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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Piece of Heart/Gold Skulltula Walkthrough
Version 2.5 - Modified on May 27, 1999 at 1:58 PM PST
By LightRanma@aol.com
Copyright 1999


Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Version History
III. Pieces of Heart Guide
IV. Gold Skulltula Guide
V. Great Fairy Guide
VI. Young Link's Trading Sequence
VII. Adult Link's Trading Sequence
VIII. Capacity Upgrades
IX. Secrets/Glitches
X. Conclusion
XI. Thanks


I. Introduction

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another one of my FAQs.  This one is a FAQ on 
some of the tougher aspects of Zelda 64 - namely, getting all of the Pieces of 
Heart and killing all those Gold Skulltulas.  Also, as a bonus, I've added some 
extra sections to help get you through the game.  The bulk of this FAQ will be 
on the Pieces of Heart and the Gold Skulltulas, though.  I hope you enjoy this.  
As always, please E-mail me for permission before you use this FAQ anywhere on 
your site or whatever.  Thanks!


II. Version History

Version 1.0 - Original version of this FAQ.
Version 1.1 - Added second Deku Nut Upgrade.
Version 1.3 - Added Secrets/Glitches Section, added info about the first Deku 
Nut Upgrade. 
Version 1.4 - Added info about the infinite Gold Rupee.
Version 1.7 - Added info about Farore's Wind, added three rumors, and added 
another glitch, added warp info about Adult Link's Trading Sequence, corrected 
spacing errors.
Version 2.0 - Found the Fire Sword Code to be untrue, found the Sky Temple Rumor 
to be untrue, added URL to the Odyssey of Hyrule website, added Triforce 
Version 2.5 - Found the Ice Sword Code to be untrue, found the Pegasus Boots 
Code to be untrue, proved the "Use C Buttons hile Riding Epona" Glitch, changed 
the URL for the Odyssey of Hyrule.  Final version of this FAQ!


III. Pieces of Heart Guide

Here, I'll tell you where to get every Piece of Heart.  First, I'll give the 
Piece number, followed by the minimum item you need, what Link it can be 
obtained by, and finally, how exactly to get it.  There are a total of 36 
Pieces, making a total of nine optional Heart Containers.  Enjoy.


YL - Can only be obtained as Young Link
AL - Can only be obtained as Adult Link
EL - Can be obtained as either Link
BL - Must be obtained using both Links 

Hyrule Field: 2 Pieces

1 - Bombs - EL - Outside the entrance to Lake Hylia, there is a fenced in area 
of land.  Throw a bomb into the middle of the area, and the bomb will uncover a 
hole where you can get a Piece of Heart.
2 - Iron Boots - AL - Plant a bomb near a tree in the northwestern part of 
Hyrule Field, which will uncover a secret cave.  Drop to the bottom of the pond 
using the Iron Boots, where the Piece of Heart rests.

Lost Woods: 2 Pieces

1 - Fairy Ocarina - YL - Go left from the start, and jump up onto the log.  
You'll find a Skull Kid, who, if you take out your Ocarina, will ask you to play 
something.  Play Saria's Song, and he will consider you a friend and give you a 
Piece of Heart.
2 - Fairy Ocarina - YL - Go to the area with the target hanging from the tree 
(it's on the way to the Sacred Forest Meadow, so you won't miss it) and drop 
down.  Hop up on the log, whip out your Ocarina, and two Skull Kids will appear, 
asking you to follow along with them.  This game is kinda like "Simon".  Win 
three times, I think, and they will reward you with a Piece of Heart.  Don't 
worry if they give you a Green Rupee or Blue Rupee - they'll give you the Piece 

Hyrule Market: 3 Pieces

1 - No Item - YL - Enter Hyrule Market at night, and talk to the fat woman in 
one of the houses in the Back Alley.  She'll tell you that her dog is missing.  
Go back to the main area, and run into the dog near the Bazaar to make him 
follow you.  Take him back to the woman and she'll reward you with a Piece of 
2 - 30 Rupees - YL - Go to the Bombchu Bowling Game after it has opened, and 
play until you recieve the Piece of Heart.  It's quite annoying.  Good luck!
3 - 10 Rupees - YL - Go to Hyrule Market at night, and enter the building with 
lights on.  This is the Treasure Box Game.  You can play at this game right now 
and have almost no chance of winning, or you can come back when you have the 
Lens of Truth to cheat and win easily.  I recommend doing the latter, since 
there's no penalty for doing so, and it's a waste of Rupees to do otherwise.

Lon Lon Ranch: 1 Piece

1 - No Item - YL - Go to the stables at the back of Lon Lon Ranch (the small 
room with two cows), and rearrange the boxes to where you can crawl through the 
small opening in the wall.  Crawl through, and you'll find a Piece of Heart 
waiting for you.

Kakariko Village: 4 Pieces

1 - No Item - BL - There are MANY ways to do this.  The first, and perhaps most 
complicated way, is to take a Cucco, make your way up to the thin ledge where 
one of the carpenters runs around, and jump off of there to the small ledge 
above the Cucco Pen.  The second, and easier way, is to wait until you can get 
an owl ride from the top of Death Mountain.  The owl will drop you off on top of 
the roof of the house, so that you can easily hop from the roof to the ledge 
below.  The third way is to wait until you get the Hookshot as Adult Link and 
grapple to the roof, although I don't recommend waiting that long to get this 
Piece.  Remember - the sooner you get the Pieces, the better!
2 - No Item - AL - As Young Link, you can go inside of the windmill and see this 
Piece sitting on a ledge.  As Adult Link, once you win DampŽ's Race, you will 
resurface at a ledge in the windmill where you can jump to one of the spinning 
ledges and then to the Piece.
3 - No Item - BL - The prize for bagging 50 Gold Skulltulas is a Piece of Heart.  
Talk to one of the rescued kids in the House of Skulltula to get it.
4 - Hookshot - AL - Some people say that you must have the Longshot to get this 
Piece, but they're wrong.  Just go to the ledge in the village where the door to 
the inside of the windmill is, jump on top of the fence, and grapple to the roof 
with a man sitting on top.  Talk to him, and he'll give you a Piece of Heart.  
(Gee, the people in this game are generous, aren't they...?)

