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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games



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Welcome to the first real big adventure game, The Legend of Zelda. This is still a bestseller and
while I think Zelda II is better, this is still an awesome game.

Well, we aren't accomplishing anything by sitting here at the title screen, so let's get going!

Getting started
A. You start the game with nothing whatever, no money, no weapon, nothing. I think it's time to
change that.
B. Walk into the cave at the beginning to go inside. Inside, an old man will give you the SWORD.
C. Now go one screen east.

Your first battles
A. The enemies here aren't strong, but I thought it would be a good time to explain the basics of
fighting, which you must master as early as possible.
B. These creatures are called Octoroks. They attack by spitting rocks at you.
C. You don't need to press any button to use the shield. Just face them and don't use any weapon
as the rock strikes you, and it will bounce off.
D. Some attacks you can't defend against.
E. In the upper right corner are three hearts. You lose half a heart for every hit you take, and if
you lose them all, you die, and the game is over.

Game Over
A. If you die, you can continue, save or retry

A. If you continue, you will begin from the starting point, or from the entrance to a labyrinth if
you died while in one.  You will have three hearts.
B. If you save, you will save your work and go back to the game select screen. Restart you game
by selecting it. You'll start from the starting point, with three life hearts.
C. If you retry, you'll lose all your work from your last save point.

Back to the battle
A. Since you have full life, you can throw your sword, so do so.
B. If you get hit, you won't be able to throw your sword, in that case, just walk up and stab the
enemy when you're close enough.
C. The Octoroks aren't hard to beat, as they die after only one hit.
D. When you beat a monster, it has a random chance of leaving a treasure.
E. A heart will restore one life heart. A fairy will restore three life hearts.
F. Some enemies have a tendency to leave different treasures.
G. A common treasure are rupees, jewels used as money in this kingdom. Walk over them to
collect them.
H. A blue rupee is worth five normal rupees.
I. What we're trying to get is 20 rupees. So walk around and fight some monsters.
J. You can try exploring farther away, but then you'll meet stronger enemies. I suggest staying
near the start.
K. Octoroks very seldom leave bombs, but if you do get some, you can skip this next step.

Your first buy
A. From the start screen, go one screen east, then two screens north.
B. Now go one screen east and you'll meet some new creatures.
C. This screen has four Peehats, an annoying, flower-like monster that is invincible unless it stops
moving, which it rarely does.
D. In the water is Zola, who attacks by spitting fireballs at you.
E. You can't beat her now, and her balls are impossible to block right now, so dodge them and go
F. You'll meet some more Octoroks here, but one is blue. He will take two hits to kill.
G. Go north and walk up to the fairy pond to refill your life if you need it.
H. Then go back south, and east. You'll meet some jumping spiders called Tektites.
I. The Tektites aren't hard to kill, but be careful when they start jumping around. They also give a
lot of rupees.
J. Go into the cave. Since you have 20 rupees, we can buy some BOMBS. Walk up to them and
but them.
K. Go back to the starting point, you should make it alive. Now we're going to get some secret

Hidden caves
A. Go north from the starting point and kill the Octoroks.
B. There is a small protrusion on the north wall, in the center.
C. Walk one block to the left of it and place a bomb by pressing the B button.
D. If you did it right, the bomb will explode and open a hole in the wall.
E. Enter and touch the flashing rupee to gain 30 rupees.
F. This is one of several hidden rupee locations in the game.

Hidden caves II
A. Go back to the start and go four screens east.
B. You will encounter Octoroks and Tektites on the way.
C. On the fourth screen, you will meet Zola again. Also you will encounter Leevers.
D. Leevers are strange creatures that burrow through the ground to attack.
E. They aren't very common, though.
F. Since when we bought the bombs, we actually got four bombs, we now have three left. Let's
use one now.
G. Go to the cliff about the center of the screen. There is a way to go north, place a bomb about
two blocks left of it.
H. The bomb explodes and reveals another hidden cave.
I. Inside is an old man who lets you choose between two prizes. We can get the potion later, so
pick up the other prize, the HEART CONTAINER.
J. You now have four hearts instead of three.

Hidden Caves III
A. This next hidden cave is a long way away. So restore you life at the fairy pond we found
B. Go back to the shop where you bought the bombs, but this time, go north.
C. You're in a desert. Leevers are found here, including the nasty blue ones.
D. Stay away from bleu ones at all costs. They take an entire life heart, instead of half a heart, if
they get you.
E. While avoiding the Leevers, go east, north and east. You'll be in a place with a large rock in
the center.
F. There are red Tektites here, which are tougher than their blue cousins because they jump a lot
faster and are tougher to beat.
G. Defeat or avoid them, and place another bomb, near the bottom right corner of the rock.
H. Another hidden cave. Again, choose the HEART CONTAINER over the potion. We now
have five hearts.

