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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Complete FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.2
June 29, 2001
Copyright 2001, XSceptor (Jeff)

This FAQ/Walkthrough is protected under national and international
copyright laws. In addition to those laws, you may not do anything
with this FAQ/Walkthrough. You may not alter, edit, change, copy,
paste, modify, abridge, sell, distribute, make profit from, or do
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This FAQ/Walkthrough can always be found at (and should only be
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Now on with the show...

Table of Contents
A. Introduction
B. Version Information
C. Walkthrough
   1. Quest for the Full Moon Cello
        1a. Level 1 ~ Tail Cave
   2. Quest for the Conch Horn
        2a. Level 2 ~ Bottle Grotto
   3. Quest for the Sea Lily's Bell
        3a. Level 3 ~ Key Cavern
   4. Quest for the Surf Harp
        4a. Level 4 ~ Angler's Tunnel
   5. Quest for the Wind Marimba
        5a. Catfish's Maw
   6. Quest for the Coral Triangle
        6a. Face Shrine
   7. Quest for the Organ of Evening Calm
        7a. Eagle's Tower
   8. Quest for the Thunder Drum
        8a. Turtle Rock
   9. Windfish's Egg
D. Boss Guide
   1. Moldrom
   2. Genie
   3. Slime Eyes
   4. Angler
   5. Slime Eel
   6. Facade
   7. Evil Eagle
   8. Hot Head
   9. The Final Nightmare
      a. Giant Blob
      b. Agahnim
      c. Moldrom
      d. Ganon
      e. Lanmola
      f.  Dethl
E. Mini-Bosses
   1. Rolling Bones
   2. Hinox
   3. Dodongo Snakes
   4. Cue Ball
   5. Grommas
   6. Smasher
   7. Grim Creeper
   8. Blaino
F. Basic Information
   2.The Sub-Screen
   3.Main Characters
G. Items
H. Trading Game
I. Secret Sea Shells
J. Heart Pieces
K. Credits

A. Introduction
This FAQ/Walkthrough is meant to be a guide only.  I strongly suggest
that you try and go through most of the game on your own, in order
to fully enjoy the game.  If you have questions about the game, please
check this FAQ/Walkthrough first (use Ctrl+F to help you). If you
still can't find the answer to your question, then feel free to e-mail
me at XSceptor@aol.com.

B. Version Information
Version 1.2- June 29, 2001- Well, not really complete through 6a
or even 5a, more like, just through 3a. ^_^ I promise that 4 to 5a 
will be covered in the next update.

Version 1.1- June 24, 2001- The Walkthrough is complete up to and
including Section 2a. In the next update I will include section 3 to
5a or 6a (5a more likely, but who knows.... ^_^). Sections H, I, and
J are also complete.

Version 1.0- June 22, 2001- Some of the Walkthrough is included,
the Boss Guide and Mini-Boss sections are complete, and Sections
A and K are complete.

C. Walkthrough

1. Quest for the Full Moon Cello

When the game begins, you will awaken (pun intended ^_^) in a bed.
The bed is located in Marin and Tarin's House. Marin will speak to
you for a moment. When she is done, jump off the bed (press the down
button), and go talk to Tarin (the guy). He will give you your shield.
Equip the shield in any button you like, and then speak to Marin
again. Leave the house and follow Marin's directions; follow the path
to the far west, and then travel as far as you can going south, but
be careful to avoid the enemies along the way. When you get to the
south shore, walk east -- you will eventually run into an enemy that
is blocking your way. Push it aside with your shield, and then move
towards the sword resting on the beach. Before you touch it, the 
owl will come speak to you (instructing you to go meet him north
at the Mysterious Woods [which you will do shortly]). After the Owl
speaks to you, go pick up your sword (and equip it to which ever of
the two buttons you like). After received your sword, head back north
to where the two boys are playing catch. One screen north of this,
there will be a hole-like opening in the ground with flowers around
it. Jump into the well (walk up to it). When you fall in, collect the
Piece of Heart, and then head north, and the Owl will meet up with

**Mysterious Forest**
Your main objective here is to get some magic powder which will be
used to release the racoon from his spell (you'll meet the racoon in
just a moment). To do this, you'll need to locate the witch who lives
in the woods -- and before that, you'll have to go collect a mushroom
located somewhere in the woods. Where, you ask? Keep reading! ^_^
From the entrance to the forest, go up, right, then enter the cave.
Work your way through the cave (you can't get the hearpiece right
now), exit the cave and get the mushroom. Then backtrack through
the cave. From the cave entrance go down, right, up, up, left, up,
right, right, down, down, left. Enter the witch's hut, give her the
mushroom, and leave with the powder she gives you. When you exit
the hut, go left, up, up, left, left, down, down, left, up and sprinkle
some magic powder on the racoon. After you figure out that it was
Tarin under a spell, go up and get the tail key. After the Owl talks
to you, leave the forest. South to the library (where the kids are
playing catch), and from there go down, right, right, right, around
and left, down, then right. Walk up to the middle stone to insert
the Tail Key, and then enter the cave.

