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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Some great artwork from Raph Lee :

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                  T  H  E     L  E  G  E  N  D     O  F

           ############## ######## #####    ######   ######
          ##        ####   ##   ##  ##       ##  ##   #####
                   ####    ## #  #  ##       ##   ##  ## ###
                 ####      ####     ##       ##   ##  ######
                ####       ## #  #  ##    #  ##   ## ###  ###
              ####         ##   ##  ##   ##  ##  ##  ###  ###
             ####      ## ######## ######## ######  ####  ####
          ##############   O C A R I N A   O F   T I M E

               Author: marshmallow (marshmallow@planetn2000.com)
                            Version 4.0
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N O T I C E : 
The update information can be found at the very, very bottom of this 
document. I apologize for any inconveniences.


  0.   T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S


1.   Story
2.   Controls
3.   Basics       
4.   Kokiri Emerald      \
5.   Goron's Ruby         \
6.   Zora's Sapphire       \
7.   Light Medallion        \ 
8.   Forest Medallion        \______ The Actual Game Walkthrough
9.   Fire Medallion          /
10.  Water Medallion        /
11.  Shadow Medallion      /
12.  Spirit Medallion     /
13.  To Ganon Himself    /

14.  Gerudo Training Grounds (BONUS DUNGEON)
15.  Great Fairy Locations
16.  Heart Piece Locations
17.  Gold Skulltulla Locations
18.  General Secrets
       ~  Weapon Upgrades
       ~  Oddities / Easter Eggs
       ~  Rupee Hunting
       ~  Glitches
19.  Side Quests and Strange Information
       ~ Soft Soil Locations
       ~ Fairy Fountains
       ~ The Four Bottles
       ~ Chicken Lady Help
       ~ 10 Special Poes
       ~ Young Link the Mask Trader
       ~ Adult Link's Quest for a Sword
     ~ Secret Grottos / Areas
     ~ Warp Points 
       ~ Gossip Stone Quotes
       ~ Gossip Stone Locations 
       ~ Red Fairy Locations 
       ~ Mask Quotes 
       ~ Funny Quotes 
20.  Mini-Games
21.  Ocarina Stuff
22.  Enemy Characters
23.  Boss Characters
24.  Link's Equipment
       ~ Gameplay Items
       ~ Upgrades (includes Armor)
       ~ Weapons
       ~ Miscellaneous
25.  Shops
26.  Frequently Asked Questions
27.  Characters
28.  Rumor De-Bunking 
29.  Revision History / Update Information
30.  Credits
31.  Legal Section
32.  Contact Information


  1.    S T O R Y 


Long, long ago, in a time before time, there existed nothing. Then, from 
no one knows where, three beautiful Goddesses (Not Gods, these are 
women), Din, Nayru, and Farore emerged to create a fertile world, named 
Hyrule.  But it was empty and lifeless, so they created the five 
humanoid races: The fish-like Zora which lived underwater; The rock-
eating Gorons which resided in the mountains; The elf like Kokiri lived 
in the very hearts of the forests, protected from the outside world by 
the mystical Deku Tree. The strange and often times dangerous Gerudo 
inhabited the stretches of deserts, and the Hylians found home in the 
grassy plains.

Before departing their creation, the Goddesses left a symbol of their 
presence: The Golden Triangle known as the Triforce. It represented each 
Goddess' quality: Power, Courage, and Wisdom, respectively.  Although it 
was mighty powerful, the Goddesses feared that it may be destroyed, so 
they stored it in another dimension, created just for the Triforce. 
Affected by its magic, the soul-less dimension become prosperous and 
very beautiful. This led to many names, the most world-renown being "The 
Golden Land."

All five races had up-most respect for the Triangle, and some even based 
their religion and daily lives around it. But some felt 
differently...they knew of it's power, and wanted to use it for their 
own, selfish needs. Fearing that someone may actually be ignorant enough 
to steal it, a great Sage named Rauru built an awesome array of 
buildings and guard houses around the entrance to the Golden Land. Later 
named the "Temple of Light", it guarded the entrance to the Golden Land 
with a magical seal that could only be broken by someone who had all 
three aspects of the Triforce in a perfect balance: Power, Courage, and 

Many a year later, the Triforce had become a legend. Nearly everyone in 
the land wanted to get their greedy hands on it, but the Temple of Light 
stood in their way and no one could break the seal. Each race, filled 
with envy and greed, accused every other race of having the key to it, 
when no one really did. Hyrule fell into a time of war and sacrilegious 
acts that would last a very long time...

Nearly six decades later, a great Hyrulian King arose. He had Power, 
Courage, and Wisdom. Somehow, he calmed the races and everything 
returned to normal. Countless numbers of peace treaties were signed 
among the races and everything fell into place: Hyrule returned to it's 
prosperous self.

Months later, in the infinite reaches of the desert, the Gerudo leader, 
Ganondorf Dragmire, was sifting through some old scrolls. He found one, 
looking very old, and noticed it was talking about the Triforce. Oh, how 
he would love to get his clawed hands on that Triangle. He was a well-
known thief among the Gerudos, so why not steal the Triforce? Intrigued, 
he read on to find this passage:

                        In a Realm beyond sight,
                        The sky shines gold not blue,
                        There, the Triforce's might
                        Makes mortal dreams come true.

Dreams come true? Why, no one could even imagine the Triforce doing 
this. It was long believed it would merely grant powerful magic. Reading 
on, Ganondorf discovered that whoever possessed the Triforce could have 
powers of nearly an infinite caliber. With the Triforce in hand, 
Ganondorf could easily rule all of Hyrule. But what about the Temple of 
Light? Ah, it appeared the scrolls had something to say about that as 

According to the scrolls, only a handful of items were necessary to 
break the seal in the Temple of Light. First off, thy would need three 
mystical stones possessed by three races: The Zora, the Goron, and the 
Kokiri. The Zora should happily gave him the stone, having no use for 
it. The Goron are a bit slow, but would reluctantly handed it over. The 
Kokiri wouldn't budge, so Ganondorf would probably have to fatally wound 
the Deku Tree, and then steal the stone while they scrambled to save 
their one and only guardian.

Now he just had to do that... 

Returning to the scrolls, Ganondorf read the very last sentence in the 
scrolls. "The last item thy need is the legendary Ocarina of Time, which 
is passed down the royal line of Hyrule." Ganondorf sighed, knowing this 
would be very difficult. If he forced his way in, he would either be 
killed or sent to the dungeon for who-knows-how-long. He would have to 
be very covert, and almost sneak in. After a time, he earned the King's 
trust and became his personnel aid. Then, he planned to kill whoever 
held the Ocarina, no matter who  it's owner was. Even if it laid in the 
hands of the beautiful princess Zelda...Speaking of which, she was the 
only one who questioned Dragmire's actions, and wondered if he was 
really a friend of her father. 

[note: the following is taken from the instruction manual]

A long time ago...

Before life began, before the world had form, three golden  goddesses 
descended upon the chaotic land of Hyrule, they were Din, the goddess of 
power, Nayru, the goddess of wisdom and Farore, the goddess of courage.

Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the 
earth. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth to give the spirit of law 
to the world. Farore's rich soul created all life forms who would uphold 
the law.

These three great goddesses returned to the Heavens, leaving behind the 
Golden Sacred Triforce. Since then, the Triforce has become the basis 
for Hyrule's providence, where the Triforce stood became sacred land.

In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule, the Great Deku Tree served as the 
guardian spirit. The children of the forest, the Kokiri, lived with the 
Great Deku Tree. Each Kokiri had his or her own guardian fairy, except 
one. His name was Link.

Early one morning, Link was having a nightmare. It was the same 
nightmare he had every night. During a storm, Link would find himself 
standing in front of a mysterious castle. A rider on horseback, carrying 
a girl, would race by. The girl would look at Link as if to say 
something. Then, another rider would appear. This big man clad in black 
would look down menacingly at Link.
Link would then awaken.

"Link! Hey, get up, Link! The Great Deku Tree wants to talk to

As Link opened his eyes, he saw a fairy floating in front of him. This 
fairy's name was Navi. Navi was sent to summon Link to the Great Deku 

"Oh Navi, thou hast returned!" said the Deku Tree. "Thank you, Link, for 
coming. Thy slumber these past moons must have been restless, and full 
of nightmares. A vile climate pervades this world. Verily, ye have felt 
it. The time has come to test thine courage. I have been cursed. I need 
you to dispel the curse with your wisdom and courage. Art thou 

Link entered the Great Deku Tree and broke the curse.

"Well done, Link! I knew that ye were worthy of carrying out my wishes. 
A wicked man of the desert cast this dreadful curse on me. Employing his 
vile, sorcerous energies, the evil one is searching for the Sacred Realm 
connected to Hyrule. For it is there that one will find the divine 
relic. The Triforce, that contains the essence of the gods. Whoever 
holds the Triforce can make their wishes come true. Thou must never 
allow the desert man to lay his hands on the Sacred Triforce. Thou must 
never suffer that man to enter the Sacred Realm of Legend. Link, go now 
to Hyrule Castle. There, ye will surely meet the Princess of Destiny. 
Present this stone to the Princess. I have foreseen that she will 
understand everything."

The Great Deku Tree gave Link the Spiritual Stone of the Forest. Before 
dying, the Deku Tree's last words were, "The future depends on thee, 
Link. Thou art courageous."

  2.   C O N T R O L S


They might seem tricky at first (really tricky), but after practice 
they'll become second nature! Here's a run down...

                      N O R M A L   P L A Y

Z Button:

As nearly everyone knows, this is the "attention button." Get close to 
an object, whatever it may be, and tap Z and the camera will be placed 
over Link's shoulders. The main use for this is fighting enemies and 
bosses. Now you can strafe around the creature, advance, retreat and 
what-not without losing sight of your opponent. This feature will most 
likely be copied in some way or another in future games (even if they're 
for a system other than the N64).

A Button: 

This button has dozens upon dozens of uses. If you're next to a door, it 
will open the door. If you're near a person, it will start the 
conversation. If you're near a ladder, it will make Link climb it. Near 
some stairs and it will force link to climb them. If you stand against a 
treasure chest it will read open...you get the idea. The action it will 
be used for in the particular situation is at the top of the screen.

B Button: 

Use this to unsheathe your sword. And if it already is out of the 
sheathe, then you can use this button to do all kinds of neat things! 
Press it once to slash, a few times at once to a double slash, 
etc...Hold it down to do a helicopter slash that can kill enemies around 
you...all kinds of neato moves! :) Press down on the stick and B and you 
will do a forward slash. Pretty useful for when you're fighting!

R Button: 

Use this to whip out the ol'e shield! The way Link holds it depends on 
the shield you have equipped. You can not move while the shield is drawn 
except when in the fighting mode (locked on to an enemy, to be sure, 
check for letter-boxes and Navi flying over a targeted enemy). But you 
can still face different directions!

L Button: 

Turns off the transparent map. The map will only showed explored 
areas...unexplored areas are shown in black. The yellow arrow is you, 
and the red one is where you entered the area. 

Analog Stick: 

Naturally, this is the way you move. The harder you push the faster he 
goes, etc...This must be used with the "Auto-Jump Feature." Sure, I was 
skeptical myself on how this would work. But believe me everyone, this 
works perfectly and allows you to concentrate on playing the game 
instead of timing jumps that are crucial to surviving...Simply run at a 
gap and Link will jump over it automatically. Run slowly at something 
and he'll climb down. If it's too long a fall he will climb back up.

Left C, Right C, Down C: 

On the menu, you can assign what button you want it to do. There are 
more weapons and items (24) than C buttons, so you might need to do this 
a lot. Hitting the button once will draw it, the second time will lay 
it/fire it/whatever.

Up C: 

Camera controls...sorta. It will zoom out in open spaces to give you a 
better look and make the camera go overhead inside houses. You really 
shouldn't need it that much. When locked on to an enemy this will make 
Navi give you some (vague) hints along with the name. 


Naturally, this is the pause button. But there are a lot of things to do 
at the menu! There are four screens, showing all sorts of things. 
Spiritual Stones, Medallions, Armor, Weapons, etc...This is where you 
can configure what weapon goes on what C button and this is also the 
only place where you can save! When you get more weapons than C buttons 
(which won't take long) then this will be a regularly visited place.

   M O V E S   Y O U   C A N   D O   W I T H   T H E   S W O R D

Vertical Arc: 

Press Z a and B together and Link will swing the sword in front of in a 
downward arc. 


While in Battle Mode (holding Z that is) press up on the control stick 
and B to cause Link to stab forward.


Hold B and Link will swing his sword around. Finding a certain item 
(magic meter) will allow you to do a helicopter slash like this!

Jump & Slash: 

While in Battle Mode (holding Z, again) press the A button to do a jump 
& slash move. This move is quite potent, and is useful for killing 
baddies in the air. 

                 D E F E N S I V E   M O V E S


While running, press A to do a roll. Actually, you really don't even 
have to be running, at least if you're in battle mode. Then you can 
simply press A and roll, which is very useful in avoiding attacks that 
are aimed at your head, or to go under jumping enemies.


While in Battle Mode (...holding Z...) press back on the control stick 
and A to do a backflip, which is useful for backing up from attack.

Side Jump: 

Press left/right on the control stick and A while in Battle Mode (...) 
to jump left/right. 

Walking w/Shield Equipped: 

While in Battle Mode you can walk with the shield by pressing R and 
holding Z NOTE: You cannot attack with the shield in this position, and 
you slow down slightly, and are still available from the back.


  3.   B A S I C S


Everything a novice needs to know...

                      S C R E E N   I C O N S

Hearts: In the upper left-hand corner of the screen is a row of hearts. 
        At the start of your quest you only have three, but as you 
        collect Heart Pieces your energy will steadily increase. When 
        you run out of hearts, your game is over. The amount of hearts 
        you lose depends on the power of the enemy, obviously. You may 
        regain health by drinking Red Potion, or by collecting hearts 
        that baddies sometimes drop after being defeated.


Green Bar: Under the row of hearts, the green bar is a magic reservoir. 
           Everytime you use a magic spell, or use a magical item, MP 
           (Magic Points) are subtracted from the bar. You can regain MP 
           by collecting jars, or using Green Potion.


Blue Sphere: Near the middle/top of the screen is a blue sphere. 
             Depending on your situation, a different word will be 
             inside it, signifying what Link will do when the button is 
             pressed. For example, if you stand next to a door it will 
             read, "open." 


Green Sphere: Next to the blue sphere, the green sphere will usually 
              contain the current sword you are using. However, when 
              using certain magical masks, the main weapon will change 
              to something else, depending on the mask. For example, 
              when you are a Deku Scrub, you get to shoot deku nuts 
              instead of using your sword.


Three Yellow Circles: In the upper right-hand corner of the screen are 
                      three yellow circles, each shows what 
                      weapon/item/mask you will use when you press said 
                      button. You may change which item goes where via 
                      the 'Pause Menu.'


Rupees: In the lower left-hand corner of the screen is a small crystal 
        with a number next to it. This is the number of Rupees you have 
        at the time. When the number turns green, you have collected the 
        maximum amount of Rupees you can carry. It is, however, possible 
        to raise it by doing something special.


Transparent Map: Found in the lower-right hand corner, shows you an 
                 overhead view of everything. The yellow arrow is you, 
                 the red arrow is where you entered the area. It can be 
                 toggled on/off with the "L" button.

                    O T H E R   " S T U F F " 


Flying over and around your head, this little creature is Link's 
personnel fairy, which each Kokiran grows up with. She's more useful 
than you might think! She'll often give you tips, shouting things like 
"Why don't you try..." and "Hey, go..." etc. The color she is also means 
something! When she's yellow she is over an enemy, trying to get your 
attention. Green is for secrets. Blue for friendly affairs and talking 
to people. Other than that, she's usually white/light blue.

Talking to People:

Really, if you want to complete this game (or any RPG/Action RPG for 
that matter) you'll need to talk to people! Even ordinary-looking folk 
can yield insight on puzzles or myths. Heck, sometimes they might just 
want you to do a little job for them, or start up a meaning-less 
conversation...either way, it's a good idea to talk to everyone. Check 
back after "saving a village" or doing some other important objective, 
as people will often change their stories. Oh, and one last thing: This 
game IS filled with a slight twinge of humor. Don't be surprised to find 
yourself laughing out loud ;)


This game is filled with A LOT of mini-games [check out the "Mini-Game" 
section for specifics], and it would always be a good idea to try and 
complete them. Who knows what you may get? :)

Traveling in Time:

After you receive the three spiritual stones [See "Geography" or 
"Walkthrough" sections] Link will fall asleep for seven years only to 
awake in a world ruled by Ganondorf, King of Thieves. After finishing 
the Forest Temple you may travel back in time using the Ocarina of Time. 
What you do in the past will affect things in the future...Always 
remember that =)


Past 3D games have been plagued with bad camera angles when trying to 
fight baddies...some tried to fix this problem by having just one or 
two, but they failed. Zelda is the saving grace. By simply 
pressing/holding Z button (configurable in the Options Menu) you can 
lock onto a specific enemy, or group, depending on the weapon. If done, 
Navi will fly over their heads, bright red and waving her arms. The 
screen will become slightly letterboxed, Link will move slower, and a 
target will appear on the enemies (s). Now you can strafe around the 
creatures, using your shield for protection and your sword (or whatever 
weapon you may have) for offense. It will stay like this until the 
enemies are defeated, you are, or if you break the lock.

Using the 1st-Person View:

Some weapons (Bow & Arrow, Hookshot, Fairy Slingshot, etc...) have an 
optional 1-st person view. Simply press the C button you assigned it 
to...wait, that doesn't make it optional...oh well! Now you can aim a 
whole lot better, but be careful, as you can only swivel your view; you 
can't go forward, backward, etc. Z-target someone and you can just fire 
them off in the 3rd person view, making it much easier.

Finding Items:

See a rock on the ground that looks funny? Come back later with bombs 
and blow it up! You might get a Heart Piece, Rupees, more bombs, a 
secret passage...or it might just be a strangely shaped rock :) Always 
be looking everywhere for Rupees and other items, like under bushes, 
mis-placed rocks, trees, cracks, weak looking walls, etc. ESPECIALLY in 
Hyrule Field...


  4.   C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   K O K I R I   E M E R A L D


                    K O K I R I   F O R E S T

Items to find: Deku Shield, Kokiri Sword, Deku Sticks

First talk to Saria, Link's best friend. Moving around Kokiri Forest, 
you will find that your passage to the Deku Tree is being blocked by a 
young boy named Mido. He says that it's too dangerous ahead, and only 
someone who has some weapons will be able to make it across. Fine then! 
From Link's house, go up the hill and turn left towards some fences. 
Either go around or climb over it, and make your way to the wall. Enter 
it; inside is a maze like area with a boulder rolling around. Carefully 
make your way to the other side to discover a treasure chest. Open it to 
find the Kokiri Sword! Backtrack outside.

Exploring the forest, you'll find...what looks like...a man having 
"sexual relations" with a rock. When none of your family members is 
watching, talk to him for some laughs. Go to Mido's house. Inside are 
several chests, each containing Rupees. There are also some in the grass 
nearby. Collect at least 40 of these shiny gems and then go skipping to 
the shop, not literally, mind. It's the red building in the middle of 
the lake. Looking in the their inventory, you'll find the Kokiri Shield. 
Buy it and then equip both the Sword and Shield (pause menu). Before 
going to Mido, I'd explore the rest of the village for items. If you're 
new to the game I'd also make a trip to the Training Center to get the 
ups and downs of the game. Don't forget to talk to all the people and 
explore around, especially if you're new to the game! 

Now you're ready! Talk to Mido and he'll let you pass to the great Deku 
Tree. In the path behind Mido, destroy all of the Deku Babas and get the 
Deku Sticks they drop. When you get to the Deku Tree, he will talk to 
you about how Ganondorf's evil cohorts are destroying him from the 
inside-out. He'll ask you to go inside, then open up to reveal a hole. 
Walk inside...

                D E K U   T R E E   D U N G E O N 

Items to find: Map, Compass, Fairy Slingshot, Kokiri Emerald

Go forward and climb the ladder on your left. Follow the path and you'll 
soon find a Treasure Chest, open it to find the Map. Keep going, jump 
over the hole, and into the next room. The door will lock behind you. 
Deflect the nut back at the enemy in the middle with your shield, it 
will fly away and start running around the room. Z target it and it will 
give you a tip, and the room will be unlocked. Jump on the platform, 
then towards the chest. The platform will fall, destroying your exit. 
Pick up the Fairy Slingshot in the chest, then turn around, aim up, and 
hit the ladder hanging on the wall; it will fall and let you exit.

Go near the vines and use your Slingshot to get rid of any would-be-
enemies. Climb to the top, then keep on running until you hit another 
room. You must stand on the switch to activate the platforms. Jump 
across them to the other side, this is where the Compass is! To un-lock 
the exit you'll have to light the un-lit torch by using your Deku Stick. 
Light it on fire via the lit torch, then touch  it to the un-lit torch. 
Simple, yes?

Before you entered you should have noticed that every few feet a Giant 
Skulltula would drop. Well, find one, then kill it by piercing it's 
underbelly. See the ledge behind it? Jump off and aim at the spiderweb 
below. If you hit the sides you'll just bounce off...climb up and try 
again. However, if you hit it dead-center it will tear and you'll fall 
into a water room.

You can only stand on two platforms, the third is too high to reach. A 
switch is on the second platform; hit it and the nearby torch will 
light. Get out your Deku Stick and light it using the torch. Now, jump 
to the 1st platform...you're probably wondering how, since when you jump 
you land in the water and go under, extinguishing the flames. Well, part 
of the seafloor is high enough that you can walk on it. On the first 
platform is a spiderweb on the wall, let the Deku Stick with the flame 
touch it and...BOOM! No more spiderweb and one door to go through.

Another Deku Bush Guy...you could hurt him then talk to him to get rid 
of him like the last one, but it's not necessary. Above the door out of 
here is an eyeball; hit it with your Slingshot and the door will open. 

Another problem...a platform will carry you across some water, but a 
giant log with spikes on it will push anyone who is on the platform 
clean off. Well, jump in the water and look for the switch; it's under 
the log. Get right over it and then dive (hold the A button). The switch 
will lower the water and the platform. Hurry! It won't last long...

Kill the giant Skulltula, then push/pull the block as far as it will go. 
Now climb up it (push against it while pushing up to get the option to 
appear) and out the door. Kill the next Giant Skulltula, then run 
forward and light your Deku Stick on the torch, then use it to light the 
other two torches. Go through the un-locked door. Ok, do the same thing, 
except now you have to burn some spiderwebs. One will lead to a dead-end 
with a Deku Baba, while the other will lead to a short tunnel. Go 
through the short-tunnel, obviously.

Another spiderweb, but this time it's on the floor. There are several 
torches, but they are too high for you to reach. As you have already 
noticed, this is the third platform of the water room. Push (not pull) 
the crate over the edge and it will form a platform for you to jump 
from/to the second platform, the one with the torch. Now all you have to 
do is go over there, light the stick, then run and jump back to the 
spiderweb! To actually burn it you'll need to swing the stick.

You will now face three Deku Bush Guys at once...You have to hit them in 
a certain order to open the door, like that one Deku Bush Guy said a 
while ago. First the one in the middle, to the right, then the left 
(from your perspective when you enter the room). Boss room! 

Look up to start the fight. Check the Boss Section for details on 
this...Collect the Heart Container and enter the blue light once she is 

The Deku Tree will tell you the legend of the Triforce - what it is, 
what it does, and where it came from. Before dying, it will hand over 
the KOKIRI EMERALD, the first Spiritual Stone.


  5.   C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   G O R O N   R U B Y


                    K O K I R I   F O R E S T

Items to find: Fairy Ocarina

Talk to everyone, their reactions will be different since the Deku Tree 
is dead. You'll now want to (well, even if you don't, you have to) exit 
the forest. Use the exit by the Know It All Brother's House. As you are 
leaving the forest, Saria will hand you the Fairy Ocarina. Ignoring the 
fact that this is not the Ocarina of Time, continue out of the Kokiri 
Forest and into Hyrule Field.

                      H Y R U L E   F I E L D

Items to find: Map of Hyrule, Rupees (for Mini-games and shops!)

An owl will give you a map of Hyrule. Now if you don't know where 
something is I tell you, check the map >:) Going across, make your way 
to the Market that lies directly below Hyrule Castle. If you go during 
the night you'll have plenty of Stalchilds to deal with, and they're not 
the best of things because of the large numbers of them. You can not 
enter the Market at night as the drawbridge is down; wait 'till morning. 
There are plenty of bushes around here to make money, so that's a good 
way to spend your time. Don't forget about the Stalchild trick!

         M A R K E T   A N D   H Y R U L E   C A S T L E

Items to find: "Zelda's Lullaby", Strange Egg, Zelda's Letter

WOW! There are a TON of people to talk to here. Remember to come back 
here after finding Kakariko to partake in some pretty awesome Mini-
games. Oh, you'll also find a girl named Malon, she has red hair. You  
know, the cute and sexy one. She says her dad is missing - she thinks 
that he is sleeping near the castle. Then continue on to the castle (for 
God's sake, whatever you do...DON'T buy the Hylian Shield! It's a huge 
rip-off, and you can get it later for free.) Making your way to Hyrule 
Castle you will find a guard , talk to him. It seems no one can enter 
the castle. So go back to the Market, then come back and you'll see 
Malon, and she'll give you a Strange Egg to help find her dad. Climb the 
vine wall behind her, make your way across the gate, and drop down the 
ladder you'll find on the other side.

Now you'll have to make your across a hill and past some guards. If you 
get caught they will kick you out; but no worry! You can always try 
again...After doing this you will find some water, swim around the 
pillar until it stops, get out. There will be a sleeping man, this is 
Malon's father, Talon. If it's daytime the WEIRD EGG will have hatched, 
and the chirping of the young chick is just the right pitch to wake up 
Talon. Fearing that his daughter may be mad at him, he quickly hurries 
off (it's rather funny...). 

Behind him are two crates, push/pull them to the water to form a bridge. 
Jump across and get in the hole with water coming out. You have to aim 
for the ledges or else you'll fall into the drink. Now you have to make 
your way across the courtyard! This time the guards are walking around, 
which makes things a bit tougher. Watch them for a few seconds, memorize 
their patterns, then sneak by when they're not looking. It shouldn't be 
THAT hard, there are a lot of bushes to hide behind. At the end of the 
path is Princess Zelda.

Zelda will talk to you about your quest to save Hyrule, among other 
things. Zelda tells Link to go find Impa, her nanny, after handing you 
Zelda's Letter. The funny thing is, this cinema takes about 10 minutes 
to end...do do do...

Walk back towards the guards to find Impa. She will teach you how to 
play Zelda's Lullaby on your Fairy Ocarina. This will have many uses in 
the future...Then she will escort you out of the castle.

       H Y R U L E   F I E L D  /  L O N   L O N   R A N C H

Items to find: Lon Lon Milk/Bottle, "Epona's Song"

Go to Lon Lon Ranch, you will gaze at the horses...horses you won't be 
able to ride for a looong time >=) Speak to Malon, then show her your 
Ocarina to learn Epona's Song. Epona, by the way, is the name of your 
horse. Sure, it's just a baby...but it WILL be yours in seven years. Not 
REAL years, mind you...Go play Talon's Game [See "Mini-Game" Section] to 
get a Bottle Of Lon Lon Milk, but what you really want is the bottle 
itself. Talk to Malon (she's out in the horse pen) and learn Epona's 
Song, you'll be using this later when you need to retrieve your horse. 
Then go to the Lost Woods...it's behind Mido's house in Kokiri Forest.

                         L O S T   W O O D S 

Items to find: "Saria's Song"

This place is very confusing, with paths going every which way. Your 
main goal here is to find Saria. The route is: RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, 
CENTER, LEFT, and RIGHT. You can also find this by listening to the 
music...it's loudest from the correct path. You will find a wolf at the 
end; defeat it and follow the path it opens up. You'll find a maze like 
area with enemies everywhere. After making your way through it you will 
find Saria, your cute friend, waiting for nothing in particular. She'll 
teach you Saria's Song. Aw, how cute, her name just *happens* to be 
Saria! What a coincidence...ahem...After you are finished, head to 
Kakariko Village. It's on the left side of Hyrule Castle.

        K A K A R I K O   V I L L A G E  /  G R A V E Y A R D

Items to find: Opening to Death Mountain, Bottle, "Sun's Song"

There are a ton of things to do here! First off, get the Bottle from the 
Chicken Lady (See the appropriate section). After that, earn Rupees by 
jumping up on the log near the unbuilt house. You can also buy a few 
things. In the graveyard, pull on the tombstone with flowers in front of 
it to reveal a hole. Drop down to find the Hylian Shield! Ok, return. At 
the very end of the graveyard is a large statue, stand on the Triforce 
Symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby, the statue will explode, revealing a 
hole. Once inside, defeat all of the Keese to open the door. The easiest 
way to do this is to Z-target them and use your Slingshot. Avoid the 
ReDeads by swimming through the green soup (even if it does hurt you) 
and go into the next room. Read the writing on the wall to learn Sun's 
Song, the tune of the Royal Family. Go back outside. Now you can do a 
TON of things, but that's covered in other various sections, and is not 
vital to gameplay. To continue, give the guard in front of the gate 
Zelda's Letter, he'll open it for you, and ask you to get a Mask...but 
that's later.

                     D E A T H   M O U N T A I N

Items to find: Entrance to Goron City 

Walk up the slope. In awhile you'll spot Dodongo's Cavern, but it's 
blocked by a large boulder, so you'll have to ignore it for now. 
Continue up the path, talking to the Gorons you see for information, and 
take a right when the path splits to find a city...just be careful of 
that rolling Goron, he can knock you off!

                         G O R O N   C I T Y  

Items to find: Goron's Bracelet

Again, there is a lot of people to talk to, but besides that there's not 
much. Putting everyone's stories together, it seems that Ganondorf has 
sealed the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern with a boulder. Thing is, 
Dodongo's Cavern is their main source of nutrient rich food - rocks! 
Everyone is starving, and the king, Darunia, has locked himself up in 
his room and is waiting for a royal messenger. Go down the stairs all 
the way to the bottom level and step on the mat in front of the closed 
door. Whip out the Fairy Ocarina and play Zelda's Lullaby. It will open, 
revealing Darunia. He says that a song that is lush and has to do with 
nature will cheer him up...Play Saria's Song and he will get up and 
dance! After an amusing sequence he will reward you with Goron's 
Bracelet, which will allow you to pick up bombs from bomb flowers! Exit 
Goron City...

                    D E A T H   M O U N T A I N 

Items to find: Entrance to Dodongo's Cavern

There is a ledge above the sealed off entrance to Dodongo's Cavern, it's 
right next to the entrance to Goron City. Hike up there to discover a 
Goron and a bomb flower, he'll teach you about them. Pick up a bomb and 
throw it over the ledge. If you throw it correctly, it will land on the 
boulders and blow them away, leaving a rather large, gaping hole in the 
side of Death Mountain. Well, what are you waiting for? GET DOWN THERE!

                   D O D O N G O ' S   C A V E R N 

Items to find: Bomb Bag, Goron's Ruby, Map, Compass

(Always have the Hylian Shield equipped in this stage, as the Fire Keese 
and Dodongos can burn it if their fire touches it! However, the Deku 
Shield IS a better shield to use when fighting Business Scrubs and the 
Lizalfos, since Link uses it like a real shield instead of covering 
himself up with it (you can't move while in that position, even when in 
Battle Mode). If you're Deku Shield is burnt, you can buy one from the 
various Business Scrubs)

Pick up a bomb flower and hurl it at the strange part of the wall to 
reveal the "Main Room" of the dungeon! Run forward and jump on the 
platform, then head to your right. Pick up a bomb flower and throw it at 
the odd part of the wall and the Eye Enemy. Ignore the first one because 
it just leads to a Gossip Stone. Go in the hall, then run down, avoiding 
baby Dodongos. At the end is a switch that won't stay down...simply push 
a statue over it and the switch will stay down, allowing you to go 
through the door.

Lizalfos time! Use your sword fighting techniques to lay both down, then 
the door will un-lock and you can continue. Now, take out your Deku 
Stick and...wait, what's that, you don't have any Deku Sticks? No 
problem! Just blow up the odd side of the wall with a Bomb Flower and 
you can buy them from the Merchant Bush. Now, where was I...oh yes, the 
sticks. Take one and light it on the torch, then light all the other 
torches. Just be careful of the Dodongos...Behold! The door un-locks...

We're back in the "Main Room" again. Hit the switch you see, it will un-
lock the door on the far side of the chamber. Scramble over there, take 
the bomb flower, and throw it at the oddly shaped piece of wall. Inside 
is a chest with the Map! Now go through the door...Throw the bomb flower 
at the odd shaped piece of wall, again, and go through. Fight the Armos 
Statue, it's easy, but here's how: Awake it by touching it, and then use 
a Deku Nut or a bomb (there are bomb flowers in this room) to hurt it. 
If you use a Nut, you'll need to then slash it with your sword, but if 
you use a Bomb it won't matter. Then quickly run away as it will 
explode. The exit will un-lock and you can then retrieve the Compass 
from the chest it was guarding. Exit to the previous room.

Now, this is hard to explain, but extremely easy to do. Ok, see the 
little split in the row of bombs? It's where the two rows a bombs (one 
on each side of the central pillar) meet. Well, pick up the bomb near 
the wall (totally away from the two rows) and throw it in the split. It 
will explode, causing a chain reaction that will demolish the pillar and 
form a nice stairway for you. Bomberman, anyone? Go up the wooden path 
and go through the door at the top of the chamber.

Like the old saying goes, "Let a sleeping dog rest." Well, "Let a 
sleeping Armos rest." You do not have to destroy them, and you shouldn't 
want to since it's a big ordeal (especially for rookies). All you have 
to do is pull the statue away that is in front of the ladder. At the top 
is a switch that will solve this room...Cross the bridge, being weary of 
the many Keese, and into the next room, then fall down into the little 
maze with switch blades. Just watch where you are, everything should be 
fine. Like Navi says, you can see around the corner by using Z and 
sidestepping, that way you won't have any surprises waiting around the 
corner. At the end is a blue block against a ladder. Climb up to the 
thin path. Jump off to the side and land on the pillar with a bomb 
flower and a chest (it has some Rupees). Pick it up, then face the oddly 
shaped wall above the ladder. When it is flashing red, toss it. With 
proper timing, and maybe a little bit of luck, the bomb will explode on 
the wall, revealing the next path. But that is not the only way to do 
it. If you have a good eye, you can get it "stuck" at the top of the 
ladder. Then you can just wait for it to blow; it sure is easy that way! 
Go through the new passageway.

Problem: Platform to exit is on fire. Solution: Shooting eyeball above 
doorway with Slingshot. Then another Lizalfos room...then a similar 
problem, except with two platforms. And for the occasion there are two 
eyes...well, what are you waiting for, a drawn map? The next room has a 
large chest...ta da! The Bomb Bag! Now you can make bombs under your own 
power (I suppose Bomberman has one, as well?). In the next room, hit the 
switch. Now if you accidentally fall or get a game over you can easily 
reach the 2nd level, but I'm sure that won't happen, now will it? Ok, 
see those gaps in the bridge? You have to throw bombs down them so they 
land in the eye's of the giant statue of a Dodongo...ok. Now it will 
open up it's mouth. If you lost your Deku Shield on accident, bomb the 
nearby wall (still on the bridge here) and a chest has one. But if you 
still have it will just have a few Rupees. Get to the main level by 
either falling or using the elevator, then go through.

Another switch that won't stay down, but there's not a statue in sight, 
so go up the hole instead. Drop down, then follow the path to the left. 
You'll find some blocks to climb...do so. At the end of a tunnel is a 
block, push/pull it into the room with the switch (which is just ahead; 
how nice). If you're low on your bomb supply, just open the chest 
nearby. Now bomb the odd part in the floor to drop down into a lava pit 

Good, boy! Here's a 10 foot boss for your troubles. Check out the Boss 
Section for more details on this fight...
After defeating King Dodongo, Darunia will come out and thank you for 
freeing his home of the evil creatures. Then he will hand over GORON'S 
RUBY, the 2nd Spiritual Stone. Only one more is needed...and now the 
Gorons can EAT! The cinema is quite hilarious if you ask me. "How 'bout 
a big Goron hug?"

There are tons of things you can do now that you have bombs, but I'll 
focus on the necessary things, there are other sections. First off, near 
the entrance to Goron City (sorta) are a bunch of boulders, blow them 
away and use the steps to get above. Follow the path, when the volcano 
erupts just use your Hylian Shield to block the rocks and ash. At the 
end, kill the Skulltulas with your Slingshot so they don't bother you, 
and then climb the wall. Bomb the wall to the left of the sign and the 
owl, then go inside and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce Symbol to 
talk to the Great Fairy to get the magic meter and the Sword Slash (run 
on!). Mr. Owl will give you a lift down the mountain if you talk to him 
and hold on to his talons. Fall off the roof in Kakariko (you can get a 
Heart Piece here...) and then return to the Hyrule Castle grounds, a 
side path will take you to a sign that says "Dead End." Bomb this with 
your newly found bombs and you'll find the Fairy that will give you 
Din's Fire. These are also found in the Fairy's Location 
Section...naturally. These two spells are absolutely VITAL to your 
quest, so make sure to pick them up.


  6.   C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   Z O R A   S A P P H I R E


Make your way to Zora's river, which is near Hyrule Field. Just follow 
the river right into the wall.

