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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

      |  _______  /       T H E   L E G E N D   O F
      | /      / / __________ _____      ________         __
      |/      / /  \   ____  |\   /      \   ___ \       /  \
             / /    | |    \ | | |        | |   \ \     / /\ \
            / /     | |__/| \| | |        | |    \ |   / /  \ \
           / /      |  __ |    | |        | |    | |  / /____\ \
          / /       | |  \|    | |        | |    | | / ________ \
         / /        | |     /| | |     /| | |    / |/ /        \ \
        / /      /| | |____/ | | |____/ | | |___/ //  \        /  \
       / /______/ |/_________|/_________|/_______//____\      /____\
                    L I N K ' S   A W A K E N I N G   D X

               A Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ for Link's Awakening
               Written by Artemis251 (Artemis251@yahoo.com)
                                 Version 1.2

Welcome to my very first FAQ/Walkthrough/Guide!  And look!  What luck!  It's what 
you're looking for!  In this guide you will most likely find bad jokes and good 
info on the game.  If you look at the whole thing, you'll find many things about 
the game you *probably* didn't know!  There are even sections that have things 
to do after you beat the game - Great codes!

This guide not only shows you what to do, but it's very detailed, so enjoy!  This 
is only a fraction of the information found on my Link's Awakening site, The Wind 
Fish's Egg!  Give it a visit sometime if you need more help or if you want great 
maps to follow along with this guide!
                   ~or~  http://windfishsegg.cjb.net

        ---Anyway, to kick off, I have a Table of Contents for you!---
                4.Dx's Color Dungeon
                    Selected Items
                    Inventory Items
                    Dungeon Items
                    Miscellaneous Items
                    Map Sections
                    Treasure Chests
                    Special Places
                    Dungeon Bosses
                    Shadow Bosses

               10.Heart Pieces
               11.Secret Seashells
               12.Trading Sequence
                    Special Ending
               15.Tricks and Tips
               17.Version History
               18.Special Thanks
               19.Legal Stuff

   /__\                            S T O R Y                            /__\
  /\  /\                          -----------                          /\  /\

Though you fulfilled the Hylian prophecy of the Legendary Hero and destroyed the 
evil tyrant Ganon, the land of Hyrule enjoyed only a precarious peace.

"Who knows what threats may arise from Ganon's ashes?" the restless people murmured 
as they knitted their brows and shook their heads.  Ever vigilant, you decided 
to journey away from Hyrule on a quest for enlightenment, in search of wisdom 
that would make you better able to withstand the next threat to your homeland.

Months of difficult travel passed.  After a long and fruitful voyage, you breathed 
deeply the seas spray from the deck of the ship that carried you home to Hyrule. 
 But your homecoming was not to be.  Suddenly a squall struck your ship, and though 
you valiantly fought the waves, a lightning bolt reduced your ship to splinters.

Your world faded to black as you sink into the darkness of the storm-tossed sea 
with the remains of your craft.  But in the cold darkness of the deep, you hear 
a comforting voice that reminded you of home.  It was the voice of Princess Zelda!

"You're going to be all right!" the voice said.  "What a relief!"

You opened your eyes to find Princess Zelda standing over you-or was it?!  Actually, 
it turned out to be a woman named Marin.  She explained that you had drifted with 
the wreckage of your ship to the shores of Koholint Island.  This mysterious island 
was unique for the giant egg which crowned its central mountain.  It was said 
that a mythical creature, the Wind Fish, lay asleep inside the egg.

You set out in search of your sword and other gear that might have washed up on 
the beach with you.  As you stood in the surf with your recovered sword, a strange 
owl suddenly appeared and hooted this riddle:

"Awaken the Wind Fish and all will be answered."

"What is the Wind Fish?" you wonder...And what did its awakening portend?  Your 
most mysterious adventure yet, following the riddle of the Wind Fish through the 
uncharted island of Koholint, is about to unfold.


   /__\                        C O N T R O L S                          /__\
  /\  /\                       ---------------                         /\  /\

                            | ON THE MAIN SCREEN |

Moves your character around the screen.  Obviously, up moves your character up, 
down moves it down, etc.  By holding the direction towards an object, you can 
push it.  If you move your character towards a hill, you will jump it automatically 
to the bottom.  This is the same for waterfalls.

This button can be assigned a weapon from your Sub-Screen.  Press the button to 
use the item.  If you're near a chest, press the Button to open it and take its 
contents.  If you happen to be near one of the island's inhabitants, press the 
Button to begin talking.  If the message is long, you'll have to press the Button 
again to reveal the rest of the message.  When swimming, this speeds up your moves.

This Button is very similar as the A Button.  You can assign a weapon to it and 
you can open chests in the same fashion as you do with the A Button.  When you're 
in a conversation, however, press this Button to make the speaker turn into a 
mime, incapable of speaking.  Actually, it just cancels the message, but if it's 
too important, you may not be able to cancel it.  Press this to dive in the water 
when swimming, too.

This Button brings the Sub-Screen up.

Pressing this will bring the map of Koholint up.  All of the dark squares are 
screens that you have not explored yet.  When you see a special icon pop up, press 
the A Button to read what is important there.  Otherwise, just press the A Button 
to see the name of the place.

                           | ON THE SUB-SCREEN |

This will move the cursor in your item list.

Pressing this Button will swap the item you have assigned to the Button with the 
weapon that the cursor is placed on.

This assigns an item to the B Button in the same way as the A Button does.

This exits the Sub-Screen and returns you to the Main Screen.

When holding this down, a smaller menu will pop up showing you how many Heart 
Pieces and Photos you have.

   /__\                     W A L K T H R O U G H                       /__\
  /\  /\                    ---------------------                      /\  /\

                             PREFACE TO WALKTHROUGH

First of all, when you hear a coordinate of a screen, use the below example.

   A B C D
   _ _ _ _
1 |_|_|_|_|
2 |_|_|_|_|
3 |_|_|_|_|
4 |_|_|_|_|

So, if I'm referring to B-3, you'd start from the northwestern corner of the map. 
 Go over 2 and then down 3.  That would be B-3.  This won't be used in dungeons, 
though.  If coordinates are NOT used, I'll simply describe the surroundings to 
indicate what screen I mean.

This is just a basic walkthrough.  It doesn't tell you how to get everything in 
the game inside.  Be sure to explore on your own, too!  To learn about Heart Pieces, 
Secret Seashells, and the like, go to their corresponding sections.  The walkthrough 
will provide you with some of those items along the way, but the rest of them 
are to be found on your own.  By using the sections and this walkthrough together, 
you'll get complete coverage of the game.

If you can't seem to find something in this guide, just look!  After looking through, 
if you ABSOLUTELY CAN'T find what you need, E-mail me (Artemis251@yahoo.com) and 
I will help you with whatever you need.  The E-mail must be about something that 
you CAN'T FIND on the guide.  Anything that is on this guide will be disregarded 
and marked with a big red 'DELETE' stamp.  Comments are gratefully accepted, as 
well as errors found in the guide.  I, like everyone else, am not perfect, so 
if you see an error (spelling or grammar) or some wrong info, just tell me in 
an E-mail.  You will get credit, of course, in the 'Special Thanks' section.

Right!  Now for the walkthrough!

  |                       QUEST FOR TAIL CAVE                              |

              -Get your shield from Tarin
              -Get your sword from the beach
              -Get the Sleepy Mushroom
              -Obtain Magic Powder from the Witch
              -Get the Tail Key

  You wake up in Marin's House.  Marin is a bright young woman who lives with 
her father, Tarin.  After hopping out of bed, be sure to talk to Tarin.  He'll 
give you your shiny new shield back!  With shield in arms, exit the house and 
go left 2 screens.  This is the town's well.  Go down and enter the building.  
Read all of the books to learn basic info.  There will be 2 books that are very 
curious - one is on the top of a shelf and another has text too small to read. 
 Keep these books in mind for later.  Exit the library and go down a screen.

Hop off all of the cliffs until you reach the sandy shores of Toronbo.  While 
exploring around the beach, you'll see spiny sea urchins.  Using your shield, 
push them aside to open the way up to your sword.  When you reach your sword, 
a mysterious owl will fly down and hoot a riddle to you - "Awaken the Wind Fish 
and you can leave this isle."  Now knowing your quest, backtrack to Mabe Village.

MABE VILLAGE (Revisited)
Now with sword in hand, many of the town's attractions open up to you.  Try looking 
in the well and inside the Trendy Game - both have useful prizes.  Don't worry 
about the Trendy Game, the claw never drops the prize inches away from the pick-up 
slot like in real life (Ahh...the power of electronics).  After thoroughly exploring 
the village, head back to the well.  Go up and cut the bushes out of your way.

Once again, the strange owl greets you.  It tells you to find the key to the Tail 
Cave inside the forest.  After it leaves, continue up a screen and right 2 screens. 
 Enter the strange tunnel.  After destroying the bats (Keese), push the stones 
around to access the chest.  Open it for 50 rupees.  Watch out that the floor 
doesn't crumble beneath you!  Walk around a lot to avoid falling.  Continue up 
and defeat the Gels that pop out at you.  Go left to find a room full of stones. 
 Push them until you make a path to escape from the cave.

After emerging from the cave, you'll see a mushroom behind some bushes.  Grab 
it!  With the smelly mushroom in your possession, reenter the cave and make it 
to the end.  After exiting the tunnel, go up and fight the 2 Moblins.  Continue 
up and destroy the enemies.  After they're vanquished, go right 2 screens, killing 
any enemies in your way.  Go down 2 screens and you should see a gravestone on 
the left that's inaccessible at this point.  Go right and enter the Witch's Hut. 
 Show her your mushroom and she'll turn it into Magic Powder for free!  After 
acquiring it, go back to screen C-8 (the screen with the entrance to the first 
tunnel you went into).

From screen C-8, go left a screen and up 2 screens.  The Raccoon says that he 
doesn't like powder, so sprinkle some on him.  He'll bounce around all over the 
place and finally explode revealing...Tarin?!  Tarin will go back home to get 
some rest, opening the way up to you.  What's up there?  The Tail Key of course! 
 Open the chest and the owl will give you more instructions.  After the owl is 
gone, go back to Mabe Village.

From the screen with the well, go back down 2 screens.  Follow the path to the 
right 3 screens.  Destroy all Octoroks that get in your way.  Follow around the 
curving path and you'll find Tail Cave.  Unlock the door with the Tail Key and 
enter the dungeon.

           __      / __/ _______________________________________
          /  \----| |---/ L E V E L   1   -   T A I L   C A V E \
          \__/----| |---\_______________________________________/

From the start of the level?

Go left and hit the enemies into the pit with your sword.  A small key will fall. 
 Grab it and go left.  Defeat the Gels and the statues will stop firing at you 
(the door will open, too).  Open the chest for the Compass. Backtrack right 2 
screens and go up.  Go right and destroy the Keese and the Stalfos.  Open the 
chest (map) and go back to the left.  Hit the enemy into the pit and stand on 
the button.  A chest will appear that holds a small key.  Get it and go left.

Defeat all of the Keese and the doors will open.  Go up and destroy the Moldorm. 
 A chest will appear.  Open it for 20 rupees.  Continue up and unlock the door. 
 Enter the new room and make your way around the blocks by going  right to the 
upper part of the screen and to the left.  Push the block farthest away in any 
direction and the door to the left will open.  Use your shield to flip the enemies 
onto their backs, making them vulnerable.  After destroying the duo, a stairway 
will appear.  Go down it and go through the underground passage.

After emerging, go up 2 screens and open the chest to receive Roc's Feather!  
Save and Quit or walk back to the level's entrance.  From the start, go up and 
to the left.  Destroy the Keese and go up.  Go right and carefully open the chest 
guarded by the Bubble (small key).  Go to the right and destroy the enemies to 
make the door open.  Go left and to the upper right to get behind the blocks.  
Go up and jump across the pit.  Unlock the block and continue left.  Open the 
chest for the Nightmare Key.  Go back right and down.  Go left and go on the other 
side of the blocks around and around...).  Go right and unlock the door.  Go up 
and 'discard' the Three-of-a-Kind to get the Stone Beak.  Though you don't really 
need it, getting all of the treasures in the dungeon shows determination, especially 
against the Three-of-a-Kind!  You must time your hits to make all 3 hold the same 

Go down and jump over the pit.  Go right and defeat Rolling Bones by jumping over 
the spiked log and hitting the bouncing quail with your sword.  After he's through, 
go up and unlock the Nightmare Door.  Defeat the Moldorm by striking its flashing 
tail segment.  After a hit, it will speed up.  If you wait a bit, it'll slow down 
again.  On the 3rd hit, it'll stay fast, so watch out.  Try hitting it with 2 
normal blows and once with a Whirling Blade.  After 4 hits from your sword, he'll 
leave a Heart Container.  Grab it and go up to claim the Full Moon Cello!

  |                        QUEST FOR BOTTLE GROTTO                         |


              -Rescue Bowwow from the Moblin Gang
              -Make Bowwow eat your way into Level 2

When you exit level 1, the owl will visit you and congratulate your accomplishments. 
 Yay, you beat level 1!  It turns out that it didn't think you could do that simple 
level!  Keep your rage against the owl in now, it does get even more annoying 
with its continuous hooting of more and more text...

Anyway, walk back to Mabe Village.  As soon as you enter, two children will come 
and tell you that Bowwow was stolen.  You, being the only hero on the entire island, 
must save it!  You can get more info at Madame MeowMeow's house, but you probably 
don't need it.  Continue to the Mysterious Forest, a few screens up from the town's 

Walk to the cave entrance that lead to the Sleepy Mushroom (up 2 screens and right 
2 screens from the entrance).  From there, go up 2 screens, killing all enemies 
along the way.  Go right 2 screens and grab the Heart Piece from the pit-surrounded 
island.  Jump up a screen and right a screen.  Enter the cave here.

Start by defeating the Moblin Warrior who guards the entrance.  After the doors 
open, go up and turn the 4 Moblins in the room to nice ham dinners.  Continue 
right and do battle with the Moblin King.  Use your Shield to block it's arrows, 
then move away when it starts to pound its chest.  It will charge into the wall, 
stunning itself.  Rush in with your trusty blade and give it a few swipes.  Repeat, 
rinse, dry.  After it's gone, go right and push the stone to free Bowwow!

Exit the dungeon and go right a screen.  Your favorite hooting friend will come 
and blab on about how Bowwow is a fierce animal.  Go right after it's gone.  The 
shop here is the Photographer's House.  After you rid yourself of Bowwow, you 
can come back here and start an album of pictures!  Keep that in mind for later.

Continuing your quest, go left 3 screens and down a screen.  You'll be on the 
screen where you got the Heart Piece from the pit-surrounded island.  Go left 
3 screens and jump over the pit.  Continue left a screen and go up.  Go into the 
house if you want to meet Mr. Write.  If not, go right 2 screens to enter the 
swamp.  Go up and let Bowwow eat the poisonous Goponga flowers that stand in your 
way.  After exploring the swamp a bit, you'll find a chest containing 50 rupees 
and the entrance to level 2!  Allow Bowwow to clear the flowers blocking it and 

        __      / __/ _______________________________________________
       /  \----| |---/ L E V E L   2   -   B O T T L E   G R O T T O \

       \__/----| |---\_______________________________________________/

Too bad Bowwow can't come into the dungeon with you...Well, from the start?

Go up.  You can't get the chest here until you get the Power Bracelet.  Throw 
some Magic Powder in both of the pots in the dark room.  The door to the right 
will open...from light?!  Anyway, go right and defeat the 2 Stalfos in the room 
for a small key.  Grab it and unlock the lower door.  Charge up your sword and 
walk around to make the Shyguy stand right behind your back.  Let go of the sword's 
button and it'll defeat the Shyguy, revealing a chest.  Open it and you'll get 
the compass.

Go back up and to the right.  Hit the crystal switch and the blocks will go down. 
 Go down and defeat the Stalfos.  Hit the crystal switch with your sword to make 
the blocks go down.  Open the chest (small key) and hit the switch when you are 
standing on a block.  The blocks will rise and you'll be standing on an upraised 
one.  Jump to the two blocks on the right and fall off of them.  Continue right 
and jump over the pits to the crystal switch.  Hit it and stand on the small switch. 
 A chest will appear above you.  Walk up and open it (small key).

Jump to the ledge on the upper side of the screen and go up.  Defeat the 2 Shyguys 
by using your Whirling Blade Technique.  A key will drop out of reach.  Go down 
and jump over the pits to the crystal switch.  Ignore it and continue jumping 
to the left.  Hit the crystal switch on this screen and go up.  Go right and get 
the key that dropped before.  Go back to the left 3 screens and unlock the door 
in the dark room.

Ignore the traps, defeat the Keese, and go up.  Jump over the pit and knock the 
enemy into the pit with your sword.  Open the chest (map) and go back to the level's 
start (or Save and Quit).  From the start, go up and put Magic Powder in each 
of the pots to light the room and open the right door.  Go right 2 screens and 
hit the crystal switch.  Go down and hit the crystal switch with your sword when 
you're standing on a block that's down.  You'll be on an uprisen block (again). 
 Jump to the right over the two blocks and go right.  Make your way across the 
pits and hit the crystal switch.

Jump over to the platform at the top of the screen and go up.  Ignore the Shyguys 
and go right.  Ignore the enemies and unlock the door.  Go up and destroy all 
of the Keese in the room.  Push the two blocks in the middle of the room onto 
the different floor tiles (or just push them together, same thing) and a staircase 
will appear.  Go down the stairs and jump from moving platform to moving platform. 
 After exiting the underground passage, jump to the door shaped like a body.  
Watch it-there are holes in the ground around the platform you're on.  You'll 
emerge in a mini boss battle.

Hit the Hinox with your sword while playing 'Dodge Bomb' with it (Ahhh...Oracle 
of Ages game!).  It may charge at you, too.  When it does, it will pick you up 
and throw you, causing major damage as well as giving you the risk of falling 
down a cracked floor tile.  After a few hits, it'll die and leave a warp hole 
behind (as well as the door opening).  Go right and jump over the pits to the 
upper exit of the room.  Continue up and stay in the doorway of the room.  All 
of the Keese will be sucked into the Vacuum (survival of the fittest!).

You can ignore the chest, there's only a map inside, but if you really want it, 
wait for the Vacuum to stop sucking you in to open it.  Concentrate on going up 
(beware, though.  Falling into the Vacuum warps you to the level's beginning). 
 After you're up, get the chest for 20 rupees.  Unlock the left door and hit the 
Boo Didleys so they fall back.  Try to light a pot with Magic Powder.  The room 
will light and the Boo Didleys will turn into small, black, yelping balls of gas. 
 Hit them with your sword and a chest will appear.  Open it for the Power Bracelet!

Head back right and lift the pots to gain access right.  Go to the upper right. 
 Walk to the crystal switch that *should* have a raised block in front of it.  
If the blocks are in your way, go back to the left and take the lower path.  Hit 
the switch once and return to the upper part of the screen.  After you're standing 
on a flat block, hit the crystal switch.  Jump down to the lowered block in front 
of the switch and hit it again.  Walk to the right and hit it again.  Open the 
chest (small key) and go right.

Hit the enemies into the pit and continue right.  Destroy the Keese and the Stalfos 
and go down.  Eliminate the Pols Voice (bunny thing) with a pot.  Then destroy 
the Keese.  Finally, destroy the Stalfos.  A chest will appear when you defeat 
them in that order.  The chest will have the Nightmare Key!  Grab it and go up. 
 Unlock the door and go in.  Throw pots at the Pols Voice and destroy the Gel 
to make a stairway appear.  Go down the stairs and stand on the ledge to make 
it fall.  Link must be heavy...Anyway, go left and pick up the pot at the bottom 
of the ladder.  Climb up and stand on the ledge with the pot and it'll sink.  
Climb out of the passage and jump to the Nightmare Door.  Unlock it and do battle 
with the Genie.

Destroy the Genie by dodging its fireballs and hitting the pot with your sword 
when he goes inside of it.  Pick up the pot when it stops moving (and when he 
stops blabbing on and on...) and throw it against the wall.  Repeat this process 
2 more times and the pot will break.  Hit the genie as it comes towards you.  
After being hit, it'll project 2 images of itself around the room.  They won't 
hurt you, so jump around and be ready for the Genie to appear at any second.  
Jump the fireball and hit it with your sword.  Repeat until dead.  Grab the Heart 
Container and go left to get the Conch Horn!

  |                         QUEST FOR KEY CAVERN                           |

              -Return Bowwow to its owner
              -Buy a shovel and bombs
              -Get some Bananas
              -Recover 5 Golden Leaves
              -Obtain the Slime Key

When you exit the level, head left.  Go to Mr. Write's house (screen A-4).  Walking 
a screen up, you'll see a cave.  Enter that cave and get both chests inside.  
Exit the cave and head down towards the Mysterious Forest, specifically, the screen 
where you got the Sleepy Mushroom.

Enter the cave on the screen where you got the mushroom and push the stones to 
make a path to the right.  Go right and backtrack left.  The stones will reset, 
giving you access to the Heart Piece.  After acquiring it, continue right and 
down.  Exit the cave and go a screen left and a screen down.  Open the chest here 
for a Secret Seashell.  After emptying the chest, walk on your way back to the 
forest's entrance.  Exit down to Mabe Village.


