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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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                   Welcome to Zelda 64, Orcania of Time for NES
			     Complete Walkthrough
			   Author: David Zabroski
	         Check out my Dragon Warrior/Quest Website at:
            For Zelda Game Series Visit another Web Master's Site
				   Zelda Power!

I.	Introduction
	a.	My Thoughts
	b.	Tips
II.	Story
III.	Save the Deku Tree
	a.	Kokiri's Forest Village
	b.	Deku Tree
	c.	Kokiri's Forest Village II
IV.	Meet Zelda
	a.	Hyrule Field
	b.	Hyrule Market
	c.	Hyrule Courtyard
	d.	Hyrule Castle
V.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Kokiri's Forest Village III
	b.	Lost Woods
	c.	Sacred Forest
	d.	Lon Lon Ranch
	e.	Kakariko Village
	f.	Gerudo Camp Bridge
	g.	Lake Hylia
VI.	Quest for the Spiritual Stones
	a.	Trail to Death Mountain
	b.	Goron City
	c.	Trail to Death Mountain II
	d.	Dodongo Cavern
VII.	Extra Stuff II
	a.	Gorgon City II
	b.	Death Mountain Crater
	d.	Hyrule Market II
	e.	Hyrule Castle II
VIII.	Quest for the Spiritual Stones II
	a.	Zora River
	b.	Zora's Domain
	c.	Lake Hylia II
	d.	Zora's Domain II
	e.	Zora's Fountain
	f.	Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu.
IX.	Zelda's Escape
	a.	Hyrule Castle Bridge
X.	Extra Stuff III
	a.	Trading Game Sequence; Young Link
	b.	Hyrule Field II
XI.	Entering the Sacred Realm
	a.	Temple of Time
	b.	Sacred Realm
XII.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Hyrule Castle III
	b.	Lon Lon Ranch II
	c.	Adult Trading Game
	d.	Lake Hylia III
	e.	Laboratory
	f.	Hyrule Field III
	g.	Kakariko Village II
XIII.	Quest for the Forest Medallion
	a.	Kakariko Village III
	b.	Cemetery
	c.	Kokiri Forest Village III
	d.	Lost Woods II
	e.	Sacred Meadow II
	f.	Forest Temple
	g.	Temple of Time II
XIV.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Hyrule Field IV
XV.	Quest for the Fire Medallion
	a.	Goron City II
	b.	Death Mountain Crater II
	c.	Fire Temple
XVI.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Death Mountain Crater III
	b.	Death Mountain
	c.	Gorgon City III
XVII.	Quest for the Water Medallion
	a.	Kakariko Village IV
	b.	Zora's Domain II
	c.	Zora's Fountain II
	d.	Ice Cavern
	e.	Water Temple
	f.	Lake Hylia IV
XVIII.	Quest for the Lens of Truth
	a.	Temple of Time III
	b.	Death Mountain Crater IV
	c.	Zora's River II
	d.	Kakariko Village V
	e.	Bottom of the Well
	f.	Hyrule Market IV
XIX.	Quest for the Shadow Medallion
	a.	Kakariko Village VI
	b.	Shadow Temple
XX.	Save the Carpenters
	a.	Gerudo Fortress
XXI.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Gerudo Training Room, Mini Game
	b.	Gerudo Fortress II
XXII.	Quest for the Spirit Medallion
	a.	Gerudo Fortress III
	b.	Haunted Wasteland
	c.	Desert Colossus
	d.	Spirit Temple
	e.	Hyrule Market V
	f.	Spirit Temple II
	g.	Hyrule Market VI
	h.	Desert Colossus II
	g.	Spirit Temple III
XXIII.	Sheik's True Identity
	a.	Temple of Time IV
XXIV.	Prepare for the Final Fight
	a.	Kakariko Village VII
XXV.	Defeat Gannondorph
	a.	Entering Gannondorph's Castle
	b.	Forest Barrier
	c.	Spirit Barrier
	d.	Shadow Barrier
	e.	Hyrule Courtyard II
	f.	Light Barrier
	g.	Fire Barrier
	h.	Water Barrier
	i.	Gannondorph's Tower
XXVI.	Ending
XXVII.	Item List
	a.	Tunics
	b.	Swords
	c.	Shields
	d.	Boots
	e.	Weapons
	f.	Bottle Items
	g.	Misc
	h.	Orcania
XXVII.	Heart Pieces
XXIX.	Gold Skutullas Rewards
XXX.	Gold Skutullas 100 Total
XXXI.	Glitches & Secrets
	a.	Swordless Link
	b.	Extra Bottle Trick
	c.	100+ Gold Skutullas
	d.	Orcania of Time
XXXII.	Rumors


I.	Introduction
	a.	My Thoughts
		i.	This walkthrough is my first for the N64
			console. To get the true entertainment from
			the game I recommend using this as a guide
			to help you when you get stuck in the game.
			It happens, it even happened to me a couple
			of times. Good Luck!
		ii.	October 26th is the date for Majora's Mask
			Release! You must complete Zelda, Orcania
			of Time to play this add on version! I will be
			making a walkthrough as soon as I get and
			finish the game.
		iii.	This is a complete walkthrough, but I did not
			list all of the Gold Skulltulas that were in
			the game. It would have taken too much time
			to pin point all of them. I have places a list
			in Section XXXI.
		iii.	If you are really stuck please feel free to
			contact me at Locke1978@hotmail.com
	b.	Tips
		i.	Not all songs are recorded in the list. Make
			up your own and see what happens.
		ii.	The past and present are connected. Things
			can change very easily.
		iii.	When you are on fire, roll to put yourself
		iv.	There are 100 Gold Skulltulas. Collect them
			all and you will be a happy man!
		v.	Take the time to play the MiniGame. The
			will be located in the walkthrough from
			where you first get to play.
		vi.	Take the time to sell masks, it's worth the
		vii.	When you are an adult feel free to run
			errands for people. You might get lucky!
II.	Story
	Before life began, before the world had form, three
	golden  goddesses descended upon the chaotic land of
	Hyrule, they were Din, the goddess of Power, Nayru,
	the goddess of wisdom and Farore, the goddess of

	Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land
	to create the earth. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the
	earth to give the spirit of law to the world. Farore's rich
	soul created all life forms who would uphold the law.

	These three great goddesses returned to the Heavens,
	leaving behind the Golden Sacred Triforce. Since then,
	the Triforce has become the basis for Hyrule's
	providence, where the Triforce stood became sacred

	In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule, the Great Deku Tree
	served as the guardian spirit. The children of the forest,
	the Kokiri, lived with the Great Deku Tree. Each Kokiri
	had his or her own guardian fairy, except one. His name
	was Link.

	Early one morning, Link was having a nightmare. It
	was the same nightmare he had every night. During a
	storm, Link would find himself standing in front of a
	mysterious castle. A rider on horseback, carrying a girl,
	would race by The girl would look at Link as if to say
	something. Then, another rider would appear. This big
	man clad in black would look down menacingly at
	Link. Link would then awaken.

	"Link! Hey, get up, Link! The Great Deku Tree wants
	to talk to you!"
	As Link opened his eyes, he saw a fairy floating in front
	of him. This fairy's name was Navi. Navi was sent to
	summon Link to the Great Deku Tree.
	"Oh Navi, thou hast returned!" said the Deku Tree.
	"Thank you, Link, for coming. Thy slumber these past
	moons must have been restless, and full of nightmares.
	A vile climate pervades this world. Verily, ye have felt
	it. The time has come to test thine courage. I have been
	cursed. I need you to dispel the curse with your wisdom
	and courage. Art thou prepared?"

	Link entered the Great Deku Tree and broke the curse.
	"Well done, Link! I knew that ye were worthy of
	carrying out my wishes. A wicked man of the desert
	cast this dreadful curse on me. Employing his vile,
	sorceress energies, the evil one is searching for the
	Sacred Realm connected to Hyrule. For it is there that
	one will find the divine relic. The Triforce, that
	contains the essence of the gods. Whoever holds the
	Triforce can make their wishes come true. Thou must
	never allow the desert man to lay his hands on the
	Sacred Triforce. Thou must never suffer that man to
	enter the Sacred Realm of Legend. Link, go now to
	Hyrule Castle. There, ye will surely meet the Princess
	of Destiny. Present this stone to the Princess. I have
	foreseen that she will understand everything."

	The Great Deku Tree gave Link the Spiritual Stone of
	the Forest. Before dying, the Deku Tree's last words
	were, "The future depends on thee, Link. Thou art

III.	Save the Deku Tree
	a.	Kokiri's Forest Village
		i.	You start off in your tree house. Navi, your
			fairy guide, will help you along.
		ii.	If you try  to get to the Deku Tree Mido will
			stop you.
			1.	You must first collect a Deku Shield,
				and a Sword.
		iii.	First thing is to get the Kokiri Sword.
			1.	Go to the Training ground in the
				back of the village.
				a.	You can learn to use your
					sword, and some great moves
					here so take the time to learn
			2.	In the back of the training ground is
				a small hole in the wall. Climb in
				and follow it to the end.
			3.	Once you are there turn into the
				little square path with the boulder.
			4.	When the boulder passes you move
				into the path and take the first right
				you can into the little inlet.
			5.	Open the Chest to get the Kokiri
				a.	The first and most Basic
				b.	It is the only sword a child
					can use.
		iv.	Now go through the village gaining 40
		v.	Once you have enough go into the item shop
			tree and get a Deku Shield.
			1. Deku Shield
				a.	The Deku Shield is a small
					wooden shield/ Vulnerable
					to fire, but blocks amost
					every other attack.
		vi.	Equip the Shield and Sword and talk to
			1.	He angrily lets you pass.
		vii.	Just ho straight in the path until you reach
			the Deku Tree.
	b.	Deku Tree
		i.	The Deku tree will give you a speech and
			asks you to stop the curse put on him. You
			must enter the Deku Tree.
		ii.	Grass sometimes has extra items. Feel free
			to cut it down when you see it.
		iii.	Walk to the Deku Tree, and you'll have to
			fight some Deku Baba. Hit them for the
			Deku Sticks
			1.	Deku Sticks
				a.	They act like a sword, but
					break very easily
				b.	They also are good for acting
					like a match to light high
					torches, or out of reach
			2.	Deku Seeds
				a.	These are dropped by some
					more Deku Baba.
				b.	They act like a freeze spell.
					They will stop for a certain
					amount of time.
		iv.	Take a left and climb up the ladder. Make
			the jumps across this area until you find a
			big chest and some Skullwalltulas.
		v.	The spiders can't hurt you if you don't climb
			the wall, so open up the chest. It's the map.