                        Z O R A ' S   R I V E R

Items to find: Entrance to Zora's Domain 

Make your way across the rocks and head east on the map. To get past 
this river, use Cuccos (chickens) to climb past large gaps. Simply pick 
them up and jump! You'll be able to glide for a few seconds. Neat! :) 
Soon you'll find a large rock formation with a waterfall. Play Zelda's 
Lullaby on your Fairy Ocarina and it will stop, revealing a large 
opening. Jump in to reach Zora's Domain!

                        Z O R A ' S   D O M A I N 

Items to find: Silver Scale

Is it me...or are those Zora incredibly sexy? Um...yeah...Go past the 
Shop and talk to the King of Zora's, he will tell you that Princess Ruto 
is missing! Run inside the cave to the left and talk to the Zora and 
tell her you want to play the diving game [See "Mini-Game" section for 
more details]. Collect all of the Rupees she throws and receive the 
Silver Scale. Now you can dive deeper! You can also do a few other 
things, like getting a Heart Piece, but you can go look in that section 
for yourself. See the hole in the wall near here? It's right in front of 
the waterfall. Use your newly found diving techniques to get down there. 

                         L A K E   H Y L I A 

Items to find: Bottle/Princess Ruto's Letter

When reaching the surface get out and dive down again and retrieve the 
bottle with a note in it, it's right in front of where you start. It 

             Help me. I'm waiting for you inside Lord Jabu Jabu's belly.
                           -Princess Ruto.
                        P.S. Don't tell my father!

Return to Zora's Domain the same way you got here, through the large 
hole. But before leaving you may want to do a little fishing, or plant a 
magical bean near the science lab that is not too far away so you can 
get to the fishing pond when you are older. You can also start the first 
half of making your own song! The Scarecrow Song, that is. It's 
absolutely essential if you want to collect all 100 Golden Skulltulas! 
Ahem, where was I...yes, go back to Zora's Domain.

     Z O R A ' S   D O M A I N  /  Z O R A ' S   F O U N T A I N 

Items to find: Bottle, Fish, Entrance to Jabu Jabu's Belly

Give the bottle to King Zora and he will look at it, then step aside to 
reveal a tunnel that goes to Lord Jabu Jabu, a gigantic whale like 
creature. Return to the shallow water along the sand and look in the 
water, scan for fish. Assign the Bottle to a C button and use it to 
catch a fish near the store! You have to be in shallow water for this to 
work. It may take a few tries, but it is possible. Keeping the bottle, 
go behind King Zora using the path to the right of him. Zora's Fountain! 
Ignore Lord Jabu-Jabu and swim behind him and you will eventually spot a 
small island, bomb the rocks and go inside. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the 
Triforce Symbol and you will earn Farore's Wind from another Great 
Fairy! Now return and use the bottled fish in front of Lord Jabu Jabu 
and he will open his mouth and suck you both in...MUAHAHA!...yeah.

    L O R D   J A B U   J A B U ' S   B E L L Y   D U N G E O N 

Items to find: Map, Compass, Boomerang, Zora's Sapphire

Go forward, past the Octorocks, and get against the locked door. Using 
your Slingshot, hit the strange object hanging from the ceiling. The 
door will open. Run through the next room, then open the next door. 
There's Princess Ruto! She'll say she's ok, then attempt to walk away, 
but she'll fall through a strange hole. Go down there, as well, and talk 
to her again. Then again...now she'll tell you that you can carry her. 
Pick her up and go through the next door. Fall into the water and toss 
her over the side. If she falls in the water she will disappear, go back 
to the previous room to find her. This applies to anytime you lose her. 
Ok, hit the switch and the water will rise, allowing you to go and pick 
up Ruto. Carry her to the exit, hit the strange object on the ceiling 
with your Slingshot, then go into the next room.

Wait for the elevator to come down, then jump on it and it'll carry you 
to the top. You're back, in the room before the area with strange holes. 
Avoid them, then go through the door at the end. Turn right, and stand 
on the switch. Now set Ruto down on it, her weight will keep it down, 
giving you time to go into the door. Now you have to kill all the 
creatures in this room. I prefer to just Z-target them and wham on them 
with my Slingshot. When they are all defeated a chest will appear, the 
Boomerang is inside! Now exit, pick up Ruto, and go to the opposite end 
of the hall. Set her on the switch, then enter the room to find The 
Tentacle. Just Z-target the center of it, then get close to it so it 
drops down, and hit it with the Boomerang. When it goes up into the 
ceiling, quickly run towards it to make it come down again (just be 
careful, it's very close to you and will probably knock you back). But 
you will need the Boomerang...When it's dead you'll receive the Map, and 
the hallway with the tentacle blocking your way is clear! Go there...

Now you must defeat the Bubbles in less than 40 seconds. The best way is 
to Z-target them, then quickly toss the Boomerang their way. A single 
Deku Nut will also do the job...Once you do this you will receive the 
Compass! Now go down the hall, go through the new door. Inside is 
another Tentacle. Kill it! You won't receive anything, but the tentacle 
thing in the nearby hall will disappear, allowing you to go to the next 
room. Guess what's inside? Another Tentacle! You won't receive anything 
for slicing it up, but the green tentacle in the room with the strange 
holes will be gone. Now go there and fall down where it used to be, then 
go through that door. 

Throw that sweet little girl up to that platform...but then it will go 
up and you'll face another boss, Big Octo. Kill it by checking out the 
Boss Section. When he's gone, climb on the central platform and it will 
lift you to the upper section. Go down the hallway, through the door. 
Throw the Boomerang at the convulsing red things, they will freeze, 
allowing you get through this room (although you may want to finish off 
that Octorok in the water...).

Jump to the second platform, it will lower to the room before the room 
with strange holes, completing the circle and making a bridge to the 
doorway that was out of reach. But the switch won't stay down, and 
Princess Ruto is no where in sight! Well, go to the other side of the 
chamber, there's some crates that you can lift. 'Nuff said :) 

Kill all the Jellyfish with your Boomerang, it makes this room a tad 
easier. Climb the vines, at the top is a strange object hanging from the 
wall. You can't hit it with anything...not even your Boomerang! There's 
a strange wall blocking it. Solution? Stand back a few feet and let your 
Boomerang fly! If your spacing is right it should curve around the wall 
and hit it! Improve the chances by Z-targeting it. Now, walk through the 
door (what else?). 

It's Boss time! Check out the appropriate section for details...

Princess Ruto will give you Zora's Sapphire, the last Spiritual Stone! 
She says it's her "most precious possession." I don't think so... ;) 
Er...nevermind. Ignore that. I think it's pretty obvious she likes 
Link...actually, that could be said about every close friend Link has 
(Saria, Zelda, Malon...and Ruto). Ahem, carrying on.

  / \ /\   -=-  NOW YOU HAVE ALL THREE SPIRITUAL STONES! -=-  / \   / \


  7.   C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   L I G H T   M E D A L L I O N 


(Not Part of Walkthrough: Before going through time you'll want to get 
the Fairies, plenty of Bottles w/something in them, Great Fairies and 
lots of Heart Pieces and what not...do everything you can think of! You 
can come back, but you'll want to be prepared.)

When outside the Market you will witness an extremely cool cinema (at 
least the Ganondorf part is cool...I'm mean, just look at his stallion! 
Looks so realistic...). Impa will take Zelda away, but before they 
disappear Zelda will toss the Ocarina of Time into the nearby moat. 
Well, go use your deep diving skills to go get it! Now you have all the 
necessary items to open up the  Temple Of Time. Zelda will 
telepathically teach you the Song of Time.

Return to the Market and go to the Temple of Time...it's near the Happy 
Mask Shop, just go up the stairs. It's sorta hard to tell with all of 
this *cough* pre-rendered crap *cough*

                   T E M P L E   O F   T I M E 

Items to find: Master Sword

Walk up to the altar and stand on the mat, then whip out your brand new 
spankin' Ocarina. Play the Song of Time and a bunch of neat stuff will 
happen. Go through the open door and walk up to the stone that has a 
sword in it...this is the Master Sword! Pull it out.......

After a very long AND AWESOME cinema, you will be...an Adult! This was 
just a small fraction of your journey...this massive game is not even 
close to being over! 


  8.   C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   F O R E S T   M E D A L L I O N


 M A R K E T / H Y R U L E   F I E L D / K A K A R I K O  V I L L A G E 

Items to find: Epona the Horse, "Song of Storms", Hookshot

Hyrule is a _very_ different place now...Ganondorf rules all, demons are 
everywhere, monsters roam the land, and the people are frightened beyond 
belief. You can already see Ganon's Castle, but you need the Six 
Medallions to open it up (and what luck! You already have one...). 

Run out of the Market and go into Lon Lon Ranch, it's time to get Epona. 
First make sure you have Epona's Song, which is learned by talking to 
Malon in Lon Lon Ranch as Young Link AFTER talking to Zelda. Then become 
an Adult and earn AT LEAST 70 Rupees...Talk to Mr. Ingo and pay 10 
Rupees to practice with a horse. Instead of riding the horse that comes 
to you, play Epona's Song and she'll come. Run her around the course 
(lots 'o fun!) until time is up. Get off, and then talk to Mr. Ingo 
again and do the same. Instead of running around, talk to Mr. Ingo while 
on Epona (Z-targeting) and he'll ask you to race him with a 50 Rupee 
wager. Beat him twice and Epona is yours! To get out of Lon Lon Ranch, 
simply get enough speed and hop over the fence. Hurray! Now you can call 
Epona anytime when you're on Hyrule Field (using Epona's Song). She sure 
does make travel a helluva lot easier than you on foot!

After this you'll want to go to Kakariko Village, the grave yard in 
particular. Look at the left batch of tombstones, the one with some 
flowers in front of it, this is Dampe's Grave. Pull on it to pull it 
away, revealing a tunnel. Follow it down to meet Dampe's Ghost. Race him 
[See "Mini-Game" section] to earn the Hookshot. Oh, sweet Hookshot...

At the end of the cavern is a blue block, play the Song of Time and it 
will move away. Follow the path to find a windmill, talk to the guy and 
he will mention a kid with an Ocarina from seven years ago. Show him 
your Ocarina and he'll teach you the Song of Storms. Now head out...You 
can do a TON of things now. You can get Big Goron's Sword and a few 
Heart Pieces. But, that's in the other sections. Go to Kokiri Forest 

        K O K I R I   F O R E S T   /   L O S T   W O O D S  

Items to find: Entrance to Forest Temple, "Minuet of the Forest"

Go into the Kokiri Forest, it seems it has been over-run by monsters! 
Then head into the Lost Woods. At one point Mido will block your path, 
play Saria's Song to prove you know her. He'll let you pass. Find the 
Forest Meadow where Saria used to be (if you don't remember the path 
just use that one trick...). Defeating the Moblins in the maze can be 
quite a hairy experience...They won't give you any time to defend 
yourself, they'll just charge at you and spear you. To get past them 
easily, use your Hookshot. Then there's the hammer Moblin...just avoid 
his shots, get behind him, and use your Sword! Also, you might want to 
catch a few Faries from the nearby Fairy Fountain, because a lot of new 
players die a lot in the next area. Continue, you will find Sheik at the 
end, and he'll teach you the Minuet of the Forest. Behind him is the 
Entrance to the Forest Temple...Look above it, there's a branch there. 
Use your Hookshot to get over there and enter it...

                      F O R E S T   T E M P L E 

Items to find: Map, Compass, Fairy Bow, Forest Medallion

Go forward and kill the two Wolfos, then go to the side and climb the 
vines there (after taking out the Skulltula with your Hookshot. Aren't 
those things ANNOYING?!). At the top is a bunch of branches and a chest, 
in it is a Small Key. Drop back down and go through the door, the hall, 
and enter the main room of the dungeon. After the cinema showing the Poe 
Sisters, go forward and through the doors. Kill the Flaming Skull by 
bouncing it off your shield and then hitting it as it bounces around, 
helpless. At the end you'll find two Stalfos! Kill them with your best 
swordfighting techniques. Just remember that you can't block their lunge 
with your shield, so do a backflip (back and A while in Battle Mode) to 
avoid it, then do a lunge of your own to really hurt them. After they 
are dead, break the pots, one of them has a Fairy if you need it. Your 
prize is another Small Key. Exit back to the Main Room.

In a tunnel nearby is a blue block, destroy it by playing The Song of 
Time. Go through the door it was blocking. Climb the wall to your right, 
but you might want to kill the Skulltulas first, but one will still be 
left because it's out of the Hookshot's range. So when climbing, go slow 
and quickly go up when it looks away, since it won't charge if it can't 
see you! Go through the door in the small alcove...Kill the Blue Flaming 
Skull to receive the Map in a chest. Go through the next door. Look to 
your left, see that white target? That's a Hookshot target, if you can 
hit it with your Hookshot you'll be pulled towards it! Do so, then hit 
the switch that is there. It will drain the nearby well. Drop down into 
the water (if you hit land it might hurt you - badly) and go inside. 
After a long path you'll get another Small Key! Now climb back out, then 
return to the Main Room through the door that brought you here. 

Go through the locked door that is in front of you, across the chamber. 
Go through the hallway with the Giant Skulltula, then into the next 
room. Climb the ladders, then pull out the stone block so it fits the 
little area. Push it, following the arrows painted on the floor. Go to 
where the block originally was, then follow that path to find the block 
again. Now push it into place! You'll hear that chime that means you got 
a secret. Use it as a stepping stone to the above area. Alright, pull 
the red stone as far as it will go. You can't pull it all the way out, 
however, due to the lack of space. Go back to where the blue stone 
originally was, there's a ladder. Climb it, then turn right to find a 
little fence. In the wall, to the right, before the fence, is a small 
alcove where you can push the red block totally out! Now return to the 
red block via the blue block and push it into place! Whew...

Follow the path to the end where you will find a locked door, un-lock it 
then go through. Run across the twisted corridor, at the end is an area 
with another locked door. You have one Small key left...well, guess what 
to do next! Now you'll fight a lonely Stalfo. Note that although he can 
walk over the hole in the center, you CAN'T! When he's dead the hole 
will be covered and two more will warp in. Unlike the last one, if you 
kill one it won't disappear, it will just fall to pieces. If you take 
too long (trying) to beat the last one then it will re-assemble itself! 
Even if you're new to the game this shouldn't be THAT hard (ok, I admit 
I had some trouble with this, but...). Dispatch them and you'll receive 
the Fairy Bow!! Woohoo! Now you're really dangerous...exit the room.

See that Poe in the painting? Shoot it from afar with your bow. After 
doing this to three different paintings (if you get to close, however, 
it will go away to another painting) it will come out. Z-target it and 
hit it with a bow! Then it will disappear. Cock your bow and get ready. 
If it starts spinning wildly simply sidestep. When it re-appears, hit 
it. Do this until it dies. An even faster way is to do a lunge with your 
Sword...It will give you the Compass. Return to the Stalfos room, then 
go through the next door. You'll repeat the same process, except this 
time the Poe is red! Also, it will give you a Small Key instead. 

Now, go back to the Twisted Hallway. Actually, the room BEFORE it. See 
the eyeball above the doorway? Peg it with an arrow, the resulting 
effect will un-twist the twisted hallway. Now go through it and drop to 
the floor, open up the purdy chest and you'll get the Boss Key. Now drop 
down into the hole in the ground. Kill the Blue Skulls, then go through 
the un-locked doorway. The best way to defeat the giant Deku Baba is to 
stun it with the Hookshot, then use your sword (do a lunge for one hit 
to kill! It's A in Battle Mode, duh). Go in the door to the right...Now 
you must kill a Floormaster! Z-target it and wham it with arrows, then 
it will break into three smaller pieces; do the same, or you could use 
your Sword Spin, that is quite effective. Now after chopping it to 
pieces, you will get another Small Key. Go back to the balcony and 
through the door. Return to the area before the twisted hallway. Re-
twist it (Hey, I can make up my own words if I want to) then go through 
it, down the Poe Area, through the used-to-be-Stalfo room, and through 
another room. Fall down, then climb the ladder to the right. Go through 
the hallway with green flaming skulls and un-lock this door with your 

This room has a pillar with a torch on it at it's center, and four 
platforms revolving around it. There is an eyeball near here, but it is 
covered in ice. Solution? Whip out your arrow, get on a platform, and 
shoot the arrow through the torch. The arrow will fly through the flame, 
light on fire, hit the eyeball, melt the ice, and then activate the 
switch. Sweet...That will cause the second hallway to be twisted, you 
know, the one you just came from. Fall down the hole in the ground when 
you return...

This area seems impossible at first...but it's not. The ceiling will 
fall, but there are several holes in it, which will allow you to slip 
by. Here's how to get through it: First, run to the switch. Stand on it 
to open the exit, and a hole is right over you. When the ceiling is at 
it's highest, quickly run to the chest. Besides being safe, you'll pick 
up a bundle of Arrows. Oh, I forgot to mention, you can take out the 
Giant Skulltulas with your Hookshot! The neat thing about using the 
Hookshot is that you DO NOT have to wait for them to turn around (which 
is a good thing, since they don't turn around until you get close to 
them). Now, exit.

Look at the picture of the Poe. Look at it good...memorize it. Now hit 
it with an Arrow, blocks will fall. They have pictures on them...you 
have to arrange them to look like the Poe Sister, Amy, the one in the 
picture. There's the eyes, bottom, and torch. It's a perfect block. You 
get 60 Seconds, if you fail then they flip over and you must try again. 
When you do finally complete it they will vanish and you'll fight Amy. 
Use the same techniques as before. When the door unlocks, go through it. 
Now we're back in the Main Room...climb to the bottom and go to the 
center of the chamber.

Now you must fight the last Poe...Meg. She will split into four and 
encircle you. The one that does a quick spin is the REAL one. Quickly Z-
target it and fire an arrow! Repeat this process until it's destroyed. 
An elevator will appear in the platform. I'm sure you know what to do 

Now, this may sound strange (and it is!), but push on the wall. Yes, the 
entire wall will shift positions. Fiddle around with this a bit and you 
will eventually be able to get to the Boss Door! The fastest is to 
continually push it counter-clockwise. Make sure to bring plenty of 
Arrows for the Boss, or it will be a lot tougher. Check the Boss Section 
for details on that...

Now Saria is rescued, and you have acquired the FOREST MEDALLION! You 
are coming closer to freeing Hyrule, but you still have a lot ways to 


  9.   C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   F I R E   M E D A L L I O N



                        G O R O N   C I T Y 

Items to find: Goron Tunic, "Bolero of Fire", Entrance to Fire Temple

All of the Gorons are gone, except for the one on the third floor that 
is rolling around wildly. Put a bomb in his path and, if it blows up on 
him, he'll stop. But I know a trick that I haven't seen anywhere else, 
and it works like a charm...you know those two Bomb Flowers near the 
entrance to the Giant Goron that sells you Giant's Knife? Well, get 
away, and when the ball is almost there, fire an arrow at the bombs! It 
works perfectly. Talk to him after he calls you "Ganondorf's servant" 
and he'll tell you a few stories, then you have to talk to him about 
both topics that are presented to you by Navi ("Where the Gorons are" 
and "The Dragon". He says you're the only one that can save the Goron 
race, and he gives you a little present, the Goron Tunic, which is 
resistant to fire (Is this starting to sound like Super 
Metroid?...maybe...).  You could always buy this at a store, but it 
costs a lot of money (200 Rupees...you'd need the Adult Wallet for this 

Go downstairs to the King's Room and pull on the statue that looks out 
of place, behind it is the Death Mountain Crater. Cross the broken 
bridge, using your Hookshot to get across gaps. Before finding the 
entrance to the Fire Temple, Sheik will teach you the Bolero of Fire, 
yet another song for your collection. Enter the Fire Temple...

                      F I R E   T E M P L E

Items to find: Map, Compass, Megaton Hammer, Fire Medallion

Go up the stairs and through the left door. After the chat with the King 
Goron (I can't remember how to spell it) jump on the platforms to the 
left. You'll find a switch, stand on it to release the Goron! Talk to 
him to free him and get a tip. Pick up the Small Key that's in his cell. 
Now return to the entrance and go through the right door this time.

Cross the wooden bridge and go across the wooden board to the right of 
the locked door. Soon you'll find a wall with an odd piece...blow it up 
with a bomb! Inside is a Goron in his cell, along with the Small Key you 
need to open the locked door. Now exit the tunnel, across the chamber is 
a door under a blue block. Enter the door. Another Goron with a Small 
Key. With your two keys, un-lock the door across the wooden bridge.

Go across the board and then climb the gate near the right pillar. Jump 
on the pillar, being weary of the Keese, and push the block on top of 
the pillar of fire. When it erupts it will fling the block up. Get on 
your little elevator to be transported to the upper area, it has a 
locked door. Use your last Key on it...duh. Climb the ledges, killing 
the Torch Slugs, then hop on over to the adjacent area. Push the block 
off the edge, then drop down and pull it as far as it will go. Get back 
to where the block used to be, then use the block as a stepping stone to 
the next area. Climb the fence. The exit to this room is being blocked 
by a large flame. Remember that strange diamond object near where the 
block originally was? Well, if you hit it with something, the fire will 
go out...for five seconds. Get on the same level as the fire, stand near 
the edge, and toss a bomb on top of the diamond. Get near the flame. If 
the bomb hits its target, quickly climb the fence and exit through the 

Now we're in a giant maze with boulders rolling everywhere. You can find 
two Gorons now...the first one is to your left, just follow the wall in 
that direction. Get the key in his cell. The second is on the other 
side, in a small alcove. Get that key as well. Now, find the locked door 
(near a wall) and go through it. Hit the eyeball with an arrow (it's 
very easy to miss, look up near the ceiling) and the barred door will be 
open. Inside is a chest with the Map. Now return, go through the locked 

In this room a curtain of fire will follow you, so don't doddle. Ignore 
the locked door and follow the path to find another door. Now you're at 
the top of the maze. The platform in front of you, the one with the 
Torch Slug, has a very large crack in it. Also, Navi will say "I hear 
Goron voices below..." It's pretty obvious now. Just plant a bomb there, 
then fall down the tube. At the bottom is a Goron and a Key (like 
always). Climb up the grating to return to the top of the maze. A few 
platforms away is a switch, it will open a cage nearby, on the other 
side of the maze. Carefully, hop over there. Get the Key. NOW return to 
the room with the fire curtain, un-lock the door. Go through the hall...

This room is huge, and very dangerous. It looks like an open space, but 
the curtains of fire that open up block your path and will torch you if 
you touch them. And since they only appear when you get close to them, 
it's a good idea to walk, not run. Turn to your right and follow the 
wall to a door, inside is a chest with the Compass. Go back to where you 
came in and go left, carefully make your way through the pillars of 
fire, the bats, and rolling rocks and un-lock the door there. 

Go through the hallway (you can't get the Goron there - YET). Now you're 
on the opposite side of the room. The only reason you can't get here via 
the other side is due to the fact that the curtains of fire cover it up! 
Now, hit the switch and quickly run to the area that the giant flame was 
protecting. The door here is FAKE; it will attack you if you attempt to 
open it. Instead, lay a bomb down and blow it into oblivion. Behind it 
is a real door. Now you will fight the Flare Dancer. Ya know, the one in 
the Boss Section...

When he's dead the flame in the center will go out, now it serves as an 
elevator to the upper area. Climb the grating on the wall, then throw a 
bomb over the ledge to activate the Diamond Object and de-activate the 
flame. Climb the grating, then exit. 

Now we're in a semi-donut shaped room, Climb the stairs, then hit the 
switch. Now, above, the treasure chest used to have a flame around it, 
but now it does not. There's a timer, so quickly use the small steps 
near the edge of the hole in the center to climb up there. Oh, and try 
not to fall...it's a LOOOONNNG way down :) If you make it in time, and 
don't fall, you shall have received the Megaton Hammer! Go to your right 
to find a strange block with a face on it...smash it with the  Megaton 
Hammer and it will fall, creating a tunnel for you. Break the statue 
with the Hammer to reveal a door. Take care of all the Keese, then smash 
the strange block with a face. It's a switch, and will cause the floor 
to transform into a stairway. At the bottom is a switch that will not 
stay down...Just grab a crate near the start of the room, carry it 
there, then lay it down on the switch! 

Smash the stone with a face and you will fall into the room with the 
maze of fire curtains. The block that fell will serve as a step up to a 
barred door. There is a switch, but like Navi said, "It's all rusted!" 
Just whip out your Megaton Hammer and hit it. Now, take a running leap 
and jump over the gap! Play the Song of Time near the blue block and it 
will disappear (sorta), revealing a rusted switch. Hit it with your 
Megaton Hammer, it will un-lock the Goron below. He'll say that the 
statue near the start of the dungeon has a door behind it...Grab the 
Small Key in his cell. Now, climb the blue block and exit through the 
door you entered. See that platform right in front of you? Hop on it and 
smash the face block with your Hammer. Not only are we at the beginning 
of the dungeon, we've made a little bridge to the Boss Door!

The statue the Goron was speaking of is to the right of the stairs. 
Smash it to bits with the Hammer, then enter the door behind it. Kill 
all the creatures in this room to unlock the door. Exit through the 
door, avoiding the spinning tiles...now you must face the Flare Dancer 
again! Just check out the section...that starts with a B...ends with an 
S...After killing him the barred door will be free to open. Also, a 
chest will drop down, this contains a few bombs. Exit the door, smash 
the rusted switch with the Hammer to open the cell and rescue the final 
Goron. Open up the yellow and blue chest to find the...Boss Key! Oh 
yeah, baby! Go to the door that's in the cell, you're to the left of the 
stairs at the start. I'm sure you know where to go now...(door, left of 
stairs...where the King was at the start!). Also, if you want to re-fill 
your health or your bottles are empty, go to the right of the boss door 
(you'll need to use the Hookshot target) and smash the pots on the 
ledge, one of them has a Fairy in it!

Now you will fight the mythical dragon, Volvagia. Check out the Boss 
Section for details on this fight...Take the Heart Container and enter 
the blue light.

Now Darunia, king of the Gorons, and the Sage of Fire, will hand over 
the FIRE MEDALLION. You are now about 3/4 of the way through the game in 
terms of getting to the ending sequence. 


  10.   C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   W A T E R   M E D A L L I O N


           D E A T H   M O U N T A I N   C R A T E R 

Items to find: Double Magic Meter

After warping from the Chamber of Sages, return to where you entered, 
but instead of going through, turn left, smash the boulders with your 
Megaton Hammer, and continue in that direction. Eventually, Navi will go 
to a group of rocks and turn green. Smash these and go inside; play 
Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce Symbol and guess what? Another Fairy 
Whore will double your Magic Meter, making you even MORE dangerous :) 
You'll now want to some how make your way to Zora's Domain. The fastest 
way is to play the Prelude of Time to get to the Market, then walk out 
and play Epona's Song to call Epona, then run her to Zora's Domain. Or 
you could just walk down the mountain and get there...Like before, stand 
on the stone and play Zelda's Lullaby. It'll open.

                    Z O R A ' S   D O M A I N 

Items to find: Entrance to Ice Cavern

This place is a lot different...Instead of flowing water we have frozen 
ice...SOLID ice...Everything is frozen, even the King. Go behind the 
King Zora. Once outside, hop on the ice platforms and go in the ice 
cave...it's to the left, you nut.

                      I C E   C A V E R N 

Items to find: Map, Compass, Blue Fire, Iron Boots, "Serenade of Water"

This level is not exactly a normal area...and it's not exactly a major 
dungeon...It's a hybrid of sorts. Go forward until you reach your first 
room. Defeat all of the Freezeerds to open the door. Be careful of the 
switchblade that encircles the room! Go in the door, now you must 
collect all of the Silver Rupees. This is fairly simple if it weren't 
for the rotating knife contraption in the center of the room. Most of 
them are near the blades, and one is hidden in a grove of icicles, along 
with a Golden Skulltula. One is near the exit, but you'll need to jump 
off the platform (just be sure not to land on the blades!). After that, 
exit through the newly opened door, then follow the hall until you find 
a large room. Here you get to meet...ICE KEESE! These guys are 
ridiculously annoying...take them ALL out with your bow and arrow. Go to 
the torch of blue fire and fill ALL of your Bottles with this. Now, use 
it on the red ice that is blocking the chest, then re-fill. The Map is 
inside the chest...Now return to the room with the rotating knife 

You'll notice that two parts of the wall are covered in red ice...melt 
them with blue fire. One of them will lead to a dead-end type room. It 
contains another torch of Blue Fire. Re-fill, then get the Heart 
Container and the Compass. Re-fill again, then go into the OTHER 
passageway that was covered in ice...

If you have an IQ of over 50 then this room will be a cinch! All you 
have to do to collect the Silver Rupees is to push the ice block against 
the pillars, then hop on. One requires a Bottle of Blue Fire, and what 
luck, there is a torch of it in the room, but you'll need the block to 
reach it. Just remember that if you screw up and need the block in a 
position that is simply impossible to get it there, push if off into the 
bottomless pits that surround the perimeter of the room, it will return 
to its original position (well, another one will, at least). Once the 
door is actually un-locked you'll actually have to make the iceblock 
start from its original position (push it off the ledge) and then make 
it go around the entire "circle" of pillars. You know, if you looked up 
you would see that the pillars around the room form a circle of sorts. 
:) Climb up to the door...but make sure to have at LEAST two Bottles of 
Blue Fire.

A large block of red ice will block your way...use Blue Fire, obviously. 
Now you must fight a White Wolfos. This isn't any different from an 
ordinary Wolfos, he just looks different (and he's a bit more powerful, 
but not much). The reward for all of this hard work?...the Iron Boots! 
Then Sheik will come in and teach you the Serenade of Water, which will 
warp you to Lake Hylia. But don't use it yet. Instead, strap on the Iron 
Boots and fall down the hole of water behind the treasure chest. If you 
need any Blue Fire, go back to the room with the giant knife contraption 
and into the room where you got the Heart Piece and the Compass, there's 
a torch of blue fire in there. Now exit, and return to Zora's Domain.

                  Z O R A ' S   D O M A I N 

Items to find: Zora's Tunic

Use the Bottle of Blue Fire on King Zora and he will thaw, and then 
reward your kindness with the Zora Tunic, which will allow you to go 
underwater without drowning  Ahem...Play 
the Serenade of Water to warp to Lake Hylia, which has not been frozen.

                         L A K E   H Y L I A

Items to find: Entrance to Water Temple

Equip both the Iron Boots and Zora's Tunic, then plunge into the water. 
Keep walking and you will, eventually, find the entrance to the Water 
Temple. Shoot the Blue Switch with the Hookshot to open it up, then walk 
on in...

                      W A T E R   T E M P L E 

Items to find: Compass, Map, Longshot, Water Medallion

This is one of the most confusing dungeons in the game, so listen very 
carefully...Put on the Iron Boots and sink to the very bottom. Go in the 
entrance that has two torches on either side. There you will find 
Princess Ruto in all of her adult glory (if you thought she looked good 
as a kid...). First she will talk about how she'll marry you, then 
she'll tell you that to thaw out Zora's Domain you must beat the Boss of 
the Temple. She'll float up. Follow her by taking off the Boots. At the 
very top is a Triforce Symbol on the wall. Play Zelda's Lullaby to lower 
the water level all the way. But before falling back down, enter the 
nearby door. Defeat all of the Spiked Balls by using the Hookshot, a 
treasure chest will appear, inside is the Map! Now return and fall down 
the hole...

There are two ways to light these torches: Shoot an arrow through the 
already lit torch so it hits the torches, or just use Din's Fire. Either 
way, the door will open. Kill all the clams by shooting the inside of 
their mouth with the Hookshot. When they are all dead a chest will 
appear, inside is a Small Key. Now exit to the main area of this 

If you want some items head to the left passageway. If you just want to 
continue, go to the other side of the chamber. Climb the block and push 
the stone as far as it will go. When it drops, use your Iron Boots to 
drop down and get to the next area. You may want to kill the Tekitite 
across the room (use arrows). Hit the Diamond Object and a pillar of 
water will rise, use this to get across the gap. The next area has water 
that swirls you around...underwater you'll notice a large pipe. When 
you're near the upper part of it, activate your Iron Boots to fight the 
currents and fall down there. Now, see the Diamond Object in the Dragon 
Statue's Mouth? Hit this with the Hookshot, the nearby gate will open. 
However, to get there you'll need to peg the Hookshot Target on the 
wall. To easily avoid the clams, take off the Iron Boots and float up to 
the next room. You'll find a Small Key...return to the Main Area of this 

In the middle of the chamber is a tower, correct? Well, there is a 
single, locked door at the bottom. Well, you have the Key, don't you?! 
Inside seems like a dead-end, but it's not. Run to the end of the 
blocks, then use your Hookshot on the nearby target, it's to your left. 
Play Zelda's Lullaby near the Triforce Symbol to raise the water mid-
way. Notice how the block has also been raised...strap on the Iron Boots 
and fall down into the secret tunnel that it was covering.

At the end is a Diamond Object, hit it with the Hookshot. Actually, 
that's the only thing you CAN hit it with since it's the only object you 
can use underwater. Kill the enemies that fall down to un-lock the gate. 
Inside is a room with a Small Key. Now you have two Small Keys...return 
to the previous room, the one with the Triforce Symbol, and exit through 
the only door. Put on your Iron Boots and return to the area where 
Princess Ruto was (the one with a torch on either side, but they're out 
now since it was covered with water...obviously). When you get there, 
take them off and float up. Since the water is only at mid-point you 
will reach the area with a cracked wall. Bomb it to find another Small 
Key! Return to the Main Chamber...

At the mid-way level (that is, the area where the water is the highest) 
is a tunnel with a few pots. Follow it, after a few Hookshot targets 
you'll find a chest covered in a waterpillar. To get rid of it, stand 
next to it and peg the Diamond Object with an arrow. The timer lasts 
about three seconds, so you HAVE to be this close. Inside is the 
Compass! Now return to the Main Chamber...

On the other side of the area is a locked door (mid-way level). Un-lock 
it. Now you have two keys. Stand on the water pillar, you should hear 
that sound a Tekitite makes when it jumps...MOVE! He'll come crashing 
down. Kill him. Now, stand on the water pillar, then hit the Diamond 
Object with your arrow. It will lift you up to another room. Play 
Zelda's Lullaby near the Triforce Symbol to raise the water to it's 
highest point. Now, near you is a locked door. Across the chamber from 
that is a tunnel. Go inside and pull the block until it falls into the 
little hole. Now, go un-lock that door!

This room has no puzzles, just pure ACTION! It's hard to explain, but 
just drop down to the platform that is moving up and down, then use your 
Hookshot on the nearest platform that comes down the falls. Then just go 
up, up, UP! :) At the top is a locked door, and you have one last 
Key...In the next room there is a Diamond Object in the center. Hit it 
with your Hookshot, the water will rise, as will the dragon statue 
across from you. Get over there by use of the Hookshot target on it's 
belly. Then, turn around and hit the Diamond Object again to lower the 
water, as well as the dragon statue across from you. Get over there by 
use of the Hookshot target on the wall. Climb the head, then hit the 
Diamond Object with your Hookshot to raise the water, as well as the 
dragon statue across from you. Get there by it's Hookshot Target. Now, 
hit the Diamond Object to lower the dragon and water. Climb onto of the 
dragon head, then hit the Diamond Object. Now the dragon statue will 
raise you to the next area. Kill the Tekitites, then climb over the 
spikes by using the Like Like as a Hookshot target (took me awhile to 
figure that out, heh heh). 

The next room contains Dark Link. Check out the Boss Section for a 
little spicy gossip...er...details.

Go into the now un-locked door to find the...Longshot! Whoop! Whoop! 
This one can extend TWICE as far as your old, outdated, nasty Hookshot. 
Go behind the treasure chest to find a blue block, play the Song of Time 
to get rid of it. Fall into the tunnel it creates. Now you're at the 
mouth of a river...and in it, as Navi points out, are several vortexes 
that will suck you in. The best, not to mention safest and fastest, 
method is to just swim by them! At the end is an eyeball on the wall. 
Stand on the nearby ledge and peg it with an arrow. Now, the nearby cage 
will open, revealing a chest. Use it as a Longshot target to get there 
quickly. Inside is a Small Key. To escape, fall through the hole behind 
it which leads to an already explored area. Go to the main chamber, I'm 
sure you know the way...

Now we need to get the water level at it's mid-way point. If you forgot 
how to do that, shut off the computer/TV and bang your head against the 
wall and repeat "I need a bigger brain, I NEED A BIGGER brain!" Once 
that is complete, go to the mid-way point of the tower and look for the 
barred entrance that has an eyeball. Shoot it with an arrow, then 
quickly pull yourself to the Longshot target. You have to be quick, 
since it only lasts about five seconds. Once there, you'll find the 
block you pulled into the little hole from the start of the dungeon. 
Push it until it stops, then continue to find a Small key in a chest. 
Now, return to the Main Area! 

Sink to the bottom and go through the tunnel that leads to a spiked 
area...I can't give you specific directions, since there's really 
nothing to look for...just look around at the very bottom, near the 
impression in the ground. Once there, use your Longshot to clear the 
spikes. Now, open the once-locked door. You have one more Key 
left...Trust me, you'll want to kill all the Tekitites in this room. The 
first four can be lured over with the Longshot - kill the last two with 
arrows. Now, carefully cross the dangerous water. Next room, defeat all 
the Stingers. Ok, see the parts of the wall that look funny, near the 
door you came in, on the platforms? Bomb 'em! Inside both is a secret 
tunnel with a block inside. Also in this room is a switch that won't 
stay down...put two and two together and what do you get? Just a hint, 
it's not five. Push/pull the block onto the switch. The water level will 
rise, allowing you to exit.

