the
spiked thing in the next room. Go through the left-most door.

Pull the statue's tongue for a chest containing the Boss Key! Now go right, up,
left to get to the steel ball room. The left pot has a button to open the door
if you wish. Anyway, choose your moment (listen for silence) and run across.
Go down the stairs to B2.

If you have the key, open the door and go through. If not, walk down to one
side of it and keep going down until the screen scrolls, then scroll up again
to fix it.

WARNING: YOU MUST light the torches to open the chest OR YOU CRASH THE GAME!
Then go down the stairs and collect your key.

In the next room, the left chest has the Flame Shield and the right has the
Compass. There are other rooms down here, but their contents appear to be lost.
Now backtrack up to the floor above and to the room with the fire chain thing.
Go up and open the chest for the Hookshot! One of my favourite ALttP items :)

Now go down and to the right and get to the stairwell to go to the Boss' floor
(check your map).

Now go down and right and through the door, and through the door to the left.
Unlock the Boss Door and go in. Weave your way up to the Boss Door at the top
left, grabbing stuff from surrounding pots until you have refilled everything.

This boss fight is made more annoying than it should be by the fact that the
boss can escape offscreen. Do your best to keep close to him so he'll do his
"spin ball bits around body" move; then close in (even if it means taking
damage) and slash him as fast as possible. Also try to Hookshot off as many of
his ball bits as possible. If he goes off the current area you can scroll a
surprisingly long distance vertically, but if he's really gone you'll have to
leave the room and come back again, which means losing any progress you made on
defeating him.

The Yak submits this sneaky strategy, if you don't mind "cheating"...:

"In dungeon 4, I have another strategy for the boss fight. It's helpful to have
an extra potion for this. Upon entering the boss room, make the boss go up so
he's just off the screen and go after him (so that he is never more than one or
two blocks about the top of the screen. There's a glitch where the game thinks
the blobs around the boss are gone, even though they are there. The boss will
jump in the air and jump back down. When this happens, stay below the boss on
the screen. The boss will start swimming down (almost always down). hit the
boss with your sword and keep below the boss (making sure you don't leave the
screen.) After a few hits, you've won. It's simpler than using the hookshot to
take off all the blobs. (Use a glitch in the game to bypass missing data)"

Well, that works very well indeed! Be careful when the boss swims downwards as
you must stop him doing this or you may lose him. Also be aware that the blobs
will relocate. Since the game thinks they aren't attached when the boss jumps
up and splashes down somewhere else the blobs will teleport instantaneously to
his new location--they actually get there before he does. So watch out!!!

                             == Overworld part 3 ==                      OVR2-3

Now this Week's Dungeons are out of the way, go to the nearest rental shop and
rent a shovel. Look at the map. See that X? That's worth its weight in... uh...
rupees? The Piece of Heart you get can be found in one of 2 different locations

1. dig in the little circle of trees to the upper left of the witch's hut.
2. dig in the bottom-left of the Eastern Palace land-mass (between the bridges)
3. ???
4. ???

Well, that's all for Week 2, so if there are any minutes left you can dig for
rupees or explore spots you skipped or whatever... or just hit the Turbo key ;)

                                 == WEEK 3 ==                             WEEK3

First off, open the chest and get... the Worn-Out Glove. This can only lift ONE
rock per screen, much like the Blue Candle in Zelda 1. After that it's useless.
So take care and pick and choose rocks. You can't just do as you please, yet...

Note that if you open this when you've already got this or a better glove via
cheats you will instead get a Blue Rupee; if you activate it, collect the Rupee
and then disable the code thinking you'll be able to continue normally, no way!

                             == Overworld part 1 ==                      OVR3-1

Next go outside and one screen left. Ram the rock pile for a Piece of Heart.
Then go down a screen and a screen to the left. Go down to the bottom right,
lift a rock, and go down the steps to collect yet another Piece of Heart. Cool!

Now go a screen to the right and lift one of the bottom-left stones. The
leftmost one contains one of those rupee-spitting bug things. Anyway go a
screen to the right and bomb the top-right corner. In here you'll find 150
rupees and a Piece of Heart.

Now go down a screen and ram the rock-pile to the bottom-left. 100 rupees!

Go a screen to the left, ram the rock-pile, and enter the dungeon.

                                == Dungeon 5 ==                          DNG3-5

Go through the left door and kill the enemy. Go through the top door.

Open the chest for a Map, get the key, backtrack and open the door.

One of these pots has a full magic refill, if you need it. Go down the stairs.

Bomb the wall in front of you to collect 50 rupees and the compass. Bomb the
left wall for 100 rupees. Go back to the stair room and take the top-left door.

Bomb the wall for 100 rupees. Light the torches to open the door and go left.

Open the chest for a key, bomb the wall for 100 rupees, bomb the wall for 100
rupees. Return to the key room. Because the button-covering thing is lost, you
will have to walk around the door.

Bomb the wall for 100 rupees. Light the torches for 200 rupees! Return to the
previous room. Open the chest and use its key. Go into the next room, light the
torches for a Boss Key. Go up the stairs.

Go to the bottom-right of this area and up the steps. Bomb the right-hand wall
for a sweet 415 rupees!!! Open the chest to get the Glove. Now you can lift as
many light-coloured rocks as you wish.

OPTIONAL: from Big Chest room, go down the metal steps, then down the spiral
staircase to the previous floor. Here, go down, left, down, right, unlock the
door and go up the stairs. Bomb the wall, talk to the thief and get +10 bombs!

If you did this find your way back to the previously-mentioned room. Otherwise,
just go through the right door.

Open the topmost chest (go way, way up) for the L-3 sword! Open the other
chest, get the key, and use it. Open the chest, get the key, and use it.

Light the torches and go through the door.

Unfortunately the next bit is lost to us, so you have no choice but to cheat.
Stand in roughly the centre of the room and walk left. When the screen scrolls,
keep going. Now keep walking until the door is directly above you. You can
restore your health or items from the pots, and then go up into the boss room.
After a few slashes, it's all over. Collect the tablet, and you're done!

                             == Overworld part 2 ==                      OVR3-2

Once back outside, go a screen to the left and weave through the rocky path.
Ram the rock-pile for a Piece of Heart!

Go up and to the left. The cave contains a thief with 300 rupees. In the room
behind him is a Piece of Heart! Go a screen to the left into the desert and go
straight up and into the cave. Light the torches and get a Piece of Heart!

Now warp back to Link's house and head a screen left and down to the lake.

Go inside the cave marked with shields for a Great Fairy and 300 rupees. Go
down beside the Fortune Teller's shop and hookshot to the right to get a Piece
of Heart! Fall in the water, swim to the right, and visit the greatly changed
Fairy Upgrade Island for a thief with 300 rupees. As if that wasn't enough,
bomb and go behind him for *another* 300 rupees! Go back outside.

Wait, what's that awful splashing noise?!? Well, um, let's find out, shall we?
Go diagonally up to the right from here and save the Priest, who by now should
have obediently fallen in the water (if not, wait until the right time comes)
You will take him to Hyrule Castle, but first swim back up the river to where
he came from, the bridge outside Hyrule Castle. Go under the bridge to get a
bottle from the man just like in ALttP. Stand on the shallows, call the duck,
and choose a nearby point, then go all the way back to the castle. Then go
inside walking in a straight line until you find Zelda and the fortune-teller,
at which point the Priest detaches from you and stays there. 10000 points baby!

Now go back to the desert and enter the monstrous mouth.

