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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Legend of Zelda
Monster and Item FAQ
By mnb_0000
DATE: 9-4-04

TABLE OF CONTENTS-----------------------------------------------------
1. Table of contents
2. Legal garbage
3. Monster Fighting Techniques
4. Overworld monsters
5. Underworld monsters
6. Items by location
7. Items (specific things about them)
8. Update history
9. Credits

LEGAL GARBAGE---------------------------------------------------------
You may read and print this FAQ. You may share this with anyone as long
as you don't get any money and no one else does either. You may link 
indirectly through GameFaqs to this FAQ but you may NOT link directly. 
You must ask me for permission if you want to use this on your website; 
my address is mnb_0000@hotmail.com.

This FAQ is copyright 2002-2004 Matthew Benedict. All rights reserved. 
All copyrights mentioned in the guide belong to their respective owners.

MONSTER FIGHTING TECHNIQUES-------------------------------------------

If you don’t want to know how to kill a monster but are having trouble
surviving, this is where to look! I will give general tips here. If you
have any to add, feel free to email me (mnb_0000@hotmail.com).

1. Every monster except the following can be killed: rock, trap, 
stone statue, bubble, geelok’s head.

2. Based on tip number 1, every enemy must have a weak point. If hitting
the enemy with a sword doesn’t work, try a different weapon. If you 
don’t yet have one, look in the labyrinths and/or buy one. If you need
help finding them, refer to my “items” section.

3. Believe it or not, every enemy except Ganon can be killed without a
sword. So if you get hit by a bubble, especially in the second quest,
don’t panic! Unless you don’t have a backup weapon...

4. Try to stay at full life as much as possible so you can throw your
sword. Having a long-range sword is invaluable for screens in which you
must fight darknuts or wizzrobes.

5. Standing between the tiles on labyrinth floors makes it easier to 
dodge enemy attacks and to hit enemies. This is especially useful 
against ropes and darknuts.

6. Thanks to Joshua French for this tip. Standing between tiles also 
helps you dodge projectiles. Useful for fighting wizzrobes.

7. If you get hit by a blue bubble (second quest only) or a clear 
bubble, you will become invincible for a short time with minimal loss to 
you. Thus, if you’re really in a jam, you can use them to help you get
past hoards of enemies. This is only really useful when you are crossing
a room, since the invinsibility is too short-lived to aid in fighting.

8. Another cheap enemy-manipulating trick is to purposely get swallowed 
by a like-like, a relatively weak enemy. Wait for a stronger enemy to go 
by, and whack it with your sword! The other enemy can’t hurt you! This
should only be used for a real mess though, since the protection is 
short lived (3 magical sword hits and you kill the like-like), it hurts
you to go in there, and if you have a magical shield when you get in,
you won’t when you get out.

9. The PEAHAT TRICK. In the overworld, you’ll see several screens with
peahats and lynels west of the river. These can be dangerous, but there
is a way to permanently get rid of the lynels. Simply kill the lynels 
and let the peahats live. When you return, even if you save the game
and return later, the only monster on the screen will be a weak and 
harmless peahat!

10. The WIZZROBE TRICK. On a screen with both orange and blue wizzrobes,
kill the orange ones and then leave the screen and return. Likely, one 
or more of the blue wizzrobes will not be orange! This does not work,
however, if you only have one wizzrobe left on the screen (I don’t 

11. Remember that the magical shield will help you against many 
projectiles that the regular one won’t, but NOT ALL. Especially boss
projectiles have immunity to the magical shield.

12. When you fight a boss, remember that you may meet up with it again 
in a later labyrinth. Be prepared for this. Always have a few bombs
and some rupies (for bow and arrow) just in case you get cornered in a
labyrinth with an old boss.

13. All overworld enemies that can be killed can be killed by any 
weapon. The candle flame/magic book flame is equivalent to one hit with
a wooden sword. The wand, the bow and arrow, and I believe bombs are all
equivelent to the white sword. The master sword is in a class of its 
own. These equivelencies do not hold for enemies with weaknesses to a
certain weapon.
OVERWORLD MONSTERS----------------------------------------------------

Monster:     Name of the monster
Power:       How many hearts the monster takes away if it or its 
             projectiles hit you, assuming you have no rings on.
Toughness:   The number of hits it takes to kill the monster with the 
             given sword. If you can’t kill the monster with the sword, 
             I will say here what to do to kill it.
Where:       The location(s) of the monster, only really useful in the 
Appearance:  Self-explanatory. Used for identification.
Other notes: If a monster shoots projectiles, if the projectiles can be 
             blocked, etc.

NOTE: Any ?s indicate that I am not sure about that number of hits with 
the wooden or white sword to kill the particular enemy. I also don’t 
really care, since by the time you reach those enemies, I highly suggest 
that you have at least the weakest sword that I’m sure about.

