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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda

Copyright 2004-2005 Brian McPhee

Author: Brian McPhee (kirby021591)
E-mail: kirby0215@aol.com
Most Recent Update: November 6, 2005
Originally Created: November 4, 2004
Version: 1.0

-------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------

Section 1*


Section 2*

The Eagle*
The Moon*
The Manji*
The Snake*
The Lizard*
The Dragon*
The Demon*
The Lion*
Spectacle Rock*

Section 3*

The Eagle (S)*
The Moon (S)*
The Manji (S)*
The Snake (S)*
The Lizard (S)*
The Dragon (S)*
The Demon (S)*
The Lion (S)*
Spectacle Rock (S)*

Section 4*

Heart Containers*
Item Index*
Enemy Index*
Pro Challenge*
Zelda Timeline*

Section 5*

Credits and Legal Information*
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||--------------------------------Section 1*----------------------------------||
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And we're back!  Yes, yes, I know how excited you all must be.  This is my
thirteenth walkthrough, and I wrote it on Halloween weekend.  If you're
superstitious, you'll understand.  Anyway, to make a long intro short, let's get
to the burning question.  Is this guy part of a Zelda cult or what?  No, I'm
I've written more The Legend of Zelda walkthroughs than I have for any other
game series.  That's because I truly believe that this is one of the best series
of games ever.  This is where it all began.  This game was released in 1887.
Err, 1987.  Either way, this game is old.  When you read this, emphasize "old."

Nonetheless, you'll find that games are often better in the past.  This was the
first Zelda game.  So, if you have any good feelings toward the series at all,
you'll play this game.  It's not too expensive, seeing as how it's seventeen
years old, and they re-released it on the GBA, as part of the Classic NES
But, I won't lie to you.  It won't take you too long to beat this game.  I can
beat it in under a day.  Still, if it made you read a walkthrough (who reads the
introduction, anyway?), it must be doing something right.

As you will learn from example, the review is a vital part of any of my
walkthroughs' introductions.  I've got one word split into syllables for you -
ad-dic-tive.  It's true.  I'm not lying.  The Legend of Zelda is unique.  Many
games have copied it's overhead view that won the hearts of millions, like a few
Game Boy games I can think of.  This was one of the first, if not the first,
games where you could get items, keep them, and use them.  This game has two
quests, one for when you finish it the first time.  Fans have come up with all
sorts of rules to play by, like the Three Heart Challenge.

In short, this game is WELL worth looking at.  It may not have crystal-clear
graphics or make beef jerky for you like so many of the modern games, but I
doubt you'll dislike it.  If I've lost you, the main character has a sword.
There you go!  Now you're convinced.  To the flagship!  We don't need their beef
jerky, anyway.

By the way, happy ninth anniversary GameFaqs!  Your site is great and is a
wonderful asset to me as I can post my guides.  Also, remember that November 1
is National Pedestrian Safety (maybe Awareness) Day.  More people need to
celebrate that.  It's going to be huge.

Also, if you see this guide anywhere besides GameFaqs, please contact me.  With
your help, I can put an end to plagiarism.  Plagiarism is a crime and this
document in protected by copyright.  It is illegal, so please help me out.  I
check often, but I could miss every now and then.


You may have been wondering why I have asterisks by the names of all my
There's a reason for it, don't you know?  The asterisks (*) distinguish titles
from times I might use the name in text.  If you want to skip down to a certain
section, simply do the following: on the keyboard press CTRL and F at the same
time, type in the name of the section with the asterisk, and press search/find.
If you have a Mac, press Apple and F.  It's that easy.  This works on other
documents as well, so feel free to skip down to the good parts.


The plot is okay.  This was the first Zelda game, after all, and a super-deep
storyline might have turned people off.  Like some people don't like Star Wars,
for instance.  This is where I'll list the characters, their involvement with
the game or plot, and the plot itself, in somewhat reversed order.

                               |    Summary    |

Long ago, the land of Hyrule was in chaos.  The Triforce, the essence of the
gods left by three goddesses when they had created the earth, had separated.
The evil Ganon possessed the Triforce part of Power and Princess Zelda possessed
Wisdom.  Seeking to complete the Triforce (it is in three parts, Power, Wisdom,
and Courage), Ganon kidnapped Princess Zelda to extract from her the divine
power.  Before he could, though, Zelda shattered her piece of the Triforce into
eight pieces.  They are hidden in labyrinths deep beneath Hyrule.  And so, the
land fell into despair.  Zelda's nursemaid, Impa, was sent into Hyrule to find
an individual capable of besting Ganon in battle.  Ganon heard of this plan and
sent minions after her.  Impa fled for her life, but it seemed to be to no
She was cornered when a young man appeared from the forest.  The boy, named
was told of Zelda's plight.  With a burning sense of justice Link took off to
the labyrinths in order to recreate the Triforce part of Wisdom and use it to
defeat Ganon, King of Evil.

Now for the character list.  Usually I'd have a section for this, but it fits
nicely here.

                              |    Characters    |

Link: The legendary Hero of Time, Link is the star of every Zelda game.  Link is
the savior of Hyrule, and a few other lands to boot.  Link also possesses the
Triforce part of Courage, which he acquires in a different game.  You control
him throughout the game.

Zelda: The princess of Hyrule, Zelda causes a lot of confusion.  There are still
many people who think that you control Zelda during the game.  I don't know why
they called it the Legend of Zelda, but it has a nice ring to it.  Zelda
shattered her piece of the Triforce, Wisdom, into eight parts so that it
wouldn't fall into the clutches of Ganon.  Zelda constantly plays the damsel in
distress, and it's up to you to rescue her.

Impa: While she's not actually in the game, Impa is crucial to the storyline.
She is the nursemaid of Zelda and the founder of a village called Kakariko (as
we see in Ocarina of Time, a popular Zelda game).  She was saved by Link when
fleeing from Ganon's henchmen and she relayed the message to him.

???: Nobody knows his name, but I've got a pretty good idea of who this guy is.
Repeatedly you'll see an old man wearing an orange shirt with a white beard in
the game and he'll give you hints or give you items.  I think he's the King of
Hyrule for several reasons.  One, in the Wind Waker, the King of Hyrule wears
the same clothes as the old man does.  Two, the King of Hyrule was in The
Adventure of Link (sequel to this game), and he looked the same.  The identity's
unimportant, though.  What's important is that this guy loves to tell secrets
and give away swords.

Ganon: Ganon is a Gerudo, born in the desert to a life of thievery.  Known as
the King of Evil, Ganon acquired the Triforce part of Power and he wants to use
it to cast Hyrule into oblivion.  Only with the remaining parts of the Triforce
will his dark designs be met.  Link must stop at nothing to stop him.

Those are your characters.  There are also two other characters, merchants, that
sell you items to help you along the way, but it didn't seem important.


Adding a touch of difficulty to the Three-Heart Challenge (beat the game with
only three hearts) is the saving method.  To save normally you must get a game
over.  If you want to save without losing a life, you'll need a second
controller on the NES.  Press Up + A when in the Start Menu on the second
controller at the same time and you're brought to the save/quit screen.  If you
only have one controller, switch the first controller to the second socket while
it's on pause.  Note that in the GCN re-release of this game (The Legend of
Zelda Collector’s Edition), you can save by pressing X and Start simultaneously.
Glad I could help.  Now, it's time for the walkthrough.
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||--------------------------------Section 2*----------------------------------||
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===================================The Eagle*===================================

                           |    The Wooden Sword    |

From the start, just walk into the cave directly ahead of you.  There's the Old
Man.  Since it's dangerous, he gives you the Wooden Sword.  It is now your A
weapon.  The Wooden Sword is the weakest of all the swords in the games, but
you've got to start somewhere.  Besides, it was pretty easy.  Before you go to
the first dungeon, however, you'll want a better sword.  In this game you can
only get sword upgrades when you have a certain number of Heart Containers.
That means that, to get the next sword, you'll need more Heart Containers.  You
can either skip along to some dungeons, or get the easy ones.

                    |    The Blue Candle and the Bombs    |

This will help you get the Heart Containers.  First, we're getting the Blue
Candle.  From the first screen go left one screen.  These hopping spider-enemies
are Tektites.  Right now, the only weapon you can kill them with is the sword.
When you have full hearts, which you probably do, you release sword beams.
Press A to fire them and take out the Tektites.  When one dies they may leave
behind one of two items.  The first and most valuable is a Recovery Heart.
These restore hearts, your health.  When you run out of hearts, you get a game
over.  The second item they might drop is the rupee.  Rupees are the currency of
Hyrule and you'll need them to purchase items from merchants.  So now, go north
a screen.  These enemies are called Octoroks.

Defeat them and enter the cave.  Here's where you can buy one of three items.
The Blue Candle is the one you want for now.  You probably cannot afford any
items here, so return to the first screen.  This time, go right a screen.
Defeat the Octoroks and go right again.  Here you'll see some Blue Tektites.
Defeat them and take their rupees.  You may also get a Fairy.  These creatures
restore all your hearts.  Go right again and repeat the process.  Now go right
once more.  You'll see the sea.  Keep going right (the enemies here aren't worth
killing) until you can no longer.  Go north once and you'll see a cave.  Enter
it and buy the Bombs for 20 rupees.  You should have enough rupees to buy them.
Now continue going back and forth from this cave to the one selling the Blue
Candle until you have 60 rupees.  Buy the Blue Candle.

                        |    Three Heart Containers    |

You needed the Blue Candle and the Bombs to get these.  Therefore, you didn't
just waste your precious time.  For the first Heart Container go from the
starting point right until you see water in the lower right-hand corner of the
screen.  Defeat the enemies here and bomb the wall, just left of the opening
north.  You'll uncover a cave.  Enter and you'll have to choose between a Red
Potion and a Heart Container.  The Heart Container is way better than the Red
Potion, so take it.  Now exit the cave.  Head north and you'll see a new enemy,
the Moblin.  These are Ganon's most loyal minions.  Continue north until you
reach some desert.  Keep going north until you can't continue.

From here go right.  Bomb the lower right section of the rock formation to
uncover another cave.  Inside is the Old Man, asking you to choose between the
Red Potion and the Heart Container.  Again, take the Heart Container.  The third
Heart Container is a bit more tricky.  Go right one screen from the starting
point.  Go north three screens.  Go left once and notice all the trees.  Count
(from the right) five trees and use the Blue Candle to burn that fifth tree.  Go
down the stairway and choose the Heart Container.  Now it's time to get the new

                           |    The White Sword    |

From where you got the Heart Container in the tree-stairway, go right.  Go north
twice.  From here, go left.  Go up and you'll be in a screen with boulders
rolling down.  Go right three screens and you'll find a stairway leading up.
Take it up to a screen with a super-enemy.  Right now, you're weak, and this
enemy is your worst nightmare.  Run past it and into the cave.  The Old Man is
there.  "Master using it and you can have it" are his words.  Since you have six
Heart Containers, one more than what is needed, you can take the White Sword.
It's twice as powerful as the Wooden Sword and will serve you admirably.

                          |    Old Woman's Letter    |

Before we start the dungeon you should get this letter.  It will let you buy
potions, or medicine as they call it in this game, from merchants.  From where
you got the White Sword travel to the starting point.  Go to where you got the
second Heart Container, the one where you blew up the rock formation, and head
up the stairs.  Go right, down the stairs, north, right, and up these stairs.
Inside the cave is the Old Man with a blue piece of paper.  Show it to the old
woman, eh?  Go to the starting point and go left.  Go up and continue left over
a bridge to a new screen.  In here is a cave.  Show the Old Woman the letter
with B and she'll start selling medicine.

The Red Potion is the best.  Now you can go to the dungeon.  There are a few
things you can do now if you want to make it a safer trip.  First, if you go to
the shop where you bought the Bombs you could buy a newer shield.  Don't waste
money on the keys.  There's another shop in Hyrule where you could buy another
defensive item, but it's pricey, so I'll cover that later.  Now, to go to the
dungeon.  From the starting point go right and up four times.  You'll see a
bridge.  Take it to a strange tree structure.  This is the first dungeon.

                              |    Level – 1    |

The dungeon's official name is "The Eagle" because its layout is like that of an
eagle.  In the first room, you'd better get used to those statues.  They're
always like that.  There are three items in every labyrinth you want to get.
They are the Map, showing the layout of the dungeon, the Compass, showing where
the boss is, and keys, unlocking locked doors.  In this first room go right.
The enemies here are sword-wielding skeletons called Stalfos.  Defeat them for a
small key.  Return to the first room.  Go left and you'll see some bats.  They
are called Keese.  Defeat them with a slash of the sword for another key.

This time in the first room use a key on the locked door to go north.  Defeat
the Stalfos in here and go north again.  Defeat all the Stalfos in here for
another key.  Go right and defeat the enemies for the Compass.  Bomb the wall to
the north in here to uncover an opening.  There are several enemies in here
called Goriyas.  Defeat them all and an item appears.  It's the Boomerang, a new
weapon!  Use the key on the locked door to the left and you'll be in a new room.
Right in front of you in the Map.  Bomb the wall to the south for a shortcut to
this room.  Now, from the room where you got the Map, go north.

There are a few Stalfos in here.  Defeat them for a key and use it on the door.
Defeat the Goriyas in here and use the small key you get on the door to the
Avoid the razor traps in here (they're motion-sensitive) and push the leftmost
block down.  Go down the stairs.  In this 2-D screen, climb down the ladder and
up the ladder to the right.  Touch the D-shaped thing for the item.  It's the
Bow!  Now that you have it, all you need to do is buy Arrows from a merchant.
Go back up the ladder and go right.  Go down twice and go right.  It's the
Goriya room.  Defeat them or avoid them and their boomerangs.  Go right again.
This room is home to some of the most annoying enemies in the game.  Run down
and nab the key, then speed to the door.  Open it.

                           |    Boss: Aquamentus    |

It's a dragon.  Are you scared yet?  With the White Sword, this should be the
easiest battle ever.  Walk up to it, dodging its fireballs, and slash a few
times.  It dies.  Hooray.  Take the Heart Container and enter the next room.
Pick up the piece of the Triforce part of Wisdom.  One down, seven to go!

===================================The Moon*====================================

                   |    The Magic Shield and the Arrows    |

You might just have 130 rupees by now.  If not, you know the drill.  Either
reenter The Eagle, the dungeon you beat just now, and kill enemies for rupees.
Or, trek across Hyrule for enemies to kill.  Either way, once you have 130
rupees, you're ready.  The shop where you bought the Blue Candle sells the Magic
Shield for 160 rupees.  The one where you bought the Bombs sells it for 130 and
it sells the Arrows.  When you have enough, buy the Magic Shield.  What's it do
that's so special, you may be wondering.

Well, the Magic Shield is bigger, so it blocks more enemy attacks.  You can also
buy the Arrows here.  There 80 rupees, so you might have to do some scavenging.
When you can afford it, buy the Arrows.  Now, here's what every item you should
have so far does.  The Boomerang is a projectile that freezes enemies when it
hits them.  It can also recover items from a distance.  The Bombs are used to
blow things up, obviously.  The Bow & Arrow shoots arrows.  Each arrow costs 1
rupee to shoot.  The Blue Candle releases a flame that can burn trees.

