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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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         (Clonus@nintendomail.com, fellow FAQmaker)


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    / /    |  __|   | | |    |   | |    \ \ | |____| |
   / /     | |      | | |    |   | |    / / |  ____  |
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Hey, guess what? I've got some logos man! Oh, and I also finally broke the 
250K mark, I think. Yippee for me, now my FAQ is more than HALF as big as the 
biggest ones! Clonus and Domy, you guys rock! Um...the Walkthrough is finally 
finished, so look for updates from other sections sometime soon.

Update History

Version 1.8 (October 9, 1999)- Finished the Walkthrough. That it, all I did.

Version 1.7 (October 7, 1999)- Spirit Temple section completed in the 
Walkthrough. One more level, and then it's all over with. God I wanna work on 
other sections.

Version 1.6 (September 11, 1999)-Water and Shadow Temples completed in the 
walkthrough, Enemy Section about as thorough as you're gonna find, Character 
Section, and Shops Section.

Version 1.5 (September 4th, 1999)- Added the Forest Temple and Fire Temple 
Walkthroughs, and changed the introduction. 

Version 1.4 (April 5th(?) 1999)- Make my Young Link Walkthrough, upping the 
size of this FAQ to the triple digits. I added a few things here and there as 
well. If this is still referred to as a Boss FAQ, I'm gonna be pissed.

Version 1.3 (February 21, 1999)- Added the rather extensive and detailed 
equipment section. Fixed my Table of Contents too! This should up the size of 
the FAQ to around 75K, and maybe it won't just be called a Boss FAQ now, eh?

Version 1.2 (February 18, 1999)- Added Golden Skulltula locations. Man, that 
was. tough. I wrote them up as I could remember them, and then I tried to 
categorize and alphabetize them. I decided the Dungeons could be separate 
from the other areas, since they somehow wound up mostly in order while I  
tried to alphabetize it.

Version 1.1 (February 16, 1999)- Added Heart Piece Locations, and a Mini-Game 
Review. Gold Skulltula locations are coming soon.

Version 1.0 (February 12?, 1999)- Did the Boss FAQ. I don't know what day it 

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
 II. Update History
            III. Table Of Contents (hehehe)
                      IV. Story
                       V. Controls
 VI. Standard Stuff
                     VII. Walkthrough
          1. Kokiri's Emerald
      2. Goron's Ruby
         3. Zora's Sapphire
         4. Light Medallion
          5. Forest Medallion
        6. Fire Medallion
         7. Water Medallion
          8. Shadow Medallion
          9. Spirit Medallion
       IIX. Heart Piece Locations
           IX. Munky's Mini-Game Review
                       X. Boss FAQ
                       1. Parasitic Armored Arachnid: GOHMA
                     2. Infernal Dinosaur: KING DODONGO
                        3. BigOcto
                      4. Bio-Electrical Anemone: BARINADE
                5. Evil Spirit From Beyond: PHANTOM GANONDORF
  6. Flare Dancer
                        7. Subterranean Lava Dragon: VOLVAGIA
                        8. Dark Link
                  9. Giant Aquatic Amoeba: MORPHA
                       10. Dead Hand
                      11. Phantom Shadow Beast: BONGO BONGO
12. Ironknuckle
                     13. Evil Sorceress Sisters: TWINROVA
            14. King Of Evil: GANONDORF
                       15. GANON
XI. Golden Skulltula Locations
 XII. Equipment/Weapon/Clothing
XIIV. Characters
XIV. Enemies
XV. Shops
XVI. Special Thanks

The Story

Stolen from the instruction booklet. Actually, I just cut and pasted it from 
someone else's FAQ, but they stole it from the instruction booklet. Who? I'm 
not telling.

A long time ago...

Before life began, before the world had form, three golden  goddesses 
descended upon the chaotic land of Hyrule, they were Din, the goddess of 
power, Nayru, the goddess of wisdom and Farore, the goddess of courage.

Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the earth. 
Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth to give the spirit of law to the 
world. Farore's rich soul created all life forms who would uphold the law.

These three great goddesses returned to the Heavens, leaving behind the 
Golden Sacred Triforce. Since then, the Triforce has become the basis for 
Hyrule's providence, where the Triforce stood became sacred land.

In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule, the Great Deku Tree served as the 
guardian spirit. The children of the forest, the Kokiri, lived with the Great 
Deku Tree. Each Kokiri had his or her own guardian fairy, except one. His 
name was Link.

Early one morning, Link was having a nightmare. It was the same nightmare he 
had every night. During a storm, Link would find himself standing in front of 
a mysterious castle. A rider on horseback, carrying a girl, would race by. 
The girl would look at Link as if to say something. Then, another rider would 
appear. This big man clad in black would look down menacingly at Link. Link 
would then awaken.

"Link! Hey, get up, Link! The Great Deku Tree wants to talk to you!"

As Link opened his eyes, he saw a fairy floating in front of him. This 
fairy's name was Navi. Navi was sent to summon Link to the Great Deku Tree.

"Oh Navi, thou hast returned!" said the Deku Tree. "Thank you, Link, for 
coming. Thy slumber these past moons must have been restless, and full of 
nightmares. A vile climate pervades this world. Verily, ye have felt it. The 
time has come to test thine courage. I have been cursed. I need 
you to dispel the curse with your wisdom and courage. Art thou prepared?"

Link entered the Great Deku Tree and broke the curse.

"Well done, Link! I knew that ye were worthy of carrying out my wishes. A 
wicked man of the desert cast this dreadful curse on me. Employing his vile, 
sorcerous energies, the evil one is searching for the Sacred Realm connected 
to Hyrule. For it is there that one will find the divine relic. The Triforce, 
that contains the essence of the gods. Whoever 
holds the Triforce can make their wishes come true. Thou must never allow the 
desert man to lay his hands on the Sacred Triforce. Thou must never suffer 
that man to enter the Sacred Realm of Legend. Link, go now to Hyrule Castle. 
There, ye will surely meet the Princess of Destiny. Present this stone to the 
Princess. I have foreseen that she will 
understand everything."

The Great Deku Tree gave Link the Spiritual Stone of the Forest. Before 
dying, the Deku Tree's last words were, "The future depends on thee, Link. 
Thou art courageous."

These controls definitely take a while to get used to, but once you know 'em, 
you'll never forget.

Standard Mode

Z button- Does three things. If there's an enemy in sight, it will lock onto 
him, and you'll go into Battle Mode. Battle Mode is  described later in this 
section. If there aren't any enemies around, this changes your camera angle. 
VERY helpful. Also, if you can lock onto things that aren't enemies, and 
sometimes Navi will tell you things about them. 

R button- Crouches and holds up your shield. Heh, Kid Link hides under the 
Hylian Shield like a turtle in his shell. Anyway, this sucks because in 
Battle Mode you can move while you hold up the shield.

A button- You'll be using this one A LOT. Look at the blue button at the top 
of your screen. That's called the Action Icon. Whatever that currently says, 
hitting the A button will do it. If you walk up to a door, the icon will say 
"Open." It does so many different things, from talking, picking things up, 
rolling (when you're running), climbing ladders, opening chests, jumping onto 
blocks, etc.

B button: This is the sword button. Tap it once to unsheathe your sword, and 
then you're ready for some fun. Just hitting B swings it, but there are a 
bunch of variations, each sword does it differently too. Here's a little list 
of what you can do in Standard Mode for you:

B- Slash
Just your standard sword move. Hit it three times and Link will do an 
uppercut slash. Your best defense against baddies.

Hold B Without Magic- Swinging Slash
Link holds his sword out and does a 360. Does damage to anybody that gets hit 
with it, and is good against packs of enemies, or when you've got guys on 
multiple sides. Tough to pull off though.

Hold B With Magic- Light Magical Swinging Slash
Long name huh? Can also be done without magic by rotating the analog stick 
360 degrees and then hitting B. Does twice the damage of a normal swinging 
slash and has a longer range. Again, good when surrounded.

Hold B LONG With Magic- Heavy Magical Swinging Slash
YEAH!!!! Does double damage of a normal swinging slash but has a KILLER 
range. Anybody on screen is gonna feel it. Just wait until the blue aura 
around your sword turns orange.

Everything else is done in Battle Mode

C-Up- First-person view (enough hyphens for you?). Is done automatically when 
you try to use the Hookshot/Longshot or Arrows. Basically, I only use it when 
I wanna look shoot something, but some people like to look around. I guess. 
Also used to talk to Navi if she's trying to speak to you.

C-Left, C-Right, C-Down- These are the Equip buttons. You select a weapon to 
equip to the button by pausing, highlighting it, and hitting the appropriate 
C-button. When the time comes to use it, just hit that C-button again. Most 
used buttons, I bet.

Start- Well, this pauses the game. During pause, you can use the L and R 
buttons to switch from screen to screen, or the analog stick. Lots of stuff 
can be done in the start menu. One screen keeps track of all the items you've 
collected (there are 24 in all). Another screen is a big map of Hyrule, 
showing all the places you've been, and covering the rest with clouds. A 
third screen shows you your tunics, boots, swords, and shields. And the other 
screen keeps track of your progress, showing things like Spiritual Stones, 
Medallions, Heart Pieces, Gold Skulltula Tokens, Ocarina songs, etc.

L button- Turns off the Map and the bottom right hand corner. Personally, I 
like to keep it on at all times, even though I know most of the areas by 
heart by now. But hey, to each his own.

Battle Mode
Battle Mode is accessed by looking at an enemy and hitting the Z button. This 
is best used against very mobile enemies, or enemies with swords (Lizalfos, 
Stalfos, Dinalfos).

Z button- Gets you out of Battle Mode, or switches you to another target. 
Sometimes hard to get out of Batle Mode.

R Button- Holds up shield. This rules since you can strafe around while 
holding it up. Always use this in battle unless you're attacking or flipping 
or something.

A button- Your defensive moves primarily. Here's a little list of what you 
can do with the A button in Battle Mode:

A button and back- Backflip
A backflip. Nothing more, nothing less. Good to use if a sword is being swung 
at you, or if you just wannagive yourself some room.

A button and left or right- Sidestep
The best defensive move. As soon as you see an attack coming, take a few 
sidesteps and you're clear. Can also be used to get around behind an enemy if 
you need to.

A button and forward- Lunging Slash
Ah yes, the Lunge move. Just pull out your sword and lunge at that big fat 
idiot in front of you. It does double damage, so ALWAYS use it against bosses 
and immobile enemies. Opens you up to an attack from sword enemies though, as 
they'll pick you off in midair. Dark Link will sidestep and lunge you if you 
try it against him, LoL.

B button- Suprisingly, there are only two moves with B in Battle Mode. One is 
the uppercut slash, already described, and the other is.....

Forward+B- Stab
Sweet! Perfect for killing quick enemies, like the Skull Kids. Also, hit B 
three times while moving forward and you'll finish it off with a moving 
uppercut slash.

Standard Stuff
These are just some standard things in Zelda. Nothing really tricky here.

Enemy Blurbs- While you have an enemy targeted, hit C-Up and the battle will 
pause, with Navi telling you the name of the enemy and a quick blurb about 
it. Cool to read some of them, stupid for others. Of course, for some enemies 
(i.e. Anubis),  reading the blurb provides a little information on how to 
kill the enemy.

Talking- You already know to walk up to someone and hit A to talk to them, 
but it's what they SAY that matters. A lot of times, someone will give you a 
tip or warn you about something. Heck, some people will give you something, 
or a job to do to earn something. People say different things and you 
progress through the game, so talk to people multiple times if you wish. You 
can't beat the game without talking to people, so you might as well talk to 
EVERYONE. Remember: Not everybody has something important to say, but 
everybody has SOMETHING to say.

Navi- The fairy. Every Kokiri has one, and Link was the last in the forest to 
get his. She's fun at first, and even provides a few tips, but gets REAL 
annoying, REAL fast. I just wanna kill her after having spent countless hours 
playing this game. She's useful for bad players, since if she sees you're 
stuck for a while (outside of a dungeon of course), she'll provide help. You 
can also talk to her using Saria's Song. Gives info on enemies and anything 
else you might Z-target during your quest.

Slicing and Dicing- All around the world of Hyrule there is stuff on the 
ground. Grass, rocks, trees, etc. And inside these things are usually helpful 
items. How a bomb got inside a rock I'll never know, but it's there and you 
might as well use it. NOTE: Most rocks give you three hearts if you need 
some, and three rupees if you don't need hearts. Also, check out any part of 
a wall that looks odd. There's a good chance you can blow it up.

Day and Night- First of all, time stands still in quite a few places. Those 
places are: Inside houses, in dungeons, Lon Lon Ranch, Gerudo Fortress, 
Haunted Wasteland, Kokiri Forest, Lost Woods, Kakariko Village, Hyrule 
Market, Zora's Domain/Fountain, and Goron City. Everywhere else, time moves. 
Some places it moves VEEERY SLOOOOW (Fishing Pond). But for the most part, 
day is 2:30 long, and night 1:30. At night, Stalchildren (Stalchilds?) appear 
in Hyrule Field (as a kid), so look out. Also, shops and such aren't open at 
night, but some people appear at night who aren't there during the day. But 
on the whole, day is a much better time.

Getting The Kokiri Emerald
Kokiri Forest

Necessary Items: Deku Shield, Kokiri Sword
Other Items: Deku Sticks, Deku Nuts

You start off with the games opening sequence, ending in your hut. Walk 
outside and Saria will run up to your house and want to talk. If you want to, 
go talk to her. She congratulates you on getting your fairy, among other 
things. See the big area on the right side of your map? That's where you have 
to go, but mean old Mido is blocking your way. You need a sword and shield to 
make it past here. OK, let's go get them then! Go to the triangular area at 
the bottom of your map screen, it's the training area. See the little hole in 
the wall? Go crawl through it. Take a left up here, and you'll find a boulder 
going round and round. Get behind it and walk with it, and you'll be at the 
other side. An advertisement for the Know-It-All Brothers is in front of a 
big chest. Open the chest to receive the Kokiri Sword!

Now you'll need 40 rupees. Look inside tall grass, slice little grass, throw 
rocks, and look around. Jumping on platforms over water gets 5 rupees, and 
jumping off the fence near the hole in the training center gets major rupees. 
Also, Mido's house contains several chests worth looking into. Once you have 
the necessary cashola, go to the shop. It's the little building next to the 
Deku Tree's area. It's striped red on the top, and a Kokiri is sitting on the 
roof. Go in, and buy the Deku Shield. Equip it, and the sword if you haven't 
already, and go talk to Mido again. He yells at you some more, but then 
realizes you've got weapons, so he let's you pass. Of course, I'd suggest 
talking to everybody beforehand, since they won't say the same thing once 
you've gotten the Kokiri's Emerald.

Alright, walk to the Deku Tree, and you'll be ambushed by some Deku Baba. 
They won't attack you, but if you touch them, it hurts. Slice them up, and 
you'll receive Deku Sticks. Yay! Go up to the Deku Tree, and a cut-scene 
ensues. It's about Ganondorf's desire for the spiritual stones, and how he's 
being destroyed from the inside. He opens his mouth and invites you to go in. 
Well, collect your senses, save your game, and go inside.

Inside The Deku Tree

Necessary Items: Fairy Slingshot, Kokiri's Emerald
Other Items: Map, Compass

First off, slice the Deku Baba in this room. Take a left and climb up the 
ladder. Make the jumps across this area until you find a big chest and some 
Skullwalltulas. The spiders can't hurt you if you don't climb the wall, so 
open up the chest. It's the map, and that's a very good thing. Keep jumping 
until you get to a door at the end. Iron bars lock the door behind you, and 
you have to square off against a Deku Shrub. No toughie, just check the 
Enemies Section for that.

Once he's destroyed, he gives you a tip about jumping, and the doors unlock. 
Proceed through the next door, and jump on the platform in the center. 
Quickly leap to the chest, which turns out to be the Fairy Slingshot. In case 
you didn't notice, the platform you jumped off of fell. Just turn around, and 
look at the ladder above the exit. Z-Target it and hit it with the Slingshot. 
It falls, and you can exit. Cut the grass below for supplies. Another way 
through this room is to not use the platform at first. Just fall down and 
climb up the vines to the other side. Then you can use the platform on your 
way back. Just a little creative thinking on my part.

Go back to the Skullwalltulas and kill them with Z-Targeting and the 
Slingshot. The third one cannot always be targeted, so just take him out 
manually if necessary. Climb the vines, crawl right at the top, and drop 
down. Go forward to the next door, ignoring the Giant Skulltula looming 
overhead. He'll get his later. In this next room, go stand on a switch to 
activate some platforms. Jump across to the other side, and open the chest 
there. It's the Compass, so be happy. You can now see where all the treasure 
chests are in this level, and exactly where you are. To exit, go back to the 
beginning, and pull out a Deku Stick. Put it in the fire from the lit torch, 
then walk over to the unlit torch. There ya go, just be sure to hit B to get 
rid of the Stick before it burns away.

Go back and find a Giant Skulltula. Tough for the first timer. I went after 
it with my sword. Just let it come down, then use the Slingshot when it 
reveals its belly. Now, look over the ledge. See the spiderweb? Navi no doubt 
talked to you about it earlier. Get a good running start, and jump. You can 
somewhat control yourself in midair, so toggle the stick. Normally, you'll 
hit the sides, and have to try again, but if lucky you'll land in the center 
and break through it.
Take a left and a deep breath. There are two spiders in this room, but 
they're Gold Skulltulas. You can't miss these things. I'd put 'em in my Gold 
Skulltula section, but you could get hurt if you don't kill them. There are 3 
platforms here. #1 is the one you're standing on, and #2 is right in front of 
you. #3 is across the water and can't be reached. Go to #2 and step on the 
switch. Now, there's a lit torch. Get a Deku Stick lit and jump to platform 
#1. Part of the water is shallow enough to stand in. Run to the web at the 
end, and is your stick is still burning, it'll melt away.

Go through the door to meet a Deku Scrub. If you want to, kill him. But if 
not, stand on his grass so he goes away, and use your Slingshot on the gray 
eye above the exit door. It closes, and the doors open. Now, get out of here 
and prepare for more. You're in a room filled with water, a platform on 
either side, and platform on the water, and a spiky log in the water. Dive in 
the water, go to the left side, and dive down. There's a switch there, so 
keep diving until you hit it. Go back to your original platform and wait for 
the floating one to come to you. Jump to it, and since the switch lowered the 
water level, you can pass under the spiky log. You'll hear strange noises 
during all of this, it's your timer. It'll speed up and then stop soon. On 
the other side, you have to kill a Giant Skulltula. Now, go to the block  
against the wall and push it as far to the right as you can. Climb up on it, 
and enter the door above.

Three torches in this room, and some Deku Babas. Ignore them, they grow back 
anyway. Get a stick lit, and run like mad lighting all the other torches. 
Once that's finished, you can leave the room in peace. In this next room 
there are two spiderwebs. One leads to a Deku Baba, the other to a tunnel. 
Find the tunnel, and enter it.

You're now on platform #3 in that water room again, so DO NOT JUMP OFF!!! See 
the spiderweb on the ground? Well, we'll get that in a moment. Push the block 
into the water, and jump to platform #2. Get yourself lit up on the torch 
over here, and make a clever jump back to the block, and then onto platform 
#3. To burn the spiderweb, either swing the stick, or use my way and roll 
over the web. Either way is fine, and you wind up in the same place.

There's three Deku Scrubs in this room, and if you listened to the other Deku 
Scrub a while back, he mentioning killing his brothers in a 2-3-1 order, 
twenty-three is number 1. (Jordan reference?). Do so, which is pretty tricky, 
except they freeze when hit, so you don't have to chase after them. The last 
one must be caught, and he'll tell you Queen Gohma's secret. Then they leave, 
and you have access to Queen Gohma's chamber.

I have a section for details on these things, and I bet you can guess its 
name. Once Gohma's dead, collect the Heart Container she leaves behind, and 
enter the blue light. You're back outside now, and the Deku Tree talks about 
the Triforce. You now know everything you need to know, and I believe Din, 
Nayru, and Farore were described as well. Oh, the Deku Tree is dying, so take 
this. It's the Kokiri's Emerald!!! Cool, now he's dead.

Getting The Goron's Ruby

Kokiri Forest

Necessary Items: Fairy Ocarina

Well, as I said before, everyone says different things since the Deku Tree is 
dead. Mido yells at you, heh heh. Notable in her absence is Saria. Take the 
exit on the left side, by the Know-It-All Brothers' House. You'll enjoy (or 
maybe you won't) a cut scene featuring Saria handing over the Fairy Ocarina 
to you. Man, the way Link exits this scene is PRICELESS! He sort of slowly 
backs away from her, then runs full speed away, like she's some poisonous 
snake or something. Hehe.

Hyrule Field

Necessary Items: Map Of Hyrule

Walk forward and Kaepora Gaebora the owl will give you a map of Hyrule. He 
also talks about using the map subscreen and stuff. Stay on the main road, 
and head towards the castle when you see it. At night, the drawbridge goes 
up, so you're screwed if that happens. Just wait on the road until day, or 
Stalchilds will jump you. Once the drawbridge is down, go inside the castle.

Hyrule Market

In here, look around for a red-haired girl named Malon. Talk to her, and she 
says her dad is missing. Apparently, he went to Hyrule Castle to drop some 
milk off, but hasn't come back yet. Check out the shops, but don't buy the 
Hylian Shield, since you can get it later for free. Well, run through this 
area to.....

Hyrule Castle

Necessary Items: Weird Egg

Go forward, and you'll meet Kaepora Gaebora again. He talks about time I 
believe, but I could be wrong. Look on the right wall by some vines. If Malon 
isn't there, go back to the Market and come back again. Anyways, when you 
find her, talk to her. She whines about her dad some more, and gives you a 
Weird Egg in exchange for you finding him.

Now, climb up those vines and walk along the area up here. Jump off when you 
get to the stone thing. There's a hole in it to climb down, but jumping 
across is faster. You'll see a boulder with a sign in front of it. Ignore 
them, go a little further, and break left up the hill. Run to the far wall, 
and climb the stone area. Jump into the water and let the current sweep you 
away. You'll see a man sleeping. If your Egg has hatched, use it to wake him. 
If not, wait until it does. Once you wake him, you find out that it's Talon. 
A funny cut scene ensues, with him running back to find Malon.

Find the two crates of milk behind him, and push them along the path into the 
water. Hop on top of the second one, and jump into the small hole the water 
is coming out of. In this next area, you'll have to run around, dodging 
guards like crazy. Don't worry, you'll make it on the first or second try. 
Just remember a few things: Guards can't see behind themselves or through 
bushes, they're not as good as the guards outside, and when you see a guard 
making a tight circle through some rupees, use the overhead bridge. Finally, 
you'll wind up in.....

Castle Courtyard

Necessary Items: Zelda's Letter, Zelda's Lullaby

Well, look in the right window at first and you'll spot Mario and friends. 
This disgusts me, since Mario has no place in a Zelda game, but I digress. Go 
talk to Princess Zelda, and she speaks of a great many things. Say no to one 
of her questions, and she repeats it idiotically. God, what a retard. Oh 
well, you see Ganondorf, and are told you must do something to stop him. You 
get Zelda's Letter, which we soon found out was written in all of five 
seconds. After that, go backwards and speak to Impa, Zelda's nanny. She 
teaches you Zelda's Lullaby, and escorts you out of the castle. She also says 
to go to Kakariko Village, but that ain't happening yet.

Hyrule Field

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Once you get control, look on the map. See the circle in the center? That's 
Lon Lon Ranch. Go there.

Lon Lon Ranch

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: Epona's Song, Bottle w/Lon Lon Milk

Go straight through this area at first until you get out into the corral. Go 
in the center and talk to Malon again. Talk to her three times, and after 
that show her your Ocarina. She'll teach you Epona's Song, and Epona will 
hump your leg like all loving animals do ;) Now, go backwards and take the 
door on your right. You'll see Talon sleeping with bunches of Cuccos around 
him. You can now play the Cucco-Finding Game [See Mini-Games Section] and win 
a Bottle with fresh Lon Lon Milk inside. Sadly enough, he's just joking when 
he asks about Malon. Trust me, you'll find out later. Go back outside to.....

Hyrule Field

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Sadly, I have to keep this as a section or people will get lost. Suffice to 
say, go back into Kokiri Forest. Happy?

Kokiri Forest

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Man, I hate doing these little parts, but alas, I must include them. Anyways, 
take the exit at the north end of the map. It leads to the Lost Woods.

Lost Woods

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

What, is that like three sections in a row with no items? Yikes! Anyway, from 
the start go right, left, right, left, straight, left, right, or just listen 
to the music, or my other way described elsewhere to get to.....

Sacred Forest Meadow

Necessary Items: Saria's Song (THANK GOD!)
Other Items: None (sigh)

Well, go straight forward and take out the Wolfos that attacks. The gate 
opens and he leaves behind a purple rupee (50). There's a little maze-type 
thing ahead, with Mad Scrubs (automatic Deku Scrubs) at every corner. Once 
you get to the end, you'll face a bunch of Mad Scrubs in a hallway. When 
they're dead, go forward and a cut scene ensues with Saria. She will teach 
you Saria's Song if you show her your Ocarina. Once you've got that, head on 
out. In case you're low on life, and didn't kill the Scrubs, save and reset. 
You'll be back in your house. Great trick I must say.

Kokiri Forest

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Leave. Back to Hyrule Field. 'Nuff said.

Hyrule Field

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Go to Kakariko Village, which is next to the castle as Impa already pointed 

Kakariko Village

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: Bottle, Sun's Song (At least, I don't THINK it's necessary), 
Hylian Shield

Talk to the Cuccoo Lady [See Mini-Games Section] for the bottle, or go to the 
graveyard (bottom right) for the Sun's Song. Now, the way to get the Sun's 
Song is to go to the back of the graveyard and play Zelda's Lullaby. The 
game's best Young Link cut scene occurs, and you've got a hole. Drop down. 
Take out all 5 Keese in this room, and the door will unlock itself. Go 
through the door and make a mad dash straight through this room. Run through 
the green muck, because it hurts less than if you go near a ReDead, trust me. 
After this, you'll see the wall. You learn the Sun's Song from it. Go back to 
the ReDead's and play the Sun's Song to freeze them. Then leave. To get the 
Hylian Shield here for free, pull on the grave with flowers in the first row, 
and open the chest below. This is a good find, but don't 
equip it yet. It was made for Adult Link, really. The entrance to Death 
Mountain is at the top, but a guard blocks your way. Just show him Zelda's 
Letter, which reads (god this is lame):

This is (your name), he is under my orders to save Hyrule.

Well, that was dumb, and the guard has his appropriate laugh. He also wants a 
Mask from the Happy Mask Shop, which is now accessible in Hyrule Market. Go 
through the now opened gate.

Death Mountain Trail

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Well, just walk forward and kill the two Red Tektites you meet along the way. 
Kill the third that jumps down at you, and head up the ledge he was on. Those 
boulders you saw cover up the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. Now, just keep 
going straight (can't go the up route) until you get to a circle of stones. 
Go forward, not left, and you'll be in Goron City.