1a. Level 1 ~ Tail Cave
    Boss: Moldrom
    Item: Roc's Feather
    Instrument: Full Moon Cello

When you enter the dungeon, go left. Hit the two beetles with your
sword to knock them into the pit. Pick up the key, and then go left.
In this room, kill the blobs that hop out of the floor, and then get
the COMPASS out of the chest. Now go right, right, up. In this
room, stand on the button near the top to make a chest appear which
contains another small key. Now go right, kill all of the enemies,
and get the MAP out of the chest that appears. Go left, left, kill
the bats (four of them), then go up. Kill the worm and then take
the 20 rupees from the chest.  From here, go up, unlock and go in
the door, then go right, around and left, and then push the single
block in any direction in order to open the door. Go left, and then
kill the spiked-enemies by letting them run into your shield (while
you are blocking), and then attack them with your sword. Go down
the stairs that appear. Go left, and then up the ladder. Next, go up,
up, open the chest to get ROC'S FEATHER. After you have the feather,
backtrack to the room where the stairs appeared then go right, right,
around and left, down, down, right. Open the chest to get another
small key. Then go right, up, jump over the pit, use a key to unlock
the block, go up the stairs, then go left, and get the NIGHTMARE
KEY our of the chest.  Then go right, down, left, then back right
on the lower path, then go up. When you hit the enemie(s), they will
stop with a symbol on them -- if you can make all three of them
stop with the same symbol on them, a chest will appear that contains
the STONE FRAGMENT. Now go down, jump over the pit and go right,
and defeat Rolling Bones (see Boss Guide). After you defeat him, go
up, open the door and then battle Moldrom (see Boss Guide). When you
are complete with Level 1, exit the cave and go left.

2. Quest for the Conch Horn
After Level 1, the Owl will speak to you. When he is finished, go
up, jump the pit, go left, up, and the boys will tell you of a horibble
tradegy. Visit Madam MeowMeow's House, (go up then right) and she
will inform you that BowWow has been dog napped!

**The Rescue of BowWow**
From Madam MeowMeow's House, head to the Mysterious Forest. From the
entrance, you'll need to work your way to the upper-right of the
forest (to the place with a heart piece surrounded by pits). When you
reach the heart piece, jump to get it then go up. Now go right and
enter the cave. Kill the enemy, go up, destroy the four enemies, go
right, and now battle with the Big Moblin. To defeat him, hit him
with your sword once he hits the wall and bounces back (in a daze).
Do this several times and he will be defeated. Go right, and walk
up to the rock to attain BowWow. Hurray! You're a true hero! ^_^
Errr.....moving on. Exit the cave by back-tracking, and then head over
to Gopongo Swamp. Don't take BowWow back yet, you'll need him in
order to enter Level 2. To get there, work your way around the to
central upper-left/right part of the woods (the place with water and
flowers). Walk through the Swamp, and BowWow will happily eat the
flowers that are blocking your path. When you get to a cave that is
completely surrounded by flowers, let BowWow chow down -- this is
the entrance to Level 2. When you are ready to enter, go into the cave.
BowWow will patiently wait for you to return.

2a. Level 2 ~ Bottle Grotto
    Boss: Genie
    Item: Power Braclet
    Instrument: Conch Horn

When you enter the dungeon, don't bother trying to get the chest
right now -- Just go up, light the two torches with some magic powder
and then go right through the door that opens up. Kill the enemies
to get a small key. Go down, and kill the enemy by charging up your
sword while you are facing away from, walking towards him (while not
facing him), and then releasing the charged sword. Now get the COMPASS
from the chest, go up, right, hit the switch, then go down. In this
room, hit the switch, take the small key from the chest, go right,
jump over the pits, step on the button, and take the small key that
appears in the chest. Now hit the switch, go up, kill the enemies,
go down, left, up, right, get the key, then go left, left, left, and
open the locked door. Go through the door, light both torches, kill
both bats, go up. In this room, light both torches, and taket the MAP
from the chest. Now go, down, right, right, right, down, right, up,
right. In this room kill the bats, and then push the two blocks togeter
(in the middle of the room). Go down the stairs, find your way through
this part (pretty easy), and then when you re-surface, go up to
fight Hinox (see Boss Guide). After you defeat Hinox, go right, jump
over the bottom pits, go up, get the STONE FRAGMENT from the chest
if you want, continue up (don't get sucked in by the thing in the
corner), the go left, light the torches and either kill the ghosts
or wait until they leave, and get the POWER BRACLET from the chest.
Now go left, pick up the upper-pots, go left (upper path), strike
the switch (while standing on the left-lowered blocks), move onto
the middle block, strike the switch again, open the chest to get a
small key, then strike the switch one more time (so the blocks on
the right are lowered). Then go right then down. In this room, move
the blocks and kill the Pols Voice (little hopping thing) with a pot,
then kill the bat, and last kill the Stalfos (thing walking around).
You have to kill them in that order, or the chest won't appear.
Take the NIGHTMARE KEY from the chest, then go up and right. In
this room kill the two Pols Voices and the bat, and then go down the
stairs that appear. In the second screen on the side-scroller, you'll
have to pick up the pot and carry it with you onto the platform so
that it will go down. Then, go up the ladder, and in the room you
re-surface in, hop over the center pits, unlock the door, and prepare
to battle the Genie (see Boss Guide). When you are done with Genie,
you can re-enter the dungeon to open the chest at the entrance. It
is now time to return BowWow

