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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (Game Boy/Game Boy Color) FAQ
Complied by: VGW Man at vgw100@hotmail.com
Version 1.71 Finished 7/3/99

	Welcome to my 3rd FAQ of my life.  This time, we will thoroughly 
explore Koholint Island in Link's Awakening DX.  If you are playing the 
original Link's Awakening, & not the DX version, don't fret.  This 
guide covers both games.


1.	Version History
3.	Story
4.	Characters
5.	Items
6.	Main Walkthrough
7.	Bosses
8.	Heart Pieces
9.	Seashells
10.	Get Your Picture
11.	Tricks/Glitches
12.	Future Plans
13.	Copyright Stuff
14.	Special Thanks

With all of that said and done, let's begin.
----------------------Section 1: Version History-----------------------
A plus sign means that something has been added in this version.
A minus sign means that something has been removed in this version.
An asterisk means that something has been revised.

Changes from version 1.7:

+: I forgot to add the color dungeon boss in the bosses section since 
day 1, but I remembered now, so you can check on how to beat him.
*: DJFLOSSE pointed out a mistake I made on the Bottle Grotto level.  I 
regret the error.

Changes from version 1.6:

+: Sean Coughlan has submitted a cheat for Zelda DX.  It's in the 
tricks/glitches section.

Changes from version 1.5:

+: R. J. Raja has completed HTML-izing my FAQ.  He is in the special 
thanks section for doing such a good job.

Changes from version 1.4:

*: You can probably guess this one.  Another makeover for the future 
plans section.

Changes from version 1.3:

*: The future plans section has had another makeover.

Changes from version 1.25:

+: I added an IMPORTANT NOTICE section.

Changes from version 1.2:

+: Another cheat has been added, thanks to Anders4580.

Changes from version 1.1:

+: David Smith has HTMLized my FAQ.  He is in the Special Thanks 
section for handling the job.
*: Again, the future plans section changed.

Changes from version 1.0:

*: The future plans section has been changed a bit.

If you notice a mistake, have a question about the FAQ, or you 
want me to put something in this FAQ, please email me at 
vgw100@hotmail.com.  It will help both you and me on what you want.

----------------------Section 2: IMPORTANT NOTICE----------------------

	For some reason, I seem to be getting a lot of questions about 
how to do this or get where or whatnot.  While I don't mind questions, 
what you should do first is READ THE FAQ to see if the answer is in 
there.  If it absolutely, 100% isn't in there, or if you can't 
understand what I'm saying, then you can email me about the question 
you want answered.  If you ask me a question when the answer is in the 
FAQ, I probably won't reply back.  Thank you for your cooperation.

----------------------------Section 3: Story---------------------------
	This story is word-for-word from the Link's Awakening DX 
instruction booklet.  Timeline wise, the game takes place somewhere in 
between A Link to the Past (SNES) & The Legend of Zelda (NES).

	Though you fulfilled the Hyrulian prophecy of the Legendary Hero 
and destroyed the evil tyrant Ganon, the land of Hyrule enjoyed only a 
precarious peace.  "Who knows what threats may arise from Ganon's 
ashes?" the restless people murmured as they knitted their brows and 
shook their heads.  Ever vigilant, you decided to journey away from 
Hyrule on a quest for enlightenment, in search of wisdom that would 
make you better able to withstand the next threat to your homeland.
	Months of difficult travel passed.  After a long and fruitful 
voyage, you breathed deeply the sea spray from the deck of the ship 
that carried you home to Hyrule.  But your homecoming was not to be.  
Suddenly a squall struck your ship, and though you valiantly fought the 
waves, a lightning bolt reduced your ship to splinters.
	Your world faded to black as you sank into the darkness of the 
storm-tossed sea with the remains of your craft.  But in the cold 
darkness of the deep, you heard a comforting voice that reminded you of 
home.  It was the voice of Princess Zelda!
	"You're going to be all right!" the voice said.  "What a relief!"
	You opened your eyes to find Princess Zelda standing over you—or 
was it?!  Actually, it turned out to be a woman named Marin.  She 
explained that you had drifted with the wreckage of your ship to the 
shores of Koholint Island.  This mysterious island was unique for the 
gigantic egg which crowned its central mountain.  It was said that a 
mythical creature, the Wind Fish, lay asleep inside the egg.
	You set out in search of your sword and other gear that might 
have washed up on the beach with you.  As you stood in the surf with 
your recovered sword, a strange owl suddenly appeared and hooted this 
	"Awaken the Wind Fish and all will be answered."
	"What is the Wind Fish?" you wonder...And what did its awakening 
portend?  Your most mysterious adventure yet, following the riddle of 
the Wind Fish through the uncharted island of Koholint, is about to 
-------------------------Section 4: Characters-------------------------
A good portion of the characters will be listed here, alphabetically.  
Right now I should let you know that a good portion of information 
throughout this FAQ will come from the instruction booklet.

Crazy Tracy—This moderately odd woman lives to the northeast of Mabe 
Village.  They say she can create a variety of secret medicines.  You 
should visit her house at least once on your adventure.

Grandpa Ulrira—This old man is a walking encyclopedia of Koholint 
Island.  He knows everything about the island!  However, he is not very 
talkative and it can be difficult to get information out of him.  His 
wife is the loud, old woman who loves sweeping the front of her house.

Marin—This maiden from Mabe Village saved your life when she found you 
washed up on the beach.  Marin bears an uncanny resemblance to Princess 
Zelda (though to me it looks more like Princess Toadstool).  She is a 
very musical woman who loves singing and yearns for life off the 
island.  She has friends among humans, animals and even among some 

Mr. Write—He loves reading and is always writing letters.  People say 
he is writing to a charming young woman in a city far away.  Doesn't he 
look a little familiar? (To me, he doesn't.)

Link—That is you.  You can change his name to whatever you choose, and 
everyone will refer to you as that.

Owl, The—This mysterious owl follows you throughout your adventure.  He 
seems to know much of the island and the world in general, including 
the Wind Fish.  But is he friend or foe?

Richard—No, I am NOT talking about the dog in Ocarina of Time.  A human 
Richard used to live in Kanalet Castle, but his servants threw him out 
without letting him get his golden leaves back.  If you can help him, 
you will be rewarded.

Tarin—Marin's father looks like Mario Mario (yes, Mario is Mario's last 
name).  He bumbles a bit but is kind-hearted.  He loves mushrooms and 
often goes to the forest in search of some for his dinner.
---------------------------Section 5: Items----------------------------
	In my opinion, there are three different kinds of items:  
selected items, inventory items, and automatic items.  The automatic 
ones are not in the manual, but I will tell you what each one does.  I 
will not specify where each item is; that is in a later section.

Selected items:

You choose these items in the Sub-Screen.  You can have up to two 
weapons/items armed at once, and you can choose whether to assign them 
to either the A or B button.  Here they are, in alphabetical order.

Bomb—After you've placed a bomb, you can pick it up and throw it if you 
act quickly.  While you are carrying a bomb, it won't explode.

Boomerang—Toss it out a distance to kill weak enemies and stun strong 
ones.  It always comes back to its master.

Bow—You can only use the bow if you have arrows.  If you run out of 
arrows, you can get more at shops.

Hookshot—Attacking enemies, picking up hard-to-reach items and breaking 
pots are just a few things you can do with the Hookshot.

Magic Powder—Try sprinkling the Powder on many things to test its 

Magic Rod—Attack enemies or light lanterns in dungeons.

Ocarina—The songs you learn will become useful in your adventure.

Pegasus Boots—Run at incredible speeds!

Power Bracelet, Level 1—Lift heavy objects and pull levers with the 
Power Bracelet.

Power Bracelet, Level 2—When you find this, you can lift a whole whale 
(if there ever was one in this game).

Roc's Feather—Use the feather to avoid enemy attacks or jump over pits.

Shield, Level 1—Use the shield to protect yourself from enemy arrows or 
stone attacks.

Shield, Level 2—This upgraded shield can deflect beams and lasers.

Shovel—Who knows what kind of buried treasure you might find?  Keep in 
mind that some parts of the ground are too hard to dig.

Sword, Level 1—This trusty blade is your main weapon.

Sword, Level 2—Once you find this, you can shoot out a laser-like 
projectile when your hearts are filled.

Inventory Items:

	These items are different from selected items in that you use 
them automatically if you enter a situation where you need them.

Flippers—When in the water, press the A button to swim and the B button 
to dive.

Gold Leaves—Find these leaves and trade them for a dungeon key.

Secret Medicine—When all of your Heart Containers are empty, they will 
be fully restored.

Secret Shells—These shells are scattered throughout the island.  If you 
find enough of them, something good is sure to happen.

Yoshi Doll—Where can you find one?  What will you do with it once you 
have it?

Automatic Items:

	When you pick these up, something immediately happens.  These 
usually come from defeated enemies.

Fairy—Fairies can heal six hearts instead of one.

Guardian Acorn—Pick this up and damage will be reduced by half for a 
period of time.

Heart—One of your hearts will be filled.  If your energy is full, don't 
pick it up.

Piece of Power—Pick this up and your sword will be powered up for a 
limited time.

Rupee—These can be flying around or picked up from defeated enemies.  
Flying ones are worth ten, while the ones the enemy had are worth one.
----------------------Section 6: Main Walkthrough----------------------
This section will be divided into many chapters to make it easy for 
you.  While the names of some of those chapters might be baffling to 
you, just look at what it says and think about what will happen.  The 
chapters are:

A.	Of Swords & Shields
B.	Into the Forest
C.	The Tail Cave
D.	EXTRA EXTRA!  Moblins Bagged Bowwow!
E.	The Bottle Grotto
F.	Bushwhacking with Bowwow 
G.	5-Leaf Clover
H.	Dig It
I.	The Key Cavern
J.	The Legend of the Color Dungeon
K.	Change your Clothes
L.	If We Could Talk to the Animals...
M.	Follow Your Dreams
N.	Marin & the Walrus, Sitting in the Tree...
O.	The Deserted Desert
P.	Going to new Heights
Q.	The Angler's Tunnel
R.	A Ghost of a Chance
S.	The Catfish's Maw
T.	I'm a Soul Man
U.	Magnify the Situation
V.	Batter Up
W.	A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
X.	The Face Shrine
Y.	Birds of a Feather Stick Together
Z.	The Eagle's Tower
AA.	From Coast to Coast
BB.	Turtle Rock
CC.	Reading Time
DD.	The Egg is Nigh

Okay, I admit it.  Thirty chapters may be a bit too big for you to 
handle.  But don't worry.  All of the main info will be covered.  
Extras, like heart pieces, are in different sections, though sometimes 
the extra info is leaked out.
This FAQ will get very big, trust me.  It might be hard for you to 
follow along.  You might want to consider looking at the HTMLized 
version, done by R. K. Raja.  You can check it out at 
http://zeldadx.cjb.net.   Now, let's begin!
********************Chapter A: Of Swords & Shields*********************
Note:	Whenever you need to head to a specific point on Koholint Island, 
I will give it to you in the formula Rx-Cy, where "R" is row, "C" is 
column, and "x" & "y" are positive numbers.  If you look at the map 
(press Select to see the map), you will see that the map is 16 squares 
long by 16 squares wide.  Therefore, the Rx-Cy formula will go from R1-
C1 to R16-C16.  To find a location on the map with this system, start 
in the lower-left hand corner, which is R1-C1.  Let's say you want to 
find R10-C3.  Count to the right until you reach the tenth square in 
the row (count R1-C1 as one).  Then count up to the third square in the 
column (count R10-C1 as one).  Voila!  The square has been found.  
Remember this system, for I will use it often.