Kakariko Graveyard: 4 Pieces

1 - Fairy Ocarina - EL - After you learn the Sun's Song, move a gravestone (I 
forgot which one) in the Graveyard, and play the Sun's Song in the room under 
the grave.  This will make a chest appear that contains a Piece of Heart.
2 - Magic Beans - BL - As Young Link, plant a Magic Bean in the plot of soil at 
the Graveyard.  As Adult Link, ride the Magic Plant up to a ledge and bash the 
crate to reveal a Piece of Heart.
3 - 20 Rupees - YL - Go to the Graveyard between 6:00 and 8:00 PM, and 
participate in "DampŽ's Heart-Pounding Grave-Digging Tour".  Have him dig in the 
soil (not the stone) along the path he walks, and you'll find the Piece of Heart 
in a random location.
4 - No Item - AL - Race DampŽ's spirit in the Graveyard and win in one minute or 
less, AFTER getting the Hookshot.  Rolling the whole way really helps.

Death Mountain Trail: 1 Piece

1 - Magic Beans - BL - As Young Link, plant a Magic Bean in the plot of soil in 
front of Dodongo's Cavern, and ride the Magic Plant up to the platform above 
Dodongo's Cavern as Adult Link.

Goron City: 1 Piece

1 - Bombs - YL - First, go to the bottom floor, and then, using a Deku Stick and 
the flaming torch in Darunia's Room, light all of the torches around the huge 
Goron Statue.  This will make the statue spin.  Now, go up to the floor above 
you, and, using either a Bomb Flower or one of your own Bombs (I recommend the 
former), toss it into the statue through the opening.  When it explodes, you'll 
get a random prize, and eventually, it will be a bunch of rupees with a Piece of 

Death Mountain Crater: 2 Pieces

1 - No Item - EL - Go straight ahead and to the left from the entrace, and go to 
the very edge of the platform.  Walk off very slowly, and you'll discover that 
it's actually a climable wall.  Climb down the wall and into a small alcove 
where a Piece of Heart rests.
2 - Magic Beans - BL - As Young Link, play the Bolero of Fire (learned from 
Sheik) to warp to the Fire Temple, and then plant a Magic Bean at the plot of 
soil there.  Return as Adult Link, and you can ride the Magic Plant to the top 
of a volcano where a well-hidden Piece of Heart rests.

Zora's River: 4 Pieces

1 - No Item - YL - Get the Cucco at the beginning of the area to the area where 
you can see the tall rock pillar where this Piece rests.  Jump across the small 
gap to the left, and follow the ledge to where you'd usually jump off to 
continue.  Instead of doing that, take a running jump and float to the just-
about-out-of-reach ledge, and toss the Cucco at the last moment to grab ahold of 
the ledge.  Jump from there to the rock pillar and claim the Piece.
2 - No Item - YL - If you can, get the Cucco again and continue to the waterfall 
right in front of the entrace to Zora's Domain.  (If you lost the Cucco, just go 
back to the beginning of the area to get it again).  This is an easy one - just 
jump from the ledge closest to where the Piece of Heart is, and you'll float 
right to it.  Simple.
3 - Ocarina of Time - YL - Play the Song of Storms for the group of frogs, and 
they'll give you a Piece of Heart.  Remember, the Song of Storms can only be 
learned as an Adult.  Also, you must have played all of your other songs 
(Zelda's Lullaby, Saria's Song, Epona's Song, Sun's Song, and Song of Time) to 
make every frog large before you can do this.
4 - Ocarina of Time - YL - Win the bug-eating game with the frogs to earn 
another Piece.  You must have already gotten Piece 3 before you can do this.

Zora's Domain: 1 Piece

1 - Deku Stick - YL - Starting from King Zora's Room, light all of the torches 
in order, ending with the ones behind the waterfall.  It's pretty linear.  If 
you can't do it the first time, start over, and make SURE to run your stick 
through every torch to make the flame last longer.  Doing all of this will make 
a treasure chest containing a Piece appear between the two torches behind the 

Zora's Fountain: 2 Pieces

1 - No Item - AL - This is easy - just jump from ice cap to ice cap until you 
get to the Piece.
2 - Iron Boots - AL - Sink to the very bottom of Zora's Fountain to find a Piece 
of Heart.

Lake Hylia: 3 Pieces

1 - 20 Rupees - YL - Catch a 10-lb or bigger fish at the Fishing Pond, not using 
the illegal lure.
2 - Magic Bean - BL - Plant a Magic Bean in the plot of soil in front of the 
Lake Hylia Laboratory as Young Link, and use the Magic Plant to ride up to the 
roof as an Adult.  Once on the roof, climb all the way up the ladder (watch out 
for the Crows!) and you'll get the Piece.  Check out the view!
3 - Gold Scale/Iron Boots - EL - As Young or Adult Link, you can use the Gold 
Scale to dive to the bottom of the pool in the Lake Hylia Laboratory.  As Adult 
Link, you can use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of the pool.  In both 
cases, make sure you talk to the man before and after to get your Piece.

Gerudo Valley: 2 Pieces

1 - No Item - YL - Use the Cucco to glide behind the waterfall in the canyon, 
where you'll find a hidden alcove containing a Piece of Heart.
2 - No Item - YL - Use the Cucco again to float to the left, away from the 
waterfall, to a small ledge on the other side of the canyon (it's the ledge with 
a crate on it).  Bash the crate, and you'll find another Piece of Heart.  For a 
kick, toss the Cucco into the water below.  Once it hits the water, it'll go 
nuts and fly up and over the canyon, into space or something.  Super Cucco!!  

Gerudo Fortress: 2 Pieces

1 - Longshot/Ocarina of Time - AL - Make your way up to the very top of Gerudo 
Fortress, where you can see a treasure chest on the roof.  You can either 
grapple directly to the chest using the Longshot, or, if you've learned the 
Scarecrow's Song, summon Pierre the Scarecrow and grapple to him using the 
Hookshot.  Open the chest to recieve your Piece.
2 - Epona - AL - Play the Horseback Archery Game and score 1,000 points or more, 
and the woman will reward you with a Piece of Heart.

Ice Cavern - 1 Piece

1 - Empty Bottle/Blue Fire - AL - I'm not going to explain how to get to this 
one in dungeon terms, but if you dissolve every Red Ice wall, you'll find this 
secret room with a Blue Fire torch, a Piece of Heart, and a Gold Skulltula.  
Just use Blue Fire to melt the Red Ice surrounding the Piece of Heart.