**The Return of BowWow to MeowMeow**
Exit the Swamp (BowWow will still eat the flowers), and then exit
the Mysterious Forest the way you came in. When you return to the
house, Madam MeowMeow will thank you for returning her precious
pooch, and she will give you a kiss (which will refill your hearts).
Before you continue onward, make sure you are keeping up with game
events/items. Look below ^_^

**A Brief Reminder**
Throughout the walkthrough, I will insert these little reminders to
make sure you don't forget to do little side quests and what not.
Before continuing to Level 3, be sure you are keeping up with:
    --Progressing through the trading game (Section H). Make sure
      that you have gotten the Bananas from the trading game.
    --Collecting Secret Sea Shells (Section I)
    --Attempting to get some Heart Pieces (Section J)
    --Now would be a good time to purchase the SHOVEL from the shop
      in Mabe Village. After you buy the shovel, you will be able
      to purchase some bombs and the Bow and arrows.

3. Quest for the Sea Lily's Bell

After returning BowWow, and now that you have the Power Braclet,
you will finally be able to explore Ukuku Prairie! The Prairie is a
vast part of the map, but you won't need to explore all of it now.
The main thing you want to do now is head for Richard's Villa. To
find it, walk through Ukuku Prairie, heading for the sout-mid section.
If you work you're way around, you will reach his Villa soon enough.
Enter the Villa and speak to Richard (the frogs are odd...huh? ^_^).
He will tell you that you need to go to Kanhalet Castle to retrieve
the Golden Leaves he left behind. Well...you heard the man..go get
those leaves!! To get to Kanhalet Castle, follow the signs that are
posted along the way (by first heading right from Richard's Villa).
Once you get to the castle, you'll realize it's blocked off. Head
to the right, and give the Bananas (from the trading game), to Kiki.
Kiki and a few of his friends will then build you a bridge. Cross
it, (pick up the stick), then head up, up, left, cut down the flower,
and then take the stairs. Go through the side-sequence, and then go
up the ladder. For the rest of the castle side quest, I'm just going
to tell you where the leaves are located, and you can get them in
any order you want to. ^_^
          1. Outside Castle - Right side - Kill the thing in the holes
             to get a leaf.
          2. Outside Castle - Left Side - Throw rock at tree, throw
             rock at bird.
          3. Inside - 1 room left from entrance - Kill all the enemies.
          4. Inside - 1st room, 2nd floor - Bomb left outline in wall
             and then kill the enemy.
          5. Inside - around 2nd floor, then out the door and back
             in through alternate exit. Throw a pot at the door, then
             go up and kill the enemy.
Once you have all five leaves, return to Richard's Villa. Speak to
him, and then push the box he was standing next to. Go down the
stairs, take the upper-right path (upper-left for a SeaShell), then
go up the stairs. From here, work your way down and around, while
cutting down the flowers and avoiding the pits. Go down to the bottom
then follow the bottom edge, then stay right and head up. Two thirds
the way up the screen, cut left and follow the path. When you get
to the Owl statue, stand directly below it and dig where you are
standing. You will get the Slime Key. Once you have the key, back-
track, and then from Richard's Villa, head north, put the key in the
slot, then go down, around and right, then jump on the little islands
in the water to get to the dungeon.

3a. Level 3 ~ Key Cavern
    Boss: Slime Eyes
    Item: Pegasus Boots
    Instrument: Sea Lily's Bell