More hidden rupees
A. Go east one screen and you'll be back at the sea. Zola and some Octoroks attack.
B. Avoid or defeat them, and place your last bomb on the cliff just to the left of the entrance to
the north.
C. Yep, another hidden cave. This one contains a bonus 30 rupees.
D. Go north some more, avoid the Peehats, and go east.
E. Avoid Zola and a lot of red Tektites, and go north again.
F. You should see a cave in front of you and grab the LETTER. Now we can buy potions.
G. We're not done yet. Go back south, then east one more screen.
H. This place is infested with Peehats. If you go through that cave, you can play a gambling game.
I. Don't do that. Instead, just east of center, push against the north wall and hopefully you'll go
J. Enter the cave, it's in plain sight, and get 100 rupees from the Moblin there! We're stinking rich
now, but we still aren't done!
K. Backtrack a few screens to where you used your last bomb. Then go south into the forest.
L. You'll meet Moblins here. They attack by throwing spears at you, but you can block them by
using your shield.
M. Don't kill them. Instead, stand right north of the east statue, and touch it.
N. The statue will come to life and attack you. He is very strong, but if you stand north of him
and hold down on the control pad, you'll go into the stairway below him in one piece.
O. Another bonus rupee place, this time with 30 rupees.

Blue candle
A. Get ready for big backtracking now. If you die, that's okay, we're a long way from home and
dealing with strong enemies here.
B. From the bonus rupee place go north, then west a long way. You'll go through the desert and
eventually reach a lake with some Peehats.
C. Go south four screens and then west two. You'll meet familiar foes, like Leevers and
D. You're now back in the area near the start, and can see a cave.
E. Go in, and buy the BLUE CANDLE for 60 rupees.
F. Now we can get even more bonus rupees. Here they are.

More bonus rupees
A. From the start, go one east and three north. You'll be back at that lake. Press start to go to the
sub-screen and select the blue candle from your inventory.
B. Stand two blocks west of the northeast bush that you can touch.
C. Press B and a flame goes out from you and burns the bush, revealing a stairway. Go in and
claim 30 rupees.
D. Go two screens, north, sue the same procedure as before to burn the southeast bush, 30
E. South three and then west two. Burn the southwest bush, alas, only 10 rupees.

Large shield and heart container
A. From that last place, go one screen north.
B. Burn the corner bush to reveal a secret shop. Buy the LARGE SHIELD for 90 rupees.
C. We can get it elsewhere, but it's cheapest here.
D. You can now block everything that's thrown at you, including Zola's fireballs.
E. Go one screen west. Burn the bush five blocks from the east end on the edge, to reveal another
hidden cavern.
F. As you probably guessed, choose the HEART CONTAINER.

Blue ring
A. Now we're going to explore an area we haven't been to before.
B. From the heart container, go one screen west, one screen south, one screen west, one screen
south and four screens west.
C. You're now in a brown forest and encountering Moblins and other such creatures.
D. You don't have to fight unless necessary, so try not to to conserve energy.
E. You're in a place with a line of bushes separating two halves of the screen.
F. Burn the northernmost bush in the single row of bushes... 100 rupees! Wow!
G. Only one bonus rupee place left and we'll have covered them all.
H. Go one screen north, then one screen west.
I. Burn the southeast bush. 10 rupees.
J. Now we've probably got at least 255 rupees. If you don't, fight some nearby enemies until you
get that many. Note that we simply cannot carry any more rupees.
K. From the last bonus rupee place, go west three screens and north two screens.
L. You're in a place with some bleu Leevers. Avoid them if possible and touch the north center
M. It comes to life and attacks you, but if you do the same thing as before, stand above it and
hold down, you won't get hurt.
N. In this secret shop, buy the BLUE RING for a whopping 250 rupees.
O. The blue ring is the best item in the game. It makes all attacks do half original damage for the
rest of the game. Awesome, huh?

A few other buys
A. Before you get the white sword, there's a few things you may want to buy.
B. Since there's no more bonus rupees, you'll need to raise the money by fighting monsters such
as the blue Tektites and red Octoroks. These items are expensive, so only buy them if you have
cash left over, or later on after you get the needed cash.
C. The ARROWS are for sale at the same place you got the bombs, for 80 rupees. They are
useless without the bow, but with the bow, you can use arrows to fire at your enemies.
D. Unfortunately, each arrow you fire uses up a rupee. You don't need to collect them until
labyrinth 6, so I suggest waiting to buy them.
E. You can also buy BAIT where you got the blue ring for 60 rupees. However, that is useless
until you reach labyrinth 7. It attracts monsters toward it, but doesn't work on strong monsters
and isn't really helpful.
F. Finally, you can buy a RED POTION (also known as WATER OF LIFE) at that cave you
passed, one screen north and three screens west of the start. Enter it, select the letter from your
inventory and use it. Two potions will appear. Buy the red one for 68 rupees. Never buy blue.
You can use it to heal yourself fully twice.