You'll probably want to kill the Teketites across the gap (try arrows, 
genius). Now, hit the switch and use the water pillars as platforms. 
Through the door is a waterfall that spews out boulders which will push 
you into a previous room. After a boulder goes by, jump near the 
waterfall and equip the Iron Boots. Under you go...use your last key to 
un-lock the last normal door. Inside is the...BOSS KEY! Also, behind it 
are two pots: they BOTH have Fairies inside. Put them to good use inside 
your Bottles, afterall, you never know when you'll start sucking :) Exit 
to the Main Chamber...

Raise the water to it's highest point, then walk along the top part of 
the central tower. You'll spot a Longshot target on a purple statue. Get 
over there (the pots here also have Fairies). There's the Boss 
Door...but there's catch. The path to it has three switchblades going 
back and fourth. Sounds easy to get past, right? Wrong. The hill is 
tilted at such an angle that you CAN'T stop. You have to press the stick 
straight the entire time to get through. It won't be easy, but you'll 
get it sooner or later. 

Check out the Boss Section to kill the boss and thaw out Zora's Domain! 
Also, Princess Ruto will now hand over the WATER MEDALLION, as she is 
also a Sage!


  11.   C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   S H A D O W   M E D A L L I O N


                     L A K E   H Y L I A 

Items to find: Fire Arrow

Now you're standing on an island with a plaque...it talks about firing 
into the morning sun. Wait until morning and look for the sun to rise 
and do exactly that; take aim with the bow and fire an arrow directly 
into the sun. A Fire Arrow will fall down...Now you can collect Fire 
Arrows throughout the game! They are quite powerful - they explode on 

                    T E M P L E   O F   T I M E  

Items to find: "Prelude of Light"

Go up to the Altar and Sheik will appear, teaching you the Prelude of 
Light (assuming this is your first visit back). Now go behind him to 
find the stone where the Master Sword was. Put the Master Sword back in 
and you will warp backwards seven years..................

                   K A K A R I K O   V I L L A G E

Items to find: Entrance of Well

Walk out of the Market and go to this peaceful town. Now, go to the 
Windmill and talk to the man. Play the Song of Storms for him, this will 
drain the well (and really screw up the windmill...). Crawl through the 
passageway at the bottom of the well and...

                B O T T O M   O F   T H E   W E L L

Items to find: Map, Compass, Lens of Truth

Go through the small passageway. After defeating the Giant Skulltula, go 
right through the wall. Yep, that's right, through the wall. It's fake, 
and you'll end up in a new room. Fall into the stream and follow it, 
starting to your right. Soon you'll find a Triforce Symbol. Stand on it 
and play Zelda's Lullaby. The water will drain all the way down...now 
retrace your steps to the room after the fake wall. There is a large 
alcove in the floor, it has two passages: one is barred, the other 
isn't. Follow the one that isn't until you reach a new room. Kill 'Dead 
Hand' to receive...dun dun dun...the Lens of Truth! Use it in this room 
to find a chest with a Golden Rupee (worth 200!). Explore the rest of 
the well, there are many interesting things here...But we got the main 
item. Now exit, I'm sure you know the way.

Also, here are the locations of the Map and Compass

Map: In the area you appear in when you fall down a hole, where you have 
to collect Silver Rupees, go to the passageway surrounded by torches and 
blow the boulders blocking it away. Follow the passageway, being careful 
of the ReDeads, and you will find a Big Chest! 
Compass: Follow where the river used to be and use the Lens of Truth 
constantly. You should eventually find a secret passageway that allows 
you to get to the Big Chest containing the Compass. You can also see 
this in the center area, but an invisible hole makes it impossible to 
from that area. 

NOTE: For information on anything else in this dungeon, see the FAQ 
section and Golden Skulltula section. 

Return to the Temple of Time and take out the Master Sword to travel 
forward seven years..........

                   K A K A R I K O   V I L L A G E 

Items to find: "Nocturne of Shadow", Entrance to Shadow Temple

Enter this town from Hyrule Field, NOT Death Mountain. After a cool 
cinema, Sheik will teach you a new song, the Nocturne of Shadow. Play it 
to warp to the entrance of the Shadow Temple. Now look behind you to see 
a bunch of unlit torches...Stand in the middle of them and use Din's 
Fire (You did get that...right? If not, go check out the location of it 
in the appropriate section...I can wait) to light them all at the same 
time, forcing the entrance open.

                     S H A D O W   T E M P L E 

Items to find: Compass, Map, Hover Boots, Shadow Medallion

(You're going to NEED the Lens of Truth in this dungeon, unless you know 
where ALL the invisible things are. If you've never been here and have 
no idea what I'm talking about, check up a few paragraphs to see how to 
find it).

Go forward and get past the cliff with your Longshot. Use the LENS OF 
TRUTH HERE! Walk through the face block. Now you're in a room with a lot 
of faces, use the Lens of Truth to find the one that goes to another 
hall. Again, use the Lens to find the correct path. Kill the ReDead and 
Keese and you'll receive the Map! Now go back into the room with the 
billions of orange faces to find another path. Sooner or later you'll 
stumble upon the Dead Hand mini-boss. Check out the Boss Section. Now 
you will receive the Hover Boots! Return to the room with many blue 
faces and a strange bird statue in the middle...

The inscription reads, "Make my beak face the skull of truth...The 
alternative is a descent into the deep darkness below." Well, whip out 
the Lens of Truth and you'll find that most of the skull totems in this 
room are fake...except for one. Grab the statue and point its beak to 
that one. When done, the nearby door will un-lock. Use your newly found 
Hover Boots to glide there.

There are three ways to go...forward, left, and right. Two are 
invisible, forward is bombable, at the center is a formidable Beamos. Go 
left first. You have to collect all of the Silver Rupees while avoiding 
the spinning blades of the two Death statues. Pretty simple...you get a 
Small Key for your effort. Now, go through the right passage in the 
previous room (from where you entered originally, that is). Kill the two 
Mummies and you'll be rewarded the Compass. Now, go back to the little 
crossroads and bomb the forward passageway and go through the locked 

Now you have to go through a long hallway. Be careful! Giant Skulltulas 
will drop from the ceiling with no warning. At the end you'll enter a 
large room. Dodge the guillotines (sp?) and use the Hoverboots to get to 
the platform that goes up and down using its chains (you can pretty much 
ignore the Stalfo if you want...). Now drop down to the next platform by 
using your Hoverboots when the platform is at its highest.

Collect the Silver Rupees to un-lock the door. This is as easy as 
falling asleep in Algebra class...Go down the hall, now you'll have to 
go through these falling spiked contraptions. Use your Lens of Truth to 
spot a block in the wall, use it to get through. When the second 
platform starts falling on it, switch to the other side to avoid getting 
hit by the first one (now you've switched from pushing to pulling). At 
the end it will create a little "ladder" for you to the above area. Use 
the spiked platforms as bridges to the other side, just be careful, you 
have to time it right or else you'll be impaled. On the other side is a 
switch, stand on it to activate a chest on the opposite side. You'll 
need to use the Hover Boots, obviously. Inside is another Small Key! Now 
go back outside...

Go up the brown, rocky path to the left. Use your Lens of Truth to spot 
the invisible platforms. Go through the locked door, you may need to use 
the Hover boots on the last platform, though, since it's moving back and 
fourth. Inside you can kill the two ReDeads for a Blue Rupee chest. 
Collect the Silver Rupees by using your Lens of Truth to spot spikes and 
invisible Longshot targets. You'll need to line yourself up with them, 
then fire your Longshot in order to retrieve them. One will require to 
use your Hoverboots in the platform in the corner. When they are all 
collected the door will open, another room.

Go up the stairs and grab a Bomb Flower, then hurl it into the flaming 
skull. When it explodes the skull will too, and a Small Key will pop 
out. Pick it up, obviously. To open the door you'll have to defeat all 
of the Keese in the room. Go back to the previous room. You can see the 
locked door, but you can't get there...don the Lens of Truth to see the 
invisible Longshot target. Get there, un-lock the door.

In this hall are several switchblades, but there are fans that will try 
to blow you into them! Put on your Iron Boots to avoid that. After 
awhile you'll find a gap with a fan across it. Above it is a log, use 
the Longshot to get over there. Now you'll find a bridge, with fans on 
either side, and an enemy eyeball that shoots fire. Kill it by shooting 
an arrow into it when it opens. Now, use the Lens of Truth to find the 
secret passage in the wall. It's too far away to get to, even for the 
Hover Boots! Look closely at the fan behind you...when it's at full 
blast, run off the cliff towards the passage, Hoverboots equipped, and 
you should make it perfectly!

Kill the two mummies for a Rupee Chest, then bomb the pile of dirt near 
the entrance. Inside of it is an invisible chest, inside of that is a 
Small Key, which allows you to exit the room! The ladder is too high to 
reach, so push and pull the block against it to make it reachable. Up it 
is a boat, get on the Triforce Symbol and play the Royal Song...if 
you're confused about which one that is, I'd like to how you got this 
far. The boat will start to go down the river. Along the way you'll 
fight two Stalfos (just be careful, since all of your actions are 
exaggerated due to the boat's bobbing). At the end, whether or not they 
are both dead or not, the ship will start to sink. Jump to the area to 
your left (if you're facing the front of the ship). Go through the door.

This room is a big maze (though the walls are only visible if you wear 
the Lens of Truth) filled with Floormasters. Don't worry! They can't 
pick you up, they're on the floor, not the ceiling. There are three 
doors. One has a bunch of rotating skulls, you can get a few items in 
there. One has a blood stained floor, use the Lens of Truth to find the 
invisible Floormaster. Kill it to receive a Small Key. The last has two 
walls with spikes that will attempt to crush you. Just use Din's Fire to 
burn them down. Kill the two ReDeads for a few Rupees, then open the 
yellow/blue chest for the Boss Key. Once you have all the keys you need, 
return to where you fell off the ship.

Look across the chasm and you will see a large statue surrounded by bomb 
flowers. Take out your Fairy Bow and peg one with an arrow, they will 
all explode and the statue will fall, making a suitable bridge. Un-lock 
the door. Now, use the Lens of Truth to spot the invisible platforms, 
and use the Hoverboots to cross them. Just be careful when you land on a 
new one, you'll have some momentum and you might fall off, so quickly 
pull back on the analog stick to avoid that. You now stand at the Boss 
Door...be sure to leave the Hoverboots on when you enter!

Check out the Boss Section for details on this fight...

Impa, Zelda's nanny, is awakened as a Sage. You also have the SHADOW 
MEDALLION! Only one more medallion and we're off to Ganon's Castle.  


  12.   C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   S P I R I T   M E D A L L I  O N


                     G E R U D O   V A L L E Y 

Items to find: Entrance to Gerudo Fortress

This area can be found to the far west in Hyrule Field. To get across 
the broken bridge, whip Epona a lot and she'll fly over the large gap. 
Another way is to use the Longshot on the circle that is on the little 
piece of cloth that is above the bridge. Explore this area and you can 
find two Heart Pieces (one behind the waterfall that is feeding the 
river, and one on a ledge in the canyon; just drop down to get them). 
According to the boss carpenter, all of his workers have left to the 
Fortress because, as they said "...working's not cool!" So, continue on, 
past the tent, and you'll reach...

                  G E R U D O   F O R T R E S S 

Items to find: Four Carpenters, Gerudo Membership Card

Go up and around and let a guard see you and you'll be locked up in a 
jail cell. Look above the room to see a little notch in the doorway - 
use your Longshot to pull yourself up there and you'll be looking down 
on the area. Look straight down and you'll see a doorway to the 
left...but there is a guard down there. If you walk in front of her line 
of vision you will be put back in the cell. There are three main ways to 
get past these. The easiest it to just peg them with an arrow from your 
Fairy Bow, they will pass out and never wake up. Another is to stun them 
with your Longshot (they will turn blue like an enemy) and then run up 
to them and slice them with your sword. Or...find a way around them! 
Whatever you do, drop down and go through the door directly to your left 
(on solid earth).

Talk to the man in the cell to get the story of why they are locked 
up...then you'll face a (nice looking) Gerudo Guard! She has dual 
swords, and she can do moves with them that will make you wet your 
pants! Heck, they even double as a shield. The best way to get past this 
tough enemy is to Z-target (obviously) and circle around until she does 
a lunge, but then sidestep and do a lunge of your on (Z + A). Another 
good way is to get far away from her (but not so far so you break the 
lock), then she'll run towards you, then you can sidestep and she'll be 
facing AWAY from you - commence hacking. If you get hit a few times 
you'll be captured again, so don't fool around! Once she is defeated she 
will run away, but not before dropping a Small Key - use this to open 
the cell. Talk to him and he'll say some more stuff, yada yada, then 
exit through the exit.

Go to Link's left here, through the tunnel. Once inside, head right and 
watch the guard until she goes around the corner, then quickly run down 
the hall and turn into the first turn you come to (which is on the 
right-hand side of the wall). Go around the all and defeat the guard 
there with an arrow, then go through the door she was guarding. Another 
cell...it will be exactly as before. Get the key, open the door, then 
continue on. In this area you should see some vines going down over the 
wall, climb down them and go through that door. Another cell and another 
beauty to hack to bits. Rescue the confused carpenter, then exit through 
the door you came in. Climb up the vines on the wall and go through the 
door to Link's left.

Carefully sidestep around the corner and...ow! Two guards are making 
their rounds in this small room. Just use a few arrows to take them out. 
Just don't be too quick to continue, another one is in the nearby hall. 
If you're in the room and you see her coming, simply get behind 
something and press R to duck - voila! You're hidden. Anyways, from 
where you came in, go across and up the ramp, then through the door. 
Drop down to the lower area, which is to LINK'S right, then go through 
the door. Oh, before entering, you can get the Heart Piece by grappling 
to the large chest on the roof (use the Longshot, obviously). Anyways, 
go through the door. Quickly roll into the box in front of you, then 
cock your Fairy Bow and get ready to knock out another guard who will be 
coming around the corner any second. Go forward and save the fourth 

A woman will come in, and since she thinks you have such great thieving 
skills, she'll hand over the Gerudo Membership Card, which will allow 
you to wander about without being hassled! Exit back outside.

This area has a lot of fun games to play, so I would stick around and 
play some (especially the Horse Archery game, you can get there by going 
to the path behind the Fortress; you'll need Epona to play though. The 
prize for 1000 points is a Heart Piece, and 1500 grants you a 50 arrow 
quiver!). You can retrieve the Ice Arrows by going into the Gerudo 
Training Grounds. This is not needed to complete the game, however. Once 
you're done with your fun (that rhyme was not intentional, I swear!) 
walk on over to the large gate. Climb up the ladder that's next to it 
and talk to the person up there, she'll open the gate for you.

                   H A U N T E D   W A S T E L A N D 

Items to find: Entrance to Spirit Temple, "Requiem of Spirit"

There are two main ways to get over the river of sand. 1) Use the 
Hoverboots or 2) Get on top of the box and use the Longshot on the box 
opposite the river. Then just follow the long line of flags. It's easier 
to do this in the middle of the day, as it's MUCH easier to see where 
they are. Follow it until you see a stone block, then read the little 
note there. Use your Lens of Truth and look around, you'll notice a 
strange Poe...follow her. She'll wander the desert for a few minutes, 
seemingly going no where. After a bit of this she'll lead you to the 
entrance of the Spirit Temple. Walk near it, then a little bit away and 
then Sheik will return to teach you, yeah you guessed it, another song. 
This time it's the Requiem of Spirit, which will allow you to warp to 
the entrance of the Spirit Temple anytime.

Play the Prelude of Light to return to the Temple of Time. Go inside and 
travel back seven years...............Now, as young Link, play the 
Requiem of Spirit to warp to the Spirit Temple.

        S P I R I T   T E M P L E   ( Y O U N G   L I N K ) 

Items to find: Map, Silver Gauntlets

Go up the stairs and talk to the woman on the left, it's Nabooru! 
Eventually she'll tell you to go retrieve the Silver Gauntlets, since 
she's too big to fit through the small hole. Go in. Kill the Keese and 
the Armos Statue to un-lock the doors; go through the one on the left. 
Wow! You have to fight a Stalfos, as a kid! They look huge! After that's 
defeated, destroy the Flaming Green Skull by firing a Deku Seed at it 
with your Slingshot when its flame goes out. See the Diamond Object 
across the chasm? You'll have to hit that with your Boomerang...that's 
easier said than done. You'll have to be in the right place. When you do 
hit it a bridge will form. Cross it, and exit through the door.

Kill both Anubises by using Din's Fire, or hitting the switch and making 
them hit the fire that appears, then exit. Collect the easy Silver 
Rupees to make part of the grating fall to form a bridge to the next 
area. Either use a Deku Stick on the already lit torch or Din's Fire, 
but just light the two torches there and a chest will drop down. Inside 
is a Small Key. Go through the door to return to the area where the 
Armos statue was. Go through the small hole in the wall and un-lock the 
door. Destroy the Skulltulas on the wall with your Slingshot, then climb 
up it. In the next room, kill everything. Then hit the Diamond Object to 
receive 10 Bombchus! Z-target the boulder on the wall, then let one go! 
If you're aim is true it will hit the boulder, explode, some light will 
come out, hit the sun icon, then the door will open, revealing the exit 
to this room.

Push the Armos Statue over the edge so it lands on the switch, un-
locking the door. Before going through, though, fall down and walk up to 
the altar with two torches. Use Din's Fire to light them both and a 
chest will appear, inside is the Map! Climb the stairs and go through. 
Go up the stairs to enter another room. First off, kill those damn 
Beamos! All it takes is one bomb (Bombchus work very well). Then, 
collect the Silver Rupees using little steps. When you do, one of the 
torches will become lit. Use a Deku Stick and light all of the torches, 
you'll receive a Small Key. Then push the gray block with the sun icon 
on it into the sunlight, this will open up the exit door. Go up the 
stairs and un-lock that door.

Fight the Iron Knuckle until it goes bye bye. Then go through the door, 
and open the chest...for...the Silver Gauntlets! Then you'll witness 
Nabooru being captured by the two Witches.  Now return to the Temple of 
Time and get the Master Sword to warp seven years into the 
future..........Now play the Requiem of Spirit to warp to the entrance 
of the Spirit Temple. 

           S P I R I T   T E M P L E   ( A D U L T   L I N K ) 

Items to find: Compass, Mirror Shield, Spirit Medallion

Go up the stairs and turn right. Just look at that huge stone! Now that 
you have the Silver Gauntlets you can push it forward so it falls into 
the gap. Kill the Beamos with a Bombchu, then hit the Diamond Object on 
the ceiling with the Longshot. Go through the left door. Defeat the 
Wolfos, then play that song you always play when you're on a Triforce 
when you're on THAT Triforce! A chest will drop down nearby, use the 
Longshot on it to get there. Open it up to find the Compass. Now return 
to the previous room and go through the right door this time.

Collect all of the Silver Rupees while avoiding boulders! It's so 
simple, it's pretty pathetic. The door will un-lock and inside you'll 
find a nasty Like Like and a Small Key. Return to the room with the 
Beamos and the Diamond Object and open up the locked door. Now run past 
the Like Like and climb the wall behind him. At the top, use the Lens of 
Truth to find the invisible Floormaster. Defeat him, then push the large 
lightbulb thingie (stand next to the wooden handles and it should 
appear) so the light hits the sun icons, one of them will release a 
Ceiling Master, so be careful! If you hit the right one the exit will 

Ignore the Armos Statue and run up stairs. See that huge statue in the 
middle of the room? Look at her left hand, it has a Triforce Symbol on 
it. Use the Hoverboots to get over there, then play that one song...you 
know...Zelda's Lullaby you slack jawed yokel! =) A chest will drop on 
her right hand. You can JUST barely get to it with the Longshot, you 
have to stand on the very edge of its hand. Inside is a Small Key. Now 
drop down and use the Longshot target to get back to the main path. Run 
up stairs and un-lock that door.

Destroy all of the enemies in this room to un-lock the door. The Beamos 
is easy, and the Anubises can be put down with Din's Fire or Fire 
Arrows. However, if you want to do it the way they intended it to be, 
hit the switch and run so they hit the fire curtain that appears. Over 
one of the gaps, Navi turns green: Play the Song of Time to cause a Blue 
Block to appear. Step on it and one of the Anubises will hit the fire. 
The switch in the next room will not stay down, so pester an Armos 
Statue and let it follow you. It should eventually stumble on the 
switch, giving you just enough time to run through the exit. Run up the 
stairs...now you'll fight another Iron Knuckle. Your prize is the Mirror 
Shield, which will allow you to bounce back magical attacks and light. 
Return to the room where you had to trick the Armos Statue. Bounce the 
light from the window onto the sun icon. The door will be un-locked. 
Inside is a Small Key. Use it to un-lock the door in the room before 

Kill the two Beamos with whatever Bombchus you have left, then gaze up 
at the moving wall. This COULD be hell on earth (er...Hyrule) but you 
have the Longshot, and you can just hook the uppermost wall and simply 
pull yourself up there. Go through the door. Stand on the Triforce 
Symbol and play that one song...then go through the open door.  

Kill the Torch Slugs, they're so annoying! Now, all the doors in this 
room are fake, but you must destroy one of them. It's the one to the 
left of the flame covering the treasure chest. Behind it is an eyeball, 
peg it with an arrow. This will cause another ice block to appear in 
front of the one that is above the chest with the flame. Use the 
Longshot target to pull yourself up there. Hit the switch to extinguish 
the flame. Inside the colorful chest is the Boss Key. Now exit the room 
and follow the hallway, go through that door.

To open this door you'll have to hit the Diamond Object...but it's 
behind some bars. Simple! Do a lunge (Z + A) and it'll go down, opening 
the door. Run inside and destroy all of the enemies. Now, go to where 
the light bulb statue thingy is. To the left of it, on the wall, is a 
large rock. Bomb it. If you don't have any bombs, light the previous sun 
icon for some. Once that rock is down, kill the enemies there. Now we're 
on the other side of bars, with the Diamond Object, looking in on the 
previous room. Turn the light bulb statue thingy so it's facing there. 
Now, go to the first light bulb thingy...shine that down the secret 
passage you bombed so it hits the second light bulb. Return to that 

Now the light should be reflecting off the large white circle and onto 
the floor with the chains. Use this reflected light on the sun icon and 
the floor will lower itself in front of that giant statue from a few 
rooms ago. The light should still be reflecting itself on the 
ground...reflect it on the face of the statue and it will, eventually, 
melt off. Use the Longshot to get over there, and open the Boss Door. 

If you want to get back to the boss quickly (when you die you start at 
the start of the dungeon...duh), stand on the chained platform and look 
to your right, and down. Longshot to the chest down there. Behind it is 
a rusted switch, hammer it with the Megaton Hammer. Now, a door near 
here, on the bottom level of the Statue, will open. Go in there and push 
the large blocks as far as they will go. Now, at the end is a face 
block. Smash this down with your hammer and you will have created an 
elevator that you can easily use to return to the statue area...To 
return to the Chained Platform, use the chains as a Longshot target.

When you go through the Boss Door you'll be forced to fight an Iron 
Knuckle. It turns out to be a brainwashed Nabooru! After the cinemas, go 
behind that door and climb the platform to start out the fight... 

It turns out that Nabooru is the Spirit Sage, and she'll squeeze her 
power into the SPIRIT MEDALLION.

  . . .   -/\-  -=- YOU GOT ALL SIX MEDALLIONS!  -=-  -/\- . . .

Use the Prelude of Light to go to the Temple of Time where you will 
receive the Light Arrows, which are vital to your quest. You'll also 
find out who Sheik REALLY is...I won't say, but let's just say it's not 
a "he" :)

(Note: Now go complete all the mini-games, stock up on weaponry, finish 
the trading sequences, find all the Heart Pieces, get all the magic 
powers, and do all the secrets in the secret section...do everything to 
prepare yourself for the final level...the end to this awesome game...)


  13.   T O   G A N O N   H I M S E L F


                   G A N O N ' S   C A S T L E 

Items to find: Golden Gauntlets, Final Boss, Zelda, Cool Ending

You must destroy each barrier that is feeding the main force field, 
blocking your path. There are six rooms to go in, each correlating to 
one of the Medallions. Here they are, in no particular order.

The best way is to go around the room is in a counter-clockwise fashion: 
Forest Barrier - Water Barrier - Shadow Barrier - Fire Barrier - Light 
Barrier - Spirit Barrier


In the first room, stand on the center platform and use Din's Fire to 
light those torches, then use a Fire Arrow to hit the one above the 
door. It will un-lock. You can also get a Rupee Chest by killing all of 
the enemies.

You have to collect all of the Silver Rupees, above a bottomless pit, 
with fans all around. Go to your left, you'll see a fan. Use it with the 
Hoverboots to get to the platform near the Beamos. Z-target it, then 
hurl a bomb at it. It should explode, making this room a lot easier. 
Float down and hit that switch to activate a Longshot target on the 
previous platform, allowing you to get the Rupee. The last one is on a 
small pillar, with a fan right in front. Wait for it to die down, then 
quickly get over there! If you're slow it will start up again, use your 
Iron Boots to stop from falling off. Go through the next door.

Aim at the Forest Barrier (the green ball in the center of the energy) 
with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. Saria will awaken and 
destroy the Forest Barrier.


It should be called the Ice Barrier...First, destroy all of the Ice 
Enemies to open the exit. Then bottle some Blue Fire (there's a torch of 
it in the center of the room, you'll first have to bust the icicles) and 
use it to melt the Red Ice covering the exit. Re-fill, you'll need it in 
the next room.

This is hard to explain, but I'll try my best. Push the block FARTHEST 
from the entrance into the hole. You do this by shoving it into the rock 
near it, then right into the hole. Now, push the first one (nearest to 
you) into the 1st rock (nearest to you) then the next. Now get behind it 
and shove it into the wall, where the Red Ice is. If you're confused 
there are some good .GIFs of it at Gamefaqs (I think...). Now, melt the 
ice with your Blue Fire, and hit the rusted switch with your Megaton 
Hammer. You don't need any blocks to escape, just climb up to the door.

Aim at the Water Barrier (the blue ball in the center of the energy) 
with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. The sexy Princess 
Ruto will awaken and destroy the Water Barrier. 


First, use the chest on the platform to the left (of when you enter) as 
a Longshot target, inside are some Rupees. Pull yourself back to the 
entrance, then use the torch on the right (of where you enter) to pull 
yourself there. If you look across the chasm closely, you'll see a Like 
Like. When it's near the ledge, hook it and use it as a Longshot target. 
Kill it. Now, the only way that I know of to get to the next platform is 
to use your Hoverboots, take a running jump, then right before the 
ledge, leap, then Hoverboots will take effect. You'll just BARELY make 
it, but you will. Use the Lens of Truth to find the hidden path to the 
switch. It's rusted, so you'll need to use your Megaton Hammer. That 
will open up the exit, but there's one more thing to do. Use your Lens 
of Truth to see another invisible path, use your Hoverboots to get to 
the second switch. It will drop a giant chest to where the Like Like 
was, use that as a Longshot target. Inside are the Golden Gauntlets! 
These will allow you to lift MASSIVE pillars. Ok, now exit (you'll need 
to take a running leap to clear the hole in the invisible path).

OR...........(better strategy below)

Look to your left as you enter and grapple to the small chest using your 
Longshot, inside you'll find some Rupees. Return to the entrance via the 
Hookshot target there, then look to your right. You should see a 
platform with a torch on it. Draw your Bow and Arrow and peg the torch 
with a Fire Arrow, it will light. You can also use it as a Longshot 
target and use Din's Fire, but it will be more difficult in the long 
run. Upon being set on fire, several platforms will appear, forming a 
bridge to the island with the Like Like. Quickly run/jump across, 
watching the patterns of the Flaming Green Skull so it won't knock you 
off into the abyss below, and you'll reach the Like Like. Stun him with 
the Longshot, then slash him with the sword a couple of times. Try not 
to get eaten, or else he'll spit you over the edge (NOT GOOD!). Ok, use 
your Lens of Truth to find an invisible path that goes to a platform 
below, it has a switch on it. Use your Megaton Hammer to activate it. 
This will open up the exit. Get back to the Like Like Island, and look 
to the exit, and peg the torch there with a Fire Arrow. Once it lights, 
small platforms will drop down to a switch. Use them to get there. Upon 
activation, a large chest will drop down onto the Like Like Island...but 
you can't get there, you don't have enough time. So instead, use it as a 
Longshot target to get back. Open it to find...THE GOLDEN GAUNTLETS! Now 
you can lift really heavy stuff. Use the torch by the exit as a Longshot 
target to pull yourself to the exit. Voila!

Aim at the Shadow Barrier (the purple ball in the center of the energy) 
with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. Impa will awaken and 
destroy the Shadow Barrier.


Have you ever tried this without the Hoverboots? Kinda challenging!

Although it's only one room, the Fire Barrier is one of the hardest. You 
have to collect Silver Rupees above lava (the kind that resets the room 
and takes away a heart; like a bottomless pit). First off, put on your 
Goron Tunic, or else you'll only have 2:00 before being scorched to 
death. The first few are pretty simple, but then it gets tough. Lift the 
giant pillar (you must have the Golden Gauntlets for this) and it will 
create an island on the other side. Under the pillar is a Silver Rupee. 
Now, you first need to get to the island with the Torch Slug. DO NOT use 
the Longshot target! It's not at the right angle; when you get there 
you'll fall off. Instead, use your Hoverboots (make sure the Slug isn't 
near the ledge or he'll push you off). Now, kill the Slug and get the 
Rupee. Un-equip your Hoverboots, slip into your Kokiri Boots, then jump 
on the pillar you threw, then get the final Rupee. Even if you do fall 
in the lava now, the door will still be open (if you collected them all, 
that is). Longshot to the exit.

Richard Says: 

If you wear your Hover Boots in the room, the main platform will *not*
start to sink - this makes it all a lot less frantic!

To get to the Slug island easily...Longshot to the exit platform from 
the central sinking bit, the stand on the edge (change out of your Hover 
Boots for safety!) then Longshot to the target on the slug platform - if 
you wait until the slug is out of the way this is easy.

Aim at the Fire Barrier (the red ball in the center of the energy) with 
your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. Darunia will awaken and 
destroy the Fire Barrier.


To open the door for this you'll have to lift the huge pillar with the 
Golden Gauntlets. Now, use your Lens of Truth to see the invisible Keese 
and Skulltulas. Kill them all and a chest will appear, inside is the 
Small Key that will un-lock the exits. If I were you, I wouldn't bother 
with the chests around the room...they are either fake and it will sap 
your health, or are pathetic items (5 arrows, 5 Rupees).

Now get ready for one of the hardest things yet...Stand on the Triforce 
Symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby. Whew, talk about a challenge! 
[/sarcasm]. Open the chest that falls down, get the Small Key, and exit.

You have to collect all of the Silver Rupees in under 60 seconds. 
There's one in each alcove, two in the central tower, and one on top. To 
reach that one you'll need to Longshot to the target above it. The next 
room should have the Light Barrier, but it doesn't. Use your Lens of 
Truth to find the passage that will lead to it...

Aim at the Light Barrier (the yellow ball in the center of the energy) 
with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. Rauru will awaken and 
destroy the Light Barrier.


You have to collect Silver Rupees. This is actually rather easy, as 
there are no pits or anything to hinder your way, just a ton of 
switchblades. For the ones bouncing off the Armors Statues, pull the 
statue away and it will have enough room to bounce back and fourth 
slowly, allowing you to get the Rupee without getting hurt. Also, one is 
in the center of the room, up high. You'll need to kill the Beamos with 
a bomb, then use the Longshot target to pull yourself up to it. When 
they are all collected the door will un-lock.

Kill those stupid Torch Slugs, they are too annoying and might mess you 
up. If you don't have any Bombchus with you, just hit the Diamond Object 
through the bars (you have to do a lunge, Z + A, to get your sword to 
connect) and a chest will fall down, inside are twenty of these mouse-
like contraptions. Send one over the wall, at the farthest Diamond 
Object. If your aim is true it will explode on it, opening the door.

Now, look up. You'll see that a part of the ceiling is covered in 
spider-web, and there isn't a torch in sight, plus you can't use Deku 
Sticks as an Adult! Just whip out your Fire Arrows and hit it. Light 
will beam in. Use your Mirror Shield to bounce the light on the correct 
Sun Icon (all the others will cause a Ceiling Master to be dropped on 

Aim at the Spirit Barrier (the orange ball in the center of the energy) 
with your Fairy Bow and peg it with a Light Arrow. Nabooru will awaken 
and destroy the Spirit Barrier.


With each of the barriers destroyed, the central force field has no 
energy to power it, and thus disappears. Now go in the Central Tower. 
Run up the flight of stairs, you don't get anything for defeating all of 
the Keese. Now you will fight two Dinolfos, a supped up version of the 
Lizalfos. Use the same techniques and they'll go down in no time. The 
door will un-lock, allowing you to go up another flight of stairs. At 
the top you'll do battle with two Stalfos for the Boss Key. Grab it, 
then continue. At the top you'll fight two Iron Knuckles. Easy enough. 
Up the flight of stairs...organ music...getting 
louder...............long flight of stairs......big door.......

See the Boss Section for this fight.


Like Zelda said, with his last breathe, Ganondorf is trying to crush 
Zelda and you by collapsing the castle. You have 3:00 to escape, and you 
don't have much time to waste! Just follow Zelda, she'll open up gates 
and stuff for you. However, about halfway she'll be surrounded by flames 
and you'll have to fight two Stalfos...better do it quick! At the very 
end is a ReDead. Just stun it with your Longshot, then exit. Watch as 
Ganon's mighty fortress blows up! Then, after hearing the strange 
sounds, go up to the ruins...


After an awesome cinema, which I thought was very well done, you will 
fight the main boss of the entire game, GANON. This is the most 
impressive (visually, audio-wise, etc.) moment I've ever seen in this 
entire game! Beat this mammoth beast and you will be awarded an ending. 
It could've been better, but hell, at least you don't get a friggin' 
cake and a "Thank you" screen >=)


Now all you have to do is beat the entire game from start to finish, 
with only the three hearts you start out with, without collecting any 
special items (capacity upgrades, Nayru's Love, Big Goron's Sword, etc.) 
and with only one bottle. Can ya do it? 


  14.   G E R U D O   T R A I N I N G   G R O U N D S 
                      (  B O N U S   D U N G E O N  )                                  


Ah, yes, the extra dungeon that most people skip until they beat the 
game. Contrary to popular belief, you can get to the Ice Arrows in the 
maze of locked doors no matter what path you take. So, here is the most 
detailed guide to getting every single key on the Internet, period.

Map of main hall:

                                Door Maze 
                                  |  |
                                  |  |
                                  !  !
                                  !  !
                                 /    \
                                |      |
                 ---------------        -------------
                start of trials          exit of trials
                ----------------       --------------
                               |       |
                                \     /


Go through the left door as you come in from Gerudo's Fortress. Go 
through the door that is in the Lion's Mouth, this is the start of the 
Trials. You will face two Stalfos on a sandy area along with a 
switchblade, and you have only 1:00 to kill them both. Try to keep the 
fight out of the sand, since it slows you down a tad. Once they are both 
killed a chest will drop down on the red mat, inside is a Small Key! 
Head through the door behind it.


This room is a maze with a lot of fire curtains, along with two holes 
that spew out an infinite amount of boulders. The Key is not in here, 
but the exit is barred, so you'll need to collect all the Silver Rupees 
to open it (and you only get 1:00, so make it snappy). One is at the top 
of where you enter, use the Longshot to grapple yourself there. Another 
one is near the exit, again, use the Longshot target. You can see one, 
but a fire curtain is blocking it, so you'll need to find another path 
that goes around, avoid the boulders, and grab it! The last two are by 
the second boulder hole, one under it and another near the cliff. Now, 
use the Longshot targets to exit this room. 

In this room you will fight two White Wolfos and two normal Wolfos. Make 
the fight shorter by using a powered up Spin Slash! When they're all 
dead a chest will appear, inside are some arrows.  Now, the door in here 
is FAKE and will hurt you if you attempt to open it. See that huge gray 
block in the wall? If you have the Silver Gauntlets (found in the Spirit 
Temple) you can move it out of the way. But oh no, the door is barred! 
Return to the Wolfos area and use your Lens of Truth, you will find an 
invisible tunnel above the fake door. Use your Longshot to get up there, 
then trigger the switch. Now the door is un-locked, so go back and enter 
it (duh).

Inside this room, which is a dead-end, are three Like Likes! Stun them 
with the Longshot then jab them to death. The chest on the altar is FAKE 
and will freeze you if you try to open it. The chest in the hole has 
some Rupees, and when you kill all the Like Likes another chest will 
appear, it has a Golden Rupee (worth 200!). Use the Lens of Truth to 
find an invisible chest, inside is a Key!


Return to the room where you battled the Wolfos. Go back into the secret 
tunnel and head into the door there. Go along the ledge to your right 
and you'll find a barred door...You'll hear a voice say "Blind the eyes 
of the statue!" So, drop down to the large statue and shoot each of its 
eyes with an arrow. The barred door will un-lock, and a chest will drop 
down, it has the third Key.


Now that the barred door is un-locked you can go through...but you can't 
get back unless you fall into the lava to appear from where you came in 
or use the Scarecrow's Song. Inside is a chest on some grating...inside 
is the fourth Key! 