                                == Dungeon 6 ==                          DNG3-6

Bomb the wall and light the torches for 300 rupees! Go back and to the left and
get the Map from the chest. Then go out the door.

Now there are at least 3 possible routes. I will only map out ONE of them.
However this one I've done is very badly organised. It will get you through the
dungeon, sure, but I will eventually re-map this to make more sense. OK? :)

Go in through the right-hand cave mouth. Move the statue onto the half-pot to
the left and go through the door, and go through the next door too.

Walk around the stairs (do NOT use them) and bomb the right-hand wall. Head
down, open the chest (100 rupees), bomb the wall, open the chests (200 rupees)
Now go back and up to the thief. Exchange 200 rupees for +10 max arrows, bomb
the wall, and go straight through to the opposite door.

The left pot has a button. Press it and go left. Go up the stairs and down to
the nearest door. Go up, go down the stairs, and open the chest to the left for
the Compass. Go straight down, lift the pot, and push the button. Go up the
stairs nearby and through the door below the button.

Walk to the right, open the chests (100 rupees), bomb the wall, and go through.
Open the chests (40 rupees). The other rooms have nothing, so look at the map
and head towards the top L-shaped area of rooms not visited yet. NOTE you must
use the steps just before there to get on the right level.

Now that you are in the new room, bomb the wall and walk through. The wall
isn't on the right layer so you actually walk *under* the door, but that
doesn't matter. Open the chests (100 rupees; numbers won't display). You cannot
push the statue, but forget about that. Go back to the stairs and go up, then
walk around the door and open the chests (100 rupees; numbers won't display).

Now the game has a glitch here so use the Flute to warp back to the dungeon
entrance. Then return to the room with the Wizzrobes and stairs. Do not use ANY
stairs on your way there. Now go down the stairs.

Go through the nearest bottom door. Go down, go UP some stairs and then open
the chests for 60 rupees and the Red Tunic! Go through the bottom right door.

In this room avoid the Beamos and hit the top-right pot's button. In the next
room avoid the Beamos and open the chest for the Big Key. Open the door above.

Open the chest (50 rupees) and kill the red skeleton for a key. Use it on the
far-left door. Now go through the left of the two doors above you. Open the Big
Chest for the Fire Rod! The other rooms hold nothing of value--again, the game
is too broken to get through the boss here, so go back to the Wizzrobes room.
NOTE: you MUST take a down staircase on the way there.

Now that you are in the Wizzrobes room, walk to the right. There's the boss!
The incorrect method of getting there even changes his palette to green. You
can kill him with the sword or with the Fire Rod. Collect the Heart Container
and Tablet, and let's get out of here!

                             == Overworld part 3 ==                      OVR3-3

Dig in one of the following locations for the last Piece of Heart:
1. the entrance to the desert is an M-shaped rock arrangement;
   dig in the top-right corner of the left arch 
2. dig in the little clutch of trees to the top right of Link's house.
3. go to the entrance of the dirt area to the bottom-right of the floodgate
   dungeon, and dig in the right-hand curl of the entrance.
4. dig in the top-right corner of Flute Boy's grotto.

That's all for this Week! See you next week, same time, same ch... oh, wait...

                                 == WEEK 4 ==                             WEEK4

When you begin, you will be in the Sanctuary with the Priest. Zelda will then
come in and talk to both of you, and then latch onto you. She will follow you
for the ENTIRE Week, but you aren't restricted like you are with other
following characters, so you can go into caves etc. as if she wasn't there!

                             == Overworld part 1 ==                      OVR4-1

The moment you go outside, your character sprite will have an incorrect
palette. There's nothing that can be done about this, and unfortunately you're
stuck looking like this for the rest of Week 4. I assume it has something to do
with the Red Tunic in the previous Week not carrying over correctly, so brave
or foolish players could try skipping that to see if it fixes the problem! :)

-- UPDATE: I've tried introducing the Green Tunic instead and it merely gives
           a different flavour of corruption. :(
           Still, the Blue Tunic might do the trick... maybe...

In this final Week you will be able to explore the whole of Hyrule, except for
the Dark World and part of Death Mountain.

First of all go to the left, up, and right and ram into the rock-pile for a
Great Fairy and, you guessed it, a Piece of Heart. Now go left and up and into
the cave behind the Lumberjacks' house for another Piece of Heart.

Now go back to the graveyard and push open the top-left grave. Go up through
the door and up the stairs and then over to the side. Get the 100 rupees and
Bottle from the chests, then go down and exit. Fall off the cliff and make your
way to the top-right grave. Ram it open and go inside.

                                == Dungeon 7 ==                          DNG4-7

First of all, light the torches (the top-left pot has a Full Refill) and go
through the door. Grab the key and open the chest for the Map.

Go back, head to the left. Open the chest for the Compass. Go through the door.

Go up and open the chest for 100 rupees--and look, some holes appeared...!

Go down, pull the tongue, and go through the door. Bomb the wall, and go thru.

Open the chests (100 rupees), pull the tongue, and go through the door. For a
massive 400 rupees the upgrade thief will give you more bombs. Go back and down
the stairs to B3. Go down the right-hand stairs.

Kill all the enemies here and go through the left-hand door.

Go up and through the right-hand door. Open the chest for the Big Key and go
back left. Open the chest for a small key, open the door, and go up the stairs.

Open the Big Chest (if you wish; the game is broken, this item's not necessary)
for the Cane of Somaria. Open the small chest to get the Glove, and go through
the top-right Boss door. Bottle the Fairies and collect the goodies if needed.

Healed up and topped up? Good. Walk to the left until the screen scrolls, and
you will find yourself in the Boss Room. :)

Again, you can scroll surprisingly far vertically, but not much horizontally.
Again, this boss can run out of the reachable area, forcing you to leave the
room and start over :( ...therefore when fighting him (or it?) try to hit the
bits from directions such as they'll recoil back into the centre of the room,
even if it means taking additional damage.

Collect the Heart Container and Tablet and head out!

                             == Overworld part 2 ==                      OVR4-2

This section is entirely OPTIONAL, but very advisable! Believe me, you need it!

Now warp to the Forest (#4) and go to the Master Sword grotto. Draw the sacred
blade from its resting place. You can now use sword magic when at full health,
rather than at points decided by the timer.

Anyway, leave the grotto, and take the path to the right out of the Forest.
Then go to the Death Mountain Path tunnel, also known as... 

                                == Dungeon 8 ==                          DNG4-8

Bomb the right-hand wall and give the thief 400 rupees for +10 max arrows.

Light the torches, go down the stairs, and get the key! Pull the tongue to open
the door and go through it. Go through the door to the right and up the stairs
and through the middle (already open) door. Now unlock the door to the right
and go through, then through the door to the right. Go down, open the door,
open the chest, and finally get the Map! Go up the stairs to 2F.

If you can't see anything, press 9 to turn transparency effects off. Lift the
right-hand pot, open the door, and go through. Open the chest (100 rupees) and
go through the door. Go to the far right and open the chest to get the Compass,
and then go through the top-left door. Open the chests for the Mirror Shield
and 100 rupees. Go through any of the doors and open the chests (200 rupees).
Go through the middle-right door, light the torches, get the key, and open the
door. Go up, and up the staircase.

Open the chest (100 rupees), go through the top-left door, bomb the wall, go
in, grab the loot (100 rupees), and bomb the top wall (300 rupees).

Back in the hallway, watch out that the centre has fallen out (you may have
watched it do this). Therefore, walk along the side and go upstairs to 4F. Go
to the very bottom and open the chest (100 rupees). Right now the layers break
so you have to warp back to the start of the dungeon. Go do that. I can wait...