From the dungeon entrance, take a step forward. Once you do, the
door ahead of you will shut. To make it open, throw a pot at it.
Once open, go up, kill all the enemies, get the small key from the
chest then go up, surpass the chest, then go up, up. Go down the
stairs and go up. Kill both enemies, get the key, hit the switch, go
down, back up the stairs, open the chest to the left, go down, down,
right, open the chest, then go left, up, up, back down the stairs.
Go left, up, up, take the stairs, go right, take the stairs, kill all
of the blobs and get the key. Take the stairs, go left, down, kill
all of the enemies, get the small key, go up, left, kill all of the
enemies, go right, right, take the stairs, go up, up, right, up,
kill all the enemies, go left and get the COMPASS. Bomb the left
wall and go left, kill all the enemies, get the key, go right, right,
down, left, down, left, kill all the enemies, go up around and down
the stairs, go down and get the map, down, right, down, go down the
stairs and push the block, then go up through the opening and then
battle the Dodongo Snakes (see Boss Guide). Once they are done,
go right, push the blocks, and get the PEGASUS BOOTS from the
chest. Head back to the first room in the dungeon (the one with the
slamming door), go right, charge down the path, and then get the
small key from the chest. Now go left, up, up, up, kill all the enem-
ies, go down, down, left and up, kill the blob and then go back
around and get the STONE FRAGMENT from the chest that appeared.
Return to the first room, take the warp, go down, right, bomb the
right wall, run/jump the pit, go up and get the NIGHTMARE KEY. Hop
down-left, and go left, down, left, open the key tunnel and go around
opening the locks. Go down the stairs, ram the block, go left, down
the ladder, kill all the enemies, go left and up, and battle Slime 
Once complete with Key Cavern, exit and go right, and the Owl will
speak to you.

4. Quest for the Surf Harp

||*Coming Soon*||

D. Boss Guide
Note: A * indicates potion is recommended. A ** indicates potion is
highly recommended.

1.Moldorm--Level 1~Tail Cave -Difficulty: 2
Items Needed: Sword, Roc's Feather/Sheild 
When you begin fighting the boss, hit him in the tail. He will speed up
so either block with your sheild, or dodge him with Roc's Feather. It
is pretty easy to dodge Moldorm when he speeds up, but just make
sure that he doesn't push you off the edge of the platform, or you
will fall into the room below and you will have to start the Nightmare
all over again! To avoid falling off the edge, stay close to the
center of the platform. You can try and hit him when he speeds up,
but just remember that you must 
hit his tail only. 
-Instrument: Full Moon Cello 
-Level 1 Sword: 4 hits 
-Level 2 Sword: 2 hits *(See note at end of FAQ) 

2. Genie--Level 2~Bottle Grotto* -Difficulty: 4 
Items Needed: Sword, Power Braclet/Roc's Feather *
Before the battle, you should get some Potion from Crazy Tracy. When
the battle begins, the Genie will throw 8 fire balls at you. Dodge
these by simply walking around the room being sure to stay one step
ahead of the fire balls being thrown, or you can switch your Braclet
with Roc's Feather and jump away from the balls as they are thrown.
After he throws the fire balls at you he will go into his bottle. While
the bottle his hopping around the room, hit it with your Sword.
When the bottle is immobilized, pick it up with your Power Braclet
and throw it against the wall. The Genie will come back out and throw
8 more fire balls at you. Dodge them as before. After you have thrown
the bottle against the wall three times, it will break and the Genie
will float around the room.While he does this you will see double
images of him. When the images come together, he will throw a fire
ball at you. Dodge it by jumping, and then hit him with your sword.
After you hit him, he will split into two images again. Repeat the
process of dodging the fire balls and hitting him until he is dead. 
-Insturment: Conch Horn 
-Level 1 Sword: 8 hits 
-Level 2 Sword: 4 hits 

3. Slime Eyes--Level 3~Key Cavern-Difficulty: 3.5 
Items Needed: Sword, Pegasus Boots/Roc's Feather 
When you first enter the room, you must ram into the wall with your 
Pegasus Boots on to make the boss fall down. When Slime Eyes is on 
the floor, charge at the center of the eye with your Pegasus Boots on.
It takes 4 or 5 _direct_ hits to make Slime Eyes split into two. (The
hits must be non-stop.) Once it is split, pick one of the eyes and 
concentrate on it. Hit it once with your sword. After you hit it, it 
will fly up above the room. Watch for it's shadow and jump away from 
it. While it is falling, jump once to avoid getting knocked down on 
the floor. When it is back on the ground, hit it again. Jump to avoid 
the shadow, and then jump again to avoid getting knocked onto the 
ground. Repeat this process of hitting and jumping until the eye dies.
Do the same to the other eye until it is dead. 
-Instrument: Sea Lily's Bell
 -Level 1 Sword: 8 hits, 4 per eye 
-Level 2 Sword: 4 hits, 2 per eye 

4. Angler--Level 4~Angler's Tunnel*-Difficluty: 4 
Items Needed: Sword, Flippers (used automatically) 
When you enter the Nightmare's Lair, climb the ladder down into the 
water. When the battle starts, hit him with your sword as many times 
as you can. Becareful to dodge the little fish that swim by you during 
battle. Sometimes Angler will charge at you. When he charges, dodge 
him and he will hit the wall. When he hits the wall, rocks will come 
falling through the water. Dodge the rocks and little fish and hit 
Angler if you can. Keep repeating the process of hitting him and 
dodging him if he charges. To get some extra damage on the boss, use 
the swinging blade technique. 
-Instrument: Surf Harp 
-Level 1 Sword: 10 hits 
-Level 2 Sword: 5 hits 