                            |    The Blue Ring    |

This item cuts the damage you take in half.  Like I said, it's very expensive.
It costs 250 rupees.  If you can't afford it, go around and gather as many
rupees as you can.  This isn't necessary that you get, so you could just skip
this item for now.  There's a good way to make rupees in the second dungeon.  To
reach the shop that sells the Blue Ring, go to the starting point.  Go left a
screen, up, left, and left.  This is the screen with the cave that has the Old
Woman with medicine in it.  Go north twice and you'll see a cave with a store in
it.  It's not important, though.

Go north once more and you'll see some statues called Armos.  Touch them and
they come to life.  Some are really fast, and other are slow as snails.  Either
way, use the Boomerang to freeze them and then slash away.  Under the mid upper
Armos is a staircase.  Take it down and you'll see three items for sale.  The
middle one is the Blue Ring.  Buy it and, if you have the money, the item on the
right.  It's Monster Bait, which you'll need far off in the future.  Link's
tunic is now blue.

                           |    Path to the Moon    |

The Moon is fairly difficult to find.  First, go to the shop where you bought
the bombs.  If you can't remember where it is, from the start go right as far as
you can and then up.  Head left twice and go up.  Go north again and then left.
You'll see some Octoroks and a set of stairs.  Take it up to the second dungeon.

                              |    Level – 2    |

Personally, I didn't think this was funny.  It's a terrible joke.  The first
dungeon was called The Eagle and this is The Moon.  The Eagle was the name of
the spaceship the Americans used to land on the moon.  Anyways, this dungeon is
shaped like a crescent moon.

Go right and you'll see some serpents, called Ropes.  When you do this they
usually drop lots of rupees.  Also, you'll get a small key.  Go north.  There
are more Ropes in here.  Use the key on the door to the right and you'll see the
Compass.  Take it, defeating the monsters.  Bomb the wall to the north to
unearth a door.  Go through and get the Map.  You probably still have a key left
over from Level 1, but we won't use it anyway.  Bomb the north wall to be in an
arena room.  The statues shoot fire.  Defeat the three Blue Goriyas and you'll
get a new item, the Magic Boomerang.  It goes much further.  Bomb the north wall
again and go through the door.  Head left to a sort of mini-boss room.  To
defeat these enemies attack the segments of their bodies.  Take the key and go
south.  Defeat the Ropes in here for a key.  Now go north twice.  There are a
mess of Ropes in here.  Defeat them and go through the door that opens.  Defeat
the Goriyas and go up.

                            |    Boss: Dodongo    |

This boss is pathetic.  Set a bomb in its path as it walks and it will swallow
it.  The explosion that follows stuns it.  Attack it then and you'll win.  Take
the Heart Container and head into the next room for the Triforce shard.  When
you get the Triforce shard you start outside the dungeon.  Reenter it and go
north.  Head left and defeat the Ropes for a key.  Now you're done with this
dungeon.  The prize was the Magic Boomerang.

===================================The Manji*===================================

                            |    Getting There    |

Since you've gotten everything you can so far, there's only one thing to do and
that's get to the next dungeon.  So far, you've been pretty unchallenged.
That's not going to change too soon.  From the starting point you go.  Go north
once and left thrice to be at the shop where the Old Woman sells medicine.  Go
left once more, then down, and right.  Here's the dungeon.

                              |    Level – 3    |

This is a pretty offensive dungeon.  I don't know what a manji is, but this is
shaped like a swastika, the symbol of the Nazi party in Germany.  I guess it's
symbolic - Link is conquering the swastika, or something like that.  But you
should remember that this game was made in Japan and over there the swastika is
a symbol of medicine, and has been long before it was used to represent a
villainous regime.  Anyway, let's head left.  Take the key in here and defeat
the enemies, called Zols.  One slash and their history.  Go north and defeat the
enemies for another key.  They're really accumulating.  Now go north.  These
enemies are in almost every game (usually called by different names, though).
These are Iron Knuckles.

In other games, they're much harder.  Here, just slash them from the sides or
from behind.  When you win go left.  Dodge the razor traps and take the Compass.
Go through the locked door.  Here, you have several Iron Knuckles to beat to a
pulp.  An effective strategy is to stand at the corner of one of the group of
blocks and wait for them to round the corner.  When you win a door to the south
opens.  Go down into a room infested with Iron Knuckles.  The safest thing to do
is run down the stairs avoiding confrontation.  If you stand in the doorway they
can't hurt you.  Wait for a good time and make a mad dash to the staircase.

Climb down the ladder and up the other one for the Raft.  It lets you sail from
certain docking points.  Go back to the room with the infestation of Iron
Knuckles.  Head north twice to be in a room with an electric orb enemy.  You
might not be able to see it, but they have skulls on them.  Get the key and go
right.  Go right again, using a key on the door.  Defeat the enemies in here for
another key.  Use it to go right.  Get the Map in here, avoiding the razor
obviously.  Then bomb the wall to the right to uncover the path to the boss.

                           |    Boss: Manhandla    |

This boss seemed dead for a long time.  They finally brought him back in a
future game in Four Swords Adventures.  There was good reason for waiting.  This
boss is so easy is the reason.  Either you can run around, slashing his crab-
heads (they look like clamps or something), or you can plant a bomb.  If you're
lucky or good at timing, the bomb will defeat Manhandla in one blow.  If not,
I'm sure it's no problem to slash off his remaining limbs.  When you win get the
Heart Container and go north to the Triforce piece.

===================================The Snake*===================================

                        |    Fourth Heart Container    |

We actually have something to do now!  From the starting point go right all the
way until you can no longer.  This accomplished, go north until you can no
longer.  There's something here where you can dock off.  Walk onto it and you
automatically go.  You're taken to an island that looks just like the sixth
labyrinth.  Enter it and take the Heart Container over the Red Potion.  Now
we're ready to go to the next dungeon.

                        |    Island Transportation    |

From the starting screen, go up and left twice.  Do not cross the bridge.
Instead, go up and you'll see a dock-off point.  Ride the raft to an island, on
which is the fourth dungeon.  It looks a lot like the second.

                              |    Level – 4    |

You guessed it!  This looks like a snake.  From the first room go left.  Defeat
the Keese for a key.  Now go back to the first room.  Go up and you'll see new
enemies.  These, called Vires, are just Keese manifested into a ground-form.
Slash them and two Keese appear in its place.  When you've won use your key on
the door to the right.  Inside, defeat the Vires and feel around the floor to
reach the Compass.  Now go back to the previous room.  Go up and defeat the
Keese for a small key.  Head left.  In here, the floor is black.  Defeat the
Vires as you work your way to the door.  North of that room is another shadowy
room.  Defeat the Zols in here (you know where they are by their eyes) and take
the key.  Now head north again to another dark room.  Head right through the
locked door.  Defeat the Vires in here to make the door rise.  Go through the
right door.  In here lurks a new enemy, the Like Like.

They'll steal your shield, and so we should kill them with arrows from a
distance or stun them with the Magic Boomerang.  Then push the left block over
to make a staircase form.  Take it down and take the Stepladder.  It appears
when you're by a pit so you can walk over it.  Exit the Stepladder 2-D screen
and go left.  Head left once more.  This time, go north through the locked door.
Head right and you'll be in the room with the Map.  Hug the wall to get it.  Go
left again and then north.  Here's the mini-boss.  It's Manhandla.  Use the good
old bomb trick to beat it and go north through the door.

Hey look!  The Old Man!  Yes, he's in every dungeon.  If you slash him,
fireballs will hit you, and you can never kill him.  Tough luck.  Go right
through the locked door.  In here, defeat the Keese and get the small key.  Now
we're talking.  Go right and then down.  In here, defeat the Vires and push the
left block right.  Go through the door.

                             |    Boss: Gleeok    |

This is the hardest boss in the game, in my opinion.  First, run up and hit the
heads, all the while avoiding fireballs.  Not too tough, right?  Eventually you
decapitate one head and it starts circling the room, shooting you.  Quickly
destroy the other head and get the Heart Container.  Not too hard, really.  Now
go through the door to the Triforce piece.  Hooray!  Four more to go.

==================================The Lizard*===================================

                        |    Fifth Heart Container    |

There's stuff to do this time around.  Go to the starting point and go right all
the way.  Go up until you see a Heart Container in the sea.  Use the Stepladder
to reach it.  Now you have another Heart Container!  Now we're headed for the
fifth dungeon.  Yes, I know how sad you are that there are so few side quests

                             |    Hebra's Hill    |

I know the name of this particular geographic location in Hyrule thanks to Four
Swords Adventures.  Hebra's Hill is an endless cycle of stairs that never seem
to end.  You reappear over and over.  To reach Hebra's Hill, go along the path
you did to get the White Sword.  Since you probably don't remember, I'll give
you directions.  From where you got the third Heart Container (in the tree you
burnt) go right.  Go north twice.  From here, go left.  Go up and you'll be in a
screen with boulders rolling down.  Go right four screens and you're stuck in
the cycle of the hill.  There's only one way to get through the hill, and it
stays the same in every Zelda game.  Keep going up.  Don't take any lefts or
rights, just keep going up.  Doing this four times leads to the fifth dungeon.

                              |    Level – 5    |

Take a right from the start and you'll see some rabbit-ear enemies.  These weird
enemies, called Pols Voice, seem to be invincible.  If you just keep slashing
you'll eventually win, but a single arrow will also do the trick.  Now go back
to the first room.  Go north and you'll see a new enemy, the Gibdo.  Keep
slashing and it will perish.  One has a key for you.  Head north once again and
you'll have to fight three Dodongos.  They're so puny they were reduced to mere
mini-bosses, just as Manhandla was.  Go through the door to the left.  In here,
defeat the Zols and use the Stepladder to get over the gap.  Take the key that
appears and go south.  Defeat the Gibdos here and bomb the mid-part of the left
wall.  Enter the forced entryway and defeat the Blue Iron Knuckles.

There the same as the regular kind, only stronger.  Push aside the leftmost
block and enter the stairs.  Go down the ladder and up the other one.  When you
exit go through the left door.  Defeat all the Blue Iron Knuckles and push the
block.  Go down the stairs for the Whistle.  Surface and go right, then down.
Defeat the Keese and use the Stepladder to cross the gap.  Take the key and bomb
the right wall.  In here is the Old Man.  Pay him 100 rupees to be able to carry
12 bombs instead of 8.  Now go back to the room with the Zols where you got the
key and go right.

Use the key on the door north of here and you'll find the Map.  Go south and
then right.  In here, defeat the Zols for five rupees and go north.  In here,
defeat all the Gibdos and you'll get a key.  Go up a room.  Defeat the Iron
Knuckles in here for the Compass.  Go north again, defeating the enemies and
collecting their spoils.  Now go left, using a key.  In this room defeat the
Gibdos for another key.  They're practically throwing these at you.  Go left
again to see some Pols Voice.  Defeat them if you'd like and use a key to go
through the door.

                           |    Boss: Digdogger    |

The bosses in this game are so easy it's sad.  Now, the Whistle is a fairly
useless item.  One of its extremely limited uses is beating Digdogger.  Of
course, if you were using my guide you didn't go there, but the Old Man here
says that Digdogger hates certain kinds of sound.  Play the Whistle once and
he'll shrink.  Now it's like taking candy from a baby.  Slash that monster's
sorry hide until he dies.  Take the Heart Container and the Triforce fragment in
the north room.  Easy does it, easy does it.

==================================The Dragon*===================================

                           |    The Magic Sword    |

Since the dungeon's on the other side of Hyrule, use the Whistle's other effect.
Playing it summons a tornado that teleports you to the dungeons you've beaten.
Go to the first or third dungeon (they're close to the starting point) and go to
the starting point.  From here, go left and up.  Go left twice more and go left
again.  Welcome to the Lost Woods.  Go left and up, then left again.  Go down
and you'll enter the truly lost part of the Lost Woods.  It's just like Hebra's
Hill.  There are four directions and only one sequence works.  That sequence is
up, left, down, and left.  When you do this the Zelda ring goes (that happens
when you uncover a secret) off.  Go up from here and you'll be in the Graveyard.

Go up the stairs, avoiding the enemies.  In here, go right, up, and up again.
Push the grave the Poe, the ghost enemy, appears by and take the stairs down.
Talk to the Old Man and take the Magical Sword.  It's the most powerful sword.
On the off chance that you're playing the special edition of this game that the
first 200 buyers got, this is called the Master Sword.  I'll refer to it as the
Magical Sword, since that's what the rest of the world calls it.  Now, to the
next dungeon.  Go down, right, and up the stairs.  Presto!  There it is.

                              |    Level – 6    |

First room, go left using a left-over key from a different dungeon.  I'm sure
you have one, but if not go right and defeat the Wizzrobes here by means of
sword for a key.  So, in the left room you'll see new enemies, Wizzrobes.  They
appear and reappear around the room, sending spells at you.  Luckily, they're
very weak and can be slain with one slash of the sword.  Now go north a screen
and defeat the Zols for the dungeon's Compass.  Go north again and defeat the
Keese for a small key.  It also opens the door, which you want to go through.
In this room, defeat all the enemies, especially the Like Likes, which can eat
your shield.  Push the left block down and go through the door.  Defeat the
enemies and go north again.  In here you must fight a mini-boss - three-headed
Gleeok.  Toughest mini-boss whole game...  Go right when you win and you'll see
more Like Likes.  Great...

Exterminate all the baddies in here for the Map.  Go through the north locked
door.  Defeat the Wizzrobes and push the left block down so that a staircase
appears.  Go down and get your hands on the Magic Wand.  It isn't needed for
anything.  It's just really cool, as it's the item Wizzrobes use.  Now go south
twice.  In this new room is a key and a few avoidable enemies.  Go south again
to see some Vires.  I thought they went extinct or something.  Of course, these
don't release Keese.  Go right after whooping them and fight your way to
solitude.  Push the block up and take the stairs down.  Climb up the ladder to
the right to emerge in another part of the labyrinth.  From here, go south,
and up avoiding all the fights you can manage.

                             |    Boss: Gohma    |

Gohma is a spider, although she looks like a crab at first.  She's super-easy to
beat, and the Old Man even hinted at her weakness before.  Simply get out the
Bow & Arrow and shoot the beast's eye.  It will instantly die, leaving a Heart
Container in its death.  Go up to the sixth Triforce piece.  And with that,
you're off.

===================================The Demon*===================================

                          |    The Power Bracelet    |

They've yet to include a forest dungeon, so it's about time.  But first, let's
get an item.  From the sixth dungeon, go down, right, up the second stairway
(the right one), and right.  Here, touch the rightmost, upper Armos and it will
move off of an item.  This is the Power Bracelet, which always looked like a
bird's beak to me.  It has one practical purpose, and that is to push trees.
The great thing about pushing trees is that sometimes it reveals a shortcut.
Let me show you an example.  From where you got the Power Bracelet go left,
and up the other staircase.  Push aside the leftmost tree here to uncover a
staircase.  The Old Man lets you take any road you want.  Choose the middle and
you're right back two screens right of the starting point.

                           |    The Monster Bait    |

This is needed for a room in the next dungeon.  Getting it is easy, especially
for you.  You've probably amassed quite a bit of rupees over the dungeons.  You
need sixty (60) for this purchase.  When you have the said amount, take the
following direction from the starting point to the shop.  In case you forgot,
I'm saying how to go to the shop where they sell the Blue Ring.  Same shop.
go left a screen, up, left, and left.  This is the screen with the cave that has
the Old Woman with medicine in it.  Go north twice and you'll see a cave with a
store in it.  It's not important, though.  Go north once more and you'll see
some Armos.  Defeat the mid upper one and go down the staircase.  Buy the
Monster Bait, which king of looks like a chicken leg with two bones coming out
of it.  I know so much practical information, I can hardly stand myself.