Desert Colossus: 1 Piece 

1 - Magic Bean - BL - First, play the Requiem of Spirit to warp to the Spirit 
Temple as Young Link.  There, plant a Magic Bean in the plot of soil.  Return as 
Adult Link and use the Magic Plant to get on top of the stone arch where the 
final Piece rests.

Congrats!  You should have all 20 Heart Containers now!


IV. Gold Skulltula Guide

Here, you'll find out where to get every single Gold Skulltula in the game.  
There are 100.. good luck!  The lay out is the same as the Piece of Heart Guide, 
but with much shorter explanations.  Remember, Gold Skulltulas can only be found 
at night, unless they're hidden in trees or crates.


YL - Can only be obtained as Young Link
AL - Can only be obtained as Adult Link
EL - Can be obtained as either Link
BL - Must be obtained using both Links

- The Rewards for Killing the Skulltulas -

10 Skulltulas - Adult's Wallet.  Allows you to carry 200 Rupees.  Yeah!
20 Skulltulas - Stone of Agony.  Makes your Rumble Pak (if you have one) rumble 
when there is a nearby secret.  Very cool.
30 Skulltulas - Giant's Wallet.  Allows you to carry 500 Rupees.  Cha-ching!
40 Skulltulas - Bombchu.  An unpredictable bomb that can travel up walls.  What 
a letdown..
50 Skulltulas - Piece of Heart.  1/4 of a Heart Container.  Duh!
100 Skulltulas - Infinite Huge Rupee.  Worth 200 Rupees each time.  You can keep 
getting this over and over, allowing for unlimited Rupees, but it's still 

Kokiri Forest: 3 Gold Skulltulas

1 - No Item - YL - In the back of the Know-It-All Bros. House.
2 - Bug - YL - Drop a bug on the plot of soil next to the Item Store.  Out pops 
a Skulltula!
3 - Hookshot - AL - In the back of the House of Twins.

Hyrule Field: 2 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Bombs - EL - Plant a bomb inside of the stone circle in front of the Gerudo 
Valley entrance to uncover a cave.
2 - Bombs - EL - Plant a bomb next to a tree on the east side of Hyrule Field.

Hyrule Market: 1 Gold Skulltula

1 - No Item - YL - Bash into a box in the Guard Room (the room with all the 

Hyrule Castle: 2 Gold Skulltulas

1 - No Item - YL - Bash into the tree straight ahead from the entrance area.
2 - Ocarina of Time - YL - Play the Song of Storms near the tree where you first 
met Talon.

Lon Lon Ranch: 4 Gold Skulltulas

1 - No Item - YL - Bash into the tree near the entrance.
2 - No Item - YL - On the back of the small corral shed.
3 - Boomerang - YL - On the outer wall, northwest of the storage shed (the room 
with the two cows).
4 - Boomerang - YL - On second story window of Talon and Malon's house.

Kakariko Village: 6 Gold Skulltulas

1 - No Item - YL - Bash into the tree near the entrance.
2 - No Item - YL - On the side of the House of Skulltula.
3 - No Item - YL - On the stack of bricks.
4 - No Item - YL - On the side of the Graveyard Kid's house.
5 - Fairy Slingshot - YL - On the observation tower (on the ladder).
6 - Hookshot - AL - On top of Impa's House.

Kakariko Graveyard: 2 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Boomerang - YL - On the outer wall, right of the Royal Family's Tomb.
2 - Bug - YL - Empty a Bug onto the plot of soil.

Lost Woods: 3 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Bug - YL - Go left from the start, and then go through the log at the end of 
the area.  Empty a Bug onto the plot of soil.
2 - Bug - YL - Go to the area with the tall grass and the Forest Stage.  Empty a 
bug onto the plot of soil there.
3 - Magic Bean - BL - Plant a Magic Bean in the soil for Skulltula 2 as Young 
Link, and come back as Adult Link, where you will find a Magic Plant that will 
take you up to a platform where a Skulltula is hiding.

Sacred Forest Meadow: 1 Gold Skulltula

1 - Hookshot - AL - Climb up on top of the hedges in the hedge maze, and, 
assuming you're facing Kokiri Forest, it's on the left outer wall.

Death Mountain Trail: 4 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Bug - YL - Drop a Bug onto the plot of soil in front of Dodongo's Cavern.
2 - Bombs - YL - Inside the first bombable wall on the right side.  Once you 
kill it, you CAN get the Token - it doesn't look like it, but the wall IS 
3 - Megaton Hammer - AL - Smash the red boulder in the area where you threw the 
Bomb Flower to open up Dodongo's Cavern.
4 - Megaton Hammer - AL - Smash the red boulder in the volcanic eruption area.

Goron CIty: 2 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Bombs - YL - Go to the Boulder Maze room (on the top floor), and make your 
way to the end.  Bash the crate there.
2 - Hookshot - AL - Go to the center platform suspended by ropes, stand on one 
of the side ropes, and fire your Hookshot at the Skulltula on the back of the 
Goron's Ruby holster.

Death Mountain Crater: 2 Gold Skulltulas

1 - No Item - YL - Bash the crate at the entrance to the area.
2 - Bug - YL - Drop a bug onto the plot of soil.

Zora's River: 4 Gold Skulltulas

1 - No Item - YL - Bash the tree at the entrance.
2 - No Item - YL - On the ladder near the waterfall in front of Zora's Domain.
3 - Hookshot - AL - Near the Fairy Fountain at the top area.  From that 
platform, check the south outer wall, and bag the Skulltula.
4 - Hookshot - AL - Look up and to your left while on the bridge near the 
waterfall, and you'll see it.  Jump up on the fence past the bridge, and the 
Hookshot will just barely reach.

Zora's Domain: 1 Gold Skulltula

1 - Hookshot - AL - Go to the area where the Zora man gave you the Silver Scale 
(above the waterfall).  Stand on the edge of the platform, look to your left, 
and you'll find it.

Zora's Fountain: 3 Gold Skulltulas

1 - No Item - YL - Bash the southeast corner tree.
2 - Boomerang - YL - On the outer wall, west of the fallen log.
3 - Silver Gauntlets - AL - Lift the boulder near the Fairy Fountain entrance 
where you got Farore's Wind.  You'll have to go through an area infested with 
invisible Big Skulltulas before you reach the Gold Skulltula.

