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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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                             Fun With Zelda                           
The definitive guide for all things in "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of 
Time" that are useless but nevertheless enjoyable.

A. Introduction
B. Updates
C. Stuff To Do
 1.  Floating Signs
 2.  Attacking Cuccos
 3.  Lon Lon Jump
 4.  Broken Pot
 5.  Drawbridge Fun
 6.  Mask Cinema
 7.  Fisherman's Hat
 8.  Virtual Aquarium
 9.  Sinking Lure
 10. Hylian Loach
 11. Ocarina Notes
 12. Butterflies
 13. Break Your Back
 14. Gossip Stones
 15. Raising Link
 16. Sky Textures
 17. Broken Platform
 18. Make Epona Neigh
 19. Giant Stalchild
 20. Materializing Sign
 21. Energetic Cows 
 22. Spiders of the Curse
 23. Fun With Cuccos
 24. Transport Songs
 25. More Fun With Songs
 26. Throw things in the Lake
 27. Giant Guays
 28. Giant Leevers
 29. Legal Sinking Lure
 30. Distorted Noise
 31. Top of Bazaar
 32. Clip a Sign
 33. Mad Mask Man
 34. Color Changing Gerudo
 35. Poe Eating 
 36. No More Bats
 37. No More Stalchilds
 38. Giant Rupee
 39. Early Heart Piece
 40. Suicide Runner
 41. Ganon's Castle Shop
 42. Sword Combos *
D. Did You Notice?
 1.  Swaying Reeds
 2.  Fidgeting Link
 3.  The End
 4.  Mario and Crew
 5.  Sages are Towns
 6.  Bowser Necklace
 7.  The Whistle
 8.  Pikachu
 9.  Shadows
 10. Shark in the Lab
 11. Link's Picture
 12. Kokiri Echo
 13. Fishing in the Rain
 14. Buggy Pedestal
 15. Additional Rule
 16. Yanking Link's Arm *
 17. Lost Woods Bugs *
 18. Mask Reactions *
 19. Safe From Stalchilds *
 20. Blood Differences *
 21. Tired Cuccos *
E. Bugs and Glitches
 1.  Invincible Deku Stick
 2.  Deku Sprout
 3.  Leaping Link
 4.  Lazer Pointer
 5.  Robin Hood
 6.  Game Box
 7.  Fishing Pole
 8.  Invisible Wall
 9.  Leaping Link 2
 10. Multiple Bottles
 11. Kakariko Text Glitch
 12. Dissapearing Fire
 13. Epona Glitch
 14. Epona's Song Glitch
 15. Stuck Navi
 16. Behind the Castle Walls
 17. Balancing Epona
 18. Frozen Cast
 19. Stuck Behind
 20. Infinite Fairy Power
 21. Ice in the Desert
 22. Windmill Wall
 23. Disapearing Well Arch
 24. Unsupported Signs
 25. Gerudo Kitchen Mystery
 26. Where's Epona? 
 27. Glitch Lab
 28. Temple of Time Constraints
 29. Mount Kakariko
 30. Blue Haze
 31. Ocarina Switch
 32. Secret Jaba Entrance
 33. Style Points
 34. Buried Alive
 35. Frozen Game
 36. Floating Tektite
 37. Double Shielded
 38. Clear Chest
 39. Infinite Skulltullas
 40. Polygon Pinchers
 41. Replay Cinema
 42. Unstable Steps
 43. Two Owls?
 44. Green Mist
 45. Wierd Windmill
 46. Standing on Nothing
 47. Triforce?
 48. Unrepairable Sign
 49. Rainbow Bridge
 50. Semi Permanent Hover
 51. Wierd Backflip
 52. Blue Sky Storm
 53. Frozen Game II
 54. Green Fog *
 55. Gravity Changes *
 56. Through the Stairs *
 57. See Invisible Walls *
 58. Roll off the Mountain *
 59. Dissapearing Statues *
 60. Thunder and Lightning *
 61. Double Bomb Glitch *
 62. See Through Medallion *
 63. Levitate Through Bridge *
 64. Ruto On Chest *
 65. Deku Stick Swap *
 66. Rain With No Storm *
 67. Swim With Shield *
 68. Shield Levitation *
F. Epona Glitch Tricks
 1.  Deku Nuts/Ocarina
 2.  Flying Link
 3.  Ocarina + Longshot
 4.  Bombs/Bombchu
 5.  Camera Glitch
 6.  Invisible Mount
 7.  Riding in the Air
 8.  Link's Leap
 9.  Missing Polygons
 10. First Person Mode
 11. Purple Haze
 12. Sky Swimming
 13. No More Ground
 14. Hasty Epona
 15. Epona Cam
 16. Two Thousand Points
 17. Epona Glitch Alternate
 18. Perfect Time
 19. Blue Haze
G. Seam Walking
 1. What is it?
 2. Hyrule Castle
    A. Water Castle *
    B. Behind Grate *
    C. Underwater Rain *
    D. Sound Distortion *
    E. On the Path *
    F. Sun Below the Earth *
 3. Death Mountain I
    A. Climb the Top *
    B. Down the Side *
    C. Up to the Knees *
    D. Flash Arrows *
    E. Polygon Beware *
 4. Ganon's Castle I
 5. Ganon's Castle II
 6. Death Mountain II *
 7. Archery Range *
 8. Know-it-all-Brothers *
H. Navi Glitch
 1. How It's Done
 2. No Inscription
 3. See Through Walls
 4. Flashbulb
 5. Great Screenshots
I. Unsolved Mysteries
 1.  Running Man
 2.  Gerudo Fortress
 3.  Hole in Zora's Domain
 4.  Peak in Desert
 5.  Windmill Corridor
 6.  Useless Rocks
 7.  Lon Lon Ranch Tower
 8.  Darunia Passageway
 9.  Gate Clock
 10. Blue Rupee
 11. Mysterious Tattoo
J. Songs
 1.  Kakariko Village Theme
 2.  Oh When The Saints Go Marching In
 3.  Thundercats Theme
 4.  X-Files Theme
 5.  Pink Panther Theme
 6.  1812 Overture
 7.  Fur Elise
 8.  William Tell Overture
 9.  M*A*S*H Theme
 10. Simpsons Theme
 11. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
 12. Jurassic Park Theme
 13. Titanic Theme
 14. Men In Black Theme
 15. Frosty the Snowman
 16. In My Room (Beach Boys)
 17. Good Riddance (Green Day)
 18. Closing Time (Semisonic)
 19. Overworld Theme
 20. Star Wars Theme
 21. Imperial March from "The Empire Strikes Back"
 22. Beverly Hills Theme
 23. Star Trek Theme
 24. Mary Had A Little Lamb
 25. One Week (Barenaked Ladies)
 26. Mission Impossible Theme
 27. Jingle Bells
L. On the Net
M. Credits   

* - New addition to the guide since the last update.

A. Introduction

This guide is meant to list all the cool things that you can do with 
The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These things have nothing to do 
with the outcome of the game, and are just some neat things that can 
be done, with no rewards. This is by no means a walkthrough of any 
kind. Some of these things require certain items, I will not tell you 
how to get these items, you can figure that out for yourself. If you 
have any other things to contribute to this guide, or any comments 
about it, please e-mail me at mr7@rocketmail.com. Feel free to post 
this guide on your Zelda site, all I ask is for you to give me credit 
for my work somewhere on the site. Thank You. Have fun that's what 
this guide is all about.

