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Gerudo Fortress Guide for Zelda 64 - Version 1.0
By Roland Carlos
E-Mail: FongSucks@hotmail.com
Web Sites:
http://commander.geminisector.com (Page for Starcraft)
http://members.xoom.com/pokedem (Page for Pokemon, GB Game)

"Where is that other carpenter?" is a question I seem to be getting a lot
nowadays. Of course, it forced to make a Gerudo Fortress Guide. It's easy to
do since the Gerudo Fortress is pretty small and short. However, it's like
Hyrule Castle, only much more harder. Gerudo Fortress may be tough to the
novice, but the experienced can breeze by. Anyway, lets go on with the guide.

Version Updates

January 18, 1999 - Version 1.0: First online release of guide.


Well you have to be an adult to Gerudo Fortress, but that should be easy to
figure out since Gerudo Fortress was locked as a child. Your first question
would probably be asking how do cross the broken bridge? Well there are two
ways. You can use Epona to jump over the bridge (don't worry you won't have
to aim, it will turn into a cinema) or use the Longshot on the sign on the
other side.

When on the other side, talk to the carpenter boss (used to be in Kakariko 
Town when you were a child). He will fill you in on the info you need to 
know. While in the area, if it is night, kill the Gold Skulltula behind the
tent and on the stone arch across from the tent. Okay, let's go into to the
Gerudo Fortress now.

Woman guards everywhere. You would underestimate them, but they have the 
power to stop you right in your tracks. Hopefully you won't be jailed by the
guards, but if you are, here is what you do (please consult this every time
you ARE jailed).

When in the cell, it is easy to get out. Look around the top of the cell for
a wooden plank. Use the Longshot on the plank to raise yourself up. Now from
here you can go into your first door.

Okay, from either the jail cell or the entrance path, go into the first door
on the leftest most part of the Fortress. It should take you the first of the
four carpenters. Talk to him, but don't let your guard down. After some 
talking, he will say "Watch Out!". That's your cue to turn around and use 
your shield if the Gerudo Thief is attacking.

To defeat the Gerudo Thief, you have to use different tactics for different
swords. If you have the Biggoron Sword, you should use the Thrust attack
since it has a long range and the Thief will not be expecting it. You will 
have to jump around though to avoid attacks. With the Master Sword, you gain
a shield at the cost of range and power. Use the shield to your advantage
and block attacks and attack while she is recovering.

When the Thief dies, she will leave a key and jump away. Take the key and use
it to free the Carpenters. After the Carpenter is gone, go out, using the 
path you did not enter from.

You will behind some crates. You can use the Song of Storms near the right
bunch of crates to reveal a fairy fountain. But when your ready, go through
the north door.

In the hall, you should wait for the guard to go behind the crates first 
before you go into the other path to your right. You will be back outside.
Use your Hookshot or Bow on the guard that is coming towards you. After you
stunned her, go into the next door. In there is another Carpenter and Gerudo
Thief. After your done with both of them, go out the other way.

In the small area, go down the ivy and go through the door there. In there is
Carpenter 3 and another Gerudo Thief. When done with them, go out the way you
came and climb back up the ivy. Go through the other door once back in the
small area.

After going through the hall for a short period, you will be at the top of
the stairs in a small mess area. You can use your Longshot on the wooden
planks on the ceiling so you can just fly past the whole room by targeting
the farthest wooden plank. Follow the rest of the hallway into the outside.

Make sure to look all around the area. To your right will be a chest that you
can Longshot over to for a Piece of Heart (you can also use Pierre here).
From the chest, you should be able to see a Gold Skulltula (if its night) on
the wall. If you don't know where it is, just jump over to the ledge to your
right (from the entrance from the mess area). After all this, go back to 
where you entered from.

To get to Carpenter #4, you will have to drop down onto a ledge into a new 
door. The ledge is just to the immediate right to the entrance from the mess
area. You will wind up right in a doorway, behind a crate. Don't run out just
yet, wait for the Gerudo Guard to come into view and use the Longshot or Bow 
to stun her. Run past her to the right when she is stunned to find Carpenter
#4. Fight the Thief and free the Carpenter. When he is free, a Gerudo Thief
will appear, but she will want to talk to you. She will give you the Gerudo
Membership Card and you will be able to walk around the Gerudo Fortress

You can now go from here to the Spirit Temple (go to the big gate at the 
south part of the outdoor fortress) or you can fool around with the Gerudo
Training Course if you like.


Hope you found this useful. Make sure to look at my 3 part Zelda 64 Guide.
In it you can find where to find rare items, boss strats, ALL 100 Gold
Skulltulas and ALL 36 Pieces of Heart plus MUCH MORE! Take a look at it.


This guide can and should be given out as long as it is not altered in any 
way. The guide's purpose is to help people play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of
Time and that is its only purpose. This guide cannot be used in any
commerically such as, but not limited to, Magazines, Books, Guides, without
first contacting the author for his consent. Credit must given if you take
information from this guide.

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is a 
trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc., copyright 1998.  
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Copyright 1999 Roland Carlos
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