                         |    The "Fairy Fountain"    |

From the starting point we are headed toward the Lost Woods.  In simpler terms,
go left, up, left, left, left, up, and up.  Here, you'll see a Fairy Fountain.
The Fairy here restores all your hearts.  However, as the Old Man hinted, there
is another Fairy Fountain in the area that holds a secret.  Hence the quotation
marks in the title of this section.  Go down, left, and up.  Here's another
rather suspicious Fairy Fountain.  Defeat the Moblin and sound the Whistle by
the pool of water.  It dries up, revealing the labyrinth.

                              |    Level – 7    |

First, head north.  Defeat the Goriyas with swordsmanship and bomb the left wall
to reveal a door.  Go through and go south.  Kill the Ropes and take the key.
Now go north twice.  You'll meet some Dodongos.  Bomb them to bits and go
through the north locked doors.  If you've got the cash, pay the Old Man 100
rupees to be able to carry sixteen bombs at a time.  Now head south and go
Take a right and defeat the Stalfos for the Compass.  Return left and go up.
Defeat the Keese and Goriyas here (this dungeon is such a repeat of # 2 or 3)
and go north.  Hey, it's our good pal Digdogger.  Blow the Whistle and shrink
him, then slash it.  This time is splits into three little Digdoggers.  When
you've soundly defeated that wimp go left.  Use a key on the north door and
you'll see a Goriya.  This thing is invincible, so you must feed it.  Throw the
Monster Bait at it and he runs off.

You see, the grumbles were its stomach growling.  Duh.  Go north once more and
defeat the Goriya and company for the Map.  Use a key on the locked door to the
right and go through.  Defeat the enemies here and go through the north door.
Defeat more of these creatures in a filler room.  Go right and take the key, as
well as the lives of a few beasts.  Now head left and south.  Bomb the right
wall and you'll see more of the same, Goriyas.  Smoke 'em and push the left
block down.  Take the stairs down to get the Red Candle, this labyrinth's prize.

Surface and bomb the wall to the right.  Go through and open the right door.  In
here fight and destroy another Digdogger.  Head north and there's a Dodongo trio
to dispose of.  Or ignore them, either way.  Bomb the right wall and you'll be
in quite the pickle.  For you see, you must kill Wall Masters.  If you fail,
they will abduct you and spit you out right in the first room of this miserable
dungeon.  Since the Bubbles take away your sword momentarily, fight the Wall
Masters with the bow.  When you win push the very middle block right and a
staircase materializes.  Take it down and hike up the right ladder.  In here,
plant a bomb against the right wall.  Of course, go through the hole you just

                           |    Boss: Aquamentus    |

You're kidding me right?  Aquamentus?  HA!  I repeat: HA!  If you thought this
chump was easy before, just you wait for this battle.  Two slashes of the
Magical Sword will do it in.  So, get your Heart Container and go right.  Take
the seventh piece of the Triforce and get ready for the last piece.

===================================The Lion*====================================

Applications of the Red Candle

There's actually a reason you got the Red Candle, which is different from its
blue brethren in only one respect.  That's the fact that the Red Candle can be
used multiple times per screen, while the Blue Candle could only be used once
per screen.  In fact, it is totally unnecessary to ever buy the Blue Candle.  I
just had you do it so you could get the White Sword before the first dungeon.
Anyways, I'm getting sidetracked here.  From the starting point go right all the
way until you can no longer.  Sound familiar?  Then go up and left.  Go left
again (defeat Moblins as you go) and you'll see a tree that stands out from the
others, blocking your path.  Burn it with the Red Candle and a staircase forms.
Take it down.

                              |    Level – 8    |

To me, this seemed to be an extremely easy dungeon.  You could easily beat this
without taking either of the two items here.  But, for your sake and mine, we'll
get both.  Otherwise, you'd have to blow a whole lot of money buying keys from
merchants.  First go left.  Fight Manhandla (bomb it) and the door to the right
opens.  Enter and defeat the many enemies here quite easily with the Magical
Sword.  Then push up the leftmost block and enter the stairs.  The item here is
the Magic Book.  It is a supplement to your Magic Wand, as it lets you cast fire
spells.  Return to the first room.  Go up and defeat Manhandla again.  You
should be getting good at that.  Bomb the upper wall and go through the hole you
generated.  Defeat all the Blue Iron Knuckles for a key.  They're all two hits
via the Magical Sword apiece.  Go up.  Use the key on the north door and go
through.  Defeat the enemies in here and go right through the door.  Take the
stairs down and take the other ladder.  Defeat the Pols Voices in here and grab
the key.  Bomb the north wall and enter the crack in the wall.

                             |    Boss: Gleeok    |

Third time's the charm.  This time the mighty Gleeok has four heads.
Slash them off - be bold.  His attacks are too slow to kill you if you come in
with good health, and you can win before the time's out.  Now go north and get
the Triforce piece of Wisdom's final component!  Huzzah!

Wait a minute!  There's still another item in this dungeon and I didn't get
either the Compass or the Map.  Don't worry, I'm covering it.  Reenter the
dungeon.  First, head right and use the Stepladder to get the key, plain and
simple.  Go up one room from the starting room to where you fought Manhandla.
Go up again through the bombed wall.  Use a key on the locked door to the right
in here and enter a room filled to the brim with Pols Voices.  Take the Compass
and go back one room left.  Defeat all the Blue Iron Knuckles to make the door
open.  Go through and head up once again.  Bomb the north wall and go through.
You'll come face-to-face with Manhandla again.  Kill it for the Map.  Use a key
on the door above.  Defeat Gohma with a few arrows and go right.  Take down the
enemies here and push the left block down.  Take the stairs down and get the
second item of this labyrinth, the Magic Key.  Consider this a skeleton key for
all locks in the game.  This is an absolute life-saver in the final dungeon,
where almost every door is locked.  Now you can exit this place.

================================Spectacle Rock*=================================

                            |    Death Mountain    |

Spectacle Rock is the famous site of Ganon's base of operations (or it is in
future games; right now, it’s not famous because we aren’t supposed to know
about it yet).  And if you think I'm telling you how to get there step by
tedious step, you're dead wrong.  After all, you got the Power Bracelet for more
than show.  It has functions!  Go two spaces right of the starting point and
push up the left tree.  Take the stairs down and the Old Man will have a
shortcut for you.  Take the left road to the heights of Death Mountain, right by
the Graveyard.  Here's how it works.  First, go south.  Take the stairs up, head
right, and take the stairs here up.  Go right again and continue right past
boulders to a stairway.  Take it up and head left twice.  You'll see two rock
formations here, supposedly resembling two eyes gazing at you.  Bomb the left
one and enter the cave.

                              |    Level – 9    |

Ganon's lair is absolutely huge.  It is shaped like a skull and is the
equivalent of an evil-doers mansion (nice digs).  But remember, grasshopper,
that even though the Titanic was huge, it sunk in the end.  OK, now.  Catch your
cool.  It's high time you kicked butt in a highly uncivilized fashion.  First,
walk forward to a new room.  In here, if you haven't beaten the other eight
labyrinths, the Old Man doesn't let you pass.  Since you have, he's gone to
bigger and better things.  Go through the north door.  In here are Like Likes.
To avoid losing your Magic Shield use the Magic Wand to kill them from a
distance.  You get a key, but it is useless now.  Bomb the left wall to uncover
a new room.  Inside here are two of Ganon's favorite front men, the Lanmolas.
Slash the tail segments and then take out the heads.  Now take the stairs down.

From now on, every stair region is a new paragraph.  Defeat the Like Likes as
you wander around the room and open the locked door.  Another use for the Red
Candle is that it can light up dark rooms.  Use it and defeat the Wizzrobes.  To
the south, plant a bomb and let it explode.  Go through and traverse the
Bomb the wall again and go through.  This is your would-be Old Man room.  Defeat
all the Wizzrobes for the Compass.  Now that we have that, go up two rooms.  Go
through the right door.  The enemy is here is called a Patra.  It might be an
optical illusion, but it's circling minions almost make it look 3-D.  As long as
it has its followers orbiting it, you can't kill a Patra.  Defeat the orbiters
and then the head.  You get Bombs for winning.  Go south to a room will Gels,
miniature Zols, in it.  I guess these were just intended to throw us off a
little.  Blow up the right wall and you'll see another Patra.  Rush in, kill it,
and take the Map that it drops.  Now bomb the north wall.  Go through to an
enemy overload room.  If you don't want to kill them, you don't have to.  Run
bomb the wall, and hope that they aren't hunting for you.  Defeat the Wizzrobes
and push the left block aside.  Take the stairs down and get the Red Ring.  This
doubles your defensive power again.  Now Link has a red tunic.  Surface and go
south, south, left, and then north.  Open the locked door and you'll see the Old
Man.  Bomb the left wall and go through the door.  Push the left block left to
reveal a staircase after massacring the Wizzrobes.  Take the stairs down and
take the other ladder.

Defeat the Zols if you so desire and open the left locked door.  Defeat the
Keese in here and go left.  Here's where Patras start to look 3-D.  Take the
stairs down and go to the other side.

That was short.  Bomb the north wall and go in.  Defeat the Wizzrobes here and
push the middle block right.  Take the stairs down and get the second and last
item of this dungeon, the Silver Arrows.  They are the only things on this
planet, other than Light Arrows (which I think they just renamed to go with the
item trend in Ocarina of Time), that can finish Ganon.  Now surface.  Go south
and take the stairs down.

In this new room, go north.  In this room kill the Like Likes with extreme
prejudice.  When you do, a door to the left opens.  Take that door and welcome
to a dark room.  If you want, light up the room.  Your choice...  Use the Magic
Key on the locked door to the north.  In the new room, head north again with
Magic Key.  Don't you love that item?  Kill the Wizzrobes in this room and push
the left block down.  Walk up to the razor trap and when it moves, go in for the
stairs.  Also, this is irrelevant, but I just noticed that the Raft ropes used
to be blue, but now they're red.  I bet it's because we got the Red Ring.

In the next room, when you surface, go to the left side.  Set a bomb when the
traps are resetting their positions and go through.  When you've bested the Like
Likes and Zols present in the room push the left block up.  Take the stairs down
to a new room.  Since this is so short a paragraph, I'll continue from here.
Kill the Patra, designed to batter you before the boss.  Go through the door
when you do.

                             |    Boss: Ganon    |

This is laughably, ludicrously easy.  None of the bosses in this game were made
to be that hard, but this boss is just killing itself.  As you enter the dark
room Link lifts the Triforce of Wisdom and Ganon is revealed.  After he is
stunned by the light, the pig-looking Ganon turns invisible.  Now this is easy.
You can beat him in under a minute.  Get out the Silver Arrows and slash around
the room.  Remember that you can step on the black tiles.  Yes, you CAN step on
the black tiles, they are not holes.  When you hit him four times or so, he
turns brown; take this opportunity to shoot him once with the Silver Arrows.
With that, Ganon breathes his last breath.  His ashes remain and you are left to
pick up his piece of the Triforce, that of Power.  Now go north, to Zelda.  Link
should have destroyed those ashes.  Use your Magical Sword to destroy the flames
around Zelda and go up and touch her.  You are the Hero of Hyrule.  Score!  Now,
after the credits roll (like five people made this game), you start a second
quest.  It is a much harder version of this game.  Up for the challenge?

You know that a file is in its Second Quest if Link is holding a sword in the
Select Screen.  The walkthrough for it will start here.  But, I forgot to say...
CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game.  Now try your luck at the difficult second
  /                                                                          \
 /                                                                            \
||--------------------------------Section 3*----------------------------------||
 \                                                                            /

=================================The Eagle (S)*=================================

                              |    Equipment    |

You know the drill.  It's time to get the starter items, just like in the first
quest.  First, enter the cave for the Wooden Sword.  Then walk around the
starting screens, scrounging for rupees.  When you have a total of 210, go to
the store where they sell bombs.  If you forget where that is, go all the way
right until you can no loner and go up one screen to see the cave.  In here, buy
the Bombs for 20 rupees and the Magic Shield for 130.  Now go to the starting
point.  Go one screen left and one up to see another store.  In here, buy the
Blue Candle for 60 rupees.  A cheap alternative to buying Bombs is killing
enemies for them.  Now you're ready to get to the first level.  As of now you
can get one Heart Container, too.

                           |    Heart Container    |

This is a little ways off.  From the starting point, go up, left four times, up,
left twice, and down.  Now you're in the Lost Woods.  If you remember from the
last quest, to get out go up, left, down, left.  Now go up four times.  You'll
be in the Graveyard.  Push the grave in the second row from the bottom, second
column from the left.  Choose to take the Heart Container instead of the Red
Potion.  Now you're ready to go to the first dungeon.  To get there, from the
starting point, go left, up four times, and traverse the bridge to an island.
On it is the dungeon.

                              |    Level – 1    |

The second quest is starting to show its teeth.  This isn't hard, but the items
you get this time around are different.  In other words, you're going to have to
wait a few more dungeons for the Bow, the beloved item of so many people.
Before going here, make sure you have the Bombs at least.  First, go right.  In
here are five Goriyas to kill.  Doing this wins you the dungeon prize - the
Boomerang.  Now bomb the north wall.  Right now, we could skip along to the
but I always get the Compass and Map.  So bomb the west wall in here and go
through.  In here defeat the Goriyas for a key.  Go north.  Defeat the Stalfos
for the Compass.  Go north again.  If you defeat the Blue Goriyas here you can
get Bombs.  Go north and defeat the Gels for five rupees.  Use your key on the
door to the right.

Here's a Dodongo to fight.  Plant two bombs in its mouth and it will be dead.
Go through the lower door.  Dodge the razor traps and get the Map.  As you can
see, this dungeon is shaped more like an E than anything else (E for eagle).
Defeat the Keese here (the Boomerang does nicely) and the door opens.  Go
through it.  Take the following directions back to the room with the stairs:
left, down three times, and right.  Defeat the Keese and push the left block up
or down.  Go down the stairs.  Climb up the ladder on the other side to emerge
in a new room.

This room is a bit tricky.  You must kill the Wall Masters.  If you should fail,
you're back at the start of the dungeon (which isn't terrible, since you can
just take the stairs).  When you defeat them, you get a key.  Use the Boomerang
wisely to stun them.  Use the key on the left door.  This room is sort of hard.
You're being bombarded with fireballs and boomerangs.  Skip it all, as it yields
nothing, and bomb the north wall.

                           |    Boss: Aquamentus    |

At least the bosses are the same.  This boss should be no trouble for you at
If you have full health, stand at the back of the room and kill it with sword
beams.  If you don't, wait for it to fire some blasts and then lunge in.
Quickly slash once or twice and withdraw.  It isn't as easy this time because
you have the Wooden Sword, but it is nothing to whine about.  When you beat this
simple creature, take his Heart Container and go right.  There's the first piece
of the Triforce.

=================================The Moon (S)*==================================

                          |    Lunar Destination    |

There's nothing to it but to do it.  This one is where the item shop used to be
where they sold the Blue Ring.  If you forgot where that is, no need to worry.
From the starting point go up, left three times, and up until you no longer can.
Touch the middle Armos in the upper row and it'll move off of a staircase.  Go
down into the ground.