B. Updates

11/20/99 - It's been 4 months since my last update. I better have a 
pretty large update in store then huh? Well I do, 36 new additions in 
fact. My second largest yet. My e-mail address also changed, it's now
ryansalsman@excite.com. You can e-mail me there now, I will only be
maintaining my old one for so long. In this update there is a lot of
new glitches. Also there are a bunch of Seam Walk glitches added, be 
sure to check those out. E-mail me with anything new you've found.

07/15/99 - Wow! 37 new additions along with 2 new sections! The largest
update that this guide has seen in a long time. The tricks keep 
flowing into my inbox too. The two new sections are "Seem Walking" 
and "Navi Glitch." Seem Walking is the greatest series of tricks that 
can be performed since the Epona Glitch, and Navi's Glitch has only a 
few derrivitaves, but warranted a new section for it. Try Seem Walking,
and send me some seem's in the game that I have missed. Be sure to 
check that section out. There have been a bunch of tricks added to most 
sections also. Including a huge batch of Glitches, Epona Glitches, and 
Things to Do. This guide now has 170 tricks and things to do. That is a 
lot. Keep the tricks coming, especially more seems.

05/19/99 - 15 Things have been added in this addition. It is just sort
of a wrap up of a bunch of little things I had in my mailbox. Most of 
them are just small little things, but a few are pretty interesting and
worthy of checking out. I am still looking for new glitches, especially
large ones, as those lead to sweet tricks. Keep hunting!

03/09/99 - A rather full update. Complete with some assorted glitches
and other findings. Probably the most interesting of the bunch are the
two Epona Glitches which have to be seen to be believed. Check those 
out. The current count for all the tricks is at an astounding number. 
49 if you want a figure and that doesn't include Unsolved Mysteries and
Songs, which are large in number also. I still have more glitches to 
test so stay tuned.

02/23/99 - My updates lately have been very gltich orriented. I think
this is what I will be getting in from now on. I added 6 glitches in 
this update, including a cool Temple of Time one that is quite 
interesting. I also added 2 Things To Do, some people to the 
Credits, and some FAQ questions.

02/14/99 - Another fair sized update. I added 6 glitches, 2 Epona 
glitches, revised some tricks, and added a new FAQ section. Now I won't 
have to answer stupid questions. Nothing really groundbreaking or cool, 
just check the glitches there are some good ones.

02/04/99 - Pretty interesting update. I added a completely new section 
devoted entirely to the Epona Glitch. This is the coolest glitch in 
the game so far, almost as cool as the Death Mountain Descent. Maybe 
we can open up some hidden things in conjunction with the Epona Glitch.
I also added 4 Unsolved Mysteries, and 3 Glitches. The file is now too 
big to be opened in Notepad so you will need Wordpad to view this file 
from now on. I also added a few people to the Credits section.

01/20/99 - Again not a huge update, but I did add a really cool glitch. 
It's the Epona glitch and you can do a bunch of stuff with it. I added 
3 glitches, 2 DYN's, and thats about it. Oh yah I made some ASCII art 
for the guide too. It looks respectable. The Character Guide, and Enemy 
Guide, are really coming along nicely. See info on that soon.

01/23/99 - Very small update to the guide. I added 1 song, 1, DYN, and 
1 major glitch. This bug is probably the most interesting in the game. 
I also added people to the Credits list, and cleaned up the guide 

01/20/99 - Big news! 23 new songs in this version. That's right 23! 
Also 4 tricks, 2 Did You Notices, and 4 Bugs/Glitches. I decided that 
my monster guide is going to be seperate from this guide, and I am also 
going to create a Character Guide. Look for these soon. I added a new 
section to the FAQ "On the Net" it's just going to list possible 
locations of the latest version of this and my other FAQs. Feel free to 
post this on your site, with all due credit to me though.

01/16/99 - Another rather large update. Along with 7 new things to do, 
two glitches, and one song, I also added a new section! It's title 
"Unsolved Mysteries" and it contains things in the game that still 
baffle me and many other people. Check it out and fill me in with any 
information. I have to redo the Hylian Loach tip because no one can 
seem to get it. Also I added some better info on how to get an even 
bigger Stalchild that is three times the size of the regular one. I am 
also in the process of writing up a Monster guide that I may put into 
this guide. Have fun with the new version!  

01/11/99 - Big Update I added 5 or 6 new things, but as an extra bonus 
I totally revamped the guide. It now has an index and seperate 
sections. I also added a songs section for custom songs that can be 
played. So far I have two their. I am always looking for any kind of 
information that would be remotely relevant to this guide. Feel free 
to e-mail me with anything.

01/10/99 - I added about 10 new things to the list. Some of these have 
never been seen before on any other guide, and I have a lot more stuff 
to come. In a future version I hope to change the layout of the guide, 
as it will grow in the future.

C. Stuff To Do

1. Hit a sign with your sword when you are near some water. If you 
knock a part of it off at the right angle and it lands in the water 
then you can see it float around.

2. If you hit a cucco continually for about 5 to 6 times then it will 
call for its friends to come and attack you. 

3. As an adult, ride into Lon Lon Ranch while riding Epona. Their are 
three separate concrete walls one on the left, one on the right, and 
one at the south end. If you get a running start you can leap over each 
of the walls. You get to see a cool cut scene for each one.

4. While your looking at the pictures in the castle courtyard, if you 
look through another window you will see a potted plant. Shoot the 
plant with your slingshot, and a man with throw a bomb out the window, 
and yell at you.

5. As a child you can ride the drawbridge into the town. you can also 
climb up the chains. Just wait on the drawbridge until sundown and it 
will raise with Link still on it.

6. If you put on any of the Link's masks as a child and then go to pull 
the Master Sword from the Temple of Time, you will see the cutscene of 
Link pulling it, but this time he will be wearing the mask. You can 
repeat this with any of the masks.

7. At the fishing pond, you can actually snag the fisherman's hat. It 
may take awhile to get the aiming right, but you can get it.

8. While at the Fishing Pond, equip the Iron Boots, and the Blue Tunic. 
Slowly walk to the center of the pond, and then just stand their. 
Eventually the fish will start swimming around like normal. It's almost 
like a virtual aquarium.

9. Also at the fishing pond, their is a secret lure that you can get to 
make the fish bite every time. Once you enter the pond go to the rocks 
that are underwater by the stream that flows into the pond. If it's not 
there then go to the crack in the wall, if that doesn't work walk all 
the way around the whole pond in the long weeds on the edge of the 
pond. If it's still not there check the log in the middle of the lake.

10. Want to catch the Hylian Loach? If you have the sinking lure cast 
it to the right side of the pond. If it doesn't show up go to the 
bottom of the lake with the Iron Boots, and Blue Tunic, and look for 
it. It looks like an eel, and weighs about 36 pounds. *Don't E-Mail 
about this I am still testing it*

11. While playing the Ocarina you can use the analog control stick to 
control the pitch of the Ocarina notes. you can also use the Z, and R 
buttons to change the intensity of the notes.

12. If you tap a butterfly with a Deku Stick it will turn into a fairy.

13. While picking up a stone, or pot, press the R button to pull out 
your shield and the object will break on your back.

14. You can have a lot of fun with Gossip Stones. If you plant a bomb 
by it, it will blast off into space. If you hit it with the Megaton 
Hammer, it will flatten and then pop up. Use Din's Fire on it and it 
will get tall. Play Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's Song, or Saria's Song, and 
it will give you fairies. Hit with your sword and it will tell you the 
time. Wear the Mask of Truth and talk to them and they will tell you 
some gossip. Hit it with a boomerang and it will giggle.

