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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Game Name: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 
Platform: Nintendo 64 (N64) 
Version 1.0 
Written By: N64Pro7 
Email: arnoldtan118@hotmail.com 
           | ________  /     T H E  L E G E N D  O F                    
           |/       / /_________ _____    _______      __               
                   /// \   ____ |\   /    \   __ \     \ \              
                  ///   | |    \| | |      | |  \ \    /_ \             
                 ///    | |__/|   | |      | |   | |  //_\ \            
                /*/     |  __ |   | |      | |   | | /_____ \           
               ///      | |  \|   | |      | |   | |//     \ \          
              ///       | |____/| | |___/| | |__/ ///       \ \         
             ///       /________|/_______|/______//_\       /__\        
            / /_______/|                   
           /___________|  O C A R I N A  O F  T I M E

Table of contents: 
Please Note: Use Control + F to search for the things you want quickly 
1. Introduction 
2. Controls 
3. The Quest for the Spiritual Stones 
4. The Temple Of Time and The Forest Medallion 
5. The Fire Medallion 
6. The Water Medallion 
7. The Shadow Medallion 
8. The Spirit Medallion 
9. Ganon's Castle
10. Location of Heart Containers and Pieces Of Heart 
11. Complete Guide to locations of Gold Skulltulas 
12. List Of Items 
13. List Of Enemies 
14. Where to find a fairy when you need one 
15. Where to plant those Magic Beans 
16. Tips, Tricks and other game secrets 
17. Frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) 
18. Credits 
19. Copyright Information 
| 1. INTRODUCTION                                                      
This is my first guide for the Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. Some 
of you readers may know me as I also wrote the walkthrough for Harvest 
Moon GBA. I had tried many times to make a walkthrough on this game and 
I finally managed to gather points to all dungeons, as they are kind of 
If you have played a Zelda game before, you should be well prepared for 
this one. 
If you have not, then prepare to encounter the numerous confusing 
dungeons filled with monsters, puzzles and so on. 

This is how the game began: 
A long time ago, before the world had form, three golden Goddesses
descended upon the chaotic land of Hyrule. They were Din, the goddess 
of power, Nayru, the goddess of wisdom, and Farore, the goddess of 

Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the
earth. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth to give the spirit of law
to the world. Farore's rich soul created all life forms that would
uphold the law.

These three great goddesses returned to the heavens, leaving behind the
Golden sacred Triforce. Since then, the Triforce has become the basis 
of Hyrule's providence. 
Where the Triforce stood became sacred land.

In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule, the Great Deku Tree served as the
Guardian spirit. The children of the forest, the Kokiri, lived with the
Great Deku Tree. Each Kokiri had his or her own guardian fairy, except
one. His name was Link.

Early one morning, Link was having a nightmare. It was the same
nightmare he had every night. During a storm, Link would find himself
standing in front of a mysterious castle. A rider on horseback, 
carrying a girl would race by. The girl would look at Link as if to say
something. Then, another rider would appear. This big man clad in black
would look down menacingly at Link. Link would then awaken from his 

Beginning speech made from the Great Deku Tree: 
"Oh, Navi The Fairy ..." 

"Listen To My Words, The Words Of The Great Deku Tree ..." 

"Dost Thou Sense It?" 

"The Climate Of Evil Descending Upon This Realm ..." 

"Malevolent Forces Even Now Are Mustering To Attack Our Land Of Hyrule" 

"For So Long, The Kokiri Forest, The Source Of Life Has Tood As A 
Barrier, Deterring Outsiders And Maintaining The Order Of The World." 

"But ... Before This Tremendous Evil Power, Even My Power Is As Nothing 

"It Seems That The Time Has Come For The Boy Without A Fairy To Begin 
His Journey ..."
With the words of the Great Deku Tree, he sends you a Fairy named Navi 
to awaken you to start your journey. 
| 2. Controls                                                          

Here are the following controls and control combinations used to defeat 
Analog Control Stick - Use this to move Link (You) around. Link also 
walks or run depending on how far you push the control stick. Using the 
Z button and moving left or right allows Link to sidestep especially 
corners so that an enemy waiting in ambush will not surprise him. 
Moving backwards and pressing A will allow him to do a back flip which 
is effective especially in dodging strikes from enemies with a sword, 
axe etc.. 
A button - This is the button for the action icon on top of the screen. 
It has several uses depending on the surroundings you are in. For 
example when a bomb is in Link's hands, and remains motionless, the 
action icon allows him to drop onto the ground. But when moving, he can 
throw it to some distance away from him. 
B button - This button draws a sword that you are equipped. The sword 
you equipped is shown on the top of the screen. There are several sword 
combinations to defeat enemies: 
Z + B --> Allows you to do a vertical swing. 
Z + Side + B --> Allows you to do a vertical swing. 
Z + Forward + B --> Allows you to do a stab 
Hold B and then release --> Charge your sword by holding B and release 
the button. NOTE: You must acquire the magic meter at Death Mountain, 
which I will explain later in the game. 
Z + B --> Allows you to do a nice Jump Attack which allows you to do 
double damage, a handy technique to kill enemies faster. 
R button - Hold this button to raise your shield and blocks attacks 
coming to you. If you are logged onto an enemy with Z targeting, you 
can move while holding your shield. Link cannot raise the Hylian shield 
when he is a kid or when he is an adult holding the Megaton Hammer or 
Biggoron's sword. 
L button - This button does not have any use in the game other then 
turning off or on the map on the bottom right. 
Z button - This is probably the button you are going to use most of the 
time. This feature allows you to lock onto an enemy when you are close 
enough. This is extremely effective especially when using the Hookshot, 
Longshot, Fairy Bow, Boomerang and the Fairy Slingshot as they ensure 
the best accuracy when using Z targeting. This feature also allows you 
to lock on and grab certain items like Gold Skulltula Tokens.

The Four C buttons - The four C buttons serve different purposes. The 
up C button has three functions. 
1. It allows you to see Link from the roof if he is in a pre-rendered 
2. Logging onto an enemy with Z targeting and pressing this button 
allows Navi to explain what is the enemy and its weak point. Sometimes, 
when you are not logged onto an enemy, Navi will call you. Press this 
button to listen to her words. 
3. In a normal surrounding, using this button allows you to look around 
in first person view. 
Down C button, Left C button and Right C button - Causes Link to use 
the item the button is assigned to. Assign items by pressing start, 
going to the Items Sub screen and from there you can assign items.

Start Button: This pauses the game when pressed. Pressing the R or Z 
button allows you to move to the following sub screens: 
1. Items Sub screen - Assign items to the Down, Left and Right C 
2. Equipment Sub screen - Allows you to equip Link with a sword, 
shield, Tunics and Boots. 
3. Quest Status Sub screen - Shows special items, the number of heart 
pieces, songs or Gold Skulluta Tokens you have collected. Also shows 
the number of Medallions and Spiritual Stones you have in possession. 
4. Map Sub screen. Shows you the map and can also show your location. 
The white parts in the map show that you have not been to that 
particular location yet. 

As you know, Link is the real name of the Character you are 
controlling, however, you can call him whatever name you want.
| 3. The Quest for the Spiritual Stones                                

               ----------KOKIRI FOREST-----------

You now know that the Deku Tree has summoned you. However, before you 
talk to him, you should explore around first. 
If you try going to the Deku Tree on the east of your house, Mido will 
not let you pass unless you have equipped a Sword and Shield. 
To the left of your house is the Forest Training Center. This course 
will teach you the type of attacks Link can produce at this moment. 
Crawl into the hole, which is named the Hole of 'Z'.
Once inside the maze, you will find lots of tips on how to get around 
Hyrule Field safely at the end. Be careful not to be squashed by the 
boulder rolling around the aisle. As the boulder runs around a circular 
track, follow it to the little niche with a Treasure Chest. 
Open it to obtain the Kokiri Sword. Go to the Equipment Sub screen and 
equip Link with the sword by selecting the sword and pressing the A 
Now that you have a sword, you must get a shield. Go to the Kokiri shop 
and find the cost of a Deku Shield: 40 Rupees. May sound a lot, but it 
is easy to find in a short time. Also, different Rupee colors may vary 
in value: 
1. Green = 1 Rupee 
2. Blue = 5 Rupees 
3. Silver (Obtained in certain Dungeons only)= 7 Rupees (Unconfirmed)  
4. Red = 20 Rupees 
5. Purple = 50 Rupees 
6. Gold = 200 Rupees 
For a head start you should do the following things for money:        
1. Perform a variety of jumps and attacks in front of the guy at the 
Forest Training Center requested and you get 6 Rupees - 1 Blue Rupee 
and 1 Green Rupee. 
2. Look for a Blue Rupee and a Green Rupee behind the Hole of 'Z' 
3. Jump on the three blocks across the pond and obtain a Blue Rupee. 
4. Look next to the booth in the Kokiri Shop for a Blue Rupee. 
5. Look in Mido's house located directly opposite the Forest Training 
Center and open the chests to obtain Rupees. 
6. Walk across the bridges at the top of Saria's House to find a Blue 
7. Still short of Rupees? Grab, throw and break the rocks you see or 
cut the grass! 
Once you have 40 Rupees or more, return to the Kokiri Shop to purchase 
your Deku Shield. Equip it and you are ready to go! 
Carnivorous plants called Deku Babas guard the path to the Great Deku 
Tree. They come in 2 types: 
1. Moving - These Deku Babas move their heads about and try to bite 
you. Kill them while they are straight up, get a Deku Stick. Kill them 
the other way, get a Deku Nut. 
2. Stationary - These Deku Babas just wait for you to get close and 
hurt you. Log onto them with Z targeting and perform a jump attack and 
they are gone. For a reward you only get a Deku Stick. 
           ------------THE GREAT DEKU TREE------------- 
Something bad has happened. The Great Deku Tree has been cursed. It is 
up to you to enter and battle evil for the first time. Treat this one 
as a training ground as it may give you an idea what is going to be 
ahead in the other dungeons. 
                 *********THE DUNGEON MAP********
Once you are inside the Deku Tree, you see in the center a large spider 
web covering the pit below. Navi tells you that there is one and only 
way to break it: Jump from a high place. But you have other things to 
do first before doing that. While avoiding the moving Deku Babas and 
climb the vines or ladders on the northeast wall to the spiral walkway 
above. While you are walking halfway, you find a Treasure Chest. Open 
it to retrieve the Dungeon Map. The Map shows you the floor plans for 
every floor in a certain Dungeon.                                       

                 *********THE SLINGSHOT********** 
You try to climb the vines near the Treasure Chest you just opened 
however, the spiders nesting there prevent you from climbing up far. 
Another item is needed to destroy them before climbing up the wall ... 
don't feel bad though, if you walk the walkway farther up, you find a 
door. Walk into the room and the door slams behind you, covering your 
exit with iron bars. In the room, you find a Deku Scrub. You need not 
log onto it with Z targeting, instead you just position yourself 
directly opposite the scrub and hold the R button. The Deku Nuts it 
shoots will bounce of your shield and hit the scrub back. Once you 
score a hit, the scrub runs around. Attack it on stand on its home and 
it will surrender. It tells you a nice tip about falling from high 
levels without getting hurt. 
Proceed into the room beyond. You will see a floating platform. Be 
quick to jump the other side to the Treasure Chest. If you fall, there 
or vines on 2 sides of the wall. Just climb back up. Open the Treasure 
Chest to get the Fairy Slingshot. You soon realize that there is no way 
out. Equip your Slingshot. You soon realize Navi turns green and 
signals you to a ladder suspended in web. Log on the ladder with Z 
targeting and shoot it down. Now that you are out, return to the place 
where you got your Dungeon Map. 
                 *********THE COMPASS********** 
Once you are back, use your Slingshot and shoot the Skullwalltulas 
down. Once you are done, you can climb up the wall safely. Three big 
openings overlook the spider web in the center below. But these 
openings are guarded by three Big Skulltulas. Their weak point: Their 
soft underbellies. Wait for them to turn around and attack the belly. 
Walk through the door to the west and your exit is blocked again. 
Stepping on the floor switch to the right raises the ground platforms 
in the room's sunken area. Jump the platforms to the other side. The 
Treasure Chest holds the Compass, which now allows you to see Treasure 
Chests, Boss Arenas and locations. On the other niche, a Big Skulltulas 
guards it. Defeat it and you see a curious spider. These are Golden 
Skulltulas. Defeat it and grab the token. You will find out what are 
they for later when I explain. 
To get out of the room, use your Deku Stick and light up the Stick by 
touching the torch. With the Deku Stick on fire, run to the other torch 
and light it by just touching it. Put away the Deku Stick quickly so 
that it would not be wasted. 
There is your exit! 
             **********BREAKING THORUGH THE WEB*********** 
Once you exit the room where you got the Compass, defeat any Big 
Skulluta on any platform you want to jump from to break the web below. 
Once you are ready, take aim and jump! Take your fingers off the 
control stick as Link needs full concentration of his force to breaking 
the web. Moving it slightly will make him fail to break it. 
Once you are through, Link falls into a pool of water in the Basement 
area of the Dungeon. The east platform is accessible but the ones to 
Floor B2 and the Boss Arena cannot be accessed yet. There are 2 Gold 
Skulltulas. One on a vine which leads back to the center area and the 
other on the wooden fence destroy them and do not forget to grab their 
Step on the floor switch to light up a torch. Using your Deku Stick, 
light the stick up and walk on the shallow part of the water to the web 
directly opposite you. Wave your stick around and burn the web. 
The door leads to another Deku Scrub. Make it surrender by bouncing off 
the nuts it shoots at you. It tells you how to defeat his brothers 
below. In case you forget the pattern it is: 2-3-1. To open the next 
door, shoot the eye above the door to make it open. 
The next room is filled with water. First you must lower the water. 
Jump into the water and on the left, you find a switch. Dive by 
pressing and holding the A button which using the control stick to 
control Link while he is diving. Once you activate the switch below, 
the water level is lowered allowing you to jump onto the moving 
platform and cross safely without touching the spikes above. 
Defeat the Big Skulltula on the other side and grab hold of the block 
marked with a crescent and push or pull it. To grab it press and hold 
A. Then use the control stick to push or pull. Now you can climb it to 
the platform and the door above. 
Once you enter the room, there are 3 Deku Babas and 2 unlit torches. 
Light up the torches to enter the next room.  
In the next room, A Big Skulltula blocks the passage. Once you defeat 
it, look above. There, lie 3 of Queen Gohma's eggs. Use your Slingshot 
to take them out before they hatch. 
Take the east route. Burn away the cobwebs and crawl the tunnel to the 
other side.  
You are now back to where you last fell to break the web above. Spider 
webs block the way down to Floor B2, where the Boss lurks. Push the 
crescent block off the platform into the water. Now you can use your 
Deku Stick to light it up with the torch opposite. Once you are above 
the cobwebs, swing your stick around to burn the web. 
When you swim to shore, you find 3 Deku Scrubs. Bounce back their nuts 
in the order: 2-3-1. Staring 2, which means in the middle, 3 from the 
right and 1 from the left. 
After you beat them, enter the Boss Arena ...... 
     **********PARASITIC ARMORED ARACHNID: GOHMA************* 
When Link step through the door ahead, it slams shut behind him. He is 
trapped in the Boss, Queen Gohma's lair. Taking a few steps and looking 
above the ceiling, you notice a red and yellow eye gazing at you. The 
Boss jumps to the ground for battle. 
Queen Gohma is quite easy. When her eye turns plain red, use your 
Slingshot to shoot her eye and she will be stunned. Attack it with your 
sword and remember, Jump Attack does double damage. After you score a 
hit and a few swipes of your sword, Gohma will retreat back to the 
ceiling. After a while she begins to drop her eggs. There are 2 ways to 
counter this: 
1. When her eye turns plain red, you can shoot her with the Slingshot 
and she will fall to the ground stunned. Attack her with a few swipes 
of your sword. 
2. Concentrate on the hatchlings if you are too late to stop Gohma. She 
will only attack you once you disposed of them. You also can attack the 
eggs with a few swipes of your sword or shots from your Slingshot 
before they hatch. 
It takes 8 whole hits - 4 hits with the jump attack to finish her off. 
You have defeated the curse of the Great Deku Tree. 
Your reward is a Heart Container. 
You get 1 extra heart and it also heals any empty heart containers. 
Step into the blue glow and you will be transported back in front of 
the Great Deku Tree. 
After a brief explanation of how the Triforce came about, you are 
rewarded with the Spiritual Stone of the Forest: The Kokiri's Emerald! 
After the Deku Tree passes away, head straight, talk to Mido, then 
continue walking until you see a trumpet-like structure. Go in. 
What's this?: 
Heart Containers and Pieces of Heart are scattered around Hyrule. Heart 
Containers give you one Heart Container immediately while you must 
collect 4 Pieces of Heart to gain one Heart Container. Look at the 
Location of Heart Containers and Pieces Of Heart to find out more and 
locations of these Heart Containers and Pieces of Heart. 

                 ----------HYRULE FIELD----------- 
While crossing the bridge into Hyrule Field, your best friend, Saria, 
gives you a Fairy Ocarina as a memento. Not much use to you at first 
but it may prove some magic later in the game. All locations are based 
on the Hyrule Map. 
You can get to many locations in Hyrule Field: 
1. Lon Lon Ranch - Located in the middle of Hyrule field, this ranch is 
popular for its fresh milk and swift horses. 
2. Hyrule Castle - Located directly opposite Lon Lon Ranch, you will 
find a busy market once you enter and located behind the market is 
Hyrule Castle. 
3. Kakariko Village - Founded by the Shiekah Impa, this peaceful 
village lies at the foot of Death Mountain and home of the Gorons. You 
must have Royal Permission to enter Death Mountain Trail. 
4. Zora's River - Located on the left of Kakariko Village, the path to 
the watery Domain, Zora's Domain are only open to those who knows the 
ancient Royal Family Melody. 
5. Kokiri Forest - Located on the right of Lon Lon Ranch, this is where 
you live.
6. Lake Hylia - Located below Lon Lon Ranch, don't let the gates fool 
you. Lake Hylia is a peaceful spot for fishing and talking to the 
scarecrows. To get into Lake Hylia, climb the ladder around the gates 
by taking the shortcut from Zora's Domain and from Gerudo Valley. 
7. Gerudo Valley - On the left on Lon Lon Ranch lies Gerudo Valley. 
There is a Gerduo Fortress behind the Valley filled with Gerudo 
Thieves, which are mostly made up of women. Rumors also say that only 1 
man is born in the Fortress every 100 years. 
              *********PATH TO THE CASTLE********** 
As you leave the castle you meet an owl called Kaepora Gaebora, who 
will give you advice on your quest. From Kokiri Forest, follow the 
sandy road northwest. The castle is open to all during the day but 
closed at the night as there are monsters around. During the night, 
when the wolf howls, undead Stalchildren emerge from the ground and 
attack unsuspecting travelers, even you. The best way is to avoid them 
or attack them if really necessary. Another danger in Hyrule Field is 
the large, plant like pods found in grassy spots. These are called 
Peahats, which lift into the air with their leaf blades when anyone 
draws close. To defeat them, you must aim for the roots below. You can 
use your sword or Slingshot to defeat them. 
If you try to run or attack them at night, the Peahats will send out 
larvae, which will track you down. Block them with your shield or 
attack them with your sword to defeat them. 
                 ----------HYRULE CASTLE---------- 
Once you are in the castle, you will come across a crowded Market, 
where fun and games await you. Make sure you talk to the red-haired 
girl in the middle of the square. Her name is Malon and she claims that 
her father was last seen delivering milk to the Castle. 
If you have located Malon, the castle is just behind her. Guards guard 
the castle. Take the first time take this time to get a taste of what 
it is going to be like when you reach further.  
          ***********HOW TO REACH THE PRINCESS*********** 
Since the front gate is locked and you are not allowed to pass, you 
must sneak in. A vine along the right side is your key to getting pass 
the gate. Climb up the vines and you will find a hole below. You can 
jump into it or climb down. 
To reach the castle, you must first navigate past the guards stationed 
around the roadsides.  
The first 4 guards are the hardest to pass especially when you walk on 
the slope, you are never going to know what lies there: A guard or an 
empty path. Once you make past the 4 guards, you are almost near the 
castle. Just walk straight and climb the brick wall. Jump into the 
water once you are near the moat as you are visible on land. Also, the 
drawbridge is up so you cannot walk by the front. Swim to the end and 
walk out. Head around the corner until you come across 2 milk crates 
and a sleeping man. From there, you can infer that is Malon's father, 
When you try to sneak back in again, you see a boulder somewhere near 
the guards on the road. Note this location and come back after you have 
the Bomb Bag. Blast the boulder and crawl into the hole uncovered. 
Stand on the Triforce Crest and play "Zelda's Lullaby" to summon a 
Great Fairy. She will give you Din's Fire, which can burn almost 
anything - well almost anything. 
If the guards before had kicked you out, you should be looking for 
Malon who is standing near the vines you climbed. You also can wait for 
the sun to set before she appears. When you talk to her, she gives you 
an egg that she had been incubating and will hatch overnight. 
Once the egg hatches, sneak into the castle again, equip the chicken 
and use it to wake Talon up. 
Once Talon scrambles back, you can push both milk crates into the water 
so that you can jump from it to the narrow ledge on the castle wall. 
Stand in front of the Triforce Symbol and press the A button to crawl 
into the Castle Courtyard. 
In the Courtyard, security is even tighter. Guards will be patrolling 
around. You must be careful and observe the guards are not looking at 
your side before walking through. You must negotiate five screens 
before you reach the Princess. Getting caught ends you up at the moat 
Talk to Princess Zelda and she will be alarmed that you could somehow 
pass through the guards. 
She notices your Fairy and realizes that you come from Kokiri Forest. 
She asks you that you, by any chance have the Kokiri's Emerald. She 
then talks about the Triforce and about a certain King of the Thieves, 
a man who looks much like the figure in Link's dreams. 
After a long talk, you understand that you must find the other two 
Spiritual Stones to open the Door Of Time to protect the Triforce. 
Zelda signs a letter, allowing you to pass through the guard who is 
guarding Death Mountain Trail. 
As you turn back, you see Zelda's attendant, Impa, one of the Shiekah. 
She will teach you your first Ocarina song. The tune is called "Zelda's 
Lullaby" which is only taught to messengers of the Royal Family. It is 
said to have some mysterious power. Impa leads you out to Hyrule Field 
and tells you about her village, Kakariko, located at the foot of Death 
    ************FUN AND GAMES AT THE HYRULE CASTLE MARKET************* 
If you still have time, take your time to visit the Market where you 
can purchase items. Win prizes, Rupees and Heart Pieces. 
1. Bazaar - Looking for equipment? This is the place to go. The Bazaar 
sells the following items: 
(i) Arrows (10 pieces) ---> 20 Rupees 
(ii) Arrows (30 pieces) ---> 60 Rupees 
(iii) Arrows (50 pieces) ---> 90 Rupees 
(iiii) Bombs (5 pieces) ---> 35 Rupees 
(vi) Deku Nut (5 pieces) ---> 15 Rupees 
(vii) Deku Stick ---> 10 Rupees 
(viii) Hylian Shield ---> 80 Rupees (60 Rupees after Kakarikan Guard's 
(viiii) Recovery Heart ---> 10 Rupees 
2. Potion Shop - Next to the Bazaar, the Potion Shop sells powerful 
potions ready-to-drink during battle. However you need a bottle first 
which I will explain how to get them later. The Potion Shop sells the 
following items: 
(i) Blue Fire ---> 300 Rupees 
(ii) Bottle Bug ---> 50 Rupees 
(iii) Deku Nut (5 pieces) ---> 15 Rupees 
(iiii) Fairy's Spirit ---> 50 Rupees 
(vi) Fish ---> 200 Rupees 
(vii) Green Potion ---> 30 Rupees 
(viii) Poe ---> 30 Rupees 
(viiii) Red Potion ---> 30 Rupees 
3. Happy Mask Shop - This shop only opens after you show the guard at 
Death Mountain Trail gate in Kakariko Village Zelda's Letter. The shop 
allows you to borrow a mask and sell it to interested parties. When you 
sell one mask, a new one becomes available. Each mask has a suggested 
price but you can sell it for any amount. On some you will make profits 
while on some you might lose money. If you sell all four of their 
regular masks, new ones open for your use including the Mask Of Truth. 
I will explain later in the Tips, Tricks and other game secrets section 
on who to sell masks to. 
4. Bombchu Shop - This shop is located behind the Market and is only 
open at night. This is a new type of Bomb. When you set it down, it 
doesn't stay at its position. Instead it will scurry until it hits 
something or reach the end of their fuse. This shop only sells limited 
quantity so once bought, they are gone. The shop sells: 
(i) Bombchu  (10 pieces)---> 100 Rupees (4 sets) 
(ii) Bombchu (20 pieces) ---> 180 Rupees (4 sets) 
5. Shooting Gallery - Walk around the main area of the Market until you 
see a picture of an arrow hitting a bull's eye. This is the shooting 
Gallery. For 20 Rupees a game, shooting all Rupees successfully will 
earn you a larger Slingshot Bullet Bag, which can hold 40 Slingshot 
6. Bombchu Bowling Alley - This game is open 24/7 and you can only play 
it after getting the Bomb Bag. You can win Bombchus, Heart Pieces, 
bigger Bomb Bags and so on. 
7. Treasure Box Shop - This game requires luck not skill. But its only 
10 Rupees a game so it won't really hurt if you give it a shop. 
Basically, each room has 2 Treasure Chests. One containing a Silver Key 
and the other a Rupee. If you find a Silver Key, you can advance to the 
next room. Do this 5 times in a row and you can win a Piece Of Heart 
the first time and a Purple Rupee thereafter. For a maximum of 99 
Rupees you can keep in your current wallet, you have up to 9 tries and 
possible patterns: 
Key: L = Left Treasure Chest 
     R = Right Treasure Chest 
Pattern 1: R-R-R-L-L 
Pattern 2: L-L-R-R-L 
Pattern 3: L-R-R-L-L 
Pattern 4: R-R-R-R-R 
Pattern 5: R-L-R-R-L 
Pattern 6: L-R-L-L-L 
Pattern 7: L-L-R-R-R 
Pattern 8: R-R-L-L-R 
Pattern 9: R-R-L-R-R 
A handy tip: You also can back once you have the Lens Of Truth.
Note: It is only open at night. 
8. Pooch Lady's House - This game is free and you will get to help out 
a citizen. This game is open at night where you must help the Pooch 
Lady find her dog. Her house is located next to the Bombchu Shop. If 
you have seen her in the marketplace during the day, you should know 
the color of her dog, Richard: Gray. Once you lead him safely back 
home, you will get a Piece Of Heart as a reward! 

        --------------LON LON RANCH--------------- 
Located in the middle of Hyrule Field, this ranch, Lon Lon is famous 
for its healthy milk and swift horses. When you enter the Ranch, you 
see a house on your left. Enter. 
When you enter Talon's house, you see Talon sleeping with 3 "Super" 
Cuccos. If you talk to him, he will challenge you to pick out these 
special hens from the rest of the flock. 
For 10 Rupees, Talon gives you 30 seconds to pick out the special hens. 
If you win, you get a bottle full of nutritious Lon Lon Milk. There is 
no easy way to distinguish the Super Cuccos with the normal cuccos. You 
can get yourself a head start: When Talon throws up the Special Hens, 
you can already move without the Cuccos dropping to the ground first. 
Another way is to sort out the normal Cuccos with the special ones. 
Pick up the normal ones and throw them between the stairs and the table 
where Talon is resting. They will stay out of the game until its over. 
Once you win the milk, you can come back for a refill. 
Once you leave Talon's house, head to the center of the corral, the 
place with many horses running around. In the center of the corral, you 
find Malon. Talk to her and she will introduce her little pony, Epona 
to you. But Epona runs away in fright. There must be a way to tame this 
cute pony somehow. Malon gives you a clue when she asks if you want to 
sing a song with her. Take out your Ocarina. She will then offer to 
teach you "Epona's Song" a soothing tune which makes Epona running to 
you. Do not forget this tune as you will need it later in the game. 
             ------------THE LOST WOODS------------ 
By now, Navi should be advising you strongly to pay your best friend, 
Saria a visit. When you get to her house, it is deserted. Your friends 
in Kokiri Forest say that she is waiting for you at your "usual" 
meeting place. 
Your "usual" meeting place is at the Sacred Forest Meadow at the end of 
the Lost Woods. This place is the easiest place to get lost. Most 
places leading back to Kokiri Forest. This time, you are led through 
the Lost Woods by the sound of Saria's Ocarina. When you are unsure of 
where to go. Listen at the tunnel entrances for that sound. You will 
not hear a thing in wrong passageways. At the end of the road, you find 
yourself in the Sacred Forest Meadow. Remember how to come back here as 
you will have to come back to obtain the Forest Medallion. 
If you forget the order this is the pattern to the Sacred Forest 
Key: R = Right Tunnel 
     L = Left Tunnel 
     U = Straight Tunnel 
     D = Below Tunnel 
From the Entrance from Kokiri Forest into the Lost Woods, follow this 
pattern to the Sacred Forest Meadow without getting lost: 
Once you are inside the Sacred Forest Meadow, you must defeat the 
Wolfos guarding the gate. Once you defeat it, the bars lower. You will 
then find yourself in a maze with Deku Scrubs at each corner. Bounce 
back their nuts and destroy them with either your sword or Slingshot. 
At the end, a ladder leads to the top of the hedges. Jump down into the 
middle of the square hedge and into the hole to find one of the many 
Fairy Fountains. Here you can heal or capture Fairies by using a bottle 
for later use. After defeating the 2 Scrubs in the long passageway, 
climb up the stairs and you find your friend Saria. 
She then teaches you "Saria's Song" which has some magic to change 
people moods. You also can communicate with her when you play this 
        **********GUIDE TO THE LOST WOODS************** 

Key: R = Right Tunnel 
     L = Left Tunnel 
     U = Straight Tunnel 
     D = Below Tunnel 