Go back into the statue room and drop down to the statue, look at the 
wall and you'll spot a door with a Longshot target near it, so get over 
there. In this room is a small chest with fire around it, several large 
statues, and a lot of baddies! First off, kill all the creatures. 
Besides opening up the exit, you'll get a chest with some arrows inside. 
Now, use the Megaton Hammer to knock down the statues. One will have an 
eyeball inside, peg it with an arrow to open up the entrance (just in 
case you want to go back to something). Another will have a switch, it 
will stop the flames...for a limited time. So quickly go over to the 
chest and open it, inside is the fifth Key!


Exit the room and you'll be in a lava place with a few Silver Rupees. To 
get the one over your head, use the Longshot target. Two are found on 
platforms, and the last is being covered in fire. Using your Hoverboots, 
you can get to a distant island which has a switch, it will put the fire 
out for a few seconds. When all the Rupees are collected, both exits 
will be open. However, don't go anywhere yet! On the right side of the 
room (from the entrance), you'll notice that Navi keeps turning 
green...play the Song of Time and a few Blue Blocks will appear. Climb 
them and you'll find a lonely Key on a mat. NOTE: If you take the right 
path in the maze of locked doors, a side path will take you to this key 
nearly right away. So, there are two ways to get the Key (an oddity in 
this game!).


Go back to the lava place. Which exit to take, which exit to take? Try 
the one on the left wall (coming from the entrance). Play the Song of 
Time to get rid of the Blue Blocks, then fall into the water and sink 
down to the bottom using your Iron Boots (obviously). First off, get rid 
of the group of Shellblades, it will make your life a lot easier.  One 
Silver Rupee is in the middle, near the Switchblade. Three others are in 
the middle, to reach them simply use the Longshot targets to pull 
yourself to them (you need to be standing under the Rupee when you use 
it. Should be easy if you've been to the Shadow Temple...). The last 
one, which is at the top, requires you to take off the Iron Boots and 
swim around up there until you can grab it. This is more difficult than 
it sounds due to the vicious currents. When they are all collected a 
chest will appear near where you entered, it has a Key in it!


Go back to the lava place. Take the exit that is straight ahead from the 
entrance. You have to kill two Dinolfos and a Beamos in 1:30. If you've 
faced the Dinolfos before it shouldn't be too hard, but if this is your 
first encounter, then prepare to get whooped! Anyways, after everything 
is done with a chest will appear, it has the eighth Key. Also note that 
the exit has opened up, so go in.


Now we are back in the main room (see map near beginning of section). 
Turn right to head into the Door Maze...


D = Locked Door (requires Key to pass)

T = Treasure Chest

ICE ARROWS = Ice Arrow Chest

| T            |      .-------.
.--.    .----.D|      |  -->  | 
   | D  |    | .------. ICE   |
   |    |    | D       ARROWS |  
   |    |    .----------------.
   | T  | 
   |    .----------.                  .----------------------
   |    D          |                  | T    path to Key Six
   .------------. D|                  |  .-------------------- 
                |  |                  |D |
                |T |                  |  |
                |  |                  |  |
                |  .------------------.  |
                |   D   D       D      T |
                .----------   -----------.
                    Key    enter

As anyone who has played the game can tell you, this map is not 100% 
accurate, but this is basically what it is. You're probably wondering 
where Key Nine is, since I show it on the map. Turn left from the 
entrance (as shown above). Use the Lens of Truth and you will see an 
invisible hole in the ceiling, climb the grating to get up there...ta 
da! A chest with Key # 9. Nine Keys, nine locked doors, no problem 
whatsoever. With this side-dungeon complete, you can have the awesome 
Ice Arrows, which inflict twice the damage of a normal sword blow 
(Master) and will freeze opponents. Besides, the explosion looks very 
pretty =) That alone is reason enough to get this weapon, hehe...


  15.   G R E A T   F A I R Y   L O C A T I O N S


                    M A G I C   M E T E R 

Near Goron City is a strange rock...Bomb it to find a 
path! Hike up the trail, using the Hylian Shield to avoid the falling 
rocks, until you get to the summit. To the left of the sign is a rock, 
blow it up! The Great Fairy will give you your Magic Meter. This is 
required to beat the game...Now that you have that you can do the Spin 
Attack with your sword (hold B!)

Note: If you do not talk to this Fairy, none of the other Great Fairies 
will work. When you play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce Symbol, nothing 
will happen.

                          D I N ' S   F I R E 

Go to Hyrule's Castle grounds (right before the actual castle) and 
you'll find a sign that says "dead end." Bomb it to find the Great Fairy 
who will give you Din's Fire. This is required to beat the game.

                    F A R O R E ' S   W I N D

Go behind Jabu-Jabu (behind the King Zora) to find a small island with a 
rock. Bomb it to find a Great Fairy! 

                D O U B L E   M A G I C   M E T E R

After exiting the Fire Temple, you'll be in the Death Mountain area, 
look for another bridge. Cross it to find your path blocked by two red 
rocks, smash them into dust with the Megaton Hammer then follow the path 
to find another prostitute Fairy. 

                      N A Y R U ' S   L O V E

Warp to the entrance to the Spirit Temple, walk away and look for two 
palm trees side by side with a crack down the middle. Bomb it to find 
another Fairy Whore.  

                    D O U B L E   D E F E N S E

Get the Golden Gauntlet from Ganon's Castle then exit back to where you 
received Din's Fire. See that huge pillar? Lift it up and follow the 
path to find the last Great Fairy.


  16.   H E A R T   P I E C E   L O C A T I O N S


Shown in ()'s:

YL = You can only get this Heart Piece as Young Link.

AL = Same as above, except with Adult Link.

BL = Both Links can attain this. 

Shown in []'s:

Weapon/Item (s) essential to get this. 

NIN = No Item Needed

1. Lon Lon Ranch (BL) [NIN] :
In one of the sheds  (way out, behind the horses)is a group of boxes 
against a wall. Pull/shove on them and they will get out of the way, 
revealing a small hole...

2. Dodongo's Cavern (AL) [Magic Bean] :
When you are Young Link, plant a magic bean (bought from the Beanseller 
near Zora's River) at the mouth of the cave; in the soft soil. Come back 
as an Adult and climb the vine that has grown. At the top is a ledge 
with the Heart!

Another, better stategy is to go to the place where you got the Bomb 
Flower to open up Dodongo's Cavern. Take the bomb and toss it aside, 
then position your back against the grating where the bomb was. Do a 
backflip and hold it towards the Heart Piece -- if you were good, you 
should be now on the area with the Heart Piece, without having to use 
the bean!

3. Hyrule Field (BL) [Bomb - Golden Scale OR Iron Boots] : 
Go to your extreme right after exiting the Market...now...you'll see a 
boulder, some trees, and a wall behind it. Follow the wall around and 
you'll find a TON of trees. In the distance you'll spot a lonely 
tree...bomb it, then fall down the hole. Use your Iron Boots to sink to 
the bottom of the lake. Actually, you can also get down there if you 
have collected the Golden Scale, which is the only way to get it as 
Young Link. 

4. Hyrule Field (BL) [Bomb] : 
When traveling to Lake Hylia, blow up the little fenced in area to 
reveal a hidden area with an enemy. There are several ways to defeat 
this way, it usually involves bouncing his nut back at him. As a child, 
this can not be done with the Hyrule Shield, only the Deku Shield. As 
Adult, it can be done with the Hyrule Shield. You can also use various 
projectiles, or if you're really quick, your sword. After killing him, 
he will sell you a Heart for...get this...10 Rupees!!

5. Kakariko Village (YL) [At least 10 Rupees] : 
Go into the graveyard and ask Dampe the gravedigger to dig a little (Go 
into a field area, wait until the wolf howls - signaling nightfall - and 
run into the village, now he'll be out of his hut). Follow him where he 
goes, and he'll eventually pull out a Heart Piece! Yes, this does take 
awhile...Only ask for him to dig on the soft soil parts, or else it 
won't work. It's always random, so you could pay 10 Rupees one time, and 
100 another. At least every soft spot, except for two, have Rupees in 
them, usually a blue or red, so you don't need a huge amount of money to 
go all the way around the graveyard.

6. Kakariko Village (AL) [Longshot] : 
When you have acquired the Longshot, come back and use it to reach the 
roof of the blue roofed-house. Explore and you will find a man who will 
give you a Heart Piece! Why? Heck, he's insane, who cares! I have also 
heard several stragedies that say you can get this as soon as you get 
the Hookshot, but I forget and I'm too lazy to go look. Ok, ok, I'll do 
it, you heartless demons...later.

Actually, you can get on the roof as a CHILD. Just climb up the lookout 
tower thingy, and get up against the railing farthest from the ladder 
you used to climb up. Then, look forward using Z and do a side step. 
Hold it all the way! If you did it correctly you should be dangling on 
the fence next to the roof...so climb up!

7. Kakariko Village (BL) [Bomb OR Longshot] : 
After collecting the magic meter atop Death Mountain, talk to the owl 
and he will drop you on a house in Kakariko Village. Drop down yet 
again, on the brown object sticking over the cucco pen where the lady 
is, then go inside to find another Heart Piece. You can also use the 
Longshot for this, but this will take awhile since you have to be an 
Adult to do this. The owl-from Death Mountain is much more easier. 

8. Kakariko Village (AL) [NIN] : 
After beating Dampe in the race, talk to him again and re-race him. Get 
to the finish line in under a minute and he'll reward you with a Heart! 
You MUST have the Longshot for this.  When you're at the end, you'll go 
through a sort of spiral path. Well, when you enter, look to your right 
to find two torches...use the Longshot to pull yourself there. You'll 
only shave a few seconds off your time, but it should be enough if you 
didn't trip on any of the flames (and if you did, you're screwed). 
Or....or you could just continuously roll over and over again, this will 
drastically lower your overall time. Then the above trick could be the 
icing on the cake (not necessary).

9. Kakariko Village (BL) [50 Golden Skulltula Tokens] : 
After you collect 50 Skulltula Tokens, come back to the cursed family 
and talk to the boy; he'll give you a Heart! What a nice guy...

10. Kakariko Village (AL) [Magical Bean] : 
Plant a magic bean in the corner of the graveyard as a child (see the 
soft soil?) and then come back as an adult, climb up to retrieve your 
prize, it's in the crate. Do a roll or bomb it.

11. Kakariko Village (BL) [Sun's Song] : 
When in the graveyard, pull on the far right (from the entrance)  
tombstone that is in the row before the large statue where you get the 
Sun's Song. Go down and kill the ReDead, then play the Sun's Song to get 
another Heart. I don't see how anyone could find this out without 
knowing about it beforehand...oh well.

12. Zora's River (YL) [Ocarina of Time - Song of Storms] : 
Along your travels among the river, you've probably seen a small group 
of frogs. Get on the log, whip out the Ocarina of Time, and play the 
Song of Storms. They'll reward you with a Heart, since they loved it so 

13. Zora's River (YL) [Ocarina of Time - Top Songs] : 
After getting that Heart, keep playing a bunch of Songs for the frogs 
(all the ones on the top row in the Quest Statue Screen). Eventually 
they'll ask you to play their Bug Eating Game [See "Mini-Game" section]. 
Your reward is, yes, a Heart.

14. Zora's River (BL) [Cucco OR Hoverboots] :
Near the entrance to Zora's Domain you've probably spotted a Heart Piece 
sitting on a ledge just out of your reach...Go to the man who was 
selling magical beans, then grab a chicken (Cucco) from him. Use it to 
float to the area with a ladder. Now, climb the ladder and you'll find a 
Cucco up there. Cross the log and float to it. If you screw up, and the 
Cucco is in the river, just go into the hole up there, then come back; 
everything will have reset. You can also use the Hoverboots as an adult.

15. Zora's River (BL) [Cucco OR Hoverboots] : 
Go to the man who is selling beans and then grab one of his chickens 
(Cuccos). Before the bridge that leads to Zora's Domain is a large hill, 
get on it, then face away from Zora's Domain and use the chicken to 
float to the nearby ledge and you'll automatically collect the Heart 
Piece. You can also use the Hoverboots if you wish.


When you grab the chicken, you find that you will have to throw it over 
several ledges to get to where you need to go. Well, do so, then quickly 
climb up. Now this is the hard part, getting the chicken back. Since you 
were so cruel to it, it won't be so happy, and will run around, 
frightened. So, Z-target it and strafe around it. Get it against a wall 
if you can, then grab it. It is possible, so keep trying!

16. Market (YL) [Richard] : 
One of the ladies in this area has lost a white dog (during the night). 
Go near the Bazaar and find it, then take it back to the woman, it's the 
white one, it might be behind the miniature market thing. She'll reward 
your deed with a Heart! The only question that remains...why does she 
have a beard? That's not right, I'm sorry, it's just not right. 
Actually, now that I notice it, several of the women have 
mustaches...AH! Run! 

17. Market (YL) [Bombchu Abilities - 30 Rupees] : 
Everytime you win the Bombchu Bowling game [See "Mini-Game" section] you 
get random prizes. If you play for awhile, you'll eventually receive a 
Heart! This may take awhile, though...and some money.

18. Market (YL) [10 Rupees - Lens of Truth*] :  
Win the Treasure Chest Game [See "Mini-Game" section] and you'll get a 
Heart. Almost impossible without the Lens of Truth. Notice how I said 


19. Lost Woods (YL) [Saria's Song] : 
Turn left from the entrance from the Kokiri Forest to find a Skullkid 
atop a stump. Stand on the stump near him and play Saria's Song.

20. Kakariko Village (AL) [Beating Dampe] : 
In the windmill, look around for a Heart! You have to get this after 
beating Dampe in the race, then use the windmill platforms to get there.

21. Lost Woods (YL) [Paper - Pen OR Pencil OR Crayon :)] : 
Go even deeper into the mysterious woods, you'll soon find TWO Skull 
Kids! They are near the strange object that hangs from the tree. Talk to 
them and they'll ask you to play your Ocarina as they play their flutes. 
After the jam session, they'll give you a Heart. This may take awhile. 
Use a piece of paper to keep track of the notes.

22. Zora's Domain (YL) [Din's Fire AND/OR Deku Stick (get both) :  
When you first enter this beautiful city, you'll see a waterfall. Go 
behind it and you'll spot a bunch of torches; unlit torches. Light them, 
and all the ones nearby, and a treasure chest will drop down...open it, 
what else? Lighting the torches can be difficult, since you have to be 
VERY quick on your feet. I suggest standing between the ones in the 
waterfall, use Din's Fire, then quickly pull out a Deku Stick and get 
that lit. Then quickly, run along the water that is shallow enough for 
you to run (it's on the side) and light those others. It always works 
for me! You can also light the torch above the store using the torch in 
King's Zora's Room, then quickly (and I do mean QUICKLY) run and light 
the rest with a Deku Stick. Takes skill to do this before the torches 

23. Zora's Fountain (AL) [NIN] :
Coming back as an adult, you'll discover that everything has frozen 
over! Look for a large ice block with a Heart on it...See the nearby 
platforms? Make like Mario and jump to it, just be careful of the 
Octorocks nearby. 

24. Zora's Fountain (AL) [Iron Boots]: After finding both the Iron Boots 
and Zora Tunic, submerge yourself in the largest area. Go to the deepest 
part and you'll find a Heart surrounded by a ton of Green Rupees.

25. Ice Cavern (AL) [Bottled Blue Fire] : 
Here you'll find a red ice block with a Heart Container inside. Now, go 
get some Blue Fire in a bottle, come back, then use it on it to melt the 
ice and claim your treasure! The Heart Piece itself is found in the 
Compass Room, which is through one of the red ice walls in the room with 
a helicopter contraption.  

26. Death Mountain Crater (AL) [NIN*] : 
Once inside, explore near the walls and you'll eventually find it. 
You'll have to climb down from an above area to reach it, but it won't 
take long.

* - Yes, it is possible to do this without the Goron's Tunic.

27. Death Mountain Crater (AL) [Magical Bean - Borelo of Fire] : 
To get here as a child, play the Borelo of Fire to warp here. In here is 
a Soft Soil Area. Plant a bean, then return as an adult. Ride it up, up, 
and AWAY! You'll eventually spot it on a large pillar of rock.

28. Goron City (YL) [Din's Fire OR Deku Stick - Bomb] : 
On the lowest level of the city are several torches. Light them all and 
make the thingy turn. Run to the upper section and toss a bomb into it's 
opening. Ta da! Hopefully a Heart Piece will fall out, along with a few 
Rupees. If not, try again! It's totally random, so it might not always 

29. Lake Hylia (YL) [20 Rupees : 
Catch a big old fish! It has to be exactly 10 pounds, which is the 
largest you can collect at this time.

30. Lake Hylia (AL) [Golden Scale] : 
See the lab on the shore? Go inside. If you have the Golden Scale, 
you'll be able to dive deep into it. The professor will be so amazed 
he'll hand it over. Iron Boots DO NOT work.

31. Lake Hylia (AL) [Magical Bean] : 
Plant a bean as a child near the lab, then come back as an adult and 
climb to the top! Climb up to the lookout tower to find another cute and 
cuddly Heart, just be careful of the birds.

32. Gerudo Fortress (BL) [Cucco OR Longshot] : 
Go across the broken bridge either using Epona, or the Longshot, or it 
may be fixed, but just get to the side with the Carpenter's tent. Now, 
looking below, you'll see a long ledge against the side of the canyon. 
Fall down there! You'll lose some health, but what the heck. Kill the 
Octorocks with your Longshot, then move as close to the giant waterfall 
as you can. You've spotted the ladder behind the falls, right? Use the 
Longshot to connect with it and climb up, your prize is a piece of 
Heart. You can also get down there as young Link if you use a Cucco that 
is wandering about.

33. Gerudo Fortress (AL) [Longshot] : 
Exploring the fortress, you've probably seen a large chest on the roof. 
There are two ways to get there...Play the Scarecrow's Song near it to 
summon Pierre, then using your Longshot on him, or getting in the 
correct position and grappling to the chest itself (to see where that 
particular location is, see paragraph # 4 of the Gerudo Fortress 
walkthrough). Naturally, inside the chest is the piece.

34. Gerudo Valley (BL) [Cucco OR Longshot] : 
Go to the first part, the area where you cross the bridge to find the 
spot with the Carpenter's Tent. Go to the VERY left hand side, and look 
straight down. You should spot part of a ledge. Drop down, and if you 
were right against the wall, you should now be on that ledge. Go to the 
end, near the rock, and look across the canyon. Use your Longshot on the 
crate, then break it open with either a bomb or roll. Inside is another 
piece of Heart. As young Link, you can also use the Cucco that is 
wandering about.

35. Gerudo Fortress (AL) [Epona] : 
Get over 1,000 points in the Shooting Game [See "Mini-Game" section] and 
this Heart Piece is yours. Rather easy, don't you think?

36. Spirit Temple [Requiem of Spirit - Magical Bean] : 
When you get here as young Link, plant a magic bean near the entrance, 
then come back as an Adult. Ride it up and drop down to the platform in 
front of the entrance to the Spirit Temple. The last Heart Piece in the 
game is yours!




I created this on my own, and it took awhile, so you better be 
grateful...It's the same set-up as RCarlo's, but I'm A LOT more 
detailed. But, I am still assuming you know the areas pretty well. Keep 
in mind that, besides the dungeons, it needs to be night time for these 
to appear.

In a home in Kakariko Village are a rich, but cursed group of people. 
They have been turned into spider like creatures by some unknown force. 
By collecting Gold Skulltula Tokens from Gold Skulltulas you may get 
certain items by talking to the people who turn back to normal...

10 Gold tokens: Adult's wallet  (gives you 200 Rupee capacity)
20 Gold tokens: Stone of Agony  (makes your Rumble Pak react to secrets)
30 Gold tokens: Giant's Wallet  (gives you 500 Rupee capacity)
40 Gold tokens: Bombchus (20)
50 Gold tokens: Heart Piece
100 Gold tokens: 200 Rupees. You can keep going back to get this! Good 
source of money, obviously...

                    K O K I R I   F O R E S T


1 - Use a Bottled Bug on the soft soil spot that is behind the Shop, one 
will pop out.

2 - It's on the back of the Know It All Brother's House, you don't need 
anything special, I think...


3 - On the back of the House of Twin's, look up high. You'll need the 
Hookshot to pick up the token.

                      H Y R U L E   F I E L D


4 - In front of the entrance to Kakariko Village, there is a lonely 
tree, near Hyrule Castle. Blow it up and go into the hole that appears. 
You'll need the Hookshot/Boomerang to collect it, though.

5 - In front of the entrance to Gerudo's Valley is a large rock with a 
circle of stones around it. Use the Megaton Hammer to blow away the 
rock, then drop the hole. Get rid of the web with Din's Fire or a Fire 
Arrow, then get the token (behind the cow).

                     H Y R U L E   M A R K E T


6 - In the first area (coming from Hyrule Field) is a house with a ton 
of pots, some crates, and a guard. Roll into the crates nearest the 
guard and one of them will contain this Skulltula.

                    H Y R U L E   C A S T L E


7 - Play the Song of Storms in front of the tree, the one near where you 
woke up Talon. Go in the hole, there you go!

8 - When you first enter the area (coming from the Market, where else?) 
there is a tree RIGHT there, roll into it and a Skulltula will fall out.

                      G A N O N ' S   C A S T L E


9 - You've probably spotted the arch, the one that the guard (as young 
Link) used to be. Well, go behind it, then look at it from where you got 
Din's Fire/Double Defense. Lo and behold!

                     L O N   L O N   R A N C H


10 - The house on the left of where you enter, look up and there will be 
one on the window up there. Requires Boomerang.

11 - This one is pretty simple...Look on the wall near the shack with 
the cows (where you got a Heart Piece - hopefully). Requires the 

12 - On the fence, the one that keeps the horses in, is a large wooden 
structure. Look on that.

13 - There is only one tree in this area...roll into it (it's past the 
houses and before the horse corral).

                   K A K A R I K O   V I L L A G E


14 - There is a tower near the entrance to the Death Mountain trail, 
it's on the ladder.

15 - In the graveyard, on the wall, requires Boomerang. The wall that 
Dampe's house is on, that is.

16 - In the center of town is a construction area (it will eventually 
become the Archery Mini-Game building). Look on the back of the bricks.

17 - On the outside of the Skulltula house

18 - Coming from Hyrule Field, roll into the tree that is straight 
ahead, a Golden Skulltula will pop out. You know, the one where the Boss 
Carpenter/Weird Guy sits against.

19 - On the side of a house, near the entrance to Death Mountain. hen 
you try to open the door, a note reads something about someone's son not 
being able to play...?

20 - In the graveyard is a plot of soft soil, let some bottled bugs 
loose and watch it pop out!


21 - On top of Impa's house (the one with a cow and a Heart Piece 
inside; overlooks the chicken pen). Requires Longshot.

                         L O S T   W O O D S


22 - In the area that has a bridge (the one from Kokiri Forest to Hyrule 
Field) is a soft soil spot, use some bottled bugs.

23 - Another area, with two Deku Scrubs, has some soft soil. Use a 


24 - In the soft soil location with two scrubs, use the bean platform to 
find a ledge with this spider.

25 - In the Sacred Forest Meadow, on the wall, you'll probably hear it 
beoifre you actually see it (it's not a very tough one!). You need the 
Hookshot to recover the token it drops.

                     D E A T H   M O U N T A I N


26 - Coming from Kakariko Village, you've probably noticed an area of 
the all (right side) looks like a drum skin. Come back with your bombs 
and blow it up to find a secret alcove with a you-know-what. You need 
the Boomerang to collect the token.

27 - Soft soil location at the mouth of Dodongo's Cavern...you need to 
use a bottled bug, you drooling retard!


28 - In the last stretch before the climbable wall (which leads to the 
summit) are a lot of boulders...smash them with the Megaton Hammer, one 
is covering up a Skulltula! The strange thing is, it HAS to be nighttime 
for this to work! Strange...

29 - Remember how you opened up Dodongo's Cavern? Go to where you threw 
the bomb off the ledge and there will be a rock there, smash it with the 
Megaton Hammer and a spider will be under it. Same as above.

               D E A T H   M O U N T A I N   C R A T E R


30 - Coming from the summit of Death Mountain, roll into the crate near 
the entrance.

31 - Near the Fire Temple is a plot of soft soil, use a bug (for this 
one, you'll need to play the Bolero of Fire, since you can't cross the 
gaps in the bridge without the Hookshot).

                        G O R O N   C I T Y


32 - After collecting the bombs, you can blow away the rocks on the 
upper-most floor. Behind it is a rock maze of sorts. At the end, besides 
two Purple Rupees, is a crate. Roll into it, or bomb it, and voila! 


33 - On the center platform, suspended in mid-air by rope, it's on the 
outside (requires Hookshot as adult, Boomerang and Slingshot as young).

                      Z O R A ' S   R I V E R


34 - In front of the entrance to Zora's Domain is a series of platforms. 
Have you ever gone down there? You've probably said to yourself "If I go 
don there, I will be swept away by the currents!" *buzz* Oh, I'm afraid 
that as the INCORRECT answer. Actually, down there, on a ladder, is a 
Skulltula...along with a few Rupees...

35 - Roll into the one and only tree at the entrance and a Skulltula 
will magically pop out!


36 - In the area here you got the first Heart Container Piece (it has 
two holes, one is a Fairy Fountain, the other has a single chest and a 
Gossip Stone). This one is on the wall nearest the hole that is NOT the 
Fairy Fountain. Requires Hookshot.

37 - Get on the magic bean platform and at the very end it will drop you 
off at a wooden bridge. Note that you do not actually need to have 
planted the magic bean for this, it's just a reference. You know, the 
wooden bridge shortly before the entrance to Zora's Domain? Anyways, 
after stepping foot on earth, turn left and look up high on the all. 
Requires Hookshot.

                     Z O R A ' S   D O M A I N


38 - At the very top of the frozen waterfall, on the wall. You need to 
actually get up there where the Zora Mini-Game Salesperson (I'm just 
making this up as I go along, if you haven't noticed ;)) and blam it, 
since even the Longshot can't reach it from below. Even when at the top, 
you need the Hookshot to collect the token it leaves behind.

                   Z O R A ' S   F O U N T A I N


39 - You know the log in the water? It seems to serve no purpose...but 
it does! Get on it and follow it to the end to find a Golden Skulltula 
on a wall.

40 - On the island behind Lord Jabu-Jabu (the one where you picked up 
Farore's Wind) is a tree...roll into it.


41 - On the island here you picked up Farore's wind is a large, gray 
boulder. After acquiring the Silver Gauntlets you can pick this up; 
guess what's under it. 

                         L A K E   H Y L I A


42 - You know the little island where the Fire Arrows dropped down? The 
Skulltula you are seeking is on one of them.

43 - Soft soil location in front of the science lab (if you're confused 
what to do - CONGRATULATIONS! You, sir/madam, or mentally handicapped! 
Try not to stick a fork in an electrical outlet).

44 - On the back of the science lab, you need to be on the bridge to see 
it. Requires the Boomerang to get the token it drops.


45 - In the science lab is a pool of water. Use the Iron Boots to sink 
down there, then roll into the crate at the bottom. Ta daaa!

46 - Next to the Triforce Symbol (that's where you appear if you play 
the Serenade of Water to warp here...) is a tree, use the Longshot to 
get to the top and find this spider.

                    G E R U D O   V A L L E Y


47 - At the start, right next to the board bridge, is a small, miniscule 
waterfall. Thar she blows! You need the Boomerang to pick up the 
treasure it drops.

48 - You know those ledges in the canyon, at the start of the HUGE 
waterfall, where you picked up a few Heart Pieces? Well, there is a soft 
soil spot don there. Guess what to do next...


49 - Look behind the tent where all the Carpenters live; you need the 
Hookshot to pick up the token, though...

50 - If you haven't found this one, you scare me. Near the entrance to 
Gerudo's Fortress; look up high. You'll need Mr. Hookshot, as always.

                    G E R U D O   F O R T R E S S


51 - In the Horse Archery area, it's on one of the tall targets, you, 
obviously, need the Longshot. Also note that you would have had to save 
all four carpenters, since you can't get up there before then (dumb 

52 - If you've explored around the Fortress, you should have found this 
one by now. An easy way to get over there to actually collect the token 
it drops is to use the Hoverboots.

                 H A U N T E D   W A S T E L A N D


53 - Once you get to the stone structure where your Poe Guide is, go 
around to the side and fall down the hole. At the bottom of the tunnel 
is, yes you guessed it, a Skulltula! Unlike most, you can look for this 
in the middle of the day. Strange...

                   D E S E R T   C O L O S S U S 


54 - There is some soft soil near the entrance to the Spirit Temple. 


55 - On a big old boulder near the Fairy Fountain (ride the magical bean 
platform to get there).

56 - On a palm tree; use the Hookshot to collect it.

(The rest are dungeons. Keep in mind that you can see if you've 
collected all the Skulltulas in the particular dungeon by checking the 
map. If there is a Golden Skulltula Icon at the top, you have.)

                  D E K U   T R E E   D U N G E O N


57 - In the room where you press the switch to raise three platforms 
(you get the Compass here), one of the platforms leads to a small 
alcove. It's in there. Just don't be too quick to jump, a Giant 
Skulltula will fall from above, so if you do, you'll be knocked down!

58 - After breaking the first spiderweb you'll be in a water room. If 
you try to climb out on the vines, you'll notice this one, which is also 
on the ivy. Use the Slingshot to kill it, then climb the vines to 
collect the token.

59 - In the same room as above, there is a hole with bars covering it, 
there it is! You don't need the Boomerang to collect the token, as a lot 
of people have sad. Just jump from the nearby platform (the one where 
you press the switch to make the nearby torch light).

60 - In one room you will have to torch a spider web where you will then 
follow a small tunnel to the highest platform from the water room (see 
above). One of the spiderwebs seems to go with a dead-end, with a single 
Deku Baba. But, the dead-end has a strange looking wall...use a bomb 
and...WAHOO! There you go. Use the Boomerang to collect the token it 
leaves behind.

                   D O D O N G O ' S   C A V E R N 


61 - In the hall just right of the main room (area where you must shove 
a statue onto a switch to keep it down) are several Dodongo Larva...and 
an odd part of the wall. Before collecting the Bomb Bag, kill a Larva 
near the wall and hen it dies it will blow it away. Obviously, if you 
have bombs it's a bit easier. Inside is a room with an Armos Statue; 
look behind it for this tricky spider.

62 - Remember where you had to blow away a bunch of bombs at once to 
form a series of stairs to an above area? Same room, up the stairs, on 
some vines. That was pretty simple...

63 - After going through the Giant Dodongo Head, go through the tunnel,  
climb the blocks...WAIT! Look on the wall, to your right. There should 
be a strange part there, bomb it to reveal a door. Inside is an Armos, 
kill it and it will be behind it. 

64 - *GASP* This one actually requires EFFORT! First off, make sure 
everything is reset in this dungeon (just leave and come back in). Then, 
in the main room, hop on the elevator platform and go through the door 
there. Now drop down to the switchblade maze, and climb up the ladder 
(NOT the one with the blue block). Go across the bridge...now we should 
be in the room where you had to bomb the pillar to make some 
stairs...but on the wrong side! Follow the path left, climb the vines 
against the pillar, and you'll find a Skulltula. Kill it, then grab the 
token with your Boomerang. This took me ages to figure out...


65 - In the hallway with Larva Dodongos, the area where you had to push 
a statue onto a switch to make it stay down, when Navi flies up to a 
ledge and turns green, but nothing is there, play the Scarecrow's Song 
and use Pierre and the Hookshot to get up there. I believe you can take 
it from there...

            L O R D   J A B U - J A B U ' S   B E L L Y


66 - In the room with a switch that raises the water, it's on some 
vines. Kill it with the Slingshot and then climb up to retrieve it. If 
you missed this one, I am frightened.

67 - After falling don the hole that the green tentacle was covering, 
look on the wall, you'll need the Boomerang.

68 - The same as above, except only a few feet away, on the same wall.

69 - All hail 69! In the room before the boss, on some vines. Just kill 
it with the Slingshot and then collect it...

                       F O R E S T   T E M P L E


70 - In the first room, on the vines. Just use your Hookshot to defeat 
it, then climb up to get the token.

71 - In the main room (with the four torches and an elevator to the Boss 
Door), on the wall. Hard to miss!

72 - In the plant room where you fell down a well to retrieve a key, 
you've probably spotted a Golden Skulltula on a wall, but it's just out 
of reach! The hard way is to come back with the Longshot. The easy way 
is to use the small chest that is up there as an Hookshot target and 
pull yourself up there!

73 - Basically, look over the balcony in one of the plant rooms, you'll 
spot a ledge that can only be reached by dropping down. Voila! 

74 - In the final room before the Boss Door, where you rotate the wall, 
it will be in the alcove with a Giant Skulltula (go inside and scan the 
wall). Use the Hookshot to get it.

                        F I R E   T E M P L E


75 - In the large lava room with a long bridge going across (go right in 
the first room to find it). The door on the left side of the chamber has 
a blue block, play the Song of Time to make it form a ladder to the 
upper area; it's inside.

76 - At the bottom level of the boulder maze. Walk along the all and 
listen for the familiar "sheeseeh" noise the Skulltula makes. Now, look 
at the wall, find a weak part, and bomb it! If you're ears are correct, 
an alcove with a Golden Skulltula should be revealed.

77 - In the room before you get the Boss Key, it has spinning tile 
enemies and a Like Like, look behind the Like Like. Just be sure not to 
lose anything :)

78 - On the top level of the boulder maze (second floor you could call 
it) is a platform way up in the air. Play the Scarecrow's Song and use 
Pierre as a Hookshot target to get up there! Follow the path to find 
this tricky Skulltula.

79 - After doing that, continue. Soon you'll end up in the room here you 
retrieved the Megaton Hammer, you will spot a nearby island in mid-air. 
Hookshot, anyone?

                         I C E   C A V E R N 


80 - In the room with the spinning knife contraption (resembles a 
helicopter blade) are some icicles on the side; smash them with your 
sword and look up on the wall. I believe a Silver Rupee is behind here, 
but I'm not sure since I already collected them in this game...

81 - Same little alcove  where you got the Heart Piece, across from the 
Compass...which branches off from the above room (you need to melt the 
passageway with blue fire; it's covered in red ice!

82 - On the wall in the block puzzle room. Use the Hookshot to clean it 
off, obviously.

                       W A T E R   T E M P L E 


83 - Inside the central pillar (need to drain the water to the very 
bottom first to actually get inside) in the main room, on the ceiling. 
You'll need to acquire the Longshot first, though, otherwise you can't 
collect the token it leaves behind.

84 - In the room where there are several platforms going down a 
waterfall, you can Hookshot to them. On the right-hand side (coming from 
the main area, at least) is a Skulltula! You need the Longshot, like 

85 - In the first underground river, the one with vortexes, look on the 
wall above the second vortex. Use the Iron Boots, then use the Hookshot 
to kill it and retrieve the token.

86 - Facing the passageway where Princess Ruto used to be, head left and 
go in that passageway. Blow up the crack in the floor, use your Iron 
Boots to follow the path, hit the switch to raise the stairs...and come 
face-to-face with a grate, and the Diamond Object is on the other side. 
Either use a lunge (Z + A) or a Spin Slash to activate it. Inside the 
cage is, yes, a Skulltula.

87 - Before collecting the Boss Key you had to sink behind a waterfall, 
which spewed out boulders. On the wall, behind the falls, is a 
Skulltula! To avoid getting hit by a boulder, use the Hookshot from the 
nearby passageway.

                      S H A D O W   T E M P L E 


88 - In the room with the guillotines (sp?), you will eventually come 
face to face with a Stalfos. After defeating him, head left instead of 
right (right leads to the platform on chains). Use your Lens of Truth to 
find the invisible platforms. In the next room, kill the Like Like and 
two Keese (piece 'o cake!) to make a door open that has this Skulltula. 
Just be careful - there is an invisible death statue with blades (use 
Lens of Truth to see).

89 - In the chamber where you had to use a block to get past falling 
spikes, explore inside the little cages (they remind me of jails) and 
you will find one inside.

90 - Before playing Zelda's Lullaby to make the large ship move, get as 
close to the front as possible and look slightly to your left, you 
should spot a Skulltula across the way. Use you can either use the 
Scarecrow's Song to get over there, or just use your Longshot to kill 
the Skulltula; either way is fine.

91 - Behind the rotating, blue flaming skulls (kinda hard to forget 
about that!).

92 - Behind the second set of flaming skulls near the end in the room 
with invisible walls, right after the ship sinks

                      S P I R I T   T E M P L E 


93 - In the room where you had to push the Sun Icon on a block into the 
sunlight, go through the exit that leads to the Iron Knuckle. Go forward 
a bit, then turn around and look above the door. Use the Boomerang, 

94 - Go through the small hole at the very beginning (the one where 
Nabooru was) and then go through the right door. This Skulltula is 
across the chasm and on the grating; use the Boomerang.

95 - After crawling through the second tunnel, and going through the 
locked door, climb the wall (you might want to take out any would-be-
threats with your Slingshot), then turn around and you'll be eye-to-eye 
with a Golden Skulltula.  


96 - In one room you must collect Silver Rupees in alcoves while 
avoiding boulders. One of the alcoves is plugged up with a blue block; 
play the Song of Time to make it disappear. Now, take a wild guess at 
what's inside...hint: It's not money, but it's almost as dirty!