			1.	Map
				a.	The map shows you the
					layout of the dungeon.
		vi.	Keep jumping until you get to a door at the
			end. Iron bars lock the door behind you.
			There is a Deku Shrub you have to fight.
			1.	To get rid of him just Z target him
				and pull out your shield.
			2.	When he shoots a Deku Nut it will
				bounce off the shield and hit him.
			3.	He gives you a tip about jumping,
				and the doors unlock.
				a.	Most Deku Shrubs have
					items for sale or information
					to give.
		vii.	Go through the next door, and jump on the
			platform in the center.
		viii.	Jump to the chest, and open it.
			1.	Fairy Slingshot
				a.	Shoot a Deku Nut.
				b.	Good for hitting enemies
				c.	Aiming with the Boomerang
				d.	Knocking things down
		ix.	Once you are ready aim your slingshot at the
			ladder above the entrance to the room.
		x.	Once it falls down climb back up and exit
			the room.
		xi.	Go back to the Skullwalltulas. Use the
			Slingshot. They will turn red and knock you
			off if you don't.
		xii.	Climb the vines, crawl right at the top, and
			drop down.
		xiii.	Go forward to the next door, forget about
			the Giant Skulltulas looming overhead.
		xiv.	In this next room, go stand on a switch to
			activate some platforms. Jump across to the
			other side, and open the chest there. It's the
			1.	Compass
				a.	You can see where you are in
					a room.
				b.	You can see where you
					entered the room and where
					your current location is.
		xv.	To exit, go back to the beginning, and pull
			out a Deku Stick. Put it in the fire from the
			lit torch, then walk over to the unlit torch.
			1.	Swing the stick again to make sure it
				doesn't burn up.
		xvi.	Exit Locate the edge of the big circle. Kill
			the Giant Skulltulas.
			1.	When he spins and shows his belly
				hit him with your sword or slingshot.
		xvii.	Jump from the top floor into the middle.
			1.	You can aim yourself while you are
				in the air. Aim for the Huge Spider
				web in the floor.
		xviii.	Once you are in the basement take a left in
			the water. There are two spiders in this
			room, but they're Gold Skulltulas.
			1.	Gold Skulltulas
				a.	They are a rare monster.
					When you defeat them you
					get a Token!
				b.	I'll explain more later.
		xix.	There are three platforms here. The first is
			the one you're standing on, and second is
			right in front of you. The third  is
			unreachable for now.
		xx.	Go to second one and step on the switch. A
			torch should have been light.
		xxi.	Light a stick and run across the water to the
			web. Part of the water is shallow, but make
			sure not to roll, fall into water, or wave the
			stick to put the fire out.
		xxii.	Once you reach the web just wave the fire
			on the web and a door will appear.
		xxiii.	Go through the door and fight a Deku Scrub.
		xxiv.	Use your slingshot on the gray eye above the
			exit door.
		xxv.	The doors open exit and go into the next
		xxvi.	You're in a room filled with water, and a
			platform on either side.
		xxvii.	There is also a raft in the water going back
			and forth as well as a spiked pole rotating inbo
			the middle.
			1.	If you try to go over in the raft now
				you will be hit by the water.
		xxviii.	Jump into the water and go left. Stop when
			you are at the left wall under the spinning
		xxix.	Dive under and hit the switch. The water
			level will lower.
		xxx.	Quickly get back onto the platform and
			jump on the raft as it is coming at you.
		xxxi.	You should float under the spikes.
		xxxii.	Once you are on the other side a Giant
			Skulltula will appear. Kill it.
		xxxiii.	Now, go to the block  against the wall and
			push it as far to the right as you can. Climb
			up on it, and enter the door above.
		xxxiv.	There are three torches in this room, and
			some Deku Babas.
		xxxv.	Use a Deku stick and quickly light all the
			torches in the room.
			1.	Now exit before they go out.
		xxxvi.	In this next room there are two spider webs.
			One leads to a Deku Baba, the other to a
			small cracked tunnel in the wall. Take the
			tunnel, and enter it to come out the other
			side to platform three.
		xxxvii.	There is a spider web on the platform that
			will take you to the next section. You must
			light it on fire. Ignore the torch on the
			platform, it is unreachable.
		xxxviii.Push the block into the water, and jump to
			the other platform.
		xxxix.	Light a torch and jump back to the block,
			and then onto platform three.
			1.	Make sure you do not fall into the
		xl.	Roll on the spider web to light it on fire.
		xli.	There are a few hearts here take them.
		xlii.	Climb onto the platform to see three Deku
			Shrubs shooting at you.
			1.	Do you remember what the Deku
				Shrub said before?
		xliii.	Kill them like before except in this order 2,
			then 3, and finally 1.
		xliv.	You walk into the room and find nothing
			here, mmm. Look up!
		xlv.	Boss
			1.	Queen Gohma's
				a.	She can get to be a tough
				b.	Her weak spot is her eye.
					Shoot a Deku Nut in here eye
					and she will be stunned,
					wail away at her with
					a initial jumping attacks
					and the rest just massive
					swiping. You might kill
					her in 	one shot.
				c.	After the first attack she
					released mini Gohma's to
				d.	If do have to repeat then
					aim for her eye when she
					on the 	ceiling and she will
					come falling down.
		xlvi.	Take the Full Heat Piece and leave.
		xlvii.	The Deku tree will give you the Forest
			Emerald for your work.
		xlviii.	He will tell you a story about the creation of
			the world. He then tells you to see the
	c.	Kokiri's Forest Village II
		i.	As you try to leave Mido yells at you for
			letting the Deku Tree die.
		ii.	Leave the village and when you try to leave
			the bridge area Saria will stop and talk to
		iii.	After the talk she will give you the Fairy
			1.	Fairy Orcania
				a.	Plays music.
				b.	Learn new powerful songs
IV.	Meet Zelda
	a.	Hyrule Field
		i.	Exit the forest and go north. You will have a
			small chat with the Owl.
		ii.	Once you get to the castle the drawbridge
			should be open.
			1.	If it isn't that mean is night time.
			2.	You have to wait for the sun to come
			3.	Just skip down to the Kakariko
				Village section.
		iii.	Enter the castle and go into the market.
	b.	Hyrule Market
		i.	Stop in the small house on the little path to
			the market.
			1.	Roll into the box to get a Gold
			2.	Swing your sword around and break
				all the pots for a lot of moula!
		ii.	Once your in you should head straight for
			the castle's path.
		iii.	You should see a pretty girl in white
			standing in the market. Talk to her, she will
			talk about her father.
		iv.	MiniGame
			1.	Target Practice
				a.	If you get a perfect score
					you get a seed bag
			2.	Key Game
				a.	Open up one of two chests
					until you get a heart piece.
					i.	Night Only
	c.	Hyrule Courtyard
		i.	Go into the path and roll into the tree in
			front of the gate. Kill the Gold Skuttle and
			go back to the market.
		ii.	Once you're here turn back to the path
		iii.	You should see Marin there by the vines.
		iv.	Talk to her a couple of times and she will
			give you an egg to care for.
			1.	You must leave the path and return
				for Marin to appear. You must do
		v.	Put the Egg on your C button and it will
			hatch in a day.
		vi.	Climb the vines to get on top of the ledge.
			1.	You must sneak past the guards to
				see the Princess.
		vii.	Go past the gates and jump off when you see
			the slope of the path as it turns to go into
			the castle gates.
		viii.	Now run up the ledge and through the field
			straight to the dirt wall on the other side.
		ix.	Now go north and climb over the edge of the
			castle wall.
		x.	Jump into the moat and swim until you see a
			tree and a small slope allowing you to get
		xi.	If you kept the egg out long enough it
			should be a chicken now.
		xii.	See the man sleeping on the ground. Go next
			to him and use the Chicken. It will wake him
			up for you.
		xiii.	Push the first block into the water and then
			the second one on top of that.
		xiv.	You should have enough room to run and
			jump. You will automatically grab the edge
			and climb into the hole.
	d.	Hyrule Castle
		i.	There is one rule in this part of the game,
			don't get caught!
		ii.	You have to go through each of the sections
			dodging the guards.
		iii.	They can not see you when they are:
			1.	Facing opposite to you, back.
			2.	They are behind bushes
			3.	You are behind a bush or you are
				above them
		iv.	Also don't be greedy skip the rupees and go
	e.	Hyrule Castle Courtyard
		i.	Once you get through you can see the
			Princess Zelda, but don't rush to her.
		ii.	Look into one of the windows and see a
			bunch of Super Mario Pictures
			1.	Shoot one slingshot nut at each
		iii.	Talk to Zelda and she will talk to you.
			Answer her questions and listen to what she
			has to say.
		iv.	See Ganondorph through the window and
			learn about the Triforce.
		v.	Once you are done talking she will give you
			a letter.
			1.	Zelda's Letter
				a.	Written permission to go
					through certain places.
		vi.	Go back to the entrance of the yard and see
			Impa. She will explain who she is.
		vii.	She will also teach you a song on your
			1.	Zelda's Lullaby
				a.	This song has magical
				b.	I won't tell you all of them
					but here are a few
					i.	Shows you are
						connected to the
						Royal Family
					ii.	Fixes Signs
					iii.	Makes a certain thing
						appear from a one
						eyed thing?
						1.	Guess!
		viii.	Impa will take you out of the castle and tells
			you to head to Kakariko Village, and then to
			Death Mountain.
V.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Kokiri's Forest Village III
		i.	Navi will keep hounding you to talk to
			Saria. Go back to the Village.
		ii.	Go back to the forest. On the left side of the
			village is a small ledge.
		iii.	Now climb the vines that lead to a higher
		iv.	Enter the tunnel and you arrive at the Lost
	b.	Lost Woods
		i.	This is a maze. You take a wrong turn and
			you will end up back at the start. There are
			several things to do on the way so pay
			1.	There is a secret to get through the
				lost woods.
				a.	Listen to for Saria's music
				b.	Start to walk through the
					tunnel, when you see a light
					it means that it is a real
					i.	See the dark it means
						you will be sent back.
		ii.	Here is the Route you should take.
			1.	From the Entrance go
				a.	On they way you will see a
					tree with a bash circle
					hanging down.
					i.	Aim for the center
						and shoot.
						1.	If you get 100
							three times
							a Deku shrub
							will give you
							a bigger Deku
					ii.	Jump down off the
						ledge and go to the
				b.	Take out your Orcania and
					you will play a new game.
					i.	Copy every note the
						two Skullkids play.
