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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: To Ocarina of Time *
Boss FAQ		                *
Jason "Tyrant" Velez	      		*
FAQ version 0.2		      		*
http://sages.ign.com 			*
GameSages- The Cure for the Common Code *

This The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time Boss FAQ may not, by any 
circumstances, be reproduced, modified, used in profitable contests or in any 
other way without the expressed written permission of Jason Velez, the owner of 
this FAQ. Actually, don't even ask if you can because the answer is NO! I worked 
hard on this FAQ and I don't want no lamer to republish it with or without my 
permission, since this is a copyrighted piece of work. This FAQ should only 
appear on GameFAQS and possibly GameSages. This FAQ is copyrighted to Jason 
Velez (c).

Table of Contents

I.     What's new?
II.    Introduction
III.   The Boss
   a. Parasitic Armored Arachnid: GOHMA
   b. Infernal Dinosaur: KING DODONGO
   c. Bio-Electrical Anemone: BARINADE
   d. Evil Spirit From Beyond: PHANTOM GANON
   e. Subterranean Lava Dragon: VOLVAGIA
   f. Giant Aquatic Amoeba: MORPHA
   g. Phantom Shadow Beast: BONGO BONGO
   h. Sorceress Sisters: TWINROVA
   i. Great King Of Evil: GANONDORF
   j. GANON

IV.    Minor tidbits
V.     Conclusion and thanks

I. What's new?

Version 0.2-  Ahh, its been more than 2 months since the last update. I'm 
cleaning the look of the FAQ up. I might revise this again, due to popular 
demand and add some reader strategies. But for now, grammar corrections and a 
facelift for this old FAQ. BTW, the first version was 0.1 so that's why the 
revision to this FAQ is 0.2 instead of 0.1. The first, and most in-depth Boss 
FAQ has been updated!!!

Ohh yeah, thank you to everyone who commended my work, even though it was filled 
with unforgivable typos and whatnot. I'm glad that I was helpful to those who 
needed some help. If anyone has any strategies that they want me to add (I will 
give FULL credit), email me. I know several of you emailed me, telling me a 
couple of things more about the game, but to make sure that you know about it, 
if you want to add a small addition of how to beat a boss, email me. Those who 
sent me something, email me again if you want to be credited.

II. Introduction

My name is Jason Velez. I currently work at GameSages, a site devoted to 
uncovering all the latest codes for all the latest games. There I do reviews and 
previews of the latest blockbuster or the latest flop. Lately, I have been 
bombarding the site with FAQ's. I don't intend on stopping anytime soon either 

The purpose of this FAQ is to help you through the game's bosses. Please note 
that only true bosses and not mid bosses are included here. Unless otherwise 
noted, they will never be featured here in this FAQ. Each boss will be described 
briefly and a strategy on how to eliminate the boss will be accompanied with 
everything else. So without further adieu, "The show must go on...."

III. The bosses

None of these bosses are slackers. They all give you a tough time and will make 
you fight for your life. Basically, I'm here to make that fight a little easier. 
(Note: Obviously these are spoilers! Please be warned!)

a. Parasitic Armored Arachnid: GOHMA

When you first enter her realm, you wont really see her at first. But use C-Up 
when you first enter her lair and look around. You should spot her and then 
she'll drop down ready to fight. Most of the bosses that you will face in the 
game, the Gohma has only one weak spot: her eye. When she opens it up with a red 
glare in it, peg her with a couple of Deku Seeds from your trusty slingshot. Z-
Targeting is a must! She will become stunned for a moment after you hit her with 
the Deku Seeds. You must strike her eye with your sword until she falls back. 
From there, she will dart up to the ceiling. From there she is invulnerable to 
any attack. Gohma will then drop eggs from the ceiling that, if not destroyed 
with a single sword strike, will break open and reveal smaller versions of 
herself. Eliminate the eggs ASAP. A couple of seconds after the third one is 
dropped, she will drop down and attack again. It is preferred that you use your 
lunging strike Hold Z then press A when sword is in hand) because it will 
decrease the number of hits to kill her.

b. Infernal Dinosaur: KING DODONGO

This one took me about 5 seconds to figure out because I have seen video footage 
of how Link defeats him previous to buying the game. From the start, he will try 
to toast you with a huge, sorta heat seeking flame that spans a long distance as 
well as a broad one. To make matters worse, the larger, center part of the area 
is covered in molten lava! You have two options in the beginning of the fight: 
pull a bomb out as fast as you can and run as fast as you can and throw it down 
his mouth AS FAST AS YOU CAN or run the opposite direction to try to escape the 
fire blast. Its recommended that you run, but in most cases, either method will 
end with you toasted for a loss of some energy. This is the deal....heave a bomb 
into his mouth. It will explode in his stomach and he will lay stunned for a 
moment. That's your cue....do a lunging strike and then repeatedly strike him 
there after with your sword. He will the stand back up and roll himself into a 
ball. From there, King Dodongo will try to roll over you. Just sidestep out of 
the way and peruse closely in back of him. When he unrolls and turns around, 
wait for him to open his mouth and fling another bomb and repeat the process 
stated earlier and after about a dozen total hits with your sword, the King will 
join the "other" king.