                              |    Level – 2    |

The item you get here is just infinitely useful.  Can you hear the excitement in
my voice?  For lack of another direction, go up.  By virtue of sword defeat the
Gibdos here for a key.  Go north.  Go north again, skipping the Zols if you'd
like.  Take the key, defeat the Keese, and go north again.  In here are several
Gibdos.  Once again, use the Boomerang to stun them and then finish them.  Go
north again.  Defeat all the Keese and bomb the east wall.  Walk through, get
the key, return to the Keese room, and go north.  It's Manhandla!  How's it
going?  But seriously, kill this with a bomb.  It is not worth the trouble to
kill it with the sword.  Take the key it leaves and go right.  There are several
Iron Knuckles in here.  In here, when you defeat the principle Iron Knuckle they
all die.  Use a key to go north.

In here you must defeat the Zols.  The problem is there are statues and razor
traps with them.  Defeat the Zols and Gels as quick as you can and take the Map.
This dungeon is shaped like an A.  E and A are the first two letters of eagle,
but not bird.  Anyway, with the map, go south twice.  Walk into the wall at the
other side of the hallway.  It is an illusion and you can walk right through.
Walk around the spiraling blocks to a staircase.  Go down and get the item, the
Whistle.  Wonderful.  Now surface and walk through the left wall.  You can.  Now
head south.  Use the key to go east.

In here, defeat every Keese, Gibdo, and Pols Voice for a small key.  Bomb the
south wall and go through.  Defeat the Iron Knuckles here for the Compass.  Now
bomb the right wall.  Defeat the Keese in here for a key.  Go south.  In this
wonderful room defeat the Zols and Gels that spring from them for another key.
Go south.  Kill each Gibdo for five rupees.  Now take the stairs to the other
side.  Ignore or fight the Iron Knuckles and open the north locked door.

                             |    Boss: Gleeok    |

It seems the bosses do change.  Gleeok is pretty hard for the second boss.
There're a few good tricks to this battle, though.  For one, time when it fires.
Rush in, slash, and pull out when the time comes for another fireball.  When
you've weakened it enough so that the head comes off, play very defensively.
The Magic Shield cannot block his fireballs.  Dodge the fireballs from the body
and the head at the same time and hit (from the side; it's the best direction to
attack from) the head.  When you win, take the Heart Container and advance
Nab the second piece of the Triforce.  I love happy endings.

=================================The Manji (S)*=================================

                         |    Two Heart Containers    |

The Whistle actually has a few uses this time around.  It lets you get two more
Heart Containers.  As of right now you have the Wooden Sword and six hearts,
meaning you can afford to get the White Sword, which requires five hearts.  If
you'd like, get the White Sword first to make the Heart Containers easier, or if
you're just using this guide (and haven't gotten the first Heart Container) do
this first.  You may also want to get the Blue Ring before starting out.  Now
here's how to get the Heart Containers.  For this first one, warp to the second
location with the Whistle.  By second location, I mean the one with the cave
shop in it.  Now go left and up all the way to see a Fairy.  She restores all
your hearts.  Now go down and left.  Go left and down once to be in the Lost
Woods.  You should know the code very well now.

Go up, left, down, and left to exit.  Now go up three times, right three times,
take the right ladder up, right, up, right three times, up, and left.  You're in
the right spot if you're one screen before Spectacle Rock (where it was in the
first quest).  Play the Whistle and take the stairs down that form.  Take the
Heart Container, of course, and surface.  Now use the Whistle to return to the
starting point.  For the second Heart Container go right four times, up four
times, and left once.  Blow the Whistle here and use the stairs that form to get
the Heart Container.

                  |    The Blue Ring and the White Sword    |

Return to the starting point.  Go right all the way and up until you can't go
further.  Go left and up from here.  Take another left and up from there.  Go
right twice.  It looks like a dead-end.  The tree has the Old Man inside and he
gambles with you.  Walk along the top of the rock wall.  Eventually you'll climb
up invisible stairs.  Go up and you'll see what looks like a labyrinth entrance.
Enter and buy the Blue Ring for 250 rupees.  Now, not only does Link have a blue
tunic, but his defense is doubles, so you take less damage.  Now we will get the
White Sword, which is in the vicinity.  Take the stairs down and go left twice.
Head up the ladder and go left until you can no longer.  Take the ladder down
and keep going left until you see a ladder.  Climb up and walk around the pool
of water to the cave.  Inside is your good friend, the Old Man.  He gives you
the White Sword since you have enough hearts.  It's twice as strong as the
Wooden Sword.  Talk about worthy side quests...  Before you ventured into the
third dungeon, you doubled your offense and defense.

                             |    Monster Bait    |

Once you've recovered enough rupees, 100 or 60, you can buy Monster Bait, which
will be needed in the third dungeon.  It costs 60 rupees at the shop where you
bought the Blue Ring.  If you're too lazy to go all the way over there, there's
an easy alternative that costs 40 rupees more.  Go right (from the starting
point), up three screens, and left twice.  Use the Blue Candle to burn the
corner tree to reveal a staircase.  Take it down to a shop.  Either shop you
choose to shop at, you need to buy the Monster Bait.  Technically, you don't
need to buy it, but if you want the item you do.

                             |    Almost There    |

Level 3 is where Level 2 used to be.  If you forgot how to get there, I'll guide
you.  From the first screen go right, up, and right.  Keep going right until you
have to go up.  Go up, left, and upper right again.  Take another right, an up,
and a left.  Climb the stairs and you'll see a pond where the dungeon should go.
Blow the Whistle and it will dry up, leaving a staircase in its place.  Go down.

                              |    Level – 3    |

This is a very weird dungeon because its boss is in the middle of the dungeon,
not the end.  First, go up.  You'll see a plethora of Goriyas to cope with.
Defeat them and continue upward.  In here are some Ropes.  I don't know if it
was my game on the flip or it was designed this way, but they seem all phantom-
like and purple.  Go north again to find the Map and a few Goriyas.  Defeat them
and take the map.  Apparently, this place is shaped like an L.  That's a letter
in eagle, but they skipped G.  Go north again and fight some Stalfos.  You get a
key as a reward for smiting the skeletons.  Go north again to see an annoying
Goriya that's hungry.  Throw him the Monster Bait and use a key to unlock the
north door.  In here are several Goriyas.  Defeat them all for this dungeon's
prize, the Magic Boomerang.  Now go five rooms south.  Use your key on the right

                            |    Boss: Dodongo    |

There are three here.  There are two ways to beat these.  You can lay two bombs
in their mouths, making them explode, or you can have a bomb explode near them
and then finish them with your sword.  Either way you slice it, this is one easy
Heart Container.  You don't even have to fight them (you want to, because they
yield a Heart Container)!  You could just go to the next room.  When you win, go

Grab the Compass in here and kill the Wall Masters.  The Magic Boomerang is your
best option.  When you've killed all of them push the middle block left and go
down the stairs.  When you emerge take the key and go north (after beating the
Goriyas).  There's the piece of the Triforce.  That was a cake walk.  Dungeon 1
and 2 were much harder than this sorry excuse for a level.

=================================The Snake (S)*=================================

            |    The Power Bracelet and the Old Woman's Letter    |

It's time to get this item already.  We're a tad late on the letter, but it
isn't important (the first three levels weren't that bad).  First, we're getting
the Power Bracelet.  Start out at the first screen.  Go left, up, and left
thrice (three times).  Now go left, up, left, and down.  You're in the wretched
Lost Woods.  Go up, left, down, and left.  This should come naturally to you
Now go up three times.  Go right three times and up the right set of stairs.  Go
right to see some Armos.  Touch the very right one (upper row) and it will come
to life.  Under it is the Power Bracelet.  As long as we're here, let's get the
Old Woman's Letter, which is fairly close.

Go up the stairs, left all the way, and up the stairs.  Go left, down the
and push the leftmost tree down to make stairs appear.  Take them down and take
the Old Woman's Letter from the Old Man.  The Potion Shop (or the convenient
anyway) is just where it was in the first quest.  From the start, go up, left
three screens, and into the cave.  Show the Old Woman the letter and she'll open
shop.  You can now buy Red Potion or Blue Potion (red is better).  You should
get some Red Potion before heading out to the next dungeon.

                         |    Off to see the Snake    |

Level 4 is right by where 5 used to be.  From the starting point, go right four
times, up four times (stick to the right side of the screen), right once, up
once, and left.  Welcome to Hebra's Hill.  If you keep going up you'll reach a
Fairy Fountain.  But that's not why we came here.  Now that you have the Power
Bracelet, a new dungeon is yours for the taking.  This one actually contains
some remotely useful items.  Push the rightmost tree up or down to gain access
to this labyrinth.

                              |    Level – 4    |

This place is gargantuan.  First, go left.  Remember that the Blue Candle can
light dark rooms.  Do so and defeat the enemies, preferably with the Magic
Boomerang.  Take the key and go right.  Go up and you'll face Digdogger.  Use
the Whistle to shrink him down to size and then take down its mini-me versions.
Go left.  Defeat all the Iron Knuckles and Pols Voices for the Compass.  Now
that you have go north.  In here it is unnecessary to fight anything.  Rush to
the door and unlock it (right).  You'll face Aquamentus.  In either quest, this
is the first time you ever face this guy as a common enemy.  Defeat it with
three swipes of the White Sword for a single recovery heart.  Then go through
the door it was guarding.

Defeat the enemies in here and push the middle left block.  Go down and get the
Magic Book.  Kind of pointless with no Magic Wand...  Surface and walk through
the north wall.  It is an illusion.  The room you come out in lets you get a
bomb upgrade - carrying 12 bombs for 100 rupees.  Go through the left wall (also
an illusion) and use a key on the door.  In here defeat all the enemies for a
key.  Go north.  Defeat the Zols in here and go right.  To do this, trigger the
trap and run.  In the next room conquer the enemies for a key.  Bomb the right
wall and go through.  There're lots of rupees in here.  Now go back left and go

Push the block up and bomb the right wall.  Go through the fissure and defeat
the Dodongo.  Go north.  Kill all the Iron Knuckles for the Map.  This place is
shaped like a D.  That's not even in eagle, so they obviously weren't spelling
that.  Now that we have that, we're ready to take down the boss.  Go south and
left.  Push the block and go up.  Defeat the Keese (you may want to light the
room) and bomb the north wall.  Make sure that before you enter you have 50
rupees or more.  The Old Man has taken to mugging people.  Pay him 50 rupees so
you don't die and go right.  In here, push the left block in the middle pair and
go down the stairs that form.  Go up the opposite ladder and use the key on the
north door.

                           |    Boss: Digdogger    |

He's not only a common enemy, but he's a boss later on.  Use the Whistle, which
is proving to be much more useful in the second quest, to shrink it and then
slash it.  Take the Heart Container when you're done.

Do not take the Triforce piece when you're done.  Instead, walk through the
north wall.  Defeat the Iron Knuckles you find and go up again.  In here destroy
the abundance of enemies.  Do not go through the door, as it is a one-way door
leading to the Map room.  Push the block nearest the door right and go down the
stairs.  Take the Raft!  Now go three rooms south and take the Triforce piece.
Finally this nightmare is over.

================================The Lizard (S)*=================================

                          |    A Heart Container    |

There's another Heart Container available to us thanks to the Raft.  It is just
where it was in the first quest.  Go right all the way from the start and up all
the way from there.  You'll see a docking point.  Dock off to what looks like a
labyrinth entrance.  Inside, choose the Heart Container over the Red Potion.

                              |    The Arrows    |

Go to any merchant shop that has the goods and buy Arrows for 80 rupees.  The
best place you'll be very familiar with.  Go all the way right and up twice.
Here you are.  Buy them.  I won't tell you what item you get, but let's just say
it is somehow related.

                          |    Into the Labyrinth    |

The fifth dungeon is right where the fourth was in the first quest.  To reach
that spot from the starting point, go up one screen and left two.  In this
screen (stay right of the bridge) walk north one screen and dock off to the
fifth dungeon on an island.

                              |    Level – 5    |

First, let's get the weapon (because it is well-worth it); you're finally going
to get a non-sword offense item (besides the Bombs).  First go north.  Use the
Blue Candle to light the room and avoid the razor traps.  Go left.  In here
you'll see the most vile creatures in the game - Like Likes.  They eat shields,
namely your Magic Shield.  Now I'm sure you have a key left over from past
dungeons.  If not, go buy one from a merchant.  But assuming you do, go through
the south door.  In this room, avoid the Bubbles at all costs.  They make it so
you can't use your sword (until you reach a Blue Bubble).  If you do get hit,
sacrifice some health and hit the Blue Bubble.  Now descend the stairs.  Take
the opposite up and you'll be in a room with Wizzrobes.

Remember that the Magic Shield reflects magic blasts.  Also note that Wizzrobes
can be hurt as they are transparent.  Defeat them all and push the middle left
block right to make the door open. Go through and fight Gohma.  Right now you
can't win, actually, so just go south.  Run down the stairs and get the Bow,
this dungeon's prize!  Finally!  Took them long enough.  Assuming you did as I
said and got the Arrows, go up a room and kill Gohma by shooting it in the eye
three times.  You get a key for winning.  Now go left, down the stairs, and up
the others.  In here, walk through the left wall for a key gotten by defeating

Now go back through the wall and north.  Go west and you'll enter a room with
Vires in it.  It is sort of risky, considering the presence of the Bubbles, but
you should kill them and their Keese components for the Map.  As it turns out,
this dungeon is a Z.  E, A, L, D, and Z.  As reader Ross Ura points out, the
letters can be rearranged to spell “ZELDA,” and that’s the name of the game.
Good eyes, Ross!  Anyways, with the Map, go north.  Kill the Wizzrobes here and
go up again.  Defeat them here once more and go right.  Defeat the Gels here for
the Compass.  In here, if you actually had the will power, you could come back
with the Stepladder for this key.  You don't need it so take a right.  Here you
have another epic clash with Manhandla.  Defeat it with the good old bomb
strategy and head upward again.  Defeat the Keese in here (they all die if you
hit the "master Keese") and take the stairs down.  When you emerge use a key on
the door to the left.  It's the boss.

                             |    Boss: Gleeok    |

He's the toughest boss in the game, and so naturally they'd use him a few times.
First, I recommend that you come in with full hearts.  Maybe if you still have a
Red Potion you can use it later.  Sword beams make this battle a walk in the
park.  If you have them stand opposite the three-headed dragon and strike over
and over, dodging the blasts each time.  When his heads come off it will be a
bit more complicated.  If you don't have full hearts, be tenacious and in-his-
face.  Your health is probably high enough, now that you have the Blue Ring and
the White Sword, that you can just repeatedly hack at him until he dies.  I
suggest you use the reckless hacking strategy only after you've dismantled two
heads.  Now take the Heart Container and go north.  There's your fifth Triforce

================================The Dragon (S)*=================================

                          |    The Magical Sword    |

You now have twelve hearts, just enough to get the most powerful blade in the
game, the Magical Sword.  If you have the special edition (one of the first 200
copies) and you're playing in the second quest, this is called the Master Sword.
The Master Sword is slightly stronger than the Magical Sword, or so I've heard.
Fortunately for us, the Magical Sword isn't too far off from the next dungeon.
First off, we're going to utilize a secret.  This isn't too secret.  It's an
underground system of roads that provide a shortcut through Hyrule.