						1.	After three
							times of
							completing it
							they will give
							you a Heart
		iii.	Now you will be in the Sacred Forest.
	c.	Sacred Forest
		i.	When you first enter the gate will be closed.
		ii.	A wolf will pop out to fight you. Just attack
			at the same time is about to hit you,
			otherwise he will duck your attacks.
		iii.	The gate will open and make your way to
			the end to talk to Saria.
		iv.	She will teach you Saria's Song
			1.	Saria's Song
				a.	This will let you talk to
					Saria anytime you want to.
				b.	This also brings joy and
					happiness to some people.
				c.	It also shows you are a friend
					of Saria.
		v.	Once you get back to the entrance take a
			left, where you would take the first right.
			1.	Jump on the stump and play Saria's
				a.	The Skullkid will give you
					a Heart Piece for knowing
	d.	Lon Lon Ranch
		i.	Now that you help Malon you can visit her
			at her home.
			1.	It is located in the center of the
				Hyrule Field.
			2.	Once inside you can play a game
				with Talon.
			3.	MiniGame
				a.	Cucco-Finding
					i.	Talon will throw 3
						special chickens in
						the air. They will mix
						with the regular ones.
					ii.	The key is to find all
						three special ones
						before time runs out.
						He will let you know
						when you get one.
			4.	Reward
				a.	Bottle with Milk!
		ii.	There is a heart piece in the tower in the
			back of the town. Move the boxes and climb
			under into the hole.
		iii.	There are also several Gold Skulltula in the
			trees and walls.
		iv.	Talk to Malon in the horse field. Talk to her
			three times then take out your Orcania.
			1.	Epona's Song
				a.	This song will call Epona to
				b.	Make cows give milk, if you
					have an empty bottle.
	e.	Kakariko Village
		i.	There are several things to do here, some at
			night some at during the day, others at night.
		ii.	Day
			1.	Get all the Cucco for the Chicken
				lands and get a bottle.
			2.	Go to the Graveyard and go into the
				a.	One is at the entrance.
				b.	One is near the exit for Death
				c.	Once is near the Graveyard
				d.	Near the windmill
				e.	Over the large fence
					i.	Take a cucoo and
						jump off the
						Windmill ledge.
					ii.	Turn to the left to
						land on the small
						fence near the potion
				f.	One is next to the House of
					i.	You have to grab a
						Cucoo and jump of
						the ledge. You should
						land on the ledge.
				g.	One is in the box near the
			3.	You should see a large grave with
				the Triforce Symbol on it.
				a.	This is usually a sign to play
					Zelda's Lullaby.
			4.	Play the Orcania and fall down the
				now opened hole.
			5.	There are several bats here, hit them
				with your Slingshot.
				a.	You might be able to get
					them while they still are
			6.	Go into the next room, RUN through
				the poison pits, anything to avoid the
				Red Deads.
			7.	Go to the next room and examine the
				notes on the alter.
				a.	Sun Song
					i.	Changes the Day to
						Night and Night to
					ii.	Summons Fairies at
						certain places.
			8.	The outside will change to night.
	iii.	Night
		1.	You should see Dampe the
			Graveyard Keeper.
			a.	If you try to open the graves
				in the morning the kid yells at
				you, but Dampe doesn't care.
		2.	Play the Grave Digging game with
			a.	For 10 Rupees you have
				Dampe dig in a spot.
			b.	When he does something
				might pop out.
				i.	Rupees
					1.	1
					2.	5
					3.	10
					4.	25
				ii.	Heart Piece
					1.	Only 1
		3.	There are items hidden in the grave
			a.	There is a grave there with
				yellow flowers in front of it.
				Pull the grave marker back to
				reveal a hole.
				i.	Inside there is a
					Hylian Shield
			b.	There is one on in the row
				before the Sun Song grave.
				i.	There is another with
					a Heart Piece.
		4.	Now go through the town collecting
			all the Gold Skulltulas.
			a.	There are several look in the
				section below.
	iv.	House of Skulltulas
		1.	You have been collecting Gold
			Skulltulas from around Hyrule
			already and this is where things get
		2.	You find that 5 boys and their father
			were turned into Skulltulas. The only
			way to break the curse is to kill Gold
			Skulltulas and take their tokens.
		3.	For the first 50 tokens collected you
			will release a boy for every 10.
		4.	You need 100 to free the father. He
			will give you a handsome reward.
		5.	The boys will give you the
			a.	10=Adult Wallet
				i.	Holds 200 Rupees
			b.	20=Stone of Agony
				i.	Makes your Rumble
					Pack shake when
					there is a secret
					located near you.
			c.	30=Giant Wallet
				i.	Lets you carry 500
			d.	40=Bombachu
				i.	Moving Bomb
			e.	50=Heart Piece
			f.	100=SECRET
				i.	What you expect me
					to tell you everything!
	f.	Gerudo Camp Bridge
		i.	Go across the field to a small entrance.
		ii.	Once you are there you should see a bridge
			and a river.
		iii.	Take the cucoo and jump of the end of the
			bridge going left.
			1.	The direction of the water.
		iv.	Float to the Crate on the ledge. Break it open
			and take the Heart Piece.
		v.	Now grab your cucoo and jump on to the
			large ledge directly under the bridge.
			1.	Unless it fell, if so you have to come
		vi.	Once there go to the far end of the ledge and
			jump into the water.
		vii.	Go into the waterfall and climb up the ladder
			and get another Heart Piece.
		viii.	Jump back into the water and swim with the
			current. You will appear into Lake Hylia.
	g.	Lake Hylia
		i.	If you came from the Gerudo Camp Bridge
			then you will come out in the middle of the
		ii.	Swim across left to small island, this is the
			Fishing Pond.
		iii.	Fishing Pond
			1.	This is a great game and there are a
				few secrets here also.
			2.	The basic idea is cast your line and
				reel in a fish.
			3.	The larger the fish the greater the
				a.	9+ you get a Heart Piece.
			4.	Here is how to fish.
				a.	Target a fish with your Z
					button then cast.
					i.	I recommend  the
						Rumble Pack, it will
						let you know once
						you get a fish.
				b.	Once you cast slowly bob the
					line so it will entice the
				c.	Once you get one pull the
					Stick back and start reeling
					him in.
					i.	Make sure you keep
						the stick back, but
						roll it left and
						right to wear the
						fish down.
						1.	If you just
							keep it going
							straight back
							the line will
					ii.	It will take a few
						tries to get it
				a.	The best place to fish is at
					the log, there is always
					a lunker there waiting
					for you.
				b.	There is a illegal item in the
					pond called the Sinking Lure.
					i.	Sinking Lure
						1.	This will make
							the lure go
							under the
							water and help
							you catch a
							fish 2x more
						2.	The locat-
							ion map of
							where it
							might be can
							be seen here
				c.	Check back when you are an
					adult for some more fishing
					games, and even better
		iv.	Secret Song
			1.	There is a secret song that is not
				listed in your inventory. Any you get
				to make it up!
			2.	Talk to the Scarecrow on the pasture.
			3.	Go to the one who only remembers 8
			4.	Chose any notes you want, but keep
				it simple.
				a.	<><><><>
				b.	or ^><^><^>
			5.	That's it. You'll do more later!
VI.	Quest for the Spiritual Stones
	a.	Trail to Death Mountain
		i.	Head back to Kakariko Village and talk to
			the guard on the side of the town.
		ii.	He will let you pass once you show him the
			letter from Zelda.
			1.	He also asks you to go back to the
				Happy Mask Shop and get him a
				a.	We'll do this after we get the
		iii.	The trail is simple to follow, just keep going
			straight and follow the path.
		iv.	Once you reach the choice between up and
			right take the right path.
		v.	Go past the circle of rocks and enter Goron
	b.	Goron City
		i.	Go to the Bottom of the town and step onto
			the mat.
		ii.	Once you are there take out your Orcania. A
			music sheet will pop up.
		iii.	Play Zelda's Lullaby and the door will open.
		iv.	Daruna is mad because he thought you were
			a messenger from the king.
			1.	He tells his story of how
				Gannondorph locked them out of the
				Dodongo Cavern with the good
		v.	Play Saria's Song to cheer him up.
		vi.	He will give you the Goron Bracelet.
			1.	This lets you pick up Gorgons
				Special Crop, the Bomb Flower.
	c.	Trail to Death Mountain II
		i.	Go back outside and turn right once you get
			out of the city.
		ii.	You should see a few bomb flowers near a
		iii.	Throw the bomb over the edge to blast the
			rocks that are covering the entrance to the
		iv.	Head down and be prepared to go into the
			1.	Make sure you fill both bottles with
				milk for the cave.
	d.	Dodongo Cavern
		i.	At the entrance pick up a bomb flower at the
			side and set it down at the brown piece of
			wall in front of you .
			1.	You know to blow up a wall if it
				sticks out or is another color.
		ii.	This is the entrance cavern to the level, you
			will return here many times.
		iii.	You should see a huge skeleton of a
			Dodongo in the room.
		iv.	Now go to the platform on the right side of
			this room.
			1.	You can jump onto the moving pillar
				and then onto the ledge.
		v.	Pick up the bomb flower and blow up the
			1.	You have to hit it in the chest or
				head, but watch out the head will
				explode too.
		vi.	Now blow up the brown wall on the right.
			Enter the newly made door.
		vii.	There are a bunch of baby Dodongo now.
			1.	You can kill them, but they will
				explode after a certain amount of
				a.	You can pick them up and
					use them as bombs.
		viii.	 If you step on the switch at the end of this
			hall, it will just pop back up when you get
		ix.	Use the armos statue on the left to hold the
			switch down.
		x.	The door now stays unlocked.
		xi.	In this next room, you have to fight lizalfos.
			1.	The best way is to hit him and the
				duck with the shield making you a
			2.	When one has had enough the other
				will come and attack.
		xii.	Once they are dead the doors will re-open.
			Go through the new door.
		xiii.	Use a Deku Stick to light all the torches
			1.	You have to hit the Dodongo's in the
				tail, after three of four hits they
				will explode.
		xiv.	You have now circled your path and arrived
			at the Entrance Cavern, but at anther exit!
		xv.	Step on this switch that allows you to open
			the door at the left side of the big room.
		xvi.	Jump over to the other side and enter the
			newly opened door.
		xvii.	Take the map from the room. Use the bomb
			flower on the wall in this room and continue
		xviii.	Now fight this armos statue: Wake him up
			by touching him... then stun him with a
			Deku nut. Now you can use the sword on
		xix.	Take the Compass
		xx.	Now you will be in a room with a bunch of
			bomb flowers surrounding a block of stone.
		xxi.	Take one bomb flower and set it at the
			middle of bomb flowers rows where there is
			a missing piece. This sets of a chain reaction
			that causes all bomb flowers to blow up one
			by one.
		xxii.	The stone will fall allowing you to get to the
			second floor by way of the stairs.