1. The Skull Kid on the log needs someone to be his friend. Play 
"Saria's Song" while standing on the tree stump opposite him and you 
will get a piece of heart. 
How to get there: Entrance from Kokiri Forest into Lost Woods and from 
there: L 
2. The Business Scrub on the south side will sell you the ability to 
carry more Deku Sticks for 40 Rupees. 
How to get there: Entrance from Kokiri Forest into Lost Woods and from 
there: L-D 
3. Hit the target with your Slingshot. If you can score three bull's 
eyes in a row, you will win a bigger Bullet bag. 
How to get there: Entrance From Kokiri Forest into Lost Woods and from 
there: R 
4. Test your memory skills in a jam session with two Skull Kids on the 
tree trunk. Win Rupees and a Piece of Heart if you survive for 3 
straight rounds. 
How to get there: Entrance From Kokiri Forest into Lost Woods and from 
there: R 
Once there, climb down the ladder. 
5. Under the arch lies the shortcut to Goron City. To use it, you must 
have Bombs to blow up the boulders blocking the path. When you are in 
Goron City later in the game, you can blow it up from their side. 
How to get there: Entrance From Kokiri Forest into Lost Woods and from 
there: R-U 
Once there, go straight. 
6. At the bottom of the pool, you will find a shortcut to Zora's River. 
It is kind of deep so come back here when you obtain the Silver Scale. 
How to get there: Entrance From Kokiri Forest into Lost Woods and from 
there: R-U-R 
Once there, dive into the pool and into the shortcut itself.
7. Defeat the two Business Scrubs here and they will offer to sell you 
items at very inflated prices. 
How to get there: Entrance From Kokiri Forest into Lost Woods and from 
there: R-U-R-U-L 
8. The hovering butterflies make a Hidden Hole. Below you will find the 
Forest Stage. Try your masks out on these discriminating critics. 
How to get there: Entrance From Kokiri Forest into Lost Woods and from 
there: R-U-R-U-L 
9. Bomb the Hidden Hole beneath the boulder. Defeat the Business Scrub 
and it will grant you the ability to carry more Deku Nuts for a price. 
How to get there: Entrance From Kokiri Forest into Lost Woods and from 
there: R-U-R-U-U-L 
           --------------KAKARIKO VILLAGE-------------- 
With Zelda's letter in hand, it is time to head to Kakariko Village, 
located at the foot of Death Mountain. 
If you want, you can open the gate to Death Mountain Trail first as 
there are other things to do in this busy village. From the entrance of 
the village, look to your left and climb up the long staircase. You 
will find a guard guarding a gate. Talk to the guard and show him 
Zelda's letter. He will then let you pass. 
He also tells you to get up to Death Mountain in one piece requires a 
proper shield. That is the Hylian Shield. It can block falling rocks 
from the erupting mountain. He tells you that you should check out the 
Bazaar in the Market located in Hyrule Castle. Its original price was 
80 Rupees. But since the guard sent you, you can buy it for 60 Rupees. 
However you can get it for free. Now I heard that you can win another 
bottle in Kakariko Village somewhere... hmmm... 
               *********CORRAL THE CUCCOS*********** 
Another Cucco game but this time it is different. Find a girl standing 
next to the unfinished building. She tells you that her cuccos have ran 
away. She pleads you to find them. Here are the locations: 
1. At the entrance to the village. 
2. Penned up near the Skulltula House (Requires a chicken to help you 
glide there). 
3. Under a crate (You must smash it). 
4. Behind the Windmill (Requires a chicken to help you glide there, 
then climb up the ladder). 
5. Loitering near the gates of Death Mountain Trail. 
6. In the yard behind the Granny's potion shop (Requires a chicken to 
help you glide there). 
7. Near the pen where the chicken used to stay before running from the 
What's this?: 
In case you did not know, Cuccos make excellent contributions to Link's 
quests. When holding them, Link can 'defy gravity' as when he jumps off 
a platform, Link can glide to areas he cannot reach. This is helpful 
not to win the empty bottle, but also may help you get Pieces of Heart! 
               *********THE SKULLTULA HOUSE********* 
To the right of the entrance of the village lies a mysterious Skulltula 
House. It was once a wealthy family however it got cursed and the whole 
of the family has been turned into misshapen Skulltulas. If you enter 
the house and talk to the guy in the middle of the house, he tells you 
that killing all 100 Golden Skulltulas in Hyrule and collecting their 
tokens can return their family to normal. 
For every 10 Golden Skulltulas killed you will be rewarded as it 
returns 1 kid back to normal: 
10 Skulltula Tokens: Adult's Wallet (Holds up to 200 Rupees) 
20 Skulltula Tokens: Stone of Agony (Requires a Rumble Pack to work) 
30 Skulltula Tokens: Giant's Wallet (Holds up to 500 Rupees) 
40 Skulltula Tokens: Bombchu 
50 Skulltula Tokens: Piece of Heart 
51 to 99 Skulltula Tokens: No rewards 
100 Skulltula Tokens: Huge Rupee

These rewards look very tempting and you will want to get your hands on 
them. There are a total of 7 Golden Skulltulas in Kakariko Village 
including the Graveyard you can reach while you are still a kid. 
Graveyard        Dirt Patch                 Child, Bottle of bugs 
Graveyard        Outer wall                 Child, Boomerang 
Kakariko Village Roll into tree near entrance   Child 
Kakariko Village Side of Graveyard Kid's house  Child 
Kakariko Village Side of Skulltula House        Child 
Kakariko Village Unfinished building            Child 
Kakariko Village On the ladder of watchtower    Child, Slingshot 
Note: All these Skulltulas only come out at night so be aware of that.
Note: The Boomerang are sometimes needed to grab the tokens, not kill 
the Gold Skulltula. 
Visit the Graveyard at night. There lies Dampe the Grave keeper. When 
you talk to him, he offers his tour. Pay him 10 Rupees and he will dig 
up the patch of dirt he is on. If you are lucky, a Piece of Heart will 
appear. Make sure he is standing on dirt not on the cobblestones before 
asking him to dig. Also, the Piece of Heart appears randomly, so make 
sure to fill up your wallet before taking the tour. Now, I heard that 
you can get a Hylian Shield for free somewhere in the Graveyard. 
             **********ROBBING THE GRAVES*********** 
In the first row of Graves from the entrance, you will find one Grave 
marked with flowers in front of it. Pull the headstone back and jump 
into the hole. 
Inside, you find a small chest, open it and you get a Hylian Shield! 
This shield is so heavy for Link that he only can bend down to use it. 
Perfect for going up Death Mountain. Come back here when you have the 
Bomb Bag and bomb the false wall to find a Fairy's Fountain. You only 
can rob the Graves at night as a child. During the day, the Graveyard 
Kid who roams around won't let you touch any. But as an adult, you can 
rob the Graves 24/7. 
                *********THE ROYAL TOMB********* 
At the back of the Graveyard you will find the Royal Tomb. Two head-
stones on either side mark the resting place of the court composers. If 
you check out their tombstones, one of the brothers appears and attacks 
you. Defeat it and the spirit that remains will tell you of the 
brothers' last song which ruled the sun and moon. Good idea to check it 
out eh? 
To open the Royal Tomb, play "Zelda's Lullaby" while standing on the 
Triforce crest. The headstone will explode, leaving a hole that you can 
jump in. 
Once you are inside a room filled with freaky bones, you must destroy 
all of the Keese guarding the room with your Slingshot. Once they are 
cleared, you can enter the next room. 
The next room is filled with poisonous water and gases. It is also 
filled with the undead creature Redead who acts like a vampire. Try not 
to get close to it - the Redead will stare and paralyze your movements. 
When it gets close enough, it will drain your life. If that happens 
press any button to let go and then run. 
Once you have made it to the other side, you find the brothers' last 
song called the "Sun's Song". A melody that can change the day to night 
or the night to day whenever you like. 
Return back to the room filled with Redead and play the "Sun's Song" 
and it will freeze. You should run but if you want, you can attack them 
from behind. 
Now I heard that you can get another Piece of Heart in the Graveyard 
Somewhere near the Royal Tomb, pull out all the graves until you find a 
secret hole. Do not pull out the brothers' graves but pull out those in 
front of it. When you uncover the secret hole, you find a Redead 
inside. Freeze its movements with the "Sun's Song" and defeat it. Then 
go up near the 2 torches and play the "Sun's Song" again and a large 
Treasure Chest appears. Open it and get a Piece of Heart! 
Now that you are done with your business in the Graveyard and Kakariko 
Village, its time to head up to Death Mountain Trail and pay a visit to 
Goron's City, home to the Gorons. 
          ------------DEATH MOUNTAIN TRAIL--------------
From Kakariko Village, open the gate to Death Mountain Trail if you 
haven't by showing Zelda's letter to the guard. 
When you enter, you find on your way up guarded by Red Tektites. 
Farther up there are boulders and rolling Gorons. 
Keep going until you come across a flag which tells you that you are 
almost there. Keep going straight until you come across a ring of rocks 
and up ahead lies Goron City. 

                **********GORON CITY********** 
Located in the heart if Death Mountain near the Fire Temple, Goron City 
is home to a race of rock-eating Gorons. But ever since Ganondorf came, 
the Gorons have been starving as Dodongo's Cavern, the Cavern with 
delicious rocks, had been sealed by a giant boulder and Dodongos have 
been lurking in the Cavern. 
         *********DARUNIA AND THE GORON'S RUBY********* 
There is not anything much to do since you do not have the ability to 
lift the Bomb flowers. The Goron near the entrance tells you that their 
leader, Darunia has locked his room until royal help arrives. 
Suspended over the city is a platform that seems to be missing a seal. 
Walk on the ropes to explore and another Goron tells you that a 
delicious looking stone was once placed there but ever since Ganondorf 
came, it has been removed until the city was safe from threat. Now you 
know that Darunia has the Spiritual Stone of Fire, called the Goron's 
The entrance to Darunia's room is at the lowest level which means 
obviously, basement. Darunia's room is closed, however if you stand on 
the soft carpet and play "Zelda's Lullaby", the door will open. 
Daurnia, the Goron Chief, has been rather moody these days as Dodongo's 
Cavern has been overrun by Dodongos. 
Cheer him up by playing "Saria's Song" in front of him and see some of 
his cool and hot dance moves. 
After the dancing, Darunia explains what has happened in more detail. 
You want the Goron's Ruby right? He won't give it to you not so easily. 
First, you must destroy the Dodongos in the Cavern and then you can 
have anything you want including the Goron's Ruby. 
Darunia also gives you the Goron's Bracelet, which allows Link to pull 
out Bomb Flowers. 
If you want, you can head to the Cavern now or stay in the city as 
there are some things left to do. 
When you leave the city, walk past the ring of rocks and turn right to 
find a Goron there. Take the Bomb Flower and throw it out of the cage 
area down. It doesn't need to be accurate - just a little bit farther 
away will not harm you as long as the boulder receives the impact of 
the explosion and breaks. 

             **********QUICK TOUR OF THE CITY**********
If you rather stay here to take a tour of the city, you can win many 
things such as pieces of heart, a bigger Bomb Bag and so on. 
If you go down to one of the levels, you see a huge Goron rolling 
about. Come back here when you have the Bomb Bag and stop the rolling 
Goron by bombing him and you will be rewarded with a bigger Bomb Bag. 

                *********THE BOULDER ROOM**********
Come back here as an adult after getting the Megaton Hammer and the 
Silver Gauntlets. On the top of the city lies 3 Boulders blocking the 
way, blow them up and walk into a room filled with more Boulders - most 
of them which cannot be blown up by bombs. 
The Dark brown boulders require the power of the Megaton Hammer while 
the Gray ones require the Silver Gauntlets to lift them up. 
Make sure you come back here with a Giant's wallet. The ultimate prize 
for reaching the back in both chests are a Huge Rupee and a Purple 
Rupee - Worth 250 Rupees which can fill half of an empty Giant's 
wallet! Also, don't forget to break the crate containing a hidden 
Golden Skulltula. 
              *********THE MEDIGORON'S SHOP********* 
A floor down from the entrance, you will find a walled up room. Use the 
Bomb Flowers to blast the walls up until you see one huge Goron. He 
says to come back in 5 to 7 years and he will sell you a nice, in fact, 
fragile weapon that is sure to break after you first use it. 
The weapon is the Giant's Knife. It is so heavy, that you must swing it 
with 2 hands. 
Come back here again when Link is an adult and the weapon will cost 200 
Rupees. Buy it if you want to get Biggoron's Sword which won't break. 
Refer to the Tips, Tricks and other game secrets section for more 
details on the Biggoron's Sword. 
        ********GORON SHOP AND THE REVOLVING VASE********
On the bottom floor you will find a walled up shop and a huge vase. 
Come back here after you have the Bomb bag, come back here and blow up 
the wall and then you are free to enter the shop. The shop sells the 
following items: 
(i) Bombs (5 pieces) ---> 25 Rupees
(ii) Bombs (10 pieces) ---> 50 Rupees 
(iii) Bombs (20 pieces) ---> 80 Rupees 
(iiii) Bombs (30 pieces) ---> 120 Rupees 
(iv) Goron Tunic ---> 200 Rupees 
(vii) 2 Recovery Hearts ---> 10 Rupees EACH 
(viii) Red Potion ---> 40 Rupees 
On the bottom floor you will also find a huge vase. Light up the 2 
torches of the bottom level by using the torch in Darunia's room. The 
vase then starts to spin. Head up one level and you have a good view of 
the vase. Take the Bomb Flower resting along the stairs to the next 
level and throw it into the vase. After scoring a few hits, you are 
rewarded Rupees and a Piece of Heart! 
       *********THE SHORTCUT TO THE LOST WOODS**********
Remember about the shortcut I explained to you in the Lost Woods guide? 
It is time to blow it up. On the second level, find 2 torches and walk 
inside. Pick up the Bomb Flowers and blow up the boulders. Who knows? 
You may have to use this Shortcut. 
That's it for the guide of the city. Now its time to tour Dodongo's 
Cavern. Blast the boulder blocking the entrance to the cavern if you 
haven't. If you did, walk down and into the Cavern.

              ---------DODONGO'S CAVERN---------
The entrance to the Cavern itself is also walled up. Using the Bomb 
Flowers nearby, blow up the wall and you are in the Cavern. 
               ********THE GROUND FLOOR*********
You find yourself on the ground floor filled with Lava pits and moving 
platforms. Head straight by jumping onto the rising and lowering 
platforms onto the large platform. Beware of the Beamos - if it sees 
you, it will shoot you with laser beams. After walking past the beamos 
use the platform on the Beamos's left to get onto the left side. 
Although one of the doors is locked, you should blow up both walled up 
rooms. One of them contains a Business Scrub which will sell you a Deku 
Shield for 50 Rupees. It will not be surprising if your Deku Shield 
gets burnt as this is the Dungeon of Fire-breathing monsters! If you 
want, you can also equip the Hylian Shield to prevent replacing your 
Deku Shield. 
The other walled up room you blew up would contain a large Treasure 
Chest containing the Dungeon Map. 
Now, head across to the other side of the room. 
Use the Bomb Flowers to bomb through the 2 walled-in doorways, avoiding 
the Beamos. The Northeast room contains a Gossip Stone but if you don't 
have the Mask Of Truth, note its position until you get the Mask. 
In the southeast corner, the wall you have blown up with the Bomb 
Flower has revealed a tunnel. 
             **********THE EASTERN ROOMS**********
Advance carefully into this passage and beware of these Baby Dodongos. 
A swipe of your sword will defeat them but they will explore after 
being destroyed. 

In case you didn't know this room with the Baby Dodongos has 2 secret 
1. To reach the first one, lure a Baby Dodongo to a bombable area in 
the middle of the south wall. After the Baby Dodongo explodes, you find 
yourself in a room with a Golden Skulltula. 
2. To reach the second one, you must come back as an adult with the 
mysterious "Scarecrow's Song". On the north wall, just before the first 
secret room, you will see a place that Navi gets curious and turns 
green. If you play the "Scarecrow's Song" as an adult, Pierre the 
Wandering Scarecrow appears and gives you an object for you to Hookshot 
up to. Up in the room, you will find another Golden Skulltula.

Once you have reached the raised section of the room, you will find a 
switch that stays depressed only when a weight is placed on it. 
The statues, called Armos statues, look like a reasonable weight to 
keep the switch pressed. Grab it and push or pull it until it is fully 
on the switch. 
With the bars raised, enter the next room. 
You enter and find yourself in another tunnel filled with two Keese. 
You have 2 options: Either destroy them first before going into the 
next room OR you can just run for it. 
Stepping into the next room seals your exit, trapping you in an arena 
filled with two Lizalfos. They advance one at a time so you can just 
remain on one platform and wait for one to attack. 
Once you defeat both of them, advance to the next room. 

1. Another secret room lies down the next hallway. To open this one, 
grab a Bomb Flower from the entrance to the room and place it in front 
of the wall. Inside, a Business Scrub sells you a Deku Stick.

Beware of the cone of flame these larger Dodongos can breathe fire as 
you make your way. Beware of your Deku Shield. If you are equipped with 
it, now is the best time to equip the Hylian Shield. 
You can kill the Dodongos by shooting 4 shots from your Slingshot or 4 
swipes of your sword on its tail will send it exploding ... AGAIN so 
To raise the iron bars on the other side, use your Deku Stick to light 
all three torches up in this area.
In the next hallway, you are back in the Central Area of the Dungeon. 
Step on the switch and watch the iron bars on the other side rise.
Enter the newly opened door. 
                 ***********THE WESTERN ROOMS**********
The room you enter holds a large, rectangular block surround by Bomb 
Before solving the puzzle, you should check the room south of here to 
get the Compass.
Enter the room.
The Compass is in the Treasure Chest behind the statue.
To reach the chest you must defeat the fake statue Armos.
Throw it Bomb Flowers while it is still moving. Be careful, they 
explode after death.
With the Compass in hand, head back out.
To lower the stairway, use the Bomb Flower that is not surrounding the 
stairway. Meaning, to the right as you exit the room.
Just place it in the middle and after it blows, the other Bomb Flowers 
blow up, lowering the stairway. Climb it up. Do not forget to get the 
Gold Skulltula on the web after climbing up.

               **********THE SECOND FLOOR**********
The room at the top of the stairs leads to another one with fake Armos 
Statues. Only 1 of them is a real one. 
Pull the statue, which is blocking the ladder. Be careful not to touch 
to other statues, they will come to life and attack you.
Climb up the ladder after pushing the statue away and trigger the 
switch that raises the iron bars.
After that, head out to the newly opened exit.
The Fire Keese here are double trouble. If you are equipping your Deku 
Shield, now it would be the best time to switch it with your Hylian 
Shield just in case you get hit by those flames engulfing from the Fire 
Keese. Use your Slingshot to defeat them quickly or your sword if they 
are in range.
Cross over the long bridge and reenter the east side of the dungeon. If 
you are fast, you can avoid the Fire Keese on the other side.
The room you enter requires you to move quickly without getting hurt by 
the moving Razor Traps below. Like Navi says, use the Z Button to 
switch your viewing angle.
Once you reach the east end, hope on the box and climb the ladder.
A wall blocks the path so you must jump off the narrow ledge to the 
platform with a Bomb Flower and a small Chest that contains a Recovery 
Now here is the challenging part: Toss the Bomb Flower to blast the 
wall. The trick is to hold the Bomb Flower until it is about to 
explode, toss it and it should blow up in the air near the wall. To 
determine when the Bomb Flower is going to explode, look for the red 
color on the Bomb Flower. The faster it blinks; it tells you that it is 
going to explode.
When you move into the newly opened tunnel, continue walking until uou 
see flames covering the platform that requires you to jump over to the 
other side.
To do this, shoot the Eye Switch above the door at the opposite end 
with your Slingshot to shut off the flame. The flames return after a 
short while so be quick.
In the next room, you see another 2 Lizalfos. Use tactics similar like 
how you defeated those below. You can either block their attacks with 
your Deku Shield and attack them or you can dodge their attacks by 
doing a Back flip and countering them with your Jump Attack. To do a 
Back flip make sure you are logging onto a Lizalfos with Z targeting, 
move back and press A. When you touch the ground, quickly do a Jump 
Attack or else they will dodge it. Remember, they advance one at a 
Be Careful when you are on the narrow platform with Recovery Hearts. If 
you are not careful, you will fall below where you fought the first 2 
Lizalfos. If that happens, you must retrace your steps.

When you defeat the Lizalfos, enter to the newly opened exit.
In the next room, two pillars of flame fill the next corridor, covering 
the two platforms to the exit at the other side. Shoot the Eye Switch 
above to shut off the flame on the first platform. Move forward and 
look to your left. Shoot the second Eye Switch and proceed to the other 
side. The flames will return after approximately 30 seconds so be 
You are now back in the Razor Trap room. Grab the Bomb Bag from the 
Treasure Chest.
The Bomb Bag allows you to carry 20 normal Bombs at a time. These Bombs 
are different from the Bomb Flowers. The normal Bombs explode faster 
than the flower ones so be aware of that.
As you walk onto the ledge overlooking the main room, you will spot a 
switch and a sign. Activating the Switch permanently raises the east 
platform to this level of the cavern's dungeon floor, making it easier 
to get up or get down.
To enter the lair where the Boss lurks, read the sign for instructions.
Using one of your new Bombs, drop it off the edge of each hole in the 
bridge over the main room into the ancient Dodongo's eye sockets. When 
both eyes light up, the Dodongo's mouth opens. Enter. 
               **********THE NORTHERN ROOMS***********
The switch at the bottom in the newly opened room raises the iron bars 
over the west door. But the bars only remained raised when something is 
depressed onto it.
You can use the crescent block resting on the shelf at the room's north 
end but how can you reach it when it is too high for you the climb up 
the shelf? 
Making your way along the only possible and long route, pull yourself 
into the passage on the east side.
Walk through the tunnel and a large room to the other side of the 
crescent block. Push it down into the main room with the switch.
If you need to heal, breaking one of the earthenware jugs releases a 
fairy. Trap it with an empty bottle or touch it to let it heal you.
After pushing the block down into the main room, drag or push it into 
the hole to raise the bar over the door on the west wall. Step through 
the doorway and you find trapped in a room with no exit.
If you are short of Bombs, the small Chest up ahead will refill your 
Bomb the floor title in the center of the room to uncover a hole. Jump 
down and you find yourself in an area with the world's most largest 
Dinosaur you have ever seen! 
       **********INFERNAL DINOSAUR: KING DODONGO***********
This should be an easy battle. Toss a Bomb into the dinosaur's body. 
How? Simple. When he opens his mouth, use Z targeting and toss it into 
its mouth before you get turned into roasted meat.
Remember: You must be moving in order to throw the Bomb into the mouth 
of the dinosaur. If you stand still with a Bomb in your hands, you will 
just drop it.
After the Bomb blows up in the dinosaur's belly, it falls down, 
stunned. Now is your chance: Attack it with your sword. You must repeat 
this process 4 times.
Once you score him with a Bomb and a sword attack, the dinosaur will 
curl into a ball and roll around the room. When he stops, walk towards 
him and repeat the process.
When he is rolling, stand as close to the walls or as close to the 
If you run out of Bombs, Bomb Flowers are around the 4 corners of the 
When you defeat King Dodongo, he curls up and rolls into the lava which 
cooks him alive.
Near his roasted body lies your reward: A Heart Container.
Step into the Blue Warp portal and you will be transported back outside 
of the Cavern.
King Darunia thanks you and gives you the second Spiritual Stone: The 
Goron's Ruby!

          ------------AFTER THE DUNGEON ENDS-------------
Before you start your quest for the third Spiritual Stone, you should 
power yourself up first.
Take a trip up to Death Mountain.
Move up until you see a flag with 3 boulders on 3 platforms.
Bomb up the boulders and proceed. Bomb the hidden hole blocked by a 
boulder and you will find a hole with a Cow along with Rupees and 
recovery hearts. If you have an empty bottle, play "Epona's song" in 
front of the Cow and it will refill the bottle with Lon Lon milk for 
Head straight and you find yourself in an area where molten rocks from 
Death Mountain erupt and fall to Earth. If you have the Hylian Shield, 
you can press and hold the R button to block the falling rocks, then 
At the end, you will find a climbing wall filled with some 
Skullwalltulas. Kill all of them within range with your Slingshot and 
climb up.
At the end of the trail, a door leads into Death Mountain Crater.
If you enter, Navi warns you that it is too hot to handle. The time 
appears on your left. When the time runs out, you will take damage.
There is a Piece of Heart where you can reach now. Walk straight slowly 
walking, make sure Link grabs a climbing wall, climb down until you see 
the Piece of Heart, grab it and head out quickly.
On the next door, you find a false wall. Blast it with your Bomb and 
enter into the very first Great Fairy's Mountain.
Walk up and stand on the Triforce crest and play "Zelda's Lullaby" to 
summon the Great Fairy of Power. She then bestows a gift - a new sword 
This technique allows you to perform a Charged Spin Attack that can go 
from powerful to supercharged.
To do this, draw out your sword, press and hold the B button and 
release a wave of energy.
As it requires magic to perform this attack, a Magic Meter appears 
below your row of Heart Containers.
You can perform a Charged Spin Attack as long you have enough Magic 
Points (MP). Now, Magic Jars are scattered around Hyrule, which allows 
you to fill up your Magic Meter.
When you head out, the Owl offers you a lift back to Kakariko Village. 
Take it. It can help you get a Piece of Heart. Just move in close to 
its talons after talking to him and Link will grab on automatically.
The Owl drops you off atop Impa's House in Kakariko Village, giving you 
a chance to access the Piece of Heart inside her cow's stall. Walk to 
the right and drop off the roof gently to the top of the Cucco Lady's 
stall. Turn toward the house to see a door. This is the only hidden 
entrance to the stall so take the chance to grab it.
Grab the Piece of Heart. Time to head to Zora's River!

             ----------ZORA'S RIVER----------
From the exit of Kakariko Village, take a left and follow the riverbed 
to the entrance of Zora's River.
For a kid like Link, the currents in this river are too strong for Link 
to swim against. Avoid falling into the river.
Now I heard you can get 2 Pieces of Heart in Zora's River... Hmm...
             ***********THE QUICK PATH**********
Again, Navi advises you to talk to Saria about the final location of 
the Spiritual Stone.
Talking to her is completely optional. But if you want to, play 
"Saria's Song" to communicate with her.
At the entrance, the Owl tells you about Zora's Domain.
The King of the Domain has sealed the entrance to the Domain except 
those who have some connection with the Royal Family.
Since you know "Zelda's Lullaby", you can enter.
Now time to find those 2 Pieces of Heart.
After blasting the boulders, you find a stray Cucco. Pick it up and 
head all the way up, until you find yourself near a shelf with a weed. 
Jump and be quick to throw the Cucco when Link touches the shelf. 
Throwing it allows Link to grab it in time, allowing him to pull 
himself up. You see a Piece of Heart on your right. Jump towards it. 
Although you will fall a little short, it is just near enough for Link 
to grab the platform and pull himself up. Grab the Piece of Heart! 
If you can, pick up the Cucco again and head to the waterfall. To reach 
there, head straight, throw the Cucco up on the platform and pull 
yourself up as quick as possible to prevent the Cucco from flying away.
Follow the path, walk on the bridge into the waterfall area.
Opposite the waterfall, walk onto the highest land bridge with the 
Triforce Crest and jump towards the Piece of Heart using the Cucco. 
Grab it. Time to check out Zora's Domain.
Stand on the Triforce Crest and play "Zelda's Lullaby" and the 
waterfall will thin out, allowing you to jump into the tunnel and into 
Zora's Domain.

        **********OTHER THINGS TO DO ON ZORA'S RIVER*************
When you have the time and Rupees, invest some of your Rupee in some of 
the Magic Beans the man by the front gate is munching on. The first 
Magic Bean sells for 10 Rupees but as you buy more, it gets more 
popular and expensive. Plant them in Magic Bean Beds like those next to 
the man. Check the Where to plant those Magic Beans section to find out 
The Frog Chorus is another way to get money and a Piece of Heart.
Located in a fallen log, play your songs while standing on the log 
rewards you Purple Rupees. Come back here when you know the "Song Of 
Storms" to get yourself a Piece of Heart and play the Bug-Catching 
after you made the frogs big with your songs. After that, if you 
complete the Bug-Catching song, you earn yourself another Piece of 
Heart. Check the Tips, Tricks and other game secrets section about the 
Bug-Catching song.

             -----------ZORA'S DOMAIN----------
Deep in a cool, watery grotto live the Zoras. These fishlike beings are 
like frogs; they live both on land and water. However, news has spread 
that Princess Ruto, princess of the Zoras has been missing.
I heard that you can get a Piece of Heart somewhere around here.
Lighting the torches with your Deku Sticks including the 2 behind the 
waterfall reveals a Treasure Chest which holds a Piece of Heart.

      **********KING ZORA AND HIS MISSING DAUGHTER***********
When you enter Zora;s Domain, head straight up the path to King Zora's 
room. Stand on the block and speak to the troubled King. He says that 
his daughter is missing and you make him even more upset regarding 
about your questions of the Spiritual Stone of Water.
The question now is how do you find the missing Princess? 
First, you must learn how to dive deeper. At the end of the tunnel from 
the King's room, where the stream of water becomes a waterfall, a Zora 
challenges you to a Diving Game for 20 Rupees. If you manage to gather 
all the Rupees he throws below, he will give you something nice.
At the start, dive into the water and watch Link's graceful swan dive.
When you manage to grab all the Rupees in the given time, the Zora 
calls you back up to get your reward - The Silver Scale! This Scale 
allows you to dive deeper depths.
Dive into the lake and head toward the door you see under the water. 
Dive into the portal and it transports you to Lake Hylia.
When you come out of the water, Navi signals you to a bottle 
underwater. Dive in and grab it.
On closer inspection, you find something is already inside the Bottle. 
Pop it out and you find a letter. It is from Princess Ruto, claiming 
that she is stuck inside a huge fish's belly!
Dive back to the portal back into Zora's Domain and show the King 
Ruto's letter. He moves aside and allows you to enter Zora's Fountain 
where the huge fish, Lord Jabu-Jabu lives and feeds.
You are entering a religious place so giving an offering might sound 
good. Capture the fish near the rock of rings by using your bottle. You 
also can buy it from the Zora's shop, which costs 200 Rupees. The shop 
sells the following items: 
1. Arrows (10 pieces) ---> 20 Rupees
2. Arrows (30 pieces) ---> 60 Rupees
3. Arrows (50 pieces) ---> 90 Rupees
4. Deku Nuts (5 pieces) ---> 15 Rupees
5. Fish ---> 200 Rupees
6. Recovery Heart ---> 10 Rupees
7. Red Potion ---> 50 Rupees
8. Zora's Tunic ---> 300 Rupees

        ----------SIDELINE ON LAKE HYLIA----------
This peaceful lake appears unreachable from Hyrule Field especially 
with the 4 fences. However, if you take a closer look, you will find a 
ladder tucked away on the side of the right fence from Hyrule Field.
Inside, there is not much to see but it may help you in your quest. The 
Scientist in the Lakeside Laboratory is too busy with his research 
until he cannot even chat for a few seconds. Come back here with the 
Gold Scale, dive to the bottom of the pool in his lab and he will 
reward you with a Piece of Heart.
To the left of the lab, you find two Scarecrows called Bonooru and 
Pierre. Pierre wants to travel around Hyrule while Bonooru boasts about 
with his excellent memory.
Take out your Ocarina and play any song of your composition - the 
"Scarecrow's Song" is your own composition. Look at the Tips, Tricks 
and other game secrets section for more information of the "Scarecrow's 
The Lake's main attraction is the Fishing Pond on a little island 
offshore of the Scarecrow's Field. Swim there, enter and talk to the 
owner. He will let you fish for 20 Rupees - a real nice price 
especially with unlimited fishing time.
If you are looking for a Piece of Heart, now is the time the get one 
here. Fish for a 10-pound fish and you will be rewarded with a Piece of 
Heart. You can usually find it in the center of the pond, next to the 
sunken log.
Cast the rod with the B Button and break the line with the A Button. Z 
Targeting also helps to log onto a certain fish and angle your cast. 
When you get a bite, lock the hook in any direction, hold the A and R 

               -----------ZORA'S FOUNTAIN------------
The tunnel behind King Zora's throne leads to a huge spring which 
serves the source of Zora's River. Here you find a huge fish called 
Lord Jabu-Jabu. You can find another Great Fairy Fountain here.
Follow the water to the right of the entrance, past the small tree 
trunk, to a small plot of land. Bomb the light brown boulder and an 
entire wall gets blown up. Enter the secret entrance.
Inside, play "Zelda's Lullaby" to summon another Great Fairy of Magic. 
She gives you Farore's Wind. This green crystal allows you to set up 
warp points in dungeons that have a Dungeon Map hidden inside. Once the 
warp point is set, you can use the crystal to warp there or dispel it 
to create another warp point. Perfect for those players whose parents 
are very stern XD! 
Now, its time to explore Lord Jabu-Jabu. You try to enter, but the 
Fish's mouth will not open. Release the Fish you caught earlier and 
Lord Jabu-Jabu will open its huge mouth and suck you in!

          -----------INSIDE JABU-JABU'S BELLY------------
So you are now stuck in a useless fish that sucked you in. Do not give 
up hope. Remember you are on the quest for the Spiritual Stone of 
Water. Your job is to find Princess Ruto. Unlike other dungeons, inside 
Jabu-Jabu's belly has more to come. It is filled with electrified 
jellyfish called Biri to acidic bubbles, from the common Octorok to 
giant parasitic Tentacles. Lets hope Princess Ruto is safe.