Monster:    Armos
Power:      Takes away 1 heart.
Toughness:  1 hit with the magical sword, 2 with the white, 3 with the 
Where:      Overworld. For example, there are several near level 6’s 
Appearance: A statue that stays still until you touch it.
Other notes:These monsters are only harmful after you touch them. Some 
            move very fast and some very slow. This is random. 
            Sometimes, things are hidden under these.

Monster:     Ghini
Power:       Takes away 1 heart.
Toughness:   3 hits with magic sword, 5 with white, and 9(!) with  
Where:       Overworld. All of them are in a cluster of six screens  
             starting two screens below the top-left of Hyrule.
Appearance:  A ghost.
Other notes: These always start off alone, but you can create more by 
             touching gravestones. However, the ONLY one that you can 
             kill is the original. Also, if you create more with the 
             gravestones and then kill the original, all the duplicates 
             go with it! This is a good way to get goodies. If you lost 
             track of the original, just leave the screen, come back, 
             and make new duplicates, and keep track this time!

Monster:     Leever- red or blue
Power:       Red ones take way 1/2 heart; blues take away 1.
Toughness:   red: two hits with the wooden sword, one with both others.
             blue: 1 hit with the magical sword, 2 with the white, or 4 
             with the wooden.
Where:       Red: an example is 4 screens east of the start.
             Blue: Example: From the start, go east 4 and north 4 (right 
Appearance:  It looks like a leech with white spikes coming from its 
Other notes: These enemies can bury themselves and then come back out in 
             a different location. Its not hard to avoid them, however; 
             if you keep moving while they’re underground they usually 
             appear behind you. Red leevers are an excellent source of 
             gold, while blues are strong and I usually just avoid them.

Monster:     Lynel- red or blue
Power:       Red ones take away 1 heart, blues take away 2.
Toughness:   red: 1 hit with the magical sword, 2 with the white, or 4? 
             with the wooden.
             blue: 2 hits with the magical sword, 3 with the white, or 
             6 with the wooden. 
Where:       Overworld. These are found on the top-left corner area, 
             pretty much everywhere west of the river except the 
Appearance:  A weird cat thing with a sword that it fires at you.
Other notes: These are the hardest enemies in the overworld. The 
             projectiles (swords) can only be blocked with a magic 
             shield and they take away a lot of health if they hit you. 
             I suggest that whenever you see them, you kill all of them 
             but one. If they are on a screen with peahats, kill all of 
             them and leave the peahats alive; you’ll never have to 
             worry about them again as long as you let the peahats live! 
             The blue ones can drop bombs.

Monster:     Moblin- orange or blue
Power:       Both take away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   red: 2 hits with wooden sword, 1 with either of the others.
             blue: 3 hits with wooden sword, 2 with white, 1 with 
Appearance:  A bulldog-type thing that fires arrows at you.
Where:       Overworld. For example, from the start, go east 4 and north 
Other notes: These shoot arrows, which can be blocked with a normal 
             shield, and do minimal damage. Nothing too special. Blue 
             ones can drop bombs.

Monster:     Octorok- red or blue
Power:       Both take away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   red: 1 hit with any sword
             blue: 2 hits with wooden sword, 1 with white or magical.
Where:       Overworld. For example, go east 1 from the start.
Appearance:  A weird spiky thing with a snout that shoots rocks.
Other notes: The easiest enemies in the game. They spit rocks (both 
             types do, despite the error in the instructions that says 
             otherwise), which can be blocked by your shield and which 
             can not go through trees like every other projectile can. 
             They are good for learning how to kill enemies, or for 
             punching bags, but that’s about it. Blue ones are a little 
             harder, but they are still easy and can drop bombs for you!

Monster:     Peahat
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   2 hits with wooden sword, 1 with white or magical.
Where:       Overworld. For example, from the start, go east 1,
             north 2, and east 1.
Appearance:  A yellow flower.
Other notes: These are easy to kill or avoid, but I suggest that you do 
             my peahat trick, especially in screens with Lynels. Kill 
             all the enemies EXCEPT the peahats in a screen that has 
             both. If you return, even if you save the game and turn it 
             off and return there, only the peahats will be left! Make 
             sure to keep them alive or all the enemies you killed will 
             be back.

Monster:     Rock
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   cannot be destroyed
Where:       Overworld, mostly in the stretch of screens going west from 
             the white sword.
Appearance:  A rock.
Other notes: Nothing special. Just dodge them. The instruction booklet 
             says you can block these with your magic shield, but don’t 
             listen: its not true.

Monster:     Tektite
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   1 hit with any sword.
Where:       Overworld. For example, go 1 screen west of the start.
Appearance:  A spider.
Other notes: These attack by jumping around, but they stop to rest 
             regularly, which is when you should kill them. I usually 
             just ignore the red ones, but the blue ones are worth a lot 
             of rupies and thus should always be killed. Too bad there’s 
             only three screens with them in them.