			1.	There are 2 Gold Skulltula
			2.	One is not reachable yet, but the
			other is on the vines
		xxiii.	One is not reachable yet, but the other is on
			the vines.
		xxiv.	Go around and enter the new room.
		xxv.	Move the armos statue blocking the ladder
			and climb up to step on the switch.
		xxvi.	Advance to the next room. The big room
		xxvii.	Cross the bridge and enter a small maze
		xxviii.	There are the usual moving spike tiles here,
			so dodge them.
		xxix.	Cross the room to the wall with the blue
			block and a ladder
		xxx.	Pull the block out from underneath and take
			the heart.
		xxxi.	Now climb on top of the block and jump on
			to the tower with the bomb flower. and a
				1.	The chest has 5 rupees.
		xxxii.	Timing is everything here.
			1.	Take the bomb flower, and throw it
				at the right second before it
			2.	If you timing was right the wall will
		xxxiii.	Go through the door.
		xxxiv.	Look at the diamond eye in the back of the
			1.	Shoot it with the slingshot and jump
				over before the fire comes back.
		xxxv.	Enter the next room to find another pair of
			Lizalfos. Kill them like before.
		xxxvi.	There is another diamond eye, but two
			1.	Shoot the one in back then jump to
				the next platform
			2.	Turn left and shoot that diamond eye
				and jump over the next platform.
		xxxvii.	Once you are finally over turn right and
			climb the ledge.
		xxxviii.Open the chest to find a Bomb Bag!
			1.	This allows you to throw bombs and
				keep them in your back.
				a.	No more bomb flowers.
		xxxix.	Go to the exit and you should be on the
			second floor of the Entrance Cavern.
		xl.	Step on the switch in front of you. This will
			make the platform rise to the second floor.
			1.	Ignore it for now.
		xli.	Go to the bridge and throw bombs down into
			the spaces and into the eyes of the huge
			Dodongo skeleton.
		xlii.	The eyes will turn red and the mouth will
		xliii.	Go back to the first floor via elevator or
		xliv.	This room has a active switch
			1.	Active means that it needs to be held
				down by something.
		xlv.	Go to the door to the new room.
			1.	There is a bombable wall to the edge
				of the room. There is a Gold
				Skulltula in the room.
		xlvi.	Climb the blocks and cross the room and
			enter the door.
		xlvii.	You will now end up in the room with the
			Active switch.
			1.	Push the block onto the floor and
				push it onto the switch.
		xlviii.	Enter the new room and bomb the center of
			the floor that looks different and drop down
		xlix.	Boss
			1.	King Dodongo
				a.	He is actually quite easy for
					a monster that size.
				b.	The objective is to throw a
					bomb in his mouth before he
					can shoot fire at you.
					i.	Now attack him with
						your sword as fast as
						you can.
					ii.	Remember, Jump
						shots are twice as
						deadly so start off
						with that.
				c.	Once he shoots fire or eats a
					bomb he will roll up and roll
					around the room.
					i.	Once he does this
						stand as close as you
						can to the lava pit,
						he should miss you.
				d.	After about 4-5 shots he's
		l.	Take the Heart Piece and exit.
		li.	Daruna will meet you outside. You will go
			through a quick Anime clip and be presented
			with the Goron Ruby, one more to go.
VII.	Extra Stuff II
	a.	Gorgon City II
		i.	There are several thing to do here now that
			you have bombs.
			1.	Jar.
				a.	You may have noticed the
					large jar in the middle of the
				b.	Light the four torches in the
					center to make the jar spin.
				c.	Climb up a floor and throw
					bombs into the jar.
					i.	If you are lucky
						you'll get a
						Heart Piece.
			2.	Bomb Stopper
				a.	On one of the floor there
					is a huge Gorgon rolling
					around the ledge of town.
				b.	You'll see a sign talking
					about Big Gorgon Rolling.
				c.	Place a bomb in his path to
					stop him.
				d.	It may take several times of
					doing this, but he will give
					you a Bomb Bag.
					i.	This will raise the
						amount of bombs you
						can carry.
			3.	Bomb Maze
				a.	On the top level are some
					boulders that block part of
					the road. Blow them up and
					enter the maze.
				b.	This is fairly simple. Blow up
					all the boulders you can.
					Once you get to a crate and a
					chest, break the crate for a
					Gold Skulltula.
	b.	Death Mountain Summit
		i.	From the Gorgon City go forward and then up
			the mountain.
		ii.	You will have a few boulders blocking your
			way so blow them up.
			1.	One you have to throw the bomb.
		iii.	Climb up the mountain.
			1.	You may get hit by some boulders,
				but just keep moving.
		iv.	Once you make it to the summit go into the
			right cave.
			1.	If you are low on time, just
				jump into the lava, if you run
				out of time you will die, if
				you fall into lava you only
				lose one heart.
		v.	Go straight ignoring the box for now.
		vi.	Climb over the ledge and look for the
			hole in the wall above the lava and
			take the Heart Piece.
		vii.	Fall into the lava and you will be
			brought back to the beginning.
		viii.	Break the box and kill the Gold Skuttula
		ix.	Now go to the left cave, by blowing
			up the covering.
			1.	Step onto the Triforce symbol
				and play Zelda's Lullaby.
			2.	The fairy will give you magic
				of power
				a.	You can now spin
					your sword around
					and release a ring of
					power that breaks and
					kills all that are
					around you.
	b.	Kakariko Village II
		i.	Talk to the Owl on the summit and
			latch onto his feet. He will drop you
			off onto Impa's roof.
			1.	Go to the left and jump onto
				the ledge on the side of the
			2.	Go inside and take the Heart
				Piece next to the cow.
	c.	Hyrule Market II
		i.	Now that you have bombs there are several
			things you can do now that you couldn't
		ii.	Play the Bombachu game.
			1.	The game is in Hyrule Market
			2.	The goal is to send a Bombachu
				down the course and hit the hole
				three times
			3.	The hole will be harder after each
				one is blown up.
				a.	The position for the first two
					are rotated randomly.
					i.	Upper left
					ii.	Upper Right
					iii.	Center
				b.	The final one is always
			4.	If that isn't hard enough there is a
				spike tile bouncing back and forth.
				a.	Then on the second course a
					chick appears,
				b.	On the final one a Cucoo
					will appear.
				c.	They will do anything to
					block your shot.
			5.	Patience is the only key
				a.	You can always try going off
					the walls to avoid the cucoos.
			6.	The prizes are as follows
				a.	Heart Piece
				b.	Bomb Bag
				c.	50 Rupees
				d.	Bombachu
				e.	Bombs
		iii.	Dog Search
			1.	You may have seen the fat lady
				talking about her dog in the day, but
				now she has lost him.
			2.	It is your job to get the dog back and
				get a handsome reward.
				a.	Walk up to the dog and walk
					into it. The dog will then
					follow you wherever you go.
				b.	The correct dog is behind the
					shop counter.
			3.	Take the dog back through the alley
				and talk to the lady with the dog.
			4.	She will tell you if it is hers. If
				it is you will get a Heart Piece
				as a reward.
	d.	Hyrule Castle II
		i.	Go to the castle and climb the vines to get to
			the ledge.
		ii.	Jump down and head straight and look for
			the small inlet.
		iii.	Use the bombs to blow the boulders away
			and climb into the hole.
		iv.	The Fairy will give you Din's Fire
			1.	Din's Fire
				a.	This will allow you to cast
					fire and burn all around you.
				b.	Kills monsters and light
VIII.	Quest for the  Spiritual Stones II
	a.	 Zora River
		i.	To get to the Zora River go south of the
			town and follow the water back to the
		ii.	Once you are there you will have to bomb
			the boulders that are blocking the entrance.
		iii.	Roll into the tree for a Gold Skulltula.
		iv.	Follow the path and talk to the man easting
			the seeds. Buy as many as you can afford.
			1.	Seeds
				a.	Plant the seeds in soft dirt.
				b.	They can be recognized by
					the square patch.
				c.	Here are the locations of the
					accessible seed patches.
					i.	Zora River
						1.	Next to Seed
							Eating Man
					ii.	Kokiri's Forest
					iii.	Lost Woods
						1.	Take right
							from entrance
					iv.	Lost Woods II
						1.	Turn left
					v.	Dodongo Cavern
					vi.	Lake Hylia
						1.	Next to
					vii.	Gerudo Camp Bridge
						1.	Drop down to
							where the cow
							is under the
					viii.	Kakariko Village
						1.	On the east
							side of the
					ix.	There are two more,
						but they are un-
						reachable for now.
			2.	Gold Skulltula.
				a.	All of the dirt patches except
					the Zora River one has a
					Gold Skulltula hidden in the
				b.	Find or Bug a bug and place
					it next to the hole and a Gold
					Skulltula will pop out after a
					few seconds.
				c.	SECRET
					i.	If you catch one bug
						you release 3-4
					ii.	When you drop the
						bugs hit the bottle
						button again and
						refill your bugs
						with 2-3 left to
						enter the dirt
		v.	Once you get all the seeds you can afford go
			back and grab the Cucoo.
		vi.	Take him and leap across the river so you
			are on the opposite side of the river.
		vii.	Hold onto the Cucoo and follow the path
			over the land bridge.
		viii.	There should be a cliff under you now, pay
		ix.	Jump off with the Cucco, once you touch the
			small platform throw away the cucoo. If you
			timing was right you will grab onto the
			ledge and climb back up.
		x.	Now jump to your right and grab the Heart
		xi.	Jump back to the other platform and fall to
			the ground below the ledge.
			1.	Your cucoo is probable gone, but
		xii.	Follow the river to the log in the water.
			When you climb on the log Navi will say
			some frogs are looking at you. Take out
			your Orcania.
		xiii.	MiniGame
			1.	Frog Catching
				a.	Play any Song you have in
					your inventory and you will
					get 50 Rupees for playing
					songs they haven't heard
					i.	Here is the list you
						should have
						1.	Zelda's
						2.	Sun Song
						3.	Epona's Song
						4.	Saria's Song
					ii.	You can only hold
						200 Rupees now, so
						don't worry about
						coming back.
		xiv.	Now go and get more seeds back at the
		xv.	Once you are full of seeds and out of Songs
			go back and get the Cucoo.
		xvi.	Follow the same path, but don't throw your
			cucoo to get onto that ledge.
		xvii.	Keep it and throw it up the ledge past the
		xviii.	Grab him quickly and take him north.
		xix.	Follow the path to the end where you see a
		xx.	Try to jump with the cucoo and grab the
			Heart Piece.
		xxi.	Ditch the cucoo and go to the waterfall and
			step onto the platform.
		xxii.	Play Zelda's Lullaby and jump into the
	b.	Zora's Domain
		i.	Welcome to the water world. There are tons
			of things to do here, but lets start off with
			a few MiniGames
			1.	Torch Lighting
				a.	The goal is to light three
					torches together. Once they
					are lit you get a Heart Piece.
				b.	This is a hard game. There
					are tons of ways to complete
					it, but I found this to be the
				c.	Before you start go to the
					second level and light the
					permanent torch on the upper
					i.	Use Din's Fire on the
						First Torch next to
						the item shop.
					ii.	Grab a Deku stick
						quickly and light it.
					iii.	Run through the
						shallow water behind
						the waterfall and
						light the two torches.
