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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Boss Guide
Date: 1/2/98
v. 1.0
Written by BobDole53
Questions? Comments? Email me at dole_fan@usa.net

Well I just beat the game and had spare time, a lot of spare time.  So I decided 
to write this to help out people that were having trouble on certain bosses.  
I'm going to try to make this as easy to read as possible.

Here is how I'm going to rate the difficulty of the bosses. I'm going to use a 
scale of 1 to 5. 1 being the easiest and probably shouldn't take too much to 
defeat, and 5 being that you should be ready for a long fight and have at least 
one fairy, though more then one wouldn't be a bad thought.

Copyright Notice
This document is Copyrighted by Sean Lacey (A.K.A. BobDole53) 01/02/98

If you wish to use any part of the document then please give credit where it is 
due. Another thing, don't use any part of this document for the purpose of 
gaining profit. So if you want to use something out of here that's all I ask.

Table of Contents

1.Parasitic Armored Arachinid: Gohma
2.Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo
3.Bio-Electric Amemone: Barinade


4.Evil Spirit from Beyond: Phantom Ganon
5.Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia
6.Giant Aquatic Amoeba: Morpha
7.Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo
9.Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova
10.Great King Of Evil: Ganondorf

1. Parasitic Armored Arachinid: Gohma
Difficulty- 1
Stuff you'll need- Kokori Sword, Slingshot, and Deku Seed
Note- Make sure you've practiced on your jump attacks prior to fighting Gohma

How to Defeat Boss
(I can't remember how Gohma starts out, though I'm pretty sure it's on the 
All that you need to do is to get near her and throw a deku nut which will stun 
her. Now go up and jump attack her(Make sure you move quickly or Gohma will come 
out of her trance). You can just use a normal slash with your sword, but that 
takes a while. Using the jump attack cuts down the number of times you have to 
hit her by about half, this applys to many of the other boses. Anyway, after you 
hit her she will climb the ceiling and prepare to drop pods.  Now you could 
handle this in a few different ways 

1. The way I've come to use, is to destroy two of the eggs that she drops and 
then back off and wait for the other egg to hatch. Then when it gets near you 
it's eye will turn red which is when you should hit it or else it will jump at 
you. (You can destroy all of the eggs but later on in the fight that leads to 
the problem of Ghoma falling on your head)
2. I've heard that you can shoot Ghoma in the eye with your slingshot before she 
lays the pods, and that it causes her to fall. 

Then you just repeat the entire process of:  deku nut, jump attack, and whatever 
method you choose to handle her when she's on the ceiling

2. Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo
Stuff you'll need-Bomb Bag, Kokori Sword, Hylian Shield
Note-Does the name sound familer? For those of you that have played the 
origional 8-bit Zelda you should remember this name. The the idea of throwing 
bombs in it's mouth is the same.

How to Defeat Boss
(Make sure you have your hylian shield  equiped) After the opening sequence 
Dodongo will be standing in front of you and throw his head back to shoot a 
flame at you, this is your cue to throw a bomb in his mouth(make sure your close 
enough so the bomb will reach him), to make it easier I would suggest z 
targeting him and then throwing the bomb. If you miss or are late then hug the 
wall in an attempt to dodge the flame, though this doesn't always protect you. 
Once you've succeded in throwing the bomb in his mouth move back a little to 
avoid the bomb explosion. Now he'll fall over and all you do is attack him with 
your sword (again a jump attack makes the fight go quicker). After you do that 
get near the wall and press the R button to have link hide under his shield, 
Dodongo should roll over you, causing no damage.  Now, once he passes over you, 
turn around and face him, repeating the process of throwing the bomb in his 
mouth and hitting him with your sword. Eventually it will go to the cut scene, 
then just sit back and enjoy the scene.

3. Bio-Electric Amemone: Barinade
Difficulty- 2
Stuff you'll need- Kokori Sword and Boomerang
Note- If your running low on life just get some from the pots that are around 
the room. Also keep moving or you'll be in for a blast.