Go two screens right from the starting point and push the left tree up or down.
A staircase is revealed.  There's that useful old guy.  Take the left set of
stairs to be by the Graveyard.  If you appear somewhere on Death Mountain,
You want to exit by four trees.  From there, go down, up the other stairs, right
as far as you can, and up the stairs.  Now go right as far as you can and up the
stairs.  Keep going right until you see an arrow.  Push the leftmost tree down
and enter the stairs that form.  Now you have the Magical Sword!

                           |    Enter the Dragon    |

We're just going to waltz on to the sixth dungeon.  After all, there's nothing
new to do now.  From where you got the Magical Sword you must work your way back
to the Graveyard.  The easiest thing to do is blow the Whistle (warp to the
first dungeon), go to the starting point, and use the shortcut.  From the
shortcut location, go down, right three times, and play the Whistle.  A grave
transforms into stairs.  There's the gate to the dungeon.

                              |    Level – 6    |

When you enter, go up.  In this room defeat the Wizzrobes and go north.  The
room you arrive in is filled with monsters.  Go through the left door.  In here
are a few Vires.  Defeat or skip them and use a different-dungeon key on the
left door.  In the room you reach go left once more.  Here, avoid the razor
traps and push the leftmost block up or down, your choice.  Go down the stairs
that form and get the Stepladder.  Hooray!  Exit this room and return all the
way to the second room.  Since you haven't done much, this should be too hard.
Go left three times and down once.  Take the west door and illuminate it with
the Blue Candle.  Use the Stepladder to reach the key.

Now go to the Vire room (due north).  Hang a right and go up.  Since there's no
door, make one with your bombs.  In this room go left.  Use the Stepladder to
snatch the Map and go north.  This dungeon seems to be shaped like nothing.
Some people say it's a hat, but I wouldn't bet it looks like anything.  To me,
it kind of looks like a duck (the beak sticking out) with some sort of head-
thing sticking off the back.  If you like sideways it kind of looks like a
wizard's hat.  Anyways, you can walk through the north wall.  Trigger the traps
and wait for them to start resetting before you walk through.  In here bomb the
right wall and walk through for the Compass.  Now walk left and go north.

Go north again and defeat all the Wizzrobes to open the door and get Bombs.
Head right through the door.  In here you must use the Stepladder to go south.
In this Blue Bubble room push the middle left block down or up and go down the
stairs that materialize.  Go around the spiral in the room you emerge in and
bomb the south wall.  Walk through, take the key, go north, and use the key on
the right door.  In here you fight Gleeok, but it is very easy.  With the
Magical Sword at your disposal just slash him repeatedly.  Play defensively if
you so desire, but you can kill it fast enough to not have to.  Go right and
push the leftmost block up.  Take the stairs to a room with Manhandla in it.
Bomb the beast and advance north.

                             |    Boss: Gohma    |

This is a pretty easy battle.  The more hits you score the more frequently it
fires fireballs.  Walk with it, always in line with the eye, and wait for it to
open it.  Shoot three arrows in and you win.  Simple as that.  Take the Heart
Container and go north one more time for the sixth Triforce piece.

=================================The Demon (S)*=================================

                       |    The Last Heart Container    |

Need I even write this?  Go right all the way from the start and go up until you
see it in the sea.  Use the Stepladder to reach the Heart Container.  Now you're
set for the next dungeon.

                              |    Demon Hunt    |

This one's close to home.  However, I don't like this dungeon because the Old
Man mugs you on two separate occasions.  To reach it, go right four times, up
once, and right.  Go up, left, upper right, and down.  Welcome to the screen
where you can find this dungeon.  It is very hard to guess by the looks of it.
Stand left of the second bush in the pair (third row down) and use the Blue
Candle to burn it.  A staircase forms on the other side.  To reach it go up,
left, lower right, and down.  Enter if you dare.

                              |    Level – 7    |

I hate this level!  It reminds me of the first Spectacle Rock with all its
staircases and color.  First go left.  Take the Compass.  Go right twice.  Go
again and defeat the Iron Knuckles.  Go right again, thanking your lucky stars
you got that Stepladder.  Defeat the enemies here and push the third block down
from the second string of blocks to make a staircase form.  Take it down and go
south from where you surface.  Grab the key and terrorize the denizens of this
room.  After you've taken out the trash push the left of the middle pair of
blocks down and go down the staircase.  That's the item, the Red Candle.  Aren't
you psyched?  I know that I'm simply ecstatic.

Go up a screen and defeat the Keese.  Push the leftmost block either way and
take the stairs back to the room you were in.  Hang a right.  In here is another
Manhandla.  They should just call you Link the Manhandla slayer.  Bomb it and it
will die.  Push the left block up and go through the right door.  In here defeat
or skip the opponents and head north.  Light this room up with the Red Candle
and thrash the Iron Knuckles for the Map.  Yes!  Now it's time to focus on the
piece of the Triforce.  This dungeon resembles an "e" loosely, but I'd say it
was more of a spiral.  Go north and kill the Iron Knuckles.  Go north again, do
not pass go.  This room is basically a repeat of the last.  Go north.

It's your good pal Gohma.  Shoot it three times with an arrow and advance up.
Nab the key.  Kill the Keese.  Push the left block.  Descend the stairs.  On the
other side go north right away.  You're conserving health.  Push the mid block
up and go right.  Do not enter if you don't have fifty rupees.  It is necessary
to be mugged by the Old Man.  Why did he resort to a life of crime?  Move to the
bottom and, of course, defeat all the Iron Knuckles.  Push the third block in
the second string of diagonals to make stairs form.  Take them to the other
Making sure not to be hit go left.  Take down your assailants in here and go

                             |    Boss: Gleeok    |

With the fourteen hearts you have this boss is nothing.  Run up and slash the
head repeatedly.  You'll survive with your mega-health and the Blue Ring to back
you up.  Take the Heart Container and go left.  Take the piece of the Triforce.
Only one left!

=================================The Lion (S)*==================================

                   |    Monster Bait: The Second Coming    |

You need more Monster Bait for the upcoming dungeon.  To get some you can go to
one of two shops.  The first was where you got the Blue Ring, which was 60
rupees.  But the closest one was 100 rupees.  I'm listing the 100 rupee one
because it's much easier to reach and caused a lot less confusion.  From the
start go right, up three times, and left twice.  Burn the corner bush and
descend the steps to the store.  They also sell Magic Shields here for 90
which makes up the 40 rupee difference between the stores (if you need a new
Magic Shield).  Now that that's over with, we can finally get that last Triforce
piece and the Magic Key, the best item ever invented.

                           |    Eye of the Lion    |

This time we're going to have to travel quite a distance.  I'd advise you use
the shortcut with the Power Bracelet.  So, from the start go right twice and
push the tree to use the stairs.  Go left.  Usually you want to go to the
Graveyard, but this takes you to the eastern part of Death Mountain too,
sometimes.  From that spot on Death Mountain go left four times.  Now you're
going to have to work with me here.  Let's say that Link's body is one "space."
Measure over five spaces from the left using the Stepladder on the rock wall.
Bomb there and enter the dungeon.

                              |    Level – 8    |

First room, go north.  Push the left block up and take the flight of stairs
In the room you pop out in walk through the south wall.  Use your key on the
south door and you'll be in Wall Master country.  Arrows offer one-hit
Push the middle block over and take the stairs down to get one of this dungeon's
prizes, the Magic Wand!  You had to have gotten the Magic Book for something,
right?  Emerge, go north twice, push the block, and use the stairs to reemerge
in the second room of the labyrinth.  Go north once more to see some "phantom"
Ropes.  Defeat them and push the third block in the second diagonal up or down.

Go down the stairs and bomb the south wall when you emerge.  Go down and defeat
the numerous Goriyas to gain access to the Map.  This place is one big spiral,
playing on the trend started with Level 7.  Return one room north and defeat the
monsters.  Once you have push the mid-left block up and go down the stairs.
After the 2-D screen go north.  Go north again and face Digdogger.  Whistle it
and defeat the shrunken versions.  Go north.  Feed the grumbling Goriya his
Monster Bait you were supposed to buy and advance north once more.  Use the Red
Candle to light the room and the Stepladder to evade the traps.  Kill the Keese
for the Compass.  Go north again.

Kill all the Goriyas for a key.  Go left and defeat them again.  Arrows are your
safest gamble in this arena.  Go left again to fight another Digdogger.  Blow
the Whistle and defeat the components.  Bomb the west wall and go through.  It's
like storming the dungeon in here everything's so sequential.  Be very careful
in this room.  You may want to use Arrows.  Kill all the Wall Masters for Bombs.
Use a key on the left door and enter.  Kill off the Dodongos with your bombs to
open the door.  Go through and take the key.  Push the mid-left block to make a
staircase form.  Take it to a new room.  Quickly run through the locked door to
the left.  Right here is easy - Stalfos.

They're enhanced only in that they have sword beams.  Defeat them and push the
third block in the second string of diagonal blocks to make a staircase.  Take
it down and you now have the Magic Key!  That's right, you got it.  No more keys
to worry about.  Return right through the door you came by.  Go south.  Push the
block down and go left.  Defeat the Ropes and walk through the south wall.  Use
the Stepladder to get around and go right.  Walk through the hall and open the
door with one of your infinite keys (courtesy of Magic Key).

Kill the Goriyas and move the block.  Go down the stairs and you'll appear in
the room before the boss.  Go north if you want to fight the boss and be done
with this dungeon.  Or, you bomb the wall.  This eventually leads to a bomb
upgrade, so if you think you can make due with 12 in Spectacle Rock by my guest
and skip right to the boss.  If not, bomb the south wall.  Go south and fight
Aquamentus.  Beat it and go left.  Here's the tricky part.  Defeat the Wall
Masters and push the middle block to open the door.  If you fail you're back at
the start of the dungeon.  Left once more takes you to the Old Man.  Pay him 100
rupees for the bomb upgrade, letting you hold 16 at a time.  Now backtrack to
the room before the boss.  Open the door with the Magic Key.

                            |    Boss: Dodongo    |

I don't see why they persist in putting such an easy boss in this game's second
quest.  You should have this down to an art form by now.  Place bombs in front
of their mouths twice per Dodongo to kill one.  Take the final Heart Container
and go north to complete the Triforce of Wisdom.  There's only one destination
now, the ultimate destination.  Spectacle Rock!

==============================Spectacle Rock (S)*===============================

                       |    The Ultimate Destination    |

Spectacle Rock is in no clever hiding place.  On the contrary, it is right on
Death Mountain.  Only difference is this time it's left a bit from the original.
From the starting point go right twice and take the shortcut - push the left
tree.  Take the left set of stairs to be by the Graveyard and go south, up the
right ladder, right, up, left, up the stairs, and left three times.  You'll be
in a narrow strip of land with nothing but stairs leading down.  Bomb the wall
to find the entrance to death, Spectacle Rock.

                              |    Level – 9    |

Go north.  Here's where the Old Man would stop you if you haven't completed the
Triforce.  Go up again.  Use the Red Candle to light the room and pass through
the right wall.  In this room walk through the wall again.  Here's a room with
Wizzrobes.  Defeat them if you can't progress otherwise and bomb the northern
wall.  Go through, obviously.  Defeat the Patra here for the Map.  All I can say
is fight boldly and defensively.  The Map shows this place to be a skull, but
not human.  Some say it is shaped like Ganon's head, although I don't think it
looks like a pig's skull.  Now go left through the wall.  Kill all the Wizzrobes
and push the block up and take the stairs down.  You got the Silver Arrows!
Hooray!  Surface and walk through the north wall.  In here, be extra careful not
to get hit by the Bubbles and push the block on the left.

Take the stairs down and you're in a new room.  Bomb the north wall.  Go through
and defeat the Blue Lanmolas in here.  Head left.  Avoid the Like Likes at all
costs (not all, but don't get caught).  Hang a left.  Go north, dodging the
Vires.  Thanks again, Magic Key.  Defeat the Keese in here (you might want to
light the room up) and take the north locked door.  Push the middle block and
bomb the left wall.  Go in and come back to the block room (you're now at a new
angle to push the block).  Push it right this time and go north.

Cruise by the Wizzrobes and razor traps to the right.  Bomb the south wall and
go through.  If you got hit by a Bubble, you lost your sword ability.  Get hit
by a Blue Bubble to get it back and then go through the door you made.  In here,
defeat all the Gels for the Compass.  Return to the north room and bomb up.  Go
through the right locked door.  If you've noticed, we're avoiding as many fights
as we can.  Go north, killing the Like Like before hand, maybe with the Magic
Wand.  The Old Man tells you to go to the next room.  Walk through the left
Go left again, killing the Like Likes in advance with the Magic Wand.

Go up.  Avoid an unnecessary and often lethal fight with a Patra and walk
through the left wall.  Use the Magic Wand to kill the Blue Lanmolas from a fair
distance.  Push the left block up and take the stairs down.  Pick up the Red
Ring, making your tunic red.  Surface and go through the right wall.  Here,
you're forced into action.  Kill the Patra and push the left block up, down -
whatever you want.  Even right or left!  Now take the stairs down.  When you
emerge bomb the right wall.  Go through and defeat the Patra.  Advance into the
next room.

                             |    BOSS: GANON    |

You'd think they would at least toughen him up for the second quest battle.
Link flashes the Triforce of Wisdom and Ganon appears in the darkness.  He turns
invisible and the fight begins.  And what a fight it is.  I like the phrase I've
always used to describe this fight.  That is, I like saying Ganon is laughably
easy.  To win slash him with the sword.  Since Ganon is invisible, try slashing
randomly.  If you're really adventurous stand in one spot and slash.  After
slashing four times he turns brown.  Shoot him with a Silver Arrow and he dies.
Not only that, but Ganon sports a really funky pose when he gets hit.  When you
win pick up the Triforce of Power from Ganon's ashes and go north.  Here,
destroy the fires and you've won.  If you wanted, you could exit the dungeon and
never rescue Zelda.  Any weapon, even the Red Candle, can destroy the fire.
Unfortunately, the Magic Bommerang cannot.  Now touch Zelda.  You beat the game!
Thanks Link, you're the hero of Hyrule.  Finally, peace returns to Hyrule.  This
ends the story.  That's what they say.  At the end, they rank how many lives you
lost throughout and give you a pointer (they tell you how good you are for
winning with that many lives lost).

CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve beaten the first AND second quests!  Now you can
restart the second quest to play again if you’d like.  You're the master!
  /                                                                          \
 /                                                                            \
||--------------------------------Section 4*----------------------------------||
 \                                                                            /

===============================Heart Containers*================================

The heart system in this game is different from all the others.  It drains
backwards, but also there are sixteen.  You start with three and there are eight
bosses that give Heart Containers.  Therefore, by my expert mathematical
deductions, and forensics/rocketry, I can determine that in each quest there are
five extra Heart Containers.  Here they are, listed by quest.

                             |    First Quest    |

1) Once you have the Bombs, go right four times from the starting point.  Bomb
the wall left of the north path and enter the cave.  Choose the Heart Container
over the Red Potion.

2) From the screen with # 1 go north until you can go no further.  Go right and
bomb the rock.  Here's where you choose between the Red Potion and the Heart

3) From the starting point, go right and north three times.  Go left once and
count five trees over.  Burn this with your Blue or Red Candle and take the
stairs down to the Old Man.

4) Go right all the way from the start and up until you can go no further.  Use
the Raft to reach a labyrinth-like structure.  Enter and take the Heart

5) Go right all the way and up until you see the Heart Container in the sea.
Use the Stepladder to reach the Heart Container.

