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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Author: CPFace
Version: 1.81
Date: 8/19/99
Michael and CPFace Present a FAQ for:

The Legend of Zelda:
Link's Awakening DX
v 1.81

Walkthrough now complete!

Table of Contents

 1. Introduction and Credits
 2. FAQ history
 3. Main Items
 4. Walkthrough
    a) Getting the sword
    b) Level 1--Tail Cave
    c) Bowwow and the Moblins
    d) Level 2--Bottle Grotto
    e) The five golden leaves
    f) Level 3--Key Cavern
    g) A long hike
    h) Level 4--Angler's Tunnel
    i) A ghost story
    j) Level 5--Catfish's Maw
    k) The horrible secret
    l) Level 6--Face Shrine
    m) Raising the dead
    n) Level 7--Eagle's Tower
    o) The road to Turtle Rock
    p) Level 8--Turtle Rock
    q) End Game
 5. Questions & Answers
 6. Level 0--The Color Dungeon
 7. The Ocarina & its 3 songs
 8. Link's trading sequence
 9. Tricks and Treats
10. Secret Seashells
11. Pieces of Heart
12. Photo Ops
13. What's coming in the next version
14. Links to other cool sites!
15. Requests

1. Introduction and Credits

Michael --

First of all I want to start off by saying that this is the very first FAQ
I've ever written, so please bear with me if I make any mistakes. Also please
keep in mind that while this FAQ is for the color version of The Legend of
Zelda: Link's Awakening, it can be used for the B&W game. 

CPFace --
This is my first FAQ too.  I've taken it over for Michael.  I'd like to add
that the contents of some treasure chests has changed from the B&W to the DX
version, but it shouldn't affect the gameplay much, and this guide should
still be useful for the B&W game.  Any questions or additions should be
directed to me at cpface@geocities.com.


Unless otherwise specified, these authors are credited for the entire contents
of their respective sections:

Michael Alfera:

Original Author
Overall Dungeon Map design
Main Items section
The Ocarina & its 3 songs section
Link's Trading Sequence section
Parts a-e of Walkthrough section


Current Author
Tricks and Treats section
Secret Seashells section
Pieces of Hearts section
Photo Ops section
Parts f-q of Walkthrough section
Color Dungeon section
Questions & Answers section

2. FAQ History

1.81(08/19/99) - Fun glitches in Tricks & Treats;
1.8 (06/19/99) - Walkthrough finished; photos finished; pieces of heart
1.7 (06/03/99) - More walkthrough; Seashells section done for now; new
                 Q&A section; new trick to beat level 8 before level 6;
1.6 (04/25/99) - More walkthrough (about time!); a note added to the trading
                 sequence section;
1.5 (03/21/99) - More walkthrough; color dungeon walkthrough added;
1.4 (02/27/99) - More walkthrough; fun things to do with Marin; finally, some
                 pieces of heart and secret seashells; new photo ops section;
1.3 (01/29/99) - New author; minor reformatting; more walkthrough; new
                 Tricks and Treats section added;
1.2 (01/17/99) - Added info to song 1; Added a little more walkthrough;            Important request added.
1.1 (12/29/98) - Fixed name of Magic Rod; Dungeon strategy rewritten; 		     Link's Trading Sequence added.
1.0 (12/23/98) - Initial Release.
3. Main Items

You will receive many items in your adventure. These are the items you will
eventually get, in no real order:

::Items you can assign to buttons::

Shield - A very useful item. Can be used to move sea urchins or deflect
attacks. There are two types of shields, and one can deflect more attacks
than the other.

Sword - Link's basic fighting tool. A twice-as-powerful sword can be gotten
after you find all of the seashells.

Mushroom - Give it to the witch that's just east of the lost woods and she'll
turn it into:

Magic Powder - Sprinkle it on burnt out torches to light them. Also works on
raccoons. :)

Bombs - These weapons work on enemies, and they can blow down walls. You can
tell if a wall can be blown away with a bomb if it sounds "tinny" when you
poke it with your sword.

Roc's Feather - Lets you jump over pits and other things.

Power Bracelet - Lets you lift up things that you couldn't before. There is a
stronger variety that you get later in the game.

Pegasus Boots - Lets you run when you hold down the button. You can crash
through some rocks this way.

Shovel - Dig up the ground with this.  You can buy it in the shop.

Ocarina - You'll learn three different songs on it, each with a different

    Ballad of the Wind Fish - Learn it from Marin. Play it in front of
    the Wind Fish's egg.

    Manbo's Mambo - Warp to the pool in front of Tracy's house or the         
    beginning of a dungeon if you're in one.

    Mamu's Song - Use it to revive the dead rooster in Mabe Village.

Bow & Arrow - Very expensive, but necessary. Use it in combination with a
bomb for explosive arrows!

Hookshot - Attack enemies with it or use it to grapple on to blocks and such
to pull you across.

Boomerang - Weapon that returns to you. If you have the rooster, equip the
boomerang and the bracelet, throw the boomerang, and then quickly pick up the
rooster. The boomerang will circle under you, and you can attack in the air.

Magic Rod - Shoot fire with this very cool weapon. You can also use it to
light unlit torches.

::Other items::

Flippers - Swim with these. You don't need to assign them to a button (you
can't anyway).  The B Button lets you dive underwater, and the A Button lets
you swim faster.

Seashells - Collect all of them to get a L-2 sword at the shell house.

Gold Leaves - Get all 5 and Prince Richard will give you access to the key to
the third dungeon.

::Dungeon specific items::

Map - Helps you find your way in the tricky dungeons, but almost useless
without the compass.

Compass - Shows where the treasure chests and boss are, and gives a tone when
a key is in the room you're in.

Small Key - Use once to open a locked door.

Big Key - Lets you get into the boss's room.

Stone Beak - With it, the owl statues in the dungeon will give you a secret.
(In the black and white version of the game, it's a stone slab and fragment
that you must find.)
4. Walkthrough

NOTE: When directions are mentioned, they mean from your point of view, not
Link's. So when I say go right, that means go to the right side of the screen,
and not anything else.

For those not clear on your compass directions, here's a compass rose:

  West -   - East

a) Getting the Sword

      Okay, you start off the game in a bed in Marin and Tarin's house. Talk
to Marin, and then Tarin. Tarin will give you a shield. Once you've gotten
the shield, equip it, then leave the house. Go left two screens, and then
keep going south until you get to a screen with two of those spitting
enemies. Then go right. Pass the first urchin, and then hold down your shield
button. Push one of the two urchins blocking the path out of your way.
Continue south, and then go right. Push the urchin out of the way, and then
take your sword. Before you can touch it, a talking owl will come out. Listen
to what he has to say (it's important) and then take your sword.

      Go back to the village, defeating any enemy that's in the way with your
new shiny sword. Go the the northwest part of the village, and cut down the
lone bush there to enter the Mysterious Forest. The owl will talk to you.
Then continue up, defeating all the enemies and collecting any rupees,
hearts, acorns, or pieces of power they leave behind. Go up again. and then
go right twice. Enter the cave. If you want the rupees in the chest, go
around the border of the room and push the lower rock into the pit. Cut down
the two plants, and then cut the other one down that's on the left side of the
rock. Push the rock out of the way and open the chest. Continue through the
cave until you get to a room full of rocks. Don't worry about the heart
piece; You can't get it until later in the game. Push the rocks around to get
to the exit of the cave. Grab the mushroom when you get outside. Now go back
through the cave. When you get out on the other side, go up then up again,
then right, and right again. Then go down, down, and right, and enter the
witch's hut. Equip your mushroom, and use it in front of her. She'll turn it
into a magic powder.

      Now go back into the forest, and to the raccoon. (The raccoon's one
screen left and one north of the entrance to the cave that you went through.)
Sprinkle the powder on the raccoon. It'll turn into Tarin, and then go up and
get the key from the chest. The owl will come again and tell you to go to the
Tail Cave. Go back to the village, and then go down again like you did when
you were getting the sword, only this time turn directly right just after you
leave the village. Keep going right, and then continue along the path until
you get to the tail cave. Touch the keyhole, and the cave will open. Go

b) The Tail Cave    

    8 - 7 - O          14 
        |               |
9       O - 11-10  12   O
|       |   |   |   |   |
O   16  6 - 5 - O - O -13
|       |       |
O       O - 3 - 4
    2 - 1 - E

To use this walkthrough, look at the map. The E means entrance, and a number
represents a room in which an objective must be completed. Each number on the
map corresponds with an objective below. The objectives must be completed in
order. An O represents a room in which no objective must be completed. The -
and | are symbols that there is a path between the two rooms. For instance,
look at the 2 on the map. After that objective is completed, make your way
over to the 3 and complete the objective in that room. I think this is a
better dungoen walkthrough system because now I don't have to give directions
like left, right, etc.