The white sword
A. We're almost ready to start beating the labyrinths, but first, we need one more item, the white
B. It's in a remote location. From the start, go one screen east, then five screens north, to the
edge of the lake. Then go one screen west and another screen north. You're now at a river. Go
three screens east while doing your best to dodge those falling rocks that are impossible to
destroy and are very annoying. You'll be at a screen with rd Tektites. Avoid or kill them, and go
north once more.
C. That centaur-like creature is a very strong monster, the blue Lynel. He attacks by throwing his
sword at you and does a huge amount of damage if he touches you. You can block his swords,
and stab him, but if you can, just go into the cave and avoid him.
D. If you have five or more heart containers, the WHITE SWORD is yours. Now we can do
twice as much damage per hit! Awesome! And now we are finally ready to get the Triforce of
Wisdom together!

The Eagle
A. The Eagle is on an island in the big lake in the middle of Hyrule. To get there, go back to that
bridge to the west you've passed several times, between two bonus rupee screens. Cross it and
enter the cave to be transported into the first labyrinth, Eagle.
B. There are a few things to understand about labyrinths.

General labyrinth tips
A. Each labyrinth has at least one treasure as well as a triforce piece.
B. When you collect the triforce piece you'll be restored to full health and be teleported out of the
C. Each triforce piece is guarded by an especially mean creature. If you can defeat one, you'll get
a heart container for your efforts.
D. In the labyrinths are locked doors which can only be opened using keys.
E. Some doors have shutters on them. They usually open when you destroy all the enemies in the
F. Labyrinth enemies are completely different from overworld enemies.
G. Each labyrinth has a map and compass. The map gives a map of the labyrinth and its various
rooms. The compass tells where the triforce is.
H. You don't need to get them because I will walk you through each labyrinth. So don't bother
unless you absolutely must.
I. Some walls in labyrinths can be bombed open to reveal doors. When doing this, always bomb
the center of the wall, and enter each labyrinth with at least four bombs.
J. Bombing walls creates shortcuts or is sometimes necessary to complete the labyrinth.
K. In some places you'll need to push blocks to make stairways appear or doors open. For
simplicity's sake (and you won't push any blocks until labyrinth 4) when asked to push a block,
always push the far left block if there is more than one.
L. You can push the block any way you want and usually must kill all enemies in the room before
moving a block.
M. Stairways lead to underground areas with treasures or to other parts of the labyrinth (the latter
only occurs in labyrinths 5 and up). In each underground area are four Keeses, and it is side
scrolling, but is only one screen and very easy to go through.
N. Some rooms in labyrinth 4 and up are dark, meaning all you can see is yourself and enemies.
One use of the candle in these rooms will light them up.
O. Rooms not shown on the map may actually exist and contain secrets.
P. Sometimes an object appears when you kill all the enemies in a room.

The Eagle continued
A. When you enter the labyrinth first go right
B. You'll meet some Stalfos (skeletons). They are very easy, but you only need to kill one - the
one that looks different from the others. It will give a key when defeated. Grab it and exit this
C. Now go to the left and you'll meet some Keeses (bats). They move fast, but stop periodically.
Slay them with the sword and take their key too.
D. Open the locked door inthe entrance room and go north two rooms.
E. Bomb the north wall. Don't kill the enemies here, you don't need to.
F. Get the map if you want and also if you'd like, slay the Gels (blobs). Then go north.
G. We have a key left over, but since the different-looking Stalfos here also has a key, kill him and
pick it up. Then go north through the locked door.
H. You'll meet some Goriyas (wolves) here, they throw boomerangs, though the boomerangs can
be blocked, as usual. Be careful and hit each one twice, and take their key and go left.
I. You're now in the head of the eagle and will encounter some spiked traps here. These nasty
things will try and hit you when you come near enough to one, and they do a good bit of damage,
so be careful to get to the other side of the room, trigger the traps and run through as they reset.
J. Push the far left block. However, as in all such situations, you must push it up or down, not
right because that would block the stairwell.
K. Go down the stairs and pick up the BOW. It is useless now since you probably didn't buy
arrows, but it will be needed later, so hand on to it.
L. Backtrack three rooms, to the room with the map. Then go right.
M. Okay, this is the toughest room yet, but isn't too bad. You'll encounter five red Goriyas here,
so be careful and attack when possible.
N. After killing them all the BOOMERANG appears, grab it.
O. The boomerang is a very useful tool. It can kill Keeses, it can stun enemies for a while, and it
can retrieve items from a distance. Now continue right.
P. Some Wallmasters (hands) come out of the walls to attack. If you get grabbed, you'll be sent
back to the beginning of the labyrinth. So be careful. They only attack when you come near walls,
Q. Grab that key, open the door and go north to meet the boss.