Monster:     Zola
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   Takes 2 hits with wooden sword IN A ROW, or 1 hit with the 
             white or magical sword.
Where:       Overworld. Go anywhere with water.
Appearance:  A big, demented, evil shark.
Other notes: These are best ignored; they are difficult to kill unless 
             you have full life, since they usually require long range, 
             and they are almost impossible to kill with the wooden 
             sword. The projectile (a “ball” according to the 
             instruction manual) can only be blocked by a magical 
             shield, but it doesn’t do much damage so don’t worry.

UNDERWORLD MONSTERS---------------------------------------------------

The key is the same as in the overworld. Note that locations are for 
first quest ONLY, except where the enemy is only found in the second quest.

Monster:     Aquamentus (BOSS)
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   6 hits with the wooden sword, 3 with the white, or 2 with 
             the magical.
Where:       He is the boss of the first and seventh levels. 
Appearance:  A big green dragon.
Other notes: His shots can be blocked with the magic sword only, but the 
             best way to beat him is to either use two bombs, three 
             arrows, or just shoot at him from long range with your 
             sword if you have full life. You must bomb his body; 
             bombing his head will not hurt him.

Monster:     Bubble- normal, red, and blue
Power:       No direct damage
Toughness:   Cannot be destroyed.
Where:       In the first quest, normal-only bubbles are found in level 
             3 and every level after 3. In the second quest, all of the 
             bubbles are found in every level from 3 on up (
Appearance:  A small, flashy circle with a smile on its face.
Other notes: The clear bubble takes away your sword for the moment. The 
             red one takes it away until you touch a blue one or the 
             triforce. The blue bubbles give you your sword back after 
             you touch a red bubble. They can also be used as “shields” 
             from other enemies, since you become invincible for a short 
             time when you touch them and they do not hinder you except 
             by blocking your path.

Monster:     Darknut- red and blue
Power:       red: Takes away 1 heart.
             blue: Takes away 2 hearts.
Toughness:   Red: 4 wooden sword hits, 2 white sword hits, 1 magical 
             sword hit.
             Blue: 8? wooden sword hits, 4 white sword hits, 2 magical 
             sword hits.
Where:       Red ones are found, 1st quest, starting in level 3. Blue 
             ones start off in level 5. They both are found in all 
             subsequent labyrinths. 
Appearance:  A knight with a shield that reflects frontal attacks.
Other notes: These are a major pain, and the second hardest enemies in 
             the game next to wizzrobes. They can only be hit on the 
             side or from behind since they have working shields, unlike 
             Armos’s useless one. The easiest way to take them out is to 
             use the sword at full energy to pick them off. If you 
             can’t, try walking between the rows of tiles so the 
             darknuts cannot hit you directly and you have more time to
             dodge their moves.

Monster:     Digdogger/mini digdogger(s) (BOSS)
Power:       Takes away 2 hearts.
Toughness:   8? hits with the magical sword, 4 with the white, 2 with 
             the magical.
Where:       He is the boss of level 5 and several are also found
             in level 7. 
Appearance:  A big orange circle with an eye in the center.
Other notes: This boss cannot be hurt until you play the flute. At that 
             point, the big digdogger will split into one or three mini 
             digdoggers, which can be destroyed with the weapon of your 
             choice. They are usually found in rooms with stone statues, 
             which isn’t too bad; its just an annoyance.

Monster:     Dodongo (BOSS)
Power:       Takes away 1 heart.
Toughness:   2 bombs to the mouth, or one bomb to the back and one hit 
             with any sword.
Where:       One is guarding level 2’s triforce, while there are three 
             to a room in level 5 and level 7, which you should ignore. 
Appearance:  A rhinoceros, with a big horn on its head.
Other notes: If you hit the dodongo in the back, it should stop moving. 
             That is when to hit it with your sword. The advantages to 
             this are two-fold: it saves you a bomb and the dodongo will 
             ALWAYS give you a pack of 4 bombs if you kill if this way!

Monster:     Flame
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   One hit with the magical sword and probably the other two 
             as well.
Where:       At the very end of level 9, after you defeat Ganon.
Appearance:  The flame that comes out of your candle.
Other notes: These shouldn’t hit you; they just sit there blocking the 
             way to princess Zelda. Kill them with one hit of your sword 
             and walk up to princess Zelda to see the ending.

Monster:     Ganon (BOSS)
Power:       Takes away 2 hearts if you hit him, 1 if you hit his
Toughness:   4 magical sword hits, 8? white sword hits,16? wooden sword 
Where:       At the end of level 9.
Appearance:  It is a big beast thing, although it stays invisible 
             through most of the fight.
Other notes: You MUST have the silver arrows and a sword before coming 
             into this fight. When he turns invisible, stab around with 
             your sword a little ahead of where he is firing from. If 
             you’re lucky, you’ll hit him. Repeat 4 times (if you have 
             the magical sword) and he will become visible and stand 
             still. Hit him with a silver arrow, go up, and kill the 
             flames to finish the game! Unless you want to do the second 