						1.	Easier said
							than done.
						2.	The torches
							only stay lit
							for a small
							period of
						3.	Some people
							like to light
							the permanent
							torch then use
							the Deku stick
							on that.
						4.	Others light
							the Waterfall
							Torches first.
			2.	Diving Game
				a.	This game is not optional you
					must play it.
				b.	Talk to the Zora to the left
					of King Zora.
				c.	She will tell you that if you
					dive down and get all the
					Rupees from the water in the
					time period she will give you
					a prize.
					i.	She will throw the
						Rupees down and
						then you fall of the
					ii.	Just keep diving down
						and get all the
					iii.	Once you get them all
						the game will stop.
					iv.	You get a Silver Scale
						as a prize.
				d.	Silver Scale
					i.	Allows you to dive
						twice as deep.
					ii.	Now that you have the
						Scale you can
						continue with your
					iii.	Go into the main pond
						where most of the
						Zora's hang out.
					iv.	Dive down into the
						hole in the ground.
						This will warp you
						into Lake Hylia
	c.	Lake Hylia II
		i.	You will pop out in the lake.
		ii.	If you paid attention while you were coming
			out of the water you should have seen a
			funny looking object.
		iii.	Dive down and get it.
			1.	Bottle with a Note.
		iv.	Go back into the hole to go back to the
			Zora's Domain.
	d.	Zora's Domain II
		i.	When you get back go up to the upper level
			and stand on the platform.
		ii.	Z target the King and give show him the
		iii.	He will ask you to get the Princess and gives
			you the bottle as the reward.
			1.	He will then move his fat but out of
				the way, very slowly.
		iv.	Do not rush into the new area. Dive off the
			waterfall first back to the lower levels.
		v.	Go near the waterfall and try to catch a fish
			with the bottle.
			1.	SECRET
				a.	You can catch a fish in the
					bottle for free and sell it
					for about 100 Rupees to the
					woman near the Bombachu
	e.	Zora's Fountain
		i.	You should see a HUGE Fish called Jabu-
			Jabu. Ignore him for now and jump into the
		ii.	Swim all the way across the water into the
			small island in the back.
		iii.	Blow up the wall to reveal a hidden door.
		iv.	Go inside and stand of the Triforce Symbol
			and play Zelda's Lullaby.
			1.	Another Fairy will bestow another
				Magic Spell on you.
				a.	Farore's Wind
					i.	This spell is, well,
					ii.	Cast the spell and it
						will leave a sort of
						anchor there.
					iii.	Next time you cast the
						spell you can either
						return to the place
						you cast the spell,
						or create a new
						1.	I only used
							this spell in
							the Forest
		v.	Now go to the HUGE fish Lord Jabu-Jabu.
		vi.	Open the Fish Bottle and the fish will drop
			1.	Anime Scene
				a.	He will swallow you and you
					are now in Lord Jabu-Jabu.
				b.	To leave just walk to his
	f.	Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu.
		i.	This place can get a bit confusing. There are
			pit falls, electric jellyfish and other gross
			stuff you do not want to see in a fish.
		ii.	First, run forward, avoiding the Octoroks,
			until you get to the other side.
		iii.	Use the slingshot to hit the flesh switch on
			the ceiling. Now the door with open. Run
			through the next room and straight to the
			next room.
		iv.	Here you will find the Princess Ruto. She
			tells you that she's fine and doesn't need
			your help and then she falls through the
		v.	Jump down the same pit after her.
		vi.	Talk to Ruto until she lets you carry her.
			You now have the joy of dealing with a brat
			through the dungeon.
		vii.	If you leave her or drop her in deep water
			she will disappear and return to either this
			spot or the previous one.
			1.	Se is good for something! Throw her
				at a switch or use her to hold one
				a.	Talk about sitting on your
					royal duff.
		viii.	Proceed to the next room behind you.
		ix.	Throw her to the platform on the other side,
			and hit the switch to let the water come up.
			Swim to the other side where Ruto is.
		x.	Hit the switch and proceed to the next room.
		xi.	Wait for the elevator to come down, and go
			up with Princess Ruto. Now continue to the
			room where you first met Princess Ruto.
			1.	Dodge all of the holes and HUGE
				electric vines.
		xii.	Cross the room to the door on the other side.
		xiii.	Now take the path on the right and put Ruto
			down on the switch. Now the door will stay
			open and you can enter...
		xiv.	Here you have a Star Wars flashback. There
			are these underwater/ground flying things.
			They will come up one you walk on top of
			1.	Z target them and get them to come
			2.	Hit them with the slingshot or any
				other weapon you fancy.
		xv.	Once the are all dispatched a chest will
			1.	Boomerang
				a.	This is one of the best
					weapons for young Link.
				b.	Kills Jelly Fish and other
				c.	Retrieves Z targeted items
				d.	SECRET
					i.	If there is a monster
						you can't Z Target
						just take your
						Slingshot and your
						Boomerang and put
						them both on your C
					ii.	Now aim with the
						Slingshot then hit the
						boomerang. It will hit
						where the Slingshot
		xvi.	Go back outside and get Ruto
			1.	If she left she is waiting in the room
				where you first met her.
		xvii.	Go back to the forked road. Go to the left
			side of this time.
		xviii.	Set Ruto down on the switch and enter the
		xix.	MiniBoss
			1.	Vane
				a.	This is a vane type thing with
					electricity running through
				b.	Just Z target it and use your
					Boomerang to kill it.
				c.	It will only expose the weak
					point if you are close to it.
				d.	Just walk in a circle around
					it and attack.
				e.	After a few hits it will
					fall off and die.
		xx.	Take the map leave, and pick up Ruto
			1.	Looking left, you will see that the
				electric thing that was previously
				blocking the path is now gone.
			2.	Follow the road to the room there.
			3.	You now have 40 seconds to defeat
				all the bubbles in the room! Quickly
				use Z targeting on each one and
				finish them off with the boomerang.
			4.	The prize for your bubble busting is
				the compass.
			5.	Now exit the room and go down
				another hall and into the door.
		xxi.	Defeat the vane thing again
		xxii.	Go back to the hole room and take the hole
			that was previously blocked by a huge vane.
			1.	Near you on the far right side.
		xxiii.	There are a few Gold Skulltula near here.
			Try to get them with the Boomerang. If not
			come back later.
		xxiv.	Enter the new door.
		xxv.	When you enter the third spiritual stone is
			on a platform. Throw Ruto up to get it
			(brat). The platform will bring her up and a
			boss will come down.
		xxvi.	Sub Boss
			1.	Big Octo
				a.	He is really simple, but hard
				b.	His only weak point is the
					green spot in his back. You
					have to stun him with your
					Boomerang and then hit the
					green spot.
				c.	If he is facing you just hit
					him with the Boomerang and
					then when he spins hit him
				d.	If you are luck he will expose
					his green spot.
		xxvii.	After killing Big Octo, climb up on the
			platform and it will bring you up to the
			higher level.
			1.	There is a fairy in one of the pots.
		xxviii.	Go to the next room.
		xxix.	Jump onto the platform and it will lower
			down to the elevator room.
		xxx.	Now you are back at the beginning, but you
			have a new space open to you because of the
		xxxi.	If you step on the switch it will open and
			then close. Get a box and place it there.
		xxxii.	Enter the new room and climb the vines at
			the side of the wall up to the top.
			1.	There is a Gold Skulltula on one side
				of the vines.
		xxxiii.	Once you are on top you have to aim your
			rang to go around the web and hit the
			switch. Take a few times, just keep changing
			your position until it works.
		xxxiv.	Jump down and enter the door for the Boss.
		xxxv.	Boss
			1.	Brinade
				a.	He is electric so be careful.
				b.	He is stationary for now, but
					you must cut his connection
					with Jabu-Jabu.
				c.	Take out your Boomerang
					and Z target the vanes, clip
					them down one by one.
				d.	Once they are all gone he will
					start to move all across the
					room. Now it is time for a
					new strategy
				e.	In order to kill him you need
					a clear shot. The only
					problem is Jelly Fish are
					protecting him.
				f.	When he is spinning them
					around throw your
					boomerang at him until you
					hit him. He will be stunned.
				g.	Attack him with all you got.
				h.	He will most likely go into
					the flesh, now is your chance
					to kill the Jelly Fish.
					i.	The more you kill the
						more chance you have
						of hitting him again.
				i.	After a couple of good shots
					he is dead.
		xxxvi.	Take the Heart Piece and exit through the
			warp with Ruto.
	g.	Zora's Fountain II
		i.	You will have a conversation with Ruto and
			she will ask you a question.
			1.	Any answer will do.
		ii.	You will get the Spiritual Stone and an
			engagement at the same time.
		iii.	Before you rush out get a few Gold
			Skulltulas while you are here.
			1.	One is on the wall by the log
			2.	The other is in the tree on the small
IX.	Zelda's Escape

		i.	Head back to the castle to show Zelda your
		ii.	Once you enter the area of the castle you
			will be put in a small cinematic experience.
			1.	Seems familiar?
		iii.	You see Impa holding Zelda as she is
			riding on a horse getting away from
			the castle.
			1.	Wait did Zelda throw something?
		iv.	Shortly after Ganondorph will appear
			asking where the woman and the girl went.
		v.	The brave man you are resist and
			prepare to fight, but you get knocked
			down. Then he leaves.
		vi.	Jump into the moat and get the Orcania
			of Time!
			1.	Orcania of Time
				a.	Same as the Fairy
					Orcania, but this
					will open the Door of
					Time if you know the
					right song.
		vii.	Just as you touch it Zelda sends you a
			telepathic message. Listen to her and
			she will teach you a new song.
			1.	Song of Time
				a.	This song will open
					the Door of
					Time and move Door
					of Time
		viii.	You can go to the Temple of Time now,
			but wait to finish up some stuff.
X.	Extra Stuff III
	a.	Trading Game Sequence; Young Link
		i.	Hyrule Market III
			1.	Go to Hyrule market and go the
				Happy Mask Shop.
