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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Subject: Forest Level Walthrough/FAQ
From: "Michael B. Venezia" 
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 16:30:31 -0500
Newsgroups: alt.games.video.nintendo-64.faqs, alt.games.video.nintendo-64

There have been a lot of questions about this level so I decided to make
a walkthrough.  If this has been helpfull, please let me know.  Please
do not copy this and claim it as your own work either.


Forest Temple FAQ/Walkthrough.

This is a mini-faq of Zelda64.  Explains one stage only.

	This FAQ assumes you are at the forest temple presently.  You have
already obtained the hookshot (from Dampe's Ghost)  You need the
hookshot for various reasons (including just getting TO the temple)

	As you enter the stage you will be in a courtyard before the actual
temple.  Destroy the two dogs and proceed to climb up the right wall. 
There will be a skulltula waiting for you. Destroy it and collect your
receipt.  Proceed up the tree and walk on the tree.  Cross to the next
tree and get the key enclosed in the treasure box.  After this, go
through the door and into the temple.

	To easily kill the big spider monsters, simply use your hookshot.  One
shot does a lot and because of this, they make a great way to refill on
your hearts and other items (simply re-enter door)

	After watching the cinematic sequence, go straight (North) all theway
until you're in a room will two stalfos.  Kill the stalfos.  This is
done easily by targeting them (Z-button) and beating them up with either
brute force or some type of skill.  They're not particularly hard and
your reward is another key.

	Grab the key and go back to the main room (the torch room)  Proceed to
go NorthWest.  This should be easy to make out as there is a big block
in your way.  Play the Tune of Time and the block will go away.  Go
through the door, collect your skulltula that is in the room (I forget
where) and proceed up the vines and go around the walls.  Eventually
you'll get to a door (on an upper level) go into it and destroy the
bubble.  Collect your map and proceed East.  Swing around (you'll see
hook shot posts for your convenience) and hit the switch that will lower
the water.  Go into the well and walk on the lower level.  You'll get a
key and be returned to the original room.  Now walk out and go back to
the main level.

	You should have three keys now and You'll need each one.  Go through
the West door now and kill the spider.  Continue West and you'll meet a
puzzle room.

	The puzzle room is easy once you realize its just a 3-D version of an
easy boxer game. First kill the flying skull (I used a deku nut to get
it to stop flying and then proceeded to use my sword)  Climb up the
stairs until you have reached some arrows on the floor.  They will help
you direct the block in the right direction.  Its rather hard to explain
and even harder for you to visualize the walk through for those two
puzzles but have no fear, they aren't very difficult.  After you have
put the piece in place (the little lower part of the floor is an outline
of where to put it) use it to climb up the ledge and start the next
one.  After you complete the second puzzle you walk out through the

	Run through the next room and when you come to the twisted room, simply
jump to the middle block and then to the right block.  Do it quickly or
else you'll be kicked out of the temple by the hand.

	Run through the next room by going down the stairs.  Don't worry,
you'll return to this room afterwards.

	In the next room (Near middle of the 2nd floor) you'll be greeted by 3
stalfos.  Simply kill them.  You're prize will be the fairy bow.

	Return to the room you were just in and shoot the ghosts appearing in
the paintings. Don't get to much in plain sight or else they will
disappear.  After you shoot all three (with your bow) the ghost will
appear.  Simply kill the ghost with your sword.  You're reward will be a
key. (oh boy)  Return back to the room with the stalfos and continue

	You'll have to kill Poe #2 the same way you killed Poe #1.  Your reward
will be the compass.  Now the tricky part starts.

	Go back to the big puzzle room (SW 2nd floor) and you'll notice an eye
above the door you came from.  Shoot the eye.  The next two rooms will
become untwisted.  Go fetch the master key in the 2nd room ahead.  Then
fall down the hole.  After going outside to the courtyard, I believe
this is when you kill the skulltula, go to the first door on your
right.  Inside will be a key (the last key I might add)  After that, go
outside and go into the last door (only other door left).  You'll be
back in the big puzzle room.

	Go back through the puzzle room and re-shoot the eye.  This will
re-twist the room and allow you to go back to where Poe #2 was. After
going through the door that Poe #2 was near, you'll be in yet another
twisted room.  Simply jump to the middle and again to the right. You'll
be down another twisted corridor.  After you travel through there you'll
be in a room with a flame burning in the middle.  Jump onto the rotating
platform and get ready for another challenge.

	Simply (or not so simply) fire a arrow through the flame exactly when
the switch and the flame are aligned.  A properly aimed shot will have
the arrow go through the fire (thus catching fire) and hit the iced
switch (thus melting it)  This will untwist the last two rooms.  Leave
the room and go back to the first twisted room (Right after Poe #2, in
the NE corner)

	Fall down and fall down again through the opening to reach the first
level.  You now have a choice:  either go for the skulltula now (through
the door on the right) or go for Poe #3 now.  Either way you'll probably
(if I remember right) have to go back to the room for the other.  If you
pick the Poe (The skulltula is easy to get to, the treasure box is not
worth the effort) you'll have to go through the amazing falling roof. 
The order of safe travel (not meeting many enemies is this)

	First pick the white square that is near the left.  After the ceiling
falls, you want to go diagonally to the right and up and hit the switch
on the black tile.  After the ceiling falls (again) simply run like mad
forward (you'll trigger one enemy I believe) but once the ceiling falls
again, you can leave the room.

	Poe #3 offers a more difficult challenge.  You have to arrange the
puzzle in order (one of the 5 blocks don't matter)  If you don't make it
in time, the Poe causes the blocks to roll and you'll have to do it all
over again (the puzzle fitting)  After you solve the puzzle, the Poe
will fight.  Nothing new on the strategy.

	The fourth Poe will come out after you kill the 3rd Poe in the main
room.  The trick to the 4th Poe (if you have enough arrows) is to simply
spin around in one place while the Poes (3 fake, one real) spin around
you.  Simply fire arrows at them.  If you get him he'll fall back and do
the process again. If you hit a fake one, it just disappears and the and
the other simply spin around you faster.  Eventually (after I think 4
shots) the Poe will Die and the elevator is yours.  I believe there is a
skulltula in the main room as well.

	Take the elevator down (after you have recouped your losses) and you'll
notice you're in a circular room with gated entrances.  You'll also
notice a protruding object to the right of you.  Simply have link push
on the object counter-clockwise.  This will open up some room(s) that
have switch(es).  Hit the switch(es) and again move the object again. 
You have to repeat this several times (to hit all switches and to kill
the skulltula)  Eventually you'll be back to square one with the boss's
gate open.  Go through the gate and up the stairs.  Walk into the
middle, look in awe, then try to leave.

	Gannon's Phantom is rather easy if you do a couple of things.  If you
go near a corner (not exactly in a corner, nor in the middle of an edge)
of the perimeter, you'll be safe from lightning during the first round. 
Simply fire arrows at him as he jumps out of the room. After four or so
hits (four always seems to be the magic number) Gannon will come off his
steed and attack you.  If you remember Zelda 3 and the first Agniham
battle, you'll know how to deal with Gannon: place baseball with the
lightning balls he throws you.  If you hit him, he'll fall down and you
must slash him with his sword.

	Gannon changes things up a bit as the battle goes along.  Sometimes
he'll hit lightning back after you hit it back, only faster.  My advice
is to run away if you can from those, I could never quite keep up to
him.  He'll also do a dive towards you a la M. Bison.  Avoid that as its
rather deadly.  Fairies will be of most help if you have them.  After
many blunt hits to his body, he'll go away and say that while you have
some skill you still stink.  You prize is a heart container and.
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