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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

This is my first attempt at any kind of FAQ, I saw that the other Gossip 
Stone FAQ was missing quite a few stones and I couldn't contact the creator 
to have him make some updates.

This entire document is (C) 2006 Jason Ricker. All trademarks are property 
of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my 
permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website, 
making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or 
making reference to any material contained within.

All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email 
me at kanzen_muketsu@yahoo.com to enquire about gaining permission to use 
this document.

- Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -


Gossip Stones properties:
-You can hit them with the Megaton Hammer and they'll flatten out for a few 
 seconds them pop back up and laugh at you.
-You can use magic on them and they'll spin around while stretching then 
 laugh at you.
-You can use a bomb or bombchu on them and they'll start flashing them 
 shoot off and if there's something above them they'll blow up when they
 hit it.  
-And any time during any of this (and before they shoot off) you can hit 
 them and they'll shake then tell you the time.
-And most importantly if you put on the mask of truth and talk to them 
they'll tell you gossip (imagine that).

*I've only found their time telling function useful when trying to do the 
grave digging tour in the graveyard since it is only open from 6 to 9.*

You can also talk to the stone bird above the gate at Hyrule Castle and it
will tell you the time as well.  We still don't know of anything this can 
be used for other than it's time telling feature.


About the time:
If you play the sun's song while in a place where time doesn't pass it 
inverts the time of day (from day to night or night to day) by making it 
either noon or midnight.  However if you play the sun's song in a place 
where time does pass it inverts the time of day by making it either sunrise 
or sunset.

Gossip Stones and music:
-If you play the Song of Storms or the Sun's Song (where time does pass) 
in front of a Gossip Stone you'll get a fairy spirit that will fill up your 
life and magic.
-If you play Zelda's lulaby, Saria's song, Eponia's song, or the song of 
time you'll get a regular fairy that fills up just your life.
-Nothing happens if you play any of the warp songs or the scarecrow's song 
in front of them.

You can only get one fairy from them each time on the screen, in order to 
get another you'll have to leave and reenter the area.


Outside the Temple of Time
From left to right:
"They say that Malon set the original record in the obstacle course of Lon 
Lon Ranch."

"They say that Malon of Lon Lon Ranch hopes that a knight in shining armor 
will come and sweep her off her feet someday."

"They say that it is against the rules to use glasses at the Treasure Chest 
Game in Hyrule Castle Town Market."
[Use the lens of truth and you can see through the treasure chests.]

"They say that Gerudos sometimes come to Hyrule Castle Town Market to look 
for boyfriends."
[Not a clue never seen Gerudos anywhere outside of their fortress and the 
Spirit Temple.]

Outside Hyrule Castle
On the platform just past the climbable vine wall:
"They say that if you get close to a butterfly while holding a Deku Stick 
in your hands, something good will happen."
[If you let a butterfly land on a deku stick it will turn into a fairy.]

In the corner past the climbable stone wall:
"They say that, contrary to her elegant image, Princess Zelda of Hyrule 
Castle is actually a tomboy!"

In the hole next to the tree inside the castle fence (requires song of 
"They say that you may find something new in dungeons you have already 
[Go back into the deku tree with bombs and dodongo's cavern as an adult 
with the scarecrow song to get the gold skulitas.]

Desert Colossus
To the left of the entrance to the spirit temple:
"They say that the treasure you can earn in the Gerudos Training Ground is 
not as great as you'd expect, given its difficulty!"
[Hey the arrows kill likelikes in one hit and the only thing like shooting 
a Wolfos in the back with a frozen arrow is using a flaming one.]

Kakoriko Village
Outside Shadow Temple warp point, in the Graveyard:
"They say that there is a secret near a tree in Kakariko Village."
[Bomb near the tree to expose a hole with 2 redeads inside after defeating 
them you get 200 rupees.]

Death Mountain Path
On a ledge on the cliff wall leading up Death Mountain:
"They say that Biggoron's Sword is super-sharp and will never break."

Death Mountain Crater
From the death mountain entrance run to the right where you'll see a board 
leading up to another platform, in the corner is a bombable wall with the 
stone behind it:
"They say that Medigoron didn't really think about his own size so his 
store is really cramped."
[It is cramped...he's a huge (m/g)oron and it's small.]

Goron City
Inside the stone maze on the top floor:
"They say that there is a secret around the entrance to Gerudo Valley."
[Referring to a hole exposable by bombing in the middle of a circle of 
rocks mentioned a little further down.]

Next to Medigoron in side his Blacksmith shop:
"They say that Ganondorf is not satisfied with ruling only the Gerudo and 
aims to conquer all of Hyrule!"
[Imagine that.]