           ***********FINDING PRINCESS RUTO************
Your main task is to find Princess Ruto. For the time being, avoid the 
Biri and bubbles. Shooting the bubbles with your Slingshot will not 
hurt them. Another weapon, called the Boomerang is required to get rid 
of these pesky little Biri and bubbles.
After the fish sucks you into his mouth, you find at the entrance, 2 
Octoroks spitting stones at you. Use your Deku Shield to deflect their 
attacks back to them or just run by.
Past the Octoroks, you will find the door ahead blocked by nerves. Navi 
signals to you an uvula-shaped switch for you to flick the switch. The 
nerves recede, allowing you to push the door open with your body 
Move quickly around the walkway to the door on the other side, taking 
care to avoid the Biri.
Step into the next door and you land up in the fish's stomach (Pukes!).
The floors are covered with lesions. A dangerous looking Tentacle 
inhabits one of the holes. Standing amongst the swarm of Biri is 
Princess Ruto who is not even happy to see you.
This independent said that she had been inside Lord Jabu-Jabu since she 
was little. She says she does not need your help. But you can see she 
needs partially some help due to her concerns about the electrical 
jellyfish that she had never seen before.
After a small conversation, she steps into the hole in front of her. 
Follow her.

              **********THE BOOMERANG**********
When you talk to her again, Ruto will be attracted by your insistence 
on helping her and demand you carry her out - that is, if you help her 
find her missing item. Pick her up and head to the door behind you. Do 
not attempt to jump down. If that happens, you must use the vines to 
climb up to the stomach without Ruto. If you lose her and find her 
again, she lectures you.
With Ruto in hand, head down the Shabom-filled hallway you can dodge 
them or let them hit Ruto! The shallow pool in the center of the room 
is filled with the manta ray - like Stingers. They will fly up and hit 
you if you touch them.
Toss Ruto to the far side of the pool. Do not step on the switch yet!
After you toss Ruto to the far side of the pool, step on the switch and 
swim up. The switch activates for a limited time so you can destroy the 
Gold Skulltula first by using your Slingshot, then step on the switch 
and climb up the vine to grab the token.
Pick Ruto up and head through the next segment of hallway, again, you 
must hit the switch to open the passageway. You can set Ruto down, then 
hit it with your Slingshot or if you want, with Ruto in hand, log onto 
the switch and throw her up to fickle the switch.
The Octorok in the water ahead is a huge distraction unless you defeat 
it quickly.
Set the Princess down and defeat it. Wait for the elevator to come 
down. Take the elevator to the main floor and head back into the 
stomach. On the north wall, a tunnel branches in different directions. 
Head there and go down the eastern hallway. There you will find a 
doorway to the north blocked by a Tentacle and a switch that requires 
the weight of 2 people to open. Holding the Princess, you should have 
enough heft to press the button down, opening the passage to the east.
In the room, you must set the Princess down and prepare to do battle 
with 4 Stingers. Use your Slingshot or Sword to defeat them. When they 
are all defeated, a Treasure Chest appears with the Boomerang inside. 
Now you are ready to have fun with the Biri and Tentacles.

           **********DEFEATING THE TENTACLES*************
With the Boomerang in hand, take Ruto and head down the hallway to the 
westernmost doorway. This switch requires a weight to keep it pressed. 
Set Ruto down on the switch (she will not disappear). Enter the next 
The next room is home to one of the huge Tentacles. These Tentacles 
block certain corridors in the Dungeon. Using Z targeting, which is the 
only way to give perfect shots from the Boomerang, aim at the tentacle 
and throw the Boomerang at it. It will withdraw. Still using Z 
targeting, move closer and when the Tentacle is about to hit you, 
quickly throw another Boomerang shot. Repeat this process 4 times. A 
Treasure Chest then appears. Open it to retrieve the Dungeon Map.
When you leave the chamber, Princess Ruto lectures you about 
responsibility and Navi points out that a Tentacle blocking the hallway 
to the north is gone, destroyed when you killed its "tail". Enter this 
new accessible room with Ruto in hand. In the next room, the challenge 
is to defeat the room of Shabom in the time limit of 40 seconds. You 
can either destroy them with your Boomerang or use your body to pop 
them if your Health Meter can take it.
Once you pop all the bubbles, a Treasure Chest containing the Compass 
The next area is the north room off the east hallway. Here you must 
defeat another Tentacle. Use the same tactics.
Killing the blue Tentacle opens the central hallway and the last room 
in this part of the dungeon.
Here, you must defeat a green Tentacle and 5 Biri. The trick is to 
defeat the 5 Biri fist before focusing on the Tentacle.

        **********BIGOCTO AND THE ZORA'S SAPPHIRE***********
When you return to the stomach area, you will find the Tentacle in the 
northwest hole is now missing, leaving it open for you to jump into. 
You land on a platform with a door leading into the west chamber. Walk 
in. Once inside, Ruto gets excited as she finally finds her lost 
treasure, the Spiritual Stone of Water. Throw her up on the pedestal 
for her to reach it. But before she jumps down, the pedestal rises and 
carries her into the room above.
When it comes back down, a large octopus-like monster is on it. When 
you log onto it and press the Up C button, Navi tells you to aim for 
the opening on its backside.
Stun the monster with your Boomerang. When he recovers, he spins 
around. Stun him again with your Boomerang and you will have a chance 
of stopping his spin with his behind facing you. Then rush in and 
attack him with your sword. Repeat this process 4 times.
When Bigocto is dead, hop to the pedestal and ascend to the room above. 
Princess Ruto is gone. Make your way through the passageways to the 
platform that will return you to the main floor.
First however, you must contend with another Octorok and 2 jelly-like 
blocks. They are electrical and are dangerous to touch. If you stun 
them with your Boomerang, you can use it as a bridge to reach the room 
on the left of the entrance.
Enter the next room, stand on the platform and it forms a connection 
from the first room in the dungeon to the hallway on the east side. 
Another door switch lies at the end, but needs a weight to keep it 
pressed down and open the door. Depress it with one of the boxes along 
the west wall, then enter the room.
The next area is filled with Biri. It is suggested to take them out 
first with your Boomerang and then climb the wall to the top of the 
crag where you will find another door switch on the ceiling blocked by 
a transparent membrane. Using Z targeting, hit the switch with your 
Boomerang. Once you hit the switch, the Boss Arena is open for you to 

        **********BIO-ELECTRIC ANEMONE: BARINADE************
As you enter the Boss Arena, you see a giant creature on the ceiling. 
As Barinade draws his armor of electrical plates around his body, you 
can infer that this is going to be a tough battle.
This Boss is probably one of the hardest Bosses you have faced so far. 
Unlike other Bosses, Barinade's main attack is electrical. You must 
stay on your toes to avoid his electrical bolts.
First you must sever his connection to the ceiling. As he tries to 
spray you with his bolts, log onto one of the three tentacles and throw 
your Boomerang at it. One hit is all it takes to loosen it. Focus on 
each tentacle and when the creature is free, let the fun begin.
You must first stun Barinade to keep him from moving and then quickly 
whittle away as many of his jellyfish plates as you can using your 
After stripping his armor off, the Boss spins around the room shooting 
electrical bolts. Use your Boomerang to stun him and use your sword to 
attack him. Remember Jump Attack does double damage.
If the need arises, the earthenware jugs at the perimeter of the Arena 
are filled with Recovery Hearts. Use them wisely.
After you deliver the final death blow, Barinade pimples up and 
explodes, filling the room with green goo (yucks!). Again, your reward, 
a Heart Container appears. Grab it and step into the Blue Warp Portal 
with Ruto and it transports you back to the fountain.
Outside, Ruto breaks down and expresses her love for you. She offers 
you anything you want for saving her. Regardless of what you choose, 
Ruto knows that you want the Spiritual of Water, the Zora's Sapphire 
which is also known as the Zora's Engagement Ring.
With all 3 Spiritual Stones in hand, it is time to head back to 
Princess Zelda in Hyrule Castle!

          ----------THE BEGINNING OF THE END?-----------
You arrive outside Hyrule Castle at night. You know the castle is 
closed at night. However, the bridge opens suddenly. You see Zelda and 
her attendant, Impa racing on a horse, fleeing the castle. Zelda throws 
you something, which then falls into the moat below.
Suddenly, the man, the man you saw in your dreams suddenly appears. He 
gets pissed as he loses them. He then turns to you and ask where did 
they go.
He laughs at you for nice guts and shoots you with a fire bolt. 
Declaring his intentions of ruling the world, things are getting heated 
up and serious.
After the scene, you should, of course, find what did Zelda left 
behind. In the moat, dive down and grab a shiny blue item.
In your hands, you find the Royal Family's Treasure. The Ocarina of 
You then receive a telepathic message from Zelda. She tells you what 
you must do next to stop the man in your dreams, Ganondorf and protect 
the Triforce from all evil. She then teaches you the "Song Of Time" 
which opens the Door Of Time in the Temple Of Time.
Located on the right of the Happy Mask Shop in the Market, head up the 
stairs and run into the Temple Of Time.
At the Altar, play the "Song Of Time" in front of it and the 3 
Spiritual Stones leave your bag pack and lands on the Altar. The 
Triforce Crest lights up and the Door Of Time opens.
You rush inside to find a legendary sword, the Master Sword embedded in 
a marble. Only the true Hero Of Time can pull it from the stone. It is 
no surprise that it slides out easily.
Pull it out and as a bright blue light envelops you, everything gets 
still and Ganondorf rings out and reveals his plans. Is there still 
hope of saving the Triforce now?

| 4. The Temple of Time and the Forest Medallion                       
When Link awakens, 7 years has passed in the Kingdom of Hyrule. 
Everything is in disorder. Rauru, the Sage of Light, explains what has 
happened since the very day you pulled out the Master Sword.
Rauru briefs you that you must fulfill your destiny as the Hero Of Time 
since you have the Master Sword in possession.
The first and most obvious change is Link's size.
Also, as an adult, Link can use a greater variety of weapons and 
equipment. Although you must start equipping Link from scratch, that is 
part of the fun.
To start you on your quest to collect power from the remaining 5 
temples via Sages' Medallions, Rauru then hands over his own Light 
Medallion and adds his powers to yours. Then he returns you back to the 
Temple Of Time.
As Link turns back, he notices someone behind him. He draws his sword 
and shield to prepare for battle.
A strange, and yet a familiar man greets you. He introduces himself as 
Sheik, one of the remaining Sheikahs.
You may know about the Sheikahs, as this is Impa's race. Perhaps Sheik 
knows Princess Zelda's whereabouts.
After a short briefing, Sheik then tells you that you cannot even enter 
the Forest Temple in the Sacred Forest Meadow. A weapon is needed...

              -----------WHAT TO EXPECT-----------
Now that Link is a matured kid - I mean adult, it is expected that you 
have to save the land of Hyrule and of course the Triforce.
This is far more difficult from finding the three Spiritual Stones. You 
have to travel around more frequently to find out about Temple 
locations and so on. In addition, there are new Dungeon Systems. All 
Dungeons will now come with Small Keys and Boss Keys.
Now, you know your task: Travel around Hyrule, locate the 5 Temples and 
awaken their Sages. Out of these 5 sages, 4 of them are people that you 
have met in your quest for the Spiritual Stones.
If you leave the Temple Of Time, you find that Death Mountain, located 
behind you is covered with a mysterious cloud.
If you check out the Market, it has been filled with the Zombie, 
Head back out to Hyrule Field now.

           -----------RACE FOR THE HOOKSHOT----------
If you check out the note in Dampe's old shed, he tells of a springy 
toy the old Grave keeper once owned. It was so precious to him, that he 
took it to his Grave.
If you check out the Graveyard, you will find a new Grave marked out 
with flowers. Pull the tombstone away and drop into the secret hole.
Guess who? Its Dampe, although he is dead, he still has his competitive 
spirit. When you run into him, he challenges you into a race. The 
objective is to keep up with him not win him.
To make things worst, Dampe will throw down bits of flame to mark his 
path and hamper your pursuit. If you run into one of these flames 
accidentally, it will knock you flat and you will take damage. 
Immediately roll to extinguish the flames and make up for lost time. 
You can find Dampe using the same flames that just lost you time.
As Dampe races through this crypt, he will go through 3 doors that will 
close 10 seconds later. If you fail to make it through any of the 
doors, the race will end and start over. The same thing will happen if 
you fall into the gorge at the home stretch.
If you keep up with Dampe, he gives you a present - the Hookshot. Equip 
this to one of your C Buttons. It is an advanced version of the 
Boomerang - it can collect Skulltula Tokens, stun enemies and even pull 
yourself up if the chain grabs soft wood!
With the Hookshot in hand, it is time to head back to the Lost Woods. 
To exit Dampe's Crypt you must move the block in front of the exit. You 
see a familiar stone blocking the exit. Play the "Song Of Time" in 
front of it and it will move aside.
The exit drops you off on the top of the windmill. Grab the Piece of 
Heart on the neighboring ledge. If you want, talk to the Music Box 
player and show him your Ocarina. He will teach you the "Song Of 
Storms". Not much of use now, but it will prove its usefulness later in 
the game. 
Come back to Dampe's Grave when you have the time. If you complete the 
race in a minute or under, he will give you a Piece of Heart.

               -----------HOW TO GET EPONA-----------
It is true that Epona was meant to be your horse. But if you go back to 
Lon Lon Ranch, Ganondorf's corruption has spread here. Talon has been 
forced out and Ingo is now the owner of the Ranch.
If you talk to Ingo, he allows you to ride one of his horses. Once you 
are inside after paying 10 Rupees, call Epona by playing "Epona's Song" 
on your Ocarina. You will find the horse galloping to you.
The six carrots in the middle of the screen while riding a horse show 
many pats you can give the horse before the meter must recharge. 
Pressing the A Button allows you to give a horse a pat, allowing the 
horse go faster.
When you pay Ingo to ride one of his horses again, he challenges you to 
a race. Make sure you are riding on Epona and talk to Ingo.
If you win the first race, Ingo challenges you again and bets on the 
ownership of Epona. Use the same tactics as before.
When Ingo realizes which horse you are riding, he will lock the gates 
preventing you from exiting.
The front gate is a difficult jump to line up but you can make it over 
the outer fence with ease. Starting from the front gate, urge Epona 
into a gallop toward the middle section of the outer fence. This gives 
you lots of time to pick up Epona's speed. When Epona is at top speed, 
she reaches the fence and jumps over with ease.
Outside in Hyrule Field, you can ride Epona anywhere. She cannot enter 
cities or waddle on water. When you lose track of her, just play 
"Epona's Song" and if she can, she will come running to you.

              ----------THE FOREST TEMPLE-----------
By now, Navi tells you that she is concerned about things in Kokiri 
Forest and she is worried about Saria. Again, playing "Saria's Song" on 
your Ocarina is optional.
When you arrive at Kokiri Forest, you find that all your old friends 
have hidden indoors. Your old home has been overrun with giant Deku 
Babas and Mad Scrubs. Head directly to the Lost Woods. This time, you 
are not led by the sound of Saria's Ocarina. It is up to you to get 
there. If you forget the path I will show it to you again: 
Key: R = Right Tunnel 
     L = Left Tunnel 
     U = Straight Tunnel

From the Entrance from Kokiri Forest into the Lost Woods, follow this 
pattern to the Sacred Forest Meadow without getting lost: 

When you are about to enter the maze, Navi advises you to use the Z 
Button to peer around corners and check for enemies. The last time you 
came here, the maze was overrun with Mad Scrubs. Now it is overrun with 
giant goblin-like monsters wearing chain mail shorts and carrying big 
spears. If one of them sees you, it will charge at you. Stay out of 
sight until it turns back and use your Hookshot on his back. One shot 
is all it takes.
At the end of the maze, you will find a Moblin now guards the corridor 
leading to Saria's secret place. This giant hefts a large mallet that 
sends a quake through the earth when it hits. Dodge his blows by moving 
left and right. When you draw close to him, hit him from behind.
When you arrive at Saria's secret place, you will meet the mysterious 
Sheik. He teaches you the first of the six songs which allow you to 
warp to different locations. The "Minuet Of Forest" will always warp 
you back to the Triforce symbol in this area. When you acquire the 
Forest Medallion, remember to head back to the Temple of Time and Sheik 
will teach you the "Prelude Of Light" which warps you back to the 
Temple of Time.
Once you have learnt the "Minuet of Forest", you are prepared to enter 
the Forest Temple. If you need to stock up on Fairies, now it is the 
perfect time to do so especially when a Fairy's Fountain is nearby.
When you are ready, use your new Hookshot and aim for the tree limb 
above the broken staircase. To find out your range, move close and aim. 
When you see a red dot, you are in range, press the C button you equip 
the Hookshot to again and Link will fire it. After pulling yourself up, 
walk into the Forest Temple...

             ***********THE SMALL KEYS**********
The Forest Temple is your very first Dungeons where you will have to 
find Small Keys. The Small Keys are scattered everywhere in the Dungeon 
and you have to use them to unlock doors. You will also need to find 
the Boss Key, which allows you to unlock the door to the Boss Arena.
When you enter the front courtyard, two Wolfos jump out at you. No 
questions about defeating them. You have fought them before. When they 
let their guard down attack them and you have no problem disposing 
Climb on the vines to your right and walk onto the tree. On your right, 
defeat the Gold Skulltula, using your Hookshot, you can manually or log 
onto it and use your Hookshot to pull the Token towards you.
On the other tree, you should see a small Treasure Chest. Jump or 
Hookshot yourself to the other side and kick open the Chest to get your 
very first Small Key.
Entering the door, you find a Big Skulltula. You have definitely no 
questions about defeating this. You can use your sword to attack its 
soft belly or you can use your Hookshot to attack any part of its body.
As you enter the temple's main hall, you will notice the spectacle on 
the main floor. The four colored flames of the torches around an 
elevator suddenly leap up and take on the shapes of ghosts. These 
ghosts are called Poes. As they disperse, the elevator descends until 
the top melds with the floor. The four poes make up this Dungeon's sub-
bosses and you must defeat them to make the elevator rise so you can 
ride down to the Basement and only then, the Boss of this Dungeon will 
The door at the top of the staircase directly opposite the entrance is 
unlocked. A good indication to your next destination. As you are about 
to open the door, you hear the faint rustling of a Gold Skulltula. It 
is on the wall to your right, defeat it with your Hookshot and grab its 
When you open the door, you will confront a Blue Bubble. These things 
are all over the Temple. To defeat them, log onto it with Z Targeting 
and raise your shield, go close to it and one bump from your shield is 
all it takes to make it vulnerable. After you get rid of the Blue 
flame, strike it with your sword. Enter the next room.
In the next room, you will get stuck fighting two giant skeletons 
called Stalfos. As an adult, you will encounter more of these Stalfos. 
Take this time to create an effective attack style against them. You 
are sure to use Z Targeting. You can defeat them either by the Evade 
and Counter method which means is to dodge a shot by back flipping and 
striking them with your sword or you can do the backstab method. This 
method is to sidestep and launch your own attack from behind. Using the 
Evade and Counter method is probably the easiest method to defeat them.
Once you cleared them, a small Treasure Chest appears. Open it to get 
another Small Key.
Two Small Keys in hand now, head out the door to the northwest 
courtyard. A Time Block blocks you. Play the "Song Of Time" to unblock 
a door. Enter.
The inner courtyard is guarded by a giant Deku Baba and an Octorok 
swimming in the small brook. Ignore both and head directly to the vine 
covered wall to the right. Take out the first two Skulltulas on the 
wall with your Hookshot. You cannot reach the last one with your 
Hookshot, climb the vines and pass the last Skulltulas when it is 
facing away from you. If it sees you, it will charge at you and knock 
you to the ground.
Enter the door at the top and defeat the Blue Bubble inside to receive 
the Dungeon Map. When the doors unbar, leave by the one marked with the 
Forest Temple seal and you should be on a small balcony.
Hookshot over the other wall niche using the Hookshot above. These 
bull's-eye shaped blocks are made of a material that the Hookshot can 
cling to with ease. 
In the niche, step on the switch and watch the water in the well drain 
Back on the ground, head over to the well and descend to the bottom. 
Walk across to the other side picking up the Recovery Hearts and 
another Small Key.
With 3 Small Keys in your possessions, climb the wall of vines to the 
top and prepare to explore the Temple.

             ***********THE WESTERN ROOM*************
Unlock the western door in the main room of the Temple. After defeating 
the Big Skulltula, you will enter a cavernous room.
After disposing the Blue Bubble, climb up the two ladders on the wall 
to a small room. Navi hints out to you about arrows being painted on 
the floor. If you follow the arrows to the end, you will find a 
depression in the floor the size of a large block like the one in the 
short hallway to the left when you first entered this area. 
Pull the block out until it is fully in the hallway, then push it down 
the hall as far as it will go.
Run around and push it from its side and into the depression on the 
floor. Now you can climb it.
Climb the recessed ladder in the hall where the block was to the next 
level of rooms. Follow the ledge outside where a brown crescent block 
blocks a hallway. Push the block until it comes to a halt and take the 
ladder back down and climb up again using the first block. This way, 
you can finish pushing the brown block into place and continue climbing 
to the top. Now its time to find a new weapon.

              ***********THE FAIRY BOW*********
The passageway leads to a room occupied by two Blue Bubbles. Ignore 
them and the Eye Switch above the door. Beyond the door lies a twisted 
hallway. At the end is inhabited by strange creatures. When you enter, 
Navi warns you to watch for the shadows of creatures living on the 
ceiling. These hands drop down on stationary people and dispose them. 
Keep moving. You only have to jump to the block in front of you and 
then to the doorway to the right.
Head down the staircase into the room in the middle. Here a lone 
Stalfos drops in on you. After defeating it, its two other friends ride 
down from the floor above. After defeating all three, a large Treasure 
Chest appears, holding the Fairy Bow! This is the adult version of the 
Fairy Slingshot. Equip it to one of your C Buttons. Now its time to 
have fun with the "Little Women" poes.

      **********DEFEATING THE "LITTLE WOMEN" POES************
Head back out onto the west staircase where you notic a golden torch 
stands as a reminder of a Sub-boss battle in the making.
As you walk up and down the stairs, notice the paintings on the wall. A 
ghost inhabits one. Shoot the picture with an arrow while the ghost is 
present. Make sure it does not see you or it will flee to another 
When you shoot all three paintings, the poe appears and heads 
downstairs awaiting you for a fight.
Joelle is the first of the four "Little Women" Poes you will have to 
conquer. To defeat her, log onto her with Z Targeting and use your 
arrows to shoot her. If you score a hit, she will disappear. To make 
her reappear, go close to her but not too close! When she charges you 
with her spinning attack, she will reappear after the attack. Shoot her 
again. Repeat this 5 times to defeat her. She will then relight the 
torch. A small Chest appears. Open it to get a Small Key. 
Head to the east staircase and repeat the process for defeating Beth 
the Poe. Your reward for defeating her is the Compass. 
It is time to get your hands on the Boss Key. Head back down the 
twisted hallway and into the room with the two Blue Bubbles. Use your 
Bow to shoot the Eye Switch shut. This straightens the twisted hallway.
The room at the end also will have twisted and you will find a bright 
turquoise and yellow chest. First, you may want to lure the creature 
from the ceiling down. Stand still for a while until your shadow 
becomes bigger. Keep moving until the Wallmaster drops onto the ground. 
Defeat it using your sword and you will never see it again.
Open the bright colored chest to get your very first Boss Key. There is 
only one in each Dungeon.
Boss Key in hand, drop down the hole in the floor into the room below. 
Defeat the Blue Bubbles and you are allowed out on the ledge.
Grab the Recovery Hearts on the arch but do not fall off! You still got 
work to do here.
Defeat the giant Deku Baba and head into the first room to your right.
In this room, you must defeat a Floormaster to get the last Small Key 
of this Dungeon. Floormasters are similar to Wallmasters but these 
floor crawlers are more difficult to defeat.
When the floor crawler turns green, raise your shield to block its 
charge. When the hand bounces off, strike it with your sword. The death 
blow splits the hand into three smaller hands. Prepare to do a charged 
spin attack if you want to kill all of them at once. They have a nasty 
habit of squeezing the !@#$ out of you. If you do not kill them in 
time, they will become a big hand again.
When you defeat the Floormaster, a small Chest appears. Open it to get 
a Small Key.
With 2 Small Keys in possession, head back out to the ledge and go 
through the door on the right of your exit. You are back in the room 
with the 2 Blue Bubbles. Jump down and shoot the Eye Switch open.
Back in the east stairwell, it is time to open the locked door at the 
top of the stairs. Be careful of the Wallmasters while making your way 
to the locked door.
The hallway in the next room is straight but its resemblance to the 
previous one tells you that there is a way to twist it. Instead of 
dodging Blue Bubbles, you will encounter Green Bubbles. The flames 
around these Green Bubbles disappear naturally. When the flame 
disappears, one sword strike is enough to finish them off.
At the end of the hall, you will find yourself in a curious room. Here 
you must jump onto the moving circle of platforms and shoot the ice-
covered Eye Switch.
Plain arrows will not work so heat your arrows up by shooting them 
through the torch in the center of the room. This way you can melt the 
ice and trip the switch. You also can call down Din's Fire here.
Now that you have twisted the hallway, you will find that the room at 
the other end has also been twisted.
Dodge the Green Bubbles and drop into the new hole at the bottom of the 
room with the Wallmaster.
Watch out for the falling ceiling! If you are sharp, you notice the map 
shows two exits to this room. The one in the hallway to the right leads 
back into the north courtyard. Unless you need Recovery Heart in the 
chest below, bypass that path and deal with the ceiling directly.
As you make your way through the door on the other side, Big Skulltulas 
will guard the best open spaces. Defeat it quickly before the ceiling 
crashes onto you. Stepping on the switch you find somewhere on the 
right will cause a chest to drop from the top. Open it to get some 
In the room beyond, you will find another unlit torch and a bunch of 
blocks on the ceiling.
Look at the back wall to spot a large portrait of the next Poe. Shoot 
the painting and the blocks will drop to the ground. You will have a 
minute to push together the picture of the Poe. If you succeed, the 
fight begins. If you do not succeed, the blocks reshuffle and drop to 
the ground with 10 seconds added. This is also based on some luck. If 
you get a good configuration of blocks to begin, moving them into 
position would be easy.
When you push the picture together, the blocks recede into the floor 
and Amy the Poe appears. Defeat Amy like you did to her sisters. The 
larger room gives her more space to evade your Z Targeting so stay 
close to her but not too close remember! You will not get anything 
except some arrows to refill your arrows. You have killed 3 Poes. Only 
one more left!
Walk through the next hallway and you will find yourself back in the 
main hall of the Temple. Meg, the last of the Poe sisters, is waiting 
for you in the center. She splits into four parts and circles you. 
Defeating her may be easy or hard as choosing the right ghost to hit. 
Standing in the middle, raise your bow and take aim. If you think that 
you have the correct ghost in front of you, shoot it. If you are right, 
the Poe will disappear to regroup after screaming in pain. If you are 
wrong, you have two more chances before you take an automatic hit from 
Meg. The real ghost usually spins around once upon appearing. Try not 
to fight the Poe in first-person view. You cannot see all four ghosts 
in first-person view. After shooting the Poe 5 times, she crumbles and 
relights her torch, causing the elevator beneath you to rise.
Take this moment to scour the main hall for supplies before heading 
down to the Basement where the Boss lurks. 
You can break the earthenware jugs by the staircases around the main 
hall. Once you are ready, step on the elevator which will take you down 
the Basement. 

               ***********THE BASEMENT*********** 
The trick with the basement lies in its rotating walls. When you 
arrive, the iron bars stationed everywhere block your paths. The switch 
behind the south room's gates provides a hint of what is in store.
Grab hold of a wall and give it a push in a counter-clockwise 
direction. It rolls forward into its next position automatically, 
exposing an alcove with a single floor switch. Press down on the switch 
and a door opens somewhere.
Give the wall another push in the same direction and see what rooms 
open this time.
After the third push, you will find a room with a Big Skulltula, a 
chest with arrows and a Gold Skulltula.
After the fourth push, you are able to access the south room with the 
switch, which opens the door to the hallway to the Boss Areana. Before 
unlocking the Boss door, make sure you are stocked up with Fairies. 
This battle is going to turn quite hard.

Entering the Boss Arena, you find yourself in a small personal gallery. 
The problem is all the paintings are the same. Step on the Triforce 
crest and when you try to leave, a gate traps you inside.
Oh no! It is Ganondorf! But is it? When you get a closer look, he rips 
off his mask to reveal a phantom.
As he rides off into one of the paintings, you know that it is going to 
be a serious battle.
The battle is split into two parts, first, you have to avoid standing 
in the middle.
You must shoot the Boss three times with an arrow as he tries to exit a 
painting. To make things more challenging, Phantom Ganon has a phantom, 
riding the paintings with him. When you think you got the Boss, think 
again. When the phantom turns back, the real Boss appears on some other 
painting. Avoid standing on the middle of the arena, if you do not do 
so, you will get struck by the Boss's fireballs.
If you are really lucky, the painting the real Boss comes out from will 
be next door but it will be several frames away doing the battle.
You also can shoot the Boss while he is in the air. After the third 
arrow, the real fun begins.
Now for the second part of the battle: Take out your sword and prepare 
to play baseball - well sort of. Now you must return the Boss's 
fireballs to hit himself. You have to time your strokes so you bat back 
the ball of light before it hits you. The best is to log onto the Boss 
with Z Targeting. 
Be careful though, the Boss will fly around at odd angles. Do not go 
too close to the Boss as you have little time to time your stroke. If 
you cannot hit the fireball in time, quickly raise your shield to block 
the fireball.
When you hit Phantom Ganon with his own fireball, he crashes to the 
ground. Run toward him and attack him with your sword. Jump Attacks 
work very well here.
After the fourth attack, the Boss should be nearing the end of his 
Health Meter and he will introduce a new attack.
When you see the boss charge up this staff with a kaleidoscopic light, 
prepare to move fast. The Boss will hop on his staff and ride it like a 
broom. If you wait until he targets you and starts your swoop, you can 
sidestep him and dodge his attacks.
When Phantom Ganon dies, the real Ganondorf is impressed by your 
strength but warns you that the battle with him will be far more 
Grab your Heart Container and hop into the warp portal, which 
transports you to the Chamber of Sages, located in the Temple of Light. 
There, an old friend awaits you.
Saria has awoken as the Sage of the Forest Temple and adds her power to 
yours by giving you the Forest Medallion. One down, 4 more to go.
Instead of transporting you back to the Sacred Forest Meadow, the 
portal transports you back to Kokiri Forest, The Great Deku Tree. A new 
sprout waits to come forth. The Deku Tree Sprout tells you about your 
past and why you were destined to become the Hero of Time.

| 5. The Fire Medallion                                                

Deep in the Death Mountain Crater lies the entrance to the Fire Temple. 
However, you know that the heat there is unbearable. To solve your 
problem, head to Goron City.
By now Navi, should be telling you about the strange cloud above Death 
Mountain. There is a slight problem getting to the Fire Temple besides 
the unbearable heat, there is no way to cross from the south part of 
the crater to the north part, where the Fire Temple is located. 
Everything is too far or blocked by unbombable boulders. First, you 
have to head to Goron City, where you may get the Heat-resistant Goron 

        ************LINK AND THE GORON TUNIC***********
When you arrive in Goron City, you find the whole place deserted. But 
if you head to the middle floor, a young Goron is rolling around the 
There is only one way to stop him. A Bomb blast will bring this Goron 
to his senses. But he can sense any obstruction in his path. Setting a 
Bomb down will not do. Instead, prepare a Bomb when he rolls toward you 
and when he reverses direction, toss the Bomb ahead of him. He will run 
into it or the blast will get him and he will stop.
The young Goron's name bears the same name as you. In this case, Link. 
He is the son of your Sworn Brother, Darunia. Young Link admires your 
courage so much that he calls you the Ancient Dodongo Buster. He wants 
your autograph but this may not be the time for it. Young Link tells 
you about what happened to the other Gorons and Darunia's rescue plans.
Ganondorf plans to feed the Gorons to a newly revived dragon in the 
volcano to warn anyone who opposes him. After you ask him all two 
questions you can choose, the young Goron gives you a free Goron Tunic. 
In Darunia's Statue Room, pull the huge statue to uncover a secret 
entrance into the Crater. Put on your Goron Tunic quickly! You will be 
spending a lot of time here.
The bridge to the right leads to a dead end. There is a Great Fairy's 
Fountain behind that dark-brown boulder but you will need something 
stronger than a Bomb blast to blow the boulder up.
The bridge to the left is broken, but your Hookshot is just the right 
length to reach the wooden beam over the intact section. Hookshot over 
and Sheik appears.
After another short briefing, Sheik teaches you the "Bolero of Fire" 
This song warps you right on the Triforce Symbol in front of the 
entrance to the Fire Temple itself.
When Sheik leaves, proceed into the cave and down the long ladder into 
the Fire Temple...