Goron City

Necessary Items: Goron's Bracelet
Other Items: None

Well, talking to people, you will discover that Ganondorf has sealed up the 
entrance to Dodongo's Cavern (duh), the Goron's main food supply. Dodongo's 
have invaded it, and Ganon won't help out the Goron's until he gets the 
Goron's Ruby. Oh, and Darunia has locked himself in his room, waiting for a 
royal messenger. Well, either by jumping straight down, or traversing the 
paths, get to the bottom. You'll see a door with a plush carpet in front that 
Navi flies to. Stand on the carpet, take out Le Ocarina, and play Zelda's 
Lullaby. The door opens, so go inside. He is very unhappy if you talk to him, 
but using the Ocarina cheers him up (and makes him look like a total psycho 
in the process). He talks about Ganondorf some more, and gives you the 
Goron's Bracelet. You can now pick up those funny looking Bomb Flowers lying 

Death Mountain Trail

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Well, take a right coming out of the cavern and you'll see a Dodongo and a 
Bomb Flower. Now, what you've gotta do is pick up that Bomb Flower, get a 
running start, and throw it. After a few tries, you'll be able to blast open 
Dodongo's Cavern. Um...go in there dude. Hey, since this is a small section, 
I just had a thought. If it's _really_ the Goron's place, why is it called 
Dodongo's Cavern?? Answer me that, will ya!?! Oh wait, got a (bad) 
walkthrough to do.

Dodongo's Cavern

Necessary Items: Bomb Bag, Goron's Ruby
Other Items: Map, Compass, Deku Shield

CAUTION: You should equip the Hylian Shield whenever you see a fire enemy 
(Fire Keese, Dodongos, probably etc.) because the Deku Shield will be burnt 
by these guys if they hit you. Of course, when they're not present, feel free 
to use the Deku Shield, because child Link can actually maneuver with it. Oh, 
and there are various Deku Scrubs around here who'll sell you replacement 
Deku Shields. On with it already? No, screw you, I think I'll make a random 
comment here. Ummm...Is it just me, or...nope, I got nothing. Oh, doesn't it 
seem odd that there's a Map and Compass in every dungeon? Why is this I ask 
you, and who put these here? On with it _now_? OK.

First off, look to your left and pick up a Bomb Flower. Run over and set it 
down by the odd-looking part of the wall. It will explode, revealing the main 
area of the dungeon, and giving the cavern its proper intro. Go forward, wait 
for the moving platform to be at its highest, then jump onto it and onto the 
center platform. Avoid the Beamos and go either left or right. If you go 
left, destroy the Beamos with a Bomb Flower, and bomb the odd sections until 
you find the Map. If that doesn't interest you, head right.

Kill the Beamos you see, and then bomb the odd section of the wall furthest 
away from you (and the Bomb Flower). Go in, and you'll be in a hallway with 
Dodongo Larva. Hack them, or use the Hylian Shield to cover yourself from 
their attack. Once you make it to a rise in the ground, they can't attack. 
The switch here is blue, so push/pull a statue on top of it, then go through 
the door.

Uh-OH, it's a pair of Lizalfos. Luckily, they fight 1 at a time. Pull out 
your Deku Shield if it wasn't equipped and take these idiots out. I found 
this very tough, seeing as how you only have 4, maybe 5 hearts right now. The 
door unlocks, so proceed.

You're in a dark room with torches and Dodongos. Wipe out the Dodongos first 
if you don't wanna risk getting hurt. Now, if you don't have any Deku Sticks 
and why would that happen, you don't use 'em anywhere!), bomb the odd part of 
the wall and kill the Business Scrub you find there. He'll sell more to 
you. Now, get a stick lit and go light the other three in the room. Viola, 

You're in the center room of the dungeon again, but this time in an area you 
previously couldn't reach. Simply stand on the switch, and the door on the 
left side unlocks. Scamper over there by way of platform, and get the Map if 
you haven't already. Oh yeah, there's a Business Scrub willing to sell you a 
replacement Deku Shield if it's gone around here. Now, once you've got your 
supplies, head through the unlocked door.

You'll be in a room with a bunch of Bomb Flowers. Ignore that for now, and 
blast away the odd section of wall to get to the other room. There are three 
statues, one of which is an Armos. Just pick up a Bomb Flower, hurl it at 
him, and repeat. You can get the Compass while he's chasing you if you wish. 
COOL TRICK: If you just can't kill him, snag the Compass, save, and reset. 
There ya go, and you barely lost any time. Anyway, get back to the last room.

Uh, you see that pillar in the center of the room? See all the Bomb Flowers 
lying around it? Well, there's an obvious gap between two Bomb Flowers where 
another one should be. Find one lying on the floor around here and put it 
there. They all explode, and a sequence ensues. One thing's for sure: You've 
got stairs! Take either direction on the wooden ledge up here and get out of 
this room. Look, it's the return of the Skullwalltulas right before the 
door!! OK, that was dumb.

In this next room you'll see some Fire Keese and about seven Armos. Yikes! 
I'd equip Mr. Hylian Shield and kill the Keese first, then circle around the 
Armos. Don't touch them, because one is only a statue. It's the one in front 
of the ladder. Pull him out of the way and you'll have easy access to the 
top. Hit the switch, and then leave this friggin' place!

You're in the main room, sorta. You're on the second floor now. Just run 
across the bridge, and if a Keese comes near you, slash the retard. In the 
next room, drop down and Navi informs you to watch your step in these tight 
corridors. Look for a ladder with a blue block at its base. Climb the ladder, 
then jump off onto a platform with a chest. Open it for some rupees, then 
grab the Bomb Flower next to it. When it's about to explode, throw it at the 
explodable (word?) wall. I mean, when it's REALLY about to explode. Also, you 
can get it stuck on the ladder if you've got good hand-eye coordination. Just 
blast it and go through the passageway.

There are three platforms in this room, but the center one is on fire. Just 
use the Slingshot on the yellow eye atop the third platform, and the fire 
will go out. If you run out of Deku Seeds, there's some regrowing grass in 
this room.

Aw man! Just when all was going well, another freaking Lizalfo fight! Kill 
them I suppose, just like last time. In the next room, there are 4 platforms, 
and the 2 center ones are on fire. Hit the eye at the end again, hop onto the 
second platform, and turn left. Hit the eye there and proceed to exit the 
room. Watch out, the fire WILL grow back.

In this next room, you can find a Bomb Bag inside of a large chest. Isn't 
that nice? Now, go through the passageway and you'll see a switch. Save the 
game, as the switch creates easy access from the first floor to the second 
floor via a pillar. Jump across the bridge and bomb the wall at the end for a 
chest. If you're missing your Deku Shield, that's what you get. If not, it's 
20 rupees. Now, go back and stand right next to a gap in the bridge. Pull out 
a bomb and drop it. It'll land in the Giant Dead Dodongo's eye. Do the same 
with the other one, and he opens his mouth, allowing you to get to Dodongo's 
chamber. Or closer at least. If you've got full hearts, jump down there, but 
if not, use the pillar to get back down.

Now, enter the door in the Dodongo's mouth (WTF? A door in his MOUTH!?!?!) 
Equip the Hylian Shield and kill or avoid the Fire Keese flying around. 
Jumping in the hole shows you that there's a blue switch down there, since it 
won't stay down. Take a right from this room, and you'll be in an area with 
Fire Keese and blocks. Just scramble through this room, you'll have to climb 
to higher ground near the end. You'll see a tunnel, but smash the pots to the 
left. They contain Red Fairies, and you've probably got at least 1 bottle to 
keep one in by now.

OK, go through the tunnel, and push the block at the end. It'll fall off, so 
push/pull it onto the switch, watching out for the Fire Keese, who will 
sucker punch you while you pull it (well, that is if they had arms). Great, 
the door to Dodongo is open. Proceed!!!

Open up the chest in here for some Bombs, which you may or may not need. Bomb 
the odd part of the floor, and drop down to square off with Dodongo. See the 
appropriate section, which believe it or not ISN'T the Mini-Game Section. God 
I hate you people.

Once this guy's killed, take your Heart Container and leave. Enjoy the 
sequence with Darunia at the end, and get the Goron Ruby. This one just might 
be funnier than Koume and Kotake's death scene. My sister says Gorons look 
like bears, and this only proves it, hehe.

Death Mountain Trail

Necessary Items: Magic Meter
Other Items: Spin Slash

Alright, remember when there was that flag when you went up the slope en 
route to Goron City? Yeah, take the up path there, and blast the boulders 
away with Bombs. Jump across the gap, and equip the Hylian Shield. Run to the 
far wall, and boulders start to fall. If you see a shadow on you, press R to 
duck and cover until it goes away. Either that or run like hell until it 
stops, my method of choice. Kill the two Skullwalltulas you can see, then try 
to get positioning on the third one, or just run past it. At the top, don't 
go down with the damn owl, Bomb the area on the left. Look, a Great Fairy 
Fountain. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol, and the fairy appears. 
My god, could she possibly be wearing any less? Not that I'm complaining 
though. She teaches you the Spin Slash attack, and now you have a Magic 
Meter. Good for you. Technically, the Spin Slash isn't necessary, but you 
need to gain it in order to speak to the other Great Fairies, and one of them 
gives you Din's Fire, which IS necessary. Get my drift?

Kakariko Village

Necessary Items: None that I haven't already described
Other Items: None that I haven't already described

Use a ride from the owl to get here, and then leave. Nothing else to do. Go 
through Hyrule Field and go to Hyrule Castle.

Hyrule Castle

Necessary Items: Din's Fire
Other Items: None

Proceed past the gate like you did last time, but look at the sign and the 
boulder this time. Blow up the boulder and go inside. You know the drill. 
This time you receive Din's Fire which is necessary WAY later in the game. 
Now, from here go to Zora's River, it's to the right of Kakariko Village in 
Hyrule Field.

Getting Zora's Sapphire

Zora's River

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: Magic Beans

First, walk forward and blast the rocks, duh. You can buy Magic Beans from 
the fat kid, which are necessary to get some Heart Pieces, and some Gold 
Skulltulas, but not vital to your quest. Anyway, there is a point where the 
gap in the river is very small, so jump across it. You can also use a Cucco 
to float over the wider parts, but I think it takes too long. Just jump 
through this level, making sure not to stay in the water too much, and 
avoiding the Blue Tektites. At the end you'll find a waterfall with a grate 
in front of it. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the grate, enjoy the swank cut scene, 
and jump through the now opened waterfall. That thing will close fast though, 
so don't stand around for too long.

Zora's Domain

Necessary Items: Silver Scale, Fish
Other Items: None

Well, stay on the path and make your way upward to King Zora's Chamber. 
Talking to him reveals that Princess Ruto is lost. Take a left and play the 
Diving Game. Refer to the Mini-Game Section for this relatively easy game. 
Once you go backup to her and get the Silver Scale, dive down again. Look 
for an underwater hole in the ground; it's a shortcut to Lake Hylia.

Lake Hylia

Necessary Items: Bottle W/Letter
Other Items: Fishing Pond w/Lots O' Stuff, Scarecrow's Song

Just go forward a little bit and Navi will turn green and fly underwater. 
Dive there, and when you come up you'll have the Not-So Empty Bottle. Equip 
it to a C Button, and use it to read Princess Ruto's Letter. She's trapped 
inside Jabu-Jabu, and wants you to save her. Oh, and don't tell her daddy. Go 
back to Zora's Domain now. Oh, the Fishing Pond is on the far side, left of 
where you entered. To finish half of the Scarecrow's Song sequence, just go 
up to the scarecrow who claims to be a musical genius, and play an 8-note 

Zora's Domain

Necessary Items: Fish, if you didn't already get it
Other Items: None

Well, show King Zora the Letter in a Bottle, and he'll tell you to go fetch 
Ruto. Man, he takes like a week to move out the way! When he's done, walk 
around on the lower level of the Domain until you spot some fishies. Catch 
one in a bottle, or buy one from the shop for 200 rupees (yikes!). Now, go 
past where Zora was originally blocking.

Zora's Fountain

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: Farore's Wind

Well, if you want Farore's Wind, read this. If not, just skip to the next 
paragraph. It's unnecessary, and I never use it either. Alright, go behind 
Jabu-Jabu until you find an island with a tree, a silver boulder, and a 
Gossip Stone. Bomb behind the silver boulder (I think there's a crack or some 
other boulders there) and you'll open up a passageway. In here is another 
Great Fairy Fountain, and you get Farore's Wind.

Now, go up in front of Jabu-Jabu an get right up in his face. Release the 
fish, and he'll open his mouth. In you go, along with the fish. Man, Link has 
a girly voice, I wanna kick him square in the nuts.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Necessary Items: Boomerang
Other Items: Map, Compass

Run forward, avoiding the enemies, and stand against the...I guess we'll call 
it locked for now. The locked door. Turn around and look up. Navi flies green 
toward a switch, so pull out your Slingshot and peg it. Just walk through 
this next room, nothing of interest really.

Hey look, Princess Ruto in this room! She's angry, and doesn't want any help. 
God, what a putz, she walked right down a Sucky Thing Of Doom! Follow her, 
and then talk to her. She again says no, but don't give up hope. Talk to her 
one more time and she says that you may carry her. OK, do so. Link is 
carrying around a naked girl??? Um..this isn't G-Rated!!!

Take the door behind you (yes behind), and jump into the water in the center. 
Toss her over to the other side and get ready for some pain. Bunches of 
enemies like Bubbles and Stingrays inhabit this place. Just touch Mr. Center 
Switch to raise the water so that you can go to the other side with Ruto. Oh, 
if Ruto dies, just go backwards, and she will be waiting. I always lost her 
my first time around. Get to the exit door and shoot the switch on the 
ceiling to leave.

Wait in this room until the elevator platform comes down. Ride it up to the 
top, it takes you to the room before the Holy Room (get it???). Um, go 
forward and run through the pits in the next room. Also, go at full speed so 
Beris don't drop down on you. Take the door at the end.

Scamper through this next room, and take a quick right. Put Ruto on the blue 
switch and enter the door. Now, wipe out anything with a pulse in this next 
room (using the best damn weapon in this level, Deku Nuts), and your reward 
is the Boomerang.

Now, go out, and walk around this next room until you find another blue 
switch. Set Ruto down on it again and go in. Whoa, it's a Parasitic Tentacle. 
Just fight it like you would a Skulltula basically. Keep the Boomerang ready, 
walk forward until it comes down, and release it. Repeat until dead. When it 
dies, a chest will appear out of nowhere (amazing!), and it contains the Map.

Remember the hallway with a red tentacle in it? Well, go through that 
hallway, because the tentacle ain't there anymore. Navi reminds you in case 
you never saw it. Well, dispatch of Bubbles in here in 40 seconds or less. 
Deku Nuts are the weapon of choice, but the Boomerang is capable. Kill them 
all in time and you get the Compass! Yay?

Go back into this room and go through the door which I believe WAS NOT HERE 
BEFORE! Man, freaky. Uh, inside is a blue (I think it's blue) Tentacle. Kill 
it, and you get.....nothing. Oh well, the tentacle blocking your way earlier 
is gone. Go into that nearby hallway and you'll do battle with the last 
tentacle, a green one. I bet you saw this one earlier, killing this tentacle 
it's gonna get rid of the one in the hole room. Kill this thing.

Work your way back to the hole room (which takes all of ten seconds, hehe). 
Fall down the hole the tentacle used to cover (from where you just came in, 
it's the farthest one on the right side). You'll fall onto a section of land 
(well, flesh) that you've no doubt tried to access before. Go through the 
door, and you'll see Zora's Sapphire. Throw Ruto to it since you can't reach 
it yourself, and the platform rises. When it returns.....RUTO'S BEEN TURNED 
INTO AN OCTOPUS! DEAR GOD SAVE US ALL! Oh wait, that's just BigOcto. Kill it.

Once he's dead, climb onto the platform elevator in the center, and you'll be 
led to an area with wiggly wobbly thingies and an Octorok. It's tough to kill 
him, so just stick it out. Boomerang the jello impersonators, and hop on them 
to the exit.

Jump across the gap to a platform, and it lowers to that circular room before 
the Holy Room (come on, it's funny, admit it!). There, now you can reach the 
far side, the Boss Area. Uh-Oh, there's a blue switch, but no Ruto. No 
problem, just walk to the other side and grab a wooden box. Place it on the 
switch and enter the door.

Kill the Jellyfish in this room with your Boomerang, and then climb the 
vines. I suggest killing the Gold Skulltula. I'm sorry, but look man, I can't 
just not say anything about it! Um, get to the top, and you'll see a switch 
blocked by a plate of glass. Z-Target the switch, get a little bit away from 
the glass, and let a rip. Go walk through the unopened door. Or hang 
yourself, whatever feels right.

Slaughter Barinade and get your Heart Container. Enter the light Link, the 

Um...I don't feel like giving any information on this cut-scene, so here's 
some random thoughts. Link gets scared too easily. Wouldn't his clothes and 
stuff get wet being in the water so much? Man, if Ruto calls this friggin' 
stone her most precious possession ONE MORE TIME...OK. Link is engaged at age 
8? Man. Hey, I just noticed something. Saria, Ruto, Malon, and maybe Zelda 
all want Link. Lucky piece of crap. Proceed to make your way back to Hyrule 

Getting the Light Medallion

Hyrule Field

Necessary Items: Ocarina Of Time
Other Items: None

Upon nearing Hyrule Castle, you'll see a cut scene in which Zelda flees with 
Impa. She tosses the Ocarina Of Time into the moat and up comes Ganondorf on 
a sweet-looking black stallion

Hyrule Market

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

This is tricky. You've got find the Temple of Time. Hard with all the junk 
cluttering this area up. Just look for a churchlike thing with some steps. 
Coming from the field, it's to the right of the Happy Mask Shop.

Temple Of Time

Necessary Items: Master Sword, Light Medallion
Other Items: None

First, walk up to the little alter thing and read the inscription. It says 
something about the Hero Of Time playing the Song Of Time. Well, whip out 
your Ocarina and play that thing! The door opens up, allowing you to pass. 
Walk through and Navi will fly up to the Master Sword. Go pick it up. You 
will see a LOOOOOOOONG cut scene. Basically, you wake up 7 years later in the 
Sacred Realm. Rauru, the Sage of Light, speaks to you for a while about how 
Ganondorf got the Triforce of power while your lazy ass slept. Oh, and you 
get the Light Medallion.

Getting The Forest Medallion

Hyrule Market
Necessary Items: None
Other Item: Probably listed somewhere else

Get your ass out of here and go to Kakariko Village. Unless of course, you 
don't even CARE about saving the world!!! What's wrong with you, ya 
slacker???? Oh, wait. Now would be a good time to get the Goron's Sword, 
since it's never too early for THAT! But you'll need a horse first. So go to 
Lon Lon Ranch and get Epona. See the appropriate section for details on that. 
"But Matt, I am a stupid little boy! What section is that?" That'd be the 
Mini Game section, or the how to get the Triforce section, since Epona uses 
the Golden Wings to fly to the Sky Temple. What, don't you people read the 

Kakariko Village
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Yeah, well, we already have the Sun's Song right? Now, Munky says, go in, 
take a left, find a flowery grave, pull it back, and jump right down the 
hole! Oh yeah, if you go in the hut, you discover Dampe has a Hookshot in his 
grave. Hey, I thought ghosts couldn't hold things! Didn't anybody see Ghost? 
You have to LEARN, from a bum on a subway car.

Necessary Items: Hookshot
Other Items: No, now stop asking

Dampe is there, and talks smack about how he can kick your candy ass in a 
race. Well, race him...and discover he's right. But as long as you finish, 
you get the amazing, stretchy-shrinky, bouncy-wouncy, boingy-joingy, Gold  
Skulltula massacrin'' Hookshot. Oh yeah, keep going, and you'll run into some 
blue blocks. Navi gives you a tip to play the Song Of Time and they go away. 
Now you are in the windmill, and can get a Heart Piece now if you were too 
stupid to earlier.

Kakariko Village
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None.....again

Leave. Just get your ass out of there and over to Kokiri Forest.

Kokiri Forest
Necessary Items: Take a wild frickin' guess!!!
Other Items: Must...control...fist..of..death.

TOO HARD FOR YOU?????? ¤phew¤ that felt better.

Lost Woods
Necessary Items: Stop it, please
Other Items: I have nothing funny left to say. Not that I had anything funny 
to begin with.

Umm...we have to get to the Sacred Forest Meadow, so excuse me while I try to 
remember the way. Hmm, right, left, a few more directions maybe, and then we 
meet Mido. Remember the path on your own. Play Saria's Song for Mido, and 
he'll let you pass. Then beat him unmercifully with a stick. Keep going, and 
maybe you'll find...

Sacred Forest Meadow
(had you on the edge of your seat, eh?)
Other Items: Meanwhile, this section has been blank since god knows when. 
Zora's Domain maybe?

Watch out, because the paths are now guarded by Moblins! Transverse (oooh, 
big word!) the path and you'll wind up smack dab in the middle of...well, 
nowhere really. Bea the Super Moblin in the hallway (hey, I just made that 
up. Pretty damn cool, huh?) and your reward is A NECESSARY ITEM!!! Just play 
the damn song, watch the cheery crap, and get in the Forest Temple. "But 
Matt, it's me, stupid little boy again. How do we do that???" No. Figure it 
out for yourself.

OK, just Hookshot the branch above the broken staircase. I shouldn't have 
told you though.

Forest Temple
Necessary Items: Fairy Bow, Boss Key, Forest Medallion
Other Items: Map, Compass

Walk a ways forward and two Wolfos will pop out of the ground. I have no idea 
how they do that. But kill them anyway, because they suck. Then (many people 
miss this, including myself), climb the right wall. That spider up there is a 
GOLD Skulltula, so it won't hurt you unless you climb right into it (and I'm 
sure some of you would). Drop onto the ledge up there and kill it. God I hate 
that sound. Jump onto a branch with a treasure chest on it. Inside is a Small 
Key. You'll be needing a few of these for every temple from now on.

Now, drop down (or climb), go through the door, and massacre Mr. Skulltula. 
Hookshot him in the back if you're impatient. Going through the next door 
brings you to a large, circular room (known from now on as the Main Room), 
and a cinema awaits you. Four Poes steal some fire. Why this matters I don't 
know. Apparently, Link has no matches so we must track down those ghosties 
and get the flames back. Might as well take the door straight in front of 
you, since there's a Gold Skulltula over there. Go through the door and kill 
the Blue Skull in the hallway. After leaving, you must fight a new 
enemy-Stalfos! Basically, these are what Stalchildren (Stalchilds?) turn into 
when they grow up. I guess. Once they're dead, a treasure chest appears with 
another Key inside. And one of the pots in the room has a Fairy in it. Leave 
the room and come back if you want another.

Back in the main room, there are four other doors. One is unreachable, and 
another locked, leaving two doors. Scratch that, one of the remaining is 
blocked by an eyeball, so take the last one. Yard. It's blocked by a blue 
block, to dispel it (remember how...?) and go on. There's a well you need to 
go down, but alas there's no way down it yet. So climb the wall in the corner 
(killing two of the three Skullwalltulas first). You'll have to sneak by the 
last one, but it's relatively easy. There's a door up there, and you can kill 
a Blue Skull in there (or two??) to receive the Map.

Go through the door and look around for a target. That's to shoot with your 
Hookshot. Do so and observe the effects. Hit the switch to drain the well 
down there, so jump down now. Aim for the water, especially if you're low on 
life. Then climb down the well and follow the path. Just a few hearts, and 
yes you CAN drop in the water if you feel the need to do so. Oh, and Small 
Key #3 is down here as well.

NOTE: I just lost the entire Forest Temple FAQ after this, so don't look for 
my best work here. I'm extremely pissed off, as it was 9K, and now I'm down 
to 2.5K. ¤sigh¤

Get out, and look for the door that leads back to Room le Main. Use one of 
your Small Keys to open the door across the room for you, and kill the Giant 
Skulltula you meet there (it's times like these I wish I had arrows). Now, a 
Blue Skull will come after you as soon as you enter the next room, so 
dispatch of him. Find a ladder, and climb up. On this floor, look for a blue 
block (I think it's blue at least). See the arrows on the ground? They point 
the way you should be dragging the block, so follow them. At the end, the 
block will drop a few inches so you can get on it. On the next floor, you'll 
find a red block. Drag it backwards until you run into a wall, and then go 
back to the first floor and run around until you find a ladder. Climb it, and 
push the block. Now you should be able to go down the ladder, back up a floor 
via the blue block, and the rest is easy. On the top floor, you'll have to 
fight a pair of Blue Skulls. Easy enough. Ignore the eyeball for now, you'll 
use it later. Now just open the locked door and you're outta there. Whoa, 
f***ed up hallway, huh? Anyway, run along through, and listen to Navi 
at the end. You won't have to worry about it unless you fall to the floor in 
this next room though, or are REALLY slow. Just get to the other end and 
unlock the door. Run through this room and open the next door. Now you'll go 
toe to toe with a Stalfos. Sounds fun, huh? Be careful not to fall down the 
hole, even though HE somehow magically floats above it. Once he dies, another 
two attack, only this time if you kill one, you have about 20-30 seconds to 
kill the other one before he reforms (major flashback). It's a tough task, 
but the prize is well worth it. Yes, the almighty Fairy Bow is now in your 

Go BACKWARDS now, through the door you came in. I'm sure you saw the ghost in 
here earlier. Well, she warps between three paintings, so as soon as you see 
her in one, keep your distance, and shoot an arrow. Once you hit her in all 
three paintings, she'll come out to play. I believe this is Joelle. Go kill 
her. The strategy is Z-target her, and shoot her with an arrow. She'll then 
disappear, but reappear in a few seconds, ready for another arrow. Also, you 
might lunge at her, especially with Biggoron's Sword. Once she's dead, the 
flame returns, and you get arrows and the Compass.

Now, go back into the Stalfos room, and go through the OTHER door this time. 
You'll be in a room with yet another Poe Bitch, Beth. Dismantle her just like 
you dismantled Joelle, and you'll be just fine. This time, you get A Small 
Key instead of the Compass.

Now, turn straight around and keep going until you get to the room before the 
Corridor Of Twist, with the eyeball and the two Blue Skulls. Now, kill those 
little guys again and shoot the eye with an arrow. You'll see the effect 
right away, so there's no point in me describing any of it. Now go back 
through the hallway and you'll see the next room is sideways as well. Haul 
ass through this next part if you don't want to deal with the Wallmaster. 
Drop down to the ground, open the blue and gold chest to get the Boss Key 
(yay!), and drop down the hole.

There are a few Blue Skulls in here, so kill them to open up the door out. 
You're on the balcony, my friend. See the door in front of you? Don't go 
there, take a right instead. Inside this room is a Floormaster. Kill it 
(Arrows, Din's Fire, or sword) and its little Floormasterettes (DEFINITELY 
Din's Fire), and you'll get yet another Small Key. Now go back outside and 
through the other door. You'll find yourself in the Block Room again. Drop to 
the floor, kill the Blue Skull, climb to the top, kill the Blue Skulls, go 
through the door, through the hallway, the painting room, the Stalfos room, 
and the other painting room until you get a warning from Navi. Then drop 
down, run to the ladder on your right, and through the Straight Hallway. 
Green Skulls are in here though, so watch yourself. At the end, use your only 
Key on the door, and then weep like a baby if you wish.

This next area will probably make you think you forgot something. There is an 
eye on the wall, but it's covered in ice. Fortunately for you, there are two 
pillars in some lava in the middle of the room. One stationary in the center 
of the pit with a torch on it, the other circling around it. Hop on the 
moving one, and aim an arrow at the iced-over eyeball. Once the torch gets 
between you and the eye, let a rip! The arrow should catch on fire, thus 
melting the ice. In case you were wondering, that eye twisted up the hallway 
you came from. So turn around and leave the room, run through the Green 
Skull-infested hallway, drop down, and fall into the hole.

Ugh, I hate this room. Basically, the ceiling falls down, raises, and falls 
again, and you have to get from one end of the room to the other. Getting 
squished drops one heart and makes you restart the room. Don't worry, the 
ceiling has holes in it, so you just have to be in the right place when it 
falls. TIP: Get as far up as you can without the view changing, pull out your 
arrows, wait for the ceiling to fall, and kill all the Skulltulas hanging 
from the ceiling. Then, when it raises, run all the way to the switch (It's 
far, but CAN be done). Next, run to the treasure chest space, and finally to 
the door.