Anyway, now go right, open the little chest for the Big Key and open the Big
Chest for the Ice Rod! Bomb the right wall for 200 rupees. Go back and down and
bomb the wall for 200 rupees. Lift the top-left pot and press the button.
Through this door? 200 rupees. Notice a pattern here, do we? Anyway go back to
the room with the jellyfish and the torches. Light them and go up (you could go
around but that may induce the layering glitch again!)

Unlock the Big Key door and run across. Bomb the left wall (100 rupees), pull
the tongue, go through and open the chests (600 rupees). Now go back up, right,
right, up, and fight Trinexx. Each head takes 1 hit, and the body only takes 3.
Now go up the new path that just opened. Go up the stairs to 5F. Press 9 to
turn transparency effects back on. Go down and out the door. 

                             == Overworld part 3 ==                      OVR4-3

Take Zelda right, up, left, and drop her in front of the slab. Now go back
right and down the steps for fairies (all-you-can-catch!) and a Piece of Heart!
Normally this would be the last one and you'd have a complete set, but someone
pieces are undiscovered and/or missing. Don't worry, I'm looking for them!!!

Now you will have to wait until Zelda calls you telepathically (or maybe by
cellphone--it's Kanji, how would I know?) at 18:48 so fly back to the overworld
and finish anything you didn't do before.

Now would also be a good time to dig for that last Piece of Heart, found in...
1,2,3,4 – see Week 3 locations.

Go meet the Mole; he's on the left side of the Archers' Bridge (18:34).
He tunnels out in the bottom-right of the Death Mountain summit.

When Zelda calls you, fly up to the mountain (that triangle thing is a
selectable ducky destination). After a cute animation you get the Silver
Arrows, so now go through the teleporter.

Ram the rock-pile to the left of Ganon's fortress to find a Great Fairy and...
an empty room?!? I'm afraid a Piece of Heart was once here but is now lost :(

Go out and up to the very far right of the fortress and what's that? Yes... yet
another Piece of Heart. Ganon left it out especially for you I guess. Now slash
the evil, evil magic bat thing and go into the fortress.

                             == The Final Battle ==                      DNG4-9

There's no map in this place (Ganon wasn't *that* kind) so go up, up, up, until
you see a half-pot (no, not a half-*pint*, a half-*pot*). This is where Ganon
is so go up and fight him. After a bit he will say something (probably much
like what he said in ALttP) and he blows the torches out.

You have unlimited magic, so go wild with the Fire Rod! After a couple of hits
he goes blue so stick him with an arrow. Then slash and stick. And so on. When
he's dead, go back outside, through the teleporter, and go down to the centre
area where Zelda and (if you talked to him) the Mole now are.

If you talked to the Mole, he dug up the greatest cache of all--1400 rupees!
Go over to the cliff to talk to Zelda then just Turbo-key and enjoy the ending!
OK, so it's a silent movie, that's not *our* fault!

                      == T H E   G O O D   E N D I N G ==                 END-G

You solemnly put the Master Sword in its pedestal to rest once more, and... you
vanish! You have gone back into your own world from whence you came. You saved
all of Hyrule, and they did not even know your name. Sasharhala Zelda takes one
last look back, and then she too departs. *sniffs*

                       == T H E   B A D   E N D I N G ==                  END-B

It seems Gangsta Mario was right... there *were* multiple endings! After seeing
the good ending, I thought "What if...?"--and in fact there IS a bad ending!
Simply run out of time in Week 4 and you see your fainted body outside the
witch's hut and some sort of "you suck at Zelda!!!" defeat message. :)
--UPDATE: Duke says this message is not really an ending, but just something
like "What happened? You ran out of time! I guess you gave it your best shot."

                              == S C O R I N G ==                         SCORE

The scoring system in Kodai no Sekiban is VERY complicated. Fyxe's info follows
I may rewrite it at some point, but for now his findings are fine by me!
UPDATE: I've slightly reworded it. Nothing major, just formatting and such.

The score is shown on the Item Screen. While you will be attempting to gain as
many items and Rupees as possible during your adventure and explore as much of
Hyrule as you can, your score will give you an idea of how well you are doing.
It increases with every item you collect, and every chest you open. And even if
you manage to collect everything, the score will be different depending on how
fast you collected each Tablet.

Not every item gives you 5000 points, merely the special items collected in the
dungeons, such as the Sword or the Boomerang.  Every chest opened (including
the Big Chest) counts as 500 points, even if they contain Heart Pieces or other
items that have points of their own.

Treasure Chest  -   500 points
Small Key       -  1000 points
Piece of Heart  -  1000 points
Dungeon Item    -  1000 points
Heart Container -  5000 points
Special Item    -  5000 points
Talking to Mole – 10000 points
Saving Zelda    - 10000 points (Week 1 only)
Saving the Smith- 10000 points (Week 2 only)
Saving the Priest 10000 points (Week 3 only)
Master Sword    -  5000 points (Week 4 only)
Tablet          - 40000 points, minus 500 points for every minute that passes
                               (including the six minutes before play starts)
Killing Ganon   - 30000 points

My score after writing this FAQ (on a single playthru) was 175,000 with 9486
Rupees! If I hadn't tested the Shovel mechanics so frequently it'd be higher.

I'd be interested in hearing your final scores, both for each week and for the
whole game in general. Maybe I'll draw up a "high scores chart"... who knows?

                         == T I M E D   E V E N T S ==                    TIMER

You can't have missed the offensively gigantic onscreen clock, can you? Well,
anyway, dozens of subtle but amazing details occur at particular times on the
clock. And, what's more, they change from Week to Week!

This section is mostly a complete dump of Fyxe's, but I have fixed spelling and
reworded some of the parts both to be clearer and to fit GameFAQs' width rules.

You can also change the timer to display a value of your choice (Action Replay)

                                 == WEEK 1 ==                            TIMEW1

18:06 – opening cutscene ends and gameplay begins
        these 6 minutes of voice acting and sprite movement has been cut via
        patches because the data was lost and it was just a blank screen. :(
       (you can see a video clip of this cutscene on the BS Zelda Homepage)

18:08 – Fortune Teller appears at Sahasrahla's Hideout
        His purpose is unclear; seems to give advice (?)

18:10 – Two Fairies appear in centre of screen, one after the other

18:15 – Defeated enemies leave Rupees instead of Items
        Enemies leave Green, Blue, or Red Rupees. NO enemies leave hearts.
        Enemies that never leave items are exempt as are bosses

18:16 - Unlimited arrows
        Arrow counter changes to infinity symbol (looks like an 8 on its side)
        You now have infinite arrows, so go wild!

18:18 - Gold Potion available at the Magic Shop
        The Witch drops the Gold Potion down inside the Magic Shop and puts it
        on sale for the low low price of 50 Rupees.

18:20 - Defeated enemies leave normal items
        The items the enemies will leave behind will return to normal.

18:21 - Unlimited arrows end, fog appears
        You will no longer have an infinite number of arrows, and you will be
        left with the same number you had when the counter hit 18:16.
      - Fog will descend upon the overworld.

18:23 - Fog disappears, storm occurs
        The fog will fade as the storm begins.  The storm affects the overworld
        greatly, replacing normal enemies with Zoras and the rain defusing any
        Bombs you place.  The Witch and the man outside the rental shop will go
        inside to stay out of the rain.
       (Interestingly enough, no other overworld characters do this, and indeed
        the old lady continues her sweeping even in the wet!)