R. The Eagle boss is a dragon called Aquamentus. He attacks by spitting fireballs in batches of
three at you.
S. Block the fireballs with your large shield. If you have full life, throw your sword at him, if not,
just get in close and stab him a few times.
T. He is only vulnerable in the head, but only three hits brings him down.
U. After he is dead, pick up the heart container, then enter the next room and take the triforce

The Moon
A. The Moon is found in the eastern forest somewhere. From the second heart container, go one
screen east, two south, one west and finally one up to reach the labyrinth.
B. To start off, go right and you'll meet the Ropes (snakes)
C. The Ropes aren't hard to beat unless you encounter a lot of them. When they get in a straight
line of you they charge, so time your stabs well.
D. After beating them you get a key. Go back left, then up.
E. Some more Ropes are here. Beat them all to open the shutter to the left. Then go there, and
you'll meet yet another group of Ropes. Kill them for another key.
F. Now go back two screens right, then two screens up. You will encounter more Ropes and red
G. Ropes give a lot of rupees, and anytime you get enough cash to get the arrows or potion, by all
means do.
H. Kill these Ropes for a key, then go right.
I. Ah, this is a really tight spot. You'll be barraged by fireballs and boomerangs from some blue
Goriyas, which are tougher than their red cousins because they inflict more damage and take more
J. Kill them while trying to dodge the fire and boomerangs. If you succeed, you'll earn the
K. This is the same as the normal boomerang, except it flies further and faster.
L. Go back left, then up. You'll meet two Moldorms (fire worms) here, attack them to cut them
down to size. After beating them, take their key and go up again.
M. A large number of Ropes are in the next room, and you must kill them to open the door.
N. More red Goriyas are in the final room. Since you can't continue without killing them, do so
(great, I sound like Hitler now). They won't be too hard, just block their boomerangs and attack
them when possible.

O. The next room up contains the boss. He's a rhino named Dodongo.
P. While he doesn't do anything to attack you, his hide blocks all your attacks.
Q. To beat him, stand in front of him, and place a bomb in his path.
R. He will eat it. If the bomb misses, but is close enough, it will stun him and then you can kill him
with the sword.
S. As long as you have a few bombs in reserve he'll be very easy. After feeding him two bombs,
he'll die and you'll get another triforce piece.

The Manji
A. In the west forest, it's somewhere in the south. Shouldn't be hard to find.
B. This labyrinth looks more like a backwards swastika than a manji, but it isn't intended to be
that way. What's a manji, you ask? It's a Hindu symbol for fortune. At least that's what the atlas
C. Go the only way you can, left. You'll meet some Zols. These creatures are very easy to kill.
They are very slow and require only one hit, and although the manual says they split into two Gels
when hit, they don't because you have the white sword.
D. Kill the pitiful things and take their key. Then go up and kill these Zols too, and pocket another
key. Then go up.
E. You will have your first encounter with the Darknuts (knights) here. These guys are your
toughest foe yet. However, since we don't need to kill them, let's ignore them and go left.
F. Grab the compass here. Going to the left is a little tricky. Trigger the traps, then open the door
and go through as they reset. If you just run through, you'll get hurt.
G. More Darknuts are here, but we won't fight them just yet. Go up.
H. You'll first encounter the Bubbles here. They don't take any life if they hit you, but make you
unable to use your sword for a while. Avoid them (they are impossible to kill) and get the key.
Then go back down.
I. You need to defeat the Darknuts to open the door to the next room. However, they have a
shield which blocks frontal attacks, so you must hit them from the side or rear. They also do a lot
of damage.
J. The best way to beat them is this: stand at the corner of a block and as they walk by, hit them.
They take two hits to fall.
K. When they are dead, go south. Yipes! A room with eight more Darknuts!
L. Don't fight them, there are two many and you'll probably die. Dodge and weave around them,
enter that stairway, and get the RAFT.
M. This item is needed to reach the next labyrinth.
N. Backtrack a few rooms, back to the room where you first met the Darknuts. This time, go up.
O. Don't kill the Zols here, and only open the locked door to the right, and go that way.
P. Pick up the map, although it's useless. Place a bomb on the right wall, then run through as the
traps guarding it reset. The next room is the boss room.

