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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                        DEKU TREE WAKLTHROUGH
                   Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
                          Author: Ernest 64
                    E-mail: laredos@latino.net.co
                           ICQ#: 13296608
                    Date: 4/4/99|||Version: 1.2


4/4/99: Second Update: Version 1.2
SLIDERno23 fixed a couple of things.

3/22/99: First Update: Version 1.1
This FAQ was cleaned up by the FAQ Clean Up Crew.  This Crew consists 
of one member: SLIDERno23 (stjeb@mississippi.net).  Email him for more 
info on his clean up crew if you have an FAQ.  Here's what was done-
-This FAQ was proofread by SLIDERno23, and NOT by the computer.
-This FAQ was reformatted to look cleaner.
-This FAQ was slightly reorganized.
-The revision history section was added.
-Changed/Added some petty little facts.

1/28/99: Original: Version 1.0
This is the first version of the FAQ.  Version 1.0!

1) Introduction
2) Getting into the Deku Tree
3) Deku Tree Walkthrough (Includes Gold Skulltulas)
4) Parasitic Armored Arachnid: Gohma
5) Farewell...


Hi there again!!! One more time, I'm here to help you!!! This time, 
I'll guide you to the very first dungeon: The Great Deku Tree 

Items and gold skulltullas will be in capital letter, for a more 
comfortable search. - ENJOY!!!

Ah, as always, see last section for details to contact me.


How to find it:

Well, easy...

First of all, you'll need a shield and a sword... 

The DEKU SHIELD can be found (bought) in the Kokiri Shop. It costs 40 
rupees. You can get them by breaking rocks and pots, cutting small 
bushes, and so on. There are some inside Mido's house. Also there are 5 
on the back of it. An easier way is to jump over the platforms in a 
little pond next to the shop. Jump over all three, and you'll get 5 
rupees. Enter the shop, then exit, then jump again for another 5.

The sword can be found next to the "Know-It-All Brothers" house (or 
training center), it is left from looking at your house(or to the right 
when you leave your house). Jump over the fences and enter the little 
hole in the wall. Here, dodge the boulder and go to the far left 
corner. Open the chest and you'll reach the not so cool (but 
helpful...) KOKIRI SWORD!!!

Now proceed to talk to Mido. He's right from looking at the shop's 
entrance. He'll let you past... Kill the 3 Deku Baba's (killer plants) 
for some DEKU STICKS...

Then proceed and now you are at the Deku Tree's Meadow. After the story 
sequence, the tree will open his mouth, so go enter it (duh,really?)... 


Go forward, then climb up the ladder on your left. Now you're at the 
second floor. Keep going, jumping over platforms until you reach some 
vines with some spiders and a treasure chest. Open it to find the 
DUNGEON MAP. Keep going until you reach a door. Open it (duh, 
really??). Now in this room, Z-target the bush guy, then, when he spits 
a deku nut at you, press and hold your shield button (R button) to 
bounce it back at him. He'll drop a recovery heart and the door will 
open for you...

Now in this room, go forward; be quick or the platform in front of you 
(if you fall, don't worry, you can climb the vines). Open the chest in 
there and you'll get the extremely cool FAIRY SLINGSHOT!!!. Equip it, 
then shoot the ladder above the door you came in to make it fall.

Climb it, and then return to the chest from where you got the Dungeon 
Map. Get rid of all three skullwalltullas on the vines using your new 
slingshot. Remember it is easier with Z-targeting. Climb the vines, 
take a right and now you'll be at the 3rd floor. Proceed (don't bother 
with those big skulltullas) until you reach a door.

In this room, press the switch on your right, now quickly jump over the 
now raised platforms to reach the hole in the wall on your left. Avoid 
the big skulltulla, and then kill the first gold SKULLTULLA behind it. 
Open the chest for a recovery heart. Kill the big skulltulla, then drop 
down and kill the killer plant on your right to get the DEKU NUTS...

Climb the vines behind it, then step on the switch again to raise the 
platforms and use them to reach the treasure chest on the north side of 
the room to get the COMPASS. Now return to the switch, and light a Deku 
Stick with the torch on your left. Use the fire to light the other 
torch and open the door.

