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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitch Guide
This is a guide to help people understnad and perform the numerous glitches in
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Table of Contents:

 iV-Sequence Breaking
IV-Legal Stuffs
V-Contact Info


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a VERY glitchy game. It is likely that
even casual players or first time players will encounter one or two of these 
glitches while playing. Of course, glitches found in casual play aren't likely
to have any useful function, and are usually only good for aesthetic purposes. 
However, many glitches are very useful, and can open up many new paths, and 
allow players to play the game in a whole new way. Be warned, this guide is 
somewhat spoilerish for new players.


11/30/06 - First version; Minor, Moderate, and Major Glitch sections completed


This section is devided into five sub-sections. The first three are 
miscellanious glitches, ranked based on the impact and potential uses of the
glitches contained therein. The last two are specific types of glitches. 
I will also include the general difficulty level and practical uses of each 

   i-Minor Glitches

-Fall Through the Ground

This glitch is just as it sounds. To perform it, you must be close to the
boarder between one area and another, (such as the gate to the castle) and you
must be able to jump down from where you are. Using the castle gate as an 
example, climb up the chain and wait for nightfall. When the drawbridge has
risen, walk onto it and face the castle. Now, in order for this to work, you 
have to pass over the boarder between areas while falling. This one is simple,
so just jump off of the bridge, and keep pressing the analog stick forwards. 
If you did it right, you should fall through the ground instead of landing. 
After this, you'll just go into the next area as usual.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Practical Uses: None

-Invincible Deku Stick

This glitch allows you to have an unbreakable Deku Stick, but it only works
for as long as the stick is equiped. First, take out your Deku Stick, and find
a ledge with a wall close by. Face the wall, and jump off the ledge towards
it. In midair, press the button you have the stick assigned to to do a jump
attack. If you hit the wall, the deku stick will break in half, and when you
land, you'll have an invincible half of a deku stick. Furthermore, when you
change items, the deku stick will go back in your inventory.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Practical Uses: Conserve Deku Sticks

-Trap Navi

This glitch will trap Navi at the Altar of Time (Hooray!) To perform it, you
must be adult Link. Warp to the Temple of Time, and get onto the Altar.
Standing between the Goron's Ruby and the Zora's Saphire, face the Kokiri
Emerald and press A. Pull out your ocarina and play Saria's song. Talk to her
and jump down. You can walk around, and Navi will be trapped on the Altar.
Walk away from her and everything will be dark (although the light seems to 
shift every now and then.)

Difficulty: Very Easy
Practical Uses: None. 

-Glitch into Ganon's Castle

This glitch won't get you into the actual Ganon's Castle, but you are able to
get behind the wall from the outside. First, you need to have all the Sages 
freed, and have the bridge to Ganon's Castle. Just before you enter the 
castle, there is a small dirt ledge to the right of the doorway. Jump to it,
and take out the hookshot. There should be a dark portion of the wall that
you can hootshot onto, so do that. If you got the right angle, you'll fall
down on the other side of the wall, onto a second ledge. Press Z or C-up to 
see the inside. You can't really do anything here, as it's nothing but a small
ledge over the lake of lava.

Difficulty: Easy
Practical Uses: None

-Lens of Truth Doesn't Consume Magic

Just what the title says. To perform it, you need the Lens of Truth, and the
Song of Storms. Play the Song of Storms, and once it's done, quickly activate
the Lens of Truth. It won't be consuming magic!

Difficulty: Very Easy
Practical Uses: Conserving Magic 

-Power Crouch Stab

This glitch exploits the crouch stab (Shield+B) to deal fast, powerful
attacks. Most bosses can be killed VERY quickly using this, even Ganondorf. 
This is because the crouch stab saves the attack power of the last attack. 
So to utilize it to it's maximum potential, do a jump attack with the Megaton
Hammer/Giant's Knife, or Biggoron's Sword, and go into shielding position. 
From there, just crouch stab your way to victory! (Note: If you "save" the 
Megaton Hammer's attack, the crouch stab will damage/destroy boulders.)

Difficulty: Very Easy
Practical Uses: Killing powerful enemies VERY quickly.

-Swordless Link 1

This glitch is the original, the infamous, Swordless Link Glitch. It only
works in the 1.0 (original) version of the game. TO perform it, simply go
into the Ganon battle. He'll knock the Master Sword out of your hand, so once
you gain control of Link, simply save and restart. When you restart, you'll 
be swordless.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Practical Uses: Having fun with the Items on Epona glitches.

-Bomb Blast Jump

This glitch allows you to gain extra height on your jump from a bomb/bombchu.
to perform it, you will need to take out a bomb and let it run almost to it's
end. Jump, and press Z+R to release it. The bomb should explde beneath you, 
and give you extra height. Pressing B just after you drop it will give you
even more height. If using a bombchu, it should explode automatically when you
drop it.