After you have chosen a name for yourself and begin, you will 
wake up in Marin & Tarin's House.  After Marin finishes her chat with 
you, go talk to Tarin and get your shield back.  Now, leave the house.  
Welcome to Mabe Village!
	While you are here, talk to everyone you can.  You could learn a 
thing or two if you stay here.  When you have talked enough, go to the 
library.  That is located on R1-C5.  You can look at all of the books 
there except for two (one if you are playing the original Link's 
Awakening).  After some reading, go south of the village.
	Now you will soon see Octoroks.  These guys spit rocks at random 
times.  You can use your shield to block the rocks, or to shove the 
Octoroks aside.  Continue south to reach Toronto Shores.  More Octoroks 
are here, as well as some sea urchins.  The sea urchins block the path 
to your sword.  All you have to do is use your shield to push the 
urchins out of the way.  The sword is located on R3-C1.
	Once you find the sword, go towards it.  An owl will appear.  The 
game doesn't tell you his name, but I think I do (more on that later).  
Anyway, he says that the reason the monsters are acting so violently is 
because a courageous lad (you) is going to wake the Wind Fish.  It has 
been said that no one can leave the island unless that person wakes the 
Wind Fish.  The owl tells you to go north, to the Mysterious Forest, 
and that he'll meet you there.  Now, pick up your sword!
	When you get your sword, a different over world theme will play.  
This one sounds like the original one from the first Zelda game, but is 
remixed at the end.  I like the remixed part, but let's get back to the 
	You should practice killing some of the Octoroks, sea urchins, 
and other creatures you find on the shoreline.  Try to get at least 10 
rupees right now.  When you get that amount, go to the trendy game 
store.  It is the one surrounded by bushes, on R4-C5.  Cut the bushes 
with your sword to gain access to the building.
	The object of the trendy game is simple.  Try your luck to catch 
any of the five items on the conveyor belt.  However, a 6th item was 
added today—a Yoshi doll—in the middle of the conveyor belt rectangle.  
Try to win that.  If you mess up, you can always try again later.  If 
you win it, then you did a great job.  Give the Yoshi doll to the baby 
in the Quadruplet's House (location is R3-C8) to get a ribbon.  Give 
the ribbon to the dog in the shed part of Madam Meowmeow's home (R2-C6) 
to get dog food.  Now, head to Sale's House of Bananas (R4-C2) and 
trade the dog food for bananas.  That is all of the trading you can do 
now.  Now, go to the Mysterious Forest.
**********************Chapter B: Into the Forest***********************
	Upon entering, the owl will appear again.  This time he 
challenges you to find the tail key, which unlocks the Tail Cave (R4-
C3).  You will see some blobs and Moblins around the forest, and in 
other places on Koholint as well.  Moblins require two sword hits, 
while some of the blobs will split into smaller blobs, which can slow 
you down.  Your goal should be to get into the log cave at point R3-
C10, which should be easy.
	Once you enter, you will see some Keeses for the first time.  
They are bats that fly in random directions.  Attack them the best you 
can, but don't stay on the cracked floors.  A pit will form, and you 
will fall in and lose half a heart.  Also, try to get the treasure 
chest in this room.  Push the blocks to get your reward, 50 rupees.  
Now, head to the back of the cave.  When you reach the other side, you 
will see a piece of heart.  However, you can't get it yet because the 
skull pots are too heavy to lift with your bare hands.  Just leave the 
cave, and look at the screen.  An old mushroom is there.  Pick it up!
	When you try to use the mushroom, all it does is put some aroma 
into your nostrils.  Whenever you try to use this, you will be told of 
the aroma thing again.  Since it's useless to you, you need to give 
this to someone.  I suggest the Witch's Hut (R6-C10).  The hut is in 
Koholint Prairie, east of the Woods.  To get there, travel to the 
northeastern part of the forest until you get to R4-C12 (the 
northeastern part of the forest).  Exit to the right, and the music 
will turn back to the original over world theme.  Go south two screens 
and east one to find the hut.  Give the witch the mushroom to get 20 
"bursts" of magic powder.
	Now, exit the hut and head back into the woods.  From where you 
enter the woods, go west one screen, south two, west one, and north one 
to reach R2-C11.  A raccoon should be on the screen.  Talk to him & 
he'll tell you his weakness.  Use his weakness (the powder), and the 
raccoon will go crazy.  He will bounce around the screen and turn into 
Tarin!  It appears that Tarin had a bad dream.  Now, go north to get 
the tail key, and another message from the owl.  This time, he wants 
you to head to the Tail Cave.  Before that, though, let's do some 
	Head back to Madam Meowmeow's House, and from there, go north two 
screens.  You can play for 10 rupees, but each time you catch or miss a 
fish, you have to pay ten more to keep on playing.  Try to catch the 
two lunkers on opposite sides of the pond for each one is 20 rupees.  
If you catch all of the fish, you will get a five-rupee profit, which 
isn't much.  After you have had enough fishing, head to R4-C3, put the 
tail key in the keyhole, and the Tail Cave will be open for business.
***********************Chapter C: The Tail Cave************************
Note: This chapter is only about the dungeon.  I will give you a mini-
detailed map, & tell you if anything of interest is in.  I will also 
give you a walkthrough of the dungeon.  Note that the mapping system is 
different in the dungeons and the over world map in that every room has 
a number.
	If there is a dash in between numbers, that means that there is a 
doorway in between those rooms.  If there is a "K" in between numbers, 
you need a key to pass through the door.  A "B" requires a bomb to get 
through.  The up arrow (^) is a one-way door.

                        2 5
    2 1-2 2-2 3         2 4
         K               |
1 5     1 6 1 7K1 8 1 9 2 0
 |       |       |   |   | 
 8   9 B1 0-1 1-1 2K1 3-1 4
 |       |       ^
4	     5 – 6 – 7
     1 – 2 – 3

You start in room 3.
Keys are in rooms 2, 6, & 11.
A money chest is in room 10.
The map is in room 7.
The compass is in room 1.
The beak is in room 19.
The nightmare key is in room 17.
The main treasure is in room 15.
Rolling Bones is in room 14.
Moldrom is in room 24.
The Full Moon Cello is in room 25.
Secret Passages:
1.	from 21 to 5
2.	from 20 to pit connected to Moldrom's room (ONE WAY)

You start in room 3.  Let's go west first.  In the next room, 
send the turtles into the pit to claim a key.  When you enter room 1, 
you are locked in.  Just destroy the green blobs and the door will open 
again.  You should also get the compass in this room.  Return to room 
3, and go north to 6.  Hit the floor switch to get another key, then go 
east to room 7.  Stop the foes there to get the map.  Now head to room 
5.  Rats, you are locked in again.  Destroy the Keeses to continue 
north.  When you emerge from room 5, stop the worm to activate a chest.  
Open it for some money.  Continue north until you get to room 16.  You 
will use a key along the way, but don't worry.
When you enter room 22, you see a door to the left shut tightly.  
Go to 23 and leave that room at the upper part.  Now you can reach the 
door, but you must solve the puzzle.  This is easy.  Just push the 
farthest block to the left to the right.  The door should open.  Now 
you will encounter spiny turtles.  When they come charging at you, 
ready your shield to flip them over.  Hit them while they are upside 
down.  Stop two of them to open up a secret passage.  Go in it.
If you have ever played a Mario game, you should recognize the 
enemies here.  They are Goombas.  Slash them with your sword and get to 
the other side.  When you emerge, you will be in room 4.  The one north 
of that, room 8, has a floating heart.  You can reach it now, but in a 
moment you will.  The next room contains the feather you are looking 
for, but you must avoid the spike traps.  Equip the feather with B and 
the sword with A, and head back to room 10.
Go to room 11, and get the key in the chest while avoiding the 
spirit bubble.  Exit the room to the right, but take the upper passage.  
Follow the passage until you reach 17.  Open the chest for the 
nightmare's key.  These keys allow you to access the nightmare's lair.  
Head back to 11, and take the lower road this time.  When you reach 13, 
go up and play cards.  Get three of a kind (suits, not numbers) and you 
will get the beak.  However, it is useless now, so you can pass this 
up.  Head to 14 to start the battle with Rolling Bones.  Jump over the 
pin he rolls, and hit the guy rolling the pin quickly.  If you are 
successful, a fairy will appear to heal you, and a warp point will 
appear in the center of the room.  Now, if you die any further in this 
palace, you can warp back here from the starting room.  Head north 
twice to find Moldrom.  Find out how to beat him in the boss section.  
Stop him successfully and you may get a heart container & the Full Moon 
Cello!  Good job!
************Chapter D: EXTRA EXTRA!  Moblins Bagged Bowwow!************
	When you exit Tail Cave, go west to meet the owl again.  He tells 
you to head to Goponga Swamp, which is north of the Mysterious Forest.  
You have nothing better to do than head there.  However, when you enter 
Mabe Village, you will be forced to take a side quest.
	The kids who play ball in front of the library tell you in panic 
that the Moblins have done something to Bowwow.  Head to Meowmeow's 
home and you find out that the Moblins kidnapped Bowwow.  You might as 
well help her, especially since Bowwow can help you in your adventure.
	Go into the forest and leave at the east exit.  You have to jump 
the pits surrounding the piece of heart and then jump them again to go 
north.  Pick up the heart piece while you are at it.
	The Moblins' hideout is in R6-C13, in the Tal Tal Heights region 
east of the Goponga Swamp region.  Enter the cave and a Moblin will 
greet you.  Take him out and enter the next room.  Four more Moblins 
are in this room.  I recommend the Whirling Blade maneuver for this 
room (to do that, hold the sword button until the sword flashes, then 
release).  The main Moblin is in the next room.  Sidestep his arrows, 
and when he charges towards the wall, move it or lose it.  Hit him with 
the sword while he is dazed.  After 8 or so hits, go right and touch 
the stone to rescue Bowwow.  This puppy sure can eat!
	Take Bowwow back to Mabe Village and visit Meowmeow again.  She 
will tell you to take Bowwow for a walk.  Why not take him to the 
swamp?  Enter the forest again, but this time, take the north exit.  
You should be at R1-C13, in front of Mr. Write's home.  Go east until 
you reach the swamp.  When you reach it, go to R5-C14 (the northeastern 
part of the swamp) and let Bowwow eat the flowers.  Enter the Bottle 
*********************Chapter 5: The Bottle Grotto**********************
	The map is below.  Again, a dash is a door, a "K" is a locked 
door, and "^" is a one-way door.

2 1K2 2-2 3-2 4-2 5K2 6
     |           |
    1 9         2 0
1 5-1 6         1 7-1 8
 ^                   |
1 3                 1 4

1 1                 1 2
 |                   K
5 K 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 –1 0
    |   K   |   |
    1   2   3 – 4

You start in room 1.
Keys are in rooms 7, 3, 4, 9, & 23.
Money chests are in rooms 1 & 22.
The map is in room 19.
The compass is in room 2.
The beak is in room 11.
The nightmare key is in room 20.
The main treasure is in room 21.
Hinox is in room 15.
The Genie is in room 18.
The Conch Horn is in room 17.
Secret Passages:
1.	From 12 to 13
2.	From 16 to 20
3.	From 26 to 14

Go north to room 6, and notice that it's dark.  Put some powder 
in the jars and the east door will open.  Stop the skeletons here for a 
key, then go left two rooms, using the key along the way.  Stop the 
Keeses to leave (light the jars if you have to), and go north to 
another dark room (the door shuts you in).  Light the jars to see the 
pit, then send the turtle guy in it.  Get the beak he was guarding and 
head to room 8.  
Now it's time to deal with crystal switches.  These switches will 
raise some blocks that are lowered and vice versa.  Hit the crystal 
switch once and the blocks will lower, allowing you to go down.  In the 
next room, hit the switch, get the key, and go right.  Hit the floor 
switch (NOT the crystal switch), get the key, and go up.  You will face 
the Mimics (who look like shy guys in this game).  To stop them, face 
away from them, hold the sword button to charge power for the Whirling 
Blade.  Move towards the Mimics while the sword is drawn, and when they 
are close enough, let them have it!  To get the key, you have to head 
back around.
Let's backtrack a bit to room 7.  Use a key to get to room 2 
below, which has another Mimic.  Stop him for the compass.  Now that 
you have the compass, go to room 12 (you will have to use a key along 
the way), and listen to the owl.  What he says is simple enough.  Push 
the blocks towards each other to open a secret passage.  Use your 
feather to avoid the spikes.  When you emerge, get the floating heart 
if you need to, then go north to face Hinox.  Hit him, and then jump 
away from him when he tosses a bomb.  Rinse and repeat until you are 
done.  In the next room, ignore the stairs.  You can reach the room the 
path takes you on foot, so don't worry about it.  But do read the clue 
from the owl.  Now, head north and claim the map, but watch out for the 
magnet-like monster.  If you land on it, you will be sent to the 
beginning.  Exit north to room 22.
You can get the chest with money, but notice the pots here.  They 
are blocking a path to the right.  The room to the left has what you 
need.  Use a key and fight the ghosts.  Hit them with your sword if 
they get too close, then light one of the pots.  While they are running 
away, hit them with your sword.  A treasure chest will appear.  If they 
get off the screen, the chest will still appear.  Open it to receive 
the power bracelet.  With it, you can lift pots and other heavy stuff.
Leave the room, and lift the pots to reach room 23.  Hit the 
crystal switch with a pot or sword until you can reach the key in the 
chest.  Now, head to room 20.  You can two choices: continue right and 
go down at 25, or head back and take the secret passage (you must 
confront Goombas and Piranha Plants if you take the secret passage).  
Either way, I hope you remember what the owl said.  When you get to 
room 20, move the blocks to release the Pols Voice, then throw pots at 
it.  Stop the Keese next.  Finally, finish off the Stalfos.  The chest 
with the nightmare key will come up.  Leave this room at the north exit 
and use your final key to enter room 26.  Stop all of the enemies to 
activate a secret passage.  The first screen is easy enough, but for 
the second screen, you must bring a pot to the platform to make it 
fall.  When you leave the passage, jump the pits to reach the Genie.  
For help on him, go to the Bosses section.  When you beat him, go left 
and claim the Conch Horn!
When you exit the palace after you get the Conch Horn, head back 
in and get some money from the chest surrounded by pots.  If you choose 
to pass it up, don't worry, for there are more moneymaking 
******************Chapter F: Bushwhacking with Bowwow******************
	When you are done with the Bottle Grotto, you should take Bowwow 
out for a little while longer.  Explore as much of Koholint as you can, 
for the earlier you see places, the better.  You should start in the 
Tal Tal Heights area, which is to your immediate right.  While you are 
there, find the warp hole there so you can return to the Heights any 
time you see a warp hole.
	Now you should explore the Ukuku & Koholint Prairies as much as 
you can.  If you see something that looks suspicious, it might be for 
later.  Explore, explore, & explore some more!
	When you have done enough bushwhacking for one day, return Bowwow 
to Madam Meowmeow to make her happy.  You not only get a smooch from 
Meowmeow, but you can begin the next chapter.

