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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

|				 Epona FAQ				   |

			 Son_Goku (pokezone@hotmail.com)

Table of Contents
1. Epona The Horse
2. Getting Epona
3. What Epona Can Do
4. Secrets
5. Disclaimer


1. Epona The Horse

	Epona is Link's horse in the game. Using her, you can travel around
the land of Hyrule much quicker. Though getting her is not such an easy
task, but it is if you know what to do.


2. Getting Epona

	To get Epona, first visit Lon Lon Ranch as a child. Talk to the girl
in the field, Malon and then hold out your ocarina. Malon will then teach
you Epona's Song. (Up C, Left C, Right C, Up C, Left C, Right C)

	Go back to Lon Lon Ranch when you're an adult and then you will see
that Ingo has taken over. Talk to Ingo and he'll offer you time to ride a
horse. Pay the Rupees necessary and ride Epona. Call her by playing Epona's
Song and she'll come to you. Ride around and waste the time, then when your
time's up, talk to Ingo again and pay him the Rupees again. Play Epona's
Song once again and Epona will come to you again. After climbing up on her,
talk to Ingo and he'll talk about you becoming better and he'll challenge
you to a little race. Bet the Rupees and prepare to race.

	The first race isn't too hard. At the begining, Ingo will try to
smash you up against the wall, making you go slower, but use about 3 carrots
and zoom ahead of him. Just keep a steady pace by using only 1 carrot.
If you do so, you will win.

	Ingo will then complain and say that if you beat him again you can
keep Epona. This time the race is a bit harder. Ingo will do the same thing,
try to smash you against the wall, but use about 4 carrots and race ahead
of him. He will be right behind you at times, but block him from taking
the lead. In this race, use about 3 or 4 carrots to stay in the lead.

	When you win, congratulations, Epona is yours, but Ingo won't let
you get out of the ranch. To get out, just use about 3 carrots and jump
over the wall. If you do it correctly, you will be in Hyrule Field!


3. What Epona Can Do

	Mostly Epona can make you go around Hyrule faster. She helps a lot
when you have to do the Biggoron Sword trading sequence. When you want to
get over a little fence, just speed up a bit and she'll hop over. That's
about it.


4. Secrets

	Play Epona's Song in front of a cow and the cow will give you free
Lon Lon Milk!

	If you wish to do some more racing, head back to Lon Lon Ranch after
getting Epona and you'll see that it is once again peaceful. Talk to Malon,
who is in front of all the horses in their pen, and she'll talk to you about
having Epona. Then she'll say that she'll give you something if you win
her little obstacle course. You must beat it in 49 seconds.

	The obstacle course isn't that easy. Use carrots to jump over the
larger fences and speed up only when necessary. It will take a few tries,
but you'll win it eventually. After beating it in 49 seconds, Malon will
tell you that the prize is too large and it was delivered to your house.

	Head back to Kokiri Forest and go back into your house where you
started out as a kid. You'll go inside and see that you have gotten a
free cow!


5. Disclaimer

Do not copy anything from this FAQ. If you want to use it or just ask me
some questions, e-mail me at pokezone@hotmail.com The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time is a trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc., © 1998. All
other trademarks are copyrights of their respective owners.
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