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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

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Strife132's Epona/Biggoron's Sword Guide v. 1.31 - December 30, 1999
c 1999 Strife132

Hey! This is the first walkthrough I've written, so don't gripe if you 
don't like it. But do send corrections, comments, or whatever to 

     -Getting Epona-

First of all, you'll need to get Epona to be able to deliver some of the 
things before they spoil. To get Epona, first you'll need to make sure 
you have enough money to pay at least 10 rupees to pay for a ride on a 
horse and then enough to bet 50 rupees on two races in a row!

As soon as you've gotten enough money and are ready, head to the Lon Lon 
Ranch(as Adult Link of course!) If it's nighttime when you get there, 
play the Sun's Song with your ocarina. Now head over to Ingo. He should 
be standing by the gate to the fenced in area where you learned Epona's 
Song as a child. Talk to him and he says he'll let you ride a horse for 
10 rupees.
Accept his offer. Now, don't get on one of the horses standing around, 
but instead, play Epona's Song on your ocarina. Ride around on Epona for 
awhile jumping over the fences. Before your time limit is up, head over 
and talk to Ingo. He'll be impressed by your horse-riding skills and 
challenge you to a race. Accept the challenge. As soon as the race 
starts, use a few carrots to get going fast. Be sure to do the following 
all throughout the short race: never use your last carrot because it 
will make it take a long time for the other carrots to restore, always 
stay on the inside--try not to let Ingo trade you sides and if he does,
get back over there, and I'll say it again: DON'T USE THAT LAST CARROT! 
After you win that race, Ingo will challenge you to another race. This 
time he says if you win you can have Epona. Just do the same thing you 
did on the last race. Once you win, he will give you Epona but lock you 
in the ranch! Simply hop on Epona, get running really fast, and jump the 
big fence! Now Epona's yours!

     -Biggoron's Sword-

First, go to Kakariko Village and talk to the lady behind Impa's 
house(the one that gives you the bottle as a kid for finding all of her 
Cuccos.) Talk to her and she will give you an egg. Play the Sun's Song 
two times so that a day will pass, and a Pocket Cucco will hatch. Take 
it into the house somewhat near the entrance to the village, where you 
will find Talon asleep. Use the Pocket Cucco on him to wake him up. Now, 
go back to the lady and show her the Pocket Cucco. She will take it back 
and offer you Cojiro. Of course you want to take it! 

Now, with the Cojiro, go to the Lost Woods in the Kokiri Forest. As soon 
as you walk in, take a left and you will find the lady's brother. Show 
him Cojiro and he will give you the mushroom.

Now you have to hurry or the mushroom will spoil and you'll have to try 
again! Head to Kakariko Village. Make sure it's daytime and head to the 
potion shop near the entrance to Death Mountain. Leave through the door 
on the left and enter the next house. Give the mushroom to the old lady 
and she will give you the Odd Potion.

Now take the odd potion back to the spot where the Pocket Cucco lady's 
brother was. There will be a Kokiri girl in his place. Give her the odd 
potion and take the Poacher's Saw.

Now, leave to the Hyrule Field and summon Epona with Epona's Song. Ride 
her to Gerudo Valley. Once you're there, speed up and jump over the gap 
between the two broken parts of the bridge. On the other side, give the 
Saw to the man there and he will give you the broken Goron's Sword.

Take the broken Goron's Sword to the top of Death Mountain and show it 
to Biggoron, who is at the very top of Death Mountain near the entrance
to Death Mountain Crater/Great Fairy's Cave. He will give you the

Take the prescription to King Zora in Zora's domain (you must have 
unfroze him with blue fire, which you can get in a store or from the Ice 
Cavern) and show it to him. He will give you the Eyeball Frog.

Now, quickly leave Zora's River and ride Epona to the laboratory at Lake 
Hylia. Remember, DO NOT WARP, or it will spoil automatically. Show the 
old man the Eyeball Frog and after finding out that it's for eyedrops, 
not dinner, he'll give you the Eyedrops.

Quickly take the Eyedrops back to Biggoron on the top of Death 
Mountain(remember, don't warp!) Give them to him and he will give you 
the Claim Check.

Now play the Sun's Song several times and revisit him. If he says he's 
finished give him the Claim Check and he'll give you Biggoron's Sword!

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