************************Chapter G: 5-Leaf Clover***********************
	First of all, do you have bananas?  If not, go to chapter A to 
find out how to get them.  If you have them, go over to the Mabe 
Village shop and purchase the shovel and as many bombs as you can (up 
to thirty).  Now, your next goal is to Kanalet Castle.  Leave Mabe 
Village to the east.  When you see the warp hole, head south until you 
can go south no more.  Continue until you see a house.  You will pass a 
keyhole and dungeon along the way; so remember to return here (the 
location of the dungeon is R6-C5).  When you get to the house, you will 
be at R7-C3 on the map, in the Pothole Field area.  Go into the house 
and talk to the person there.  You will find out that he is Richard, 
the owner of Kanalet Castle.  He wants you to get his golden leaves 
back.  Get them for him.
	When you leave his villa, follow the path the signs say to get to 
Kanalet Castle.  You will be in the area when you see the gates (the 
location on the map is R10-C9).  Go to R12-C9 (to the east two screens) 
and you find Kiki the monkey.  Give him the bananas he wants and his 
pals will build a bridge for you to get to the castle.  Cross it, and 
pick up the stick a monkey left behind.  Now, search for a secret 
passage that will take you in the grounds.  When you emerge, your 
search will begin.  I'll start with the leaves outside.

Leaf 1: When you emerge from the passage, go east.  You will soon 
encounter six holes with a bomb-throwing monster in one of them.  Hit 
him a couple of times to get a leaf.

Leaf 2: Go around the castle, but don't go in.  Get to the west side.  
When you see a screen with a bird, you are in the right spot.  Toss a 
rock to the bird, and then hit him with your sword.

Leaf 3: Enter the castle this time.  The second screen has the third 
leaf, but you must stop all of your foes first.

Leaf 4: When you get to the 2nd floor, bomb the walls that look like 
something is in them.  Hit the guards that come out and one will cough 
up the leaf.

Leaf 5: When you get outside from the second floor, enter the central 
chamber.  Toss a pot at the door to get in, and defeat the ball & chain 
trooper.  Hit him with your sword, and defend the ball and chain with 
your shield.  About eight hits will make him give up the final leaf.  
Well, that ends that chapter.
***************************Chapter H: Dig It***************************
	Head back out of the castle.  If you haven't done so, when you 
get to the first floor, hit the floor switch so you can escape without 
having to take the secret passage.  Now, return to Richard's Villa and 
he will allow you to find the slime key he buried.  Take the cave to 
get to the Pothole Field.
	A lot of these bushes are above bottomless pits, so hack 'n slash 
every bush you can.  When you reach the owl statue, cut the bush in 
from of him and dig to get the slime key.
	While you have done the main part of the chapter, there still is 
more to do.  Head out of the Pothole Field and out of Richard's Villa.  
Go northwest until you reach R6-C5 again.  Put the key in the keyhole 
to open the Key Cavern.
	To enter the cavern, you will have to go around.  This should be 
simple enough.  Take the path to Kanalet Castle until you reach R8-C6.  
Go around the trees and you will see some platforms in the water.  Jump 
across them using the feather to get into the palace.  Before you 
enter, though, replace the feather with the power bracelet and keep the 
sword handy.
***********************Chapter I: The Key Cavern***********************
Note: Now it will be harder for me to do some good maps.  In rooms 23, 
24, 18, and 19, there are key blocks that block a secret passage.  
However, since they are in the corners of the room, I will not put K's 
in between 23, 24, 18, and 19.  You will see the key blocks in the 
game, but don't worry about not being able to see them on the map.
	Also, in the room 22 to 26 junction, you must go through the 
revolving door to head to 26.  But to leave, you must take a different 
path through 22.  If I get the chance, I might do ASCII on some of the 
rooms.  For now, though, the one-way symbol will be between 22 and 26.

2 6 2 7B2 8-2 9
 ^           |
2 2 2 3-2 4-2 5
 ^   |   |   B
1 7-1 8-1 9B2 0        2 1
         |              |
    1 2 1 3        1 4-1 5-1 6
     |                  |
    1 0                1 1
     7 – 8              9
     |                  |
     5                  6
     |                  |
     1 – 2              3 – 4

You start in room 1.
Keys are in rooms 2, 3, 5, 11, 13, 14, 17, 21, & 27.
Money chests are in rooms 10 & 22.
The map is in room 8.
The compass is in room 28.
The beak is in room 12.
The nightmare key is in room 25.
The main treasure is in room 24.
Dodongo Snakes are in room 23.
Slime Eyes are in room 6.
The Sea Lily Bell is in room 9.
Secret Passages:
1.	From 12 to 15
2.	From 16 to 13
3.	From 19 to 4

	First of all, throw a pot at the door to your north to continue.  
Don't go into room 2, which is east of the starting room.  Stop the 
foes in the northern room for a key.  After that, do not take the left 
path.  An obstacle will be in the way.  Take the right path.  In room 
7, stop all of the foes, but pass up the chest.  Continue until you get 
to 12 and take the stairs.  When you emerge, you must use your key on 
one of the four doors.  While the only door you need is the one to the 
right (16), open up the top door as well because of the crystal switch 
in there (21).  Hit the switch, and head back to room 12.  Get the beak 
when you emerge, and get the map in room 8 (go back in the room with 
the gels & chest, and take a right).  Return to 15, use a key on 16, 
and take the stairs you find there.
	Take care of all of the foes when you come in for a key (move 
around the area to get the blobs to come out).  Head north to 19, and 
take a left.  Stop the red blobs, and ignore the key block there.  Go 
north through the door to fight the Dodongo Snakes.  If you have beaten 
a regular Dodongo before from The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo 
Entertainment System (or even King Dodongo from Zelda 64: Ocarina of 
Time), then this is easy.  If not, this is all you do.  Feed them 
bombs.  If you have to, pick one up and throw one at the snakes (to 
pick up bombs, press the bomb button again).  If you run out of bombs, 
take the stairs and exit.  Once beaten, head right to claim your prize, 
the Pegasus Boots!  But on the boots and dash out of there, and head 
back to 18.
	After that battle, you should get some of your bombs back.  Go 
west of room 18.  Stop the foes here for a key.  Head north, and stop 
the foes for a chest.  But you can't get to it from where you are, so 
head north to room 26 to head around.  Pick up the flying bombs while 
you are in room 26 to refill yourself.  Take the stairs in this room 
and head south on the path.  You will pass the chest on the way.
	Head back to room 23 (where you fought the snakes) and warp back 
to the beginning.  Now go to the right into room 2.  Dash into the 
magnet-like monster with boots and sword and pick up the key it 
guarded.  Return to the warp point.  Now, head to either 19 or 25.  
Poke the walls with your sword.  If you hear a different sound than 
usual, then you can bomb it.  Do so to enter room 20.  Stop the foes 
here, then equip the boots and feather.  Now, dash to the pit and jump 
across.  Do so again in room 25 to get the nightmare key.  Head to 29.  
Stop the foes here to go west to room 28.  The compass is in plain 
sight (it's pretty much useless now), but there is a part of the west 
wall you can bomb.  Find it, and in the next room, stop all of the foes 
for a key.
	Head back to 18, and put a key in the key block.  Continue to do 
so until you run out, at which point you will be in a secret passage.  
To get through the first screen, dash into the Thwomp to get to the 
other side.  The next one forces you to have boots and a feather.  Dash 
to the right, and jump across the spiked pit.  Watch out for the 
Piranha Plant on the other side!  Go down the ladder to escape.  When 
you emerge, dash into your foes and leave for the next room (3).  From 
room 3 you can head to the boss, but you can also pick up a small key 
for stopping all of the Keeses (not needed).  To find out how to beat 
the boss, see the Bosses section.  Stop him to get the Sea Lily Bell.

Note:  If you are playing the original Link's Awakening, or you aren't 
playing Link's Awakening DX on the Game Boy Color, you can skip the 
next chapter.  Go ahead to "If we could Talk to the Animals...", which 
is chapter L.  If you are playing Link's Awakening DX on the Game Boy 
Color, read the next chapter, "The Legend of the Color Dungeon".  That 
is chapter J.
**************Chapter J: The Legend of the Color Dungeon***************

	This & the following optional chapter are for those who want 
extra power early in the game.  It's only accessible for those who are 
playing Zelda DX on Game Boy Color systems.  If you have those and want 
more power, follow these directions.
	Head over to the Mabe Village library and you should notice a 
book on a high shelf.  If you have played A Link to the Past, you know 
what to do.  If you haven't played it, all you have to do is dash into 
the bookshelf and the book will fall.  Read it, & it will tell you 
about the power of color.  To get it, the book says you must push the 
five gravestones in a certain order.  The order is:

3U  4R  5U

2L  1D

	It is mainly saying to push the southeastern gravestone down, 
then push the southwestern gravestone left, then push the northwestern 
gravestone up, then push the northern gravestone right, & finally push 
the northeastern gravestone up.
	Now head over to the graveyard screen with the five gravestones 
(the location is R8-C9).  Push the stones in the correct order & in the 
correct paths to open the dungeon.
********************Chapter K: Change your Clothes*********************
Okay, I admit it.  This is an easier map than the others are, 
mainly because the design is so basic.  That doesn't mean that the 
challenges will be any easier.

1 9-2 0         2 1-2 2
 |                   K
1 3K1 4 1 5-1 6 1 7-1 8
     |   |       |
     9 –1 0-1 1 1 2
             K   |
    5 – 6 – 7 – 8
    |   B   ^   |
    1   2   3 – 4

You start in room 1.
Keys are in rooms 3, 16, & 17.
The map is in room 15.
The compass is in room 6.
The beak is in room 8.
The nightmare key is in room 21.
Big Buzzblob is in room 22.
The rock monster is in room 11.
The jellyfish is in room 19.
The main treasure is in room 20.

	When you get in, answer the riddle to the two guards and they 
will let you in.  Continue until you reach room 6.  You don't have the 
beak yet, so I suggest you wait until you have it, then come back.  
In room 7, there are tiles.  The pattern is green to yellow to 
red to pit.  You will bounce on these tiles until you get off them.  If 
you don't want to bounce on them, pick up a pot and walk across.  The 
color won't change until you bounce on them.  In room 8, equip the 
bracelet and sword.  Hit the round color things, and throw them into 
the holes.  If you want, you can use your sword for that, but it's 
difficult.  Send them in and the beak is your reward.  Head back to 
room 6 and talk to the owl.  He says, "Here is a clue.  Make all of the 
red blue."  Hit the top left and bottom right ones and get the compass.  
If you have a bomb, blow up the south wall to open up a cache of 5-
point rupees.  Get them and leave.
Go over to room 17, and talk to the owl again.  While he says 
make all of the red blue, there is a yellow one.  Hit the top left one 
twice and the bottom right one once to get a key.  Go east, and don't 
worry about the color foes.  Just use the key to go north to 22, only 
to find you have been locked in.  To leave, you must fight the Big 
Buzzblob.  Powder him about six times and he will go away.  In the next 
room, push the top and bottom blocks left.  Push the middle one up or 
down.  Get the nightmare key.
When you get to room 17, go south all of the way.  Stop the 
colorized goons in room 4 to go to room 3.  Get the key from the 
treasure chest, and then go north until you reach the rock monster in 
room 11.  While he isn't causing an earthquake with rocks, hit him with 
your sword.  When he is done for, head left.  Find a floor switch under 
one of the pots and exit north to room 15.  Stop all of the foes to get 
the map.  In the following room, send the color guys in their proper 
holes for a key.  Return to room 10.
Go left when you reach the room with the pits (room 10), and you will 
be trapped.  Again, make all of the red blue.  The orbs represent a 
tic-tac-toe shape.  You must hit the top center, right center, left 
center, and bottom center orbs to leave.  Be glad that once you 
complete this puzzle (or any orb puzzle for that matter), you won't 
have to do it again.  In the next room, stop the green blobs and find a 
fairy in one of the pots, for you more likely will need it.  Go left 
(while using your final small key) and hit the crystal switch to get to 
the boss, which is a jellyfish like creature.  If you can't beat him, 
go to the Bosses part of the FAQ.  When the jellyfish is done for, go 
right and choose your new wardrobe.  If you want offensive power, 
choose red.  If you want defense, choose blue.  You can always return 
here and choose the other one later, but note that you can no longer 
have the green jerkin.  Choose one to leave the palace.
*************Chapter L: If We Could Talk to the Animals...*************
	What is the chapter name saying?  It's saying that you can talk 
to animals.  There is an Animal Village on Koholint Island.  Before we 
head there, though, let's get rid of the stick you were carrying.  From 
when you emerge from the dungeon, go east 2 screens, north 1, east 1, 
north 1, west 1, and north 1.  You should be at R8-C8, on the screen 
with Tarin and a beehive.  Give Tarin the stick and he will whack the 
beehive for you.  While Tarin runs away from the angry bees, get the 
beehive.  Now, it's time to this other village.  Go south 1 screen, 
east 1, north 1 (you should see a phone booth on this screen), east 1, 
south 2, and east 1.  You should be at R11-C6, and there should only be 
one bush.  Cut it to open a secret passageway.  Equip the boots and 
sword, and dash to the other end.  When you emerge, you can either go 
to the village by going south until you can go east, or you can start 
to complete part of Chapter W: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words.  Only do 
that if you are an expert (while I am an expert, sometimes even I have 
trouble doing the job early).  Anyway, let's go to this village.  When 
you enter, welcome to the Animal Village!
	This city and Mabe Village are sister cities, if they were big 
enough to be cities.  Instead of humans, there are animals.  All of 
them want Marin to come here and sing.  We'll get her later, for that 
is another chapter.  Go to the chef's house (R14-C3; the lower-right 
corner of the village), and give him the beehive for a honeycomb and 
some information.  The info is that a walrus is blocking the path to 
Yarna Desert, your next goal.  He suggests bringing Marin with you.  
But first, another chapter must be done.  You must recover another item 
washed on the beach; your Ocarina.
*********************Chapter M: Follow Your Dreams*********************
	From the screen with the chef's house, go south.  Follow the path 
to the warp hole, and warp until you see the warp that is close to Mabe 
Village.  Go to Mabe Village, and head to R4-C8.  This screen is east 
of the Quadruplet's House.  Lift the stones with the power bracelet, 
and enter the building.  Equip the boots and sword, and go into bed to 
fall asleep.  
	You will enter a dreamland filled with Mimics that don't look 
like Shy-Guys.  These Mimics can take away three hearts if not careful.  
Dash into the Mimics to stop them.  When you reach the other side, go 
up the stairs for 100 rupees.  Head back down, and dash the blocks on 
the floor to claim your real prize: your Ocarina!  You are done here, 
and with this chapter, but remember to put your bracelet on and take 
off your boots.
********Chapter N: Marin and the Walrus, Sitting in the Tree...********
	Head back to Marin's house and find a note on the table.  It says 
that she is at the beach.  The exact location is at R6-C1.  Go to that 
spot, and Marin will want to talk to you.  Talk, and answer yes when 
she asks you a question.  During the talk, Marin will find out about 
the walrus.   Either way, she wanted to go with you, so consider 
yourself lucky.
	Take the warp to Animal Village, and when you enter the village, 
go west, and then south.  Follow the path until you reach the walrus.  
Move towards him, and say yes when Marin asks about surprising the 
walrus.  She will sing a song of hers.  It is called "The Ballad of the 
Wind Fish".  Anyway, the walrus will soon fall in the water, and Marin 
will be taken to the Animal Village.  Before venturing into the desert, 
go to the village and find Marin.  Talk to her to learn her Ballad of 
the Wind Fish.  To keep this song, say yes when she asks if it stays in 
your heart.  Once you are prompted that you have learned that song, 
Marin will say not to forget about this song...or her.  Okay, it's time 
for an open question:  Do you think that Marin wants to have a 
relationship with Link?
**********************Chapter O: Into the Desert***********************
	The Yarna Desert isn't one of the hardest areas, but it isn't a 
cakewalk either.  From when you enter the desert (you can tell by the 
environment), go north three screens to reach R15-C4, a quicksand area.  
A Lanmola will greet you here.  Equip the feather and sword for this 
battle.  Hit Lanmola while he is above the sand, and jump when you are 
being dragged towards the sandpit in the center of the screen.  When 
you defeat the Lanmola, a key will fall off him.  Pick it up quickly.  
If it falls into the pit, fall in as well.  You will land in a cavern 
underneath the sandpit.  Pick up the key, and leave.
	To start the next chapter, fall in the warp hole by the Animal 
Village until you reach Tal Tal Heights.
********************Chapter P: Going to new Heights********************
	When you reach Tal Tal Heights, go left and put the key in the 
keyhole.  The Angler's Tunnel will open up, but you have to head around 
to open it.  And the only way to head around is to go through the Tal 
Tal Mountain Range, your next goal.
	From the camera shop (R8-C13), go north until you reach the 
mountain range.  The specific mountain you are on is Mount Tamarach, 
home of the Wind Fish.  Lift the rocks with the bracelet, and enter the 
cave.  Work your way through until you reach an exit.  However, it's 
not the real exit.  The real one is beyond the crystal rocks.  Dash 
into them to find the real exit.
	When you exit, move east a screen and you will see Papahl, the 
guy who said he would be lost in the mountains earlier.  To get to him, 
though, work your way through the next mountain cave coming up.  When 
you find him, he will be famished.  Give him some vittles (the 
pineapple) for a hibiscus (a flower).  After you are done with him, 
take the same cave back to the path you were on.  Continue to the right 
until you reach dry land.  Now, jump down the cliff and you will land 
in front of the Angler's Tunnel.  Get in, already!
--------------------Chapter Q: The Angler's Tunnel---------------------
Note: Again, the map won't be fully accurate.  There are no revolving 
doors or bomb-able walls involved here, but it's the position of the 
key blocks that make the map difficult.  For the key blocks, I put a 
"K" in the junction before the actual room with the key block.  For 
example, in the room 15 to 21 junction, there is no door in between 
them.  However, there is a key block in room 21 that must be taken care 
of to proceed.  The same thing is in the room 8 to 13 junction through 
the door.