1)  Bat the guys into the pit with your sword for a small key.
2)  Get the compass, and kill all of the slime blobs.
3)  Push the button to get a small key.
4)  Defeat all of the enemies in this room for the map.
5)  Get the key from the chest.
6)  Defeat the mini-moldorm for 20 rupees.
7)  Push the lone block any direction to open the door.
8)  Defeat all of the guys by flipping them with your shield and then hitting
    them with your sword. Then go down the stairs.
9)  Get the Roc's Feather.
10) Jump across the pit and touch the key block.
11) Get the Nightmare's Key.
12) Match the suits on the enemies for the stone beak.
13) Defeat the sub boss by jumping over the spiked bar and hitting him with your sword.
14) Defeat the Moldorm by hitting its tail 4 times. If he knocks you into the pit, you'll fall into another room. Climb up the stairs in this room and go back in and try again.
15) Recieve the full moon cello.
16) Bomb the west wall of room 6 to enter this secret room.  A secret seashell
    is hidden in a chest in this room.  Note: You have to beat the second
    level before you can buy bombs.

c) Bowwow and the Moblins

      Once you've beaten the Tail Cave, head back to the village. You'll meet
again with the owl along the way. When you get back, two little kids will run
up to you and tell you that Madame MeowMeow's Bowwow was taken. Now go back to
the forest and go to where you got the key to the Tail Cave. From here go
right, and right again. Go one more screen right and get the piece of heart.
Go up, and follow the path until you see a cave. Go inside. Kill the moblin
in the first room, and the several in the next room. When you get to the King
Moblin, he will charge at you. Dodge him, and when he hits in to the wall,
he'll be dazed for a few seconds. Now, hit him with your sword. He'll be gone
in no time. Go through to the next room and touch the post to get Bowwow.
Don't return him to Madame MeowMeow yet. You need him to get into the Bottle
Grotto. Exit the cave, and go back the the spot where you got the tail key.
>From here, go left, up, and continue right till you get to the swamp. Bowwow
will eat the swamp plants to give you a path to the Bottle Grotto, which is
in the Northeast part of the swamp.

d) Bottle Grotto

NOTE: If you need to, hit any orbs along the way to continue, or to get to
your next objective.

13 - 14-15 - O - O - 17
     |           |
     12          16
11 - O           19-18
 |                   |
 O                   O

 4                  10
 |                   |
 3 - 1 - 2 - 5 - 9 - O
     |   |   |   |
   20/E  7   6 - 8

20/E is the same room: entrance, objective 20.


1)  Light the torches with some powder to open the door.
2)  Defeat the Stalfos for a key.
3)  Bop the bats to open the door.
4)  Recieve the stone beak from the chest.
5)  Read the owl statue.
6)  Get the key.
7)  Destroy the *&%^*%$ red guy with a sword spin for the compass.
8)  Get the floating powder and step on the button for a key.
9)  Get rid of the red guys (again) and then circle back around for the key.
10) Push the blocks together and go down the stairs.
11) Smoke the Hinox with your sword.
12) Get the map.
13) Powder one lamp and destroy the ghosts for the Power Bracelet.
14) Get the rupees from the chest.
15) Retrieve the key from the chest.
16) Defeat the rabbit, bat, and stalfos, in that order, for the Nightmare's
17) Kill all of the guys and go down the stairs. While you're down there,
    pick up a pot to weigh down the second platform.
18) Kill the genie by first dodging his fireballs by jumping all around. When
    he stops, and goes into his bottle, hit it with your sword, and then pick
    it up with your bracelet and throw it against the wall. Repeat three times,
    and then the genie will be "hopping mad". Slash him with your sword when
    he materializes until he's history.
19) Recieve the Conch Horn.
20) Go back in the dungeon, and get the rupees at the entrance.

e) The five Golden Leaves

      After finishing the Bottle Grotto, return to Mabe village and give back
Madame MeowMeow her Bowwow. Then exit east and follow the path until you get
to the warp hole. Then go south 3 screens, east one, south one, and into the

      Talk to Richard, and he'll tell you that he needs you to go fetch 5
golden leaves from the castle. Say yes you will, and then exit the house. Now
make your way up and right to the castle. On the right part of the castle
there's a monkey outside that wants bananas. By now you should have the
bananas from the trading sequence (below). Give the bananas to the monkey and
he'll build a bridge across to the castle.

      To enter the castle, start at the bridge and go north twice and west
once.  You'll find a bush.  If you cut it down with your sword, it will
reveal a staircase.  This secret passage will take you past the castle wall.

      Here's a map of the castle area.  The numbers are locations of leaves;
the letters are other points of interest.  The leaves don't have to be
gathered in any particular order:

Outside       Inside - Level 1    Inside - Level 2

 O - A - O    F - E               4 - 5
 |       |    |                       |
 1   C   2    3 - D               G - H
 |       |
 O - B - O

1) Throw a rock at the bird that's sitting in the tree.  When it comes flying
   at you, defeat it with your sword.
2) When the bomber pokes his head up out of a hole, quickly attack him with
   your sword to get a golden leaf.
3) Defeat all the enemies in this area to get a golden leaf.
4) Stairs lead to F.  In the lower area of this room, there are two strange
   patterns on the wall.  Use a bomb to blast the one on the left and a knight
   will pop out.  Defeat him to get a golden leaf.
5) Defeat this guy to get the final leaf.  Remember to use your shield!

A) This is the secret passage you used to get past the castle wall.
B) Entrance leads to D.
C) Left entrance leads to G, right entrance leads to H.
D) Exit to B.
E) Push the button in this room to open the castle's front gate, making it
   much easier to revisit.
F) Stairs lead to 4.
G) Exit to C.
H) Exit to C.  Throw a pot at the door to open it.

      It's not over yet!  If you take the golden leaves to Richard, he won't
give you the key you seek, but he will grant you access to one of the more
frustrating sections of the game, Pothole Field.  Pothole Field is a maze;
when you cut some of the bushes, it'll create a path.  If you cut the wrong
bushes, it'll create a hole.  Don't even think of going there without a
shovel.  Here's how to traverse that nasty maze:

   out o-oo---
|      o------
v in   oooooo-

      The lines are paths and the O's are holes.  When you make it to the
finish line, cut down the bush and dig on the spot where the bush was.

      You can unlock the third dungeon by using that keyhole you passed on the
way to Richard's Villa, but to actually enter, you'll have to go around to the
pond north of Richard's Villa and use the Roc's Feather to jump from island
to island.

f) Level 3--Key Cavern

 O - 13- 12- 11
 |           |
 23  15- 16- 19
 |   |   |   |
 22- 14- 17- 18          5
         |               |
     4   10          7 - A - 9
     |                   |
     21                  8
     3 - 6               O
     |                   |
     2                   O
     |                   |
    1/E- 20              25- 24

Note: Bring a full supply of bombs to this dungeon.  You're going to need

Link's Objectives:

1)  Throw a pot at the north door to open it.
2)  Defeat all of the enemies to get a small key.
3)  Defeat all of the slimes to open the doors.
4)  This staircase leads to A.  Get the stone beak from the chest after making
    the blocks go down.
5)  Defeat all the enemies to get a small key.  Hit the switch to make the
    blocks go down.
6)  Get the map after making the blocks go down.
7)  Defeat all of the enemies to get a small key.  There are bird-like
    enemies throughout the dungeon that will teleport away and throw fire at
    you if you get too close.  The only way to defeat them is to lay a bomb
    down, pick it up with the same button you used to put it down, and throw
    it at the bird with the same button.  It takes two bombs to defeat them.
8)  Defeat all of the enemies to get a small key.
9)  This staircase leads to 10.
10) Defeat all of the slimes to get a small key.
11) Defeat all of the enemies to open the doors.  The bombs will start to
    follow you around after you touch them.  They'll start to count down from
    three.  When they reach one and start to flash, knock them away with your
    sword, and they'll explode before they can return.
12) Get the compass and bomb the west wall.
13) Make the walking bombs explode and get a small key.
14) Defeat the slimes to open the doors.
15) The mini-bosses.  There are two Dodongos, and you have to get each one to
    eat three bombs by laying your bombs in front of their mouths.  You'll get
    a fairy for each one you defeat.
16) Get the Pegasus Boots.  There will be three stones in your way.  Push the
    bottom one to the left, then push the middle one down.
17) Bomb the east wall between the two torches.
18) Equip the Pegasus Boots to one button and the Roc's Feather to the other.
    Sprint toward the long gap and jump at the last second to make it across.
    Takes some practice.
19) Get the Nightmare Key.
20) Sprint toward the strange repelling thing with your sword to get past it
    and get a small key.
21) Defeat the slime in the left passage by taking the left path from room 2
    and dashing through the blocks in room 3.  Return and go through the
    right path and defeat the stalfos to get 200 rupees.
22) Defeat all the enemies in this room to receive a small key.
23) Defeat all the enemies in this room to make a chest appear.  Go north and
    take the other path south to claim the 50 rupees inside.

When you get all four keys, return to room 14 and unlock all of the locked
blocks.  Take the secret passage to 24.  To get past the first screen of the
secret passage, dash at the block guy with the Pegasus Boots.  To make it
past the spikes, use the same trick that you used to leap over the pit in
room 18.

24) Defeat the enemies to open the door.
25) Defeat the enemies to get a small key.  Not that you need it.
26) The boss: Big Eyeball.
    First stage: Slimes will rain down from the ceiling until you dash at the
    wall with the Pegasus Boots, making the Big Eye fall from the ceiling.
    Second stage: Use your sword to aim for the center of the eye.  The eye
    will slowly separate.  When the two halves are as far apart as you can
    get them, dash at the eye with the Pegasus Boots and your sword drawn.
    This will cut the eye into two smaller eyes. (Yuck!)
    Third stage: When you touch an eye, it'll jump up to the ceiling, only to
    come crashing down on you.  Watch the shadows and avoid their smashing
    attack.  Hit 'em with your sword enough times (I lost track, and believe
    me, so will you), and they'll be done for.
27) Get the Sea Lily's Bell.

g) A long hike

      This would be an excellent time to get the ocarina from the Dream
Shrine.  Go inside and hop into bed.  Defeat the strange creatures inside very
easily by dashing at them with the Pegasus Boots and your sword.  Break the
"strange object" by dashing at it.  You'll find two chests; one holds the
ocarina, the other holds 100 rupees.  If you want to learn the 'Ballad of the
Wind Fish' (hey, you need it to finish the game), talk to Marin.  Prepare
yourself for a beautiful scene.  Note: if you don't learn the song right away,
you can still learn it later in the game.