Lake Hylia: 5 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Boomerang - YL - On the back of the Lake Hylia Laboratory.
2 - Bug - YL - Empty a Bug onto the plot of soil in front of the Laboratory.
3 - No Item - YL - On the Fire Arrow platform.
4 - Longshot - AL - Grapple to the top of the tree (where the Serenade of Water 
Warp Point is).  It's harder than it sounds.
5 - Iron Boots - AL - Sink to the bottom of the pool in the Laboratory, and bash 
the crate there.  I didn't know spiders could survive in water..

Gerudo Valley: 4 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Bug - YL - Empty a Bug onto the plot of soil at the bottom of the canyon.
2 - Boomerang - YL - On the waterfall opening (the mini waterfall near the 
entrace, not the huge one).
3 - Hookshot - AL - Behind the carpenters' tent.
4 - Hookshot - AL - Under the stone arch across from the tent.

Gerudo Fortress: 2 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Hookshot - AL - Go to where you can grapple to the treasure chest containing 
the Piece of Heart, and look down in the big gap, along the outer wall.
2 - Hookshot - AL - On one of the horseback archery targets.

Haunted Wasteland: 1 Gold Skulltula

1 - Hookshot - AL - Inside the stone structure where you meet the invisible 

Desert Colossus - 3 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Bug - YL - Warp to the Spirit Temple using the Requiem of Spirit, and empty 
a Bug onto the plot of soil near the entrance.
2 - Hookshot - AL - On the palm tree by the dry Fairy Fountain (pond).
3 - Magic Bean - AL - Use the same Magic Plant you used to get the Piece of 
Heart to get to the high stone platform on the right.

Inside the Deku Tree - 4 Gold Skulltulas

1 - No Item - YL - 1F, in the room with the three rising platforms, on the south 
2 - Fairy Slingshot - YL - B1, on the vines leading back up to 1F.
3 - No Item - YL - B1, on the wooden bars at the north side of the room.  The 
Token can be acquired by jumping.
4 - Bombs, Boomerang - YL - B1, in the room behind the bombable wall.

Dodongo's Cavern - 5 Gold Skulltulas

1 - No Item - YL - 1F, behind one of the bombable walls that the Baby Dodongos 
2 - No Item - YL - 2F, on the vines in the room where you blew the stairs down.
3 - Bombs - YL - 1F, the northern-most room, behind the Armos.
4 - Boomerang - YL - 2F, in the stair room, there's a Skulltula in a hidden 
alcove if you look up and forward from the stairs.
5 - Ocarina of Time, Hookshot - AL - 1F, in the room with the Baby Dodongos, 
summon Pierre using the Scarecrow Song when Navi turns green, but there doesn't 
seem to be anything there.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly: 4 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Fairy Slingshot - YL - B1, on the vines inside the room with the switch and 
rising water.
2 - Boomerang - YL - B1, after you drop down the hole where the green tentacle 
used to be.
3 - Boomerang - YL - B1, same area as Skulltula 2, if you look closely.
4 - Fairy Slingshot - YL - 1F, on the vines, in the final room before the Boss.

Forest Temple: 5 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Hookshot - AL - 1F, on the vines in the very first room.
2 - Hookshot - AL - 1F, in the main room (the one with the four torches), to the 
right of the northern-most door.
3 - Hookshot - AL - 1F, in the northeast part of the northeast courtyard, on the 
4 - Hookshot - AL - 2F, in northwest courtyard, against the wall.
5 - Hookshot - AL - B2, in the rotating wall room (the final room before the 
Boss).  It's hidden behind a wall.

Fire Temple: 5 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Ocarina of Time, Hookshot - AL - 1F, play the Song of Time to move a Time 
Block so that you can get to a secret door.
2 - Bombs - AL - In the rolling rock maze, bomb a wall that sounds hollow with 
your sword.  To give you a hint, the view will change dramatically (to a view 
right behind Link) when you're in the right area.
3 - Ocarina of Time, Hookshot - AL - When you get to the area above the rolling 
rock maze, look up and to your left, where Navi will turn green.  Summon Pierre 
using the Scarecrow's Song, and grapple to him.  
4 - Ocarina of Time, Hookshot - AL - Keep going past Skulltula 3, and you'll 
come to an area with a huge pit.  There's a Skulltula on the wall above the pit.
5 - Megaton Hammer - AL - In the second spinning tile room, right before the 
area with the Boss Key.

Ice Cavern: 3 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Hookshot - AL - Against the wall in the room with the huge spinning ice 
2 - Hookshot - AL - In the room with the Piece of Heart, right next to it, 
against the wall.
3 - Hookshot - AL - In the ice block sliding puzzle room, against the wall (left 
from the entrance, I think).

Water Temple: 5 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Longshot - AL - In the center room in the main area, very high against the 
2 - Longshot - AL - In the room with the waterfall hookshot platforms (it's on 
the right wall from the entrance).
3 - No Item - AL - In the room with the switch behind a closed gate.  Use a Spin 
Slash to hit it.  It's behind the closed gate.
4 - Longshot - AL - In the whirlpool river room, midpoint, against the wall.  
Use the Iron Boots to keep yourself from moving.
5 - Longshot - AL - In the room where the boulders drop down from the waterfall, 
right before the Boss Key.  It's behind the waterfall, against the wall.

Bottom of the Well: 3 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Boomerang - YL - In the room behind the left-hand locked door in the center 
2 - Boomerang - YL - In the room behind the right-hand locked door in the center 
3 - Boomerang - YL - In the upper-right area, in the same room as the Like-Like.  
Watch out!

Shadow Temple: 5 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Longshot - AL - In the room with the invisible spinning scythes.
2 - Longshot - AL - In the room with the falling spiked celings, behind a cell.
3 - No Item - AL - In a room with a Skullpot.  You can find it behind the 
4 - Longshot/Ocarina of Time - AL - In the room with the floating ghost ship.  
You can either attempt to hit it while the boat is moving (very hard), or you 
can summon Pierre using the Scarecrow Song to get up close and personal.
5 - Longshot - AL - Behind the three spinning Skullpots.