Q. The previous bosses were easy, but Manhandla is quite hard. He shoots a lot of fireballs which
for some reason will not be blocked by the large shield.
R. Place a bomb near him. If you're lucky it will destroy all of him.
S. If you're unlucky it will only destroy a part of him, and the remaining part will go faster.
T. Keep planting bombs and hope they connect.
U. If you run out of bombs, use the sword. You'll need a lot of reserve life or a potion for this
V. To kill each claw requires two sword strikes. After killing all four claws, you've won. Go up
and take the triforce.

Heart #10
A. You should now have nine hearts. Before we head on to the Snake, we can get another.
B. Go to the far east, where you'll find a sea.
C. Go north along the sea until you see a dock. Step on it.
D. You'll ride across to a little island. Enter the cave and take the HEART CONTAINER.

The Snake
A. If you explored a little, you may have noticed a dock on the large lake, somewhere in the west
B. Step on it and your raft will carry you over to an island where the Snake is.
C. When you start, go left and kill the Keeses with your magic boomerang. When al are dead a
key appears.
D. Then go back, and then up. You'll meet the Vires (jumping devils) in this room. Stab them
once with any weapon and they become two Keeses, then slay those with the boomerang.
E. Don't bother killing them, we don't need a key. Instead go up.
F. Take the key and avoid the many Keeses if you can. Then go left.
G. This room is pitch black. Whenever you enter one of these rooms from now on, select the
candle and light it up with that. Be careful though. The candle's flame can hurt you.
H. Kill the Vires if you want, and go up. Take the key and go up again.
I. Don't kill the Vires, just avoid the Bubbles. Go right.
J. More Vires are here, but now we need to kill them to open the door to the right. Do so using
the sword and boomerang.
K. The next room contains two Like Likes, jelly-like things which have one redeeming feature: if
they get you, say good-bye to your large shield.
L. To avoid getting close to them, use the arrows if you have them. They take a lot of hits and are
moderately fast.
M. Kill all the monsters (except the Bubbles) and push the left block, any direction. Some stairs
will appear. Go down them and pick up the LADDER.
N. The ladder is a very handy tool. You use it to cross over holes and moats one block wide, and
it is needed to get a few items in the overworld. It is also needed to continue in this labyrinth.
O. Go back two screens left. Then cross the moat and go north.
P. Ignore these Vires if you can, and go right. Don't bother getting the map, or killing the Gels,
just bomb and go up.
Q. This room isn't on the map, but it does exist and has 10 rupees in it.
R. Pick them up and bomb right.
S. Kill the Vires, all of them, and push the block (as always in the future, the left one) to open the
door to the boss.

T. Gleeok the dragon is your foe here, and he is extremely hard.
U. He can spit fireballs and does so a lot, and these fireballs can't be blocked for some reason.
V. He is invulnerable to bombs, so you have to run in and stab his two heads repeatedly.
W. After hitting one head four times, it breaks off and flies around, spitting more fireballs. You
can afford to trade hits with him if you have a lot of life energy or a potion.
X. Concentrate on the other head and once it's dead, the battle is won. Take the heart container
and the triforce in the next room.

The final heart
A. If you looked on the coast when searching for the last heart container, you may have seen
another HEART CONTAINER, in plain sight but on some docks.
B. Use the ladder to cross over there and take it. You now have 12 hearts.

Northwest Hyrule
A. Go (from the final heart): north three screens, west one, north one, and west six. You're now
at a river. Cross it with the ladder and go west one more.
B. Then go south, west, north, and west (avoid all enemies).
C. You'll now see, if you did it right, ten Armos statues. Touch the northeast statue.
D. He may move very fast or very slow. If he moves very fast, quickly move off the screen and do
it again.
E. If he moves very slow, defeat him (or not) and take what was under him, the BRACELET.
F. Now go west, south and north along the other ladder. You'll meet some red Lynels here, they
can be very hard. Block their swords if possible and push the west rock north or south. A stairway
will appear.
G. Don't go in just yet, we'll get to that in a minute.
H. Go back south, west two (avoid those Lynels like the plague) and you'll be in a graveyard.
I. A Ghini (ghost) is here, and more appear if you touch the gravestones.
J. Don't touch any and go north. Strangely, the third gravestone from the left in the middle row
will not make a Ghini appear.
K. Well, that's a bit suspicious. Push it north or south, and enter that stairway under it. Since you
have 12 heart containers, you'll be awarded with the MAGICAL SWORD, the most powerful in
the game!
L. We now have all the items in the overworld we'll ever need. If you have the money, buy a red
potion, arrows, but not bait just yet. This next labyrinth is going to be the hardest yet!
The search for the Lizard
A. From the magical sword, go south, east two and north to the stairway you created before, and
this time go down.
B. You'll be given a choice of three stairwells, each leading to a different warping point in Hyrule.
C. Choose the one on the right, and you'll be teleported to northeast Hyrule! If you don't, then
enter the stairwell again and keep trying until you get there.
D. If your health is low, enter the far left stairwell and you'll be in the woods, near a fairy pond.
E. From the northeast teleport spot, go two screens west, avoiding your foes.
F. This is the "Lost Hills". If you go north, south or east you'll keep entering the same screen.
G. There is a trick you must do to enter the Lizard. Go north four times, and instead of entering
an identical screen, you'll come out in a new place where the fifth labyrinth is.