      Well, down to business.  You need the next key, and to get it, you have
to get to the Animal Village.  Starting at the warp hole just east of Mabe
Village, go east, north, east, south, east (bomb the large skull to
continue), north, east, south, south, east.  Make sure you give your stick to
Tarin on the way!  You know you're going the right way if you're following the
trail.  There will be a bush at the end of the path.  Cut it down to reveal
an underground passage.  When you reach the other side, go south, south, east
to reach Animal Village.

      If you go due south when you enter the village, you'll go along a path
that leads to Yarna Desert.  At least, you would if the lazy walrus wasn't in
the way.  He seems to be dreaming of Marin.

      If you give the honey that you got from Tarin (sort of) to the bear,
he'll suggest you get Marin to pay a visit.  Conveniently enough, the path
south of the bear's home will take you to a warp hole, giving you a shortcut
back to Mabe Village.  Unfortunately, Marin is nowhere to be found.  The note
on the table in her house says that she went to the beach.  Scour the Toronbo
Shores to find her.  Another peaceful scene follows, and she decides to join

      Take the warp hole back to Animal Village and let Marin give the walrus
a surprise.  Go due north to find another familiar face from "A Link to the
Past", the sand worm.  Its head is its only weak point.  Try not to get pulled
into the quicksand in the center of the screen, or you'll have to start all
over.  Defeat the worm to get the Angler's Key.

      Almost there!  Return to the Moblin's Lair, where you rescued Bow Wow.
Go north, east, east, east, east, south, east, north, east to find the
keyhole.  Go east one more screen to find another convenient warp hole.  From
the keyhole, go west, west, south, north (up the stairs), west, west, north to
reach the mountains.  Enter the cave and follow it to the end.  Enter the
cave near Papahl and follow it to the end if you want to trade with him.
Otherwise, continue east until you find a dry spot and jump down.
Congratulations!  You've reached Angler's Tunnel!

h) Level 4--Angler's Tunnel

         13- 12
         |   |
 20      14  11      7
 |       |   |       |
 19  15- 10- 8 - 5   O
 |   |       |   |   |
 O - 9   18- O - O - 6
     |   |   |   |
     A - 17- O   21
     |   |   |   |
     16- 1 - 2 - 4
         |   |
         E   3

Link's Objectives:

 1) Defeat all enemies to open the door.
 2) Get the compass.  Defeat all enemies to open the doors.
 3) Get a small key.  Defeat all enemies to open the door.
 4) Get the stone beak.
 5) Get the Map.
 6) Use a bomb to break the cracked block.  Push the other block to the right
    to reach the chest.  Inside is a small key.
 7) Use a bomb to break the cracked block.  Get a small key from the chest.
 8) Defeat the slimes to make a key appear.  You can't get it yet.
 9) This chest contains a slime.
10) Get a small key from this chest.
11) Mini-Boss.  Use the Pegasus Boots and your sword.  Hold down the button
    for the Boots as you run around the block in the center of the room and
    jab the boss's weak back.  Watch out, because he may change directions on
12) Use the Power Bracelet to pull the handle in the upper-right hand corner
    of the room.  Then, hurry to one of the exits before the blocks close.
13) Get the flippers.  All right!  Defeat the slimes to open the doors.
14) Touch the tiles in the order that they light up in to open the door.  Be
    sure to remember the order you touched them in!  You'll need this
    knowledge in just a minute.
15) Told you you'd need that knowledge.  The tiles are in the same
    arrangement, but this time they don't give you a hint.  If you step on
    a tile and it doesn't "flash", it means you screwed up; start over from
    the beginning.  This opens a secret passage to A.  In the second room of
    the secret passage, you have to let the thwomp go down, then quickly
    climb the ladder, jump on its head, ride it up a little bit, and jump onto
    the ledge.
16) Get the Nightmare Key.

Return to 5.  Enter this passage.  In the second screen, jump into the water
and retrieve the key you earned at 8.

17) Push this button to make the door open.
18) Swim out to the chest for 50 rupees.  Take this passage to 9.
19) Go down this passage.  The boss is one screen down.  Just hit the ball
    dangling in front of his face quickly, and you should be able to finish
    him off before he can even attack.
20) Get the Surf Harp.
21) Don't forget to swim out to this chest.  It contains 50 rupees.

i) A ghost story

      As long as you're in the neighborhood, go west from Angler's Tunnel and
enter the cave.  You'll learn Manbo's Mambo, which should make travel across
Koholint a bit easier.

      There's no key for the next level; the catfish's mouth in Martha's Bay
is wide open, waiting for you to jump in.  However, after you do a little
traveling, you may notice an apparition following you around.  You may also
notice that he won't let you enter the catfish's mouth.  So it seems that
your first task is to put this wandering spirit to rest.

      If you wander around enough, he'll mention the House by the Bay.  He
wants to visit his house once more before passing on.  So, take him there!  Go
east from the Toronbo Shores to find the house, then take him inside.  Now
he'll ask you to take him back to his grave.  It's not in the graveyard to
the east of the Witch's hut; it's the single tombstone to the west of the
Witch's hut.  You'll have to go south one screen then take the other north
path to reach it.

      That settled, you're ready to go to the next dungeon.  It's a good idea
to get the bow and arrow at this point in the game.  You don't need it to
finish the next dungeon, but you'll need it eventually, and there's some
bonuses to get if you have it for this one.

      Most of the water around the Animal Village leads into the bay.  If you
swim around, you'll find the catfish, surrounded by a ring of stones.  To
reach the catfish itself, you'll have to go through that little channel on the
left, go to the right-most edge, and press B to dive.  Move Link through the
little passage below the rock, and then back up to the surface.  Swim over to
the catfish and climb in its mouth. . . if you dare.

j) Level 5--Catfish's Maw

     11- 3   O   10- 9
             |       |
             25  14  8 - 18
             |       |   |
     A - 24- O - B   13  15- 16
                     |   |
                     O - O - 7
             23- O   5 - 6
                 |   |
         21- 20- 22  4
                 |   |
             19- 18- O
                 2 - 1 - 12- E

Note: The annoying pink enemies with the shield in front can only be attacked
from behind with the sword.  Once you get the hook shot, you can use it to
attack them from any direction.

Link's Objectives:

 1) Defeat all the enemies to open the west door.
 2) Get the compass.  Take the passage to 3.  You'll have to jump from weight
    to weight with care, since the one you're standing on will go down and
    another one will go up.  Defeat all the enemies to open the door.
 3) Push the two top blocks toward each other to make a small key appear.
 4) Defeat all of the enemies to make the north door open.
 5) You're going to see a lot of this guy.  Hit him in the head with your
    sword.  When he crumbles to the ground, immediately put a bomb on his
    head.  Repeat until he gives up.
 6) The Skull Master has stolen the hook shot!  Don't worry, I'll help you
    find it.  You have to make it to each room where the Skull Master hides,
    in order, and defeat him.
 7) This is the second Skull Master encounter.  In the room to the west, go
    west, return to the east, go north, return to the south, press the
    button, and go east to this room.
 8) Use the east entrance to get to this room.  Find all of the slimes and
    defeat them to open the north door.  You'll have to push some blocks to
    reach the southern part of the room.
 9) Skull Master 3
10) Get the map.  Defeat all of the skeletons to return to the east.
11) Skull Master 4.  Defeat him this time, and he'll cough up the hook shot.
12) Use the hook shot to reach this chest, with 200 rupees inside!
13) Dive into the middle of this patch of deep water to enter a passage to
14) Use the hook shot on the strange-looking thing to create a bridge.  In the
    chest is the Nightmare Key.
15) Use the hook shot to reach this treasure chest with 50 rupees.
16) Use the hook shot to get this small key.
17) Use the hook shot to make a bridge to the chest for 50 rupees.
18) Defeat the enemies to open the doors.
19) Defeat the enemies to get the stone beak.
20) Use the hook shot to easily cross this gauntlet of traps.
21) Use the hook shot to reach this chest, which has a small key inside.

At this point, you have two ways to go.  If you have the bow and arrow, you
can go to 22.  If you don't, take the passage from 6 to A.

22) Use the hook shot to pull the bridge across.
23) The mini-boss.  Shoot arrows into the spiders' eyes when they open.
    Avoid the spiders when they lunge.  When you enter the passage to the
    east, use the hook shot on the strange statues coming out of the walls
    to pull yourself up.  It leads to B.
24) Defeat the enemies to open the doors.
25) The boss.  There will be four holes in the walls.  Stand across from one
    of the holes, avoid the spiked tail in the center of the room, and when
    the fish's face appears in the hole across from you, use the hook shot to
    drag it out.  Hit the little heart in its throat as quickly as you can
    before it disappears.  Once in a while, the fish you pull out will be a
    tail, like the first boss.  Defeat it the same way, by hitting the end of
    his tail.  
26) Get the Wind Marimba.

k) The Horrible Secret

      If you haven't already, you *must* buy the bow and arrow now.  If you've
been careful about spending your rupees, you should have just about enough for
it now.  If not, look around for some caves; many of these have treasure
chests full of rupees just waiting to be plundered.  Also, revisit the
dungeons and make sure you've got all the treasures.  If you're still
strapped for cash, go to the screen in Mabe village that's full of grass and
start hacking away!  If you're really desparate, you might want to consider
getting it by five-finger discount. . .