Now kill the big skulltulla on your left (remember to use your sword 
when it turns around), and then drop down to fall in the web at the 
center of the tree. The web will "break" and you'll fall to another 
room (I call it the "1st Water room").

Here, kill the killer plant next to you, then use your slingshot to 
kill the second gold SKULLTULLA on the vines (climb them to get the 
token). The 3rd gold SKULLTULLA, is in this room too. It's on the grate 
right next from the switch. Kill it with your slingshot, then jump from 
the switch's platform to get the token.

Step on the switch to remove the web and light the torch (There's a 
little chest with a recovery heart right there, next to the torch). 
Light a deku stick, then proceed to burn the web on the southeast 
corner (look at the map) of the room. Make sure to jump over platforms 
and avoid falling into the water... Enter the door. In this room, 
kill the bush guy for a hint, then use your slingshot on the gray eye 
above the doorway to open the door.

Now in this room (2nd water room), jump on the water, then dive to 
press a switch on the west side. This will drain the water a little 
(but enough to help you avoid the spiked rotating thing in the middle 
of the room). Return, then jump over the moving platform to reach the 
other side. Kill the big skulltulla, then pull (or push) the block. 
Climb it to reach the door.

In this room, light a deku stick and use it to light the 2 torches 
(kill the killer plants if you want). Enter the door. Now kill the big 
skulltulla, then light a deku stick and use it to burn the 2 webs 
there. The first one, leads you to a killer plant and a bombable wall. 
You'll need to return later to the tree after getting the bombs from 
Dodongo's Cavern (mmmm... I'll probably do a walkthrough about this 
level... I dunno....). Then use a bomb to blow up the wall and in this 
room, is the 4th and last gold SKULLTULLA of the level...

The other web leads you to a small hole. Note: I recommend you to avoid 
passing through the middle of the room, or small spiders will fall from 
the ceiling...

Now you'll be back in the 1st water room, but this time, above. Push 
the block on your left all the way until it falls. Then, light a deku 
stick with the torch in the switch platform. Then return via the block 
and burn then web in the middle of this platform to fall into the last 
room (3rd water room).

Here, you have to kill all 3 bush guys in a certain order: first the 
middle one, then the right one and finally the left one. They will open 
the boss door for you. Refill your energy (if your low, duh..) with the 
recovery hearts in the previous little pond. Enter the door and now 
you'll face...


First thing to do, is to look to the ceiling to let her see you...

Her Attacks: Mostly trying to bite you. She also drops little eggs 
containing Gohma larvas...

Well, easy... Z-target her eye, and when it turns red, shoot it using 
your slingshot. She'll be stunned for a few seconds. While she's 
stunned, attack her with your sword. You can also stun her with a Deku 
Nut, but it is better with your slingshot (she keeps stunned for a 
longer time).  WARNING: On some games (surprise; there are three 
versions of the Zelda 64 cartridge) using a deku nut to stun Ghoma will 
cause the game to FREEZE.

Then, she'll climb to the ceiling and will start throwing eggs to you. 
Get rid of them before they hatch, then, she'll drop back down again.
OR be smart and lock on to her eye when she's on the ceiling. Shoot her 
eye when it turns red.  This way, she'll fall on the ground stunned, 
AND she won't have time to lay the eggs on the ground.  

Repeat until dead. Grab the heart container and step into the blue 

YOU NOW OWN THE KOKIRI EMERALD! (Spiritual Stone of Forest)


Again, that's the end of this mini-faq, I hope you found it useful... 
Please e-mail me if you find typos or mistakes, (SLIDERno23's note: 
there better not be any typos or mistakes now) or if you find anything 
I missed. Also, if you have comments or questions on anything and 
everything related to this brilliant game...

Here's how to contact me:

E-mail: laredos@latino.net.co
Or you can find me in the ICQ, my # is: 13296608
If you have ICQ, please send me your number too. I'll put you on my 

-ME, Ernest 64, for writing this FAQ. (email right above)

-SLIDERno23 for running this FAQ through the "GameFAQs Clean Up Crew" 
cycle.  (stjeb@mississippi.net  OR IM him at SliderMSU)

C-Ya on my next FAQ!!!!!!!!


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