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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Michael Alfera (m_alfera@hotmail.com) Presents:

v 1.3


1. Introduction
2. Questions
3. Other Tips
4. Version Info
5. Requests for this FAQ
6. Copyright


	In Zelda 64 there's a fishing pond in Lake Hylia. This is a FAQ 
designed to help you make the best of your fishing experience. If you 
have any more questions or tips PLEASE send them to me at my e-mail:


Q. Where is the fishing pond?
A. It's in Lake Hylia, on a platform on the east side. Enter the door, 
talk to the man, pay him the rupees, and start fishing.

Q. I don't understand the controls.
A. Press the Z button to target a fish. Then hit B to cast your line. If 
the fish is close and you think you'll cast too far, press the A button 
to brake the line. Once the line is in the water, tap the B button, or 
wiggle the control stick left and right, to attract the fish. When it 
bites, quickly pull back on the control stick and hold down A and R. 
(Pulling back on the stick sets the hook.) After about 5 seconds, stop 
pulling back, but keep the A and R buttons down to reel the fish in. Now 
you can change the camera spots with Z. I recommend the closest view. 
Once the fish is reeled in close, the camera shot will shift to behind 
Link. The fish will bounce around. Now gently push the control stick 
left _or_ right. The fish is now yours!

Q. Do I need a Rumble Pak to fish?
A. It's not required but I DEFINITELY recommend having one.

Q. Help! I'm an adult, and I can't get to the fishing pond!
A. You can't swim to the fishing pond until you've beaten the Water 
Temple. But, if you planted a bean in the soil next to the Lakeside 
Laboratory when you were a kid, you can ride the plant over to the pond 
before you complete the Water Temple. Or use the scarecrow's song.

Q. Where is the sinking lure?
A. Before I explain it, just remember that if you use the sinking lure 
you won't get a prize for your catch. Okay. When you're a kid, the 
sinking lure is found on the stick that's sticking out of the pond. Just 
walk over that stick until you find it. As an adult, the sinking lure is 
in between two of the three rocks at the tiny stream. Keep in mind that 
you can't see it.

Q. Oh! I caught one! It weighs... 4 pounds!
A. Throw it away. Only keep the fish that are bigger than the fish in 
the tank at the entrance.

Q. There's a huge fish that I'm targeting. How can I ensure that I get 
A. When you cast, brake the line so that it land just in front of the 
fish's face. BE CAREFUL!!! If another fish comes along and grabs your 
bait, the big fish will scurry away and never come back to this spot.

Q. Are there any outside factors that affect the fish's biting?
A. The time of day is a huge factor. Early in the morning when the sun 
comes up, and just after the sun goes down are the best time to fish. 
See tip (h) on how to make it rain in the pond, so the fish will bite 

Q. Where can I snag some big fish in the pond?
A. One good spot is around the three sticks near the small stream. Near 
the lily pads is another good spot, but if you have the sinking lure, it 
can be difficult. Why? See tip (b) below.

Q. What's the biggest fish?
A. I have no clue. I keep getting email about it. Fist it was 20, then 
23, then 26, and two reports of 48-pounders, and I'm pretty sure it 
keeps going on and on! See tip o for my theory.


a) If you have the sinking lure, cast your line out into the middle of a 
group of fish without targeting and let your line sink to the bottom. 
Now the biggest fish of that group will try to get the line.

b) If you have the sinking lure, you won't be able to feel or hear the 
fish bite. So watch carefully, and if a fish bites, set the hook and 
reel it in. For this reason, it's tough to fish with a sinking lure near 
the lily pads.

c) Try fishing while standing on the little stick in the middle of the 
pond. This is only a good idea with the sinking lure, though.

d) If you have them, put on your iron boots, and walk around at the 
bottom of the pond. If you see a big fish, try to target it, then back 
up, and cast for it.

e) Sometimes, the target will disappear if you get too close.

f) Stand as close to the water's edge as possible. It's easier to pull 
them in that way.

g) Somewhere in the pond there is a fish that weighs 34 pounds!!! It's 
called the Hylian Loach and the man won't keep it in his tank because 
it's so rare!

h) It will rain in the pond if you enter JUST BEFORE it gets dark, and 
then if you wait a while, it will get dark and start to rain. When it 
rains, fish will bite a LOT more.

i) Get your line from the guy just as you walk in and walk very slowly 
over to the lily pads and then onto the log. Then next to the log just 
ahead of you there will be the biggest fish in the pond! (See tip o for 
what I mean by "biggest fish".)

j) It's said you can hook your line onto the guy's hat and cast the hat 
into the pond. It's funny! - but you lose 50 rupees.

k) The fish you catch in the pond can't be kept in a bottle. To get a 
bottled fish, buy one, or bottle one that you find in the shallow waters 
around Hyrule!

l) The biggest fish is near the side of the log in the middle of the
pond. What I mean is, stand on the log, and face the three sticks, and 
cast out short. It WILL take more than one try to hook it, and it will 
always follow the same patterns as to where it moves after it gets off 
the line. After it's unhooked the first time, it will go to the middle 
of the pond and stay close to the arch in the log. The second time, it 
will swim to the poles sticking out of the water. Then it just repeats 
this pattern over and over. But be warned: It can take 15 minutes to 
reel this catch in!! It's a tough catch, but a very fulfilling one!

m) If you're reeling in a big fish, an your rumble pak is shaking like 
crazy, it means there's too much tension on the line, and you're about 
to lose the fish. If this does happen, try moving the control stick in 
the direction that the fish is to lessen the tension.

n) If you stand on the log and wait for a big fish to come, DON'T 
target. Just cast and wiggle your control stick, and the big fish will 
jump up and grab your lure, and he'll be caught!!

o) OK, I've finally figured out how the lunker works! Suppose you have a 
16-pounder in the tank. The biggest in the pond is an 18-pounder, and it 
will hang out either by the 3 sticks or around the logs. If it moves 
away from one of these locations, it'll go to the other! Once you catch 
a fish bigger than the one in the tank, have the man weigh it, then 
leave, and then go back in. Now there will be an even bigger one in the 

1.3 (01/17/99) - Modified tip g, i, j, and last question, added tip o. 	
	     This FAQ should be complete if I don't get much more 		     
1.2 (01/04/99) - Added tip l, m, n
1.1 (01/02/99) - Added tip g, h, i, j, k, scarecrow tip, and "biggest                  
		     fish" question
1.0 (12/31/98) - Initial Release.


1. I want to know your tactic for reeling the fish in once it's bitten 
your lure! Is there anyhing you do that decreases the chances of it 
getting away??

2. Anything involving fishing in Zelda!

3. OK people! You can stop e-mailing me about using the scarecrow's song 
to get to the fishing pond!! I know!! I added it already!! -

EMAIL ME AT m_alfera@hotmail.com - You will recieve credit on this FAQ 
if your submission is put in.


JohnnyZ - For the scarecrow trick to getting to the pond 
Bazoo - for tip g
Metroid23 - for tip h
Joey Chalom - for tip i
Mike Ridener - for tip l
gamer1@earthlink.net - for tip m
axlerod87@aol.com - for tip n


This FAQ is copyrighted 1998/1999 Michael Alfera - It may be freely 
distributed, but NOT sold. This FAQ is found on www.gamefaqs.com

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