18:25 - Zora's Flippers cost 150 Rupees
        Zora will feel generous and lower the price of his flippers from 300 to
        150 Rupees, a half-price sale!

18:28 - Bombos/Ether destroys Onscreen Enemies
        Either Bombos or Ether will emanate from the hero's position and affect
        all enemies on screen.

18:30 - Storm subsides, fog returns
        The storm will stop, and you will be left with the fog. The enemies
        will return to normal and the Witch and the man outside the rental shop
        will return to the outside.

18:33 - Fog disappears
        Eventually the fog will fade away and you'll be able to see the
        landscape as normal once more.

18:34 - Piece of Heart appears at the Waterfall of Wishing
        At the Waterfall of Wishing, a Piece of Heart will fall down from above
        and land in the shallows outside of Dungeon 2.

18:35 - Zora's Flippers cost 300 Rupees
        Zora's discount will no longer be in effect.

18:36 - Bombos/Ether

18:38 - More Octoroks and Armos appear at the Eastern Palace
        The number of Octoroks and Armos Knights around the Eastern Palace
        vastly increases, so be VERY careful if you choose to return there.

18:39 - Two Fairies appear

18:41 - Unlimited Bombs
        The Bomb counter will be replaced by an infinity symbol and you can use
        as many as you wish without fear of running out.

18:43 - Zelda attacked by Octoroks south of the Eastern Palace
        A major event; Zelda will appear in the area to the southeast of the
        Eastern Palace, being chased by three Octoroks.  Defeat the Octoroks to
        save her. She will then follow you, so take her back to Hyrule Castle.
        There you will meet with an old woman who will reward you with 300
        Rupees for returning Zelda safely.

        NOTE: saving Zelda (or anyone else) is *completely* optional.
        I haven't checked to see if there is a time when she stops being chased
        if you don't intervene; I assume she just keeps getting chased forever!

18:44 - Mole appears at the Waterfall of Wishing
        A strange mole will make an appearance at the Waterfall of Wishing,
        next to the Fairy Fountain.  Speak to him and he will burrow back into
        the ground.  He will have dug open a cave west of the Magic Shop; you
        will spot him there.  Enter this cave to find a treasure trove of six
        chests, each containing 100 Rupees!

18:45 – Pot-smashing game can be played at the Eastern Palace
        You may have noticed the thief when collecting that Piece of Heart
        surrounded by pits.  He waits in the cave below the pits, and at this
        time he will allow a special game to be played.  It will cost 50 Rupees
        to play, and you will get 15 seconds to use the Magic Hammer to smash
        as many pots as you can.  Each time you hit a pot, you will gain
        Rupees, which will increase with each pot you hit, from a Green Rupee,
        to a Blue Rupee, to a Red Rupee, and finally 50 Rupees.  Every time you
        miss a pot, or hit a skull, you will return back to the single Green
        Rupee with the next pot you hit.

18:46 - Unlimited Bombs end
        You no longer have an infinite number of Bombs, leaving you with the
        same number you had when the counter hit 18:41.

18:48 - 20 Heart Containers
        You will be given the max. Heart Containers, and you will be healed.

18:50 - Defeated enemies leave Rupees

18:53 - Normal number of Heart Containers

18:55 - Defeated enemies leave normal items

18:56 - The Week ends, gameplay ceases, and the ending cut scene will now play.
        Again, there was live voice acting, which wasn't part of the ROM!

                                 == WEEK 2 ==                            TIMEW2

18:06 – opening cutscene ends and gameplay begins

18:10 - fog appears, indicating the rainstorm will soon set in

18:11 – Fortune Teller appears in Sasharlha's new house.

18:12 – fog disappears and rainstorm occurs

18:13 – Mushroom sprouts in south-west entrance of the Forest

18:15 – Two Fairies appear

18:17 – rainstorm clears leaving fog behind

18:19 – Gold Potion

18:21 - fog disappears

18:23 - Bombos/Ether

18:25 – Two Fairies appear

18:26 - defeated enemies leave Rupees instead of Items
------- Jap FAQ says 18:43

18:28 – Bottle Seller materialises(!) and floats down to sell his wares!

18:## - defeated enemies leave Normal Items (somewhere after 18:32)
------- Jap FAQ says 18:48

18:40 – Boomerang sparks begin
        The Boomerang will now have those little spark things when thrown and
        thus does more damage etc.

18:42 – something happens, cloak effects maybe?
Me and I invincibility
Like a boomerang, if the dungeon is cleared, he has no meaning.
However, although a damage does not decrease, since the reaction when receiving
an attack is carried out perfectly, it is careful.

18:45 – bomb-throwing game playable in Lost Woods (rip up the bushes, fall in)
        It costs 20 rupees for 5 bombs. These are no ordinary bombs, when you
        throw them they fly clear across the screen! Try lining yourself up on
        vaguely one row below the thief and hope your bombs land in the pot!
        You can go closer if you wish, and you can throw at almost point-blank
        range, but you must be lined up perfectly with the pot or the bomb will
        go over instead of in! So I prefer the "at a distance" approach.
        For each bomb that successfully lands in the pot you get rupees (duh).
        You can get 8, 16, 32, 64, and finally 300 rupees!!! WOW!
        If a bomb explodes anywhere outside of the pot you go back down to 8.
        Sometimes the pot-carriers vanish offscreen and reappear further away,
        sometimes they go faster, you never can be too sure of their actions!
        If the hyper-bomb blows up in your hands you get hurt, so be careful!
        You can replay infinite times, and the play cost/rewards never change.

18:47 - Mole appears in the turf-roofed house to the left of the starting house
        his diggings are to the bottom left of the Smiths' area (600 rupees!)
------- Jap FAQ says 18:45 for this

18:50 – Boomerang sparks end

18:52 - Bombos/Ether

18:56 - The Week ends, gameplay ceases, and the ending cut scene will now play.

                                 == WEEK 3 ==                            TIMEW3

18:## - Bottle Man opens for business (some time before 18:10)
        confirm if this is applicable if you don't have bottle from Week 2.

18:## - Fortune Teller appears at...? and when?

18:13 – Two Fairies appear

18:15 - get a Golden Bee! :)

18:17 – Gold Potion onsale

18:20 – lose the Golden Bee :( (unless you remember to bottle it!)
        WARNING: if the Bee is out of the bottle when the clock hits 18:20, you
        lose it. It flies away, and no amount of net-swinging will catch it. 

18:22 – Infinite Bombs

18:24 - Priest falls into the river (top-right of screen) and ends up in lake
        Take him into Hyrule Castle, go up the stairs up the stairs, etc. until
        he detaches and goes up to stand beside Zelda and the Fortune Teller.
        Despite the fact that you just rescued his ungrateful behind from the
        crows and Zoras, you don't get even a single rupee for your efforts. :(
        --but you still get 10,000 points, so that's probably all that matters!

18:25 – Witch has half-price sale!

18:27 – Infinite Bombs ends

18:30 - Two Fairies appear

18-## - Gold Potion costs only 25 rupees! What a deal! (somewhere around 18:31)

18:32 – Shoot Magic from Sword (does it require L3 sword?)

18:37 – No Magic from Sword

18:40 – Bombos/Ether

18:42 - Infinite Arrows

18:44 - Mole appears on cliff to left of desert complex. Go through the dungeon
        and leave via the far-left exit to get up there.
        His diggings are at the top center of the floodgate complex.
------- Jap FAQ says this is 18:45

18:45 – archery game playable at building to left of Link's house.
        Much the same as the ALttP version, but NO hands (probably broken code)
        Pay 20 rupees to play. Multipliers in effect, but no penalty for misses
        You can get 4, 8, 16, 32, and finally 64 rupees.
        Because there is no barrier you can hit the octoroks point-blank, or
        even from behind if you wish!