Monster: Gel

Monster:     Gibdo
Power:       Takes away 2 hearts.
Toughness:   7 wooden sword hits, 4 white sword hits, 2 magical sword 
Where:       They start appearing in level 5 and don’t stop. 
Appearance:  Mummies!
Other notes: These are pretty powerful but don’t have any special 
             abilities; they just walk around. Thus they are easy

Monster:     Gleeok (BOSS)
Power:       Takes away 1 heart.
Toughness:   8(?) wooden sword, 4 white sword, 2 magical sword hits per 
Where:       A 2-headed one guards level 4’s triforce, a 3-headed one 
             blocks your path in level 6 (but there’s a way around) and 
             a four-headed one guards level 8s triforce. 
Appearance:  Big ugly dragons with multiple heads.
Other notes: These are best destroyed by rushing up to the head and 
             whacking on them with your sword until they come off and 
             start chasing you. Ignore them and work on the next head. 
             You’ll take some damage, so come in with at least 3 hearts 
             if you have the magical sword, 5 with the white, and, if 
             you can, 7 with the wooden sword. That or bring some water 
             of life. The projectiles Gleeok spits cannot be blocked by 
             either shield.

Monster:     Gohma- red or blue (BOSS)
Power:       Both take away 1 heart.
Toughness:   red: 1 arrow to the eye when it opens
             blue: 3 arrows to the eye when it opens. They don’t have to 
             be consecutive.
Where:       One is found in level 6 (red) and two optional ones
             are in level 8 (blue). 
Appearance:  A big armored spider that moves only horizontally most of  
             the time.
Other notes: Gohma can ONLY BE HURT WITH THE BOW AND ARROW! Thus, you 
             should have some rupies with you before you engage in a 
             fight with one. Bring at least 10 if you are a good shot, 
             30 if you aren’t (like me). The projectiles that Gohma 
             spits out cannot be blocked by either shield.

Monster:     Goriya- red or blue
Power:       Red ones take away 1/2 heart; blues take away 1.
Toughness:   Red: 3 wooden sword hits, 2 white sword hits, 1 magical 
             sword hit.
             Blue: 5 wooden sword hits, 3 white sword hits, 2 wooden 
             sword hits.
Where:       They start appearing at level 1 (red) and 2 (blue). 
Appearance:  A bigger version of the moblin that throws boomerangs.
Other notes: The boomerangs can be blocked with any shield. One set of 
             these in the first level holds the wooden boomerang, while 
             the only one in level 2 holds the magical boomerang. These 
             are not too hard to kill.

Monster: Keese

Monster:     Lanmola- red or blue (MINI-BOSS)
Power:       Both take away 2 hearts.
Toughness:   red: 1 hit per segment with magical sword, 2? with white, 
             and 4? with wooden
             blue: 2 hits per segment with magical sword, 4? with white, 
             and 8? with wooden
Where:       only in the last level.
Appearance:  Large, very fast centipedes.
Other notes: These are difficult to kill, especially the blue ones since 
             they move really fast. Worse, when you kill one, it will 
             just reappear like normal enemies do! Thus, only kill them 
             if you have to. Blue ones move really, really fast, while 
             the red ones are “just” fast.

Monster:     Like like
Power:       Takes away 1 heart.
Toughness:   9? wooden sword, 5 white sword, 3 magical sword hits
Where:       Starting in the fourth level and continuing throughout the 
Appearance:  A big tube that moves around.
Other notes: Watch out for these; they like to swallow you, which hurts 
             you physically but also robs you of your magical shield if 
             you have one and you stay in there too long! You can fight 
             your way out if you stab it a few times with your sword. Of 
             course, if you don’t have one, you can use them as shields 
             from harder nemies and hit them from within the like like. 
             It IS annoying to have to get more rupies and buy another 
             magical shield, so try not to get eaten too much.

Monster:     Manhandla (BOSS)
Power:       Takes away 1 heart.
Toughness:   4 wooden sword, 2 white sword, and 1 magical sword hit per 
             hand (section)
Where:       One guards the triforce to level 3, while one is
             found in level 4 and several are found in level 8.
Appearance:  A blue, mutated fly with four sets of wings.
Other notes: It takes quite a few hits to kill one of these with the 
             white or wooden sword, so if you have one of them, your 
             best bet is to blow it up with a bomb. You have to hit it 
             in the center to destroy it with one bomb. If there are any 
             hands left, just kill them with your sword. You cannot 
             block its projectiles with either shield.

Monster:     Moldorm (MINI-BOSS)
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   2 wooden sword hits, 1 white or magical sword hit per 
Where:       The first appears in level 2, and more appear in level 7.
Appearance:  A bunch of orange dots strewn together.
Other notes: These move slowly and don’t really attack you, so they are 
             really easy to kill. They come in pairs, and you must kill 
             each segment-by-segment starting with either end of your 
             choosing and working toward the other.