                             |    Second Quest    |

1) From the starting point go up, left four times, up, left twice, and down.  To
escape the Lost Woods go up, left, down, left.  Go up four times.  In the
Graveyard, push the grave in the second column from the left, second row from
the bottom.  Inside is the Heart Container.

2) Blow the Whistle to be in the cave shop warp point (outside a cave shop where
the third dungeon was in the first quest).  Go left and up all the way to see a
Fairy Fountain.  From here go down, left twice, and down.  In the Lost Woods go
up, left, down, and left. Go up three times, right three times, and take the
right ladder up.  Go right, up, right three times, up, and left.  Play the
Whistle and stairs form.  Go down and choose the Heart Container.

3) From the starting point go right four times, up four times, and left once.
Blow the Whistle and use the stairs that appear to reach the Heart Container.

4) From the starting point go right all the way and up as far as you can.  Use
the docking point to raft to a labyrinth-like structure.  Enter and pick the
Heart Container.

5) Start at the starting point and go right all the way.  Go up and as you do
you'll see a Heart Container in the sea.  Use the Stepladder to reach it.

In case you didn't catch the similarities, the last two Heart Containers are the
same in both quests.

==================================Item Index*===================================

This game has a lot of items, some more useful than others.  One of the coolest
things about this game is that you actually upgrade weapons and you could skip
them all together.  One of the best ways to play this game is to do it
incompletely; skip unnecessary items to challenge yourself.  But, for your
convenience, here is a complete list of items and upgrades, alphabetized.  It's
a hobby of mine.  Also, please read my walkthrough for how to get these in
detail.  Reproducing every step would be extremely impractical.  Besides, the
ways to obtain most weapons changes with the quests.  When I have you get an
item in the walkthrough the item is the name of the section.


Obtain: Buy this from merchants.

Function: Shoot arrows when you have the Bow.  Before that, this item is
completely useless.

Side Notes: Since there is no arrow count like there is for the Bombs, there
needed to be a method of limiting how many arrows you could use.  Every arrow
costs 1 rupee (unless you fire really fast, you can sneak in an arrow for free).
The Arrow is very useful and the only way to defeat certain enemies.
Blue Candle

Obtain: Buy this from a merchant.

Function: This can light up the room Link is in (if it is dark) when used and
produces flame momentarily.

Side Notes: The Blue Candle can only be used once per screen.  If you exit and
reenter the screen you can use it again.  Link can be hurt by walking into the
flame that is produced.
Blue Potion

Obtain: Buy this from the Old Women in the game.

Function: This restores all your health when used.

Side Notes: This potion is less useful than the red.  You might as well splurge
for the Red Potion because it is much better than this and only 18 rupees more.
When you drink this, it returns to the Old Woman's Letter.  This is only sold
after the Old Woman's Letter side quest.
Blue Ring

Obtain: Buy this at a secret shop.

Function: Link takes one half the damage he would normally.

Side Notes: The Blue Ring changes Link's tunic blue, too.  On the Map Link
becomes a blue unit rather than green and his raft ropes turn blue as well.
Bomb Upgrades

Obtain: Pay 100 rupees to certain Old Men in the dungeons to be able to hold
four more bombs.

Function: You can hold four more bombs than before.

Side Notes: In each quest there are different dungeons that house the Old Man
that upgrades you.  There are only two upgrades in either quest.

Obtain: Buy this from merchants.

Function: These can damage most enemies and they can create doorways in dungeons
when used on weak walls.  As their name implies, these are bombs and as such
they explode.

Side Notes: At first you can hold 8 bombs, but by getting the two upgrades you
can get 16.  Bombs can be dropped by enemies as items.

Obtain: Get this in the first dungeon in either quest.

Function: This can tossed by Link to stun enemies from a distance.  This kills
some weaker enemies, like Keese, and does not affect stronger enemies, like Iron

Side Notes: This item is very useful to make fighting easier.  Use it often and
then come in with the sword.  Hit them once or twice and use it again.  The stun
effect eventually wears off.

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.

Function: This lets you fire arrows.  Without this, you cannot fire arrows.

Side Notes: The Bow is one the most useful items in the game, although it does
nothing in itself.  It only lets you use another item, the arrow.

Obtain: Enemies drop this item.

Function: This freezes other enemies on the screen, letting you attack them.

Side Notes: This is like the eternal Boomerang.  You never get this in a boss
battle, but every where else it's available.  There's no way to guarantee you
get the Clock, and once you touch it you no longer have it.  Link flashes
different colors as he has the Clock until he leaves the screen.

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.

Function: This shows you where the Triforce piece is in the labyrinth you find
it in.

Side Notes: Every dungeon has a different way of obtaining this.  This is not
actually usable to you, but it affects your in-dungeon map.  It cannot be used
in any other way.

Obtain: Enemies drop this item, or are found in special ponds.

Function: Fairies restore a good portion of your health.

Side Notes: Fairies are the constant; they are in every Zelda game.  That can be
said of few other elements.  Fairies also have occasional Fairy Fountains.  The
Fairies here (who preside over ponds) restore all your health.
Heart Container

Obtain: Defeat the boss of the dungeon.  There are also five scattered around
Hyrule.  See that section for details.

Function: Increases your heart count by one, which means that it takes longer
for you to get a Game Over.

Side Notes: This is another classic Zelda element.  It has been in every Zelda
game (there were Heart Containers in Adventure of Link, just not hearts) and it
always serves the same purpose - increase Link's life count by one.  Every Zelda
game even has its own Three-Heart Challenge, in which you never pick up a Heart
Container once.

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.  You can also buy this from merchants.

Function: Opens locked doors in labyrinths.

Side Notes: Unlike almost every Zelda game, you can use extra keys from one
dungeon in another dungeon.  Once you have the Magic Key, these are obsolete and
Magic Book

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.

Function: This strengthens your Magic Wand attack by adding fire to it.  That
when you cast the spell and it hits something, it is lit on fire.

Side Notes: I bet this is written in Hylian, the language of old Hyrule.
Magic Boomerang

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.

Function: This is the same as the Boomerang, except this goes further.  Only

Side Notes: With either boomerang, if you move the buttons diagonally you throw
it diagonally.  This isn't that useful, though.
Magic Key

Obtain: This is in the eighth dungeon of either quest.

Function: Gives you infinite keys.

Side Notes: Sadly, this was an item in only one other game.  It is extremely
valuable in the locked-up ninth dungeon.
Magic Shield

Obtain: Buy this from merchants in the game.

Function: This is a larger shield, so it protects Link better.  It can also
defend against non-boss fireballs.

Side Notes: This can be eaten by Like Likes so be warned.  As a note of
the manual of Zelda II, the first of many sequels to this game, says that Link
relied on this shield for his next big adventure (as well as the Magical Sword).
Magic Wand

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.

Function: This is really good.  It lets you use the Wizzrobe attack wand to cast
a spell at enemies.  You can use this over and over and over again and it hurts
most enemies.

Side Notes: Too bad this is only in this game.
Magical Sword

Obtain: It is different in both quests.  The Old Man gives it to you.

Function: This is the most powerful sword in the game.  It is four times as
powerful as the Wooden Sword and kills enemies like Vires and Zols in one hit
without them releasing mini-enemies.

Side Notes: If you got the special edition of this game (first 200 copies) this
is called the Master Sword and is slightly stronger.  The Old Man will not give
this to you if you do not have twelve Heart Containers.  Interestingly, Link
uses the Magical Sword throughout Zelda II: Adventure of Link, this game’s first
sequel, but it starts out quite weak, slowly becoming more powerful.
Master Sword

Obtain: You get this in the same way you'd get the Magical Sword, except this is
only in the special edition games (first 200 copies).  It is very unlikely that
your game has this.

Function: This is truly the most powerful sword in the game.  It is slightly
stronger than the Magical Sword.

Side Notes: The Old Man gives you the Magical Sword in the first quest and the
Master Sword in the second quest, only if you have the special edition.  The
Master Sword is usually the strongest sword in the game and it is a legendary
blade actually introduced officially in A Link to the Past.
Monster Bait

Obtain: Buy this at a secret shop.

Function: This is used three times throughout the entire game, counting both
quests.  If you ever see a hungry Goriya (one that is in an Old Man room and
says "Grumble, grumble"), lay this before it and it will run away.  This can
also distract enemies, making them easier to kill, but hardly anyone would use

Side Notes: This looks like a slab of meat, and reveals to us that most enemies
in the game are carnivorous or at least omnivorous.

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.

Function: This shows every room in the dungeon and its layout.  It is very
useful when you see another room you can't reach, as that tips you off that you
must blow up the wall or walk through it.

Side Notes: Again, this is in almost all Zelda games.  In this game, every
dungeon is shaped like something.  All the first quest dungeons are named after
what they look like according to the Map.
Old Woman's Letter

Obtain: This is given to you by the Old Man in different locations in either

Function: If you show this to the Old Woman who seems useless in the caves of
Hyrule, she starts selling the Red and Blue Potions.

Side Notes: Letters are very important in Hyrule.  Perhaps the Old Man helped
the Old Woman at one point.  The Old Woman actually tells you where to get the
Magical Sword.  It's the only time in the game where you get a hint from someone
other than the Old Man.
Piece of the Triforce of Wisdom

Obtain: This is in every dungeon, except the ninth.

Function: In this game, your goal is to get all eight of these to reassemble the
Triforce of Wisdom so you can defeat Ganon and rescue Zelda.

Side Notes: Zelda shattered her piece of the Triforce to prevent Ganon from
getting his hands on the Triforce of Wisdom.
Power Bracelet

Obtain: This is under an Armos on Death Mountain in both quests.

Function: This lets you push trees.  In the first quest this is used solely for
shortcuts, but in the second quest you actually need to get it.

Side Notes: To use the shortcut system, go two screens right of the start.  Push
the side tree up and stairs form.  The roads inside lead to different regions of

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.

Function: This lets you dock off from certain points in Hyrule.  One time you do
it to reach a labyrinth entrance, another time it is used to reach a Heart

Side Notes: The ropes that hold the Raft together change color as Link gets the
rings.  That is, with no rings Link's Raft has green ropes.  It changes blue or
red depending on which ring Link has equipped at the time.
Recovery Heart

Obtain: You can buy this, but enemies also drop this item.

Function: Restores a lost heart, slowly refilling Link's life.

Side Notes: This is almost in every Zelda game.  Don't waste money buying these
(you can at select shops) because it's much easier just to kill an enemy and
hope to get one.
Red Candle

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.

Function: This allows you to light rooms that are dark and produce flames

Side Notes: Unlike the inferior Blue Candle, this can be used as many times as
you see fit in one screen.  The fire produced still hurts Link, though.
Red Potion

Obtain: This item is bought from the Old Woman.

Function: This is the best medicine.  When drunk, Link regains all his hearts
and the Red Potion turns into the Blue Potion, allowing you to use it again.

Side Notes: It may actually be called the Water of Life.  It only appears under
that name in Adventure of Link and this game, and I refer to them as the colored
potions for this reason.  Actually, in most games, the Blue Potion is the best.
Red Ring

Obtain: This is an item in the last dungeon in either quest.

Function: Link takes one fourth the damage he normally would.

Side Notes: In other games, this would double Link's attack.  Link's tunic turns
red when he equips this, as do the ropes on the Raft.

Obtain: Enemies drop this item.

Function: The official currency of Hyrule is the rupee.  Every item you must buy
costs rupees.  There are certain locations where you can gamble for rupees, but
you lose more than you win.  The safest venture of rupees is to go to the second
dungeon (this is a first quest tip).  There are many Ropes in the first few
rooms.  Defeat them all; they drop lots of rupees.  Exit, reenter, and repeat.
This is my rupee trick.  There are also certain rebel Moblins that give you
rupees during the game, too.

Side Notes: Zelda games in the future have elaborate coloring systems, but this
has two types of rupee.  Pure blue are worth five of the flashing rupees.
Obviously, pure blue are the best.

Obtain: You start with this item.

Function: Link's standard shield is small and can only block certain
It is incapable of blocking any energy attacks and it does not even cover the
full width of Link's body.

Side Notes: The only plus to this shield is that it cannot be eaten by Like
Likes.  Of course, you should buy the Magic Shield anyways.  If you should lose
the Magic Shield to a monster, you'll still have this to fall back on.
Silver Arrow

Obtain: This is an item in the last dungeon in either quest.

Function: This is the upgrade for the Arrows.  It is the only item Link has that
can kill Ganon.

Side Notes: These remained the Silver Arrows until Ocarina of Time.  In that
game, Light Arrows became Ganon's great weakness.  Light Arrows are, to this
the item that defeats Ganon.  Poor Silver Arrows got outshined.  Well, they are
light (I made a pun!).

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.

Function: This makes a ladder that acts as a bridge for Link when he approaches
a gap.

Side Notes: This was a one-time only item.  I think it inspired the Pegasus
Boots, which could be used to cross gaps in some other Zelda games.
Triforce of Power

Obtain: Defeat Ganon.

Function: This has no use in the game, but it is important to the storyline.

Side Notes: Ganon's piece of the Triforce, the part of Power, is the high one on
the Triforce.  Link only gets this once in the series, and that's in this game.
Usually Link sticks to his tried and true piece of the Triforce, the part of
Courage, but he actually keeps all three pieces and uses them in Adventure of
Triforce of Wisdom

Obtain: Collect all eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom.

Function: This is used to enter Spectacle Rock, Ganon's lair, and to be able to
engage Ganon in battle.

Side Notes: This is Zelda's piece of the Triforce, but Link keeps it for a
little while after this game.
Wooden Sword

Obtain: In the first cave of the first screen in either quest is the Old Man
that gives this to you.

Function: This is the weakest sword.  It is your primary weapon until you can

Side Notes: Link often gets the Wooden Sword to start with.  It, of course, is
the weakest in the game.  Although this should be dropped as soon as you can
upgrade, this isn't that bad for the starting levels.

Obtain: This is a dungeon item.

Function: This plays a mystical tune.  Its uses are widely varied.  First, it is
the only way to defeat the boss Digdogger.  Second, it summons a tornado to take
you to the dungeons' entrances that you've cleared.  Third, if played in the
correct spot, a secret stairway forms.  This is needed several times during the

Side Notes: Link is very musically inclined.  Throughout the games he can play
the Whistle, Flute, Ocarina, Harp, Drums, Guitar, Deku Pipes, and he can
By the way, in case you're wondering, the guitar, drums, and Deku Pipes are from
Majora's Mask.  He can play even more if you count the instruments he gets in
Link's Awakening.  The harp is the Harp of Ages from Oracle of Ages.  Anyway,
the Whistle looks more like a flute, but I assure you it isn't.  In most games,
the musical instrument warps you to a place or time.
White Sword

Obtain: This is, in both quests, found in a cave on Death Mountain with the Old

Function: This is the second-strongest and second-weakest sword in the game.
Right there in the middle.

Side Notes: The White Sword is actually made out of metal.  It's good that it is
so easy to get (you need five Heart Containers) because in the first quest you
can get it before the first dungeon.  The White Sword is exclusive to the first
Zelda game.  I may not have mentioned this for the others, but in all swords, if
you have full hearts you release sword beams when you swing the sword.  Your
sword is always your primary weapon, and is always set to A.  It is interesting
to note that the White Sword makes a cameo in Minish Cap, one of the more recent
Zelda GBA games.  The secondary form of the Four Sword is called the White
but these are not the same blades.