5. Slime Eel--Level 5~Catfish's Maw*-Difficulty: 5 
Items Needed: Sword, Hookshot 
When you enter the Nightmare's Lair, stay at the door. When the fight 
begins, the boss will punch a hole in the middle of the room with it's
tail. Next it will smash four holes into the wall with it's head. When
it's finished smashing all of it's holes, get _behind_ it's tail and
stay close behind it all the way through the battle. When Slime Eel's 
head pops out of a hole near you, grab it with your Hookshot and 
then hit it with your Sword as many times as you can. After you hit 
it keep moving, or otherwise the tail will catch up with you and cause 
you damage. Sometimes when you grab the head with the Hookshot it 
will come all the way out and move around the room. Move away from 
it while remaining behind the tail, otherwise you will sustain heavy 
damage from the decoy and the tail. When the decoy comes out all the 
way and moves around the room don't try and hit it because it is_just_
a decoy and any damage you put on it won't damage the boss. Keep 
grabbing the head with the Hookshot and hitting it with your Sword 
until it is dead. Remember to always stay close behind the tail. A good 
way to stay behind the tail is to move around the hole in the center of 
the room. 
-Instrument: Wind Marimba 
-Level 1 Sword: 16 hits 
-Level 2 Sword: 8 hits 

6. Facade--Level 6~Face Shrine*-Difficulty: 5.5 
Items Needed: Bombs, Power Braclet/Sword/Sheild 
This is the first battle in the game in which you do not attack the 
boss with your sword. When you first enter the Nightmare's Lair, even 
before Facade appears on the floor, go around to all four of the pots 
the four corners of the room, pick them up and break them. Facade 
should appear after you have broken the third pot. When you can, go 
and brake the fourth pot. When all the tiles start to come up off of t
he floor, break them with your Sword, or block them with your Sheild. 
I recommend that you get into a corner and block all the incoming 
tiles with your sheild. After all the tiles are gone, holes will begin 
to randomly appear on the floor. Dodge these as best as you can 
and walk onto Facade. Don't worry, as long as you stand on top of 
Facade, you can't get hurt! When you are on it's face, drop a bomb 
on it. When it explodes the face will disappear for a second or two. 
When the face reappears, drop another bomb. Stay on Facade and keep 
dropping bombs until it dies. 
-Instrument: Coral Triangle 
-Level 1 Sword: - 
-Level 2 Sword: - 
-Bombs: 5 

7. Evil Eagle--Level 7~Eagle's Tower*-Difficulty: 7 
Items Needed: Hookshot, Shield 
One thing to remeber for this battle-Never fall off of the tower or 
you will have to start the Nightmare all over again! When you get 
on top of the tower, get to the center of it and stay at the center of 
it as much as you can. When Evil Eagle flies by you, hit it's beak 
with your Hookshot. This can get kind of difficult because sometimes 
he flies very high, and sometimes he flies directly towards you. In 
either case, you must use your Hookshot _before_ Evil Eagle flies 
by you, or else your timing will be off and he will fly right on by. 
When Evil Eagle suddenly stops and hovers vertically in the air, this 
is your cue to use your Sheild. While he flaps his wings, hold your 
Sheild out to protect you from the feathers, and to prevent you from 
being blown off the edge. If you are not close enough to the center 
of the platform when he starts to flap, then you will fall off the edge 
whether you are using your sheild or not. When he is done flapping, 
get back to the center of the platform and get ready to hit him again. 
Try not to get hit too many times by Evil Eagle, because he can take 
up to three hearts away from you from each hit. Remember to stay 
close to the center of the platform, and hit him whenever you have 
the chance. 
-Instrument: Organ of Evening Calm 
-Level 1 Sword: - 
-Level 2 Sword: - 
-Hookshot: 6 hits 

8. Hot head--Level 8~Turtle Rock**-Difficulty: 8 
Items Needed: Magic Rod, Roc's Feather 
When the fight begins, as soon as Hot Head jumps out of the lava, 
hit him as fast as you can with the Magic Rod. The hits you get on 
him must be_continous_, or otherwise when he jumps back into the lava 
he will rejuvinate. If he does go back into the lava, wait until he 
comes back out and hit him quickly. Don't let up on him even if it 
looks like he is going to bounce into you; if he touches you while 
he is in the air, you can't get hurt. When you hit him enough times, 
his 'lava shell' will break off. All you need to do is hit him a couple 
more times until he is toast (not that he isn't toasted enough as it 
is). During battle, always watch out for the lava that he splashes out 
when he jumps back in. If you get hit by just one drop of lava you 
will lose FOUR hearts. To avoid the lava that he splashes at you, 
quickly jump out of the way. Don't bother with your sheild because 
t can't protect you from lava. (The double star next to the bosses 
location indicates that I VERY strongly suggest you have some potion 
with you. This battle isn't easy, and without potion, you could die 
in less than four hits from the lava.) 
-Instrument: Thunder Drum 
-Level 1 Sword: - 
-Level 2 Sword: - 
-Magic Rod: 12 hits 