How to Defeat Boss

A bit of a warning, this boss has many parts which get to be confusing so read 
carefully and try to follow along.

Part One

At the beginning Barinade is stuck to the ceiling by three connectors.  What you 
need to do is use z targeting to lock onto one of the connecters, then use the 
boomerang to hit it (be sure to be moving to avoid the electrical blasts). Just 
repeat this process with each of the others until you have knocked down all 

Part Two

The jelly fish that were once attached to him come out and spin around Barinade, 
you should seek refuge at one of the places that has a pot, and wait until the 
jelly fish stop spinning.  Once they stop, run around and kill each of them 
individually while avoiding the electrical blasts. Chances are you won't get all 
of the jelly fish before they start spinning again. So when the spin again seek 
refuge at one of the places that has a pot then repeat the process.

Part Three
(I'm pretty sure that this is what happens next, but I apologize if I'm wrong)

Barinade will now have more jelly fish that spin closer to him, and they will be 
a lot faster. Z target barinades main part and move around the room while 
throwing your boomerang(and avoiding the jellyfish). It might take a few throws 
but eventually you should break through the armor and stun him. That's your 
chance to destroy the jelly fish. Once barinade starts spinning the jelly fish 
again, just z target and repeat the process untill they are destroyed.

Part Four

Now for the final part. Z target Barinade and move around the room while 
throwing your boomerang, and again it may take a few times but eventually you 
will stun him. That is your chance to hit him with your sword. (Jump attack 
might work but I prefer the regular slash when dealing with Barinade) And again, 
just repeat until dead.


4. Evil Spirit from Beyond: Phantom Ganon
Stuff you'll need- Master Sword, Fairy Bow
Note-I gave a 3.5 difficulty on this just because when you compare the abilitys 
that a first time player would have gained by this point, that makes Phantom 
Ganon pretty hard. Hint:The second part of him gives you a tiny tast of what the 
real Ganondorf will be like

How to Defeat Boss

Part One

After the opening sequence you'll see him ride into a painting. Run to the 
center of the room and get in the bow view (the view that appears when your 
getting ready to shoot an arrow). Circle around and look at each painting until 
you see him (be careful there are two, the fake one will turn around right 
before the end of the painting)

1.If the one you are watching creates a purple portal then shoot it with an 
arrow before he leaves the portal. 
2.If he turns around then quickly press b to slash your sword, which will 
quickly get you out of the bow view, and then run to the edge of the platform. 
There is still a possibility that you could get hit with his blast. But you 
still stand a better chance then if you were in the middle.

After you are done search the paintings again and repeat the process until 
you've shot him three times with an arrow.

Part Two

Once you shot him three times with an arrow he'll leave his horse and float 
around. Use z-targeting and stay as far away from Ganon as possible.  (If you've 
played A Link to the Past, think back to the Wizard. And how you used the master 
sword to deflect his spell back at him) Do the same thing here, when he shoots a 
blast at you then swing your sword when it gets near. It may take a while to get 
your timing down but don't worry just keep practicing. When you hit it back at 
him, one of three things will happen.

1. It will hit him, in which case you should run up to him and try to jump 
attack him
2. Ganon will hit it back, in which case you should keep hitting it back at him 
until it hits him. Then refer to step one. (Keep in mind that the more times 
it's hit back and forth the faster it will go and the more powerful it becomes)
3. It will totally miss him in which case just wait till he fires another blast

I have had experiences, be it rare, where he will hit it back at me and after I 
hit it back at him, he'll quickly move and fire another blast. Whatever happens 
just keep repeating the process of hittting it at him and jump attacking until 
he's dead.

5. Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia
Stuff you'll need-Master Sword and Megaton Hammer
Note-Ever played wack the mole? Well this is wack the dragon then slash him with 
your sword

How to Defeat Boss

After Volvagia does the opening sequence stand back where you can see the entire 
area. On the first time there won't be a fake flame coming out of the hole so 
get near the first hole that you see a flame come out of (yet not too near) and 
when Volvagia comes out and swings the things on his head, then run up and smack 
him on the head with your hammer. Volvagia's head will fall down at which time 
you should do either a jump attack or a regular slash. Eventually he'll go back 
in his hole. Volvagia will then come out of another and fly around shooting a 
flame at you. Just run around and dodge the flame and his body, if space gets 
tight then roll under his body. Eventually he'll go back in a hole and repeat 
the process of popping out of a hole, though this time be carful and wait to see 
if more then one flame appears. As soon as Volvagia pops out then hit him with 
the hammer and slash with the sword. This time instead of flying around shooting 
a flame at you, he flys straight to the top of the chamber and causes rocks to 
fall around you. Run around avoiding them until you see Volvagia come down and 
enter a hole, at that moment the rocks only fall near him so stay away. Just 
repeat the process until dead and keep in mind that Volvagia trades off from 
following you around to causing rocks to fall as you go along. Once he's dead 
enjoy the sequence.

6. Giant Aquatic Amoeba: Morpha
Stuff you'll need- Master Sword and Longshot
Note- Morpha can be considerably easier to defeat then the last two bosses. It 
just depends on how you go about it.

How to Defeat Boss

Once you enter the chamber Navi will tell you that the water doesn't look right, 
after that jump to one of the platforms in the middle which is followed by the 
opening sequence. After that's over jump to the edge of the room and stand at a 
corner and wait(Watch out for the spikes). You should hear a sound of the water 
stirring, that's your cue to run to another corner of the room, once you reach 
it, turn around and z-target the nucleas. Then pull out your longshot and fire 
it at the nucleas(it may take a few trys to hook it). Once you get it over to 
you then slash it with your sword and it will proceed to go back to the water. 
Again wait till you hear the water stir and run to the next corner and repeat 
the process. After the first time a second tentacle appears so just be aware of 
that. The key to avoiding the tentacles is to listen, if you memorize the sounds 
that the tentacles make, then you should have no trouble avoiding them. After a 
while you will kill Morpha and then cue the closing sequence.

7. Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo
Stuff you'll need- Lens of truth, Master Sword, Fairy Bow
Note-I strongly suggest you have at least the first quiver upgrade, it is 
possible to beat him without it, but it really helps out. If you need to find it 
go to http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/n64/faq/zelda_64_f_2_3.txt and look in the 
hard to find items section.

How to Defeat Boss

Be prepared cause this guy is really strange. When you land in the room you'll 
be on a giant drum. All you'll see is two giant hands beating the drum (You can 
use the lens of truth to see the eye right now but to save magic don't use it 
until I say to). Now z-target one of the hands and shoot it with and arrow, 
which won't be easy since your bouncing, not to fear cause you can misfire some 
arrows cause you got the quiver upgrade right? Quickly z target the other hand 
and try to shoot it before the hand hits you (if it's in a fist then the arrow 
will be ineffective so just avoid it's attack and shoot it when it comes out of 
the fist shape). Once you have shot both hands then turn on the lens of truth 
and z target the eye. Hit it with your sword before it hits you, and then while 
it's laying down jump attack it as many times as you can. Now just repeat this 
process untill you've killed it.

8. Ironknuckle
Stuff you'll need- Kokori Sword
Note-I know this isn't an offical boss, but it kinda serves as one in the spirit 
temple when your a kid.

How To Defeat Boss

This guy is pretty simple. Run up to him and hit him with your sword to wake him 
up. Now z target him and to hit him, move in close to get him to swing his axe, 
then backflip right before he does.  As soon as he's done swinging his axe jump 
attack him and immediately backflip to avoid his counter attack. Just keep 
repeating this process until you've killed him.

9. Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova
Stuff you'll need- Mirror Shield, Master Sword, and Hover Boots
Note-Once again a multiple part boss. On Twinrova the first part is harder then 
the second.

