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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

><)))'> ZELDA 64: THE ULTIMATE FISHING GUIDE v1.3 ><)))'>
                      by DaRk_OnE
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1/26/99:  I started the guide and finished the guide in about 2 
hours maybe.  I hope it doesn't hurt to get your hands sewn back 
on because mine are about to FREAKIN FALL OFF from so much 

1/29:  I made some minor updates and corrections.  I added a few 
things in the Loach section based on what some people have told 
me in their emails.  Also added Hall of Fame.  Please email me 
at DaRk_OnE_@hotmail.com because I LIKE comments and 
suggestions, even if they are negative so I know what to change.

2/3:  A few corrections, updates, 2 or 3 new sections,  more 
people in the Hall of Fame, look for my new faq at 
www.gamefaqs.com, it's a list of all the rumors of the triforce 
I have heard about.  Read it, it's good but not too many rumors 
yet so please e-mail them to me.

2/14: LISTEN UP!  I put the hylian loach in its own section now 
and it is at the bottom of the guide.  Please e-mail me at 
DaRk_OnE_@hotmail.com if you have caught the loach so you can go 
in my hall of fame.  Oh yeah, I also made some corrections and 
added more names to the hall of fame.  I added 2 more secrets to 
the secrets section.
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I. 	 The Pond 
II. 	 The Controls 
III. 	 Fishing
IV. 	 Tips
V. 	 Secrets
VI.     FAQ
VII.    Hylian Loach
VIII.   Hall of Fame and special thanks

NOTE: Many people have questions about the Hylian Loach.  My 
section on the Loach is right near the bottom.  It now has its 
own section (section VII) and it is no longer in the secrets 
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I. The Pond
     First, and most important, the fishing pond is in Lake Hylia 
in the east corner.  It's a little patch of land on your map.  If 
you don't know this already then you are a stupid ignorant person 
and it's no surprise that you need a guide to help you.
     The fishing pond is a small area where you pay for a fishing 
rod and you can fish, just like in real life.  I recommend that 
you get a Rumble Pak, because it not only makes it feel cool, but 
it can also help you in this.
     The cost for fishing is 20 rupees, and you can fish for as 
long as you want.  I can spend hours at a time here, because this 
is sooo fun.
     If you catch a big enough fish, you get a prize so don't 
forget to keep fishing in there until you know you have the 
biggest fish you can catch!
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II. 	The Controls
     Press A to talk to the man and B a couple of times to skip 
what he says, unless you want to learn the controls the HARD way.  
He is confusing sometimes so just read my control list.

1. While not fishing
     A talks, rolls, opens doors, all the normal stuff
     B casts the line unless you are running, then Link just 
     Control Stick moves Link.  what else?

2. While casting
     A + Control stick down makes the lure stop and fall right 
where it is

3. While fishing
     A reels the line in
     A + R reels the line in faster
     B makes Link tug at the line
     Z moves camera closer and farther from the lure
     Control stick makes link wiggle the lure to attract fish

4. You hooked a fish!  Now what?
     A reels the line in
     B doesn't seem to do much here but I dunno.
     Z moves camera closer and farther from the lure
     Control stick moves the line left and right (see part IV for 
tips on this)
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III. Fishing
     This is a walkthrough of fishing

1. Walk inside the fishing pond at a good time (see part IV for 
tips on when to fish) and talk to the man.  Pay him 20 rupees and 
press B to skip through his talking.  Walk over to the pond, find 
a good spot (see part IV for tips on how to find a good spot) and 
cast the line to the desired location.

2. Wait for a fish to come and bite the hook.  The fish bite more 
as kid Link or with the sinking lure as adult Link (see part V 
about the sinking lure, but not IV this time).  You may need to 
wiggle the line a little to get the fish interested in biting, 
especially as adult Link since the fish are more stubborn then.

3. When the fish bites, there is no real strategy that I know of 
as to what buttons to push, but i just press and hold A, R, and 
B.  Wiggle the control stick a little, hold it to one side, or 
for really big fish go see part IV on how to use the fish's 
direction to know what to do.

4. When you have pulled the fish up right next to Link, you may 
need to use the control stick to spin the fish in a circle 
because that brings it even closer to Link and, as always, the 
closer the better.