First, go to Madame MeowMeow's house to return Bowwow.  After getting your reward 
(what will Marin think?), go to the Shop and buy a shovel with your hard-earned 
money.  Buy bombs, too, you'll need them.  Make sure you have your Trade Sequence 
up to date, you'll need the bananas.  Read the Trading Section for info on how 
to get them.  After you have all of the goods listed above, walk to the far right 
side of town and lift the rocks blocking the path.

Go a screen right and you'll see a strange hole with lights circling it.  This 
is a warp hole, one of 4 on Koholint Island.  You can't warp anywhere until you 
find another, so go down 2 screens, right a screen, and down a screen.  Enter 
the house and talk to Richard.  He'll tell you that he and his frogs had to 
run...err...jump away to their villa from an attack by deranged guards.  Accept 
his quest and exit his house.

Go right a screen and up 2 screens.  That water is the gateway to level 3.  You'll 
find out more about that later, so for now, go right a screen and up 2 screens. 
 Talk to Grandpa Ulrira in the telephone booth if you like, but to continue the 
quest, go right a screen and up a screen.  This is Kanalet Castle, Richard's home. 
 You'll see that the drawbridge is up, leaving no path to enter.  If you have 
visited the Photographer, walk up to the drawbridge for a rare picture.  If not, 
I suggest you visit him.

Anyway, continue right 2 screens and talk to the monkey, Kiki.  Kiki will call 
upon his friends to build a bridge for you after giving him bananas.  Once monkey 
will leave a stick behind.  Grab it and head up 3 screens.  Yet another telephone 
booth, leaving the unanswered question, "Where are Koholint's telephone lines?" 
 Go left and slash at the bush.

Inside the cave under the bush will be Goombas and spikes.  Jump over all of them 
and exit the cave.  You will be inside to castle.  Go left a screen and down a 
screen, defeating both Darknuts on your way.  See the crow on the tree?  It won't 
budge until you chuck a stone at it.  Slash at it after it tries to fly off.  
You'll get Gold Leaf #1.  Go down a screen and right 2 screens, vanquishing all 
foes on the way.  Continue up and fight with the Bomb Trooper for possession of 
Gold Leaf #2.  After it's gone, go to the main castle entrance, a screen down 
and left of where the Bomb Trooper was.

Enter the castle and head left.  Kill all of the enemies here (except the Anti-Faerie) 
to get Gold Leaf #3.  Fight your way up and right.  Stand on the switch to open 
the drawbridge.  Go up the small staircase and go left.  Walk upstairs and place 
a bomb near the left wall decoration you see.  A Darknut Warrior will pop out. 
 Fight it for Gold Leaf #4.  After collecting it, head right a screen, down a 
screen, and left a screen.  Exit the castle.

You'll emerge on a screen with 2 castle entrances.  Go to the right one and enter. 
 Pick up a pot and throw it at the door.  If you need bombs or hearts, you can 
find one of each in the collection of pots.  Go up when you're ready and defeat 
the Ball and Chain Trooper.  After he's done, you'll have a happy Sub-Screen full 
of 5 Gold Leaves!  Exit the castle and go back to Richard's Villa.

UKUKU PRAIRIE (revisited)

Enter Richard's Villa and give him the Gold Leaves.  He'll allow you to push a 
crate aside.  Underneath will be a staircase.  Go down it and make your way up 
to the staircase (there's a chest here with a Secret Seashell, too).  Go up it 
and exit the cave.  You'll emerge in a field of bushes.  Slash your way through 
them to find a path, or pull at them for an easier way to get through.  If they 
don't budge, there's a pit under it.  Make your way to the end where you'll find 
an owl statue.

That's no ordinary owl statue.  Inside the soil underneath it is the Slime Key! 
 Dig it up and make your way back to Richard's Villa.  Exit his house and go up 
a screen, left a screen, and up a screen.  Unlock the level and walk around to 
the water I mentioned earlier.  Jump from island to island to get to the level. 
 Enter it!

        __      / __/ _________________________________________
       /  \----| |---/ L E V E L   3   -   K E Y   C A V E R N \
       \__/----| |---\_________________________________________/

From the start, pick up a pot and throw it against the upper door to break it 
open.  Go up and defeat all of the enemies on this screen.  A chest will appear 
containing a small key.  Take it and go the upper right path.  Defeat the 4 Gels 
that pop up and the doors will open.  The chest has a Gel, so you don't have to 
get it.  Continue up.  Ignore the enemies and go up yet again.  Quickly go down 
the stairs so you don't have to confront the Gels.  You'll resurface in a room 
with 4 locked doors on each side.  Quickly charge up your sword for a Whirling 
Blade Technique (WBT) to destroy the Gels that pop up.

Unlock the upper door.  Inside will be 2 Stalfos and a crystal switch.  Defeat 
the enemies and a small key will drop.  Hit the crystal switch and go down and 
back up the stairs.  Get the chest here (Stone Beak) and go down 2 screens.  Defeat 
the 4 Gels and go right.  Get the chest in this room for a map.  Go back left 
and up to the staircase.  Go back down the stairs (geez, Link gets lots of exercise!). 
 WBT the Gels and go back to the crystal switch room.  Hit the switch again and 
go back down a screen.  Unlock the right door this time.  Ignore the Pairodd and 
go to the staircase.

You'll be on an upraised platform.  Walk around the perimeter of this platform 
to scare out Gels.  Defeat all of them and a small key will fall.  Grab it and 
go up.  There will be 2 Stalfos and a load of pots.  Head left and go up.  Defeat 
the Dodongo Snakes by walking up to them and placing a bomb in front of their 
mouths.  After one eats 3 bombs, it'll explode.  When both are vanquished, the 
door to the right will open.

Go right.  Push the block farthest to the right down and push the block closest 
to the two blocks above the crystals left.  Open the chest and you'll get the 
Pegasus Boots.  Walk back to the Mini-Boss' room.  Enter the Warp Hole and you'll 
be back at the level's entrance.  Walk right and dash into the Vacuum with your 
Pegasus Boots before it shoves you off into a pit.  Get the chest behind it for 
a small key.  Go back left and up.

Go to the upper left this time and dash through the crystals.  Defeat the Mini-Gel 
and go up.  Push the block to the right and go down.  Defeat the Stalfos and a 
chest will appear.  Inside will be 200 rupees.  Grab it and Save and Quit (or 
walk back to the level's entrance).  From the entrance, go into the warp hole. 
 Go down when you emerge in the Mini-Boss' room.  Walk left and dash into the 
Telekeets, defeating the Gels that pop along the way.

Grab the small key that falls.  Continue up and defeat all of the enemies and 
a chest will appear out of reach.  Go up again and go to the upraised platform. 
 Walk down and get the chest (Stone Beak).  Move down and to the right.  Continue 
right and hit the wall until you find a place where it sounds different.  Place 
a bomb there and a new doorway will appear.  Go into it and equip the Pegasus 
Boots and Roc's Feather.  Run and jump over the 3-sprite-long pit.  Open the chest 
for the Nightmare Key.

Leap off the upraised platform and go up a screen.  Defeat all of the enemies 
in this room (the easiest way to defeat the countdown Bombites is to hit them 
away when the begin to flash).  The doors will open, so walk left.  Get the chest 
and poke the wall with your sword until you hear a different sound when you hit 
it.  Place a bomb there and a doorway will appear.  Continue into it and defeat 
all of the Bombites in the room.  Grab the key and pick up the pots to get a faerie.

Save and Quit.  When you restart, warp to the Mini-Bosses' room.  Go down and 
unlock the block on the screen.  Walk up and unlock the block on this screen.  
Continue right and (you guessed it) unlock the block on this screen.  For the 
last time, go down and unlock the block to access the staircase leading to the 
boss.  Go down the stairs.  Dash into the giant block and it'll fall.  Jump down 
onto it and walk to the right.  This part can be tricky, so hopefully you have 
a lot of hearts.  Equip the Pegasus Boots and Roc's Feather.  Run and jump to 
the ladder.  If you fall into the spikes, try to make your way to the right and 
grab the ladder.  Go up the ladder and exit the cave.

You'll find yourself in a room full of crystals.  Dash into the Pairodd.  When 
all of them are destroyed, go left.  Defeat all of the Keese in this room for 
a small key.  This key serves for exploration of the dungeon, so pocket it.  Unlock 
the Nightmare Door and dash into the wall to make the Slime Eye fall.  Repeatedly 
hit it until the two eyes are hanging on by a thread.  Dash into the thread and 
they'll be separated.  For the easiest way to defeat them, use the WBT on the 
eyeballs.  When you hit one, it flies up and it's shadow will be seen.  Jump when 
it lands or you'll be stunned for a short while.  After both are gone, grab the 
heart container and claim the Sea Lily Bell!

  |                       QUEST FOR ANGLER'S TUNNEL                        |

              -Get the Honeycomb from Tarin
              -Obtain the Ocarina from Dream Shrine
              -Learn the Ballad of the Wind Fish for your Ocarina
              -Go to Animal Village
              -Give the bear chef the honeycomb for a pineapple
              -Take Marin to the Walrus
              -Recover the Angler Key
              -Give Papahl the Pineapple for a Hibiscus
              -Leap from the mountains to level 4

After your valiant defeat of the Slime Eyes, the owl will fly down and hoot at 
you some more.  Blah, blah, the same...After his departure, head up to the warp 
hole you found.  Go on right and follow the path until you meet up with Tarin. 
 He'll knock down a bee hive if you let him have your stick.  Take the fallen 
honeycomb and go down a screen.  Bomb the giant Moblin-like statue for a shortcut. 
 Now head back to Mabe Village.


Go a screen up from the town's Shop.  You'll see an odd shrine surrounded by stones. 
 Pick them up and toss them aside.  Enter the building and slip into the bed.  
You'll dream of a shrine of dreams, the Dream Shrine!  This shrine of dreams makes 
the dreamer dream of a shrine, all are dreams, but is the shrine a dream?  Akkk, 
no more tongue twisters!!  Ok, you'll find some tough enemies called Armmimics 
all over the place.  They may not appear strong, but the only way to harm them 
is to execute a Whirling Blade Technique on them.  Simple, but there are cracked 
floors as well.

To get past them, perform this simple trick-grab onto the wall.  You can direct 
the moves of them and make them all come to a single point.  WBT them and you 
can destroy all of them in one blow!  After coming near the end, you'll find a 
chest containing 100 rupees.  Dash through the crystal at the base of the chests' 
structure and go up to find yet another chest.  This one has an Ocarina in it! 
 Exit the shrine.

Talk to Marin, who can be found on the normal screen - the rooster's grave.  She'll 
teach you a new song for your Ocarina - The Ballad of the Wind Fish!  This plays 
a major role later in the game.  Now that you have that in your possession, head 
back to the right into the Ukuku Prairie.

Make your way to the screen with Kanalet Castle's drawbridge.  From there, go 
down 3 screens and go right a screen.  Chop the strange bush to uncover a secret 
passageway.  Enter it and dash through the crystals inside.  At the end, you'll 
emerge on another island.  Go down and to the right.  Welcome to Animal Village! 
 Talk to the locals there and explore the town.  In one of the houses, you'll 
find a bear chef in need of honey.

Trade your Honeycomb for his Pineapple.  He'll tell you that Marin can help you 
get to the Yarna Desert, where the key to level 4 rests.  Depart for Mabe!  An 
easy way to get there is by way of warp holes.  The second one you'll find is 
south of Animal Village.  Warp back to the Ukuku Prairie and go left to enter 

Go to the screen Marin is usually on.  She's not there?  Check inside her house. 
 A note tells you that she's on the beach.  Go back down to the screen where you 
found your sword was (Screen C-16).  Go right 2 screens and up a screen.  Ignore 
the monkey and go right to discover a chest.  Open it and continue down to find 
Marin!  Talk with her and she'll follow you.  Take her back to Animal Village!

Go south of the village and approach the walrus.  Marin will start singing to 
it.  It will fall into the ocean in happiness of Marin's Song.  Marin will depart 
for Animal Village after opening Yarna Desert for you.  Enter the dry region and 
go up 3 screens.  Defeat the Lanmola for the Angler Key.  Slash at its head to 
stand as the victor.  Don't get swallowed by the sand pit, though!  After thoroughly 
exploring the desert, go to the entrance of Bowwow's Dungeon in Tal Tal Heights 
(Screen F-4).

From the screen with the entrance to Bowwow's Dungeon, go up a screen and lift 
the stones up.  Walk right on the upper path until you get to a screen with 2 
Elite Moblins and a stone blocking the path right.  Defeat the Moblins and go 
right.  If you explore the area a bit, you'll find your third warp hole, as well 
as the keyhole for level 4.  Unlock the level, and the nearby waterfall will stop 
flowing, but how do you get to the entrance?  Yep, you must jump from above.

Return to the screen with 2 Elite Moblins and the stone (Screen H-3).  Go left 
a screen and up the stairs.  Enter the cave via lifting the stones.  Inside, defeat 
the enemies and head right.  Push the stones and defeat any Gels that pop up.  
Make your way to the staircase and go down the stairs.  Defeat all the enemies 
while going to the right.  Go up the staircase and head right.  Exit the cave 
and open the chest for some rupees.  Reenter the cave and dash through the crystals 
to the right.  Exit again and head right a screen.  Enter the cave and go through 
it to emerge atop a small mountain.

Not far from the exit is Papahl.  He's exhausted and needs energy.  Give him your 
Pineapple.  He'll give you a Hibiscus in return.  Leap off the mountain or go 
back through the cave.  Keep walking right until you see a spot to leap off.  
Jump from it and you'll land by the entrance of level 4!  Enter the fish!

      __      / __/ ___________________________________________________
     /  \----| |---/ L E V E L   4   -   A N G L E R ' S   T U N N E L \
     \__/----| |---\___________________________________________________/

L:4 - Angler's Tunnel

From the start, go up a screen.  Go up to the upraised platform and head right 
2 screens.  Go down and open the chest (Stone Beak).  Go left a screen then up 
2 screens.  You'll see a pit 3 sprites long.  For now, ignore it and continue 
up.  Get the map from inside the chest and return to the screen with the long 
pit.  Jump over it by executing a long jump (Equip Pegasus Boots and Roc's Feather, 
then run and jump).  In this room, you'll see a cracked block.  Use a bomb to 
break it and push the remaining block into the water.  Open the chest to get a 
small key.  Proceed upwards.

After a screen or two, you'll be in a room with another cracked block.  Avoiding 
the Anti-Faeries, bomb your way to the chest (small key).  Pick up the hearts 
if you need them.  Save and Quit your game or walk back to the level's first screen 

From the entrance, walk up.  Defeat the enemies and the door will open (how killing 
them triggers it I don't know...).  Go right and battle the enemies once again. 
 When they're vanquished, open the chest for the Compass.  Go down a screen and 
kill the Tektites.  A small key is inside the chest, and the door will open once 
every Tektite is gone.  After going up, unlock the right door and hop from shallow 
water to shallow water.  Unlock this door and go up.

The chest you see should be gotten with the flippers, but you don't have them 
yet, so continue upwards.  Do a running jump over the pit when you slash the Gels. 
 Hop over and go up.  Unlock the block and defeat the Stalfos and Whrrlrobe.  
Walk left and destroy the gels for a key...or did you?  The key will fall down 
a flooded hole.  With no flippers in your inventory, go down 2 screens and hop 
across the shallow water to your left.

Continue left and up and you'll find a chest surrounded by enemies.  Vanquish 
them and open the chest for a Gel.  Whoopee.  Walk up again and you'll enter a 
strange room with odd tiles.  Ignore it for now, but keep that screen in mind 
for later.  Traverse right and open the chest.  Small Key!  Backtrack to the room 
where the defeated Gels dropped a key into the flooded cave (Left a screen, down 
2 screens, right 2 screens, up 2 screens).

Unlock this door.  The giant tick-thingy is Cue-Ball.  Don't let it run you over. 
 Stay near a straightway and jump over it as it comes near.  Slash it in its abdomen 
until it disappears.  Quickly go up and to the left.  If you don't make it between 
the blocks, pull the lever on your right back until the blocks separate.  Dash 
for it!  After getting through the tight squeeze, walk left and kill the Gels. 
 Open the chest.  You've got the Flippers!

Go down and study the floor tiles (after destroying the enemies of course).  They 
resemble the ones in the room I told you to remember, right?  Either write down 
the sequence or memorize it.  After having it in your head/on paper, go down and 
swim right.  Make your way back to that room that had the same tiles.  Perform 
the correct sequence and a staircase will pop up.  Enter it!

Avoid the first Thwomp and go left.  Make the Thwomp here crash to the ground 
as you climb the ladder.  Jump on its flat top to get boosted to the exit.  This 
may take practice, so you've been warned...Anyway, when you exit, go down and 
open the chest (Nightmare Key).  You have a choice now.  Either Save and Quit 
or walk back to the Mini-Boss's room.  If you Save and Quit, jump into the warp 
hole leading to the room of the Mini-Boss.

From there, go down a screen and right a screen.  Annihilate the enemies and push 
the blocks to open the way to the staircase.  Go down it and explore the cave 
to find that key that dropped down after defeating Gels.  With it in your possession, 
exit the cave and go left a screen.  Walk down 2 screens and left a screen whilst 
destroying any enemies in your path.  Swim to the door and step on the switch 
to open it.  Continue up and unlock the block.  Enter the cave and swim to the 
exit.  You'll come out in a rather small area.  Walk left and kill the Gels.  
Unlock the Nightmare Door and you'll battle...

A staircase?!?!

Actually, when you go down the stairs, you'll find a big Angler Fish.  You should 
probably slash at it's face like mad, but if it stops, move out of the way!  It 
will charge against the wall, making floor tiles drop.  Keep slashing at it and 
it's fry until it disappears to a Heart Container.  Grab it and exit the battle 
arena.  Continue up and gain possession of the Surf Harp!

  |                        QUEST FOR CATFISH'S MAW                         |

              -Learn Manbo's Mambo on your Ocarina
              -Take a lost ghost to its house
              -Return the ghost to its grave
              -Dive into Martha's Bay to enter L:5

When you exit the level, swim to the left and enter the cave.  Talk to the giant 
sunfish named Manbo.  It'll teach you its mambo on your ocarina for free!  This 
song warps you to Manbo's Pond, which can be found on screen F-5.  When you leave 
the cave, swim to land and play it.  You'll be warped to that screen in Koholint 


Walk out of the pond and down a few screens to appear in the Ukuku Prairie.  If 
you have a strange ghost following you now or at any part of this paragraph, skip 
to the next section below.  When you appear, try walking around on many screens, 
like Kanalet Castle.  Search the area for nothingness, all you're looking for 
is the ghost to get you to the below paragraph.  It appears randomly, so just 
walk around.

After acquiring your new buddy, walk down to the screen that you claimed your 
sword on (Screen C-16).  Walk 2 screen right and 1 screen up, destroying all enemies 
in your path.  Continue right 2 screens and down a screen.  The ghost will tell 
you to enter its house.  It will then want to return to its grave.  Exit and go 
to the Witch's Hut on screen F-7.

From the screen with the Witch's Hut, go left and lift the stone.  Walk down and 
go around to the grave.  It'll go back to its eternal rest after telling you to 
check the pots in its house.  After a happy visit from your favorite bird, head 
over to Animal Village, the best way to get there is by the Warp Hole in Ukuku 

Upon arrival, exit the village and go up a screen then left a screen.  Enter the 
water and swim around in Martha's Bay until you discover a giant Catfish's Head. 
 Dive in the water near the rocks and you'll discover a secret passageway.  Swim 
through the cave and you'll resurface inside the ring of rocks.  Become the fish's 
lunch to enter the level.

        __      / __/ _______________________________________________
       /  \----| |---/ L E V E L   5   -   C A T F I S H ' S   M A W \
       \__/----| |---\_______________________________________________/

From the beginning?

Go left a screen.  Avoid the two enemies and walk left again.  Destroy all of 
the baddies in this room, and the door to the left will open.  To destroy the 
Iron Mask (walking shield-thing), hit it in it's back with your sword.  Anyways, 
go left through the now-opened door.  Just avoid the enemies in this room and 
continue down the staircase in the corner.  Hop from platform to platform to make 
it across to the exit of the underground passage.

After you come up, you'll be in a room with lots of crystal-like things and 4 
Stalfos.  Destroy the Stalfos and break all of the crystal things with your sword. 
 Push the top two blocks in the center of the room towards each other to make 
a square.  A key will fall.  Grab it and head back to the cave.  After you go 
through it, you'll emerge in the room with 2 Iron Masks and a Spark.  Destroy 
the two Iron Masks to make the door open.  Grab the Compass out of the chest and 
continue right a screen.

Unlock the door and go up.  Walk left and defeat the 2 Iron Masks.  Go into the 
door to the left and destroy all of the enemies in the room (not the Spark) to 
make the chest with the map appear.  Head right 2 screens.  Go up and defeat all 
of the Stalfos in this room to make the upper door open.  Continue up and do battle 
with Master Stalfos.  Hit him with your sword to stun him and place a bomb next 
to him while he's stunned.  3 bomb blasts will make him retreat.  Walk right.

The chest here has a note from Master Stalfos saying that he has the Hookshot. 
 Yep, he's so polite, he leaves you a note to tell you that he stole something. 
 Go up and push the block in the middle of the room up.  Walk right and battle 
Master Stalfos again.  2 bombs will make him retreat this time.  You get used 
to his cowardice after awhile.  When he's gone, go left a screen and push the 
block left.  Continue up.  Jump across the pit and walk up.  Head left and you'll 
be in a room with blocks going diagonally across the room.