c. Bio-Electrical Anemone: BARINADE

This boss could be a serious pain in the butt, and will still be even with my 
guidance. This is an electrical enemy that should not be toyed with. Your main 
strategy to beat this thing is to Z-Targeting and try to walk fro left to right, 
right to left, hitting the tentacles clinging onto the ceiling. Right after that 
you have to start heaving your boomerang at the tentacles that are holding up 
electrical shield like defensive weapons. After you destroy a couple (enough to 
expose the core for some boomerang hits atlas), concentrate on the main core by 
heaving your boomerang at it, or get close and strike it with your sword. You 
have to do all this, Z-Targeting, moving from left to right and avoiding the 
electrical blast that BARINADE shoots at you. Follow these guidelines and the 
battle will do a little smoother, but not any easier, even with the battle plan 
drawn out for you. Now its time for Link to go into his "mature" years.

d. Evil Spirit From Beyond: PHANTOM GANON

By far, one of the more easier bosses in the game, although, if not properly 
equipped with a full stock of arrows and atlas one fairy, red potion or Lon Lon 
Milk, you might get caught up in a loss. Basically, this is Ganondorf (what a 
stupid name)....but his spirit! This will be a two part battle. The first part 
involves Ganon on horseback, flying through a painting. Seconds after he does, 
quickly pin yourself against the chains in one of the corners (where the chain 
hooks onto the post). This is seemingly a very reliable safe spot in case Ganon 
attacks. You have to, after you corner yourself, quickly look for Ganon to 
gallop on horseback from a painting. When he does and starts to emerge, quickly 
belt him with an arrow from your Fairy Bow. One will send him reeling back into 
a painting. Miss or hit him while he is dashing across the screen and he'll 
throw down an electrical attack that will cover most of the ground. Basically, 
if you could belt Ganon fast, before he gets a chance to fully dash across 
screen, you won't have to worry about this attack. But this is the main reason 
for the energy in the bottle because its his only attack in both forms that you 
have to worry about and in 2 out of 3 instances, no matter where you stand, you 
will get shocked and lose some energy. After you repeat the process two times 
and sometimes he doubles back in the painting and pops out in another one. After 
three arrow hits, put the Fairy Bow away and take your sword out. Z-Targeting is 
recommended but is not totally necessary. His second form sheds the horseback 
image and has Ganon floating from place to place, performing one attack: an 
electrical bolt that he throws at you. The strategy here is to hit the 
electrical bolt back at him. Do this and when he gets hit, he will fall to the 
floor and be stunned for one good hit. Don't waste time with a lunging strike 
because it will take too long, but if your fast enough rotate your control stick 
360 degrees and press B for a swinging attack that takes more damage than a 
single sword strike. Ganon will then float up again and repeat the process. The 
only thing to worry about in this phase of the fight is swinging the sword too 
late and getting hit and the fact that if Ganon is far away and he throws it at 
you and you reflect it, he will reflect it himself. When he does so, just either 
raise the shield or jump backwards (hold Z and down on the analog stick and 
press A). It takes about 7 sword strikes to take him down.

e. Subterranean Lava Dragon: VOLVAGIA

Jeeze, what a pain! I though fighting this thing in Zelda II: The Adventures of 
Link was annoying. Oh well. Basically, this is a giant fire dragon that can 
cause serious damage to you and it is recommended that you have all bottles 
filled with some life reviving concoction. You are on a large, circular platform 
where there are approximately 7 holes, filled with lava, one containing the 
Volvagia. You will know when he is emerging from the hellish hole when you see 
molten rocks spew forth. Stand near it....about a good 8 feet from it! When 
Volvagia pops out, he'll swing his head around. After he is done, run quickly, 
with your Megaton Hammer in hand and pound him once on the noggin.' He'll drop 
his head down on the platform long enough for a charged strike (Hold B until the 
sword flashes to a second color then let go. Do this fast though because the 
window of opportunity will close if you don't. After one hit, Volvagia will dive 
back into the hole. Seconds later, he will emerge from another hole. DON'T 
peruse! He is in a retaliation mode! From here he will do one of two attacks: if 
he flies straight up into the air, run around the perimeter of the circular 
platform dodging falling molten lava boulders he will be dropping. The other 
attack, which usually comes first is where he peruses you and shoots fire from 
his mouth. Try to run circles around him, but not tight ones because you might 
run into its body. After he is done attacking, he will submerge into one of the 
holes. From there, repeat the process. It takes about seven solid hits to take 
Volvagia out for good.