Spirit Temple: 5 Gold Skulltulas

1 - Boomerang - YL - In one of the silver-rupee collecting rooms.  It's on the 
2 - Boomerang - YL - Behind the ladder, at the top, in the room with two 
3 - Boomerang - YL - Above the doorway in the hall right before you fight Iron 
4 - Ocarina of Time - AL - In the silver-rupee collecting room with the rolling 
boulders.  Play the Song of Time in front of the Time Block to reveal the 
5 - Longshot/Ocarina of Time - AL - In the room with the huge snake 
woman/goddess/thing statue.  It's on the inaccessible platform at the left side 
of the room, against the wall.  You can either use the Longshot to nail it, or 
you can summon Pierre using the Song of Scarecrows to grapple to it.

Ganon's Castle: 1 Gold Skulltula

1 - Hookshot - AL - Go to the general area where the guard gate used to be 
(where you had to sneak past in order to get into the castle grounds).  There, 
you'll find the last Gold Skulltula on the side of the stone structure.

Congrats!  You have just conquered Zelda 64's hardest challenge!  Now go get 
your 200 Rupees!  Heh heh.. ^_^;;


V. Great Fairy Guide

This section lists all of the Great Fairy Fountains in the game, where you can 
find them, and what they give you when you get there.

Great Fairy Fountain 1: Spin Slash
Required Item: Bombs
Location: Death Mountain

Bomb the bombable wall next to the entrance to the Death Mountain Crater on the 
summit of Death Mountain.  Here, you will learn the Spin Slash technique, plus 
get your first Magic Meter, which you need to use the three Spells.

Great Fairy Fountain 2: Din's Fire
Required Item: Bombs
Location: Hyrule Castle

Go to Hyrule Castle and sneak past the guard gate, and instead of going on the 
beaten path, veer off to the dead end (where the boulder is).  Bomb it and crawl 
through the opening it reveals.  Here, you'll recieve Din's Fire, the first of 
the three Spells.  This creates a huge flame around Link that burns everything 
unfortunate enough to be in its path.  It costs 6 MP.

Great Fairy Fountain 3: Farore's Wind
Required Item: Bombs
Location: Zora's Fountain

Go to the small island behind and to the right of Jabu-Jabu.  Bomb the bombable 
rock there, and you'll reveal something much larger: a hidden cave.  Enter, and 
you'll recieve Farore's Wind, the second, and most useless, of the three Spells.  
I think it's the most useless because all it does is warp you away to a Warp 
Point that you create when you first cast the Spell.  This is something you 
rarely need to do.  Actually, I can't even think of a place where you actually 
do need it.. and it costs 6 MP?  No thanks, lady!  BUUUUT.. 
faith07@pacific.net.sg has submitted his uses for it.  He says that you can use 
it to get back to where you were in a dungeon if you are severly injured and 
need to restock and heal.  He says you can also use it before making a huge 
jump, so if you don't make it and drop to a faraway location, you can warp back 
to where you were.  Ok ok, so I exaggerated a little on its uselessness..

Great Fairy Fountain 4: Double Magic Meter
Required Item: Megaton Hammer
Location: Death Mountain Crater

Use the entrance in Darunia's Room to get to the Death Mountain Crater.  One you 
get in there, veer right and use the Megaton Hammer to smash the red boulders 
blocking the secret doorway.  Here, you'll have your Magic Meter doubled.  Yeah!  
Now you won't ever have to worry about running out of Magic, unless you like to 
massacre your enemies with the Spin Slash or Din's Fire all the time.  Or, 
unless, of course, you find a use for Farore's Wind.. yeah, right.

Great Fairy Fountain 5: Nayru's Love
Required Item: Bombs
Location: Desert Colossus

Go left from the entrance until you find a crack in the outer wall.  Bomb it, 
and go inside the door it creates.  Here, you'll recieve Nayru's Love, the last 
of the three Spells.  This Spell kicks ass.  Even through it costs 12 MP, it 
creates a barrier that protects Link from damage for a COUPLE MINUTES (around 
two), not just a few seconds.  The only downside is that Link can still be 
knocked down, which is a pain in the ass, so don't even THINK about using it to 
get an edge on DampŽ in his race (like I did).  :)

Great Fairy Fountain 6: Double Life Meter
Required Item: Gold Gauntlets
Location: Ganon's Castle

Once you get the Gold Gauntlets in Ganon's Castle, return outside immediately, 
and turn left from the rainbow bridge.  Keep following the path to the general 
area where you got Din's Fire, and lift the giant granite pillar there.  Enter 
the cave it reveals, and you'll get your Heart Containers surrounded by a white 
border, which signifies that you now have your defense power doubled, or, in 
other words, your life doubled.  This is a must for the final battle with Ganon.


VI. Young Link's Trading Sequence 

Once the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Market opens, you can begin Young Link's 
trading sequence.  Doing all of this isn't necessary, but it IS fun and it adds 
to the length of the game.  Since this may be a bit confusing to some people, 
let me explain: all you have to do is borrow the mask at the shop, sell it to 
the person who wants it, and then go back to the shop and pay back the mask 
price, regardless of whether you make a profit or not.  Once you get back, the 
next mask will be available to borrow.

Mask 1: Keaton Mask
Price: 10 Rupees

You sell this mask to the guard in Kakariko Village who guards the Death 
Mountain Trail head.  He'll pay you 15 Rupees for it.  He apparently wants it 
for his son, but seeing as he wears it throughout the whole game, you gotta 
wonder it it's REALLY for his son..

Mask 2: Skull Mask
Price: 20 Rupees

You sell this one to the lone Skull Kid in the Lost Woods (go left from the 
start).  He won't pay you full price for it, though.. what a jerk.

Mask 3: Spooky Mask
Price: 30 Rupees

This one can be sold to the kid who walks around in the Graveyard, wanting to be 
like DampŽ.  But c'mon.. we all know the truth: he doesn't wanna look like DampŽ 
- no, he wants to look like.. a ReDead!  At least, that what the mask implies.. 
anyway, he'll buy this one for full price.