9. Final Nightmare--Final Level~The Egg** 
The Final Nightmare has 6 forms. For each form I will tell you it's 
name, what items you need to defeat it, how many hits is takes to 
defeat it, and it's difficulty level. Always stay on your guard, 
you fight these last 6 bosses one right after the other. 

a.Giant Blob
 Items Needed: Magic Powder 
When you start this battle, 
make sure you have magic powder equiped. When the Blob is hopping 
around the room, walk up to it and sprinkle some magic powder on it. 
Don't try to hit it with your Sword or anything else because nothing 
else works. 
-Magic Powder: 3 hits 
-Difficulty: 2.1
b. Agahnim 
Items Needed: Sword, Roc's Feather As soon as he is formed, 
go to the end of the room opposite of where he is and face him (For 
example: If he is at the top of the room, you move to the bottom of the
 room and face him). When he charges up his energy ball and throws 
it at you, swing your Sword when the ball is close enough to you to 
bat the magic back at him. Sometimes he throws some other object at 
you. When he throws it, jump out of the way as best as you can, 
because it will break apart and damage you. 
-Magic thrown back at Aghanim: 4 hits 
-Difficulty: 4 

c. Moldorm 
Items Needed: Sword, Sheild 
This is a re-creation of the 
boss from Tail Cave. You attack him the same way; by hitting him in 
the tail. This time, though, you must hit him more times. He speeds 
up as before, and if you let him slow down, you will have to start him 
all over again. Use your sheild if you can't hit him and he is charging 
at you. 
-Level 1 Sword: 14 hits 
-Level 2 Sword: 7 hits 
-Difficulty: 4.3 

d. Ganon 
Items Needed: Sword, Pegasus Boots 
Right when he forms, 
do the charging sword attack with your Pegasus Boots and Sword. 
Keep charging, even if you take a little damage. If you let up on 
Ganon, you will take heavy damage. Immediately after you start hitting 
him, he will throw six bats at you which will damage you if you let 
them start chasing you. After Ganon throws his bats, he will throw 
his staff at you and the charge. The staff and the charge both hurt 
you. If you keep hitting him from the start of the battle, you will 
little damage. 
-Charges to Ganon: 6 
-Difficulty: 6.5 

e. Lanmola 
Items Needed: Hookshot/Magic Rod/Boomerang 
Lanmola isn't 
too hard to beat, but if you let it start chasing you, you will take 
heavy damage. To avoid taking any damage, line up with Lanmola 
before he is even fully formed and hit him with the Hookshot, or 
Magic Rod, or Boomerang. Trust me, if he chases you, you could 
take very heavy damage. 
-Hookshot/Magic Rod/Boomerang: 1 hit (you only need to hit him once 
with one of the weapons, not all three of them.) 
-Difficulty: 3.5 

f. Dethl 
Items Needed: Arrows/Boomerang, Roc's Feather This is it. 
The final battle of the game, and it isn't all that easy. When Dethl 
forms, jump over it's swinging arms. You will _constantly_ be jumping 
in this battle. When it opens it's eye shoot an arrow into it, or 
throw the boomerang into it. After you hit it, it will speed up. It 
will continue to speed up every time you hit it, which can make this 
battle very difficult. Unlike Moldorm, Dethl does NOT slow down. 
When ever it's eye opens again, shoot it as fast as you can. Always 
stay below Dethl during battle, or else it's arms will deal heavy 
damage to you. If you have enough heart containers (not hearts, heart 
containers. I recommed you have at least 11) you should be fine. 
If you don't have enough have enough heart containers, but you s
till have a potion, then you should be fine too. If you don't have 
enough heart containers and you don't have any potion, then good luck. 
-Arrows: 16 hits 
-Boomerang: 1 hit (Using the Boomerang is obviously easier, but try 
using Arrows for a challenge. When you use the Boomerang, it must 
be a _direct_ hit into the center of the eye.) 
-Difficulty: 4.8 (with Boomerang), 9.7 (with Arrows) 

E. Mini-Bosses
1. Rolling Bones--In Levels: 1, 8~Difficulty: 2 
Items Needed: Sword, Roc's Feather 
Rolling Bones is one of the easiest mini-bosses in the game. All you 
have to do is jump over the rolling thing and hit Rolling Bones with 
your Sword. To damage him more, use the your swinging blade technique. 
-Level 1 Sword: 8 hits 
-Level 2 Sword: 4 hits 

2. Hinox--In Levels: 2, 7, 8~Difficulty: 3.5 
Items Needed: Sword/Hookshot/Magic Rod 
To defeat Hinox, all you have to do is hit him with one of the weapons 
listed above and dodge his bombs. Becareful though; sometimes he 
might come at you and pick you up, and then he throws you. If he 
throws you onto weak floor, then you might fall through. 
-Level 1 Sword: 8 hits 
-Level 2 Sword: 4 hits 
-Hookshot: 3 hits 
-Magic Rod: 2 hits 

