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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

FAQ: How To Find The Four (And Free) Workers In Gerudo Fortress
An Easy To Follow, Extremely Comprehensive Guide For Players
Author: Kidteck (KidteckCO@Hotmail.COM)

Why I've Made This FAQ:
The only reason I made this FAQ is because the others on the Internet and all of 
the maps that are supposed to help find the Carpenters are extremely hard to 
follow. I'm going to try to keep this simple and easy to read. Please e-mail me 
suggestions or send me a note if you think I wasn't clear about something. Also, 
I've divided this FAQ into steps... I find it is much easier to follow.

1.28.98: Sorry to those who couldn't see the maps right on some browsers.
         The TAB key really screwed the maps up. It looks like they're 
         fixed now. :)

Step 1: Get to Gerudo Valley
If you don't know where it is, look in your instruction booklet on page 7. The 
map of Hyrule points out the valley. NOTE: You must be an adult and have Epona 
(or the LongShot) to free the guards. 

Step 2: Get to the Gerudo Fortress
Once you arrive in Gerudo Valley, you'll notice right away that the bridge is 
out. Use your horse to jump over the gap or use your LongShot to get over. Once 
you're on the other side safely, talk to the man outside of the tent (who 
happens to be the Boss of the four workers). He'll tell you all about how 
they're lost and all kinds of good stuff. After talking to him, continue up the 
path to the Gerudo Fortress.

Step 3: Get to the Thieves' Hideout
Continuing up the path, there is a long line of stairs to the right. Don't use 
them! You'll wind up in the middle of three guards who will catch you and throw 
you into the jail (see the "If you get caught and thrown in jail" section). 
Instead of going up the stairs, stay near the right wall. When the wall begins 
to turn, a large gate to the left is seen. Resist your temptation and continue 
up the right wall. NOTE: Stay close to the wall because you don't want to be 
caught by the guards protecting the gate. When you continue up this wall, you'll 
notice a large building. This is the thieves' hideout. You'll notice that the 
wall you've been following suddenly ends. Stay where you are! There is a guard 
right to your right. SLOWLY inch your way out looking to the right where the 
guard you can't see is on duty. When you've just come out from behind the rock, 
take your bow out and shoot the guard. She'll fall down dead and you'll be free 
to pass into the leftmost door.

I think that I'll include the get out of jail section here 

If you get caught and thrown in jail

All you have to do is use your HookShot or LongShot and shoot to the wood above 
the window in the top of your cell. You'll be pulled up onto a ledge and you can 
jump down to the ground or first shoot the guard closest to you on the ground. 
NOTE: You do not have to shoot the guard to get into the room on the ground, but 
if you find you keep getting caught, shoot the guard obviously. ALSO NOTE: There 
is a door on the ground, and another door on another ledge outside of the prison 
cell you're in. Only go to the ground floor door for getting the workers saved 
because the other door is a diversion.

And now back to the show...

Step 4: Free the first guy
You'll walk right into a stone hallway that makes a turn to the right.
Here is a basic look of what this room looks like (Just in case you missed the 
LEFTMOST door against the wall)

                  | First Guy       |
------------------| | | |-----------|----|
|      ---------- >                      --------------------------
|  ^    |---------------|Where You Fight Exit Out of this room
|  |    |               |First Guard     |-------------------------
|  |    |               ------------------
|  |    |
Where you came from	

As you can see... you take the right and then you are in a room with a cell to 
the left and some pots in a corner in the right. Talk to the man in the cell and 
after he is done speaking with you, a guard in red will try to kill you. She has 

two blades which will protect herself from magic and arrows, but she doesn't 
expect them the first time you use them. Use a little magic and then Z-Target 
her to shoot an arrow at her. After this, use Z-Targeting and slice her when she 
lets her guard down. I recommend having a fairy for the first time you try to 
fight her. After taking care of her, she leaves a small key behind and you can 
open the cell of the first worker. After talking to him, he runs away to safety 
in the tent where you met the boss (how he gets past all of the guards beats 
me). Anyway, congratulations! You've successfully gotten the first of four 
guards. Continue out to the place on my mini-map marked as "Exit Out of this 

Step 2: Find the Fairy Fountain

Here is a map of where you are now.

|-------   -------|
|        ^        |
|        | Where  |
Where    | You Go |------                    Map 2
You Came | Next         |                    The *'s are crates and the ! is a 
>From     |          !   |
|  * *   |        **    |
Down here are guards! You don't have to 
kill them, but just watch your back!

The ! (on the map) is where you should go. It is right behind the right set of 
crates. Play the Song of Storms to reveal a secret hole. Jump down it and you 
can not only restore all of your health, you can snag a few fairies if you have 
jars. After doing this, go back up to ground-level and go into the area marked 
on Map 2 as "Next Room". 