      Now might also be a good time to finish up the trading sequence, just so
it's out of the way.  You should also start rounding up those pieces of heart.
Your next task is to explore an ancient ruin.  It's waited a few centuries for
you to arrive; it can wait until you finish up a few side quests.

      Now that you're ready, it's time to tackle the Face Shrines.  There are
two of them; the southern Shrine is your first task.  To reach it, start at
the entrance to Animal Village and go north.  Follow the shore as it bends to
the east, then look for the first opening to the south.  This will put you in
the simple maze that leads to the southern Shrine.  Along the way, some of the
statues may come to life if you touch them.  If this happens, an arrow will
destroy it.  You can find out which statues are "alive" and which aren't by
holding up your shield in front of you and touching the statue in question.
If nothing unusual happens, it won't come to life.  If it bounces off you (it
won't come to life if you do it this way), it's a trap.  These living statues
will often block your path, but it's best to get them out of your way by
bouncing them away with your shield before they come to life; that way, you
can save your arrows for the battle in the Shrine.

      It's not a particularly long dungeon; in fact, the second room you come
to is the home of the boss.  Shoot two arrows at it, then hesitate until it
lands on the ground again.  If you don't pause, he'll be in the air when you
fire, and you'll be out a perfectly good arrow.  Repeat until he's done, and
be amazed at how simple it was.  This next part is optional, but it's rather
important to the story.  Just go into the next room, light the torches, and
look at the picture on the wall (go up to it and press A).  Yes, this is the
chilling secret of Koholint Island. . . it's all just a dream.  When the
dreamer awakes, it will vanish.  And aren't you on a quest to wake that
dreamer?  Who is that owl really, and why is he leading you on like this to
wake the Wind Fish?  Are you going to bring about the destruction of Koholint?

      Well, you bought the game, and darned if you're not going to finish the
last three levels, no matter what the consequences.  Make your way back
through the maze and head back toward Animal Village, taking note of the
island with the statue guy on it.  When you find a gap in the "railing", jump
into the river and swim back to that island.  You'll have to bring the
statue to life and then destroy it to reach the staircase it's standing on.
Follow the short passageway, put your face key into the keyhole, and make the
northern Shrine rise up from the ground.  Enter. . . if you dare. . .

l) Level 6--Face Shrine

14                          29
 |                           |
13 -12      15  37      32   O
 |   |       |   |       |   |
11 -10 -27 -26  36  24  21  28
 |   |       |   |   |   |   |
 9 - 4 - 5  25  35  23  31 -30
     |       |   |   |   |
     3 - 8  33 -34  22   O
         |           |   |
     7   2          18 -19
     |   |           |   |
     6   1 - E -16 -17  20

Link's Objectives:

 1) These enemies are the Wizrobes (from the original Zelda game, no less).
    The easiest way I've found to defeat them is to place a bomb somewhere
    near them *just* as their hat vanishes.  If you place a bomb right in the
    middle of this trio, you should get them in one shot.
 2) Collect 50 rupees from this chest.
 3) Place a bomb next to this switch, then quickly stand on the upper-right
    hand corner block before the bomb blows, the switch is hit, and the block
    goes up.  Why'd you go through all that?  You'll see in a minute.  For
    now, continue to room 4.
 4) Bomb the east wall here.  When you return later, you can lift the pot in
    the upper-left corner to find the button that opens the door.
 5) Destroy all the slimes in this room to make a secret passage appear.
 6) Ah, you get it now?  Defeat the enemies in this room to proceed north.
 7) Get the more powerful power bracelet.
 8) Get 100 rupees from this treasure chest.
 9) Defeat the wizrobes to get the dungeon map.  You'll have to do the trick
    with the bomb again in room 3, only this time, stand on the left-hand
10) Get the stone beak, if you really want to.  Later, take the passage to 28.
11) Destroy the door with one of the pots.
12) Get the compass.  Be sure to get the free bombs!  They'll reset when you
    return after taking the upstairs exit in room 14.  Hit the switch to make
    the door in room 13 accessable.
13) Destroy the door using one of the elephant statues.
14) Get 100 rupees from this chest.  Take the stairs to find a secret
    seashell.  Pick up the chess pieces and throw them.  If they both land
    in the correct standing position, you get to proceed, hooray!
15) Defeat the wizrobes in this room to get a small key.  If the blocks get
    in the way, backtrack to the switch and hit it.
16) Throw the statues out of your way.
17) The floor is attacking!  Stand in one corner and hold up your shield until
    the onslaught is over.
18) Throw a statue at the non-locked door to open it.
19) Defeat all of the wizrobes to open the doors.  The chest can only be
    gotten to from the room to the south.
20) Okay, here's how to reach that chest.  Enter the room when the blocks are
    set up such that you can reach the stairs on the left.  Climb them, and
    jump down onto the switch controlled block below.  Walk onto the one right
    next to it, then use the Roc's Feather to jump to the third switch
    controlled block.  Climb the stairs, jump over the trap, and claim your
    reward:  The secret medicine.
21) Get the small key from this chest.
22) Bomb the north wall to reveal the passage.
23) The mini-boss.  When it throws its ball at you, pick it up and throw it
    back with the intention of hitting it.
24) Things get a bit. . . odd at this point.  If you go north, you'll find
    yourself back in room 22.  What you want to do, instead, is pick up the
    left statue to reveal a secret passage.  Then, uh, follow it, I guess.
25) The room is attacking again, only this time it's leaving behind gaping
    holes!  Get in the bottom-left corner as quickly as you can and hold up
    your shield until it's over.  You'll get a small key for your trouble.
26) Throw the statue at the door to open it.
27) Again, throw the horseys around until they let you out.
28) Here's a neat trick -- play "The Ballad of the Wind Fish" for the Pol's
    voices here.  Heh heh. . .
29) Get 200 rupees from this chest, then throw the chess knights around until
    the door opens.  (Annoyed yet?)
30) You remember these guys.  Beat them the same way as you did in Level 3.
31) Use the hookshot to reach the other side.
32) The nightmare key is in this chest, but it won't open!  That's right;
    you've got to throw a pot at it.  See, in the dungeons where you get the
    power bracelets, they like to make you throw things around.  I dunno.
33) Avoid getting sucked in by the suctiony thing.  You have to walk around
    the hole in the room and make all of the slimes come out of the ground.
    You also have to defeat them, but chances are they'll just get sucked
    into the hole in the room, if left on their own.
34) You have to defeat this lone wizrobe without letting the evil eye see you
    too often, lest it zap you to oblivion.  I suggest pushing the upper
    block into the pit, leaping across the pit, quickly laying a bomb, then
    quickly jumping back.  Of course, you have to time this with its
    appearances.  Finally, push the other blocks out of your way and get
35) Light these torches to turn the evil zappy things into fairies for a
    last-minute life boost before the boss.
36) The boss!  Uh. . . oh no, there's an evil face hovering in the room!
    First it'll throw those tiles at you, then the pots.  When it's used up
    all the furniture, it'll make random holes pop up, which are actually
    pretty easy to avoid.  Actually, everything about this boss is pretty
    easy.  All you have to do is lay a bomb on top of the face when it's
    smiling broadly.  You don't even have to aim or anything!  But take heed
    of its words. . .
37) Get the Coral Triangle.

m) Raising the Dead

      Two instruments to go and, as you might imagine, those nightmares have
pulled out all the stops to make the last two dungeons the hardest yet.  In
fact, just getting into Dungeon #7 may be a bit taxing, since you have to fly
like a bird to get the key.

      Let's take this one step at a time.  The first thing you need to do is
learn a new song for your ocarina.  Make sure you have 300 rupees saved up,
and go to the signpost maze (due south of the eastern exit of Mabe Village).
There's a large gap that you have to dash-and-jump over.  Read the first
signpost you come to.  It'll give you a direction to go in, relative to the
sign (not to where you're standing when you read the sign).  Travel straight
in that direction until you reach the next sign.  Read it.  If it gives you
another direction, you're on the right track.  If it doesn't, you have to go
back to the first sign and start over.  It's actually pretty easy to
understand, but hard to explain.  Experiment a bit.

      Once you've visited every signpost in the maze, a staircase will open
up, which will take you to the lair/studio of Mamu (who looks suspiciously
like Wart).  For 300 rupees, he'll jam with you for a while and teach you the
somewhat unlistenable Song of Soul, which can raise the dead.  Know anyone
who needs to be brought back from the dead?  I'll give you a hint:  it's not
the ghost that followed you around earlier.

      The statue in Mabe Village has the caption "Here sleeps the flying
rooster."  Hmmm. . . a flying rooster could really come in handy. . . So,
push the statue out of the way (from below) and enter his resting place.
Find him and play the song for him.  Yay!  You have a flying rooster!  Pick
him up with the power bracelet and fly around and stuff!  It's fun!