          ---------------THE FIRE TEMPLE---------------
The fire and molten lava in this Temple is sure to burn you up. 
Remember to put on your Goron Tunic. The Keese and Red Bubbles that 
next here are usually covered in flame as they have adapted to the 
surroundings. The lava won't swallow you whole, but it will eat away 
your Health Meter so be on your toes.

             ***********FLOOR 1 FIRE ROOM************
When you enter the Fire Temple, walk up the stairs and immediately 
proceed to the door on the left, ignoring the Fire Keese above. When 
you enter the room, you will see your Sworn Brother, Darunia preparing 
himself to enter the Boss Arena, he is shocked by your appearance and 
he then remembers that it has been 7 years since you last saw him. 
After a brief outline of his plans, Darunia enters the Boss Arena and 
tries to seal the dragon from eating his people. Your task is to rescue 
nine Gorons that are trapped in this Temple.
The Fire Temple is one of the easiest Temples. It is all with the Small 
Keys and the Boss Key. Every cell that has a Goron locked in it holds a 
Small Key. To find the next key, you will only need to find the next 
Goron locked in a cell. Nine Gorons are trapped in the Temple.
The first locked Goron is in a cell on the left side of the room. Use 
the platforms to jump to the southwest corner. Step on the switch and 
watch the cell door open.
Grab your key and talk to the Goron as that is the official way of 
freeing him. For your kindness, each Goron you free in this Temple will 
tell you a handy tip. In the Temple, you will come across some Gorons 
that will say something about the Gorons' "Special Crop", this refers 
to Bombs.
Using the key, enter the locked door to the right of the Temple's 
You will find yourself on a bridge spanning a lake of molten lava. 
Pieces of rocks and bricks make it possible for you to reach the 
platforms at the north and south ends of the room. Watch out for the 
Fire Keese and Red Bubbles.
First, hop off the bridge and head to the north side of the room. The 
large chunks of block and moving platforms make this journey safe. If 
you fall in the lava, just walk to the nearest platform and keep going.
Head down the open hallway and rescue the second Goron. Do not forget 
to grab the Small Key and talk to the Goron.
Next, use the "Song of Time" to call down the Time Block from the top 
of the covered doorway to the indentation below. Climb on it to reach 
the door up top.
Inside, you will not find another Goron but you will see a new monster. 
After dealing with the flying floor tiles by blocking them with your 
shield, focus on the new monster on the other side of the room.
It is the Like Like, and it has appetite on Hylian Shields and Tunics. 
It sucks you in and spits you out after sucking down the items it 
likes. Use your Bow to shoot it from afar and you will not be worried 
to get sucked by it. If you become lunch for a while, defeat the Like 
Like quickly to get back your possessions. 
Remember to kill the Gold Skulltula near the Like Like.
With 1 Small Key in possession, race to the south end of the room. In 
the south corner, you will find a suspicious-looking wall. Blast the 
wall with a Bomb and open the door uncovered. There, you find the third 
Goron. Remember to take the Small Key and talk to the Goron.
With 2 Small Keys in possession, it is time to unlock the door directly 
opposite the entrance of the main room. Meaning, across the bridge. 
Behind the locked door lies a fenced-in room where a column of fire 
skywards. Slide down the wooden plank and climb up the fence to your 
Once you are on the top of the fence, kill the two bats and jump to the 
platform with the block below. Push the block off the platform onto the 
floor over the column of flame. The force of the fiery blast will carry 
the block with anything on it to the top. Ride on it.

       **********FLOOR TWO: SWITCHES AND HOOKSHOTS**********
Once the fiery blast pushes you up along with the block up above, exit 
through the locked door and enter a room with a Goron trapped in a cell 
with no way to free it for the time being. Closer inspection reveals a 
switch on the other side of the gates. You must find a way to get into 
that corridor.
Perhaps the fire-covered climbing wall at the top of the cell will lead 
you there. Before you can give it a shot, you must find a way to 
extinguish the fire. Climb up to the steps to your left, avoiding the 
Torch Slugs, these Slugs charge at you upon sight. To defeat them, hit 
it once to extinguish its flames, follow by a few more sword strikes to 
defeat it. Jump to the next platform where you will find a Crystal 
Switch and a Crescent Block. Push the block off the platform and pull 
it to the end of its groove. Now you can climb on top of it and reach 
the rough part of the wall leading to the top of the cell. Hitting the 
Crystal Switch with any weapon will extinguish the fire blocking the 
passage to the next level. But hitting it with your sword will not give 
you enough time to reach and climb the fenced wall before the flame 
rises again. Then, run to the door that is on the ledge to your right.

          ***********FLOOR THREE: BOULDER MAZE***********
On the other side, you will find yourself in the middle of the Boulder 
Maze. This area is shown from top to down perspective so get used to 
this view quickly. The boulders run in patterns and if you observe and 
learn, you can make it without a scratch.
Head to the first niche on the north wall. Bomb the wall to reveal a 
hidden Gold Skulltula.
To the left of this area is another niche. Its door leads to the fourth 
Goron's Cell. Step the switch and free the Goron and do not forget to 
grab the Small Key.
Now you must navigate the maze to the south end, where two more Gorons 
are waiting to be rescued.
The fifth Goron of this Temple lies almost opposite the place where you 
found the hidden Gold Skulltula. Remember to take the Small Key and 
talk to the Goron.
As the other one in this room is in a cell up above, you must find a 
way to rescue him from the top of the maze.
For now, travel to the door on the north end of the semicircular wall 
on the room's west side. Unlock the door.
Inside the next room, you will find a ledge full of Recovery Hearts and 
two doors. The one opposite the heart ledge is barred. Shoot the Eye 
Switch closed.
Make your way carefully over the narrow walkway to the door and open 
it. You will enter a caged room with a large Treasure Chest. Open the 
chest and receive the Dungeon Map.
Leave the room and unlock the door to your right.
In the next room, when you hop onto the grate over the lava, Link turns 
back to see a wall of flame advancing.
Run to the other side and look out for the Red Bubbles. As you jump 
over open expanses of lava, they tend to jump out and try to hit you.
Now go through the door on the other side to find yourself at the top 
of the boulder maze. Look up to your right and see an inverted pyramid. 
Navi goes green with excitement. Note this location and return here 
after you have the Longshot and the "Scarecrow's Song". Playing the 
"Scarecrow's Song" summons Pierre the traveling Scarecrow. Use your 
Longshot at Pierre to pull yourself up. This is optional.
Set a Bomb in the middle of a suspicious crack and climb down the 
grate. Rescue another Goron and remember to grab the Small Key and talk 
to him.
Climb back up to the top of the Boulder Maze jump from platform to 
platform to the seventh Goron's cell. Step on the switch in the room's 
southeast corner to open the gate, Watch out for the Torch Slugs on 
your way. Talk to the Goron and grab the Small Key.
Two Small Keys in your hand, head back to the lava room.
Use either the door, lower or upper and head to the locked door on the 
west side of that room. 
You can jump there from the grated floor too.

             ***********THE MEGATON HAMMER**********
Walk through the hallway into the next room. Inside, Navi hints to you 
to the column hanging throw a hole in the floor.
It looks like you are over the room leading to the Boss Arena, and the 
column ahead is the one you must pound down into the lava below. 
However, you do not have anything powerful enough to accomplish that 
Head to the north side of the room and you will run into your very 
first fake door. These are pretty obvious but some hide real door or 
switches behind them so it may be a good idea to check them out. To 
destroy these fake doors, blast them with a Bomb.
This room resembles the Boulder Maze. It has some boulders rolling 
about in a maze-like structure.
Most of the walls her are not made of stone but of flame. On the north 
wall, you will find the Compass.
On the south side of the room, make your way through the maze to the 
door on the far side of the center tower. Inside you will find a Goron, 
but no practical way of getting him out yet.
Leave by the opposite door and make your way through the maze to a 
floor switch. Stepping on it turns off the flames, creating a barricade 
on the stage to your left. Run and try to make it to the stage before 
the flames reappear.
Stock up on Bombs from the earthenware jugs before entering the next 
room. Bomb the fake door to uncover a real door.
Enter the next door and find your exit sealed. You are in a room with 
the Sub-boss of this Dungeon: Flare Dancer.
These are the flaming creatures that jumps out from the fire in the 
middle of the room.
To extinguish its flames, use your Hookshot or Bombs on its head. Using 
the Bombs is also quite dangerous. The Flare Dancer has to be in range 
of explosion before you set down the Bomb. This method is similar to 
Using the Hookshot, log onto the Flare Dancer and use the Hookshot to 
pull its head out and to you. 
The head then runs around the room. Cornering is the key to score a 
hit. Remember Jump Attack does double damage. After 4 hits, the head 
jumps back into the flames for a recharge. Repeat this process until 
the final color of the Flare Dancer is green. When you deliver the 
death blow, it explodes.
When the Flare Dancer is defeated, the fire on the platform in the 
middle of the room dies and you can hop onto it and ride it up.
The next room has a puzzle, similar to that on the second floor. Again, 
fire covers the wall you can climb and a Crystal Switch controls the 
fire. Climb to the top of the platform and position yourself at the 
edge, so you can Hookshot the switch. Then rush to climb the wall 
before the timer runs out. You can also drop a Bomb over the edge, next 
to the switch. This gives you more time to prepare to climb up the 
In the next room, climb to the top of the ledge, there, you will find a 
floor switch that lowers the flames around a Treasure Chest at the 
other end of the room. Step on the switch and then run around to the 
chest, using the narrow ledge around the room's inner curve. Be careful 
not to fall down. Once you reach the Treasure Chest, open it to get the 
Legendary Megaton Hammer! It is so heavy, that you must hold it with 
two hands.
Time to test your new hammer. Head back to the small platform you saw 
when you entered the room and use your Hammer to pound it down to the 
next floor. The force of the hammer is so strong that it breaks its 
bond and the platform crashes down to the fourth floor.
You see a statue. Knock it away with your hammer.
In the next room, use the Hammer again on the small stake to break the 
floor below into stairs. There is a floor switch at the foot of the 
steps but needs something to be pressed on it.
Grab a box from the top of the stairs and place it on the switch to 
hold it down. Exit into the next room.
Again, stand on the block and pound it with your hammer to travel down 
to the next floor. This block provides a bridge between the column you 
need to send to the first floor and the ledge opposite, which leads 
into the eighth Goron's cell. But do not do it yet!
When you climb up, you see a barred door. Navi then points out to you a 
rusted switch. Use your hammer to pound it down and the bars rise up.
Inside, play the "Song Of Time" to call down a Time Block onto the 
floor, acting like a bridge between both ledges. Hop over to the far 
ledge and use your hammer on the rusted switch. The Goron's cell below 
opens grab the last Small Key of the Dungeon. Only 1 more Goron left to 
Head back out and pound the top of the column as before and it will 
slide out of its holder into the room below, falling right into place 
in the center. Now you can reach the Boss Door once you have the Boss 

                ***********THE BOSS KEY***********
Use your hammer to smack the statue on the right of the entrance to the 
Temple. After you smack it out, use your key to unlock the door.
Open the door and enter a room full of Torch Slugs and Fire Keese. When 
you kill them all, the next door opens.
In the next room, you come across with another Like Like. After 
blocking the flying tiles with your shield, use your arrow to dispose 
of the Like Like. The exit door opens after you have disposed of them 
all. Remember to destroy the Gold Skulltula near the Like Like.
In the next room, you will come in battle with another Flare Dancer. 
Since you have the Megaton Hammer, it works better than both Hookshot 
and Bombs combined. Pound the floor near the Flare Dancer and the 
flames dissipate instantly. Then attack as you usually do. After you 
defeat the Flare Dancer, you can grab the Bombs in a chest on the 
pedestal in the middle of the room.
Enter the newly opened door and you finally found the last Goron with 
the Boss Key.
Now that you have done your duty of freeing the Gorons, it is time to 
help out Darunia in the Boss Arena.
Before you unlock the Boss Door, take a few seconds to Hookshot over to 
the playform in the room's northwest corner. On the top step, you will 
find four earthenware jugs. Two hold Fairies. If you have any empty 
bottles, capture them. Now you are ready.
Unlock the Boss Door and in you go! 
      **********SUBTERRANEAN LAVA DRAGON: VOLVAGIA************
You enter the Arena but there is no place to go except to that round 
piece of volcanic crust. As you step off the brick bridge, the room 
starts shaking and a dragon erupts from a hole. Get ready.
Volvagia is probably on of the easiest Boss you will face. If you can 
constantly keep on your toes to avoid his attacks, you have a chance of 
leaving this Arena without a scratch.
Basically, Volvagia has two attacks and they come randomly. 
First, you must use your hammer to pound his head when the dragon 
erupts from a lava pit. This stuns the dragon, allowing you to attack 
it with your sword. Jump Attack definitely works well here.
When you score a hit on a head from the hammer and a few swipes from 
your sword, Volvagia will perform one of his two attacks randomly. 
The first attack on me was to erupt from the ground and circle you 
breathing short jets of flame. Keep in front of it, but off to one 
side. You want to be able to see where it is going to breathe next and 
move out of they way. If you evade its breath, you only fear getting in 
the way of one of its claws. If it passes overhead, duck and cover 
yourself with your shield. A well-aimed arrow to the head will stop it 
Volvagia's second attack calls down rocks into the Arena. They are easy 
to dodge if you can figure out where the stream of boulders will start 
to land and stay ahead of or behind the falling rocks. As Volvalgia 
settles back into the molten crust, the boulders fall down around its 
hole so stay out. There is another way to dodge these rocks. When the 
dragon comes out of his hole, immediately go to the edge of the Arena. 
The walls are climbable so you can wait until it is safe to climb up 
again. Not bad huh?
After each attack, run to the edge of the Arena, where you can get a 
good view of the lava holes. When the dragon starts to jut its head 
out, run to it before it can inhale to breathe fire out at you or swipe 
you with its claws.
Keep repeating this process for about five to seven blows. When the 
final blow is delivered, it retreats back and launches itself back into 
the air.
In midair, the dragon burns up and his bones all fall to the ground. 
Its head lands next to you and it turns into your reward: another Heart 
Container. Grab it and step into the warp portal, which will transport 
you to the Chamber of Sages.
As you make your way to the Temple of Light, the ominous cloud around 
Death Mountain is sucked away and becomes peaceful again.
No surprise: Darunia is the Sage of the Fire Temple. He gives you a 
Fire Medallion to add his powers to yours and also serves as a token of 
brothership. Another one down, three more to go.

When you return back to the Crater, it is time to take a visit to a 
hidden Great Fairy's Fountain. Located on the right of where you 
entered the crater, you see dark brown boulders. Use your Megaton 
Hammer to smash the rocks into pieces. Enter. Stand on the Triforce 
crest and play "Zelda's Lullaby" to summon the Great Fairy of Magic. 
She then doubles up your magic meter. Now your Magic Meter is two times 
longer than the original value.

| 6. The Water Medallion                                               

By now, Navi should be hinting to you about an artic wind blowing from 
Zora's River. When you arrive in Zora's Domain, you are sure to be 
shocked - the whole of Zora's Domain and its entire people are frozen 
under ice.
However, lucky for King Zora, you find out that he is encased in Red 
Ice - a Blue Fire can melt this type of ice. When you return to Zora's 
Fountain, that useless fish that sucked you in 7 years ago for nothing 
is gone. Icebergs float around the fountain area.
If you have not gotten Farore's Wind from the Great Fairy in Zora's 
Fountain, now is the time to do so. Although it is not compulsory to do 
so, it may help you. Follow the water to the right of the entrance, 
past the small tree trunk, to a small plot of land. Bomb the light 
brown boulder and an entire wall gets blown up. Enter the secret 
Inside, play "Zelda's Lullaby" to summon another Great Fairy of Magic 
who will then give you the warping spell. 
Swim in the freezing waters and make your way to the ledge leading to a 
cave entrance. Do not enter yet... I head you can get a Piece of Heart 
around these parts...
Explore the icebergs on the eastern portion of the lake. There you find 
a Piece of Heart.
Now it is time to enter the cave, called Ice Cavern. Once you have 
located the ledge, jump off the iceberg you are on, pull yourself up 
and walk into the cave. 

                 -----------ICE CAVERN---------
Although this Dungeon is not that big, it is easy to get turned around 
in its winding, freezing passages. Of course, you should find your 
Dungeon Map first to prevent getting lost.

                **********FREEZZARD ROOM**********
As you enter the first chamber, your main concern will not be the Razor 
moving around at top speed, but, you will be looking at those nasty-
Armos-like statues. These are Freezzards. If you get too close, their 
artic blasts will freeze you solid.  Attack them with your sword and 
you will never see them again.

                 ***********ICE BLADE ROOM**********
The ice fan's blade slices anything in its path. Move in the direction 
the blades spin to collect three Silver Rupees sitting out in the open. 
The fourth Rupee hides behind the pair of stalagmites, just left of 
your entrance. You can get the fifth only by jumping off the icy 
platform in front of the barred passage. Collecting all five Silver 
Rupees opens up a new passageway.
In the next area, defeat the Freezzards and carefully pass through the 
Razors and walk into the next room.
To reach many items in this room, you must climb the sloped platform in 
front of you and carefully navigate the slippery bridges. On your way, 
you will encounter Freezzards. Wait for their artic blasts to dissipate 
before going in for the attack.
Three Recovery Hearts on the east most platform will help you regain 
lost health.
Collect the strange Blue Fire in any empty bottles you may have. This 
Blue Fire serves a purpose - it melts red ice.
Use the Blue Fire to melt the red ice encasing the Treasure Chest on 
the platform to the left. Recover the Dungeon Map and grab at least a 
bottle of Blue Fire. Head back to the ice blade room where you 
collected the five Silver Rupees.
In the blade room, melt the red ice wall in the southeast corner. Break 
into the Chamber by smashing the icicles in your path by using your 
Within this chamber lies another Blue Fire brazier. Shatter all the icy 
stalagmites to reach two frozen Treasures. Use the Blue Fire to melt 
the red ice around both the Piece of Heart and the Treasure Chest 
containing the Compass. Now you can track down the location of the 
treasure you are looking for: the Iron Boots.
Again, refill your stocks of Blue Fire before proceeding. Head back to 
the blade room.
Melting the wall on the west side of the blade room grants you access 
to a huge cave filled with platforms and five Silver Rupees. To reach 
the final chamber, you must collect all five Silver Rupees and unlock 
the passage at the south end of this area.
First, you may want to clear all the Ice Keese in this area. Use your 
bow and shoot them down. If these Ice Keese score a hit to you, you 
will be trapped in a chunk of ice that saps your health for a few 
Move up against the large block of ice to either climb on it or push 
it. You must push this block around the room to reach and collect all 
five Silver Rupees. If you accidentally push the block to the wrong 
place, you can push it into one of the bottomless pit areas in the 
corners. Doing this produces another large block in its original 
location. The last Rupee lies in the small alcove at the north end of 
the room. Use the Blue Fire to melt the red ice and claim the Rupee. 
The small alcove on the west side of the room houses at third Blue Fire 
brazier, where you can refill your empty bottles. Make sure that you 
must have two bottles of Blue Fire before you proceed to the next room.
After you collect all five Silver Rupees, reset the floating ice block 
by pushing it into one of the bottomless pits at any corner of the 
room. From its original location, push it east and then south. From 
there, you can climb on the block and jump to the ledge. If you play 
the "Song Of Time" in this room, you can get the Red Rupees floating 
Defeat the Freezzard and shatter all the obstructing icicles in your 
path and make your way through the passageway. You need a Bottle of 
Blue Fire to melt the red ice. You should have one more bottle of Blue 
Fire in your possessions.
Enter the next room to confront an Ice Wolfos. They are the same as 
regular Wolfos just that they are slightly bigger than regular Wolfos. 
Defeat it when they let their guard down.
When you defeat the Wolfos, a large Treasure Chest appears. Open it to 
receive the Iron Boots! These boots are made of iron, so it has a heavy 
weight, so heavy that anyone wearing these boots will sink underwater. 
As you turn around, Sheik appears. He tells you that he had rescued 
Princess Ruto before Zora's Domain became frozen. He then teaches you 
the "Serenade Of Water", which allows you to warp to Lake Hylia, where 
the Water Temple is located. 
A shortcut out of the Ice Cavern lies behind the chest. Equip your 
newly acquired Iron Boots and sink into the water. You cannot breathe 
underwater so move quickly. 
If you equipped your Hookshot, you should realize that the Hookshot is 
also useable underwater! 
Enter the door once you are underwater. When you pass through the door, 
equip back the Kokiri Boots and float back to the water surface. You 
will find yourself back in the first chamber. Exit to the south and you 
are back in Zora's Fountain.
Back outside, equip your Iron Boots and sink below. Once you touch the 
ground, grab the Piece of Heart somewhere in the middle. Then float 
back up. It is time to rescue King Zora from the red ice. 
Back at King Zora's throne, release the Blue Fire and thaw King Zora. 
Standing on the block and talking to King Zora, he is extremely 
grateful and rewards you with the Zora Tunic! With this Tunic, you will 
not choke underwater but that does not allow you to dive deeper 
remember that.
Now that you have the Zora Tunic, it is time to lend Princess Ruto a 
hand. Play the "Serenade Of Water" to warp to Lake Hylia.
Jump off the north end of the island, equip your Zora Tunic and your 
Iron Boots and you will sink in front of the entrance of the Water 
Using your Hookshot, shoot the green jewel above the gated doorway to 
raise the gate and enter the Water Temple...

                -----------WATER TEMPLE-----------
The Water Temple will be one of the most confusing Dungeons you will 
face. Make sure you know your directions well as I will be using 
sentences like "Open the door from the south/north/east/west" If you 
are unsure, always save before unlocking a door. If you open the wrong 
door with a Small Key and you save, your game file is finished; you 
cannot pass through the Temple.

          *********FLOOR 3F: START OF THE DUNGEON*********
Remove the Iron Boots to float to the surface, then Hookshot yourself 
to the platform on the other side. Then, jump down, equip your Iron 
Boots and sink below to Floor 1F.
Once there, explore around until you see two torches. Enter the 
passageway. I think it should be around the right side of the entrance. 
But just see 2 torches and enter the passageway. I will try to confirm 
the location in the next version.

              *********FLOOR 1F: EAST PASSAGE**********
As you walk along the passageway, you see Princess Ruto. She, too, 
wants to save Zora's Domain and its people. She then gives a briefing 
to you about the Water Temple: There are three places where you can 
change the water level to its Lowest, Medium and Highest.
Follow Ruto by floating back up all the way.
Once you reach the water's surface, pull yourself out and you see a 
Triforce Symbol. Play "Zelda's Lullaby" in front of it to lower the 
water to its lowest level.

                 ==============SPIKE ROOM==============
Enter the room closest to you to find yourself trapped in a room filled 
with large spheres with spikes protruding from them.
Wait for the spikes to retract and hit them with the sword or hammer.
After defeating all four of them, you get the Dungeon Map.

                 ==============TORCH ROOM==============
With the water at its lowest, exit the Spike room and jump down to 
Floor 1F - you will not get hurt so do not worry. Use the Fairy Bow to 
send arrows through the torch in the room and light the two torches on 
the east wall. You must be quick in lighting the second torch before 
the first one goes out. Lighting both torches raises the iron bars 
across the door on the east wall. Enter the next room.

               ============SHELL BLADE ROOM===========
When you enter the next room, you will come face to face with a few 
Shell Blades. These Shell Blades are easy to defeat but sometimes very 
To defeat them, wait for their mouths to open, exposing their soft 
underbelly. Using Z Targeting, aim for the underbelly using your 
Hookshot or Bow. If you miss, the Shell Blade will turn back and try to 
hit you with its Spike. If that is the case, raise your shield to block 
it. Using your Hookshot is better so you can adapt using it, as you 
will encounter more of these underwater later in the Dungeon. The Bow 
is fast but it cannot be used underwater.
Once you have disposed of the Shell Blades, you get a Small Key.

              **********FLOOR 1F: WEST PASSAGE**********
With the water level still at its lowest, move up against the crescent 
block on the west side of the floor's central area. Once there, push 
the crescent block until it drops to the passageway under water below.
Equip your Iron Boots and sink to the bottom.
Make your way to the north end of the corridor before removing them to 
float up.
In the next room, trigger the rise of the water column by striking the 
Crystal Switch. Once the water column has rise, use it as a jumping pad 
to reach the doorway at the other side of the room.
In the next room, you should see a stone serpent below the water and 
with its tail. As the swift current drags you round and round, throw in 
the Iron Boots as you are pulled along the room's north wall to sink 
onto the tail.
From there, use your Hookshot to activate the Crystal Switch in the 
serpent's mouth to raise the gates. Then, use the Hookshot Target on 
the ledge to the right to pull yourself into the niche.
You see two Shell Blades. However, the gate behinds you slams shut, 
giving you less allowance to dodge their spikes. If you can, clear them 
away or ignore and float to the top.
Once you pull yourself out of the water, open the small Chest to get a 
Small Key. Strike the Crystal Switch to open the gate where you 
With 2 Small Keys in possession, head back to the place where you 
pushed the crescent block into the water, float yourself back up and 
head back to the central area.

                 ============SOUTH PASSAGE============
With the water level at its lowest, and you are back at Floor 1F, head 
to the south passage, you should see a fissure on the floor. Set the 
Bomb down and blow it up, revealing an underwater passage.
Wear your Iron Boots and sink below.
On your way, dispose of the Shell Blade and float to the chamber above 
once you reach the other end of the passageway.
Once you are on the surface, trigger the floor switch on the closest 
platform raises the water level, as well as the dragon-headed statue in 
the distance.
Target the dragon statue's neck with the Hookshot and pull yourself to 
the platform.
Defeat the two Blue Tektites on the platform.
At the cell at the back of this chamber holds a Gold Skulltula. There 
is no obvious way to raise the bars, however, closer inspection reveals 
a Crystal Switch behind the gates.
Using the Charge Spin Attack, press and hold the B Button until a 
bright orange-red color glows from your sword. Release the B Button and 
the spin will hit the Crystal Switch, raising the gates, allowing you 
to get that Gold Skulltula.

              ============CENTER BUILDING=============
Make your way to the locked door at the south end if the building in 
the center of the area on Floor 1F. Again, if you are unsure of 
unlocking the correct door, save first.
Inside, turn around and pan up to see the Hookshot Target on the ledge 
Using the Hookshot, pull yourself up to the next level. There, you find 
another Triforce Crest carved in the wall. Play "Zelda's Lullaby" in 
front of it to raise the water level.
As the water level rises, watch the wooden block rising with it, 
revealing a secret passageway underneath. Equip the Iron Boots and make 
your way into the secret passageway.

          ************FLOOR B1: SPIKE TRAP ROOM**************
In the next room, activate the Crystal Switch in the northeast corner 
by hitting it with the Hookshot.
This releases Spike Traps! You know how to defeat the Shell Blades and 
the spheres with pointy spikes. Use your Hookshot to eliminate them. 
Use your shield to block the spikes if the need arises.
After you dispose all of the spikes, the iron gate at the southeast 
corner retracts, allowing you to float into the chamber above. Take off 
your Iron Boots and recover the Small Key in the Chest.

              ***********FLOOR 2F: EAST ROOM************
Make your way back to the center area, enter the structure, and 
Hookshot up to the platform where you found the Triforce carving. Play 
the "Song Of Time" to raise the water level halfway up.
Exit and proceed to the west side of the ledge that runs along the 
structure's walls.
Use your leaping ability to span the gap to reach the platform with the 
two clay jars.
Travel down to the platform on the other side of the jagged stones.
From there, Hookshot back to the platform high above by targeting the 
farthest of the three Hookshot targets on the ceiling.

             ***********FLOOR 3F: THE COMPASS***********
Position yourself as close to the Treasure Chest holding the Compass, 
target the Crystal Switch in the northwest corner, use the Hookshot or 
Bow to lower the column of water surrounding it. When the water shield 
drops, open the chest to get the Compass.

              ************FLOORS 1F AND 2F*************
Use the Iron Boots to sink back down to 1F and head back to the place 
where you met Princess Ruto. Once there, unequip the boots and float 
back to Floor 2F. To open the other side of the room holding a Small 
Key, place a Bomb on the floor near the fissure in the wall.
Head back to Floor 2F, use the Hookshot to the west platform and use a 
Small Key to unlock the door there. Again, if you are unsure, save 
before unlocking the door.

In the next room, stand in the column of water and trigger the Crystal 
Switch at the north end using the Bow or Hookshot. The water column 
will rise and carry you to Floor 3F. Be careful of the Blue Tektite 
When you exit the room, you will find the third Triforce Symbol. Play 
"Zelda's Lullaby" in front of it and the water level will rise to its 
highest. Remember how to come back here later. You will have to raise 
the water level to its highest again.

                **********FLOOR 3F: EAST SIDE CORRIDOR***********
Now that the water level is at its highest, you can reach the corridor 
on the east side. Once you are inside, equip your Iron Boots and drop 
to Floor 2F.
Pull the crescent block back as far as it will go and make your way 
back to the west side, to the platform with the locked door.
Unlock the door and explore. Unsure? Save before you open.

                 ==============CASCADING FALLS ROOM==============
Once inside, defeat the two Keese before proceeding. Then slide down to 
the platform below.
The next platform rides on a rail that rises and falls along the sloped 
wall. Jump onto it and wait for it to lower.
When the moving platform reaches it lowest point, jump to the platform 
on the water, on the right side, from there, target the nearest 
descending platform using the Hookshot. If you are very fast, you can 
grab the kill the Gold Skulltula on the right side of the room so you 
can avoid coming back once you have the Longshot in hand.
Once you reach the top, use your last remaining key to unlock the door.

                =============DRAGON HEAD ROOM============
In the next room, the Crystal Switch in the room's center controls the 
water level in this area only. Activate it using the Bow or Hookshot.
It would be best if you clear the Blue Tektites first.
Once the statue's necks are extended, it exposes a Hookshot Target. Use 
your Hookshot and pull yourself across the first gap.
Once across, activate it a second time to set the room back to its 
original states. Cross the second gap, and then climb over the statue 
next to it.
Activate the Crystal Switch a third time and pull yourself onto the 
platform at the last dragon-head statue. After you make it across, 
lower the head again and then climb on it. While standing on the 
statue's head, activate the Crystal Switch a final time to raise the 
statue, then climb yourself up to the exit above.
At the top, eliminate the two Blue Tektites and the Like Like. Then, 
use the Hookshot for the last time on the Hookshot Target on the 
ceiling to pull yourself over the row of spikes. Enter the next room

              ==============DARK LINK ROOM=============
Entering the next room seals your exit and traps you in an area with 
two stone blocks jutting from the knee-deep water to either side, a 
dead tree in the middle and a barred exit at the other side of the 
room. After passing the dead tree and turning around, it reveals the 
dark side of you. It can be Dark Mustafa or any name you give your 
Dark Link is the Sub-boss of the Water Temple. There are many 
strategies you can use to defeat him.
Some common ones are:
1. If you have Din's Fire, keep using it until Dark Link dies.
2. Keep attacking him until you score a hit. Dark Link will retreat and 
most probably attack you from behind. So you are better prepared and 
can hit him faster.
3. An expert strategy is to use an arrow on Dark Link if you catch his 
guard down. Although it is difficult, it allows you to stay clear of 
his sword swings.
4. Of course, last but not least, the Evade and Counter method.