See that massive picture of the green Poe Sister on the wall? Well, memorize 
it, because when you step forward, 5 puzzle pieces fall, and you must arrange 
them to look like the picture. Only the two eyes, torch, and bottom are 
necessary. Ignore the all black piece. You have 1 minute, but every time you 
fail they turn over and you get 70 seconds, then 80, etc. Once that's 
completed, Poe Sister Amy comes out to fight. Once, twice, now thrice. You 
know how to handle these by now. At least, you should.

Leave the room after the battle is won, and now you're back in the main room, 
in a previously unreachable area. Drop down, then run to the center to face 
the last Poe Sister, Meg. She'll make 3 copies of herself, and all 4 of her 
will float around you. Use arrows (no Z-targeting) to shoot them. Once you 
kill three, Meg attacks (unless of course, one of the three you killed was 
the real Meg). A few hits later and it's all over.

Hey look, we were standing on an elevator! Well, get in and go down. This 
next room is odd. See the parts of the wall that jut out? Get next to one and 
push it. Yes, push it. Every time you move it, check the two holes in the 
wall to see if you can go through. Every time you hit a switch, a gate behind 
the wall opens. Just remember to always push the same direction for fastest 
results. At the end, you'll be in the Boss Room. Some stairs I think, and 
then a big enclosed circle with paintings all around. Step into the middle 
and then try to leave. Cinema begins for Phantom Ganondorf. See the Boss 
Section for tips on how to kill him.

Well, after he dies, Ganodorf sends him to some odd dimension (like Hell?) 
and threatens you. Well, all is happy for now, because you rescued Saria. She 
talks a little bit to you, and then reveals that she is the Sage of the 
Forest. Gee, that's nice, gimme that medallion! Yay!

NOTE: This is roughly the halfway point in the game. Congratulations on that.

Getting the Fire Medallion

Woods/Kokiri Forest/Hyrule Field/Hyrule Market
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Just keep going through all of these different places until you make it to 
the Market. Then enter the Temple of Time.

Temple Of Time
Necessary Items: Prelude Of Light
Other Items: None

Sheik is standing next to where the Master Sword originally was. Get close 
enough for a cut-scene to start. Sheik explains how to change from a child to 
an adult, and then teaches you the Prelude of Light. This song warps you back 
here whenever you want (almost), and is the most used warp song in the game, 
by far. Now leave and go to Death Mountain.

Death Mountain Trail
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

I only put this section here to point out the boulders now on the trail. Blow 
them up, because they can cost you a few seconds when you're trying to get 
Biggoron's Sword (If you ever try). Go to Gordon City.

Goron City
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: Gordon Tunic

This place is completely deserted except for two Gorons. One is rolling 
around like the Goron when you were a kid, only he's much smaller. The other 
is in the shop at the ground level. Both will give you a Goron Tunic. If 
you're in a hurry, and have 300 rupees, just go purchase it at the shop. If 
not, hit the little dude rolling around with a bomb (NOT a bomb flower). He 
thinks you're a servant of Ganondorf, but discovers that you're the hero of 
the Goron's. He was named after you by the way, by his father Darunia. 
Remember him? You get two topics to speak about. Talk about them both, and 
then choose either one. He should now give you the Goron Tunic. Yippee! Now, 
go to the ground level, and into Darunia's chamber. While you're there, put 
on first person view and look at the ceiling. Why is there a giant hole 
there? Anyway, behind the statue is a hidden entrance to Death Mountain 

Death Mountain Crater
Necessary Items: Bolero Of Fire (YEAH! This song rocks!!!)
Other Items: None

Well, just go right up to the broken bridge. The way across is to Hookshot a 
piece of wood hanging above the other side. Very simple. Now you'll have a 
cut-scene with Sheik. He teaches you the Bolero Of Fire, which warps you back 
here whenever you want. Why would I want to be back in this godforsaken 
place??? After that, the entrance to the Fire Temple is right around there 
somewhere. A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ladder climb down, man.

Fire Temple
Necessary Items: Megaton Hammer, Boss Key, Fire Medallion
Other Items: Map, Compass

There are a pair of Fire Keese in this room, so take them out if you wish. 
Then run up the stairs and take a left. Go through the door and 
theeeeeeeeeere's Darunia! He says he wants to have a man-to-man talk, but 
now's not the time. He's gonna go kill the evil dragon Volvagia, even though 
he doesn't have the mythical Megaton Hammer. He begs you to free his people 
while he slays the dragon. Does ANYONE think he'll succeed??? Well, take a 
left and jump over there. Hit the switch and watch the cage be opened. The 
Goron inside of there will give you a hint if you talk to him. Might as well 
get that Small Key in there too.

Go back to the main room and through the other door. Now run as fast as you 
can across the wooden board (Fire Keese aplenty) until you see a plank on the 
right side of the bridge. Run across it and keep looking at the wall. You'll 
see a piece that doesn't quite fit if you look closely enough. Blow it away, 
and talk to the Goron inside. Now take the Small Key and go back on the 
bridge. On the other side of the lava is a door with a blue block hanging 
above it. Go in the door (Don't bother playing the Song of Time, it's not 
necessary), and rescue Goron #3. Go back onto the bridge and stay on it until 
you come to a locked door. You have two Keys (I can't remember where you use 
the other one), so use one of them and go inside.

Slide down the plank and climb up the chain link fence. At the top are two 
Keese who for some reason NEVER MOVE. Take them out and then drop down to an 
area with a block. Push the block down and hop on it. Lava will shoot you and 
it up to the second floor. Get out and use your Key on the locked door up 
there. Unless you wanna be stuck forever. In this room, jump up and kill some 
Torch Slugs, and hop across the gap to a ledge with a diamond object and a 
block. Push the block off, then jump down and pull it as far as you can. Get 
on it, jump, and climb the fence up to the top. You'll see the fence out is 
blocked by a column of flame. No problem. Just get on the ledge above the 
diamond, drop a bomb, and run back to the fence. You should be relatively 
close by the time it explodes. You have about five seconds to get up that 
fence. TIP: I know the camera swings around when you bomb the diamond, but 
just remember to keep the stick held in the same direction you had it. The 
camera returns to its original angle once the little scene ends.

This next room can be a toughie. There are two Gorons to find, but boulders 
rolling all around and an overhead camera angle. Take a left and stay on that 
wall. You'll run into Goron #1. Stay along the perimeter and you'll find 
Goron #2 (and maybe another Gold Skulltula). They both give you Small Keys 
and a (not so) useful hint. Now, look for the locked door, which is on the 
outside, sort of in the middle (did that make sense?) WHOA!!! Narrow ledges, 
VEEEERY high. Falling sends you to the beginning, SO DON"T FRICKING FALL!!! 
Look up high on the wall for a silver eyeball. You know what to do now. Go 
through the now opened door and inside is the Map. Nice view, eh?

Go back and through the other door (the locked one, if you forget which way 
you came), and jump onto the fence. Uh-oh, fire coming! Don't worry, you're 
faster than it is. Don't try to get to the locked door yet, just run across 
the fence platforms and get to the other side. Oh, and avoid those pesky 
Orange Skulls.

Oh looky, now we're on top of the boulder maze. Well, look around to find a 
Torch Slug standing on a platform with a MONSTROUS crack in it. Kill him, get 
over there, and bomb the crack. Jump or climb down, and you'll find yet 
another Goron. A Key and a tip, that's all you get. Nothing new. Climb back 
up, and then jump around on platforms until you find a switch. Hit it, and 
then seek out the cage it opened. Guess what you get this time? That's right, 
a Key and a tip.

Get back to the door that brought you into this room. Go through and we're 
back in the fire curtain room. Now, remember the door you ignored earlier? 
Coming back, you can make the jump up there. I know it looks impossible, but 
at the last second the computer raises Link up to the top. Very odd. Unlock 
it, and go through the hall.

Don't run in this next room, because flames appear out of nowhere to harm 
you. Just drop down to the bottom and casually make your way to the right. 
There's a door over there, and you can get the Compass inside if you wish. 
Now, get back out and steadily make your way to the left. You'll find a 
locked door somewhere over here. Yes, unlock it, you idiot. Go through the 
hallway with the poor Goron (we'll save him later...maybe), and you pop out 
on the other side of the flame room. This area was previously inaccessible 
due to the popup flames. Well, find the switch, but don't hit it yet. 
Instead, figure out the way to the giant flame. NOW hit the switch, and run 
that path back to the flame. The door is fake, which means it'll fall on you 
if you try to open it. Fake doors stick out of the wall a little, instead of 
being imbedded in it. Bomb the door, and then open the REAL door.

It's time to do battle with the Flare Dancer. Guess where you find out how to 
do THAT? Once he dies, you have an elevator in the middle of the room. Use 
it, and look at the pretty lava under it :)

OK, now we're on the fifth floor, the top area. SO DON'T FALL DOWN!!! This 
room has no pits though, so just climb the fence, drop a bomb on the diamond, 
and climb the next fence outta here. This is a large, circular room, with a 
circular flight of steps. Find the switch, hit it, jump onto the steps, and 
run really really fast to the treasure chest at the top. You have just enough 
time to get it before the flame engulfs it again. If you're about to fall, 
just stop, it's not worth the risk. Inside the treasure chest is the Megaton 
Hammer, something you REALLY will use.

Go back down the stairs and look around for a block on the ground with a 
smiling face on it. Smash the crap out of it with the Hammer and drop down 
with it. Back down a floor, hit the rusty switch with the hammer, creating 
some stairs. Now, kill all the dumb Keese, grab one of the boxes and place it 
on the blue switch, ungrating the door (My FAQ, my language). In the next 
room, hint another face on the ground and fall down again. Don't drop down, 
instead use the block to reach a grated door. Nail the rusty switch with the 
Megaton, and go in. Looky looky looky, back with the Goron. Just play the 
Song Of Time to make the blue block disappear, jump over there, and nail the 
rusted switch. He tells you a HUGE secret, and you get another Key.

Get back up by means of the blue block and then leave. Jump onto the thinly 
in front of you and smash it with the Hammer. It's the pillar you saw 
earlier, and it will nicely take you back to the beginning of the level, 
where you need to be (and without you getting hurt!). Hey, we can reach the 
Boss Door now! Well, turn around and go back out. Walk down the stairs, take 
a left, and use the Hammer to crush the statue (sort of), then enter the door.

Hold out your shield to avoid the spinning tiles, then kill all the bad guys 
in here. Hey, you can leave now. In this next room is another Flare Dancer. 
Find out more in THAT SECTION. He gives you a chest with some Bombs in it and 
the door ungrates (more new words). Leave through it, smash the rusted switch 
with the Hammer, and save the final Goron. Oh, and you also get the Boss Key 
(pumps fist in air)! Go through the other door and you're back at the 
beginning. One more time folks, up the stairs and to the left. Now gingerly 
skip across to the Boss Door. To the right of the Boss Door are some much 
needed supplies (Use the Hookshot target),including a Fairy!!!!!!!

Oh, you didn't know? Your ass betta caaaaaall someboooodyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Time 
to face the Big Red Retard himself, Volvagia. Tough, tough, tough. But you 
can win, especially if you check that one SECTION about the BOSSES. 
Afterwards, Darunia gives you the Fire Medallion since he's the Sage of Fire. 

Hey, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a second!! Didn't he say he was gonna go fight 
Volvagia??? He didn't win, shouldn't he be dead? Or at least wounded? WHAT 
THE CRAP IS GOING ON HERE?? It's all a conspiracy!! Darunia is a minion of 
Ganondorf!! The Gorons are Gerudos in disguise!!! HOLY COW!!!!

Getting the Water Medallion

Death Mountain Crater

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: Double Magic Meter

You might as well get this next Great Fairy while you're right there. Walk 
right up to the entrance to the Fire Temple, but take a left and smash some 
boulders with your trusty Megaton Hammer. Go past the rocks and keep going 
until you find another group of rocks. Navi has something to say about these, 
but you can just smash them and go through. Inside is a Great Fairy Fountain, 
where you can obtain the DOUBLE MAGIC METER (METER, Meter, meter)!  Now play 
the Prelude of Light to warp back to the Temple of Time.

Go to Zora's River, you've been there before (BOOOOOOORING!).

Zora's River
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Get through the river, battling Blue Tektites and all the while noting that 
there is a blizzard blowing.This must be my punishment for trying to be 

Zora's Domain
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Hey look, it's all frozen over! And lookie at the King, there's a red force 
field type thingie around him! Well, go back to Zora's Fountain now.

Zora's Fountain
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Better make sure it's day, because it's near impossible to see out here at 
night. Anyway, find the moving icebergs, hop on one, and make your way to the 
Ice Cavern. It's a hole in the wall, and not too hard to find.

Ice Cavern
Necessary Items: Iron Boots, Serenade of Water
Other Items: Map, Compass

NOTE: This isn't quite a dungeon, because there is no Boss Key and no boss 
either. It's also very short, that is all.

NOTE #2: If you don't move for a few seconds in here, Link will start to 
shiver and you'll hear him say "Brrrr!"

Go forward through the hallway and you'll find yourself in a big room with a 
blue floor. Take out the three Freezards in here, watching out for the 
switchblade, and then move on. There's also a red fairy in the middle of the 
room. Another hallway, and then another room, with a helicopter blade in the 
center, and five silver rupees to collect. Run around like crazy collecting 
rupees while avoiding the blade until there's only 1 left. Go near the exit 
and climb up a ledge. Now jump off and hope you don't miss the rupee.

Leave through the newly opened door, and go to the next room. Three Ice Keese 
and three Freezards isn't going to be very fun, but tough it out. Destroy the 
three Keese and the Freezard on the floor before hoping up to a narrow 
platform with a Freezard at the other end. Wait for him to blow, then charge 
and destroy. Repeat it with the other one, and jump to the platform with the 
Blue Fire. Fill one bottle with it, and then jump to the red force field 
surrounding the big chest (not the pot, that's unimportant. The chest). 
Inside in the Map.

Now go fill up all your bottles (hopefully at least two) with Blue Fire and 
go back out this room the way you came in. You're about halfway done with 
this dungeon. Rather short, huh? See the two walls covered in red ice? Well, 
look on your Map. One leads to a dead end. Burn that one. Yes, burn the one 
that leads to a dead end. Inside here, there are a lot more Ice Keese than 
you might see at first. Try to kill them before they get airborne. There is a 
Heart Piece (frozen in Red Fire), the Compass, and a Gold Skulltula. If 
you're out of Blue Fire, just collect some more from the flame in this room.

Go back and and burn the other side of the wall covered in red ice. Man, this 
room is BIG. And there are a bunch of silver rupees. Most can be collected by 
just hopping on things, but a few require pushing the big block in the room 
next to them. You can get all but one, which requires Blue Fire. Now, push 
the block into a hole in the corner of the room, and it will pop back up 
where it started. Push it over to where a Blue Fire is burning, fill all your 
bottles, and go collect the last silver rupee. The exit door will open, and 
now you may leave.

Red ice is in front of you here, so burn it and go forward to fight a White 
Wolfos. Same as a normal Wolfos, except the size and color. Once it's dead, a 
treasure chest appears with the Iron Boots in it. Once you open the chest, 
Sheik appears and teaches you the Serenade of Water, the game's shortest song 
(odd). I really dig that melody too. Don't use it, instead strap on the Iron 
Boots and fall down the hole in the ice. Open the door down here. You should 
be able to find your way back out of the dungeon. You need 1 Blue Fire before 
leaving though.

Zora's Fountain
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Just go back to Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: Zora's Tunic

Use your Blue Fire to unfreeze King Zora and he'll tell you the story of the 
poor Zoras who were trapped under the ice, with only one escaping (Princess 
Zora). He says to go find her, and gives you the Zora's Tunic so you can 
breathe underwater. Also, you can unfreeze the shop if you'd like. Use the 
Serenade of Water to warp to Lake Hylia.

Lake Hylia
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Well, the lake isn't frozen, but the water level sure has dropped. Anyway, 
equip the Iron Boots and Zora's Tunic and walk straight forward until you hit 
the bottom of the lake. Then turn around, pull out the Hookshot, and look 
upwards for a blue switch. Nail it, and the Water Temple will open. Get ready 
for Hell my friends :)

Water Temple
Necessary Items: Boss Key, Longshot, Water Medallion
Other Items: Map, Compass

NOTE: It's good to get this level done in one LOOOOOOOONG, uninterupted 
period of play. Because you might forget sometihng important, like what 
you've done, where you need to move the water, etc. and you'll have to 
retrace your steps.

Swim up out of the hole and put your Iron Boots (and Zora's Tunic) on. Now 
drop all the way down the water until you hit the ground. Kill the Spikes 
there if they get in your way, then walk around until you find an opening in 
the wall with a torch on each side. Hey look, it's Princess Ruto! She yells 
at you for being imprisoned (what, do you think we WANTED that?), then tells 
you that in order to thaw out Zora's Domain (which you can't), you must 
defeat the evil monster in the Water Temple. She then says to follow her, and 
floats up. Well, take off your boots and follow her! Of course, when you 
reach the top, she isn't there. Ignore the symbol on the wall for now, just 
go in the door. There are about 8 enemies here, all Spikes. Kill them, and a 
large treasure chest will materialize. Inside? Why the Map of course!

Go back out the door and look at the weird engraving on the wall. It changes 
the water level if you play Zelda's Lullaby in front of it. Do so, and all 
the water goes away. Drop down the hole (you won't get hurt, even if you 
don't roll), and turn around to look at a barred door and three torches. For 
the two unlit, just use Din's Fire. If you don't have it (and it's possible 
that you don't), just shoot an arrow through the lit torch to hit the other 
two torches. Either way, the door unlocks and you can go inside. Kill the 
Shell Blades inside and you'll get another treasure chest, this one 
containing a Small Key.

Turn around, go back through the door, and all the way out, to the main room. 
Look up. Pretty high, huh? Look at the other three openings somewhere on the 
wall. One has a large block in front of it (The one on your left also has a 
Gold Skulltula and other stuff). Well, hop on the platform and push the block 
in as far as you can. It falls into a hole, and you should see what to do 
next. In the next area, there is a Tektite on the other side of a large gap. 
Hit it with an arrow, and it will probably jump off the edge. If not, just 
hit it with another to kill it. Now, hit the diamond on your side of the 
chasm, and a stepping stone of water will be created. Use it to reach the 
other end of the room. The next room has a square patch of water swirling 
counter-clockwise. Jump in, and put on the Iron Boots. Position yourself 
under the hole in the wall, then take off the boots and try to get in. It 
takes some time, but you can do it. I bet you noticed the diamond that I 
never talked about, in the dragon's mouth, but that's because I have a trick 
that everyone else over looked. Once in the hole, turn around and get as far 
out as you can without falling, against the far left wall (your left). Now 
pull out the Hookshot target and aim it atthe side of the dragon's mouth. You 
probably can't see the diamond (maybe you can see a piece), but you can get 
close enough to trigger it. See someone else's FAQ for the hard way, this 
level is already long enough. The diamond will open a gate behind you, so 
turn around, run forward, and take off your Iron Boots before you run into 
the Shell Blades. No use fighting what you don't have to, right? You'll float 
up, and wind up next to a chest. Get the Small Key inside, so I can finally 
take a paragraph break.

Drop back down the water, avoid the clams again, and get bacxk to the main 
room. If you haven't seen the tower in the center of the room by now....all 
hope of salvaging you is lost. Anway, for the rest of you, find the door to 
the tower and enter it, using a Small Key in the process.

Enter the tower and use the Hookshot target to reach the second level, next 
to the engraving. Play Zelda's Lullaby, and the water level rises, but so 
does a piece of the floor. Put on your Iron Boots and sink back down (note: 
try to land in the center, unless you wanna hit spikes). Where the land use 
to be is now a big hole. Drop in it, and find the diamond down here. A bunch 
of baddies will drop down from a gate in the ceiling, so kill them (yeah 
Munky, easier said than done!). Another gate will open (the gate they were in 
is empty), so go in there and get another Small Key.

Go back to being below the secret hole, then float all the way up and get on 
the floating piece of floor. Reach the door on the second level and go out. 
Now, this may seem odd, but put the Iron Boots on, sink down to the bottom, 
and go back to where you found Princess Ruto (room with 2 torches in front of 
it). Take off the Iron Boots when you get inside and you'll float up, but 
only to the second floor. The wall there is cracked, blow it up. Inside is 
your third (well, 4th, but we used one) Small Key.

Go to the main room, and float up again. Get on the tower, then search around 
for an opening with two pots (kill the Tektites that attack you too). Swim 
over there, and go through that area, hitting a Hookshot target on the 
ceiling at the end (Right? I tried to block this level from my memory). Up 
here is a chest, but it's block off by water. Get as close to the water as 
you can without being pushed back, then turn around and hit the diamond with 
an arrow. The timer is too short to use your sword. You could also bomb the 
diamond if you have no arrows. Inside the chest is the Compass, which is good 
because you can pause the game and trick yourself into believing you're about 
halfway done with this level.

Go back to the main room (boy will I get tired of saying THAT), and swim over 
to the opposite side. It's a locked door, so climb on the block next to it 
and open it up. A diamond and a water pillar. DON'T hit the diamond. Instead, 
get by the water pillar, and when you hear the odd sound of a Tektite 
jumping, move! Down he comes. Kill him, then stand on the pillar and nail the 
diamond. Up up and away! Man I am SO lame. Another engraving, this one will 
raise the water up to the top level (the third level). Drop down into the 
water, and look for the closest locked door. Now go to the other end of the 
room from that (thought you were gonna open it, didn't you?), and enter the 
tunnel. There's a block in here, the type that you push around until you find 
a hole. Do so, then enter the locked door.

Step forward and kill the two Keese (perched insdie the tunnel) with your 
Hookshot before they start flying. Now, slowly walk over to the edge, and 
drop down. You'll land on a moving platform. Drop down again, and you're on 
another moving platform. This part can be tough. Hookshot over to a moving 
platform on the other side, and once you get on, Hookshot to the moving 
platform two above you (meaning, not the one right above you, the one right 
above that one). Keep doing this until you can Hookshot the other wall, and 
you will have made it through the room. Unlock the door and move on.

Kill the four Tektites in here before you worry about the puzzle.  Don't drop 
off your platform though. Then Hookshot the color-changing diamond in the 
center. It will turn colors, and the water and dragon head statues will rise. 
Turn and Hookshot to the dragon head statue on the nearest platform. I know 
it's tempting to now Hookshot to the other platform, but that will make you 
fall into the water. Instead hit the crystal again, and nail the Hookshot 
target on the wall, next to the dragon statue. Climb over the head and hit 
the crystal again. Fire the Hookshot at the very last dragon head, then hit 
the crystal, climb on his head, and hit the crystal one last time to escape 
the room. ¤phew¤

This room appears to be outside, but really isn't running around enough will 
cause Dark Link to appear at the palm tree in the middle (sometimes takes 
literally two to three minutes of running, and there's no trick to make him 
appear). See the Boss Section for details on the fight.

In the next room is a large chest on a pedestal. It's...drumroll 
please....dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum....The Longshot!!! It's a Hookshot, but 
fires twice as far! A very important feature of this room that many people 
(including myself when I was on a hunt for Skulltula #100) overlook is the 
blue block behind the chest. Play the Song of Time to make it disappear (not 
if you're on it at the time though), then drop down. There are a bunch of 
whirlpools in the flowing creek here, as even Navi can see. There are three 
whirlpools to avoid. Get by the left of the first one, the right of the 
second one, and the left of the third one and onto land. Hit the yellow eye 
on the wall to open a gate (but not for long), and use the Longshot on the 
chest inside. The chest contains yet another Small Key.

Fall through the hole in the wall, and we're back in the room with swirly 
water on the first floor. Go back to the main room (with your Iron Boots on), 
and go back to where you found Ruto. Float to the top, and play Zelda's 
Lullaby by the engraving to make the water go bye-bye. Then go into the tower 
in the middle and raise the water to the middle level. That's where we need 
the water for right now. Take the door out of the tower and walk around the 
outside until you see a yellow eyeball on the wall. Hit it with an arrow, 
then use your Longshot to hit the target in there. Oh lookie, it's the block 
you pushed way back at the start of this level. Seems like forever, doesn't 
it? Anyway, push it some more until it hits a wall, then go get the Small 
Key. If you can't figure out how to do that, you're elegible to be the next 
Vice President of the United States!

Sink back down to the bottom after you return to the main room, and stand in 
front of the passageway to where you met Princess Zora. Turn around so you 
are facing the tower, and go to your right. Passageway there. Sink down, then 
pull off your boots to float back up and climb onto the land. You can use the 
Longshot to hit the target at the other end, thus clearing the teeth spikes. 
Unlock the door you find there, and take a deep breath because this is the 
last stretch of the Water Temple, for all intents and purposes.

Six Tektites in this room. If you have a lot of arrows, and good aim, hit the 
first row of two Tektites with one arrow each. They'll come after you. If 
they stop short, hit 'em with another arrow for the kill. Repeat with the 
other two rows. If you don't have many arrows, substitute the Longshot. It 
won't hurt them, but it can lure them within sword range. Except the last 
two, which can be swam by anyway. Work your way through the opposing 
currents, avoiding underwater boulders all the while. Open the door at the 
other side, and you're way high up above a pit of water. Take out all the 
Stingers with whatever you want (Longshot, Arrows, Nuts). These are overly 
aggressive Stingers, so they fly up right away. Unfortunately for them, they 
have 30 feet to go, in which you should kill them. Once they're all dead, 
drop down and swim to your left. Get up, and look left. Funny-looking wall 
part dead ahead. Bomb it, walk in, and push the block as far as you can, then 
get out, swim across the water, and blow up the other odd-looking section of 
wall. Pull the block out, then get on the other side and push it onto a 
switch. You have no idea how long it took me to figure that out. The water 
rises all the way, and you may exit. Deja vu? Kill the two Blue Tektites 
across the gap in this repeat room, then hit the diamond and jump across the 
three water pillars to exit. Last room before what you need. It's a waterfall 
and running water. EASY. Just get to the edge, put the Iron Boots on, wait 
for a boulder to go by, then drop down, take a right, and run. One last door 
to unlock, and we're out of Small Keys. That's OK, because we're also out of 
normal locked doors. Inside is the Boss Key, wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!! And two 
Fairies, double wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave the room, get back to the waterfall area, fly out through the current, 
swim out of the Tektite-infested waters, and you can make it back to the main 
area. Go back to the second level, go through the tunnel with two pots next 
to it, and proceed until you reach the engraving to raise the water. Drop 
down, swim until you find a dragon head statue, get on the tower, and 
Longshot the statue. Open the door behind it, and prepare for the final room. 
Three switchblades on a slope, leading to the Boss Door. Hard because you 
can't stop once you start climbing, or you'll fall. Can't roll either. You 
can do it though, just keep trying. We've finally made it!

Inside is Morpha, see the appropriate section for that. Yes, that's the 
Update History Section, uh HUH. After that, Princess Ruto gives you the Water 
Medallion in the Sacred Realm. Finally, that level is behind you! Just smooth 
sailing from here on out!

Getting the Shadow Medallion

Lake Hylia
Necessary Items: Fire Arrow
Other Items: None

Now that the lake is filled back up, you can go fishing! Well, you already 
could, but now you can without the Scarecrow's Song. Look around on the 
island you're on for a brownish thing sticking out of the ground. Read it, 
then play the Sun's Song to make it night. Now just wait for dawn (no playing 
the Sun's Song), and once the sun is up, peg it with an arrow. You'll see a 
cool view of the arrow hitting the sun, and then a fire arrow dropping down 
onto a distant island. Swim over there and get it, man. Play the Prelude of 
Light to warp to the Temple of Time.