15. In some rooms where chests fabricate out of mid air from the result 
of you killing enemies, if you happen to be standing exactly where the 
chest fabricates, then you will be slowly raised into the air with the 

16. Immediately after you leave the castle, as either a child or an 
adult, turn around so that you are facing the castle. Use the 1st 
person view, and if you look hard enough you can see a very visible 
seam in the sky texture. If you follow the seams you might be able to 
find 3 or 4 more seams.

17. If you take Epona next to the Laboratory, and climb onto the Ivy 
Platform very slowly, it will crush under the weight of Epona.

18. Aim an arrow, and then shoot it at any area of Epona and she will 

19. You know those Stalchilds?? They are the zombies that wander Hyrule 
Field at night, when Link is a Child. The Stalchilds come in waves of 
two zombies at a time. Keep killing them, after about 4 or 5 waves of 
zombies a giant Stalchild will appear. He is about twice the size of a 
regular Stalchild, and he looks cool. If you keep killing waves of of 
two very quickly then you will get to see an even bigger Stalchild, 
this one is atleast three times the size of the original. 

20. Play Zelda's Lullaby in front of a cut up sign and it will 
magically materialise in front of you.

21. If you play Epona's Song in front of a cow and you have an empty on 
you then the cow will fill it up Lon Lon Milk. You can do this at any 

22. If you can manage to attack the giant Spider of the Curse, in the 
building in Kakariko Village, and stun him, then it will start 
attacking you if you get near. His dialogue stays the same though.

23. As a kid through all the chickens down into the well, and then use 
Din's Fire. All the chickens will get madd and it will be near 
impossible to escape from the well.

24. If you play the songs that transport you to different places but 
don't press anything once the dialogue box pops up, you will be able to 
listen to the songs a little bit longer. Some of them sound really 

25. If you play the songs on the Ocarina that have some kind of magical 
effect, like the Sun's Song and the transport songs, while you are in a 
fixed camera view (outside Temple of Time, in the market) then you will 
be able to see the special effects of the songs as they were meant to
be seen.

26. Go to Lake Hylia. Now find a rock to pick up and then through it 
into the water, you will see the rock splash and then it slowly falls 
to the bottom eventually breaking on impact. Bushes will crash when 
thrown into the water. If you didn't know already Bombchus can also be 
used underwater.

27. This trick is much like the Gaint Stalchild trick. Go into Lon Lon 
Ranch at night. There are a bunch of Guays flying around. Go the the 
right of the tower at the south part of the ranchand then start to 
shoot every Guay you can. Eventually I giant one will start hovering 
over you. It takes a few hits to kill, but it looks sweeet.

28. Travel to the Spirit Temple and play the Sun's Song so that it's 
night. Fight Leevers and after awhile a giant purple one will show 
itself. Kill it and you'll get a giant rupee. What's with all these 
giant creatures?

29. If you talk to the Fisherman after you get the sinking lure, and 
choose, "Lets talk about something else" he will say something and 
then he will make the Sinking Lure legal to use.

30. Strap on your Iron Boots and go to the bottom of Lake Hylia. Play 
your Sun's and listen. All of the sounds like howls, and other sounds 
will be distorted. It sounds cool.

31. You can get to the top of the Bazaar as an adult. You usually 
can't get there because it is a different type of roof. You can float
there with the chicken, and the hover boots. This trick might lead to
some other glitches.

32. Run Epona right next to a sign, she will clip the side of it and 
knock the sign apart.

33. The Mask Man gets rather angry when you don't have enough money to 
pay him. Check it out his face is really funny.

34. After you free the last Carpenter, there will be a Gerudo guard 
waiting outside for you. If you change the color of your tunic her lips
and her outfit will change colors accordingly.

35. You can eat Poes by using them when they are in a bottle. You get 
various items, and you might even get killed because of it. Try it but
be sure to save your game before you attempt anything.

36. If you wear the Skeleton Mask in the dungeons, no bats will attack 

37. If you wear the Bunny Mask in Hyrule Field during the night, no 
Stalchild's will threaten you.

38. As an adult, go into the Lost Woods, and take an immediate left. 
Z-target the skullkid and get out your Biggoron Sword. Take three 
regular swings at him and then wait for his body to dissapear. A giant 
orange rupee the size of Link should pop out!

39. Another alternative way to get the heart piece from the man on top 
of the roof in Kakariko village, as a child. Climb to the top of the 
ladder and then sidestep. Jump all the way to the fence so that you 
will land on it or get near it and climb up. Then just walk to the 
roof and you can claim your heart piece. 

40. If you get in the way of the Runner you may lose up to 5 heart 

41. There is a secret item's shop in Ganon's Castle. Go the the lower 
level and then use the lense of truth at the back wall. You will see 
a secret passageway that leads to an item shop.

42. There are various sword combos that Link can perform depending on 
the button combinations. If you experiment you may find out some neat
tricks. Also try using different combinations of swords, and positions.
For example, if you have your shield out, your sword will jab. There are
other combinations, just experiment.

D. Did You Notice?

1. While your in the fishing pond, slowly walk by some of the reeds or 
into lily pads. Depending on your speed and direction the reeds will 
sway, and the lily pads will shift.

2. Have you ever noticed how Link fidgets when you leave him stand for 
awhile. He will look around him, tap his shoe, or hike up his pants. If 
you let him site in the Ice Cavern, he will hug himself and shiver from 
the cold. If you let him site in the desert or the Death Mountain 
Crater, he will wipe his brow and breath heavily. In the crater you can
even hear his voice echo.

3. The song you play to the dancing scarecrow as a child will be played
in 4 or 5 different instruments at the end of the game. At the "The 
End" screen, wait for awhile and it will play the song.

4. As you are sneaking into Hyrule Castle, you can get a chance to see 
pictures of Mario and the gang. Right before you talk to Zelda in the 
courtyard, turn right and you will see a window. If you look through it 
at the right angle you can see the pictures.

5. All the Sages are named after towns in Zelda 2 on the NES. Impa is 
the only exception although I believe she was a character in the same 

6. Malon is wearing a Bowser necklace as an adult.

7. One of the melodies is the title music is a remixed version of a 
certain whistle in a previous Zelda game.

8. Have you noticed that the Bombchu is just a combination of Bomb and 
Pikachu of Pokemon fame. It kind of looks like him too now that I think 
of it. I have also learned that Pika means Electric and Chu means 
Mouse. So Bombchu means Bombmouse.

9. Depending on the time of day, your shadow will slowly change 
directions and stuff. Just another cool detail.

10. In the Lake Hylia lab there is a frozen shark at the bottom of the 

11. Link etched a scene into the bottom of his house. It's of someone 
battling a lizardlike creature.

12. If you roll right before exiting through one of the logs in Kokiri 
forest, you will hear Link's voice echo off into the distance. It 
sounds cool but you have to time it right. This can be done at pretty 
much any exit.

13. Occasionally it rains, and people have even said that it thunders/
lightnings in it too. I have experienced this before and it has a 
really neat effect to it.

14. If you let go bugs, or fish on the pedestal, for the Master Sword, 
then you grab and pull the sword out, you will still be able to see the
bugs and fish.

15. A rule is added after catching the fisherman's hat. It states "No
Casting at People."

16. While your inside the windmill, if you use your hookshot on one of
the wooden pillars while it is spinning, Link's arm will be pulled for

17. If you stand still in the Lost Woods for a period of time, 
eventually more and more bugs will surround you, you can wave your 
sword and they will move around it.