f. Giant Aquatic Amoeba: MORPHA

This is a boss, like Barinade, that does not deserve to be in this game because 
of its foolish looking stature and its pathetically hard! Your target: a 
creature the size of Link's head! Sounds easy, right? Well, try snagging it 
while it is underwater, moving at blinding speeds while its attacking you with 
water tentacles (?). This is what you have to do: Z-Targeting is the way to go. 
From the start, try to Longshot yourself to the platform with the four corners 
of the wall as its dry point. I say this because its a hassle to be in the 
middle on one of those floating platforms simply because you will easily slip 
into the Morpha infested water. There are two attack to worry about: one 
involves the obvious....spiked walls. Even if they are spiked, its still safer 
than being in the middle. The second attack involves Morpha inside one of those 
water tentacles that she forms. Move quickly so that it strikes the platform and 
not you. If it grabs you, it will take you underwater, where Morpha will get a 
good hit or two while you try to resurface. When you dash away from the 
tentacle, Longshot it close to you and strike it with your sword. Trying to fish 
out Morpha with the Longshot while she is underwater will have you succeed about 
10% of the time. Take your time and avoid the tentacle attack. Seven good 
strikes should finish this amoeba (kinda large for an amoeba).

g. Phantom Shadow Beast: BONGO BONGO

Now here is a classic Zelda boss....large and a pain in the butt! Nothing but Z-
Targeting will get you through this battle. Bongo Bongo is nothing but two GIANT 
hands, pounding the drum you landed on (which doubles as your battle platform) 
and a really ugly head. Your main objective is to stun Bongo Bongo's hands with 
either a single arrow from your trusty Fairy Bow or a slower, ammoless Longshot. 
Z-Target a hand and shoot it once. Watch out as the second hand will try to 
retaliate! After it goes back into place, shoot that one as well. When that is 
done, Bongo Bongo charges at you. As fast as you can, swing your sword at its 
giant red eye. It will drop stunned for you to take a good 5-6 swipes of your 
sword. After that, he will get up and move around pounding the drum, making it 
harder to shoot the hands. Repeat this process, but watch out for the hands, 
which do several different attacks, ranging from a two handed slap, a one fisted 
pound or a one handed push. Keep your energy up and hold on! As the battle goes 
on, it becomes easier to win (duh)!

h. Sorceress Sisters: TWINROVA

Where do these names come from? Jeeze! Anyway....this is a toughie at first but 
when you realize how to fight back, it becomes all to easy! Equip your newly 
found Mirror Shield, hold R when one fires its attack and try to hit the other 
sister with the reflected attack (reflect the fire attack from one sister into 
the ice attacking sister). Its kind of difficult sometimes because its hard to 
quickly reflect the shot to a different direction, but after a couple of shots, 
you'll get the hang of controlling the reflection. Watch out if you do not 
reflect the fire sisters attack because it will leave a molten mess where the 
flame hits and won't disappear immediately! Do this four times to either sister. 
It won't matter if you hit the fire sister three times and the ice sister once 
or the fire sister twice and the ice sister twice. Four shots will do it. After 
this is done, both sisters will merge into one, fat, ugly ball of butter. From 
here on, the battle becomes even easier. You must "absorb" the attack dished by 
Twinrova into your Mirror Shield. The attack has to be of the same element. If 
you absorb a fire and then an ice blast, it will cancel the shield's power and 
you'll have to try over again. After the third one is absorbed of the same 
element, the shield unleashed a giant flame or ice attack that hits Twinrova. 
Now run quickly and strike her! Repeat the process several times and the fat 
lady will sing!