Temple Of Time
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Go out to the Market.

Hyrule Market
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Go out into the Field (yawn).

Hyrule Field
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Hehe, I now have the Temple of Light to Hyrule Market to Hyrule Field thing 
on cut and paste, so I don't have to type it out anymore, since I HAVE to 
have every section. Go to Kakariko Village.

Kakariko Village
Necessary Items: Song Of Storms
Other Items: None

Go to the windmill. To get there, stand in front of the entrance to the 
graveyard and climb the stairs to your left. The door is on the right side. 
Once in there, show the windmill man your Ocarina. If you talk to him, he 
tells of a boy who played his Ocarina 7 years ago and messed up the windmill. 
That's you, well it will be, actually it was, it will be you in the past at 
some point in the future anyway. AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Just learn the Song of 
Storms and get on with it. Now warp back to the Temple of Time with the 
Prelude of Light.

Temple Of Time
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Become a child again, and then go out to the Market.

Hyrule Market
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Go out into the Field (yawn).

Hyrule Field
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Go back to Kakariko Village.

Kakariko Village
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Go back inside the windmill, walk up to the music box man, and play the Song 
Of Storms. A cut scene occurs, showing what you've done (Made it rain, which 
somehow drains the well), and the man flips out if you talk to him again. 
Just exit the windmill, and climb the ladder deep, deep, deep down into the 

Bottom Of The Well
Necessary Items: Lens Of Truth
Other Items: Map, Compass

Go forward and crawl through the tiny space, then walk forward and kill the 
Giant Skulltula. You may now walk right through the wall in front of you, 
because it's a hologram. Go into the stream here and follow it right. Keep 
going until you see a Triforce Symbol on your right, in front of a statue 
pouring out water. Step on the Triforce and play Zelda's Lullaby. It will 
drain the water. Now turn around and go back to the room where you found the 
stream. See the big hole in the middle? Drop down there and go through the 
door (obviously the one that ISN'T locked), and you'll wind up at Dead Hand, 
the closest thing to a boss this level has. Info on that in the Boss Section, 
even though he's hardly worthy of the title "Boss." You get the Lens Of Truth 
as a reward, and you can put it on to find a chest in here containing a Gold 
Rupee (kind of hard to find, what with the whole room being brownish). If any 
of you are wondering where the Map and Compass are, here.....

Map: Put on the Lens of Truth and walk around. If you see a hold in the 
ground, jump down and it should take you to level B3. There are a few 
passageways blocked off by boulders. Down one of them is the Map, but a 
ReDead is guarding it. Also, you have to collect a bunch of Silver Rupees to 
exit this room.

Compass: Follow the area that used to be the stream and put on your Lens of 
Truth. Look on the INSIDE wall for holes. A few contain Keys, but one gives 
access to a large area with cages, Skulltulas, holes, and the Compass 
somewhere as well. I think you have to jump over a hole to get to it though. 
If you're wondering what the Keys are for, they're necessary to get the three 
Gold Skulltulas in here.

Man, why in the world did I do that? What's the point? Trying to be thorough 
absolutely sucks man!

Now, since retracing your steps to leave this place is rather pointless, whip 
out your truty Ocarina and play the Prelude of Light to warp to the Temple of 
Time. Well, where ELSE would it warp you?

Temple Of Time
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Become an adult again, and then go out to the Market.

Hyrule Market
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Go out into the Field (yawn).

Hyrule Field
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Go back to Kakariko Village.

Kakariko Village
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Upon entrering, you'll get a cut scene where Impa is standing next to the 
well. She tells you to get back, and you foolishly don't listen. The wooden 
thing on top of the well blows out, and an odd purple and 
red....something....pops out and starts swarming around. It takes out Impa 
and Link gets the neurotic idea he can kill it. Well, you basically get your 
ass handed to you on a silver platter, and are awakened later by Impa. She 
teaches you the Nocturne of Shadow, which will warp you to the entrance to 
the Shadow Temple. Once you get control, play it and you'll warp to a spot in 
the graveyard ABOVE the big headstone at the back. Turn around and you'll see 
a flight of stairs going downward. Go down, and stand on the pedestal amidst 
the dozens of torches. Get in the very center and use Din's Fire. If done 
correctly, all the torches will light, and the entrance to the Shadow Temple 
will open. Go in, obviously.

Shadow Temple
Necessary Items: Boss Key, Spirit Medallion, Hover Boots
Other Items: Map, Compass

NOTE: It's a good idea to keep the Lens of Truth equipped here if you plan on 
using it (it's not necessary, but I wouldn't go in without it, especially on 
your first try). YOu'll be using it quite a lot.

NOTE #2: There are a lot of useless items in treasure chests here, some next 
to invisible chests that hold the important items. SO if I say something is 
in a room, I mean it.

Go through the hallway and Longshot across the gap. You'll be stopped by the 
wall in front of you. It says you need the Eye Of Truth, which would be the 
Lens Of Truth. If you put it on, you'll see that the wall is fake. Now, see 
the bird surrounded by skulls in the middle of this room? He tells you to 
turn his beak towards the true skull. The conseqquence for failure? You go 
back to the beginning. No problem, put on the Lens Of Truth to find the 
"real" skull, and point him towards it. NOTE: Don't stop while you're 
pushing, because you might get punished. Once completed, the bars on a door 
across a large gap on the other end of the room are lifted.

Don't try to reach the door yet. Put on the Lens of Truth and look at the 
other three walls. One of the faces there is fake (like the one you came in 
through). Find it, and go in. You're in a weird room with orange walls and 
skulls with glowing eyes on them. There are two pathes here. The first, and 
harder to find IMO, leads to a room where you will have to kill a few Keese 
to get the Map. The other leads to another showdown with Dead Hand (See the 
Gold Skulltula Section for details on that fight). Once you kill him, you get 
the Hoverboots! I bet you think this will be a real short level, getting the 
Map and Hoverboots right away. It's actually not, you just go a LOOOOONG time 
without getting anything.

Work your way back to the room with the bird in it, and put on your Hover 
Boots. You should be able to use them to glide across the Valley of Souls 
(only one with Sacred Feet may pass, says the sign) and get to the tongue on 
the other side.  Go forward down the long hill and you'll find a beamos. 
Dispatch of him with a bomb and look at the four ways out of this room. Go 
through the one to the left of the entrance. Watch out, because there's a 
double-scythed swinging death statue here (AKA a helicopter blade). Get all 
the silver rupees in here and you'll be rearded with a Small Key. The chest 
might be invisible, I don't know. But there IS a Small Key in here, trust me. 
Oh, and if you see the face that offers a look at a ferrie to another world, 
you can go look if you'd like. It just shows a boat you'll be boarding later 
on in the level.

Go back to the Beamos room and go straight through it, past an invisible 
wall. There are two Gibdos in here, and when you kill them (after using the 
Sun's Song), a treasure chest will magistically appear out of thin air (or 
maybe it's fat air). Inside is the big bad Compass.

Go back once again to the Beamos room and take a right. This wall isn't 
invisible, but it IS bombable. Take it out, and proceed through the locked 
door. There's a long, twisting hallway up here, but don't run. There are 
Skulltulas in the ceiling (how are they IN the ceiling anyway?), and they'll 
drop down without you ever suspecting a thing. Once you get near the end, you 
have to drop down, kill a Skulltula, and get by some guillotines. No biggie 
there. Navi warns you about a Wallmaster in the next room (which is 
technically impossible since the roof is a couple hundred feet up. I'm afraid 
poor old Mr. Wallmaster would be in a bad way if he jumped), so lure him down 
and slice him up. Now make a few jumps from platform to platform, slipping 
through guillotines (be careful, an Orange Flame attacks out of nowhere), and 
you end up facing off against a Stalfos. Kill him, and maybe get the Fairy on 
the platform, and look off to the left. If you want some useless items, you 
can get them over there. Looks like there's nothing there, right? Well, put 
on the Lens Of Truth and you'll see a clear path to the door. Once you get in 
the door, go through the short hallway and put on the Lens Of Truth. WHOA! 
Helicopter blade! Just get around it however you'd like and go into the 
aclove in the wall with two chests (the one on the right is invisible). 
Arrows and a blue rupee, big flippin' deal. But there's more stupid crap! 
Coming out, tak a right and play the Song Of Time near those hearts high in 
the air. You should now see what to do.

Go back out and get onto the Stalfos platform once again. Kill him, and put 
on the Hover Boots. See the platform on chains going up and down? Once it get 
to the bottom, run off and hopefully land on it. When it gets back up, run 
off the other side, straight ahead. If you make it, kill the Beamos and 
collect the four or five silver rupees, being careful of the switchblades. In 
the next room, put on the Lens of Truth and look for a hole in the right wall 
which contains a block. Pull it out, and then push it under the spik, so 
you're saved. Now, here's the tricky part. Once you're close to the second 
one, only push the block once or twice every time the spikes go up and down. 
Once you have the block at a spot where it blocks BOTH of the spikes from 
coming down, get on the other side and pull it from there. Once at the end, 
hop up onto the block and use it to get up to the left wall (probably on your 
right now). When the spikes go down, jump ON TOP of one of them, and use it 
to get over to the other side. Hit the switch there, and then get over to 
where the chest fell down. Inside is a Small Key. There are a bunch of other 
chests in here with useless stuff, as you can see on your Map (if you got the 

Now go back out, and take a left to a guillotine. Put on the Lens of Truth to 
see the platform behind it. Jump to it, and then to the moving platform 
behind it, and finally to the door. In here are a few ReDeads, which are 
optional to kill, but you probably should. Use the Longshot to collect all 
the silver rupees in here. Oh, and put the Lens Of Truth on due to the 
invisible spikes in here :) Once you get all the silver rupees, a door will 
open. Go inside it, dingleberry!

Go up either side of the steps and take out the Keese. Then grab a Bomb 
Flower (or better yet, use a Bomb of your own), and toss it in the giant 
skull. Kablooie!! And out pops a Small Key. Go back into the room with spikes 
and put the Lens of Truth on again. See that door above you? There's an 
invisible Longshot target above it. Hit it, and unlock the door.

In this hallway are a few switchblades and a few fans. The fans will blow on 
and off, on and off. Put on the Iron Boots and they have no effect on you. 
Just watch out for the Giant Skulltula! You can drop down at the gap in the 
floor. Put on the Iron Boots here unless you want a challenge (I HATE doing 
this room with normal boots or Hover Boots). The eyeball at the end isn't a 
switch, it fires fireballs at you. I don't think you can kill it, just avoid 
the fireballs. Go through the door and kill two ReDeads if you want useless 
stuff, otherwise use the Lens of Truth and look at the walls for an opening. 
When you find it, put on the Hover Boots, wait for the fan to turn on, and 
run right at it. I hope you make it :)

In here, play the Sun's Song to hold off the two Gibdos while you get the 
Key. Use a bomb on the pile of whatever to the right of the entrance and it's 
right there in an invisible chest. NOW you can go kill the Gibdos, and get 
something menial (either arrows or rupees, right?). Leave using your newly 
found Small Key (those don't last long, like in other dungeons do they?) and 
gaze in awe at the room around you. You might have seen this before. This is 
where the face told you to go to see a ferrie to the other world. Go to your 
left and drag the block over to the ladder. If you've been waiting for a 
chance to save and stop, now is the time because you can go back to that 
face, drop down, and wind up here. Anyway, climb the ladder and get on the 
boat. See the Triforce Symbol? Do what you ALWAYS do when you see a Triforce 

The boat will start moving, and when you get control again, a Stalfos drops 
down (where do they come from???). Kill him ASAP because another one soon 
comes down. You'll want to kill them both before the end of the line. When 
they both die, get on the left side of the boat. As soon as Navi screams 
about the sinking ship, jump off. You'll hit a nice patch of land. There are 
two Floormasters in here, and the walls are all invisible. Run towards a 
Floormaster, use Din, and do it again on the hands. Repeat with the other 
one. There's a reason they ALL give you magic. Go through a door at random, 
look on the Map for the ones with one treasure chest each because they're the 
necessary ones. One of them has blood all over the floor. There's an 
invisible Floormaster. Kill it qith two quick shots of Din, because the 
floor's small. Your reward is a Small Key, yippee!! Back to the maze room, 
kill the Floormasters again, and go in the other room. Right away two wood 
walls will try to crush you. Move a little bit forward (no moving right or 
left) and throw Din's Fire. If done properly, not only will the wood burn, 
but the ReDeads in here will light on fire!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! AND THEY'RE 
STILL ALIVE!!! It's awesome letting a flaming ReDead gnaw on your head, 
because it's just so weird. Once you calm down, get the Boss Key, and go back 
to the maze room.

Now you can either leave the room, or go through the last door, where there 
are two giant skulls, a Gold Skulltula, and probably a few more things. Once 
you get back out, look across the gap. You'll see a patch of Bomb Flowers. 
Hit one with an arrow and a bridge will be created. This took me about 75 
straight minutes of just staring at my TV screen to figure out, :) Over 
there, find the locked door and unlock it, since you have a Key (hopeless 
fools). This room appears blank, but has many invisible platforms. You need 
the Hover Boots to make one of these jumps, but I forget which so you had 
better keep them on the whole time. Damn traction is a big factor here 
though. Once you get to the Boss Door, go in, and drop down the hole (wearing 
the Hover Boots for ultimate coolness!).

After Bongo Bongo is dead, Impa speaks to you and finally hands over the 
Shadow Medallion. Why? Because she's the Sage Of Shadow, and if that suprises 
you.....well, it took 100+K but I'm all out of good "why don't you" lines.

Kakariko Village
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Just leave here and go out to Hyrule Field.

Hyrule Field
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Go to Gerudo Valley, it's in the Southwest part of Hyrule Field, near the 
entrance to Lake Hylia.

Gerudo Valley
Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Go across the log bridge over water and then walk up to the edge of the 
broken bridge. Use your Longshot on the thingy hanging above the other side 
and you'll be pulled over there. Note that it can also be jumped with Epona.

Gerudo Fortress/Thieve's Hideout
Necessary Items: Gerudo Membership Card
Other Items: None

NOTE: You'll be changing between Thieve's Hideout and Gerudo Fortress every 
few seconds. Hideout is inside, Fortress is outside. That's why they're 
clumped into one section.

NOTE #2: You'll definitely want to stock up on arrows before entering this 
section. Trust me, you'll need 'em.

Go forward and take the stairs on the right. You'll be captured by a guard 
right Away most times. If not, just get in their faces. You'll be thrown into 
a jail cell, but you can get out by Longshotting the hole in the ceiling. 
NOTE: You will return here whenever caught, so just retrace your steps when 
that happens. Look over the ledge and take out the Gerudo Guard. This can be 
accomplished either by arrows or by Longshotting her and then jumping down 
and slicing. Either way, get down when none of the other guards are too close 
(they can be looking at you, but not too close), and enter the doorway to the 
left. The man in the locked cell will call you over, and when you speak to 
him, you'll be jumped by a Gerudo Guard w/Scythes. Those girls are DANGEROUS! 
A few hits, and hearts don't matter 'cause it's back to the slammer for you! 
Just don't be aggressive, only use counter attacks, and throw her off with a 
few arrows every now and then. And if all else fails, just think to yourself 
"Am I really gonna let a CHICK kick my ass?" She'll jump back into the 
ceiling (hmmmm....), and leave a Small Key. Use it to unlock the cell, and 
talk to the man inside. He's a carpenter, the ones missing from that tent in 
Gerudo Valley. Find the other three, before it's too late.

Go through the other way out, then take a left and enter the other doorway. 
Take a right inside, and look for the Gerudo Guard. KILL HER!!! Or don't, 
just go forward and take a right turn. Make your way through here and kill 
the guard (guards?) that you find. You'll soon run into another door, and go 
through it (and maybe another one?) to find another carpenter trapped in a 
cell. Talk to him, take out the Scythe Guard, and proceed to open up the cell.

Leave through the opening you DIDN'T come through, and you'll find some vines 
leading downward. I believe there's also a guard pacing outside here, so 
watch out. There are two doors here (right?) take the one straight from you, 
or on your left if you wanna be picky. This room also contains a carpenter, 
and (DUH!) also contains a Gerudo Guard to fight. I believe there is an empty 
cell in here, so let me present my strategy for when there is an open cell in 
the room: Simply get into the cell, stay aginst the bars but AWAY from the 
opening. She won't come in if you're positioned right. Stay a few inches from 
the bars, and use the Biggoron's Sword, Megaton Hammer, or Spin Slashes to 
dispose of her. Then rescue la carpentier (That's French for "the carpenter" 
stupid people).

Go back out THE SAME WAY YOU CAME IN, and climb up the vines. Now, go through 
one of the doors up there (you've been through one before, it's not that 
one). TOUGH SPOT here, with a guard about the appear around the corner. One 
step forward and you're caught. Just pull out the bow and nail her. Take out 
the other one in the hall and leave up the ramp (I think there are two. If 
so, pick the right...maybe). Drop down to Link's right after leaving, go 
through the door, and watch out for guards around the corner. Now go save the 
last carpenter. The same as the rest, oddly enough. Oh, and if the empty cell 
is in THIS room, let me (re)present my strategy for when there is an open 
cell in the room: Simply get into the cell, stay aginst the bars but AWAY 
from the opening. She won't come in if you're positioned right. Stay a few 
inches from the bars, and use the Biggoron's Sword, Megaton Hammer, or Spin 
Slashes to dispose of her.

A Gerudo Guard will come in, but not to catch you. She compliments you on 
your thieving skills, and says you have restored her faith in men (yahoo!). 
Oh, and you get the Gerudo Membership Card, so no more sneaking around the 
fortress. Hey, if you change your tunic, she changes colors TOO! I think she 
looks GREAT in red....ahhhh....mmmmmm...um, nevermind. Forget I even said it. 
Got a Walkthrough to do.

Go back to the outside, and drop down to the bottom. Before you leave, you 
might wanna talk to the lady in white right next to where you dropped. It's 
the Gerudo Training Grounds. Good stuff. Or maybe Horseback Archery is more 
your style, it's to the east of her. Anyways, go all the way to the west and 
you'll find a giant gate. Climb the ladder on its right, and talk to the lady 
up there. She'll open it up for you. Go through it, munk munk.

Haunted Wasteland

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

First of all, make sure it's day. It'salreayd hard enough to see, and 
darkness only makes it worse (Well no SHIT Sherlock). Now, strap on your 
Hoverboots and walk upwards over the river of sand. You can take them off 
once you reach the top. Now just follow the flags in front of you. If you're 
interested, look for a sign on the left somewhere that leads you to a 
merchant on a carpet. He sells you a Bombchu for 200 rupees (but won't tell 
you what it is until you buy it). You'll find a stone house-type thing, and 
if you put your Lens Of Truth on, you can spot the Poe up top. Go up there, 
and get his attention (sometimes this takes a while). He'll lead you the rest 
of the way, going in an erratic fashion. However, near the end Leevers will 
attack you. Look on the map. See how you're at the other side? Ghostie will 
turn around, so DON'T FOLLOW. Just go until you spot the end.

Desert Colossus

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: Nayru's Love

To get Nayru's Love, look around the perimeter of the Colossus (I believe 
it's a right turn from the entrance), until you see two palm trees against 
the wall with a crack inbetween them. The crack is, you guessed it, bombable. 
Inside is a Great Fairy Fountain, where you acquire Nayru's Love. It allows 
you two minutes or so of invincibility. However, you'll still turn red, 
scream, and fall off walls if hit, so it won't help you there.

Once that's done, go into the Spirit Temple. It's that giant, huge, oh-so 
frigging obvious skyscraper in the middle of the Colossus.

Spirit Temple

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

If you want to, just leave now. Yes, leave. Trust me. If you want to explore 
a little, walk forward and avoid the killer pots. Then read the two snakes. 
They say, to paraphrase "To travel in the future, one must obtain the hands 
of silver from the past" "To travel to the past, one must return with the 
pure heart of a child" Up the stairs, and on the left a hole so tiny only 
Young Link can squeeze through, on the right, a big silver thingamajoo. NOW 

Desert Colossus

Necessary Items: Requiem Of Spirit
Other Items: None

Upon leaving, a cut scene plays where we see an overhead view of Link, and 
Shiek jumps down (from 50 feet up? I think not! Silly me, looking for common 
sense in a video game) to confront you. Some HORRIBLY stupid stuff said here 
by Shiek, but you learn the Requiem of Spirit from Mr. Sillyhead, so it's 
alright. Play the Prelude of Light once you regain control.

Temple Of Time

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Sir, please put down the Master Sword. Sir, put DOWN the Master Sword. Just 
put it down, and slowly back away. 

Desert Colossus

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Enter the Spirit Temple. Wow, a bunch of one line sections NOT containing the 
word Hyrule. Amazinaling (my FAQ, my language)!

Spirit Temple

Necessary Items: Iron Gauntlets
Other Items: Map

NOTE: I'm actually in a very good mood right now (Sugar high, no doubt), so 
this thing is going to turn into more of a jokefest than a FAQ. Oh well, like 
anyone comes for my instructions, many people do that A LOT BETTER than I 
can. Easy level anyway. So just sit back, relax, AND BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF WITH 

Once again, avoid the flying pot and go up the stairs. Take a left and talk 
to the Gerudo Chick there. Her name is Nabooru, and she's second-in-command 
after Ganondorf, but despises him for his cruelty. Anyway, pick whatever you 
want for the first question, and at the second say "Nothing really" Turns out 
she wants you to get the Silver Gauntlets for her, since only you can fit 
through the hole. Well, OK. Crawl right on through and begin this rather 
short part of the level.

Massacre the Keese first, and then take out the Armos statue in the middle. 
Both doors ungrate, but the right one leads to a dead end. Take the left, and 
be all like "Whoa, holy crap!" It's a Stalfos, and you've only got the Kokiri 
Sword. Push him off the gap if you're low on life, otherwise just block, hit, 
repeat. Then use the Boomerang/Slingshot/Sword/Deku Nuts/Deku Stick/Whatever 
to kill the HUGE Green Bubble. After that, look at the diamond on the other 
side, behind some chain linking. Hit it with a good Boomerang shot, and the 
fence comes down. Use it to crawl across.

Whoa whoa whoa, giant snakes! Anubises, if you must know. Just get near, pray 
they don't shoot a fireball, and use Din's Fire. If you have no magic, use 
the switch to light a ring of fire and then lure them into it. Remember: They 
do the exact opposite of your movements. Exit. In this next room, there are a 
bunch of SIlver Rupees. Collecting them all will drop down the chain link 
keeping you in. Oh yeah, kill the Keese and the Gold Skulltula hanging 
around. Now light the torches in this room however you see fit, and a chest 
will fall down. Based on its size, I assume you already guessed that inside 
is a Small Key!

Enter the door on the side that you DIDN'T enter the room from, and you'll be 
back in the first room, with the Armos and all the Keese (and I believe a 
Gold Skulltula). Crawl through the small hole in the wall right next to the 
door you came in, and run forward and unlock the door (You can also break 
those boxes in there for...well, nothing important). Look up, and kill the 
three Skullwalltulas, and then climb up the wall. At the top, put on your 
Lens Of Truth, because I THINK there's an invisible Floormaster in here. If 
not, good for you. After that, hit the diamond and a small treasure chest 
falls down with a Sma--I mean, 10 Bombchus inside! Now, look on the wall, 
kill the Skullwalltulas if you neglected to earlier, and Z-target the rock 
sticking out. Release a Bombchu, and watch Mr. Sun be all happy!

Since the door opened (Well what ELSE would happen?), go through it (Again, a 
no-brainer). Turn right, and push the statue (not an Armos, don't worry) over 
the edge. It'll land on a blue switch, which in turn ungrates a door 
somewhere in this room. Don't go to it though, unless you don't want the Map. 
If you do, jump down, go towards the foot of the giant Egyptian Goddess 
statue, and light both torches. BOOM! Map city baybee!

Now go over to that door that just opened and--whoa, look at the big one-eyed 
thingamajoo (Twice in 20K, is that overkill?)! Kill it, kill the other ones, 
and proceed to collect all of the silver rupees in this room. One of the four 
torches will light. Now, you can either a) Use the Deku Stick, run around 
like crazy, avoiding switchblades and frantically trying to light the other 
three in time, or b) climb to the top of the uprise in the middle, get in the 
center, and use Din's Fire. The choice is yours. Time for a math lesson from 
1 Small Chest + 1 Anxious Link = A SMALL KEY!!! WHOOOOOO!!! YIPPIDY MO 

Now, push the gray blocks around until you can get the one with the sun icon 
into the light, and then exit via the freshly ungrated door (umm...). Now 
climb the final steps upward, and enter the last room. Another math lesson 
1 IronKnuckle + 1 Grated Door + 1 Link + A lot of weapons = All together 

Go outside through the door and talk to Kaepora (is a really) GayBore-a. He's 
leaving! I'm free, I'm free, the King is dead! Tell me what TV show that's 
from, and I'll give you a shiny new quarter! Hey, pick up the Iron Gauntlets. 
>From the hidden invisible chest in the Sky Temple, not the one in front of 
you. Geez, then you couldn't get the Platinum Scale, idiots! Oh, and Nabooru 
gets sucked into a purple hole by some midget witches, The end. After all 
that, play the Prelude of Light. Choose "No" when it asks to warp, because 

END NOTE: Man, that was REALLY BAD, wasn't it? Maybe I should just stick to 
half-assed instructions, eh?

Temple Of Time

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

If you don't know what you're supposed to do by now, you're probably one of 
those people frantically looking for the Pegasus Boots.

Desert Colossus

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Hmmmmm, I wonder...

Spirit Temple

Necessary Items: Mirror Shield, Spirit Medallion
Other Items: Compass, Map if you missed it before

Go forward, avoid the flying pots once again, and take a right turn. See that 
big gray block? With the Silver Gauntlets (automatically equipped) you can 
push it forward into a hole. And that's GOOD. See the Beamos in here? Toss a 
bomb at it, then Longshot the diamond above its head. Take the door on the 
left, if you want the Compass. In here are two Wolfos (I think maybe one is 
white), so kill them and walk over to the Triforce symbol. Play  Epona's 
Song, because that's what you ALWAYS play on Triforce symbols, dummy! A large 
chest will materialize, and inside is the aforementioned Compass!

Go out of the room and through the door on the right that you ignored 
earlier. Whoa, a bunch of boulders on a halfpipe with three acloves on either 
side. First put on the Hoverboots and get the Silver Rupee in midair, then 
enter each aclove to get another. That blue block is guarding a Gold 
Skulltula, FYI. The door unlocks once you've got all six or so. In the next 
room is a Like Like. Don't waste time, because it's a small room. When he 
dies, open up the small chest to reveal...a Small Key! What a suprise!

Now backtrack all the way back to the room with the Beamos in it (wow, a 
whole two rooms away!), and unlock the door in here. Kill the Like Like, and 
climb the climbable wall behind his fat ass. Oh hey, THERE'S that invisible 
Floormaster I talked about earlier, my bad. Anyway, kill it (Better hope you 
have magic!), and look at the new puzzle before you. The snake thingie 
reflects light, because it's a mirror. Stand by the obvious handles, and push 
it until Mr. Sun sees it and wakes up. Oh wait, there are four! One releases 
a real chest, one a fake, one a Wallmaster, and the other opens the door. I 
always choose wrong, I'm so stupid.

See that statue? It's not an Armos, so don't touch it. Just pass it and run 
up those stairs and check out the goddess statue. See her hand, with a 
Triforce symbol on it? Jump over there using the Hoverboots, and play Zelda's 
Lullaby (no jokes this time). A small chest will drop down on the other hand, 
and you can actually Longshot over there if you get close enough. See, 
Nintendo wants you to WORK, I want you to PLAY. Ain't I great? Oh yeah, 
inside is a Small Key, like you didn't already know that.