Step 3: Get through another room

     	  Another Room (Don't go in this way though)
                         | X  |
-------------------------| X  |	        Map 3
|            ----->    **  X  |         The *'s are the crates
-------|  ^ |-----| | |-------|         The X's are the guard routes.
       |  | |     | | |
       |  | |     | | |
     Where you  Where you
     Came from.   Leave

As you come up a ramp, turn to your right (there is nothing left). There will be 
two crates ahead of you and a guard who can just catch you also makes her rounds 
here. If you find it too difficult to get past this guard as she walks away, 
shoot her with an arrow. Continue to the area on the map that is marked "Where 
you Leave". Easy enough, right?


Step 4: To the second guy

Where you came from
|---   ---|
|    |    |
|    |    | Where you go
|    |    |----|   |----------|
|    |           ^            |         Map 4
|    ------------| XXXXXXXXXX |         X's are where a guard is.
|                             |

When you come out, go along the wall so you can shoot the guard that makes her 
rounds right around the corner. This shouldn't be a big problem. If you do get 
caught, remember to follow the "If you get caught" section's directions and just 
re-trace your steps using the maps. 

Step 5: Getting the second guy freed.
As soon as you get in this room, you can see the two cells to the right. You 
have to follow the same procedure to get this second guy free that you had to do 
when you saved the first guy. The woman in red should be a piece of cake if you 
didn't have trouble with her the other time. If she was a problem, hopefully you 
stocked up on fairies when you went to the fairy fountain. I don't think I need 
to make a map because it is obvious what you do once you free the second worker. 
Go out the door you didn't come in. 

Half-Way done!

Step 6: Finding the third guy.
		      Mini-Mess Hall
--------------------|   |---------------- -
|                   # 4.                  1. Where you came from
|               2.  #                    --
|                   |                     |      Map 4
-    -------------------------------------|      #'s are ivy (climb)
3rd  |
Guy  | <--- 3.
-    |
|    |

This is a bigger area so I've marked the order in which you go.

1. You come in from this way and continue going straight until 2. You climb down 
the ivy. Go into the door marked "3rd Guy" and "3.". Once you are in that room, 
continue down the hallway until you get to an open room. Do the routine and 
destroy the woman in red. Once you've freed the guy, leave the way you came in! 
This will bring you back to the Map 4 area.

Step 7: Continue!

Refer back to Map 4. Climb up the ivy and go into the room you didn't come in. 
This is marked "Mini-Mess Hall" and "4." On Map 4.

Once you get in, don't move! Consult Map 5 so you can understand where the 
guards are. This place is loaded.

 This Way   |
--------|   |---------------|
        | Up Ramp           |
        |-------------      |
        |                   |           Map 5
        |    XXXXXXXXXXX    |           X's are the paths of guards.
        |---|   ---------   |
Ledge->	|   |   | Table |   |
        |---|   ---------   |
        |                   |
        |    XXXXXXXXXXX    |
        |------------       |
        | Down Ramp         |
        |       --------  X |
        |	|      |  X |
        |	|      |  X |
        |       |      |  X |
Where you came in    Don't Go This Way

Watch out! This room can be hard. Once you come in, stay on top of the ledge and 
shoot the two guards in front of you. Jump off the ramp from the top (don't go 
down the ramp part of the ramp). Once you get to the path of the second (the one 
further away from where you came in) turn around to see the third guard. Don't 
go into the hallway that she was protecting because it will put you back where 
you started. Go all the way up to the 3rd map and look at the area marked "Don't 
go this way". That is the same hallway as this map's "Don't Go This Way". Simply 
put, the Map 3 "Don't Go This Way" and the Map 5 "Don't Go This Way" are the 
same area! Back to the important stuff, we must find the cell of guy #4. This is 
hard to explain. Go up the up ramp and out the area marked on the map as "This 

Step 8: Finding the final guy!
I figure that this would be impossible to make a map of, and now that I look at 
it, I think I can figure out a way to easily describe where to go. You'll find 
that my text guide is much better than any other text guide, and MUCH easier 
than those maps done by other people. They pose a problem because they don't 
show the level that you're on. Plus, they're all the same color which makes it 
hard to read. Okay... now listen closely. When you come out of the mini-mess 
hall, do not move the control stick! If you did, simply re-enter the mini-mess 
hall and come back out. Remember, the point of view that shows link looking 
towards the camera is the good view. Unlike other complicated guides, if you've 
followed my one important instruction about not moving the Control Stick, all 
you will have to do is make Link run off the ledge to YOUR left or HIS right. 
Got it? This will bring you on a single ledge with one door. It's as simple as 
that, but it took me a few days to figure it out with other guides. Once you go 
into that door, stay where you are and draw your bow. Get ready, a guard will go 
right in front of you. Shoot her and you're free to take a right and go into the 
hallway and take a left into the final area. You'll find the final guy here. 
After you've done the normal standard stuff, another woman will come and present 
you a Membership Card which will let you move around the fortress without 
trouble from guards.

Congratulations! I hope you've found my guide helpful as a quick and easy way to 
find the four workers in the fortress. If you have ANY comments about my first 
FAQ, PLEASE e-mail me at KidteckCO@Hotmail.COM . Tell me if my maps were alright 
too. :)

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