Pick up the pot on the diagonal block formation closest to the door.  Push the 
block to the left and pick up one of the pots on the other side of the room to 
reveal a switch.  Step on and the upper door opens.  Go up and battle Master Stalfos 
for the 3rd time.  2 hits makes him retreat once more.  Go left after he's gone 
and get the map.  Grab the hearts if you need them.  After you're done, Save and 
Quit or play Manbo's Mambo to warp you back to the level's entrance.

Go left 3 screens and go down the stairs.  Get through the underground cave like 
you did before and you'll emerge in the room with many crystal things.  Go left 
a screen and battle Master Stalfos for the last time.  After 3 bombs, he'll blow 
up and leave the Hookshot.  With the new weapon in your inventory, go back to 
the underground tunnel a screen to the right.

After you emerge again, you'll have to defeat the 2 Iron Masks to open the door 
again.  Use your Hookshot to dispose of them easily.  Go right when the door is 
open.  Continue a screen to the right (upper side) and Hookshot across the chasm 
to the chest.  Inside will be a lot of rupees, use them to buy the Bow later in 
the game.  Head back left and up.  Walk left and up again.  In this room, 2 Gels 
will be under a bunch of flying arrows.  A statue will fire at you until the Gels 
are defeated.  Go left from here and Hookshot across the traps to the left side 
of the room.  Go left and Hookshot across the chasm.  Get the chest (small key) 
and exit through the lower door.

Hookshot back across the traps and go right.  Use the Hookshot to grab the bridge 
on the right and extend it to yourself.  Cross the bridge and go up.  Unlock the 
door and defeat the two Gohmas.  Use your shield to block their charges and hookshot 
them in the eyes when they're open.  After you defeat them, head back to the room 
with the flying arrows and the statue that fires at you.

Go down and to the right.  Continue up two screens and to the right.  This is 
where you got that note about the Hookshot, remember?  Walk up from here and push 
the block in the middle of the room up.  Head left and go up.  Dive into the pool 
of deep water in the middle of this room and you'll enter a secret flooded tunnel. 
 Swim to its exit and you'll emerge in a room with a chest in the corner.  Use 
your Hookshot to grab the bridge and cross it.  Open the chest and you'll receive 
the Nightmare Key.  Walk back into the flooded passage and exit into the room 
with the pool in its middle.

Go down and to the right.  Push the block in the middle of the room to the right. 
 Continue up and hop right over the pit.  Hookshot to the chest (50 rupees) and 
open it.  Go a screen to the right and Hookshot to the chest.  Grab the small 
key inside and go back to the left.  Head up and use your Hookshot to grab the 
bridge.  Cross it and get the chest (50 rupees).  Save and Quit or play Manbo's 
Mambo to get back to the level's entrance.

Enter the warp you created by defeating the Gohmas and go through the upper right 
door.  Enter the stairwell.  Use the Hookshot on the dragon's heads to be pulled 
up to them.  Get through the tunnel and you'll emerge next to a block that's locked. 
 Unlock the block (rhyming!!!  AHH!!!) and Hookshot across the chasm.  Continue 
left and unlock the Nightmare Door.  Defeat the Slime Eel by using your Hookshot.

Stay in a corner to avoid the tail, and when you have the chance, Hookshot its 
mouth to pull it out of the wall.  Slash the hearts in its neck if you see them. 
 If you Hookshot the mouth and  a small eel comes out, bouncing around the room, 
avoid it - it's a dud.  After running a bit it'll blow up.  Continue using these 
battle techniques until the Slime Eel is no more.  Grab the Heart Container and 
go up to claim the Wind Marimba!

  |                         QUEST FOR FACE SHRINE                          |

              -Buy the Bow from Mabe Village's Shop
              -Defeat the Armos Knight for the Face Key
              -Read the inscription of the Wind Fish
              -Finish the Trading Sequence
              -Get the Boomerang from Toronbo Shores

Since you defeated the Slime Eel and gained the Hookshot as a weapon, you can 
finally finish the Trading Sequence!  Explore all of Koholint as explained in 
the Trading Section of this FAQ/Walkthrough to get the Magnifying Lens.  This 
important item will be your guide through the final level.  It also allows you 
to get a very important item - the Boomerang!  This is the only way to defeat 
Sparks, and they always give you a faerie for defeating them!  Anyway, after you 
acquire the Magnifying Lens, go to the screen on Toronbo Shores where you found 
your sword (Screen C-16).

Go left 2 screens and bomb open the cave entrance.  Enter it and you'll find an 
old enemy in the Zelda series - a Goriya!  It wants to trade its weapon, a boomerang, 
for an item in your B Button.  I suggest trading your Shovel, since you no longer 
need it.  This weapon is one of the best in the game, it's very powerful and can 
be used to create a huge shortcut in level 7.  Anyway, you need nothing else on 
the beach, so head back to Mabe Village.

When you reach the village, head over towards the shop.  Inside you'll find a 
very expensive item, the Bow.  This is very useful in level 6, so buy it if you 
have enough cash.  If you don't, explore the many caves on Koholint or win it 
in the Trendy Game.  You don't want to pass this item up!  When you have the weapon 
in your inventory, walk right 2 screens from the shop and jump into the Warp Hole. 
 Warp to Animal Village and exit it as soon as you arrive.

When you leave Animal Village, walk up a few screens and right a few screens until 
you meet up with Kaepora.  After another long lecture, go right and lift all the 
stones in your way to open the path right.  Kill any enemies in your way as well. 
 After a bit of exploring, the path will open south.  Walk down and you'll be 
in a field full of statues.  Some will awaken and attack you when touched.  Simply 
use your new boomerang to destroy them.  After some self-exploration, you'll 
discover an entrance to a shrine.  Enter it!

Once inside, walk up.  You'll awaken a huge Armos Statue.  To defeat it, use your 
bow and arrows.  If you run out of arrows, charge up your sword and use a whirling 
blade technique.  When it jumps, hop in the air or you'll be paralyzed from the 
shockwave.  When hit a lot of times, it loses its shield.  After a few more hits, 
its armor wears off.  Hit it a couple of times after that to destroy it, rewarding 
you with the Face Key!  Head up after your triumph.

Light the pots and look at the wall inscription.  You'll hear a riddle of the 
Wind Fish.  Is the island true?  Or is this only a dream?  You'll only know when 
you find all of the Sirens' Instruments and awaken the Wind Fish.  Exit the shrine 
and Kaepora will hoot at you until you shout 'MERCY!' out.  Backtrack to the Animal 

Exit Animal Village and go up a few screens.  Dive into the water and swim up 
a screen and right a few screens.  You'll see an odd island with Armos Statues 
on it.  Defeat the left one to reveal a staircase.  Enter it and swim through 
the cave (use the Hookshot as well).  Upon exiting, you'll be on another island. 
 Take the right path upwards and unlock the face.  Face Shrine will emerge out 
of the ruins.  Go around to enter.

          __      / __/ ___________________________________________
         /  \----| |---/ L E V E L   6   -   F A C E   S H R I N E \
         \__/----| |---\___________________________________________/

From the start of the level, go left.  Ignore the Wizzrobes and continue up 2 
screens.  From there, go left and you'll be face-to-face with a Mask-mimic.  
Eliminate him and set a bomb by the crystal switch.  Quickly go to the upper right 
so you're above the lowered crystal.  The bomb will activate the switch and 'trap' 
you (the crystal will now be up).  Walk up, it's the only way to go.  Bomb the 
right wall at its most obvious point.  Head into the doorway you just made and 
walk around, defeating any gels you meet.  After defeating four, a staircase will 
appear in the upper right.  Walk down it!

Simply go left and ignore the giant Bubbles until you climb out of the underground 
passage.  When you submerge, kill the two Wizzrobes and the Moldorm.  The door 
will open, so go in!  Get the chest in the upper left corner for the Power Bracelet 
L:2!  If you need life, pick up the pot in the upper right for a faerie.  Continue 
up into the man-shaped door and you'll wind up back at the room with the Maskmimic 
and the crystal switch.  Hit the crystal switch.  This time, go into the upper 
left (place a bomb by the switch in the same way you previously did).

Go up and pick up pots until you discover a switch.  Stand on it and the door 
on the left will open.  Walk in and use you bow/bombs to kill the Wizzrobes.  
Hit the switch to get the chest (map).  Go up and to the right.  The chest here 
has the Stone Beak.  Continue back left and throw a pot at the door to break it 
open (you may have to go down and hit the crystal switch to make the pots accessible). 
 Walk into it and go right.  Open the chest (compass) and hit the crystal switch. 
 Continue right and go down a screen.  Head right 2 screens then up a screen.  
Defeat the Wizzrobes here for a key.

Backtrack to the screen where you got the compass and go left.  Break the door 
in here with an elephant statue.  Walk up and get the chest for 100 rupees.  Exit 
at the staircase here and you'll emerge in the Rapids Ride.  Open the chest for 
a secret seashell (or 20 rupees).  Re-enter and go back to the start of the level. 
 The easiest way to do this is to play Manbo's Mambo, but it's a good idea to 
save frequently, so do what you like to get back.  Once you're there, go right. 
 Avoid the traps and walk right again.  Defend against the tiles with your shield.

Once they're all gone, go into the door that just opened.  Pick up an elephant 
statue and throw it at the right door.  Continue in and defeat all 4 of the Wizzrobes 
to open the upper door.  Go up a bunch of screens until you find a chest that 
holds a small key.  Backtrack to the room with 4 Wizzrobes.  Walk left and unlock 
the door with a small key.  Bomb the upper wall near its middle and enter.  Defeat 
Smasher by picking up its ball and throwing it at the mini-boss about 4 times. 
 After its defeat, walk up and lift the left elephant statue to reveal a staircase. 
 Go down.

Make it to the left by jumping from ladder to ladder until you get to the underground 
tunnel's exit.  Exit the cave and you'll be in a room full of tiles.  After they 
perish, a key will fall.  Get it, unlock the block, and continue up.  Break the 
door on the left with an elephant statue.  Go left and throw the horse head statues 
until they both land heads up.  The door to the left will open.  Walk in and go 
down the stairs there.

Dash past the Thwimps and get to the underground tunnel's exit.  Once exiting, 
you'll be in a room full of Pol's Voices.  Play the Ballad of the Wind Fish and 
they'll self-destruct.  Go up 2 screens if you want 50 rupees.  Whatever you decide 
to do, from the room that had the Pol's Voices in it, go down and defeat the Dodongos. 
 Continue left and hookshot across the chasm.  Unlock the block and go up two 
screens.  You'll find that the chest won't open!  Throw a pot at it to force it 
open and get the Nightmare Key.

Once again, Save and Quit (or mambo) for a shorter trip and enter the mini boss's 
warp hole.  Continue up and lift the elephant statue on the left.  Enter the 
underground passage, making it through the way you did before.  After you exit, 
walk down after defeating the tiles.  Destroy all of the gels without getting 
sucked into the vortex to make the door on the right open.  Once scared out, they'll 
most likely be sucked into a pit.  After the door opens, go into it and push the 
block near the lower wall right.  Shoot arrows vertically up to the Wizzrobe to 
defeat it.  Continue up a screen.

If you need life, powder the two unlit pots.  The two Sparks will turn into faeries. 
 After you're satisfied, unlock the Nightmare Door and do battle with Facade.  
Place bombs on its face.  The bombs will explode and it'll suffer damage.  It 
may make tiles come up and fly at you, so be ready with your shield.  Jump the 
pots, for you can't shield them.  Eventually, holes will appear and disappear 
(they're not hard to avoid).  After bombing him awhile, get the heart container 
and go up to claim the Coral Triangle!

  |                        QUEST FOR EAGLE'S TOWER                         |

              -Learn the Frog's Song of Soul from Mamu
              -Awaken the Flying Rooster from its grave
              -Acquire the Bird Key
              -Trek to Eagle's Tower

After your valiant defeat of Facade, you'll hear another tale from Kaepora.  After 
the long talk, make your way back to Animal Village either by water or land.  
Once there, go south and into the warp hole.  Warp to the Ukuku Prairie and go 
southwest.  You'll see a long row of pits.  Get a running start with your Pegasus 
Boots and leap over the pits using Roc's Feather.  Read the sign.  It tells you 
to go down.  Follow it!

Don't be overwhelmed - the signposts do have an order, and it's not random.  Once 
you read a sign telling you which way to go, align yourself in front of the signpost 
in the direction it pointed.  Walk that direction until a sign is in your path. 
 Read that sign and do the same.  After you get the hang of it, you'll breeze 
through the puzzle.

A mistake will make you have to restart, but with the above trick, you shouldn't 
mess up.  After completing the maze, a staircase will appear.  Enter it and pay 
Mamu the famous singer 300 Rupees to hear him croak.  After surviving the singer's 
music, you acquire the Frog's Song of Soul, capable of awakening unliving things! 
 Exit Mamu's cave and go north to Mabe Village.

Walk to the Rooster Statue and push it up with your new Power Bracelet strength. 
 Enter the cave underneath the statue.  You'll find Rooster bones on a pedestal. 
 Play the Frog's Song of Soul and the Rooster's Soul will flow into the room and 
bring the bones back to life!  When you pick up this rooster with the Power Bracelet, 
you can hover in the air!  Take this poultry just outside Mabe to the warp hole, 
warping to Tal Tal Heights.

From the warp hole, go left many screens and go to higher ground.  On the screen 
with 2 Elite Moblins and a stone, lift the stone and go left a screen.  Climb 
up the stairs and lift the stones surrounding the cave.  Enter the cave and destroy 
the enemies in your way.  After emerging from the cave into the Tal Tal Mountain 
Range, go right a few screens and swim to the large staircase.  Climb the stairs 
and go left until you find a suspicious cave.

Enter the cave and go left a screen when inside.  Push the stones to make a path 
to the upper left.  Hookshot to the upper right and go up.  Pick up the Flying 
Rooster and float over the pit to safety on the left.  Go left and pick up the 
Bird Key.  Now with the key in hand, exit the cave and climb back down the long 
staircase into the pool of water on the Tal Tal Mountains.

Swim right and enter the cave.  Fight your way to its exit and you'll emerge on 
the opposite side of the screen from where you entered.  Continue right and climb 
the staircase to the cave.  Walk to its exit and you'll see a cave on the right 
with a sealed cave on the bottom of the screen.  Simply go left and enter the 
cave.  Walk to the staircase and hop over the pit.  Go up the small staircase 
and go right.  Avoid the enemies, making your way down.  Hookshot across the chasm 
and leap off the platform to the cave's exit.

When you exit, bomb the sealed cave if you need health.  Enter the other cave 
on this screen and go up to the stairs.  Ignore the enemies and exit the skull-shaped 
cave.  You will exit a building-looking structure.  Kill the Gohmas and go left. 
 Pick up the stone blocking the keyhole and unlock the rock.  Eagle's Tower will 
twist around, revealing a staircase to enter.  Walk up the stairs.

        __      / __/ _______________________________________________
       /  \----| |---/ L E V E L   7   -   E A G L E ' S   T O W E R \
       \__/----| |---\_______________________________________________/  


Before you start, I heavily advise you to copy your saved file if possible.  In 
some areas of this level, it is possible to lose the ball you need to complete 
the level.  A few unlucky people had top restart their games from getting the 
ball stuck in unreachable spots.  Anyway, from the start,

Go right 2 screens and defeat all of the enemies on this screen (not the 
Anti-faerie)to get a key.  Unlock the door on this screen and go up.  Walk up 
the stairs.  If you have to boomerang, you can get the Mirror Shield by throwing 
it diagonally at the crystal switch, if not, get it like it says later in the 

Continue up and you'll see a ball on a platform and some blocks moving together 
quickly.  Pick up the ball and throw it by the blocks.  Walk over to the lever 
and pull it all the way down to make the blocks separate.  Quickly dash over to 
the ball, pick it up, and go in between the 2 blocks.  Continue left.  Hit the 
giant pillar with the ball and it'll crumble.  Pick up the ball and throw it over 
the blocks on the left side of the screen.  Jump sideways over the pit and go 
down.  If you fall, make your way back to this screen and try again.

Go to the left side of the screen and walk up to get the ball back.  Pick it up 
and go down again.  Throw it at the pillar to make it crumble.  Heave it up from 
where you last threw it (if it ever falls down a hole, it'll return to it's original 
screen) and continue down.  Throw it over the small square border around the crystal 
switch so it's on the other side of the screen.  Hit the crystal switch and go 
up.  Go to the upper right of the screen and go up a screen.  Fall down the pit 
purposely and you'll fall to the first floor.

From where you landed, ignore the crystal switch and go left following the crystals 
that are down (the blocks, I call them crystals, hence the name, crystal switch). 
 Follow the path and you'll be on a screen with many crystals (blocks) in a pattern. 
 Follow to the right and you'll see 2 traps and a Gibdos.  Dodge them and go down. 
 Head up into the first door you unlocked and up the stairs.

Open the chest for the Mirror Shield(if you didn't already)and hit the crystal 
switch so you're standing on upraised crystals(blocks).  Go down.  Head to the 
left, ignoring the block with a keyhole.  On this screen, you'll find the ball. 
 Pick it up and continue left.  This screen hold Three-of-a-Kind.  Defeat them 
and a chest will appear out of reach.  Throw the ball over the small square border 
so it goes over the pit and onto the upper right side of the screen.  Continue 

Defeat the Hinox in this room for a key.  Use your Boomerang or, if you don't 
have it, your Hookshot.  If you fall down a pit, you will have to defeat the card 
symbol enemies again(not to mention getting back to where you were).  Continue 
up and go into the door shaped like a body.  Defend yourself in the bottom right 
corner of this room and the tiles will break on your shield.  Once they're all 
gone, head right.  Bomb the wall in between the two lanterns on the bottom wall 
on this screen.

Walk into the new passage and go down.  Continue down again and you'll be on the 
screen where you defeated the Three-of-a-Kind.  Hookshot to the chest to make 
it over the chasm and get the bomb inside the chest.  Grab the ball and head up. 
 Destroy the pillar and pick the ball up again.  Go down and throw it over the 
chasm to put in on the side of the screen where the enemies were.  Fall down the 
pit and you'll land on the level's starting screen.  Go right 2 screens and up 
where you unlocked your first door.  Go up the staircase.

Go down a screen and left 2 screens.  Recover the ball and walk left and up.  
Enter the body-shaped door and toss the orb safely in the corner, away from all 
tiles.  Pick a corner and defend yourself from the tiles with your shield.  After 
they're all gone, pick up the ball and go right.  Chuck it at the final pillar 
to see the tower's 4th floor crumble into the 3rd.  The entrance to the 3rd floor 
is the staircase a screen right from the Three-of-a-Kind were destroyed (where 
you made the chest with the bomb appear).

Trek over to that screen and walk up the steps.  Continue up and right.  Defeat 
the mini-boss by killing all of the bats that fly at you.  You must defeat all 
6 successfully to defeat it.  Go up after it left and push the two blocks in the 
middle of the room together to make a chest appear that contains the Nightmare 
Key.  Return to the mini-boss's room and go left 2 screens.  

Unlock the Nightmare Door and go up.  Walk up to the upraised platform and hookshot 
onto the block.  Go down, jumping on the Goombas if you need life.  Continue right 
and up the stairs.  Walk up the ladder and defeat the Evil Eagle by hitting him 
with the hookshot in its head.  When it blows feathers at you, defend with the 
shield.  If you get blown off, you'll have to restart the battle.  After the Evil 
Eagle is vanquished, return to the screen with the staircase leading to the tower's 
top and jump off to the right.  Go into the door and claim the Organ of Evening 

  |                         QUEST FOR TURTLE ROCK                          |

              -Rescue Marin from a bridge
              -Awaken Turtle Rock and destroy the head

One last dungeon to go!  Don't quit!  When you exit the tower, leap off on the 
right side.  Go right a screen and enter the cave.  After exiting on the other 
side of the cave, walk down the stairs and kill the Gohma.  Continue left and 
enter the cave.  Ignore or kill the enemies in this cave and make your way to 
the exit.  You'll emerge in shallow water.  Go left and swim to the staircase. 
 Climb it up and walk left 2 screens.  Head up and enter the house.

You'll see that the Hen House guy is taking good care of your flying rooster, 
so exit his house and go left.  Hookshot across the broken bridge and continue 
left.  Marin will yell at you from a precarious part of the bridge.  Hookshot 
across and you'll pick her up.  Tarin will interrupt your little love scene and 
Marin will walk off.  Once more, Kaepora will decide to flap his way over to you 
and hoot more riddles out.  After the pathetic mouse hunter flies away, continue 

Slash the bush to reveal a staircase.  Enter the underground passage and go left. 
 Hop down to the stairs.  After going through them, go left and hookshot across 
the long pit.  Head left and exit the cave.  You'll emerge on a screen that doesn't 
have much space to walk.  Leap down off the mountain.  After destroying the enemies, 
bomb the cave open.  Enter the new passageway and block the flames from the 
flamethrower with your new Mirror Shield.  Exit the cave.

