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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 23:06:50 -0500

Jabu-Jabu's Belly Walkthrough:

For the people who are just starting out (or the people who just want to
read how I did it), this contribution is for YOU!!!


1~start out by catching a fish (in Zora's domain) with a bottle.  (Or you
can but it for 200 rupees.  I prefer to catch it.) Either way, you STILL
need a bottle.  Go offer it to Jabu-Jabu.

Run across the first room (I advise you don't walk) and use  you fairy
slingshot to hit the switch on the ceiling.  Go in and run to the next
door avoiding the jellyfish unless you happen to want to electrify
yourself.  Open it and talk to Princess Ruto.  Follow  her into the hole.
 Talk to her again and then pick her up.  Go (obviously) into the room
behind her and kill everything in the room (and passages) including the
Skullta.  Throw Ruto on the other side of the drained pool of water
before stepping on the yellow pallet.  Swim across.

Take Ruto to the vine-covered door and hit the hanging switch to open the
door.  Kill the Octore.  Jump onto the rising / falling platform. Go into
the room where the holes are and go straight across (uh, actually, avoid
the holes, etc.).  Go in the room and stay particulairly away from any

Step on both pallets and go into the rooms (the blue first; yellow
second). Then go and kill your first "tail" with your boomarang.  Repeat
till you have eliminated all the enimies in that area.  

Go back to the room with the holes.  Go down with Ruto where the green
slimy thing was.  Kill you two Skulltas.  GO into the room with Ruto
after that.  Throw her on the platform to get the Spiritual Stone. 
Suddenly, she and the platform will go up.  After she screams, "Keeyah !
What's this?!  An octopuse?! Help!", equip your sword and make sure you
have tons of Deku nuts.  After the enemy comes down, run AGAINST the
blades and wapp him in the back with a Deku Nut, and  then hit him
QUICKLY with your Kokiri sword.  Repeat till he shrinks down into the
ground.  Jump up on the platform.  Kill the jellyfish and go into the
room with the two orange sponges.  De-electrifize them with your

Go into the room with the two ledges.  Jump onto the second ledge and it
will fall down.  Grab a box on the other side and set it on the blue
pallet  and go in and kill the jellyfish and skulltas and climb up the
wall.  Hit the diamond switch to open the vine-covered door.  Go in to
destroy the boss . . . using your (could you possibly guess?) boomarang
and Kokiri Sword!


Copyright 1999

(If you want to ask me questions, e-mail me at elvenjade@juno.com) 

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