5. Yay, you caught a fish!  If Link says, "Wow this one is a real 
lunker," that means its a big fish and you should keep it, unless 
it weighs less than any previous catches.  Once you catch a good 
one, take it to the guy at the front and ask him to weigh your 
fish.  Kid Link will get a piece of heart for a lunker, and adult 
Link will get the golden scale, which lets him dive a whole 8 
meters!  after you get the golden scale you should go to the 
Lakeside Laboratory and get the piece of heart for diving to the 
bottom of the pool.
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IV. Tips
To get lunkers every time, follow these easy rules:

a. FISH AT THE RIGHT TIME: This is the hardest part.  You can 
play the Sun's Song and go in the door right when the day is 
about to change to night, or vice versa, because RIGHT BEFORE THE 
the right time, sometimes the fish will be really excited or 
something and they jump around.  It's weird, but that makes it 
easy to fish.

b. GET THE SINKING LURE: See part V on secrets to find out where 
this is, since it's one of the game's many secrets.

c. STAND IN THE RIGHT SPOT: The place closest to the middle where 
you can stand to fish is kinda between the rocks near the stream 
in the back of the pond.  The place closest to the lunker's spot 
(Note: the lunker always starts in the same spot, right next to 
the spike from the tree coming out of the water) is on the log 
right next to it!  Quietly walk from the fisherman slowly into 
the water and stand on the log.  DON'T SCARE ANY FISH AWAY!  Get 
on the end of the log right next to that big fish just sitting 
there and cast toward it and quickly press A + control stick down 
so the lure lands right next to it.  From there you can get the 
lunker in record time.

d. FISH IN THE RIGHT SPOT:  The best places to get the biggest 
fish are by the 3 poles sticking out of the water and by the log 
sticking out of the water.  I think there's another one but I 
forget it, maybe I will think of it in a later version.  If you 
scare the big fish, it will move to another one of these 

e. DON'T WASTE TIME: If you are trying to get 1 fish in that big 
school of fish that hangs around in the middle, use the sinking 
lure (see part V) and let it sink to the bottom, then a fish will 
come up to snag it.  If you don't have the sinking lure go to the 
letter e to find some useful ways to lure a fish into biting.  If 
you snag a small fish just don't press anything and let it go to 
save time.  If that happens, the other fish will swim away and 
you throw your controller getting mad at it and start cursing and 
stuff just because of that stupid small wimpy fish scaring the 
others away.  If that happens it might be a good idea to leave 
and come back in to reset everything and, hey, it's only 20 

f. LURING FISH THE HARD WAY: The hard way is without the sinking 
lure.  If you are stuck without one, here is an almost foolproof 
way to get a big fish.  WIGGLE THE CONTROL STICK UNTIL HE BITES!  
Doing this makes him think that the lure is a small scared fish 
and he will try to bite it.  Also by doing this you are luring 
the fish out of deep water and closer to Link, so he will take 
shorter to reel in (see letter f for tips on reeling in).

g. REELING IN: Here is the part where luck comes in.  Hold A, R, 
and B like I do and wiggle the control stick.  If it's a big 
fish, you should use the following tactic: when the fish turns 
left, HOLD THE CONTROL STICK LEFT and that will suprise him and 
make him reel in easier.  Also, when the fish turns RIGHT, HOLD 
THE CONTROL STICK RIGHT and it will do the same thing to him.  
Once he gets so close that you can see Link, reel him in normally 
but hold the control stick in 1 direction of your choosing.  If 
he seems to be slipping at this point, shake him back and forth a 
little to loosen him up.

h. PICK YOUR CATCH: Put on the iron boots and the Zora Tunic and 
go into the water to find a big, meaty fish!  Z-target it and 
then get out, cast, and drop the line right in fron of it's face!  
This can be a good way to find the Hylian Loach, talked about in 
the secrets section, if you can find it.
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V. Secrets
There are a few fishing secrets, so listen up:

a. THE SINKING LURE: As adult Link, when you have caught a fish 
15 pounds and up, there will be a sinking lure somewhere in the 
pond when you enter.  The lure appears in random spots somewhere 
in or around the pond.  The place where I have found it to be 
most commonly is IN THE GRASS ALONG THE WALL.  Walk along the 
wall and you may find it in the grass there or hidden somewhere 
by the place where the stream comes in among the rocks.  Also, if 
you can't find it there, look on the log sticking out of the 
water.  Sometimes it is by the three rocks near the bottom of the 
stream.  This lure sinks and is possibly a good way to catch the 
mysterious Hylian Loach which is talked about later, in section 
d.  WARNING: the fisherman will NOT let you claim any prizes if 
you use the sinking lure because it's AGAINST THE RULES.  If you 
talk to the fisherman and say, "Let's talk about something," he 
will make the sinking lure legal to use.  Note:  Kenny Lazzer 
(wolfpactwosweet@hotmail.com) e-mailed me and said that he got 
the sinking lure WITHOUT catching a 15 pound or bigger fish.  
Don't believe everything you read.