Difficulty: Easy
Practical Uses: Sequence breaking, exploring

-Swordless Link 2

This swordless glitch can, again, only be done in the 1.0 version of the game.
Go to the fishing pond and pay to fish. Equip the hover boots, and run out 
over the water. While you're hovering, press B to cast. You can now run around 
freely, and leave wih the Rod still in your possession. Once outside, jump
into the lake, pause, and unpause. You will now be swordless. WARNING. Do not 
press B outside of the fishing pond while you still have the rod equiped. The 
game will freeze.

Difficulty: Easy
Practical Uses: Having Fun with the Items on Epona Glitches.

   ii-Moderate Glitches

-Ocarina Items

This glitch will allow you to play various items as if they were the ocarina.
To perform it, you will need a bottle, a fish, and another item. For the
purposes of this explination, we'll use the Bow. First, you need to make sure
that you have the Bow and the bottle asigned to C buttons. Now you need to 
make the bottle your active item. Do this by releasing the fish and catching
it again. Secondly, do a backflip. While you're in ther air you must quickly
press the button for the bottle, followed by the button for the Bow. If you
did it right, You'll land and pull out the Bow, but Link will have it up to 
his mouth as if it were the Ocarina. From this point you can play any song
you like.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Practical Uses: Allows for the Swordless Link in Any Version glitch

-Get Golden Scale Early

This glitch allows you to get the Golden Scale anytime after you first leave
Kokiri Village. To perform it, go to the Fishing Pond and catch a fish that
will earn you the Piece of Heart. Before going back to the Fisherman, swim
out to the center of the pond, make sure Navi isn't hover over any fish, and
press R+Z. You should be facing down, looking into the water. Don't let go of
the buttons, and swim over to the fisherman. Press A to talk with him (while
still holding R+Z) and have him weigh your fish. Instead of giving you the
Heart Piece, he'll give you the Golden Scale!

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate (depends largely on fishing skills)
Practical Uses: Skipping the silver Scale, sequence breaking.

-Swordless Link 3

This glitch has the same results as Swordless Link 1, but it's harder to pull
off. However, it can be used in ANY version of the game. :D To perform it, go
into battle with Ganon as usual, and perform the Ocarina Items glitch. Play
the Sun's Song, which will restart the battle and place an un-equiped Master
Sword in your inventory. Perform the Ocarina Items glitch again, and this 
time, play any warp song. You'll warp away (leaving Zelda alone with a giant
Pig Demon :P) and befree to run around swordless. Saving your game will not
affect your state of swordless...ness.

Difficulty: Moderate (what with Ganon running about)
Practical Uses: Having fun with the Items on Epona glitches.

-Infinite Skulltula Tokens

Just as the title says. You'll need the boomerang, and bombs/Song of Storms.
To perform this glitch, find any grotto with a Gold Skulltula in it. Kill it
and target the token. Throw the boomerang at it, and as it's coming back, 
back into the beam of light to go back to the surface. if the timing is right
you'll have the token, but the next time you go in, the Skulltula will still 
be there.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate (timing)
Practical Uses: Saving a lot of travel to get all the tokens/rewards.

-Eternal Sword

This is an interesting glitch. It forces the sword into an always-active 
attack state, causing it to have a white glow around it. To perform this
glitch, you need a sword (guh) and something you can interact with. People,
signs, rocks, bombs... all of these work. This glitch is easiest to perform 
with an "invincible" sign or a bilboard type thing, so head over to the 
Fishing Pond, and stand next to the bilboard out front. Alight yourself so 
that you're perpandicular to the sign, but close enough to it to that you 
can still see the "read" icon. Press R to shield, and press b to stab. Now 
here comes the tricky part. You need to activate the "read" command in 
mid-stab. It's hard to pull off at first, but you'll know when you've got it,
because your blade will be glowing white. You can run around with it at your 
side like this, slicing through anything you can cut (the sword is basically
performing hundreds of attacks per second.) You may notice a slight slow-down,
this is normal. In addition to the attack power, you won't be able to fall or
jump off of ledges. Note that if you are damaged, attack, or defend with your
shield, the glitch will turn off. Sheathing or switching items won't turn it
off, but remember that you have to attack to take your sword back out, thus
canceling the glitch. 

Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Practical Uses: Bomb Hover glitches, for fun.