        2 7-2 8
         |   |
2 3     2 4 2 5     2 6
 |       |   K       |
1 7 1 8-1 9-2 0-2 1 2 2
 |   |       |   K   |
1 1-1 2 1 3-1 4-1 5-1 6
     |   K   |   |
     7 – 8 - 9  1 0
     |           K
     3 – 4 – 5 K 6
         |   |
1	2

You start in room 1.
Keys are in rooms 2, 16, 19, 26, and 20/secret passage number one.
Money chests are in rooms 10 & 13.
The map is in room 21.
The compass is in room 5.
The beak is in room 6.
The nightmare key is in room 3.
The main treasure is in room 27.
Cue Ball is in room 25.
The Angler is in room 17/secret passage number four.
The Surf Harp is in room 23.
Secret Passages:
1.	From 21 to key
2.	From 18 to 7
3.	From 13 to 12
4.	From 17 to boss

First of all, go north one screen and west one to get some bombs.  
From here, go east 1, north 1 and east 2.  You should be where the beak 
is, at room 6.  Now, head west and north until you can go east.  When 
you reach the pit room (room 15; in the middle of the room is a pit in 
a plus shape), go north for the map.  Head back down to the pit room, 
and jump over it (you need the boots and feather).  In the next room 
(room 16), bomb the cracked rock for a key.  Do the same thing two 
rooms north of here (that room is 26).  When you get all of that, go to 
room 4 and equip the sword and shield.
Stop the spiked turtles here and go east when the door opens.  
Next, stop all of the foes to go south.  Don't forget about the 
compass!  Stop all of the foes here for a key, then go north 1 screen, 
east 1, and north 3 (the pit room is along the way).  You should be in 
room 21 now.  Use your final key to make the key block go away, then go 
left.  Stop all of the foes and you will see a key.  However, it will 
go into a pit that leads to the first secret passage.  Ignore it for 
now, because you can't get it yet.  Instead, go south and follow the 
path until you reach the room with five yellow tiles (room 18).
When you reach this room, you have 2 choices.  You can either try 
to activate the secret passage now (you will need the boots and feather 
to try it now) or come back to it later.  It's better to get it later.  
Go east and get the key in the chest.  Backtrack to room 20 and use the 
key on the door.  You will face Cue Ball.  You can only hit Cue Ball on 
the sides, because he won't feel damage if hit on the front.  Follow 
Cue Ball on the other side of the stone divider.  When he is coming 
towards you, hit him before he turns.  Whenever he is hit, he usually 
changes direction.  When you hit him, don't stop.  When he is taken 
care of, follow the path to room 27 and the flippers.  Now you can swim 
in deep water.
Once you have the flippers, head south and you will see five 
yellow tiles again.  This time, you will be told of what tiles to hit.  
Remember the combination for later.  After you learn the combination, 
head back to room 21 and enter the secret passage.  Go to the left side 
of the passage and swim to the key in the water.  Now, head back to the 
room with the five yellow tiles (room 18).  Press the tiles in the 
correct order as shown on room 24 (the room below the flippers) to 
activate the secret passage.  This secret passage only needs the 
feather and boots, so you don't need the flippers here.  When you 
emerge, go south for the nightmare key.  Head back north and jump to 
the ground.  Go east until you see a room with a floor switch next to a 
door.  Swim to the switch and hit it.  Enter the next room and use your 
final key.  Take the passage.  When you emerge from that passage, go 
west one screen and north one to find the boss's chamber.  Instead of a 
music change, there is another secret passage.  Take the passage to 
reach the Angler.  If you have trouble "catching" this fish, go to the 
Fishing...um, I meant the Boss section.  Once the Angler meets the 
hook, line, and sinker, get 'back to shore" and claim the Surf Harp.
********************Chapter R: A Ghost of a Chance*********************
	When you are done with the palace, go left and enter Mambo's 
lair.  If you have an Ocarina, you will learn Mambo's Manbo.  Once you 
leave the lair (and here the over world theme), play the song.  You 
will warp in front of Crazy Tracy's place.  Very soon a ghost will 
appear (you might have to go to another screen for him to appear).  He 
follows you around very slowly, crying every time you enter a new 
screen.  He wants you to take him to his house.  You can get there two 
ways.  I will cover the easy way.  Go to where you found Marin by the 
beach (R6-C1).  From here, go north 1, east 1, and south 1 to find the 
ghost's house.  Enter, and then he will tell you to take him to his 
grave.  It's the single grave on R5-C10, west of the Witch's Hut.  Get 
to R5-C10, and use the bracelet to head to R5-C9.  Now head around the 
left side and you will find the gravestone.  After you return him, the 
owl will tell you to go to Martha's Bay.
	Before doing that, though, check your rupees.  If you have at 
least 980, go to the tool shop and buy a bow.  If you don't have enough 
money, you can either steal one or go back to room 2 in the Color 
Dungeon to get more money.  Anyway, once you have a bow, warp to the 
Animal Village via warp hole.  Now leave the village to the west.  From 
here, go south 3 screens, west 1, north 1, and jump in the water from 
the bridge.  You should be at 11B now.  From here, swim north 1 and 
west 1 to find the palace.  However, you can't seem to get in.  There 
is a hidden path, though.  Swim to the left side of the screen, and 
dive near the rocks.  You will soon find a secret passageway.  Take it 
to enter the Catfish's Maw.
**************************S: The Catfish's Maw*************************
Note: There is only one confusing part on this map.  In the room 21 to 
22 junction, you need a key in order to go around to the northern part 
of the room.  Also, you might be wondering why there is no doorway to 
room 27.  That's because there isn't one at all in the game.  That is 
all for now.  Okay, so that's two confusing parts (counting the room 27 
case), so sue me!

3 0-3 1 3 2 3 3-3 4
         |       |
        2 6 2 7 2 8-2 9
         |       |   |
1 9-2 0-2 1K2 2 2 3 2 4-2 5
                 |   |
                1 6-1 7-1 8
        1 2K1 3 1 4-1 5
             |   |
     8 – 9 –1 0 1 1
             |   |
         5 – 6 - 7
             1 – 2 – 3 – 4

You start in room 4.
Keys are in rooms 8, 25, and 31.
Money chests are in rooms 3, 24, and 29.
The map is in room 33.
The compass is in room 1.
The beak is in room 5.
The nightmare key is in room 27.
The main treasure is in room 30.
Master Stalfos:
1.	1st fight in 14
2.	2nd fight in 18
3.	3rd fight in 34
4.	4th fight in 30
Two Gohmas are in room 12.
Snake Eyes is in room 26.
The Wind Marimba is in room 32.
Secret Passages:
1.	From 1 to 31
2.	From 15 to 19
3.	From 22 to 13
4.	From 23 to 27