18. If you wear various masks as a child when you go talk to Zelda, her
reactions will be different. She also says different things depending on
the mask.

19. Similar to Zelda II for the NES, if you stay on the paths during 
the night Stalchilds will not attack.

20. In the first versions of Zelda, Ganondorf's blood is red, like it 
should be. In later versions his blood has been changed to a greenish 

21. After you hole the Cucco's for some period, they will get tired of
flapping their wings, and stop for awhile.

E. Bugs and Glitches

1. You can actually make your Deku Stick become invincible. You can do 
this at tons of places, try forward slashing it at an object and if 
you're lucky it will break in half and you will be able to hit enemies 
with the Deku Stick as much as you want. This will go away once you put 
the stick away or you leave the area.

2. There is a Deku Sprout as an adult located under the Giant Deku 
Tree. There is light pouring in from the top of the tree. If you 
distance yourself far enough away from the sprot and look towards the 
spot where the sun shines through, the light will disappear.

3. Go into Zora's Domain as an adult. Their is a platform in front of 
the King. Equip the Hover Boots, and slide off of the platform, then 
Jump while your in air. If done correctly then Link will jump 

4. This one is tough to do at first. First set the Longshot, or 
Hookshot as one of your C buttons. Go into Z target view, and pull out 
your Hook/Longshot and keep depressing both the Z button and the C 
button. Let go of the C button and immediatly press R. Nothing will 
happen to let you know if you did it right. Now let go of the R button 
and then let go of the Z button. Now Link will walk around with his 
Hook/Longshot at his side, like normal, but this time the beam is still 

5. If you want a arrow through the head like Robin Hood, it is pretty 
easy to do. Go to an area where you have to lock onto people to talk to 
them, like the guy on the roof in Kakariko Village, and lock on to 
them. Now pull out your bow and aim an arrow at the character. You need
to hold down the c-button assigned to the bow. While holding the button 
down hit the A button. If done right and the angle is good you will see 
an arrow through Link's head.

6. Not exactly a bug or glitch, but on the very early game boxes, it 
says eniviroments instead of enviroments. 

7. Go into the fishing pond and buy a fishing pole. Now put on your 
Hover Boots, and then run onto the water and quickly press B. Nothing 
visible will happen, but you will now be able to walk with your fishing 
line still cast. Make your way over the the door. It may  be tough to 
see but it can be done. Now you can leave the pond and still keep the 
fishing pole. If you try to cast it the game will freeze. 

8. Go into Lon Lon Ranch and try to shoot your arrows or Slingshot over 
the wall. There is an invisible wall about 5 feet over where the fence 
visually stops.

9. Well there are more places where you can get yourself to continually 
jump, just like the Zora's Domain glitch. The easiest is in Lake Hylia. 
Swim over the the fishing pond house, but don't leave the water. Go all 
the way to the right of it and go as far as you can and try to climb up 
onto the hill. If you get it in the right spot Link will jump 

10. Possibly one of the most interesting and unique Bugs in the game. 
If you want you can get more than 4 bottles. It's not that tough 
either. Put your bottle on one of the c-buttons and then grasp 
something, like a fairy, blue fire, bugs, or fish. Right as Link is 
grabbing press start. Then switch the bottle with another item. After 
Link is done, the item will be replaced and you will get an extra 
bottle. You can do this as many times as you want. There are some very 
large drawbacks to this. First off the item switched with the bottle 
will be gone forever, secondly, the bottle will not be able to 
instantly revive you, and thirdly it won't work when you travel through
time. As far as I know it behaves the same, and it will stay forever 
once you save.

11. When entering Kakariko for the first time after you travel through 
time, talk to the guy on the right of the tree, you will see a big gap 
in the words and then they will disappear from the text box.

12. Also right after you travel through time, you will see fire around 
Death Mountain. When you leave the castle and look up towards the 
mountain the fire will be gone. Guess they forgot to change the brush.

13. Another really cool glitch. Go to beat Ganon, now let him hit away 
your sword, then save and restart your game. Now you won't have your 
sword equipped, and don't equip it. Call for Epona and hop on to her. 
You can now use any item that you want while on Epona. Check out my 
Epona Glitch Tricks section for things to do with this glitch.

14. If you play Epona's Song while on the Island that has the 
Fisherman's Hut on it, you will see Epona attempting to cross the 
water,but she will just keep runing and running at the edge of the 

15. Go into the Temple of Time, and then jump onto the platform with 
the three spiritual stones on it. Now go between the red and the blue 
ones, and face the green one. Now play Saria's Song and then talk to 
Saria, when you are done hope of the platform. If done right Navi will 
be stuck in one place on the platform. The rest of the Temple of Time 
is all dark without Navi. 

16. Go to Ganon's Castle and then hop off onto the dirt ledge at the 
right of the door. Take about 5 steps and turn towards the door. Now 
take out your Longshot and aim at the pillar that makes the door. You 
have to aim at the top and as far right as possible. If in the right 
position you will fall behind the wall. At first it will look like 
Link dissapeared, but press C-Up or Z and you will be able to see 
behind the wall, and walk on a hidden castle ledge. Nothing special 
just a cool glitch.

17. If you angle it right you can get Epona to jump on top of a fence. 
It's a little tricky to do but looks cool once it is performed.

18. While in the fishing pond if you approach the door with your rod, 
the fisherman will say something, put on your hover boots, then run 
towards the area that triggers his message. While sliding into the 
zone cast the rod, and the game will freeze up.

19. There is a woman with some stew in Kakariko Village, if you get it 
so that you can flip right behind the woman and get trapped, you won't 
be able to get out of the corner and you will need to reset the game.

20. If you get a bottle of fairies and then open it right near an exit, 
like in a door, or anything that takes you to a different area, then 
you will keep the fairy but still get the life from the fairy. You have 
to be at the exact position near the exit to do this, just close enough 
so when link opens the bottle he will move into the exit zone.

21. Go to the desert and perform the Giant Leever trick. Now shoot the 
Giant Leever with Ice Arrows until it dies. If done correctly there 
should be a big mound of ice, that you can walk through and look around 
in it. Looks cool.

22. There is a use for that chicken, eventhough it wasn't intended. 
Grab the chicken in the windmill, then put on your Hover Boots. Now run 
out of the top hole and then turn the corner to the left and start 
running towards the fence. Let the chicken take you to the fence, the 
when you hit it, press your sword button. If done right, then you will 
be over the fence and you can walk around. Don't fall off the edge or 
it will take awhile to get to the bottom.

23. The well arch as a child disappears much in the fashion that the 
light above the Deku Sprout does.

24. Go up to any side and do a horizontal slash. Now play Zelda's 
Lullaby and while it's reforming thrust the bottom half off. If done
correctly the top half will be floating in mid air. You can do multiple
variations of this trick, just try different combos.

25. In the Gerudo's Kitchen Navi turns green in the corner of the room
There is nothing of significance over there and there must have been an
item scrapped from the final version of the game.

26. Occasionally Epona doesn't show up when called. Don't call again 
instead walk to your location and then enter. Now exit and if you did 
it right Epona will be waiting for you outside the location.

27. There are a few things you can do when you back up Epona against a
wall. The easiest place to do this is against the laboratory. Position
yourself in the corner between the wall and the chimney. Get Epona at 
a 45 degree angle and if you can angle the camera right it will jerk 
back and forth. Another thing is back Epona up perpendicular to the 
wall. Now position the camera directly behind Epona and you will see 
through her and a bunch of jumbled polygons.