97 - In the large chamber with the huge statue (the head containers the 
Boss Door), go up the stairs and play the Scarecrow's Song to lure 
Pierre out of hiding, then use him to grapple to a small ledge. Lookie 
at 'dat!

                  B O T T O M   O F   T H E   W E L L


Why did I save this one for last? Because you have to go through Hell to 
collect the Golden Skulltulas! Instead of a regular list, I will 
actually present a mini-walkthrough. So, listen up, and follow these 
directions very carefully...and make sure you have the Lens of Truth, 
else you'll be lost and confused (I mean more than you are now), so when 
I say "invisible", it means to use it, obviously. Here we goooo:

From the entrance, go through the small hole in front of you. Kill the 
Giant Skulltula and run right through the invisible wall. Go around the 
pit in the floor and turn right, and follow where the river used to be. 
Look on the left-hand side wall, eventually you will find an invisible 
alcove with a small chest - inside is a Small Key! Grab it, then return 
to the main area (all you have to do is backtrack a bit), just keep 
following where the river USED to be. Soon you'll find another invisible 
alcove in the wall, it's a little bit before the first turn in the river 
(which is to the right). Inside is a small chest - inside of that is a 
Small Key!

Follow the path around, eventually you'll do a loop and find a Like Like 
inside a cage...and inside is a Skulltula! But that's later. Across from 
the cage is a wall you can walk through, do so. Walk straight across the 
room, but make sure not to fall down the invisible pit in the center 
(it's where all the blood is). You'll come into a hallway, just keep 
going straight. You'll come to some grating, fall down, go through the 
grating, climb the wall, and go through the door there, you can also 
open the small chest for a Heart.

Now, in this room are several coffins, a torch next to each, and a few 
lit ones. Use your Deku Stick to light the torches and the coffin they 
are next to will open, revealing enemies and a few items. But, the one 
on the left row, farthest from the entrance has a Small Key inside! 
Collect it, naturally, and fight your way out of this room (each coffin 
you opened just released more Keese and Gibdos, which is a small price 
to pay). Go down the grating, through it, climb the vines on the 
opposite side, and go through the wall in front of you. We're now back 
in the room with a bloodstained floor. There should be a locked door to 
your left...go inside!

There is a Deku Baba, stun it with your Boomerang, then kill all the 
flying pots by using your shield, then kill the Deku Baba. There's the 
Golden Skulltula, on the wall. Defeat it with your Slingshot, then 
collect the token it leaves behind with your Boomerang. Leave the room 
the way you came in.

Turn left, on the other side of this chamber is another locked door. 
Before doing anything, destroy all of the Keese in this room! Just Z-
target and wham on them with whatever you got...I like the Boomerang 
myself. Now, it looks like there is no way to get to the nearby alcove, 
but there is an invisible path you can take to get there (Use the Lens 
of Truth, genius). Inside the alcove is another Golden Skulltula! Only 
one more to go...exit the room. 

Turn to your extreme left and go through the wall, we're back in the 
river place again! Go left again and you'll come to another one of those 
face paintings that give you clues if you Z-target them. Just be careful 
near this one - there is a hole under him. Turn right, past the face, 
and you'll be in front of a hole, crawl through and go through the door 

First off, use your Lens of Truth to spot the invisible holes in the 
room, then Z-target the Keese and throw the Boomerang at them, this is 
easier than using the Slingshot. Then, kill the Beamos in the center by 
Z-Targeting it and tossing  a bomb it's way (A Bombchu also works quite 
well). Then make your way through this room, avoiding the pits (the 
chest in this room has some Rupees, or a Deku Shield if you lost yours).

Aiiiiah! You're inside of a cage, with a Like Like! Scary stuff. Quickly 
paralyze it with your Boomerang, then do a lunge (Z + A), another good 
whack will put it down for good. Open the chest for some Rupees 
and...wait...what's that I see? THE LAST GOLDEN SKULLTULA! 

I'm sure you can take it from there.....wait, you want to exit this 
hellish place?! Well, I can't blame you, to be honest. So go back to the 
previous room and fall down the pits. Blow away the rocks with the 
nearby bomb flowers and then run into the next room, which should be 
large, have a few boards in green soup (which will harm you if you swim 
in it) and a single ReDead. Collect the Silver Rupees, then climb the 
ladder. You'll collect another. Keep climbing...at the very top is a 
barred door, and the last Silver Rupee. It will swing open once you 
collect it. Go inside, then use your Lens of Truth to find the exit to 
this seemingly dead-end. Now, we're back in the main area! Whoohoo! 


  18.   G E N E R A L   S E C R E T S 


                     W E A P O N   U P G R A D E S 


in the Lost Woods, coming from Kokiri Forest, go right, left, right, 
left, left. The hole is located by the bunch of butterflies circling an 
area in the back. Fall down the hole into the game area. If you are 
wearing the Skull Mask, they will give this to you, it will let you 
carry 20 Deku Sticks. Simply amazing...


Also found in the Lost Woods. From the entrance from Kokiri Forest, go 
left, left. Fall down, and go to the very far area and you'll find a 
Deku Salesman. Kill it, then talk to it. He'll sell you a Deku Bag that 
can hold 30 Deku Sticks...whee.



In the Lost Woods, go right, and you'll see a strange object hanging 
from a tree. Everytime you hit this, points appear. Get 100, which is 
three bull's eyes, and a Deku Scrub will reward your "kindness" with a 
bigger Deku Seed Bag, which can hold 40 Seeds.


Win the Archery Game in the Market and win this great bag. 50 bag you 
shall receive from fat man...



After collecting the normal Bomb Bag, go to Goron City as a kid, there 
is a Goron that is rolling all over the place. Go into the tunnel he 
goes through and lay a bomb, if it explodes on him he'll stop and hand 
over the bag for being so courageous. Note that this will not work 
anywhere else except in/near the tunnel. This will hold 30 Bombs.


It's one of the random prizes for the Bombchu Bowling Game. Allows you 
to hold 40 bombs!



Win the Archery Game that is located in Kakariko Village as an adult. 
Requires good skill, as the targets always occur randomly. This quiver 
can hold 40 arrows.


Get over 1500 points in the Horse Archery Game in Gerudo Fortress [See 
"Mini-Game" section for that). This quiver can hold 50 arrows! Whoop!



In the Forest Stage (see above a bit), wear the Mask of Truth and random 
things will happen. Sometimes they'll spit things at you, give you 
Rupees, or tell you you're ugly, but still offer to help you. This is 
when they will give you the upgrade...What nice things! However, there 
is a bug that will not allow you to get this after you become an adult, 
even if you go back in time. Now you can carry 40 nuts...*cough* *cough*

The glitch above has been corrected in later versions of Zelda V 
apparently. I tested it myself. If you bought the game AFTER November, 
the above glitch should not happen.  


Near the entrance to the Sacred Forest Meadow is a large rock, blow it 
away with bombs and fall down the hole. Kill the Business Scrub and then 
talk to him, he'll sell you this. Now you can have 50 nuts in your bag!! 

So, there. Here is the total amount:

Deku Seeds: 50

Deku Nuts: 40

Arrows: 50

Bombs: 40

Deku Sticks: 30

          O D D I T I E S   /   E A S T E R   E G G S 

The secret tunnel in Zora's Domain...I've unlocked it. Guess what's down 
there? NOTHING!! Ok, here's how to get down there. As a child, go to 
Zora's Domain and ask the Zora at the top of the waterfall to play the 
diving game. Run down to the platform with the Zora on it (or should I 
say island?). It's near the ladder that leads to the exit to Zora's 
River. Well, wait for the timer to tick down...Make Link face the area 
that has the secret passageway...When the clock reads 2 seconds, quickly 
run and jump over the ledge and into the water. If you timed it 
correctly you should now be standing UNDERWATER with the message of the 
Zora telling you to try again later. Now, you'll start to rise. Quickly 
turn around and tap Z and you'll see the awesome sight inside the secret 
passageway...!...?...!!??!?!....a block. It's blocked off. Whoohoo, some 

If you wear the Bunny Mask, the Stalchilds won't come out of the ground 
to terrorize you! Not much point in doing this, though...

In the castle courtyard (Hyrule Castle, obviously) are two windows. Hit 
the one on the left with your Slingshot and a man will come out and tell 
you not to cause any trouble, then hurl a bomb at you! It's pretty 
neat...well, unless you get hit by the bomb...

If you're having trouble defeating Phantom Ganondorf, try swinging a 
bottle at him instead of your sword. It's easier for some people to do, 
and it works just as well, the energy will bounce right off. Sorta like 
using the bug net in SNES Zelda against Ganon! Speaking of which, this 
trick does work on the real Ganondorf.

If you ever see a tall tree, like the kind on Hyrule field, roll into 
it. Just run at it, press A, and you will roll into it. The tree will 
shake and something might fall out. Rupees, Bombs, Arrows, Nuts, 
Sticks...sometimes even a Golden Skulltula...or leaves. Interesting, 

In the fishing pond in Lake Hylia, equip the Hoverboots, pay the guy to 
go fishing, and go up to the edge of the water. Then, run as fast as you 
can and the Hoverboots should take effect. Right before the effect 
dissipates, cast your line and you'll be floating in mid-air! Not only 
is this neat, it's useful for catching the lunkers in the middle of the 
lake. Neat-o...

Go to Kakariko Village as an Adult, with the Longshot, and get on top of 
the house where the man gives you a Heart Piece. Look at the 
Windmill...you should see a small hole in the side, use the Longshot on 
the little box there and you will be pulled there. What's inside? A long 
staircase with a chicken on the end, and another exit. What is this for? 
No one knows...

Go into Zora's Domain as a child, turn left, and go down the ladder and 
into the water. If you dive down into the water you will see a secret 
passage at the bottom, but you can't get down there, even with the 
Golden Scale. You can't use the Iron Boots as an adult either, since 
there is ice covering it. Another mystery...

In the Fishing Pond, wait outside. Wait until night...go inside THE 
SECOND you hear the Cucco announce the new day. The pond will be all 
cloudy; and the Hylian Loach will have come out to play! The best way to 
catch this is to get the Sinking Lure (see below), then just put it a 
few feet in front of his face. When he starts to move, tap B. With luck, 
you should have him on his line. He can weigh up to 35 pounds, but all 
you get is a Purple Rupee, since "...he's such a rare specimen!" The 
Hylian Loach looks like an eel.

The Sinking Lure will make your bait sink, making it much easier to 
catch the lunkers that haunt the bottom of the pond (but it's still 
possible with the regular lure). It's invisible, you can't see it. It 
generally appears in these areas:

- On the big log in the middle of the pond

- Where the river empties into the pond

- The hole in the wall where the stream comes from

- In the lillypads

- In the stones near the stream

- Rocks in the pond

You won't feel a tug on your Rumble Pak if you catch something with 
this, so be alert at all times.

To find The Stage, you must go right, left, right, left, left in the 
Lost Woods. The entrance is located by the bunch of butterflies circling 
an area. Once here, several things can happen depending on what mask you 
are wearing...

Spooky/Bunny/Goron Mask - They will give you a ton of Rupees! They like 

Mask of Truth - They will call you ugly, but give you the Deku Nut 
upgrade. A glitch makes it impossible to get after becoming an adult.

Skull Mask - Deku Stick upgrade.

Any other mask - They won't like you, they'll pelt you with stones and 
rubble. He-haw...

Dun dun!!

You can cut signs with your sword, they will be cut up into itty bitty 
pieces. Use the Megaton Hammer to flip them over. Also, they become un-
readable. To restore them, leave the area and return, or play Zelda's 
Lullaby to make them magically re-assemble themselves.

Gossip Stones, the rubber, one-eyed statues found around Hyrule, are 
neat little buggers. Play Zelda's Lullaby or Epona's Song for them and 
they will give you a Red Fairy, which restores all health and magic. You 
can flatten them like a pancake (Cliche, I know, but I like saying it) 
with the Megaton Hammer. Use Fire (Fire Arrows or Din's Fire) and they 
will get straight and spin around like mad. A little spankin; with the 
sword and they will tell you the current time...a bomb will make them 
rocket off into space, just like at NASA...

This secret can be gotten by playing the Time Trials game at Lon Lon 
Ranch (See the Mini-Game section for details). If you get less than 50 
seconds, Malon will have a cow delivered to your home!

If you ever see a cow, get up to it and play Epona's Song. It will talk 
to you, saying they loved it, and fill one of bottles with Lon Lon Milk.

In the Fishing Pond, you can catch the Fisherman's hat by getting far 
away (about knee-deep in the water), facing him, and casting your line. 
You'll scare him to death, and you can cast your line with the hat still 
on! But, it takes longer to reel in and you can't cast as far. You can 
give the hat back and he'll thank you. However, if you keep it for 
awhile he'll get pissed and charge you 50 Rupees for it!

Butterflies + Deku Stick = Red Fairy. Isn't that just a great thing? 
Whahay! It seems all Miyamoto games have some sort of secret with a 

I'm sure the old timers have already figured this out...If you keep 
hacking away at a chicken, it will crow and his buddies will come, mad 
at you for picking on their friend! And they come with a 
vengeance...chickens from Hell!! Run, Billy, run, save yourself!

Inside of Link's House is a small plaque, it will tell you how much your 
biggest fish weighs, time you took on races, etc., etc...

While on Epona, you are invincible! So, you can run through bushes and 
blow them away, and collect the items they leave behind at the same 
time. Also, try running over Cuccos in Lon Lon Ranch! Since they can't 
kill you, it's quite interesting...

While going through the Haunted Wasteland, following the flags, you'll 
find a sign that points in some direction. Follow it to find a carpet, 
float there using your Hoverboots. The man there will sell you 
"something special" for 200 Rupees, but he won't tell you what it is 
until you fork over the dough. In reality, it's just a bunch of 
Bombchus. Used car salesmen, anyone?

If you wake up Talon in Kakariko Village (adult) using the chicken that 
hatches from the egg the chicken lady gives you (see Adult Link's Quest 
for a Sword Section) and then talk to him, then return to the ranch, 
everything will be like it was in the old days! Talon will be the owner, 
and Ingo will be the hard working guy he was before, and he'll be sorry. 
Now *that's a run-on sentence!

When going through the Haunted Wasteland, you've probably come upon the 
sign. I forget what it says (and I couldn't care less, actually, so 
don't e-mail me about it GOD DAMNIT!), but if you follow where it points 
you will find a man on a flying carpet. Use the Hoverboots to get there. 
He'll sell you Bombchus for 200 Rupees. RIP OFF!!! Of course, you won't 
know what it *really* is until you buy it, as he won't tell you (good 
thing for me, eh?).

After rescuing the four carpenters, return to their tent and talk to 
them, it's interesting. There, you will also meet the man you should 
have sold the Bunny Mask to. He offers to race you to the bridge that 
leads from Hyrule Field to Kokiri Forest. In reality, you can not beat 
him. No matter what stragedy you use, no matter how brain swishing the 
time you get is, he will ALWAYS beat you by one second. He-haw! 

After beating the Forest Temple, go talk to Mido (adult Link) - he's in 
the Lost Woods, remember? Isn't that just heart warming (seriously 
here)? Well, at least there's no mysteries where Saria's love is at 
(*cough* *cough*).

If you get Epona and wake up Talon, you can save Lon Lon Ranch (adult 
Link)! Just some more plot...stuff...it's neat, right? RIGHT?!?!

Are you THE MASTER? If you are, you can get the following:

100 Golden Skulltulas
36 Heart Pieces
Have four Bottles (fair and square)
Tons of Secret Grottos/Areas
Lots of Golden Rupees
Own a cow
Get 1500+ points on the Horse Archery Game
Caught a 20 pounder
Caught the Hylian Loach
Have all the weapon upgrades
All Masks
Big Goron's Sword
...and like to torture chickens.

                      R U P E E   H U N T I N G

In Hyrule Castle Courtyard (the area with Zelda), there are two windows. 
Hit the one on the right with your Slingshot and you'll get a Red Rupee.

You know about the drawbridge that leads to The Market, right? It's open 
during the day, stays shut at night, lifts during the morning, 
etc...Well, during the day, walk up the chains until you can't go any 
further. Play Sun's Song until it's night, and the drawbridge will 
lift...and you'll stay on. Get on the board part and walk across, you'll 
get three Red Rupees!! That's 60 Rupees! Do this over and over again for 
mucho dinero.

When you enter The Market from Hyrule Field, there is a guardhouse, 
enter it and do the Spin Slash to get about 30 or so Rupees, then exit 
back into town, then re-enter, all the pots are back!

After completing the first half of Adult Link's Trading Sequence, go 
into the Lost Woods and you can fight Skull Kids. Upon being killed, 
they will leave a Golden Rupee.

In Hyrule Field, just keep fighting Stalchilds. Keep fighting...soon, 
you should notice that every once and awhile there will be one twice the 
size of the others! He leaves blue Rupees. Keep fighting...if you're 
REALLY quick, you will see a third type, and boy is he large! If you can 
kill him before sunrise then you will be rewarded with three Red Rupees 
(60). This trick also works with the Leevers in the desert.

You know the man who looks like he's begging or slapping the ground? 
He's in Kakariko Village as an adult and The Market as a child. He says 
"With C...Sell me something with C!" Pick up something in a bottle and 
sell it to him! He'll buy bugs for 50 Rupees, Fish for 100, and Blue 
Fire for 150! In Kakariko, go to the area behind the regular potion shop 
and fall down the hole, catch fish, exit, catch that fish, and do this 
until all of your bottles are filled up, then sell it to him. You'll 
make at least 400 Rupees this way! Wait a second...DOH! This should have 
gone in the below section...oh well. =)

                          G L I T C H E S 

How to use C items on Epona. When Ganon knocks away the Master Sword, 
save and reset the game. Then call Epona, mount her, and the game should 
let you use any C buttons on her! (marshmallow's note: Don't worry, you 
can get the Master Sword back)

Make sure you have something that is a piece of junk and you never use 
(i.e. Claim Check). Now take out a bottle. Go near a fish. Press the 
bottle button and then right in the middle of you grabbing the fish, put 
the Claim Check on the button that the bottle was on. Now you will have 
a 5th bottle! You can do this to all your C items but then you would be 
left with only bottles! :-( (marshmallow's note: Don't save if you 
turned something important into a bottle!)

The above glitches were sent in by Brian J. Chen 

There are tons of other glitches, but most of them stem from the above 
two, a glitch from a glitch sort of thing.


  19.  S I D E   Q U E S T S   &   S T R A N G E  I N F O R M A T I O N


After getting all the Golden Skulltulas and Heart Pieces, there is still 
a TON of stuff to do, as shown by this titanic section.

                    E P O N A   T H E   H O R S E

First make sure you have Epona's Song, which is learned by talking to 
Malon in Lon Lon Ranch as Young Link AFTER talking to Zelda (you must 
show her your Ocarina). Then become an Adult and earn AT LEAST 70 
Rupees...Talk to Mr. Ingo and pay 10 Rupees to practice with a horse. 
Instead of riding the horse that comes to you, play Epona's Song and 
she'll come. Run her around the course (lots 'o fun!) until time is up. 
Get off, and then talk to Mr. Ingo again and do the same. Instead of 
running around, talk to Mr. Ingo while on Epona (Z-targeting) and he'll 
ask you to race him with a 50 Rupee Wager. Beat him twice and Epona is 
yours! To get out of Lon Lon Ranch, simply get enough speed and hop over 
the fence. Hurray! Now you can call Epona anytime when you're on Hyrule 
Field (using Epona's Song). She sure does make travel a helluva lot 
easier than you on foot!

                 S O F T   S O I L   L O C A T I O N S

# 1 - Look behind the shop in Kokiri Forest

# 2 - Lost Woods. Turn left from the start, then head left yet again

# 3 - Lost woods yet again, just a lot deeper, in the area where you can 
access the Stage area. It has a lot of grass and two Deku Business 
Scrubs in it

# 4 - Kakariko Graveyard, next to the third batch of graves

# 5 - At the mouth of Dodongo's Cavern

# 6 - Next to where you buy Magical Beans

# 7 - In front of the Science Lab at Lake Hylia

# 8 - Death Mountain Crater (play the Bolero of Fire to get to it).

# 9 - Gerudo Valley, fall down to the ledge with a cow and a Gerudo

# 10 - Near entrance to Spirit Temple

You can buy the beans from the fat child near the entrance of Zora's 
River. The first one is 10, the second is 20, the third is 30...I'm sure 
you know the pattern. You can only buy 10, hence there are only 10 
places to plant them.

                    F A I R Y   F O U N T A I N S

(they give you Fairies to keep in bottles)

# 1 - Go to the forest maze, the upper area. In the hole!

# 2 - Go to the Kakariko Graveyard. Go down the tomb that is under the 
Flower Tombstone. Blow up the wall, there it is.

# 3 - Near the beginning of Zora's River is a ledge with a boulder on 
it. There are two ways to get up there...use a chicken, or plant a seed 
in the ground and come back as Adult Link. Blow up the boulder to find 
the fountain.

# 4 - Near the entrance of the Spirit Temple. Then stand on the rock 
that is near the sand pit. Play the Song of Storms and it will turn into 
a Fairy Fountain!

# 5 - When you exit the Market, follow the wall to the right to find a 
boulder. You know what to do now...

# 6 - In Gerudo Fortress grounds, play the Song Of Storms near the pair 
of crates. A hole should open up in the wall.

# 7 - Play the Song of Storms in Zora's Domain on the small island with 
a Zora next to the ladder, a hole will open up allowing you to find 
another fountain!

# 8 - Fall down below the force fields in Ganon's Castle and use the 
Lens of Truth to find a secret passage. You'll also find a bunch of 
Business Scrubs who will sell you items.

                   T H E   F O U R   B O T T L E S

Bottles are one of the most useful items in Zelda! Here are the 
locations of all four...

# 1 - Chicken Lady gives this to you the first time you give her all of 
her chickens (see below).

# 2 - Find the 10 Poes in Hyrule Field (see below)

# 3 - This was in the Walkthrough, but what the heck? As Young Link, go 
to Hylia Lake, then dive down into using the Silver Scale to find a 
Bottle with a note in it! Give it to King Zora, then he'll give you the 
empty Bottle back.

# 4 - Win Talon's Chicken game in Lon Lon Ranch! Check out the Mini-Game 
Section for tips on that... 

              C H I C K E N   L A D Y   L O C A T I O N S

Here's how to get those dumb Cuccos....

# 1 - In front of you when you enter the village from Hyrule Field.

# 2 -  There's one wandering about near the chicken pen, where the 
chicken lady is. 

# 3 - Near the entrance to Death Mountain; below the steps.

# 4 - In a fence behind the House of Skulltula. You'll have to grab 
another chicken (just walk up to it and the option "Grab" will appear) 
and then float there from the adjacent platform. Then, once there, throw 
both chickens off the platform. Now go chase them and put them in the 

# 5 - In the area behind the normal Potion Shop, where the Special 
Potion Shop. Since you're Young Link you can't get there via the Normal 
Potion Shop, so you'll need to find a new way. Grab a chicken and go up 
the stairs in front of the chicken pen, the area with the windmill door. 
Keep going, the fence will end and you can jump off. In front of you are 
two fences, the one to the left is higher, but smaller. The right is 
bigger, but shorter. I know it sounds crazy, but go to the higher one, 
on the left. You have to be going fast, and at the right angle. Once 
there, throw the chicken you used to get there over the fence. Another 
one is wandering down below.

# 6 -  Same thing as above, but after that, go down, avoid the hole (it 
will reset the town, making all of this in vain)  and climb the ladder. 
At the top is a chicken. Throw it over the fence, then go pick them up 
and throw 'em in the pen.

# 7 - Near the entrance to the town, almost straight ahead, is a house. 
Up against it, to the left, is a large crate. You can bomb it or roll 
into it (sheath your sword and the option "Attack" will appear. This is 
really the roll). If you roll into it, or bomb it, it will break open, 
revealing your prize, another cucco.

When you throw them all into the pen the girl will reward you with a 
Bottle. After that she will give you random items. To reset the 
chickens, exit the town and then re-enter.

              T H E   1 0   S P E C I A L   P O E S 

Around Hyrule Field you may have spotted a Poe or two wandering about 
aimlessly...this is a Special Poe! Have you ever noticed that when you 
defeat a Poe, a little spirit face is left behind? Well, you can put 
this in a bottle and sell it to the strange (wo?)man in the shack in the 
Market as Adult Link. Normal Poes are purple, Special Poes are yellow, 
and here they are! Just remember, you MUST defeat them on Epona, or else 
they will be purple. Also, you must destroy them before they disappear 
(two arrow hits). The best way to do this is to just standstill on 
Epona, then shoot an arrow when it first appears, then quickly do it 
again, as they will be stunned. Anyways, on to the list!

1. In the south east corner of Hyrule Field is a grove of trees, and a 
brown boulder. Near the boulder will be this little Poe.

2. In the same grove as before, but a little towards Hyrule Lake (the 
entrance), but still in the grove. Search around.

3. Near the tree that is at the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch.

4. The ledge near the entrance to Kakariko Village, get on it and look 
down and the Poe should appear. 

5. East of Lon Lon Ranch, in the stone barrier that looks like a giant Y 
(on the map). It's inside the little prongs, if you know what I mean. 

6. Outside of the entrance to The Market is a sign that says "You are 
here: Hyrule Castle. This way to Lon Lon Ranch." Stand here and it 
should appear.

7. Outside the entrance to Gerudo's Valley, there is a fork in the road; 
one leads to Gerudo Valley, the other leads to Lake Hylia. It's in the 
middle of the fork, usually on the path leading to Lake Hylia, but not 

8. Gerudo Valley again, sorta. Before the ground turns brown, follow the 
wall north and there will be a large tree with a few bushes. It should 
be nearby.

9. Remember the grove of trees west of The Market, the same one with the 
hidden grove with a Heart Piece? Near the bushes the Poe will appear. It 
sometimes, albeit rarely, appears across the river.

10. Go west from the entrance to Kokiri Forest and there will be a gray 
stone there. Ta daaa!

Each time you sell it to the man he'll give you 50 Rupees and 100 points 
on your card. When you get 1000 Points, you will receive a Bottle. Yes, 
it's not that glamorous, but it's a secret!

        Y O U N G   L I N K   T H E   M A S K   T R A D E R 

In The Market is a shop called the Happy Mask Shop (hehe). You can be 
Link, the wandering Mask Salesperson for them. You can have fun, learn 
stuff from people, earn a great item at the end,  and make some cash on 
the side! Remember: To sell a mask, you must be wearing it when you talk 
to them, or else it won't work.


After visiting Zelda and getting her Letter, go to Kakariko Village and 
give it to the guard guarding the Death Mountain trail. He'll ask you to 
go get a Mask. Well, go buy the Keaton Mask from the Happy Mask Shop and 
sell it to him for 15 Rupees. Bring the money back to the Shop, now you 
have the Skull Mask.


In the Lost Woods is a Skull Kid (go left from the start). Stand on the 
tree stump and speak to him, he'll pay you some money. NOTE: You must 
have already played Saria's Song for him. Now go back to the shop, pay 
the Rupees, then get the Spooky Mask.


This one is a bit easier...Check out Kakariko Village (during the day, 
that is) and sell it to the boy who is walking around aimlessly in the 
graveyard. He'll exchange it for 30 Rupees, now go back to the Happy 
Mask Show and get the...


Hardest of all...After collecting all 3 Spiritual Stones and getting the 
Ocarina of Time (maybe you don't have to get that, I'm not totally 
sure), exit the Market and go to the right side of Lon Lon Ranch. You 
can do it other times, but this is the best time because he's easy to 
find...Who is 'he' you say? Why, it's the jogger! He runs around Hyrule 
Field all day, and he won't talk to you. Follow him all day until it 
gets dark, then he'll sit down and rest. Talk to him and he'll pay you a 
TON of cash for the Bunny Hood! Return to the Happy mask Shop and you 
get access to the Gerudo Mask, Zora Mask, and Goron Mask! Talk to their 
races wearing these and they say different things...it's very comical. 
You also receive the Mask of Truth, which allows you to speak to Gossip 
Stones (rubber rocks with one eye).

      A D U L T   L I N K ' S   Q U E S T   F O R   A   S W O R D


Go to the woman who you helped with her chickens. She'll give you a 
pocket egg. Play the Sun's Song a few times and it will hatch into a 
pocket Cucco. Now go to the first house in the village, near the 
entrance. Inside is Talon, sleeping. Wake him up with the chicken, then 
return to the lady and show her the bird. Since it's so happy she'll 
hand over her most unhappy bird, Cujiro, the blue chicken.


Go to the Lost Woods, turn left from the start to find a man sitting 
against a stump. This is the chicken woman's brother! Show him the Blue 
Chicken and he'll give you the Odd Mushroom. He says that you should 
deliver it to the old hag in Kakariko.


Quick! Return to Kakariko Village on Epona! You only get three minutes 
before it spoils and you have to start over. Near the entrance to Death 
Mountain is a small Potion Shop. Go inside, then go through the only 
door there (it's in the back, to the left). Climb down the ladder, then 
go up the ramp and into the next house, it's another Potion Shop. Talk 
to the person at the counter and she'll give you the Odd Potion, which 
she made from the Mushroom.


Return to the Lost Woods and look for the guy again, in his place is a 
Kokiri Girl. Show her the Potion and she'll give you the Poacher's Saw, 
which that one guy dropped. 


Go the Gerudo Valley area. If you're already completed the Spirit Temple 
you can just walk across the bridge, otherwise you'll need the Longshot 
or Epona to get across, since it's broken. Talk to the Head Carpenter 
(that is, the guy right outside the tent) and he'll trade the Saw for 
the Broken Goron's Sword!


Go to the very summit of Death Mountain and you'll find a GIGANTIC Goron 
up there, he's a master at making swords. Talk to him and he'll say that 
his eyes are bothering him, then he'll give you the Prescription. He'll 
also say to go to Zora's Domain...


Go to Zora's Domain, talk to King Zora and he'll give you the Eyeball 
Frog and tell you to go to the science lab at the shores of Lake Hylia!


After figuring out that it's not dinner, the scientist at Lake Hylia 
will turn the Eyeball Frog into Eyedrops! 


You have four minutes to climb to the summit of Death Mountain...you 
have about 10 seconds to spare! Quick, call Epona and GET THERE! To 
shave a few seconds off your time, use the bean platform at the entrance 
to Dodongo's Cavern...if you planted a Magic Bean there as a child, that 
is. Talk to the giant Goron at the top of Death Mountain and he'll give 
you the Claim's Check. 


Play the Sun's Song about six or so times and then talk to the Giant 
Goron. If it's been a few days he'll hand over the Big Goron's Sword, 
the most powerful weapon in the game!

            S E C R E T   G R O T T O S   /   A R E A S

Sure, some of these areas have nothing valuable...but who cares? They're 


- As Adult Link, on the highest floor in Goron City, is an area of lava. 
You need the Longshot to make it across...at the other side is a chest 
with your Golden Prize! I know, it's out in the open, but it's really 
easy to overlook.

- Before the entrance to Goron City is a platform with a circle of rocks 
on it. Simply stand near it and play the Song of Storms, a hole will 
open up. Inside is a cave with a chest. Guess what's inside?

- In Kakariko Village, in front of the tree at the entrance, is an area 
where you Stone of Agony will shake. Bomb it and then go inside, kill 
the enemies, then claim your prize! For those of you without the Rumble 
Pak, coming from Hyrule, just keep going forward, pass the tree, then 
lay bombs in that general area.

- In the Gerudo Training Grounds, in the room where you receive Key # 2 
(see Gerudo Training Center section). Defeat all the Like Likes and a 
chest will appear...guess what's inside?

- In the Fire Temple, go past the room with a moving fire pillar so 
you're on the upper most level of the boulder maze. Look to your right 
and up and play The Scarecrow's Song to lure Pierre out of the shadows. 
Use him as a Hookshot target. Once there, turn around and use the target 
there. Climb the vines and you'll be in a room with a switch. Trigger 
it, then quickly run, use the Hookshot target to pass the hill, and open 
the chest before the flames come back. Dun dun! Golden Rupee. You can 
also find two Golden Skulltulas along the way.

- In the room where you originally find the Lens of Truth...use the Lens 
of Truth and you'll find a small chest with a Golden Rupee inside! 

- In Goron City, highest ledge, is a room with a lot of rocks that form 
a maze (see below). Now, if you have the Megaton Hammer you can clear 
out the long line of red boulders. At the end is a lonely chest with a 
Golden Rupee! 


- Near the entrance to Goron City is a strange "skin" on the wall, it 
looks like a drumskin almost. It's a little before the area with the 
circle of rocks. Bomb it, it's covering an alcove with a chest. Inside 
is a Purple Rupee!

- In Goron City, bomb the rocks on the upper level and follow that path. 
Now we're in a maze of sorts. There's a whole slew of goodies in here, 
including two chests, EACH holding a Purple Rupee.

- Gerudo Valley, there is a circle of boulders. Destroy them with the 
Megaton Hammer, inside is a chest with a...dun dun...Purple Rupee!

- Catch the Hylian Loach and show it to the fisherman. He appears if you 
enter the pond the second the cucco crows in the morning. Check the 
Secrets Section for more details on this.

- In Gerudo's Valley, as an Adult, is a ring of boulders along the wall. 
Pulverize them all and it will be revealed that they were concealing a 
chest. Guess what's inside...no, not something evil...

- In the Haunted Wasteland, go to the rock platform where you meet the 
ghostly guide. On the side of it is a hole, go down it. Besides a Golden 
Skulltula, you'll find two torches. Light them using a Fire Arrow or 
Din's Fire and a chest will drop down, inside is an easy 50 Rupees.


- Near the top of Death Mountain is a boulder, blow it away. Inside the 
hole that is under it is a cow, and some Rupees. 

- Go to your extreme right after exiting the Market. Blow up the boulder 
there and fall down. You can find a Blue Rupee (5), among other things.

- Go to your extreme left after exiting the Market. Blow up the tree and 
fall down the hole. Besides the Golden Skulltula, you'll find some 

- In Kakariko Village, as an Adult, go into the normal Potion Shop, it's 
near the entrance to Death Mountain. Inside is a door to the fenced off 
area! This is not accessible as a child (unless you use a chicken to 
glide over the fence). Behind there is a Secret Potion Shop that sells 
Ultimate Blue Potion, which will re-ill all your hearts and your magic 
meter. It may cost 100 Rupees, but it's worth it! Don't go into any 
dungeon with out it.

- In the same place is a hole, down it is a chest with some Rupees. 
Also, try catching a fish that is in the little pond.

- In Goron City, bomb the rocks on the level where the rolling Goron is 
to find the giant Goron. As an Adult, he'll see you the Giant's Knife. 
It's very powerful, but it breaks after a few hits. The Big Goron's 
Sword can fix that...If you're wondering, the Giant's Knife costs 200 
Rupees! Ouch!

- After getting the Silver Gauntlets, you can lift the gray rocks that 
are scattered around Hyrule, and you might find something of interest 
underneath them! For example, on a ledge in Gerudo Valley is a stone of 
this kind, and under it is a cavern with about 50 Rupees. Search 

- Another gray rock is found at the entrance to the Spirit Temple. 
Underneath, Deku Scrubs will sell you Red and Green Potion.

- In the Graveyard, in the Royal Family's Tomb, light the two torches in 
the first room to get some bombs.

- In south east Hyrule Field is a boulder in a grove of trees, blow it 
away for some easy Rupees.

- Hyrule Field again. Near the fenced in area right near the entrance to 
Lake Hylia is a hole...No bombs required, it's right in the open. Inside 
Is a chest with a blue Rupee.

- Lake Hylia! On a small island is a tombstone, pull it back to reveal a 
hole. Inside are several Deku Salesmen.

- Lost Woods...Near the Warp Point to Goron City is a boulder, use some 
bombs and go down the hole. Can you say Rupees?

- In the area in the Ice Cavern where you push the blocks, there are 
several red rupees up in the air. To getup there, play the Song of Time 
while in the alcove in the wall with the Blue Fire Torch. 

                       W A R P   P O I N T S

There are a few Warp Points that making traveling around Hyrule a lot 


In Goron City, look at the bottom ledge. Blow away the rocks with a few 
bombs and you'll find a Warp Point to the Lost Woods. In the Lost Woods, 
just look for a big statue thingie...


In Zora's Domain, just look for a hole underwater. In Lake Hylia, again, 
look for a few statues around a hole. Note that you need the Silver 
Scale to use this.


This is right by the waterfall in Zora's River, and in an open area in 
the Lost Woods. Just swim down! Requires Silver Scale.

               G O S S I P   S T O N E   Q U O T E S

When you talk to a Gossip Stone (stone with one eye that are found all 
over Hyrule) wearing the Mask of Truth, they give you tips and gossip. 
Inspired by Ted Brown's FAQ at Gamefaqs, here we go (in no particular 

"Princess Zelda's nanny is actually one of the Sheikah, who many thought 
had died out."

"There is a man who can always be found running around in Hyrule Field."

"The horse Ganondorf rides is a solid black Gerudo stallion."

"There is a secret near the lone tree which is not far from the river in 
the northwest part of Hyrule Field."

"You can swim faster by continuously pressing B."

"Players who select the 'HOLD' option for 'Z TARGETING' are the real 
'Zelda players'"
(You know what's funny? I prefer this option, seriously...)

"The treasure you can earn in the Gerudo's Training Ground is not as 
great as you would expect, given its difficulty!"

"The owl named Kaepora Gaebora is the reincarnation of an Ancient Sage."

"That strange owl, Kaepora Gaebora, may look big and heavy, but its 
character is rather lighthearted."