-Bomb Hover 1

This is a fun glitch, but kinda tricky to pull off. In order to do this, you
MUST have the Eternal Sword Glitch activated. As stated before, Link can't 
fall while that glitch is activated, so go to any ledge, and stand with your
back to it. Now, Link will be able to fall if he completes a backflip, but if
you block a bomb blast in mid-flip, you'll get knocked back a bit, and stand 
hovering in mid-air. You can perform long chains of such jumps, but be 
careful, as it requires precise timing. So basically, back facing a ledge, 
take out a bomb and wait until just before it blows up. Drop it, backflip, 
and defend.

Difficulty: Hard (what with two glitches required)
Practical Uses: Sequence breaking, for fun.

-Bottom of the Well as Adult Link

Have you ever seen that hole in the Kakariko windmill? We're going there.
Longshot to the blue roof in entral Kakariko, and longshot into that hole from
there (there's a wooden post in the hole.) There will be a small staircase
in there, so go up it, and grab the Cucco at the top. Equip the hover boots
and run out of the hole up here, taking a sharp left as you exit. Turn the
corner and float down towards the graveyeard. When you get close to the fence,
throw the cucco over it, and quickly hit B to jump attack. You should end up
on, in or past the fence. In any case, grab the cucco again, then turn to face
the windmill. Get behind it so that you'll be aligned with the well, press Z
and walk backwards until the ground gives out. You will now be floating below 
Kakariko Village, so float towars the well. Do not go into the well. Instead,
when you're close to the edge of it, toss the cucco, and you should fall down
and enter the Bottom of the Well.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Practical Uses: None

-Crooked Cartridge Glitch


Anyways, this glitch will allow you to get past various barriers in the game, 
but nothing can be guarenteed, and as said before, it's is potentially 
damaging to your game. To excecute it, you need to go to the barrier you wish
to pass (such as Mido, or the boulders between the Lost Woods and Death 
Mountain)and slowly, and carefully lift the left side of the game cart out
until Link starts to glitch. Press forward at this point. If you don't pass
throught the barrier, carefully fiddle with the cartridge until you do. Make
sure you push it back in once you're done.

Practical Uses: Speed runs

-Bottle Duplication Glitch

This glitch will allow you get more than four bottles, but only by sacrificing
another item. First off, you will need a bottle, and be near something you can
put into it. Swing the bottle to catch whatever it is you chose, and just as
it comes in contact with the item, pause and switch the bottle with the item
you want to turn into a bottle. If you got the timing right, that item will
permanantly be a bottle. Warning, if you replace an item that you still need
in order to advance in the game, then you're screwed. Good items to replace 
are Deku Sticks, (after getting Din'S Fire) Claim Check, (after you get the
Biggoron Sword) Bombchu, or other such non-essensial items. An amusing thing
to note is that if you replace the Ocarina, one of the most essensial items in
the game, you WON'T have to restart, thanks to the Ocarina Items glitch.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Practical Uses: Carry more faeries/potions etc...

   iii-Major Glitches
Currently, the only Major Glitches I have in this guide are Sequence Breaking
ones and are therefore in the next section.

   iv-Sequence Breaking

Sequence breaking, for those who don't know, is the act of exploiting glitches
or excecuting difficult maneuvers to get items or locations not normally 
available at that point in the game. Often times, it can create new, 
challenging and exciting ways to play the game. The Metroid series is well 
known for it's sequence breaking opportuntities.

There are many ways to sequence break in OoT. Some of them have already been
explained here in this guide, some have not. For the ones that haven't, I'll
write a short summary in this section.

-Get the Silver Gauntlets Early

This glitch is actually three in one, but since they all achieve the same 
goal, I'm packing them all together. Using this sequence of glitches, you can
access the Gerudo Fortress and Haunted Wasteland as a child, meaning you can
skip the Goron's Bracelet, as once you recieve the Silver Gauntlets, the game
assumes you already have the Bracelet, and fills in the blank.

Part One:
Go to Gerudo Valley as a child, and grab the cucco there. Go to the far end of
the bridge and find the small support beam that sticks up. Jump onto it, and 
align yourself with the gate diagonally. IMPORTANT: Watch the movement of the
guards behind the gate before you continue. When the guards are at a safe 
distance, jump towards the gate. When you're just about to hit it, QUICKLY
toss the cucco and hit B to slash. If your timing was right, you'll be on top
of the gate. Jump down and get away from the guards before you're caught.
Continue on to the Fortress and the gate to the Wasteland.

Part Two:
Climb the ladder next to the second gate, and turn around to face the ladder
again at the top. You need to align yourself so that you can do a side jump to
the left.Get as close to the ladder as you can and make the jump, landing on
the cliff close by. Walk past the gate and jump down to the other side, but
beware; if you stray too far on the cliff, you'll fall into nothingness.