Lost Woods
Next to the deku scrub who sells the stick upgrade below the bridge you 
cross leading to kokori village:
"They say that when non-fairy folk enter the Lost Woods they become 
[Note that every group of skull kids has a piece of heart you can get from 
them...so maybe foreigners in the forest isn't a bad thing...]

Sacred Forest Meadow
In the corner near the Minuete of Forest warp point:
"They say that it's possible to find a total of 100 Gold Skulltulas 
throughout Hyrule."

On top of the maze walls, stone nearest the middle:
"They say that the strange owl, Kaepora Gaebora, may look big and heavy, 
but its character is rather lighthearted."

On top of the maze walls, stone nearest the entrance
"They say that the owl named Kaepora Gaebora is the reincarnation of an 
Ancient Sage."

Kokiri Forest
Next to the entrance to the Lost Woods
"They say that the small holes in the ground that you can find all over 
Hyrule make perfect breathing ground for bugs."
[All the stones in these holes always say the same thing.]

To the left of the Great Deku Tree
"They say that the Kokiri are always followed by small fairies."

Behind and to the right of the Great Deku Tree (note: the gameshark is NOT 
required to talk to this stone):
"They say that one Kokiri has left the forest, and he is still alive!"
[This is talking about Link for the same reason Ruto called Shiek a 'he' so 
they didn't spoil the rest of the game.]

Zora's River
In the shallow water by the waterfall which hides Zora's domain entrance
"They say that Princess Zelda's nanny is actually one of the Shekiah, who 
many thought had died out."

Out on the lone platform used to access the near by piece of heart:
"They say that there is a man who can always be found running around Hyrule 
[I wouldn't really call that running, if he doesn't have the bunny hood 
since you can walk backwards faster.]

Zora's Domain
In the shallow water between King Zora and the platform you stand on to 
talk to it:
"They say that players who select HOLD option for Z-Targeting are the real 
Zelda players!"
[I always found this easier than the default setting.]

Lord Jabu Jabu's Shrine
In the shallows to the left of Lord Jabujabu against the wall:
"They say that there is a secret near the lone tree which is not far from 
the river in the North-West part of Hyrule field."
[Bomb the tree between the river and Lon Lon ranch and there's a piece of 
heart under water the requires either the iron boots or gold scale to get 

Next to the entrance to great Fairy Fountain
"They say that you can swim faster by continually pressing B."
[At least it makes the trip back easier.]

Gerudo Valley
To the left of the waterfall
"They say that the thief named Nabooru, who haunts this area, is a Gerudo."

Lake Hylia
To the left of the entrance from Hyrule Field across the thin land bridge
"They say that that there's a secret on the road to Lake Hylia."
[Bomb in the middle of the square fenced in area to find a hole with a 
business scrub who sells a piece of heart for 10 rupees.]

In the shallows of the lake at the top right corner of the map, diagonal 
from the island with the grave with the owl on it:
"They say that Ruto, the Zora Princess who is known for her selfish nature, 
likes a certain boy..."

In the shallows of the lake at the top left corner of the map, diagonal 
from the island where the fire arrows land:
"They say that the chicken lady goes to the lake side laboratory to study 
how to make pocket sized cuccos."

Dodongo's Cavern
On the left side wall in the main room
"They say that Gerudos worship Ganondorf like a god."

Hyrule Field
Inside a hole by Gerudo Valley accessible by bombing in the middle of the 
circle of rocks:
"They say that there is a switch you can only activate by using the spin 
[I was thinking this was the switch in the spirit barrier that you use
bombchus on but the spin won't reach it.  In the water temple there's a 
switch on the other side of a gate but it can be hit with a jump 
attack...any clues?]

In every small hole with a gossip stone, treasure chest, fish, plants with 
bugs under them, and bee hives in the corners the gossip stones all say the 
same thing:
"They say that the horse Ganondorf rides is a solid black Gerudo stallion."
[He's got a black horse...so what.  Maybe they ran out of mysterious things 
to say?]


If you have any interpretations to the Gossip Stones' quotes that I don't 
have listed, answers to any of the questions I had, or Gossip Stones that 
I've missed please let me know; along with any general comments.  I can be 
reached at kanzen_muketsu@yahoo.com.

Well that's it.  I'd like to thank mainly tbrown@mail.utexas.edu who, due 
to absence, semi-forced/inspired me to write this FAQ.  Also barryc100588 
who tried to hit the switch in the spirit barrier with the spin attack and 
confirmed that the attack won't reach even with the Biggoron's Sword since 
my game wasn't there yet.  Thanks to onix who reminded me about the stone 
bird that tells time.  

And now for the big people, thanks to Nintendo for making the game and for 
Cjayc for making this site for me to submit my FAQ to.  And thank you for 
reading my FAQ.
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