"It's possible to find a total of 100 Gold Skulltulas throughout 

"Gerudos sometimes come to Hyrule Castle Town to look for boyfriends."

"It is against the rules to use glasses at the Treasure Chest Shop in 
Hyrule Castle Town Market."

"Malon of Lon Lon Ranch hopes a knight in shining armor will come and 
sweep her off her feet someday."

"Malon set the original record in the obstacle course of Lon Lon Ranch."

"When non-fairy folk enter the Lost Woods, they become  monsters."

"There is a secret on the road that leads to Lake Hylia."

"The Kokiri are always followed by small fairies."

"The small holes in the ground that you can find all over Hyrule make 
perfect breeding ground for bugs."

"Medigoron didn't really think about his own size, so his store is 
really cramped."

"There is a secret near the lone tree which is not far from the river in 
the northwest part of Hyrule Field."

"There is a switch you can only activate by using the spin attack."

"Contrary to her elegant image, Princess Zelda of Hyrule Castle is, in 
fact, a tomboy!"

"If you get close to a butterfly while holding a Deku Stick in your 
hands, something good will happen."

"There is a secret near a tree in Kakariko Village."

"The thief named Nabooru, who haunts this area, is a Gerudo."

"Biggoron's Sword is super sharp and will never break."

"You may find something new in dungeons that you have already finished."

             G O S S I P   S T O N E   L O C A T I O N S 

(these can be found as a child. They are there as an adult, but useless 
since you can't use the Mask of Truth.)

On a ledge when you are climbing up. Just be careful of the 


In front of Goron City is a circle of stones, play the Song of Storms 
here and a hole will open up. Besides a Golden Rupee, you'll find this 


In the first room, right side, is a strange piece of the wall. If you 
use the nearby Bomb Flower, you can blow it away. Ta daaa!


Use a Cucco to glide down to the ledge below the gigantic waterfall, 
under the bridge. Besides a cow, a Gerudo, and a Soft Soil Spot, you'll 
find a stone!


Use the Nocturne of Shadow to warp to the entrance of the Shadow 
Temple...there it is, you drooling retard.


Climb the vines and he'll be in plain sight...well he is, you know. 
There he is...this isn't going anywhere, is it? :)

Continue on, past the gates and guards, and you'll find it after 
climbing the wall.


In front of where Talon used to be is a tree, get near it and play the 
Song of Storms, fall down the hole that appears. Lay a bomb in front of 
the wall to get past it. Voila!


Near the entrance to The Market, to the left.

In front of the entrance to Gerudo Fortress is a circle of stones, lay a 
Bomb in the center and go down the hole that appears when it explodes. 
Use Din's Fire to get past the Spider Webs, there he is!


Coming from  Death Mountain, go straight and fall down the hole there. 
Here's inside...

Ignore the above and just keep running, over the boards, and you'll find 
this one in an alcove.


Use a chicken to glide into the fenced off area of town...see the 
Chicken Lady Section on how to do that. Once there, fall down the hole 
and you'll see this fella. 


Near the entrance, on the side. Look near the science lab, the side 
nearest the wall...


In the area where the bridge from Kokiri Forest leads to Hyrule Field, 
under it. It's near the Business Scrub that will sell you a bag that 
lets you carry more Deku Sticks.


Near the entrance to the Sacred Forest Meadow...just exit from it and 
there will be a stone right there. Blow it to Hell, then fall down the 
hole to discover this stone.


In front of the Temple of Time


In front of the Temple of Time


In front of the Temple of Time


Surprise, surprise...In front of the Temple of Time


Right outside the entrance to the Forest Temple. She's easy to miss 
since it's tucked away in a dark corner.


Coming from the direction where Saria is (same as above) you'll see a 
ladder going up. Use this and you'll spot the Fairy Fountain Hole. 
Behind that is another ladder which will lead to the top of the maze, 
thar she blows!


Same as above, but across from it and on the opposite side.

In the lower left hand-corner of the map (SW).


In King Zora's Chamber of pleasure...er...his regular old boring 
chamber. Happy now?


he's in front of the monster God that is Lord Jabu-Jabu. Well, he is! 


On the island where you get Farore's Wind, it's in the lower right-hand 
corner of the map. i.e. SE.


Use a cucco to reach the ledge with a ladder that is shortly before the 
wooden bridge and a bit after the frogs. At the top, leap over the ledge 
behind you and go down the hole.


In the same area as above, on a high rock pillar, it must be proud of 
it's self or something. 


Below the awe-inspiring waterfall that sucks the energy right out of 
your brain

And there we go, ladies and gentlemen. 

                 R E D   F A I R Y   L O C A T I O N S

These things are very rare, usually found by playing the Song of Storms 
when Navi turns green over some water. They will automatically restore 
ALL Health and Magic. Note that you can not capture them in a bottle.

From the entrance of the Market, follow the stream into Zora's River, 
but keep going and you'll reach a pool. Play the Song of Storms to lure 
it out into the open.

In the Shadow Temple, in the room with the guillotines (sp?) is an 
island with a Stalfos. Notice how Navi turns green...play the Song of 

When you destroy a Beamos (pillar with a yellow eye inside that fires a 
blue laser at you) there is a concrete platform where it used to be. 
Well, if you get near it Navi will usually turn green, signaling a Red 
Fairy. Note that this doesn't happen with ALL of them, but some, 
especially in the Spirit Temple.

Tons of places in the Shadow Temple hold Red Fairies. Notably the room 
with spikes that fall, near the maze, and a few other places...I really 
can't seem to remember. Maybe I should go check? Nahh...

A few of the trees before Hyrule Castle (right after the guard in front 
of the gate) hold Red Fairies. Simply run at it and roll (A button). ta 
da! Some other trees do the same, but the trees here seem to hold a lot.

Have you ever tried rolling into the wooden crates that can be found 
almost everywhere? What's inside can be interesting.

In the Lost Woods is a warp point between it and Zora's River. It's a 
little pond of water with a stone there, and you have to swim down and 
go through the hole at the bottom (requires at least the Silver Scale). 
Well, just wade in the water so you don't sink and Navi will turn green. 
Song of Storms time!

In the platform where you got the Fire Arrows, play the Song of Sun and 
this will appear.

Yes, this list is teeth-grindingly short, but that's ok, at least I made 

                       M A S K   Q U O T E S

When you talk to people when wearing a mask from the Happy Mask Shop, 
they will almost always say something different, and it's usually funny. 
Yes, funny. You laugh. He ho! This section is for the people who don't 
want to spend seven hours wandering around Hyrule talking to people 
(which I had to do to make this section). Enjoy!

Keaton Mask:

"I hate foxes!"

"YEEEAH! What's your problem?!"

"Hey kid! Can't you see we're busy?! Leave us alone!"

"Oh wow! It's Keaton! Hi, Keaton!"

"A mask...When I was a little kid, I also wore masks around...What? You 
say you can't imagine me doing that?"

"Wow...how nostalgic! That reminds me of when I was a little kid."

"Awww...that's so cute! Could you tell me where you found it?"

"What? Have we met before?"

"What a big head you have!"

"Sorry, I'm bust right now."

"Hrrrrm....I don't know what to say."

"Hey, kid, don't grow up to be like me..."

"Oh, that's the mask everyone is talking about! Looks kind of 

"What? If you want something, just make it clear!"

"I don't care about any foxes!"

"Oh wow! Cute! But Cuccos are much cuter!"

"EEEEEAAAH! Whoops, I shouldn't scream like that or the boss will yell 
at me."

"Wa-ha-hah! How's business, Mr. Hero? Hah hah hah!"

"Hey! It's a Keaton Mask!! I asked my daddy to get me one, too!"

"You idiot! When you talk to someone, you should take off your mask!"

"I really am a good man. Don't you believe me?"

"Are you trying to make me laugh? It's not working."

"Huh?! Wha--! Oh, it's just a kid. Don't scare me like that! I may not 
look like it, but I'm a very sensitive guy!"
(Dampe the Gravedigger)

"That makes me feel...happy..."

"Hee hee! Kind of funny, but it's not my style."

"What?! You came back! I can tell who you are, even with that mask on!"

"Tee hee! Where did you get that? Outside the forest? No way! I don't 
believe it!"

"That's so cool! Uh...don't tell Mido I said that..."

"What do you want? Come on, spit it out!"

"Ho ho ho! You Hylians...you are such silly creatures!"

"You're a funny guy!"

"Chomp chomp chomp...OK OK a mask...but I have beans!"

"Very unusual construction...I don't think it's water soluble, so it 
wouldn't make a good ingredient for my medicines..."

"Wah hah hah! Do you think you're in disguise? How funny!"

"Humph! It's fine to play like that when you're a kid, but just wait 
until you grow up! Work, work, work!"

"Oh, I know that character, it's Keaton! He's very hot in Hyrule Castle 
Town, isn't he?"

"Wait...wait...I know who you are! You're Kin-ton, ain't that right?"

Spooky Mask:

"Uh...yeah, so what?"


"Hmmm...well, don't you have any other masks?"

"YEEAH! Help me, someone, anyone!"

"Oh no! You're scary, don't come any closer!"

"Uh-oh! I'm sorry, Mom! Oh...hey, it's you! Don't scare me like that!"

"That's an unpleasant mask, good-bye!"

"Ooooh...I see an illusion."

"You have some good quality wood there, kid!"

"That's irritating! It bothers my eyes!"

"The little kid in the graveyard was talking about his face..."

"Someday, when I have some more skill, I'll carve masks like that..."

"That doesn't look anything like Mr. Dampe!!"

"WHAAA! I thought you were that old hag, don't scare me like that!"

"Do you know how ugly you look in that? And you're still wearing it?"

"Leave me alone!"

"Oh...uh..sniff. That mask...It  makes me feel sad..."

"I don't need a new one...I like the one I have...hehe!"

"Tee hee hee! A mask made of wood? It looks like you're wearing a shield 
on your face..."

"WAAAH! I'm gonna tell Mido about this!"

"Hmmm...Let's see...Yes, I'm quite sure of it...That was manufactured 
from a plank from a coffin. Yes, it was, don't argue with me!"

"That face...it gives me the chills..."

"Your head -- it's gigantic!"

"You don't look like you can swim very well..."

"Out of here! Get out of my way! You're asking for it, aren't you?"

"That's a scary one, ain't it? Almost as scary as...Ingo!"

"Hi, Fairy boy! What? You think you're in disguise? But, it's so obvious 
who you are...tee hee!"

Bunny Hood:

"Oh, please! Go bother someone else!"

"Oh! A rabbit! Speaking of which, I saw a strange man in the fields 
chasing rabbits..."

"How irritating!"

"Well...I can't think of anything funny to say...sorry, kid!"

"And your point is?"

"Hmmm...well...I don't really know what to say about that one..."

"I'm busy, get out my way you bum!"

"That looks quite handsome!"

"Where is that strange smell coming from?"

"I'm on duty. Understand? ON DUTY!"

"You idiot! I don't know why I'm calling you that, but...you are one!"

"What is that? It's something that hops around in a field...I forget 
what those things are called..."

"A mask is just like a musical instrument -- it reflects the character 
of the owner. I like your originality, kid!"

"Hah hah hah! What a funny face, I bet Saria would think so, too!"

"Don't do that!...it's embarrassing me."

"YAWWWWN...I'm kinda tired...show it to me later..."

Zora Mask:

"Hey, you look good!"

"Ooooh...is that a Zora? Those cool eyes are really fascinating!"

"WHOA! My heart...started to beat so fast!"

"Waaaah! What is wrong with you, do you have a bad attitude?"

"You idiot! When you talk to someone, you have to at least make eye 

"Eh, what? Are you sad? Happy? I really can't tell..."

"Uh, leave me alone...can't you see I'm in a groove right now?"

"That's not very different from Mr. Dampe, is it?"

"I like fins..."

"You're making me MAD!"

"Hey, cool mask...but a little scary, don't you think?"

"YEEAH! I-I-I'm gonna tell Mido to beat you up!!"

"Hee hee! There sure are a lot of different people in the world!"

"Yeah, right. You look a little small for a Zora..."

"I don't think that's funny at all. Are you mocking me?"

"All right! You actually decided to become a Zora! Are you really ready 
to marry me now?"
(Princess Ruto)

Say yes Link, say yes! =)

"Quite pestering me, go away!"

"Scram, kid, can't you see I'm busy?!"

Goron Mask:

"Hee hee...don't pay any attention to that kid, my dear...Just pretend 
we're in our own, private little world..."

"What a strange mask! Hee hah haa!"

"That's kind of funny, it makes me laugh...Hee hee!"

"What a big head you have!"

"You shouldn't be so picky about what you eat! Do you eat all of your 
green rocks? If you don't, you won't grow up big and strong!"

"Hey, that reminds me of my wife...well...ok, so on second thought it 
doesn't...Oh well."

"Hehe, well, that did cheer me up a little....thanks, kid!"

"Wow, what big eyes you have! Gorons are just so cute, aren't they?"

"Ha ha hah! You really like those masks, don't you?"

"Very interesting, a Goron! Speaking of Gorons, I wonder how my friend, 
Big Goron, is doing?"

"Talk about a nostalgic trip, that reminds me of my childhood friend, 
Big Goron. Ah, memories..."
(King Zora)

"Your cranium continues to fascinate me."

"What a big head! How'd you fit through the door!?"

"Hrrrm! Get out of my face, you good for nothin'..."

"I remember my father talking about a swordsmith...but that doesn't 
matter to me very much."

"Oh, sorry boss! I didn't mean to slack off! I'll get busy! Oh, that's 
not you, boss?"

"Well, will you lookit the noggin' on this kid! It's HUGE! Mine is too, 
though...but that's beside the point!"

"Did you ever stop to think that doing that may be offensive to 

Gerudo Mask:

"I'm sorry, I don't even want to look at another woman!"

"AAAGAHOO! A GERUDO!!! Wha-? A...mask?! Why do you have a mask like 

"Oooh, what a pretty lady! But, aren't you a tad short?"

"Oh! Don't do that, I'm...shy..."

"I'm sorry, I'm not really interested in THAT sort of thing..."
(This is when you show it to the chicken lady, hehe...)

"Gerudos are beautiful and brave...they are just so fascinating, don't 
you agree?"

"I hate Gerudos!!"

"You idiot! When you talk to someone, you shouldn't stare!"

"I'm on duty now...if you want me to dig, don't bother me."

"Red hair...tan skin...I've seen people like that before!"

"Hey, kid, you got guts to come here wearing that, but you can't fool 
us! You'll never get past this gate..."

"YEOW! Oh, it's just a mask. Umm...scram kid! Get out of here!"

Mask of Truth:

"Is there a mask competition going on? I'm going to vote for you!"

"What an enormous head you have!"

"Oh brother! I suppose boys will be boys..."

                       F U N N Y   Q U O T E S 

Just plain funny crap.

"Did you get the red stone? Let me get one little lick! No? Booooo!"
(Goron after finding Goron's Ruby)

"Is your idea of fun breaking into people's houses in the middle of the 
night? I'd like to talk to your parents!"

"I hid a stick around here some where...hehehe."

"Ooh! An eyeball frog! I can't wait to cook this tonight, I'll have 
fried eyeballs! Oh, these are just sooo delicious! I haven't had these 
in a long time...huoy hoy! Wait, what's that you say? They're for making 
Big Goron Eyedrops...how disappointing! Why didn't you say that in the 
first place?"


  20.   M I N I - G A M E S 


(in order of coolness, in my opinion)


Found: Lake Hylia (to get there as an Adult you'll need to plant a bean 
in the soil near the science lab. However, after you beat the Water 
Temple you can get there without it). 

Price: 20 Rupees

Ah yes, the most popular mini-game in Zelda! Just cast your line and 
attempt to catch fish. You can catch fish using Z-targeting, but the 
chances of getting one over a few pounds this way is slim at best. 
Instead, fish around the center of the lake where the big log is, that's 
the best way to catch the lunkers! If you get one over 10 pounds you get 
a Heart piece, one over 15 grants you the Golden Scale, which allows you 
to dive underwater for a long time! After you acquire the Zora Tunic and 
Iron Boots you can go under and look for the big ones...also, you can 
collect a Sinking Lure by walking around for awhile. It's always in a 
different location...Much fun.

Location of Largest Fish in the Pond:

Ok, go in, pay the man, and go to the LEFT side of the pond, DIRECTLY 
across from the hole in the wall where the stream comes out (so it 
should now be across the pond). Now, face the log in the middle 
(relatively) and look there - that's the biggest fish in the pond. It's 
close enough to the surface that you can get it with the regular lure. 
However, if you are reeling it in and it escapes, then it will go to the 
bottom. So, try not to lose it! If you catch it once, it will either be 
18 or 20 pounds. Exit and come back in and it might be 22 pounds, 
etc...I'm experimenting with this right now.


Found: Hyrule Castle

Price: Free

Is this REALLY a Mini-Game? Probably not, but I don't care, it's pretty 
darn fun! I have my own file where I can play around with them...Just 
watch their patterns and sneak by.


Found: Market as Young Link, at night

Price: 30 Rupees

You get 10 Bombchus and you have to hit the center of the large target 
that is some distance away, three times. The first time a switch blade 
will swing back and fourth, the second time a cucco is added to the mix, 
and the third time a huge hen will join the party. Almost impossible to 
win, but the prizes are top-notch. Heart Pieces, Giant Bomb Bags, and 
Purple Rupees are included, among more.


Found: Gerudo Fortress, after saving Carpenters, find the small path to 
the side and follow it.

Price: 20 Rupees

Basically Epona goes through the path and you have to  peg targets with 
15 arrows...If you get a bull's eye you get 100 points! You can do this 
over and over again, which makes this game a cinch. Get over 1000 points 
to receive a Heart Piece. After which, you can get a 50-Arrow quiver by 
getting 1500 points. Then, it's just for fun.


Found: Zora's Domain, Young Link

Price: 20 Rupees

Dive off the waterfall and collect all of the Rupees that sexy Zora 
threw off! After winning you will receive the Silver Scale. Go back and 
she'll throw REALLY valuable Rupees! One time she threw off TWO ORANGES! 
That's 100 Rupees!


Found: Lon Lon Ranch, Adult 

Price: Altogether, 70 Rupees

Race Ingo on horseback! Wahoo! Here's the sure fire way to win: Stay as 
close to the fence as you can, and slowly use your carrots to stay 
ahead. When you only have one more left, HOLD IT! If you use the last 
carrot you'll lose a ton of speed. Wait a few seconds for the next to 
re-generate, then use that one. Near the end, use them all to push 
yourself ahead. Fun if you win, a bitch if you don't.


Found: Market (Young), Kakariko (old).

Price: 10 Rupees

This one takes a sharp eye...but after practice it's a cinch. You have 
to shoot at several large Rupees in the distance...they move, rapidly. 
If you can hit them all you get a prize! Prizes range from Large Deku 
Seed Bags, Large Arrow Quivers, and Purple Rupees!


Found: Lon Lon Ranch after beating Ingo

Price: Free! Malon sure is nice...looking...

This seems nearly impossible to beat at first, but there's a trick. The 
first few gates can be crossed without using carrots. Notice how small 
they are...it's the larger ones you really need to worry about. And 
that's it, really. Just make sure to never use your last carrot, except 
on the last stretch on the last lap. You get a cow for beating it in 
under 50 seconds.


Found: Market, Young Link, at night

Price: 10 Rupees

You are presented two chests...one holds a Rupee, the other has a Key. 
You need the key to go to the next room, which has a similar situation. 
If you can get to the end you get a prize! It is very hard, because you 
can't see the key Then, once you collect the Lens of Truth, it becomes 
so simple it's laughable. :) The first time you win you'll collect a 
Heart Piece, then you'll just win Purple Rupees. it is possible to do it 
without the Lens of Truth, but it's not recommended.


Found: Lost Woods

Price: Free
in the Lost Woods are two Skull Kids. Show them your Ocarina and they'll 
present you with a tune. Then you have to play it back, FROM 
MEMORIZATION! Sounds tough...any idiot can see that all you have to do 
to win easily is to take out a sheet of paper and right down the notes. 
Arrows is fine for me...If you don't notice, it's always the same as 
last time, just with another added note. If you win enough times you'll 
get a Heart Piece.


Found: Zora's River; Young Link

Price: Free

After playing the Song of Storms for the frogs, play every song you know 
that doesn't warp you somewhere. Then, the frogs will ask you to play 
this game. You have to press the button that corresponds to the frog, so 
they can eat a bug. It's pretty brutal, since you have to have very good 
eye-hand coordination. However, for those people who....stay indoors a 
lot...(like me :))...it's easy to memorize. The prize is a Heart Piece.


Found: Kakariko Graveyard, Adult Link, Look under the gravestones to the 

Price: Free

Basically, you follow Dampe's ghost through a bunch of convulsing, 
twisting tunnels. But it's not that simple. He'll toss fireballs behind 
him. Touch one and you'll be downed for several seconds. He'll also open 
doors and make them shut after a few seconds, so you better hurry up. 
It's impossible to beat him, but you get prizes for staying with him. 
The first time it's the Hookshot, then it's Rupees. Beat him in under 
1:00 to receive a Piece of Heart. This is REALLY hard, but it is 
possible. You have to have the Longshot, as far as I know. In the last 
stretch, at the top are a bunch of torches. Use them as Longshot 
targets! My best time is 58 seconds using this method. Another great way 
is to just keep rolling continuously. it works! It shaves tons of 
seconds off your final time. My best time using this with the above 
trick is 52 seconds...wahoo!


  21.   O C A R I N A   S T U F F 


This is for the lazy people (i.e. me) who don't want to memorize the 
songs from the sub-screen.


C Left, C Up, C Right, C Left, C Up, C Right

Play this whenever you see the sign of the Triforce (a triangle with a 
triangle shaped hole in the middle). You learn this when you meet Zelda 
for the first time. Play this in front of a Gossip Stone (rocks that 
tell you time) and you'll get a free Fairy!


C Up, C Left, C Right, C Up, C Left, C Right

Used to summon your steed, Epona. You learn it from Malon at Lon Lon 
Ranch as a child. It can be used for other things, too, like getting Lon 
Lon Milk from cows (if you have a Bottle handy).


C Down, C Right, C Left, C Down, C Right, C Left

Used to summon Saria, even if she isn't nearby! Also used in puzzles 
related to forests, and it is also rumored that Goron's just love it's 
tune (wink, wink). Learned from Saria in the Lost Woods, as a child.


C Right, C Down, C Up, C Right, C Down, C Up

Not required to beat the game, Sun's Song will change night into day and 
day into night. Also, it freezes undead enemies, giving you the upper 
hand. This is found in the Kakariko Village cemetery as a child. Look 
for some graves with flowers, pull, kill the ghosts, then play Zelda's 


C Right, A, C Down, C Right, A, C Down

Used to open up the stone door that locks the Temple of Time, it also 
destroys any blue blocks with the Temple of Time symbol on them. Learned 
from Zelda telepathically when she tosses the Ocarina of Time into the 


A, C Down, C Up, A, C Down, C Up

Drains wells, causes it to rain, etc...Anything related to the weather. 
Found by talking to the guy in the Windmill (in Kakariko Village) as an 
adult, then showing him your Ocarina.


A, C Up, C Left, C Right, C Left, C Right

Warps you to the Scared Meadow Forest in the Lost Woods. Taught to you 
by Sheik.


C Down, A, C Down, A, C Right, C Down, C Right, C Down

Warps you to the Death Mountain Crater. Taught to you by Sheik.


A, C Down, C Right, C Right, C Left

Warps you to the entrance of the Water Temple. Taught to you by Sheik.


C Left, C Right, C Right, A, C Left, C Right, C Down

Warps you to the entrance of the Shadow Temple. Taught to you by Sheik.


A, C Down, A, C Right, C Down, A

Taught to you by you-know-who.


C Up, C Right, C Up, C Right, C Left, C Up

Warps you back to the Temple of Time. Taught to you by Sheik when you 
return to the Master Sword room after beating the Forest Temple.



As young Link, go to Lake Hylia and look for a farm like area. Show the 
scarecrow your Ocarina and he'll ask you to compose a song eight letters 
long. He'll "record" it for you...Make it easy to remember! Then, as 
Adult Link, come back and play the exact song for him. Now you have it! 
Playing this song will make the Scarecrow warp down and sit in an area 
high above, so you can use him as a Hookshot/Longshot target. Use this 
in areas where Navi turns green yet there's nothing there...This is 
crucial in getting some Gold Skulltulas. 

                       F U N   T U N E S

NOTE: This section is a FAQ that can be found at Gamefaqs, and maybe a 
few other locations. This list was compiled and created by Willow & 
Hoops .

Hey, what's up, folks?  We know a lot of you were bummed out that
the Zelda Overworld theme was missing in "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina
of Time", so we decided to let you put it in there anyway.  After
many hours of tiring labor, (not to mention several cans of Jolt),
we've figured out how to play it on the ocarina!  This way, that
one piece that was missing from our lives, that empty void, that
energy-sucking black hole which mercilessly consumed all which is
good in our lives can now be filled!  Alright, anyway, we also
provided you with a few tunes to practice on, cuz the Overworld
theme is plenty hard to play.

Ok, here's how the buttons work:
A, Cu, Cd, Cl, Cr:  A, C-Up, C-Down, C-left, C-Right
Z, R:  Press Z and/or R with the A or C button
U, D:  Push analog stick up or down with the A or C button

For example, U-R-Cu means to push up, R, and C-Up at the same
time. If it has a number before it, like 2-Cr, you would press
C-Right twice.

And, finally, the songs (these are arranged in order of
        difficulty, the easy ones first):

1. Simpsons theme:
        Cd, Cr, Cl, Cu, D-Cu, D-Cl, Cd, A, 3-Z-D-A, D-A

2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:
        2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A
        2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, A, 2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, A
        2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A

3. Jurassic Park theme:
        Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr, Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr,
        Cu, 2-Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, A, D-Cu

4. Titanic theme:
        4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, U-Cd,
        Cr, U-Cd, 4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, D-A

5. Men in Black theme:
        A, Cd, A, 3-Cr, D-Cr, Cr, R-Cr, Cr, Cd, U-Cd, Cr

6. Frosty the Snowman:
        A, Z-D-A, D-A, A, U-Cd, R-Cd,
        U-Cd, Cr, U-Cd, R-Cd, Z-Cd, A

7. In My Room (Beach Boys):
        2-D-A, A, D-A, 2-U-A, Cd, U-A, 2-U-Cd,
        Cr, Cd, 2-U-Cd, U-A, A, Cd, A, D-A

8. Good Riddance (Green Day):
        2-A, Z-D-A, A, U-A, R-Cd, U-A, A, Z-D-A, A, Z-D-A,
        A, U-A, R-Cd, 2-A, Z-D-A, 2-A, Z-Cd, A, 2-Z-A, A

9. Closing Time (Semisonic):
        Cu, Cl, D-Cl, Cl, 2-D-Cl, 2-D-Cr, 2-Z-Cd,
        D-Cr, Cl, R-Cl, Cl, Cr, Cl, D-Cr

10. Overworld theme from Zelda:
        Cd, D-A, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cr, 3-D-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, 3-R-U-Cu,
        U-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, Cu, 2-R-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Cu, R-Cl,
        Z-Cl, D-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cl, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, Cu,
        D-Cu, then D-A many many times

Submitted Songs:

  The following songs were submitted by John J(j-jasmin@nwu.edu).
        I added a few notes on the first, and changed the second
        one in the tiniest little bit to make it easier to play.
        I don't know the third, and the Star Trek theme has
        slipped my mind, so those aren't checked.

1. Star Wars theme:
        3-D-A, Cd, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, D-Cr, U-R-Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr,
        D-Cr, U-R-Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, Z-Cl, D-Cr, 2-Cd, D-Cr

2. Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back:
        3-U-Cd, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr,
        3-Cu, R-Cu, R-Cr, R-Cd, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr

3. Axel F (Theme from Beverly Hills Cop):
        A, Cd, 2-A, U-Cd, A, D-A, A, Cr, 2-A, Z-Cl, Cr, Cd,
        A, Cr, Cu, A, 2-D-A, Cr, Z-Cd, A

4. Star Trek theme:
        Cd, Z-Cl, R-Cu, Cu, Z-Cl, D-Cr, R-Cl, U-R-Cu

  These songs were sent in by Noobster1(noobster1@aol.com).
Both are checked and sound good.

1.  Mary Had a Little Lamb:
        Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cr, 3-Cl, 3-Cr, Cl, 2-Cu

2.  Kakariko Village Theme:
        A, U-Cd, A, Cl, U-Cd, Cu, A, U-Cd, A, Cl, U-Cd, 2-Cu,
        U-Cu, R-Cd, U-Cu, Cu, 3-Cl, Cr, 3-U-Cd, R-Cd, Cr, U-Cd,
        A, D-A, D-Z-A, D-A, A, D-Z-A, 2-U-Cd, R-Cd, Cr, U-Cd,
        A, Cu, D-Cu, Cl, Cr, D-Cr

By Popular Request:

1. One Week (Barenaked Ladies)(Requested by Mikey)
        -*NOTE* Due to the many harmonies of Barenaked Ladies, and
                a battle of melodies ensuing between the authors,
                which ended in a draw, there are two versions of
                the second part of the song.

          A, Cd, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, 2-Cd, 6-Cr, 3-Cd, U-Cd, Cd

  Willow: 6-Rcl, 4-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd
   Hoops: 4-R-Cl, 2-Cr, 2-R-Cr, 2-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd

2. Mission Impossible theme (Requested by General_Bradley)
        2-R-A, R-Cd, Z-Cr, 2-D-Cd, Z-A, A

        R-A, R-Cd, Cl, A, Cd, R-Cr, Z-A, Z-Cd, Cr, Z-Cr, D-Cr


  22.   E N E M Y   C H A R A C T E R S


You'll recognize about 30% of the enemies, all of the others are brand 
new. Here are descriptions, ways to defeat them, good weapons to use, 
tactics, etc...


Found - Where it can be found...

Description - What does it look like?

Navi - What does Navi say when you ask her for tips?

Hits - How  much it takes to kill it (one swipe with the Kokiri Sword is 
one unit. Note that a lunge will double the damage, and I won't even get 
into the Master Sword and Big Goron Sword area)...how many hearts it 
takes off of you (WITHOUT DOUBLE DEFENSE).

Notes - Stuff you should know...

The Monsters!! 


Found: In Hyrule Field at night time (young Link)

Description: Skeletons with glowing eyes

Navi: "Don't be afraid of the Stalchild, just attack it repeatedly!"

Hits: 2 blows...1/2 of heart

Notes: No one knows what these are for sure...Are they the souls of dead 
soldiers, restless...or are they baby Stalfos? These annoyances ascend 
from the ground as soon as it turns night, and will follow you all over 
the place. Only two appear at once, so it's not exactly difficult to 
deal with them. However, as soon as one is defeated another will appear. 
Unlike other creatures, if you Z-target one and fight it the other WILL 
attack you. One sword strike will knock his head off, another will 
defeat it. Stalchildren are easy to avoid as they are slow and not very 
smart, they can be easily outran. They attack by swiping.


Found: Deku Tree Dungeon

Description: Strange creatures with green grass on their head.

Navi: "Deflect their projectile back at them with your shield!"

Hits: 1 bounced nut...1/2 of heart

Notes: If you try to get close to them they will hunker down in their 
grassy armor...To defeat them, take out your shield and deflect their 
shots back at them! One deflected nut will send them spinning out of 
their hole. Catch up to them and they will give you a hint. They usually 
leave a single heart behind. 


Found: Deku Tree Dungeon, Kokiri Forest, Forest Temple

Description: A plant with drool coming out of its mouth, and quite a 
long tongue!

Navi: "Though it looks withered, it will hurt you if you touch it!"

Hits: Still -  1 blow...1/2 of heart
      Normal - 2 blows...1/2 of heart

      Giant -  4 blows...1 heart  

Notes: When they lunge, block them with your shield, then attack at them 
with your sword. There are two varieties: One that just sits there 
(still), while the other is actually a threat (Giant and Normal). You 
get Deku Sticks from them. For the larger, more menacing ones, stun them 
with your Hookshot, then do a lunge (Z + A) to kill them instantly. Upon 
their death you will either get to collect a Deku Seed of some Deku 


Found: Vines, just about everywhere

Description: Spider-like creatures. Their head is a skull and they have 
little arms coming from them.

Navi: "Be careful not to touch it!"

Hits: 1 blow...1/2 of heart

Notes: The main purpose of this creature is to make climbing vines and 
walls more difficult. However, they are easily dispatched with your 
Slingshot or Hookshot, which will kill them in one shot. When you climb 
the vines with them still on, they will turn purple and rush at you. If 
this happens and you don't want to get hurt, just let go of the wall. 
Note that they won't turn purple if they can't see you.


Found: Deku Tree Dungeon

Description: Looks like a mutated crab-spider

Navi: "Look out when it gets ready to pounce!"

Hits: 2 blows...1/2 of heart

Notes: Shield yourself when their eyes turn red, this means they're 
about to attack. Then counterstrike. Pretty weak, but they are very 
dangerous early one when you only have three hearts. After being hit for 
the first time they will dash away, but don't let your guard down, they 
will try to circle around you and surprise you from the back! Watch out 
for their jumping move, too, there is no warning for that. 


Found: All over the world

Description: A larger version of the Skullwalltula, it drops down from 
the ceiling, with no warning

Navi: "It's soft belly is its weak point!"

Hits: 2 blows...1 heart

Notes: They come falling from the ceiling with absolutely no warning, so 
it's easy to get hit when exploring a new dungeon. They seem like an 
awesome foe to the beginner, but you'll soon see that they are easy to 
put down with practice. A sword hit to the face will cause it to swing 
back and fourth, so try not to do that. Also, its main attack is 
spinning around violently - don't get hit by this! It will send you 
flying back about 10 feet, literally. When it turns around, hack at its 
belly. Note that you can kill it in one shot by hitting its face with 
the Hookshot.


Found: In 100 different locations

Description: Looks exactly like a Skullwalltula, except it's gold in 
color and does not charge at you

Navi: N/A

Hits: 2 blows...1 heart

Notes: Defeat them the same way you would a Skullwalltula. These are not 
a regular enemy, they are more of a secret. Scattered about Hyrule are 
100 of these little buggers, when they die they will leave behind a 
Golden Skulltula Token. Take these to the cursed family Kakariko Village 
to get great items. Although you might be able to kill the spider, the 
Token is leaves behind may not be reachable, so you'll need to come back 
later with new items so you can retrieve it. You can only call yourself 
a true Zelda master if you've found them all...


Found: Lost Woods, nearly all dungeons

Navi: "If you get close to it, it will hide in the grass..."

Hits: 1 deflected nut...1/2 of heart

Notes: Basically, you kill them the same way you would a normal Scrub. 
The only difference is that they will offer to sell you items after they 
are 'defeated'. A great sight to see when you're in a dungeon and 
running low on provisions.


Description: Similar to the Deku Scrub, only red in color

Found: Lost Woods, Kokiri Forest (adult Link, before freeing Saria)

Navi: "If you get close to it, it will hide in the grass..."

Hits: 1 deflected nut, then 1 blow...1 heart

Notes: These are more dangerous than Deku Scrubs because they will shoot 
nuts at you like a machine gun, one after another. Deflect a nut back at 
them, this will cause them to be uprooted. Defenseless, it will run 
around aimlessly attempting to get away from you. One sword blow is all 
it takes...

# 10 - PEAHAT

Description: A strange and exotic flower, it is a large sphere with 
helicopter-like blades projecting from the bottom

Found: Hyrule Field

Navi: "Its weak point is its roots!"

Hits: 5 blows...1 heart

Notes: These odd creatures inhabit the southern areas of Hyrule Field. 
Although only a few (seven, to be exact) of them exist, they make up for 
it in power. To fight one of these you usually have to go out of your 
way, but you never know. Their helicopter blades protect their 
weakpoint, which is the strange ball hanging under it. Getting to this 
area is very difficult as the blades will block your way and the Peahat 
will adjust their angle so you can't roll under or anything. You could 
attempt to stand back and spray it with your Slingshot, but what's the 
fun in that? If the fight lasts awhile it will send out Peahat Larva 
(see below). During the night they are planted in the ground and will 
not attack you, but if you get close they will launch Peahat Larva. They 
look cool when they launch themselves up in the air...


Description: Smaller version of the Peahat 

Found: Hyrule Field

Navi: "Defend with your shield!"

Hits: 1 object...1 heart

Notes: These guys are the fastest monsters in the game, and they prove 
it by being able to out run you! Instead of running, Z-target one and 
use your shield at the last second, they will bounce off and melt. 
Actually, that happens if they hit ANYTHING: you, a shield, a wall...the 
only exception is your sword. The Peahat will send five of these guys at 
once, so you WILL lose a TON of energy if you stick around to play. Seek 
shelter or defend with your shield.


Description: A red arachnid-like creature. It has one eye and four 
legs...and it is red =)

Found: Death Mountain

Navi: "Lock on to it as it jumps with Z-targeting!"

Hits: 2 blows...1/2 heart

Notes: It jumps about erratically, attempting to hit you. If you're new 
to the game then here's a good way to kill it without getting hit...Run 
at it, and while it's in the air, roll under it, then quickly turn 
around. It will be turning around - here's your chance to lay the smack 
down! Otherwise, you can just swing the sword at it wildly.