You will be on the opposite side of where you leapt off to the bottom cave.  Head 
left and down.  Kill the Leevers and other enemies and go left.  Fend yourself 
off from the Ravens and take some time to look at your surroundings.  The head 
of Turtle Rock blocks the entrance...if only you could awaken the head...Yes!  
The Frog's Song of Soul!

Equip your Ocarina and play the song.  The head will revive from its stony slumber 
and will attack!  Equip your sword and give it a taste of metal.  After a few 
slashes, it'll self-destruct, opening the way to level 8 for you!  Enter the level!

          __      / __/ ___________________________________________
         /  \----| |---/ L E V E L   8   -   T U R T L E   R O C K \
         \__/----| |---\___________________________________________/

First, You go up and defeat the Vire.  Go through the left door and defeat all 
of the snakes.  Continue up and defeat the Hinox, preferably with the Hookshot 
or Boomerang.  After defeating it, move left and push the rock to make a bridge 
to the bottom part of the screen.  Walk down and hop over the pits.  Open the 
chest for a key.  Head left and defeat Rolling Bones.  Walk up and defeat the 
Vire for a key.  Walk down two screens and open the chest.  Fall into the Vortex 
purposely to warp you back to the beginning.

Go up 2 screens from the beginning and go right.  Push the rock to make a path 
to the bottom right (not the stairs).  Walk right and poke the wall on the right 
until you find the part you can bomb (it tings when you found it).  Bomb it and 
enter.  Hit the crystal switch and bomb the cracked wall on the south side of 
the room.  Push the rock to clear all of the pits, rewarding you with a key (keep 
trying, don't give up!).  Head back left and avoid the chest, there's a Gel inside. 
 Continue left two screens and you'll be back in the familiar room with a Vire.

Go up again and right.  Push the rock in between the two blocks that stick out 
into the lava.  Walk to them and push the one on your right into the lava.  Go 
into the passageway revealed.  Unlock the block with a key and head left.  Use 
a missile (equip the bombs and the bow and press A and B together) on the wall 
behind the lava.  Enter the new room and bomb the left wall where it's cracked.

Go into this doorway and shoot the statue in the eye with an arrow for a key.  
Continue up and enter the stairway to exit the level.   You'll emerge outside 
on the Tal Tal Mountains.  Pick up the Piece of Heart and go right to discover 
a new warp hole.  Warp away if you need hearts, but if you don't, go right and 
enter the door.

Defeat the Dodongos by throwing bombs down from your perch high above them.  Once 
they're defeated, open the chest (key).  Go right and defeat the two Gibdos for 
a key.  Head left 4 screens(unlock the door on your way) and walk down and right 
to be in the dark room you used a missile to get into.  Unlock the block in this 
room and continue right.  Hookshot across the chasm and unlock the block.  Continue 
down the stairs.

Jump to the moving platform avoiding the Podoboos and make it to the other side 
of the screen.  Go right and jump from platform to platform to find the exit.  
Climb up the ladder.  Go down as soon as you exit the passage and do battle with 
Boxin' Blaino.  Charge up your sword and when it's standing still, punching air, 
let 'er rip!  If you have the L:2 sword and the Red Tunic, one hit from a charged 
up sword makes Blaino throw his towel in.  If not, keep hitting Blaino while avoiding 
its punches.  If you get hit, you're punched all the way to the start of the level!

After its defeat, walk up and get the Magic Rod from the chest.  Sometimes you'll 
have to trek back to the crystal switch( I don't know why it resets itself...take 
advantage of the warp that gets created when you defeat a mini boss if it does 
reset).  After the Magic Rod is in your arsenal, go back to the start of the 
level(Manbo's Mambo or mini-boss' warp).

Go up and defeat the bat(use the Magic Rod for a one-hit KO).  Walk up again and 
to the right.  Push the rock to make a pathway to the staircase.  Go down it.  
Burn all of the ice and go to the left.  Make a staircase out of the ice by jumping 
and using the fire rod while in the air.  Exit down the ladder.  Unlock the door 
on your left and defeat Cue Ball.  It may appear harder, but this mini-boss is 
still a piece of cake.

Go up and push the rocks so it fill all of the holes.  Open the chest that appears 
when you complete this task (Nightmare Key).  Head back to start (again!  Manbo's 
Mambo - your new best friend).  Continue up a screen and defeat the bat (hmm...I 
swear I've heard that somewhere).  Head up and right.  Push the rock to the lower 
right path (not the stairs) and go right.  Walk up the stairs.

Melt all of the ice and jump into the small exit hole.  Make a staircase out of 
the ice in this screen and go down the ladder.  Unlock the Nightmare door and 
defeat Hot Head.  To defeat Hot Head, simply use your fire rod on it until he's 
dead.  Watch out for it's fireballs, they do major damage.  After a load of hits, 
it will crack and turn into a weird smoggy head.  After a few more hit, you'll 
be rewarded with a Heart Container.  Go up and claim the Thunder Drum!

  |                     QUEST FOR THE WIND FISH'S EGG                      |

              -Read 'Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint'
              -Get every Heart Piece (optional)
              -Acquire the L:2 sword (optional)
              -Play the Sirens' Instruments in front of the egg

At this point, you should have all the instruments.  Now use the Heart Piece and 
Secret Seashell sections to boost your power to the max.  You don't have to, but 
you should, just to make yourself even harder to defeat.  Yu may already have 
everything, but anyway, to continue, you have a choice.  Either re-enter L:8 and 
walk to the warp hole on top of the level, or walk back to Mabe Village (using 
Manbo's Mambo).  Whatever you decide to do, get back to Mabe.  Walk over to the 

Enter it and read the book titled 'Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint'.  Since 
you have the Magnifying Lens, you can now read the text.  It will tell you the 
route through the Egg's passageways.  It will be one of the following-

1)right, up, up, right, up, up, right, up
2)left, left, up, right, right, up, left, up
3)left, up, right, up, left, up, right, up
4)left, left, left, left, up, up, up, up
5)right, right, right, right, up, up, up, up

You'll find that passageway to be the way to the Wind Fish.  You may just want 
to skip the trek and just try out all 5 sequences until you find the right one. 
 Whatever you do, go back to Bowwow's Dungeon (the screen with the entrance).


From the screen with the entrance to Bowwow's dungeon on it, go up a screen and 
lift the 2 stones in your path.  Go right and up the staircase.  The vicious owl 
will fly down and do the same as always (blah, blah, blah...) Until it flies away. 
 Go up and you'll see the Wind Fish's Egg.  Whip out your ocarina and play the 
Ballad of the Wind Fish.  Your accomplishments will form a circle around the egg 
and cause it to burst open.  Enter after hearing Kaepora (again?!).

 __      / __/ ______________________________________________________________
/  \----| |---/ L E V E L   8  1/2   -   T H E   W I N D   F I S H 'S  E G G \
\__/----| |---\______________________________________________________________/

Apart from having the longest dungeon name, the Wind Fish's Egg has weird music. 
 It starts pitch black.  Explore bit and you'll fall down to the room below.  
If you go down in this plain room, you'll exit the level, and if you try going 
up, left, or right, you'll be on the same screen.  Walk through the egg in the 
sequence you read from the library's book and you'll find a different screen.

Hop down into the pit.  You'll land on the boss of all the Nightmares - the Shadow 
Nightmare!  It'll tell you of its plans to make the Wind Fish sleep endlessly. 
 Put a stop to their destruction!  The first form of the final boss is a simple 
blob.  When it hops at you, sprinkle Magic Powder on it.  If it disappears, stand 
on the fish in the middle of the room for a safe standing place.  Sprinkle it 
when it reappears.  After a few hits it becomes...

Agahnim!  This wizard from Link to the Past charges up a shot and tries to hit 
you with it.  When the shot is round, hit it with your sword back into the wizard's 
face.  If it's shaped like an Anti-Faerie, jump over it - it splits into fireballs 
on the wall.  After a shot, the shadow will shift to a new position and try hitting 
you again.  If you have the shovel, it reflects shots better.  After a few hits 
it becomes...

A Moldorm!  Dispose of this Moldorm like you did with the first level's boss - 
hit the final segment in its tail.  After a hit, it will madly charge about the 
room.  I suggest getting a shield ready to defend against this fast foe.  It takes 
a lot of hits, but after awhile, it turns into...

Ganon!  Nooo!  This is the main boss from just about every Zelda game.  Equip 
your Pegasus Boots and your sword and dash at it.  When it starts to swing its 
axe, fall back and jump across the room to avoid the fire bats.  After all of 
the bats are gone, Ganon throws his axe at you.  Jump it and get ready for another 
attack.  Continue until it perishes, revealing...

A Gloworm!  This is a new enemy to the Zelda series, but wins the title for 'Easiest 
Kill'.  Hit it once with the Hookshot or Magic Rod and it's through.  If you want 
a challenge, use bombs.  After the easy ball of shadow is dead, it turns into 
the final form...

Deathl!  This Nightmare comes equipped with 2 maces for arms, good weapons to 
try to swat at the Hero.  Use your feather to jump the arms and shoot Deathl in 
the eye with arrows until it closes it's lid.  Defend against the arms, shoot. 
 Repeat.  If you're looking for an easy way out, hit it in the eye with the Boomerang. 
 2-3 hits kills it, but that doesn't deserve an ending!  Use the bow to actually 
earn your ending.  After a load of arrows, a strange staircase appears after the 
Shadows are eliminated...

Congrats!  You beat the best game for Game Boy!  Enjoy the ending!

  /__\               D X ' S   C O L O R   D U N G E O N                /__\
 /\  /\              -----------------------------------               /\  /\


First of all, there is no quest for L:O, the DX Game Boy Color exclusive Color 
Dungeon.  All you must do is go to the graveyard.  Keep in mind that you can enter 
anytime after you beat L:2 - Bottle Grotto.  Whenever you feel ready for a challenge, 
head over towards the graveyard. Go to the southeast corner of it.  You'll be 
on a screen with 5 gravestones on it.

In order to enter, though, you must've beaten the Nightmare for every dungeon 
you set foot into.  If you haven't, the stones won't open the way to the level. 
 Anyway, when you just beat whatever level you came from, go to the screen listed 
above and push the gravestones as the chart shows below.  The number on each shows 
the order you push the stones in, and the letter (U, D, R, L) shows the direction 
to push it (U=up, D=down, L=left, R=right).

 _   _   _
/3\ /4\ /5\
|U| |R| |U|
 _   _
/2\ /1\
|L| |D|

When pushed correctly, a staircase is found under gravestone #5.  That leads to 
the Color Dungeon, but you can only get into the main dungeon with a Game Boy 
Color or Game Boy Advance.  A regular Game Boy, a Game Boy Pocket, or a Super 
Game Boy all give you a message telling you that you need the power of color, 
so in other words, you can't enter.  Anyway, onto the dungeon walkthrough!

    __      / __/ _______________________________________________________
   /  \----| |---/ L E V E L   0   -   T H E   C O L O R   D U N G E O N \
   \__/----| |---\_______________________________________________________/

Talk to the skeletons and tell them their colors.  The way up will be open now, 
so go up.  Defeat the enemies on this screen by luring them out to attack.  When 
they lunge upwards, rush in with your sword.  The right door will open when they're 
gone.  Go right.  Hit the upper left red statue, then hit the bottom right red 
statue.  A chest will appear.  Open it for the compass and continue right.  Hop 
across the colored tiles to the right.  The tiles will turn into different colors, 
green has 3 more hops, yellow has 2, and red has 1.  After a tile loses it hopping 
power, it becomes a regular pit.  
Knowing that, hop right a screen and hit the enemies with your sword.  They will 
curl up into a ball.  Pick one of them up and throw it into its matching colored 
hole.  After both are in their holes, a chest with the Stone Beak will appear. 
 You may need practice throwing them first, so keep trying.  Open the chest and 
head south.  Defeat all of the enemies and the doors will open.  Go left and hop 
across to tiles to the chest.  Ignore the enemy - chances are it'll hop into a 
pit itself.  Get the small key from inside the chest.

Go up and you'll be back in the room where you first saw the hopping tiles.
Continue right and up.  Hop across the tiles and walk north.  Hit the bottom right 
statue, then hit the upper left statue 2 times.  The statues will all be blue 
and a key will fall.  Grab it and head right.  Unlock the door (it's best to defeat 
the enemies first).  Continue up and defeat the Giant Buzz Blob.  Sprinkle Magic 
Powder on it and it'll turn into a blob.  Hit it with your sword as many times 
as you can before it turns into the banana shape again.  Watch out for the lightning 
it shoots!  Repeat the process until the monster is defeated.

Walk left and push the top and bottom block to the left.  Push the middle block 
down or up.  Open the chest for the Nightmare Key.  Save and Quit (walking to 
the start or playing Manbo's Mambo work too).  Go up and defeat all of the enemies 
on the screen for the right door to open.  Walk right 2 screens and unlock the 
door.  Head north and defeat the Sub-Boss by hitting it with your sword repeatedly. 
 Every hit you get will send you falling a bit behind, so make sure you're at 
an angle that doesn't let you crash into any spikes.  After a hit, it'll jump 
up and slam the ground, causing many boulders to fall.  Jump before he hits the 
ground or you'll be stunned for a short time.  Dodge the falling boulders and 
hit it again.  Repeat until he turns into a faerie.

Go left and hop across the tiles to the northern door.  Walk up and defeat the 
Gels.  A chest will appear, open it for the map and go right.  Hit and throw the 
enemies into their matching holes.  After they are all in their holes, you'll 
get a small key.  Backtrack left and down.  Walk left and hit the statues to turn 
them all blue.  Use the below diagram for an easy 4-hit solution.  An O means 
that the statue is blue, and an 8 means that the statue is red.  An X is used 
to show which statue you should hit next.

Formation 1--  O X O
               8 O 8
               O 8 O

Formation 2--  8 O 8
               8 8 8
               O X O
Formation 3--  8 O 8
               8 O X
               8 O 8

Formation 4--  8 O O
               X 8 O
               8 O O

Formation 5--  O O O
               O O O
               O O O

They will all be blue.  The doors will open, so go up.  Unlock the door and continue 
left.  Hit the crystal switch and walk to the Nightmare Door.  Unlock it and defeat 
Turtalfos.  Hitting him with your sword will do a bit of damage, but it will also 
hit you back a bit.  I suggest jumping at it continuously.  Try to get it into 
a corner.  Repeatedly hit it with your sword to make it turn colors (from blue 
to yellow to red).  After it's completely red, it'll blow up and the doors will 

Go right and talk to the faerie.  She'll give you a new tunic.  Pick red if you 
want more offense, blue if you want more defense.  The tunics' changes are like 
the game's power-ups - the Red Tunic is like a permanent Piece of Power, and the 
Blue Tunic is like a permanent Guardian Acorn.  Whenever you want to change tunics, 
go back to the faerie and she'll give you another choice.  Congrats!  You beat 
the Color Dungeon!

  /__\                            I T E M S                             /__\
 /\  /\                           ---------                            /\  /\

In this game, there are many kinds of items, from ones you equip, to auto-use 
ones, to dungeon only ones.  Descriptions as well as locations are given here. 
 Selected Items are placed in your Sub-screen, and you must equip them to use 
them.  Inventory Items are used automatically.  Dungeon Items are found only in 
dungeons, and cannot be taken from dungeon to dungeon.  The Miscellaneous Items 
have various items you'll find on the Island.

                           |  -= SELECTED ITEMS =- |

Desc. - Your trusty blade.  This is the main weapon of the game.  This takes   
         out most enemies.  There is a rare, more powerful blade hidden on     
Loc.  - L:1 sword found on Toronbo Shores, L:2 sword found in Seashell Mansion
Use   - Cuts grass and bushes.  Good for defeating enemies.  Can be used to    
         detect bombable walls.

Desc. - A method of protection.  When attacked, use this to block blows or     
         projectiles.  An upgraded form is present on Koholint Isle.
Loc.  - L:1 shield given to Link by Tarin, or it can be bought from a store.   
         The L:2 shield is found in level 7.
Use   - Blocks arrows, rocks, and fire blasts at L:1.  At L:2, it blocks large 
         flames and feathers as well as the L:1 shield's protection.  Can be   
          used to push enemies.

Desc. - A form of powerful jewelry that enables the wearer to heave heavy      
         objects.  A more powerful bracelet is found in the game as well.
Loc.  - The L:1 Power Bracelet is found in level 2.  The L:2 bracelet is found 
         in level 6.
Use   - When equipped, you can lift pots, grass, and rocks.  If an object is   
         lifted, you can continue to chuck it at enemies.  When the L:2 Power  
          Bracelet is worn, you can lift elephant statues and can push with    
           tremendous force.  You can also pull levers back to reset blocks.  
You          can also lift stunned enemies with the jewelry.

Desc. - A powder that radically changes enemy DNA sequences.  It can do many   
         weird things to anything it touches.  Can be upgraded to hold more.
Loc.  - Witch's Hut, it's made from a Sleepy Toadstool (see below).
Amnt. - 20 uses max until an upgrade is received.  The number increases to 40.
Use   - Can turn enemies into easier foes.  It lights lamps and also can be    
         used to reveal many secrets...

Desc. - Main component of Magic Powder.  It has a distinct smell.
Loc.  - Grows in the Mysterious Forest.
Use   - It's useless unless you like to smell mushrooms in the middle of       
         battle...The only thing to do with it is to give it to the Witch in   
          the Koholint Prairie for Magic Powder brewing.

Desc. - A useful feather that allows the holder to lose weight rapidly.  This  
         lightness allows one to hop over long pits and enemies.
Loc.  - Found in level 1.
Use   - A great part of your arsenal!  You can jump high in the air, over      
         enemies or pits.  When the Pegasus Boots are used with this, you can  
          jump even longer pits.  You may be able to jump on some enemies as   

Desc. - A spring-loaded chain that shoots out and thrusts into objects.  It    
         then pulls the chain back in, pulling the holder in with it.
Loc.  - Found in level 5.
Use   - This weapon shoots across the screen and pulls you towards chests,     
         rocks, pots, and other things.  This also can pull bridges out when   
          they're not extended.  Using this as a weapon is useful as well.  It 
           also brings items to you from far away.

Desc. - A rod that can engulf enemies in a whirl of flames and heat.
Loc.  - Found in level 8.
Use   - This lights lamps from far away.  It also is a great long-range        
         weapon.  Melts ice as well.

Desc. - A digging tool that can unearth many secrets.
Loc.  - Buy it for 200 rupees at Mabe Village's Shop.
Use   - Digs in the ground.  Many items can pop out of the holes you dig.

Desc. - A long-distance weapon that shoots arrows.  The Quiver can be upgraded 
         for more shots.
Loc.  - Buy it for 980 rupees at Mabe Village's Shop.
Amnt. - 30 Arrows, 60 after upgrade.
Use   - Can be a great long distance weapon, but arrows are very rare.  If you 
         run out, you can buy more arrows at Mabe Village's Shop.  When used   
          with Bombs, you can create 'missiles' that fly out, exploding upon   
           contact.  Arrows can also trigger switches.

Desc. - An explosive ball with a fuse.  Bomb bag can be upgraded to hold more.
Loc.  - Buy it for 10 rupees at Mabe Village's Shop or find them.
Amnt. - 30 bombs can be placed, 60 after the upgrade.
Use   - Knocks holes in walls.  Not a great weapon due to waiting period, and  
         also can't be found very easily.  When used with the Bow, you can     
          create a 'missile' that fly out, exploding upon contact.  You can only 
         place one bomb at a time.

Desc. - A musical instrument that can play up to three tunes.
Loc.  - It's in Dream Shrine in northern Mabe Village.

Use   - Plays musical tunes.  Different songs do different things.
            -Song 1- The Ballad of the Wind Fish
            -Song 2- Manbo's Mambo
            -Song 3- Frog's Song of Soul
        Song 1 can destroy Pol's Voices with its song.  It also plays your     
         Sirens' Instruments to the Wind Fish's Egg.  Song 2 warps you to      
          Mambo's Pond in the Koholint Prairie, or in dungeons, it warps you to 
          the entrance of the dungeon.  Song 3 awakens unliving things, mainly 
           the Flying Rooster and Turtle Rock.

Desc. - A pair of boots that make the wearer charge at high speeds.
Loc.  - Found in level 3.
Use   - You can run at high speeds into enemies or obstacles.  Crystals break  
         apart when dashed through.  When used with Roc's Feather, you can leap 
         a few extra spaces.

Desc. - An Australian weapon that comes back when thrown.
Loc.  - Bomb open a cave on Toronbo Shores and trade your shovel for it (NOTE- 
         you can only barter for this if you have the Magnifying Lens).
Use   - The best weapon in the game, it is capable of destroying just about    
         everything.  It also pulls items into you if they're far away.  It can 
         trigger switches from far away, too.  Not needed to beat the game, but 
         it is very helpful.

                          |  -= INVENTORY ITEMS =- |

Desc. - A doll that is the lastest craze.  Everyone wants it!
Loc.  - Win it at Mabe Village's Trendy Game.
Use   - It starts off the Trading Sequence.  For more info on the Trading      
         Sequence, go to its section in this FAQ/Walkthrough.

Desc. - A pair of aquatic footwear that enables the one bearing them to swim   
         in the water like a fish.
Loc.  - Found in level 4.
Use   - These allow you to swim in deep water.  You can dive by pressing the B 
         Button.  Sometimes, treasures can be found underwater.  Pressing the 
A          Button repeatedly makes you swim faster.