      When you've gotten that out of your system, take the opportunity to
find some more secret seashells.  You're in a position to get every shell
you need to get the Level 2 sword; check the Seashell section below for

      Finally, it's time to start exploring the mountains.  Return to the spot
in the mountains where there used to be a waterfall (you leapt from that spot
to reach Level 4) and go east.  Climb the stairs and follow the obvious path
until you reach a cave with a house nearby.  The house isn't really
important, unless you have a thing for chickens.  Enter the cave.  In the
second room, you have to take the north exit.  You might wonder how to
accomplish such a task, if you didn't have a flying rooster.  Use him to fly
over the gaps in this room and the next one.  The Bird Key lies in plain
sight in the fourth room.  Then, just go back the way you came.

      Now that you've got the key, you're ready to unlock the dungeon.
Return to the spot where you leapt from to reach level 4 and this time head
due east.  You'll reach a cave; this is actually the first in a series of
caves that you'll have to traverse.  You'll go in a cave and come out in a
place pretty close to the next cave.  There's nothing really hard about these
caves if you know how to use your various equipment.  This path will
eventually lead you to Eagle's Tower.  Stick the key in the boulder with the
keyhole, and you're in business.

n) Level 7--Eagle's Tower

 O - O - O - O       6   O           O - O
 |   |       |       |   |           |
 O - 5 - 4 - O  10 - 8 - 3 - 2   O -19   O  17
 |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
 9 - O - O - O   O - O   7 -13   O -18 -20 -16
 |       |   |   |   |   |   |       |   |
 O - E - O - 1  11 -12 -15 -14       O - O

 First floor     Second floor    Third floor

Note: This is how the map will look eventually.  When you get the map item,
it may show you a different picture for the third and fourth floors.  Don't
worry about it; by the time we absolutely have to go to the third floor,
it'll appear as pictured here, and the fourth floor won't even exist.

 1) Defeat all of the enemies in this room to get a small key.  Use it to
    unlock the door.  The stairs lead up.
 2) Pull on the thing on the right side of the room to make the blocks
    separate.  The ball here is an important part of beating the level; if you
    ever lose it, it'll automatically end up back here, so keep this place in
 3) Throw the ball at the pillar in the middle of the room to destroy it.
    Throw the ball across to the other side of the switch-operated blocks.
    Leap into the right-most side of the pit in this room.
 4) You should land on the switch blocks that are in the up position.  Use the
    Roc's Feather to leap onto the switch blocks on the left side of the room.
 5) Walk across the switch blocks then jump onto the ones that lead to the
    north (on the right).  Take the stairs there up.
 6) I hate these things!  When you hit them, their "suit" stops changing.  If
    you can get them all to stop on the same suit, they'll be defeated.
    Defeat them to get the compass.  Walk around to room 3 and get the ball
 7) Use the ball to destroy the pillar.  Hit the switch in the room to the
    south, then pick up the ball and continue.
 8) Use the entrance on the left to reach this room from room 6.  Throw the
    ball across the "handrail" thing so that you can reach the ball when you
    enter from the west later.  Use the stairs in room 6, then follow the
    path to the west until you reach. . .
 9) Take the stairs.
10) Use your shield to block the flying tiles.  In the next room, pick up the
    ball and destroy the pillar.  Bomb the space on the south wall that's
    right between the torches.  Get to the end of the short hall the space
    leads to and bomb that spot too.  Pick up the ball and carry it to the
    room south of room 7 (the one with the switch).  Throw the ball onto the
    other side of the "handrail".  Return to room 9 and take the stairs.
11) The mini-boss of level 2 rears his ugly head again.  Defeat him to get a
    small key.
12) Defeat these guys again.  Get the ball from the room to the east and
    bring it back here.  Throw it across the gap in the middle of the room.
    Go back around to room 8 and follow the narrow hall that you bombed your
    way through.  Use the hookshot to go to the chest that appeared and take
    the single bomb inside.  Pick up the ball and throw it at the pillar in
    the room to the north.  Jump down the pit and make your way back to the
    east and up the stairs from the beginning.
13) The blocks should be down, so get the mirror shield from the chest.
14) Unlock the block, climb the stairs, and go to the room to the west.
15) Hit the switch (with an arrow or something) before going up these stairs.
16) The mini-boss.  A formation of flying things will line up, then attack.
    You have to defeat them all with your sword; if one of them escapes off
    the edge of the screen, you have to face another formation.
17) Push the blocks toward each other to make the Nightmare Key appear.
18) Use the Nightmare Key to reach the next room.
19) Use the hookshot to get onto the upper platform in this room.
20) Up these stairs to the boss.  Use your shield and a weapon.  The bird will
    fly by, and you have to hit it.  Since this is a side-view room, a
    long-range weapon will be useful for when it's out of your reach.
    However, you'll have to practice a bit with the arrows or the hookshot.
    Besides, it'll be in sword's reach often enough for you to beat it.
    Sometimes it'll start flapping its wings and blowing you away.  Hold up
    your shield to deflect its fire and concentrate on not getting knocked off
    the tower.  (The Pegasus Boots take too long to be effective, so don't
    bother with them.)  If you get knocked off, the boss's energy will be
    restored and you'll have to start all over.  Don't do that.
21) Get the Organ of Evening Calm.

o) The Road to Turtle Rock

      Just one dungeon to go.  There's no wacky side-quests to open up Turtle
Rock; all you have to do is brave the perils of the western mountains.  Still,
there's a few things you might want to get done first.

      The boomerang is indispensible for Turtle Rock, so if you haven't
gotten it already, do so.  Complete the trading sequence (if you haven't
already) and go to the shore.  Two screens to the east of where you found
your sword you'll see a bunch of cracked rocks.  Bomb this place and go
inside.  The room would seem empty if you didn't have the magnifying glass.
The guy here will offer to trade the boomerang for whatever you put in your
B button (though he won't accept some of the more important items).  It's
best to trade your shovel; it's mostly just good for finding seashells and
the occasional dungeon key.  However, should you need your shovel back, feel
free to return and trade back.

      Stock up on bombs and arrows, make sure you've got some secret medicine,
muster up some courage, and let's go.  Start by returning to the cave where
you got the Bird Key.  Climb the stairs and head west.  Use the hook shot to
cross the bridges, saving Marin along the way.  Cut down the bush to reveal
the passage to the western mountains.  The going is pretty straightforward at
this point.  There's a chasm to cross with the hookshot, falling rocks to
block with your shield; you should know how to deal with these obstacles by
now.  Be sure to pick up the boulder in the screen with the tresure chest;
there's a secret passage.  Sprinkle dust on the well inside to receive a
reward.  You'll eventually come to a cave with a flamethrower; just hold up
your Mirror Shield and walk into it.

      Eventually you'll reach Turtle Rock.  There's no obvious way to get in,
unless you've been paying attention to the clues.  The last instrument
mentioned the Ocarina after you got it. . . Mamu said his song could liven
up unliving things. . . so play song #3 for Turtle Rock.  Yipes!  It'll come
to life and attack you!  Get your sword swingin' and attack back.  The tip of
the nose seems to be the most vulnerable spot.  Walk down the turtle's former
neck hole and enjoy the last true dungeon of the game.

p) Level 8--Turtle Rock

            36   O
             |   |
34          35   O          30
 |           |   |           |
33 -32 -20 - O - O -21 -19  29
         |               |
    23 -22  28 -27 -26 -18
     |   |               |
    31   O -10 -16 - O -17
     |           |   |
 7   4 - 3  15 - 9 -24 -25   O
 |   |   |   |   |   |       |
 6 - 5   2 - 1 -14 - O -13 -12
 |           |   |           |
 8           E   O          11