# 13 - BEAMOS

Description: A gray pillar with a single eye inside, it is yellow

Found: Dodongo's Cavern, Bottom of the Well, Shadow Temple, Spirit 
Temple, Gerudo's Training Ground, Ganon's Castle

Navi: "Watch out for it's searching beam! I bet it doesn't like smoke to 
get in its eye!"

Hits: 1 bomb...one heart

Notes: One of my favorite enemies, the Beamos' eye slowly spins around. 
Because of this, you can sneak up on it without it even knowing what's 
going on! However, if it sees you, it will fire a blue laser at you and 
will not stop until you get out of range, it dies, you die, or...that's 
it, come to think of it. The best way to stop the laser is to just run 
away, since it has a limited range. If you have the Mirror Shield you 
can use that to deflect the laser. To defeat it, Z-target it and toss a 
bomb its way. When it lands on the Beamos it will explode, and the 
Beamos will be no more.


Description: Small lizards that scuttle around

Found: Dodongo's Cavern

Navi: "Watch out for its leaping attack! It will explode after it's 

Hits: 1 blow...1 heart

Notes: Not much to talk about here. One blow and it will flip over and 
flash red, a short while later it will explode like a bomb. They come 
from the ground and will follow you until you kill them, or leave the 
room. You can use their explosions to open up areas before you collect 
the first Bomb Bag...

# 15 - DODONGO

Description: A medium-sized lizard that resembles a green iguana

Found: Dodongo's Cavern

Navi: "Watch out for its fiery breath! Use Z-targeting techniques!"

Hits: 3 blows...1 heart

Notes: They are slow moving, but their fire breath covers a large area. 
Get in front of them, then quickly get out of the way before they spew 
their fire. While attacking they can not move, so move behind it and 
give its tail a good slashing. Now it will turn around REALLY fast, and 
will trip you with its tail unless you backflip. After three hits it 
will fall over and explode.


Description: A lizard that can walk on two legs! Has a sword 

Found: Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple

Navi: "Use Z-targeting techniques to bring it down quickly!"

Hits: 6 blows...1 & 1/2 heart

Notes: These creatures have some fancy footwork, and can sidestep, 
backflip, and jump right over your head with ease. When they do jump 
over your head, be ready for a hit unless you use your shield quickly. 
The first enemy that shows that Z-targeting can lead to some awesome 
sword fights. The only downfall for the Lizalfos is that it has no 
shield...hehe! If it turns yellow and jumps to another platform, be 
ready for his friend who will come from behind. 

# 17 - WOLFOS

Description: A gray wolf with yellow eyes, it is...oh, I know there's a 
name for it...it walks on it's hind legs sometimes and on all fours 
others...It's on the tip of my tongue...ah, forget it!

Found: Sacred Forest Meadow, Forest Temple, Spirit Temple, Gerudo's 
Training Center, Ganon's Castle, Ice Cavern

Navi: "Lure it close and watch its movements, then strike when it lets 
its guard down!"

Hits: Gray - 3 blows...1 heart
      White - 6 blows...2 hearts

Notes: The Wolfos' claws double as a shield and a sword. If you attempt 
to hack at it, it will just hunker down and your sword will just bounce 
off, doing no damage. Then it will get up and follow up with a few claw 
swipes that will knock you back quite a bit. The best method to 
destroying this beast is to circle around it, then get close for about 
three seconds, then pull off. It will do it's little double swipe move. 
Quick, it's vulnerable now - do a lunge! With practice, you should be 
able to lay these guys down in under a minute, if not less. There are 
even White Wolfos, but they are just larger and more powerful, they have 
the same attacks.

# 18 - KEESE

Description: A black bat 

Found: Various underground caves, most dungeons

Navi: "When you get close to it, use Z-targeting. Even if it flies away, 
you can still target it."

Hits: Regular - 1 blow...1/2 heart
      Fire - 1 blow...1 heart
      Ice - 1 blow...1 & 1/2 heart

Notes: The most annoying enemy in the game, Keese will relentlessly fly 
at you, hitting you multiple times before flying just out of your reach. 
When you hear their flapping, play close attention to Navi. The second 
she turns yellow and darts off somewhere, press Z and you'll be looking 
straight at a Keese. Quickly whip out your Slingshot/Bow and 
Arrow/Hookshot and kill it before it gets in your face. If a Keese flies 
through a lit torch it will light on fire, if it touches you, you will 
be on fire and get hurt more. Ice Keese will freeze you, they are the 
most dangerous Keese of all! 

# 19 - ARMOS

Description: A stone statue with horns come to life!

Found: Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple

Navi: "Stop its movement and then destroy it!" 

Hits: 1 blow...1/2 of heart

Notes: The great thing about the Armos is that it can bang into you 
again and again, lowering your health very quickly. Well, that's great 
for it anyways. This is where the Deku Nut is ACTUALLY OF SOME USE!!! 
Toss it at the Armos Statue and it will freeze. One blow of the sword 
and it will spin around and attempt to get near you before it explodes. 
You can also use one bomb to defeat it, but it's a lot more complicated 
since the Armos moves around a lot.

# 20 - POE

Description: A ghost in ragged clothes, it has red eyes, an evil cackle, 
and holds a lantern.

Found: Graveyards, Hyrule Field (adult Lunk), Forest Temple

Navi: "If you stare at it with Z-targeting it will disappear..."

Hits: 4 blows...1/2 of heart

Notes: Like Navi says, if you Z-target it for more than 10 seconds it 
will disappear. Note that you can still Z-target it, but you can't hurt 
it. It's one and only attack is charging at a great speed, and will 
knock you over if it hits you. Just get up to it and spin your sword 
around. Even better, Z-target it and quickly do a lunge. 

# 21 - REDEAD

Description: A dead humanoid with black holes for a mouth and eyes. It's 

Found: Underground areas

Navi: "Its gaze will paralyze you. If it bites you, tap any button to 

Hits: 8 blows...damage depends on suckage time

Notes: If you get close it will look at you, and you will freeze and 
you'll hear a woman scream. During this time you can not move, but you 
notice that he is slowly  progressing towards you. After a few seconds 
you should regain control, if not, you're screwed. ReDead will leap onto 
you and begin sucking away at your energy. It will continue to do this 
until you die unless you tap any button in rapid succession. The ReDead 
is most vulnerable from the back, as that is its blindspot. However, be 
careful since he can sometimes look over his shoulder and freeze you 
anyways. Another good way is to stun him from afar with the Hookshot, 
then get behind him and hack away.

# 22 - OCTOROK (Octorock is also correct)

Description: Oh, come on, we all know what an Octorok looks like! 
Well...ok. It's a purple/pink octopus like creature with yellow eyes.

Found: Shallow water

Navi: "Bounce back the rocks they spit at you!"

Hits: 1 rock...1/2 Heart

Notes: Well, Navi pretty much said everything there is to say. You can 
also use the Slingshot/Hookshot or the Boomerang on him if you want to, 
but you have to be quick. This baddie is almost 100% similar to a 


Description: The same as the Red Tektite, only blue

Found: Zora's River, Lake Hylia, Water Temple, Zora's Fountain

Navi: "It's hard to beat on the water. Lure it onto the land!"

Hits: 4 blows...1 heart

Notes: Well, it's pretty much the same as the Red Tektite, only it can 
nearly kill you if you're in the water and can't get out. It will just 
keep jumping at you and it won't let you climb out! Use a projectile 
weapon to take them out from a distance.

# 25 - SHABOM

Description: A bubble

Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Navi: "If you try to cut it, it will bounce off your blade!"

Hits: 1 blow...1 heart

Notes: It doesn't get much simpler than this! It bounces around with his 
buddies, attempting to hit you. Just shoot something at it and it will 
die. A single Deku Nut will take out an entire room of them!

# 26 - BIRI

Description: A jellyfish that floats in the air

Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Navi: "If you touch it, you will be electrocuted!"

Hits: 1 blow...1/2 heart

Notes: It floats around, looking innocent. Heh, then it charges at you 
and fries you! Whatever you do, don't hit it with your sword as it will 
electrocute you. Instead, smash them with a Deku Stick, or throw the 
Boomerang at them. The Deku Nut also works pretty well.

# 27 - BARI

Description: A giant jellyfish with two long tentacles

Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Navi: "If you touch it, you will be electrocuted!"

Hits: 2...1/2 of heart

Notes: Use the same tactics as with Biri. Once defeated, it will split 
into three Biri. Whoohoo!


Description: Try saying that three times fast...it's a jaw with a purple 
tail behind it.

Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Navi: "Its tail is its weak point!"

Hits: 1 blow...1 heart

Notes: Strange, the seemingly useless items have a use for the fishy 
creatures...Use a Deku Nut to stun them, then just run. Really, it's not 
worth it to even try to battle them. If you do want to kill them for 
some reason, use a bomb or the Deku Stick.


Description: A large tentacle that hangs from the ceiling

Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Navi: "The thin part is its weakspot. Looks like you'll need a certain 
item to defeat it..."

Hits: 4 blows...2 hearts

Notes: Only three exist. Almost a mini-boss, to defeat it simply Z-
target it and throw the Boomerang at the thin part. But, that's easier 
said than done, as it will be constantly moving and trying to knock you 
off your feet. After a hit it will re-treat into the ceiling, get close 
to lure it back out. Now it's even worse since it's about a inch from 
your face. After four hits it will go down.

# 30 - STINGER

Description: A manta-ray with an attitude!

Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Water Temple

Navi: "Destroy it before it flies into you!"

Hits: 1 blow...1 heart

Notes: It will remain stationary until you get near. When you do, it 
will fly into the air and hover above you, then quickly descend and 
knock you over. Before it hits you, smack it with your sword. Another 
technique is to throw a bomb at it from afar before it gets up. Even 
better, use a Deku Nut to stun it, then take a swipe at it as it lies 
helpless on the ground. 

# 31 - GUAY

Description: A purple bird with a yellow beak

Found: Lon Lon Ranch (night), Lake Hylia, Entrance to Spirit Temple

Navi: "Destroy it before it flies into you!"

Hits: 1 blow...1/2 heart

Notes: Use the same tactics as you would for the Keese. The thing that 
makes this more dangerous, though, is the fact that it travels in large 

# 32 - LIKE LIKE

Description: A morbid looking worm creature with a large black hole for 
a mouth. Looks like an alien...one of my favorite enemies in terms of 

Found: Fire Temple, Bottom of the Well, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, 
Gerudo's Training Center, Ganon's Castle

Navi: "An enemy that eats shields and certain clothes. Beat it quickly 
to get your gear back!"

Hits: 4 blows...1/2 heart

Notes: If it swallows you it will churn you around in its mouth for 
awhile, then spit you out. You'll either have lost your shield, a tunic, 
or both! Kill it to regain your lost items. To defeat it, stun it with 
the Hookshot and then wham on it with the sword. Note that a single Ice 
Arrow will also do the trick. A few bombs will also make short work of 
it - handy from a distance.


Description: A flaming skull

Found: Fire Temple, lava areas

Navi: "Guard against its attack with your shield!"

Hits: 2 blows...1 heart

Notes: Like Navi said, just use your shield if you think it will hit 
you. Chances are it won't, though.


Description: A flaming skull, the flames are blue

Found: Forest Temple

Navi: "Use your shield!"

Hits: 4 blows...1 heart

Notes: Again, use your shield. Just Z-target it, bring up your shield, 
and ram into it! The flame will disappear and the skull will be left 
helpless. Chase it down and hack it to bits!


Description: A flaming skull, the flames are green

Found: Forest Temple, Bottom of the Well, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle

Navi: "Wait for the flames to go out, then attack!"

Hits: 1 blow...1 heart

Notes: You COULD wait for the flames to go out...or you could just stun 
it with Deku Nuts, or your Boomerang and/or Hookshot. Then just slam 
down on it! BWAHA! Oh, I need sleep...


Description: A floating skull...no flames

Found: Spirit Temple

Navi: "Wait for it to stop, then attack!"

Hits: 4 blows...1 heart

Notes: I'm not even sure if you have to wait for it to stop...ah, who 
cares? Seriously, no one does. Just use weapons and it will go bye bye!


Description: A large hand that drops from the ceiling

Found: Forest Temple, Bottom of the Well, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, 
Ganon's Castle

Navi: "Watch for the shadows of monsters on the ceiling!"

Hits: 4 blows...0 hearts

Notes: Oh no, this doesn't hurt you, it's far, far worse! It delivers 
you to the entrance of the dungeon! He ho he ho! Navi will warn you when 
these are near, so you don't have to be 100% alert all the time. Pay 
close attention to your shadow, if it gets real large -- MOVE! You'll 
also hear this scary noise...Try to hit it a few times before it 
retreats to the ceiling. If you defeat it, you can get up to 100 rupees!


Description: A large hand

Found: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple

Navi: "Quickly kill all the small hands before they join back up!"

Hits: 1 blow; 1 per hand...1 heart; depends on sucking time

Notes: The hand will crawl along the floor, and it will charge at you 
and try to knock you off your feet. Use your shield to (hopefully) 
protect yourself, then slice it to bits. Now it will split into three 
smaller hands who will try to choke you. Just tap any button to make 
them get off. Good ways to kill all the smaller hands include using a 
Spin Slash and Din's Fire. If you leave the small hands alone they will 
reform back into their formal self, so try to go a little quick! If the 
Floor Master turns green it is invincible, so back off until it turns to 
the normal color. Some are even invisible, so you'll need the Lens of 
Truth to see them. 

# 40 - STALFOS

Description: A large skeleton solider with a round shield and a huge 
sword, its eyes glow red...

Found: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle

Navi: "Lure it close to you and watch its movements carefully! Attack it 
when it drops its guard!"

Hits: 10 blows...1 heart; 2 hearts

Notes: What most consider the best sword fighting enemy in the game, the 
Stalfos are almost always found in pairs. If you Z-target one the other 
will _usually_ leave you alone, but that's not a guarantee. The Stalfos 
have two attacks. The first one is the basic swing, it can be blocked 
using your shield. The other is the lunge, it takes off two hearts and 
you can NOT block it with your shield, so quickly do a backflip or side 
jump to avoid it. Like Navi said, watch its movements closely and you 
will see the opportunity to smash it to bits. 


Description: An iguana that can walk on its hind legs, it carries a 

Found: Gerudo's Training Center, Ganon's Castle

Navi: "Use your shield well and fight with Z-targeting techniques!"

Hits: 12 blows...1/2 heart

Notes: The Dinolfos are very similar to the Lizalfos, but it is more 
powerful and jumps around A WHOLE LOT MORE. Although each hit from it 
will only do damage of half a heart, they are known for working together 
with each other to do major damage. Just don't underestimate them.


Description: A slug like creature that is on fire

Found: Fire Temple, Spirit Temple, Gerudo's Training Grounds, Ganon's 

Navi: "When the fire on its back is extinguished, it will run away. 
Destroy it before it relights!"

Hits: 6 blows...1/2 heart

Notes: These shy creatures aren't much to talk about. Just keep hacking 
away and it will eventually die.

# 43 - GIBDO

Description: A mummy! 

The rest of the info. is the exact same thing as the ReDead (read: 
except it is a tad bit more powerful).


Description: A nice looking Gerudo with twin blades

Found: Gerudo's Fortress

Navi: "Draw her close and strike her when her guard is down! If you 
don't defeat her, you'll be captured!"

Hits: 8 blows...1 heart; 2 hearts

Notes: ...or maybe the Gerudo Guard is the best sword fighter in the 
game! Her twin swords double as a shield and as offensive weapons 
(obviously). Unlike Stalfos, you can't go in with mindless hacking, no 
no no! You have to watch her movements carefully and then do a lunge 
when her swords are apart. Another good method is to get far away, but 
not so far you break the lock, and she will charge. Do a side jump and 
she'll be facing AWAY from you - commence hacking! If you get hit three 
times you will be imprisoned. He-haw...

# 45 - LEEVER

Description: Oh, come on...This is a Leever we're talking about. It's 
green and is covered in spikes. There, happy?!

Found: Haunted Wasteland, Entrance to Spirit Temple

Navi: "Watch its movements closely and let it go by!"

Hits: 1 blow...1/2 heart

Notes: Well, you could do a Spin Slash to clear them all out...or just 
spin your sword around like mad. These guys will come from almost EVERY 
SINGLE DIRECTION! You'll lose a ton of energy for sure when traveling 
through the Entrance to the Spirit Temple (or the Desert Colossus as the 
game calls it). Another method is to run, then do a roll to avoid them. 
Nayru's Love is useful here...

# 46 - ANUBIS

Description: A strange coffin looking thing...

Found: Spirit Temple

Navi: "Its vulnerable to fire attacks..."

Hits: 1 blow...1 heart

Notes: Anubis floats in the air and will mirror your every move, the 
only way to kill it is to bring it in contact with fire. Din's Fire or a 
Fire Arrow are both easy to pull off, but there is a "real" way to kill 
them. In the rooms that they are in is a switch, when it is activated a 
curtain of fire will be revealed. Guide the baddie into the fire...Also, 
occasionally, the Anubis will shoot a ball of fire at you, so watch 

# 47 - SPIKE

Description: A spiked ball!

Found: Water Temple

Navi: "Aim for it when it retracts its spikes!"

Hits: 2 blows...1 heart

Notes: Hit it with something to make it retract its spikes, then hit the 
little ball that's left to kill it. If you leave the ball alone for 
awhile it'll grow the spikes back.


Description: A clam with spikes...are clams supposed to be able to move 
that fast? :)

Found: Water Temple, Gerudo's Training Grounds

Navi: "The internal muscle is its weak point!"

Hits: 1 blow...1/2 heart

Notes: Z-target it and cock your Hookshot (hold C). When it opens its 
mouth, wait a second, then fire the Hookshot into it. If you did it 
correctly it should be dead! If not, it will be charging at you. So 
sidestep and try again. Also, keep in mind the spikes are on the BACK 
side, not the front.

# 49 - MOBLIN

Description: Large, brown demon like creatures with spears

Found: Scared Forest Meadow

Navi: N/A

Hits: 1 blow...1 heart

Notes: Just use Z and side stepping to look around corners. Then, when 
they're not looking, charge around the corner and pelt them with the 
Hookshot! If they see you they will charge at full speed, and you're 
pretty much screwed. You'll get knocked back about 20 feet, seriously. 


Description: A HUGE Moblin with a giant club

Found: Sacred Forest Meadow

Navi: N/A

Hits: 6 blows...1 heart

Notes: He'll slam his club against the ground and cause giant waves of 
dirt to come at you. Besides taking off a heart, they'll throw you back 
about 50 feet (SERIOUSLY! It looks messed up...just a little...). Make 
your way behind him and slash like there's no tomorrow.  

# 51 - FAKE POT

Description: Looks like a regular pot...

Found: Spirit Temple, Shadow Temple

Navi: N/A

Hits: 0...1/2 heart

Notes: When you get close they will rocket at you kamikaze style. 
Doesn't matter, when it hits you you'll get a heart...what's the point?! 


Description: Looks like a regular chest...

Found: Ice Cavern, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle

Navi: N/A

Hits: 0...2 hearts

Notes: When you try to open it, you'll be frozen for several seconds. 

# 53 - FAKE DOOR

Description: Looks like a regular door...

Found: Fire Temple, Spirit Temple

Navi: N/A

Hits: 1 bomb...1/2 heart

Notes: When you try to open it, it will fall on you. A single bomb will 
blow it away...


Description: A living ice block

Found: Ice Cavern, Ganon's Castle

Navi: "Watch out for its freezing breath! Destroy it completely before 
it revives."

Hits: 6 blows...3 hearts

Notes: Watch them closely. After they spew their breath, quickly run up 
to them and hack them to bits with your sword. Another good way is to us 
the Hookshot to be pulled there. Fire Arrows also work quite nicely...


Description: Not really a skeleton, it looks like a talking and walking 

Found: Lost Woods -- however, you can only fight them as an adult, after 
you get the Big Goron Sword.

Navi: "A skullkid...hmmmm, maybe this is what you turn into when you 
enter the Lost Woods?"

Hits: 5 blows...1 heart

Notes: It shoots little pellets at you, and you can't shoot it with 
anything, and when you try to use your Master Sword it just backs up. 
So, instead, do a lunge with the Big Goron Sword and the sword's lengthy 
blade will cut it down to size. It will reward you with, strangely 
enough, an Orange Rupee, which is worth the same as a Golden one...200.


Description: A gigantic knight. His armor is very shiny, and he has an 
axe larger than you!

Found: Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle

Navi: "Watch out for it's axe attack! It hurts a lot! Strike it when it 
drops its guard."

Hits: 30 blows...4 hearts

Notes: When you first meet this guy you'll be absolutely dumbfounded on 
how to beat him. All you have to do is get right in his face, then 
quickly do a back-flip (or anything to get away) and he'll swing his 
giant axe. Since it's so big it'll get stuck in the ground, and he'll 
have to strain to get it out. Quick, here's your chance - do a lunge! 
After a bit he'll start to move a bit faster, but he's still slower than 
a snail. If you suck real bad you can stock up on Bombchus and just 
stand far away and feed them to him. The Iron Knuckle, if under-
estimated, can beat your ass over. 'Nuff said.


  23.   B O S S  C H A R A C T E R S


There are more bosses than you may think. Here is a list and how to 
defeat them, descriptions, weapons to use, etc. The difficulty will be 
shown in stars (*). 1 being easy, 5 nearly impossible. Of course, if you 
already know how to beat them just subtract a few stars...

Boss # 1: Parasitic Armored Arachnid - GHOMA

Found: End of Deku Tree Dungeon

Description: A gigantic spider-like creature (Ghoma). The lair itself is 
a foggy room with tree roots all around.

Attack: Well, it will launch dozens of Ghomas at you, plus it will 
charge at you and use it's arms/legs to slash at you.


Upon entering the dungeon, look up using C up to start the battle. If 
not, nothing will happen. This boss has a pretty set pattern which you 
should be able to pick up on pretty soon (fall, attack, get on ceiling, 
lay eggs, fall...). It's entire body is covered with a tough shell that 
can not be pierced by any of your current weapons...it's weakspot is 
it's eye, at the front of it's head. Take aim with your Fairy Slingshot* 
and fire Deku Nuts into it! It will be stunned for a few seconds, which 
will allow you enough time to retreat and catch your breath. Of course, 
you'll need to be able to take out your sword and slam it right down 
it's face while it's blinded. Be very careful when it charges, as it is 
quite a large creature (it reminds me of the Queen Alien in Aliens...). 
When she crawls on the ceiling it will lay eggs that will hatch into 
Ghomas...kill 'em! You can also take out the Slingshot and hit it's eye 
before it lays the eggs. This method is a lot safer, not to mention 
faster. It will take about 10 sword hits to kill it. Difficulty: * *  

* - You should use the Fairy Slingshot for one reason: If you toss Deku 
Nuts with your hands near the beginning, a glitch will freeze the game. 
Now, this is the only glitch of this kind in the game, so don't worry. 
Besides...it's easier to use the Fairy Slingshot :)

Boss # 2: Infernal Dinosaur - KING DODONGO

Found: End of Dodongo Cavern Dungeon

Description: A simply HUGE lizard (Dodongo). The room itself is a donut 
shape, with a pool of lava at the center. 

Attack: Besides trying to charge into you, he will spray you with fire 
from his mouth and attempt to crush you.


His fiery breath will quickly drain your health, so quickly run behind 
him. Before entering make sure you have a good supply of Bombs, as you 
don't want to have to go collect Bombs in the arena! To defeat this 
monstrous beast, toss a Bomb when it opens it's mouth to breath fire. If 
you're too late, and the Bomb hits the fire as it comes out, it will 
explode on YOU! After a few Bombs down the throat it will curl over and 
stop attacking. Use the chance to advance and slice it to bits with your 
Sword! Then it will get up, roll into a ball, and chase you, Indiana 
Jones style. Side step/use the Hylian Shield then follow behind it, then 
it'll stop and turn around to face you. Repeat. Also, the best sword 
attack is the lunge (Z + A). However, when it's done you still have a 
bomb in your hands, so quickly tap B to put that away and unsheathe your 
sword, then do the attack, it's more powerful. It takes about 4-5 
"downers" to kill this thing (depends on how many sword hits you can get 
in each time it's down). Difficulty: * *  

Boss # 3 - Big Octo

Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly Dungeon

Description: A large octopus thing with a lot of tentacles and strange 

Attack: He'll try to suck you in with his vacuum breathe, and he will 
attempt to slam into you with its spinning tentacles. Watch out for the 
gigantic, spinning blade platform in the middle of the room!


Stay away from him because his vacuum like breathe is very dangerous. 
Toss the boomerang at him and he'll be stunned, then when he gets up 
he'll start to spin. His back is now at you, throw the Boomerang again 
to stun him, then hit the large, glowing orb on his back. He'll get 
faster and faster with each hit. Getting the last hit is nearly 
impossible, since when he turns around he'll quickly speed away.  It 
will take about five "downers", depending on how many times you can hit 
him when he's down. Difficulty: *

Boss # 4: Bio-Electrical Anemone - BARINADE 

Found: End of Jabu-Jabu's Belly Dungeon

Description: A HUGE mass of jellyfish, tentacles, and large, fleshy 
appendages. The main feature is the large pillar-like object in the 
center of the room.

Attack: The tentacles slap you, the appendages trip you, and the 
jellyfish try to zap you...


First you have to take out the satellite-like looking tentacles that are 
spewing you with electricity. This is very difficult to do since you 
have to be at the right distance or else the Boomerang will go too 
short/long and miss it completely. After the tentacles are gone the 
Jellyfish will move off of the body and start circling around the 
creature like a giant merry-go-round. Just get far away and watch the 
show. After a bit of this they will stop and start to chase you. Z-
target them and toss your Boomerang at them to kill them. Just be 
careful, the last one will probably reconnect with the main creature 
before giving up the ghost. After this the entire process will start 
over again. Then, something new will happen...the main pillar will 
reveal itself and it will continue to spray you with electricity. To 
avoid the electricity, just strafe left and right, you may even need to 
side step a few times to make it all the way (left/right with A button).  
Fire off the Boomerang at the central pillar and it will be stunned and 
flash blue. Quickly unsheathe your sword, run, and do a lunge (Z + A) 
over and over again to hurt it for maximum damage. Then it will do it 
again, only the Jellyfish will enter the equation! Soon it will be just 
you and the pillar...remember that it won't work if the Boomerang 
doesn't stun the creature first. If you need any supplies, be sure to 
visit the outside edge of the arena, there are several pots there. 
Difficulty: * *

Boss # 5: Evil Spirit From Beyond - PHANTOM GANON 

Found: End of Forest Temple

Description: A ghost of Ganondorf on his black steed. The room itself is 
circular, with pictures on all sides and several bushes.

Attack: Firing plasma charges 


If I were you I'd bring a lot of Faries into the fight because you'll 
get hit a lot...Stand in the center of the room, Fairy Bow drawn, and 
scan the pictures. When Ganondorf starts to appear - purple light will 
surround the painting - fire an arrow into it. If you hit him, he'll 
retreat. If you miss, he'll zap you for a BIG energy loss. Actually, you 
can avoid this by standing still when you enter the area (i.e. just 
stand in front of the gate that comes up). After three arrow hits his 
horse will disappear and he'll float around, high above your head. Z 
target him and draw your Master Sword...When he fires a pulse at you, 
hit it back with your sword. Just like baseball! Sometimes, however, he 
will hit it back at YOU! HIT IT AGAIN! Sometimes this will go on for 
minutes at a time until one of you misses...When he does get hit he will 
be stunned and fall down to the ground. Run AFAYC (As Fast As You Can) 
and hit him with your strongest weapon (Goron's Sword or Master 
Sword...Goron's is more powerful but you might not have it). If you 
don't have any arrows the Hookshot works, but it will be almost 
impossible. After about 10 hits like this he'll be gone. Difficulty: * * 

Boss # 6 - Dead Hand

Found: Bottom of the Well/Shadow Temple

Description: A morbid looking creature. It's head looks like a skull 
with flesh over it, no muscles. Strange...in the room with it are four 
stationary hands that will grab you if you get near.

Attack: Biting you.


Get grabbed by a hand to start the fight, then quickly tap a button to 
break free. When the Dead Hand Creature gets close, just stand still. 
When it's about .1 inch away it will lower it's head. Wham on it with 
your sword! Then it will turn around and run away. Get away, as it will 
cause a "dirt explosion" and warp away. To get it to re-appear, get 
grabbed by a hand. Repeat the process until it is dead. Difficulty: *

Boss # 7 - Flare Dancer

Found: Fire Temple

Description: Two forms, a black ball and a dancing guy on fire

Attacks: Throwing things at you, lighting you on fire...


This guy is easy, very easy. The actual boss is a small black ball 
character. He'll jump into the flames in the center of the room, then 
emerge in a strange robot that is on fire. Z-target him and pull the 
Black Ball out with your Hookshot. When he's right in front of you just 
slice him to bits with your sword. Now he'll start running circles 
around the central pillar of fire. He's defenseless now, so don't be 
afraid about getting close. When he sees you he'll run for cover, but 
that's ok, you can still get a couple of hits in. Soon he'll jump in the 
fire and start the process over again. You can tell you're hurting him 
by the fact that the color of the fire robot will be different each 
time!  Repeat until dead. Difficulty: *

Boss # 8: Subterranean Lava Dragon - VOLVAGIA 

Found: End of Fire Temple

Description: A snake-like dragon, about 20 feet long. The room itself is 
an island out in the lava, with several holes in it.

Attacks: Biting you, dropping rocks from above, and breathing fire.


There are several holes in the room, each filled with lava. Volvagia 
will pop his head up through them and do one of three attacks, or 
sometimes a combination of them all! Sometimes it looks like he'll come 
through a hole (little pebbles will start to fly out) but then he'll 
change his mind at the least second and go somewhere else...sometimes 
he'll do this three or four times! When he does pop his head up he'll 
try to snap at you, then do something else. When he's flying above you 
and tossing down rocks at you, simply run around and avoid them. If one 
looks like it'll land on you, use your shield! Other times he'll chase 
you around the arena, shooting fire at you. This is pretty simple; just 
chase HIM! :) To hurt him, smack his noggin' with the Megaton Hammer 
when he pops his head up, then retreat so his attack doesn't hurt you. 
When he gets hit he'll sit there for a few seconds, so if you're quick 
you may be able to get another one in. Note that you can injure him 
while he flying up in the air by striking him with the Hookshot or a few 
Arrows. Difficulty: * * *

Boss # 9 - Dark Link

Found: Water Temple

Description: Link...but dark! =)

Attacks: Hitting you with his weapons.


Ok, this guy may seem impossible, but there is a neat-o trick for 
him...Use your shield to block his attacks. Then, the exact second he 
swings his word, lunge (Z + A). If you're a split-second too late he'll 
counteract and wham on you...hard. Also, using Din's Fire is quite 
effective! I've heard a lot of other strategies, such as using the 
Megaton Hammer, but this one seems to work the best. Difficulty: * * * *

Boss # 10: Giant Aquatic Amoeba - MORPHA 

Found: End of Water Temple

Description: A small red ball about the size of Link's head

Attacks: Getting inside water tentacles and whamming you. VERY POWERFUL!


For such a little guy this boss sure has some potent attacks! There are 
many ways to kill him, so I'll list 'em all. He won't form into a water 
tentacle until he splashes into the water, so you could pin him against 
a wall and just strike him with your sword. Another way is to stay away 
when he's in the tentacle (Use the Hookshot targets to get away faster) 
and then come back in when it goes away and pull him away from the water 
with the Longshot, then hit him. My favorite is to just use Din's Fire 
on the tentacle, because it will evaporate, leaving the dot completely 
defenseless. Now use Mr. Longshot! When he's almost dead he'll form a 
second tentacle! This is where Din's Fire is VERY useful...After about a 
dozen hits the small red ball will explode. Difficulty: * *

Boss # 11: Phantom Shadow Beast - BONGO BONGO

Found: End of Shadow Temple

Description: A huge head with a large, single red eye, and two 
disembodied hands on the side (BIG hands...). The platform is a giant 
drumskin, with the head in the center, up in the air, and the two drums 
out on the rim, pounding the skin. 

Attacks: The hands have a myriad of attacks, from slapping, clapping, 
and shoving.


This guy is HARD! You have to first paralyze the hands so the head comes 
down, then hit it's red eye. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! The problem is, 
that's where the hands are attacking you. When both hands are far away, 
take out your Fairy Bow and fire an arrow at both (while Z-targeting)! 
They'll turn blue and stop, then the gigantic head will float down. Aim 
the Longshot at it, then fire to stun it. Quickly run up to it and wham 
on him! If you have Goron's Sword it won't take long. Have AT LEAST one 
Fairy. Difficulty: * *  

Boss # 13: Sorceress Sisters - TWINROVA 

Found: End of Spirit Temple

Attacks: Firing Ice/Fire attacks


You have to fight two bosses at once, which can be somewhat difficult, 
but not overly so. Use your Mirror Shield to block the attacks, which 
will bounce off your shield and back to them. There are two witches: The 
ice one fires ice and the fire one fires fireballs. Knock back the 
attack of one sister to the other (fire on ice, ice one fire) to hurt 
them. After four hits they will join together to form one big tub of 
lard, the ultimate Witch. This one fires all sorts of attacks, and each 
time it hits your Mirror Shield it will absorb it. Absorb about four 
kinds of the same kind and a huge plasma charge will come out of your 
shield and hit her, and she'll fall to the ground. Get over there and 
wham on her! If she fires an attack you don't want simply ignore it. 
After a few hits she'll be gone, and a hilarious death scene will 
commence. Difficulty: * * 

Boss # 14: Great King Of Evil - GANONDORF

Found: End of Ganon's Castle

Description: Ganondorf in all of his glory.

Attacks: Firing plasma charges, shooting smaller plasma shots, smashing 


Go in with each bottle filled with some kind of magic healer, preferably 
Ultimate Blue potion. And it helps SOOO much if you got all the 
fairies...even if you did, this battle is HARD! The fight starts like 
the end of the Phantom Ganondorf fight, with him floating above the 
center of the room, above a platform. To get to the platform you'll have 
to float there using the Hover Boots, because you're on the ring of a 
donut like ring...Hard to explain. Ganondorf will fire electrical bolts, 
hit them back with the sword. Just like last time...After a hit he'll 
just float there. Quickly pull out your Fairy Bow and peg him with a 
Light Arrow. This should knock him down to the platform...QUICK! Run, 
jump, and slash him with your most powerful weapon, then return to your 
little space. If you stick around he'll knock you off. After about six 
hits he'll reach into his bag of magic tricks and pull out his new 
attack, a dark hole will open and he'll shoot about four-five bolts at 
you...AT ONCE! Shields are useless, so you'll have to dodge them. If 
you're daring you could hit him with a Light Arrow before he fires them 
all, but if you're too slow it won't affect him and you'll be a sitting 
duck...the attack HURTS! After about 10 hits he'll be gone. Difficulty: 
* * * 

Boss # 15 - GANON

Found: After escaping from Ganon's Castle

..thing. You know, it's Ganon, the Pig / Minotaur / Demon / Bull / Son 
of Satan creature. 

Attacks: He has a spear and a sword. Take a wild guess.

Tips: Good lord...I've always dreamed of a huge, final boss like this. 
You're on a circular platform, with fire on the edges, and Zelda is 
watching. At the start of the fight, Ganon will knock your Master Sword 
away like a toothpick! Your shield is useless, as the spear/sword will 
just puncture it and get you anyways. Avoiding them is almost 
impossible, so you'll have to work fast, as each hit will dramatically 
lower your energy. If you're getting low on supplies, hide behind a 
pillar and Ganon will try to kill you, but hit the pillar instead. Under 
the pillar will be some items, but getting them is difficult since Ganon 
is RIGHT THERE! To hurt him, take out your Fairy Bow and have a Light 
Arrow cocked. When his spear/sword combo is not near it, take aim and 
fire it at his face! Hit it dead center and he'll moan and be thrown 
back a bit...he'll be paralyzed for a few seconds. Quick! Take out your 
most powerful weapon (You don't have your Master Sword, so it'll either 
be your Megaton Hammer or Big Goron's Sword) and find his tail, and hit 
it! You won't have time to hit it more than once, since he'll only be 
down for a few seconds. Now you're in a bad position, i.e. five inches 
away from him, so you'll probably be hurt REAL bad. After Ganon has been 
hit in the tail a good 10 times Zelda will hand over your Master Sword. 
Now Ganon is just faster. Soon, Zelda will make your Master Sword 
magical, and she'll pin down Ganon, since he's weak now...Go deliver the 
final blow. Difficulty: * * 


  24.   L I N K ' S   E Q U I P M E N T


BL = Both Links
CL = Child Link
AL = Adult Link

There are handfuls of different items to find. Here is a full list

                         GAMEPLAY ITEMS

These items are the currency of Hyrule...duh. Green is worth one, blue 
is five, red is 20, purple is 50, and the elusive gold is 200. The 
Skullkids in the Lost Woods will give you Orange Rupees, which are also 
worth 200.

You can find these in Bomb Plants, which grow all over Hyrule, 
especially near mountains. After collecting a certain item, you can 
produce your own bombs! A bomb will explode, destroying/damaging 
creatures around it. You can also use these to open up hidden alcoves...

Found after defeating a Golden Skulltula. Bring these back to the spider 
creatures in Kakariko Village!

You can catch all kinds of things in these! Some include: Faries (which 
will restore all of your health when you die), fish (for opening up Jabu 
Jabu) and milk (restores five health)!

Found all around the Deku area, they can either be bought or found by 
destroying enemies. Although a bad weapon (it'll break if it suffers too 
much stress), it is useful for lighting torches and the like. 