28. The Temple of Time was made in such a way that it can easily be 
displayed without slowdown even though it is a very large area and made
of many polygons. You can see what the programmers did to achieve this.
Go in the hallway between the main room and the pedestal. Slowly walk 
towards the pedestal and when you get to about the black strip in the 
hall then look at the walls inside the Master Sword room. If angle 
correctly you can see walls where they aren't supposed to be and no 
ceiling. You can do this the opposite way and if angled correctly you 
can see no walls in the main room. This was done to cut down on 
polygons so that the temple could be easily displayed. Neat huh?

29. Not really a glitch but it certainly wasn't meant to be. Get on the
top of Impa's house as an adult, use your longshot to get there. Now
equip your hover boots, then go to the edge of the house closest to the
exit and then on the side of the house near the wall texture. Look 
straight ahead and there should be a big hill that is normally unreach-
able. Run towards it and roll if your timing was right you should be on
this hill. You can climb up of it and do whatever you want. Great view.

30. Go into the fishing pond and get the fishing rod. Walk into the
the water as far as it will allow. Now Z-Target a fish and let the 
camera submerge itself under water. When the camera goes under cast the
line and reel in the fish. After you get done with this and everything 
turned out the whole screen with have a bluish tint. 

31. You need the Clay Ocarina and a Bottle to do this trick. Perform 
the bottle trick and then replace the bottle with the Clay Ocarina. 
Now go and learn any song, Epona song is good, and you will have the
Ocarina of Time instead of the clay one.

32. You can get into Lord Jabu-Jabu without giving him a fish. It will 
takesome time but I and a few others have gotten it to work. Submerge 
yourself under his mouth and move around, after awhile you might be 
able to get into him.

33. Go close to an exit and then do one of the following things, jump 
slash, sideways strafe, or a backflip. In each one Link will float, or 
spin around, coupled with some funky camera sequences.

34. Go into Lon Lon Ranch. Now go around the the the far side of the 
fence and play Epona's Song. Epona should be running towards you but 
will get stuck on the fence. Now enter the tall tower. Then exit and 
now you should see Epona running underneath the ground, and all you
will be able to see is her head.

35. As a child get as close as possible to one of the Hyrule Castle 
guards. When as close as possible play the Song of Storms or some other 
song. The guard will get you when you pull out the ocarina and the game 
will freeze.

36. In the Water Temple raise the water to a high level. Now shoot a 
Tektite with an ice arrow to freeze it. Quickly make the water lower, 
and the tektite will now be hovering in mid air.

37. You must be a kid to perform this glitch. Equip your Deku shield 
and hold it out with the R button. While holding R press start and then
equip the Hylian Shield. If done right you should have both shields 
out. This protects from attacks from behind.

38. If you take young link to a large opened chest, and then stand 
behind it. His head will stick out of the top. You will only be able to
see his head. This works with adult Link also, but switch head with 

39. This trick will allow you to get as many Gold Skulltullas as you 
can handle. As a child go into any hole in the ground with a skulltulla
in it. Destroy it and target the token, now throw your boomerang at it. 
Right before it gets to you, do a backflip into the warp tile. You will
get the token, but it will still appear in the hole.

40. Not everything in Hyrule is made with polygons. For example objects 
such as fire are just simple 2D sprites. Basicly they just use the 
graphics and trick you into thinking they are 3D like the rest of the

41. Travel forward in time as a child and then play the Sun Song. You 
should see Link pulling the sword a second time.

42. As an Adult take the chicken in the windmill and float to Impa's 
house. Now float to the mountain as explained above. No get as close 
as possible to the exit and then float out. Release the chicken when 
over the steps and you will fall through the steps and exit the town.

43. If your at the correct point in the game it is possible to see both 
the owl by Lake Hylia, and the entrance to Gerudo Fortress at the same 

44. Get inside the windmill and then try jumping to one of those side 
pillars. Fall off. A green mist should quickly appear and then 
immediatly dissapear in a sudden flash.

45. Play the song of storms and plant a bomb on the windmill spokes 
inside the windmill. The bomb should be travelling much slower than 
the spokes. Try Z-targetting with link on the windmill spokes also. 
Link should also be moving at a much slower rate.

46. Get to the mountain in Kakariko village the same process as #42 
above. Float so that you land right on the fence. As you can see if 
you get the camera right it may appear as if you are standing on 

47. Go to the Deku Sprout as an adult. Get directly behind it and look 
straight up. You should see a ray of light and if you look at it 
perfectly the Triforce should appear in a wierd light trick.

48. Cut the sign in the Gerudo Valley that is near the cliff. Part of 
it should fall off. Now play Zelda's Lullaby. You should notice only 
part of the sign returns to normal.

49. Near Ganon's Castle the Rainbow bridge may seem to be gone but it 
will flicker into view as you get closer.

50. Climb a ladder with the hover boots. Press the A button to fall 
off and immediatly grab on. The hover from the hover boots will stay 
with you until your off the ladder.

51. With the hover boots on. Z-target and then start sidestepping. It 
is a very wierd effect. No take out your longshot and keep 
Z-targetting. Now do a backflip with the lonngshot out. Wierd.

52. Go to the entrance of the Shadow Temple, near all those torches. 
Get position so that you are looking outside and can see the sky. Play 
the Song of Storms and keep looking towards the sky. When the sky gets 
blue run up to the outside area. It should be raining but it is still 
blue in the sky.

53. You can freeze your game by going to the Gerudo Valley, and calling 
Epona right when the guard is about to catch you. When the whistle 
blows you know you should call Epona. It will freeze in the same 
fashion as #35.

54. In the Windmill jump off the spinning wheel onto one of the stone 
pillar type things on the side. A green fog will envelope the area and
then dissapear. Interesting.

55. Press Z while on the spinning part of the Windmill and then play the
Song of Storms. Link will be moving slower than the Windmill and will 
fall off.

56. In Kakariko Village, get on the hill mentioned earlier in the guide.
Now make sure you have a Cucco with you, and get all the way to the edge
as close to the entrance as possible. Float out of the gate, and you
will drop right through the stairs.

57. You can see where invisible walls are by flashing your hookshot at
them. If it's invisible the red beam dissapears.

58. Get to the top of Death Mountain. Get to the part where you can 
either go to the fairy, or go inside Death Mountain. Face out towards 
the ledge. If your run at the right angle, and jump off and roll to the
right you may be able to roll right off the mountain. It is very tough
to do and requires some distance.

59. In Dodongo's Cavern, go to the room with two statues at the end of 
the hallway. If you push them all the way to where you entered the room
they will dissapear.

60. At the top of Death Mountain, Play the Song Of Storms and look out 
in the sky. You will notice that the rain and the lighting look odd, 
and that the sky is a wierd color.

61. Stand on a bomb about to blow up. When it blows up pull out another
bomb, and something interesting may happen.

62. Go to King Zora. Walk behind him and look above his head. There is
a Medallion up there. Charge your sword, and position the camera
behind it. Your vision will be skewed, and the colors will be wierd.

63. In the Gerudo Valley, pick up a Cucco and float under the bridge,
there is a ledge under there, if you land on it, you may float right
through the bridge.

64. If you throw Ruto to where a chest will appear, she will be sitting
on top of it. Beware she will be impossible to get down.

65. If you have done the glitch to get a Deku Stick saved as your sword,
and your Biggoron's Sword has dissapeared, go and buy a Giant's Knife.
You will recieve the Biggoron's Sword instead.