The Lizard
A. To start off, go up and you'll encounter some Gibdos (mummies). They can do massive
damage but are very slow. Stun them with the boomerang and then use two sword strikes. Kill the
one with a bit of yellow on it for a key. Then bomb left.
B. More Gibdos here, but only kill the one that is carrying something, bombs. Then bomb left.
C. In this room are five blue Darknuts. They are basically double their red cousins in speed,
defense and damage. Two hits will kill them, and if you can, throw your sword - it's very
effective. After killing tem all, push the block and go down the stairs.
D. When you come out near the top, go left again and kill some more blue Darknuts (use potions
if you need them). Then push the block, head down the stairs and take that WHISTLE!
E. This is needed to beat the labyrinth boss, but not much else.
F. Go back left, and down. Pick up the key while avoiding the many Keeses, and bomb right.
G. An old man is here, and if you have 100 rupees or more, touch the rupee to increase your
bomb capacity to 12. It's not really important, and it is costly.
H. Go back to the stairway and backtrack all the way to the start.
I. From the start, go north two rooms and ignore the three Dodongos, and go left.
J. Kill any Zols in your way and go north. In this room, kill the five Gibdos for a key. Then go
north again, and fight the red Darknuts if you want, they have the compass.
K. Go north, take the key, and go left and kill the Gibdos for another key.
L. Go left and you'll meet the Pols Voices (rabbits). They an take a lot of kits, but their weakness
is the arrow. Use it to shoot them and go left to the boss room.

M. After the previous bosses, you'd think Digdogger would be hard, but he's actually very easy.
N. Use the whistle to shrink him, and then hit him twice with your sword. Easy as pie.

The Dragon
A. This labyrinth is located northeast of the graveyard in northwest Hyrule, and it is very hard, so
be prepared. Also you must have arrows and a red potion with you.
B. To start, go left through the locked door. You'll now meet some Wizzrobes (wizards) who
teleport and shoot magic bolts at you.
C. They are the hardest non-boss enemy in the game, except perhaps Patra, because they can do
so much damage.
D. Don't kill them, it's too dangerous. Instead go up.
E. Ignore the Zols and go up again. In the next room, defeat a whole bunch of Keeses while
dodging fireballs, to open the door and get a key. Go up, and run right through the next room to
avoid the traps.
F. You're now in the toughest room yet. It has one Bubble, three Like Likes, and four Wizzrobes.
Two of them are orange and will teleport around, shooting spells. The others are blue and will
sort of glide around the room shooting spells. All the enemies in this room can do a huge amount
of damage. You should concentrate first on the orange Wizzrobes, then the blue ones. Once they
are dead, get close to the Like Likes and stab them with the sword. Once all the creatures here are
dead, push the block and go up.
G. More Wizzrobes here, but don't fight if you don't have to. Bomb right.
H. Another bunch of Wizzrobes, only now there's a key. Grab it as fast as you can and go up.
I. Ignore these things and go up again.
J. There's more Wizzrobes here, but no Like Likes. Kill the orange ones first, then the blue ones.
Approach them from the side and use hit-and-run tactics. Then push the block and go down the
stairs to receive the MAGIC WAND.
K. This lest you shoot energy beams of your own, but you can't hurt Wizzrobes with them, but
they are great for fighting other foes.
L. Go back south three rooms, dodging your foes.
M. Kill the Vires (now that you have the magic sword, they won't become Keeses) and go right.
N. More Wizzrobes and Like Likes are here. Kill the Wizzrobes with the sword and the Like
Likes with the wand. Then push the block and go down.
O. Go through the tunnel, then down, left and finally up. (Ignore the monsters in all three rooms).

P. Gohma the giant crab is your foe here, and he attacks by spitting fireballs.
Q. The fireballs cannot be blocked, but if you stay in the doorway they won't hurt you.
R. When Gohma opens his eye, jump out and shoot an arrow into it. This is the only way to kill
him and he only opens it for a second, so you must be careful.