Mask 4: Bunny Hood
Price: 50 Rupees

50 Rupees may be a steep price for a mask, but just wait 'till you sell it.  
First off, a word of advice: you can't sell this mask until you beat all three 
dungeons as Young Link, so don't even bother trying.  Ok, now on to the 
important stuff: MAKE SURE you get the Giant's Wallet before you sell this mask, 
and MAKE sure you're low on Rupees when you sell it.  Why, you ask?  Read on.  
The guy you want to sell this mask to can be found running around in Hyrule 
Field.  To find him, explore the area to the right and behind of Lon Lon Ranch, 
assuming you're facing it.  Once he stops running, you can sell it to him.  
He'll go off the deep end, and give you 500 Rupees for it.  Whatever!!

There ya go - that's it.  Now, you have access to four optional Masks, as well 
as all of the previous Masks, free of charge.  Here's a list:

Mask of Truth - Allows you to "read people's minds".  Well, not exactly, but it 
IS pretty cool.  While you're wearing it, go up to a Gossip Stone (the stones 
that tell you the time when you hit them), and press A, as if to talk to it.  
Well, it'll talk to you, and tell you some pretty nifty stuff.  None of it is 
essential to the quest, but it's quite interesting.  For example, one of them 
will tell you who Malon really hopes will sweep her off her feet..

Zora Mask - Makes you look like a Zora person.  Heh, talk to Ruto with this one 
on.. hell, talk to EVERYONE with this one on.

Goron Mask - Makes you look like a Goron person.  Fun!  Fun!!  FUN!!!

Gerudo Mask - I'm not really sure why Link would WANT to look like a girl, but.. 
to each his own, I guess..


VII. Adult Link's Trading Sequence

Much, much more important than Young Link's trading sequence, and much, much 
harder.  This one will eventually earn you the Biggoron Sword, which is, by far, 
the biggest, coolest, most kick-ass sword ever.  You'll never want to go back to 
the so-called "Master" Sword again, although only its holy power can destroy 
Ganon.. the only downside, although a minor one, is that it's so massive, that 
Link can't handle the sword and his shield at the same time.  Too bad.  Even 
thought you cannot use the Ocarina Warps to do this (the time automatically runs 
out), you CAN use the "physical" warps (like the Lost Woods/Goron City one) to 
reach your goal faster.


Step 1: Pocket Egg
Location: Kakariko Village

Talk to the Cucco Lady to get this.  Now, play the Sun's Song to make a whole 
day pass, and the egg will hatch into a Pocket Cucco.  Take this to the house 
where Talon is sleeping, and wake him up with it.  Now, take the happy Pocket 
Cucco back to the Cucco Lady, and she'll give you..

Step 2: Cojiro
Location: Kakariko Village

This is a strange-looking blue chicken.  Anyway, take it to the Lost Woods, and 
go left from the start.  There, you'll find that loser that always says everyone 
except him is disgusting.  Don't like him?  Want revenge?  Then wake his butt up 
with Cojiro.  For doing so, he'll give you..

Step 3: Odd Mushroom
Location: Lost Woods

You only have three minutes before this mushroom spoils, so high-tail it back to 
Epona (the Magic Plant you should have planted near your current location really 
helps) and ride to Kakariko Village.  Go in the Potion Shop, out the back door, 
and to the secret Potion Shop behind the main one.  Give the mushroom to the old 
woman there, and you'll get..

Step 4: Odd Potion
Location: Kakariko Village

There isn't a time limit for this one, so relax.  Make your way back to the Step 
2 location, and in the loser's place, you'll find a Kokiri girl.  She explains 
that everyone not accompanied by a fairy will turn into a Stalfos soon after 
they enter the forest.  Yeah!  NOW who's disgusting?!?  She'll insist that you 
give back the potion, made of forest mushrooms.  Do so, and she'll give you..

Step 5: Poacher's Saw
Location: Lost Woods

Ride all the way across Hyrule to Gerudo Valley, and use Epona to leap across 
the broken bridge.  Talk to the boss of the carpenters in front of the tent, and 
give him his saw back.  He'll then give you the..

Step 6: Broken Goron's Sword
Location: Gerudo Valley

No time limit for this one either, so feel free to use the Bolero of Fire to 
warp to Biggoron, on top of Death Mountain.  (Remember, the Biggoron on top of 
Death Mountain, not the phony in Goron City!)  He'll be glad to fix it for you, 
but his eyes happen to be irritated from yesterday's volcanic eruption, and 
he'll need eye drops so he can see again.  Oh brother.  Anyway, he'll give you 

Step 7: Prescription
Location: Death Mountain

Take the Prescription to King Zora.  But before you do that, buy some Blue Fire 
at the General Store in Kakariko Village.  You'll need it to unfreeze King Zora.  
Once you get to Zora's Domain, do so, and show him the Prescription.  He'll now 
tell you that he DOESN'T have the eyedrops, but only the ingredients, so he'll 
give you..

Step 8: Eyeball Frog
Location: Zora's Domain

Hurry!  Hurry!  Don't be late!  You're late for a very important date!  With the 
kooky Lake Hylia Professor, that is.  And you've got to make it to him from 
Zora's Domain within three minutes.  So, ride like the wind to Lake Hylia, 
jumping over the gates flawlessly.  If and when you make it, he'll be 
disappointed that the frog isn't for him (.....), and give you the..

Step 9: World's Finest Eye Drops
Location: Lake Hylia Laboratory

The hardest part of the trading sequence, you have to make it from Lake Hylia to 
the summit of Death Mountain in four minutes.  You must jump every fence, make 
every jump, and take every right path.. unless, you planted the Magic Plant in 
front of Dodongo's Cavern, that is.  THEN you have some room for error, as this 
shaves around 30-40 seconds off your trip.  Good luck!  If you make it, 
Biggoron's eyes will be healed, and he'll give you..

Step 10: Claim Check
Location: Death Mountain

Don't worry, you don't have to go anywhere this time.  Just keep it for three 
days.  Can't stand the wait?  Then use the Sun's Song to speed up the process.  
Once three days have passed, show the Claim Check to Biggoron, and he'll gladly 
give you the..

Step 11: Biggoron's Sword
Location: Death Mountain

YEAH!!  Now that you have the sword that I and the people at Versus Books 
affectionately call the "Biggy", you can kick some major monsta booty.  Proudly 
equip your new sword and test it out.. it's twice as powerful as the Master 
Sword, which means it's four times as powerful as the Kokiri Sword!  Yee-haa!!!  
Use this for the rest of the game, and you should have no trouble whatsoever.