b. WEATHER: The BEST time to fish is when it is raining.  I have 
seen it rain in the fishing pond once and let me tell you, it 
does no good to play the song of storms right before you go in 
the pond.  There is no real way to make it rain, you just have to 
be lucky.  I have seen the fish actually jumping out of the water 
early in the morning though.  The four different kinds of weather 
1) Day  2) Night  3) Rain  4)Cloudy

c. THE FISHERMAN'S HAT: With either lure you can snag the 
fisherman's hat as adult Link and he gets mad at you and tells 
you to return it.  But of course, being the rebellious young teen 
that link is, you can cast his hat out into the water.  It is 
fun, but he charges you 50 rupees for it!  It is very hard to aim 
right, but keep trying.  I think it's worth the trouble trying to 
get the right aiming because it's very funny.

d. BREAKING THE RULES!: You already know that you can break the 
rules by using the sinking lure, but here is the ULTIMATE way to 
break the rules!  You know how the fisherman gets pissed off if 
you try to take the rod out of the pond?  Well NOW YOU CAN!  This 
is EXCLUSIVE STUFF here!  Put on the hover boots after you get a 
rod and run onto the water.  Quickly cast the line and hold Z and 
press back and A to do a back flip.  This may take some practice.  
Once that happens, Link can still walk around (but the camera 
view is weird) and even go out the door and the fisherman won't 
even care!  It's hard to find the door with the weird camera view 
you get but it's a pretty neat trick.  Once you are outside, Link 
looks like he's holding an invisible fishing rod!  If you do 
this, DO NOT CAST when you are out of the pond or else the game 
will CRASH and you will have to RESET!  You can get your sword 
back by pausing and selecting the Master or Biggoron's sword at 
the weapon select screen.

e. BIGGEST FISH:  The biggest fish I have ever caught was 20 
pounds, and Link said, "Oh my gosh!  This one is huge!  It is too 
big to fit on the screen so I can't get an accurate weight, but 
it's about 20 pounds," or something like that.  I said the 
biggest FISH is 20 pounds, because the loach is not really a 
fish, and it weighs more than normal fish.  However, somebody has 
recently e-mailed me and said that he has caught a 21 pound fish.

f. BUT, I WANT IT AGAIN!:  Just so you know, Dexter Smith 
(MRED1001@aol.com) e-mailed me and told me that it is possible to 
throw your lure into that fishing tank where the biggest fish is.  
You can't catch it again, but it's just fun to do.  Try it some 
day if you are bored.

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Not finished yet, sorry.  Will be in a later version.  Well, 
maybe not because I seem to be getting very few questions e-
mailed to me, and mostly just stuff like "I caught the loach!"
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VII.  The Hylian Loach

  The Hylian Loach is an eel-like thing that likes to hang around 
sometimes in the fishing pond.  It does not appear very often and 
there is no known fool-proof way to make him come out.  It is 
dark colored and thin like an eel with small flippers.  If you 
are lucky enough to see him, you can put on the iron boots and 
Zora's tunic and take a good look at him.  Few people have caught 
him, and if you want to see who has caught him you can take a 
look at section VIII (my Hall of Fame) right at the bottom of the 
guide.  As far as I know, the appearance of the loach is 
completely random, and you have to be lucky to see it.  I have 
not caught the loach yet, but I have seen it many times and I 
think that the best times to go inside the fishing pond door to 
find it is just before the wolf howls or the rooster crows.  My 
friend just caught the loach 2 days ago (grr) and now I am 
determined to catch it myself.  

  The loach usually weighs around 35 pounds as adult Link and 
around 16 pounds as kid Link.  If you catch it, the fisherman guy 
gives you a purple rupee (worth 50 rupees, oh wow).  Generally, 
it is probably a little bit easier to catch it using the sinking 
lure (section V-a), but that doesn't mean it is impossible to 
catch the loach with just the normal lure.  I am not sure if 
there is any special time of day that makes more likely to come 
out.   Despite it's size, many people have told me that the loach 
is not very hard to reel in.  If you catch it, the fisherman will 
not keep it in the tank because the loach is an endangered 

IMPORTANT INFO:  Every few minutes, the loach will come up for 
air.  When it reaches the top of the water, it makes some sort of 
"thap" sound.  This is the ONLY time that you will be able to z-
target the loach.  More importantly, this is also the ONLY time 
that the loach will actually try to bite the lure, even if it is 
the sinking lure.  He only does this for a few seconds though, so 
don't waste time by trying to z-target him.