Part Three:
Once in the Wasteland, go towards the far end of the quicksand that blocks you
Normally, you'll sink in this stuff, but Link's backwalk (Z+reverse) is quick
enough to get across. The slope is kinder at the far end of the quicksand, so 
cross there. Once back on normal sand, head to the boxes, and follow the flags
to the momument. IMPORTANT: From here on you need to have the path through the
wastland memorised (it's easier than it seems, don't worry.) Make your way 
through the remainder of the wasteland to the Desert Colossus. Before you go
through the Spirit Temple, enter it and exit it again to learn the Requiem of

Difficulty: Very Hard
Practical Uses: Speed runs

-Shadow Temple Early

Making use of magic beans, Bomb Blast Jump glitch, and seam walking, one can
enter the Shadow Temple without Din's Fire, the Lens of Truth, or the Nocturne
of Shadow. In fact, you can enter the Shadow Temple immediatly after becoming
an adult, if you wish. As a child, plant a magic bean in the graveyard. When
you return as an adult, use it to get to the ledge with the crate/heart piece.
DO NOT DESTROY THE CRATE. Stand on top of it instead, with your back to the 
graveyard. Perform the Bomb Blast Jump glitch to get over to the ledge you 
see before you. If you land on the ledge, slowly move forwards to the "seam."
You'll know what I mean when you see it. Follow the seam carefully until you 
are over the entrance to the torch chamber, and ready yourself for a side jump
into the chamber. If you do the jump right, you'll be in the chamber, but 
neither the torches nor the seal blocking the temple will be there. Proceed in
and play as normal.

Difficulty: Hard
Practical Uses: Speed runs

-Enter the Ice Cavern as a Kid

To do this glitch, you will need the slingshot, bombs, bombchus, and a shild.
Go to Lord Jabu-Jabu, and hop onto the left railing. Perform the Eternal Sword
Glitch with a bomb (toss it before it explodes, or it won't work.) This next 
part requires a different brand of Bomb Hovering that I'm a bit hazzy on, but
I know the basics. Stand on the middle on the railing and press Z. Pull out 
the sling shot, and aim it slightly upwards. Now, this next part gives me a
lot of trouble due to the timing, so bear with me. You need too fire the seed,
pull out a bombchu, backflip, drop the bombchu and shild almost simultaneously. 
If it works, you'll have the same result as Bomb Hover 1. Lather rinse and 
repeat until you get to the rock face behind you. From there, simply run 
towards the Ice Cavern. The ground will give out when you're close to it and
you'll fall through. You'll see the entrace to the Cavern below you, so press
B to slash and land on the floor.

Difficulty: Hard
Potential Uses: Speed Runs

-Skip Forest, Water and Fire

If you use the Shadow Temple Early (see above) and Silver Gauntlets Early (see
above) glitches, you can skip the first three temples, as the game assumes 
that if you've beaten the Shadow and Spirit Temple, that you must have beaten
the other temples as well. Furthermore, if you use the Skip the Trials in 
Ganon's Tower (see above) glitch, you only need to make a short trip into the
Forest Temple to get the Bow (which you would have needed to do anyways.)

Difficulty: VERY Hard
Practical Uses: Speed runs, testing your skills

-Skip The Trials in Ganon's Tower

That's right, you don't have to do all those mini dungeons just to get to
Ganondorf! It's a fairly simple glitch to activate, it's what happens after
that can be tricky. First, enter the Spirit mini-dungeon. See that Armos 
Statue in front of you, just to the right? Grab it and drag it to the left
of the door, so that it's right edge lines up with the inner left side of the 
door frame. Now face the corner that the statue makes with the wall and jump
attack it from a close range. It'll take a few tries, but eventually, you'll
push through the wall. Now, the main room doesn't quite load correctly when
you do this, which is both what make this glitch work, and what makes it so 
annoying. You'll be in the main room, but all you'll be able to see is the 
room you just came from, and the beams from each mini-dungeon (the beams may
or may not load. I've done this glitch three times, and the beams loaded twice
of the three...) Use the beams to alight yourself with the bridge, and cross 
over. If the beams aren't there, the only thing you can do is try and find
the carpet by the entry door (based on the sound it makes.) Anyways, the 
barrier doesn't load when you gltch through the wall, so you're free to pass 
into Ganon's Tower!

Difficulty: Moderate
Practical Uses: Speed runs


IV-Legal Stuffs

This guide is Copyright (c) 2006 Ben Johnson.

Presently, the only site/person/entity authorised to present this guide is 

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

V-Contact Info
I can be reached Via email at lordcanti@30gigs.com
I will gladly welcome constructive criticism, suggestions, and any questions
not pertaining to the Triforce. :P


Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto, for making the game
The many, many gamers who spent their time to find these glitches.
CjayC, for making this site.
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