66. Go to an area in the Forest Temple where it is outside. Play the 
Song of Storms here. It will rain but there will be no clouds in the

67. While in the water, hold Z down. Now dive. While underwate pull
out your Deku Shield.

68. Equip your Hylian Shield, hold R. Now press start and equip your
Deku shield, press start again and you should be about 1 inch off the

F. Epona Glitch Tricks

You need to perform the Epona Glitch and then get on Epona before any 
of these tricks will work. If you don't perform everything in the Epona 
Glitch than none of these will work for you.

1. Use Deku Nuts or the Ocarina while on Epona and you will hop off of 
her. Now walk around and you will be able to control both Link and 
Epona at the same time. Weird.

2. Not quite flying but you can make Link sort of float and fly. Use 
the Longshot on Epona and then aim at an object that you can connect 
with. If it works the Longshot will be stuck to the object. If it 
didn't shoot then you need to perform the trick above. If it did work 
press the Z button, then press the A button to dismount the horse. Link 
will float up into the air if performed correctly. You can now float 
anywhere in the area you want, as long as you don't touch the ground. 
There is so far no way to get out of this glitch, you will have to 

3. Perform trick one using the Ocarina and then press the C-button for 
the Longshot. The game will continually beep, and you will need to hit 
the Ocarina button again to get out of it.

4. Use a Bomb/Bombchu while riding Epona and then ride her. It will 
blow up and you won't get hurt.

5. If you performed Trick Three correctly and then got out of it by 
pressing the Ocarina again, then you may notice how the camera doesn't 
switch to the behind Link Z button camera. You can now see Link 
jumping while in the 3rd Person view, it looks cool and it is sort of 
hard to control Link without the Z-Trigger.

6. If you perform Trick One and then while running press the A button. 
Link will mount Epona in the middle of the air, depending upon the 
elevation of Link he will be really high in the sky and mounting an 
invisible Epona. If Epona is a ways away then Link will be magically 
transported there.

7. Play Saria's Song while riding Epona. Then talk to Saria. Now you 
will be a few feet above Epona, but you will still be in the straddling 
position. You can ride like this wherever you want. Link reacts the 
same way.

8. While performing the Flying Link trick, move towards where the 
Longshot made contact with the object, Link will jump really high in 
the air and then land back on the ground. Now you don't need to restart 
the game.

9. Take Epona up to the Gerudo Archery Course. Play the Ocarina to 
allow you to control Epona while running around. Run down to the
fortress and then press the mount button. You will arrive back at the
range but the polygons will all be missing. You will be walking in mid

10. Use the Deku Nuts while on Epona. Now use the longshot and shoot at
anything. The game will beap, now use your Deku Nuts again. If done 
correctly you can now run around the world in a First Person Mode. 
Neat trick.

11. Go into Lon Lon Ranch, and then accept the racing challenge. While
racing play your Ocarina. The screen will turn a sweet purple color.

12. Go to Lake Hylia, and play the Ocarina for Pierre to come out on 
the top of the house. Now get on Epona and Longshot to him. You should
be swimming in the sky if performed correctly.

13. Wait until about dusk, and then enter Lon Lon Ranch. Start a Race, 
and play the Song of Storms. First a wierd Red Haze should appear, then 
you will notice you are walking on air. There is no more ground.

14. If you use a deku nut while in midair with Epona, Link will stay in 
his mounting position, but Epona will continue to ride.

15. Go uphill with Epona, and Z-target. Now play your ocarina to 
dismount Link. Instead of the camera following Link it will only keep 
Link in sight. But will follow Epona wherever she goes.

16. You can get 2000 points the easy way at the Archery Range. Dismount 
from Epona using the Ocarina during the course. Now Z-target and aim 
towards the center of the targets. If you get it right you can get all 
20 right inside for 100 points each.

17. There is another way to get swordless link. Perform the trick where 
you can take the fishing pole out of the fishing pond. Now save your 
game. It should work in the same effect. If it doesn't try casting the 
rod once, freezing the game, and then saving it.

18. You can get any time in the Lon Lon Ranch Race, even 0. At your 
desired time play the Sun Song. Now play it again. Go up to Malon and 
speak you her. She will give you the time that you played the Sun Song at 
the first time.

19. You can get a Blue Haze too. Perform the same trick as the other 
haze tricks, but this time do it during the Gerudo Archery course. You 
will get a bright blue haze.

G. Seam Walking

1. Seem Walking is some of the most interesting, but also most tedious 
tricks that can be performed in the game. It involves walking up the 
seams of polygons. I will explain how it's don here, and give you the 
locations of seems to walk up. You need to first get the first step up 
the seem, you can tell you got it when Link has one foot up the seem, 
you will know it when you see it. Now you need to line yourself straight 
up with the seem. It will take some practice but try to line yourself 
up with an object on the screen. Be sure to Z-target when doing this, 
it is a lot easier this way. Keep the stick steady and don't be hasty. 
Some seems are longer and harder then others, but if you keep working 
at it, you will soon be running the hills of Hyrule Castle, and 
scaling Death Mountain. Sometimes using Hover Boots can save you when 
you fall. Practice makes perfect.

2. As a child go to Hyrule Castle. Go to the area that has the little 
hole that Link can crawl through. The seem is to the left of that hole, 
you can tell where it is because multiple seems junction at the bottom. 
The seem is part of the grassy hill.

  A. After you've climbed the seem, walk towards the right of the
  castle. Walk along the hill, and get to the top of it so that your
  walking right on the seem. You should get to a different looking 
  polygon. It is slippery, so be sure you are on the tip of the
  polygon. When your far enough along, push towards the castle and
  swim under the stone wall. You should end up in a huge box of water,
  that is inside the castle.

  B. If you swim around to the top of the water, and surface behind the
  grate that is to the right of the moat, you can surface inside and 
  walk around.

  C. Play the Song Of Storms in the water, and see it rain underwater.

  D. The sounds that play will be really distorted and muffled when you
  are under the water.

  E. After the main seem, go around to the left and jump so that you
  get to a broad flat polygon surface. You may have to sidestep over a 
  ridge. Walk along the edge all the way towards the town. Now you can 
  jump off the hill onto to the path, and you should be able to see the
  town as a very flat polygon.

  F. If you get to the top of one of the hills and look down while the
  sun is setting, you can actually see it below you.

3. One of the most fun ones. Climb all the way up Death Mountain to the 
area where the hole is with the cow in it. Walk along that path, until 
you reach the area where the cliff stops on the right, and a hill 
begins. The seam is right on the edge, and it is easy to fall off. 

  A. You can get farther up the mountain. Make sure your hookshot is
  equipped because you will need it to see if the ground is solid or 
  not. If the beam shows then you can walk on that area. After you've
  climbed the first seam walk along the left side of the ridge. You
  will come to a point were it rises up. Get on the very left polygon,
  and you can walk up this hill easily. Just look around you will see
  it. Once here you can walk through Biggoron, and on the other side 
  of him you can hop onto the side of the mountain and climb to the top.

  B. You can get down the other side of the mountain, but only try it
  if you've got nothing to lose, because there are many slippery 
  polygons, and other polygons of the sort.

  C. Towards the top of the mountain, you are actually walking a few
  feet into the ground.

  D. At the very top of the Mountain shoot a Light Arrow at an area of
  invisible ground. The effect is pretty interesting.

  E. Along the way there are various polygons that have negetive
  effects upon you. Some will slide you to death, others are not solid.
  Still others kill you instantly.