Here is exactly what is said when you catch the loach:
Link:           Gosh, that's a strange fish you have there!  On 
top of that is weighs xx pounds!
  Fisherman:  Well well. Wow!  What a rare fish!  This is the 
Hyrule Loach!  For this fish, size
                     doesn't matter, I'll give you this prize 
(purple rupee)!  Recently, the number of these
                     fish has decreased tremendously, so I'm going 
to release this one.

  Below is a list of all the loach-catching strategies that I 
know of:
 1. Whenever I have seen the loach, it has always seemed to 
happen the same way.  I go in the
      fishing pond just before the rooster crows or the wolf 
howls, then I go straight up to the    
      fisherman and buy a rod.  Then I run into the pond, put on 
my iron boots, and look for the
      loach.  I never see the loach at this point, but usually I 
find the sinking lure and go straight
      back in the pond and he's there.  Sometimes I have to do 
this more than once, but every
      time I see him it happens that way.  I doubt it means 
anything, I just thought I would point   
      it out.
 2. My friend caught the loach this way, and several others have 
told me the same thing in their 
     e-mails.  To catch the loach easily, drop the sinking lure 
right in front of its face and wait
      until it goes up for air.  Remember what I said earlier in 
this section, it won't go after the
      lure unless it is going up for air.  When the lure is in 
front of it, it goes up for air but sees
      the lure, and goes after it.  With the sinking lure you 
have to be careful though, because
      when you are fishing with the sinking lure there is no way 
to tell when the fish has grabbed
      onto your line until you start reeling it in.  For that 
reason, you should use your rumble pak
      (if you have one) so it is easier to tell if you snagged a 
       3. Some people have e-mailed me with ways to catch the 
loach, and this one comes up every 
           once in a while.  Stand where you can easily see the 
loach and watch it until it goes up for 
           air.  Watch carefully which way it swims and QUICKLY 
cast to the exact spot where he will 
           surface for air.  Do this quickly or else he will swim 
back down to the bottom.  Brake the
           line in the air with the A button if you have to.  
Wiggle the line and maybe he will bite it (if
           you are lucky).

   This concludes the loach section for now.  Please e-mail me if 
you have anything to add or if I have something wrong here.
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VIII. Hall of Fame (people who have told me they caught the 
hylian loach)
     Alex Wolf   acumike@enter.net
     Kay Pollock  kpollock@columbus.rr.com (almost)
     Jacob Vernon  beat_it_stupid_7777@yahoo.com
     Koch Family  sfkoch@vbe.com
     tini ster  tinister@hotmail.com
     Ron Grooms  lucky_strike2@hotmail.com
     Patrick Thomas  scu769@hotmail.com
     Chris Dickson  chrisdickson@usa.net
     Nicholas Parker  nick.b.p@usa.net
     Dimitri Apostol  hw077543@nassaulibrary.org
     Randy Milligan  randy_milligan@hotmail.com
     Chris Neitz  (no e-mail address)
     Paces  pace@xpressweb.com
     Mike Crochet  mcrochet@hotmail.com
     James Appel  jke6@frontiernet.com
     Phillip Jevon Pack  wrath64@hotmail.com
     Charles Passmore  charlesiscool@hotmail.com
     Henrik Lofstedt  henrik_cool@hotmail.com
     Patrick Allen  antxeon@hotmail.com
     Ryan Lennox  BLAZE92717@aol.com
     Robin  randyl@softcom.net

Thanks to:
     Matt Hayes  toby@wwa.com
     Johnny  fuzzbuckett@rocketmail.com
     Ron Grooms lucky_strike2@hotmail.com
     Dimitri Apostol  hw077543@nassaulibrary.org
     Dexter Smith  MRED1001@aol.com
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By: DaRk_OnE
E-mail: DaRk_OnE_@hotmail.com
Please E-mail me with any and all questions about fishing in 
Zelda 64
Check back often for more updates and please email me if I am 
missing something!
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