How to Defeat Boss

Make sure your mirror shield is equiped

Part 1

When you enter the room then go left and climb up the wall to the platform, 
they'll do their opening sequence and now your ready to fight. For the first 
part try to avoid z targeting, it just makes it harder. What you need to do is 
reflect the attack of one of the sisters back at the other sister using the 
shield (R-Button). For example, deflect the ice attack back at the fire sister 
and vice versa. Does that sound easy? Try doing that when their on opposite 
sides of the room, which sometimes happens. Anyway, deliver a hit to anyone of 
them 4 times and then they will merge together forming Twinrova.

Part 2

Twinrova has two different attacks, an ice one and a fire one. This is the time 
that you want to use z targeting to keep her in your sites at all times. Now use 
your sheild to absorb her attack, now if the attack was say ice then you need to 
try to absorb 3 ice attacks in total, though if she delivers a fire attack while 
your collecting ice(you can tell by which wand she holds up) then just jump away 
from where you are standing to the edge of the platform, but not to far since 
you don't want to fall off. Now on the third one you absorb, move in close so it 
hits her. Then equip your hover boots and hover over to the platform Twinrova 
lands on and slash her as many times as possible. Once she revives stay where 
you are, and  wait until after she delivers her first attack which you will 
absorb with your shield. Once you've abosorbed it hover back over to the main 
platform and equip your kokori boots. Then just repeat the process until she's 
dead and enjoy the sequence that follows.

10. Great King Of Evil: Ganondorf
Difficulty-5 (Hey he's the hardest in the game)
Stuff you'll need-Master Sword, Light Arrows, Hover Boots, and many fairies and 
blue or green potions(fill up all your bottles).
Note-You should have passed a chamber before the main one that had a lot of 
pots. Hopefully you didn't destroy any. They are extremely helpful if you fall 
down to that area

How to Defeat Boss

After the sequence the occurs once you enter the chamber, your health will be 
restored due to the triforce (A really big help!). A downfall is that navi won't 
be able to help you in this fight. 

Once the fight starts run to the edge of the room, Ganon knocks out the tiles 
between the center area and the edge. Now use your knowledge of phantom Ganon's 
2nd attack plan and apply it to here by deflecting all of Ganons magic attacks. 
Once you hit him, immediatly pull out your light arrows and shoot one at him. 
This will stun him. Now's your chance to get over to his platform and jump 
attack him (Use you hover boots to get there more easily, especially later on in 
the fight as more tiles fall). Sometimes he'll form a black vortex above his 
head and then shoot four spheres at you. Your best line of defense is to run 
away from it, while rolling to avoid them. Eventually if you hit him enough 
times (the more damaged Ganons cape is the more damage he has taken) he'll cough 
up blood and cause the tower to crumble. Then you will proceed to race out of 
the tower with Zelda

11. Ganon
Stuff you'll need-Light Arrows, Biggerons Sword or Megaton Hammer (The sword 
proves to be more helpful), and Master Sword
Note- Ever heard the term don't judge a book by it's cover? That apply's here. 
Ganon appears to be this huge brute but is pretty easy to defeat. (Hint: If you 
run out of magic or supplys draw him near some rubble so he'll have to destroy 
it to get to you. There's a column with magic, one with arrows, one with fairys, 
and a few others)

How to Defeat Boss

This time you have Navi back so be sure to use z-targeting and have your light 
arrows ready. When he gets near you he'll bend over preparing to attack, that's 
whe you are to fire a light arrow right into him. He'll then be stunned giving 
you enough time to get around him and slash his tail with the biggerons sword, 
or smash it using the megaton hammer. Repeat this process until he falls down 
and zelda tells you to come get the master sword. Run over there and get it 
before the fires start up again. Now it's just the same process all over again 
except this time use the master sword to slash his tail. (Hint: if you run out 
of magic or arrows then you can roll inbetween his legs and hit his tail that 
way). Eventually Gannon will fall and Zelda will hold him with her power and 
tell you to deliver the final blow. Hit Ganon with your sword right inbetween 
the eyes and enjoy the great ending.

I gotta give a big thanks to the creators of Zelda 64 whom without their game I 
would have never written this boss guide. Also to the extremely slick roadways, 
without them I would of probably been doing something elsewhere.
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