Drop down now (That might hurt), and run past the place where the Map was, 
over towards where you came in. There's a Longshot target overhead that 
allows easy access right back up. RUn up stairs like before, but this time 
you've got a Key to unlock the door. You're now on a relatively simple path 
to the Mirror Shield. In this room, dispatch the Beamos (With a Bombchu if 
you have one), and then use Din or a Fire Arrow on the Anubises. You can make 
a blue block appear over one of the gaps if you look around. Probably for 
doing this the correct way.

Go through the unlocked door. This was a hard puzzle at first. A bunch of 
Armos next to a blue switch that opens a grated door for about half a second. 
Well, first go stand next to the door, then hit the Armos right next to the 
switch with an arrow. Turn around to face the door, and he'll eventually jump 
on it, giving you time to escape while the bars are still up. Go up the 
stairs and enter the door. In this next room is another IronKnuckle. ¤yawn¤ 
boring stuff, especially if you have Biggoron's Sword. Once he's dead, take 
the door behind his throne to the Mirror Shield.

Now come back in, and back to the room with the blue switch. Ignore the Armos 
and go over to the sun and ray of light on the other side of the room. Get in 
the light, and then use the Mirror Shield to deflect if at the sun. Booya! 
Door opens. Go in and get the Small Key (just sitting there?), then go back 
to the room with Beamos and Anubises. Yeah, unlock the door Einstein. Use 
Bombs or whatever to kill the two Beamos on platforms, and then looks at the 
monstrous wall. It's not that hard to just climb it, once you've got the hang 
of it, but that Skullwalltula is REAL HARD to pass. No problem, just Longshot 
it to death from the ground, hop on a platform, and Longshot the top of the 
wall. Piece of cake. Oh, and avoid the next two Beamos at the top by running 
through and leaving.

Two easy ways out of this little hallway, but choose the Triforce way, by 
playing Zelda's Lullaby on the symbol. Inside are a bunch of Torch SLugs and 
doors, as well as the Boos Key covered in flames. Start by killing the Torch 
Slugs, then wipe off the cobwebs and pull out the Megaton Hammer. Smash each 
and every one of the fake doors until you find a yellow eyeball. I hope you 
haven't run out of arrows yet, heh heh. Anyways, hitting it caueses ice 
paltforms up in the air, and a Longshot target above one to get up there. Hop 
up, hit the diamond, and then drop down and open up the chest. I hope you 
already figured out what was inside.

Exit the room and take a right to go into another room. Stay on the ledge in 
this room. Look past the bars to see a diamond. Can't hit it with a sword 
slash, but can hit it with arrows, bombs, Biggoron's Sword, Megaton Hammer, 
or a charged attack. Easy easy. Now exit, ignoring that giant thing on chains 
in there. Go through and kill the Lizalfo you have to face, and explode the 
wall to reveal a bunch of White Bubbles and a snake mirror. Hey, see the 
snake mirror that's in the plae you already fought the Lizalfo? Point it at 
the snake mirror surrounded by Bubbles. Now go kill all the bubbles, and 
point THIS mirror through the bars and at the real mirror out there.

Backtrack all the way back to the place you hit the diamond. As soon as you 
can, gently drop off the ledge, AND HOLD YOU SHIELD FOR DEAR LIFE! About 10 
flying pots try to kill you down here, but they at least leave parting gifts. 
After that, ever-so-gently drop through the hole (if you run you'll fall all 
the way down). Now pull out your Mirror Shield and deflect the light at the 
face of the goddess. Hold it steady right at the face, and after a few 
seconds, a cut scene shows it crumble. If you feel confident that you can 
beat the bosses on the first try, Longshit the grating revealed. If not...

Look to your right and spot a small chest. Longshot it (nothing inside), and 
hit the rusted switch next to it with the Megaton Hammer. You'll magically 
see a door open somewhere. Find it, go in, and push the three silver blocks 
through the hall until they fall down. Finally, smash the face block with 
your Hammer, and viola! An elevator from the entrance back to here! Go back 
to the chained platform now, Longshot the grating and go in the Boss Door 
(the grating will slide up).

Your first opponent is an IronKnuckle, a GOLD one. Kill it, and look out for 
a suprise (but you probably saw it coming anyway, especially if you read 
Navi's hint). After that, it's Koume and Kotake, and you can see the details 
in the Boss Section. Hehehe, gotta love that death scene!

Desert Colossus

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Play the Prelude Of Light, it's itme for the final showdown.

Temple of Time

Necessary Items: Light Arrows
Other Items: None

Instead of warping, a cut scene will be shown of you running into the 
Temple--oops! Shiek chats with you and reveals quite a few VERY important 
things. Also, Princess Zelda makes her triumphant return to the game--and 
promptly gets trapped in a crystal by Ganondorf. He picks up where Sheik left 
of, and says you must come to his castle if you are to ever see the Princess 

NOTE: After this, go do EVERYTHING. And I mean everything you can to be 
prepared for this last level. Or you can blindly go into it with 12 hearts 
and no upgrades, but whatever.

Oh yeah, and go out into...

Hyrule Market

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Avoid the ReDeads and make your way out to...

Ganon's Castle

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: None

Walk over to the edge of the cliff, right by the lava. walk alongside the 
dropoff until you're in front of the main entrance to the castle. The six 
sages will create a rainbow bridge in an ULTRA-CHEESY MOMENT. Oh well, the 
end result is pretty sweet still. Save your game, brace yourself, and walk on 
up that rainbow bridge.

Inside Ganon's Castle

Necessary Items: Golden Gauntlets
Other Items: None

What, no opening look at the level? Boy, they're REALLY serious this time. 
Roll through the two Beamos and open up the door. Hey, THERE'S that opening 
looksie! Anyways, the gist is this: We're in a round room with a tower in the 
middle. A forcefield is around the tower, and this forcefield is being fed by 
each of the six barriers surrounding it: Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit 
and Light. You have to enter each of the rooms that the forcefield eminates 
from and destroy the barrier (little ball) at the end of each one. Now, I 
wanna go in chronological order, but Light is blocked off, and you need the 
Golden Gauntlets before beating the Fire Temple, so follow the left wall. 
First stop: Forest Barrier.

Forest Barrier

Go forward and watch out for the Skulltula and Wolfos. If you kill them both, 
a small chest will appear with a Purple Rupee. Then, stand in the center and 
throw Din's Fire to light all the torches- except one. Shoot a Fire Arrow at 
the unlit torch above the exit door. Viola, another small chest, this one 
containing a Small Key.

This next room looks suprisingly like the Shadow Temple. BIG gaps, LITTLE 
platforms. Better put on your Hoverboots. Look to your left, wait for the fan 
to turn on, and jump. There are a lot of strategies, but starting this way 
seems to work best. From there, collect the easy Silver Rupees and kill the 
Beamos. Hit the rusty switch to activate a Longshot target, and get the last 
one then exit. There, that wasn't so hard, now was it?

Collect the pots on both sides of you (hopefully they're magic), and then 
walk right up to the barrier (careful not to touch it), and shoot it with a 
Light Arrow. It explodes, Saria tells you to hurry up, and you get warped 
back to the main room where the forcefield grows weaker. The Spirit Barrier 
is next along this wall.

Spirit Barrier

A Beamos, five switchblades, and a bunch of Silver Rupees. Well, at least 
there's solid ground this time. First off, kill the Beamos and collect the 
rupee above his head using the Longshot. Next, start pulling the Armos 
statues out of the way of the switchblades. Now they'll bounce all the way 
from one wall to the other, giving you plenty of time to snatch the Silver 
Rupees without getting hit. The door ungrates once you get them all, as usual.

Kill the two Torch Slugs (geez, don't these guys ever show up alone?), and 
hit the diamond on the other side of the bars (Spin slash, lunge, magic, 
etc.). A small chest falls down with ten Bombchus. Now, look up at the roof, 
where it connects with the bars. See the hole. Get right under it, stare at 
the other diamond far on the other side of the bars, and let a Bombchu go. It 
should go right up the bars (HOW?? It's BIGGER than they are!!!), through the 
hole, and smack dab in the middle of the diamond. Not too hard, but a bitch 
if you waste all you Bombchus. It ungrates the door, and you can cross the 
bars and leave this room.

Get in the middle of this room and look straight up. I don't know what that's 
supposed to be covering the roof, but a Fire Arrow dispatches of it. Now pull 
out the mirror shield and shine the light at the face of a random sun. All 
but one cause a Wallmaster (which apparently only I know the name of. It's 
not a Floormaster, Ceilingmaster, Handmaster, or whatever everyone always 
says) to attack you. I think it's either the far left or the far right, but 
then again I'm a retard.

Collect the pots, and go bust up the barrier. Nabooru calls you "kid" again. 
Well, the Force grows weaker young Skywalker (ugh, that was so goddamm lame). 
Next is everyone's LEAST favorite barrier, Shadow!

Shadow Barrier

SHADOW DANCING!!! Man, sometimes I fear for my own sanity. Alright, if you 
want some rupees, Longshot the chest to your left and then Longshot the 
target above the door to get back. Now, kill the Green Skull however you want 
to. Look off to the right in the distance, and you'll see a torch on a 
platform (well, did you think it was just FLOATING there?). Use a Fire Arrow 
to hit it, and believe me when I say you do NOT wanna miss. A bunch of ice 
(yes, ice) platforms take you to solid ground with a Like Like. The ice 
disappears quickly, but you've got more than enough time to make it. Use 
whatever feels right, be it the Longshot or Arrows. Just don't try the sword, 
or you could be eaten and thrown off the platform (for those of you 
wondering, that's BAD). 

It was time for a paragraph break. Put on your Lens of Truth and look around 
for a twisting path. It leads to a switch, which opens up the exit door (now 
THAT is good). Get back over to the main platform. If you want, look off the 
platform and downward to find an ice platform with a switch. You can jump or 
hover down there, unless you wanna be safe (and why not?). Just turn around 
and look back at the entrance. Hit the torch with a spot o' fire, quickly 
turn around to see several small ice platforms leading DOWNWARD (there are 
others leading towards the exit, but that won't do!). At the bottom is a 
switch. Hit it, and a large chest appears at the top. Not enough time to use 
the ice back up, so Longshot the chest instead. Inside are the much-needed 
Golden Gauntlets. Now you can throw those huge gray-black stones!

Either hit the torch at the entrance with a Fire Arrow one more time to 
create a path of ice, or Longshot the torch by the exit door. In here, hit 
the Shadow Barrier with a Light Arrow, and Impa (OOGLY!) tells you to hurry 
(yeah, whatever). Now, if you want Double Defense, LEAVE the castle. If not, 
proceed to the Water Barrier and I'll meet up with you.

Ganon's Castle

Necessary Items: None
Other Items: Double Defense!!!

Go left off of the rainbow bridge and through the arc. Either bomb or throw 
all the rocks in your way until you get to the HUGE gray-black pillar (which 
has a crescent moon on it, symbol of the Muslim religion and the Gerudos, 
like the big gray block...hmm). Toss it (game takes a while to react), and 
enter the area. Get your Double Defense from the Fairy Whore, and go back in, 
and to the Water Barrier.

Water Barrier

NOTE: Avoid getting hit by falling icicles in this room.

Kill all the Freezards and Ice Keese (set off Din and they become Fire Keese, 
hehe), then take out all the icicles in the center. Get a bottle of Blue Fire 
from the....hmm, what do you call a mound of Blue Fire? Oh well, just get 
some, and melt the red ice covering the exit. Make sure to refill before you 
leave, you'll certainly need it in this next room.

This is gonna be tough to explain, but luckily GameFAQS has a GIF on it 
somewhere. Umm....where'd it go? Well, damn. Ah, a Ganon's Castle 
Walkthrough. PERFECT! Now I have to go put Eluminate in the Thanks Section 
though. Hey, you only have two minutes (that's 120 seconds, 1/30 of an hour, 
1/720 of a day, 1/262800 of a year, and roughly 1/17396000 of your life, for 
those of you scoring at home). First, Go to the big blue iceberg farthest 
away from you and push it to the right (by getting on its left and pushing 
forward). It hits a rock, and when it does, push it right again. It will fall 
into a hole, forever covering it up.

Now, go back to the entrance, turn around, and push the OTHER ice block to 
the right, into a rock. Now push it to the left, climb it when it hits the 
wall, and melt the red ice with some Blue Fire. Now hit the rusty switch with 
the Megaton Hammer, and exit through the obvious path.

Once again, get the pots (are you running low yet?), take out the Light 
Arrow, kill the barrier, listen to the Sage du jour (Ruto this time), and be 
warped back to the main room, with an ever-weakening forcefield. Fire Barrier 
is next, and we are officially in the home stretch of this game.

Fire Barrier

The smallest barrier in the game, the Fire Barrier is also pretty tough. Put 
on the Goron's Tunic unless you WANT to die, as well as the Hoverboots (the 
platform can't hold you in Kokiri Boots, and you'll fall). The lava below is 
Class B, the type that warps you back to the beginning of the room. First, 
jump on the center platform, and collect the rupees that you don't have to 
jump for. Now, go jift the big gray-black pillar, and collect the rupee 
underneath it. Look around for a platform with a Torch Slug on it, and work 
your way over there. Use Hoverboots to get onto the platform with a Torch 
Slug (the Longshot target is a trap that causes you to fall). Kill him, get 
the Silver Rupee, and look at where the pillar you threw landed, sticking out 
of the lava. Jump on it, and jump again to get the last rupee. There's a 
Longshot target over the exit I believe, so use it wisely.

Go through the pot bit again, and the whole killing of the barrier. BO-RING. 
The upside is, Darunia calls you brother again, yeah! Just one barrier left 
to go, and that's the...

Light Barrier

NOTE: Since there is no Light Temple, this is a mixture of the Forest and 
Spirit Temples.

Of course, you'll have to move the gray-black pillar out of the way first, el 
stupide! Put on the Lens of Truth, because there are invisible Keese, and an 
invisible Giant Skulltula. Once they die, and small chest falls down with a 
Small Key inside. The rest of the small chests are fake or just have stupid 
things inside (like Shadow Temple chests!). Anyways, unlock the door to 

Kill the Like Like in this next room (with Spirit Temple surroundings), and 
then stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby. A small chest 
with a You-Know-What comes down, allowing you to unlock the door and exit.

This is sorta tough. 1 minute (do we need to go through THAT again?) to 
collect a bunch of Silver Rupees, with boulders rolling around, and a 
circle-shaped thing in the center. There's a Longshot on the roof to reach 
the one on top of it. The other four are in obvious locations.

Pots, barrier, sage....er, there's no barrier in here!?! That's because the 
wall is fake. Just walk through it to reach the REAL barrier, and follow the 
routine. Rauru talks, and now the entire forcefield has been disspelled. 
Well, don't just stand there, follow the bridge inside!!

Central Tower

You can kill the six or so Keese in here if you want, but there is no reward 
(except maybe what they drop). Go up the stairs and enter the door on the 
right. Now we meet a new enemy: Dinalfos. They're basically Lizalfos on 
steroids, but they STILL don't carry shields. Exploit that to kill them and 
move on. Some more velvety stairs here, and then another door. This time it's 
two Stalfos who get the call, but odds are they probably won't fare much 
better. When they die, the flame around the Boss Chest (which, I forgot to 
mention, is in that room) goes down, and you can get it. 

I'd probably save right about now. More stairs, more hard enemies. In this 
case, a shiny white and sleek black IronKnuckle. Wake one up, kill it, and 
then wake the other one up and serve it a continental breakfast. 
Long...flight...of...stairs. ¤pant¤ ¤pant¤ Well, I hear organ music, and sure 
enough, behind the HUGE door at the top, it's Ganondorf on the organ. How 
nice. I can't explain any of this, because it'd spoil the story, but Navi 
says the can't get close in this battle because of waves of darkness, yet she 
can still Z-target and blurb him! HUH!?!


With his last breath, Ganondorf is trying to crush us in the ruins of his 
castle. Well, follow Zelda, because she has superpowers to open doors and 
stuff...well, just open doors really. Follow her, avoiding falling flaming 
rocks, until some Stalfos catch her in fire. Wipe them out AS FAST AS YOU 
POSSIBLY CAN and move on. She leaves hearts, if you're interested. At the 
end, use your Longshot to stun the ReDead (no Ocarina!!!), and leave through 
the big gate!

YES, WE WON!!! YAHOO! The castle collapses in an awesome cinema. Words can't 
do it justice. It's finally over. Yeah right, like the game's gonna end after 
RUNNING! Zelda hears a sound. Investigate it, it's GANON! Kill him (see Boss 
Section), and you get a cool ending, complete with singing, dancing, and 

Congratulations, and thanks for reading my FAQ. You could have read a bigger 
one, but I doubt you could possibly find a better one. Peace.

Heart Piece Locations
There are 36 Heart Pieces scattered throughout Hyrule, some easily 
attainable, some almost impossible. I got about 30 of these on my own, the 
rest were from people at Game FAQs. Here they are.....

AL= Adult Link
YL= Young Link
EL= Either Link

Hyrule Field (2 Hearts)

1. EL- You see that fenced-in area near the entrance to Lake Hylia? You know, 
the one with two white, jumpable fences, and two black, unjumpable ones? 
Yeah, that's the place. Put a bomb in the center, back off, and drop in the 
revealed grotto. You need 10 rupees to buy the Heart Piece from the Business 
Scrub down there. Good deal?

2. EL- Exit Hyrule Market. Now, out in the field, take a 90 degree turn right 
until you see a little stream and a bunch of trees. One of the trees isn't 
particularly close to any other trees. Bomb it, and go in the revealed 
grotto. You need the Golden Scale or the Iron Boots to obtain this Heart 

Lon Lon Ranch (1 heart)

3. YL- Go into the corral area, outside, where all the horses are running 
around. You see that little building in the far corner? It shows up as a 
little square on your map. Go in there. Now, those crates are blocking a hole 
in the wall. It's tough to pull them out, but you can. When you reveal the 
hole, crawl through, grab the Heart Piece, and go worship me!

Kakariko Village (8 hearts, geez!)

4. YL- Go into the graveyard at night. Remember, time is stopped in Kakariko, 
so wait on the outside steps until you hear a wolf howl. Now, ask him to dig, 
but only in the soil spots, not the grass spots. The heart is always in 
different places, so dig on all those spots. I spent 200 Rupees last time I 
got it.

5. EL- Kill 50 Gold Skulltulas, pick up their tokens, and go to the house of 
Skulltula. Talk to the freed child, and he will give you a piece of heart! 

6. EL- After you have a magic meter, the owl is right outside where you 
obtained it, atop Death Mountain. Take his offer for a ride. Drop down onto 
the brown overhang, near the Cucco Lady. Walk into the hold in the wall, grab 
the heart, and maybe get some milk.

7. EL- Go into the graveyard. See that grave in the second row, with flowers 
on it? Near the large statue? Pull on it, drop down, destroy the ReDead, and 
play the Sun's Song. I discovered this, because that was my first killed 
ReDead, and I thought it was still alive :)

8. AL- Plant a COOL magic bean in the soft soil spot in the graveyard, and 
come back as an adult. The Heart Piece is in the crate, dum-dum. Roll into 
it, man! Oh, I found a totally kickass way to get it. As an adult, see those 
fences near it? Climb on top of one and Longshot to the crate, viola! As a 
kid, use a Bombchu to destroy it, and Boomerang the Heart Piece.

9. AL- Get the Longshot, and climb up to the lookout tower (not at night, or 
prepare to be surprised). Now use the Longshot on the roof with the guy on 
it. Talk to him, and he'll give you a Heart Piece. Well, _I_ sure wouldn't 
give someone a piece of my heart!

10. AL- OK, go back to where you raced Dampe the first time and won the 
Hookshot. Now all you have to do is win the race in under 61 seconds, not 
under a minute like everyone says. An easy way to do this is to strap on the 
Hoverboots and roll all the way through. You can EASILY beat a minute doing 
this. Also the torches, at the end, after the spiral ledge you run up, can be 
used as Longshot targets.

11. EL- Well, you have two choices, you can either use the long way that 
everybody seems to recommend, or you can use this genius plan of mine (well, 
not really genius, or a plan, or even MINE, but whatever)! The long way is 
beating Dampe's Spirit in the race, going out the back door, and using the 
windmill platforms to jump to it. However, I say, go into the windmill as a 
child, and use the boomerang to retrieve it.

Death Mountain Trail (1 Heart)

12. AL- As a child, plant a Magic Bean in front of the entrance to Dodongo's 
Cavern. Come back as an adult and climb it, you furry weasel!

Zora's River (4 Hearts)

13. YL- First, you need to have the Song of Storms. As a kid, go to Zora's 
River. There is a log which comes out from a part of the land. When you step 
on it, Navi mentions some frogs are staring at you. Now, whip out your 
Ocarina and play the Song of Storms for them. Good boy, you get a heart.  
Anything else, and you get purple rupees.

14. YL- After attaining Heart Piece #12, go back to the frogs again. Play 
every song on the top row (i.e., all that don't warp you) and they'll talk 
about how fat they are. Now, you get to play their bug-catching game. You 
simply play the proper note when a bug flies over a frog. The pattern is 
always the same, so just find out which button activates which frog, and 
memorize it, or write it down.

15. BL- As young Link, go to the end of the river, near the waterfall. Take a 
Cucco from the bean-selling guy with you. See that heart on the ledge over 
there? Do you? Good.  There are 3 ways to snag this heart. You can use the 
Cucco to fly/jump to it. However, it is MUCH easier as an adult, when you can 
use the Hoverboot to get to it. The easiest is to use the boomerang to grab 
it, IMO. 

16. BL- Look for a ledge like the one in Heart #15. Use the same strategy. I 
believe you need to use the ladder in the middle of the area to climb on a 
big big piece of land to get near it.

Zora's Domain (1 Heart)

17. YL- I recommend getting the all-powerful Din's Fire before trying this. 
First, go look BEHIND the waterfall and you'll find two torches. Use Din to 
light them simultaneously. I recommend standing in front of the right one, 
with a Deku stick on the C-menu. Now, get the stick lit, run through the 
SHALLOW area of the water so you don't fall in, and light the third torch. 
Keep running without relighting, and you'll find the fourth and final one 
outside the shop. Now, go back to the first two torches and open up the 
treasure chest to reveal your prize..... A red rupee! Um ... it's actually a 
Heart Piece.

Zora's Fountain (2 Hearts)

18. As an adult, there are several large ice blocks in the water. One has a 
Heart Piece. Well, get onto that block doing anything possible! Now, I tell 
you, now!

19. As an adult, strap on the Iron Boots and go walking around underwater 
until you see rupees. Well, in there somewhere is a heart piece. GET IT YOU 
RETARD! Oh yeah, the Zora Tunic isn't even remotely necessary. You should be 
in  and out in under 30 seconds. Come to think of it, the Tunic is NEVER 
necessary. Don't bother. I beat the Water Temple without it.

Ice Cavern (1 Heart)

20. AL- It's in a block of red ice. Simply use blue fire to get through the 
red wall in the room with the helicopter blade. The compass is in here as 

Hyrule Market (3 Hearts)

21. YL- You remember that back alley, the one with the shop that sells 
Bombchus and the locked door? If you go there at night, the door is unlocked, 
and inside a woman will tell you about her lost dog, Little Richard. Go back 
outside, and look near the Bazaar. He is the white one. Hit him a few times 
to get him to follow you, then go back to the lady. Try not to pick up any 
strays along the way.

22. YL- Go into the Bombchu bowling shop-the one where the lady said they 
were closed earlier in the game. Pay rupees to play {See Mini-Games}. If you 
win, you get a prize. Sometimes it's a Piece of Heart. I got the heart on my 
first game, so it shouldn't take too long.

23. YL- Go play the Treasure Chest Game {See Mini-Games}. If you use the Lens 
of Truth, you can see inside of them, making it oh so much easier. Anyways, 
you get a Piece of Heart the first time.

Lost Woods (2 Hearts)

24. After obtaining Saria's Song, enter the Woods and take a left. Jump on 
the tiny stump and play it. Atta boy! The Skull Kid gives you a Piece of 
Heart for your "troubles."

25. Keep going into the Lost Woods, and you'll find another little stump that 
you can jump on. Whip out your Ocarina and play with the Skull Kids {See 
Mini-Games}. After you win enough, you'll get a Piece of Heart. Um... yeah?

Death Mountain Crater (2 Hearts)

26. OK, this is pretty simple. See that climbable wall over there? There is a 
good sized hole in the side. Climb in it. You see that heart piece? Don't get 
it, it's bad. Instead, backflip into the lava, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

27. As a child, play the Bolero of Fire. Go plant a bean in the soft soil 
spot pretty near where you warped to. Come back as an adult, and VIOLA! A 
magical platform. Ride on it, and you'll be able to jump down and collect the 
heart piece you've seen many times before, no doubt.

Goron City (1 Heart)

28. YL- See that big vaselike thingamajig on the ground? Light all the 
torches on the lower level using a combination of Din's Fire and Deku Sticks, 
or just the Deku Stick. Now it starts spinning. Get up to about the second 
level and toss a bomb in there. Way to go, something now pops out. It might 
be a Heart Piece, it might be something feeble. Keep at it, ya never know 
when it'll come out.

Lake Hylia (3 Hearts)

29. YL- Catch a ten-pounder. That is the biggest fish in there at the time. 
No easy task, indeed. Not at all.

30. AL- Two ways to do this. 1)Go to Lake Hylia as a child, and plant a bean 
in the soft soil spot right next to the lab. When you come back, you be able 
to reach the roof. Now, climb the ladder to get to your heart. Guay are 
everywhere though, so watch out. 2) Use the Scarecrow's Song as an adult, and 
Hookshot using Pierre. This is also pretty good to keep the birds off of you.

31. Once you have obtained the Golden Scale, go to the lab as an adult. Dive 
to the bottom of his pool (no Iron Boots don't work) and talk to him. He 
rewards your skillz with a Piece of Heart.

Gerudo Fortress (2 Hearts)

32. AL- As an adult, use Epona and go to the shooting range. Score at least 
1,000 on the Horseback Archery game and this Heart Piece is yours!

33. AL- Get onto the roof of the fortress, highest level. Up there you'll 
probably see a large chest. Either use the Longshot to get to it or use the 
Scarecrow's Song. Either way a Heart Piece is still in there.

Gerudo Valley (2 Hearts)

34. AL- Go to the other side of the bridge, near the carpenters. Look down, 
and you'll see a ledge with a cow and a lady. Drop down there if you have the 
health to lose, grab a Cucco if not. Get near the Giant Waterfall and jump 
in. Iron Boots help. Go behind the fall and climb the ladder. You get a Heart 
Piece. Oh yeah, the ladder can also be Longshotted.

35. EL- Don't cross the bridge, but instead get to the left and look down. 
Get to the ledge. There should be a silver rock here. Look across, and 
Longshot the crate over there. Inside it is a Piece of Heart. I suggest not 
using a bomb.

Desert Colossus (1 Heart)

36. AL- Go there as a kid, and plant a Magic Bean near the entrance. When you 
come back, you have a ride. You can jump off early to kill a Gold Skulltula, 
or wait to get Heart Piece #36!!!! Phew, it's FINALLY done.

Mini-Game Review
Man, this game sure does have a LOT of Mini-Games. I'm trying to talk about 
all of them, but odds are I missed one or two. Who cares? It's not like 
anybody reads this anyway.

1. The Diving Game

Location Of Game- Zora's Domain, as a wee lad. Simply go into King Zora's 
Chamber and take a left. Now, talk to the Zora you meet there.

Cost- Twenty Rupees, but you can gain back much more.