Desc. - A magic potion that has mysterious effects.
Loc.  - Buy it from Crazy Tracy in the Koholint Prairie.
Use   - This refills all of your hearts when they empty.

Desc. - Leaves that are a prince's old treasure.

Loc.  - Found in and around Kanalet Castle.
Use   - When all 5 are recovered, give them to Richard and he'll open up the   
         way to the Slime Key.

Desc. - Shells that have some mystical power.  Something good happens when 20  
         or more of these are collected.
Loc.  - All over Koholint.
Use   - Used to forge the L:2 sword.  For more Secret Seashell info, go to the 
         corresponding section in this FAQ/Walkthrough.

Desc. - Keys that open up levels for exploration.
Loc.  - Each is different, the Tail Key is found in the Mysterious Woods, the  
         Slime Key is underground in Pothole Field, the Angler Key is placed in 
         Yarna Desert, the Face key is guarded by an Armos Warrior in the      
          Southern Shrine, and the Bird key rests on the Tal Tal Mountain Range.
Use   - Each opens a locked level.  The Tail Key opens level 1, the Slime key  
         unlocks level 3, the Angler Key reveals level 4, the Face Key elevates 
         level 6, and the Bird Key twists level 7.

                           |  -= DUNGEON ITEMS =- |

Desc. - A box full of treasure.  Some are well-hidden.
Loc.  - In dungeons or caves.
Use   - When opened, you grab the contents inside.  Try everything to make a   
         chest appear.  They contain many things - from rupees and Gels to     
          small keys and maps.

Desc. - A scroll that contains the layout of rooms in a dungeon.
Loc.  - There's one in every dungeon.
Use   - With it, you can see how the rooms are set up.  It also shows you      
         which rooms you were in (white rooms) and which ones you weren't in   
          yet (black rooms).

Desc. - A small pin that points out directions using the poles and magnets.
Loc.  - There's one in every dungeon.
Use   - This is a useful tool in dungeons.  When you enter a room, a tone will 
         sound to show you that there's a key in the room.  Also, it places the 
         Nightmare's Lair and chest locations on your dungeon map.

Desc. - A statue that looks like an owl, but it's missing a beak.
Loc.  - There's one in every dungeon.
Use   - Useless without the Stone Beak.  When the two are placed into each     
         other, a hint on your current dungeon is said.

Desc. - A beak made out of stone.
Loc.  - There's one in every dungeon.
Use   - Useless unless you know where the Owl Statue is located in the         
         dungeon.  When placed on the Owl Statue, you will hear a hint on how  
          to conquer the dungeon.

Desc. - A key that's bigger and has a different shape than the normal small    
Loc.  - There's one in every dungeon.
Use   - Unlocks the door guarding the Nightmare's Lair.

Desc. - A small, normal key.
Loc.  - There are usually more than one in every dungeon.
Use   - Unlocks locked doors and blocks in the dungeon you found the key in.

                        |  -= MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS =- |

Desc. - A collection of instruments that have mythical powers.
Loc.  - There's one in every dungeon except the Color Dungeon.
Amnt. - There are 8 Instruments in all.
Use   - When played, they awaken the Wind Fish.  These are your goals in the   

Desc. - An odd orb that controls the movement of crystal blocks in dungeons.
Loc.  - In dungeons only.
Use   - When hit, they change crystal block height.  Upraised blocks go down   
         and blocks that are down go up.  This switch can be affected by many  
          weapons, and is found in many dungeons.

Desc. - A fourth of a Heart Container.  They look like white hearts with a     
         smaller heart on the inside.
Loc.  - All over Koholint Isle.
Use   - When four of these pieces are gathered, your life meter is increased   
         by one Heart Container.  For more info and locations of Heart Pieces, 
          go to its section in this FAQ/Walkthrough.

  /__\                           P E O P L E                            /__\
 /\  /\                          -----------                           /\  /\

The hero of the game.  You play as him.  He shipwrecked on Koholint Island and 
hopes to find a way off to return to his homeland, Hyrule.

A young woman who resides in Mabe Village.  She loves singing and watching the 
beach.  She hopes to turn into a seagull so she can fly away, singing to everyone 
she meets.  She has many friends, from humans to animals.

Marin's father.  He bumbles a bit and loves mushrooms.  He walks up to the Mysterious 
Woods in search of them, but gets lost a lot.  Yes, he IS the original, and was 
before Talon from OoT.

A married couple that live in Mabe Village.  Grandpa Ulrira knows just about 
everything about the island, but he's too shy, so he uses Koholint's invisible 
phone service to call you.  Grandma Ulrira loves sweeping, and she's the complete 
opposite to Grandpa U - She's very loud!

She can be found in Mabe Village.  She owns many pets, and among them all, she's 
very proud of Bowwow, who can be found outside her house, biting everything it 

Mamahl and Papahl are new parents in Mabe Village.  Mamahl takes care of the quads 
that were just born.  Papahl helps, but likes to trek up to the Tal Tal Mountains 
in search of flowers.

She lives in southern Koholint Prairie.  If you give her a Sleepy Mushroom, she 
can make a batch of Magic Powder for you.

A lonely woman who lives with her mice near Manbo's Pond in Koholint Prairie.  
She sells magic potions to anyone who wants them.

He loves writing letters to anyone he can.  If he receives a letter, he responds 
immediately.  His pet pigeon sends mail to anyone on the entire island.


He loves chickens, yet he longs for the olden days.  He remembers about how chickens 
used to fly, flap flap!  But, now, see?  Cluck Cluck...

The cook for the entire Animal Village, he plans to open a restaurant in Mabe. 
 Loves Honey and very sweet foods.

A strange fisherman who fishes all day where the fish are.  He sometimes takes 
his boat out to his favorite fishing spot - Martha's Bay.

An artist who lives in the Animal Village.  He sculpted the great Mermaid Statue 
by Martha's Bay.  His statue seems to be missing a scale, though...

A crocodile who heavily resembles Croco from Mario RPG.  He has bananas for sale 
and loves canned food.  One of his favorite things to do is ride the Rapids Ride 
near Tal Tal Heights.

A mysterious owl who (unfortunately) frequently visits Link on his quest.  Though 
his speeches are long, you can live through them (barely).

  /__\                           P L A C E S                            /__\
 /\  /\                          -----------                           /\  /\

                              oO[MAP SECTIONS]Oo                              

  |                         PREFACE TO MAP SECTIONS                        |

In this guide for map sections, There are 6 different pieces of information for 
each map area.  They are Screens, Info, Shop, PoI, Enemies, and Items.  You'll 
have to learn how to use this section to fully benefit from it.  I'll explain 
each section and what you'll find in it.

For Screens, use the coordinate system as explained in the Walkthrough's Preface. 
 The section shows what coordinates each part of the map contains.  So, if a place 
takes up screens A:1-5 ; B:1-5 ; C:1-3 , then the map section is composed of every 
coordinate in between, read as the following - A:1-5 = A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, A-5. 
 Use the numbers with your map to divide the parts of Koholint.

The Info section has a small description of the area's physical looks.  If you're 
not too sure what to expect, look here for a brief report on the surroundings.

The Shop section is found only in Mabe Village.  It tells you what is sold at 
the local store.  The prices are given as well as when the item appears in the 
shop.  Visit the shop when you need to restock or to buy a new weapon, but be 
sure to bring enough rupees!

PoI, or Places of Interest for short, is a section to show you important places 
in your quest.  Most of these places are vital to game completion.  Some are 
interesting, too, but all of them deserve a good look at!  The map coordinates 
are listed for easy identification.

Enemies are listed in the Enemies section (where else?).  Every enemy in the area 
is listed under this category.  If you need help identifying them or need a battle 
technique, look at the Enemies section later in this FAQ/Walkthrough.  Looking 
at a new place's enemies and learning their weak points is always a good idea 
before confronting them.  Any enemies found in caves in an area are not listed 
here, these are just outside enemies.

Finally, the Items are places in an appropriate place - the Items Section.  If 
you see an item you don't know how to get, look in this FAQ/Walkthrough for the 
specific location.  If it's a Secret Seashell, Heart Piece, Photo, or Trading 
Item, look in their corresponding sections.  If it's an item to be equipped, look 
in the Items section.  Any items with OC and a number are Ocarina Songs.  The 
number is the Ocarina Song's number.  If an item has TR and a number by it, it's 
part of the Trading Sequence.  The number shows what trade number it is.  If an 
area has a shop or dungeon, the items found within will not be listed here. 

Screens - A:11-12 ; B:11-12 ; C:9-12 ; D:9-12

Info    - Mabe is the Village you start in.  It has a few villagers that are   
           willing to give out tips to the adventurer (that's you :) ).        
            Explore it thoroughly, you'll find a few secrets!

Shop    - 3 Hearts-------10 rupees
          Shield---------20 rupees
          Shovel---------200 rupees
          10 Bombs-------10 rupees (appears after level 2 is beaten)
          Bow------------980 rupees (appears after shovel is bought)
          10 Arrows------10 rupees (appears after bow is bought)

PoI     - Shop (D-10), Trendy Game (D-12), Marin's House (C-11), Madam         
           MeowMeow's House (B-11), Grandpa Ulrira's House (B-12), Library (A- 
            12), Telephone Booth (C-12), Dream Shrine (D-9)

Items   - Shield, Yoshi Doll (TR-1), Bow (TR-2), Dog Food (TR-3), Fish Hook    
           (TR-11, found here or Animal Village), Ballad of the Wind Fish (OC- 
            1, found here or Animal Village), Ocarina, 1 Heart Piece, 2 Secret 
             Seashells, 5 Photos

Screens - A:13-14 ; B:13-14 ; C:13-14 ; D:13-14

Info    - The area below the village.  It's a rather small place to explore,   
           but you'll find a thing or two if you look hard enough.

PoI     - L:1 - Tail Cave (D-14)

Enemies - Octoroks

Items   - 2 Secret Seashells

Screens - A:15-16 ; B:15-16 ; C:15-16 ; D:15-16 ; E:15-16 ; F:15-16

Info    - The sandy beach where Marin found you.  Many enemies have arrived,   
           and guard the shore from any intruders.

PoI     - Sale's House o' Bananas (D-15), Marin's secret spot (F-16), Goriya   
           cave (E-16)

Enemies - Octoroks, Urchins, Crabs, Leevers, Monkey

Items   - Sword, Boomerang, Bananas (TR-4), 1 Photo

Screens - A:5-10 ; B:5-10 ; C:5-8 ; D:5-8

Info    - A forest more mysterious than the name implies, it is full of        
           secrets and enemies.  Only the adventurous dare enter this place.

PoI     - Tunnel (C-7 to A-6), Great Faerie spring (D-6), Raccoon (B-6),       
           Fishing Pond (B-9)

Enemies - Moblins, Gels, Moblin Warriors

Items   - Sleepy Mushroom, Tail Key, Mad Batter upgrade, 1 Heart Piece, 1      
           Secret Seashell

Screens - E:5-8 ; F:5-8

Info    - A small prairie that contains a few places of interest.

PoI     - Crazy Tracy's House (F-5), Witch's Hut (F-7), Secret Tunnel (F-8 to  
           G-8), Ghost's Grave (E-7), Manbo's Pond (F-5)

Enemies - Buzz Blobs, Zoras, Zombies

Items   - Magic Powder, Potions, 1 Heart Piece, 1 Secret Seashell, 1 Photo

Screens - A:3-4 ; B:3-4 ; C:3-4 ; D:3-4 ; E:3-4

Info    - A marsh full of dangerous blooms and enemies.  There's a few secrets 
           and even a person living near the wetland.

PoI     - Mr. Write's House (A-4), Telephone Booth (B-4), L:2 - Bottle Grotto  

Enemies - Piranhas, Goponga plants, Giant Goponga plants, Moblins, Like-Likes

Items   - Broom (TR-10)

Screens - E:9-12 ; F:9-12 ; G:9-12 ; H:9-12 ; I:9-12 ; J:9-12 ; K:9-12 ;

Info    - A large area of Koholint.  This section contains many secrets and    
           mysteries.  It is also a gateway to the east.

PoI     - Warp Hole (F-10), Telephone Booths (E-11 and I-9), L:3 - Key Cavern  
           (F-12), Great Faerie spring (H-9), Seashell Mansion (K-9), Secret   
            Path (K-11 to L-11)

Enemies - Flying Octoroks, Pincers, Spiders, Pig Warriors, Pig Moblins,        
           Zirros, Zoras

Items   - L:2 Sword, Honeycomb (TR-6), 1 Heart Piece, 8 Secret Seashells

Screens - E:13-14 ; F:13-14

Info    - A field with many signs.  If read in the correct order, a secret     

PoI     - Mamu's Secret Spot (E-14)

Enemies - Gels, Hoarders

Items   - Frog's Song of Soul (OC-3)

Screens - G:13-14 ; H:13-14

Info    - A maze of bushes.  Some contain hole underneath them.  You must find 
           a secret path to enter the field.

PoI     - Richard's Villa (G-14)

Items   - Slime Key, 1 Secret Seashell


Screens - I:5-8 ; J:5-8 ; K:5-8 ; L:5-8

Info    - A castle that was taken over by knights.  If one finds a path into   
           the castle, much force will that hero find when trying to conquer   
            the evils inside.

PoI     - Telephone Booth (L-5), Secret Path (K-5 to J-5)

Enemies - Kanalet Guards, Kanalet Warriors, Crows, Mad Bomber

Items   - 5 Golden Leaves, Stick (TR-5), 1 Heart Piece, 1 Secret Seashell, 1   

Screens - G:7-8 ; H:7-8

Info    - A site where the dead peacefully rest.  A few wandering spirits rise 
           up occasionally...

PoI     - L:0 - Color Dungeon (H-8), Secret Tunnel (G-8 to F-8)

Enemies - Ghini, Giant Ghini, Zombies

Items   - 1 Heart Piece

Screens - G:5-6 ; H:5-6

Info    - A desolate area containing dead trees and harsh soil conditions.

Enemies - Crows

Screens - G:15-16 ; H:15-16 ; I:13-16 ; J:13-16 ; K:13-16 ; L:13-16

Info    - A huge waterway that flows into the ocean.  There are a few sites to 
           see in this tributary to the ocean.

PoI     - House by the Bay (G-16), Mermaid Statue (J-15), Telephone Booths (L- 
           14 and I-15), L:5 - Catfish's Maw (J-14), Fisherman's Good Spot (K- 

Enemies - Zirros, Zoras, Buzz Blobs, Hoarders, Pig Moblins

Items   - Necklace (TR-12), Scale (TR-13), Magnifying Lens (TR-14), Mad Batter 
           Upgrade, 4 Secret Seashells, 1 Photo


Screens - M:13-14 ; N:13-14

Info    - A village with animals as inhabitants.

PoI     - Goat's house (N-13), Schule's House (M-13), Bear Chef's House (M-14)

Items   - Pineapple (TR-7), Love Letter (TR-9), Fish Hook (TR-11, here or Mabe 
           Village), Ballad of the Wind Fish (OC-1, here or Mabe Village), 1   
            Heart Piece, 1 Photo

Screens - M:15-16 ; N:15-16

Info    - A small chunk of land east of Martha's Bay.

PoI     - Warp Hole (M-15)

Screens - O:13-16 ; P:13-16

Info    - A dry, arid region of Koholint.  Life there is rare, but a few       
           monsters seem to shake off the heat.

PoI     - Lanmola Battlefield (O-13)

Enemies - Leevers, Pokey Plants

Items   - Angler Key, 1 Heart Piece, 1 Secret Seashell

Screens - F:3-4 ; G:3-4 ; H:3-4 ; I:3-4 ; J:3-4 ; K:3-4 ; L:3-4 ; M:3-4 ; N:3- 
           4 ; O:3-4 ; P:3-4

Info    - A large upraised area in front of the Mountains.  Rivers from this   
           region flow all around the island.

PoI     - Bowwow Dungeon (F-4), Photo Hut (H-4), Manbo's Cave (K-3), L:4 -     
           Angler's Tunnel (L-3), Warp Hole (M-3), Raft Shop (P-4)

Enemies - Like-Likes, Pig Moblins, Zirros, Gohmas, Octoroks

Items   - Manbo's Manbo (OC-2), 2 Heart Pieces, 1 Photo

Screens - A:1-2 ; B:1-2 ; C:1-2 ; D:1-2 ; E:1-2 ; F:1-2 ; H:1-2 ; I:1-         
           2 ; J:1-2 ; K:1-2 ; L:1-2 ; M:1-2 ; N:1-2 ; O:1-2 ; P:1-2

Info    - The largest place on Koholint Island is a giant mountain range that  
           extends from the west to the east.  Atop the largest mountain rests 
            the Wind Fish's Egg, the most significant sight on Koholint.

PoI     - L:8 - Turtle Rock (A-2), L:7 - Eagle's Tower (O-1), Telephone Booth  
          (B-2), Hen House (K-1), Great Faerie Spring (P-2)

Enemies - Hooded Stalfos, Leevers, Ravens, Like-Likes, Moblins, Moldorms,      
           Gohmas, Hoarders

Items   - Bird Key, Mad Batter Upgrade, Hibiscus (TR-8), 2 Heart Pieces, 3     
           Secret Seashells, 1 Photo

Screens - M:9-12 ; N:9-12 ; O:11-12 ; P:11-12

Info    - An old shrine with many mysteries.  One will learn much at the       
           southern shrine...

PoI     - Great Faerie Spring (N-9), L:6 - Face Shrine (M-9), Southern Shrine  
           (M-11), Secret Tunnel (N-10 to M-10)

Enemies - Gels, Armos Statues, Zirros

Items   - Face Key, 1 Secret Seashell

Screens - M:5-8 ; N:5-8 ; O:5-10 ; P:5-10

Info    - A huge water system with rapids.  To ride, you'll have to visit the  
           Raft Shop in Tal Tal Heights.

PoI     - Sub-entrance to L:6 (M-7)

Enemies - Zirros, Gohmas

Items   - 1 Secret Seashell

Screens - G:1-2

Info    - A volcano that has the Wind Fish's Egg resting atop it.

PoI     - L:8 1/2 - The Wind Fish's Egg (G-1)

                            oO[TREASURE CHESTS]Oo


  |                      PREFACE OF TREASURE CHESTS                        |

As in this entire guide, the coordinate system is explained in the Walkthrough's 
Preface.  The Coordinates are listed in the CO column.  After looking to see what 
you'll get from the Item Column, find the coordinates of the screen.  For a general 
idea, look at the Place Column (it tells you what part of Koholint the screen 
is located).  After going to the correct screen, use the directions in the 
Description Column, but first make sure you have the items needed (look in the 
Items Needed Column!).

A few exceptions, any items needed to get to the screen a chest is on are NOT 
listed.  If you can't get to the screen, then I guess you don't have all the items 
needed, now do you?  Getting to the screens calls for self-exploration, and usually 
isn't hard to do.  Now, in the Item Column, here's the translations for the items 
    20 - 20 Rupees
    50 - 50 Rupees
   100 - 100 Rupees
   200 - 200 Rupees
     G - Gel
     P - Potion
    SS - Secret Seashell
     B - Bomb

If you need help on the Items Needed Column, here's a key to show you the abbreviation. 
 Any other items are used, but not abbreviated.