 1) Defeat the creature to open the doors.  Your best chance is with the
    boomerang.  If you throw the boomerang just as you enter the room, you'll
    usually get it.
 2) Defeat the snakes to open the door.
 3) This clown again.  Defeat him to open the door.
 4) Notice the block.  If you push it, it'll start rolling straight forward.
    As long as it's gliding across a hole in the floor, it'll keep filling in
    space.  You can use the control pad to guide it.  This object appears in
    many rooms; your goal is often to fill in all the space with it.  Refer
    to the diagrams below for how the block should go in each room.  This
    room will get you 20 rupees.
 5) You know those flashy things you couldn't defeat before?  Use the
    boomerang to defeat them and get a nice fairy to boot.  Fun!  Also get 50
    rupees from this chest.
 6) The level 1 mini-boss is back and easier than ever.
 7) Defeat the demon of this room to get a small key.
 8) Avoid getting sucked into this device, but be sure to get the compass
    from this chest.
 9) There's no way to fill in all this lava; just use the block to reach one
    of the shores.
10) Take this passage.  In the first screen, wait for the fireball to jump
    in front of you, then jump to the next spot.  In the second screen, grab
    onto a ladder, then move to the safe ladder between the fireballs when
    the fireballs are down.  Wait for them to jump again before moving on.
    End up in room 11.
11) Get the stone beak from this chest.
12) You'll be reliving a *lot* of minibosses in this level.  Beat the ball
    creature to open the doors.
13) Fill in the space to get a small key.
14) Find a button under a pot to make the doors open.  If you really want to.
15) Return to room 10 and bomb the cracked-looking part of the south wall to
    reach the business area of this room.  The three-block wall stands in
    your way of the chest.  Push the top and bottom blocks to the left and
    push the middle block down to clear them away.  Get the map.  The third
    block from the right can be pushed into the lava.  Jump across the lava
    to escape from the upper part of the room.
16) Use the moving block from room 9 in such a way that you go down the narrow
    hall that leads to this locked block.  Unlock it.
17) The staircase here leads to a bonus area with equipment and hearts.  Use
    the hookshot to cross the first lava pit.
18) Defeat all the slimes in this room.  Bomb the western wall to open up a
    passage, but don't go down it yet; you've got some other business to
    attend to.
19) Defeat these mummies quickly and carefully to get a small key.  You don't
    have to defeat the enemies in the room to the west just yet, but you may
    find it difficult to proceed without doing it.
20) Reach this room by going straight west from 19.  Reach the chest with the
    hookshot from the ledge (go west to reach the ledge).  It contains 50
    rupees.  Go up the stairs and go outside.  (Be sure to get the piece of
    heart that's sitting in plain sight.)  Proceed past the warp hole (or use
    it to pop back to Mabe for some refreshments!) and re-enter the dungeon at
    the next opening.  It'll be room 21, conveniently enough.
21) Throw bombs from the balcony into the waiting mouths of these monsters.
    It'll take a lot of bombs and a lot of patience.  It's easier in the
    narrow path to the east, but how are you supposed to lure them there?
    When you finally finish, a key will appear in easy reach.
22) Shoot the statue with an arrow to make a key appear.
23) Push the blocks out of the way and get the key in the chest, but watch
    out for the eye!  Continuing south will help you fight your way back to
    room 9, your next destination.
24) Use the block in room 9 to reach this room.  Bomb the east wall.
25) This is the only crystal switch in the dungeon.  You'll need to hit it
    exactly once, then make sure you don't leave the dungeon or anything.
    Also, if you continue your game, make sure the first thing you do is come
    back and hit the switch.
26) Light up this room.  Use your key to reach the next room.
27) Defeat the snake to reach the next room.  When you return from the next
    room, use the hookshot to reach the island where the staircase and locked
    block are.  Unlock the block and take the staircase to room 30.
28) Again, light up the room if you need to and proceed back to room 27.
29) All this work and you've only reached the *mini* boss.  This is the
    toughest mini in the game (of course).  His frontal defense is
    impenetrable, and he doesn't give you much of a chance to get above or
    below him (the only spots where he's vulnerable).  If you stay in front
    of him too long, he'll wind up and give you a HUGE punch that sends you
    all the way back to the beginning of the dungeon!  Expect a lot of pain
    and frustration.  Focus on getting above or below him when he's just
    sitting there throwing punches.  Bring a piece of power or (better yet)
    the red clothes when fighting this guy.  Patience and practice; that's
    all you can do to beat this guy.
30) If the blocks are down (return to room 25 if they're not), you can now
    get the fire rod.  This is an outstanding accomplishment.  Everything's
    going to just fall into place now.  Pat yourself on the back.  Save your
    game now; no sense taking risks.  Take a break.  Have a sandwich.
    You've earned it.
31) All right, you're back and ready to finish this dungeon.  Use your newly
    acquired fire rod to light these torches.  A small key will appear.

Return to room 9.  Go up the staircase.  Use the fire rod to destroy the ice
blocks in the first room.  Jump and quickly use the fire rod to destroy only
the top row of ice blocks in the second room.  Jump on the bottom row, then
jump from the bottom row to where the stairs are.  End up in room 32.

32) Unlock the door.
33) Another mini-boss revisited.  Only problem is, this guy actually *is*
    harder because of the gaps along the edge of the room.  I usually just
    sit with him in the corner and keep swinging my sword.  Sure, you'll take
    some hits, but it'll work, and the fairy will probably revive you pretty
34) Another fill-in-the-gap puzzle.  Get the Nightmare Key.

Return to room 24.  Go up the staircase.  Use the fire rod (jump when you
have to) to clear out the top row of ice.  Clear the first column of ice from
the left by standing on it and using the fire rod straight down.  Return to
the top and this time as you fall, clear out the block of ice blocking the
exit.  Go back around once more and this time fall into the tunnel that leads
to the exit.

In the next screen, go down the ladder and clear out the bottom row of ice.
Stand under the second column from the right and blast straight up.  Climb
onto the ice and use it as a staircase to reach the ladder down.  It'll take
you right in front of the Nightmare's Lair.

35) The Boss at last.  Considering all of the aggravation of the rest of the
    dungeon, this is over pretty quickly.  Just stand at one end of the room
    and use the fire rod to blast the boss whenever he's in front of you.
    Enough hits and he'll reveal his squirming center.  Blast him more and
    he's history.
36) Get the Thunder Drum.

Block pushing diagrams

^ Up
v Down
< Left
> Right

Room 4:

v <
v ^
v ^ < < <

Room 13:

v < <
> v ^ <
  > v ^ <
    > v ^ <
      > v ^ <
        > > > >

Room 34:

> > v > > v
^   > ^   v
^ v < v < v
  v ^ < ^ <
  > > > > > >

q) End Game

      Yes, the time has come to wake the Wind Fish.  But, even at this stage
in the game, there's things to consider.  Did you max out your capacity to
carry powder, arrows, and bombs?  The tricks and treats section tells you
where to find one of the magic bats who grants you extra storage space.  The
Road to Turtle Rock contains another.  There's a third that you can only get
now that you have the fire rod.  Go due east from the House by the Bay until
you reach a field of holes and bushes.  Burn the bushes with the rod, then
jump across the holes.  The staircase will take you to a place where you can
reach the staircase where the bat lives.  Magic powder and bombs aren't as
important anymore, but make sure you max out your arrows; arrows are one of
the most important items to beat the upcoming boss.

      Now, go to the library and read the book of dark secrets.  It'll give
you a series of arrows.  Copy these down.  The sequence varies from game to
game, ensuring that you'll need to read this book.  And, since you need the
magnifying glass to read this book, it also ensures that you'll complete the
trading sequence.  I've sometimes noticed that the sequence changes if you
save a game and continue later, so try not to stop between now and the time
you reach the egg.

      Stock up, then head to the Wind Fish's Egg.  (It's just to the west of
the staircase you've always used to reach the mountains.)  If you have
headphones, plug them in now.  Play Marin's song, "The Ballad of the Wind
Fish", in front of the egg.  The egg cracks. . . you enter. . .

      The first rooms are dark; nothing to help that.  You'll fall into a hole
in the second room; nothing to help that either.  You'll land in a room, and
no matter what direction you go in, it'll be the same room.  This is where
your sequence of arrows becomes useful.  Follow the directions given.  If it
worked, your last move will take you to a room with a hole.  If it didn't,
try going back and reading the book again.  To leave the egg, simply go south
at any time.

      Okay, it worked and you're at the hole.  Jump in.  This is it: the final
battle.  Here you'll find out what's *really* going on with this island and
really wake the Wind Fish.  The monster here takes on several forms:

Form 1: Jelly

Sprinkle magic dust on him.

Form 2: Wizard

He'll form a ball of power with his hands.  Swing your sword at the red balls
to deflect them back into his face.  Make sure you're directly in line,
otherwise they'll miss.

Form 3: Tail

Hit the ball on the end of his tail.

Form 4: Ganon

Use the spinning blade technique to hit him; nothing else works.

Form 5: ????

Hit it once with an arrow

Final Form

All that other stuff was a warmup.  Really.  The boss is a central hub with
spiked arms revolving around it.  Put the Roc's feather on one button and the
bow and arrow on the other.  Stay right underneath the hub and try to face it
at all times.  Jump whenever the arms come (you might have to jump to the
right over one arm then immediately to the left over the other).  It takes
practice to do this well.  Fire an arrow into the hub whenever the eye opens.

      You defeat the monster. . . a staircase appears. . . you climb it. . .

7. Questions & Answers

      I've gotten *tons* of e-mail from readers asking questions about the
game.  I've answered as many as I could, but there were questions that were
asked quite frequently or that I couldn't answer because the game wasn't in
front of me at the time.  So, I've decided to start up a Q&A section of this

      Some suggestions if you want to send me a question:

- Don't ask for a walkthrough (i.e. "How do you beat level 8?").  Solutions
  for all levels and other important sections will appear in this guide
  eventually.  (But feel free to tell me that it's about time I put out the
  next version! :)

- Be specific.  Don't say "I'm having problems with Level 5 please help!".
  Tell me if there's something in the walkthrough that isn't specific enough
  or if I left something out.

- Don't send me e-mail in all-caps or with giant fonts or underlined or in
  weird colors.  Those frighten me.

- Please put "Zelda" somewhere in the title of your message.  Otherwise, I
  might miss it.

      Again, my e-mail address is cpface@geocities.com.  And now, Q&A:

Q: I'm missing a key in Level 3 (Key Cavern).  Where is it?

A: There's a *lot* of keys in Level 3.  It's hard to say which key you're
   missing without having your game in front of me, but I suggest you start
   in room A and visit any room that is unlocked to the north, west, or
   south.  Defeating all of the enemies in these rooms will give you a key.
   Be sure to walk around and defeat all of the slimes hiding in the floor.
   If that fails, remember that the compass will emit a tone just as you
   enter a room that's hiding a key.  Go around to all of the rooms in the
   walkthrough that mention a key and see if you've cleaned them out yet.  Be
   patient; there's *more* than enough keys in that dungeon, and I have yet to
   find a no-win situation.