How to win- She will throw the rupees down into the water below. Dive down 
there, and just keep diving to snag the rupees. Once you've got them all, if 
time isn't up, she'll tell you to come see her for your reward. They're all 
silver rupees this time, but once you win and come back, you get real ones, 
like red ones :).

Your Prize is- The Silver Scale the first time, rupees all subsequent times.

2. Archery Games

Location- Hyrule Market as a kid. Simply look for the building with the 
target on it. Also found in Kakariko Village as an adult, again it's a 
building with a target on it.

Cost- A mere 10 rupees. That's chump change.

How to win- You have to use B to fire this time. Ten large rupees will pop 
up/come from different location on the screen. Simply time it right and shoot 
them. As a kid, they always appear from the same locations, but as an adult 
it is different.

Your Prize Is- If you hit eight or nine of them, you get a free retry, but if 
you nail all ten, you get a Deku Seed upgrade, or a quiver upgrade, depending 
on the weapon you used. After that, it's rupees ahoy.

3. The Treasure Chest Game

Location- Hyrule Market as a child. I don't know exactly where, nor do I 
care. Don't bother telling me about it. 

Price- I dunno, let's say 10 rupees?

How to Win- You are put through a series of room- 5 to be exact. There are 
two treasure chests in each room. One holds a key, the other holds a rupee. 
Anyways, with the Lens Of Truth, you can see INSIDE the chests. Keep on 
getting the keys until you reach the end.

Your Prize Is- A nice, shiny Heart Piece. Aww, isn't that nice? After that, 
you just keep getting purple rupees. Nice money source, IMO.

4. Racing the famous Ingo!

Location- The Lon Lon Ranch, the ONLY place Ingo ever is, and the ONLY place 
you find horses, you! Oh yeah, be an adult.

Cost- 60 or 70 rupees, if you've ridden before it's 60, if not it's 70.

How To Win- Back as a child, you showed Malon your Ocarina, learned Epona's 
Song, and played it for her, right? Good, now go to Lon Lon Ranch, and Ingo 
has taken over. That's nice. Ask to ride. Get in, and play Epona's Song, to 
get her to come over to you. If you race with the other horse, you CANNOT 
win. Ride for a while, and quit or wait until time is up. Ride again, and 
talk to him while on horseback. He says that you are getting better, and 
challenges you to a race. The trick is to stay on the inside, and use carrots 
until you only have one left. Every time one grows back, use it, but using 
that last carrot will REALLY slow you down. You have to win twice. On the 
second, he could be a problem. Use yourself to block him. I once finished the 
second race in 32 seconds and still won using that technique.

Your Prize Is- Epona. Just get a BIG running start and jump over the back 
fence to escape the corral.

5. Obstacle Course

Location- As an adult, go to Lon Lon Ranch after beating Ingo and getting 
Epona. Talk to Malon while on horseback.

How To Win- Remember, the little fences don't need a running start. You've 
gotta use a carrot a few steps before a fence if you wanna jump it, using 
them close up won't work. Two laps, and you have :50 seconds to do it in. Not 
too hard, not too easy.

Your Prize Is- Go back to your house and you'll find a COW. Play Epona's Song 
to collect milk from it whenever you want it.

6. Bombchu Bowling

Location- Hyrule Market as a child, like so many other Mini-Games.

Price- 30 Rupees

How To Win- You have to break down three walls, hitting the center target on 
all three on them. The first one is straight ahead, and easy enough. Just 
don't get in the blade's way. The second is either straight ahead, or off to 
the right side. The straight ahead one is the same, just farther, and you 
have a tiny chicken to avoid. The one on the right requires you to get pretty 
far on the left, turn diagonally, facing the hole, and let a rip! The third 
is usually just another straightaway shot, but you have the blade, the little 
chicken, a hole, and a big chicken. Line yourself up properly and fire while 
the blade is off to one side, the little chicken is far away, and the big 
chicken is in the center. You should get past all of them, dip into the hole, 
come up, and win!

Your Prize Is- Sometimes Rupees, sometimes a Piece of Heart, and sometimes a 
bigger bomb bag.

7. Fishing

Location- Lake Hylia, both as an adult and as a child.

How To "Win"- Read the man's instructions and follow them, because I have 
better things to do than to rewrite them. I will say this, go to the far end 
of the pool, where the water comes out, and cast. Big lunkers there.

Your Prize Is- Rupees for anything that breaks the current record. Also, a 
Heart piece for a 10-pounder as a kid. Golden Scale for a 15 20 pounder as an 

Boss Guide

Boss of the Deku Tree: GOHMA
Difficulty Rating: * 1/2 
Necessary Items: Fairy Slingshot w/Ammo and/or Deku Nuts

Alrighty then, you've reached Zelda's first boss. Trust me, this thing is 
pretty easy, as long as you're used to Z-targeting and using your slingshot. 
Before you go in, at least have 5-10 Deku seeds, and full life (3 hearts at 
the time). When you first walk in, use C-up to spot a light on the far wall. 
I advise you to get away from the door you came in when you do this. She 
should come down, but if she doesn't, keep looking at her, and even fire a 
few Deku Seeds at the light to get her down. She'll get her little opening 
sequence, and get very close to you in the process. Now,Z-target her, and 
walk slowly away. Now, when the eye turns red, quickly pull out your 
slingshot and fire a Deku seed at her. A Deku Nut works just fine, but I 
prefer the Slingshot. 
Now, run up and slash like crazy. A jumping attack (A+forward) is useful. You 
should get in 3-4 hits before she retreats to the wall. Now, manually aim the 
slingshot and hit the eye again before she drops the eggs. If you succeed, 
she'll come back down, just waiting to be pegged with another Deku seed. If 
you fail, 3 eggs will come down, and if not destroyed right away, will turn 
into baby Gohmas. Don't worry, slash away, each takes 2 hits, and the eye 
must be red. Now, GOHMA will come down. Repeat process as necessary, and 
she'll be dead. Grab the heart container and leave. HAHAHAHAHA! Um... OK.

Boss Of Dodongo's Cavern: KING DODONGO
Difficulty Rating: **
Necessary Items: Bombs
Helpful Items: Hylian Shield

If you're like me, you played the original Zelda, and can beat this big goof 
already. If not, you'll need this. OK, first, make sure you have quite a few 
bombs, and full health(just in case that fire catches you) You're in a 
circular shaped room, with lava in the center. Starting out, Dodongo will 
immediately try to breathe fire on you. 2 options here: 1. Pull out a bomb, 
throw it in his mouth, and haul a$$ AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Or try 2. Run away. I 
chose number 2, but if you're adventurous, try number 1. Anyways, after 
getting a bomb in his mouth when he opens it up, he'll fall to the ground. 
Start slashing, and he'll begin to get up. Again, two options. You can either 
get out of his way, 'cause he's about to turn into a rolling ball, or keep 
slashing. The second idea will get an extra hit or two off on the King, 
butyou'll lose 1/4 heart energy. Your choice. After he stops rolling, go 
chuck another bomb into his mouth. You all know what to do now. Oh geez 
people, pick up the freakin' Heart Container and enter the blue light! For 

Sub-Boss of Jabu-Jabu's Belly: BigOcto
Difficulty Rating: ** 1/2
Necessary Items: Boomerang

This one shouldn't be too hard if you read Navi's hint. Without it, it could 
take a while. Simply hit it with the boomerang and stand close to it on one 
side. It will start spinning, and has about a 70% chance of going away from 
you. If it does, nail it with the boomerang, and slash up his backside. If he 
comes toward you, oh well. You can attempt to jump up to the platform if 
you'd like a quick escape, but normally the side spikes'll cut you up. Keep 
on doing this, and very soon he'll be dead. I do believe he leaves you a key, 
elevator, or whatnot.

Boss of Jabu-Jabu's Belly: BARINADE
Difficulty Rating: ** 1/2
Necessary Items: Boomerang

Actually, I THINK you can beat this thing without boomerangs, since jellyfish 
are vulnerable to bombs. Who cares, you have to get the boomerang anyway. I 
don't know about you, but to me, this doesn't seem like a prize for your 
efforts. Alright, key thing to remember here is that all the pots in the room
contain hearts. No need for potions if you are any good. Don't fool around 
with this baby, trust me. It is hanging by 3 tentacles to the ceiling at the 
beginning of the fight. Try and Z-Target them, then take them out with your 
boomerang. Try and Z-Target the center one first, because it might allow you 
to take out all three with a single shot. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, 
electrical blasts are coming at you all the while  Run around the perimeter 
while throwing. Next, freakish Beri's (jellyfish) come swinging at you. 
Electrical blasts AND jellyfish, ouchies! Stand against a wall to avoid the
jellyfish, and keep throwing that boomerang. You may actually hit a few if 
you do. Eventually, they'll stop, and so might the blasts. Take out enough 
with your boomerang to expose the core. Get close (easier said than done) and 
boomerang it. It's stunned. Run in there and slash like crazy man until 
something knocks you back out. The jellyfish grow back, so just keep 
repeating this. It IS possible; I did it on my first try, only getting about 
2 or 3 extra hearts from the heart pots in the room. Go to the Temple of Time 
now. It's in Hyrule Market and contains a LOOOOOONG cut-scene.

Boss of the Forest Temple: Evil Spirit From Beyond: PHANTOM GANONDORF
Difficulty Rating: ** 1/2
Necessary Items: Bow and Arrows

Anybody wanna know something funny? You don't need the sword for this fight. 
You can substitute the bottle for part two and arrows for part three. Heh 
heh, oh that's stupid. Long name, quick fight. Step into the center of the 
platform, in-between all of the paintings, then try to get back out. Door
closes, boss intro time. OK, he jumps into a painting. Pull out your bow, to 
get the view. You'll see him charging out of two different paintings. One is 
the real him, and the other is, well, you know. The one that turns back is a 
fake, the one who gets a huge purple energy cloud is the real one. Nail him 
FAST with an arrow. If you miss, stand somewhere on the perimeter. This 
increases your chance of avoiding the energy blast from 5% to about 50%. 
Watch out, it takes away two hearts. After three successful shots, he floats 
in the air. Z-Target him, and keep swinging your sword. He shoots a blast at 
you, and you bounce it back at him with your sword. He might hit it back, so 
look out. You may find yourself playing ping-pong with him for about 45 
seconds sometimes. Longer it bounces, more it hurts. If it hits him, he goes 
down. Start slashing. You may not get a hit off if it didn't bounce very 
long. Repeat this process, and the punk is dead! If you don't know the drill 
by now you aren't worthy of an explanation dammit!

Sub-Boss of the Fire Temple: Flare Dancer
Difficulty Rating: *
Necessary Items: Either bombs or the Hookshot

How easy! When it comes out in flames, Z-Target it, and use the Hookshot to 
pull the black ball out. Slash the black ball as much as possible. Chase it 
around, because now it has no attack or defense. Go one way, then the other, 
to catch it good. It'll hop back into the flames after a while. A good way to 
hurt it while it's in the flames is to use a bomb to get it out. Bombs also 
work well when it's in its black ball form. Again, very easy.

Boss of the Fire Temple: Subterranean Lava Dragon: VOLVAGIA
Difficulty Rating: ***
Necessary Items: Megaton Hammer
Helpful Items: Arrows, Hookshot

But this guy isn't! You need the Megaton Hammer to face off with him. Best 
intro for a boss in the game so far, IMO. Volvagia? Actually, I like to refer 
to him as Puff The Flamethrowing Dragon, or The Big Red Retard, but whatever. 
Man, that mighta been the first good joke of this FAQ. Alright, when you see 
lava spewing from one of the holes, get close. Not too close, as it comes out 
and whips it's head. Now, charge, and hit it with the hammer. Make sure not 
to miss, as you only get one swing. After that, do a normal attack, or back 
up just out of sword range. Swing, and set up for a light charge attack, get 
close, and nail it. Go fast, or else it won't work. It goes up and starts 
chasing you, shooting fire. Just run circles around it. Actually, I like to 
run half circles, rolling under his body when necessary. You can get him back 
underground the by Z-Targeting and shooting arrows, or the less-effective 
Hookshot. When he goes back down, repeat the hammer/sword process, and he 
leaves. HUGE rocks start falling. Two choices, one being running around like 
mad, and avoiding any rock particles, and two 
being standing still on a certain spot on the perimeter. I've tried #2 three 
times, and it's worked all three. Also, after a while, he'll fake you out by 
spewing lava out of one hole, then going to another. Be careful. Keep 
repeating this crappy process, and sooner or later the little monkey dies.

Sub-Boss of the Water Temple: Dark Link
Difficulty: 1/2 (with Din's Fire) *** 1/2 (without it)
Necessary Items: None
Helpful Items: Deku Nuts, Din's Fire, some potions

Well, his name depends on your name. If your name is Buttmonkey, he'll be 
Dark Buttmonkey. You've probably tried your weapons, and found that none of 
them work. He blocks the sword attacks, backflips or front rolls away from 
the Hookshot and the arrows, and even had your lunge attack sidestepped. 
Well, there are four different approaches to this chowderhead, all of which 
I've tried. The first, and best, is to use Din's Fire against him. Bring at 
least two green potions with you if you are going to try this method. You can 
also throw Deku Nuts at him, but odds are you will run out before he is dead. 
If you do, just finish him off with Din. Two other methods require precision 
and timing. You can just sit there and let him wail on you, holding your 
shield up, then swing right after he does. The strike will get past his 
shield if done perfectly. Also, you can swordfight him, swinging as rapidly 
as possible, then ever so slightly, move forward and to the right, then swing 
QUICK. Note: The last two methods require some potion, because he freezes you 
quite often when you are close and swinging. After fighting him, you at least 
get the Longshot, a hookshot upgrade. It allows you to reach the boss's 
chamber in this devilishly tricky maze.

Boss of the Water Temple: Giant Aquatic Amoeba: MORPHA
Difficulty: 1/2*(using my idea) **** (not using it, but I haven't tried any 
other ways)
Necessary Items: Hookshot

This is, by far, the game's easiest boss. When you walk in, after Navi says 
some crap, get on a platform. Nice intro by MORPHA, now jump into a corner of 
the room. There is nothing more relieving after hours of playing the Water 
Temple than to see the water tentacle lunge at you, and stop a few feet 
short. It can't reach you from here! Joy! Now, Longshot the nucleus out, and 
nail it with your sword. After doing this quite a few times, it will leave 
the tentacle, and a second one will form. While the tentacle tries to get you 
(and misses, thank God), keep Longshotting the nucleus and hitting it. 
COOOOOOL death scene, where the nucleus explodes, and the water evaporates. 
BTW, the nucleus doesn't turn red when itgets hit, so it doesn't look like 
you caused damage, but you did. Phew, that level is finally over. After a 
meeting with Sheik (or Impa?), go to Kakariko Village. Cut scene time, baby! 
Next, you'll need to become a kid, and go to Kakariko Village's windmill. 
Play the Song of Storms, and go into the well. Wait, this ain't a Walkthrough!

Boss of the Kakariko Village Well: Dead Hand
Difficulty: * 1/2
Necessary Items: None

Quick level, easy boss. You'll be in a room with four hands sticking out of 
the ground. Well, as strange as it might sound, let one of those hands grab 
you. The main monster will pop up. Now, tap any button repeatedly to get back 
out. Charge up your sword for a heavy magic attack. When it lowers its head, 
attack. He'll run back into the ground, creating an explosion of dirt. Now, 
keep repeating that process (I'm getting sick of saying that) to defeat Dead 
Hand and gain the unneeded Lens of Truth. Well, it's technically unneeded, but
I dare anybody to try and beat the Shadow Temple Without it. Great, now you 
get the Nocturne of Shadow (I think). Use it to go to the graveyard. Walk 
into the hole behind you and use Din's fire while standing on the platform to 
light the torches and open the door. (Hey, this isn't a Walkthrough! Wait, I 
said that before.)

Boss of the Shadow Temple: Phantom Shadow Beast: BONGO BONGO
Difficulty: *** 1/2
Necessary Items: Arrows or Hookshot
Helpful Items: Lens Of Truth (you don't need it!), Quiver Upgrade, almost all 
other items  (seriously)

Man, you went through hell and a half, and this is what you get? Man, this 
sucks! Oh yeah, put on your Hover Boots before dropping onto the drum, it 
looks cool. Um. yeah. First of all, strap on the UNNEEDED Lens of Truth, and 
pull out the arrows. Z-Target one hand, and use 2-3 shots, hoping at least 
one hits. It's now paralyzed, but the other hand will probably hit you now. 
Let's see, there's the punch, ouchies. The Bitch Slap, which could knock you 
off the drum into green poisonous crap. The squeezer also hurts badly. If 
both hands are active, there' the clapping, and the shove. Anyways, if you 
paralyze both hands, Bongo Bongo's face comes into the screen. Keep swinging 
the sword, or peg it with any item you have. When it falls limp, run up and 
slash like hell. Anywhere from 1-10 hits are possible, so make it count. If 
fast, you can kill it with Biggoron's sword only knocking it down once :). 
After you repeat this process (there's that phrase again!) many, many times, 
or very few times, the Bongster goes down for good, and you get a 
funny-looking death scene. Oh yeah, betcha can't guess what else you get? No, 
I won't tell you, you monkey. You silly little monkey.

Sub-Boss of the Spirit Temple (3 Times!): Ironknuckle
Difficulty: ** (If equipped) *** (if not)
Necessary Items: None
Helpful Items: Bombs, Bombchus, Slingshot

Well, basically this sucker is just a big knight with an oversized, 
double-bladed ax that he likes to swing at people. If you are equipped with a 
load of bombs and/or Bombchus, then just stay a safe distance away, using 
those things on him. When he speeds up, it makes it more difficult to use 
bombs, so switch to Bombchus. If you're not equipped, you're in for a 
toughie. Z-Target him, get in close, and right when he starts to swing, GET 
THE HELL OUTTA HIS F***ING WAY!!!! OK, I'm better now. When he swings, the ax 
will get stuck in the ground, allowing you to nail him a few times before he 
can get it back out. Lather, rinse, repeat. This guy appears before the 
Mirror Shield, before the Silver Gauntlets, and before Twinrova.

Boss of the Spirit Temple: TWINROVA
Difficulty: ** 1/2 
Necessary Items: Mirror Shield

This one has some cheesy sound effects, but that's cool. No, actually it's 
lame, but what do I care? The are two of them, so I'd suggest getting on one 
of the outer platforms and using twisted Z-Targeting to pull this one off. 
Put on the Hover Boots, just in case. Alright, you need to bounce the fire 
attack at the ice sister 3-4 times, or vice versa. I suggest Z-Targeting the 
one firing at you, and right before you block it, switch your targeting to 
the other sister. You gotta time it right, based on speed, movement, and 
distance. No, I don't know what I'm talking about, but I had you fooled. 
After the first few hits, they "get serious" and turn into a woman with HUGE 
breasts. Link's face upon her, um, "showing off" to him is priceless :). 
Alright, she fires 3 fireballs, 3 icicles, etc. Absorb the first three shots 
she throws at you. Absorbing is done by blocking with the Mirror Shield, you 
dummy. Once you absorb number three, she falls, you use the Hover Boots to 
get to her, you slash away. And then, guess what you do? That's right, you 
REPEAT! Then you leave, because I said to. No, don't get the Heart Piece, 
because then you can't get the Triforce, duh!!!

Sub-Boss of Ganon's Tower: GANONDORF
Difficulty Rating: **** 1/2 
Necessary Items: Light Arrows
Helpful Items: Bottle (for light-fighting, but I suggest the sword)

Hardest boss in the game, by far. When he smashes, to start off the fight, 
run straight backwards and pray. Yeah, you'd probably better keep the Hover 
Boots on as well, since you're about 100 feet up, on a circular ring around 
Ganondorf's square platform in the center reading me type one of the longest 
sentences in the history of the world and wondering if it will ever end which 
it probably will right about now. Alright, when he shoots that ball of 
condensed energy at you, hit it back with whatever you wanna. These Ping-Pong 
games can last LOOOOOONG, but you probably won't notice it anyway. When it 
finally hits him (hopefully), pull out a Light Arrow, and quickly hit him. 
Anywhere. If he falls, hover on over to him and wail with Biggoron's Sword, 
or the Master Sword if you don't have it. Guess the freak what? You repeat 
the process! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH yeah, two notes on Ganondorf's surprises. If 
you wait around on the platform he's on, he'll do his best M. Bison fist slam 
into the ground move. WTF? Does Bison even do that? My god, I need sleep. OK, 
also, his dreaded black hole throw. If you're waiting for the next energy 
ball, and you see him float higher, and blackness forming over his head, 
Charge up your sword. Once things come at you, release. WHAM, he doesn't 
bounce that back often. If you have no magic, fall. Take the heart or so 
away, instead of the major damage that will inflict. If you're low on life, 
you could try to jump to the climbable wall on his platform, or just quickly 
roll around and hope you don't get hit. I would suggest bringing in green or 
the ultimate blue potion to this fight, if it's available.

Boss of Ganon's Tower, The Game, The Series, and all else: GANON
Difficulty: ** 1/2 (with potions) *** 1/2 (without)
Necessary Items: Light Arrows, Megaton Hammer
Helpful Items: Every other weapon on the C menu that you CAN use

Well, you've finally made it here, and if you're playing at night, you're 
probably thinking "Whoa." And nothing else. Yes, it's you and Ganon 
surrounded by a ring of fire. Also, you don't have the Master Sword. HAHA, 
you silly little fool. Pull out those Light Arrows after the shock wears off, 
Z-Target his face, and peg him. Run around to his tail, whip out the Megaton 
Hammer or the Biggoron's sword, and smack him. For the very last time, 
REPEAT! Sooner or later, he falls, unconscious. Go to Zelda and get The 
Master Sword, then rejoin the fight. Oh yeah, if you A: Fail to get the 
Master Sword quick enough or B: Use other weapons, the fight will never end. 
Anyways, the Light Arrow trick still works, and you can finish him off this 
way, if you have enough MP,and arrows. Also, bust open the pillars like with 
Ironknuckle to get some Magic and Arrows. Enjoy the awesome game-ending 
sequence, and sit at the end to hear, if you got it, the Scarecrow's Song, 
six times, 1 minute apart each time, in different instruments. I really think 
that the Master Sword thing with the bells should have been the end. That is 
the greatest scene from a video game ever. Seriously. Oh yeah, in case you 
run out of Magic/Arrows, three other tactics.

1. Simply roll under his legs, Z-Target the tail, and hit it. Right when he 
raises his swords up, hit a to roll through. Perfect. With a little timing 
and good luck, you'll soon be able to do this with ease. If not, you're 
screwed. Sorry, I can't help you there, now can I?

2. Z-Target the face, and do a bunch of quick sidesteps to get around to the 
back of him. Then open up a can on the big blue beast. Hehe, I kinda like 
that name. Anyways, it's pretty easy, just as long as you don't screw up when 
you near his swords. BIG ouchies, especially the extra heart that comes when 
you hit the fire.

3. Desperation drove me to this, the first time I beat him. Pull out 
something, ANYTHING that can reach his face, and use it as a substitute for 
the Light Arrows. Granted, he'll only be stunned for about half of a second, 
but keep firing while slowly moving towards his tail. I got a few hits this 

Gold Skulltula Locations

Well, I found about 80-something of these little golden dudes on my own, the 
rest I owe to RCarlos and Marshmallow. I'll try to be as detailed as 
possible, but you should have a general feel for the areas already.

In case you don't know, the Skulltula Family, in Kakariko Village, was very 
rich. Then, one day, they were cursed due to their greed and sentenced to 
live as spiders until someone destroyed the Golden Skulltulas and collected 
their tokens. Of course, since Link loves helping out evil people in return 
for bribes, he's finding 'em. Every time you have enough tokens for a prize, 
go to the House Of Skulltula and talk to the person you meet there. At the 
beginning, there are no people, only spiders.

Your prizes are as follows:

10 Tokens= An adult's wallet (Holds up to 200 rupees)
20 Tokens= The Stone Of Agony (Your Rumble Pak Rumbles when near secrets)
30 Tokens= Giant's Wallet (Holds up to 500 rupees)
40 Tokens= Ten Bombchus (Bomb-creatures that run up walls)
50 Tokens= A Piece of Heart
100 Tokens= A gold rupee (which you can get over and over!)

Bottom of the Well (3 Gold Skulltulas)

This one is worthy of a mini-walkthrough, such as Marshmallow gave it, but I 
was WAY too lost to do that. Suffice to say you should treat this like a 
normal level, opening chests and getting keys. Use your Lens of Truth 
sparingly. Oh, and remember, those yellowish piles in the corners. Some can be
blown up.

As a Child...

1. In the cage with the Like-Like. That, my friends, is a very scary thought. 
If you let it take your gear, and get swallowed up again, both while OUTSIDE 
of the cage, he'll bring you inside. Hehe, what a trick.

2. Put on your Lens of Truth to find a hidden path to an aclove with a 
Skulltula inside.

3. In a room with a Deku Baba and flying pots. It's on the wall, lame brain.

Death Mountain Crater (2 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

4. Play the Bolero of Fire as a child, and you should be very near a soft 
soil location. I hope you know the drill by now, and if not, you aren't 
worthy of an explanation!

5. At the summit of Death Mountain, use the entrance to the Crater. There is 
a crate on the left side of the little hallway you come in. Roll into it/bomb 
it/sledgehammer it/shoot yourself and kill the Skulltula that pops out.

Death Mountain Trail (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

6. When you first enter the trail, examine the right side of the wall. A 
patch of it looks a little strange. Obviously, it can be bombed. Once you DO 
bomb it, you can kill the Gold Skulltula inside. Later on the trail, there is 
more of this.

7. See the soft soil spot in front of the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern? Well, 
guess what? You plant a bug in there, and kill the Skulltula which pops out!

As an Adult...

8. At night, Go to the wall where the Skullwalltulas are guarding the summit. 
You'll probably hear the noise if you walk around enough. Anyways, behind one 
of those boulders is a Golden Skulltula.

9. Also at night, go back to where you through the bomb off the ledge to open 
up Dodongo's Cavern. Remember, just take a left before Goron City. Same 
things described above.

Desert Colossus (3 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

10. Right next to the Temple's entrance, there is a spot of soft soil. The 
next person to ask what to do next gets a swift kick in the nuts!

As an Adult...

11. Look up in one of the palm trees. There is the little bugger. Simply use 
Public Enemy #1, The Hookshot.

12. If you plant a magistical bean at the soft soil spot (well, where ELSE?) 
near the entrance to the Spirit Temple, as an adult you can ride it to pick 
up a Skulltula or a Heart Piece.

Gerudo Fortress (2 Golden Skulltulas)

As an Adult (Well, DUH!)...

13. Go to the horse archery range and look on I believe the northernmost big 
target. Nearly impossible to miss. I think it stays there if you play the 
game. Silly Skulltula.
                                                                14. Hard to 
describe. You know how when you first walk in, if you turn right, you're 
facing the fortress? This Skulltula is somewhere on the wall straight ahead 
from there. Get high up, and employ the Hoverboots to reach a close platform.

Gerudo Valley (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

15. Get on the board bridge and take a looksie to the right. There it is, 
right behind the waterfall.

16. Grab a Cucco, and get to the right side of the big gap before the bridge. 
Jump, and try and land on a ledge with a cow and a Gerudo. Soft soil can be 
found there, which means...well, you know.

As an Adult...

17. Look behind the tent where the carpetners are hanging out. There it is, 
plain as day and not to easy to miss.

18. Right in front of the entrance to the Gerudo Fortress. Look up high, and 
I think this sucker is hanging around on a stone pillar or something. Not 
easy to overlook.

Goron City (2 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

19. Once you have obtained bombs, look around on the uppermost level until 
you run into a room full of rocks. Destroy the ones you can with bombs until 
you make it to the end. Some rupees, and a crate. Betcha can't guess what's 

As Either Link...

