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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Written by: Z.Thiesen 
Date: January 3rd, 1999 
Time Written: @ 8:01 
Title of Game: Zelda 64 
Developed By: Nintendo 
Produced By: Nintendo 
Rating on Game: Everyone 
Type of FAQ: Items List FAQ 
For: Game.FAQs.com 

This is a VERY lengthy game. I read about it and played it as well. I got hooked 
on it and now I'm writing this. Although I'm usually a Playstation writer, I 
took one look at this game and BAM, I had to do it. I recommend this game to 
anyone who loves a good RPG. This is truly the first great RPG on the system to 
come out. I didn't really think that Quest 64 was all that great. But this is 
legendary. Here's all that you need to know about where to find all of the items 
and what they do. 

- Kokiri Sword: (Find at Kokiri Forest)- Your beginning  sword. Small Link can 
equip it this sword. 
- Master Sword: (Find at the Temple of Time)- The sword that Link uses in the 
- Giant's Knife: (Find at Giant Goron)- A huge sword that breaks after a couple 
- Kokiri Boots: (Start With These)- These are your beginning boots that you 
- Iron Boots: (Find at the Ice Cavern)- Makes you sink in water. 
- Deku Shield: (Find at Kokiri Forest)- It's a good shield, but can be 
- Hylian Shield: (Find at Hyrule Market)- Too heavy for small Link, better with 
the older Link. 
- Kokiri Tunic:  (Basic beginning Outfit)- Basic beginning outfit for Link. 
- Goron Tunic: ( Find at Goron City)- Protects you from fire. 
- Zora Tunic: (Find at Zora's Domain)- Let's you go under water for more time 
w/out dying. 
- Deku Stick: (Find at Kokiri Forest)- Used as torch, but breaks after usage. 
- Gerudo's Card : (Find at Gerudo's Fortress)- Proof that you're a Gerudo Thief. 
- Goron's Bracelet: (Find at Goron King Darunia)- Let's you pick up the bomb 
plant things. 
- Bomb Bag: (Find at Dodongo Cavern)- Let's you carry bombs. 
- Scales: (Find at Fishing and Diving Spot)- Let you swim deeper. 
- Masks: (Find at Hyrule Mask Shop)- Sells masks to let you get a better one 
later on. 
- Bullet Bag: (Find at Lost Woods)- Let's you carry more slingshot bullets. 
- Skulltula Coins: (Find all everywhere)- Kill a skulltula spider to get one. 
Breaks a curse. 
- Stone of Agony: (House of Skulltula)- Makes the rumble pack shake harder when 
you near a secret. 
- Slingshot: (Find at the Deku Tree)- Used for killing enemies and hitting 
- Fairy Ocarina: (Find at Kokiri Forest)- Let's you play songs on it that 
trigger neat stuff. 
- Ocarina of Time: (Find at Hyrule Moat)-An ocarina that has time over time 
itself. A very powerful ocarina. 
- Deku Nuts: (Find at the Kokiri Forest)- Will temporarily K.O. an enemy when 
thrown at them. 
- Boomerang: (Find in Jabu-Jabu's Belly)- Can reach far-out items and kill 
electrical enemies. 
- Bombs: (Find in Dodongo's Cavern)- Use these to kill difficult enemies and 
find hidden secrets. 
- Bombchu: (Find at Hyrule Alley)- A remote controlled bomb that can even climb 
up walls! 
- Magic Bean: (Find at Zora's River Vendor)- Plant, and in 7 years you'll find a 
plant there. 
- Fairy Bow: (Find at the Forest Temple)- A great long-distance weapon. Can use 
on the horse as well. 
- Hookshot: (Find at Gravekeepers Grave)- Use to grab onto things and to climb 
up walls and other terrain. 
Lens of Truth: (Find at the Kakariko Well)- Lets you see through the illusions. 
- Empty Bottle: (Find at 4 different places)- Carries numerous items. See note 
at end of list to see what it can carry. 
- Adult's Wallet: (Find at the House of Skulltula)- Carries more rupees. Can be 
up-graded to giant's wallet. 
- Special Arrows: (Find at 3 locations)- Use up all of your energy. They are 
fire, water, and light. 
- Din's Fire: (Find at the Great Fairy, Hyrule)- Emits an explosion of fire. 
- Farore's Wind: (Find at the Great Fairy, Fountain)- Allows you to teleport 
from place-to-place. 
- Nayru's Love: (Find at Great Fairy later on)- A really COOL effect. 

NOTE:  Here's the list for all of the items that can be carried inside of the 
empty bottle- 

FAIRIES: Life and recovery. 
MILK: Health Recovery 
RED POTION: Health Recovery 
GREEN POTION: Magic Recovery 
INSECTS:  Annoy enemies 
A LETTER: Give to Zora King. 
FISH: Used for health and Jabu-Jabu. 
BLUE FIRE: Melts the Red Ice. 

Thank you and the Legal Stuff- 

Thank you very much for using this Items FAQ for Zelda 64 for your gaming 
pleasure. Although a P.S.X. writer most of the time, I made a wise exception for 
Zelda 64. Check out my other FAQs for Playstation under Abe's Exxodus, Metal 
Gear Solid, Crash 3 and others! This FAQ has been Copyrighted 1999 Zack Thiesen 
(Z.Thiesen) and is not to be reproduced by ANYONE without sole permission of me. 
Thank You and Happy Gaming! Enjoy! 

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