Dark Link knows most of your sword attacks except the Charge Spin 
Attack, anticipates every action of yours most of the time and has the 
same Health Meter as you! So the more life you have, the longer you 
take to defeat Dark Link.
After you defeat Dark Link, the bars on the northern door rise, 
allowing you to claim your reward: The Longshot! It is an upgraded 
version of the Hookshot. It extends twice as far!
Using the Ocarina, play the "Song Of Time" in front of the Time Block 
to reveal the passageway below. Jump down.

           **************FLOOR 3F: SERPENT-SHAPED ROOM*************
When you land from the jump, you find yourself near a rapidly racing 
underground river. The current is far too strong even for an adult Link 
to swim against, let alone control your actions but the Iron Boots will 
allow you to navigate carefully past the whirlpools.
Getting caught in a vortex returns you to the room where you got the 
Longshot and reduces your Health Meter by one FULL Heart Container.
The intense pull of the last pair of vortices coupled with the narrow 
water passage, makes this last section the hardest to travel. You may 
get caught in their grasp, but do not lose hope. Continue pushing the 
Control Stick forward and you will make it to the platform on the other 
Once you reach the small platform with the clay jars, pull out your 
Longshot and target the Hookshot Target on the ceiling to reach the 
second small platform on the other side of the second whirl pool.
At the end of the raging waterway, an iron gate blocks the path. Open 
the gate by using the Bow to shoot the Eye Switch on the east wall.
Once the gate opens, use your Longshot, target the Chest and pull 
yourself quickly. Open the Chest to get a Small Key.

           *************FLOOR 2F: SOUTH PASSAGE************
This section is easier when the water is at midlevel, which gives you a 
straight-on shot, but you can accomplish it when the water level is at 
its lowest. This saves time having to lower the water level again to 
get the Boss Key. Climbing to the Floor 2F exit from within the central 
area, target the eye on the wall with your Bow to raise the gate. 
Quickly use the Longshot and aim for the Hookshot Target to pull 
yourself. You only have a short time to do this so be quick as 
Once across, travel down the corridor to the crescent block. Push it 
until it comes to a halt, giving you access to the chamber to the 
south. Recover the last Small Key of this Dungeon. Exit the room by the 
north passage. At the end, look up to see a Hookshot Target. Use the 
Longshot to pull yourself out, returning to the central area.

          ***********FLOOR 1F: STONE TOOTH GAP AREA**********
With the Longshot in hand, travel back to the northern passage on Floor 
Use the Longshot to pull yourself over the spikes to the far end of the 
room and then drop to the passage below.
Continue using the Iron Boots to make your way up to the passage to the 
end. Take off the boots, float to the surface, pull yourself up the 
ledge on the south side, and unlock the door.

            ==========BLUE TEKTITE ROOM===========
The six Blue Tektites are a nuisance when you want to swim to the other 
side. So it is best to eliminate them. Use your Bow to defeat them. 
After they are cleared, equip the Iron Boots and drop into the water. 
Move toward the far end, steering clear of the two boulders rolling 
through the water. When you reach the other end, remove the boots to 
float to the surface and then pull yourself up on the ledge.

              =============STINGER ROOM=============
Make your way onto one of the several platforms and eliminate the 
Stingers. After you clear them all, you will notice a switch on the 
floor underwater. Triggering it raises the water level, but it lowers 
again when the switch is released. It needs something to keep it 
A fissure in the southeast and southwest corner are your key to solving 
this puzzle. Bomb them both.
On the southeast corner, you will reveal a crescent block.
Pull the crescent block until it cannot be pulled further.
From the southwest corner, push until you push it off the north edge of 
the platform, over the switch.
The raised water level grants access to the stairway out to the west 
side of the room.

              ============WATER COLUMN BRIDGE ROOM=============
Step on the floor switch in the next room to raise the bars at the 
other side of the room. Using the water columns as stepping stones, 
leap from one end to the next to make your way to the platform on the 
other side. If one of the Blue Tektites knocked you off while crossing 
the water columns, use the Hookshot Target on the north end to reach 
the upper level again so you can trigger the switch and start over.

              =============BOULDER'S PATH CORRIDOR AND THE BOSS 
In the next room, equip the Iron Boots to keep your footing as you 
travel up the cascading passageway. Time your movement with that of the 
boulder that rolls through.
At the west end, the boots' weight allows you to drop into passage 
below. Do not forget to destroy the Gold Skulltula hiding behind the 
Defeat the Shell Blade in the next corridor and remove the boots to 
float to the room above. At the end of the corridor lies the last 
locked door. Unlock it and enter the next room. Open the chest to get 
the Boss Key. 
To reach the Boss, you must raise the water to its highest level again. 
First travel to the south side of the central chamber and use the 
Longshot to reach Floor 2F. Use the Ocarina of Time and play "Zelda's 
Lullaby" to raise the water halfway.
Then head out onto the ledge and into the western passage. Ride the 
water column up to Floor 3F, exit the room and use the Ocarina.
With the water level at its highest, the Hookshot Target on the dragon 
statue north of the central tower is now exposed, allowing you to 
Longshot to the north platform.
The two earthenware jugs in front of the doorway have Fairies trapped 
in them. Break the jars and release them. Touch one to recover lost 
health or capture one or both in your bottle(s) for later use.

                   =============RAZOR SLOPED ROOM==============
Passing through the door presents you with your final obstacle before 
you come face to face with the Water Temple Boss.
Three Razors slide back and forth across the rising slopped corridor. 
To proceed, pick a side and start your ascent when the nearest razor 
trap hits the walls and starts back. You must keep moving. Stopping for 
one second will make Link slide back down. The same goes when a Razor 
hits you. Once you are through, unlock the Boss Door and enter the Boss 

                ***********GIANT AQUATIC AMOEBA: MORPHA***********
As you enter the Boss Arena, Navi immediately warns you about the water 
not looking right. Moving to one of the four platforms in the center of 
the Arena reveals the nature of the Temple's spirit - a huge watery 
creature surfaces. And guess what? The Boss is just only a little 
nucleus! Hahahaha!!.. ha.. ha..
Well... never mind looks like it can control water very well yes?
Morpha attacks in two patterns.
First, it sends watery tendrils out of the water to search for you. If 
you get caught, you will be hoisted high in the air and crushed and 
then thrown against one of the Arena's outer walls (Ouchies!).
Second, the nucleus ventures outside of its body to attack. When Morpha 
attacks this way, trying to grab you, lock onto the nucleus using Z 
Targeting and draw the nucleus in close with the Longshot. When it is 
close enough, attack it with your sword. Jump Attack works well here.
Although the best place to attack the Boss is from one of the center 
platforms, this position leaves you vulnerable to a surprise attack 
from behind.
In the Arena, keep on your toes to avoid the spike-lined walls. Even 
touching it will reduce your Health Meter.
After you strike the nucleus seven times, the nucleus explodes and the 
rest of the body will shrink back to the center of the chamber and 
Then its watery mass streaks upward to the ceiling and disappears with 
a last splash.
Having defeated the Boss of the Water Temple, you receive another Heart 
Container. Step into the Blue Portal to transport back to the Chamber 
of Sages.
Again, no surprise: Princess Ruto is the Sage of the Water Temple. She 
tosses you the Water Medallion, where she adds her powers to yours.
Another Medallion down, only two more left to find.
At Lake Hylia, Sheik watches as the water in Lake Hylia rises back to 
normal, commenting on your good work.
After Link returns and a brief conversation, Sheik vanishes again.

Since you are back at Lake Hylia, and the sun has just risen, you must 
as well get the Fire Arrows. 
On the island with the warp symbol, a plaque instructs you to shoot for 
the rising sun when the Lake is full. Since the Lake is full and the 
sunrise is just nice, shoot the sun with an Arrow. The Fire Arrows will 
fall on the "goalpost" opposite the plaque. You will need this later in 
the game, so you can get it now or later.

Also, if you want, since the water is Lake Hylia is restored, perhaps 
you can take a break by going fishing. Catch a 20-pounder fish to get 
the Gold Scale! It allows you to dive even deeper. The 20-pounder fish 
is usually found in the center of the pond, next to the sunken log.
Gold Scale in hand, head to the Lakeside Laboratory. In the pool, dive 
down and you should be able to touch the floor. Talk to the Scientist 
and he will reward you with a Piece of Heart. Also, throw in your Iron 
Boots, sink to the bottom and break the crate to reveal a hidden 
waterproof Gold Skulltula! Destroy it and grab its Token. 

| 7. The Shadow Medallion                                              

Head back to Kakariko Village to find that the village is on fire. As 
Link wonders what is happening, he sees Sheik standing near the well. 
Without any warning, Sheik is lifted into the air and slammed hard onto 
the ground! (Ouchies!) As Link rushes to help, he senses a strange 
phantom escape from the well and moving through the village. Link gets 
ready for battle however, Link cannot see its movement and the strange 
phantom knocks Link out.
Something bad has happened, although Impa, Zelda's Attendant has placed 
a seal on the well to bind the beings of the evil Shadow realm, the 
Shadow Spirit grew too strong to be held in and broke through the seal! 
After a short briefing, you learn from Sheik that the entrance to the 
Shadow Temple is behind the Graveyard. To get there, Sheik also teaches 
you the "Nocturne of Shadow" which warps you behind the Graveyard, 
where the Shadow Temple is accessible.
To proceed to the Shadow Temple and lend Impa a helping hand, you must 
have three things: First, the Lens of Truth, Din's Fire and the "Song 
of Storms" 
To get the "Song of Storms", enter the windmill (if you remember, the 
place where you exited from Dampe's Crypt) and talk to the MusicBox 
player. After that, take out your Ocarina and he will teach you the 
"Song of Storms".
To get Din's Fire and the Lens of Truth, you must travel back in time. 
Play the "Prelude of Light" on your Ocarina and warp back to the Temple 
of Time. There, lay the Master Sword back onto the marble and you will 
become a kid.
To get Din's Fire, you must travel back to Hyrule Castle as a kid. The 
suspicious boulder blocking the passage looks as if it cannot survive a 
Bomb blast. Bomb it and crawl into the hole. Once there, receive the 
magic. Din's Fire can burn anything - well almost anything.
Now to look for that Lens of Truth. Head back to Kakariko Village.
Remember the MusicBox guy who taught you the "Song of Storms" seven 
years ago? Play it in front of him and watch the Windmill spin faster, 
draining the water from the well. Now you can travel to the Bottom of 
the well to find out the source of the evil that escaped it.

       ----------------BOTTOM OF THE WELL---------------
Okay we are here to find the Lens of Truth. However, if you really want 
to get your hands on some Gold Skulltula Tokens, I have included them 
in here for you. Getting the Lens of Truth is a must, but, getting the 
remaining Treasures are optional.

         *************FLOOR B1: START OF THE DUNGEON***********
At the bottom of the well, crawl through the tunnel at the east end of 
the passage. On the other side, a ladder leads farther down to the 
tunnel system below Kakariko Village.
Defeat the Big Skulltula to continue to the end of the corridor. What 
you see is a wall. Is it the end of the Dungeon? Walking towards the 
wall reveals something: the wall is illusionary, allowing you to pass 
through it.
Once you enter, you are in the main area of the well, with most of the 
area covered with catacombs. Beware the Green Bubble floating about.
Detonate a Bomb over the pile of debris to uncover a hidden chamber. 
Drop into it and grab the Bombchu in the chest.
At the north end, you will find the fountain flooding the well. Stand 
on the Triforce Symbol and play "Zelda's Lullaby" to stop the flow of 
water it also lowers the water level once and for all.
Make your way back to the south end, the place where you entered this 
area through the illusory wall. Drop in to find a small tunnel at the 
east end. Move up next to the tunnel and crawl through.
Exit the tunnel and defeat the Big Skulltula.
Scale the wall to pass through the door on the platform at the top.

           =============DEAD HAND ROOM==============
As you step into this room, your exit gets sealed and you find yourself 
in an area with four arm stalks rooted to the soil. Moving closer to 
inspect, it suddenly grabs you. The beast itself, called the Dead Hand 
rises from the ground.
The arms are part of this creature, but attacking them directly will 
not defeat the Dead Hand. To make them let go, press any button.
Scoring three or more hits (if you can) with your sword causes the Dead 
Hand to retreat back into the ground.
Repeat the process of letting the hands grab you to lure the Dead Hand 
out and attack you.
This monster takes 10 whole hits before it dies. However, if you 
constantly use the Jump Attack, you can end its life in half of the 
After you deliver the deathblow, a large Treasure Chest appears. Grab 
it to get the Lens of Truth! Now you can see through illusory things or 
at the Treasure Box Shop at the Hyrule Castle Market. Also, the Lens of 
Truth use up magic, so keep your Magic Meter filled.
Now that you got the Lens of Truth, you can either warp back to the 
Temple of Time by playing the "Prelude of Light" on your Ocarina; 
retrieve the Master Sword to become an adult again or stay here to 
complete the rest of the Dungeon so you can get your hands on some Gold 
Skulltula Tokens.

           **************FLOOR B3: THE PIT*************
As you explore the catacombs around the main area, you will end up 
walking over one of the many illusory floors section that can be found 
in the main area of the well. While you come to a halt, you will find 
your self in a hand-shaped cave with four branching finger-like 
You will find the ladder back up to the first basement floor on the 
south wall of the central area. The ReDead nearby will attempt to 
paralyze you and drain your life if you go too close.
After climbing up the second set of ladders to exit the pit, a barred 
door blocks the doorway out.
Collecting all five Silver Rupees raises the iron bars.
Also, while you are in the lowest section of this Dungeon, search the 
remaining tunnels. The Dungeon Map lies in the Large Chest in the 
blocked right hand tunnel. Bomb the boulders to recover the Dungeon Map 
from the Treasure Chest next to the Redead.

         ************FLOOR B1: CENTRAL ROOM*************
After collecting any of the Small Keys from Floor B3, you can open one 
of the three locked doors in the catacombs. The door located in the 
northwest corner of the central room has a Gold Skulltula in it. After 
destroying the Deku Baba, grab the Token.
In the cell directly across from that door lies a large chest. However, 
the Lens of Truth reveals a hole beneath the illusory floor, which 
prevents you from approaching from that direction.
Traveling the west corridor will reveal another illusory wall that will 
allow you to gain access to the Treasure Chest holding the Compass.
Behind the other locked door at the northeast corner, you can get the 
second Gold Skulltula Token for this Dungeon. Shoot down the old 
Skulltula clinging to the wall clinging onto the wall in the iche at 
the north end of the room. Use the Lens of Truth to uncover the real 
floor sections hidden under the illusory ones.

          ==============WEST SIDE CORRIDOR AND THE CRYPT===============
With the water drained, drop into the hole that was filled with water 
and open the small Chest for a Recovery Heart. Continue up the root-
covered wall near the chest and open the door to enter the Crypt.
This tomb-filled chamber holds many secrets and brothers of the ReDead: 
Gibdos. They paralyze you when you are in sight and will drain your 
life if they are in range. Also, playing the "Sun's Song" will freeze 
Light the torches using a Deku Stick. Each torch you light opens the 
tomb next to it. Opening each tomb allows you to climb in and collect 
any treasure you might find but releases any creature that was sealed 

        =============NORTHEAST CORNER TUNNEL==============
To find the final Gold Skulltula of this Dungeon, you must brave the 
cell holding the Like Like. Collect the final Small Key and make your 
way to the level's northeast corner. Crawl through the tunnel and use 
the key on the locked door on the other side.
In the next room, you must shoot down the Keese. Then take care of the 
Beamos which will allow you to reach the Like Like's cell through the 
door on the south wall.

          ==========CELL OF THE LIKE LIKE=============
If you are not careful, you will become 
breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner/supper. Slash it with your sword as it 
lowers it mouth and attempts to eat you alive. With each attack, the 
Like Like will retreat before attacking again. When you defeat it, 
shoot the Gold Skulltula and use the Boomerang to claim the Token.
You have completed the Bottom of the well. Play the "Prelude of Light" 
and warp back to the Temple of Time. Retrieve the Master Sword, when 
you are an adult, play the "Nocturne of Shadow" to warp back to the 
back of the Graveyard.
Once you are an adult and back at the back of the Graveyard, turn back 
to find a tunnel. Unlit torches surround a small platform in the center 
of the chamber. Call down Din's Fire to instantly light up all the 
torches at once. The stone seal rises, enter the Shadow Temple...

                 -------------SHADOW TEMPLE-------------
Well, for me the Shadow Temple is also confusing and freaky too. This 
time, you will encounter more Floormasters and even invisible ones. But 
with the Lens of Truth in your hands, you should have no problem going 
through this Temple if you know your North, South, East and West 
directions and follow this walkthrough.

           *************FLOOR B1: THE DUNGEON STARTS************* 
Round the corner in the entrance, use your Longshot to pull yourself 
across the gap. If you inspect the stone wall, Navi hints about the 
shadow yielding only to the one possessing the "Eye of Truth" which is 
also known as the Lens of Truth. Use it to reveal an illusory wall.

           =============SKULL OF TRUTH ROOM==============
In this room, you must move where the statue's beak points, move up 
against the flat piece of outstretched stone; press and hold the A 
button as you push it and control it with the Control Stick. If you 
push while using the Lens of Truth, you can determine which skull is 
not an illusion. Moving the statue's beak pointing the non-illusory 
skull correctly opens the mouth of the statue across the gorge.
If you push the statue's beak pointing to an illusory skull, the floor 
beneath you will split and drop you into an abyss. You will lose one 
full Heart Container and end up back at the entrance of the Temple.
Use the Lens of Truth to reveal an illusory wall in the northwest 
corner. Explore the area to find the item that allows you to cross the 
gap. The rooms containing these items are hidden, but the Lens of Truth 
will show you what is fake and real.
Once you enter a room, your exit gets sealed. Defeat the ReDead and the 
Keese to get the Dungeon Map.

          ===========DEAD HAND ROOM===========
The six hands reaching out of the ground make it obvious what is 
lurking in this room. However, the Lens of Truth will help you find a 
dark spot - the Dead Hand's resting place. Place a Bomb on that 
location to lure the Dead Hand out. This saves you from getting caught 
in one of the hands just to lure the Dead Hand out. Strike it when it 
lowers its head.
Defeat the Dead Hand and get the mysterious but legendary Hover Boots!
Back at the Skull of truth room, equip the Hover Boots and run toward 
the statue past the gorge. The boots' power fades after about 1.5 
seconds. Although you will fall a little bit short, it is just enough 
for Link to grab the stone tongue.

       *****************FLOOR B2: ROOM WITH THE BEAMOS***************** 
Stepping into the statue's mouth, walk down a sloped passageway into an 
area where a Beamos guards the way. Blow it up, then head the illusory 
wall to the south enter the next room.

       ===============THE COMPASS=============
Two Gibdos stand in the next room. Movement awakens them from their 
slumber to paralyze you. If you are in range of them, they will jump on 
you and drain your health. Play the "Sun's Song" to freeze them, then 
defeat them.
After defeated them, Link gets the Compass. Exit the room; use the Lens 
of Truth to reveal another illusory wall opposite you at the Beamos 
area. Enter.

          ============SCYTHE ROOM IN THE NORTH PASSAGE===========
Enter the next room and you find yourself in a room with two razor 
scythes slicing through the air as they whirl around. Collect all five 
Silver Rupees in this room to raise the gate barring the way into the 
chamber in the southeast corner. After collecting all Rupees, recover 
the Small Key from the chest in that southeast room.
For the Rupee in the northwest corner, use the Longshot to pull 
yourself atop the boxes, then drop down to grab it. Head back out to 
the Beamos area.
A final hidden passage lies the east of the Beamos. Open this corridor 
by setting a Bomb in front of the wall area. After blowing up the wall, 
unlock the door using the Small Key you just retrieved.

           **************FLOOR B3************* 
As you walk through the passageway, beware of the Big Skulltulas that 
drop in front of you from the ceiling. Around the left turn, you find a 
new obstacle: the guillotines. Time your crossing so you can pass 
safely beneath them as they rise up.
After you walk through the passageway and enter a huge area filled with 
platforms, Navi warns you about the Wallmasters lurking in this area. 
The trick is to keep moving. There are more than one wallmaster so 
killing one does not mean you will not see it again.
After passing through the Guillotines, you reach the third platform. A 
Red Bubble will rise in front of you and attack. Use the R button to 
raise your shield and knock the Red Bubble out of the air. Then finish 
it with your sword or you could simply just let it go by.
As you make your last leap, a Stalfos drops to the ground and attacks. 
Defeat it or ignore. Here is something funny to get rid of the Stalfos. 
Lure it and then make it drop to the pit below. Hahahaha!!
On your left, use the Lens of Truth to reveal a platform. Make your way 
to the end of this room.
After opening the door, the area opens up into a chamber with a Like 
Like poised at the far end. Use the Lens of Truth in this area to 
reveal two razor scythes slicing the air. Defeat the Like Like by using 
arrows. To raise the gate over the east door, use your Bow or Longshot 
to defeat the three Keese clinging to the walls above. Use the Lens of 
Truth to reveal them. In the chamber beyond, you can collect a Gold 
Skulltula and a Blue Rupee in a chest. Use the Lens of Truth in this 
area with the Gold Skulltula to reveal a hidden chest containing 
Making your way back, you face another Stalfos. Defeat or ignore.
If the hanging platform on the west is at its lowest point, you can 
make this jump. However, its safer to use the Hover Boots first. 
Remember to wait until the moving platform reaches the peak of its 
ascent before leaping to the ground on the other side. 
Collect the five Silver Rupees to raise the gate over the doorway on 
the west wall. The fifth Silver Rupee lies beneath the Beamos, so blow 
it up to claim the Silver Rupee.

               ***************FLOOR B4: SPIKES SPIKES AND MORE 
The room beyond is filled with spiked platforms that fires and crash 
down to the floor. Using the Lens of Truth, you reveal a crescent block 
on the right. Pull it towards you until it comes to a halt. Once there, 
push it straight until you see both spiked platforms crashing onto the 
crescent block. From there, pull it until it stops. Now, you can climb 
the crescent block from the raised floor area. Use the area above the 
cells to walk on the spiked platforms and reach the south side of the 
The floor switch causes a small chest to fall in the northeast corner. 
Target the Chest and use the Longshot to pull yourself across and 
retrieve the Small Key.
Before leaving the room, slide around the other side of the crescent 
block to enter the cell. You will find a Gold Skulltula clinging onto 
the wall there. Grab its token and head back to the Beamos area where 
you got the five Silver Rupees by the east doorway. 
Another guillotine blocks the way so make your way to the center of the 
room using the narrow ledge that extends from the northeast corner of 
the Beamos area. Beyond the guillotine, a chain stretches across the 
gorge. Use the Lens of Truth to reveal hidden moving platform on the 
other side of the blade. Jump onto the moving bridge and make your way 
to the niche with the locked door on the other side.
As you wander into this room, you see Silver Rupees suspended 
everywhere. Activate the Lens of Truth to reveal spikes sticking out of 
the floor.
First, you will want to eliminate the ReDead by playing the "Sun's 
Song" to freeze them. Defeat them. Defeating the second ReDead makes a 
small Chest containing Rupees appear.
The hardest Silver Rupee to reach is the one dangling in the air. To 
reach it, line yourself up with the Hookshot Target and Silver Rupee. 
Then when you are ready, use your Longshot to pull yourself and you 
will grab the Silver Rupee while making your pull.
To reach the platform above, use the Lens of Truth to reveal a hidden 
Hookshot Target above that will pull you up. Unfortunately, the door 
requires a Small Key. 
Before you leave the room, get the Skulltula Token by defeating the 
Gold Skulltula hiding on the wall behind the place where the pot used 
to be.
Exit through the door on the west wall and you will step into a room 
containing a large pot. Your exit too is sealed. To unseal it, defeat 
all Keese in this area. Grab a Bomb Flower on the top of the platform 
and throw it into the pot to destroy it, which then reveals a Small 
Key. With the Small Key in hand, you can return and Longshot up to the 
platform in the area where you collected the five Silver Rupees.
In the next room, you will find more challenges. Two razors sliding 
back and forth make the passageway a tight squeeze. Not only that, the 
fan at the end of the corridor prevents him from going any farther as 
long as its spinning.
To get through this puzzle without getting blown about, throw in your 
Iron Boots. Because the boots are so heavy, the force of the fan cannot 
push you away.
Pick a side of the corridor and time your advancement to coincide with 
the blades stopping. But with the Iron Boots in your feet, you will 
have no problem getting blown away. Your only concern is the razors. 
Beware of the Big Skulltula on the way.
Beyond the second fan, you turn and you face another challenge. Here, 
you must time yourself to cross the gap with your Hover Boots without 
getting blown by the fan or you can use the Longshot on the wooden 
You come to an area with three fans. Use the Lens of Truth to reveal a 
hidden passage north. Equip your Hover Boots and travel there. You will 
fall short, but short enough for Link to grab the platform and pull 
himself up.
In the next room, play the "Sun's Song" to freeze the Gibdos. Defeat 
them and get the Rupees from the Chest. Uncover a second Chest by 
blowing up the pile of debris in the southeast corner, then use the 
Lens of Truth to reveal it. Get the Small Key and unlock the door at 
the north end of THIS ROOM.

            **************FERRY ROOM************** 
Pull the large crescent block out onto the track and then drag it down 
to the east end. Pushing into the recessed area will allow you to climb 
up and reach the ladder to the upper level.
At the top of the ladder, Navi suddenly turns green in excitement. Pull 
out your Ocarina and play the "Scarecrow's Song" to call on Pierre. 
After that, use your Longshot on Pierre to pull yourself. Grab the two 
Recovery Hearts and the Gold Skulltula Token.
Hop onto the ferry with the Triforce Crest. Stand on it and play 
"Zelda's Lullaby" and the ferry will come to life, giving you a lift to 
the west end of this area.
When the ferry starts moving, two Stalfos drop down to attack you. 
Defeat them quickly or lure them to make them drop into the pit below.
When the boat reaches the end, it starts to sink. If you have not 
defeated both Stalfos, break your attack and abandon ship by jumping 
onto the platform to the ferry's left. You do not want to be a victim 
of Titanic.
Pass through the door on the west door to enter a chamber filled with 
Using the Lens of Truth reveals walls. This area is home to 
Floormasters. Ignore them all the way.
The room to the south is home to an invisible Floormaster. Reveal and 
defeat it using the Lens of Truth. Remember: The Floormaster is 
invulnerable when it turns green.
The room to the west contains three large pots. Climb up to the top of 
the platform and blow them up one by one. Again, do not forget to kill 
the Gold Skulltula behind the pots below.
The room with the Boss Key is located north. As you enter, spike-
mounted wooden walls begin closing on you... you suddenly remember that 
wood catches fire easily... So? Call down Din's Fire to burn them at 
After you eliminate the walls, defeat the ReDead so you can retrieve 
the Boss Key.
Return to the area where the ferry sank. You must find a way to bridge 
the gap. Crops of Bomb Flowers grow below the tall bird. Using your 
Bow, target one of the Bombs to detonate it. The rest will follow, 
sending the statue crashing in front of you. 
Enter the locked door and you find yourself in an area with a 
bottomless pit with the Boss Door at the far end.
Using the Lens of Truth, you reveal a maze of small platforms. Using 
your Hover Boots, head to the Boss Door, unlock the door and walk into 
the Boss Arena!

                ***********PHANTOM SHADOW BEAST: BONGO 
Dropping through the large pit in the enter of the room, you come face 
to face with the Shadow Temple Boss: Bongo Bongo.
Unlike other Bosses, Bongo Bongo has many attack patterns with most of 
them result in a hand flying at you and swatting you aside or a fist 
closing around you as he attempt to squeeze the !@#$ out of you.
For his last attack pattern, Bongo Bongo clenches his fists and rushes 
across both fists and charges to you. If you are quick, you can target 
and stun him. If his charge is successful, you will fall into poisonous 
waters. If this happens, quickly climb back up.
The trick to defeating the Boss is to use your Fairy Bow or Longshot 
make sure the Lens of Truth is activated through out the battle. 
Once Navi turns yellow, lock onto one of the Boss' hands with Z 
Targeting, followed by a shot from the Bow or Longshot. When you score 
a hit, the Boss's hand shakes in pain. Quickly stun the other hand.
After you stun both hands, you must then target the main body. You 
cannot see it normally, but with the Lens of Truth, you have no problem 
seeing it. Shoot the blossom-like eye portion and Bongo Bongo will fall 
to the ground, stunned. Attack it with your sword! Jump Attack works 
very well here.
Repeat this process until the Boss enters his shadowy grave.
Again, your reward for defeating the Shadow Temple Boss is a Heart 
Container. Collect it and step into the Blue Portal, which transports 
you to the Chamber of Sages.
Impa has awoken as the Sage of the Shadow Temple: No surprise. She then 
tells you that the Princess is safe and you will eventually meet her 
face to face. She then gives you the Shadow Medallion and adds her 
powers to yours.
You have 5 Medallions! Only one more to find before the final showdown 
with Ganondorf!

| 8. The Spirit Medallion                                              

Travel to the west side of Hyrule Field and you would reach Gerudo 
Valley. But the bridge over the gorge has been wrecked. Use your 
Longshot to target the signboard on the fair side and pull yourself 
across or you can jump with Epona.
On the other side, you find the Master Carpenter from Kakariko Village 
camped just ahead. Talking to him reveals all his lazy workers have 
left their careers to become Gerudo Thieves. It is up to you to help 
him find them.
First, if you have the time, you might want to grab two Pieces of Heart 
that are found around the valley.
The first Piece of Heart lies in a crate. First, jump off the platform 
and you will land onto a platform with a gray colored boulder. Opposite 
the platform you landed on is a crate. Longshot yourself towards it and 
break the crate. After that, jump down into the river below and swim to 
Lake Hylia. After that, head back to the valley to grab your second 
Piece of Heart.
The second Piece of Heart lies behind the waterfall. First, from the 
broken bridge, dive down and swim to the ledge with the cow. After 
that, head straight and you will get a view of a ladder behind the 
waterfall. You can either Longshot to the ladder or swim there and 
climb it. Once you climb it, you get another Piece of Heart. Head back 
to Lake Hylia and back to the valley. Now it is time to explore the 

             -----------------GERUDO FORTRESS----------------
As you walk up the stairs into the main area of the fortress, one of 
the many female guards spots you and throws you into a cell.
Now you must rescue yourself before you rescue those useless 
Looking up your cell, you see a wooden beam. Use your Longshot to pull 
yourself up.
Once above, you can use an arrow to knock the guard guarding the 
entryway to the left. Walk in to find the very first useless carpenter.

          **************THE FIRST CARPENTER************** 
Although you have found the first carpenter, there is no obvious way of 
getting out. For that, you need a key. Talking to the carpenter 
triggers the appearance of a Gerudo Thief.
Beware of these thieves; you will not want to get caught in their 
deadly Gerudo Spinning Attack. If hit, you will be thrown back into 
your Cell. Defeating the Gerudo Thief is quite easy if you have 
1. The first and tricky way is to stun her with a Deku Nut. Then you 
can get an open shot. Take this chance to do the Jump Attack.
2. The second way is to use the Evade and counter OR the Defend and 
Counter method, which involves your Shield blocking the attack and then 
attempt to counter the thief with a sword strike.
After you defeat the thief, she flees and drops a Small Key. Grab it 
and open the cell of the first Carpenter you must talk to the carpenter 
to officially free him.
After freeing Ichiro the Carpenter, go through the other exit back 
outside and enter the doorway to the north. Do not stand around too 
long or a guard will spot you.
As you round the corner, use the crates to prevent the guard from 
spotting you. You can knock her out with an arrow, then head for the 
passage up to the right and back outside. From there, enter the doorway 
around the corner. A guard patrols the area so you must wait for her to 
turn around, then knock her out with an arrow and go in.

          **************THE SECOND CARPENTER**************
You will find the second carpenter in this part of the fortress. A 
Gerudo Thief drops down and attacks you after talking to the carpenter. 
Use the same tactics.
Release Jiro and leave through the other exit to search for the other 
two carpenters. 
Enter the doorway to the right.