20. Remember that platform way high up suspended by ropes? If you look 
carefully, you see a Skulltula just hanging on the outside of it. You can use 
bombs, Din's Fire, the Slingshot, Boomerang, Hookshot, arrows, or sword 
attack to kill it, and the boomerang, Hookshot, or your body to get the token.

Haunted Wasteland (1 Golden Skulltula)

As an Adult...

21. You know the building where the invisible Poe Guide speaks to you? Yeah, 
that's the one. Drop down in there and wail mercilessly on one of the last 
surviving members of the endangered species, the Golden Skulltulas.

Hyrule Castle (2 Golden Skulltulas)

As a child...

22. Right when you enter, you'll see a tree in front of you. Roll into it, 
and VIOLA! A Skulltula pops out. I suggest rolling into it from the side. The 
last time I did it, the thing fell on my head.

23. Go to where you woke Talon up, and turn around. See that tree over there 
in the corner. Go up to it and play the Song of Storms. Fall in there hole 
revealed. Atta boy, now just hunt down the Golden One.

As an Adult (The place is now Ganon's Castle)...

24. You see that stone arch? Yeah, the first guard was there as a child. 
Well, go through it, and you'll hear the all too annoying "Shoosh shoosh 
shoosh shoosh" of the Skulltula. Turn around and blast its ass!

Hyrule Field (2 Golden Skulltulas)

As Either Link...

25. Go to the steps near Kakariko Village. Now, take a left, and you should 
see a lone tree and Hyrule Castle. Now, take out a bomb and place it next to 
the tree, and back up. Go into the hole that appeared, and destroy the Spider 
down there.

26. See that silver rock in front or the entrance to Gerudo Valley? The one 
with a circle of stones around it? Become an adult, and use the Megaton 
Hammer on it. You can go in the hold revealed as a kid or adult though. 
There's a cow in there. And a Giant Skulltula too.

Hyrule Market (1 Golden Skulltula)

As a child...

27. Go to the area in-between Hyrule Field and the actual Market. Enter the 
door on the side. See the crate next to the guard? It had a Skulltula in it. 
Bust it open, and kill the darn thing.

Kakariko Village (8 Golden Skulltulas)

As a child...

28. At night, look on the ladder of the tremendously large lookout tower. The 
Golden Skulltula should be on there.

29. At night, it's on the back of the House of Skulltula. Obviously, you're 
supposed to kill it and get the token, nimrod.

30. At night, Look for a house near Death Mountain Trail. On the side is your 
Golden Skulltula. For some reason, the door to this building is locked. Why?

31. At night, look for the big construction site, near the well. On the back 
of one of the stacks of bricks is a Golden Skulltula.

32.At night, look on the wall of Dampe the Gravekeeper's House, in the 
graveyard. There it is, my friends.

33. There is a patch of soft soil in the graveyard. Plant in the bug, and 
slap the Skulltula that pops out.

34. When you first come in, at night, roll into the tree that is dead ahead. 
Guess what pops out? No, it's NOT the Triforce.

As an Adult...

35. Look on the roof of Impa's House at night. Requires the Hookshot. Impa's 
House is just right of the entrance, and has a guard standing in front of it.

Kokiri Forest (3 Golden Skulltulas)

As Young Link...

36. Let loose a bug on the patch of soft soil here. Obviously, after a few 
seconds, out pops Mr. Skulltula, just waiting to be killed. Yippee!

37. At night, look on the back of the Know-It-All Brothers' House. You need 
the Boomerang to get the token, and the Slingshot or Boomerang to kill it. I 

As Adult Link...
                                                             38. Look on the 
back of the Twins' House at night. Way up there, isn't it? Youneed the 
Hookshot if you are to collect the token from the poor dead one.

Lake Hylia (5 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

39. At night, look on one of the tiny islands out in the distance. I believe 
there are about three. Good, who cares, kill the damn spider and get it over 
with already! What did it do to you, anyway!?!

40. Look on the hard-to-reach back of the science lab. Since it's on the 
waterside, you need to get far away to view it. Hence, the boomerang is a 
necessity to capture the token.

41. There is a patch of soft soil in front of the science lab as a 
Child..........no, I'm not going to elaborate on that.

As an Adult...

42. Use the Serenade of Water to warp here. At night, use you freaking 
Longshot or Din's Fire to wipe out that Gold Skulltula way high in the tree. 
Keep Longshotting up there now, just trying to get at the token.

43. After you've got the Iron Boots, go into the science lab and use them to 
sink to the bottom. In the crate down there, you'll find a Gold Skulltula.

The Lon Lon Ranch (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a child...

44. Come in at night, and look on the second-story window of Talon's House. 
See the Skulltula? You'll need the Boomerang to retrieve the token.

45. Go to the one and only tree in the entire ranch. It's right at the 
beginning of the corral. Just roll right on into it.

46. Remember where you (might have) gotten the Piece of Heart? Way in the 
back, that little shed with the cows in it? Well, now there's a Golden 
Skulltula hanging around there. Kill it, you vile fiend!

47. You know the circular fence that sort of keeps the horses inside of it? 
On the back, there is sort of a wooden thing. Kill the Skulltula you find 
there. Well, you don't HAVE to, but you know.

Lost Woods (3 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

48. Remember the bridge that goes from Kokiri Forest to Hyrule Field? In the 
room below is a soft soil spot. Plant a bug and watch it grow up. I believe 
this is left, left from the entrance.

49. Deeper in to the Woods is another soft soil spot. Plant another bug in 
there. Just be careful of the Deku Scrubs constantly firing at you.

As an Adult...

50. Go back to where you found Lost Woods Golden Skulltula #2 as a child. 
Hear that noise. As a kid, you can plant a bean in the soft soil, and ride 
the platform up to the Skulltula as an adult. However, using Din's Fire to 
kill it and the Longshot to retrieve it is possible as well, but very hard.

Sacred Forest Meadow (1 Golden Skulltula)

As an Adult...

51. When you get near the end, close to the Moblin with the club, take a left 
and look up. There it is, BABY!

Zora's Domain (1 Golden Skulltula)

52. Go to the top of the now-frozen waterfall. The place where you played the 
Diving Game {See Mini-Games} as a kid. Look to your left. Now, get the right 
angle and blast it with your Hookshot.

Zora's Fountain (3 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

53. Alright, at night, look around until you find a "meaningless" log in the 
water. It's big, so hop onto it. Follow it to the wall, and kill the 
Skulltula you find there.

54. Go to that island way in the back. See the lonely tree over here? Guess 
what you get for having the ingenuity to roll into it?

As an Adult...

55. Go back to that lonely island which you got the LAST Golden Skulltula at. 
Pick up the rock if you have the Silver Gauntlets, or just dispatch of it 
with a few blows from the Megaton Hammer (can you do that?). Down below, kill 
the 3 invisible Skulltulas (not golden, not giant, not wall, just normal) and 
proceed to wipe out lil' Mr. Golden down there.

Zora's River (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

56. As usual, there is a tree at the entrance which you can roll into. And, 
as if I NEEDED to tell you, inside of it is a Golden Skulltula.

57. Get to the very end, and then just simply drop down. Yes, it's shallow 
enough to stand in. At night, there is a Gold Skulltula on the ladder. You 
know what to do, right?

As an Adult...

58. At night, go all the way to the wooden bridge near the entrance to Zora's 
Domain. Look up. It's WAY HIGH on a wall. Oh yeah, and watch out for the 
Octorok spitting at you.

59. Get up to that large piece of land where I believe you can also obtain a 
Heart Piece. Anyways, a wall up there at night holds JUST what you want.

Well, I ran into some alphabetizing problems. Anyways, I was moving things 
around, and the levels ended up here, at the end somehow. Almost in perfect 
order, too. Strange. Here, take 'em!

Inside The Deku Tree (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

60. Go to the Compass room, where you raise the three plaforms. One of them 
leads you to an aclove with a You-Know-What inside. Be careful, heh heh heh.

61. When you break spiderweb number one, look on the vines which are the way 
back up. There's what you're looking for, baby!

62. In that same room, look for a hole with wooden bars across it. I suggest 
the Boomerang, if you haven't already gotten the token.

As Either Link...

63. There is a room with a torch, and two burnable spiderwebs. Now, a Deku 
Baba is behind one of them, and the exit to the room is behind the other. Go 
to the Deku Baba, kill him, and bomb the wall behind him. Please note that
this is only possible as Child Link once you have defeated the Forest Temple, 
since the Great Deku Tree shuts in the future after that.

Dodongo's Cavern (5 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

64. Go to the room where you had to detonate many bombs at the same time to 
create a staircase? Go there, get on the walkway, walk around to find some 
bombs, and kill the Golden Skulltula. Also, kill the Skullwalltula just 

65. This is sort of a toughie. Go in, and climb onto the elevator. Go into 
the room with the switchblades and make your way to the ladder that DOESN'T 
have a blue block at its base. You're now in the room where you had to make 
the stairs with bombs, but in an odd location. Go left on the path and climb 
up the vines. Now, kill the Skulltula you find up there and take its precious 
token. Ever wonder how they carry these things around? Or how they can stay 
in 1 spot for 7 years?

66. Take a right when in the main room. Alright, now you should be in a 
hallway with a bunch of Dodongo Larva. Examine the right side wall, and 
either use your own bomb, or detonate a Larva near the funny-looking part. 
Circle the Armos to find the hidden Skulltula.

67. Go through the Dodongo Head and into the room with the blocks. A section 
of the right wall looks a wee bit funny. Bomb it, and you have the same 
Armos/Skulltula setup as in the previous spider.

As an Adult...

68. Go back into the Dodongo Larva hallway where you got the third Skulltula 
in here as a kid. Look up and left until Navi turns green. Play the 
Scarecorw's Song and Hookshot your way up there. Now how easy was that? Oh 

Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly (4 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

69. Look in the holes where Princess Ruto was first seen. One of them leads 
to the area that this thing is on. Just Boomerang to kill it and get the 
token back

70. Basically just a few mere feet away from the previous one. Kill it in the 
same fashion, I suppose. These 2 look abnormally large for some reason. Eh.

71. The room with water between two pieces of land, with the switch on the 
water. Some vines on the right side of the room. Just kill it via boomerang 
or slingshot and climb the vines to retrieve the token. You just CANNOT miss 

72. Room before the boss, where you've gotta flip the switch to open the 
door. Climbing up the vines, you'll probably at least hear this one. Seek and 
destroy my friends, seek and destroy.

Forest Temple

As an Adult...

73. In the very first room, dispatch of the Wolfos and use the climbable 
vines on the right side. Remember, Gold Skulltulas don't move. Climb to the 
platform and Hookshot it to death, then pick up the token.

74. In the main room, with the torches and ghosties and crap, he's right 
there on the wall. Man, even if you WANTED to you couldn't beat this level 
without killing it, that "Sheesh sheesh sheesh sheesh" noise would drive you 

75. Go to the high up plant rooms, and drop down off of a balcony. Well, that 
was quite easy, now wasn't it.

76. You've seen this one by now, I'm sure. The room with the well in it? 
Well, you should use the treasure chest as a Hookshot target, then look up on 
the wall and kill it. Silly me, I never thought of that at first, and didn't 
come back to kill it until I got the Longshot.

77. In the room in front of the Boss Room, push the wall until you find a 
Giant Skulltula. Kill it, go inside, and blast the Golden Skulltula.

Fire Temple (5 Golden Skulltulas)

As an Adult...

78. Go to the huge room with the bridge leading across it. Find the blue 
block and play the Song Of Time. Go into the now-accessable room, and kill 
the Golden Skulltula inside.

79. There are two rooms with spinning tiles flying at you and a Like-Like at 
the end. One leads to the Boss Key. Look behind the Like-Like in this one. Hi 
Mr. Skulltula. Bye Mr.Skulltula.

80. Go to the boulder maze room type thing, lower level. You know how there 
are some overhangs, and the camera will change to normal view when you get in 
these? Most lead to a door, one leads to the freakin' Skulltula noise. Bomb 
the floor, and kill the Skulltula you find.

81. On the upper level of the boulder maze, look for a place to play the 
Scarecrow's Song. Do that, and follow the platforms in the sky to get to the 
next victim on your Skulltula list.

82. Go to the room where you found the Megaton Hammer. Look for the island 
which seems to be floating in midair. Any further instructions on my part 
would only serve to insult your intelligence.

Ice Cavern (3 Golden Skulltulas)

As an Adult...

83. Go to the room with the helicopter slicing blade. Go to the side with 
icicles and the Golden Sklltula. Smask the icicles and hug the wall so you 
can use the Hookshot without worrying about the blade.

84. Find the odd room where you have to manuever the large blacks of ice 
around. I believe you know what to do now, and if you don't, tough luck.

85. Remember where you went into that aclove to get the Piece of Heart out of 
the Red Ice? In the Compass room? It's around there somewhere. You have more 
red ice to burn, if memory serves.

Water Temple (5 Golden Skulltulas)

86. Face the area where Princess Ruto used to be, but take a left and go in 
that hallway. The water must be lwoered so you can use a bomb on the crack in 
the floor. When you get to the grate, use a spin slash (or Din's Fire, or 
whatever) Kill the SKulltula inside.

87. When you get the Longshot, drop into the hole behind it. Above the third 
vortex (one is at the beginning and easy to miss) on the wall is GS.

88. After acquiring the Longshot, go into the central pillar and get way high 
up. Atta boy! Now, kill the Skulltula and retrieve its token with the 
Longshot. Now, wasn't that easy? No.

89. Remember that waterfall that spit out boulders? It was before the Boss 
Key, remember? Yeah, put onthe iron boots and get near the waterfall. On the 
wall is the ruthless, cunning, savvy, immobile Golden Skulltula. LoL.

90. In the room before you face Dark Link (I think) it's a waterfall type 
thing. Platforms going down into the center, you've gotta get from one side 
to the other. Look on the right wall. Longshot must be used to get the token.

Shadow Temple (4 Golden Skulltulas)

91. It the room with the Iron Maiden type contraption coming down form the 
ceiling, block it with a blokc first of all. Exploring the cages will find 
you a Golden Skulltula. Ain't that just dandy?

92. Look behind those large, blue, spinning skulls. Not much else to say 
about this one.

93. In the area with the Wallmaster, guillotines, and Stalfos, turn left when 
you beat the Stalfos and use the Lens of Truth to follow the invisible path. 
Collecting Silver rupees in this next room opens the door to a Golden 
Skulltula. Put the Lens of Truth on in this room, trust me.

94. Stand on the Triforce symbol where you would normally play Zelda's 
Lullaby to get the ship moving. Look to your left and play the Scarecrow's 
Song. Longshot to Pierre and kill the Golden Skulltula you find up there.

Sprit Temple (6 Golden Skulltulas)

As a Child...

95. Go to the room with the Sun Icon on a block, that wants to see the light. 
Walk into the room that contains that Iron Knuckle. Look at the door behind 
you. Youch!

96. Go through tunnel numebr one, next to Nabooru, and go right. Use the 
Boomerang to destroy it, since it's on the grating.

97. Go through the second tunnel, then the locked, door, and then climb the 
wall, knocking out those pesky Skullwalltulas. Turn around, and you get an 
ugly sight.

As an Adult...

98. Go into that big area with the large female Egyptian statue. Go up the 
stairs and search for a spot to use the Scarecrow's Song. When you find it, 
use it. Duh.

99. There is a big, rotating skull here, like there was in the Shadow Temple. 
And, once again, lurking behind it is a Golden Skulltula.

100. Go to the room with the boudlers rolling about where you have to jump in 
acloves to get silver rupees. Play the Song of Time to move the blue block. 
Behind it is a Gold Skulltula.

YL= Only usable as Young Link
AL= Only usable as Adult Link
BL= Take a wild guess :)


Kokiri Sword (YL)
Found: In the Kokiri Training Center, on the southern area of the Kokiri 
About: Your worst sword. However, it's the only sword usable as a child, so 
you're stuck with it for then. At least most of the enemies are too weak to 
withstand more than a few shots.

Master Sword (AL)
Found: In the Temple of Time after beating the Jabu-Jabu's Belly dungeon.
About: Probably the games most well-rounded sword. Twice as powerful as the 
Kokiri Sword, and a great Z-Targeting swordfighting weapon.

Biggoron's Sword (AL)
Found: Obtained from
Medigoron atop Death Mountain, as the last step of the Biggoron's Sword 
trading sequence.
About: IMO, the games best weapon. Twice as powerful as the Master Sword, and 
most enemies go down after just one shot. The one and only downside to this 
weapon is that it takes two hands to use, therefore your shield can't be used 
while the sword is out of its sheath.


Kokiri Boots (BL)
Found: You start the game off with these things.
Use: Standard boots, nothing special. Good speed, good traction, but nothing 

Iron Boots (AL)
Found: In the Ice Cavern behind Zora's Fountain.
Use: These boots are great for sinking. Step into the water with these on, 
and you can examine the bottom. Of course, on land they slow you down quite a 

Hover Boots (AL)
Found: In the beginning of the Shadow Temple.
Use: These are pretty damn cool. You can hover above water or thin air for 
short periods of time. If you want to move faster on land, use the forward 
roll continuously with these on.


Kokiri Tunic
Found: Standard tunic that you start the game off with. Well, you don't think 
he started naked, now do you?
Use: It's good for...nothing. Really, except maybe to avoid freezing to death 
or being laughed at.

Goron Tunic
Found: You get this Tunic by stopping the tiny, rolling Goron in Goron City 
as an adult, using a bomb. Talk to him for a while, and eventually he gives 
it up. Also available at the Goron City shop for 200 rupees.
Use: It's a good, heat-resistant tunic, and necessary unless you are extremly 
fast (like me).

Zora Tunic
Found: You get this, the last tunic, by unfreezing King Zora as an adult. 
Also can be bought at the Zora's Domain shop for 200 rupees.
Use: This is only good if you're real slow, since you never need to be 
underwater for over a minute.


Deku Shield (YL)
Found: This is purchased for 40 rupees at the Kokiri Forest shop. These can 
be found anywhere really, as Business Scrubs sell them in certain dungeons.
About: Standard defense for Yound Link. If you touch fire while this is 
equipped, it burns, and you have to purchase/find a new one.

Hylian Shield (BL)
Found: Purchased at Hyrule Market for either 80 rupees, or you can talk to 
the Death Mountain Trail Guard and get it at a reduced price. OR, you can go 
into Kakariko Graveyard, and search inside the graves for it.
About: As Young Link, you hold it over your head. Good for falling boulders. 
As an adult, you use it properly, and can Z-Fight with it. Wear Zora Tunic 
with it, it looks cool.

Mirror Shield (AL)
Found:  Found in the Spirit Temple as an adult, after killing the second 
About: This is the games strongest shield, which is it's upside as well as 
its downside. You cannot deflect Deku Nuts back anymore, they will shatter 
when hitting your shield. Tough. Also, deflects light and Koume and Kotake's 
energy blasts. Looks great with the Goron Tunic.

Arrows (All AL):

Normal Arrow
Found:  The first arrows, along with the Bow to shoot them with, are found in 
the Forest Temple.
Use: Duh, it fires a standard, untouched arrow. Can be turned into a fire 
arrow if shot through a torch.

Fire Arrow
Found: In Lake Hylia. Warp there (or don't), and read the plaque near the 
Triforce symbol. Come daybreak, shoot the sun. You should then see what to do.
Use: This sets your arrows on fire before they hit your enemy. Costs 2MP. 
Does double damage as far as I can tell. Also, it melts white ice.

Ice Arrow
Found: This is the big treasure of the Gerudo training center. Worth it? 
Use: This makes your arrows very icy. This also costs 2MP, but it's worth it. 
Some enemies will shatter into many pieces if you hit them after freezing 

Light Arrow
Found: Given to you after beating the 5th Temple, whether it be the Shadow or 
Spirit. Ouchies! 4MP to use just one of these ultra-powerful arrows.
Use: Necessary to beat Ganon's Tower (used on him and those weird thingies in 
the barriers). 

Silver n' Gold

Silver Scale (BL)
Found: This is gotten by winning the Diving Game {See Mini-Games} at Zora's 
Domain. Necessary to beat the game.
Use: It allows you to dive for up to 5 seconds. 

Golden Scale (BL)
Found: You can get this by catching a large fish as an adult. Use: It allows 
you to dive for a seven count. Man, Link sucks at diving. Anyways, try it in 
the Lakeside Lab as an adult, hehe.

Silver Gauntlets (AL)
Found: At the end of the children's version of the Spirit Temple, after 
beating Ironknuckle. Only can be used as an adult, however.
Use: By now, you've run into one of those stupid blocks that says something 
about silver hands, right? Well, you can move them if you're wearing Silver 

Golden Gauntlets (AL)
Found: In the Shadow Barrier of Ganon's Castle. Unlike the Golden Scale, you 
DO need this to beat the game.
Use: Allows you to lift and HURL objects so heavy it's ridiculous!

C Items:

Hookshot/Longshot (AL)
Found: Retrieved by racing Dampe in the Kakariko Village graveyard as an 
adult. The upgrade to Longshot is found in the Water Temple after killing 
Dark Link.
Use: This sticks to wooden things and targets, and pulls you to them. Great, 
since it works on treasure chests.

Megaton Hammer (AL)
Found: In the Fire Temple, on the 5th floor (the top floor). this mythical 
Hammer has the power to crush some rocks. Use it on the Gossip Stones for 
laughs. Necessary to activate rusty switches and to kill Volvagia.

Bombs (BL)
Found: Anywhere really. Can be bought at shops, found under grass, or 
purchased from some Business Scrubs.
Use: Obviously, you use them, and they blow up, wiping out any enemies and 
bombable walls nearby. If you swing your sword at a wall, a bombable section 
sounds different than the others. It also looks different in most cases.

Deku Nuts (YL)
Found: Anywhere really. Can be bought at shops, found under grass, or 
purchased from some Business Scrubs.
Use: Used as a weapon, and only that. Ineffective on most creatures, but 
wreak havoc in Jabu-Jabu's belly. You can also use it to freeze certain 
enemies if you want. Whatever.

Deku Sticks (YL)
Found: Anywhere really. Can be bought at shops, found under grass, or 
purchased from some Business Scrubs.
Use: Great device for lighting torches. Can also be used as a formidable 
weapon, but snaps too easily. Burns out if on fire too long, so be careful.

Bottle (BL)
Found: There are four bottles:
1. Win Talon's Super Cucco-Finding Game at Lon Lon Ranch. As a child of 
course. Talon isn't there as an adult, you moron.
2. Catch all the chickens in Kakariko Village and return them to their pen. 
The Chicken Lady there will give you a bottle.
3. NECESSARY: As a kid, in Lake Hylia. Next to the entrance to Zora's Domain, 
way at the bottom. Has a letter inside.
4. As an adult, find all 10 Super Poes in Hyrule Field and sell each one to 
the Poe Man in Hyrule Market. Strange guy.
Use: Used for two purposes. One is to catch and carry things, such as bugs, 
fish, potions, etc. Another is versus Ganondorf or his Phantom, use it to 
deflect the energy bursts back at him.

Bombchus (BL)
Found: In a chest in the Spirit Temple, and one in Ganon's Castle. Also can 
be bought for 200 rupees from a man in the Haunted Wasteland or at a hidden 
shop in Hyrule Market at night. Also, your Gold Skulltula prize for 40 tokens.
Use: A cool, necessary weapon. Great for squaring off against Ironknuckle in 
case you're low on life or just plain suck.

Magic Beans (YL)
Found: Bought from the fat boy in Zora's River. Starts at 10 rupees, then 20, 
then 30, etc. until you reach 100.
Use: As a kid, go find a soft soil spot, and plant a bean in there. As an 
adult, come back and lookie there, a platform that you can ride. Crucial in 
getting a few Golden Skulltulas. 

Bottled Bugs (YL)
Found: You can either buy these at a potion shop, or catch them. They're 
usually under rocks. 
Use: Plant them in a soft soil spot, and a Golden Skulltula will soon pop 
out. Remember, 3 bugs come out, and you can recatch one, and he'll turn into 
3. Repeat as needed.

Lens Of Truth (BL)
Found: In the tricky Kakariko Village Well, after you beat Dead Hand.
Use: Used to "See the truth" Really, you just use it to see invisible things 
and fake things.

Fairy Ocarina (YL)
Found: Given to you by Saria once you have the Kokiri Emerald and try to 
leave the forest.
Use: This Ocarina is used to play the first couple of songs for the 
beginning, but it disappears once you retrieve the.....

Ocarina Of Time (BL)
Found: Thrown in the moat by Zelda after you've collected all 3 Spiritual 
Stones and returned to Hyrule Market.
Use: Comes with 1 free tune, the Song Of Time, which is used to open up the 
secret door in the Temple of Time. Also plays the other 12 songs.

(Bunny Hood, Spooky, Keaton, Skull, Gerudo, Zora, Goron) (YL)
Found: In the Happy Mask Shop as a child. The first four masks must be sold, 
and they access the other three and.....

Mask Of Truth (YL)
Found: After you've sold the other four masks, return to the Happy Mask Shop 
and find it there.
Use: Like the other masks, you can use it to talk to other people and get odd 
responses. Also, you can use it to talk to the Gossip Stones (1-eyed statues).

Weird Egg (BL)
Found: Given to you as a child by Malon, outside Hyrule Castle. As an adult, 
given to you by the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village.
Use: As a kid, when hatched it is used to wake Talon at Hyrule Castle. When 
you're an adult, it is the first step in your side quest for the Biggoron's 


Red Potion
Found: Normally bought in potions shops, but there are a few Business Scrubs 
who will sell you one for 40 rupees.
Use: It refills all of your life, no matter how badly injured you are. Only 
one dose though :(

Green Potion
Found: Normally at potion shops, but there are a few Business Scrubs who will 
sell you them for 40 rupees.
Use: It refills your entire migic meter, regardless of how much needs to be 
refilled. Useful to beat the game, unless you can kill Ganondorf with very 
few Light Arrows.

Ultimate Blue Potion
Found: Available at the back potion shop in Kakariko Village after you give 
the old hag there a mushroom (From Biggoron's Sword training sequence).
Use: Refills and hearts and magic meter to the very brim. Too bad it costs 
100 rupees, isn't it?

Lon Lon Milk
Found: Either from a cow (by playing Epona's Song), or by winning Talon's 
Super Cucco-finding game.
Use: A bottle of it is two doses, but each drink only gives you five hearts. 
Preferable over red potion only if you have less than 10 hearts.

Din's Fire (Cost: 6MP)
Found: From the Great Fairy at Hyrule Castle, behind a boulder after the 
front gate.
Use: Melts ice, lights torches, burns rotten wood and kills enemies. It also 
activates switches. Necessary to get into the Shadow Temple and in the Shadow 
Temple when the wooden boards attempt to crush you.

Farore's Wind (Cost: 6MP)
Found: From the Great Fairy in Zora's Fountain, on the back island.
Use: Only usable in dungeons. Creates a warp point (In the form of a green 
hovering ball) that you will be sent to the next time you use Farore's Wind. 
I never use this though.

Nayru's Love (Cost: 12MP)
Found: In the Desert Colossus from the Great Fairy.
Use: This is a great defense for when you're almost dead and you've got 
nothin' left to fall back on. Can be a life saver. It creates a shield around 
you which enemies can't penetrate, which remains for 2 minutes or so. Keep in 
mind that you will ACT hurt, and will fall off a wall if touched.

Non C-Menu Items:

Stone of Agony
Found: After killing 20 Gold Skulltulas, go back to the house of Skulltula 
and a kid will give it to you.
Use: If you have your Rumble Pak equipped, when you step near secrets, such 
as a bombable area, it will shake. Helpful if you're into secret hidden areas.