			2.	Here is how the game works:
				a.	You are a happy mask trader,
					you will go around Hyrule
					and sell all the masks and
					collect the money for them.
				b.	You only have to pay what
					they are worth, and extra you
					keep, and any missing you
					pay for.
				c.	Once you sell a mask go back
					to the shop and get another.
				d.	You have to wear the mask
					and then talk to the person.
				e.	TIP:
					i.	Make sure you have
						the Giant Wallet
						before completing
			3.	The Masks and their Future owners
				are as follows
				a.	Keaton Mask
					i.	Guard by gate in
						Kakariko Village
					ii.	15 Rupees, small
				b.	Skull Mask
					i.	Lost Woods, Left at
					ii.	Stiff you the money
				c.	Spooky Mask
					i.	You know that boy in
						the Graveyard
						wanting to be like
						Dampe, He'll buy it.
					ii.	He will pay the full
						30 Rupee price.
				d.	Bunny Hood Mask
					i.	There is a man
						running around
						Hyrule Field. He
						usually goes around
						the Lon Lon Ranch.
					ii.	When night falls he
						will stop to take a
						rest. Talk to him
					iii.	He will give you an
						HUGE amount of
						money for the mask,
						so much you can't
						count it.
						1.	500 Rupees!
				e.	Now go back to the Happy
					Mask Shop to borrow the
					Mask of Truth!
					i.	Mask of Truth
						1.	This will let
							you talk to
							the Gossip
							stones all
	b.	Hyrule Field II
		i.	There are several things hidden in the field
			that are open to you once you get bombs.
			Some are even amazing.
			1.	Heart Pieces
				a.	There are two Heart Pieces
					located in the field
					i.	Lake Entrance
						1.	Go to the
							center of the
							four gates at
							the entrance
							to the Lake.
							Bomb the
							middle and
							buy a Heart
							Piece for 10
					ii.	Field
						1.	There is
							another Heart
							Piece, but it
							is too deep
							to get right
						2.	You will need
							the Gold Scale
							or the Iron
			2.	Gold Skulltula
				a.	There are two Gold
					Skulltulas open to you now in
					the field
					i.	Outside of Kakariko
						1.	The tree in
							front of the
							village near
							the rive has
					ii.	Gerudo Camp
						1.	Go to the
							entrance to
							the Gerudo
							There is a
							circle of
							located in
							there is
						2.	Make sure to
							have Din's
		ii.	Kakariko Village
			1.	There were many collectable things
				that were not reachable without the
				boomerang that are now.
			2.	Go to the Cemetery at night and get
				the Gold Skulltula on the east wall.
			3.	Use your boomerang to collect the
			4.	Go to the Windmill and get the Heart
				Piece on the ledge.
		iii.	Lon Lon Ranch
			1.	There is one on the top of the house.
			2.	One on the wall in by the storage
		iv.	Gerudo Camp Bridge
			1.	There is one on the min-waterfall.
		v.	Lake Hylia
			1.	There is one on the back Laboratory
				you can reach from the bridge.
		vi.	Kokiri Forest Village
			1.	There is one on the back of the
				Twins house.
		vii.	There are a total of 50 reachable Gold
			Skulltula as a kid, if you can't get them all
			you can always come back.
XI.	Entering the Sacred Realm
	a.	Temple of Time
			1.	Make sure you completed all the
				things as you can as a kid before
				proceeding. It will take some time
				for you to be able to return to the
				Young Link stage after this!
			2.	Make sure you learn Epon's Song
				from Malon!
		ii.	Go back to Hyrule Market and enter the
			Temple of Time.
			1.	If you paid attention to the stories
				you would know that the Door of
				Time is the gate to the Sacred Realm
				and this is where the Triforce was
		iii.	Go to the alter and play the Song of Time.
		iv.	The Jewels that you collected will float onto
			the alter and the Door of Time will open.
		v.	Go up to the Master Sword and take it.
		vi.	You will see a bright light and then the face
			of Ganondorph.
			1.	He followed you and allowed you to
				open the Door of Time so he could
				take the Triforce.
	b.	Sacred Realm
		i.	You awake in a odd water world type of
			place. There is an old man standing there.
		ii.	You will hear a story about you and your
			1.	Rauru, the Sage of Light, tells you
				that Gannondorph tired to take
				Triforce, but because he has evil
				intentions in his heart the Triforce
				split into three parts. Each going to
				the person that reflects what is in
				their heart. Ganondorph received
				power. He then explains who you
			2.	You are the Hero of Time. Destined
				to protect the Triforce and bear the
				Master Sword. The only problem
				was you were too young to be the
				Hero. You were put to sleep for
				seven years until you were old
				enough to be the Hero.
			3.	In that time Ganondorph has taken
				over Hyrule. He has unleashed
				horrible demons that took over the
				world. Including Hyrule Castle.
			4.	The only way to stop this is to
				collect the power of all the
				Sages and send him to the
				Sacred Realm forever.
			5.	The Sages are
				a.	Light
				b.	Forest
				c.	Fire
				d.	Water
				e.	Shadow
				f.	Spirit
			6.	Rauru is the Sage of Light and
				bestowed upon you his medallion
				with his power.
		iii.	Your next goal is to get the Sages and
			collect their power to defeat Gannondorph.
		iv.	You are then send back to the Temple of
			Time as an adult.
			1.	You can not use the following
				weapons as an adult anymore.
				a.	Kokiri Sword
					b.	Deku Shield
					c.	Seeds
					d.	Slingshot.
					e.	Deku Stick
					f.	Boomerang
		v.	Once you get back you will be greeted by a
			man. He says his name is Sheik, the last of
			the race of Sheika.
			1.	Wasn't Impa one of the Sheika?
			2.	There was a gossip stone that talked
				about a connection between some
				people and she Sheika, mmm?
		vi.	The first Sage is waiting for you in the
			Forest Temple, but there is so much evil
			permeating there she can not hear the call.
		vii.	You must go to Kakariko Village first to get
			a CERTAIN ITEM to get into the Forest
		viii.	She will stand there, just exit.
XII.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Hyrule Castle III
		i.	Well it was Hyrule Castle?
		ii.	The town is covered with ReDeads and it is
			now abandoned.
		iii.	Gannondorph's Castle is behind you, you
			can stop there if you want.
		iv.	Go to the little house next to the bridge and
			talk with the man.
		v.	Poe Collector
			1.	He collects Poes, specially Big Poes.
				a.	If you bring him a Big Poe he
					will give you 100 points on
					your card. Collect a 1000
					points you will get a rare and
					valuable object.
			2.	Big Poes are large ghosts that only
				live in Hyrule Field. You can contain
				them in a bottle once you kill it.
			3.	You need a horse and a bow & arrow
				to catch one so we'll come back to
				this in a little bit.
	b.	Lon Lon Ranch II
		i.	Go to the Ranch and find out Ingo was given
			the ranch and kicked out Talon. Malon still
			works there because he would treat the
			animals bad if she didn't.
		ii.	Talk to Ingo and agree to rent a horse to ride
			in the coral.
		iii.	Once inside Play Epona Song and the adult
			horse Epona will come to you.
			1.	Make sure it is Epona.
		iv.	Take the time to practice riding until the
			time runs out.
		v.	Rent Epona again, but this time talk to Ingo
			while you are on Epona.
			1.	He will ask you to race with him for
				50 Rupees.
		vi.	MiniGame
			1.	Horse Racing
				a.	You must have Epona or you
					will not win the race.
				b.	The goal is to beat Ingo
					across the coral in one lap.
				c.	He cheats and goes before
					you, but there is nothing you
					can do.
				d.	The secret to winning is to
					hug the wall and take him
					over when he goes outside.
					This is your chance to pass
				e.	Use your carrots in intervals
					so when you are about to
					slow down use the next one,
					but save the last one!
					i.	If you use all your
						carrots you will
						take longer to get
				f.	Wait until half the carrots
					are refilled and go crazy
					again, use your last carrot
					if you are close to the
					white line.
				g.	You have to repeat this one
					more time to win Epona.
				h.	If you lose don't worry, you
					can race him again.
		vii.	Ingo will get really pissed off at you, but he
			thinks he has his revenge by not letting you
			leave with Epona.
		viii.	Have some fun while you are here. Take
			Epona and run over some chickens. If you
			run over enough they will attack you, but
			you can't be hurt by them.
		ix.	To get Epona out of the ranch go to the back
			of the ranch and run as fast as you can on
			Epona. She will leap over the edge and you
			can now ride her freely!
		x.	To call her anywhere in the world just play
			Epona's Song. She will come galloping to
		xi.	After you wake up Talon you can play
			another MiniGame!
		xii.	MiniGame
			1.	Horse Riding Obstacle Course
				a.	This is one of the tough
					games to play.
				b.	You must ride the Epona for
					two laps while jumping over
					the fences.
				c.	Easy right, Wrong! you must
					complete it BELOW 50
					seconds. If you make it at 50
					you lose.
				d.	The key is to only speed up
					when you get to a large
					fence. The regular ones you
					can easily jump over.
				e.	Use the end of your carrots to
					finish the final lap.
				f.	If you win Malon tells you it
					is too big to carry so she put
					it in your house.
		xiii.	Go to your house to find a Cow!
	c.	Adult Trading Game
		i.	Now that you have Epona you can complete
			what I thing is one of the best parts of the
			game, the Adult Trading Sequence.
		ii.	Please note that if you gained any Warp
			songs you can not use them for the time
			limit parts of the game. You will only make
			the counter change to 2 seconds!
		iii.	Kakariko Village
			1.	Go to the Chicken lady and talk to
			2.	She will give you a pocket cucoo to
				take care of. It takes one full
				day to hatch.
			3.	Once it hatches bring it to the first
				house when you enter the village.
				Talon is sleeping there.
			4.	Walk up to him and show him the
				chicken. He will rush off to the
			5.	Take the cucoo back to the Chicken
				Lady and she will give you a special
				Blue Cucoo.
		iv.	Lost Woods
			1.	Go to the spot where the Skull Kid
				usually is and you will see the
				Chicken Lady's brother.
			2.	Show him the cucoo. He will give
				you the mushroom.
			3.	You are to take it to the Potion Shop
				lady in Kakariko Village.
				a.	If you planted the Seed in the
					soil path in the next section
					you can take it to the bridge
					and save a little bit of time.
					Jump when it goes over the
		v.	Kakariko Village II
			1.	You have a three minute time limit
				to get the Mushroom there.
			2.	Go to Kakariko Village go left up the
				stairs and into the item shop.
			3.	Take the back entrance and go over
				to the Potion Shop.
			4.	She will give you the Odd Potion in
		vi.	Lost Woods II
			1.	When you return with the Odd
				Potion the man will be gone.
			2.	A Kokiri girl is there instead. She
				demands the Odd Potion because it
				was made by Kokiri Mushroom.