Monster:     Patra (MINI-BOSS)
Power:       Takes away 2 hearts.
Toughness:   Each of the outer eyes takes 2 magical sword, 4? white 
             sword, or 8? wooden sword hits. Once all of them are dead, 
             the big one in the middle takes 3 magical sword, 6 white 
             sword, or 9 wooden sword hits.
Where:       Level 9 only.
Appearance:  A big eye surrounded by a bunch of small eyes.
Other notes: These are difficult to kill. They do a lot of damage and 
             move around, cornering you since they take up a lot of 
             space. You must kill all the little eyes before you can 
             kill the big one. Thankfully, when you accomplish this, it 
             won’t come back. 

Monster:     Pols Voice
Power:       Takes away 2 hearts.
Toughness:   3 magical sword hits, 5 white sword hits, 9? wooden sword 
             hits, or ONE arrow
Where:       They first appear in level 5 and are also found in levels 7 
             and 9.
Appearance:  A rabbit with large ears and no body or feet.
Other notes: These are difficult to kill with a sword, but the arrow 
             does so much damage to them that it goes THROUGH them! 
             Thus, you can kill several of them with one arrow. These 
             enemies give you plenty of rupies; more than enough to 
             replenish your arrows, so why not use them?

Monster:     Rope (normal and electric)
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   1 hit with any sword for both forms.
Where:       Normal ropes are found in level 2 (first quest) only. 
             Electric ropes are only found in the second quest starting 
             in level 3.
Appearance:  A small snake.
Other notes: These move really slowly until they spot you, and then they  
             rush toward you. A way to avoid this is to walk between the 
             tiles like you can for darknuts. These enemies often hold 
             keys and also give rich rewards of rupies, so it is always 
             worth it to stick around and kill them with whatever weapon 
             you happen to have.

Monster:     Stalfos
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   2 wooden sword hits, 1 white or magical sword hit.
Where:       Only in level 1.
Appearance:  A skeleton with two swords.
Other notes: In the first quest, these just walk around and try to hit 
             you. They are notably easy to kill and give good rewards of 
             rupies and often keys as well. In the second quest, they 
             are considerably harder since they throw swords that can 
             only be blocked by a magical shield. However, once you 
             counter that, they are not too hard; its just like fighting 
             lynels in the overworld but with less toughness.

Monster:     Stone Statue
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   Cannot be destroyed.
Where:       Every level but level 1.
Appearance:  A statue with a strange face carved on it.
Other notes: These seem to be everywhere, and after a while you’ll be 
             able to dodge their projectiles without thinking about it. 
             Until then, remember that the projectiles can only be 
             blocked by a magic shield, and that the enemy itself cannot 
             hurt you and does not move; only its projectiles hurt you.

Monster:     Traps
Power:       Takes away 1 heart.
Toughness:   Cannot be destroyed
Where:       Every level.
Appearance:  A square with spikes on all sides.
Other notes: These are always found 2 opposite each other and always 
             diverge toward the center then you step in the way. They 
             cannot move again once they move until they are back to 
             their original positions, however, so that is when to go 
             past them. If you aren’t opening a locked door and if your 
             destination is directly linear from you, you can just run 
             past them safely anyway, so don’t worry too much.

Monster:     Vire/Keese
Power:       Vire: Takes away 1 heart.
             Keese: Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   Vire: 2 hits with wooden sword, 1 with white to split into 
             2 keeses. 1 hit with magical sword kills it for good.
             Keese: 1 hit with anything, including the boomerang!
Where:       Keeses are everywhere! Vires start appearing in level 4.
Appearance:  Vires are big, slow bats that can’t cross barriers, while 
             keeses are small, quick bats that can cross barriers.
Other notes: These are just pests, basically. You should have your 
             boomerang handy to kill the keeses long-range. As for the 
             Vire, split them up and immediately throw the boomerang to 
             kill the keeses before they can annoy the heck out of you.

Monster:     Wall Master
Power:       Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   2 hits with wooden sword, 1 hit with white or magical 
Where:       Levels 1 and 7.
Appearance:  A big hand that comes out of the walls.
Other notes: If these catch you, they take you back to the beginning of 
             the level. However, they are easy to kill and avoid, even 
             in level 7 in the room with those blasted bubbles. These 
             enemies give a lot of rupies when you kill them, but since 
             there are only two rooms with them in the first quest, it 
             isn’t really worth it.

Monster:     Wizzrobe- orange and blue
Power:       Orange: Takes away 1 heart by contact or 4(!) by hitting 
             you with a projectile.
             Blue: Takes away 2 hearts
Toughness:   Orange: 1 magical sword hit, 2? white sword hits, 4? wooden 
             sword hits
             Blue: 3 magical sword hits, 6? white sword hits, and 9?! 
             wooden sword hits.
Where:       Levels 6 and 9.
Appearance:  A wizard that moves all over the place. Orange ones 
             teleport and blue ones glide.
Other notes: These are easily the most annoying and difficult enemies in 
             the game. They fire magic shots that only the magical 
             shield can block, they move fast and unpredictably, and 
             they do a lot of damage when they hit you. Also, the 
             boomerang does not affect it, so you’ll have to catch up to 
             them. The best way of dealing with screens with wizzrobes 
             is to run past them if you can and if you can’t, have a 
             magic shield and at least a blue water of life with you!