3. Dondogo Snakes--In Levels: 3, 6, 8~Difficulty: 3.8 
Items Needed: Bombs 
Bombs are the only weapons that will harm the Dondogo Snakes. All you 
have to do is throw the bombs so that the Snakes eat them. An easy 
way to make sure they will eat the bombs is to wait until they are 
hudled into a corner, and then throw bombs at them. Becareful in 
Level 6 because there is always the possibility that you might throw 
bombs into the pits accidentaly. 
-Bombs: 6 bombs, 3 per Snake 

4. Cue Ball--In Level: 4, 8~Difficulty: 3.2 
Items Needed: Sword 
Yet another easy mini-boss. First of all, get to the left of the 
block (level 4), or the left side of the lava (level 8). When Cue 
Ball comes to the top or bottom left corner of the room, hit it in 
the abdomen (big round part of it's body). After you hit it, it will 
spin and turn around. Sometimes it will go all the way around the 
room, or it might just turn around and come back. To get more hits 
in on Cue Ball, use can use the swinging blade technique. Watch out 
for the lava in Level 8! 
-Level 1 Sword: 8 hits 
-Level 2 Sword: 4 hits 

5. Grommas--In Level: 5~Difficulty: 3.9 
Items Needed: Hookshot/Arrows 
To defeat these spider-like creatures, all you have to do is hit them 
in the eye (mouth?) when it opens. When they open up, they will shoot 
at you; so becareful. Sometimes they will speed up, and sometimes 
they will charge at you, so watch out! To make this battle easier, 
I suggest you concentrate on one Gromma at a time, preferably the 
one at the bottom first. 
-Hookshot: 12 hits, 6 per Spider 
-Arrows: 6 hits, 3 per Spider 

6. Smasher--In Level: 6, 8~Difficulty: 4.3 
Items Needed: Lv 2 Power Braclet 
This is one strange creature (It reminds me of a dog). As it hops 
around the room, it will throw it's ball at you. All you have to do 
is pick up the ball and throw it back at him. You must pick it up 
before Smasher does, or you will have to wait until he throws it 
again. Be sure not to get hit by the ball or Smasher! 
-Hits by the ball: 4 hits 

7. Grim Creeper--In Level: 7~Difficulty: 5 
Items Needed: Sword, Sheild 
I would say this is the hardest mini-boss, although some people would 
say it is the easiest. To defeat the Grim Creeper all you have to 
do is kill all six of the birds in one pass. It seems easy enough, but 
if you miss all six on the first pass, then they regroup in a different 
patern and it could become difficult. If you don't hit all the of the 
birds in one try, they will keep coming back until you do (all six 
come back). You can use your Sheild to block the birds if you want, 
but it really isn't neccesary. He will run away once you defeat all 6 
birds in one pass. 
-Sword: Kill all 6 birds in one pass 

8. Blaino--In Level: 8~Difficulty: 6.9 
Items Needed: Sword, Roc's Feather 
I lied...this is the hardest mini-boss. The only place you can attack 
this guy is on the side, unless he is getting ready for a punch; 
then you can hit him on the front side. If you can get to the side 
of him (which is very hard to do), hit him with your sword as many 
times as you can. Or, you can just wait until he winds up for an upper
cut and then hit him, but be careful!! If he uppercuts you (the punch
where he winds up first), it will knock you all the way to the 
beginning of the dungeon!! Just avoid his front side and you should 
do just fine. 
-Level 1 Sword: 16 hits (Extremely difficult!) 
-Level 2 Sword: 8 

F. Basic Information
||*Coming Soon*||

G. Items
||*Coming Soon*||

H. Trading Game
Follow this sequence in order to get the Magnifying Lens which is
required to read the book in the lower-right corner of the library.

--Win the Yoshi Doll at the Trendy Game (mabe village)
--Exchange the Doll for the Ribbon in the Quadruplets house (north
  Mabe Village).
--Exchange the Ribbon for Dog Food in the dog house next to Madam
  MeowMeow's House.
--Exchange the Dog Food for Bananas at Sale's House (a little bit
  north of the Toronbo Shoreline).
--Exchange the Bananas for a Stick when the Monkey's build a bridge
  leading to the castle.
--Exchange the Stick for some Honey after Level 3 in middle Ukuku
  Prairie (Tarin takes the stick and the honey falls).
--Exchange the Honey for Vittles (fruit). The trade takes place in
  Animal Village (south-east corner; Bear's House).
--Exchange the Vittles for a Flower. Takes place while on your way
  to Level 4; give the Vittle to Paphal.
--Exchange the Flower for a Letter in Animal Village. Take the
  Flower to the north-east corner; Goat's House.
--Exchange the Letter for a Broom at Mr. Writes House (northern
  part of Mysterious Forest; left side).
--Take the Broom to Mr. Ulrira's Wife; she will either be in Mabe
  Village, or Animal Village. You will get a Fish Hook in return.
--Give the Fish Hook to the right side of Martha's Bay, and dive
  under the east bridge, and give the fish hook to the man in the
  boat. He will then give you a Necklace.
--Exchange the Necklace for a Mermaid Scale in Martha's Bay (give
  the Necklace to the mermaid who is swimming around looking for
--On the lower east end of the Bay, there will be a Mermain Statue.
  Walk up to it and the Scale will be inserted. Go down the stairs
  and retrieve the Magnifying Lens.
--Take the Magnifying Lens to the Library in western Mabe Village
  in order to read the text in the lower-right hand book (which you
  will need to get through the Windfish's Egg at the end of the game.