Throwing these seeds from the Great Deku Tree will result in a blinding 
flash that will paralyze enemies, allowing you to move in and make a 
kill. It will destroy weaker creatures.

Used to play a few songs before you receive the...

Used to play several songs. Is required to unlock the Temple of Time.

Find four of these items to get one more Heart on your energy! 36 in 

Found after defeating a major boss character, these will automatically 
add a Heart to your life.

Used to wake Talon at Hyrule Castle.

Let's you wander around Gerudo Fortress without being hassled.

Used to see through walls to look for secrets...Takes off a lot of 
magic, though. Found in the Bottom of the Well. Needed to complete game, 

Received from cows [See "Secret" section]. Fills five hearts for every 
drink, and there are two drinks per bottle.

Fills magic meter with each drink, and each bottle has one 

Fills heart meter with each drink, and each bottle has one 

Fills all hearts and magic to the brim.

POE (BL): 
Catch a regular Poe in a bottle and you can drink it. Problem is, it 
takes health away instead of adding it. 

Capture these in bottles and give them to the man in the Market for 100 
points and 50 Rupees. When you get 1,000 points, you get a bottle.

Bought from the boy near the entrance to Zora's River. Plant these in 
soft soil, then return as an adult to find a platform! Hop on and it 
will lift you above, showing you secret items...

You can find these all over the place, especially in secret areas. They 
will refill all of your health. If you put them into a bottle, you can 
save them for later. Also, if you die, it will automatically "bring you 
back to life." Because of this, you should always have a bottle with a 
fairy in it. 

These things are very rare, usually found by playing the Song of  Storms 
when Navi turns green over some water. They will automatically restore 
ALL Health and Magic. Note that you can not capture them in a bottle.

Use this to melt red ice.

                       M A G I C   P O W E R S

These can be found by talking to the fairy fountains around the land. 
Any Link can use it...

Link will be surrounded in flames. Useful for incinerating enemies and 
lighting torches. Needed to open up the Shadow Temple.

Sets up two warp points around Hyrule, making travel a lot easier! 
However, it only works in Dungeons. Is it me, or is this totally 

Gives you invulnerability for a short amount of time. However, it takes 
a ton of magic points to use, so try only to use it when you're almost 
dead and have no healing items.

                           U P G R A D E S

Allows you to dive deeper. Found in Zora's Domain as Child Link.

Allows you to dive EVEN DEEPER!! Found by catching a large fish as an 
Adult. Not needed to finish the game, however.

Allows you to lift heavy objects, this is found in the Spirit Temple. 

Allows you to lift objects so heavy, it's amazing! :) Found in Ganon's 

Allows you to lift bombs from bomb flowers.

Allows you to create bombs on your own. The first one is found in 
Dodongo's Cavern, the other two are secrets.

Takes you to the bottom of any lake. Now you can walk underwater! Slows 
you down tremendously on land, however. These are found in the Ice 
Cavern, which is located in Zora's Fountain as an adult.

Let's you hover for a short time. For an even longer hovering distance, 
run at a ledge full speed, and then roll right before the ledge. You'll 
hover, but without the boots. Then when you stand back up, and when you 
should be falling, the boots will take affect, making you go even 
farther. Roll at the end to do it again...dumb rhyme...Anyways, this is 
a great way to reach so called "out of reach items." These are found in 
the Shadow Temple.

Let's you go underwater without having to breath! To get this, use a 
bottle of Blue Fire on the frozen King Zora. 

Now you can go into incredibly hot areas without being scorched. *Super 
Metroid Theme* To collect this, go to Goron's City as an adult and stop 
the rolling Goron with a bomb. After he yells at you, go talk to him. 
When you are presented two topics, talk about both, and he'll hand it 
over, thinking you can help.

                             W E A P O N S

At first you barely have anything, but through your quest you'll find a 
myriad of strange and exotic weapons to help you beat the beasties!

                           - - - SWORDS - - - 

This is the first sword you find. Although it is weak, you'll have to 
collect it to go on. 

You'll need this to travel through time. It is adult Link's main sword. 
VERY powerful...

This is the most powerful weapon in the game! Although, it's so heavy 
that you can't carry a shield with it. [See "Strange Information" 
section on how to retrieve]. However, there is a way around this 
problem. When you need the shield in question, tap a weapon that lets 
you use the shield, the Hookshot/Longshot being a good example. Now 
quickly tap R and lo and behold, a shield!  
The Big Goron Sword can be found by completing a rather lengthy trading 

Another large knife...It can be bought for 200 Rupees from the Giant 
Goron in Goron City. On the second floor, look for two bomb flowers. 
Stand between them and bomb the wall, and then follow the path to find 
him. Although the Goron Knife is strong, it breaks easily. There is no 
way to stop it. It doesn't matter, though, since the Big Goron's Sword 
is exactly the same, except it won't break.

                        - - - SHIELDS - - - 

This is the first shield you find. It's good enough for the time you 
need it. Will burn if lit on fire. 

Almost required to beat the King Dodongo, this strong metal shield is  
must-have for serious fighters. As a child you use it over your body, 
and as an Adult you use it normally. You can buy it or find it for free 
in several chests around the world.

Deflects magical attacks...very useful! It is also more powerful than 
the Hylian Shield, as far as I can tell. Found in the Spirit Temple. 
This has been in too many Zelda games...

                     - - - OTHER WEAPONS - - - 

This replaces the Fairy Slingshot when you grow up. You can have four 
different kinds of arrows for it...Found in the Forest Temple.

1) Fire Arrow - Explodes on contact. Takes 2 MP to use each time. This 
can be found after you complete the Water Temple, and all the water in 
Lake Hylia returns. Once you do this, you can find a plaque near the 
Triforce symbol that talks about firing into the morning sun. Well, when 
it's in the morning, shoot into the sun! When you do this, it will fall 
down onto the island. 

2) Ice Arrow - Freezes enemies. Some will shatter if you hit 'em! Takes 
2MP. This is the big prize in the Gerudo Training Grounds, which is an 
optional dungeon. Read the appropriate section for a walkthrough.

3) Light Arrow - A VERY powerful arrow. Save them for something special. 
Takes 4MP. The person who Sheik really is will give it to you after all 
the medallions have been collected. 

4) Normal Arrow - Regular Arrow...just need to find them.

Use this to cross gaps...connects to rocks and blocks! Can also be used 
as an effective weapon. You can lengthen it later with the Longshot, 
which is found in the Water Temple after beating Dark Link. The Longshot 
is TWICE as long as the Hookshot, not to mention a more powerful 

Found in the Deku Tree Dungeon, it allows you to fire Deku Seeds a lot 
farther than you could ever throw them. 

Useful for picking off enemies and items from a distance. Found in Jabu-
Jabu's Belly.

Useful for destroying blocks and turning rusted switches. Will pound 
weaker enemies into oblivion. Found in the Fire Temple.

A mouse like creature will carry a bomb to a target. You can't control 
it once you let it go, so be sure to aim well. Not overly useful, but 
fun to play around with. The best way to get these is to go to the 
Market as young Link, wait until dark, then look for a store that opens. 
It sells Bombchus at a pretty cheap price. Another place, although more 
expensive, is the flying carpet man in the Haunted Wasteland -- he sells 
them for 200 Rupees.


   25.   F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S 


Q: In the Bottom of the Well, in the area with the green slime and 
Silver Rupees (The area you appear in when you fall down a hole)...Well, 
I noticed a bridge of somekind going over a tunnel. How do you reach it? 
A: Ah, yes! I knew I forgot something. OK, here it goes. Go to the 
center area, where there are two locked doors, and fall down the 
invisible hole in the center of the room (it's covered by blood). You'll 
fall on the bridge...Your prize? About five or six blue Rupees. 

Q: I went right instead of left in the key maze, on trying to get the 
Ice Arrows and I just need one more key...did I just totally fuck up?

A: No. There are nine locked doors and nine keys to find -- you do the 
math! Look in the Gerudo Training Ground Section for a very detailed 
guide on this. If you can't beat it after that, you're just plain 
stupid, I'm sorry.


Q: When I try to get past this block, it says "Only the one with silver 
hands may pass."  Huh?!

A: You need the Silver Gauntlets to get past this.


Q: I tried to learn Epona's Song, but Malon just says that her "mother 
made this song." What am I doing wrong?

A: Show her the Ocarina, this goes for anytime you are attempting to 
learn a song.


Q: How do you open the gate that is inside the little room in the 
Kakariko Graveyard?

A: Kill all of the bats.


Q: Is there a way to use masks as an Adult?

A: No.


Q: Where do you receive magic to use spells?

A: On top of Death Mountain.


Q: Where in the @#$! is the Golden Scale? I've looked everywhere!

A: Catch a 15+ pound fish. You can only do this as an adult, though.


Q: What's the point of the bugs? 

A: You can sell them to the guy who is on his knees in various towns, 
and you can put them in soft dirt to get a Gold Skulltula!


Q: Where do I get bugs?

A: You can find them under rocks. but you can also buy them from certain 


Q: Can you beat that one guy in a race?! I've tried everything!

A: Nope.


Q: Ok...I have the broken Sword. Now what?

A: Give it to the giant Goron on top of Death Mountain.


Q: I gave the broken sword...I gave it to the giant Goron...nothing 

A: Not the one in the city, the one ON TOP of Death Mountain!


Q: How do I know if I collected all the Gold Skulltula Tokens in a 
dungeon or area?

A: Look at the map, if you collected them all there will be a Gold 
Skulltula face at the top. Same thing for anywhere outside a dungeon, 
look at the map.


Q: How do I get past this blue block?

A: Play the Song of Time.


Q: How do I get past the sealed block at the bottom of the well?

A: Play the Song of Storms as a kid to the man in the Windmill.



A: Check out the secrets Section...it's just for fun.


Q: I try to cross the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley with the Longshot, 
but I fall off the second I get there. How do I get across without 

A: Aim at the sign with the circle above it. This took me awhile to 
figure out...stop laughing...


Q: Is there a way to stop the Giant's Knife from breaking?

A: No, it's just an expensive piece of crap, to be frank.


Q: When fishing, I have this HUGE fish follow my line everytime I cast, 
but he won't bite it! What can I do?

A: You have to wiggle it (analog stick and/or B). Not too fast, not too 
slow...this is the best way to do it. Don't forget, the best time to 
fish is in the morning and late at night! Then the fish will almost 
ALWAYS bite!


Q: Where are the Golden Gauntlets? I've scoured Ganon's Castle...

A: In the Shadow Temple Barrier (purple icon). Go across the room, drop 
down to the second switch, then Longshot to the chest that drops down.


Q: How do you beat the runner?

A: You can't...hey...haven't I answering this before?! :)


Q: Why did Nintendo put the runner in if you can't beat him?

A: Because they're cruel, rich tyrants who want to tease little kids. 
Er...because they could. 


Q: I beat Zelda in under 40 hours, the first time. Do you believe me?

A: Yeah...what guide did you use?


Q: I beat Zelda in under 15 hours, with everything, the first time. Do 
you believe me?

A: No, because it is pyschically impossible to do everything there is to 
do in Zelda in under 15 hours because the game is really that huge.


Q: Are you making up some pointless, yet slightly funny questions to 
make your FAQ larger?

A: Now, whatever gave you THAT idea?


Q: I got a cow.

A: Good for you.


Q: Alrighty, so I beat the game from start to finish with only three 
hearts and only one bottle, without anything extra (e.g. upgrades, 
Nayru's Love). Do I win a prize?
A: Hrm, lemme think...NO! Well, except your own self-satisfaction of 


Q: Help! I lost my Deku Shield!

A: Either you got ate by a Like Like or you were burnt. Kill the Like 
Like to get it back, or buy/find a new one. 


Q: 1 + 1 =...2?!?!?

A: Last time I checked. But, I haven't checked in awhile, so they might 
have changed it. Now that I think of it, I've never used this 
information in my life. Go away, you sadden me.


Q: In the Fire Temple, the room with the moving fire pillar, I can't 
jump to the locked door on the ledge. What's the secret?

A: If you hold the stick all the way you should do it perfectly. Are you 
mentally deficient?


Q: How do you learn the Song of Storms?

A: You mean besides checking the appropriate section? Sigh...Go to the 
windmill in Kakariko Village as an adult, and show the man your Ocarina 
and he'll have some flashbacks and teach you the song for no good 


Q: Can I HTMLize your FAQ?

A: No, if you do I'll be forced to take legal actions against you.


Q: What's the biggest fish you can catch?

A: 36 pounds, if my faulty memory can serve me correctly (and I know for 
a fact that it can't).


Q: What is the most you can hold for each weapon?

A: Deku Seeds - 50

   Deku Nuts - 40
   Arrows - 50
   Bombs - 40
   Deku Sticks - 30



Q: Where is the Spirit Temple?

A: At the end of the Haunted Wasteland.


Q: Where is the Fairy Bow?

A: In the Forest Temple. Ask me again and I will kill you.


Q: Where is the Megaton Hammer?

A: In the Fire Temple.


Q: Where are the Silver Gauntlets?

A: Besides in my FAQ? Well, the Spirit Temple as a child, yes.


Q: Where is the Mirror Shield?

A: Up your arse. I love the word arse. Thank you 
Rareware......ARSE!! Spirit Temple, in reality.


Q: Where are the Golden Gauntlets?

A:  ...the...doh...Ganon's Castle...Shadow Barrier...that's 
the purple one...do you know what purple is? Good, that will help 


Q: Hey, I noticed a typo in...

A: No one cares you communist bastard. We all make mistakes sometimes 
and my spellchecker isn't perfect. Let me see you make a 350+KB document 


Q: How do I get . How do I beat ? What is the All Bond code for 007?

A: ...I enjoy cheese! It's easy to see how a person can lose their 
sanity when they write FAQs. 


Q: In the Ice Cavern, in the room where you slide the ice blocks around, 
I noticed several Red Rupees floating in the air. How do I reach them? 
A: Finally, a question worth answering. Get in the little alcove with 
the torch of Blue Fire and play the Song of Time, and several blue 
blocks will appear out of no where to lead you up there.


Q: In the Shadow Temple, the locked door that leads to the black room 
with the Boss Door, there are several high platforms with hearts. How do 
I reach them? 

A: To reach the first one, play the Song of Time, which will make a 
block so you can climb. Once up there, play the Scarecrow's Song from 
that position to reach the highest one.


Q: Also in the Shadow Temple, how do I reach the hearts in the room with 
the invisible spinning statue of death? 
A: Play the Song of Time...


Q: Dark Link is pretty easy, all you have to do is swing your Megaton 
Hammer at him. Why didn't you mention that? 
A: Because it has NEVER worked for me, he just blocks it with his 

Q: What about the Big Goron Sword on Dark Link? 
A: Yes, that does make it easier, because all you have to do is swing it 
at him. Since it is so big, he really can't defend himself quickly 


Q: I've noticed I can Z-target . 
What the Hell is it there for? 
A: There are several things in Zelda you can Z-target for no apparent 
reason, and I suppose it's because they never were able to finish it off 
before it was released. That's my best guess... 


Q: How do I return Zora's Domain back to normal? I beat the game, and 
it's still frozen.

A: Again, the creators simply didn't have the time to do that. Wouldn't 
that have been neat, though? 

Q: I beat the game, but when I return Ganondorf still rules. Huh?  
A: For the third time, they simply did not have enough time to do that, 
it would have taken at least a month to enter all new messages and 
configure all of that crap.


Q: Why did you remove the "Stupid E-mail I Get" section? It was 

A: It was un-necessary to this FAQ.


Q: Yet you still keep the women's rating at the bottom? 
A: Um...hehe, just ignore that. 


Q: When I start up a file, I see the amount of spiritual stones, hearts, 
medallions, and my name, but I also see a number. What is this number? 
A: You obviously have never played a Zelda game in your life. That is 
the amount of times you have died! Of course, it won't get recorded if 
you die and then hit the "off" or "reset" buttons. 


  26.   S H O P S


This will cover only the major shops, not those stupid Deku Scrub 
ones...unless someone would like to send some in (Oh boy, I don't want 
to see my e-mail box tomorrow...). The numbers in () are the amount of 
the item you will receive. Otherwise it's just one.

                    K O K I R I   F O R E S T


Item            Price
Arrow (10).......20
Deku Seed (30)...30
Arrows (30)......60
Deku Nuts (5)....15
Deku Stick.......10
Deku Nuts (10)...30
Deku Shield......40

                              M A R K E T

Potion Shop:

Item             Price
Deku Nut (5).....15
Blue Fire........300
Green Potion.....30
Red Potion.......30


Item             Price
Arrows (30).......60
Arrows (50).......90
Arrows (10).......20
Deku Stick........10
Bombs (5).........35
Deku Nuts (5).....15
Hylian Shield.....80

Bombchu Shop:

Item             Price
Bombchu (20)......180
Bombchu (20)......180
Bombchu (20)......180
Bombchu (20)......180
Bombchu (10)......100
Bombchu (10)......100
Bombchu (10)......100
Bombchu (10)......100

                   K A K A R I K O   V I L L A G E

Special Potion Shop:

Item                  Price
Ultimate Blue Potion....100

(NOTE: For the above, you would have had to already gave her the Odd 
Mushroom from the Lost Woods. Check adult Link's trading sequences for 
more information on this).

                         G O R O N   C I T Y

Goron Shop:

Item             Price
Red Potion..........40
Goron Tunic.........200
Bombs (10)..........50
Bombs (30)..........120
Bombs (20)..........80
Bombs (5)...........25

                      Z O R A ' S   D O M A I N

Zora Shop:

Item              Price
Red Potion..........50
Arrows (50).........90
Deku Nuts (5).......15
Arrows (10).........20
Zora Tunic..........300


  27.   G O O D   C H A R A C T E R S


Women will get a rating of how sexy they are. Yes, this is a very sick 
and somewhat disturbing thought, but I want to deliver something no 
one's ever seen before...The scale is * - ugly and * * * * * - You 
salivate at the thought

1. Link:

Duh! It's you, the main hero. You get to name him at the start, so for 
all we know his name could be Toilet. 

2. Princess Zelda:
(child - * *)
(adult - * * * *)

Princess of Hyrule, Zelda is a very niave child, but makes a very mature 
woman. She has prophecies in her dreams, the latest showing Hyrule's 

3. Sheik:

Is it a man or a woman? All we know that he's a Sheikah and wants to 
help Link protect Hyrule. At the end we will find out who Sheik REALLY 

4. Impa:

You know, the transvestite who protects Zelda. Impa is female, but due 
to her...strangeness, she will not receive a rating (besides, it'll 
embarrass her). She is also the Shadow Sage. 

5. Malon:
(child - * * *)
(adult - * * * *)

Her father, Talon, owns Lon Lon Ranch. Malon obviously likes Link, as 
any simpleton could see, as she always teases him and calls him fairy 

6. Princess Ruto: 
(child - * *)
(adult - * * *)

Owner of the Zora's Sapphire, she loves Link and wants to marry him. 
Link, for some strange reason, does not want to. Maybe Link is insane? 
That would, afterall, explain a lot of things...Ruto seems to have an 
attitude at first, but quickly grows warm and fuzzy. She is the Water 
Sage. Heck, she doesn't even have any clothes on...

Oh, and people say she would smell like fish, but she wouldn't because: 
fish do not have legs or any real brains, and Zoras obviously do, so she 
can not be a fish. And, even if she was, fish do not start to smell 
"fishy" until they have been dead for about 20 minutes, depending on the 
weather of course. So there!

7. Nabooru: 
(* * * * *)

Holy crap, look at her! I won't go into details, of course. She is 
second in command to the great Ganondorf, but she has other plans, plans 
of destroying the evil king! She also happens to be the Spirit Sage.

8. Saria: 
(* * *)

Being a Kokiri, she never grows up, always remaining 12 years old. Saria 
is Link's best friend, and also the Sage of the Forest. She has powerful 
magic, plays the Ocarina, and spends a lot of time with Link. Besides 
Ruto and Nabooru, she's the only woman (er...in this case, girl) in the 
game who really appreciates what Link does.

9. King Darunia

King of the Gorons, Darunia is a fun loving guy who will dance to 
anything he likes...and I do mean dance! Just stay away when he has a 
temper, you know, like that uncle everyone has. Keeper of the Goron's 
Ruby, he is also the Fire Sage. When you save the Gorons, he becomes so 
happy, that he gives you the Ruby and makes you two Sworn 
Brothers...whatever that may be. All I want to see is the Queen of 
Gorons...wink, wink...


was named after you, since King Darunia thinks of you as brave. This 
young lad is adventurous and always willing to help. He hands over the 
Goron Tunic if you talk to him for awhile.   

11. King Zora

A quiet, shy guy, King Zora is also the fattest thing in the game! 
Seriously, he's huge! Strange, since all the other Zoras are very sleek 
and sexy...

12. Navi

Your own little fairy, Navi is very polite and nice, like a nun. She is 
female, but she is only represented by a glow with wings coming out. 
Shame, shame! Every Kokiri grows up with one. When Navi finds out that 
Link is, in fact (SPOILER), not a Kokiri, she still hangs around with 

13. Ganondorf

Perhaps the most fiendish villain ever, Ganondorf has his eyes set on 
the shiny Triforce and will stop at NOTHING to get it. He is already 
very powerful. Through a series of events that I can not disclose here 
(major spoilers they would be) he gets his hands on it and unleashes his 
power onto Hyrule, turning it into a seething wasteland of monsters and 


  28.   R U M O R   D E - B U N K I N G


Like any great game, Zelda has a lot of retarded rumors. Here I will de-
bunk them, showing how idiotic some people can be.


Nintendo themselves have said that this is impossible (hey, who else 
would know?). What, you think it's a coincidence that he ALWAYS beats 
you by one second? I don't think so!


Again, Nintendo said there isn't. 


This is the most mentally confused boy I've ever had the misfortune of 
laying my eyes on! First off, you already have the Triforce when you 
beat the game (partially).


- Link has the Triforce of Courage

- Ganondorf has the Triforce of Power

- Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom

And besides, if you had half a nut-sac of an idea about the Zelda series 
you would know that it would screw up the plot royally if you could 
collect the whole Triforce in this game (unless they made another game 
that came after Ocarina of Time and before A Link to the Past).

If you believe this, you're the type of person who is still looking for 
Luigi in Mario 64. FACE REALITY!


Although the Pegasus Boots were found in previous Zelda games (A Link to 
the Past to be specific), it can not be found in this game. Besides, 
wouldn't that spoil the entire point of having a horse?


What this mis-guided fool means by "lighted up" is the Triforce mark on 
the Quest Status Screen. The Zelda team said that this was just to make 
the screen look a bit nicer (although, even I have to admit I thought 
you could collect it at some point, on my first game). And BTW, do you 
know how EASY it is to fake pictures? With the right tools, I could have 
you believe anything I wanted...But the picture of Link opening the 
chest is, in fact, a real picture of the game itself. Of course, what 
the jackass who posted it forgot to mention was that it was a screen 
from the pre-alpha version. You know, way back in 1995 or so when the 
project was just getting off the ground. Oh boy...


Yeah, just like you can play as Luigi in Super Mario 64, right? 


Sounds believable, but the way to get them gives it all away. Nintendo 
games, especially the Zelda series, do not have secrets like that where 
you have to start an entire game over and do certain things (i.e. "Don't 
get hit by a boss" or "Hit this three times with Ice Arrows" etc...). 
Besides, how do you explain the fact that there are only three Sword 
Areas in the equipment sub-screen (Kokiri Sword, Master Sword, and 
Giant's Knife/Big Goron's Sword)?? 

As much as I would like to believe this (I mean, c'mon, a better 
Ganon!), this is also false. How would Ganondorf get out of the Sacred 
Realm so quickly, anyways?




April 2nd, 2000

Oh my dear...it's been so long, has it not? I've said "This will be the 
final update to this guide," about five times, and each time I've broken 
that promise. Rather funny when you think about it. THIS time I have...

1.  Added the "Oddsey of Hyrule" website to the credit section 
(http://www.tbi.net/~max/zelda64.htm). I just thought it was such an 
awesome Zelda site, I just HAD to link to it in someway, even if I'm not 
crediting them with anything in particular.

2.  Made it so everything is much more coherent and readable (mainly the 
taglines and underscores -- ugh! Those were mesed up before).

3.  Changed a few sections around (e.g. this used to be at the very 

June 20th, 1999

light-hearted note, I have fixed several things in this FAQ. Including: 
- The location of every item in the Items Section

- All the different strategies to getting all the Heart Pieces

- Cleaned up every section to make it easier to read
- Drastically changed the legal section. 

- One more rupee collection in the "Rupee Hunting" section.

- Big update to the F.A.Q section. Newest Qs at the bottom. 

- In the room in the Spirit Temple as an adult where you have to kill 
three or four Anubises...I added how you can make the block appear to 
make it easier.

- Added the Skullkid to the enemy section.

- And, lastly, I added something to Ruto's character in the character 


March 29th, 1999

I really haven't done anything except change the Legal Section. Heh, you 
know what's really sad? Other people are trying to make their Zelda FAQs 
larger than mine by adding articles from other sites and making 
editorials related to Zelda, when they belong at a website and not on a 
Walkthrough/FAQ. I won't name names...you know who they are...but isn't 
that just pathetic?

March 21st, 1999 

More rumor killing...that is all.  

March 9th, 1999

Wow! I did a lot of things in this update, so I present this list...

- Added new stragedy for Heart Piece # 6...This allows you to get it WAY 
earlier than you're supposed to!  

- I got a Spellchecker a few days ago. So, if you haven't guessed by
now, I have spellchecked the ENTIRE document. Believe me, it took 

- I moved the Bottom of the Well section to the 5th Medallion area in 
the Walkthrough. Not only does it make a lot more sense, it's easier on 

- I added where the Map and Compass are located in the Bottom of the 
Well (check Walkthrough)

- I added the Map in the Spirit Temple (check Walkthrough, as a child, 
third paragraph).

- Fixed a few mistakes in the item section

- Added a Golden Rupee that is original to this FAQ! I haven't seen it 
on ANY other FAQ! 

- Added another Purple Rupee.

- Added a butt-load of new secret grottos.

- Added new section (Check Contents, which can be found below)

- Fixed the Story Section a bit
- Check the Fire Barrier in Ganon's Castle

- Credits Section!
- Few more Stupid E-mails...
- Added one new question to the FAQ Section (look at the top this time, 
not the very bottom)

- Few misc. things that no one really cares about
I also have another challenge for you. You know the Fire Barrier in 
Ganon's Castle? Try NOT using the Hoverboots. It's possible, but a lot 
more difficult. Not A WHOLE LOT, but still.

February 23rd, 1999

Since the little rant I have received about 20 e-mails backing me up, 
but my e-mail seems to be growing larger by each day! A lesser man would 
simply remove the entire FAQ from the internet altogether, but I won't, 
I've put way too much effort into this thing. I've added a new section, 
maybe the last new one ever. Please look there before flaming me for 
some various reasons.

February 20th, 1999

I added the Rumor and Great Search Section, so go check them out, 
please. Also, please look below the title of this FAQ for a _very_ 
important message. Also, I want to direct everyone to the Zelda 
Headquarters (zhq.com). They have the most comprehensive information on 
the Zelda series, at least in terms of stories, music, etc...They don't 
exactly have any guides, but for those confused on the stories, it's a 
good place to learn. I also fixed a teenie-weenie mistake in the Golden 
Skulltula List!

And, naturally, I updated the Stupid E-mail Section

February 6th, 1999

Oh, I guess I was wrong, the last update WAS NOT the last large update! 
This might be, though...(I guess we'll see soon enough). Anyways, I 
added a new section, titled "Gerudo Training Center." It's right after 
the Walkthrough Section (as you can see in the Contents below). This 
section is about three times the size of my last Gerudo Training Center 
walkthrough, so you know it's good! Yes, don't deny it, you know that 
this will answer all of your problems. With this guide, you WILL get the 
Ice Arrows. No matter what. So, from now on I will ignore all Gerudo 
Training Center questions. Bwahaha...I also added a few Stupid E-mails. 

January 31st, 1999

Added a new section titled "Stupid E-mail I Get." It's right before the 
Credits section. I've also added a few grottos here and there, some Red 
Fairies, fixed a few mistakes in various sections, and I TOTALLY RE-DID 
THE ENEMY SECTION! Go there now or die...Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I 
added a "Mask Quotes" Section as well, for you lazy people who don't 
want to work for comedy. Just...go check it out, it took me nearly six 
hours to compile (i.e. it's LONG). Also, I'm sad to say that this is 
going to be the last of the giant updates...From now on it will just be 
little changes here and there, maybe a few more Stupid E-mails...I mean, 
what else can I add? Not much...Oh! Oh! In the secrets section (at the 
very top) is the secret to un-locking the secret passageway in Zora's 

January 25th, 1999

Whoohoo! Let's see, I totally re-organized on the Secrets Section, so go 
look there now you freaks of nature. Re-did the Shadow Barrier 
Walkthrough in Ganon's Castle. More Qs in the FAQ. More revisions. Even 
more revisions. More grottos. Even more grottos. More Locations of 
useless things (Red Fairies, Gossip Stones). Ahhh...if you find any 
grottos or secrets that I have missed, whatsoever, E-MAIL ME! ANYTHING 
THAT I HAVE MISSED GOES! This FAQ must be 100% complete, it's part of my 
diabolical plan to rule the world...er...to gain world recognition. Heh 
heh heh...heh...yeah. Scroll through the Contents (just below) and drop 
your jaw in awe. Rhyme time! Doh!! Oh yeah, I also added a third and 
fourth and fifth quote (look above).

January 20th, 1999

(in tears) Please...please stop...e-mailing me about beating Ganon with 
Iron Boots...FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY! And the stupid questions have to 
stop, seriously. Check out the first question of the FAQ if you think 
you screwed up getting the Ice Arrows. Do it now...the next update will 
have more useless grottos and secrets. Whahay! Don't miss it, as it 
might be one of the last updates...or not...

January 12th, 1999

Bunch of new stuff...sorta. A lot of new questions in the FAQ, revised 
the walkthrough A BIT (nothing major, except I totally re-did the Gerudo 
Fortress walkthrough, and was a bit more detailed in a few areas), 
and...well...a few other things here and there. I also started up my OWN 
Golden Skulltula List, and it's complete, too...oh, did I mention, it's 
not real vague like all the others. Strange, I know. Also, check the 
very last section for notes on e-mailing me and about beating GANON with 
the Iron Boots on (For the love of God, GO THERE NOW!)

January 4th, 1998

Added a new area in the "Strange Info." section, revised the Heart Piece 
Locations, added some questions to the FAQ, finished the character 
section, added some mini-games, added some secrets, and...that's it. Oh 
yeah, and for beating GANON with the Iron Boots...no backflipping or 
using your shield! And use Light Arrows! :) I want to expand the story 
section and make it a place where I can flesh out the cinemas. Why? I 
have no idea. I want to keep adding to this FAQ...Should I do it? E-mail 
me, if I get enough "yes" answers, well, I guess we'll see. I'm not sure 
about doing it since this is a FAQ, not some movie thing. Oh well...

December 31st, 1998

Finished typing up everything, collapsed into coma, vital signs missing, 
the nurses are nice, though...Seriously, this thing is huge, I wrote it 
in six days. Amazing, ain't it? 


  30.   C R E D I T S



Nintendo Co. Ltd: No explanation necessary

Nintendo Of America :  Nice translating, Dan.


- Me: I wrote 98% of this 350+K FAQ

- Pika085 aka Devin Morgan : Some info.

- Other Walkthroughs: Some secrets yours truly missed.

- Roland Carlos : For letting me use his Golden 
Skulltula list for short time, and then I used his basic layout for my 
own list, but I was a lot more detailed. Er...yeah, thanks anyways! 

- Willow & Hoops : For their awesome Tune FAQ which 
I used in the Ocarina Section. It can be found at Gamefaqs, among a few 
other locations. 

- TEd BROWn : His highly original Gossip Stone 
FAQ was quite useful to me, thanks, you helped me without even knowing 
it! :)

- Brian J. Chen : Sent in the first two glitches 
in the Secrets Section. 

- Claudio S. <@sprint.ca>: Little trick for Volvagia (striking it in the 
air with the Hookshot and/or Arrows will hurt it.)

- Raph Lee : Artwork at the top of the page. Oh, oh! 
Here's a shameless plug for his site: 

- Richard M J Shakeshaft : Information and 
tips on the Fire Barrier in Ganon's Castle.

- Zauron : You could say he filled my shoes before I 
got my Zelda FAQ out...


- N64 Code Center : They have more secrets than you can 
shake a Deku Stick at!

- Cheat Code Central : They also have a large amount of 
codes and secrets. Go here if you want some Gameshark codes, although I 
think the Gameshark is a manifestation of Satan himself. Joke. 

- Official Zelda Website : It sucks so much, but I 
gotta give them a "C" for effort. Nice pictures, though. 

Also, I want to direct everyone to the Zelda Headquarters (zhq.com). 
They have the most comprehensive information on the Zelda series, at 
least in terms of stories, music, etc...They don't exactly have any 
guides, but for those confused on the stories, it's a good place to 

Also, the Oddsey of Hyrule (http://www.tbi.net/~max/zelda64.htm) is also 
a VERY well-done Zelda site. Kickin' music, and plenty of well-thought 
out articles and editorials. Highly recommended.


  31.   L E G A L   I N F O R M A T I O N


This FAQ can only appear on the following sites:

- GameFAQs 
- Cheat Code Central 
- GameSages 

Why? Because those are the only three sites that can keep my FAQs 
updated. GameFAQs gets away with murder, though, on account of the fact 
I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they 
share information. Cheat Code Central is great, because they always seem 
to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great 
job, guys and gals. 

I just hate it when people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I 
get loads (e.g. 100+) of e-mails telling me to "update my FAQ" even 
though it IS updated, or they ask a question that has been answered in 
the new versions, or make additions that are already there, etc., etc. 
I've had problems with this with other FAQs, and I'm taking steps (e.g. 
this note) to put an end to it! 

Here are a few "do's" and "don'ts". Webmasters! Take note...

Webmasters! Do NOT:

Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES 
NOT apply to are GameFAQs, GameSages, and Cheat Code Central, as shown 

Webmasters! Please DO:

If you are a webmaster of a site that wants to post this FAQ, what do 
you do? As you read above, you can not post it directly. Instead, link 
to the page at www.gamefaqs.com that lists all the FAQs for this game. 
Why GameFAQs? Because I said so. To clear up some confusion, you can not 
link to the URL if it ends in ".txt" or ".doc", you just can't use that. 
If it ends in anything else, such as the page where it lists all the 
FAQs for a game, you can link to THAT, but not to the actual FAQ. I'm 
only repeating myself, but I had to because some people have to be told 
something twice. If you have any questions on linking, notify me. To 
answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any 
GameFAQs URL that ends in ".txt" or ".doc" because it's in GameFAQs' 
legal section. So there. 

This FAQ cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any 
other form of printed or electronic media involved in a commerical 
business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or form, PERIOD. It 
may not be given away freely, as a "bonus" or "prize", or given away 
with the game itself, etc. This FAQ cannot be used for either profitable 
or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of 
these rules is in direction violation of U.S. law. 

Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright 
their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, 
Rareware, nor any companies that were/are involved with this game.

This document is © 1998-2000 marshmallow
All rights reserved


  32.   C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N


Feel free to contact the insane author of this FAQ, marshmallow, with 
any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, 
condemnation, or death threats at: marshmallow@planetn2000.com

Basically, there are five different types of e-mail I will receive on a 
daily basis. 

I will answer questions to the best of my ability, but not necessarily 
immediately. Who knows...you may get an answer hours after sending it, 
or maybe even weeks. Do not e-mail me telling me to "answer your 
questions", unless you like to be ignored. Also, please realize that I 
 do have a real life outside the Internet. 
School, friends, what have you. Hey, sometimes I might not even get on 
the Internet for a few days if I pick up a hot new game that I enjoy.  

If you ask a question that has been answered in the FAQ, I will most 
definitely ignore it. If your question is poorly written (e.g. "Hez waz 
up, dawg? Got mez uh q!") I will delete it.  Etc., etc...


Hey, you mean people actually receive help from me and like to praise my 
work? Believe me, though I may not reply to it, I do appreciate your 
comments. Though, most people, if they praise me, do it along with a 
question, in which I might reply something like, "Yeah, thanks for the 
support. As for your problem..." 

I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high 
that I may not reply, but if you present a valid criticism, I may 
acknowledge your critique. As for those less intellectual letters, heh, 
they're always good for laughs.


Though I can assure you I will be flattered, I will *not* work for your 
site exclusively (or even as a third party). I don't care how much 
money, women, or drugs you offer me, either. No means no, okay?


No, I don't care about what kind of whore house your uncle runs. No, I 
don't know who Louie is and why he has a fetish for panties. No, I don't 
think a piano is going to mysteriously appear out of thin air and fall 
on me if I don't send a piece of sh!t letter to other people. No, I 
won't send you cash for a "dying" (yeah, right) kid who is infected with 
brain cancer, though sometimes I wonder if YOU'RE the one with brain 
cancer. No, I don't care about this new, amazing revelation about weight 
loss (my muscle to fat ratio is quite normal, thank you very much). And, 
finally, I will *not* make out with you!  

I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some 
questionable material. However, considering this is a FAQ for an E rated 
game with copious amounts of swords, blood, harbrigners of death / 
destruction, AND a lot of sexy ladies, I assume you will not be offended 
by a little sexual innuendo. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

                           ~ End of Document ~

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