The Demon
A. This labyrinth is found in the southwest forest. In one place you'll find a pond, but without a
fairy. Play the whistle and the Demon appears.
B. This labyrinth is huge but pretty easy. The main enemies here are Goriyas, red and blue. To
beat them, attack with the sword or wand, the latter works very well.
C. Also buy some bait, you'll need it. It's for sale where you got the blue ring for 60 rupees.
D. A bomb capacity increase is here, but I wouldn't buy it, you probably don't have 100 rupees
saved up.
E. Since we stockpiled keys in the previous labyrinths, you probably won't need any keys in this
labyrinth. Never buy keys. If you have less than three, there's one to the right of the Digdogger
room, guarded by two Moldorms.
F. Go up, ignore the Goriyas, and bomb up.
G. Kill the Goriyas to open the door, and go up.
H. Ignore the Digdogger and go left.
I. Again, ignore the monsters and go up. Here, a Goriya won't let you pass unless you use your
bait, so do so.
J. The map is here, but don't bother with it. If you bomb up, you'll find a bonus room with 10
rupees. Then go back down, and go right.
K. Ignore the Goriyas as best you can and bomb right.
L. Kill the monsters here, all Goriyasm, including the ones inside the block cage. Then go down
the stairs after pushing the block, and get the RED CANDLE
M. This is the same as the blue candle, except you can use it over and over in one screen.
N. Go right. Play the whistle to shrink Digdogger into three small Digdoggers. Quickly attack and
kill them, then go up. Ignore the Dodongos and bomb right.
O. Avoid the Bubbles as best you can, and go next to the wall and Wallmasters will appear. If you
lose your sword, use the wand. After killing them all (be very careful not to get grabbed) push the
middel block in the right row of five, and go down the stairs.
P. Ignore these Goriyas and bomb right to the boss.

Q. Aquamentus is back, but now he's even easier.
R. Use your shield to block his fireballs and stand opposite his head, and let him have it with the

The Lion
A. This labyrinth is under a tree in the southwest forest. You should be able to find it, as it's
blocking a corridor.
B. The MAGIC BOOK is here, but that's worthless. All it does is cause you magic bolts from the
wand to become flames, but the flames can hurt you and do only very light damage to monsters. It
is also guarded by a Manhandla.
C. To start, go right, defeat the monsters here and take their key.
D. Then go up. Try to doge this Manhandla and bomb up.
E. Now comes a very hard room with Darknuts, six blue ones, and fireballs. You need to simply
keep attacking them and trying to avoid taking too much damage. After beating them all, go up.
F. Ignore these foes and go up again. In the next room, you'll meet six Darknuts, but don't kill
them (yet); bomb up.
G. Ignore Manhandla if possible and bomb left for 10 rupees, then go back and go up.
H. Gohma is back, and you must beat him. Use the same strategy as before, only this one is blue,
meaning he needs three hits to take down. After killing him, go right.
I. Kill a few Darknuts and Pols Voices, shouldn't be too hard. Then push the block and go down
the stairs to earn the MAGIC KEY.
J. This is an awesome item that can open any lock you want.
K. Backtrack three rooms, to the room with the Darknuts. This time, you must kill them. Be
careful and attack when possible. Use a potion if you get down to two hearts. Then go right.
L. Avoid your enemies and go down the stairs. The last room contains a lot of Pols Voices. Don't
bother with the key. Slay the ones in your way with the arrow, and bomb up to the boss.

M. Gleeok is back, and now he has four heads.
N. Take potions if your health is low, and then run in and attack. You can't really dodge the
fireballs, you have to trade hits.
O. Attack him like crazy and he will soon die. Congratulations - you have completed the triforce.

The search for Death Mountain
A. You should now have all the following items: magical sword, blue ring, a red potion (if you
have a blue one, buy another blue one for 40 rupees. Why two blues make a red in beyond me),
about 30 rupees for arrow use, large shield (not necessary although very useful) and last but not
least, all eight triforce pieces.
B. Death Mountain happens to be located in the Lynel-infested far northwest Hyrule. During your
trek, only fight if necessary, you need you energy.
C. Go to northern Hyrule, north of labyrinth 1 where the river enters the lake. Then continue
D. We went east, if you remember, to get the white sword. Instead cross the river and go north.
E. Go two screens west and you'll find two boulders... Spectacle Rock! Bomb open the one on
the left, and Death Mountain is open.