Those are all the items you can get in the game.  Quite a few, eh?  Many more
recent Zelda games have even more.  Hard to believe, isn't it?

==================================Enemy Index*==================================

This game has a wide array of enemies, although other Zelda games outdo it in
numbers.  Most of the best enemies were introduced in this game.  I'm glad,
because this was sort of like the screening process.  Just about every enemy in
this game made it into another Zelda game.  Here's the list, in the order that
the manual lists them.  The manual is actually very nice.  It has picture of
what the enemies look like in game and an artist's depiction of what it
supposedly looks like to Link.  By the way, the Overworld is any area not in a
labyrinth.  The underworld is any area in a labyrinth.


Location: Overworld

Notes: Tektites are your most basic enemy, almost the weakest.  They are slow-
moving and they jump around a lot.  They take one hit with any sword and
sometimes drop rupees.

Location: Overworld

Notes: This enemy is in every single game.  They are amphibious, but in this
game they stick to the land.  They spit rocks at you, which can be blocked with
the shield.  They're surprisingly fast, but should pose no threat to you at all.

Location: Deserts

Notes: These are annoying enemies in many Zelda games.  They emerge from the
sand and attack you.  The sword is the best method of defeating them.  Skipping
them is easier, though.  They're also found on beaches.

Location: Overworld

Notes: Skip right over these.  Peahats are the super-frustrating enemies that
spin around violently and are immune to any attack until they stop completely.
Watch me skip them.

Location: Forests

Notes: These are Ganon's favorite minions.  They change every time they are
depicted, but usually they're minor enemies.  Their arrows and spears can be
blocked with either shield.  Until you get a stronger sword I'd avoid these.

Location: Overworld

Notes: These are especially around labyrinth entrances.  They pretend to be
statues until you touch them.  They either move lightning swift or slowly.
Either way, deploy the Boomerang on them and finish them with the sword.

Location: Graveyard

Notes: It took them a while to figure out a good name for these creatures.
Finally, they settled it as Poe.  The always changing-names Ghini is a ghost
that is said to be made of concentrated hatred.  In the times of Ganon they
flourish.  These take lots of sword hits, so just ignore them.  They usually
aren't aggressive, unless you push the graves.

Location: Death Mountain

Notes: These are the strongest Overworld enemies.  They are centaurs with swords
that fire sword beams.  The standard shield cannot block them.  They take
several hits of the Wooden Sword, but the Magical Sword can finish them in one
blow.  Blue Lynels take two, however.

Location: Water

Notes: Zola are violent female Zoras, a race in Hyrule Link encounters in A Link
to the Past.  Zolas were exiled by the Zora King, so naturally they try their
hardest to annoy Hylians.  You'd understand if you were half-fish and had an
attention span or two minutes.  Anyways, these are best left alone.  Dodging
their attacks is pretty easy and they can be blocked by the Magic Shield.

Location: Death Mountain

Notes: These aren't actually living enemies.  They just can hurt Link.  They
tumble down and cannot be blocked or destroyed.  They also take quite a chunk of
your life if you do get hit, so be cautious around Death Mountain.
Zol & Gel

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: These, too, seem to be having a constant identity crisis.  They are also
called Bots, ChuChus, and slimes (as a nickname).  Gels are weak slime enemies
whose only attack is touching you.  Zols are the same way except when you defeat
them with the Wooden Sword they split into two Gels.

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: Ropes are snakes.  They move horizontally much faster than vertically.
They should pose no threat at all.  In fact, they leave lots of rupees, which
inspired my second dungeon-rupee tactic.
Vire & Keese

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: Keese are bats that flutter around some rooms and all 2-D screens in the
game.  Vires are simply demons made up of two Keese.  When you defeat a Vire
with the Wooden or White Sword, it releases two Red Keese.

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: Stalfos are skeletons with swords.  They're very weak and scarce (because
of their weakness).  A slash of the sword will do fine.  They've become much
harder in recent Zelda games, even mini-bosses.
Wall Master

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: Said to be the most-annoying enemy ever (second to the Like Like,
actually), this eerie hand comes out of the wall and takes you to the start of
the dungeon.  Besides enraging you, it has no offense and pretty low defense.
Attack strategically with the Boomerang to avoid being abducted.

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: In the first two Zelda games, Goriyas are boomerang-wielding enemies.  In
this game they defend the Boomerang and Magic Boomerang.  They're very weak in
this game and usually just a filler enemy.

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: These are terrible fiends.  They lurk around the room, shoot you with
magic, and disappear.  Red ones are weaker, but harder to hunt down.  Blue ones
can be attacked while they're warping.  The Magic Shield can deflect their
They are immune to the Magic Wand.

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: Every now and then, they change their names to Darknut.  I've always
called these Iron Knuckles, ever since Ocarina of Time.  It sounds way cooler
than Darknut.  These are knight enemies, easily defeated by attacking their
sides or backs.  Sometimes you can get a hit in between their sword and shield,
but I wouldn't count on it.  They're slow, so retreat and swoop in for more
attacks if you're weakening.
Pols Voice

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: These are spirits of the dead that are shaped like rabbits with large
ears.  They say it is weak to loud music, but the Whistle never did a thing.
Maybe I just wasn't paying attention.  They're not particularly strong, but they
have amazing stamina.  Keep attacking.  Alternately, a single arrow can destroy
a whole line of these things.  You can thank rfausnig for this information, by
the way.

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: The tried and true worms that Ganon always employs.  They are common
enemies in this game, but they've been bosses in a few later games.  Attack the
segments (like a Moldorm) and finish it with the head.  Be careful; they're much
faster than you'd expect.
Like Like

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: Curse this creature and all its descendants!  I hate these!  I loath
these!  I'm going to stop now.  These are pulsating tubes of flesh that steal
your Magic Shield.  Defeat them from a safe distance if you must, or just
downright run from them.

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: These are mummies.  Slash a lot and make sure they don't get too close.
They attack by tackling you, but luckily they bounce backwards when you strike
them.  Boomerang attacks are effective, too.

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: This is a segmented worm.  As Link attacks it with his sword (or any
other item, really) it loses segments.

Location: Labyrinth Boss

Notes: Dodongos are said to be rhinoceroses in the instruction manual, but they
are dinosaur-like creatures in every other game.  They are impervious to all
attacks, save the bomb.  Lay it in front of them and they'll swallow it.  Two
bombs kill one.  If you bomb the back it will freeze.  Sword attacks at that
point destroy it.

Location: Labyrinth Boss

Notes: Manhandla is a flower, actually.  For a one-hit win lay a bomb to destroy
all four pincers at once.  Otherwise, attack each pincer separately while
dodging fireballs.

Location: Labyrinth Boss

Notes: The first boss in either quest, this dragon shoots fireballs and is
called a unicorn by some due to its horn.  Pretty simple, really.  Most
projectiles are effective and you can rush in, slash, and get out very easily.
For the most part, it's a slow, stationary attacker.

Location: Spectacle Rock

Notes: These enemies can only be destroyed with the sword or Magic Wand
(physically hitting them with the Magic Wand).  It is one eye surrounded by many
smaller eyes.  Defeat the smaller ones to reach the center one.  This concept
has been used for many future Zelda bosses and copied at least once by most
video game series.  It was a completely new idea at one time, even though
current gamers find it highly clichéd.

Location: Labyrinth Boss

Notes: This was one of the few enemies that never made it to another console.
And for good reason!  Play the Whistle to make it shrink and then attack the
miniatures with the sword.  Easy as one, two, three.  Even so, one reader -
jkwik6football9oracle – sends in this alternate tip for more efficiently beating
him down: “Plant a bomb, quickly switch to the Whistle and blow it a split
second before it blows, then plant a second bomb. With perfect timing, you'll
even beat triple Digdogger splits without a sweat outside fireball statues that
may or may not be in the room.”

Location: Labyrinth Boss

Notes: Gohma is my favorite boss in this game, not counting Ganon.  Gohma is a
legendary creature because it has not only been in just about every Zelda game
(well, quite a few), but it is very interesting.  The game calls it a crab, and
it looks like it, but we learn it is a spider in future games (or at least an
arachnid, but it has cobwebs, so really).  Every Gohma in Zelda games was laid
by Queen Gohma, the first boss in Ocarina of Time.  That's my theory and I'm
sticking to it.  To defeat this variation of Gohma, shoot the eye with an arrow.
Reds take one arrow, while blues take three.

Location: Labyrinth Boss

Notes: Gleeok is the hardest boss in the game and they know it.  They come in
three species, each having two, three, or four heads.  Run up and attack any
head by the neck with your sword (the Magic Wand can also hurt it).  One head
will be decapitated and it will run about the room, shooting you from all angles
with fire.  Focus on the main body and keep attacking.  Eventually you'll
destroy the main body, which destroys all the creature.  Although Gleeok never
escaped the Legend of Zelda console, his concept lived on in several future
bosses, such as Helmethead and Blind, both of whom have multiple heads that
shoot fire.
Head of Gleeok

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: This is the head of Gleeok, cut off from the body.  It cannot be
destroyed directly, so you'll have to destroy the body of Gleeok to destroy it.
Avoid its fireballs and press on.  Since you can't harm these adversaries,
that's the best advice I can give.

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: There are three types of Bubble.  There's your neutral type, which touch
Link and make him unable to un-sheath his sword for a little while.  Then
there's the Red Bubble, which makes Link unable to use his sword, period.  The
Blue Bubble gives your ability to use the sword back.  This is seriously abused
in the second quest, where every room is filled with three Red Bubbles and one
blue.  You cannot kill these.
Traps and Stone Statues

Location: Labyrinths

Notes: Someone (*cough* King of Hyrule *cough*) placed these in the labyrinths
long ago.  They attack Link just as he approaches them.  Neither can be killed.
When you see a razor trap, walk up, pull back, and it will slowly reset its
position.  That's your cue to walk by.  Stone Statues don't move, but they fire
fireballs at you.  Block these with your Magic Shield, or just dodge them.

Location: Spectacle Rock, Final Boss

Notes: Ganon's picture is a question mark in the rulebook.  It's really kind of
disappointing when you see him.  At least it's original, and not just some king
of darkness-guy who never got outside once in his life who talks in tongues,
like so many other big bad guys.  I won't ruin it for you (what he is), but
you'll be surprised when you see.  Ganondorf, his human form, was a man born to
the Gerudo tribe.  This is very significant, for in the Gerudo tribe a man is
born every 100 years and he is to be king.  The Gerudos are desert-dwelling
thieves, which gives Ganon the name King of Thieves, although he is rarely
called that.  He possesses the Triforce of Power.  To beat him, you're going to
have to rely on luck.  Remember this!  His tiles are not holes; the black can be
walked on!  Slash around blindly for his invisible body and he'll appear
momentarily.  Continue this until he turns brown.  Let a Silver Arrow fly from
your quiver and you've got him beat.

The rulebook goes on to explain how to beat the first dungeon and reach the
second right there.  You know, laying down the rules.  Those are all the enemies
you'll encounter throughout the game.  Let this list serve you well,

=================================Pro Challenge*=================================

Every Zelda game is made for fanatics who can't get enough of it.  I always like
collecting every item in any game, but the goal in this challenge is to collect
as few items as possible.  Some items are needed to beat the game, while others
aren't.  The Pro Challenge, more often called the Three-Heart Challenge, is the
ultimate test of strength.  Remember, if this looks too hard for you, don't try
it.  These are only suggestions.  You can skip some suggestions and only do the
easier ones.  Don't beat yourself up over not being able to do a sword-less
quest.  Also, don't send me irritated e-mail.  I suggest you be really good
before attempting.  Also, you might want to just do a sword-less quest before
attempting the rest of the conditions.

                              |    Conditions    |

It takes some getting used to when you're so dependent on the sword.  These are
the conditions:

Never pick up the Wooden Sword
Never get a Heart Container
Never lose a single life
Pass up the Blue Ring and Red Ring
Get the Map and Compass in every dungeon

There are a few more conditions I've designed below to make this game
All the conditions can be met above (for the most part.  You need the sword to
defeat Ganon; you can pick it up before Spectacle Rock), and so can the ones
below.  This just makes it extremely challenging.

Pass up the Magic Key
Pass up the Blue Candle
Pass up the Old Woman's Letter

It is possible to do; I have done this quest.  Basically, you rely on bombs.  To
be honest, I got the Old Woman's Letter, and I remember how hard that quest was.
This quest I've made is designed be impossible for you.  If you feel up to it, I
have a few tips below.

This might be a possible quest if you could take the Wooden Sword.  As your
primary weapon, it is very difficult to not use it.  Without the sword you'll
rely on the Magic Wand.  Although the shot doesn't hurt every enemy, actually
physically striking an enemy, like a Patra, does hurt it.  This is what hurts
the bosses and a few tougher enemies.

                           |    Boss/Enemy Tips    |

Aquamentus: Everything but the Red or Blue Candle will hurt him.  The Boomerang
obviously doesn't, but everything doesn't include that.

Dodongo: Dodongos only weakness is the bomb in the mouth.  Live with it.

Digdogger: Use the Whistle and then whatever you've got on hand to beat the

Ganon: Ganon is only weak to the Silver Arrows and the sword.  In this quest,
you're permitted to get the sword to beat Ganon.  The Wooden Sword CAN beat

Gleeok: This is the toughest boss in the game with or without without the sword.
It is only hurt by physically attacking it with the Magic Wand (which is
difficult enough).  You're going to have to skip around dungeons for the Magic
Wand before you can beat Gleeok.

Gohma: The Arrows work fine against Gohma.

Manhandla: You name it, it works against Manhandla.

Darknut: Use bombs until you get the Magic Wand.

Patra: Use the Magic Wand to physically hit the smaller orbiting eyes and then
hit the body.

Wizzrobe: Use bombs.  It's tough, but you'll have to.

Due to Gleeok's super-strength, you're going to have to work around it.
Remember to always avoid fights.  Always!  If it isn't absolutely necessary,
don't do it.  You could even skip fights for the Compass and Map and come back
later when you're better-equipped.  Also, in dungeons, get more bombs when you

                         |    First Quest Overview    |

In Level 1, get the Boomerang and Bow and kill Aquamentus.  Clear Level 2, too,
and take the Magic Boomerang.  Beat Level 3, getting the Raft.  Get the
Stepladder in Level 4, without defeating the boss.  In Level 5, just get the
Flute.  Clear Level 6, taking the Magic Wand.  Clear Level 7, taking the Red
Candle.  Enter Level 8 and take the Magic Book.  Go back to levels where you
couldn't defeat the boss and defeat the boss.  Now pick up the Wooden Sword.
Try not to use it as you enter Spectacle Rock and defeat Ganon.

                        |    Second Quest Overview    |

Beat Level 1 and take the Boomerang with you.  In Level 2, just get the Whistle.
Clear Level 3 with the Magic Boomerang in hand.  Then enter Level 4, beating it
with the Raft and the Magic Book.  Enter Level 6 for the Stepladder.  Now clear
Level 8, skipping over the Magic Key but taking the Magic Wand (yes!).  Now beat
the rest of the dungeons in order.  You're going to have to backtrack to Level 6
to beat the boss.  Now take the Wooden Sword and enter Spectacle Rock.  The
second quest is inhumanly hard to stick to the conditions.  Good luck!  Also, if
you want to be really hard on yourself, never pick up the Boomerang.