         ****************THE THIRD CARPENTER*****************
In the next room, you must get to the other side without getting caught 
by the guards. Use the wooden beams above as a Hookshot Target. Target 
the farthest wooden beam and continue to follow the passage outside.
Drop to the rooftop on the left and enter the doorway to reach the 
third carpenter's cell. This is the most difficult guard to avoid. Wait 
until she passes from sight as she patrols left; then quickly run past 
the crate, round the corner to the right and enter the passage on the 
left before she turns back. You can also knock her out with an arrow.
Talk to Shiro the carpenter, defeat the thief and release him.

            *************THE FOURTH CARPENTER************* 
Exit the way you entered, turn right, drop to the roof below and make 
your way to the entry ahead. Follow the corridor down to reach the cell 
of the last carpenter. Talk to him and lure the thief down. Defeat the 
thief and unlock the carpenter's cell. He also tells Link about 
information on how to reach the Desert Colossus where the Spirit Temple 
As you turn to leave the cell, a lady, who is in charge of the 
fortress, is impressed on your ability to pass through the guards and 
rewards you with the Gerudo's Membership Card. Now you can walk around 
the fortress freely. If you return to Gerudo Valley, you will find the 
bridge is fixed.
Before you head to the Haunted Wasteland, you should test your 
Horseback archery skills.

                ***************HORSEBACK ARCHERY************* 
You will need a horse to participate. Play "Epona's Song" to call her. 
Ride on her and talk to the lady. For 20 Rupees, you can test your 
marksmanship with your Bow. If you score 1000 points and above with the 
20 arrows given, you will get a Piece of Heart.
If you score 1500 points and above after getting the Piece of Heart, 
you will get a bigger Quiver if you are having trouble finding the 
other bigger Quiver, it is located at the Shooting Gallery in Kakariko 
Village. Shoot all Rupees and you will win it.
Now that you got both items you want, it is time to head to the Desert. 
Talk to the thief at the top of the watchtower and she will open the 
gate into the Haunted Wasteland. She also tells you that to get to the 
Desert, you must complete the two trials: they are the "River of Sand" 
and the "Phantom Guide".
Enter the Haunted Wasteland to find yourself in a raging sandstorm.

         ---------------THE RIVER OF SAND------------------
Do not attempt to cross the area north of the single crate without 
equipping the Hover Boots. You also can use the Longshot on a wooden 
crate on the other side. 
The quick sand will swallow you whole and start you again at the 
entrance. The flags beyond the River of Sand mark the path that you 
must follow so you can reach the next trial. Once you see the stone 
barracks, you have reached your second trial.

      -----------------THE PHANTOM GUIDE----------------------
Use the Lens of Truth to reveal the Poe who will guide you to the 
Desert. Be sure to activate the Lens of Truth at all times. The path 
the Poe leads is twisted and looks directionless but when you lose 
sight of him, you must start the journey over. When you finally see the 
pair of flags, you have finally reached your destination: Desert 

             ---------------DESERT COLOSSUS-------------
The entrance to the Spirit Temple is located at the bottom of the giant 
mountain of stone. While you are moving through the sands in this area, 
beware the Peahats that rise from the sand and attack. Move in a zigzag 
pattern to avoid them. 
Enter the Spirit Temple and you find that on the left, a hole that is 
too small for you to fit through. Tried pushing the crescent block on 
the right? You cannot as its far too big and heavy for you.
If you read the inscription on either side of the stairs, you find out 
that you must travel here as a child and obtain the "Power of Silver" 
before coming back here as an adult.
As you exit the Temple, Sheik descends and says you must travel back in 
time and then return to enter the Spirit Temple. He then teaches you 
the last warping song the "Requiem of Spirit" that will warp you back 
to Desert Colossus.

            *************OBTAINING NAYRU'S LOVE************* 
Before traveling back in time, take this time get your final magic 
spell. Blast the crevice in the wall between two palm trees to reveal 
an entrance into a Great Fairy's Fountain. Nayru's Love is a magical 
barrier that protects you from damage for a limited time when 
Note that Nayru's Love only protects damage - you will receive the 
impact of an attack but you will not get hurt.
Now that you have gotten Nayru's Love, play the "Prelude of Light" to 
return to the Temple of Time. Then lay the Master Sword onto the 
marble. When you are a kid, warp back to the Desert by playing the 
"Requiem of Spirit". Then enter the Temple.

           -------------SPIRIT TEMPLE---------------
Enter the Spirit Temple, turn a left to find a young lady blocking the 
tunnel entrance. Asking the thief about the temple or sages proves 
pointless. But when you answer "Nothing, Really", the conversation 
becomes interesting.
After some chatting, the young lady introduces herself as Nabooru of 
the Gerudo. She wants to mess up Ganondorf plans.
After a while, she promises you something good if you help her get the 
"Power of Silver" which is also named the Silver Gauntlets that is 
somewhere in this Temple so that she can push that crescent block out 
of the way to mess up Ganondorf's plans.
Well? Do you want to do it? Of course! Enter the tunnel.

         *************FLOOR 1F: ARMOS AND KEESE ROOM************* 
Exit the tunnel to find yourself in danger. Defeat the Fire Keese. Then 
proceed to defeating the Armos. Place a few Bombs near the Armos to 
destroy it, unlocking the two outer doors.
        ***************NORTHWEST ROOM**************** 
Enter the door to the left and a Stalfos drops down and attacks you. 
Use Z Targeting and attack when it lets its guard down. You also can 
lure it to make it fall to the pit below - but watch out, you do not 
want to fall down with it.
Then, proceed to defeat the Green Bubble. Paralyze it with your 
Boomerang and then finish it off with a shot or two from your 
Then, you must think how to make the wire fence drop and bridge the 
large gap. Line yourself square in front of the Crystal Switch and 
throw your Boomerang. It may take many tries, but once you finally 
strike the Crystal Switch, you find out that your efforts have paid 
off. Enter the next room.

           =============ANUBIS ROOM==============
In the next room, you will meet a new monster. These snake-like 
creatures only appear in this Temple. They shoot out fire and guess 
what? They are weak against fire themselves! Hahaha!! The Crystal 
Switch triggers a ring of fire to appear in front of the other door. If 
you can lure the Anubis and reach the fair side, the creature will 
change position. When it is in front of the door, use your Slingshot to 
trigger the ring of flame and cook it alive. Din's Fire, too, works on 
Anubis. After defeating it, enter the newly opened door.

             ****************NORTHEAST DOOR************* 
If you entered from the Armos and Keese room, you can only call down a 
Small Chest by lightning the torches with Din's Fire.
If you entered the room from the Anubis room, Navi warns you about the 
Wallmaster in this room.
First, before collecting the five Silver Rupees in this room, you might 
want to lure the Wallmaster down. Stand still for a while until the 
shadow beneath you gets bigger, move about. When the Wallmaster drops, 
defeat it before it retreats back to the ceiling.
Collecting all the Silver Rupees in this room covers the gap between 
both areas with the wire fence. Open the Small Chest you brought down 
with Din's Fire to get a Small Key. Do not forget to destroy the Gold 
Skulltula and grab its Token before leaving the room.
Return to the Armos and Keese Room, enter the small tunnel in the 
middle of the room and unlock the door. Climb the wall after killing 
both Skullwalltulas and the Gold Skulltula behind you after climbing up 
the wall.

             **************FLOOR 2F:SHOW ME THE LIGHT?**************
When you cross the threshold into this chamber, two Lizalfos drop down 
to attack you. Defeat them. After defeating them, inspect the Sun Face 
saying "Show me the light!" Come back to that later.
First you might want to get the Dungeon Map.
Stepping through the door lands you in a high-ceilinged area; a huge 
statue of a seated female figure stands in the center of the room. 
Stand on the raised platform in front of the statue and call down Din's 
Fire to light the torches on either side to call down a Chest. Open the 
Treasure Chest to get the Dungeon Map!
Back in the room with the Sun Face, inspect a narrow beam of sunlight 
enters from a wall crack near the Skullwalltulas. Use the Bombchus from 
the chest to blow the wall; allowing the sunlight in, shining on the 
Sun Face opens the door.
The switch below the platform in the next room raises the bars over a 
door. This switch must be held down to keep the gate raised. Climb up 
the wall and push the statue on top of the switch.

            **************FLOOR 3F: ROOM OF THREE 
To pass through this room, you must solve three puzzles: 
1. Collect all five Silver Rupees in this room.
2. Using the fire from the brazier, light a Deku Stick, use it to light 
the others in the room before they go off. A chest drops to the ground. 
Retrieve a Small Key.
3. Push and pull the crescent block marked with the sun face where the 
sunlight shines. This opens the door at the south end of the room.

Also, you will want to clear the Beamos in this room.

         ***************THE IRON KNUCKLE*************** 
After passing the door at the south end of the room with three puzzles, 
make your way up and you hear a Gold Skulltula crying. It is somewhere 
behind you, so defeat it and grab its token using the Boomerang before 
proceeding to the locked door.
In the next room, a metal giant sits on a throne at the east end. 
Attacking it with anything brings the Iron Knuckle to life, this Iron 
Knuckle is the Sub-Boss of the Spirit Temple, and will be the hardest 
enemy in the game. Getting hit by its axe takes a chunk off your Health 
Meter. The best way to defeat it is to do the Evade and Counter method 
since your shield cannot block the impact of the axe. The Iron Knuckle 
moves faster after each hit but it cannot keep up with you at its 
fastest speed. Jump Attack works well here. If you have Nayru's Love, 
activate it when the need arises. But remember, you still receive 
impact but not damage for a limited time only.
After defeating the Iron Knuckle, exit by the door behind the throne, 
to the top of Desert Colossus. There, the owl, Kaepora Gaebora will 
give you his final bit of advice and will be watching you. After that, 
open the Treasure Chest to retrieve the Silver Gauntlets.
When you are about to head back to Floor 1F to hand over the Gauntlets 
to Nabooru, you hear a distant scream, looking down, two witches circle 
around her and suck her into the sand. Nabooru asks you to get out of 
Your task as a kid in this Temple is complete. Play the "Prelude of 
Light" on your Ocarina to warp back to the Temple of Time and retrieve 
the Master Sword. When you an adult, play the "Requiem of Spirit" to 
warp back to the desert and reenter the Spirit Temple.
With the power of the Silver Gauntlets, you are able to push the large 
crescent block on the right of the entrance. Push it until it drops 
into a hole and enter the room.

           ***************BEAMOS ROOM*************** 
To open the outer doors, target the Crystal Switch above the Beamos. 
You might want to clear the Beamos first before doing this. After that, 
the two out doors open.

         *************NORTHEAST ROOM************
Gather the five Silver Rupees in this chamber as you avoid the rolling 
boulders. To collect the Rupee suspended in the air, equip your Hover 
Boots to float out before the power fades. 
Also, playing the "Song of Time" moves the Time Block away, revealing a 
hidden Gold Skulltula.
When you collect the fifth Silver Rupee, the gate at the north end of 
the chamber rises, allowing you to enter the room to get the Small Key. 
Beware of the hidden Like Like. If it made you 
breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner/supper, defeat it quickly to regain your 

         ****************NORTHWEST ROOM**************
Defeat the Wolfos that appears with a quick slash of your sword. Then 
stand on the Triforce Crest and play "Zelda's Lullaby" to call down a 
Treasure Chest. Longshot yourself towards it and retrieve the Compass.
With a Small Key in possession, unlock the door back in the Beamos Room 
to enter the corridor.
A Like Like drops down to attack. Finish it off with a few swipes of 
your sword before you become breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner/supper. 
Scale the rough wall to reach the next level.

       *************FLOOR 2F: ROOM OF MANY SUNS************* 
To raise the bars over the exit in the west wall, move the mirror so it 
can reflect light on the correct Sun Face. To rotate the mirror, stand 
close and push the A Button until the gate lifts. The following things 
happen after showing the sunlight to each sun: 
Order from LEFT TO RIGHT: 
- A chest drops to the ground
- A chest drops to the ground
- The bars on the west wall open
- An invisible Floormaster drops into the room

If you release the Floormaster, use the Lens of Truth to reveal it and 
defeat it.
Also, the chest that appears in the room's southeast corner is a trap. 
Open it and get frozen in an ice that reduces your health meter.

        **************TEMPLE STATUE ROOM************* 
As you enter the room from the east side, you notice a Triforce Crest 
on the statue's left hand. Stand on it and play "Zelda's Lullaby". A 
chest drops on the statue's right hand. Longshot towards it and get the 
Small Key.
In case you did not know, out of view, "Zelda's Lullaby" also revealed 
a chest on the platform with a floor switch in the room's northeast 
corner. Target the chest with the Longshot and pull yourself to a 
platform. Activating the rusted floor switch with the Megaton Hammer is 
optional - but if you do, the gate over the doorway across from the 
statue rises.
This passageway allows you to reach Floor 1F of the Temple after 
pushing the two crescent blocks into the holes. Smacking the rusted 
switch at the end of the corridor activates the elevator platform that 
rises and falls between here and Floor 1F. Doing this is optional. 
As you ascend the spiral staircase to the temple's third level, avoid 
the Beamos.

        ***********FLOOR 3F: HOME OF ANUBIS*********** 
These fire-spitting snakes are weak to fire themselves. You can defeat 
them by calling down Din's Fire or using the Fire Arrows if you have. 
Defeat the Beamos here to raise the gate over the doorway in the east 

            **************ARMOS STATUE ROOM*********** 
The floor switch hidden among the four Armos statues in the next room 
requires weight to keep it pressed so that you can enter the room in 
the south exit. Lure one of the Armos onto the switch and then strike 
it with your sword to incapacitate it long enough for you to reach the 
Once in the corridor, use the Lens of Truth to reveal two small Chests 
containing Recovery Hearts.
In the next room, defeat the Iron Knuckle using the same tactics as 
before when you were a kid. Activate Nayru's Love if necessary. 
After you defeat the Iron Knuckle, step out onto the ledge and open the 
Treasure Chest to retrieve the Mirror Shield!
The polished surface of this shield allows you to reflect light and 
energy attacks! And the best of it is a Like Like will not eat it.
Back in the Armos Statue Room, use your Mirror Shield to reflect 
sunlight onto the Sun Face on the north wall. To do this, press and 
hold the R button which using the Control Stick to guide the shield 
with the reflective light to hit the Sun Face. 
The iron bars rise, allowing you to grab the Small Key inside.
With the Small Key in your possessions, backtrack to the room with the 
Anubis and unlock the door in the southwest corner.

           *************FLOOR 4F: WALL OF DEATH************ 
Inside this room, eliminate the two Beamos on the ledges. The Wall Of 
Death is a trick. The shifting wall sections slide back out and forth, 
disappearing behind a row of spikes. Do not panic. There is one and 
only trick: Use the Longshot to pull yourself up to the top section! 
At the top of the wall, defeat the Beamos and exit through the door.

           *************TRIFORCE ROOM************* 
At the top of the stairs, stand on the Triforce Crest and play "Zelda's 
Lullaby" to raise the bars over the doorway ahead in the next room.
Defeat the four Torch Slugs to eliminate their threat in the next room.
Now, fake doors surround the perimeter of this room. Attempting to open 
one of them will try to bend down and smash you. Do that for all doors 
until you see a fake door with an Eye Switch behind it. Bomb it and 
shoot the Eye Switch. This creates a floor above. Using your Longshot, 
aim at the Hookshot Target and pull yourself up. Step on the Floor 
Switch up ahead, watch the flames covering the Treasure Chest below go 
off, jump down quickly, open the Treasure Chest and get the Boss Key.

             ***************SUN PLAQUE ROOM*************
A Sun Face hangs on the west wall of the room's lower portion. But 
there is no sunlight to reflect. Further inspection reveals a huge 
reflective panel on the angled ceiling.
To unlock the door to the west, strike the Crystal Switch in the 
chamber with the mirror, behind the Iron Bars on the south side of the 
room. Charge up your sword and release it with the B button.
As soon as you set foot in the newly opened chamber, the Lizalfos jump 
out to attack. Defeat them.
To the west, a mirror reflects sunlight from a hole in the ceiling as 
three White Bubbles fly around it.
Defeat the White Bubbles, and you find the mirror needed for the 
reflective panel in the room with the Sun Face. You need something to 
reflect it. Given the room displayed on the Dungeon Map, you can assume 
the room with the White Bubbles has a secret wall on the left of your 
entrance. Blow it up and push the respective mirrors until they all 
reflect each other and push the last one reflecting to the one outside.
Back outside, stand on the platform and direct the sunlight from your 
shield onto the Sun Face. The platform beneath you lowers.
As the platform lowers, the light also lowers. Use the Mirror Shield to 
reflect sunlight on the statue's face. It crumbles away, revealing a 
portal. Use the Longshot to pull yourself and enter the Boss Door!

              **************THE ULTIMATE IRON KNUCKLE************* 
As you step through the Boss Door, you find the witches responsible for 
Nabooru's abduction. The witches then call upon the great loyal minion. 
The Iron Knuckle rises, and with a click from his hands, he prepares 
for battle.
This Iron Knuckle is huge but it is the same as the other ones. 
Remember, you should use the Evade and Counter Method to defeat the 
Iron Knuckle. Activate Nayru's Love if needed to protect yourself.
After you defeat the Iron Knuckle, the armor falls, revealing the form 
of Nabooru! The witches then reappear and cast a blast of magic on her 
as she attempts to flee. You then find yourself alone in the room but 
the door behind the throne is now accessible.

            *************SORCERESS SISTERS TWINROVA************ 
Step through the doorway and walk the short corridor to the door at the 
end. Beyond the second door, you find yourself in the Boss Arena. When 
you climb up the platform using the brick walls, the witches rise, 
introducing their powers - Fire and Ice. They then circle you and the 
battle starts.
The Battle is split into two parts: First, you must use the Mirror 
Shield to deflect one sister's attack to the other one. For example: 
Deflect the Fire attack and control it to hit Kotake, the witch that 
uses ice attacks OR deflect the ice attack and control it to hit Koume, 
the witch that uses fire attacks.
Doing this four times causes the twin sisters to get serious: They 
merge and form their Double Dynamite Attack that really looks like 
With their powers combined, the second part of the battle starts: This 
is a little tricky - first, lock onto the Boss with Z Targeting and 
block the fire or ice attack the Boss hurls at you. Instead of 
reflecting back, the Mirror Shield charges up. Prepare for the real fun. 
When the Mirror Shield charges three same shots in a row, the stored 
energy from the Mirror Shield gets released and hits the Boss. The Boss 
falls onto the platform stunned. Attack her with your sword. Jump 
Attacks work well here.

Note: You must absorb the same type of attack from the Boss three times 
in a row. That means if the Boss shoots fire at you for its first shot, 
you must collect fire energy all the way. Collecting ice energy 
neutralizes the current energy being absorbed, causing the energy to be 
lost. The same goes for collecting ice energy.

Repeat the process of absorbing energy, releasing energy, hitting the 
Boss with your sword until the Boss separate into their original form 
and the sisters argue over their ages when they realize that they are 
going bon voyage up there. Buh-bye. Do not forget to write! I will miss 
When Link defeats the Boss of the Spirit Temple, he receives his final 
Heart Container for the game and stepping onto the Blue Portal 
transports him to the Chamber of Sages.
Nabooru has awaken as the Sage of the Spirit Temple and she bestows you 
the Spirit Medallion where she adds her powers to Link's. 
But before you leave the Chamber of Sages, Rauru tells you that finally, 
you have fulfilled your destiny as the Hero of Time by awakening all 
six Sages. Now it is time for the final Showdown between Ganondorf. But 
before that, you must head to the Temple of Time where someone is 
waiting for you after seven long years. Guess who?
Warp back to the Temple of Time by playing the "Prelude of Light" on 
your Ocarina to find out! (No Spoilers! scroll down yourself to find 

| 9. Ganon's Castle                                                    

This is it! The final showdown between you and Ganondorf! If you want 
to undergo a mission of collecting Pieces of Heart and side quests, now 
would be the time to do so before heading back to the Temple of Time. 
Refer to the "Location of Heart Containers and Pieces Of Heart" and 
"Tips, Tricks and other game secrets" sections for all the information 
you need before taking on Ganondorf.
If you think are ready, then scroll below.

           ---------------ZELDA, SEVEN YEARS WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?------
Travel back to the Temple of Time and you will meet up with Sheik, who 
has some important information to tell you. Unfortunately, seven years 
ago, when you opened the Door Of Time, Ganondorf used it to enter the 
Sacred Realm and the prophecy came true - the three sacred triangles 
split apart. Ganondorf captured the Triforce of Power and the other two 
went to their predestined owners. Ganondorf, who was not happy at all, 
went around Hyrule to find the chosen ones who may have the other two 
So, you have learnt from Sheik that you are holding the Triforce of 
For the Triforce of Wisdom, Sheik suddenly holds up his hands and a 
bright light blinds you for a while.
Suddenly, in a flash, Princess Zelda stands before you. She then 
apologizes about being a Sheikah in disguise as you were sealed in time 
for seven years.
After a brief layout of her plans, Zelda then gives you the Light 
Arrows. Before you both can leave to invade the Castle, the Temple of 
Time shakes like an earthquake disaster. Suddenly, Zelda is trapped in 
a crystal and Ganondorf's maniacal laughter storms the Temple. He tells 
you if you want to rescue her go to his Castle... Wooooo what does he 
have in store for you? Hmmmm... anyways, head to his castle, located at 
where Hyrule Castle used to stand.

Also, before heading to his Castle, make sure you have the Fire Arrows 
in your inventory. If you do not have it, head to Lake Hylia and get 
How? On the island with the warp symbol, a plaque instructs you to 
shoot for the rising sun when the lake is full. Shoot an arrow at the 
rising sun and the Fire Arrows will fall on the "goalpost" platform 
opposite the plaque. You need this to pass through Ganon's Castle.

           ---------------GANON'S CASTLE-------------
Leave the Temple of Time and head to Ganon's Castle, where the peaceful 
Hyrule Castle used to stand. Now it has been turned into a evil Castle. 
As you approach the Castle, you wonder how you will cross over the lava 
below. Rauru's voice suddenly appears and tells you that the Six Sages 
will combine their powers to create a bridge over the molten moat.
He also explains that six barriers protect the inner part of Ganon's 
Castle, where Ganondorf hides. Dispel the barriers and you are free to 
enter the main castle to confront the evil man himself.

Past the two Beamos guarding the entrance and open the door to find 
yourself in the Castle's main room.
The barriers Rauru spoke of are the beams of energy coming from each of 
the Six Medallion-marked rooms. They come together in a powerful force 
field that protects the Castle's core, where the Ganondorf hides. To 
enter this tower, you must dispel the beams one by one.
The reactors for each of the six barriers lie at the ends of rooms or 
series of rooms wherein you must solve puzzles to access the power 
source. Then, you must shoot a Light Arrow into the heart of the power 
source and interrupt it so the appropriate sage and dispel the barrier 
Here are the following tips that will help you: 
You are advised to tackle each room in order, starting with the Spirit 
Room to your left and working counterclockwise around the main chamber. 
You must have the Golden Gauntlets to tackle the Fire and Light rooms.

- Look above the Beamos to obtain one of the five Silver Rupees by 
using the Longshot on the Hookshot Target.
- Use a Charged Spin Attack on the first Crystal Switch and the 
Bombchus provided in the small Chest when you hit the first Crystal 
Switch for the second Crystal Switch in the next room.
- Shoot the Fire Arrows above you in the next room for some sunlight.
- Finally, shoot the heart of the Barrier's power source by using a 
Light Arrow and Nabooru will dispel it.

- After lighting all torches in the first room with Din's Fire, use a 
Fire Arrow to shoot the torch above the door to raise the bars.
- Use your Hover Boots carefully in the next room filled with fans.
- Press the floor switch in this room for a Hookshot Target to grab the 
Rupee suspended in the air.
- Finally, shoot the heart of the Barrier's power source by using a 
Light Arrow and Saria will dispel it.

- Remember that Blue Fire melts red ice or any red colored web-like 
- Choose the block of ice that is farthest from the hole not the 
- Leaving the room resets the puzzle and timer.
- If you fail to leave the room in time, you do not need to solve the 
puzzle again since the iron bars at the other side have been raised.
- Finally, shoot the heart of the Barrier's power source by using a 
Light Arrow and Princess Ruto will dispel it.

- Equip the Lens of Truth first. Do not use it yet.
- There are torches on either side of the room. Lighting one of them up 
with a Fire Arrow will create a path for a limited time.
- Use the Lens of Truth to help find the path to the floor switch.
- Activate the floor switch and a chest will drop to the ground. 
Longshot to the chest and get the Golden Gauntlets.
- Finally, shoot the heart of the Barrier's power source by using a 
Light Arrow and Impa will dispel it. 

- Equip your Hover Boots, if not, the main pathway will sink and the 
lava will swallow you whole.
- Try lifting the huge crescent block to uncover a hidden Silver Rupee.
- Longshot to the end once you collect all five Silver Rupees.
- Finally, shoot the heart of the Barrier's power source by using a 
Light Arrow and your sworn brother will dispel it.

- A huge crescent block blocks the entrance.
- Watch out for trapped chests!
- Stand on the Triforce crest and play "Zelda's Lullaby" to reveal a 
Chest with a Small Key.
- Watch out for the boulders. Look above the ceiling for a Hookshot 
Target. Pull yourself there and you will fall to grab the Silver Rupee.
- Again the timer will tick for you to solve the puzzle and get out of 
the room.
- Finally, the wall is illusory. Shoot the heart of the Barrier's power 
source behind the illusory wall with a Light Arrow and Rauru will 
dispel it.

       ************INSIDE GANON'S CASTLE: THE INNER PART************
After you dispel the barriers around the Castle core, you are free to 
enter at will. However, take this chance to visit the last Great Fairy 
outside the Castle.
The final Great Fairy's Fountain lies right at the same spot where you 
got Din's Fire. Its only the size of the block that blocks it. Use your 
incredible strength and toss it aside.
Inside, the Great Fairy presents you the last of their gifts - an 
increase in your defense. This manifests as a white shell around the 
Hearts in your Health Meter, halving the attack damage you sustain. Not 
bad eh? 
Now its time to enter the main Castle core.
Ready? Set? Go!
In the inner tower of Ganon's Castle, you must battle foes on each 
floor as you ascend to confront Ganondorf. On each room, you will find 
a room with a different monster.
When you enter the inner tower, you find a winding staircase with Fire 
Keese in habiting the area. Ignore and head up to enter the first 
The first chamber contains Dinolfos, cousins of the Lizalfos from 
earlier in the game. They are agile but with Z Targeting and good 
timing, you should defeat them easily.
The second chamber holds two Stalfos. Again, take on each one at a 
time. Attack when they let their guard down. When you are through, the 
fire around the Boss Key in the middle of the room recedes. The 
Treasure Chest holds the game's very last Boss Key.
In the third chamber, two Iron Knuckles await your challenge. Color 
makes no difference - both are extremely hard to defeat if you are not 
on your guard. Use the Evade and Counter method or the Hit and Run 
method that involves attacking a Iron Knuckle using the Jump Attack, 
then backflip away to prevent it from countering you.
Be careful not to nudge the other Iron Knuckle into animation 
automatically. Use Nayru's Love to protect yourself.
The next floor, use the game's last Boss Key to unlock the game's last 
Boss door.
The next room is empty. You only see earthenware jugs and a single 
tower in the middle. You look up but you only see the ceiling. Where is 
Ganondorf?? Come out come out wherever you are scary cat...
Exit by the door near the pit gates and follow the red carpet to the 
top of the Castle. When you reach the final door, enter for the final 
showdown with the great king of evil!
When you enter Ganondorf's Chamber, you see Zelda safe, but trapped. As 
the three pieces of the Triforce sense each other's presence, they 
begin to glow and your Health Meter refills automatically.
Ganondorf then lures you into battle, where Navi cannot provide her 
advice due to the forces of darkness. You are on your own! No Z 
Targeting or helpful advice! 
          ***************GREAT KING OF EVIL: GANONDORF************* 
If you remember how you beat Phantom Ganon, you will get a head start 
to this battle. The same strategy of repelling his fireball attacks 
with your sword applies but the stakes are higher especially with no Z 
At the battle's start the two of you stand at the center of a small 
The reason for this is simple. Ganondorf will immediately use 
Earthquake Punch to the tower deck that knocks you off and sends the 
first row of blocks around the tower crashing below.
Also, do not remain on that center platform for any length of time 
other than attacking Ganondorf with your sword.
With every Earthquake Punch, more blocks fall to the ground, hampering 
your movement getting to the platform to attack Ganondorf with your 
sword. The first row of blocks cannot be saved but Link can jump and 
grab the platform. You also can use your Hover Boots to float to the 
The objective here is to hit Ganondorf with his own fireball. This is 
difficult as you must bat the same fireball back many times before you 
score a hit. When you hit him with his own fireballs, Ganondorf hangs 
in the air, stunned for a few seconds. At this time, take out your 
Light Arrows and shoot him. If you wait too long or miss, Ganondorf 
will knock the offending arrow away and the battle resumes.
Succeed and Ganondorf will fall to the ground, motionless due to the 
waves of justice controlling him. Take this chance to jump over to the 
platform and attack him with your sword. Jump Attacks work well here. 
When Ganondorf is back up in the air again, quickly head back to the 
platform before he does another Earthquake Punch.
Repeat this process about five times and Ganondorf starts to introduce 
a new attack. Drawing on the powers of darkness, he amasses a great 
ball of energy and sends out six homing beams at you.
You can respond in two ways: 
1. You can wait in one of the four corners until Ganondorf has locked 
onto you and released the attack, then make a run for another corner. 
Just hope this attack misses you or hits down a platform block. 
However, doing this most of the time will result in heavy damage in 
your platform.
2. The second way, which you are strongly recommended to do, is to hit 
Ganondorf with a Light Arrow while he is distracted casting the spell. 
This knocks him down and stops the spell at the same time. That way, 
you can move to Ganondorf's platform and attack him.

When he starts relying on this new attack, you know that Ganondorf is 
reaching the end of his Health Meter. When the fight ends, Ganondorf 
expresses his amazement being beaten by a kid. He becomes so frustrated 
that he sends the top of the Castle crashing down around you.

                          ***************THE ESCAPE****************** 
When the dust clears, Ganondorf falls dead and Princess Zelda is 
released. But before you guys can hold a victory party, another quake 
rattles the Castle. Surprisingly, Ganondorf has found a way to take 
both of you to your Graves with him. You must now follow Zelda out 
before the castle collapses over you.
You have three minutes to make it out of the Castle. Running ahead of 
Zelda frightens Zelda and slows you down. If you stay with her, she 
will recover more quickly and keep going. You need Zelda - she is the 
only one who can use her magic to open barred passageways.
For most of the escape, it is quite easy. Follow Zelda's path as you 
both wind your way around the outside and inside the Dungeon's inner 
core. You will only have to dodge falling rocks - until you reach the 
room where the Boss Key used to be.
When you reach the room where the Boss Key used to be, Zelda gets 
trapped in a ring of fire and two Stalfos jump out and attack you. 
Defeat them quickly as after you defeat one, the other one will 
regenerate if you do not kill it in time.
When both are gone, Princess Zelda is released and rewards you with 
Recovery Hearts.
There is only one more obstacle that blocks your way, The only monster 
you will run to on the bridge is a ReDead. Stay to the right and when 
it paralyzes you, the paralysis will wear off before it can grab you. 
Run on by and finally out of the castle.