Go left 2 screens and you will see orange guys will a facemask 
(I'll call them Facemask).  To stop them, hit them from behind.  Stop 
him along with the Keeses to open the west door.  In this room, get the 
compass and go down the stairs.  To win in this room, you must jump 
from chandelier to another quickly.  If you mess up, leave the screen 
and reenter it.  When you succeed, stop the foes in the room you enter 
and push the top two blocks towards each other for a key.  Go back 
through the stairs.
Stop the Facemasks and go east.  Use the key to head north to 
room 7.  From here, go west 2 times to get the beak.  Go east back to 
room 7.  Head north twice to face the Master Stalfos for the first 
time.  Hit him with the sword until his bones fall, then place a bomb 
on them.  Three explosions will send him away to room 18.  
Now that he's gone (for now), go east and a treasure chest is 
there.  Opening it is not needed, so don't worry about it.  Instead, 
head north to room 17.  Push the center block north, go west (room 16), 
and come back.  Push the block east, go north (room 24), and come back.  
This time, hit the floor switch, push the block south and head east 
(room 18) to find the Master Stalfos again.  This time, you only need 
two bombs.  Bomb him twice to send him to room 34.
Go back to room 17 and push the block west, but go north this 
time.  Take the northern path.  When you reach room 28, you must stop 
some blobs to head north.  One blob is on the other side.  Push the 
blocks until you find one that is movable.  Stop the isolated blob, and 
head north to face the Master Stalfos again.  Two bombs will send him 
to room 30.
Room 30 is next to room 31, where you got the first small key.  
You should now know how to get to room 30.  If you don't, read the 
following info.  Go back to room 1, where you found the compass.  This 
room is three rooms west of the entrance.  Take the secret passage to 
room 31.  Go west to face the Master Stalfos for a final time.  Three 
bombs will finally send him to his grave, and the hookshot is yours!
With this new weapon in hand, head back to room 17.  Take the 
west exit to room 16 and from there, go north.  Stop the Tektites here 
and dive in the middle of the pool.  Get to the other end of the secret 
passage and you will be in room 27.  If you look at the map, you will 
see that this isn't a "real" spot.  Oh, well.  Use your hookshot on the 
bridge below you and cross it for the nightmare's key.  Backtrack to 
room 17.
This time, take the north exit, and from here, get to the upper-
right corner of the screen.  To get there, use your hookshot 
effectively on the blocks & treasure chests.  Now go east and use the 
hookshot on the treasure chest to get a key.  Hookshot the block to the 
left to leave this room.  Now head north and you can leave this 
hookshot alley by going around the north side of the room.
Once out of the alley, head back to room 7, which is two rooms 
east of the beak and two rooms south of the first Master Stalfos room.  
Go west one room, north one room, and west one room.  Hookshot the far 
block and take the north exit.  Hookshot the treasure chest to be able 
to get the final key.  To leave this room, go around the south exit.  
Again, hookshot the far block to leave.  In this room, go to the 
eastern part of the room and hookshot the bridge to cross.  In the next 
room, use your key in the key block to fight the Gohmas.  Equip the bow 
and shield for this battle.  When one Gohma stops moving from side to 
side, it will either stay still for about a second or start to shake a 
bit.  If it stays still, shoot an arrow or two when the eye opens, but 
quickly use the shield to block the fireball attack.  If it shakes, 
hold down the shield button until it gets back to its position.  Three 
arrows will stop each Gohma.  Stop both and you can warp to this room 
from the starting room.  Now, take the northern exit from the Gohma 
room and equip the feather along with the hookshot.  Go down the 
stairway.  When you get to the other room in the secret passage, 
hookshot the Bowser statue to leave.  You will emerge in room 22.  
Replace the feather with the sword, and use the final key on the key 
block.  Take the north exit.  Hookshot your way to the Snake Eyes.  If 
you can't defeat him, see the Boss section.  Once the snake is poisoned 
for life, claim the Wind Marimba in the room north of this room.
Once you get the Wind Marimba, enter the palace again and head 
back in room 3.  Take the northeastern exit and open the chest for 200 
rupees.  You will need them.  Exit the palace now, for good.
***********************Chapter T: I'm a Soul Man***********************
	Now that we have a hookshot, we have many things to do, and it 
will take three chapters before we even think about the next dungeon.  
First of all, head to the Animal Village and give Mrs. Goat the 
hibiscus for a letter.  Next, make sure you have 300 rupees.  If not, 
get them.  When you have enough, take the warp hole south of the 
village until you reach the one east of Mabe Village.  From here, go 
west 1 screen and south 2.  Jump over the long pit, and read the sign 
on the other side.  Do as it says, and read the next sign south of the 
sign.  Continue this process until you finally open up Mamu's lair.  
Pay him 300 rupees to learn the Frog's Song of Soul.  Once you learn 
it, you can never head back in his lair for he has "gone on tour", 
according to the signs.
********************Chapter U: Magnify the Situation*******************
	Since we have the hookshot, we can finish this trading sequence.  
Head over to Mr. Write's house (R1-C13) and give him the letter.  He 
will give you a broom in exchange.  Quickly head back to the Animal 
Village and find Grandma Ulrira.  Give her the broom that she lost in 
Mabe Village and you will get a fishing hook.  
Now, from where you find Ulrira, go west 2 screens, south 3, west 
1, and north 1.  You will be on screen R11-C2.  Get on the bridge on 
this screen and fall to the right of it.  Dive right when you get in 
the water and you will see a guy fishing.  Give him the fishing hook 
and the fishing guy will let you keep his next catch.  The catch is a 
mermaid's necklace.
While you have a necklace, it doesn't belong to you.  The 
necklace belongs to a mermaid in screen R10-C4.  Give it to her, and 
she will let you take ONE scale from her tail.
Once you get it, go back to R11-C2.  Go south a screen, and on 
that screen, hookshot the left stone.  Follow the path until you reach 
the mermaid statue.  Put the scale in the tail and you will find a 
secret cavern.  When you enter, though you don't see anything, there 
are two Mimics and three red blobs.  Make your way north to get your 
prize: the magnifying glass!  Now you can see things you couldn't 
before, like the enemies in the room below you.
Head back to the northeastern part of the Animal Village and 
enter the house farther to the right.  An automatic sequence should 
start, and if not, just move up a little bit.  A Zora will pop out of 
the water and tell you to find someone he knows.  That someone is a 
Goriya.  Go to R5-C1 and bomb the cracked wall.  He found another item 
washed on the beach, but you must trade for it.  Trade the shovel by 
putting it in the B button and commencing the trade.  You will get the 
boomerang.  If you ever need the shovel again, you can trade the 
boomerang back.  Finally, the trading sequence is over.  However, there 
is still some more stuff to do.

Note: The last bit of stuff is optional.  If you want a harder 
challenge in the game, then skip the next chapter and go to Chapter V: 
A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words.  If you want to tackle the side quest, 
go to the next chapter, which is Chapter U: Batter Up.
*************************Chapter V: Batter Up**************************
As in the Zelda games of the past and future, you could increase 
the amount of something you can carry at once.  This optional chapter 
will allow you to have more powder, bombs, and arrows.  It is extremely 
recommended you do this right now, where you are going to need a lot of 
these items.
	The first one is at R3-C11.  Lift the stone that's onscreen and 
take the stairs below it.  Sprinkle some powder into the little well-
like thing and the Mad Batter will allow you to increase your powder, 
bomb, or arrow capacity.  Don't choose powder yet, for you will need 
the powder two more times.
	The next one is at R7-C2.  However, you must find an alternate 
way and you must have the flippers to get to the Mad Batter's lair.  
Get to R10-C1, and equip the bow and bombs.  Face the bushes 
surrounding some stairs, & then press both buttons at the same time to 
send out a bomb arrow.  The bomb arrow will go until it hits something, 
and explodes on contact.  Continue until you can dash-jump over the pit 
by the bushes (use the boots and feather for that).  Take the stairs, 
and follow the path until you can reach the Mad Batter's lair.  Again, 
don't ask for more powder.
	The final one is at R5-C16.  The region is the Tal Tal Mountain 
Range.  You need at least the hookshot to get this one.  To get it, get 
to the spot above the Angler's Tunnel.  Then go east 1 screen and north 
1.  Then, follow the path until you reach a treasure chest in plain 
sight.  Lift up the rock that is right there and the final Mad Batter 
lair is here.  While this is the final time you can upgrade your 
inventory, the Mad Batter says that he'll see you again.  Oh, well.  
Let's just start the next chapter.
***************Chapter W: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words***************
	First of all, warp to the Animal Village via warp holes.  Then, 
leave the village at the western exit.  Travel north and stay on the 
land.  Pretty soon, the own will come see you again.  He will tell you 
to go to the southern Face Shrine, where ancient tales speak of the 
Wind Fish.  You will learn much there, so continue going east until you 
can go south.  When you can, equip the shield and either the boomerang 
or bow.
	Green blobs and Knight Statues guard the southern Face Shrine.  
When you touch certain ones, they will come to life.  Sometimes, you 
must touch them in order to pass through.  They are only stunned with 
the sword, but can be stopped with an arrow or a boomerang.  If you 
push them with your shield before they come to life, you might not have 
to fight them at all.
	Pretty soon you will fine the southern Face Shrine, but when you 
enter the second room, an Armos Knight greets you.  Those who have 
played A Link to the Past can easily beat this guy.  For the others, 
you can either fire arrows into him (you will need twelve), do a 
whirling blade on him many times, or if you are wearing the red jerkin, 
just hit him with the sword.  While he bounces, he will soon jump up in 
the air and come down again.  Use the feather to avoid the earthquake-
like feeling.  After he is defeated, you will get the Face Key.  You 
can leave now, but there is another room to the north.  Light the 
torches in the next room and read the picture.  I won't tell you what 
it is...yet.
	When you come out, the owl will greet you, saying stuff about the 
picture you read.  Now, though, it's time to enter the northern Face 
Shrine.  Get to R14-C8 on land and take a dip in the water.  Swim south 
and you will see two Knight Statues.  Touch the left one, take it out, 
and take the secret passage.  When you emerge from the passage, go 
north and use the key to unearth the shrine.  Then head around to enter 
**********************Chapter X: The Face Shrine***********************
	The main map problem will be rooms 26, 27, and 28.  There is an 
upper, middle, and lower path in each room.  Another minor problem is 
room 23.  While there is a path to the right, it's more of a one-way 
passage to the left.  That path will be represented with a "K" because 
you will need a key to cross.  One final problem is with room 30.  If 
you go north from room 30, you will be taken to room 15.  My map will 
say room 15 is north of 30.

3 9                         4 0
 |                           |
3 3-3 4     3 5 3 6 1 5 3 7 3 8
 |   |       |   |   |   |   |
2 5-2 6-2 7-2 8 2 9 3 0 3 1 3 2
 |   |       K   |   |   |   |
1 7-1 8B1 9 2 0 2 1 2 2 2 3K2 4
     |       |   |   B   |
    1 1-1 2 1 3-1 4 1 5 1 6
     ^   |           K   |
     7   8           9 –1 0
     |   |           |   |
     1   2 – 3 – 4 – 5   6

You start in room 3.
Keys are in rooms 20, 31, and 35.
Money chests are in rooms 8, 11, 39, and 40.
The map is in room 17.
The compass is in room 39.
The beak is in room 26.
The nightmare's key is in room 37.
The main treasure is in room 7.
Smasher is in room 22.
The Dodongo Snakes are in rooms 24.
Façade is in room 29.
The Coral Triangle is in room 36.
Secret Passages:
1.	From 1 to 19
2.	From 20 to 30
3.	From 26 to 32
4.	From 30 to 15 (repeating sequence of rooms)

Start off by going west.  Three wizards will greet you in room 2.  
You can ignore them for now, but you will have to defeat them soon, so 
here is what you do.  Avoid their projectile and give them either four 
arrows or one bomb.  Stopping the wizards in this room will let you get 
some money in the northern room (if you take the northeastern exit).  
The goal, though, is in the northwestern exit.  Take it and play until 
you reach room 11 (the one with the Mimic).  Take care of the Mimic.  
Place a bomb near the crystal switch, and get behind the northeastern 
block that's down.  When the block rises, go north.  Follow the path 
you are on until you reach the wall.  This is weird.  This path leads 
to a wall.  Bomb it and continue east, into a dark room.  Find the 
green blobs and destroy them to activate a secret passage.  When you 
emerge from it, take care of the two wizards and mini-Moldrom, and go 
north for your prize: An even more powerful Power Bracelet!  With this 
bracelet, you can lift up elephant statues, including the ones that are 
currently blocking the revolving door.  Equip the bracelet, throw the 
statues away, and go through the door, which takes you back to room 11.
When you are back in room 11, hit the switch with your sword.  
Next, place a bomb by it and go behind the northwestern block that's 
currently down.  When it rises, head north.  Lift the pots to find a 
floor switch to go west.  In the next room (room 17), stop the wizards 
to get the map.  Head north and then east for the beak.  Return west 
and go north by throwing the pots at the door.  There should be two 
spirit bubbles and an elephant statue in this room.  Go east to room 34 
for the compass, and go take the upper path.  Hit the switch and follow 
the path it takes you to.  You will end up in a room with many blocks 
that are down.  Two wizards occupy this room.  Stop them for a key.  
Return to the start.
If you want more money, head back to room 33 (the one with the 
spirit bubbles) and throw an elephant block at the door.  Inside is a 
chest with 100 rupees.  To leave this room, you must throw the horses 
around until both land upright.  It can take awhile.
When you reach the start (room 3, in case you forgot), go east 
instead.  At room 5, avoid the tiles (or block them with your shield) 
to continue.  Throw an elephant statue at the eastern door to move on, 
only to be trapped in a room with four wizards.  The only safe spots 
are the corner squares, but you must be in the line of fire to attack.  
Once defeated, you can head south, but if you choose to enter the room, 
stay in the doorway.  If you are able to reach the owl statue, then you 
can enter safely.  If not, then leave.  If it's safe, do as it says to 
reach the secret medicine back in room 10.  Follow the path north until 
you reach the key, and head back to room 9.
This time, you need to head north to room 15.  Poke the walls to 
find a weak spot, and bomb it.  Replace the bombs with the bracelet, 
and go through the crack to face Smasher.  All you have to do is throw 
the ball back at him.  After the battle, you get TWO fairies (not one) 
for beating him.  Head north after smashing Smasher, and lift the left 
elephant statue to reveal a secret passage that allows you to continue 
the palace and avoid a loop.  Equip the feather for the secret passage.
When you emerge in room 20, block or attack the tiles and get a 
key.  Use it on the key block to head north.  Equip the bracelet and 
throw the statue to the door.  In the next room (27), again throw the 
horses until they land upright.  Take the stairs in room 26, and equip 
the boots for this passage.
When you emerge from that passage, play the Ballad of the Wind 
Fish to stop the Pols Voice.  If you want even more money (not needed) 
or are short of bombs, then head north.  When you have about 10 or 
more, head south of the Pols Voice room to face the Dodongo Snakes 
again.  This time, you must be careful not to fall in a pit.  After the 
snakes explode, equip the hookshot and go west.  Hookshot the block to 
get to the other side, and use the final key on the key block.  Equip 
the bracelet, and head north to find a chest surrounded by pots.  Throw 
a pot at the chest to open it, revealing the nightmare's key.
Get back to room 20, and this time, head south.  Stop the blobs 
in the next room and continue east, where you will find a turret.  This 
turret shoots a laser-like projectile at you when it spots you.  Push 
the bottom block east, and put a bomb over your head.  When you see the 
wizard appear, shoot, and disappear, throw the bomb to where the wizard 
was.  Jump across the pits to room 21.  The boss room is up north in 
room 29, but if you don't have full health, you can get full health 
right here.  Just light the two pots with powder and the spirit bubbles 
will change into fairies.  Head north for Facade.  If you can't stop 
him, head to the Bosses section of the FAQ.  Once Façade's face has 
been rearranged, head north to get the Coral Triangle.
*************Chapter Y: Birds of a Feather Stick Together**************
	When you leave the Face Shrine, head south to meet up with the 
owl again.  He tells you to head to the mountaintop.  That sounds 
simple enough.  However, he also says to "fly like a bird".  Head to 
the Animal Village and talk to the citizens here.  One will tell you 
about a flying rooster from Mabe Village.  That flying rooster could be 
what the owl meant.  Hurry to Mabe Village!
	Once you enter Mabe Village, go to R3-C7, one screen above 
Marin's home.  Read the inscription on the weather vane.  The 
inscription reads "Here sleeps the flying rooster."  Push the weather 
vane north to open up a secret staircase.  In the cave you are in, go 
north to find some bones.  The owl said you must fly like a bird, but 
the problem is that he's dead.  The solution is to play the Frog's Song 
of Soul.  The rooster's soul will come back to his bones, and therefore 
will come back to life.
	The rooster follows you around like the ghost, Marin, and Bowwow 
have in the past.  However, this rooster has some use.  If you equip 
the power bracelet and try to lift the rooster up, the rooster will 
actually lift YOU up and out of danger.  Explosions from enemy bombs 
will still hurt, though.  To attack while flying, send out your 
boomerang before you pick up the rooster.
	The owl said to explore the mountaintop, so do so by going 
through the caves again (the ones that lead you to Papahl and the path 
above the Angler's Tunnel).  When you reach the spot above the Angler's 
Tunnel, go east instead.  You will be on a screen with deep water and a 
ladder that goes north (the screen location is R13-C15).  Go north from 
here.  Next, head west and enter the cave that you can reach.
	While in the cave, head west and push as many of those stones as 
you can out of your way so you can head north.  In the next screen, you 
will see a big, bent pit.  Fly with the rooster to the other side.  If 
you get across the pit, the Bird Key will be your reward.
	Get back to R13-C15 and head east instead.  Now you must go 
through even more caves.  I won't go into detail about them, but I 
should note that on R16-C15 there is a cracked wall.  Bomb it to find a 
fairy fountain location.  From this screen, take the cave that's 
farthest east and you will soon find the Eagle's Tower.  Put the key in 
the keyhole first so you can enter it.
*********************Chapter Z: The Eagle's Tower**********************
	Allow me to point out right now that this will probably be my 
hardest dungeon to map out.  The problem is that since this is a tower, 
there are four floors.  The same mapping system will be used, but I 
should note that there are a lot of paths in this dungeon, some of 
which are blocked by the crystal switches and blocks.  Even though 
there are staircases to different floors, there are no real "secret 
passages".  I will still refer to them as secret passages.  The final 
problem will be with the third and fourth floor.  Once you take care of 
some pillars in the second floor, the fourth floor will merge with the 
third.  Therefore, the third floor (at first) will be on the Floor 3A 
map.  The third floor when all four pillars are knocked down will be 
Floor 3B.  Note that it is IMPOSSIBLE to enter rooms 38, 39, 51, & 42.