			3.	She say the man became a Stalfos
				like everyone else who enters.
			4.	She will give you the Saw instead.
		vii.	Gerudo Camp Bridge
			1.	Take Epona to the Gerudo Camp
				Bridge, but it is gone!
			2.	Take a running start and Epona can
				leap across.
			3.	Show the man the saw and he will
				give you the Broken Biggeron Sword
		viii.	Death Mountain Summit
			1.	Go back the Death Mountain, but
				take the leaf in front of the Dodongo
				Cavern. It will take you to the top.
			2.	You just have to walk through the
				falling rocks and climb the side to
				get to the summit.
			3.	Once you are there show the sword
				to the Huge Goron that appears.
			4.	He says he will fix the sword for you
				if you get some eye drops for him.
			5.	The last explosion hurt his eyes,
			6.	Go back to Kakariko Village and
				enter the item store. Buy Blue Fire
				for 300 Rupees.
		ix.	Zora's Domain
			1.	Take the prescription to the Zora's
			2.	Take the leaf at the beginning of
				Zora's River to speed up the process.
			3.	Once you are there you find the
				place is frozen.
			4.	Walk next to King Zora and use the
				Blue Fire on him. The red ice should
			5.	He will give you the Blue Tunic in
				a.	Lets you breath underwater.
			6.	Go to the alter and show him the
			7.	He will give you the Eyeball Frog
				that is the main ingredient.
			8.	You have three minutes to get it to
				the Laboratory in Lake Hylia. RUN.
			9.	Just jump in the water and run then
				swim to Epona and ride her to the
		x.	Lake Hylia
				1.	She will jump the fences if
					you are galloping and get
					off at the Laboratory.
				2.	Z target the professor and
					show him the Eye Balls.
				3.	He thinks they are for him
					and he gets mad when he finds
					out they aren't.
				4.	He will make the Eye drops
					for you, but you only have
					four minutes to get it across
					the world, and up a mountain
					to the Big Gorgon.
		xi.	Death Mountain Summit.
				1.	You actually have a lot of
					time to get there.
				2.	There are two things you need
					to get there.
					a.	Epona
					b.	Leaf at the Dodongo
				3.	Go back the Death Mountain,
					but take the leaf in front of
					the Dodongo.
					Cavern. It will take you to
					the top.
				4.	You just have to walk through
					the falling rocks again and
					climb the side to get to the
				5.	Quickly give him the Eye
				6.	He thanks you and gives you
					the Claim Check for the
				7.	Play the Sun Song so the day
					changes for two days.
				8.	Show him the Claim Check and
					you will get the Biggeron
					a.	Biggeron Sword
						i.	This is the
							sword in the
						ii.	It is so big
							you can't
							reach your
							shield when
							you are
							holding	it.
						iii.	It can not
							kill true
							evil, but it
							sure as hell
							can take out
		xii.	SECRET
			1.	You can change the Claim Check,
				and any other item, in to a Bottle.
			2.	Go to Kakariko Village and enter the
				hole near the potion shop
			3.	Go to the Fish and grab it with the
			4.	While you are swinging the bottle
				press start and place the Claim
				Check in place of the Bottle on the C
				spot. It will turn into a Bottle!
				a.	Downsides
					i.	You will get a
						flashing arrow over
						Kakariko Village
						because the map
						thinks you have not
						started the Trading
					ii.	You can not fill this
						with any potions.
						Only things that you
						can catch.
	d.	Lake Hylia III
		i.	Fishing MiniGame II
			1.	Go back to the Fishing Pond, but the
				lake is gone and you can't get up
			2.	Take the leaf next to the Laboratory
				and it will drop you off at the
				a.	You can get dropped off at
					the roof too so you can grab
					the Heart Piece.
			3.	Talk to the man and he remembers
			4.	Look at the sign and you will see a
				new rule, no casting at people!
				a.	Go Ahead, why not!
				b.	If your aim is right you can
					take off his hat!
				c.	If you throw it in the water
					he will charge you 50 Rupees
					for it.
			5.	If you fish try finding the Sinking
			6.	The location map of where it might
				be can be seen here
			7.	If you can bring in a 20 pounder you
				will get the Gold Scale!
				a.	Gold Scale
					i.	This will allow you to
						dive even deeper!
		ii.	Fishing Game Secret
			1.	Many of you may have heard, but
				there is a secret fish hidden in the
				lake! It is called the Hylian Loach!
				a.	Hylian Loach
					i.	An eel type fish. It
						can way anywhere
						between 35-
	e.	Laboratory
		i.	Now that you can dive as deep as you can
			why no show your stuff.
		ii.	Go to the Laboratory in Lake Hylia. When
			you are there jump in the water.
		iii.	Dive all the way down until you touch the
			1.	Say hi to Jaws while you are down
		iv.	Talk to the Professor and he will give you a
			Heart Piece for showing your stuff!
	f.	Hyrule Field III
		i.	There is a place between Hyrule Field and
			Gerudo Camp that the rumble pack will go
			nuts over. Bomb here.
		ii.	Dive down with the Gold Scale and get the
			Heart Piece.
	g.	Kakariko Village II
XIII.	Quest for the Forest Medallion
	a.	Kakariko Village III
		i.	Take Sheik's advice and head to Kakariko
		ii.	Not many things have changed. Most of the
			shops, minus the games, have been moved
			from Hyrule Market to the Village. The man
			in the item shop will explain more.
		iii.	Head to the cemetery for another
	b.	Cemetery
		i.	First ride the leaf up to the ledge and break
			the box for a Heart Piece.
		ii.	Now go to the grave with the flowers on it
			right in the same area.
		iii.	Pull the grave open and it's time for another
			Dampe Game!
		iv.	MiniGame
			1.	Dampe's Graveyard Race
				a.	There are two prizes to the
				b.	The First one is the Hookshot
					i.	You may have read
						about it in Dampe's
				c.	You have to follow Dampe in
					the cavern maze without
					getting lost.
				d.	If you lose Dampe you have
					5 seconds to get on the right
					path or you will be sent back
					to the beginning.
				e.	Follow Dampe as he throws
					fire at you.
				f.	Ignore the Rupees just follow
				g.	Once you are at the end he
					will give you congratulate
					you for keeping up.
				h.	As a prize he will give you
					the Hookshot!
					i.	Hookshot
						1.	This will grab
							anything the
							laze sight
							points to and
						2.	If it grabs on
							a rough
							surface or
							item it will
							putt you to
							it, or it to
				i.	The entrance is now locked
					so go in through the back.
				j.	There is a huge block
					stopping the path with the
					same symbol that was on the
					Door of Time.
				k.	Play the Song of Time and it
					will move.
				l.	When you exit you will end
					up in the Windmill.
				m.	Talk to the Man and listen to
					his story.
				n.	Pull out your Orcania and
					lean the Song of Storms
					i.	This will make the
						Windmill go really
						fast and create a
						storm even indoors!
			2.	Dampe's Graveyard Race II
				a.	Now that you go the
					Hookshot time to go back for
					a harder prize.
				b.	Do the same as before, but
					you must complete it in less
					than 1:00!
					i.	The best way is to
						roll through most of
						the dungeon. You
						actually go faster
						when you roll!
					ii.	The other key is to
						dodge all the fire.
						It will take a few
						seconds for you to
						recover even if you
						have the Red Tunic.
					iii.	The Hover Boots
						aren't a bad idea,
						but not necessary.
				c.	If you make it in less a 1:00
					or less Dampe will give you a
					Heart Piece,
					i.	This is one of the
						most difficult games!
		v.	Make sure you stop at the potion shop for
			the Ultimate Potion. Fill up on it!
	c.	Kokiri Forest Village III
		i.	You can call Saria on her Orcania if you
			would like, and she is delighted to hear from
		ii.	Go back to your old home and find the place
			overrun with monster!
			1.	With the Deku Tree dead there was
				no one to protect this land!
	d.	Lost Woods II
		i.	Go into the Lost Woods and head to the
			Sacred Meadow.
		ii.	Along the way Mido will stop you and
			won't let you pass.
			1.	He has no idea who you are.
		iii.	Play Saria's Song to him and he will let you
		iv.	Continue to the Sacred Meadow.
	e.	Sacred Meadow II
		i.	You might get a rumble on your controller at
			the entrance to the Sacred Meadow.
		ii.	Bomb the ground and you'll find a hole.
		iii.	When you fall inside you must defeat a few
			wolves and a white wolf. In return you will
			get a 200 Rupee gem!
		iv.	Continue into the meadow.
			1.	There is one significant change to the
				area then before. There are now
				Stalfos walking around.
				a.	They are in every corridor or
					the maze!
				b.	To kill them is really easy
					i.	Walk up behind them
						slowly, then aim your
						Hookshot at their
						backs and fire!
		v.	Once you get through make sure stocked up
			on potions. If not go to the fairy pond in the
			middle of the maze.
		vi.	Go up the stairs to the place where you and
			Saria last met and you will see a HUGE
			Stalfos slamming the ground with his club
			1.	Just bob left to right and pass him.
				Then hack away at his back!
		vii.	Once you enter the area Sheik will arrive.
			1.	She will teach you the Minute of the
				Forest so you can warp back here at
		viii.	Stand on the log and aim your Hookshot for
			the branch above.
		ix.	Enter the temple.
	f.	Forest Temple
		i.	The one hard problem with this dungeon is
			finding all of the keys. To make it easier I
			will letter the keys as they come up.
		ii.	Kill the wolves in this room and climb up
			the vines on the left.
		iii.	At the top, jump across the tree branch and
			onto the other tree branch on the left side.
		iv.	Open the chest to find the first small key.
		v.	Now kill the giant Skulltula in the next room
		vi.	Go through the door to see the "Torch
			room". The four multi-colored Poes stole the
			fire and the elevator in the center goes
		vii.	Go strait ahead to the room in front of you.
		viii.	Kill the fire skull and continue to the next
		ix.	Now you'll have to fight two Stalfos. Use
			the shield (and Z targeting) to defend
			yourself. Right after he swipes at you with
			his sword, attack him with your own sword.
			After killing them, get the small key
			and go back to the Torch room.
		x.	Go to the blue block with the symbol of
			time, and make it disappear by playing the
			song of time. Enter the door.
		xi.	Go to the right side wall with the vines
			growing all over it. Use the Hookshot to kill
			the Skulltulas that you can kill before
		xii.	The highest one is too far up to reach with
			the Hookshot so just carefully avoid it.