18:47 – Infinite Arrows ends

18-49 - Infinite Magic

18:## - defeated enemies leave Rupees instead of Items

18:## - defeated enemies leave Normal Items

18:54 – Infinite Magic ends

18:56 - The Week ends, gameplay ceases, and the ending cut scene will now play.

                                 == WEEK 4 ==                            TIMEW4

18:12 – Fortune Teller appears in Hyrule Castle (up the steps, beside Zelda)

18:13 - Two Fairies appear

18:15 – Gold Potion onsale

18:18 – Infinite Bombs

18:20 - Bombos/Ether destroys Onscreen Enemies

18:23 – Infinite Bombs ends

18:25 – Infinite Arrows

18:30 - Infinite Arrows ends

18:32 – Boomerang sparks begin

18:34 – the Mole appears to left of the Archer's Bridge (SW from Witch's Hut);
        his diggings are located in the bottom-right corner of Death Mountain.

18:35 – Slot Machine game playable in the house beside the Fortune Teller's hut
       (to the north of Kakiriko). See SLOTS for more info about this minigame.

18:37 – Two Fairies appear

18:## - Shoot Magic from Sword (around 18:38)

18:40 - Bombos/Ether destroys onscreen enemies

18:42 – Boomerang sparks end

18:48 – Zelda calls you telepathically from Death Mountain; go and see her NOW!

18:46 – Unlimited Bombs, Unlimited Arrows, Unlimited Magic

18:51 – Witch has half-price Potion sale

18:53 – Two Fairies appear

18:56 - The Week ends, gameplay ceases, and the ending cutscene will now play.

                           == Heart Pieces Guide ==                      HEART

This is VERY incomplete, so in the meantime see Real Hotdog's far superior one,
found here...: http://www.freewebs.com/real_hotdog/heart_pieces.txt
               most recent version might be at GameFAQs only

Here are all the Heart Pieces, divided according to Week. You can NOT get any
of the Pieces prior to the Week they appear in. Many thanks to Cent208, Fyxe,
and Real Hotdog for finding most of these. I'm afraid my Heart Piece hunting
skills leave something to be desired...

I've arranged them in a logical order based on your starting position in each
Week. Or at least that's my story and I'm sticking with it--most of these are
the same as Real Hotdog's numbering! The dug-up piece is always number 8.

UPDATE: the ordering now vaguely matches my walkthrough so you can know where
each is normally found.... or... something like that...

                                 == WEEK 1 ==                            HPWK1

1. Blow down Sasharla's shoddy masonry for the first Piece of Heart!

2. Leave the Palace complex and go right until you see a Heart Piece surrounded
   by pits. Face and ram the north wall to bounce yourself onto the island.

3. Go to the bottom-left of the Eastern Palace landmass and ram the rock-pile
   diagonally between the two bridges.

4. Go to the screen east of Hyrule Castle and bomb the top-right cracked wall.

5. Go right and a screen up from the Witch's Hut, then bomb the right-hand wall

6. Go to the Waterfall of Wishing (Dungeon 2's entrance) and at 18:34 a Heart
   Piece will fall from the sky and land in the shallows. No, seriously.

7. Must have Zora's Flippers. Fall in the water to the left of the Witch's Hut,
   and swim up into the waterfall.

8. Rent a shovel and look at your map to see where the X is.

   - the bottom-left of the Eastern Palace land-mass (between the bridges)
   - (not mapped yet)
   - (not mapped yet)
   - (not mapped yet)

                                 == WEEK 2 ==                            HPWK2

1. Go to the top-right of Kakiriko and fall down the Well. Simple.
   Walk to the right and exit, but DO NOT use the stairs AT ALL!!!

2. NOT AVAILABLE [Go to the Library. You would ram the bookshelf but it's gone]

3. Go to the bottom-left corner of the area below Kakiriko (Library, etc.) and
   bomb the wall there.

4. Go to the top-right corner of the area below Kakiriko (Library, etc.) and
   bomb the wall behind the Rental Shop.




8. Rent a shovel and look at your map to see where the X is.

   - dig in the little circle of trees to the upper left of the witch's hut.
   -  the bottom-left of the Eastern Palace land-mass (between the bridges)
   - (not mapped yet)
   - (not mapped yet)

                                 == WEEK 3 ==                            HPWK3








8. Rent a shovel and look at your map to see where the X is.

   - the entrance to the desert is an M-shaped rock arrangement;
     dig in the top-right corner of the left arch
   - dig in the little clutch of trees to the top right of Link's house.
   - go to the entrance of the dirt area to the bottom-right of the floodgate
     dungeon, and dig in the right-hand curl of the entrance.
   - dig in the top-right corner of Flute Boy's grotto.

                                 == WEEK 4 ==                            HPWK4

1. From Sanctuary, walk a screen to the left and then go up and right onto the
   raised area. Ram the rock-pile for your prize!



4. Go to the Fortune Teller's house area and ram the rock-pile to the west.

5. Go to the Lumberjacks' house and bomb the wall to the top-right of the house
   Light the torches to claim your prize.

6. On Death Mountain, go down the steps next to the bridge, and bomb the wall.

7. Look to the top-right corner of Ganon's Palace. Gee, how nice of him...

8. Rent a shovel and look at your map to see where the X is. (same as Week 3)

   - the entrance to the desert is an M-shaped rock arrangement;
     dig in the top-right corner of the left arch
   - dig in the little clutch of trees to the top right of Link's house.
   - go to the entrance of the dirt area to the bottom-right of the floodgate
     dungeon, and dig in the right-hand curl of the entrance.
   - dig in the top-right corner of Flute Boy's grotto.

And that's all! Except for the piece in the Library, all of them are obtainable
and without much difficulty! Then again, since the game was timed, you'd have
little time for Zelda's more traditional "search for hours for a single piece"!

                            == E M U L A T I O N ==                      EMULAT

This section is all about playing the game on a computer, the only way to play.

                        == The legality of emulation ==                  EMULEG

This is bound to come up, so I'm going to nip it in the bud. The original game
was divided into four episodes, and each was available for exactly one hour on
one single day. The game was played live with live voiceovers, so you COULD NOT
play it outside of the broadcast hours. We have gotten confirmation from Japan
players that the game was unplayable outside . So Nintendo isn't exactly losing
any profits. The first and last "rerelease" was merely a rebroadcast in the
following year. If they were to rerelease it, we would happily remove the ROMs
and patches and advise visitors to buy their infinitely superior and fully
working version. Until such time, emulation is the only way to play this game.

Read our full emulation policy: http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/aboutemu.shtml

                          == Where to get the ROMs ==                    EMURLS

Because the game is unavailable in the original format (however if you really
*do* own the original format I want to hear from you!!!), the ONLY way to play
is via emulation. Sadly this is not very accurate, but the game is less broken
than it used to be even a few months ago, and together with this guide you can
easily finish the game.

You can find both the ROMs and emulators on the BS Zelda Homepage here...:

Download the four ROMs at the very top and SNES9x from the link slightly below.
Do not worry yourself with all the other files and patches on this page, you
ONLY need these four plus SNES9x. The others are NOT necessary for gameplay.

Please do NOT email stating problems if they are due to using an emulator other
than SNES9x, or a version other than that recommended. If you have any other
problems you may email me or post in our forums.