Monster:     Zol/Gel
Power:       Zol: Takes away 1 heart.
             Gel: Takes away 1/2 heart.
Toughness:   Zol: 1 wooden sword hit splits it into two gels, while 1 
             white or magical sword hit kills it for good.
             Gel: 1 hit with any sword or the boomerang.
Where:       Starting in levels 1 (gel) and 3 (zol).
Appearance:  Zols are big green blobs and gels are small green blobs.
Other notes: These are easy to kill. Gels never give you anything 
             directly, but zols are an excellent source of rupies and 
             are a good break from harder enemies in later levels.

ITEMS BY LOCATION----------------------------------------------------

For those of you who don't want to know what items do, but want to know
if you missed something, here is a chonilogical (roughly) list of the
items you can find in the game. Thanks to Stewart Gordon for the idea to
put this here. The overworld items are in alphabetical order since you can
get them whenever you want.

1st QUEST:
OVERWORLD- FIND: Fairy (refill all), Heart Container (X5), Letter to Old
     Woman, Magical Sword, White Sword, Wooden Sword
OVERWORLD- BUY: Arrows, Blue Candle, Blue Ring, Bomb (X4), Enemy Bait, 
     Heart Refill, Key, Magical Shield, Water of Life, 
EITHER- WIN (from enemies): Bomb (X4), Fairy, Heart Refill, Magical 
     Clock, Rupies
ALL LEVELS- FIND/WIN: Compass, Heart Container (except level 9), Keys, 
     Map, Triforce Piece (except level 9)
LEVEL 1: Boomerang, Bow
LEVEL 2: Magic Boomerang
LEVEL 3: Raft
LEVEL 4: Ladder
LEVEL 5: Whistle, Bomb Upgrade
LEVEL 6: Magic Wand
LEVEL 7: Red Candle, Bomb Upgrade
LEVEL 8: Magic Book, Magic Key
LEVEL 9: Red Ring, Silver Arrows

2nd QUEST:
Overworld, “either”, and “all levels” are the same as in the 1st quest.
LEVEL 1: Boomerang
LEVEL 2: Flute
LEVEL 3: Magic Boomerang
LEVEL 4: Magic Book, Raft, Bomb Upgrade
LEVEL 5: Bow
LEVEL 6: Ladder
LEVEL 7: Red Candle
LEVEL 8: Magic Key, Magic Wand, Bomb Upgrade
LEVEL 9: Red Ring, Silver Arrows

Item:        The name of the item
Obvious use: The use stated in the instruction manual
Other uses:  Things that are supposed to be secret :).
Where:       Where you can find the item (first quest)
Notes (if applicable): Other things you should know about the item.
The order is from left to right on the sub-screen, selectable items 
first then permanent ones, and finally immediately consumed/other items.

NOTE: The secret shops are in the following locations:
a) From the beginning, go R, 3U, 2L and burn the corner bush.
b) From the beginning, go U, 3L, and up as far as you can. Touch the top
   middle armos and it is under him.
Shop B is moved in the second quest: From the beginning, go 4R, 2U, 
2R(top), 3U, 2R. Then go up through a secret passage in the top wall, 
just to the right of the gambling tree. If you get it right, Link will 
go through the wall as if there was a ladder there. When you’re through, 
go into the cave. 


Item:        Boomerang
Obvious use: Can stop some enemies form moving for a short time and
             kills others (keeses and gels). Can also be used to pick up 
             items that are out of reach of your sword and body. The 
             magic one goes the whole screen, while the wooden one goes 
             about half of it.
Where:       Wooden: Level 1 (both quests); kill a bunch of goriyas and 
             they drop it.
             Magical: Level 2 1st quest, Level 3 2nd; kill the blue 
             goriyas in a room.
Other uses:  None.

Item:        Bomb
Obvious use: Can be used to kill enemies.
Other uses:  Can be used to open secret passages in the underworld. Put 
             the bomb on the wall where the door would be, and
             sometimes, it will blow a hole in the wall to go through.
             Can also open up secret caves in flat rocks in the
             overworld (for example, a cave is one north of the
Where:       Several kinds of enemies drop them: Blue moblins, blue
             octoroks, blue lynels, blue goriyas, blue darknuts, blue
             wizzrobes, manhandlas, and dodongos. You can occasionally
             win them in labyrinths by killing all the enemies on the
             screen, or you can buy 4 for 20 rupies. 
Note:        Consumable. The number you have is below your rupy count.
             Each bomb symbol gives you four more, the maximum at the
             beginning is 8 and at the end is 16 if you get both
             upgrades. The bomb upgrades are found in levels 5 and 7 
             (1st quest) or levels 4 and 8 (2nd quest).