Gerudo Membership Card
Found: After you rescue all four carpenters from the Gerudo Fortress, this 
card is given to you by a Gerudo.
Use: Allows you to walk around Gerudo Fortress without being disrupted by the 
guards. Also allows access to the Haunted Wasteland and Gerudo Training 


The Good Guys

Ah yes, we all know who Link is. Actually, he'll be named whatever you put in 
at the beginning, but his real name is Link. Anyways, he's the main character 
of the game, the hero.

Princess Zelda
The second biggest character, the one the game's named after. She is the 
Princess of Hyrule (though we never see the Queen or the King). Sends Link on 
his quest after a psychic dream (she ALWAYS has those, don't you?) about the 
downfall of Hyrule.

As an adult, Shiek seems to follow you around. He teaches you all six of the 
warp songs and is VEEEERY athletic. We don't really know who he is, but find 
out near the end of the game.

The Sage of The Forest, and one of three women who have a crush on Link (five 
if you count Zelda and Nabooru). Gives you the Forest Medallion. She's a 
Kokiri, as if you didn't already know that.

King Darunia
First of all, let me point out that there is no Queen Of the Gorons and all 
we ever see is males. Ummm.....don't think about that too long, your head 
will explode. He's the Sage Of Fire and...well, that's about it. Oh, he does 
give you the Goron Bracelet, Fire Medallion and Goron Ruby.

Princess Ruto
Can you tell that I'm putting the Sages in order? Well, she's the Sage Of 
Water, and gives you Zora's Sapphire as a kid. As well as the Water Medallion 
as an adult. She also wants to marry Link, and gets engaged to him as a kid.

Zelda's nanny, as well as one UGLY mofo and even the Sage Of Shadow. She 
teaches you Zelda's Lullaby, and gives you the Shadow Medallion. Ugh she's 

Ahhhhh...man does she look hot. The leader of the Gerudos, she is second in 
command to Ganondorf, but despises him. Only 1 man is born every 100 years in 
the Gerudo race. Well, the Gorons are gay, and now the Gerudos 
are...well...Nevermind. She's also the Sage of Spirit, and offers Link sex as 
a child. Too bad she gets sucked down a hole before you can collect, huh? At 
least gives you the Spirit Medallion instead.

Your little annoying fairy. At least she's useful for a while, when you 
actually need those tips she provides. Every Kokiri has their own fairy, and 
Link is the last in the forest to get his. You'll find out why later, don't 
you worry. Basically, she tells you information about enemies, and anything 
else you can Z-target, and also tells you where to go if you're stuck outside 
of a dungeon.

Great Deku Tree
A living tree, he is the leader of the Kokiri. Unfortunately for him, he dies 
right after you claim the Kokiri's Emerald from him once you kill Ghoma. 
Everybody yells at you for it, but you've got an emerald and they don't, so 
there! The Deku Tree Sprout grows later on, so his loss in no big deal anyway.

King Zora
This guy is the leader of the Zoras. He also happens to be the fattest 
character in the game, which is odd considering the other Zoras are pretty 
skinny. He takes forever to move a few feet when you need him to, but he does 
offer a few cluse, as well as give you Eyeball Frogs and the Zora's Tunic.

I wanted to beef this section up, so she's being put in here despite being a 
VERY minor character. She's she son of Talon, owner of Lon Lon Ranch. She 
also has a serious crush on Link, and is probably the best-looking girl in 
the game (expect MAYBE Nabooru).

Owner of Lon Lon Ranch. Man, Talon is cool, too bad he's just a cheap Mario 
ripoff. Every time you see him, he's sleeping, and acts real startled when 
you wake him up. Classic. The scene where you wake him up at Hyrule Castle is 
the best.

Your Name Here
He's one of only 2 Gorons left in Goron City when you're an adult, as the 
rest have been taken to the Fire Temple. The son of Darunia, he was named 
after you, a "Goron Hero" Gives the the Goron Tunic after you talk to him 
long enough, and that's it.

The Not-So-Good Guys

The main bad guy in the game. Also, the ONLY bad guy in the game (except the 
enemies, who aren't major), so this section is pretty short. He stole the 
Triforce while Link was imprisoned in the Sacred Realm, but only recieve 1/3 
of it- Triforce of Power. Now he seeks the other two, and Link and Princess 
Zelda are the only things standing in his way.

OK, let's start off with a key, as we should:

Enemy Name
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: 
My Help: 


Found: In the Spirit Temple, and only in the Spirit Temple
Description: A snake, with its head raised high and swaying
Weapons: Shoots fireballs at you occasionally
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "It's vulnerable to fire attacks..."
My Help: Just shoot a Fire Arrow at it, or use Din's Fire. Don't try luring 
it into those fire traps unless you have to

Found: Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple and 1 in Ganon's Castle
Description: A statue of something with a sword and shield
Weapons: Bumping into you, really
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Stop its movement and then destroy it!"
My Help: Throw a bomb at it before it comes alive, and it should die on the 


Found: Only in Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Description: An electrical jellyfish, bigger than a Biri
Weapons: Smacking the crap outta you with armlike things
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "If you touch it, you will be electrocuted!"
My Help: Use the Boomerang if you have it. If not, you'd better use a Deku 
Stick or just run

Found: Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple, and Ganon's Castle
Description: A weird robot with one rotating eyeball
Weapons: Shoots a laser beam out of its eye. OUCH!
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Watch out for its searching beam! I bet it doesn't 
like to get smoke in its eye!"
My Help: Bombs are the only effective weapon against it 

Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Description: An electrical jeyyfish hovering in midair
Weapons: Just running into you is really it
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "If you touch it, you will be electrocuted!"
My Help: Like the Bari, use the Boomerang or a Deku Stick

Blue Bubble
Found: Forest Temple
Description: A bouncing skull with a blue flame around it
Weapons: Running into you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Use your shield!"
My Help: Z-target it, run at it with your shield up to put the flame out, and 
then lunge at it with your sword

Blue Tektite
Found: Lake Hylia, Water Temple
Description: A blue spiderlike creature with a yellow underbelly and bright 
red eyeball
Weapons: Jumping on you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "It's hard to beat on the water, lure it onto the 
My Help: Lure it out of the water, because you're defenseless there. Then 
just hack it up with your sword

Business Scrub
Found: Deku Tree (I think), forest areas, dungeons, and a few hidden grottos 
scattered about Hyrule
Description: A little bush guy like a Deku Scrub, but will sell you things 
when killed
Weapons: Shooting nuts at you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "If you get close to it, it will hide in the grass..."
My Help: Just Z-target it, hold up a shield (except Mirror), and let it shoot 
a nut at you. Then chase it down


Composer Brothers (Flat the Elder and Sharp the Younger)
Found: In the graveyard. Just go up to one of their graves (next to the large 
headstone) and play the Sun's Song. I think it has to be night
Description: Yellowish Poes with those little stick things composers use
Weapons: Running into you?
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: 
My Help: Fight like you would a Poe. No Z-targeting, lunge with the sword


Deku Baba
Found: Kokiri Forest, Deku Tree, Forest Temple
Description: A plant with a green sten and purple mouth
Weapons: None, this kind just sits there
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Though it looks withered, it will hurt if you touch 
My Help: While it looks scary, it won't try to harm you. Slice it for a Deku 

Deku Scrub
Found: Forest areas, and I'm sure a few other random spots
Description: A bush guy half embedded in the ground
Weapons: Shoots nuts at you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "If you get close to it, it will hide in the grass..."
My Help: Z-target him, put up your shield (besides a Mirror Shield) and wait 
for him to shoot. Then run him down

Found: Ganon's Castle, central tower. Only two in the whole entire game
Description: A mutated Lizalfo with a nice sword
Weapons: The aforementioned skinny sword
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Use your shield well and fight with Z-targeting 
My Help: It has no shield, so ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK! It has a jump over you 
and attack move, but other than that it can't do much.

Found: Dodongo's Cavern
Description: A tiny dinosaur. Walks VEEEERY SLOOOOOWLY
Weapons: Blows fire. I'd call that a weapon
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Watch out for its fiery breath! Use Z-targeting 
My Help: Blow it up with a Bomb placed at the back of him, or hack him up 
behind the hind legs

Dodongo Larva
Found: Donongo's Cavern and.....nowhere else
Description: A tiny, hyper dinosaur that slithers along the ground and chases 
Weapons: Charges you, and blows up when killed
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Watch out for its leaping attack! It will explode 
when defeated."
My Help: Slice it with your sword and GET AWAY!


No Enemies


Fake Chest
Found: Ice Cavern, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Gerudo Training Grounds, and 
even in Ganon's Castle
Description: A normal chest that freezes you if opened. No way to tell it 
apart from a real one
Weapons: I'd say the -40 degree winds shooting from it qualify, but it's all 
about selectivity
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: N/A

Fake Door
Found: Fire Temple, Spirit Temple
Description: Looks like a normal door, but sticks out of the wall instead of 
being imbedded in it
Weapons: It will fall on you if you try to open it
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: N/A
My Help: Don't try to open them, DUH! Just blow it up when you see one
My Help: Well, don't open it. Of course, you can't tell which is which, but 
you know where they are at least

Found: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple
Description: A veiny red hand with an eye on the wrist
Weapons: It's an unarmed hand, what the FUCK do you think it does?
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Quickly kill all the small hands before they join 
back up!" Odd, she says this before the hand splits up
My Help: Use Din's Fire as soon as you see (or sense, for the invisible ones) 
one, then run right into the center of the tiny ones (they won't try to nail 
you for about a second after they land), and use Din again.

Flying Pot
Found: Spirit Temple
Description: A normal pot that flies at you if you come near
Weapons: If you need to know, have someone chuck a pot at you and find out
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: N/A
My Help: Move if you really want to, but they break open and give you a heart 
anyway, after only doing a half heart of damage, so you basically just gain 
half a heart

Found: Ice Cavern, Water Barrier in Ganon's Castle
Description: Icy blobs that sometimes turn invisible (yet you can't see them 
with the Lens Of Truth)
Weapons: The icy breath they breath
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Watch out for its freezing breath! Destroy it 
completely before it revives."
My Help: Let it breath (making sure it misses), then run in for the kill. 
Takes a few hits though, so make sure it dies


Gerudo Guard
Found: Gerudo Fortress
Description: A lady cloaked in purple carrying a spear
Weapons: The spear, but the doesn't use it. Instead, if you get spotted, you 
are frozen and thrown in jail
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: N/A
My Help: Fire arrows from a distance. When those run out, Hookshot her and 
run and slash her up

Gerudo Guard w/ Scythes
Found: Gerudo Fortress, next to cells
Description: A Gerudo Guard who repels from the ceiling carrying a pair of 
sharp scythes
Weapons: DUH!!!
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Draw her close and strike her when her guard is 
down! If you don't defeat her, you'll be captured!"
My Help: Fire arrows from afar. She'll block every other one, but you don't 
want to have to use your sword. If you're forced to, don't go all out. Just 
get a shot or two in after she swings. A few hits by her and you go to jail, 
no matter how much life you have.

Ghoma Larva
Found: In Queen Ghoma's chamber, Deku Tree
Description: Large, Link-size spider with bright green eyes. Think tarantula 
meets crab meets Cyclops from the X-Men
Weapons: Spiders normally don't carry weapons, moron
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Look out when it gets ready to pounce!"
My Help: Stay away and wait until the eye turns red, and start swinging. 
It'll dive at you, and hopefully hit the sword. Takes 2 hits to kill though

Giant Deku Baba
Found: Forest Temple, Deku Tree
Description: Looks like a Deku Baba, but not standing upright
Weapons: Uses its teeth to chomp at you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: 
My Help: When it leans forward to biter you, slash it. It'll stick upright, 
giving you an opening to go in for the kill

Found: Kakariko Well, Shadow Temple, Ganon's Castle
Description: A mummy. You know what a mummy looks like
Weapons: It jumps on your back and gnaws on your head. Really
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Its gaze will paralyze you. If it bites you, tap any 
button to escape!"
My Help: Play the Sun's Song and it'll freeze these guys. Then just run and 
slice them until dead. If they manage to get on your head, start hitting 
buttons until they let go

Gold Skulltula
Found: Every section of the game except ??? (Dampe's Grave)
Description: A Skullwalltula, but bigger, and golden
Weapons: None. Can't hurt you unless you touch it
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: N/A (Can't Z-Target)
My Help: These things don't move and don't have weapons, so just kill them 
with anything (except Deku Nuts, which won't work) 

Green Bubble
Found: Forest Temple, Kakariko Well, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Description: A LARGE skull with a green flame around it
Weapons: Running into you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Wait for the flames to go out, then attack!"
My Help: Uh...wait for the flames to go out, then attack!

Found: Lon Lon Ranch (at night) Lake Hylia (as an adult)
Description: A crow, except purple
Weapons: It just flies into you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Destroy it before it flie into you!"
My Help: Try to pick it off from afar, since once it dives, you might not get 
it. If it does dive, shoot an arrow or Deku Seed REAL FAST, or just slash


No enemies


Ice Keese
Found: Ice Cavern, Ganon's Castle
Description: A Keese (see Keese) covered in a blue flame
Weapons: Charging at you and freezing you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "When you get close to it, use Z-targeting. Even if 
it flies away, you can still target it."
My Help: The most dangerous Keese of them all, the Ice Keese will freeze you 
if you're touched (minus 2 or 3 hearts), and another one will probably hit 
you right as you bust out. Just nail it from afar. Immune to Ice arrows


No enemies


Found: Dodongo's Cavern, Fire Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's 
Castle, and underground places
Description: A bat, plain and simple
Weapons: It flies into you, what else would it do?
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "When you get close to it, use Z-targeting. Even if 
it flies away, you can still target it."
My Help: Damn these guys are annoying. You think you've lost them, then try 
to climb a wall or something and BLAM! you get hit. Just pick it off from 
afar like with Guays


Found: Haunted Wasteland, Desert Colossus
Description: A small green blob with a crown of horns on top
Weapons: Blobs have no arms, hence no weapons
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Watch its movements closely and let it go by!"
My Help: Damn, these guys sure do travel in BIIIG packs. Run, since you'll 
just get hurt if you try to fight. If you're low on life, or seriously 
getting tailed, throw out some Din

Like Like
Found: Fire Temple, Water Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Description: A big grayish blob of fat
Weapons: Swallowing you hole, and stealing you shield+tunic
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "An enemy that eats shields and certain clothes. Beat 
it quickly to get your gear back!"
My Help: Don't get too close, lest you be swallowed and stripped of your 
gear. They move pretty fast for a blob, and you might not notice it. A few 
well placed arrows (aim for the middle), and he dies

Found: Dodongo's Cavern
Description: Big lizards carrying swords
Weapons: Swords
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom:  "Use your shield well and fight with Z-targeting 
My Help: Since they have swords but no shields, attacking is a good idea. 
They come in pairs, and will trade on and off every few hits, but never 
attack as a unit (retards). Just attack, sidestep, repeat


Mad Scrub
Found: Sacred Forest Meadow
Description: Many people compare this to a Deku Scrub, and rightfully so
Weapons: Nuts, but shoots three at a time (WOW!)
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "If you get close to it, it will hide in the grass...
My Help: Dodge the nuts, slash them (they won't hide fast enough), then chase 
them down and hit them again for the kill

Found: Sacred Forest Meadow (Only 4 in the game)
Description: A giant, armored, minotaur looking thing
Weapons: Long ass spear that can send you back quite a ways
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: N/A
My Help: Don't let them see you! Instead, wait until they turn around and 
walk a bit away, then jump out and nail them in the back with a long distance 

Moblin w/Club (Also: Giant Moblin OR Super Moblin)
Found: Sacred Forest Meadow (Just 1 in the whole game)
Description: A slightly bigger Moblin carrying a club
Weapons: The club, which he pounds on the ground creating shockwaves and 
tossing your poor ass
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: N/A
My Help: Run left and right to avoid the shockwaves, then get behind him and 
slash him up.


No enemies


Found: Lake Hylia, Zora's River, Zora's Domain, Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Description: A purple thing with a big nose that pops out of the water
Weapons: Shoots weird-looking seeds at you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Bounce back the rocks they spit at you!"
My Help: Deflect the seeds with the Hylian or Deku Shield. Of course, you'll 
have to be the right distance away since he goes back underwater after 


Parasitic Tentacle
Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Description: A long tentacle that hangs from the ceiling in Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Weapons: It rears back and smacks you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "The thin part is its weakspot. Looks like you'll 
need a certain item to defeat it..." That item is the Boomerang

My Help: Fight it like you would a Giant Skulltula. Come close, wait for it 
to lower, and throw the Boomerang. Don't back up, just throw it again

Found: Hyrule Field, specifically the southwest
Description: Large lawnmower type things. They settle in the ground at night, 
and spring up during the day
Weapons: They have giant blades, and can send Peahat Larva after you as well
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Its weak point is its roots!"
My Help: Just get right up to it, Z-Target it, and fire off five arrows or 
Deku Seeds as quickly as possibly. Shouldn't take more than 2 or 3 seconds

Peahat Larva
Found: In Hyrule Field, they repel from Peahats
Description: Tiny Peahats
Weapons: Tiny blades on their sides
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Defend with your shield!"
My Help: either a) Run from them, b) Hold up your shield, or c) Run a few 
feet, and turn around and run a few feet back. This will disorient them so 
they just circle you a few times and crash

Found: Graveyard
Description: Link sized, purplish ghost that hovers in the air
Weapons: Running into you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom:  "If you stare at it with Z-targeting it will 
disappear..." HA! The Z-target clue is not to Z-target! So stop doing that
My Help: Just hold out your sword and slash him up

Poe, Fireball
Found: Hyrule Field as an adult
Description: Same as a normal Poe, since that's what it is
Weapons: Stationary fireballs
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom:  "If you stare at it with Z-targeting it will 
My Help: Arrows will do the trick here


No enemies


Red Bubble
Found: Fire Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple
Description: A skull with an orange flame around it
Weapons: Ramming you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Guard against its attack with your shield!"
My Help: Can these things be killed??? Oh wait, apparently they can, at least 
according to The Crippler. Kill like you would a Blue Bubble I guess. Too bad 
these guys jump outta nowhere, nail you, and disappear in about a second

Red Tektite
Found: Death Mountain Trail
Description: A Blue Tektite, but red. Makes sense I guess
Weapons: Jumping on you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Lock onto it as it jumps with Z-targeting!"
My Help: Takes 1 hit instead of the Blue variety's 2. Just use the sword

Found: Tomb Of The Royal Family, Shadow Temple, Ganon's Castle, and a few 
Description: A zombie. 'Nuff said
Weapons: Jumping on your back and gnawing on your head
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Its gaze will paralyze you. If it bites you, tap any 
button to 
My Help: Just play the Sun's Song to freeze these guys, then kill (8 hits 
with Kokiri Sword, 4 Master, 2 Biggoron), or run away. Stop the possible 
gnawing by hitting buttons frantically. NOTE: YOU CAN SET REDEADS ON 


Found: Jabu'Jabu's Belly
Description: A bubble. Nothing scary, just a frickin' bubble
Weapons: It's a bubble, just a bubble
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom:  "If you try to cut it, it will bounce off your 
My Help: Can't you kill a bubble on your own? It's so weak, Deku Nuts can 
take out 5 at a time. Sword bounces though

Shell Blade
Found: Water Temple
Description: CLAMS GOT HANDS!! Anybody get that reference? A clam with spikes 
on its rear end
Weapons: The spikes on its ass. 
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "The internal muscle is its weak point!"
My Help: Tough because of a glitch that makes it vulnerable for about .1 
second instead of the intended full second. Since you're underwater, use the 
Hookshot. You've gotta hit it WHILE IT'S CLOSING ITS MOUTH! Not while it's 
open, oh no. Damn Japanese. Still haven't forgotten WWII, have they?

Skull Kid
Found: Lost Woods (3 in game)
Description: A little guy with an orange cloak and a Skull Mask on. Hops 
around oddly
Weapons: A Dart Gun. I want one of those!
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: As a kid: "A skullkid...hmmmm, maybe this is what you 
turn into when you enter the Lost Woods?" As and adult: "Is this what happens 
to children who wander into the forest? It looks like he doesn't like 
My Help: 

Found: Underground in Zora's Fountain (2 in game)
Description: A giant spider that hangs from the ceiling. Drops when you get 
Weapons: Swings at you if you get even closer
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "It's soft belly is its weak point!"
My Help: If you have arrows or the Hookshot, just shoot it from the ceiling. 
If not, walk forward until it comes down (don't back up now), let it turn 
around, and hit it with the Slingshot, or your sword

Skulltula, Giant
Found: Kokiri Forest (adult), Deku Tree, Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, 
Ganon's Castle, underground grottos
Description: Same as a Skulltula. Not even a size difference
Weapons: Same as a Skulltula
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom:  "It's soft belly is its weak point!"
My Help: I think someone just forgot to put the word Giant on those two 

Found: Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern, Forest Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's 
Castle, various grottos
Description: A tiny Skulltula that crawls on the walls
Weapons: If it sees you climbing, it will turn purple and ram you, knocking 
your @$$ right off
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Be careful not to touch it!"
My Help: Kill it from afar with whatever you can (Slingshot, Boomerang, 
Longshot, Arrows, Din's). If you either a) Are a kid, don't have the 
Boomerang and lack Slingshot ammo, or b) Are an adult, have to arrows, and 
can't reach it with the Hookshot, crawl around it while it isn't looking. Not 
very hard

Found: Water Temple
Description: A rock that will suddenly turn into a spiked ball if provoked
Weapons: Itself
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Aim for it when it retracts its spikes!"
My Help: Hookshot it, and it will either die or become a ball, in which case 
shoot it again to kill it

Found: Hyrule Field as a kid at night
Description: Tiny skeletons that crawl out of the ground
Weapons: Smacks you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Don't be afraid of the Stalchild, just attack it 
My Help: Just hit it twice with the sword and it's gone. How come they only 
appear as a kid? Because they all become.....

Found: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Description: A giant skeleton with a nice shield and messed up sword. Is the 
enemy most associated with Z64 (On the box, in lots of screenshots, etc.)
Weapons: Well, it carries a sword. Therefore, its weapon is a stapler
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Lure it close to you and watch its movements 
carefully! Attack it when it drops its guard!"
My Help: Swordfight with it. Use your best moves too, because they're tough 
the first few times. Watch for its unblockable lunge as well

Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Water Temple
Description: Sting ray type guys that hang out underwater, then come up to 
attack poor Link
Weapons: It's stinger
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Destroy it before it flies into you!"
My Help: Throw Din to wipe out the entire room of them, or Z-Target and use 
Deku Nuts to stun them, since they're otherwise invulnerable underwater.


Found: Jabu-Jabu's Belly (4 in game)
Description: A flying blue worm thingie with a twirling 3-pronged red head
Weapons: Ramming you with its head
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Its tail is its weak point!"
My Help: RUN! I haven't found any good ways to kill these guys (except Din), 
because if you attack one, the rest nail you.

Torch Slug
Found: Fire Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Description: A bright red slug that's been lit on fire. Fire effects not as 
cool as a ReDead's though. Hehe
Weapons: Running into you. I mean, it's on fire, what do you expect it to do?
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "When the fire on its back is extinguished, it will 
run away. 
Destroy it before it relights!"
My Help: Slash it once with the sword and then again when it starts running


No enemies


No enemies


Found: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Description: A giant hand that springs down from the ceiling and grabs you. 
Noticeable by the large shadow forming by yours. Doesn't hurt you, but takes 
you back to the beginning of the level
Weapons: None, it can't hurt you
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: Can't Z-Target, but you get this warning upon 
entering a room with a Wallmaster: "Watch for the shadows of monsters on the 
My Help: Stand still while the shadow forms, but as soon as it stops getting 
bigger, run! And only in one direction, no circles (but don't leave the 
room). When it drops, chop it a few times and it dies, leaving 60 or so 
rupees for you

White Bubble
Found: Spirit Temple
Description: A floating skull that will suddenly speed up every few seconds
Weapons: None, unless you run into it
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Wait for it to stop, then attack!"
My Help: You don't have to wait until they slow down, but it would help. Just 
Z-target, and hit with an arrow

White Wolfos
Found: End of Ice Cavern (Only 1 in game)
Description: White Wolfos is to Polar Bear as Wolfos is to Wolf. Get it? Good
Weapons: Big paws, which also double as a shield
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Lure it close and watch its movements, then strike 
when it lets its guard down!"
My Help: Just slash like crazy. It'll block 9 out of 10 shots, but can't get 
in any offense of its own

Found: Forest Temple, Sacred Forest Meadow, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Description: Looks like a wolf
Weapons: Its paws, which it also uses as a shield
Navi's Wordz of Wizdom: "Lure it close and watch its movements, then strike 
when it lets its guard down!"
My Help: Do what you would do with a White Wolfos


No enemies


No enemies


No enemies


               Goron City

               Goron Shop

Item            Quantity            Price

Bombs               5             25 rupees
Bombs               10            50 rupees
Bombs               20            80 rupees
 Bombs               30            120 rupees
 Goron Tunic         1             200 rupees
Recovery Heart      1             10 rupees
Recovery Heart      1             10 rupees
Red Potion          1             40 rupees

              Hyrule Market

               Potion Shop

Item            Quantity            Price

 Blue Fire           1             300 rupees
Bottled Bug         1             50 rupees
Deku Nuts           5             15 rupees
Fairy               1             50 rupees
 Fish                1             200 rupees
Green Potion        1             30 rupees
Poe                 1             30 rupees
Red Potion          1             30 rupees


Item            Quantity            Price
Arrows             30             60 rupees
Arrows             50             90 rupees
Arrows             10             20 rupees
Deku Stick         1              10 rupees
Bombs              5              35 rupees
Recovery Heart     1              10 rupees
Deku Nuts          5              15 rupees
Hylian Shield      1             80 rupees (60 with discount)

Hidden Bombchu Shop (Open only at night)

Item            Quantity            Price

Bombchu            10               100 rupees
Bombchu            10               100 rupees
Bombchu            10               100 rupees
Bombchu            10               100 rupees
Bombchu            20               180 rupees
Bombchu            20               180 rupees
Bombchu            20               180 rupees
Bombchu            20               180 rupees

NOTE: If you're wondering why each item is sold 4 times, it's because if you 
buy an item, it becomes "SOLD OUT." I believe they return to stock after a 
while, but I can't be sure.

Kokiri Forest

Item            Quantity            Price
Arrows             10             20 rupees
Arrows             30             60 rupees
Deku Nuts          5              15 rupees
Deku Nuts          10             30 rupees
Deku Seeds         30             30 rupees
Deku Shield        1              40 rupees
Deku Stick         1              10 Rupees
    Recovery Heart     1              10 rupees    
            Kakariko Village

             Hidden Potion Shop

Item            Quantity            Price

Blue Potion         1             100 rupees

NOTE: You have to give the old hag in the Hidden Shop an Odd Mushroom from 
the Lost Woods. It's step four in the Biggoron Trading Sequence.

 Zora's Domain

Zora Shop

Item            Quantity            Price

Arrows              10            20 rupees
Arrows              30            60 rupees
Arrows              50            90 rupees
Deku Nuts           5             15 rupees
 Fish                1             200 rupees
Recovery Heart      1             10 rupees
Red Potion          1             50 rupees
 Zora Tunic          1             300 rupees

Special Thanks
Obviously, I have to thank the Nintendo Corporation and of course Miyamoto. 
Oh yeah, a shout out to Marshmallow and Pika and RCarlos, whom I couldn't 
have gotten 100 Gold Skulltulas, 20 Hearts, the Hylian Loach, and everything 
else without. Thank you everybody. Now I want some freaking email for this!

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