Feather - Roc's Feather
Bracelet - Power Bracelet
Boots - Pegasus Boots
Rod - Magic Rod
Powder - Magic Powder

A few last tips - If you notice that an item is inside a dungeon, descriptions 
won't be given on finding it.  Use your Map and Compass to locate all the chests 
in dungeons (thus, self-exploration comes in).  When you see a line of asterisks 
(***), the Place Section will change (for easy order).  Alrighty, ready then?

 | Item |  CO  |      Place       |      Description       |  Items Needed  |
1)  100 |  D-9 |   Mabe Village   |  Inside Dream Shrine.  | Bracelet, Boots
2)  SS  |  B-8 | Mysterious Woods |     In plain sight.    |    Bracelet    
3)  50  |  C-7 | Mysterious Woods |     Enter the cave.    |     Sword
4)  50  |  C-5 | Mysterious Woods |     Enter the cave.    |    Hookshot
5)  20  |  A-3 |   Goponga Swamp  |     Enter the cave.    |    Feather
6)  50  |  A-4 |   Goponga Swamp  |     Enter the cave.    |    Bracelet
7)  50  |  E-4 |   Goponga Swamp  |     In plain sight.    |     (none)
8)  50  | F-15 |  Toronbo Shores  |     In plain sight.    |    Bracelet
9)  50  |  E-9 |   Ukuku Prairie  |     Enter the cave.    |     (none)
10) 50  |  G-9 |   Ukuku Prairie  |     Enter the cave.    |  Bombs, Boots

11) SS  |  I-8 |  Kanalet Castle  |     Enter the cave.    | Flying Rooster
12) SS  | G-14 |   Pothole Field  |    Push box in house.  |    Feather
13) 50  |  E-1 | Tal Tal Mountains|     In plain sight.    |     (none)
14) 50  |  I-2 | Tal Tal Mountains|     In plain sight.    |     (none)
15) 50  |  I-2 | Tal Tal Mountains|     In plain sight.    |    Hookshot
16) 20  |  N-2 | Tal Tal Mountains| Enter cave, bomb to it.|      Bombs
17) 20  |  N-2 | Tal Tal Mountains| Enter cave, bomb to it.|      Bombs
18) 20  |  N-2 | Tal Tal Mountains| Enter cave, bomb to it.|      Bombs
19) 20  |  N-2 | Tal Tal Mountains| Enter cave, bomb to it.|      Bombs
20) 20  |  N-2 | Tal Tal Mountains| Enter cave, bomb to it.|      Bombs
21) SS  |  N-2 | Tal Tal Mountains| Enter cave, bomb to it.|      Bombs
22)  G  |  K-1 | Tal Tal Mountains|    Enter left cave.    |     (none)
23) 20  |  M-6 |    Rapids Ride   |     In plain sight.    |     (none)
24) 20  |  N-6 |    Rapids Ride   |     In plain sight.    |     (none)
25) SS  |  M-7 |    Rapids Ride   | Exit L:6 from NW corner|     (none)
26) SS  | O-11 |    Face Shrine   |  Push statue on left.  |     (none)
27) SS  | D-14 |     Tail Cave    |  Bomb through a wall.  |      Bombs
28) 20  | D-14 |     Tail Cave    |    Kill the Moldorm.   |      Sword
29) 50  |  E-3 |   Bottle Grotto  |     Near entrance.     |    Bracelet
30) 20  |  E-3 |   Bottle Grotto  |     Near NW corner.    |     Feather
31) 50  | F-12 |    Key Cavern    | Western part of level. |      Sword
32) 200 | F-12 |    Key Cavern    |    Middle of level.    |      Sword
33)  G  | F-12 |    Key Cavern    |    Middle of level.    |     (none)
34) 50  |  L-3 |  Angler's Tunnel | Eastern part of level. |    Flippers
35) 50  |  L-3 |  Angler's Tunnel |    Middle of level.    |    Flippers
36)  G  |  L-3 |  Angler's Tunnel | Western part of level. | Feather, Shield
37) 50  | J-14 |   Catfish's Maw  |    NE part of level.   |    Hookshot
38) 50  | J-14 |   Catfish's Maw  |    NE part of level.   |    Hookshot
39) 200 | J-14 |   Catfish's Maw  |     Near entrance.     |    Hookshot
40) 100 |  M-9 |    Face Shrine   |    NW part of level.   |  Bracelet (L:2)
41) 100 |  M-9 |    Face Shrine   |    Middle of level.    |  Bracelet (L:2)
42) 50  |  M-9 |    Face Shrine   |    Middle of level.    |  Bracelet (L:2)

43)  P  |  M-9 |    Face Shrine   |    SE part of level.   |  Bracelet (L:2)
44) 200 |  M-9 |    Face Shrine   |    NE part of level.   |  Bracelet (L:2)
45) SS  |  O-1 |   Eagle's Tower  |   NW part of Floor 1.  |      Sword
46)  B  |  O-1 |   Eagle's Tower  |   Middle of Floor 2.   |    Hookshot
47)  P  |  O-1 |   Eagle's Tower  | North part of floor 3. |    Bracelet
48)  P  |  A-2 |    Turtle Rock   |    NE part of level.   |    Hookshot
49) 20  |  A-2 |    Turtle Rock   |   North part of level. |    Hookshot
50) 50  |  A-2 |    Turtle Rock   |    SW part of level.   |     Feather
51) 20  |  A-2 |    Turtle Rock   |   West part of level.  |      Sword
52)  G  |  A-2 |    Turtle Rock   |    SE part of level.   |    Bracelet

                              oO[SPECIAL PLACES]Oo

  |                        PREFACE TO SPECIAL PLACES                       |

Using this chart will help you find many hidden things on Koholint.  But, in order 
to benefit from it, you must understand the symbols or abbreviations first.  So, 
to help you, this Preface is here to tell you how to read it. :)  Now, on the 
chart there are 3 different columns - Item, CO, and Description.  Item shows the 
item you'll get when you explore the area.  How do you find the screen to get 
the item?  Look in the CO column (CO stands for Coordinate).  Then, to find the 
desired item, follow the instructions in the Description.

If you need help decoding the coordinate system, look in the Walkthrough's Preface. 
 Now, the items needed are not listed, so getting to the screen of the item you 
want is up to you.  Basically, when the chart says to ram something, you'll need 
Pegasus Boots, and when it tells you to bomb something, use bombs.

Here's some tips about the treasures you'll find - Tree Items, Great Faeries, 
and Mad Batters.  There are only 2 different tree items (apart from Secret Seashells, 
which are in their section of this guide, not here), and they are faeries and 
bombs.  When you acquire a tree item, it won't reappear for awhile.  Great Faeries, 
however, will appear any time you are in need of hearts.  The Mad Batter can be 
called upon in 3 places, but after used in a place, it's gone and won't return.

The Mad Batter upgrades any of your limited use items.  It will allow you to carry 
double Magic Powder, Arrows, or Bombs.  Be sure to own the item when you get the 
upgrade!  If you do, you get a free refill!  To call upon Mad Batter, enter one 
of it's caves mentioned and sprinkle Magic Powder into it's well.  You can visit 
the caves in any order and can receive all your upgrades in any order as well. 
 Ok, now that everything's explained, here's the chart!

 |      Item      |  CO  |                    Description                   |  

 |  Tree - Bombs  | B-10 |             Ram the lone upper tree.             |
 |  Tree - Faerie | C-11 |                   Ram the tree.                  |
 |   Mad Batter   |  C-6 |             Lift the stone and enter.            |
 |  Great Faerie  |  D-6 |               Approach the spring.               |
 |  Tree - Faerie | F-10 |                Ram the lone tree.                |
 |  Great Faerie  |  H-9 |           Bomb the cave open and enter.          |
 |  Tree - Faerie |  K-7 |                Ram the lower tree.               |
 |   Mad Batter   | G-15 |  Enter the cave on J-16 to make it to the cave.  |
 |  Great Faerie  |  N-9 |           Bomb open the cave and enter.          |
 |  Tree - Faerie |  P-9 |        Ram the tree above the owl statue.        |
 |  Great Faerie  |  P-2 |           Bomb open the cave and enter.          |
 |   Mad Batter   |  E-1 |             Lift the stone and enter.            |

  /__\                          E N E M I E S                           /__\
 /\  /\                         -------------                          /\  /\

 |                            PREFACE TO ENEMIES                            |

Yeah!  Every other section has one, this one does, too!  A Preface!  So, you want 
to learn about the enemies, do you?  Great!  A good strategy is to know what's 
in store, so this section tells you everything you need to know about enemies 
and their weaknesses!  To start, here's what you'll find for each enemy.

Found  - Physical area(s) where the monster is found.
Desc.  - A small description to identify the enemy.
Tips   - Some info for easier disposal of the enemy.
Prefer - The item preferred by me and how many hits it takes by the item to    
          destroy the enemy.  You can test other weapons if you like.  Use     
           whatever weapon you feel like.  NOTE - Sword HP can be confusing.  
If           the sword is used as the choice weapon by me, the HP is in L:1 sword 
           hits.  A Whirling Blade Technique does 2 HP, as well as a hit from  
            the L:2 sword.  A L:2 sword Whirling Blade Technique does 4 HP     
Damage - How much damage an enemy does to you if you get hit by it.

Okay, so that's the basics.  Here are a few exceptions, though : High-powered 
weapons like the Magic Rod or the Boomerang can defeat just about anything, so 
I probably won't list them as choice weapons.  Most likely the weapon will be 
your trusty blade, but there are a few exceptions.  First in the list are Overworld 
enemies, with Underworld enemies following them.  Traps are last.  Note that some 
enemies may be in both the Overworld and Underworld, but are listed under only 
one category.  I listed any enemies like that in the section where they're most 
abundant.  Got it?  Great, let's start!


Found  - Beaches
Desc.  - An octopus that shoots rocks.
Tips   - Use your shield to block any rocks shot at you.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Prairies
Desc.  - An octopus with wings.  Shoots rocks and flies away when attacked.
Tips   - Hold your sword out and poke it so it doesn't fly.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Sandy areas ; beaches, deserts
Desc.  - A black creature with 4 claws embedded on its head.
Tips   - Attack when it pops up, but keep in mind it can go underground.  It   
          usually follows you from underground and emerges close to you.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Beaches
Desc.  - A monkey who lives in a palm tree.  It throws coconuts and            
          occasionally bombs to get anything out of its territory.
Tips   - Slash the coconuts for easy money, but try to avoid the bombs.  Dash  
          into the tree when you have the chance.
Prefer - Pegasus Boots ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Beaches
Desc.  - A spiny black ball with eyes.
Tips   - You can push them out of the way with a shield, but it's easier to    
          just attack them.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Beaches
Desc.  - Crabs that run sideways.
Tips   - Just attack.  ^_^
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Widespread across Koholint, mostly in forests
Desc.  - A goblin-like monster.  Attacks with arrows.
Tips   - Attack and use your shield to block any arrows shot at you.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Widespread across Koholint, mostly in forests
Desc.  - A goblin-like monster equipped with a sword and shield.
Tips   - Slash it on the side that has a shield.  Its shield does not prevent  
          any damage, thus finding a weakness.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Mostly in prairies and near water
Desc.  - An enemy resembling a banana peel.
Tips   - Do NOT use your sword!  Doing so will end with 'shocking' results!    
          Stun it first with the Hookshot, then attack.
Prefer - Hookshot ; Stun - Then Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Wherever Buzz Blobs are found
Desc.  - An enemy resembling a banana peel with bugged-out eyes.
Tips   - Talks nonsense that's fun to listen to.  ^_^  Same rules as Buzz      
Prefer - Hookshot ; Stun - Then Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Wastelands and other parts of Koholint
Desc.  - A black crow.  What did you expect?  ^_^
Tips   - Approach them to start their attack - flying at you.  Hit them when   
          they speed towards you.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Waterways
Desc.  - A serpent-looking head that pops out of a whirlpool.
Tips   - Hit their fireballs with your sword to block them.  You can attack,   
          but they're usually out in the water where you can't hit them.  Just 
           avoid them and dive in the water to escape their attacks when you're 
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Widespread

Desc.  - A weird sponge-like monster with a hole through its middle.
Tips   - Don't get hit by it!  Though it does no damage, it can eat your       
          shield!  To get it back if eaten, attack without getting hit again.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - 0

Found  - Caves and shallow water
Desc.  - A fish that pops out of the water after some swimming.
Tips   - You can't hurt it when its dorsal fin shows.  Hit it when it pops     
          into the air.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Swamps
Desc.  - A flower that absorbs sun rays in swampy areas.
Tips   - You can't defeat it until you gain possession of the Hookshot, but    
          Bowwow eats right through them.
Prefer - Hookshot ; 2 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Swamps
Desc.  - A huge flower that shoots fire at you.
Tips   - Hit any fireballs it launches with your sword.  Attack with Bowwow or 
          a Hookshot.
Prefer - Hookshot ; 2 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Widespread, mostly in heights or prairies
Desc.  - A piggish Moblin.  Shoots arrows.
Tips   - Block any arrows with your shield and attack.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Widespread, mostly in heights or prairies
Desc.  - A piggish Moblin equipped with a sword and shield.
Tips   - Attack on the side with the shield.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Graveyards
Desc.  - A ghost with one eye and a long tongue.
Tips   - Attack it with your sword, but it has lots of HP!  If you awaken any  
          other Ghinis on the same screen, destroy the one that was originally 
           the only one out.  If destroyed, all Ghinis self-destruct.
Prefer - Sword ; 8 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Graveyards
Desc.  - A huge ghost with one eye and a long tongue.
Tips   - Same HP as a regular Ghini, but bigger.  Must've been an elephant     
          before it died...
Prefer - Sword ; 8 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Near graveyards
Desc.  - A weird looking enemy that comes from the ground.  Has one huge eye   
          and a small one.  Only has 4 hairs on it head...
Tips   - There are an infinite number of Zombies on any screens they're found  
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Widespread
Desc.  - A mushroom with wings.  It drops bombs and flies away when a sword is 
          taken out.
Tips   - You should really avoid them, but they do give you faeries often      
          after they're destroyed.  If you must, hold your sword out and poke  
           them.  Watch out for their bombs!
Prefer - Sword ; 3 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Heights and mountains mostly
Desc.  - A creature with 2 legs, one eye, and fangs.  I hops around a lot.
Tips   - I usually jumps right towards you, so just attack when it comes.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Prairies
Desc.  - A bug that has 2 large mandibles.  It peeks out of holes and attacks.
Tips   - If you walk near a pit and see 2 eyes looking out of it, move away -  
          there's a Pincer inside!  It'll extend its neck in an attempt to hit 
           you.  Attack the head.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Prairies
Desc.  - A small spider that crawls out of holes.
Tips   - Not much of an enemy, it just walks around.  There is an infinite     
          amount in any hole they come out of.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Widespread, caves
Desc.  - Looks like a regular bush, stone, or skull until you approach.  It's  
          actually a spider living underneath an object.
Tips   - They can't move upwards very easily.  Lift the object from its back   
          and it'll run around the screen.
Prefer - Power Bracelet ; Stun - Then Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Kanalet Castle
Desc.  - A monster wearing armor.  It shoots arrows.
Tips   - Use your shield to block any arrows that are slung your way.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Kanalet Castle
Desc.  - A moster wearing armor and has a sword and shield equipped.
Tips   - Hit it in the shield area to hurt it.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Deserts
Desc.  - A cactus.
Tips   - If your sword's not strong enough, its segments fly around the screen 
          when hit.
Prefer - Sword ; 3 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Face Shrine
Desc.  - A stone warrior that awakens when touched.
Tips   - Use your shield to push it out of the way if you can't attack it.
Prefer - Boomerang ; 2 HP
Damage - 2

Found  - Mountains
Desc.  - An angry-looking bird.
Tips   - When you approach, it flies at you.  Attack it when it's in air.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - 1


Found  - Widespread

Desc.  - A round blob that hops at you.
Tips   - Some pop out of the ground and some are already out on a screen.  The 
          ones that pop out have 1 HP, but the Gels that are already out will  
           be split into two smaller gels if your sword isn't strong enough.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Widespread
Desc.  - A bat that flies when approached.
Tips   - Scare it to make it fly around, then attack.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Widespread
Desc.  - A hard-shelled tentacle monster.
Tips   - Unless you possess bombs, use your sword to push them into pits.  You 
          can also stun them with the Hookshot or Boomerang.  When stunned, you 
          can pick them up and toss them into pits.
Prefer - Bombs ; 1 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Widespread
Desc.  - It looks like a happy sun.
Tips   - It follows around a room's walls.  Avoid it unless you have the       
Prefer - Boomerang ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A skeleton knight that hops.
Tips   - Some wander around the room while others seek out you.  When attacked 
          (or when attacking), they jump high in the air.  Stalfos in levels 5- 
          8 throw bones after landing from a jump.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A wiggly worm.
Tips   - It has a weird moving pattern, so be ready to dodge an attack.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A walking spined enemy with a defensive shell.
Tips   - When you cross it's path, it charges at you.  Use your shield to flip 
          them, revealing their weakness.

Prefer - Shield ; Flip on back - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A walking mushroom from the Mario Bros. series.
Tips   - The sword defeats them easily, but if you jump on them, you always    
          get a recovery heart.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - Enemies with card suits that constantly change.  There are always 3.
Tips   - To defeat them, make all 3 hold the same suit.  3 Diamonds gives you  
          3 rupees and 3 Hearts gives you 3 recovery hearts (any match of clubs 
          or spades doesn't give you a reward).
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP each
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - They look very similar to Shyguys of the Mario Bros. series.
Tips   - You can't directly hit their masks.  They also mimic your moves.      
          Hold your sword out and move behind them.  Use a Whirling Blade      
           technique to hit their backs.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - An eye that sucks everything in the room to itself.
Tips   - If you fall in, you'll be warped to the dungeon's entrance.  You can  
          use this as a warp, but beware when trying to fight it.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - 0

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - Angry ghosts from the Mario Bros. series.
Tips   - If you light lamps the room they haunt, only their souls will remaon, 
          leaving them vulnerable.  Otherwise, a sword hit knocks them back a  
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - Plants that pop out of pots.  They're from the Mario Bros. series.
Tips   - If you hit the pipe when they're inside, you can destroy them easily.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - Skeletons wearing hooded robes.
Tips   - Use your shield to block any arrows that are shot at you.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - Skeletons wearing hooded robes; equipped with a sword and shield.
Tips   - Hit the side with the shield to do damage.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - It looks like a hopping rabbit head.
Tips   - You can't destroy it with skillful swordplay.  If there are pots in   
          the room, throw them at it to destroy it.  Play the Ballad of the    
           Wind Fish on your ocarina for a one-hit K.O.
Prefer - Bombs ; 1 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Widespread
Desc.  - A weird Gel look-a-like with arms and legs.  It mimics your movement.
Tips   - They're usually found in groups.  Grab the wall with the Power        
          Bracelet and you can control their movement easily.  Get them into a 
           group and use the Whirling Blade Technique to hurt them.  Otherwise, 
           a normal sword blow does no damage.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - 3

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A walking bomb with eyes.
Tips   - If hit with the sword, they bounce around the room for a small amount 
          of time until exploding.  If hit in the process, they regain some    
           time before exploding.  Use bombs on it and it'll leave behind more 
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A walking bomb with eyes.
Tips   - It looks like a normal Bombite until hit.  It counts down to 1 before 
          exploding.  Since it follows you, hit it away with your sword at last 
          minute before the fuse blows.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - They look like bird heads that teleport away when approached.
Tips   - An easy way to defeat them is to execute a dash attack.  You can also 
          approach it and go to the opposite side of the room when they        
           teleport.  Hit it when it reappears.  Every time they reappear, they 
           shoot a beam.  Jump it.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A 4-legged creature with one eye.
Tips   - It glides along the surface of water.  Attack it when it glides near.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - They look like mini-fans that fly in the air.
Tips   - You can't hurt them until they land.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A spinning enemy with a black head.
Tips   - It's movement pattern is easy to avoid, it just bounces off walls.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A walking mask with eyes.
Tips   - A blow to the front or sides is blocked, so hit it in the back.  Use  
          the Hookshot to pull their masks off.
Prefer - Sword ; 2 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A fish from the Mario Bros. series.
Tips   - You can jump on them if they hop out of the water, but otherwise, use 
          your sword.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A baby Angler Fish.
Tips   - Only found in battle with L:4's boss.  A simple hit will do.

Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A white squid from the Mario Bros. series.
Tips   - Hit it.  It's dead.  ^_^
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A wizard that appears and disappears.  It casts magic, too.
Tips   - Avoid the magic shots and attack when they're visible.  Use bombs to  
          kill them instantly, but you have to time the bomb right.
Prefer - Bow ; 4 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A mummy.
Tips   - If you set them on fire, they turn into Stalfos.
Prefer - Sword ; 6 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A snake that charges when it lays eye on you.
Tips   - Attack when it slithers your way.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - Kirby from the Kirby series.
Tips   - Not much hurts it, so use bombs when it inhales.  Yum!
Prefer - Bombs ; 2 HP
Damage - 1

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A winged demon that shoots fire as it flies around the room..
Tips   - Hit it's fireballs with your sword to block them.  After 2-4 shots,   
          it dashes at you.  Poke it with your sword when it does.  After 3    
           hits, it becomes 2 Big Keese (below).
Prefer - Sword ; 3 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons

Desc.  - Larger and more decorated Keese.
Tips   - They appear after Vire splits in two.  You can avoid them or attack.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP each
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A colored enemy bearing two shields.
Tips   - When present in a room, a hole with a matching color is on the floor. 
          Hit them to make them turn into balls, then chuck them into their    
           matching colored-hole.
Prefer - Sword ; Curl up - Then Power Bracelet ; Throw in hole
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A flying Stalfos with a black robe.
Tips   - Jump in the air and attack with your sword.  After a hit, they turn   
          into Jumping Stalfos (see below), but with more HP.
Prefer - Sword ; 3 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A Stalfos that leaps on tiles.
Tips   - Either destroy it or let it jump on the tiles until they break.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A blob that forms into a large nightmarish creature.
Tips   - Lure it out so it extends above ground, then attack.
Prefer - Sword ; 1 HP
Damage - .5


Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A round circle with eyes and 4 sharp blades in each of it's sides.
Tips   - Jump over it or trip it so it comes at you.  Until it returns to its  
          starting place, it can't dash at you after being tripped.
Prefer - (none)
Damage - 1

Found  - Widespread
Desc.  - A pot that launches fireballs.