Item:        Bow and arrow
Obvious use: Used to kill enemies.
Other uses:  Is the only weapon that can kill Gohma, and the easiest way
             to kill Pols Voice. The silver one is the only way to
             finish off Ganon.
Where:       The bow is found in level 1 (1st quest) or 5 (2nd quest), 
             while you must buy the arrow for 80 rupies. The silver 
             arrow is hidden in level 9 (both quests).
Notes:       It takes one rupy to fire each arrow, so make sure you have
             some before fighting gohma or Ganon.

Item:        Candle
Obvious use: Used to light dark rooms in dungeons.
Other uses:  Can be used to burn down certain trees in the overworld.
             For example, there is a secret medicine shop one screen to
             the right of the beginning.
Where:       The blue one must be bought for 60 rupies, while the red
             one is found in level 7 (both quests).
Notes:       Be careful, if you walk into the flame, you’ll get hurt.
             The blue one can be used once per screen, and the red can
             be used as much as you want in the same screen. If you
             leave and come back, it is reset.

Item:        Whistle
Obvious use: You can use it to warp around to levels you have already
Other uses:  Used to open level 7. Used to shrink Digdogger into a
             killable monster. In the second quest, it opens a lot of
             secrets up, so play it everywhere :).
Where:       Found in level 5 (1st quest) or 2 (2nd quest).

Item:        Enemy bait
Obvious use: Can be used to “lure” enemies into a cluster so you can
             kill them easily. You can use it this way infinite times.
             Doesn’t work on any difficult enemies.
Other uses:  If you come across a man that says “Grumble Grumble”, give
             this to him and he’ll get out of your way.
Where:       Can be bought in secret shops for 60 or 80 rupies.

Item:        Letter to old woman/water of life
Obvious use: The water of life refills your health.
Other uses:  Give the letter to the old woman (you know, the one that
             sits in the cave in the overworld and appears to be
             useless), and she will sell you water of life.
Where:       Letter: In a cave 1D, 1L, 1U from the top-right corner of 
             Hyrule (the 100-rupie cave, 1st quest) or under a rock 
             toward the top-left of Hyrule (2nd quest).
             Water: Get the red one from a heart container guy (not
             recommended) or buy a red one for 68 or a blue one for 40
             from the old woman.
Notes:       Red water becomes blue when you drink it. Blue water
             becomes the letter when you drink it. You don’t have to
             show her the letter again, you just have to go back to her
             cave to get more.

Item:        Magic wand
Obvious use: Kill enemies with it.
Other uses:  None, unless you have the magic book (see MAGIC BOOK).
Where:       Found in level 6 (1st quest) or 8 (2nd quest).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PERMANENT ITEMS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Item:        Raft
Obvious use: Use this at a dock (wood sticking out from the water) to
             float to islands. Can only be used at docks.
Other uses:  None.
Where:       Found in level 3 (1st quest) or 4 (2nd quest).

Item:        Magic Book
Obvious use: Puts a fire at the end of your shot, which can do extra
             damage to enemies.
Other uses:  Can burn down trees and light rooms, just like the candle.
Where:       Found in level 8 (1st quest) or 4 (2nd quest).
Notes:       Like the candle’s flame, this one can hurt you, so be

Item:        Ring
Obvious use: Cuts the damage you receive. Blue cuts it in half, red to
             one fourth of what it was.
Other uses:  None.
Where:       The blue one is bought in a secret shop for 250 rupies,
             while the red one is found in level 9 (both quests).

Item:        Ladder
Obvious use: Allows you to cross barriers 1 tile wide/long, or to go one
             tile into the water.
Other uses:  None.
Where:       Found in level 4 (1st quest) or 6 (2nd quest).

Item:        Magic Key
Obvious use: Gives you infinite keys.
Other uses:  None.
Where:       Found in level 8 (both quests).

Item:        Power Bracelet
Obvious use: Lets you move certain boulders.
Other uses:  None.
Where:       Found under an armos. From level 6, go D,R,U (right
             ladder), R and touch the top-right armos.
Notes:       In the first quest, this is optional, and is used to create
             a “warp zone” to other parts of the map. The first warp
             zone is 2 screens east of the beginning; push the left
             stone in the center. Once you find it, go to another and
             its location will be revealed. This is helpful to save time
             navigating the world. Required for various things in the 
             2nd quest.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IMMEDIATELY CONSUMED ITEMS/OTHER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
No more “other uses” or “wheres” here except for non-random items. 
Alphabetical order in this section. As usual, the “where” is only for
 the first quest.

Item: Compass
Use:  The blinking dot on the map represents where the triforce is in
      the level you are on.
Where: One per level, usually obtained by killing all enemies on one

Item: Fairy
Use:  The ones that come from enemies refill 3 hearts, while a couple
      secret ones in the overworld refill your life completely.
Where:The secret ones are found:
      a) From the beginning, go R, 2U, R, 2U and go up to the pond.
      b) From the beginning, go U, 4L, 2U and go up to the pond.