Death Mountain
A. This dungeon isn't exactly Hawaii. Don't come expecting a tourist resort or luxury
underground home. Do come expecting new music which is even worse than the old labyrinth
music, Wizzrobes galore, a few new enemies, and 56 rooms connected by six stairwells.
B. Come well prepared, with at least one of the bomb capacity increases, some money for arrows,
a red potion, full bombs, and full or near-full life.
C. Go up and the two doors will open because you have the whole triforce together.
D. Go north, ignore these creatures and bomb left.
E. You'll have your first, and last, encounter with the Lanmolas here. They are two very fast
millipedes, but aren't too hard. Stay as far away from them as you can and hit them with a thrown
sword or wand. This is one place where the magic book would be useful.
F. Beat them and go down the stairs to emerge near the top.
G. Some Like Likes here. Don't worry. Stand as far away from them as possible and clobber them
with the wand from a distance, hopefully behind a wall of bricks. Then go right.
H. Some blue Wizzrobes here but you don't have to fight them. If you just hold right you'll make
it through unharmed.
I. Yikes! A Patra! Don't need to kill him. Problem is he's hard to avoid. His ring of eyes will
expand outward to attack you. Do your best to reach the lower door and go down.
J. Bomb right, try to avoid this Patra too, and bomb up. Then comes a bunch of Wizzrobes.
Again, no point in fighting, so try to weave by and bomb up yet again.
K. Now we do need to fight, a squad of Wizzrobes to be exact. The blocks and Bubbles will make
your life even harder, but the rewards are worth it.
L. After slaying the competition, push the middle block in the far right column to reveal a stairway
to the RED RING
M. This item halves damage yet again, and is a must for killing Ganon.
N. Backtrack to the very first Patra room. Again, try to dodge, and go up, then (bomb) left.
O. Alas, more Wizzrobes. Use the sword and potions when possible. Then push the block and go
down the stairs.
P. Go left two, ignoring the monsters in both rooms.
S. This Patra we must kill, here's how to do so (you'll take heavy damage doing this): stab the
outer ring of eyes when you can. Yes, stab that ring of eyes twice per eye. It's suicide. After
getting them all out, stab the center eye a few times and you're done. Push block, down steps.
T. Don't kill these Wizzrobes just yet; bomb up. Here is another squadron of Wizzrobes. By now
you should have beating them down pat. Slay them up.
U. Go down the steps and retrieve the SILVER ARROWS.
V. These are needed to kill Ganon.
W. Go back out, then down. Now we do need to kill the Wizzrobes; do that. Then go back down
the steps.
X. After coming out, go up. Here's how to safely take out the many Like Likes in this room: Stab
the one in the bottom right corner to death, then hide in there and butcher the res twith the wand
or, if they get close, the sword.
Y. The left door will open; go that way. Then go two screens up (try your best to dodge the
Z. More Wizzrobes here, accompanied by Like Likes. Keep fighting and go down the stairwell.
You're almost home.
AA. Ignore these Wizzrobes if you can and bomb left. The Zols and Like Likes won't put up
much resistance; slay them with the wand and then, the obvious: down the stairway.
BB. One last Patra is Ganon's guard. Stab his eyes then the core. Before entering the door, have:
silver arrows, magic sword, red ring, blue (preferable red) potion.

The final battle
A. Ganon is, true to his nature, quite hard. When the battle begins, Link uses the triforce to reveal
B. Ganon becomes invisible and teleports around the room, shooting fireballs. His damage is
awesome... one whole life heart with the red ring equipped.
C. The fireballs are, you guessed it, impossible to block.
D. Stab around with the magic sword. You have to hit him quickly, and may be able to find a
pattern, but I use this strategy: continuously attack a place where he hasn't been in a while, as he
often rotates around.
E. He is still very hard to hit, and his fireballs next to impossible to dodge.
F. The room is in the shape of a skull, but you can walk on all of it.
G. If your magical sword connects to Ganon, he'll become visible for a minute, then go back to
being invisible and continue shooting fireballs.
H. He can only be attacked by one thing in the game: the magic sword. Not wand, not bow,
sword, and magic sword.
I. Use potions when needed.
J. If you manage to hit him four times, he'll now be brown instead of green.
K. Quickly hit him with a single silver arrow. He will, if it connects while he's still visible, be
killed, revealing the triforce of power.
L. Grab it, enter the next room, stab the flames away and enter Zelda's chamber.

Well done, brave warrior. You're overdue a long rest for completing this quest.

There is a whole new quest, too. However, I never play it any more. It is real tough, with
completely new and rearranged labyrinths.

Another gamer said he beat both quests without getting any sword. I think he's nuts, but his FAQ
sounds plausible. Sadly though, he never wins the game - Ganon, unlike everything else, can only
be hurt by a sword.

According to him, Gleeoks can be hit in the necks with a wand, Darknuts and Wizzrobes are
vulnerable to bombs (which constantly run out) and there's a way to earn rupees through a little
cheat at gambling places.

Play and enjoy Zelda I, an awesome NES adventure game. And please don't plagiarize.

Good luck. Have fun.

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