Tips   - Usually it only launches fire when there are enemies in the room.     
          Destroy the enemies and it should stop.
Prefer - (none)
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A flaming skull that bounces off of walls.
Tips   - Can be very annoying.  Attack it for a faerie.
Prefer - Magic Powder ; 1 HP
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A statue that shoots fire out of it's eye.
Tips   - Try killing all of the enemies in the room to make it stop.
Prefer - (none)
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A large stone enemy with one eye and a flat top.  Resembles enemies   
          from the Mario Bros. series.
Tips   - Though it can't be destroyed, you can jump on it's smooth top.
Prefer - (none)
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A small stone enemy with an eye.  It slams on the ground when         
          something is below.  Resembles enemies from the Mario Bros. series.
Tips   - Dash below them to escape their attack.
Prefer - (none)
Damage - .5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A huge flashing blob with eyes.
Tips   - Avoid it.
Prefer - (none)
Damage - 1

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A rotating gun with an eye.
Tips   - You can block the beam it shoots with the Mirror Shield.
Prefer - (none)
Damage - .5

Found  - Mountains

Desc.  - A falling rock.
Tips   - Just jump around to avoid them.
Prefer - (none)
Damage - .5

Found  - Mountains
Desc.  - A gun attached to a wall that repeatedly shoots out flames.
Tips   - Keep away from dry brush.  :)  You can deflect it ONLY with the       
          Mirror Shield.
Prefer - (none)
Damage - 2.5

Found  - Dungeons
Desc.  - A jumping fireball from the Mario Bros. series.
Tips   - Time your jumps across lava when they're present.
Prefer - (none)
Damage - .5

  /__\                           B O S S E S                            /__\
 /\  /\                          -----------                           /\  /\

 |                            PREFACE TO BOSSES                             |

There are many bosses on Koholint, and you have to beat them all!  In this section, 
you'll learn about their attacks, their weaknesses, and their locations!  Each 
boss has the same info - Locale (lacation), Attack (the boss's attacks), Techn. 
(Techniques to beat it), and Equip (what to have equipped to beat it).  The Equip 
section is mostly strict, but sometimes you can change the weapons to suit you. 
 Otherwise, destroy them as listed.

Mini-Bosses may be present in two or more dungeons.  You know that there's only 
one true mini-boss for each level, so look at the Locale section.  The first dungeon 
listed is the dungeon that it is the 'official' mini-boss for.  Let's get started!

                             _/ -MINI-BOSSES- \_

Locale - L:1, L:8
Attack - It rolls a huge spiked log at you.  It also hops around to the other  
          side before rolling it again.
Techn. - Jump over the log and hit it with the sword while it jumps to the     
          other side.
Equip  - Sword and Roc's Feather

Locale - Bowwow Dungeon
Attack - It shoots arrows, then charges at you.
Techn. - Block the arrows with your shield and move out of the way when it     
          charges.  It'll smack into the wall, stunning itself.  Attack with   
           your sword then.
Equip  - Sword and Shield

Locale - L:2, L:7, L:8
Attack - It throws bombs when hit.  If it's not hit for awhile, it charges at  
          you, picks you up, and throws you.
Techn. - Attack with your sword swiftly and skillfully.  If you get thrown,    
          watch out for cracks in the floor or pits!
Equip  - Sword

Locale - Outside Kanalet Castle
Attack - It pops out of holes and throws bombs at you.
Techn. - Stay near the bottom 2 pits and hit it when it appears near you.  If  
          it throws a bomb from higher up, move to avoid it.  You may get two  
           hits in if you attack fast enough.
Equip  - Sword

Locale - Kanalet Castle
Attack - It attacks with a mace.
Techn. - Hit it while it swings it's mace.  Use your shield to block the       
          attack after it slings it at you.
Equip  - Sword and Shield

Locale - L:3, L:6, L:8
Attack - They just move around...
Techn. - Place a bomb in front of it.  It'll eat the bomb and explode.  While  
          exploding, you can't get hurt by it, so place a bomb in front of it  
           again to get a combo.  You can also throw bombs into their mouths.  
            It always has a partner...
Equip  - Bombs

Locale - Yarna Desert
Attack - It leaps from the sand into the air.
Techn. - Hit it's head when it flies out from the ground.
Equip  - Sword

Locale - L:4, L:8
Attack - It dashes around the room.
Techn. - Jump over it when it comes your way and slash it's back.  It spins    
          around and comes at you after a hit, so jump it again for an extra   
           hit or two.
Equip  - Sword and Roc's Feather

Locale - L:5
Attack - They (there's 2) walk sideways around the room.  They can lunge       
          forward when you're near and open their eyes to shoot a fireball.
Techn. - Hold out your shield to block any lunges.  When one stops, get your   
          Hookshot or Bow ready - it's going to open an eye.  Watch for the    
           fireball it shoots and attack the eye.  After killing one, you get 
a            recovery heart (great?).
Equip  - Shield and Hookshot

Locale - Face Shrine
Attack - It hops around and leaps in the air.  After a leap, it crashes to the 
          ground, paralyzing anything that's on it.
Techn. - Jump whenever it slams on the ground or you'll be stunned.  Attack it 
          with the Bow or, if you run out or want a challenge, the Whirling    
           Blade Technique.  I believe the L:2 sword can hurt it with just a   
            normal blow, but don't scream at me if I'm wrong.  ^_^  After a few 
            hits, it loses it's shield.  When it's life is VERY low, it loses  
             it's armor (and Nintendo rated this E?  ^_^ ).
Equip  - Bow and Roc's Feather

Locale - L:6, L:8
Attack - It throws a ball at you.
Techn. - Pick up the orb it throws and chuck it at the foe.
Equip  - Power Bracelet

Locale - L:7
Attack - Though it never attacks you, it calls it's brothers, 6 Battle Bats.   
          They fly at you at it's command.
Techn. - You must defeat all 6 in one formation.  If you don't, a new          
          formation will be constructed and you'll have to defeat all 6 again.
Equip  - Sword (Shield for defense if you want)

Locale - Tal Tal Mountain Range

Attack - It sways it's head and occasionally lunges forward.
Techn. - It's a fact that Turtles hate the taste of metal.  give it a taste of 
          your sword!  It's rather easy - just continuously slash at it's      
Equip  - Sword

Locale - L:8
Attack - It throws punches and occasionally combos.
Techn. - Be very careful when fighting it!  A hit from a punch could stun you. 
          Once stunned, it charges up before hitting back to the beginning of  
           the level!  Instead of risking it, Use the Whirling Blade Technique 
            when it stops in an attempt to hit you.
Equip  - Sword and Roc's Feather (defense)

Locale - L:0
Attack - It shoots electricity around the room.
Techn. - Sprinkle Magic Power on it to turn it into a blob.  Then attack with  
          your sword.
Equip  - Magic Powder and Sword

Locale - L:0
Attack - It jumps in the air and stomps the ground, sending shockwaves and     
          bolders towards you.
Techn. - Jump in the air to avoid being stunned.  After dodging the falling    
          stones, attack with your sword.
Equip  - Sword and Roc's Feather

                           _/ -DUNGEON BOSSES- \_

Locale - L:1
Attack - It tries to swat you into an abyss.
Techn. - Don't fall or you'll have to start the battle over again (and the     
          Moldorm regain any health lost).  It speeds up after an attack, but  
           slows down  after awhile.  After the third hit, it won't stop       
            speeding up, though.  Just use the Whirling Blade Technique twice.
Equip  - Sword and Roc's Feather

Locale - L:2
Attack - 1st Stage: It throws fireballs at you, then comes after you in it's   
          pot.  2nd Stage: It throws copies around the room after a hit (they  
           don't hurt you), then reappears within the circle that they flew in.

Techn. - Jump around the room to avoid the fire.  When the Genie goes into     
          it's pot, hit it with your sword.  Pick it up and throw it against   
           the wall.  Repeat that 2 more times and the pot breaks.  Hit it with 
           your sword and it throws two decoys around the room in a circle.    
            When it reappears, it throws a fireball, so be ready with Roc's    
             Feather.  Keep attacking until dead.
Equip  - Sword, Power Bracelet, and Roc's Feather

Locale - L:3
Attack - When stuck to the ceiling, it shoots Gels down constantly.  On the    
          ground as a whole, it just sits there...When split, the separate eyes 
          hop around the room.  when hit, an eye flies high in the air and     
           crashes to the ground.  You get stunned if you're on the ground when 
           it makes contact.
Techn. - Ram into the wall to make the eyes fall.  At first, they're           
          connected.  Hit them continuously with your sword until they're      
           hanging together by a thread.  Charge into them with your Pegasus   
            Boots to separate them.  When separated, hit each of the eyes with 
             your sword.  After a hit, watch for an eye's shadow and jump when 
it            falls or you'll be paralyzed for a short time.
Equip  - Pegasus Boots, Sword, Roc's Feather

Locale - L:4
Attack - It swim around.  After awhile, it stops and slams into the left wall. 
          Bricks occasionally fall when the wall is hit.  Angler Fry also come 
           out during the battle for a few more enemy targets.
Techn. - Keep slashing at it's face.  If you continuously slash as fast as you 
          can, you can kill it before it makes even one attack.
Equip  - Sword (Roc's Feather for defense)

Locale - L:5
Attack - It whips it's tail around the room during the battle.  It pops it's   
          head out of one of 4 holes.  When pulled out, it either extends it's 
           neck or sends out a dummy.  The dummy looks like a Moldorm which    
            explodes after running around the room for a short time.
Techn. - Stay on one side of the room.  Stand in a corner to avoid the tail.   
          When the tail is clear and you see the Eel's head pop out near you,  
           Shoot your Hookshot into it's mouth.  If it's neck extends outward, 
            slash at the hearts in the neck.  The farther back you hook it, the 
            longer it's neck extends.  For some reason, the L:2 sword doesn't  
             seem to affect it - It has the same HP as it does for the L:1 sword.
Equip  - Sword, Hookshot (Roc's Feather for defense)

Locale - L:6

Attack - It makes pots and tiles fly at you.  After all the throwable items    
          are gone, it creates holes in the ground that appear and disappear.
Techn. - Place bombs on it's face.  When the bomb explodes, it'll get hurt.    
          You can block the tiles shot at you with your shield, but you can't  
           block the pots.  If you want, pick up the pots and break them when  
            you first enter the room.  Keep bombing it's face.  The holes it uses 
          for attacks aren't hard to miss, either.
Equip  - Bombs and Shield (Roc's Feather maybe for defense)

Locale - L:7
Attack - It flies around the screen in an attempt to swat you off.  It also    
          blows wind and feathers at you.  It can also pull a 'Storm Eagle' and 
          try to dive at you from above.  If you fall off the tower at any     
           time, you'll have to start the battle over (and the Evil Eagle      
            regains any lost HP).
Techn. - When it flies across the sky, Hookshot it's head.  If it blows        
          Feathers at you, block the wind and feathers with the Mirror Shield. 
           Be sure to push against the wind so you don't fall!  Stay near the  
            middle of the tower so you don't get caught off-guard.  If it tries 
            to dive at you, get your sword out.  When it falls, slash and you'll 
           probably hit it.  For an easy way to kill it, use missiles (Bombs and 
          Arrows together), but unless you want to take all the fun out, use   
           that trick only if you're low on life.
Equip  - Mirror Shield, Hookshot, Sword

Locale - L:8
Attack - It hops out of the lava and goes back in.  The fireballs it shoots    
          upon entering the lava hurt you a lot!  When hit, it bounces around  
           the room for awhile until it falls back into the lava.
Techn. - Shoot your Magic Rod at it.  When it bounces across the room, keep    
          firing!  After a load of hits, it splits it's fiery skin to reveal a 
           weird creature.  Keep firing and it'll die.  Use Roc's Feather to   
            jump any attacks that come close.
Equip  - Magic Rod, Roc's Feather

Locale - L:0
Attack - It shoots beams and occasionally brings Stalfos down on you.
Techn. - Continuously hit it to make it turn colors.  Blue means full health,  
          Yellow means half, and Red means barely any.  Jump at it or get it   
           cornered for a quick end.

                           _/ -SHADOW BOSSES- \_

Locale - Wind Fish's Egg

Attack - It hops around the room.  Occasionally, it falls into the floor and   
          pops up elsewhere in the room.
Techn. - Sprinkle Magic Powder on it.  If it falls into the ground, stand on   
          the pattern in the middle of the room for a safe spot.
Equip  - Magic Powder (Roc's Feather for defense)

Locale - Wind Fish's Egg
Attack - It charges up a shot and shoots it at you.  A shot shaped like an     
          Anti-Faerie splits into 4 fireballs when it makes contact with       
           something.  After a shot, it teleports to another place in the room.
Techn. - Hit the round shots back at it.  If you have the Shovel, it reflects  
          shots better.  When a weird-shaped beam is thrown, jump over it.
Equip  - Sword (Shovel if you have it) and Roc's Feather

Locale - Wind Fish's Egg
Attack - It moves around the room.  When hit, it speeds up.
Techn. - Hit the tail with your sword.
Equip  - Sword (Shield for defense)

Locale - Wind Fish's Egg
Attack - It swing's it's axe, creating fire bats that fly at you.  After all   
          the bats are gone, it throws it's axe at you.
Techn. - Dash at it with your sword and Pegasus Boots.  When fire bats are     
          formed, tkae defesne with Roc's Feather.  It throws it's axe after   
           the bats are gone, so jump over it and get ready for an attack.
Equip  - Pegasus Boots, Sword, Roc's Feather

Locale - Wind Fish's Egg
Attack - It follows you.
Techn. - Use the Hookshot or Magic Rod.  Easy.  If you want a challenge, try   
          using bombs.
Equip  - Hookshot

Locale - Wind Fish's Egg
Attack - It swings it's arms around.  When hit a lot, it increases the arm     
          swinging's speed.
Techn. - Shoot arrows in it's eye when it opens.  Jump over the arms for       
          defense.  If you want an easy way out and an ending not deserved, use 
          the Boomerang for an easy kill.

Equip  - Bow and Roc's Feather

  /__\                     H E A R T   P I E C E S                      /__\
 /\  /\                    -----------------------                     /\  /\

 |                         PREFACE TO HEART PIECES                          |

There are 12 Heart Pieces in all for a total of 3 extra Heart Containers.  Finding 
them is very useful, for an extended life meter is priceless.  The locations of 
these pieces is a mystery, but they're revealed here.  The pieces are listed in 
the order that you can get them.  As with other sections, the items section only 
lists the items needed to get the Heart Piece, so getting to the screen is your 
responsibility.  If you don't understand the screens, look at the preface to the 

Screen - B-9
Desc.  - Win it in the Fishing Pond.  Catch the big fish on the right side of  
          the pond.
Items  - 10-30 rupees

Screen - A-11
Desc.  - Cut the bushes and jump into the well.
Items  - Sword

Screen - E-5
Desc.  - Hop over the holes to it.
Items  - Roc's Feather

Screen - A-6
Desc.  - Enter the cave and push the rocks to it.  Lift the skull in your way  
          with the Power Bracelet.
Items  - Power Bracelet

Screen - G-9
Desc.  - Bomb the cave open.  Enter it and dash through the crystals.  When    
          you reach a chest, go northeast.  Poke the wall with your sword to   
           find a weak point.  Bomb the wall to create a pathway to it.
Items  - Bombs, Pegasus Boots


Screen - O-13
Desc.  - Fall down the hole and poke the north wall with your sword to find a  
          weak point.  bomb it open to find the piece.
Items  - Bombs

Screen - O-3
Desc.  - Enter the cave and dive into the water in the middle of the room.
Items  - Flippers

Screen - I-8
Desc.  - Dive into the water to find it.
Items  - Flippers

Screen - G-8
Desc.  - Push the bottom right gravestone.  Enter the cave and bomb the        
          cracked stone.  Hookshot to the stone and jump to the piece.  You can 
          also pull this piece off with the Pegasus Boots.
Items  - Bombs, Hookshot, Roc's Feather

Screen - N-13
Desc.  - Bomb the cave open and enter.  Make it through the cave to a pit with 
          a cracked stone across it.  Make a missile (Bow and Bombs, press     
           simultaneously) to break the rock.  Hookshot to the piece.  On your 
            way out, bomb the wall where it's cracked.
Items  - Bombs, Bow, Hookshot, Roc's Feather

Screen - H-1
Desc.  - Slash the bush and enter the cave.  Poke the south wall until you     
          find a weak point.  Bomb it open and go through the small tunnel to  
           the piece.
Items  - Sword, Bombs

Screen - A-1
Desc.  - It's in plain sight.
Items  - (none)

  /__\                  S E C R E T   S E A S H E L L S                 /__\
 /\  /\                 -------------------------------                /\  /\

 *                        PREFACE TO SECRET SEASHELLS                       *


This section is put up just like the Heart Pieces section.  Coordinate explanations 
are given in the preface to the Walkthrough on this guide.  Items to get to the 
screen that a shell is on are NOT listed.  The only items listed are ones you 
need to get the shell once you're on the screen.  Keep in mind that you may go 
to the Seashell Mansion (K-9) to claim the L:2 sword once you have at least 20 
Secret Seashells.

Oh, and for the 2 Secret Seashells found in dungeons, you'll get a message like 
'D2, L4, U5'.  D stands for down a screen, L stands for left a screen, R is right 
a screen, and U is up.  Directions will be carried on when you get to the screen 
that the directions leave you on.

Screen - D-11
Desc.  - Cut down a bush to find it.
Items  - Sword

Screen - B-11
Desc.  - Enter the right door and dig in the corner of the room.
Items  - Shovel

Screen - D-14
Desc.  - Enter Tail Cave.  Look in the level for a bombable wall (From the     
          start, U1, L1, U1).  Bomb it open and enter.
Items  - Sword, Bombs

Screen - B-8
Desc.  - Lift the stone and open the chest.
Items  - Power Bracelet

Screen - E-8
Desc.  - Cut the bush and dig where it was.
Items  - Shovel, Sword

Screen - K-9
Desc.  - Enter Seashell Mansion with 5 Secret Seashells.
Items  - 5 Secret Seashells

Screen - L-9
Desc.  - Cut a bush to find it.
Items  - Sword

Screen - J-12
Desc.  - Lift the stone.
Items  - Power Bracelet

Screen - I-11
Desc.  - Enter the cave on I-12.  when going through, you'll notice a          
          different floor tile on the left wall of the cave.  Bomb the wall    
           there and enter the passage.  Go through until you get outside.  Walk 
          up and destroy the Flying Octoroks.  Dig the ground nearby to find   
Items  - Bombs, Roc's Feather, Shovel, Sword

Screen - J-15
Desc.  - Cut the bush.
Items  - Sword

Screen - K-9
Desc.  - Enter Seashell Mansion with 10 Secret Seashells.
Items  - 10 Secret Seashells

Screen - F-11
Desc.  - Dig the ground in the middle of the 4 grass patches.
Items  - Shovel

Screen - G-14
Desc.  - Enter Richard's Secret tunnel.  It's not hard to find it inside.
Items  - 5 Gold Leaves, Roc's Feather

Screen - E-11
Desc.  - Ram into the tree.
Items  - Pegasus Boots

Screen - C-14
Desc.  - Ram into the lone tree.
Items  - Pegasus Boots

Screen - K-14
Desc.  - Dig by the owl statue.

Items  - Shovel

Screen - P-16
Desc.  - Lift a stone.
Items  - Power Bracelet

Screen - O-11
Desc.  - Wake an Armos Statue on the left side.
Items  - (none)

Screen - G-11
Desc.  - Cut the bush.
Items  - Flippers, Sword

Screen - I-16
Desc.  - Cut the bush.
Items  - Flippers, Sword

Screen - G-16
Desc.  - Pick up a pot after the ghost leaves you (Quest for L:5).
Items  - Power Bracelet

Screen - M-7
Desc.  - Exit L:6 from it's top left corner (L1, N2, L1, N1, L1, N3).
Items  - (none)

Screen - I-8
Desc.  - Use the Flying Rooster to float across the pits to the cave it        
          resides in.
Items  - Flying Rooster, Power Bracelet

Screen - N-2
Desc.  - Enter the left cave.  On the first screen of the cave, you'll notice  
          a strange sand ground area.  Bomb the wall above that sand and go up. 
          Go through the caves and you'll emerge on screen N-1.  Go down to    
           claim the shell.
Items  - Bombs


Screen - L-1
Desc.  - Pick up a stone.
Items  - Power Bracelet

Screen - O-1
Desc.  - It's inside Eagle's Tower.  From the start, go R2 and U1.  Go up the  
          stairs.  Go D1 and L3.  Fall down the pit closest to the left wall.  
           Walk U3 to get the shell.
Items  - Sword

  /__\                   T R A D I N G   S E Q U E N C E                /__\
 /\  /\                  -------------------------------               /\  /\

 |                         PREFACE TO TRADING SEQUENCE                      |

The trading sequence is a big part of the game.  At the end, the entire process 
is more than worth it.  But, to learn about the barters, you must be able to read 
the chart.  The 4 columns tell different info on how to get the item you need 
next.  First, find the item you need next.  Look at what you have, then go to 
the item below it.  That is the item you trade whatever you have now to get.  

EX - I have the Dog Food.  I see 'Dog Food' on the chart, so I look at the item 
below, which is 'Bananas'.  I look at the info on the bananas and go to the screen 
they're located on.  I then follow the Description to get my bananas.

Now, the columns are Item G, Item R, CO, LV, and Description.  The Item G column 
tell you what item you're giving to get the next item in the sequence, which is 
Item R.  CO tells you the coordinates of the screen to find the new item (explained 
in the preface of the walkthrough).  LV is what level you're going to next, so 
if you're on the quest for level 1, this column would read '1' (if there are more 
numbers, you can get that item any time between those quests).  The Description 
tells you what you need to do on the screen to get the next item.

*-Grandma Ulrira's location determines what level you beat, so check both      
   places to find her.

     Item G    |     Item R    |  CO  | LV |           Description
      ---      |   Yoshi Doll  | D-12 | 1-3 | Enter the Trendy Game and win    
                |               |      |     | it.
   Yoshi Doll  |     Ribbon    |  C-9 | 1-3 | Enter the house and give the     
                |               |      |     | Yoshi Doll to Mamahl.
     Ribbon    |   Dog Food    | B-11 | 1-3 | Enter the right door and give    
                |               |      |     | the Ribbon to the dog.
   Dog Food    |    Bananas    | D-15 | 1-3 | Enter the house and give the Dog 
                |               |      |     | Food to Sale.