VIII. Capacity Upgrades

During the course of the game, you can increase the maximum amount of items that 
you can carry.  Specifically, you can carry up to 30 Deku Sticks, 50 Deku Seeds, 
40 Deku Nuts, 40 Bombs, and 50 Arrows.  It's rare that people find and remember 
where all of these upgrades are, and this is what this section is for.  I 
recommend you get as many of the upgrades as soon as possible, as I do with the 
Pieces of Heart and the Gold Skulltulas.

Deku Stick Upgrade 1
Location: Lost Woods
Required Items: 40 Rupees

Enter the Lost Woods, and go left fromt the start.  Go through the log at the 
end of this room, under the bridge, and to the other side of the area, where you 
will find a Buisness Scrub.  Defeat him, and he will offer to up your Deku Stick 
carrying capacity to 20.

Deku Stick Upgrade 2
Location: Lost Woods
Required Items: Skull Mask

Go to the "Forest Stage" and put on the Skull Mask.  The.. things there will 
decide that they really like you.  While they're swarming around you, talk to 
their leader, still hidden, to the right of the entrance.  He will then upgrade 
your Deku Stick carrying capacity to 30.

Deku Seed Upgrade 1
Location: Lost Woods
Required Items: Fairy Slingshot

This one's easy.  Go to the room with the target hanging from the tree (it's on 
the way to the Sacred Forest Meadow).  Hit the target with a Deku Seed, and 
adjust your aim slightly until you score a 100 (bulls-eye).  Now, just fire two 
more without moving and another.. thing will pop out of the tree and give you 
the Big Bullet Bag, which holds 40 Deku Seeds.

Deku Seed Upgrade 2
Location: Hyrule Market
Required Items: Fairy Slingshot, 20 Rupees

Easy.  Just play the archery game as Young Link, and hit every target.  It 
should be child's play for you.  Even if you can't hit every one, hit at least 
eight, and you'll be allowed to try again for free.  If you win, the game owner 
will give you the Biggest Bullet Bag, which holds 50 Deku Seeds.

Deku Nut Upgrade 1
Location: Lost Woods
Required Items: Mask of Truth

Go to the Forest Stage and wear the Mask of Truth.  Randomly, the things will 
either attack you, ignore you, or tell you that you're ugly but will help you 
out anyway.  What nice things!  There IS one drawback, though: once you have 
become an Adult, you CANNOT get this upgrade, even if you revert back to a 
child.  It's a glitch.

Deku Nut Upgrade 2
Location: Lost Woods
Required Items: Bombs

Blow up the boulder in front of the Sacred Forest Meadow entrance.  You'll find 
a secret cave with a Buisness Scrub who will sell you the second upgrade.

Bomb Upgrade 1
Location: Goron City
Required Items: Bombs

On the second floor of Goron City, "Hot Rodder Goron" is rolling around like a 
maniac who's had too much caffiene.  If you blow him up and stop him with a Bomb 
Flower, he won't even give you the time of day.  However, if you stop him with 
one of your own Bombs, he'll give you the Big Bomb Bag as a reward.  It holds 30 

Bomb Upgrade 2
Location: Hyrule Market
Required Items: 30 Rupees

Play the Bombchu Bowling Game after it has opened, and randomly, the prize will 
be the Biggest Bomb Bag, which holds 40 Bombs.  This is incredibly annoying, I 
know, but it's worth it.  Good luck!

Arrow Upgrade 1
Location: Kakariko Village
Required Items: 20 Rupees

Play the archery game as Adult Link.  If you hit all ten targets, you'll get the 
Big Quiver, which holds 40 Arrows.  This time around, it's harder to do - the 
targets pop up in a random order, not a pre-determined one, so you'll need a 
quick mind as well as quick reflexes.

Arrow Upgrade 2
Location: Gerudo Fortress
Required Items: 20 Rupees

After you get the Gerudo's Card, play the Horseback Archery Game and score 1,500 
points or more.  This can only be done if you've gotten the Piece of Heart by 
scoring 1,000 points or more first.  This can be pretty tough if your aim sucks.  
Your reward for completing this difficult task is the Biggest Quiver, which 
holds 50 Arrows.

If you can get all of the Pieces of Heart, kill every Gold Skulltula, find every 
Great Fairy Fountain, sell every Mask, get the Biggoron Sword, and find every 
upgrade, then you are a true Zelda 64 master.  No kidding.  Those are some 
pretty hard things to do.


IX. Secrets/Glitches

Here you can find some pretty nifty glitches and codes for Zelda 64.  I haven't 
tested them, so if you test them for me, you'll get credit..

G - Glitch
C - Code

1.  (G)  More Bottles, Anyone? - Want to get more than four Bottles?  Simple - 
first, you must have an empty Bottle.  Next, go to anything and catch it, and 
pause the game in mid-catch, while the Bottle is in the air.  Now, switch the 
Bottle with a useless item, such as Deku Sticks or Deku Nuts.  And there you 
have it - another Bottle!  Watch out, though - the effect is permanent if you 
save!  Scott Morrow adds that you can put a Bottle in the Deku Nut spot and 
save, and when you cut grass, etc. to get more Deku Nuts, they will take there 
place back where the Bottle was, even if you have saved.  I'm not sure if it's 
the same with other items.  I've tested this, and it works.

2.  (C)  Play as Sheik - This supposed Code will allow you to play as Sheik.  
It's a bit lengthy, though.  First, get Epona and the Cow in your house.  Next, 
go to Gerudo Valley and jump into the river.  You'll end up in Lake Hylia.  Now, 
talk to the Lake Hylia Professor and then to the Fishing Pond Owner.  Now, go to 
the Death Mountain Crater and get a Bottle of Lava (this is where I got stumped.  
I have absolutely no clue how to get a Bottle of Lava..).  Now, go to the Temple 
of Time and pour the Lava onto the altar where the Master Sword rests.  Then, 
get four Bottles of Blue Fire and release them all over the big chest in the 
Gerudo Training Center.  Finally, go back to the Temple of Time and Sheik will 