4. Right as you exit the town square, there is a really tall hill. It 
is the first junction that you come to on the right. If you are 
attempting this one you should know what seems look like by now.

5. Go to the area where the pillars have fallen. Go past that area and 
take a quick left. There is about a foot space between a pillar and a 
seem that is on the edge of a cliff. You should notice it.

6. Near the area where the Boulders are falling down, there is a seem
on the edge that the other Death Mountain seem is. It is a very small
mound at the corner of the cliff.

7. You can climb almost any of the seems in the Archery Range. The 
easiest is right at the entrance to the right. Very easy to walk right

8. You can climb the root of the Know-it-all-Brothers house if you are 
really good at seem walking. You end up on top of the house.

H. Navi Glitch

1. This trick is very easy to perform. Read the inscription in the 
Temple of Time, the one in front of the three gems. Now run to the 
place you want Navi to be stuck, and play Saria's song and then choose 
to talk to Saria. Navi will be stuck in that place and the following 
tricks can be performed.

2. You can't read the inscription a second time.

3. Navi's glow can now be seen through walls. 

4. Do the slash attack with the sword, the whole room with light up 
like a broken lightbulb

5. If you attempt to play Saria's Song, the camera will zoom out to 
where Navi is supposed to be, some of the screens that can be seen are 
very cool. Try the back of the sword room for some excellent views.

I. Unsolved Mysteries

1. Can the Running Man be beat? Many say no, and thats what I think. If 
anyone has any info on this let me know. *Solved* Dan from Nintendo 
said that he never translated any congratulation to beating the Running 

2. Could you enter Gerudo Fortress as a Child? I haven't tried much but 
it seems like it would be possible. If anyone has any info on this 
either it would be greatly appreciated.

3. In Zora's Domain when you are a child, there is a hole at the 
bottom of the water. It is located under the pillar located right next 
to the entrance. I can get kind of close with the Golden Scale but it 
doesn't look like it's good for anything. This isn't the warp to Lake 
Hylia. Any ideas? *Solved* Someone informed me of this being a change 
in the color of the textures, e-mail me if you can prove otherwise.

4. In the desert where the Giant Poe is supposed to take you across to 
the Spirit Temple, there is a peak to the east that can be seen. To see 
it face southeast and then play the Song of Storms. When the lightning 
goes off you will be able to see it. It doesn't look significant but 
it's still interesting.

5. This one baffles me. As an adult get yourself onto the house with 
the blue roof. Look at the windmill and you can see a hole. If you can 
aim your longshot to hit a peg inside you will go to the corridor. It 
goes up a few flights of stairs and there is a chicken and then another 
hole higher up. Note this is not for getting the Heart Piece. What is 
this for!!

6. There are two rocks that seem to be totally useless. The first is in 
Hyrule Field to the East of Lon Lon Ranch, and the other is next to the 
windmill in Kakariko Village. They can only be pulled up with the 
Golden Gauntlets, but nothing is under them.

7. In the tower in Lon Lon Ranch that has cows, boxes, and a 
wheelbarrow in it, there is also a ledge high and up to the left. Very 

8. In Darunia's throne room if you look up at the center of the room, 
there is a passage way in the ceiling. I can't remember if this was 
used earlier in the game, but I just noticed it. Anyone know what this 
is/was used for? *Solved* Sources tell me that this was supposed to be
the way you come into the chamber after you defeat Dodongo and that it
was scrapped. If you know better please let me know

9. As Child Link go to the Castle. Go on the top of the gate but don't 
go down the ladder. Go to the middle of the gate and look down at the 
statue or crest thing. If in the right spot you can Z-Target it, it 
tells you the time, but that seems to be all it does. What is this for?

10. Go to the Castle moat. Now swim in it against the current so that 
you are really close to the grate. If you look up you can see a blue
rupee. Nothing too special, but why make it unreachable?

11. The bean selling man has a tattoo with the numbers 1:01 on it. 
There have been many theories as to what this is for, like it is a 
special time, or backwards it is the ratio of beans to rupees. But none
of them make much sense. Does anyone know what this is about? Or is it
just for show?

J. Songs

Some may be confused as to how I write out the songs, but once you 
understand it will become easy. Each note is seperated by a "-" and 
pauses are done with 4 periods. Notes done with Z or R buttons are 
noted with a + as are the analog ones. Speaking of analog those are 
written in parentheses with "A" then a colon and then a direction. C 
buttons are written with "C" then a colon and then a direction. Send me 
your custom songs but the must be in one of the two formats below, 
Thank you.

1. Kakariko Village Theme
A - C:D+(A:U) - A - C:L - C:D+(A:U) - C:U ....
A - C:D+(A:U) - A - C:L - C:D+(A:U) - C:U ....
C:U - C:U+(A:U) - C+R - C:U+(A:U) - C:U - C:L ....
A+(A:D) - A+(A:D)+Z - Z+(A:D) - A+(A:D)+Z 

2. Oh When The Saints Go Marching In
A+(A:D) - C:D+Z - C:D - C:R+(A:D) ....
A+(A:D) - C:D+Z - C:D - C:R+(A:D) ....
A+(A:D) - C:D+Z - C:D - C:R+(A:D) - C:D+Z - A+(A:D) - A+(A:U) - A ....
A+(A:U) - A+(A:U) - A - A+(A:D) - A+(A:D) - A+(A:U) - C:D+(A:U) - 
C:D+(A:U) - C:D ....
C:D - C:D+Z - C:D - C:R+(A:D) - A+(A:U) - A+(A:D) - A - A+(A:D)

3. Thundercats Theme
C:R - C:R - C:D - C:R - C:L - C:L - C:R - C:U+(A:D) - C:U+(A:D) - C:L - 
C:L - C:R

4. X-Files Theme
A,C left,C right,C left,C up,C left(2X) 
C up,C left,C right,C down,C left,A

5. Pink Panther
Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, R-Cr, Cr, A, Cd, Cr, Z-Cr, U-Cd, 
Cd, A, D-A, A, Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, R-Cr, Cr, Cd, Cr, 
Cu, Z-Cr

6. 1812 Overture
Cd, D-Cr, Cr, D-Cr, Cd, D-Cr, Cr, 2-Cd

7. Fur Elise
Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr, Z-Cl, U-Cd, A, UCd< r, Z-Cl, A, Cr, 
Z-Cl, Z-U-Cl

8. William Tell Overture
6-A, D-Cr, Cu, 3-A, 3-Cl, Cr, R-Cd, A, 6-A, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, DCr, Cl, Cu, 
Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cl, D-Cr

9. M*A*S*H Theme
Cr, U-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, Cd, U-A
Cd, U-A, Cd, U-A, Cd, U-A, A
Cd, U-A, A, U-A, A, U-A, A, D-A
U-A, A, D-A, A, D-A, A, U-A, Cd
Cr, Cl, Cr, Cl, Cr, Cl, Cr
Cr, Cl, Cr, Cl, Cr, Cl, Cr
Cr, Cd, Cr, Cl, Cu, U-Cu, Cu, Cl, Cr, Cl

10. Simpsons Theme
Cd, Cr, Cl, Cu, D-Cu, D-Cl, Cd, A, 3-Z-D-A, D-A

11. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 
2-Z-Cd, A, 2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, A, 2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 
2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A

12. Jurassic Park Theme
Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr, Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr, Cu, 2-Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, A, 

13. Titanic Theme
4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, Cr, U-Cd, 4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, D-A