    Bananas    |     Stick     |  L-8 |  3  | Give the Bananas to Kiki.
     Stick     |   Honeycomb   |  H-9 | 4-8 | Give the stick to Tarin.
   Honeycomb   |   Pineapple   | N-14 | 4-8 | Enter the house and give the     
                |               |      |     | Honeycomb to the bear.
   Pineapple   |   Hibiscus    |  J-2 | 4-8 | Give the fruit to Papahl.
    Hibiscus   |  Love Letter  | N-13 | 4-8 | Go in the left house & give the  
                |               |      |     | Hibiscus to Ms. Goat
  Love Letter  |     Broom     |  A-4 | 4-8 | Enter the house and give the     
                |               |      |     | Love Letter to Mr. Write.
     Broom     |   Fish Hook   | B-12*| 4-8 | Give the Broom to Grandma        
                |               | N-13*| 4-8 | Ulrira.
   Fish Hook   |    Necklace   | K-15 | 5-8 | Swim under the bridge and give   
                |               |      |     | the Fish Hook to the Fisherman.
    Necklace   |     Scale     | J-13 | 5-8 | Return the Necklace to the       
                |               |      |     | Mermaid.
     Scale     |Magnifying Lens| J-15 | 6-8 | Put the Scale in the Mermaid     
                |               |      |     | Statue.

  /__\                            P H O T O S                           /__\
 /\  /\                           -----------                          /\  /\

 |                             PREFACE TO PHOTOS                            |

There are 12 total photos on Koholint Island.  Using a Game Boy Printer, you can 
print these photos out and stick them to whatever you like.  But, you must find 
them first to print them!  This preface is here to explain how to read the 
instructions below, not to talk of printing, so...

Each Photo will look like this -

Found - T-26
Photo - Link discovers the Ancient Pyramid.
Desc. - Approach L:13 - Ancient Pyramid.
Items - Mermaid Suit, Rock Rod

Just an example, don't go looking for that fake place.  ^_^  The Photos are in 
the order that they are in your album.  The coordinates listed are described in 
the preface of the walkthrough (early in this guide).  The Photo section tells 
you what the photo looks like.  Desc. tells you how to get the photo.  Items listed 
in the Items section are used only to get the photo, not to get to the screen 
the photo is taken on.

A few last things before you look below: There is a possibility of getting a 
different first photo.  You can only choose one, though both are listed as Photo 
#1.  On a last note, you cannot get ANY other photos unless you get Photo #1.  
Otherwise, the Photographer never shows up.

Found - G-4
Photo - Link giving the peace sign.
Desc. - Go inside the house and answer 'Yes' to the Photographer.
Items - (none)

Found - G-4
Photo - Link paralyzed.
Desc. - Go into the house and constantly answer 'No' to the Photographer.
Items - (none)

Found - A-16
Photo - Link and Marin looking out into the ocean.
Desc. - When Marin is following you, go to the bottom left side of the screen.
Items - Marin

Found - A-11
Photo - Marin falling on Link.  Funny pic!
Desc. - When Marin is following you, jump down into the well.
Items - Sword, Marin

Found - C-10
Photo - Marin, Link, and Tarin in front of the Flying Rooster's grave.
Desc. - When Marin is following you, approach the Flying Rooster statue.
Items - Marin

Found - B-12
Photo - Grandpa Ulrira talking on the phone.
Desc. - Approach the house's right window.
Items - (none)

Found - B-11
Photo - Link running from Bowwow.
Desc. - Approach Bowwow.
Items - (none)

Found - D-10

Photo - Link stealing from the shop?!
Desc. - Steal an item from the shop.
Items - (none)

Found - K-15
Photo - The Fisherman falling in the water.
Desc. - After giving the Fisherman the Fish Hook and beat L:5, return and talk 
         to the Fisherman.
Items - Necklace, Scale, or Magnifying Lens

Found - N-13
Photo - Link and Zora.
Desc. - When you've acquired the Magnifying Lens, enter the right house.
Items - Magnifying Lens

Found - J-8
Photo - Link and Richard in front of Kanalet Castle's drawbridge.
Desc. - When the Castle Moat is up, approach it.
Items - (none)

Found - E-7
Photo - Link and the ghost by a grave.
Desc. - After returning the ghost to it's grave (L:4 quest), return and        
         approach the grave.
Items - (none)

Found - N-1
Photo - The Photographer falling off of a bridge.
Desc. - Walk across the bridge.
Items - (none)

  /__\                            E N D I N G                           /__\
 /\  /\                           -----------                          /\  /\

 |                             PREFACE TO ENDING                            |

Ah, the game's ending.  This is a major SPOILER!!!!  Do NOT look unless you absolutely 
must!  There are 2 different ending - one for a regular game and one for a game 
with 0 game overs.  They're both discussed here.  You can make up your own theory 
on the rest of the story, I just put what happens in the end.  The credits will 
be put here sometime in the future as well, when Nintendo decides to send them 
to me...

Oh, and by the by, insert whatever you called your character in for 'Link' whenever 
you see it.


After the defeat of the final Shadow Nightmare, Deathl, a strange staircase appears 
in front of you.  As you climb it, the stars are seen shining high in the sky 
as you race to the top.  Once the ladder stops, you find yourself on a floating 
platform, high above Koholint Island.  Just then, Kaepora flies down and greets 

"Hoot!  Young lad, I mean...Link, the hero!" it hooted.  "You have defeated the 
Nightmares!  You have proven your wisdom, courage and power! ... ... ... ... As 
part of the Wind Fish's spirit, I am the guardian of his dream world... But one 
day, the Nightmares entered the dream and began wreaking havoc.

"Then you, Link, came to rescue the island... I have always trusted in your courage 
to turn back the Nightmares.  Thank you Link ... My work is done ... The Wind 
Fish will wake soon.  Goodbye ... Hoot!"  Then, without any warning, Kaepora 
disappeared in the dark sky.  A strange aura could be felt as a wavy being flowed 
into the area.  As it took the form of a whale, Link knew it to be the fabled 
Wind Fish.

"... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I AM THE WIND FISH..." it said so boldly that 
it made Link feel strangely calm (and so boldly, it must be in all Caps!).  "LONG 

TOGETHER!!"  And with that, the Wind Fish began to teleport once again.  Now away 
from sight, Link could hear the whale's voice in his head saying, "PLAY THE EIGHT 

Link held up his collection of Sirens' Instruments and played Marin's Song...the 
Ballad of the Wind Fish!  As past memories of the island flooded his mind, a rushing 
sound of water was heard below.  The island was disappearing!  In a splash of 
fury, Link was struck by a blast of water high into the starry night sky!


The sun was felt in the open ocean.  Seagulls crowed as a hero clinging to a piece 
of his ship opened his eyes for the first time in a while.  Rubbing his face, 
Link sat upright on the floating ship piece and stared into the sky.  The morning 
light shone bright upon his face as he remember her...Marin...and her song...

Then, blocking the sunlight was a whale-shaped figure!  Link stared in awe and 
couldn't help but smile!  The Wind Fish, awake at last!  Link watched as the whale 
flew about high in the sky, calling out in joy that it recovered (he also watched 
as thy credits hath been displayed :) ).  As the fish flew playfully in the air, 
Link began to lock up the memories of Koholint in his mind, and kept them there 
for eternity, just as Marin had told him to...


                              '*SPECIAL ENDING*'

The special ending is the same up to the final paragraph.  After reading that 
last paragraph, this last part of the story is reveiled...

Suddenly, a familiar song was heard, off in the distance.  Link squinted to see 
what was singing the oh-so familiar song.  It was but a seagull, singing the Ballad 
of the Wind Fish!  Link remembered Marin's wish and then knew the Wind Fish's 
true powers... Once more looking for the mythical being, it was nowhere in sight. 
 Sadly, Link turned to where the seagull was, but there were none in sight.  Marin 
had become the essence of a seagull and remained in Link's heart forever.

  /__\                   T R I C K S   A N D   T I P S                  /__\
 /\  /\                  -----------------------------                 /\  /\

Name a character on the Character Selection Screen 'ZELDA' (all caps).  A secret 
song will play!

When in Richard's Villa, listen to the song repeat about 7-10 times.  By then, 
a secret melody will play from Mario Paint!  Which song?  It's the little ditty 
played when you click on the 'O' in the MARIO PAINT logo (after the bomb blows 

Attack a chicken with your sword about 30 times.  A whole flock will fly at you, 
trying to kill you!

When your rupees are being deducted from a purchase of some kind, Save the game 
and Quit.  When you restart your file, you'll have the item you bought as well 
as most of your rupees!

When you're at Mabe's Shop, grab an item you want and run around the store manager. 
 If you circled him enough, make a break for the door.  You'll get outside with 
the item for free!  But, from then on in the game, you will be called 'THIEF' 
(and you'll have a new picture!).  Oh, and don't go back in the store or you'll 
be hit with a Kamehameha beam (instant death).


Do you die a lot, but you want the Special Ending?  When you're spinning in the 
death sequence, press A, B, start and select to bring up the save screen (if you're 
fast enough).  Save and quit.  When you restart your file, you'll be at the place 
you died without a death!

Yep, you can create a missile, of sorts.  Equip the Bombs and the Bow.  Press 
the A and B Buttons simultaneously to shoot a bomb on an arrow!  It explodes upon 
contact!  Use for a long-range weapon or for means of exploding hard-to-reach 

Other than getting 3 pictures, there are many things you can do with Marin following 
you!  Try breaking a pot.  If you break a LOT of pots, you'll see Marin with an 
attitude!  Hit a chicken!  Dig with the shovel!  Play the Ocarina!  Jump down 
a well!  Then there's the best - Take her into the Trendy Game!

There are many more things to do with Magic Powder other than waking a Mad Batter, 
lighting torches, or moving racoons.  Sprinkle some on bones in the desert!  Put 
some on the ghost's grave in Koholint Prairie!  Sprinkle a bit on the trees by 
Seashell Mansion!  The funniest use is for Buzz Blobs - They become senseless 
Cukemans!  Talk to them for weird messages!  Powder also changes the hard-to-beat 
Gibdos into easier Stalfos!

The ocarina has uses, too.  If you play the Ballad of the Wind Fish, you can destroy 
Pol's Voices easily!  You can also make Gohmas open their eyes when you play it!

Ever wonder what makes those Pieces of Power or Guardian Acorns show up?  Here's 
an easy way to learn - For a Guardian Acorn, defeat 12 enemies.  For a Piece of 
Power, destroy 40-45 enemies.

If you jump on the Goombas in the game, you'll always get a small heart.  Otherwise, 
you usually get rupees.

Do you want the fabled Boomerang of power?  If you have the Magnifying Lens, go 
to Toronbo Shores.  Look for a cave to bomb open.  Inside, you'll see a 'once 
invisible' Goriya, ready to strike a deal with you!  Trade your shovel for it's 
boomerang, the boomerang is much more useful than the shovel!


There are a few enemies that always seem to reward you with faeries.  They are 
Sparks, Anti-Faeries, and Zirros.  Defeat one of these for a faerie!  Zirros and 
Anti-Faeries may not give you one right away, but Sparks are sure to give you 
one!  Hoarders can also give you one when you lift their disguises (but they barely 
ever do).

If you have the Boomerang and the Flying Rooster, Do the following - Throw the 
Boomerang and pick up the rooster.  The Boomerang will fly beneath you, destroying 
any enemies in your path!

As you know from the Pothole Field, some bushes may have holes beneath them.  
If you tug at a bush and it doesn't lift, there's a pit below.  Use this trick 
for an easy way through the field of Potholes.

When in battle with the Three-of-a-Kind enemies, try to match them as all diamonds. 
 You get 3 rupees as a reward!  If you match 3 hearts, you get 3 hearts!  The 
other 2 suits give you nothing, though.

Charge up your Pegasus Boots and dig a hole with your shovel.  Link will run in 
place until you press the Control Pad!

You can be a pro like Marin, too!  Look at the chart below.

#  #####
#  #   #
#  #####

That's how the Trendy Game's moving floors are, right?  Ok, now look at the next 
chart, the ^ being the crane and the I being the item you need.  Move the crane 
to get it over to the corner as it is in the chart.

#  ####^
#  #   #
#  I####

Right as the item start to go to the right, tap the A Button.  The crane will 
go down and should get the item you needed!  You may need to practice, but after 
you get the hang of it, it's easy!

Want to skip getting the Mushroom for the Magic Powder?  Go into the Trendy Game. 
 You can win Magic Powder in there and skip the entire sequence!  Saves time for 
any time-trials you may be doing.

Other than receiving the upgrade from Mad Batter, if you set a bomb by a Bombite, 
after the explosion, it always leaves a bomb!  Try to destroy 2 with one bomb 
to gain some more bombs.

If you don't want to deal with Armos Statues, Simply push them aside with the 
Shield.  They won't wake and you can safely pass.

Play the Ballad of the Wind Fish where the walrus was.  It'll stick it's head 
out of the water and think you're Marin!

If you *must* defeat the Final Bosses easily, use the Shovel on Shadow Agahnim 
for easier reflection.  Use the Boomerang on Deathl for an easy 1-2 hit K.O.!

A hard trick to pull off, but it is possible.  When you defeat the Lanmola for 
the Angler Key, wait until it's right about to fall down the pit.  Grab it and 
move out of the sandy area.  If done correctly, a second key should fall in the 
cave below!

Need rupees?  Go inside the Color Dungeon and bomb the southern wall 1 screen 
north and 1 screen east of the entrance.  Inside the secret room there will be 
around 100 rupees.  Grab them and leave the Dungeon.  Reenter and they're back! 
 Fatten your wallet up using this technique.

Try using items on the hidden Zora in Animal Village - you can make it explode!

You can access the Color Dungeon in a regular Game Boy, but you need a GBC to 
pull it off.  After successfully beating the dungeon, enter in a black and white 
Game Boy.  You can explore the dungeon without color!

Pull at any corner of a bush in the Mysterious Woods.  Lots of the corners can 
be lifted in the form of stone sprites, leaving a door sprite where the corner 

If you have a Magic Potion, go to the Flamethrower in the Tal Tal Mountains.  
Lose your life and pass through the flamethrower when you're flashing.  You're 
now where you can't normally go without the Mirror Shield!


If there are Arm-Mimics in the room you're standing in, grab a wall and move them 
to one clump.  You can kill them all with one blow!  You can also control them 
to fall down pits!  Works with Mask-Mimics as well!

In Angler's Tunnel, after you get the key to unlock the Mini-Boss's room, return 
to the room 2 screens down and 1 to the left from the door to the battle.  See 
that gap?  You can jump in with a Pegasus Boot and Roc's Feather jump, but it's 
reallllyyy hard.  Unlock the block above and you've made your game unbeatable! 
 You can't get the other key without Flippers and you can't get the Flippers without 
the other key!

Ok, not a really know code, but as my friend was messing with his Flying Rooster 
and some holes in the Ukuku Prairie, he fell into some glitched screens - found 
by using the warping code in the regular version of Link's Awakening!  Although 
never done again, if you have done this trick, E-mail me at Artemis251@yahoo.com 
with any info you have.  Thanks!

If you use the Missile trick on Master Stalfos, it always leaves a small key behind. 
 You can get 3 extra keys this way!

  /__\                             F A Q S                              /__\
 /\  /\                            -------                             /\  /\

Can't seem to find something on this guide?  Here's a list of the most commonly-asked 
questions and their answers.

Q. How do I get the Noghtmare Key in Level 2?
A. Go to the room in the northeast corner of the level with the Pol's Voice,   
    the Stalfos, and a Keese.  Destroy the Pol's Voice first, then the Keese,  
     then the Stalfos.

Q. Why does your guide say that (item) is in a chest, when it's actually       
  (another item)?
A. To be truthful, I just recently got the DX version.  I see that they've     
    changed a few chest contents...grr...I'll fix them as soon as I can, just  
     E-mail me at Artemis251@yahoo.com telling me of their changes.

Q. How do I kill (enemy)?
A. Look in the enemies or boss sections.

Q. What is this extra key for in L:3?
A. If you never explored all of the passageways in the room with 4 locked      
    doors, you can use that key to enter them.  Otherwise, it's decoration.

Q. I'm lost!  What do I do?

A. Calm down and try to find a place in the Walkthrough that sounds like your  
    surroundings.  If you look hard enough, you can find your way.

Q. Oh, no!  I missed the Marin Pictures/Richard's picture/Secret Seashell that 
    can only be gotten at certain times!  Can I get those again?
A. Sorry, 'fraid not.  Those 'One-time only' things can only be received at a  
    certain time, sorry...

Q. I can't enter the Color Dungeon!  Why?
A. Either you don't have GBC or you have set foot into a level.  If you set    
    foot in any level, you must beat it before you're allowed to enter the     
     Color Dungeon.

Q. Is the Triforce in this game?
A. No.  The Triforce is only in LttP.

Q. I don't have that item that your walkthrough says to use!  How do I get it?
A. Look in the previous parts of the Walkthrough.  In every Quest, you'll see  
    some objectives.  Look for the item you need there and read the Quest to   
     find out how to get it.

Q. Hey, your guide makes me want to write my own LA Walkthrough!  Can I use    
    some of your stuff?
A. Great!  Another Walkthrough!  I'm glad to hear it, but don't put my stuff   
    on your own FAQ - That would be stealing my work, thus making you a thief. 
     So, be original in your work and I'm sure it'll be great!

  /__\                  V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                   /__\
 /\  /\                 -----------------------------                  /\  /\

Version 1.0 - Made everything in here but the credits.  Open to any            
               suggestions or spelling error E-mails!

Version 1.2 - Corrected a few chest contents and spelling errors.  Also added  
              a few sites that are allowed to use this FAQ.

  /__\                   S P E C I A L   T H A N K S                    /__\
 /\  /\                  ---------------------------                   /\  /\

ARTEMIS251 - Yay me!  Without myself, I couldn't have created this FAQ or my site! 
 Don't try to come to my house and thank me, Bowwow gets a bit excited outside 
and can sometimes jump at strangers with high speeds, biting their ankles.  Most 
of this info was taken from my site, too.  I still have a LOT of credit to give 
out, though.

ASTROBLUE - He allowed me to use his nifty Triforce-section-title text art.  He's 
also one of the few who inspired me to create this FAQ.  Loads of thanks to him! 

DEMAJEN - He is a friend to me, which helped out in getting Astro to help!  Known 
quite fittingly as the Oracles Master, he helped me write this FAQ and has a site 
that is my site's sister!  Visit it at the following link-

ADAM SIMA - He's proven to be a great ally to me in finding codes and enemy names 
alike.  He can be found shut inside his house with all lights off, playing a Gameboy 
Color in the corner with the music all the way up.

HELLDEATHSCYTHE - A friend from far back, he still helps me and supported my site 
and this FAQ/Walkthrough.  He can usually be found at Pokemon conventions, thrashing 
at every Pikachu he sees.  He also had an unfortunate accident once with a crystal 
ball, a fold-up lawn chair, 3 trucks filled with peanut butter, and a cheap garden 
hose, resulting in a curse that makes anything associated with him moderated 
everywhere he goes.

HUGO JANACEK - I thank him for sticking with me (seeing as how I always get him 
and Adam mixed up... O_o ) and for sending me some great Warp codes!  He's proven 
to be a great ally through and through.

JEFF 'CJAYC' VEASEY - The owner of GameFAQs!  He's the one who posted this 
FAQ/Walkthrough up!  Yay!

EVERYONE AT THE GAMFAQS ZELDA DX BOARDS - They're all great!  Woohoo!  I thank 
them for both inspiration and for giving me questions for my help topic!

EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED/VISITED MY SITE - The list grows long, and they are all 
a big part of my Spacial Thanks section!  A humbly thank all of you who have given 
me info or codes.  You're great!

NINTENDO - For creating this game.  This was my very first video game, and it's 
one of my favorites!  Go Nintendo!

  /__\                     L E G A L   S T U F F                        /__\
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I am in NO WAY affiliated with Nintendo or its affiliates, nor anyone involved 
in making this game.  All names, characters, items, places, etc. named in this 
FAQ are owned by Nintendo and its affiliates.

This FAQ is copyright (c) ARTEMIS251 PRODUCTIONS 2001.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  
Steal it and get sued, easy as 1, 2, 3!  You may use this FAQ for personal use 
only.  DO NOT do any of the following -

1) Sell it as a printout or on a disk.

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3) Take bits of this FAQ and submit the pieces elsewhere as mentioned above.

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And the latest version can be found at all of those sites.

If you want to use this FAQ on your site, just ask me politely in an E-mail to 
my address (Artemis251@yahoo.com) and I'll decide if you can or cannot use it. 
 Chances are that you can, but if you don't give me FULL CREDIT, bad luck and 
misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity.  That, or I'll sneak 
into your room at night and put a petri dish or flesh-eating viruses under your 
pillow.  Got it?

Think you found a spelling error, code, or a mistake?  E-mail at the above address. 
 Anything about enemy names will be deleted without a look, though (I like the 
names I have!).  Anything that's on the guide already will be disregarded as well 
(unless it's REALLY hard to find...).


"In a realm beyond sight
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There, the Triforce's might
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