Floor 1:             Floor 2:

1 3-1 4-1 5-1 6          2 9 3 0
 |   |       |            |   |
9	1 0-1 1-1 2      2 5-2 6-2 7-2 8
|       |   |        ^       |   |
5 – 6 – 7 – 8       2 1-2 2 2 3-2 4
|       |   K        |   |   |   |
1 – 2 – 3 – 4       1 7-1 8-1 9-2 0

Floor 3A:            Floor 3B:

    4 1-4 2              5 3-5 4
     |                    |
3 7 3 8 3 9 4 0      4 9-5 0 5 1 5 2
 |           |        |   |   |   |
3 3-3 4 3 5-3 6      4 5-4 6-4 7-4 8
     |   |                |   |
    3 1-3 2              4 3-4 4

You start in room 2
Keys are in rooms 4, 16
Money Chests are in rooms 13,
A bomb is in room 18.
Secret medicine is in room 54.
A secret seashell is in room 13.
The map is in room 30.
The compass is in room 29.
The beak is in room 5.
The main treasure is in room 36.
The nightmare's key is in room 40/52 (same room)
Hinox is in room 17.
"Bat Man" is in room 36/48 (same room)
Big Bird is in room 47.
The Organ of Evening Calm is in room 51.
Secret Passages:
1.	From 8 to 24
2.	From 30 to 15
3.	From 29 to 14
4.	From 5 to 21
5.	From 19 to 32/44 (same room)
6.	From 47 to Big Bird

Go east at the start two times and stop the foes there for a key.  
Use the key to go north and enter the stairs in the next room.  You 
will emerge in room 24, the same room as the Mirror Shield.  However, 
you can't get to it, yet.  Instead, head north to room 28.
You will be in a room with an orb.  You need this orb in order to 
knock down the pillars.  Once that is done, the orb will be useless, &  
you will use the map of Floor 3B, not 3A.  If it falls in a pit, you 
can always head back to room 28 to get another.
Equip the bracelet and throw it to the ground.  Then pull the 
switch on the right side to open the barricade.  Take the orb with you.  
In the next room (27) you will see a pillar.  Throw the orb at it to 
knock it down.  Leave the orb there, and go north.  Throw the horses in 
an upright position to get the map.  Head back to the previous room.  
Now head south as far as you can (leave the orb for a moment) & you 
will find a crystal switch.  Hit it and return to the room with the 
orb.  Bring it down once (you should be at room 23) and throw it at the 
Bring the orb back to room 27 and push the block either north or 
south.  Go left.  Throw the orb over the spikes and jump over them.  In 
the next room, take care of the card guys for the compass.  Bring the 
orb through the southwest exit and throw the orb over the barricade.  
Head back to the card room and take the stairs back down.  When you are 
down stairs, go west, but make sure you are above the crystal blocks.  
Follow the path until you reach more stairs (you will be in room 5).  
Take them.
When you emerge, go through the revolving door, & once in there, 
hang out near the center square.  When the upper-left corner of the 
center square is gone, go in the hole.  Stay on the crystal blocks you 
land on and you can get the beak back in room 5.  Now head back to the 
room north of the revolving door and equip the shield.  Get in a corner 
near the door and block all of the tiles that come to you.  When you 
can go east, you will find the orb you threw.  Throw it into the 
pillar.  Next, push the southern block in the pit and throw the orb in 
it.  Don't go over the pit yet!  Instead, bomb the south wall (a weak 
spot is in between the torches) and take the path.  Bomb another wall 
at the other end, but don't go through.  Now jump over the pit.  Do you 
remember the room with the crystal switch?  Head there WITH THE ORB.  
Throw the orb over the barricade, and head back to room 21 (get to room 
5, and take the stairs).
When you are in room 21, go south to face Hinox again.  Stop him 
for a key, and (if you want) fall in the southern most pit.  You will 
land on a ledge on the first floor.  Follow it to the chest with a 
secret seashell.  Get back to Hinox's room and go east this time.  
Ignore the card guys for now and continue.  You will be in the room 
with the crystal switch.  Hit it and continue east.  Use the key on the 
key block and head north.  Now, fall on the blocks and open the chest 
to get the Mirror Shield!  Now you can repel laser beams.  In this same 
room, if you wish, fall in the pit by the crystal switch.  You will be 
on another ledge.  Go north for the final small key.  You really don't 
need this key, so you can pass it up if you want.
Get back to Hinox's room, and go east two times and pick up the 
orb.  Go west one room and throw the orb over the barricade.  MAKE SURE 
IT DOESN'T FALL IN THE PIT!  You don't want to lose it now.  Anyway, 
throw it and take out the card guys.  A chest will appear.  Now head 
back to the room where you destroyed the third pillar.  Go south twice, 
and when you reach the room with the chest, hookshot it and open it up.  
Johnny, tell them what they've won!!  Why, they have won a genuine 
bomb!  Okay, so it isn't much.  Just bring the orb up north (you did 
throw it up here, right?).  In there is the final pillar.  Knock it 
down and the fourth floor will crush the middle part of the third 
floor.  Fall in the pit in the room south of this room (the one with 
the bomb as the "prize") to return to the entrance.
Now it's time to get to the third floor.  Get to Hinox's room 
again, and go east two times.  Hit the crystal switch & take the stairs 
that you see.  You are now on the third floor (room 44, to be exact: 
since the pillars are knocked down, use map Floor 3B).  Leave through 
the north exit.  You are in a room with stairs (they lead you to Big 
Bird), a path to the west (to take you to Big Bird), a closed door (it 
hides the Organ), and a doorway to the east (the path to the 
nightmare's key).  Go east.  Bat Man closes the entrances (No, not 
Gotham's superhero, I just call him this) & will send out his bats to 
attack.  You must stop all six bats when they come for you in order to 
leave.  If you miss, you must try again, but the bats will be in a 
different starting formation.  Once Bat Man leaves the room, go north & 
push the two blocks towards each other to get the nightmare's key.  Now 
head back to that big room with the stairs.  Go west from here and use 
the nightmare key on the door.  You will see a lot of Goombas here, so 
equip the feather and jump on as many as you can for extra hearts.  You 
now have two choices when you go through the door with the nightmare 
key.  Either you can head north and east and try to get some medicine, 
or you can get on the left ledge and hookshot your way to the right 
ledge.  Get some medicine if you think you will dye in the next battle.  
When you think you're ready, hookshot the block and take the path to 
the stairs.  Climb up the ladder, & Bat Man will say stuff to you and 
jump on Big Bird.  To find out how to baste the bird, go to the Cooking 
Sec...I meant the Boss section.  Once the bird is "burnt to a crisp", 
climb down the ladder and get back inside (press up to go through the 
door).  Fall to the right and go through the door to get the Organ of 
Evening Calm!  Now only one dungeon remains.
********************Chapter AA: From Coast to Coast********************
	You are currently at R15-C16, & now you must go to R1-C15.  The 
rooster went back to the Hen House, but don't worry; you don't need him 
anymore.  Get back to the Hen House and talk to the man inside.  He is 
riding the rooster, saying that he's happier than ever.
	From the Hen House, go west.  Along the way, you will find Marin 
stuck on a bridge.  She doesn't know what to do.  What you can do is 
fire the hookshot on the stone on the other side of the bridge.  You 
will pull Marin to safety (or you can try the "Save Marin Glitch", 
which is later in this FAQ), & she'll thank you.  She also tries to 
tell you that she loves you (I think) until Tarin tells her to come 
home. After that quick conversation, the owl will again see you.  He 
says to head to Turtle Rock, which is west of here.  Do as he says.
	West of here is a bush.  Chop it down to find a secret passage.  
Follow it until you head outside.  Now rocks will start to fall (like 
the previous Zelda games).  Avoid them and get to the top.  When at the 
top, go west until you reach Spectacle Rock.  You must jump off the 
cliff you are on, for a rock blocks your passage to the west.  Once you 
jump off, bomb the cracked wall.
	In the second screen in the cave is a flame spitting device.  The 
only way to pass through is to use the Mirror Shield.  Get outside and 
you will be on the other side of Spectacle Rock.  Take the west path 
and you will soon see Turtle Rock.  However, a turtle head blocks the 
entrance.  It looks dead, don't you think?  Play the Frog's Song of 
Soul and the turtle head will awaken in a cranky mood.  Just keep on 
hitting it with your sword and he'll go away.  Now enter Turtle Rock.
************************Chapter BB: Turtle Rock************************
This will be my second hardest map, mainly because of multiple paths 
and bomb-able walls.  Oh well, here I go.

            4 5 4 6
             |   |
4 1         4 2 4 3         4 4
 |           |   |           |
3 3-3 4-3 5 3 6K3 7 3 8-3 9 4 0
         |               |
    2 7-2 8B2 9-3 0K3 1B3 2
     |   |               ^
    2 1 2 2-2 3-2 4-2 5K2 6
     |       B   K   |
1 3 1 4-1 5 1 6-1 7-1 8B1 9 2 0
 |   |   |   |   |   |   B   |
 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 - 9 –1 0-1 1-1 2
 |           |   |           |
 1           2   3           4

You start in room 2.
Money chests are in rooms 6, 14, & 35.
Keys are in rooms 11, 13, 21, 27, 28, & 39.
Secret Medicine is in room 43.
The map is in room 16.
The compass is in room 1.
The beak is in room 4.
The nightmare's key is in room 41.
The main treasure is in room 44.
Hinox is in room 15.
Rolling Bones is in room 5.
Smasher is in room 12.
Blaino is in room 40.
Cue Ball is in room 33.
The Dodongo Snakes are in room 38.
Hot Head is in room 42.
The Thunder Drum is in room 45.
Secret Passages:
1.	From 3 to 20
2.	From 4 to 23
3.	From 26 to 46
4.	From 30 to 44
5.	From 17 to 34
6.	From 18 to 36