                          == Which emulator to use ==                    EMUS9X

At the moment, SNES9x 1.42 or 1.43 gives the most accurate experience. The WIP
versions of SNES9x will also work, but they have unnecessary slowdown issues.
I will keep this section up-to-date as to which is the best emulator to use.
You can get SNES9x from its official website (www.snes9x.com) or from Zophar's
Domain (www.zophar.net), or from The BS Zelda Homepage itself (see link above).

                       == C H A N G I N G   W E E K S ==                 CHANGE

When you download the game, you will find four ROMs. Each episode, originally
one a Week, must be played separately. However in order to carry across your
data from one Week to another you must rename the .srm file.

You will find the SRM file in the same folder you put the ROMs in. For example,
say your Week 1 ROM was "Week1.smc" and the next is "Week2.smc", that means you
rename "Week1.srm" to "Week2.srm" and so forth for each Week. If you've hidden
file extensions one or more of these files may appear without the extension.
If this is the case make sure you keep the filenames the same by NOT adding
.srm if it's already there.

                             == A D D E N D U M ==                       ADDEND

Here you will find details on bugs and additions and other stuff.

                         == The new digging engine ==                    DIGGIN

AST was the first Zelda to feature digging for goodies. Oh, ALttP had a shovel,
sure, but it was a plot device and you could ONLY dig up the Flute with it.

In AST, a shovel only lasts 10 minutes and costs 100 rupees, so buy it ONLY
when you are going to use it (i.e., when you've finished all the dungeons for
the week and got all the goodies so have nothing better to do). You can easily
make good your purchase by 300% or more.

Note that the rupees in the ground are completely random like in LA/OOA/OOS,
rather than a fixed on/off appearance value like bush/grass items in ALttP, so
you can't keep going to the same spots for 5 rupees each time.

In fact, AST goodies you get from grass or bushes seem to be more random than
ALttP's, either with a randomiser similar to the rupees out of the ground or
just with 2-3 items per tile that rotate between. Plus you can now get stuff
from some rocks as well!

                          == C H E A T   C O D E S ==                    CHEATS

                               == Item codes ==                          CCITEM

Thanks to Starwolf UK we have these codes! (identifier: +)
UPDATE: Vel found some cool codes too...   (identifier: *)
UPDATE: Real Hotdog's hacked a heap more!  (identifier: ^)

NOTE: if the S-RAM updates itself while you have an item cheat enabled, you may
      be left with that item even without the cheat. However this does NOT make
      the game have problems when you get the item legally from a chest etc.

7E020201 - Bow (no icon) *

7EF34001 – Bow and Arrows +

7EF34002 – hidden bow semi-upgrade?

7EF34003 – Bow and Silver Arrows +

7EF379xx - # Arrows (Write # of arrows in hex decimals in place of xx)^
         - you can have any number of bombs up to a total of 99
         - leave this cheat enabled to have unlimited bombs

7EF3410x - Boomerang (Change x with 1 for the normal one, 2 for the magical)  +

7EF342xx - # Bombs (Write # of bombs you want in hex decimals in place of xx) ^
         - you can have any number of bombs up to a total of 99
         - leave this cheat enabled to have unlimited bombs

7EF34301 - Bugcatching net [not needed]

7EF34402 – Flute? [not needed] ^

7EF34501 – Lamp? [not needed] ^

7EF34601 - Magic Hammer

7EF34701 - Mushroom

7EF34702 – Magic Powder

7EF34801 - Hookshot

7EF34901 – Shovel (WARNING : applying this cheat gives you the Shovel FOREVER!)
         - that means you can't get the map mark for a Piece of Heart each Week

7EF34A01 - Magic cape [the best code of all since AST never included the cape!]

7EF34B01 - Cane of Somaria +

7EF34C01 - Fire Rod +

7EF34D01 - Ice Rod +

7EF35A01 – Small Shield

7EF35A01 – Flame Shield

7EF35A01 – Mirror Shield

7EF35B01 - Blue Mail ^

7EF35B02 - Red Mail ^

7EF35901 - Level 1 Sword *^

7EF35902 - Level 2 Sword *^

7EF35903 - Level 3 Sword *^

7EF35904 - Level 4 Sword *^

7EF35401 – Worn-Out Glove *

7EF35402 – Power Glove *

7EF35403 – Titan's Mitt *

7EF35501 – Pegasus Boots *^

7EF35601 – Zora's Flippers *^

7EF35701 - Book of Mudora (unsure what this does but it does NOT translate!) *^

7EF37080 - Full Magic Meter ^

7EF37D01 - Gives ½ Magic Meter ^

7EF360FF - 255 Rupees (wite the number of rupees in hex in place of FF) ^

7EF361FF - Gives 22015 Rupees ^
         - as always, this number can be adjusted for different sums

7EF3710x - Gives # keys up to 9 (write number of keys in hex in place of x) ^

                             == Bottle Contents ==                       CCJARS

This is a work in progress... WARNING: these codes may WRECK YOUR S-RAM FILE!!!
If you are going to do any of these you should probably make a savestate first.
I've already found some AWESOME stuff just be replacing hex values in those
first two spots (see bottle code below)

7EF34Exx - "Something to do with bottles" [see HUGE findings below!] +

7EF35C03 - Red Potion ^

7EF35C04 - Green Potion ^

7EF35C05 - Blue Potion ^

7EF35C09 - Gold Potion ^

7EF35C06 – Fairy ^

7EF35C07 – Bee ^

7EF35C08 - Good/Golden Bees ^

7EF34E01 – Gives you the 1st Bottle ^

7EF34E00 – NO Bottles, or, at least, no Bottle #1 (start) or #2 (Bottle Seller)
           I will have to investigate to see if this can add/remove Bottles.
         - These two seem to turn the first bottle on and off.

7EF34E05 – take 230 rupees (?) and give a Bee(!) --AWESOME!
           You MUST disable the code to return bottle functionality once more.
           Works with Gold Potion and Empty Bottle but maybe others too.
           Does NOT work with a bottle that already contains a Gold Bee.

7EF34E08 – takes and repays 230 rupees for a Bee, but can repeat 15 times!
           Once again, disable to return functionality, but why would you?!?
           The most awesome code EVER. I ran around for a few minutes shouting
          "I AM THE BEEE KINNNG! DIE!" Classic stuff.

           WARNING: I've tried S-RAM versions of this, and it seems to change
           the bottle contents FOREVER if you let the S-RAM save it. If you use
           a savestate and then disable it and do some things before quitting
           the emulator (thus updating the S-RAM) then the original data will
           be restored. So be warned, you may lose your beloved Gold Potion! :)

         - At certain points it'll be fairies instead of bees, I think it's to
           do with times when fairies or a following bee are auto-spawned(?)

           UPDATE: yes, it seems that if a fairy- or bee-spawning time has just
           come, the bottle contents will change to be the same. Something to
           do with shared memory registers no doubt... :)

7EF34E06 – charges 1024 rupees(!) for a fairy(?) --AWFUL!
           glitches and limits probably similar to above

7EF34E0C – Bottle #1 (maybe others) summons a (normal) Bee. Can ONLY use once.
           Works with Empty and Gold Potion, maybe others.
         - many many other values give same effect; can use each ONLY once, but
           can use several of them in tandem without any problems.

7EF34E14 – summons bee, reduces you to ½ hit points (all others empty)
         - if you die when used with 7EF34E13 (maybe others) it seemingly will
           PERMANENTLY DESTROY all but 4 of your Heart Containers(?)
         - also if you use any healing item it restores you to ½ health again!
           ...so be warned!