Q: How do I reach the statue of the mermaid?

A: Start just west of the Animal Village.  Go south as far as you can, then
   west.  Use the hookshot (from level 5) to reach the other side of the gap.
   The statue is nearby.

Q: How do I reach Level 2?

A: Start at the chest where you found the Tail Key.  Go west, north, east,
   east to reach the swamp.  Let Bow Wow eat all the flowers that get in your
   way.  If you want to return later in the game, the fire rod will burn up
   the flowers for you.

Q: Is there a special ending if you beat the game without dying?

A: Yes.  Yes there is.  If you're playing with the DX version and the Game
   Boy Color, the special ending is slightly better (JMHO) than the special
   ending for the original version or for the DX version on a non-GBC (which
   is the same as the original version).

Q: What's the difference between Link's Awakening and Link's Awakening DX?

A: The DX stands for Deluxe.  Basically, the game is (very nicely) enhanced
   to make full use of the Game Boy Color's color palettes.  There's also a
   new dungeon hidden somewhere in the game as well as printer compatibility
   so that you can print out some special pictures that are hidden in the
   game.  You can play the DX version on any Game Boy system and take
   advantage of any of its features except color and the color dungeon.

Q: What is the warp code?

A: The "warp code" is a glitch from the original version.  Since it's a
   glitch, it was removed from the new DX version.  It's useful for getting
   past certain obstacles and causing havoc with your game.  Use it at your
   own risk:  As you move from one screen to the next, press select to bring
   up the map.  When you return to the game, you'll be in the next screen, but
   you'll be on the opposite side that you'd expect.  I cannot assure you that
   this will not mess up your game, so use at your own risk.

6. Level 0--The Color Dungeon

      Yes, there's an extra dungeon hidden somewhere in Zelda DX.  It's not
too hard to find if you put your mind to it, and you can enter it pretty
much as soon as you find the power bracelet.  You can only enter it if you're
playing on the Game Boy Color; if you're playing on any other Game Boy system,
you'll be stopped at the front door.  The dungeon is entirely optional; you
don't need to find it to finish the game.  However, there's two items of
interest deep within the dungeon that you might want to spend the time to

      So, here's how to find it.  Go to the library.  You'll notice a book up
on the top shelf which you can't reach.  It wasn't there in the first version,
so that should be your first clue.  Knock it off the top shelf by dashing into
the bookshelf with the Pegasus Boots.  It'll speak of a "lost world of color"
in the graveyard and present you with a pattern of numbers and arrows.  Copy
them down somewhere.  Your next stop should be the graveyard, just east of
the witch's hut where you got the magic powder.  Look around for the screen
where the pattern of the tombstones matches the pattern that you copied down.
Touching a tombstone makes a ghost appear, so you should take care of those
first.  Then, push the tombstone marked 1 in the direction indicated, followed
by the tombstone marked 2, etc.  Congratulations!  You've found the color

     17- O           11- 10
     |                   |
     O - O   14- 15  8 - 9
         |   |       |
         16- 13- 12  O
                 |   |
         2 - 5 - O - 4
         |   |       |
        E/1  3   7 - 6

 1) Speak to the Guardians and tell them what color shirt they're wearing.
    I guess I don't understand the point of this "challenge".
 2) The little things on the floor are ghosts which will jump out at you when
    you approach them.  You can generally defeat them with your sword, but
    once in a while you won't be able to defeat them for one reason or
    another.  Why?  Who knows.  Try a bomb; that sometimes works.  I really
    hate this room, and you'll find a bunch of them as you progress.  Anyway,
    when they're defeated, the door will open.
 3) Bomb the south wall of the room to the north to reach this treasure-filled
    room.  Each rupee you find here is worth five rupees, so stock up!
 4) Use your sword to knock these strange creatures unconcious, then use the
    power bracelet to pick them up and insert them in the color-coordinated
    holes.  Get the stone beak.
 5) Thanks to the owl's clue, you can solve this puzzle.  Hit the switch in
    the upper-left, then the lower-right, and they'll all turn blue.  Get the
 6) Another floor-ghost room.  Fortunately, you can lure the ghosts into the
    pit in the middle of the room if you're having bad luck with the
    conventional methods.
 7) Get this small key and then get back across the colored tiles before the
    bouncing characters turn them all into pits.
 8) This puzzle again.  Hit the lower-right switch once and the upper-left
    switch twice to get a small key.
 9) Another floor-ghost room.  Sick of them yet?
10) One of the mini-bosses (there's two of them).  Use your magic
    powder on him, then avoid him as he bounces around.  Also watch out for
    the occasional lightning bolt.  This guy's a push-over.
11) Finish an incredibly simple block-pushing puzzle and claim the Nightmare
12) The other mini-boss.  Whack him with your sword, avoid the spikes in the
    room, and use your shield to avoid the rocks that tumble across the room
    after you hit him.  He moves too slow to be a direct threat.
13) Find a button under the upper-left pot to open the doors.
14) Defeat all of the slimes in this room to get the map.
15) These creatures again.  Get another small key.
16) Hit the switches on the "edges" (not the corners or the center) in any
    order to proceed.
17) The boss.  Whack his bubble head as quickly as you can while avoiding his
    attacks and the skeletons that eventually appear.  Fairly easy, compared
    to the other bosses in the game.
18) Your reward: Talk to the Fairy Queen and pick your choice of clothes:
    red or blue.

      The red clothes will give you offense power, which is like permanently
having the effects of a "Piece of Power" item.  The blue clothes will give you
defense power, which is like permanently having the effects of a magic acorn.
Pick whichever you like.  If you're unhappy with your choice, you can always
return to pick up the other set.

      Conveniently enough, you can use the benefits of the colored clothes
even when you're playing on an older Game Boy system.  To see which set you're
wearing, press select on the item menu.  The letter indicates the color you're
wearing.  Unfortunately, you can't enter the color dungeon and get a new set
on the old Game Boys.

7. The Ocarina and its 3 Songs

      You get the ocarina in the old house in northeast Mabe Village. To get
it, you need the boots and the bracelet. Pull up the rocks around the door,
enter, and hop into the bed. Make your way around the room and crash through
the blocks when you need to. You'll eventually get the ocarina from a chest.
Here are the three songs, who to get them from, and what playing them will do:

   Ballad of the Wind Fish - Get it by talking to Marin in Mabe Village.
      If you play it in front of the Wind Fish's egg with all eight
      instruments, you can go into the Wind Fish's egg. This song can also be
      used to kill the hopping bunnies.

   Manbo's Mambo - Gotten by swimming to the cave just east of the Angler's
      dungeon. Play it outside to warp to the pool outside Crazy Tracy's
      house, or play it in a dungeon to go back to the start.

   Mamu's Song - Complete the signpost maze to meet Mamu. He'll teach you his
      song, which can be used to bring the rooster back to life under that
      weathervane.  It's also used to bring the entrance guardian at Turtle
      Rock to life.
8. Link's Trading Sequence

You MUST carry out this trading sequence to get the magnifying glass to read
the book at the library.

1.  THE YOSHI DOLL - Win it at the Trendy Game in Mabe Village.
2.  THE HAIR BOW - Trade the doll for it to the mother in Northern Mabe.
3.  DOG FOOD - Give the bow to the little bowwow next to Madame Meow- meow's
    house and she'll give you the dog food.
4.  BANANAS - Go to the alligator's hut on the beach that is south of Mabe
    Village. Trade the dog food for Bananas.
5.  A STICK - Give the bananas to the monkey outside of Kanalet Castle. One of
    his friends will leave behind the stick when they leave.
6.  THE HONEYCOMB - Find Tarin on Ukuku Prarie and give the stick to him. What
    happens next is funny (You'll see) and after the whole thing you get a
7.  THE PINEAPPLE - The chef in Animal Village will ask for the honeycomb and
    will give you a pineapple in return.
8.  THE HIBISCUS - Find the guy (I think his name is Papahl) in TalTal heights
    and give him the pineapple. He'll let you have his hibiscus in return for
    your kindness.
9.  THE LETTER - Take the hibiscus to the lady goat in animal village and she
    will ask you to deliver a letter to Mr. Write.
10. THE BROOM - Give the letter to Mr. Write (he's North of the forest) and
    he will give you a broom in return.
11. THE FISHING HOOK - Go back to animal village (again!) and give the broom
    to the old lady there. She'll fork over a fishing hook.

* NOTE FROM CPFACE * Every single time I have played this game, I found the
old lady in Animal Village, just north of the house where you get the
pineapple from the bear.  I know that she's originally outside of Old Man
Ulrira's house, but for some reason, she gets moved here at some point in the
game.  Many people have written in, insisting that I change this part of the
FAQ and say that she's found in Mabe Village and not the Animal Village.  I
don't see why I should, since I've never found her there!  However, so very
many people have written in that I think it's worth mentioning that she might
be in Mabe Village or the Animal Village, based on conditions in the game that
I don't want to worry about.  Check in front of Ulrira's house; if she's not
there, she's in the Animal Village.

12. THE NECKLACE - In Martha's Bay there's a bridge that, if you dive under
    it, you'll meet a man fishing. Find this man, and give him the hook. He'll
    go fishing, and "catch" the necklace, and give it to you.
13. THE MERMAID'S SCALE - Take the necklace straight over to the mermaid (in
    Martha's Bay also) and she'll let you take a scale off her tail.
14. THE MAGNIFYING GLASS (finally!) - Put the scale on the mermaid statue
    overlooking the waters of Martha's Bay and go down the stairs revealed.
    Go up one screen and get that magnifying glass.