From the start, head north and face your first vampire like 
enemy.  No, he won't suck blood, but is likes to stay up in the air.  
Swing your sword when you can.  After a couple of hits, he'll split 
into two smaller bats that you don't have to hit.  Also, don't fall in 
the lava pits.  Landing on them is like falling down a pit.  You lose 
half a heart.  Anyway, head west when that ordeal is over.  Stop the 
snakes to head north to Hinox.  Stop him and you can head west to room 
Now you are faced with a puzzle.  Some weird block is bouncing up 
and down.  Push it to over the pit.  Now you can control it.  Fill up 
the pit completely for some doe.  Head south and jump over the pits for 
health and more rupees.  Head west and tango with the Rolling Bones 
again.  Finish him off and head north.  Take care of the vampire for a 
key and then head south two rooms for the compass.  Fall into the 
vacuum-like creature to return to the entrance.
Head back north and take the EAST exit this time.  In this room, 
find the floor switch under a pot and head south.  Stop the Mimics and 
take the passage to room 20.  From here, ignore the owl statue (you 
don't have the beak, and more importantly, it's about something you 
know).  Instead, lift the pot and step on the switch (watch out for the 
laser), & head south and face Smasher.  Once he's smashed, go south.  
Get the beak and take the stairs.  When you emerge into room 23, bomb 
the cracked wall to be in the map room.  Push the blocks out of your 
way and stop the blobs and it's yours.  Head back to the room with the 
beak (just take the passageway again).  Go back to Smasher's room.  You 
will have to face Smasher again, but that's okay.  Just leave through 
the west exit (you will end up in room 11).  Again "fill in the holes 
with the rock that rolls" to get a key (HINT: push it down first).  
Find a weak wall to the north and bomb, but don't enter it yet.  Go 
west and ignore the chest (it has a blob).
When you head back to the vampire room, go north this time and 
you will be back in the map room, except that you are on the bottom 
road.  Take the path and you will see another bouncy rock.  Make a path 
that ends in between two blocks.  Push the right one and go north.  Use 
the key on the key block and head east.  Use the next key to head to 
room 26.
Do not take the stairs unless you need to stock up on goods.  
Head through the revolving door to begin the next part.  Stop the gels 
and listen to the owl.  The Dodongo Snakes have the key you need.  Head 
north and stop the mummies for a key (keep moving because you are on 
fragile ground).  Go west two times (DON'T kill the Dodongo Snakes 
along the way) and go north for some secret medicine.  Again, restock 
on supplies and head back to room 32 (the room above the revolving 
door).  Bomb the weak wall to the left under the blocks and you will 
enter dark rooms.  Light the torch boxes if you have to.  Get to the 
other side and use a key to continue.  Go west as far as you can and 
bomb the west wall at the third room to exit the dark path.  Talk to 
the owl and do as it says for a key.  Just avoid the spirit bubbles and 
don't shoot at them.  Go west for a key, then take the south exit.  
IMMEDIATELY head back north and get back to the room with the statue.  
Go south to get some supplies, and then head north two times.  Stop the 
foes, and head west.  Double back and you can hookshot your way to a 
50-rupee chest.  Go east to times and use one of your keys on the 
locked doors.  You will get another one, so don't worry.  Head back to 
the room with the chest and take the stairs.  No, it's not a "secret 
passage", but you will be sent outside.  Now is a great time to pick up 
that final heart piece.  Head east two times while outside and you will 
be in the room with the Dodongo Snakes, but on higher ground.  Throw 
bombs down from above successfully to get the replacement key.  
Head back to room 11 and enter the room north of it.  Hit the 
crystal switch inside ONCE.  Now head back to the third dark room you 
encountered (the room east of the statue room) and light the torches 
inside.  You will see a key block.  Use the key and go east.  Hookshot 
the blocks and use the your last key.  Take the passageway & you will 
be in the room with the main treasure.  However, in order to get it, 
you must have hit the crystal switch once (if you didn't, the blocks 
would be up) and you must head down and around.  The problem is that 
you must go through Blaino.  Equip the feather and some the sword.  Hit 
him on his sides and avoid his punches.  If it looks like he is going 
to wind up, get out of there if you don't want to end up at the 
beginning of the dungeon.  Stop him and you can warp to this room later 
in time (handy if you forgot about he crystal switch).  Once Blaino has 
suffered a knockout, head north and get the Fire Rod!  Use the warp in 
Blaino's room to return to the start, & equip the feather & fire rod 
while you are at it.
Head back to Hinox's room and go west.  From here, head north.  
You will be the room where you came in, & went out immediately.  Fire 
some shots at the torch boxes and a chest with a key comes out.  
Destroy the snakes if you want.  Now head back to the vampire room 
(above the entrance in case you forgot) & go north, then east.  Use the 
bouncy-like block to create a path to the stairs.  Take the path and 
when you get to the end, replace the fire rod with your sword.  When 
you emerge, use your final key and stop the Cue Ball again.  This time 
there is no stone divider in the middle, but he is defeated the same 
way.  Head north and fill in the pit completely for the nightmare's key 
(HINT: push the block up first).
Get back to Smasher's room.  From here, go west, north, and west.  
Take the stairs, and you must go through a harder ice room.  When you 
get out, go north to face Hot Head.  If you are having trouble stopping 
his flames, go to the Boss section.  Once Hot Head's cooled down, head 
north for the final Siren's Instrument: The Thunder Drum!
***********************Chapter CC: Reading Time************************
	First of all, tie up any loose ends you want tightened up.  Make 
sure you have the magnifying glass to see the truth.  Once you have it, 
get the boomerang and trade in either the shovel or fire rod.  Either 
one isn't needed for your final fight, but the boomerang can help on 
one of the battles.  Make sure you can carry "all of the extra junk" 
that the Mad Batter gave you.  Also, talk to everyone you can.
	Once everything is taken care of, go to the Mabe Village library 
and read the book in the southeastern corner, called "Dark Secrets & 
Mysteries of Koholint".  You will see one of four available paths for 
the egg.  Write them down or memorize them, but note that if you have 
to turn off the game, you might be given a different one.  Now it's 
time to leave the island!
**********************Chapter DD: The Egg is Nigh**********************
	Did you read the book "Dark Secrets & Mysteries of Koholint"?  
Good.  Now, head to the egg.  From the Bottle Grotto entrance, go east 
two times and north two times.  When you head north, the owl will come 
to you saying that waking the Wind Fish is the only way to leave the 
island.  Head north again and you will see the egg.  Play the Ballad of 
the Wind Fish & you'll open a crack in the egg.  The owl will also come 
and say to enter the egg.
	Okay, you are in.  Head north and you will (barely) see a large 
pit with a ledge on the other side.  Fall in the pit (you have no 
choice).  You will be in a big maze.  Now take the path that the book 
said and you will see another pit in front of you.  If you forgot which 
way to go, head south three times so you leave the egg.
	If you followed the directions & got to the pit, fall in & The 
Shadow (I don't have another name for it) talks to you, saying stuff 
how you messed up his plans.  After the chitchat, you must fight him in 
six forms.  Again, if you can't beat them, check the Bosses section, 
though you might not need to until you get to the final form.  Once The 
Shadow has been pulverized, go up the stairs and let the ending begin!


When you reach the top, the owl will talk to you one more time.  
He will then disappear.  In his place is the Wind Fish, which looks 
like a fat whale with some clothes on.  After some words with you, you 
(as in Link) play the Ballad of the Wind Fish and the island disappears 
as well.  When you stop playing, some water breaks the platform you are 
on and you are shot out of Koholint! 
The scene will be in the Hyrulian Sea, with you asleep until you 
hear the Ballad again.  You wonder if that adventure was true.  The 
Wind Fish flies in the sky and you here his voice (it sounds like a 
VERY high-pitched car).  Now you are certain that that adventure was 
true, & you laugh about it.  You are still sitting on some plywood from 
the ship that became wrecked.  The credits will roll bye, and then 
either you see seagulls or a winged Marin (more on that later).  That's 
all of the main coverage, folks!  Below this section contains stuff 
like Bosses and pictures & whatnot.  Read them if you are interested.
---------------------------Section 7: Bosses---------------------------
	There are many enemies that can (& more likely will) give you a 
hard time.  Here I will cover the dungeon bosses & other important 
foes, in chronological order*.

*--I will put the Color Dungeon boss after Slime Eyes, though you can 
really see him at any time after the second dungeon.

Moldrom:  He's the boss of the Tail Cave.  Equip the sword and shield.  
Hold that shield button always and keep your back to the wall.  When 
you can, hit his tail.  Four hits will stop him.  Watch out, though, 
for he can knock you off the arena floor and you must do all four hits 

Main Moblin Man:  He's inside the Moblin's Hideout east of Goponga 
Swamp.  Have the sword ready, and the other item can be either your 
shield or feather.  When he throws stuff at you, either jump over them, 
block them, or just dodge them.  When it looks like he is going to 
charge you, GET OUT OF THE WAY!  He will hit the wall and be dazed for 
a moment.  Hit him now!  Rinse and repeat until you are done.

The Genie: The boss of the Bottle Grotto is a two-parter.  Always have 
the sword ready, and for the first part, make the other item your 
bracelet.  After the Genie says you can't hurt him, walk along the 
bottom of the screen and avoid his fireballs.  After the eighth one, 
hit the bottle with your sword when it comes to you.  Pick it up and 
throw it in the wall.  After three tries, replace the bracelet with the 
feather.  Hit the Genie with your sword and then he will do a "spitting 
personality" move.  You won't know which one is the real Genie, but 
when you find out, jump so you avoid his fireball.  Hit the Genie about 
eight times to send him back to his lamp—a real place for a genie.

Slime Eyes: This is the Slime Cavern's boss.  Equip the boots and sword 
for the battle.  Hit Slime Eyes as many times as you can, and when it 
looks like they are trying to split into to different eyes, dash into 
the gap.  They will split.  Hit one eye and move out of the way if you 
don't want to be a pancake.  Once each lone eye has suffered four hits, 
you win.

The Jellyfish: The boss of the color dungeon is easy to attack, but NOT 
easy to beat.  You must hit him with either your sword or arrows until 
he turns red and explodes.  However, every time you hesitate, his color 
will return to blue and you must start over.  Also, equip the shield or 
feather so you can block or jump over the little things the jellyfish 
shoots out.  Just keep on whacking him until he goes away.  It might be 
helpful if you find a piece of power before this confrontation.

Lanomla: He holds the Angler key in the Yarna Desert.  Equip the 
feather and sword.  When he comes out of the sand, hit him in his head 
as many times as you can.  If you fall into the quicksand pit you must 
start over.  He won't spit rocks as he did in A Link to the Past.

The Angler: This is the boss of his own tunnel.  You only need your 
sword.  Just keep on whacking that ball-like thing above his head 
quickly.  Ignore the fish that come & go (unless you want more rupees, 
but some don't have them).  If you take too long, the fish will stay in 
one spot for about two seconds.  GET OUT OF HIS WAY!  He will charge 
the left wall, & rocks will fall down.  Beach the fish to win here.

Snake Eyes: Again, I don't know the real name of the boss, but he 
guards the Catfish's Maw.  Four holes are in the walls with the tail in 
the center hole (the floor).  Equip the hookshot and sword, and stay 
near the left or right sides.  When the head of a Snake Eye is close to 
you, quickly hookshot it.  If it has a heart, hit it quickly before it 
hides again.  If it doesn't have a heart, get out of the way unless you 
want to be exploded.  These guys don't hurt you much, so this should be 

Armos Knight: Unlike the Catfish's Maw Boss, this lives-in-the-
Southern-Face-Shrine guy is a pushover.  Many different attacks work on 
him, surprisingly.  You can equip the boots and the sword and just dash 
into him a couple of times, but it won't count unless you are actually 
dashing, not just charging up.  I don't recommend that attack.  You can 
have the feather and sword, but unless you are wearing the red jerkin, 
you must charge up for the whirling blade.  Arrows also work, but you 
need 12 hits instead of six.  Now, about what he does.  He behaves like 
the last surviving Armos Knight from A Link to the Past, except he 
moves around the room first.  Jump up with your feather when he lands 
from a jump of his own.  I really recommend having some secret medicine 
for this battle.

Facade: This is the boss of the Northern Face Shrine.  Have the shield 
and bombs (that's right: you don't use a sword).  First of all, block 
all of the tiles and pots that are tossed to you.  Then get to the 
southern edge of the arena.  Facade will start to make holes around the 
arena, but they will go away.  Stay near the edge and you won't fall 
in.  Throw a bomb into Facade & he will temporarily go away.  Count to 
2 when he disappears and throw another bomb in front of him.  Five 
bombs will erase his face.

Big Bird: Again, I made this name up.  He resides in the Eagle's Tower 
with Batman.  No matter what, equip the mirror shield.  You can have 
either the sword or hookshot.  If you want a harder challenge, use the 
level one sword.  You will then need 12 hits instead of six.  Big Bird 
has three attacks.  The first one is when he will just fly from left to 
right or vice versa.  Hit Big Bird if you can.  The second attack 
requires the mirror shield.  Big Bird will be stationed in the air 
blowing wind in your face (no, it's not a fart).  Use the shield and 
push in the opposite direction.  His feathers will be deflected as 
well.  His final attack starts off like the second, but instead of 
blowing wind, he'll dive bomb you.  Six hookshot hits or 12 level 1 
sword hits is all it takes to beat Big Bird.

Hot Head: The boss of Turtle Rock can only be beaten with the fire rod 
(though, in my opinion, it should be an ice rod, because fire guys are 
weak to ice attacks).  The feather is also a good second choice.  When 
Hot Head jumps up, try to shoot him.  If you hit him, he'll bounce 
around the room, but you can't really get hit like that.  Just keep on 
hitting Hot Head.  After he has sustained, he'll lose the big flames 
and become a really small creature.  Now just hit him 2-4 more times to 
burn him up.  Just watch out when he lands back in the lava.  Those 
fireballs can take away FOUR hearts (more than the non-shy guy-looking 

The Shadow: He has six forms.  Here they are, in chronological order.

Big Buzzblob—He returns, though he is weakened a bit.  Equip the 
powder.  When you can, sprinkle him.  He will be upset.  While he 
doesn't shoot lightning bolts this time, he can bounce around.  Three 
powder hits is enough to take him out.

Agahnim—A Link to the Past veterans will have no trouble beating this 
guy.  Equip either the sword or shovel.  When he appears in a spot, 
stay a good distance from him.  He will shoot one of two fireballs at 
you.  If the fireball he throws at you looks like a circle, send it 
back with the sword or shovel.  If you hurry, Agahnim will get hit.  If 
it doesn't look like a circle (but more like a plus sign), avoid it, 
for it will split into four other fireballs that hurt.  Four hits is 
all it takes.