When you think its over no its not! Ganon rises from the ruins of the 
Castle. Using the Triforce of Power, he transforms himself into a huge 
monster that in fact looks like a cute little doggy.
He surrounds the battle arena with energy, locking Zelda and her magic 
out and also knocks out the Master Sword out of your hands.
Woo hoo looks like this battle is going to be a fun and memorable one. 
This time, with Navi at your side and the Megaton Hammer or Biggoron's 
Sword in your hands, it is time to put this beast into its coffin. Like 
the other battles this battle has two parts: First, using the Hammer or 
Biggoron's Sword, sneak behind the monster and whack its tail. It takes 
five to six hits before the monster collapses for a while. When that 
happens, the flames around the arena go off and Zelda calls you to re 
claim the Master Sword. If you speak to her, she tells you to fight the 
rest of the battle with the Sacred Master Sword. Once it is back in 
your hands, run back into the Arena. If Ganon is still struggling to 
force himself up, you can score an extra hit on its tail.
The second part of the battle is even more challenging - Ganon is even 
more faster. Now you must use your Light Arrow to stun him whenever the 
flashing blades are clear. When he is frozen in place, run around and 
stab his tail with the Master Sword. Nine hits later, Ganon falls on 
his knees. As Ganon falters, Zelda summons all her magic and pins him 
in place. Your Master Sword charges up. Deliver the final blow and 
Ganon will try to rise. But its too late, Zelda calls upon all the Six 
Sages to seal Ganon in the evil realm.
What happens next? Find out yourself! (No spoilers!) you have completed 
the game and you deserve a nice relaxing movie.

| 10. Location of Heart Containers and Pieces Of Heart                 

Besides defeating Dungeons and their Bosses, you must also have one 
thing - Hearts. The more Hearts you have, the more trouble the enemy 
has to defeat you. Pieces of Heart are scattered around the land of 
Hyrule. Some of them are left in the open while others will require you 
to perform certain tasks like Mini-games to obtain them. For every four 
Pieces of Heart you get, you get an extra Heart Container. More Hearts 
means more energy! 
There are 36 Pieces of Heart to collect in this game. If you cannot 
find some, this guide should help you.
When you beat a Boss, you get a complete Heart Container.

(When I mean by requires, I mean what you need to get that Piece of 
(When I mean by optional next to an item, I mean that you do not really 
need that item to get that Piece of Heart) 

1. Hidden niche in the wall. You must climb down the wall to see it. 
Requires: Child or Adult with Goron Tunic.

2. In plain sight at the top of the left ash cone.
Requires: Adult and Magic Bean Leaf


1. Above the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern.
Requires: Adult and Magic Bean Leaf


1. Outside the Spirit Temple, on the top of the arch before the 
entrance of the Temple.
Requires: Adult and Magic Bean Leaf


1. In a niche behind the main waterfall. Swim behind it and you will 
see a ladder. Climb it.
Requires: Child or Adult

2. In a crate on the ledges over the River. Drop onto the platform with 
the gray boulder, then Longshot to the crate and break it.
Requires: Child and Chicken OR Adult and Longshot


1. Prize after scoring 1000 points in the Horseback Archery Contest.
Requires: Adult and Epona

2. In a chest on the highest roof of the Thieves' Hideout. Head above 
your cell, then Longshot to the Chest.
Requires: Adult and Longshot


1. Light the torches and throw bombs in the spinning vase.
Requires: Child preferably with Bombs. Can use Bomb Flowers provided on 
stairs to third floor.


1. Beat Dampe's Ghost in a minute or less.
Requires: Adult

2. Prize in the Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour
Requires: Child

3.In a crate on a shelf above the Magic Bean Leaf
Requires: Adult and Magic Bean Leaf OR Longshot (Stand on the 
tombstones until you get a view of the crate then pull yourself) 

4. Defeat the ReDead, then play the "Sun's Song" near the torches in 
the unmarked Grave with the single ReDead.
Requires: Child or Adult with "Sun's Song" 


1. Prize in the Bombchu Game.
Requires: Child

2. Find the Pooch Lady's dog roaming around the Market at night.
Requires: Child, nighttime only.

3. Prize in the Treasure Box Game.
Requires: Child and Lens of Truth (Optional)


1. Bomb the hidden hole between the four fences in front of Lake Hylia 
and buy it for 10 Rupees.
Requires: Child or Adult with Stone of Agony (Optional) 
2. Deep in the pond in a hidden hole near a tree between Gerudo Valley 
and Hyrule Castle. You must Bomb the hole.
Requires: Child with Gold Scale OR Adult with Gold Scale or Iron Boots 
and Stone of Agony


1. Frozen in red ice in a room in the Ice Cavern.
Requires: Adult and Bottle of Blue Fire


1. Reward from a member of the Skulltula family after getting 50 Gold 
Skulltula Tokens.
Requires: Child or Adult with 50 Gold Skulltula Tokens

2. In the cow's stall in Impa's house.
Requires: Child (take the lift from the owl) OR Adult with Longshot 
(Pull yourself to the top of Impa's house) 
3. On a ledge in the Windmill
Requires: Adult exiting from Dampe's crypt.

4. Talk to the guy at the top of Granny's Potion Shop
Requires: Adult and Hookshot. Stand on the fence near the crate and the 
door to the Windmill, then pull yourself to the roof.


1. Reward from the scientist when you dive to the bottom of his 
Requires: Adult with Gold Scale.

2. Reward for catching a 10-pounder in the Fishing Game.
Requires: Child

3. On the balcony at the very top of the Laboratory. You must climb up 
the long ladder.
Requires: Adult and Magic Bean Leaf


1. Move the boxes in the Storage Shed to find a tunnel and a small 
Requires: Child


1. Play "Saria's Song" to the single Skull Kid.
Requires: Child with Ocarina and "Saria's Song" 

2. Prize in the jam session with the two Skull Kids.
Requires: Child and Ocarina


1. Light all torches and check behind the waterfall.
Requires: Child and Deku Sticks


1. On an iceberg.
Requires: Adult

2. On the bottom of the Lake.
Requires: Adult and Iron Boots


1. Win the Bug-Catching Game once you have made the frogs big with your 
non-warping songs.
Requires: Child with the six non-warping songs

2. On a lofty platform in the central section of the river.
Requires: Child and Chicken OR Adult and Hover Boots

3. Use the chicken to float to the platform near the waterfall.
Requires: Child and Chicken

4. Play the "Song of Storms" to the Frogs.
Requires: Child and the "Song of Storms"

| 11. Complete Guide to locations of Gold Skulltulas                   

A hundred of these Gold Skulltulas are scattered around the land of 
Hyrule. Some of them dangle in plain sight, while others require 
something else to reach it and kill it.
Collecting Gold Skulltula Tokens may be a big request for you, as you 
need to fulfill your destiny as the Hero of Time. However, every 10 
Gold Skulltulas killed and tokens collected, a kid from the Skulltula 
Family turns back to normal and you get a reward.
The rewards are: 
10 Skulltula Tokens: Adult's Wallet (Holds up to 200 Rupees) 
20 Skulltula Tokens: Stone of Agony (Requires a Rumble Pack to work) 
30 Skulltula Tokens: Giant's Wallet (Holds up to 500 Rupees) 
40 Skulltula Tokens: Bombchu 
50 Skulltula Tokens: Piece of Heart 
51 to 99 Skulltula Tokens: No rewards 
100 Skulltula Tokens: Huge Rupee

Finding them is another big problem for you. To begin with, Gold 
Skulltulas appear during the night, or in dark places like Dungeons or 
secret holes. They have a fondness for dirt patches, kind of like your 
Magic Beans. Read these tips if you want to get all 100 of them: 

- Certain Skulltulas appear only when Link is a child. Others can be 
found and eliminated by adult Link. Some appear regardless of Link's 
- Skulltulas like dirt patches - namely, the patches the child Link can 
use his Magic Beans on. There are 10 dirt patches with 9 of them home 
to these Gold Skulltulas. To make them surface, release a Bottle of 
- Some Skulltulas hide in trees. So you cannot see them. To knock them 
down, roll into the tree trunk itself.
- Most importantly, child Link can kill Skulltulas within Slingshot 
range. However he must use the Boomerang to retrieve some of the out-
of-reach Tokens they leave behind. Adult Link can use his Hookshot or 
Longshot to both kill and collect.
- Crates provide a nice environment these Skulltulas love.

If you really want to get all these Gold Skulltulas, refer to the list 
below. The list below are brief locations about these Gold spiders.



1. Cell with Like Like
Requires: Child with Boomerang

2. Room with false floor
Requires: Child with Boomerang

3. Room with Deku Baba
Requires: Child with Boomerang


4. Inside entrance with crate
Requires: Child

5. Dirt Patch next to Warp Point
Requires: Child and Bottle of Bugs


6. Dirt Patch near Dodongo's Cavern
Requires: Child and Bottle Bugs

7. Pound rock outside Goron City above Dodongo's Cavern
Requires: Adult and Megaton Hammer 

8. Bomb false wall to first cave
Requires: Child or Adult with Bombs

9. Falling Rock area. The last rock before wall climb. Pound the rock. 
Requires: Adult and Megaton Hammer 


10. Room with the Compass
Requires: Child and Slingshot

11. Basement where you broke the web. Located on the wall.
Requires: Child and Slingshot

12. Basement where you broke the web. Located on the grate.
Requires: Child and Slingshot

13. Bomb the false wall in the room with Gohma Larva
Requires: Child with Bombs, Slingshot and Boomerang


14. Dirt Patch near entrance of Spirit Temple
Requires: Child and Bottle of Bugs

15. Palm Tree near dry pond
Requires: Adult and Longshot (You will get the Longshot before you come 

16. Take leaf to top of the dunes
Requires: Adult and Magic Bean Leaf


17. Alcove above raised stairs
Requires: Child and Slingshot OR Adult and Hookshot

18. Baby Dodongo Room (Lure it and defeat it and it will bomb the wall) 
Requires: Child

19. Baby Dodongo Room (hidden ledge) 
Requires: Adult with "Scarecrow's Song" and Hookshot/Longshot.

20. Bomb false wall in northernmost room on Floor 1F
Requires: Child and Bombs

21. Behind the Armos in Compass room.
Requires: Child

22. Room with the first Like Like
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

23. Room with the second Like Like
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

24. Bomb false wall in Boulder Maze
Requires: Adult and Bombs

25. East tower from the top of the boulder maze
Requires: Adult with "Scarecrow's Song" and Longshot (Play the Song 
when you are on the top of the boulder maze) 

26. East tower from the top of the boulder maze
Requires: Adult with "Scarecrow's Song" and Longshot (Play the Song 
when you are on the top of the boulder maze) 

27. Treasure Room, in basement with Big Skulltula
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

28. Entrance to the Temple, on the vines to the right
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

29. Wall of left Inner Courtyard
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

30. Wall of right Inner Courtyard
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

31. Main hall, on wall near door to north room
Requires: Adult and Hookshot


32. Outside, back of brick arch
Requires: Adult and Hookshot


33. Outer wall to the right of log bridge.
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang

34. Under stone arch
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

35. Dirt Patch on lower ledge
Requires: Child with Chicken and Bottle of Bugs

36. Behind Carpenters' Tent
Requires: Adult and Hookshot


37. Outer wall at the center of east side
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

38. Horseback Archery area
Requires: Adult and Hookshot


39. Boulder room inside crate
Requires: Child and Bombs

40. Behind stone on center platform where Goron's Ruby used to be 
Requires: Adult and Hookshot


41. Dirt Patch
Requires: Child and Bottle of Bugs

42. Outer wall
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang


43. In basement of stone house in the middle of desert
Requires: Adult


44. Roll into tree near entrance outside the gate
Requires: Child

45. In Hidden Hole near tree outside Castle
Requires: Child with Bombs, Boomerang and "Song of Storms" 

46. In crate in room to the right of entrance from the bridge
Requires: Child


47. Hidden Hole in rock ring outside Gerudo Valley 
Requires: Child with Bombs, Boomerang and Din's Fire OR Adult with 
Megaton Hammer, Hookshot, Din's Fire or Fire Arrows

48. Hidden Hole near tree outside Kakariko Village
Requires: Child with Bombs, Slingshot and Boomerang


49. In Blue Ice room, near Piece of Heart
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

50. On wall in Ice Block room
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

51. Room with Ice Scythe
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

INSIDE JABU-JABU'S BELLY (Useless fish...) 

52. Basement wall
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang

53. Basement wall, near Bigocto's room
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang

54. On rough wall in room before Boss Arena
Requires: Child and Slingshot

55. In room with switch to raise water level
Requires: Child and Slingshot


56. Top of Impa's House
Requires: Adult and Hookshot/Longshot

57. Roll into tree near entrance
Requires: Child

58. Side of Graveyard kid's house
Requires: Child

59. Side of Skulltula House
Requires: Child

60. Stack of bricks at unfinished building
Requires: Child

61. On the ladder located at the watchtower
Requires: Child and Slingshot


62. Dirt Patch near shop
Requires: Child and Bottle of Bugs

63. Back of Know-It-All Brothers' house
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

64. Back of Twins' House
Requires: Adult and Hookshot/Longshot


65. Top of Dead Tree on the island with Warp Symbol
Requires: Adult and Longshot

66. Dirt Patch near Laboratory
Requires: Child and Bottle of Bugs 

67. Break crate at bottom of Laboratory pool
Requires: Adult with Iron Boots with Hookshot/Longshot

68. Back of Laboratory
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang

69. Platform with "Goalposts" 
Requires: Child


70. Roll into tree inside gate
Requires: Child

71. Back of corral shed
Requires: Child

72. Outer wall northwest of storage shed
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang

73. Second Story window of Talon's house
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang


74. Dirt Patch northwest of Zora's River Shortcut
Requires: Child and Bottle of Bugs

75. Dirt Patch south of Single Skull Kid
Requires: Child and Bottle of Bugs

76. Room northwest of Zora's River Shortcut
Requires: Adult and Magic Bean Leaf


77. Outer wall
Requires: Adult and Hookshot


78. Room on Floor B3 with stealth scythes and Small Key
Requires: Adult and Longshot

79. Room with "stone umbrella"
Requires: Adult and Longshot

80. Blow up vase room
Requires: Adult

81. In cage area near Ferryboat
Requires: Adult with "Scarecrow's Song" and Longshot

82. Room with three skull pots
Requires: Adult


83. Room with keese and gates
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang

84. On rough wall
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang

85. Wall of Main Chamber
Requires: Adult with "Scarecrow's Song" and Longshot

86. Hallway leading to very first Iron Knuckle
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang

87. Boulder Room move the Time Block with "Song of Time" 
Requires: Adult and "Song of Time" 


88. In hidden area off Boulder Room near room with Boss Key. Try 
checking behind the small waterfall before sinking down.
Requires: Adult and Longshot

89. Use your Charge Spin attack to hit Crystal Switch in basement cell
Requires: Adult and Charged Spin Attack

90. On the wall to right in the Cascading Falls room
Requires: Adult and Hookshot/Longshot

91. On wall of whirlpool-laden stream
Requires: Adult and Longshot

92. Top of center tower
Requires: Adult and Longshot


93. Top of frozen waterfall
Requires: Adult and Hookshot


94. Outer wall, west of fallen log
Requires: Child with Slingshot and Boomerang

95. Roll into tree in southwest corner
Requires: Child

96. Secret cave beneath gray boulder in front of hidden Great Fairy's 
Requires: Adult and Silver Gauntlets/Golden Gauntlets


97. Outer wall, south-center, up high
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

98. Outer wall, before entrance to Zora's Domain
Requires: Adult and Hookshot

99. Roll into tree at entrance.
Requires: Child

100. On ladder near waterfall
Requires: Child and Slingshot 

| 12. List Of Items                                                    

Here are the following lists of items ranging from Equipment to other 
1. Kokiri Sword
Cost: -
Location: Found in the Forest Training Ground in Kokiri Forest
Description: Link's sword as a child

2. Master Sword
Cost: -
Location: Found in the Temple of Time after opening the Door of Time
Description: Link's default sword as an adult which allows him to 
travel through time

3. Giant's Knife
Cost: 200 Rupees
Location: Bought from Medigoron in Goron City and its very fragile
Description: Two-handed sword that looks like it can deal some damage

4. Biggoron's Sword
Cost: -
Location: After handing him the Finest Eye drops, Biggoron, at the top 
of Death Mountain makes this for you.
Description: Two-handed sword, far more durable than the Giant's Knife, 
does double damage of the Master Sword

1. Deku Shield
Cost: 40 Rupees
Location: Buy first in Kokiri Forest, found in Dungeons
Description: Wooden shield that breaks and burns easily

2. Hylian Shield
Cost: 60 or 80 Rupees
Location: Buy in Bazaar at Hyrule Castle Market when Link is a child or 
at Kakariko Village when Link is an adult. Found in the Graveyard too.
Description: Adult-sized Shield. Link can equip this is a child but it 
is too heavy for him to carry.

3. Mirror Shield
Cost: -
Location: Found in Spirit Temple
Description: Shield with polished surface that can reflect light and 
certain magic spells

1. Kokiri Tunic
Cost: -
Location: Received at the start of the game.
Description: Default clothing which never needs replacing.

2. Goron Tunic
Cost: 200 Rupees
Location: Given by Darunia's Son so you can enter the Fire Temple
Description: Adult size only! Allows adult Link to stay in hot places.

3. Zora Tunic
Cost: 300 Rupees
Location: Given by King Zora after freeing him from red ice with Blue 
Description: Adult size only! Allows Link to walk underwater without 
choking. Does not allow you to dive deeper!! 
1. Kokiri Boots
Cost: -
Location: Received at the start of the game
Description: Default shoes for both Child and Adult Link

2. Iron Boots
Cost: -
Location: Found in Ice Cavern
Description: Adult size only! So heavy boots that Link cannot run and 
make him sink to the bottom of water.

3. Hover Boots
Cost: -
Location: Found in Shadow Temple
Description: Adult size only! Winged boots that allow adult Link to 
float in the air for about 1.5 seconds

1. Boomerang
Cost: -
Used by: Child Link only
Location: Found in Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Description: Great against electrical monsters. Also allows to retrieve 
certain out-of-reach items

2. Fairy Bow
Cost: -
Used by: Adult Link only
Location: Found in the Forest Temple
Description: Advanced version of the Fairy Slingshot. Can shoot up to 
three different types of arrows.

3. Fairy Slingshot
Cost: -
Used by: Child Link only
Location: Found inside the Great Deku Tree
Description: Shoots Deku Seeds. For children only

4. Hookshot
Cost: -
Used by: Adult Link only
Location: Found in Dampe's Crypt at the Graveyard
Description: Allows you to reach distant places like a grappling hook. 
Can retrieve certain out-of-reach items

5. Longshot
Cost: -
Used by: Adult Link only
Location: Found in the Water Temple
Description: Upgraded version of the Hookshot. Extends twice as far.

6. Megaton Hammer
Cost: -
Used by: Adult Link only
Location: Found in the Fire Temple
Descriptions: Breaks rocks and other "unbombables". Also smash rusted 

1. Deku Nuts
Cost: 5 pieces for 15 Rupees
Needs what to buy/use: -
Description: Natural Stun Grenades

2. Deku Stick
Cost: 20 Rupees for 1 piece
Needs what to buy/use: Child Link can use only
Description: A long stick that can be used as a weapon or torch.

3. Bombs
Cost: Varies 
Needs what to buy/use: Requires Bomb Bag before can be bought
Description: Portable explosives that require fire to work only

4. Bombchu
Cost: Varies
Needs what to buy/use: Requires Bomb Bag before can be bought
Description: Set it on the floor and it moves. Even climbs up walls. 
Explodes until it hits something or at the end of their fuse

5. Magic Bean
Cost: Varies
Needs what to buy/use: Child Link can use only
Description: After time, these beans grow into large floating leaves.

1. Blue Fire
Cost: 300 Rupees
Description: Cold fire that can melt red ice

2. Bottle of Bugs
Cost: 50 Rupees
Description: Bugs that can burrow in dirt patches and lure Gold 
Skulltulas to surface

3. Fairy's Spirit
Cost: 50 Rupees
Description: Fairy that can heal when released or resurrects you when 

4. Fish
Cost: 200 Rupees
Description: Fresh Fish! Jabu-Jabu likes fish so much that he sucks you 
in without knowing

5. Green Potion
Cost: 30 Rupees
Description: Drink this to replenish your Magic Meter completely. No 
matter how long your meter is.

6. Poe
Cost: 30 Rupees
Description: Bad for your health. Sell them to the Poe dealer.

7. Red Potion:
Cost: 30 Rupees
Description: Recovers all Heart Containers. No matter how many Hearts 
you have.

8. Blue Potion
Cost: 100 Rupees
Description: Ultimate Potion: Recovers both Heart Containers and Magic 
meter completely.

1. Fairy Ocarina
Location: Received from Saria upon leaving for Hyrule Field
Description: Use to play songs

2. Ocarina of Time
Location: After collecting the three Spiritual Stones, visit Zelda and 
she will throw it into the moat during a scene
Description: Use to play songs and open the Door of Time with the "Song 
of time" 
3. Lens of Truth
Location: Found at the Bottom of the Well by child Link
Description: Look through the Lens to invisible things.

4. Mask of Truth
Location: Received at the Happy Mask Shop at the Market once you sell 
all four masks
Description: Talk to Gossip Stones for ... secrets. Used by Child Link 

5. Stone of Agony
Location: Reward from Skulltula family after killing 20 Gold Skulltulas
Description: Requires Rumble Pack to work. Will vibrate to nearby 
Hidden Holes

6. Bottle
Location: Lon Lon Ranch, Kakariko Village, Lake Hylia and Hyrule Castle 
Description: Use it to capture Bugs, Poe, Fish, Fairies or carry 

7. Gerudo's Membership Card
Location: Obtained at Gerudo's Fortress after rescuing all four lazy 
Description: Allows you to walk freely through the fortress

8. Fire Arrows
Location: On the island with the Warp Symbol in Lake Hylia. Shoot the 
Morning Sun from the plaque with an arrow when Lake is filled
Description: Charges up your bow with fire arrows. Used to burn things. 
Uses up 2 MP for each shot

9. Ice Arrows
Location: Complete the Gerudo Training Ground Challenge at Gerudo's 
Description: Charges up your bow with ice-powered arrows. Used to 
freeze enemies. Uses up 2 MP for each shot

10. Light Arrows
Location: Gift from Princess Zelda
Description: Charges up your bow with Light Arrows. Used to smite evil 
and defeat Ganondorf and stun Ganon.

1. Din's Fire
Location: Received from the Great Fairy at Hyrule Castle
Description: Allows you to burn anything when used - well almost 
anything. Can also be used to light up multiple torches at once. Uses 
up 6 MP per use.

2. Farore's Wind
Location: Received from the Great Fairy at Zora's Fountain
Description: Allows you to create warp points in dungeons and warp to 
them. Uses up 6 MP per use

3. Nayru's Love
Location: Received from the Great Fairy at Desert Colossus
Description: Provides you with a protective shield. Receives impact, 
but no damage done. Uses up 12 MP per use

1. Deku Seed Bag
Location: Inside the Great Deku Tree. Comes with the Slingshot.
Description: Allows you to carry Deku Seed bullets for your Slingshot. 
Two upgrades available at Lost Woods and Shooting Gallery Game.
2. Quiver
Location: Found at the Forest Temple. Comes with the Fairy Bow
Description: Allows you to carry Arrows. Two upgrades available at 
Shooting Gallery Game in Kakariko Village and Horseback Archery game.

3. Bomb Bag
Location: Found at Dondongo's Cavern
Description: Allows you to carry Bombs. Two upgrades available at 
Bombchu Bowling game and stop the huge rolling Goron at Goron City by 
tossing a bomb.

4. Goron's Bracelet
Location: Given to Child Link by Darnuia.
Description: Allows Child Link to pick up Bomb Flowers and Grass

5. Silver Scale
Location: Play the diving game at Zora's Domain. Get all Rupees in 
allowed time to win it.
Description: Allows Link to dive deeper

6. Silver Gauntlets
Location: Found at the Spirit Temple
Description: Allows adult Link to carry heavier objects. Feel the 

7. Golden Gauntlets
Location: Found at Ganon's Castle in the Shadow Room
Description: Allows adult Link to carry all objects. 

8. Gold Scale
Location: Play the fishing game and catch a 20-pounder fish.
Description: Allows Link to dive way deeper than before

| 13. List Of Enemies                                                  

Okay I have the list of 52 Enemies here. If you see one not here. Email 
me and I will post it at the next version.


Anubis - Found in the Spirit Temple, as navi says, this thing is 
to fire. So, kill it simply with Din's Fire or a Fire Arrow. Watch out, 
Heart is deducted for every blow.

Armos - Found in Dodongo's Cavern and the Spirit Temple, this statue 
around and charges out you. Sneak up behind it and slash it with your 
or time it with a bomb kamikaze style!


Bari - Found in Jabu Jabu's Belly, this thing is simply a jellyfish. 
a deku stick, or for an easier kill, the boomerang. Don't touch it or 
will electrocute you!
Beamos - Found in Dodongo's Cavern, the Shadow Temple, the Spirit 
and Ganon's Castle. Watch out, because this thing has a a searching eye 
whn it sees you, it will shoot off a laser at you. What's even worse is 
the only way you can kill it is with a bomb. So keep distance, Z-Target 
let that bomb fly!

Biri - Found in Jabu Jabu's Belly, this is the same exact thing as the 
only less dangerous. Kill it easily with the boomerang, and keep your 
away from it.

Blue Bubble - Found in the Forest Temple, Z-target this easy opponent 
run into it with your shield to put its flame out, then hack away with 
sword. You can also extinguish the flame with the hookshot.

Blue Tektite - Located at Lake Hylia and the Water Temple, this blue 
like creature that was in the original Zelda game is extremely easy to 
You can stun it with the hookshot, slash it with your sword, or peg it 
an arrow. One hit with the Biggoron's Sword.

Business Scrub - Found in the early stages of the game such as the Lost
Woods and almost every ungeon, this is the same thing as a deku scrub 
it stands up on its long legs.


None Found.


Deku Scrub - Located in Kokiri Forest, and the Deku Tree Dungeon, Z-
thesew bush like enemies, and press R to use your shield to bounce the 
nut they shoot at you back at them.

Dinolfo - Found at the end of Ganon's Castle, this powerful, cinning, 
enemies moves around a lot and has a powerful swing with its sword. 
have to block their attack with your shield and quickly slash them from
behind to injure them. Lunging is a good idea for a quick comeback.

Dodongo - Located in Dodongo's Cavern, this is a small version of King
Dodongo himself. They move slow, but they'll breathe fire out at you. 
in front of one so it stops and shoots fire out, then go and slash the 
to defeat. Oh yeah, and get away from it after it's dead because it 

Dodongo Larva - These little creatures are also found in Dodongo's 
and are miniature Dodongo's. Just don't touch them, hit them with your 
and move when they're dead because these, too, will explode.


None Found.


Fake Chest - Watch out for these found in the Spirit Temple and Ganon's
Castle. When you open them, an enemy or a way that causes injury will 
out! There's not a whole lot you can do about it, either, just be 

Fake Door - Found only in the Fire Temple, when you go to open a fake 
it lands on you! Ouch! All you can do is bomb it to make sure it isn't
leading to a fake passage, or just let it be.

Fake Pot - Located in the Shadow Temple, these things will fly up in 
the air
and nail you for a loss. Smack it with your sword and teach it a little
lesson. The good part is, however, if you get hit, a heart usually come 
of it.

Floor Master - Located in the Forest Temple and the Shadow Temple, 
giant hands roam the floor and crash into you. The bad part is that if 
kill it with the sword, the pieces are still alive and you'll have to 
those, too.

Freezard - Found in the Ice Cavern, staying away from these things is a 
idea. They'll shoot ice out of their mouth, and if it hits you, you'll 
caught inside the ice and won't be able to breath! The best strategy is 
keep distance until it blows the ice out, and immediately after, run up 
hack away at it with your sword.


Gerudo Guard - Located in Gerudo Fortress, this lady carries two swords 
knows how to use them! Keep hacking away and fighting her off, and 
throw in
some lunges to throw her off.

Gohma Larva - Found only Inside the Deku Tree, these are babies af the 
Tree boss. You'll have to keep fighting off these annoying tiny pieces 
larva as they'll keep coming at you.

Gibdo - Located in various secret areas, the Bottom of the Well, the 
Shadow Temple, and Ganon's Castle, these things are scary but are
easy opponents. Play the "Sun's Song" to freeze it, then a few swipes 
of your sword from behind will send it reeling. 

Giant Moblin - There's only one of these in the entire game, and he's 
in the
back of the Sacred Forest Meadow as an adult. He has a huge bat that 
the ground. Run around the waves it sends off, or peg it three times 
with an
arrow to kill it..... Don't forget to pick up the rupees it leaves 
because it's a good source of money.

Golden Skulltula - 100 of these Gold spiders are scattered around 
Hyrule. Check my locations for them.

Guay - Found at Lon Lon Ranch at night, Lake Hylia, and the Desrt 
this is kind of like an evil bird that will fly around and follow you 
pester you, then charge at you for a loss. The sword is a good 
approach, and
a lot of other weapons kill it too.


None Found.


Ice Keese - This is a bat with blue stuff surrounding it, and if it 
hits you
you'll be frozen in a block of ice and suffer a big loss. Found only in 
Ice Cavern, you can hit this with your sword, but it's better to take 
out with arrows before trying to perform a task in a room.

Ice Wolfos - Found at the end of the Ice Cavern only, it's a white 
Wolfo that
adjusts to ice. Very typical, easy enemy. And the reward for beating 
him is
the iron boots!

Iron Knuckle - Located in the Spirit Temple, this huge, fierce, 
enemy is set to destroy you. He is big and has armor, and carries an 
axe that
hurts a lot!
He's slow at swinging from the start, but as you hit him more, he moves 
faster and faster. But not as fast to catch up with your speed. 
Using the Evade and Counter or Hit and Run method are the best ways to 
defeat this Iron Knuckle.
You can use Nayru's Love if necessary as one swipe from its axe takes a 
huge chunk off your Health Meter!


None Found.


Keese - Found in almost all dungeons and many secret grottos, this bat 
sneaky and and pestering. Z-Target it and hit it with your arrow or
slingshot, depending on how old you are. Don't let it bother you or 
head will explode! Keep cool!


Leaver - Found in the Desert Colossus, this annoying enemy is tough to 
It rides in the sand and tries to hit you. They come from all different
directions, so even though you can kill them with your sword, it's a 
easier to avoid them.

Like Like - Located in many Adult dungeons, this fat tub of belly will 
injure you, he'll steal your equipment! He sucks you in and eats your
equipment and he doesn't let it go until he's dead. Peg him twice with 
arrow low into the body and he'll die. He's also a good Hookshot 

Lizalfos - Found in Dodongo's Cavern, I guess you can call this thing a
dinosaur with a sword and shield. They work together as they come in 
and you'll have to hit them when they move thier guard, or if you're 
a lunge from behind.


Mad Scrub - This thing is the same thing as a deku scrub, only it's 
Check out "Deku Scrub" for information on killing it.

Moblin - Located in the Sacred Forest Meadow as an adult, this huge 
may look slow, but don't let that fool you. You can kill it with one 
peg of
an arrow, otherwise, you'll have to run by it without it seeing you. If 
get in it's line of sight, he'll use his spear to send you 20 feet 


None Found.


Octorok - Found in Zora's River, lake Hylia, and other water places, 
enemy will pop out of the water and shoot something at you. Z-Target, 
use your shield to bounce it back, just like it's a deku scrub.


Parasitic Tentacle - These mean looking objects are found only in Jabu
Jabu's Belly, as you'll need the boomerang to kill them. Z-target, and 
close, then when it's coming to hit you, throw the Boomerang, and get 
out of
the way.

Peahat - Found in Hyrule Field you can run or defeat them by using your 
slingshot to hit their small roots below.
They're quick and they have sharp blades surrounding the outside and
they chase you and try to cut you up.
So, you have to lure in a position where you can get a clear shot from 
your slingshot to shoot the small roots.

1) During the day. Peahat chases you around.

Walk towards it until you can Z Target and do so. Push R to
bring up your shield. When the Peahat reaches you, you will
realize that it can't hurt you when the bulb at the bottom is
facing you, which is about 75% of the time. If it hits your
shield (or you) It will wobble for about a second. Anyway, just
hack away with your sword whenever you are sure it can't harm
you. It'll take about 6 to 9 hits on it's bulb.