3.  (C)  The Fire Sword - This Code will get you the secret Fire Sword.  It's 
pretty long, though.  First, start a new game and enter your name as FireS 
(notice the capitalizations).  Play as usual, until you reach Gohma (the first 
Boss).  This is the hard part - you must defeat all three Bosses as Young Link 
WITHOUT GETTING HIT.  If you get hit, the Code will deactivate itself.  If you 
do get hit, you can restart from a saved game before the Boss.  Once you've done 
this, play as usual until you turn into Adult Link.  Immediately get Epona and, 
once you jump the fence to escape the ranch, STAY ON EPONA FOR THREE DAYS, and 
don't use the Sun's Song to speed it up.  Next, play normally until you 
deactivate all the Barriers in Ganon's Castle.  After you've done that, save 
your game, and change back into Young Link.  Now, go to Link's House and chop 
down the sign in front of the house.  Then, play Zelda's Lullaby to put the sign 
back together.  Change back into Adult Link, and play to the final battle with 
Ganon (NOT Ganondorf).  During the battle, pause, go to the Equipment Screen, 
highlight a sword, and press R, R, R, L, L, L.  Unpause, and, if you did 
everything right, the Fire Sword should be in Link's hands.  THIS HAS BEEN 

4.  (G)  Use the C Buttons While Riding Epona - During the fight with Ganon (not 
Ganondorf), save WHILE you have lost the Master Sword.  Now, reset the game.  
Call Epona once you get into Hyrule Field, but DON'T activate the Master Sword 
on the Equipment Screen.  Now, when you mount Epona, you'll notice that the Bow 
& Arrow isn't there.  Now, even though you don't see it, you can use the C 
Buttons.  By the way, don't worry: you can get the Master Sword back at the 
Equipment Screen.  I have tested this, and it works, but only on the Gold 
versions of Zelda (the bugged ones).

5.  (C)  The Secret Sky Temple - First, create a new file, and make your name 
"Zelda" or "zelda".  Then beat the game.  Once you have, go to Death Mountain 
and find the red flag outside of Goron City.  Climb the path that had boulders 
on it as a kid, and drop into the hole that you see at the top.  If you fell in 
this hole earlier, then you'll see that there was a white cow in the hole.  
Well, go in there now after having beaten the game as Zelda/zelda, and you'll 
find that the cow is now purple.  (What the hell?)  It will let you fly on it.  
Fly around until you find the Sky Temple.  THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE UNTRUE.  

6.  (C)  The Ice Sword - First, start a new game and enter your name as "IceS".  
Like the Fire Sword, you cannot get hit by any of the Bosses as a kid (Gohma, 
King Dodongo, Barinade).  If you do, reset and start from your last save.  You 
CAN get hit by sub-bosses and the like.  Now, go to the Temple of Time, and 
instead of pulling the Master Sword from the altar, use the Sun's Song to pass 
six days while in the Temple of Time.  Now, pull out the Master Sword and beat 
the Forest Temple (you may be hit here).  Now, go back to the Temple of Time, 
turn back to Young Link, and talk to Saria.  She says the same thing, but it 
triggers a door to open up randomly, at any location in the game.  Find your 
"door" and enter it.  You will find a chest with a Red Rupee in it.  Now, exit 
the door, and another one will be triggered at a random location in the game.  
Enter it, and you'll find a HUGE chest.  Open it with the Song of Time and go in 
it (apparently, it's that big).   Now, play the Song of Storms and another chest 
will open, "revealing all".  You will get the Ice Sword.  It is supposedly 10x 
powerful as the Master Sword and 5x powerful as the Fire Sword, and you can use 
it for both Links and it's not two-handed.  Press B and Link will do a Freeze 
Spin, which is, I guess, a Spin Slash that hits enemies with a blast of ice that 
freezes them.  If you have the Biggoron Sword, it will disappear, as you cannot 

7.  (C) - The Pegasus Boots - If you beat the Running Man (the guy who will race 
you from Gerudo Valley to Kokiri Forest) in under one minute, he'll give you the 
Pegasus Boots, which work like an upgrade to your Kokiri Boots.  They make you 
run faster than you would ride on Epona.  THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE UNTRUE.

On a side note, I'd like to encourage you all to go to The Odyssey of Hyrule at 
[http://www.tbi.net/~max/zelda64.htm] and check out the greatest mystery of 
Zelda 64 - the Triforce.  Can you get it or not?  Why is there a Triforce mark 
in the center of Medallions?  Does this suggest that there in fact IS an 
obtainable Triforce in the game?  Read all the controversy about it there!


X. Conclusion

Well, I hope you enjoyed this FAQ, and, most of all, I hope it helped you 
through some of the tougher parts of Zelda 64.  Remember, if there's anything 
you want to submit, or if you simply just want to talk to me about my FAQ or 
otherwise, you can E-mail me at [LightRanma@aol.com].  Well, that's it for this 
time.  Look for more FAQs from me!


XI. Thanks

Jack Haglund - slacky13@hotmail.com - Submitted the second Deku Nut Upgrade.  
Name Unknown - Phystarstk@aol.com - Told me about the First Deku Nut Upgrade 
glitch.  Thanks!
Name Unknown - raymond97@mailcity.com - Submitted the "Extra Bottles" Glitch.  
"C-house" - c-house@conversource.com - Submitted the "Play as Sheik" Code.  
Ryan - rickndeb@temecula.com - Submitted the "Fire Sword" Code.  Thanks!
Pete van Moorsel - pvanmoorsel@hotmail.com - Told me that the 100 Skulltula Gold 
Rupee could be collected infinitely.  Thanks!
Faith Koh - faith07@pacific.net.sg - He gave me some more uses on Farore's Wind.  
Brian J. Chen - pokemon_99@yahoo.com - He gave me the "Use the C Buttons While 
Riding Epona" glitch.  Thanks!
Danny Murray - dan7768@hotmail.com - He submitted the "Sky Temple" rumor.  
"Solrules" - solrules@mhtc.net - He submitted the "Ice Sword" rumor.  Thanks!
Name Unknown - IMGOD10420@aol.com - He submitted the "Pegasus Boots" rumor.  
Indra Pamunuwa - inpam@sprint.ca - He/she submitted the warp info on Adult 
Link's Trading Sequnce.  Thanks!
Scott Morrow - smorrow@selu.edu - He submitted info on the "Extra Bottles" 
glitch.  Thanks!
"J" - cavemaster@juno.com - He tried the Fire Sword Code and found it to be 
untrue.  Thanks!
Chris Daly - WeirdCD98@aol.com - He tried the Sky Temple rumor and found it to 
be untrue.  Thanks!


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