Moldrom—This worm doesn't give up.  Equip the shield and the sword, 
like the last battle.  Again, hit him in the tail and always hold the 
shield button.  Since you can't fall in a pit, you can easily finish 
him off.

Ganon—HE'S BACK!!! The final boss from A Link to the Past returns, but 
is a little easier (the outer circumference won't fall & he doesn't do 
as much damage as before).  However, expect to lose some health here.  
Equip the boots and sword.  You just have to dash into him many times.  
While doing this, he'll call out his Blazing Bats that probably will 
hurt you.  After they are thrown, Ganon will throw his staff to another 
part of the room and go after it.  Avoid the staff for it hurts.  Just 
keep on dashing.

Lanmola—The only thing The Shadow forgot about this form was that it 
has no armor and that it can't go underground.  One whirling blade, 
fire rod shot, or hookshot shot is all it takes.

Dethl—This is The Shadow's main battle form, and if you don't have the 
boomerang, it's going to be hard.  Have the feather no matter what, and 
have the other button be the bow & arrows or boomerang (but use the bow 
if you want a challenge).  Dethl will swing his arms wildly, & you must 
jump him.  ALWAYS stay below him.  When he opens his one and only eye, 
shoot him.  About 15-20 arrow shots will do it, but one boomerang hit 
also knocks him out cold.  Beat him to beat the game.
------------------------Section 8: Heart Pieces------------------------
	While there are only 12 heart pieces, they will be useful.  Get 
them for more energy.

1.	Mabe Village, R1-C6: When you get the sword, cut the middle bush 
and press down to fall in the chimney.  The heart piece is down 

2.	Mysterious Woods, R2-C8: Yes, the fishing game is considered to be 
in Lost Woods territory.  Just catch the lunker that is below you 
when you fish.  You will also get 20 rupees from it.

3.	Koholint Prairie, R5-C13: You will encounter this on the way to 
Bowwow.  Just jump over the pits surrounding it, get the heart, &  
then continue up for Bowwow.

4.	Cemetery, R7-C9: You need the feather for this.  First, push the 
southeastern tomb to reveal a cave.  When you are in, push the 
stone to the right of you right.  Jump diagonally down-right to the 
ledge, & you can jump up to the heart piece.

5.	Mysterious Woods, in Mysterious Cave: You need the bracelet.  Take 
the path to the mushroom you found for the witch.  On the third (& 
final) screen, lift the skull pots to get the heart piece.

6.	Ukuku Prairie, cave R7-J8: Follow the path to the chest, but when 
you get there, immediately head north.  At the next screen, bomb 
the southeastern most wall to find a secret grotto with the piece.

7.	Yarna Desert, cave R15-C4: Fall in the pit in Lanmola's arena.  
When you fall, bomb the north wall.

8.	Tal Tal Heights, cave R15-C14: It's best to do this after you beat 
the Angler's Tunnel.  Enter the cave you see, first of all.  Move 
about three tiles up and one tile right and dive.

9.	Kanalet Castle, R9-C9: You must swim around the castle to get here.  
It's a little left of the center pit in the group of five, as south 
as you can swim.  Dive at that spot.

10.	Animal Village, cave R14-C4:  You need the hookshot for this.  Get 
to where the walrus was, and head north.  Bomb the cave and enter, 
and also equip the feather.  Get to the northern part of the room 
and bomb another weak wall.  Follow this path until you can't go 
any further.  Throw a bomb over the little fence south of yourself 
and bomb the cracked block.  Now head around to that same screen, 
and hookshot the solid rock.  WHEW!

11.	Mt. Tamarach, cave R8-C16: This is one screen west of the screen 
where you rescued Marin.  Cut down the bush if you haven't already 
and enter the cave.  When you do, bomb the southern most wall and 
follow the path.

12.	Tal Tal Mountain Range, R1-C16: You will see this piece in plain 
sight while exploring Turtle Rock.  Pick it up, already!
---------------------Section 9: Secret Seashells-----------------------
	There are more than 20 seashells in the game, but these were the 
20 that I found the fastest.

1.	Mabe Village, R4-C6: It is in the 6 by 6 bush square.  Chop down 
the bushes to find it.

2.	Tail Cave, room 10: There are some cracks on the western wall, 
indicating a weak wall.  Bomb it and open the chest in room 9.

3.	Mabe Village, R2-C6: Enter Madam Meowmeow's shack area (the area 
where you gave the dog a bow) and dig in the southeastern corner.

4.	Mysterious Woods, R2-C9: Lift up the stone that is on screen, and 
open the chest.

5.	Koholint Prairie, R5-C9: Chop down the lone bush and dig in that 
spot.  Grass patches surround the bush, except diagonally.

6.	Ukuku Prairie, R11-C8: Enter the Seashell Mansion when you have 5 
shells for a sixth.

7.	Ukuku Prairie, R12-C8: Just chop the bushes and one will come.

8.	Ukuku Prairie, R10-C5: Lift the stone onscreen.

9.	Ukuku Prairie, R9-C6: From SS #8, go west one screen and enter the 
cave.  Bomb the leftmost wall on the second screen and follow the 
path outside.  Then head north and dig near the owl statue.

10.	Martha's Bay, R10-C2: Take the normal way out of the cave for a 
faster route.  Get to the screen and cut the bush.

11.	See SS #6 for more information.

12.	Richard's Villa, R7-C3: When you enter the cave from Richard's 
place, take the left fork.  It will lead to the chest with the 

13.	Ukuku Prairie, R6-C6: It's a similar situation like SS #5, except 
that there is no push.  Just dig at the center of the grass pile.

14.	Yarna Desert, R16-C1: Get around to the right side of the desert 
and lift the stones for this one.

15.	Martha's Bay, R9-C1: You must swim to the island with the bush on 

16.	Martha's Bay, R7-C1: After the ghost goes to his grave, head back 
to his house and lift the bottommost pots.

17.	Ukuku Prairie, R7-C6: Swim to the north side of the bush and chop 
it.  At the same time, run south so you can catch it before it 
drops in the water.  If you mess up, leave the screen and come 

18.	Martha's Bay, R11-C3: Again, dig near the owl.  Just cross the 
bridge to reach him.

19.	Tal Tal Mountain Range, R13-C16: Lift the stones nearby.

20.	Tal Tal Mountain Range, R14-C15: You will start on the bottom road.  
Enter the cave and bomb the spot that is dry land.  Follow the path 
outside to reach the chest with the seashell.

When you have 20, return to the Seashell Mansion and claim your prize: 
The Master Sword!  Okay, it might NOT be the master sword, but when you 
have full health, you can shoot a laser out.  Also, this sword itself 
is more powerful than the one you started out with.
---------------------Section 10: Get Your Picture----------------------
	A mouse has a camera shop set up, & he'll take up to 12 pictures 
for you.  Some can only be done at certain times, while others can be 

1.	Tal Tal Heights, R8-C13: Enter the camera shop building.  Talk to 
the mouse and he'll ask if you want a picture.  If you say yes, 
you'll get the picture "Here stands a Brave Man".  If you always 
say no, you'll get "Game Over".  It doesn't matter which one of 
those you collect, but one of them MUST be your first.  Also, you 
can't talk to him while you have Bowwow.

2.	Toronto Shores, R1-C1: Bring Marin to the cliff side for this one.  
When it's over, quickly attack the Octorok that is behind you.

3.	Mabe Village, R1-C5: Bring Marin down the chimney, but when you 
land on the ground, DON'T MOVE.  Sure, you'll want aspirin, but if 
it's for a picture, it's worth it.

4.	Mabe Village, R3-C7: This is where Marin sings a lot in Mabe.  
Bring her to the weathervane.

5.	Mabe Village, R2-C5: Grandpa Ulrira is shy, but what does he do 
when no one is home?  Peek into the right window in front of his 
door to find out.

6.	Mabe Village, R2-C6: Just get near Bowwow after he is returned.

7.	Mabe Village, R4-C7: This is the only picture where you don't know 
you are caught.  Just steal an item from the shop (use part 1, not 

8.	Martha's Bay, R11-C2: After you give the fisherman the hook and 
have the magnifying glass, talk to him.  This is hilarious!

9.	Animal Village, R14-C4: With the magnifying glass in hand, enter 
the house next to Mrs. Goat's.  A Zora was actually in those 
waters, & the picture mouse thinks it's unreal.

10.	Kanalet Castle, R10-C9: Before you lower the drawbridge, go up to 
the gate.

11.	Koholint Prairie, R5-C10: After you return the ghost to his grave, 
touch it.

12.	Tal Tal Mountain Range, R14-C16:  From where you got SS #19, keep 
on heading east.  The mouse will see you about halfway across the 
----------------------Section 11: Tricks/Glitches----------------------
	I only have a few that is worth considering.  If anyone has any 
others, please email me.

Dashing Glitch—This is done in the Slime Cave, room 2.  Dash into the 
vacuum-sucking creature, and sometimes you will temporarily be sent 
over the pit, & will just stay in a dashing position until the vacuum 
guy turns off the vacuum power.  Then you will fall.  I once got to the 
back corner with this trick.

Stealing, part 1—There are two ways to steal.  This is the true 
dishonest way.  Pick up an item on the shelf, and move above the guy 
who you pay the money.  Stay there for about 10 seconds, then quickly 
dash to the door.  If you got out, you keep the item for free.  
However, if you enter the store, he kills you outright, no matter how 
much health you have & if you have secret medicine!  That's right, he 
won't let you fight him.  Once I had all fourteen hearts and some 
medicine, & I stole something.  I went back in, and the medicine didn't 
take effect!  Well, he did warn you about paying, didn't he?

Stealing, part 2—This method is still dishonest, but you do lose some 
(not all) of your rupees.  Unfortunately, you must be able to pay full 
price.  Pay the guy the amount for the item you want, and when he 
starts taking your money, press A, B, SELECT, & START and choose Save & 
Quit.  Most of your money is there, but so is the item you bought.  At 
least he won't kill you this time.

Save Marin Glitch—This can only be done once per game (unless you 
forgot to save).  After you beat the Eagle's Tower, play the game as 
normal.  When you get to the screen with Marin, instead of hookshot-ing 
the rock behind Marin, equip the boots and feather.  Dash-jump over to 
Marin's platform and touch her.  She'll thank you as usual.  When Tarin 
calls her home, she will float (that's right, float) over the bridge & 
look at you where you would have been if you saved her normally.  Oh 
well.  She does get to see the sky.

Mushroom Glitch-Run out of magic powder & then go to the place where 
you picked the Mushroom.  Equip the Power Bracelet & Sword.  Pick-up 
the Mushroom.  IMMEDIATLEY AFTER YOU DO, cut the bottom bush and go to 
the wall 90 degrees southeast and PICK UP THE WALL!  (Thanks to 
Anders4580 for that cheat)

Get to Level 8 Quickly—You can get into Level 8: turtle rock without 
the mirror shield. Just get some of the medicine that restores your 
health when you lose all hearts. Now go to the entrance to Level 8 
where the thing is shooting flames at you. Try to go through the 
flames. You will be pushed back. Keep doing this until all your hearts 
are gone and the medicine starts refilling your health. While it is 
filling your life quickly go through the flames while pressing against 
the left wall so that when you go through you immediately go left. Now 
you can get into level 8 before beating levels before it or getting the 
mirror shield.  (Thanks to Sean Coughlan for submitting that cheat).

That's all I have right now.  If you have any others, please email me 
at vgw100@hotmail.com.
-----------------------Section 12: Future Plans------------------------
	Well, I did it!  I combined the past Link's Awakening FAQ's on 
the net along with the DX only FAQ's.  I also have a Donkey Kong 
Country 3 FAQ & a Game & Watch Gallery 2 FAQ, in case you need those, & 
I have the first two worlds of my DKC2 FAQ on Gamefaqs.
	Well, the deal has been done.  NickWhiz1 & I have successfully 
combined our Donkey Kong Country 2 FAQs into ONE.  We are probably the 
first two ever to do a joint FAQ.  With his experience on ASCII & my 
expertise on elaborating, this will probably be my most important FAQ 
to date—& his.  If you are concerned about what is going on, or you 
just have a question on this FAQ, please contact me at 
----------------------Section 13: Copyright Stuff----------------------

This FAQ is Copyright 1999 VGW Man.  There are some rules about the 

1.	If you want to use my FAQ on your web site, just ask me.  You can 
copy my FAQ and use it on another web site, as long as I am 
2.	You cannot make money off of my FAQ.  I put a lot of effort into 
this, and no one is allowed to rip me off.
3.	If you want to use any of my info on your web site, just give me 
proper credit.
4.	You are allowed to have a printed copy of this FAQ (limit 1 per 
person).  However, you can't sell it (see rule #2).
----------------------Section 14: Special Thanks-----------------------

Again, I must thank Nintendo for making a great game!  Their web 
address is www.nintendo.com/home/index.html.

I also must thank Michael J Evans for doing the ORIGINAL Link's 
Awakening FAQ, for it inspired me to do this one.  His FAQ is on 

I thank David Smith for HTMLizing my FAQ.  The HTML version of my FAQ 
is at http://www.autowinnet.com/linksfaq.html & his email address is at 

There is also Anders4580 who sent in the Mushroom Glitch.  You can 
contact Anders at Anders4580@aol.com.

R. K. Raja has also HTMLized my FAQ.  The HTML version is at 
zeldadx.cjb.net, & his email is at rkraja@yahoo.com.

I mustn't forget Sean Coughlan for the shortcut to Level 8 trick.  He 
can be contacted at Scn64@aol.com.
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