2) During the day, Peahat flies up high and sends peahat larvae
down to get you if you run away from them.

Just pick it off from a distance with your slingshot or other
long range weapon (Be sure to hit the bulb on the bottom). If
you do get too close to it, then the larvae will come out (You
will only ever have to face 3 at a time). To kill these, just
wait until they get down to about head level, then run to higher
ground. If there is no higher ground left, then just Z target
the one in front, bring up the shield. Just like the peahats,
the little dudes will crash into your shield... But they're not
very big, so when the hit your shield, a wall, or the ground,
they can't reestablish, and then hit the ground and die (If that
wasn't what they crashed into)

3) During the night. Peahat remains on the ground but sends out
peahats to kill anyone who disturbs their sleep.

Just leave them alone, and they'll leave you alone. If you hit
them with anything strong enough to pierce their skin (Sword,
bomb, magic spell, etc.), 3 peahat larvae will come out and
attack you. to kill these, block them with your shield.

Poe - Located in the Graveyard, the Haunted Wasteland, and of course, 
Field as an adult, these are easy to kill; peg them with arrows, it'll 
paralyzed for a second after the first hit, then peg it again to kill 
it. As
a kid, follow it and use your shield, and when the time is right, chop 
it to


None Found.


Red Bubble - Located in fire areas, this is the same thing as the blue
bubble and green bubbles, only it has red around it, Remove the flame 
your shield or the Hookshot, then slash away.

Red Tektite - Located as a kid at Death Mountain Trail, this tektite is 
same as a blue tektite but likes warmer areas, I suppose. Slashing it 
the sword breaks it up easily.

Redead - Located in many secret grottos, almost all Adult dungeons, and
Ganon's Castle, when you look at this thing you'll hear a scream and 
for a second. Use your Hookshot to stun it and pull yourself over to 
it, and
repeatedly slash it without giving it a chance to lock you in this 
like move.


Shabom - Located in Jabu Jabu's Belly, this bubble may be the easiest 
in the game. Almost everything takes it out, the boomerang is probably 
quickest method along with a spinning sword move.

Shell Blade - Located in the Water Temple, you can kill these whether 
are underwater or above, because all it takes is a single shot with the
Hookshot. Z-target it and when it opens its mouth, let the Hookshot go 
it will die.

Skulltula - Located in tons of places, mostly as a kid, this spider can 
killed with almost any item that can be in range.

Skullwalltula - Also in many dungeons, this is a skulltula that hangs 
out on
vines, or walls you can climb. You'll have to Z-target them up high to 
them with almost any weapon, and if you're climbing up a wall and one 
you, it will turn purple, then charge at you and knock you right off!

Spike - Found in the Water Temple, this is another enemy that is easy 
kill under or above water. Just Z-target it when it's coming at you, 
hit it with the Hookshot so it dies down. Then hit it once more with 
Hookshot to kill it.

Stalchild - Found only in Hyrule Field as a child at night. 
They come out in pairs very frequently. If you wear a mask of a kind... 
these things will not attack you.

Stalfos - Found all over the place in almost every dungeon, this enemy 
back all the way to the original Zelda game. It's a skeleton with a 
and shield that will put up a hell of a fight, jumping and slashing all 
you. It is very big and very fierce, and you'll have to kill it by 
it either after it missis you or after he goes for something to kill 
This enemy is tough and takes multiple hits, even with the Biggoron's 
and other strong weapons in the game. Not to mention it has quick 
and will block most other weapons with its shield, leaving you only 
with the
sword to kill it.

Stinger - Located in Jabu Jabu's Belly and the Water Temple, these 
usually come in groups. A spin attack with the sword would be good to 
them all out, and most weapons kill them. As a kid, the boomerang or
Slingshot will do.


Tailpasaran - Found in Jabu Jabu's Belly, these enemies aren't really 
your time, so stunning it with a Deku Nut would be good to get around 
Otherwise, lots of weapons kill it.

Torch slug - Located in the Fire Temple, the Spirit Temple, and Ganon's
Castle, this annoying enemy will chase you around with some fire. A few 
with the sword will take it out.


None Found.


None Found.


WallMaster - Found in the Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, and Ganon's 
They are giant hands that drop from the ceiling and drop you off back 
at the start of the dungeon!
You'll see your shadow get big and you'll hear a noise meaning it is 
for you. If you get out of the way and see it, you can chop it a few 
but it's not visible when it's back on the ceiling. Once you defeat 
one, you will never see it again except in the Shadow Temple.
The best strategy is to listen to Navi, and when she tells you to watch 
the shadows, be ready to run
in the next room and be prepared or you might want to kill it first so 
you can proceed without worrying. 

White Bubble - Found in the Spirit Temple, this is a skeleton head with 
flame surrounding it. Hit it with your sword to easily kill it, and a 
of methods stun it for you.

Wolfos - Located in the Sacred Forest Meadow, the Forest Temple, Spirit
Temple, Ganon's Castle, and the Ice Cavern (see Ice Wolfos) this is an 
wolf that will swing his paws at you. Use your shield to block the 
then counter by slashing him with your sword. 

| 14. Where to find a fairy when you need one                          

As you travel through Hyrule, you must, of course, power up your skills 
so you can win! You will find Great Fairies, that will give you magic 
spells or upgrades like in Magic Meter or defense. To summon Great 
Fairies, play "Zelda' Lullaby" on your Ocarina while standing on the 
Triforce Crest. Fairies, can heal you or resurrect you if you keep them 
in a bottle. Both are useful. I have written their locations so if you 
cannot find one, refer here: 

1. Great Fairy Fountain 1
Located at the top of Death Mountain behind wall of stone. The Fairy 
who lives here will give you the Magic Meter and the ability to perform 
a Charged Spin Attack. This uses up Magic Power (MP), so keep an eye of 
it. You must obtain the Bomb Bag before you can access here.

2. Great Fairy Fountain 2
After getting the Bomb Bag, blow that rock that covers the tunnel to 
this fountain, at the dead end of the road to Hyrule Castle. The Fairy 
here gives you Din's Fire, which can burn anything - well almost 
anything. Uses up 6 MP per use.

3. Great Fairy Fountain 3
In Zora's Fountain, you will find a small patch of land to the right of 
the entrance where boulders line the wall. Blow up the boulder and the 
wall will crumble. Enter the large tunnel and the Fairy will give you 
Farore's Wind. This spell allows you to set warp points and warp to 
them in Dungeons with a Dungeon Map. Uses up 6 MP per use.

4. Great Fairy Fountain 4
With the Megaton Hammer in your hands, you can break the boulders 
blocking the entrance to this Fountain in Death Mountain Crater. Its 
located on the right of the entrance to the crater FROM GORON CITY. 
Meaning, entrance from Darnuia's room and turn right. The Fairy here 
doubles up your magic meter! Make sure you do this before getting the 
Lens of Truth.

5. Great Fairy Fountain 5
A small crack in the walls between two palm trees in Desert Colossus is 
a hint to something. Blow it up to reveal a tunnel. The Fairy inside 
gives you Nayru's Love, which protects you from damage; you still 
receive impact. Uses up 12 MP per use.

6. Great Fairy Fountain 6
The final Great Fairy Fountain is only accessible when Link is an 
adult. With the Golden Gauntlets in hand, Link can lift up the huge 
crescent block blocking the entrance to this Fountain. As a child, Link 
received Din's Fire here but now, Link, as an adult, receives enhanced 
defense. All damage taken by enemies will be reduced by half. Not bad 

1. Sacred Forest Meadow
At the end of the hedge maze, before you climb the stairs into Saria's 
usual place, you will find a ladder to the top of the hedges. Fall into 
the little square in front of you. Fall into a hole and there is a 
Fairy's Fountain.

2. Graveyard
In the Grave where you got the Hylian Shield, Bomb the suspicious 
looking wall behind the chest and you will find another Fairy's 

3. Hyrule Field
On the west side of the Castle ramparts you will find a soothing brook 
and a small island guarded by a Peahat. Bomb the boulder and you will 
find another Fairy's Fountain.

4. Zora's River
In the middle stage of the river, there is a lofty platform. Climb the 
ladder in the back (if you are planning to come here as a child, bring 
a chicken to float there) and at the top you will find a ring of rocks. 
Bomb the center and a hole will open.

5. Gerudo's Fortress
Come here when you have the Stone of Agony in hand with the Rumble 
Pack. This one is the hardest to find. When the Gerudo Thieves imprison 
you as an adult, you will not miss the telltale signs of this Hidden 
Hole when you enter the courtyard in the middle of their hideout.

6. Desert Colossus
At the desert, Navi will go green with excitement when you come across 
a dried-up Oasis. Play the "Song of Storms" as you stand on the nearby 
slab and the pond will fill with water and the fairies that used to 
nest there.

| 15. Where to plant those Magic Beans                                 

As a child, Link will encounter a man selling Magic Beans at Zora's 
River. You can buy them at 10 Rupees at first, but the prices of it 
goes higher by 10 Rupees if you buy more. There are 10 areas where you 
can plant them. These are called dirt patches, marked with a pre-dug 
hole. Plant a Magic Bean and come back as an adult to find it large 
enough for Link to stand and ride on. The Magic Bean Leaf will carry 
Link around the area including unreachable areas where you can find a 
Piece of Heart or Gold Skulltula.

The first hole lies near the shop at Kokiri Forest. Planting a Magic 
Bean here and coming back as an adult takes you to a shelf of Rupees.

Follow the tunnels west and south, past the field with the single Skull 
Kid and you will find the next beanbed in the lost woods. The leaf that 
grows here takes Link from one side of the area to the other, providing 
a shortcut to the bridge to Hyrule Field. It is a shortcut for the 
forest mushroom run for the Granny in Kakariko Village.

In the field southwest of the entrance to the Sacred Forest Meadow, you 
will find a beanbed guarded by two business scrubs. At night, when 
adult Link takes this leaf, he will find a hidden Gold Skulltula above.

Next to the leftmost row of graves, a beanbed lies below a ledge. As an 
adult, Link can use the leaf platform to reach the ledge which holds a 
Piece of Heart in a wooden crate.

You will find a beanbed resting near the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. 
When adult Link takes this Leaf, it can take him to the top of Death 
Mountain. On the way, he can drop off and collect the Piece of Heart in 
the niche above the Dungeon's Entrance.

You will find a beanbed next to the guy who sells you the Magic Beans. 
When adult Link takes this Leaf, the Leaf will take him to the bridge 
near the entrance to Zora's Domain.

This dirt patch lies to the side of the Lakeside Laboratory. The leaf 
that grows there will take adult Link to the roof of the Laboratory, 
where climbing the ladder allows him to grab the Piece of Heart on the 
After learning the "Bolero of Fire", warp back as a Child back here and 
plant Magic Bean. The beanbed is next to the Warp Symbol. When adult 
Link rides this Leaf, it will take him to the top of the cones, where 
he can jump off and grab the Piece of Heart on a cone.

With the help of the stray chicken roaming around the bridge, Link can 
float to the ledges lining the river below. On the lowest ledge at the 
far side, he will find a cow with its owner and the beanbed.

When Link returns here as a child to get the Silver Gauntlets, he will 
notice the final beanbed, to the left of the entrance to the Spirit 
Temple. This leaf will take adult Link around the desert, including the 
top of the stone arch to grab a Piece of Heart and the tall dunes where 
he will find a Gold Skulltula at night.

| 16. Tips, Tricks and other game secrets                              

This section is for all those players who are dying to get their hands 
on certain rare items.

To get the Mask of Truth, you must sell the first four masks as a 
Follow these steps: 
1. The guard at Death Mountain Trail in Kakariko Village wants a 
popular mask for his son. Wear the Keaton Mask and he will pay a little 
2. The lone Skull Kid in the Lost Woods worries that his face is too 
nice. The Skull Mask will work well on him, but prepare to make a loss.
3. During the day, a young boy at the Graveyard tries to imitate 
Dampe's Gravedigging Tour, however, he thinks he is too cute to scare 
anyone. Show him the Spooky Mask and he will pay the exact price.
4. The Bunny Hood is hard to place unless you run into the Marathon 
Runner around Hyrule Field. This guy wishes to run like a rabbit and 
you will find this mask too easy to sell. Make sure you have an empty 
Giant's Wallet as his payment fills up any wallet you possess to the 

Return to the Happy Mask Shop after selling the Bunny Hood and the Mask 
of Truth becomes available for borrowing. Wear it and talk to the 
similary decorated Gossip Stones through Hyrule and learn the latest 
gossips and secrets.

As an adult, Link gets to buy a Giant's Knife from Medigoron in Goron 
City. For 200 Rupees, you get to buy this sword. Use it for the first 
time and it breaks. Biggoron, who stays near Death Mountain Crater, 
will warn you about his brother's shop and insists his brother is the 
best. If you present him with the broken sword you bought from his 
brother, Biggoron will not offer to fix it. There is a way to get him 
to fix it.
To get the Biggoron's Sword, follow these steps: 

1. Get the Pocket Cucco from the Cucco Lady at Kakariko Village. After 
it hatches, use it to wake Talon up. He is sleeping in a house near the 
crate where you found a chicken when you were a child. After that, show 
the Pocket Cucco to the Lady and she will give you Cojiro, the crowless 
2. Use Cojiro to wake the carpenter Boss's son sleeping in the Lost 
Woods next to the lone Skull Kid's tree. He will give you a delicate 
Odd Mushroom to take back to the "Hag in the Potion Shop" You have a 
limited time, so have Epona ready, waiting outside and ride back to 
Kakariko Village. The potion shop is the one with the blue rooftop.
3. Give the Odd Mushroom to the Granny and she will whip up an Odd 
Potion for the "fool". Now head back to the Lost Woods.
4. No matter how fast you run, when you arrive back, you will find the 
boy gone and a Kokiri girl in his place. Show her to Odd Potion, she 
confiscates it and returns you a Poacher's Saw.
5. Return the Poacher's Saw to the Carpenter Boss outside the tent in 
Gerudo Valley. He will then give you his Broken Goron's Sword.
6. Take the Broken Goron's Sword to Biggoron and finally, he will offer 
to fix it but due to that volcanic eruption nearby, Biggoron needs eye 
drops. He will give you a Prescription to take back to King Zora.
7. Upon showing the Prescription, King Zora will whip you up the main 
ingredient for the eye drops: An Eyeball Frog. He requests you to 
deliver them to the Scientist in Lake Hylia while it is cold. You have 
a time limit, so make sure Epona is ready.
8. Upon showing the Scientist the Eyeball Frog, he says that he will 
cook it for dinner. However, after you tell him everything, he gets 
disappointed and he will whip up the Word's Finest Eye Drops for 
Biggoron. Highly perishable, you have four minutes to head back to the 
top of Death Mountain and hand it over to Biggoron. Make sure you have 
Epona ready and the Magic Bean Leaf near the entrance to Dodongo's 
Cavern, although you can manage without the leaf though.
9. Finally, after applying those Eye Drops, Biggoron promises to get 
that sword into your inventory after three days and three nights. 
Impatient? Play the "Sun's Song" to let three days and three nights 
pass. Using the Claim Check Biggoron gave you earlier, you get the 
Biggoron's Sword! It does twice as much damage as the Master Sword. 
However, it's so heavy, you cannot use your Shield.

After collecting 20 Gold Skulltulas Tokens, a member of the Skulltula 
family will give the Stone of Agony, which looks like the shape of the 
Rumble Pack. This Stone of Agony requires the Rumble Pack to work. When 
you are nearby a Hidden Hole, your controller will vibrate.
There are 3 things you can do in this situation:
First, you can pound the ground with the Megaton Hammer.
Second, you can Bomb the ground.
Third, play the "Song of Storms"
There are 14 Hidden Holes in Hyrule, so here are their locations: (4 of 
them are just ordinary holes with cows and other stuff so I will not 
include them here)
1. Next to a single tree in Hyrule Field in between Gerudo Valley and 
Hyrule Castle. You will find a hole where a Piece of Heart relaxes at 
the bottom of a pool of water. Dive down with the Gold Scale or use 
your Iron Boots to grab it.
2. Next to the tree near the moat around Hyrule Castle, you will find a 
hole with three Bombable walls. Behind one lies a Gossip Stone. The 
other two walls cover two Skullwalltulas and one Gold Skulltula.
3. Defeat two Wolfos in the hole outside the entrance to the Sacred 
Forest Meadow and you will get a Purple Rupee.
4. A ring of stones outside the entrance to Gerudo Valley hides a hole 
where Din's Fire reveals a cow, a Gossip Stone and a Gold Skulltula! 
5. Between the four fences outside Lake Hylia is a hole where a 
Business Scrub sells you a Piece of Heart for 10 Rupees! What a perfect 
6. Defeating the two ReDead in a hole behind the tree in Kakariko 
Village will give you a Huge Rupee!
7. In the hole hidden by a tree across the bridge leading to Kakariko 
Village is a Big Skulltula and a Gold Skulltula! 
8. On a ledge along the Gerudo River, you will find a hole filled with 
Rupees. You must dive down or use the Iron Boots to get them.
9. The ring of stones outside Goron City hides a Gold Rupee in a Chest.
10. A boulder disguises a hole in the Lost Woods. Inside, a Business 
Scrub sells a Dkeu Nuts upgrade for 40 Rupees.

It is true! You can get a cow in your house! How? 
After returning the Ranch back to Talon, Malon will challenge you and 
Epona a obstacle course while she times you. If you beat the best 
timing, you will get a cow delivered in your house. Isn't that cool? 
Free Fresh Milk everyday is good for you.

Pierre and Bonooru are the scarecrows in the cornfields of Lake Hylia. 
Pierre has a dream of traveling around and Bonooru boasts about his 
excellent memory. As a child, play your Ocarina for Pierre and he will 
dance in joy. Play the same tune for Bonooru and he will promise you 
that he will remember it. Return as an adult and play the same tune in 
front of Bonooru and you will learn the "Scarecrow's Song"!
This song is your own composition and it will not appear on the game's 
sub-screen. However, this song has some magic and it is important to 
help you get certain items including Gold Skulltulas! When you replay 
your song to Bonooru as an adult, he will tell you to play it as the 
traveling Pieree will come and help. Navi will point out some areas by 
turning green with excitement. However, in order for Pierre to help 
you, you must have the Hookshot/Longshot in hand. Try calling Pierre at 
the following locations: 

1. Want to go fishing but you cannot reach the island because there is 
no water in Lake Hylia? Navi's excitement will show you a place where 
you can use Pierre as a Hookshot Target to pull yourself up.
2. Try calling Pierre in the Baby Dodongo Room in Dodongo's Cavern as 
an adult. You will discover a new ledge and a Gold Skulltula.
3. Pierre will help you reach the top of the East Tower in the Fire 
Temple. Just reach on the top of the Boulder Maze and look for the 
inverted pyramid. Play your Ocarina. Then, use your Longshot (The 
Hookshot is too short to grab on Pierre) to pull yourself up where you 
will find two Gold Skulltulas.
4. In the Shadow Temple, stand on the ferry and play your Ocarina. 
Pierre will then appear. Use the Longshot to pull yourself. Then, grab 
the Recovery Hearts and the Gold Skulltulas there.
If you need a few extra hearts before facing Bongo Bongo in the Shadow 
Temple, play the "Song of Time" to provide a step up to the broken 
statue with the Single Recovery Heart, then play the "Scarecrow's Song" 
and Longshot over to the Recovery Heart platform.
5. In the Spirit Temple, play the "Scarecrow's Song" at the main 
chamber with the statue somewhere on the stairs and Pierre will pop 
out. Longshot to him to find a Gold Skulltula! 

If you plan to carry any potions or any small objects, you will need a 
bottle to put them in. There are four of these precious Bottles to be 
found in Hyrule and you will have to work for them.
Locations of Bottles: 

Talon, in charge of Lon Lon Ranch, will hold your first Bottle. Pick 
out his three Super Cuccos from a flock of regular ones in 30 seconds. 
Just toss the regular ones to one side before the game starts. When you 
start the game, Talon will toss the three special ones. With the 
regular ones out of the way, you will have no trouble finding the three 
special ones.
After winning, you get a Bottle of Lon Lon Milk free with the Bottle 

In Kakariko Village, a woman who cannot corral her Cuccos due to her 
allergies. If you can find and return all seven of her Cuccos, she will 
give you a bottle as a reward. Here are her Cuccos' locations: 
1. At the entrance to the village. 
2. Penned up near the Skulltula House (Requires a chicken to help you 
glide there). 
3. Under a crate (You must smash it). 
4. Behind the Windmill (Requires a chicken to help you glide there, 
then climb up the ladder). 
5. Loitering near the gates of Death Mountain Trail. 
6. In the yard behind the Granny's potion shop (Requires a chicken to 
help you glide there). 
7. Near the pen where the chicken used to stay before running from the 

To enter Jabu-Jabu and obtain the Spiritual Stone of Water, you must 
find the letter in a bottle at the bottom of Lake Hylia. Unfortunately, 
you cannot dive deep enough to grab it. You must first win the Silver 
Scale in the Diving Game at the top of the waterfall in Zora's Domain. 
Then dive through the shortcut below to the Lake. It should be in sight 
when you exit the Domain. Grab it.

The final bottle of this game. It is the challenge that is involved in 
order to earn it. To get started, get Epona and the Fairy Bow. After 
that, you will find the Poe Collector in the room off the main gate of 
Hyrule Castle. He will ask you to find and capture Poes for him and he 
will pay you. If you bring him an ordinary Poe, he will pay you 10 
Rupees and complain that he wanted a special type of Poe. These 
"Special" Poes only appear when you are riding around Hyrule Field on 
Epona. To defeat them, you need a Bow. You must brush up on your 
horseback archer skills if you want to catch them. These Poes sell for 
50 Rupees each, but after catching all 10 of them, you win a bottle.
These Poes are in 10 Locations around Hyrule Field:
1. At the sign, that directs you to Lon Lon Ranch, just outside the 
2. The tree nears the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch. 
3. The tree west of the entrance to Gerudo valley. 
4. The area where the road splits near Gerudo valley and Lake Hylia. 
5. Near a group of bushes west of the castle. 
6. Near the ledge close to Kakariko village, under or above. 
7. The gray boulder in-between Lon Lon ranch and Kokiri forest. 
8. The patch of grass south of number 7, in-between the green tree and 
the grove. 
9. In the grove as mentioned in number 8. 
10. Near the wall east of Lon Lon Ranch. 

To get the Ice Arrows, you must first free the four carpenters to 
receive the Gerudo Membership Card.
I also recommend you to come back here with the Hover Boots, Lens of 
Truth, Silver/Golden Gauntlets, Megaton Hammer, Iron Boots and the 
The Gerudo Training Ground Challenge is at the Gerudo's Fortress. A 
woman blocking the gate challenges you and she says that if you 
comeplete the Challenge, you will get something nice. This nice thing 
is the Ice Arrows. You do not need them to finish the game, but they 
are cool.
Inside, if you head straight, you will find the central area with the 
Ice Arrows in the Chest.
There are nine Small Keys to be obtained in the Challenge. Sometimes, 
all nine Keys will lead you to the Ice Arrows. Opening the correct 
doors all the way will leave you with a remaining key or two.
Here is the guide to getting all nine Small Keys in this challenge:

Go to the right and defeat all the enemies within the time limit.  
Defeat the
Dinolfos (Lizalfos duplicates) and then bomb the Beamos.  This gives 
you the
first small key.  Enter the next room and collect the silver rupees.  
The only
hidden one requires you to press a switch.  When you've collected them 
all enter
the next room that opens.  Play the "Song of Time" to move the Time 
blocks away
and fall into the water with the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic.  Kill all 
the Shell
Blades and collect the silver rupees by using the Longshot.  When you 
all five surface and get the small key.

You now have two.  Go back to the sea of fire and Longshot to the 
torch.  Go in
the room and you'll see Torch Slugs.  Defeat them and the Fire Keese 
for arrows.
Now get out the Megaton Hammer and crush the statues.  After pounding 
them all
you'll find two secrets.  First press the switch and open the chest for 
a small
key.  Then shoot the eye with the Fairy Bow and exit this room.  You 
now have
three small keys.  In this room you must shoot the eyes of the statue 
rotating.  Winning gives you your fourth small key.

Return to the main room and shoot the eye switch above the entrance.  
The chest
that falls contains a blue rupee.  Now enter the door to the left of it 
overall left door in the room if you have just entered) and you'll 
engage two
Stalfos.  You have one minute to defeat them.  Make good use of the 
Spin Attack
and this is a piece of cake.  When both die get the small key (You now 
and exit this room.  You'll be in a timed silver rupee room.

Your worst nightmare revealed - a timed silver rupee room.  They give 
you one
minute and thirty seconds; don't waste time.  There are also boulders 
to add to
the challenge.  And to make it even better they put a Wall Master in.  
that's an award winning combination.  Once you do it enough you'll get 
better at
it.  Now there are five.  Two can be reached via Longshot, two are in 
the left
lane of boulders, and one is on the ground level behind fire.  When you 
them all go to the next room.  Now you need to defeat the Wolfos.

If you don't have the Silver Gauntlets from the Spirit Temple then you 
get through this room.  Also, the door here is fake.  When they've all 
died get
arrows.  Now push the big block in (Which will only budge if you have 
the Silver
Gauntlets) in and go back to the chest with the arrows.  This is 
possible to do
without, but will be monotonous.  Get the Lens of Truth out and shoot 
Press the switch and the door will open.  First go in this room in the 
alcove and get the small key inside.  You have six.

Now go back to the big block room (Where you opened the door) and go 
that door.  There are many Like Likes in this room.  You know my 
policy; get out
the bow and make them wish they were never born (Pop culture has just 
done so
much for my vocabulary).  Anyway, don't open the chest you see in here 
(It's a
fake, which releases ice to freeze you).  But, however, when the Like 
Likes are
dead get the small chest for a whopping Huge Rupee, worth two hundred 
Now there are two chests you didn't need.  The third is also useless 
contains five rupees).  Use the Lens of Truth to the see a fourth one 
and open
it for the seventh small key.  Two more keys to go...

Return to the main room (Where the entrance of the dungeon is) and take 
straight hall that is opposite the entrance/exit of the dungeon. Using 
two keys
you can reach a chest with Bombchus inside, and another one near it 
containing a
bundle of arrows.  Use a third key here and.

Take the opposite direction and the first chest you approach contains a 
rupee (50).  Eventually you'll reach a red rupee.  You should have one 
key left
at this point.  Use the last one to gain access to a chest with a 
bundle of
arrows in it.  The last two keys are harder to get.  Look at the 
ceiling above
the door you entered this room by with the Lens of Truth and find a 
hole in the
ceiling.  Climb up and you'll reach a room with a small key.

Use it and you'll have none again.  You need one more.  For that one 
take a left
into a dark room that leads to a key.  Go back into the key room and 
open the
last one for the Ice Arrows!

The game's secret lies in the masks you wear. Wear no mask and nothing 
will happen. Wear the masks these Deku Scrubs do not like and you find 
yourself running away. Wear the correct ones, and they will like you 
and give you certain upgrades.
Here is the location:
The hovering butterflies make a Hidden Hole. Below you will find the 
Forest Stage. Try your masks out on these discriminating critics. 
How to get there: Entrance From Kokiri Forest into Lost Woods and from 
there: R-U-R-U-L
R = Right Tunnel
L = Left Tunnel
U = Straight Tunnel

Show these Deku Scurbs the following Masks and here are the outcomes: 

Mask shown: Keaton Mask
Outcome: Don't like it one bit!

Mask shown: Skull Mask
Outcome: Love you! Win one Deku Stick upgrade.

Mask shown: Spooky Mask
Outcome: Like you. Win Rupees

Mask shown: Bunny Hood
Outcome: Like you. Win Rupees

Mask shown: Goron Mask
Outcome: Like you. Win Rupees

Mask shown: Zora Mask
Outcome: Don't like it one bit! 
Mask shown: Gerudo Mask
Outcome: Don't Like it one bit! 

Mask shown: Mask of Truth
Outcome: Love you! Win one Deku Nut upgrade

If you make all members of the Frog Chorus in Zora's River big with 
your Ocarina Songs, they will challenge you to a bug-catching game. To 
help the frogs eat their fill, press the appropriate button when the 
butterfly appears above each frog's head. The result is a song you must 
play quickly to receive your prize: a Piece of Heart! 
Button Assignments: 
Green Frog: A Button
Blue Frog: Left C Button
Yellow Frog: Down C Button
White Frog: Up C Button
Pink Frog: Right C Button

The song itself is:
Key: A Button = A
     Left C Button = C
     Down C Button = D
     Up C Button = U
     Right C Button = R

The song is: 

| 17. Frequently-asked-questions (FAQs)                                

Here are the top 10 FAQs: 
1. I am kind of new here, what do the numbers represent when opening 
your game file at the start?
Ans: Well, those are the number of times your game screen shows "Game 

2. How do I contact you? 
Ans: My email is arnoldtan118@hotmail.com contact me for Zelda 64 or 
Harvest Moon GBA questions only.

3. I cannot use Farore's Wind here! Why? 
Ans: Like I said in my walkthrough, Farore's Wind can only be used in 
DUNGEONS that have a DUNGEON MAP hidden in them.

4. How do I become an adult? 
Ans: First, collect the 3 Spiritual Stones, then, obtain the Ocarina of 
Time from Zelda in the moat after the scene when she throws it. Then, 
learn the "Song of Time" from her. Open the Door of Time in the Temple 
of Time. Then pull out the Master Sword and your soul will be sealed 
for 7 years. After that, you are an adult. To become back a child, just 
lay the Master Sword back into the marble.

5. How do you beat the Marathon Runner found in the Carpenters' Tent 
when you are an adult? 
Ans: No way. You can never ever defeat him even with Epona waiting 
outside the tent. This was properly a quest for a Piece of Heart. 
However, due to poor timing, the Nintendo Company was unable to finish 
the game in time. Therefore, they transferred the Piece of Heart to be 
obtained somewhere else and made the runner "unlosable".

6. How to defeat Dark Link? 
Ans: You can either use the Din's Fire method, which involves casting 
Din's Fire over and over again until he dies or you can hit him with an 
arrow when you catch his guard down. See more at the Water Temple 
section of this walkthrough.

7. Is there such thing as the Light Temple?
Ans: No!!! The Light Temple is called the Temple of Light. You only 
pass through here when going to the Chamber of Sages. Do not believe 
such rumors.

8. Can I post your FAQ on my site?
Ans: Sure! But it should be polite if you would email me for permission 
with your site so I can add it to my links page in this FAQ.

9. How do I get the Ice arrows?
Ans: Obtain it from the Gerudo Training Ground Challenge. 

10. Is there a way to fight bosses over and over again?
Ans: Sadly, no.

Ans: Stop Bullshi*ing around.

2. Rumors say that Zora's Domain will be unfrozen after defeating 
Morpha is that true?
Ans: Definitely not. The Domain will remain frozen when you are an 

3. I beat the Marathon Runner! I even got a screenshot of it! 
Ans: !@#$ off!

4. Hi what is you're a/s/l?
Ans: Find out yourself. I am studying hard in school no time for 

5. How to get the Triforce?
Ans: You can never ever get the Triforce in full. You only get the 
Triforce of Courage but not the rest.

6. How long did you take to complete the game?
Ans: Hmmm... let me think... HOW SHOULD I KNOW?? I WAS NOT COUNTING! 

7. Who is Sheik?
Ans: No spoilers.

8. I did not die a single time, not even a time for a Fairy in a bottle 
to resurrect me is there a secret ending?
Ans: Congratulations Congratulations!! But unfortunately, NO!

9. I played the Master Quest and I saw this: Cows in Jabu-Jabu's belly!
Ans: !!!! I know there is but I do not know how they ended up there.

10. Will Princess Zelda or Ruto become your wife? 
Ans: You be the judge.

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Firstly, I would like to thank YOU! Of course for reading my 
I also would like to thank the following sites for posting my 


This guide was purely made myself and the people who sent me the FAQs.

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