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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

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Zelda II: The Adventures of Link 
boss FAQ:
by: Link
version 1.0

1. Zelda II bosses
   Dark Link
2. Closing/ Legal stuff

Zelda II bosses: 

Horsehead: Use the shield spell. Jump, hit his head,
then get out of the way. He attacks with a club.

Helmethead: Same as Horsehead. Hit his head, but they
will come off and shoot fireballs at you. Kill 3 heads
and he's dead!

Ironknuckle: This iron soldier rides a ghost horse.
Use the downward thrust on the horse and it will run
away. Now you can defeat him normally, but the blue
ones throw swords!

Carock: A magician who mastered the disappearing act.
You need to use the Reflect spell, then sit in a
corner and start reflecting his magic at him. Repeat
till he's taking the long dirt nap.

Gooma: A weird boss in nothing but boots, a helmet,
and a loincloth. You have to hit him below the belt.
Avoid his mace, or use the Shield spell while
fighting, and use the sword to hit him below the belt.

Barba: This guy is like Volvagia from Zelda 64, only
youdon't have him chucking rocks at you. To beat this
(No! -Ed), you have to use the Shield and Jump spells.
Avoid the fireballs he spits at you, then use the jump
spell to hit his head with the Megaton Hammer or the
sword. Repeat till dead.

Thunderbird: This S.O.B. is the one of the toughest
bosses in the game. It takes a little while, but if
you just practice at him and wish yourself dumb luck,
you can beat him with no trouble. First, use the
Thunder spell to hurt him. He changes colours, so you
can't hit him while he's red. Then use the Jump spell
to hit him in the face. After each hit, he will shoot
more and more fireballs. It's not as easy as it looks
to just kill the guy. Keep using Thunder and Jump and
you'll beat him. Repeat till he's dead.

Dark Link: The leader of the Cult of Ganon. To beat
him, use magic to fill your health, then sit in a
corner and swing your sword at DL. If you die while
fighting Dark Link, you don't have to fight
Thunderbird again. Just swing your sword until he's
dead and watch Dark Link get what he deserves for
starting the Cult of Ganon after Link's trip to
Koholint Island (Sorry for the spoiler!)!

Copyright 1999 Link
email: conker_98@yahoo.com

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