I. Secret Sea Shells
When you collect 20 of these, take them to the SeaShell Mansion that
is located in easter Ukuku Prairie. You will then receive your Level
2 Sword! ^_^ Here are the SeaShell locations:

--In the field of flowers south of the shop in Mabe Village.
--In the dog house next to MeowMeow's House (dig for it).
--In the treasure chest in the middle lower-right section of the
  Mysterious Forest.
--East of Seashell Mansion under one of the flowers.
--Beneath Richards Villa (take the stairs; left path).
--In Tail Cave. Bomb the cracked wall.
--On the ledge above Key Cavern (dig)
--Go to seashell mansion with 5 seashells to get one, and go there
  again when you have 10 to get another one.
--Standing at the entrance to Seashell Mansion, go down, left, down
  down. (lift the rock).
--At Yarna Desert (far east side of the map), on right-most ledge
  under the rock.
--From the entrance to Seashell Mansion, go down, left, down, down,
  left. Enter the cave, walk through and plant a bomb on the left
  wall, go through and up the stairs. (dig).
--Run into the tree to the left of Tail Cave (pegasus boots).
--From the entrance to Key Cavern, swim up. (under flower).
--Go south of the telephone booth directly below the entrance to
  Ukuku prairie. Run into the tree.
--Standing at the Ghost's House (at Martha's Bay), go right, right.
  Swim and it's under the flower.
--Under a right-sided pot in the Ghost's House (after returning the
  ghost to the graveyard).
--From the Ghost's House, go right, right, right, up. (under flower)
--Temporarily exit the Face Shrine (you'll see the stairs). You'll
  be on a small platform. Open the chest.
--At the Castle, fly over the lower series of five pits (use the
  Flying Rooster [open the chest]).
--In Eagle's Tower, drop down an upper-levels hole to land on a
  ledge. Walk up to open a chest with a shell in it.

J. Heart Pieces
The well known Heart Pieces which are a part of every Zelda game.
There are 12 total in Link's Awakening, making for an extra 3 Heart
Containers (4 pieces per container).

--Jump down the eastern well in Mabe Village.
--In eastern Mysterious Forest, jump over the pits.
--Fishing game (norther Mabe Village). Catch the big fish directly
  below you.
--Go right, right, right from the entrance to Ukuku Prairie. You
  should see a wall you can bomb. Bomb it and enter. Use Pegasus
  boots to ram through the room. Bomb a part in the wall (right).
  Go in the opening.
--Go down the stairs east of the Ghost's Grave.
--In the Mysterious Wood, in the cave you went through to get to
  the Mushroom. Lift up the skulls.
--In the Castle Moat (lower-left corner [dive]).
--In Yarna Desert, where you defeated the mini-boss, drop down into
  the center hole (you'll be sucked into it), and bomb the wall that
  is directly north when you fall. Go through the opening.
--South of Animal Village. Where you met the Walrus, go north, bomb
  the wall, enter. Walk up and left, bomb the block. Go down left, and
  around. (hookshot).
--From the entrance to Angler's Tunnel, swim right. Enter the cave
  and dive near the center.
--When you temporarily exit Turtle Rock (forced exit), pick up the
  Heart Piece on your way to the alternate entrance.
--On your way to Turtle Rock, cross the rope bridge, get rid of the
  flower, bomb the wall.

K. Credits
All of the information contained within this document was created
by me, and I would appreciate it if you contacted me first if you
would like to use this FAQ/Walkthrough on your site. Other than
using it on your site (with my permission), you may not use this
guide for anything else so don't bother asking.

I would also like to thank GameFAQs (and it's owner) for posting my
guide on the site. Thanks a million!

All names and trademarks are Copyright (c) 1986-2001, Nintendo Inc.

*Technically you can't get the Level 2 Sword until you have collected
20 seashells. But there is a Game Genie code which allows you to get
the Level 2 Sword at the beginning of the game (02C-745-E6E), so I
have put the Level 2 Sword thing at the end of every boss for those
of you who decided to use the code to get the Sword early.

Thank YOU for reading my FAQ/Walkthrough!!
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