Then again, it might be easier to follow the advice of jkwik6football9oracle.
This reader writes, “I agree with Level 1 beaten, Level 2 to the Whistle, and
Level 3 beaten, but I deviate from here and go to Level 6 on the Ladder. I THEN
go and beat Level 8 because of the easier enemies (Blue Goriyas to Blue
Darknuts/Iron Knuckles). The Magic Wand makes Level 4 considerably easier to
beat, as does the Magical Key. Just make sure to have extra keys before Level 8.
Then Level 2 completion is next.  Level 5 is quite tough to handle with those
f***ing Wizzrobes, pardon my hockey language. Levels 6 and 7 are then a little
easier than Level 5, but not by that much.”

Please remember not to do this if you think you'll fail.  Asking for help won't
help you because it's more about skill.  The strategy doesn't change.  This is a
really frustrating aspect of the game, so please don't try unless you're good.
I'd feel awful if you stopped playing because you couldn't beat a custom quest.

================================Zelda Timeline*=================================

The most highly debated aspect of the Zelda series - what order did the games
take place in?  I devised my theory a few months ago for my first walkthrough,
and I will explain the reasoning behind it.  But first, a short history of the

The Legend of Zelda
1987 NES

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
1988 NES

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
1991 SNES

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
1993 GB

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
1998 N64

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
2000 N64

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
2001 GBC

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
2001 GBC

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords
2002 GBA

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest
2003 GC

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
2003 GC

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
2004 GC

There are many other games (remakes, collector's editions) but I only listed
them when a new game was released.  Four Swords was a multiplayer game released
on the GBA remake of A Link to the Past in which several players could cooperate
to defeat Vaati.  Master Quest was released on a remake of Ocarina of Time (that
you could get only by pre-ordering The Wind Waker), and was a harder version of
Ocarina of Time.  You'll probably see many of these games with new life in them.
I wrote this walkthrough so it would be useful for those who play the Classic
NES series.  Anyways, that's the history of release dates, but, like Star Wars,
Zelda was released in a much different order than its timeline.

First, we need a starting point and a focal point.  We know that Ocarina of Time
is the first game in the timeline.  That is set in stone and every timeline
would have it so.  Now, we need a character that is always changing, but always
there.  Many people claim that Link is reborn multiple times over the game.  He
may be, maybe he isn't.  Either way, my timeline works.  But, the character that
never dies forever is Ganon.  Every game makes some mention to him, whether he
is dead at the time, alive, imprisoned, etc.  Ganon is the constant, and I will
use time and again to prove my points.

First, Ocarina of Time comes.  That is known to all.  Then we have Majora's
That's not too hard to see.  Now here's where my timeline is unique.  What game
comes next?  Let's consider what we know.  In Ocarina of Time Ganon was
imprisoned in the Sacred Realm/Dark World, whatever you want to call it.  Ganon
isn't even in Majora's Mask, so he must still be imprisoned.  Therefore, since
Ganon was imprisoned throughout A Link to the Past (Link actually enters the
Dark World in that game), it must come next.  At the end of A Link to the Past
Ganon is free (in Hyrule).

There is one other game in which Ganon is imprisoned at the start, and that is
Four Swords Adventures.  Could it, then, have taken the place of A Link to the
Past?  No, it could not have.  The reasoning is simple.  Four Swords comes
before Four Swords Adventures and we can prove that A Link to the Past comes
before Four Swords.  So, since Four Swords has not come yet, Four Swords
Adventures cannot come yet, and we must wait for the time to come to place FSA.

Now then, let me explain a very minute detail that sets the stage for Ganon's
freedom.  In A Link to the Past Link kills Ganon and uses the Triforce to make a
wish.  We don't know what Link wishes for, but let's take a look at the credits.
In the credits it shows Link's uncle is alive (and he was dead).  Also, the
bully is in the Light World.  So, we can conclude that Link must've wished that
those who had died be revived and that those in the Dark World be placed in the
Light World.  A noble wish, but it released Ganon.  The only game with Ganon
free from the start is this game, The Legend of Zelda.  Here's the turning point
in the timeline.  Link actually kills Ganon in The Legend of Zelda.  Ganon is
dead in this game and a few others.  So, Ganon must be dead in consecutive
right?  He was dead during Adventure of Link and Link's Awakening.  They must
come next, but in what order?

In the rulebook of Adventure of Link, it says that Link had stayed in Hyrule to
lend a helping hand to its restoration (it implies from The Legend of Zelda, but
it only suggests).  This, however, is a very minor detail, perhaps four words.
If you read the instruction book for Link's Awakening, however, you'll notice
that for the first paragraph or so they're seriously hinting at it coming right
after The Legend of Zelda.  Even the line, "who knows what will arise from
Ganon's ashes?" seems to much of a pun to be a coincidence.  After all,
Adventure of Link deals a lot with Ganon's ashes.  Also, one line seals the deal
in Link's Awakening.  It says that after a long and fruitful journey you're
returning to Hyrule.  Adventure of Link took place in Hyrule, and so I'm

After all, a few lines is better proof than a sentence right?  On a side note,
there is no real long and fruitful voyage away from Hyrule.  Maybe that's a
future game, or they could be referring to Majora's Mask.  It's the only game
that could come before Link's Awakening that doesn't take place in Hyrule.
a line in LA's rulebook says that Link went on a journey for enlightenment to
better withstand the next threat.  The next threat happens to be Adventure of
Link (to his homeland, Hyrule).  If LA came after AOL, than the next threat to
the homeland would not be in his homeland.  Really, though, Link's Awakening and
Adventure of Link have interchangeable positions in the timeline.  Now, Ganon is
dead in those games and the beginning of another.  The important thing is that
Ganon is not dead throughout the entire series, so he must be revived up next.
In the secret ending of the Oracle series Ganon is revived by Twinrova.  He's
alive!  So, now that Ganon's back in the picture we can start to make the post-
revival segment of the timeline.  The Oracle games can be in either order, as
they are back-to-back quests and their difference in order does not affect the
timeline at all.

There are only three games left.  This is very convenient to us, because
everyone recognized that The Wind Waker is last.  So, we must sort Four Swords
and Four Swords Adventures, knowing WW is last.  It is safe to say, because the
FSA rulebook references Link defeating Vaati before (in Four Swords), that FSA
comes after FS.  Now, I know some people would argue this point, so let me tell
you why Four Swords Adventures should not replace or come directly before or
after A Link to the Past.  Remember that I can prove A Link to the Past comes
after Four Swords.  We can thank the remake of A Link to the Past for that.  In
the remake there was a side quest to reassemble the Four Sword.  After Four
Swords the Four Sword was under protection by a force field (which couldn't have
been broken), so we know the Four Sword wasn't broken before or during A Link to
the Past.

Four Swords, therefore, must come after A Link to the Past.  Let's now consider
the A Link to the Past - Four Swords - Four Swords Adventures sequence.  This is
totally preposterous because, if you recall, Ganon is free from the Dark World
after A Link to the Past, while Ganon is imprisoned throughout the Four Swords
saga.  Now I'm convinced.  My timeline has stood strong through more objections.
For a less organized, but more thoughtful (I wrote most of my ideas down)
version of this timeline, see my Four Swords Adventures timeline.  Now here I'll
write down what order I think the games went down in.

Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
A Link to the Past
The Legend of Zelda
Link's Awakening
The Adventure of Link
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Four Swords
Four Swords Adventures
The Wind Waker

Notice I placed Ages before Seasons.  That's only because I alphabetized them
(like I said, it's a hobby of mine).  It could have happened either way.  Now
here are some of the most common theories other timeline writers have devised
(and me picking them apart).

              |    Link's Awakening/Adventure of Link Theory    |

This is an extremely popular theory.  It would have Link's Awakening occur
during Adventure of Link.  Well, if you paid attention in the opening cinema of
Link's Awakening, Link was manning a boat, not a raft.  For you see, the theory
states that while in Adventure of Link, crossing the sea between east and west
Hyrule (the north part).  In Adventure of Link, Link crosses the sea with a
not a ship.

                          |    Wind Waker Theory    |

Some people believe this, although numbers are scarce.  I had a tough time
disproving this theory, but I found one element that ruined it.  This says that
The Wind Waker takes place after Majora's Mask (the sequence is Ocarina,
Majora's Mask, Wind Waker).  This is hard to disprove, but let's take a look at
the timeline as a whole.  If this were true, Adventure of Link would come later
in the series.  Well, the sages in Ocarina of Time have the exact same name as
the towns do in Adventure of Link.  If all memory of Hyrule was erased in The
Wind Waker (as they said it was), then how could the towns just happen to have
the same name?  Ocarina of Time and Adventure of Link must both come before The
Wind Waker, which takes its toll on the theory.  If Adventure of Link came
before the Wind Waker, then so would Link's Awakening.  Ganon has to die
sometime for Adventure of Link to take place, so The Legend of Zelda would have
to be thrown in.  This totally corrupts the Wind Waker theory.  It was a good
fight, though.

                         |    Multiple Link Theory    |

This is less of a theory than it is fact.  There definitely are multiple Links,
but the question is how many.  I will admit there are at least two, one in Wind
Waker and one in everything else, but other people would separate the pre-Wind
Waker games up into categories.  Either way, this theory does not change the
timeline.  It is just a big difference of opinions among timeline-developers.
Personally, I think it is much more epic to have one hero throughout than to
have one hero reborn over and over.  Plus, in Wind Waker they refer to the
Legendary Hero and the Hero of Time, two distinctly different timeline-era
epithets for Link, as the same person.  I cannot prove anything, but this is
what I think, or would like to think.

If you have any comments, corrections, maybe, you can e-mail me at
kirby0215@aol.com, listed at the top of the guide.  I love arguing about this
kind of thing, so give me your best!


Are you ready?  It is 20 questions time!  Let them begin, not necessarily having

Question: Why won't the old guy give me the sword?
Answer: You have to have a certain number of Heart Containers to get the new
swords.  The White Sword requires five hearts, and the Magical Sword takes
twelve.  Before that, you haven't "mastered using it," as the Old Man puts it.

Question: Where'd my shield go?
Answer: You must've lost your Magic Shield to a Like Like.  They're the fleshy
blob monsters that can, unfortunately, eat shields.  Watch out for them.  I'm
afraid you'll have to buy a new shield.

Question: Is Link Christian?
Answer: No, he has his own Hylian religion.  But I understand where that's
coming from.  The Cross is on Link's shield.  It's really very interesting.  If
you notice Link's sword, it is broad in design and if you were to stick it
upside-down, its shadow would be the Cross.  This is a European, very English,
make of a sword.  Perhaps Link was meant to be more of a knight when they first
made him.  But what's really funny is that in the next game they take it to the
extreme.  Link can walk on water, cure the sick, see the truth (using an item
called the “Cross,” no joke), and do all sorts of religious things.  He even
fights a devil!  Again, I think it was just to give the impression of a knight
or a swordsman, because Hyrule has its own set of gods that are said to have
made the Triforce.

Question: How many rupees can you carry maximum?
Answer: You can have up to 255 rupees.  From that point on every rupee you
collect does not count toward your rupees.  The same is true of bombs; when
you're at your max with bombs additional ones don't count.

Question: Do I need the Power Bracelet?
Answer: That depends.  In the first quest you don't have to get it, but in the
second you do.  In either case, it's convenient because of the shortcuts it
opens up.

Question: What shortcuts?
Answer: Once you have the Power Bracelet, go right two screens from the starting
point.  Here you'll find a pack of Tektites and four trees.  Push the left tree
up or down and stairs form.  Enter them to see the Old Man.  The stairs each
lead to a different spot on the Hyrule map in here, but the most useful is the
left one, leading to the Graveyard.

Question: I keep going on this one screen, but I never exit.  Is my game busted
or something?
Answer: Probably not.  There are two continuous screens: Hebra's Hill and the
Lost Woods.  On Hebra's Hill (in Death Mountain), continuously go up to find the
fifth dungeon in the first quest, a Fairy Fountain in the second.  The Lost
Woods are a bit trickier.  Go up, left, down, and left.  You are taken to the
threshold of the Graveyard.

Question: What items can you beat the game without getting?
Answer: You can beat the game without ever touching the Blue Ring, Red Ring,
Magic Wand, Magic Book, Blue Candle, Old Woman's Letter, the Magic Key, the
Magical Sword, the White Sword, the Magic Shield, the Heart Containers, and you
can avoid getting the Wooden Sword until you fight Ganon.  Every other item has
a place in the game and must be gotten.  Getting the above items, however, makes
the game much easier.

Question: What are those numbers before my name I always see?
Answer: That's the number of times you've gotten a game-over.

Question: Can my website use your walkthrough?
Answer: Absolutely not.  No, no, no, NEVER!  I might come off as a jerk, but I'm
not trying to be mean or anything.  There are a lot of problems with having a
site other than GameFaqs host my guides.  Refer to the legal section of this
guide for more detail.

Question: How can I ask you a question?
Answer: Obviously, I made this question up to promote your asking-for-help when
you need it.  You can e-mail me at kirby0215@aol.com.  It doesn't have to be all
caps, no caps - it doesn't matter.  Please put The Legend of Zelda either in
your subject or in the body of the e-mail.  I don't read attachments.  I have
lots of walkthroughs, and sometimes it's hard to decipher what you're asking

Question: What other games have you written guides for?
Answer: As of now, this is my thirteenth.  The other twelve are listed here, in
the order they were written in: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures,
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario
Kart: Double Dash, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Smash
Bros. Melee, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year
Door.  For an up-to-date listing of games I have guides for, use the below


Those are all the questions I get frequently.  But if you have a frequently
asked question (FAQ) that is asked a little too frequently, I will be happy to
add it to this section.
  /                                                                          \
 /                                                                            \
||--------------------------------Section 5*----------------------------------||
 \                                                                            /

=========================Credits and Legal Information*=========================

This is everyone's favorite part of the guide, I know.  You all raced down here
to read it.  Who wouldn't?  It's almost as fun as reading the ingredients to
food products (and memorizing them).  So, without further a due, I will start.

                               |    Credits    |

First, let's thank Nintendo for making this game, and all subsequent Zelda
Talk about awesome.  If it weren't for your company, Zelda would not exist

Second, I'd like to thank GameFaqs for posting my guide.  Keep up the good work!

Finally, let's all give a round of applause to me, myself, and I.  I wrote this
guide; let's hear it.  I know I overuse this line, but...  The man!  The myth!
The legend!

Recently, the following people have helped me out.  You help me out, I put your
name here.  Got it?

- Ross Ura.  This observant reader informed me that the letters the dungeons are
arranged in (second quest) can be rearranged to spell “ZELDA.”

- skittlesthe20.  This reader told me how to save on the GCN remake of the game.

- Brian P. Sulpher.  He told me that you need 5 hearts to get the White Sword (I
originally said 6).

- rfausnig, who told me how effective arrows are against Pols Voices.

- jkwik6football9oracle, who sent in an alternate Digdogger strategy and a good
tip for the second quest w/o sword.

Those are all the wonderful people who've helped me out so far, so thanks!

Now for the legal junk.  Jump for joy!

                            |    Legal Section    |

First, I take no credit in the creation, distribution, translation, re-
formatting, or making of this game, period.  This honor goes to the workers at

Second, this document in Copyright 2004-2005 Brian McPhee.

Third, this may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Also, all trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Here's kirby021591 signing out.  Until me meet again...  And now for my
signature signing-out phrase...  But first, thanks for reading.  I've had a
great time going over this game and writing the walkthrough.  The nostalgia was
just stifling.  Thanks again.  See ya later.
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