7EF34E1E – summon 1 bee at cost of cutting any and all arrows gained down to 2.
           MUST have 6 arrows at the least to summon.

                         == clock-adjustment codes ==                    CCTIME

After much experimentation, I have found a way to adjust the clock! It changes
the timer memory address, but has to be disabled before time can resume.

7FFFFF00 – add this to the list; change the "New Value" numbers to the exact
           minute you want. You can wind the clock both backwards and forwards.
         - after application make a savestate, then disable cheats and load it.
           if you do not save and load the clock will revert, and if you do not
           disable it then the game clock will be frozen at that time FOREVER.
         - you have to save and load because the whole idea of a patch code is
           that it freezes an address at a certain value, such as for infinite
           health/ammo/etc., and when disabled restores the original value.
           Whereas for this to work you need it to stay at that value but move
           on from there as it normally would!
         - this does not disrupt the flow of the game very significantly if you
           prefer continuous S-RAM-only play rather than savestates.

7FFFF900 – this changes the hour. Completely useless, as far as I know.
           It may at some point allow week-changing, but until then is useless.

Note that some events will suddenly occur if they happened before that minute
that you just applied. For example 18:52 gives you the max. heart containers
that you normally get given at 18:48. However changing to a time just after
a change in the weather will NOT make that weather occur. It varies a fair bit!

Cheats I want made...
If you could help make some cheats, that'd be neat. As it is I've made a few...

- infinite HP/magic
- Bottle acquisition (VERY desirable!)
- maybe a "Bottle Contents remain after use" code for Gold Potion lovers? :)
- add (or remove) # of Heart Containers (just for fun!)
- a Magic Mirror code
- Cane of Byrna code (just "because")

            T R I C K S,   S E C R E T S,   A N D   O D D I T I E S      TRICKS

Here I've collected all the interesting things that are, well, interesting, but
don't really belong as part of the main walkthrough as they're not essential.

                          == Magic Meter ½ upgrade ==                     MAGIC

Thanks to Real Hotdog's incredible reasoning (or blind faith, whichever), he
has discovered the location of the magic meter upgrade! Identical to ALttP's
--it's in the Smith's Well but completely invisible because the game is broken.

You MUST have the Magic Powder to do this (duh).

Go down the Smith's Well and take the upper door. Now watch the door below you.
The moment it stops moving, stop walking forward. As a vague guide, aim to be
on a row just below the Magic Meter. Then sprinkle some Magic Powder in front
of you, and the Mad Batter appears.

Once he's "cursed" you, go down and left. YOU MUST TAKE THE STAIRS or you'll go
on the wrong plane. Leave through the door and go on your way.

You can also get this upgrade any time via a cheat (see CHEATS).

                            == Ram those trees! ==                        TREES

Just like in ALttP, tress drop wondrous goodies--if you smack into them hard
enough that is! You must have the Pegasus Boots, you get them in Dungeon 1.
- ram the tree to the left of the starting house (Week 2) to get a fairy
- ram into the solitary tree in the bottom corner of Kakiriko for a blue rupee.
- ram the bottom right tree in the tree area between Kakiriko and Hyrule Castle
  for a blue rupee.
- ram the tree in the middle of the far-left Lost Woods path for lots of apples
- ram the tree in the middle of the centre Lost Woods path for large magic vial
- ram the tree in the middle of the Lost Woods clearing (beside the stump) for
  a whole HEAP of bees! And not just any bees, ANGRY bees! ;) have fun!
- ram the tree diagonally above the rental shop to the right of Link's house
  for a fairy.
- ram the top-right tree near Flute Boy's grotto for a bomb... a lit one!
- ram the bottom-right tree near Flute Boy's grotto for a Fairy.
- ram the right-side tree outside the Sanctuary to get a heap of apples
- ram the solitary tree in the corner below the Death Mountain trail for apples
- ram the tree to the left of the "archers' bridge" for a heap of apples

                             == The Running Man! ==                      RUNMAN

You can still catch the Running Man! This time not only does he say something
about you being fast (I assume; I can't read Kanji!) he also gives you a blue
rupee! As with everything, you can repeat this trick as many times as you like.

                             == Whack-a-Smith! ==                        WHACK

In ALttP when you hit the Smiths with the Magic Hammer they said something like
"Hey! This isn't a job for amateurs!", but in this game if you hit them 4 times
on the 4th time they give you 5 rupees. You can repeat infinite times. Cool! :)

Obviously they got so sick of Link hitting them in ALttP that they decided that
this time around they'd bribe the hero... now if only he'd stop hitting them!
Their monetary incentive just encourages more whacking...

Thanks to Real Hotdog for this one. :)

                               == Rental Shops ==                        RENTAL

At the rental shops you can rent a sword upgrade or a shovel. Both only last 10
minutes before vanishing, so make sure you get your money's worth! Here are the
locations, in order based on the first Week in which they become accessible:
- outside the entrance to the Eastern Palace complex
- in the area 
- the house to the right of the Brothers' house (where you go to get into the
  fence maze challenge in ALttP)
- more go here

                         == The Thief's Slot Machine ==                   SLOTS

During Week 4 you can play a Slot Machine game with the friendly thief; he's in
the house to the right of the Fortune Teller's hut (north of Kakiriko).
You'll have to wait until 18:35 before you can play.

For 20 Rupees he'll start the wheels rolling, but they roll horizontally rather
than vertically. You use the Boomerang for this game, regardless of what item
you have equipped. Throw your Boomerang at whichever column you like to stop it
and then hit another to hopefully match them. The Octorok is a wildcard, so if
you hit it and then two other matching things you still get a reward.
Remember that you can throw your Boomerang diagonally for those tricky shots.
Also remember there are no barriers so you can hit at point-blank range.
Sometimes your Boomerang will collect a Rupee after hitting a column, I don't
know if this is a deliberate reward or an emulation flaw.

- match 3x 50 Rupees for (duh) 150 Rupees!

- match 2x Octoroks and 1x Red Rupee for...
  - 2 Red Rupees
  - Red Rupee and Blue Rupee
  - Red Rupee and 50 Rupees
  - Red Rupee and 100 Rupees
  - Blue Rupee and 300 Rupees

- match 2x Octoroks and 1x 50 Rupees for...
  - 1 Blue Rupee and 50 Rupees
  - 2 Red Rupees
  - 2 Blue Rupees
  - 50 Rupees and 100 Rupees
  - 2x 100 Rupees

- match 2x Octoroks and 1x 50 Rupees for
   - 1 Blue Rupee and 50 Rupees
   - others (not fully mapped)

- match 3x Octoroks for NINE HUNDRED RUPEES!

It seems you can only ever play the game once as after that attempts to talk to
the thief result in attacking instead, but this may be an emulation flaw...

                                 == The Mole ==                            MOLE

The Mole is a strange character. He tunnels up all over the place, and always
leads you to great treasures that he has found--if you can work out where he
went that is! In many ways he is the spiritual forerunner of the Gorons.

Strangely enough, you can talk to him through his hole after he's gone down it.

                      == "unlocking" story characters ==                 UNLOCK

All special character events (rescue Zelda, rescue Priest, talk to Mole) 

You actually "unlock" special character events and prevent them from recurring.
So if you've talked to the Mole or saved the Priest or Zelda and you then reset
at some point after that, they will not do those same actions all over again!

