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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

From: STARSCOP33@aol.com
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 20:09:16 EST

Well, since I was bored I decided to give out some tips on how to defeat each
major boss in the game.  Since some of them can be defeated very easily, even
though they might be a pain, so read on if you need some help.

Queen Ghoma: Ok, when she first comes after you through a Deku Nut at her then
run up and hit her in the eye a few times, she will run up to the ceiling.
Take out your slingshot and aim it at her eye.  Her eye will turn red right
before she lays the eggs, and if you hit it she will fall of and land on the
ground and be stunned for a long time, long enough for you to run up and hit
her with your sword until she dies.

King Dodongo: Since it's name is Dodongo if you've played others you would
think it would have something to do with bombs.  Well, you are correct!  When
the King opens his mouth target it and through a bomb in.  It will explode and
he will fall, run up and hit him.  Now he will roll around, if you stand on
the small slant that goes into the lava he will completely miss you.  Do this
3 more times.

Parasite: This boss is a pain.  First you must through a boomerang at the
three tentacles hanging onto him.  After that he will summon his jellyfish and
they will slowly swing around him.  Through the boomerang at the parasite and
the jellyfish will stop, kill as many of them as you can with the boomerang.
Repeat until all are dead.  The parasite will now regenerate them and they
will swing very fast.  Throw the boomerang a lot and you should hit him, the
jelly fish will stop again, destroy them and this time he won't revive them.
Through the boomerang at the parasite to stun him and then hit him with your
sword.  Repeat until he is destroyed.

Phantom Gannon: This boss was pretty easy.  Get your arrows ready and he will
come out a picture.  (You'll see a purple circle) Shoot the bow at him and he
will retreat back into the picture.  Now there will be two of the horses in
two different pictures.  Which is the real one?  I found out that the one to
the left, or across is usually the real one.  Do this a few times and he will
be knocked off his horse.  He will fly around and shoot electric balls at you,
deflect them back at him and he will fall, run up and hit him.  Repeat until
he dies.  His other attack, (when he lunges at you) is very easy to dodge,
just run out of the way.

Volvagia: The dragon boss may seem hard but really isn't.  Take out your handy
mallet.  There are 7 or 8 lava holes, the first time he comes out he will
swing his fiery head across the floor and then lay it on the ground like a
moron.  Hit it with your mallet and stand close to his head.  He will swing
the fire again, and it shouldn't hit you.  Hit him again and he will retreat.
When he comes out again he will circle you and breath fire, just run around
and try and see yourself.  (The view can be the enemy in this part) he will
return into the hole.  Now he will do the first part again.  After you pound
him again he will shoot up into the ceiling knocking boulders down.  (Look for
the shadow on the ground) After this he will repeat the above.

Water Nucleus: This boss is weird and pretty hard.  You need the hookshot for
this guy.  Your enemy is not the giant water hands, but the pink nucleus that
makes them.  After a hand slams down on the ground the nucleus will move back
and forth.  Pull it out with the hookshot and hit it with the sword.  Soon
there will be two hands.  This could be frustrating.  Try pulling out the
nucleus while dodging another hand trying to grab you.  The right moment will
come, just be patient.  He will die soon.

Bongo Bongo: Is it just me or does this boss sound weird.  Well, he is.  Make
sure you have the hover boots equipped, and the lens of truth on so you can
see the boss.  Take out your bow and shoot his two hands.  (This could be hard
since your bouncing up and down a majority of the time) After you do this he
will charge you.  Hit his red eye with your sword and then hit him as many
times as possible again.  Just repeat this.  Two of the attacks are hard to
dodge.  The fist is hard with the hover boots on.  Quickly take them off and
run out of the way.  The sliding one is like the fist except it comes out of
nowhere from the side of the screen.  Take off the hover boots again and run
out of the way. 

Twinova: This two part boss is harder on it's first form then the second.  The
only reason it's hard is because it's difficult to keep track of both the
sisters.  Suggestion, keep your eye on one and if it doesn't perform the
attack and the other on is run to the side and you shouldn't get hit.  I
suggest keeping an eye on the fire one since it's attack seems easier to dodge
then the ice one.  Deflect the attacks with the mirror shield and aim the fire
at the ice witch.  After about four hits they will meld together.  Now it
becomes easier.  Just keep targeting on.  Absorb the fire attacks, and dodge
the ice ones.  After three absorbs of fire the shield will shoot the fire back
at the witch and she will fall to the ground.  Hit her with your sword.

Gannon 1st form: Ok here we go!  He will begin by either pounding the ground
knocking off a few blocks, or by shooting an energy beam, that you can
deflect.  He will be stunned in the air.  Shoot a Light Arrow at him quickly.
He will fall to the ground, now hit him a few times.  He will get revenge by
quickly performing a shockwave.  After a while he will do a major electric
attack.  I just jumped off the platform, you take less damage.  Repeat until
he dies.  Or does he! 

GANNON: Of course not.  It's the final boss!  This form is gigantic.  I hope
you have Biggorons sword, and some blue potions.  He will knock the master
sword out of your hands.  No worry, take out your stronger sword.  Shoot a
Light Arrow in his forehead then run around to the back and hit him in his
tail.  After a while you will get your master sword back.  Now he gets harder.
If you have blue potions you should be fine with magic.  Shoot a Light Arrow
in his forehead again and get to the back just a little more quickly.  After a
few hits the Princess lends a hand and you have to run up while she holds him
down and hit him in the head with the master sword.  THE END!

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