NOTE: By now you may have discovered an "empty" room on Torbonto Shores. Well,
it's not empty. You can see the man in there only with the magnifying glass.
He will trade your shovel for a boomerang. It's a smart trade.

9. Tricks and Treats

This section is for useful and secret stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else
and also for things you can do just for fun.


-- 50 free bombs!

You need to first buy ten bombs from the shop.  You'll also need a power
bracelet and some magic powder.  Go to the spot in the Mysterious Forest just
to the west of the Fairy fountain and pick up the rock, exposing a secret
staircase.  Sprinkle some magic powder on the well to make a bat appear.  When
he asks you if you want to carry more secret powder, say no.  When he asks you
if you want to carry more bombs, say yes.  He'll give you the ability to carry
more bombs and give you fifty free bombs to boot!  This can only be done once
per game, but it's particularly useful right after you finish the second

-- Beat Level 8 before Level 6

Sent in by Clayton Reynolds

Make sure you have the Secret Medicine, the boots, and the feather.  Get to
the fire breathing cannon and start running into the flames.  Your power will
decrease quickly, and when you lose it all, Tracy's medicine will kick in.  As
soon as you lose all of your power for the first time, run into the flames,
jump, and push down hard on the top left of the control pad and you should
make it through when your life starts to fill up.  You can now reach Level 8
and beat it without having to beat levels 6 or 7 (you'll still need the hook
shot to beat Level 8).  You'll still have to beat levels 6 and 7 to beat the


-- Fun things with Marin

Marin is quite a character.  When you're walking with her, try these fun

 - Attack a chicken
 - Keep attacking a chicken (she might say something. . . different)
 - Dig with the shovel
 - Play the Ocarina for her
 - Jump into the well west of Mabe village
 - Check a chest in someone's house
 - Throw a pot in someone's house
 - Play the Trendy Game!

-- Things to check

Go up to various objects in the game and press the A button.  Such as:

 - The phone in Ulrira's house
 - The picture that the alligator in Animal Village is painting
 - The trees in front of Seashell Mansion

-- Flying troll guy (from Mike Falcek)

You have to have the rooster, the shovel on your B button and the Level 
2 bracelet on your A button. If you trade the shovel for the boomerang
and press the A button, you will pick up the rooster during the text, 
and you and the weird guy will float up.  When you throw down the 
rooster, the guy will stay in the air.

-- Marin the hen (also from Mike Falcek)

In the original version, if you skip level 3 using the "press select 
when you're moving to the next screen trick" to reach level 6, and you 
get Marin and the rooster at once, Marin will be a hen.

10. Secret Seashells

Below is a grid, representing your map of Koholint.  A letter represents
a place where a secret seashell can be found.  Every letter has an
explanation, telling you exactly HOW to get the seashell in question.

 = = = = = = = = = = = = R = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = Q = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = N = = =
 = B = = C = = = O = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = F E = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = A = L M = H = = = = = P =
 = = = = = = = = = G = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = D = = S = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = J = I = = = = = = K

A) Cut down the bushes to find the shell.
B) There's a shell in this chest.
C) Cut down this bush, then dig in the spot where the bush was.
D) Check the Tail Cave walkthrough for the exact location.
E) Cut down the bushes to find the shell.
F)*Take exactly five shells to the house to get a bonus shell.  Come back
   with exactly ten to get another bonus shell.
G) Move this rock to find a shell.
H) Enter the cave to the south.  Go one screen to the west and bomb the
   niche in the west wall.  Follow the cave until you reach the upper exit.
   Dig around the entire area until you find the shell.
I) Cut this bush to get a seashell.
J) After returning the ghost to his grave, go to the house at the bay and
   find a shell under one of the jars.
K) Get onto the ledge, two screens to the north.  Under one of the rocks is
   another shell.
L) Dig on the patch of land that's surrounded by the four grassy patches.
M) Cut down the bush to find a secret shell.
N) This shell is accessable from Level 6.  Read the Walkthrough, section l,
   for exactly how to find it.
O) Use the flying rooster to cross this gap and collect the seashell.
P) Approach this screen from the west.  One of the statues is standing on a
   staircase.  Bring it to life, then go down to find a secret seashell.
Q) Enter the cave on the west side of the screen.  Inside, there's shallow
   water and one tile of dry floor.  Place a bomb on this dry floor and
   follow until you reach the chest where the seashell hides.
R) The shell is hidden under one of these rocks.
S) Take the left fork in the caves under Richard's house to find the shell in
   the chest.

Take 20 shells to Seashell Mansion (location F) to get the level 2 sword.
Like in the original Legend of Zelda, this sword will let you throw bolts of
energy when you're at full power (your hearts are full).  Plus, you'll take
down some enemies in one stroke that used to take two.  The sword isn't
nessecary, but it is useful.

* Info about first bonus shell is from Michael Evans's FAQ for the original
  Zelda game.  It can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.

11. Pieces of Heart

This is set up in the same format as the secret seashells.

 I = = = = = = J = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = G =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = A = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = B = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = L = = H = = = = = = =
 = D = = = = E = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 C = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = K = F
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A) Pretty simple.  Use the roc's feather to jump the pit.
B) Enter this tunnel.  In the room with the piece of heart, use the power
   bracelet to move the skulls out of the way and retrieve the piece.
C) Cut down the bushes and leap into the well.  There's a piece of heart in
   plain sight.
D) Play the fishing game.  The big fish that's hugging the wall that you're
   standing on has a piece of heart in its belly.  Catch it to retrieve it.
E) Bomb the cracked rocks here to reveal a cave.  In the north section of the
   cave, on the far east wall, there's a bombable spot.  Bomb it to reach a
   room with a piece of heart.
F) Enter this cave and go one room west.  Bomb the north wall to open a room
   with another piece of heart.
G) Enter this cave.  Press B to dive underwater.  There's a piece of heart
   hidden somewhere underwater.
H)*Get in the water.  You have to swim around from the other end of the
   moat.  Press B to dive underwater; there's a piece of heart underwater.
I) See the Turtle Rock walkthrough (section p) for details.
J) Enter the cave under this bush.  In the first screen, bomb the little
   niche in the southern wall.  Head east to get the piece.
K) Bomb the cracked rocks here and enter the cave.  In the first room, bomb
   the north wall.  Continue through this new path.  Throw a bomb across the
   little fence to shatter the cracked block.  Go back around the other way
   and use the hook shot to cross the gap and get the heart.
L) Go down these stairs.  In the second screen, shatter the cracked block.
   Use the hookshot to reach the small standing space, then jump to the
   piece of heart.

* Info for this piece of heart is from Michael Evans's FAQ for the original
  Zelda game.  It can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.

12. Photo Ops

My favorite part of Zelda DX is the photos.  Some of them are humorous, some
of them are touching, and some are the kind of touristy pictures that you'd
expect someone to take while vacationing on Koholint.  It's not a reason to
get the game, but it's a nice touch nonetheless.

Here's where to find your various photo ops.  This takes the same format as
the shells and hearts.  (Note: The Photo Ops are exclusive to the DX version
of the game.  However, you can find the pictures no matter which Game Boy
format you're using.)

 = = = = = = = = = = = = = L = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = A = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = K = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = J = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = D G = = = = = = = = = = = =
 C F = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = E = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = I = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = H = = = = =
 B = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A) Link poses at the photo shop.  Just talk to the photo guy.  You'll have to
   take this one before the camera man shows up anywhere else.
B)*Link and Marin at the cliffs.  When Marin's following you, take her to the
   cliff in this location.  Walk out to the edge of the cliff.
C)*Marin squashes Link!  When Marin's following you, jump into the well.
   Ouch!  That looks pretty painful!
D)*Link, Marin, and Tarin in front of the Rooster's tomb.  Approach the
   tomb when Marin's following you.
E)*Old Man Ulrira on the phone.  Go up to one of his windows and press A to
   examine it.
F) Link "playing" with Bow Wow.  Approach the post that Bow Wow is chained to.
G)*Thief!  Steal something from the shop.  Walk around the shopkeeper in
   circles to confuse him.  Go out the door when he's looking up and you'll
   steal what you're holding plus you'll get this picture.
H) Link and the fisherman.  Return some time after giving the necklace to the
I) Link and Zora.  Enter the seemingly empty house after you've found the
   magnifying glass, and watch the magic happen.
J)*Link and Richard in front of the castle.  Approach the castle gates
   *before* you've opened them by pressing the button inside.
K)*Link and the ghost in front of the ghost's grave.  After returning the
   ghost to its grave, approach the tombstone.
L) Link on a bridge.  Just go out to a certain point on the bridge.
* Information about these pictures were from Sailor Bacon's FAQ for new
  elements added to Zelda DX.  It can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.

13. What's coming?

Who knows?  I've finished up everything I can do on my own.  Now it's just a
matter of people like you sending in things that I can add.  Thanks to
everyone who's already contributed, certainly thanks to my loyal readers,
and definately thanks to Michael, without whom I never would have taken on
this project.

See ya!

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game boy color. It's pretty cool!

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15. Requests

More Tricks and Treats!  If there's anything particularly nifty that you
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