Item: Heart
Use:  Refills one heart to red.

Item: Heart Container
Use:  Gives you one more heart, which will be red when you get it.
Where:a) From the beginning, to 4R and bomb the top wall. Its in the
      b) From a, go 5U, R and bomb the bottom of the rock in the middle.
      c) From the beginning, go R, 3U, L and burn the bush five form the
      right with the candle.
      d) From the beginning, go right as far as you can and then keep    
      going up. It is easily visible but you need the ladder to get it.
      e) From d, keep going up to reach a dock. Use it. You’ll need the
      f-p) You start with 3, and the other 8 are in the labyrinths.

======2nd quest locations======

a) From the start, go U, 4L, U, 2L, D, ULDL (lost woods), 4U and push
   the grave marked with an X:

~ ~ ~ ~
~ X ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~

b) From the start, go U, 4L, U, 2L, D, ULDL (lost woods), 3U, 3R, 
   U (right ladder), R, U, 3R, U, L and blow the flute.
c) From the start, go 4R, 4U (right side), L and blow the flute.
The rest are the same as the 1st quest.

Item: Key
Use:  Each normal key allows you to open one door. The magic key allows
      you to open as many as you want.

Item: Magical Clock
Use:  Sometimes dropped by enemies, this freezes all enemies and makes
      you invincible until you leave the screen.

Item: Rupies
Use:  These allow you to buy things from merchants. The things that can
      ONLY be bought are: arrow, magic shield, blue ring, enemy bait,
      blue candle, and bomb upgrades.

=====100 rupie locations=====

1st quest:
1. From the beginning, go 4R, 2U, 2R (top), 3U, 2R. Then go up through a
secret passage in the top wall, just to the right of the gambling tree.
If you get it right, Link will go through the wall as if there was a 
ladder there. When you’re through, go into the cave and claim your 100 
2. From the beginning, go 4R, U. Take out your candle and burn the tree
on the bottom row, second from the right. Go down the stairs.
3. From the beginning, go U, 5L. Take out your candle and burn the 
tree in the middle that is the top of the 1-wide column. Go down the 

2nd quest:
Only one here. From the beginning, go U, 4L, U. Take out your candle and
burn the bottom-left green tree. Go down the stairs.

Item:  Shield
Use:   Blocks certain enemy projectiles.
Where: You start with the small one and can buy the magical one for
       between 90 and 160 rupies, depending on where you go.
Note:  Some projectiles can only be blocked with the magical shield, and
       some cannot be blocked at all. Like-likes (tube monsters) can eat 
       magical shields if you get trapped inside them so be careful when 
       killing them.

Item:  Sword
Use:   These are the primary weapons used for killing monsters.
Where: Wooden: In the cave on the first screen when you start the game.
       White: From the beginning, go R, 5U, L, U, 3R, U and go into the
       cave. You must have at least 5 hearts to get it.
       Magical: From the beginning, go U, 4L, U, 2L, D, ULDL (lost
       woods), 4U, R and push the gravestone third from the left in the
       middle row down. You must have at least 12 hearts to get it.

2nd quest magical sword: With the power bracelet in hand, from the 
  start: Go U, 4L, U, 2L, D, ULDL (lost woods), 3U, 3R, U (right  
  ladder), 2R, U, 2R, U, 2R and puch the rock at the tip of the arrow 
  down. You still need 12 hearts to get it.

UPDATE HISTORY-------------------------------------------------------

Version 1.0: The item list is complete. With the monsters, I just have 
to find out the missing powers and toughnesses. 

Version 1.1: Filled in missing powers and toughnesses, and ran it through
a spellchecker.

Version 1.11: Fixed a couple mistakes, one that I caught concerning the
silver arrow and one Joshua French told me about concerning orange
wizzrobes. Thanks!

Version 1.2: Added monster fighting techniques section. Fixed a few more
mistakes Joshua French told me about. Added 100 rupie locations. Changed
“what they look like” to “appearence”; I think this makes the FAQ look a
great deal more compact, in addition to saving space.

Version 2.0: Added a chronological listing of items, added 2nd quest 
locations for the items (if I missed any let me know and I’ll fix them),
and fixed an omission regarding the boomerang. Also added some omitted info
about the bomb upgrades and magical shield.


Thanks to:
CJayC, for posting this FAQ and maintaining a wonderful website,
mnb 0000 for typing this FAQ,
Joshua French for telling me that orange wizzrobes do 4 hearts of
 damage if they hit you with their projectiles; I’ll be sure to avoid
 those now! He also fixed several mistakes and added a strategy for 
 dealing with some projectiles,
Stewart Gordon for reminding me that the boomerang collects items, and
 for the idea to put items in chronological order,
irule2119 for pointing out that I forgot to mention that like-likes eat
 magical shields in the item section, and where the bomb upgrades are,
and Nintendo for making the game.
Anyone else who contributes will be credited!

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