They will still be wherever you left them (i.e., Zelda/Priest in Hyrule Castle,
Mole at either of his diggings) regardless of what time is on the reset clock.
Remember, they is unlocked FOREVER unless you delete the S-RAM file.

The mole's treasure chests, just like any other chests in the game, will not
refill if you reset.

Similarly weather events can only happen once, so if you use cheats to repeat
a particular time you won't see its usual weather effects again.

So even though the clock resets, the world doesn't.

                            == Bugs and Glitches ==                      GLITCH

There are MANY problems in the game, but these are being patched, don't worry!

- no floors or walls (I'm sure you noticed this one if nothing else!)
- where the fence maze was in ALttP there is now a fortune-teller's house.
  Unfortunately the stairs are missing so you cannot talk to him, or find out
  what he was there for.
- there is a heart container on a bookshelf in the library. Unfortunately until
  the bookshelf code is restored you can't ram it down from there! :(
- interior barriers and mezzanine floors don't display so don't stop you at all

                         == Fixed bugs and glitches ==                    FIXED

Here I have archived those known bugs and glitches that have since been fixed!
This gives you an idea of the progress that has been made, as well as those
things yet to be fixed.

No sound or music -- this has now been remedied!
No sound for when the ALttP menu closes. -- a bug in the emulator, now fixed.
Fairies and hearts heal you back to 0 HP if you pick them up after dying and
getting 4 hearts -- this problem is gone too

                               == Translation ==                          TRANS

The full English translation is now complete. The latest "Player's Choice" ROMs
now come with this applied. Enjoy!

                               == Still To Come ==                       FINISH

I have to find more digging locations and test various other things.
Also I need to test if things like the Chris Houlihan Room remain in the game
--I assume so, as the game has the entirety of the ALttP overworld code hidden
in its depths.
I also need to tidy up Dungeon 2's walkthrough arrangement.
...and the arrangement of Dungeon 5 (? or 6) is also awful.
Some timer events still vague.
Must get around to finishing up the separate Heart Container list.
Can you get the Magic Cape and Cane of Byrna legally? Well, my gut feeling is
that one of these resides in the otherwise pointless sewer passage.
Do you get score bonuses for talking to rupee-giving thieves?
Have to mention the mysterious lone hiding crab in the log in the woods.

                             == Closing comments ==                       CLOSE

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this FAQ at least half as much as I enjoyed
writing it, and I hope that through it you get just as much fun out of this
long-lost game as I have (and still do).

Ancient Stone Tablets is an amazing Zelda game and introduced features to the
Zelda concept that even the 3D games haven't featured (except Majora's Mask to
a point), and I think the fact that few Zelda fans have even *heard* of it is
absolutely inexcusable! Shame on you, Nintendo! You've got a jewel hidden away!

                               == Thanks to... ==                        THANKS

This FAQ couldn't have existed without the help and support of the members of
the BS Zelda Forum. Indeed without them I would never have known this game even
existed, and without their patching efforts the game would be completely
unplayable. And so many thanks go to (in no particular order)...:
Duke Serkol (webmaster@bszelda.zeldalegends.net) for his boss-finding tricks.
cent208, for his many and varied tips and finding most of the Pieces of Heart!
Real Hotdog, for finding the rest of the "missing" Pieces of Heart! WOW!
          ...oh, and he found the magic meter ½ upgrade, too! What a great guy!
          ...oh, and he found the Whack-a-Smith secret, too! :)
The Yak, for his Dungeon 4 boss strategy.
Fyxe, for his overview of Week 1, which became the basis of this walkthrough.
...and you, for reading this FAQ. :)

Also a big thanks to all the patchers...
...Roto, for fixing the game so you can leave the first room!!! AWESOME!!!
...David, for his floor patch (it isn't perfect so isn't in the current build)
...Dreamer Nom, for his Map, Sound/Music, and Restore patches!!! AWESOME!!!
   --oh, and the Developer Debug. Yeah, that's cool too.
...Okibi, for his neat Hero's Hat Patch (for those who prefer to play as Link)
...Euclid, for his tireless efforts to patch in the translation (coming soon!)
...d4s, for his incredible work adding the title screen and music into the game
   as well as other various fixes and tweaks. What a great guy! :)
...and anyone else, I'm sure I've forgotten someone... sorry if it's you ;)

Also a big thanks to anyone who emails me with questions and suggestions. :)

If you can think of anything, anything at all that you think should be featured
here, do not hesitate to email me about it! I love getting emails from fans...
anything's better than the spam I've gotten of late... :(
Even if you just want to say "hey cool FAQ, awesome game!" I'd like to read it.

                             == Version History ==                       VERSHS

0.1, 4 March 2005
date I began writing an internal version of the FAQ

1.0, 18 March 2005
The first version seen on GameFAQs.

1.1, 31 March 2005
many improvements and rearranged Timer.
Don't recall if I sent this one to GameFAQs or not...(?)
Week 1 notably missing except for complete Overworld part 1 section.

2.0, 1 April 2005
An almost-complete edition, pulled from the queue in favour of 2.5, written the
same day (but finalised and tidied up on the next day)
Week 1 still hugely incomplete.
Sections hugely rearranged and organised, TOC written.

2.5, 2 April 2005 (yeah, I know, I'm obsessed... :)
Week 1 completed, TOC partially fixed, added search keys
Centered and standardised section headings, shortened parts, misc. rewordings.
Added HUGELY important Emulation and Changing Weeks sections

2.6, 2 April 2005 (somebody call me a doctor... :)
Internal version. Added this Version History section!
Discovered score bonuses for talking to/saving Zelda, the Priest, and the Mole!
Added "unlocking" story characters section after another discovery(!)
Removed capitalisation of many many section headings.
Changed emulation section ROMs link from the homepage to the files page itself.
Tested and added cheat codes (some yet to do)
Began hacking Bottle Cheats. Some interesting stuff there...
Discovered bee/fairy-summoning cheat codes!!! WOW!!! :D

2.7, 3 April 2005 (okay, nurse, gimme one of those biiig blue pills, and... :)
Finished testing some cheat codes, rearranged and altered some more stuff.

3.0, 3 April 2005 (uh, I think just *one* more pill should do the trick... :)
Thanks to Real Hotdog I've got the rest of the Heart Piece locations!
Added the (incomplete) Heart Pieces Guide.
Added in some more Mole locations.

3.2, 4 April 2005
Solved the problem with the timer adjustment codes!!!
Rewrote much of the cheats section (lost the master unlock code! Arrgh!)
Added Magic Meter ½ upgrade thanks to Real Hotdog.
Fixed LOTS of problems. My most complete edition yet.

3.3, 9 April 2005 -- extended 5 May 2005
added full writeups for Bomb-Throwing and Archery minigames.
added Whack-a-Smith easter egg.
added The Yak's Dungeon 4 boss strategy.
added HEAPS more clock and score values thanks to...

4.0 FINAL, 29 September 2005
Wiki conversion virtually finished. This text version is now final. Please see
the wiki version for an updated, editable-by-all, fully illustrated version...:


4.0 Final, 25 April 2006
Slight updates and typo correction. I'm updating this version mostly because
I've moved the guide to a new host. The guide will remain at the old host for
a time, but it won't be updated there any further (at least not by me, anyway).


Now here's where things get gnarly. THIS version of the guide, and all previous
editions, are "time-locked" and thus I hold their copyright. The wiki versions,
and all versions derived thereof, are released under the GNU Free Documentation
License. See the wiki site for more about what this license allows you to do.


--Garrett out, for the last time in this tired, limited medium. Happy editing!

                                                              --End of Document
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