i. Great King Of Evil: GANONDORF

Your near then end =O( Don't worry! Knowing how hard these last battles will be, 
you'll be playing the end for some time. But luckily, I'll supply you with the 
ingredients needed to kick butt! Off the bat, Ganondorf starts the fight like he 
did when you fought Phantom Ganon in his second form. The platform you stand on 
is compiled of blocks that when Ganondorf does his ground shockwave attack, 
pieces plummet to the ground, making it harder to jump at him and hit him when 
he is vulnerable. during the battle, you have to reflect the electric bolts at 
him when he reflects it back at you. You must do this over and over until he 
gets hit! Once he gets hit, quickly take your Fairy Bow out and peg him with a 
Light Arrow. It you take too long, Gannondorf will actually reflect it back at 
you! YIKES! Now quickly, dash to the platform he falls on and smack him with 
your sword (Biggoron is preferred because it is twice as strong as the Master 
Sword). Swing and swing often when he is down but when he gets up, run back 
because if you stay too long, Ganondorf will smash the platform knocking your 
platform down and slowing your progress. Repeat the attack about 4-6 times and 
Ganondorf does an extremely powerful and hard to dodge energy attack. This 
attack sends about six homing energy bolts towards you. When it starts to come 
towards you, dash from one side of the room to the other and it could miss you 
doing minimal damage to the platform. Get hit and your in danger. Have all your 
bottles filled with Ultimate Blue potions because you WILL get hit a lot and the 
Light Arrows take magic points that will decrease pretty rapidly if you shoot 
them off like a madman. If your daring, peg him with a Light Arrow while he is 
summoning the magic. Keep at it....hit the electric bolt at him, shoot the arrow 
and strike him. Now things get pretty screwed up....


I have always....ALWAYS dreamed of a killer last boss battle like this! This 
S.O.B. is HUGE! Its like when Mario fought Bowser in Mario 64, but a larger 
boss....an harder too! You made it this far....now, you must finish Ganon once 
and for all....until the next sequel is released =O). Unfortunatly, once the 
pattern islearned to beat him, its too easy, but he looks soo cool, though! 
Anyway, you start off with Zelda powerless with her magic and your Master Sword 
flung away like a toothpick! Z-Target Ganon with your Megaton Hammer in 
hand....if you have the Biggoron Sword, you'll make it easier than using the 
Hammer! Z-Target Ganon's forehead (it has the triforce insignia) and pelt it 
once with a Light Arrow. Now, try to get behind Ganon and Z-Target his achilles 
heel: his tail! Try slipping between his legs to get to the tail. Smack his tail 
once. His first form is so slow that you could run bewteen his legs and chop his 
tail. Now go and reclaim your Master Sword when Zelda prompts you to! Equip it 
over the Biggoron Sword and take command. By the time all this happens, Ganon 
regains his focus on the fight. Peg Ganon in the head with more Light with 
another Ligh Arrow and repeate the previous process. Its harder to slip behind 
him, but try to anyway. If you run out of arrows or potion, lure Ganon to a wall 
and have him demolish it. Ten good smacks to the tail later, Zelda will pin 
Ganon down with her magic. She will then charge Link's sword with her magic and 
you must then deal the final blow. The rest....is history!

III. Minor tidbits

Just a couple of little hints for fun.

- Talk to villagers from Hyrule castle and other locations populated with people 
with different masks on. You'll get some funny remarks from the villagers, 
depending on the mask.

- Wear the Lens of Truth as much as you can when you are in any dungeon. You 
will uncover lots of passed up secrets that you would normally not have seen 
without them.

- Spend some time fishing at Lake Hyldia. Catch a big lunker when you are older 
(14-18 lb.) and you get the Gold Scale, enabling you to dive longer underwater.

- When you are younger, buy as many Magic beans as you can (up to 10). Plant 
them in the square shaped dirt patches located around the continent. When you 
are older, they develop into a plant that you can ride to reach a hard to get to 
Heart Container!

- Get Lon Lon milk over Fairies and Red Potions because you could use it more 
than once. If you have four bottles, you could have up to eight energy 
replenishing drinks!

- Play Zelda's Lullaby at a sign you chopped down and it will reform again.

- To defeat Stalfo's faster, or any shield wielding character, equip the Master 
Sword. Now hold R to hold your shield up to relect any incoming swings and tap B 
to attack. You do a low stab that hits them below the shield (sometimes).

IV. Conclusion and thanks

I hope this FAQ helps you in your battles against the forces of evil =O) If it 
did then I served my purpose. I will only update this FAQ to fix mistakes and 
update and new strategies that I uncover (it took me THIS long to do it =O)).

Now...my thank you's. First and foremost, thank you GameFAQS for supplying such 
killer FAQS and whatnot and printing this. I seriously hope you have the most 
successful of futures! Next, thank you GameSages and its oh so friendly workers 
for giving a street rat name Jason a job to write reviews and further his career 
as a game reviewer. I too wish you all the luck in the future and I hope to stay 
a part of it! Finally, thank you Nintendo....you broke out of your "slump" with 
this game. Truly a masterpiece to behold and the best game ever made (IMO).

Finally, thank you to the readers. Without you, I would not be helping anyone. 
Thank you to those who thanked me. I'm glad I was able to be of service.

This FAQ is a copyrighted piece by Jason Velez (C)
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