14. Men in Black Theme
A, Cd, A, 3-Cr, D-Cr, Cr, R-Cr, Cr, Cd, U-Cd, Cr

15. Frosty the Snowman
A, Z-D-A, D-A, A, U-Cd, R-Cd, U-Cd, Cr, U-Cd, R-Cd, Z-Cd, A

16. In My Room (Beach Boys)
2-D-A, A, D-A, 2-U-A, Cd, U-A, 2-U-Cd, Cr, Cd, 2-U-Cd, U-A, A, Cd, A, 

17. Good Riddance (Green Day)
2-A, Z-D-A, A, U-A, R-Cd, U-A, A, Z-D-A, A, Z-D-A, A, U-A, R-Cd, 2-A, 
Z-D-A, 2-A, Z-Cd, A, 2-Z-A, A

18. Closing Time (Semisonic)
Cu, Cl, D-Cl, Cl, 2-D-Cl, 2-D-Cr, 2-Z-Cd, D-Cr, Cl, R-Cl, Cl, Cr, Cl, 

19. Overworld Theme
Cd, D-A, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cr, 3-D-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, 3-R-U-Cu, U-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, 
Cu, 2-R-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cl, 
D-Cr, Cr, Cl, Cu, D-Cu, then D-A many many times

20. Star Wars Theme
3-D-A, Cd, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, D-Cr, U-R-Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, D-Cr, U-R-Cu, 
R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, Z-Cl, D-Cr, 2-Cd, D-Cr

21. Imperial March from "The Empire Strikes Back"
3-U-Cd, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr, 3-Cu, R-Cu, R-Cr, R-Cd, R-A, 
R-Cr, D-Cr

22. Beverly Hills Cop Theme
A, Cd, 2-A, U-Cd, A, D-A, A, Cr, 2-A, Z-Cl, Cr, Cd, A, Cr, Cu, A, 
2-D-A, Cr, Z-Cd, A

23. Star Trek Theme
Cd, Z-Cl, R-Cu, Cu, Z-Cl, D-Cr, R-Cl, U-R-Cu

24. Mary Had a Little Lamb
Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cr, 3-Cl, 3-Cr, Cl, 2-Cu

25. One Week (Barenaked Ladies)
*NOTE* Due to the many harmonies of Barenaked Ladies, and a battle of 
melodies ensuing between the authors, which ended in a draw, there are 
two versions of the second part of the song.
A, Cd, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, 2-Cd, 6-Cr, 3-Cd, U-Cd, Cd
Willow: 6-Rcl, 4-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd
Hoops: 4-R-Cl, 2-Cr, 2-R-Cr, 2-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd

26. Mission Impossible Theme
2-R-A, R-Cd, Z-Cr, 2-D-Cd, Z-A, A R-A, R-Cd, Cl, A, Cd, R-Cr, Z-A, 
Z-Cd, Cr, Z-Cr, D-Cr

27. Jingle Bells


From time to time I get messages on certain tricks that don't work or 
things people think they know. Well I get tired answering all the 
e-mail so please read this before you send me e-mail.

Q. The chicken in the windmill is for floating to the ledge and 
getting the Heart Piece in the building.

A. Not exactly a question, but this is not what the chicken is for. 
You need the Longshot to get to the Windmill Corridor, so why not just 
shoot over to that roof and drop down? Think about it.
Q. I can't catch the Hylian Loach, what am I doing wrong?

A. I honestly don't know. I haven't caught it yet, so I don't know the 
exact directions. Be patient I will put up a better explanation once I 
do it myself.
Q. Where is the Triforce?

A. There is none, lets just leave it at that.
Q. I have a trick for you, If you play (a song) in (a certain place) it
(triggers an effect), can you add this to your guide?

A. No I don't do triggered effects, they don't fit in my guide.
Q. Why doesn't the Epona Glitch work in my game?

A. I have come to a conclusion that this was fixed in later versions 
of the game, if it doesn't work try again and follow the directions 
closely. If it still doesn't work don't bother with it.
Q. When is the latest version coming out?

A. Don't know, don't ask.
Q. How do I perform (insert trick/glitch here)?

A. What do you think the description in the guide is for? Read it and 
you will find out.
Q. What is that ledge for in Zora's Fountain?

A. Go there at night and you will find a golden skulltula. That's all
that I know about it right now.

L. On the Net

This FAQ can currently be found at two different places on the net. 

1 - lemurzone - http://members.xoom.com/fuzzylemur - this is my 
personal web site and the latest version can always be found here.

2 - GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com - the primary source for this 
and all my other FAQs. This is also a great site for any game that you 
need help with. Check it out.

3 - Hyrule.net - http://funwithzelda.hyrule.net - another primary source.
This site has the newest version all the time. Excellent site also.

I also distribute this FAQ on the #zelda, and #kvs channels on DALnet. 
You can get it there if you have IRC.

M. Credits

Knotz - He composed the song "Oh When The Saints Go Marching In" and 
he supplied me with a text file of the Kakariko Village Theme.

Kale Lexington - Composed the Thundercats Theme.

Psyko485 - Helped with the Giant Leever, and Giant Keese tricks. 

SLIDERno23 - Helped me with various tricks, like location of sinking 
lure, and Windmill Corridor. 

Willow & Hoops - These guys rule, they have most of the songs that I 
have listed to there credit, they may not have written them but they 
found them for us.

VTBlue1082 - Gave me some info about the Pikachu and Bombchu 

Anarchy_Adam - He was the first to give me information about the 
bottle trick.

Phyrexia - Reminded me of some things that I was missing and also 
wrote the Jingle Bells song.

JasTiger - Supplied the Disappearing Fire trick. Thanks! 

Odyssey of Hyrule - Revived my interest in old tricks, and it also 
reminded me of things I had forgot or hadn't mentioned. Also provided 
me with one or two new items.

Mephitis12 - Gave me a few tricks, and fixed an error on one of my 

Xcalabur - Giggling Gossip Stones, a few misc. tidbits and a couple 
other things.

meowth - Told me about the Darunia's Throne room passageway.

Kitfox4 - Led me to multiple tricks that include the horse and the lab.
I am not sure if I have done the trick she wanted but I did get a few
things out of it.

AreS - Contributed the Mount Kakariko glitch.

Tom Linge - Helped with a few things including the excellent Clay to 
Time Ocarina transformation.

Michael Hayman - Informed me of the Angry Mask Man.

009 - Sweet Epona Glitch Trick which allows you to play in First 

Nintendarse - Another cool Epona Glitch. This one allows you to fly in
the sky.

Flipmode Squad - Tipped me off on various tricks including the Lord 
Jabu-Jabu secret entrance.

Brandon Drees - The really cool looking Blue Haze trick was his 
contribution to the guide. 

Vgmstr2967 - Told me about the Style Points trick, a rather recent

Nintendo Power - An excellent magazine, or atleast it was when I was a
kid. They have released a few interesting glitches, including the 
Infinite Gold Skulltullas glitch.

Dhsu - Man this guy sent me a plethora of information. Unfortunatly 
some of the info couldn't be used effectively.  Version 0.94 was mostly
updated with stuff from him.

Jonathan - This guy is great. He created a lot of never before seen 
tricks, and he is still sending more, he is responsible for a good 
chunk of version 0.95.

Keenan Wilke - He submitted an early heart trick to the guide.

Preffered Confidential - He took the first seem walking trick I had, 
and then found a bunch of his own. Including the excellent Death 
Mountain series.

Rogue-Fox - Hasty Epona trick.

Chuck - Double Cinema trick.

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