			1.	Slowly go up and when he is facing
				left then climb past him
			2.	When he turns red jump off and try
		xiii.	Climb up the vines to the door at the top.
		xiv.	Now kill the Fire Skull to receive the map.
		xv.	Next room... use the Hookshot to hit the
			white diamond on the right side wall.
		xvi.	You will be pulled toward the diamond and
			fall on the platform. Now step on the switch
			to drain the water out of the well.
		xvii.	Now jump down to the ground and go down
			the well.
		xviii.	Beside the stairs at the well bottom is
			another small key.
		xix.	Backtrack to the torch room. Enter the
			locked door at the side of the room.
			Kill yet another giant Skulltula and enter the
			a.	This next room is sort of a 3d
				maze room.
		xx.	Push the blue block to the little hole in the
			floor. Just follow the arrows on the floor.
		xxi.	When the block gets to a place where you
			cant push it anymore, go around to the other
			side of the block.
		xxii.	Now just slide it into place and climb up to
			the next floor.
		xxiii.	This time, pull the red block until you are
			placed between the block and the wall.
		xxiv.	Now jump back to the lower floor and look
			around for a ladder.
		xxv.	Go up the ladder and push the red block
			against the wall.
		xxvi.	Go back down the ladder and climb back up
			the blue block.
		xxvii.	Push the red block all the way.
		xxviii.	Climb up the red block and enter the locked
		xxix.	This room is all twisted! Go through it
			normally and enter the locked door on the
			other side.
		xxx.	Fight the Stalfos and a platform will come
			down with two more Stalfos.
		xxxi.	When one is defeated, his remains will lie
			on the floor and come to life in about a
			minute, so kill the other one ASAP.
		xxxii.	When they're both gone, get the Fairy Bow
			from the chest.
		xxxiii.	Go to the next room and you should see a
			Poe on a painting STOP!
			1.	All right the object for this and the
				next Poe is to make them stuck in
				one painting by shooting a arrow in
				each painting until one is left.
			2.	They must be in the painting for it to
			3.	Take a stand at the bottom of the
				stairs where you can see them, but
				they will not run.
		xxxiv.	Once all the paintings are gone you have to
			fight the Poe.
			1.	You can only hurt it when he is
			2.	The Hookshot or Bow works
		xxxv.	You get the compass from the chest that
		xxxvi.	Go back to the room that you passed by
			before with the three Poe paintings.
		xxxvii.	Shoot the Poes in the paintings just like you
			did in the previous room. Fight the red Poe
			that appears and get the small key from the
		xxxviii.Now go to the room behind the twisted one.
		xxxix.	Shoot the eyeball switch above the door to
			untwist the twisted room.
			1.	The hall is now straight!
		xl.	When you go through the hall the room
			behind it has also twisted. Take the Boss
			Key in the fancy chest
			1.	Boss Key
				a.	In the adult world it is the
					key that will open the door to
					the Boss's chamber.
		xli.	There is a hole in the ground, jump into it.
		xlii.	Kill the blue fire skulls in the room and
			enter the door.
		xliii.	Kill a big Deku Baba and enter the first door
			you see on the right side.
		xliv.	There is floor master on the floor.
			1.	When he is green he is invincible.
				Wait till he is normal.
			2.	Once you kill him three small ones
				appear. They can grab you and take
				your hearts.
			3.	They also turn to Floor master, the
				big Hand, if you don't kill them
		xlv.	Get the small key from the resulting treasure
			chest. Exit the room and enter the door
			on the right-hand side.
		xlvi.	Make the journey to the room before the
			hallway that we untwisted. Now shoot the
			eyeball switch to make it all twisted again.
		xlvii.	Go through that room. Make your way to the
			room that is jumbled up (after the second
			Poe painting room). Then enter the door.
		xlviii.	Run through the straight hallway and into
			the next room.
		xlix.	Let's look at the facts:
			1.	There is a eye covered in ice.
			2.	There is a torch surrounded by
				spinning platforms
			3.	?????
			4.	The goal is to malt the ice on the eye.
				There are two ways to do this:
				a.	Fire a arrow through the
					torch and hit the eye.
				b.	Use Din's fire, duh!
		l.	After hitting the switch, exit the room and
			pass through the twisted hallway.
		li.	Drop down the hole into another crazy
		lii.	You see the ceiling dropping onto the floor
			and there are only a few holes that are open,
			and some have strange shadows?
		liii.	Just run through to one of the open holes.
			Some have Big Skulltulas one them.
		liv.	Make your way to the switch to unlock the
		lv.	There is another Poe in the picture, so shoot
			it with the arrow.
		lvi.	Three blocks will fall down with a timer,
			1.	The goal is to make a picture of a
				Poe from the blocks.
			2.	You must drag and push them
				together to make a complete Poe
				before the 60 seconds run out.
			3.	If you fail the blocks will levitate
				and switch sides to rotate the faces
				of the blocks.
		lvii.	When completed you can unlock another
		lviii.	Enter the unlocked door and jump down to
			the center of the torch room.
		lix.	The Final Poe is waiting for you.
			1.	He is a little different than the
			2.	He creates a illusion of himself and
				you have to keep hitting the illusions
				until you find the right one.
			3.	You only have a small amount of
				time so use your bow.
				a.	If you run out of arrows run
					to the edges and crack open
					the pots.
		lx.	After you hit the real one four of five times
			he will die and the elevator will come up.
			1.	If you need potion now
				would be a good time to refill
				on your potions.
		lxi.	Take the elevator down to the final few
			rooms of the dungeon.
		lxii.	You are now in a small circled room. Two
			"wings" of the edges of the rooms are
			sticking out.
			1.	These wings are used to rotate the
				room around allowing you to enter
				certain alcoves until you reach the
				final door.
		lxiii.	Push the "Wings" of the wall and go to the
			small rooms that you can go to. Then, hit
			any switch you may find there.
		lxiv.	Continue turning the wall and hitting
			switches until you get to the door with a
			lock on it.
			1.	One has a Gold Skulltula
		lxv.	When you finally reach the end door you
			will see a HUGE Gold Lock. Open it with
			the Boss Key.
		lxvi.	Climb the stairs and enter the circle room
			with the paintings.
			1.	Empty?
		lxvii.	Try to leave, but you will be stopped by
			spears that pop up.
		lxviii.	You will now go through a small scene with
		lxix.	After that you will fight the Boss of the
			1.	Boss
				a.	Phantom Ganondorph
				i.	He has two stages of
					1.	The first is
						when him and
						a illusion of
						him come out
						of painting.
					2.	You have to
						guess which
						one is real and
						hit him with a
						Arrow when
						he comes out
						of the
					3.	If you guessed
						wrong, the fake
						one will turn
						just before
						where he
						would exit.
				ii.	The second deals with
					a old Link to the Past
					1.	Gannon will
						throw a magic
						ball and you
						have to reflect
						it back at him.
					2.	Z Target him
						and then
						swing when
						the ball comes
						at you.
					3.	He may volley
						it back to you
						so be prepared
						to hit the same
						ball several
					4.	Some people
						like to use
						their Bottle
					5.	If you hit him
						he will fall,
						now is your
						chance to kill
					6.	Z target him
						and swipe at
						him as much
						as possible.
						You might kill
						him in one
		lxx.	Once he is dead you will get a Heart Piece
			and a Forest Medallion from Saria.
		lxxi.	You then are transported to the Deku tree.
		lxxii.	A sprout will pop up and tell you more
			about you and where you came from.
	g.	Temple of Time II
		i.	Head back to the Temple of Time and go
			through the Door of Time.
		ii.	Sheik will teach you the warp song Prelude
			of Light.
XIV.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Hyrule Field IV
		i.	This is one of the most popular MiniGame
			next to fishing.
		ii.	Big Poe Hunting!
			1.	There are 10 Big Poes on Hyrule
				Field as a adult.
			2.	The goal is to capture all of them and
				put them in a bottle.
			3.	Show the bottle to the Poe Collector
				in the castle and get 100 points.
			4.	You need two things to be able to
				catch Big Poes:
				a.	A Horse
					i.	You must be riding
						your horse to catch
						them. If you are not
						then you will only get
						a regular Poe.
				b.	A Bow and Arrow
			5.	Ride your horse at certain places and
				a Poe will appear. They only stay for
				a short period of time, so speed is of
				the essence.
			6.	The locations are as follows:
				a.	In a group of bushes near the
					stream to the west of Hyrule
				b.	At the sign that directs you
					to Lon Lon Ranch outside
					Hyrule Castle.
				c.	Under the ledge to the south
					of the entrance to Kakariko.
					i.	Above works too.
				d.	The single tree just outside
					the entrance to Lon Lon
				e.	Stonewall east of the Lon
					Lon Ranch
				f.	The only tree east of the
					entrance to Gerudo Valley
				g.	The place where the road
					splits outside of the entrance
					to Gerudo Valley.
				h.	The boulder near where the
					road splits, between Lon Lon
					and the Lost Woods.
				i.	The patch of grass, between
					the lone green tree and the
					small grove.
XV.	Quest for the Fire Medallion
	a.	Goron City II
		i.	Climb Death Mountain and head to Goron
		ii.	The town is deserted, all the people are
		iii.	You see the shops are closed and there is
			one single Goron rolling around one of the
		iv.	Place a bomb in his path to stop him and
			walk back a bit.
		v.	He will try to frighten you and tells you his
			name is Link, or any name that you used for
			your character.
		vi.	He then realizes who you are and gives you
			a Red Tunic and opens the shop stores.
	b.	Death Mountain Crater II
		i.	Go to Daruna's chamber and pull the statues
			1.	The one he stood in front of in the
		ii.	Enter the cave and you are now in Death
			Mountain Crater.
		iii.	Use the Hookshot to get across the broken
		iv.	Sheik will appear and teach you Bolero of
		v.	Go down the ladder and enter the next
	c.	Fire Temple
		i.	Before you start let me explain how this
			temple works.
			1.	There are a numerous amount of
				keys in the temple. Most of them are
				locked in with the Gorons.
			2.	Your goal is to free all of the
				Gorons. Hence opening more doors.
		ii.	Now lets tart. Enter the temple.
		iii.	Watch out for the fire bats and go up the
			stairs to the unlocked door on the left side.
		iv.	Darunia is there, and he will tell you the
			story of how Ganondorph has locked away
			all the Gorons to feed them to the great Fire
			Dragon. He is going to kill the dragon even
			though he doesn't have the legendary
			hammer. He then asks you to free the
		v.	Go now to the left sidewall and step on the
			switch to free the Goron in there. Talk to
			him and get the small key.
		vi.	Now that we have the key, exit the room the
			way you came in and go straight forward
			into the locked door.
		vii.	Cross to the other side of the bridge and
			cross the narrow wooden plank at the right.
		viii.	Go to the right side of the room.
		ix.	You may bomb the unusual section of the
			wall and enter the door.
		x.	Free another Goron and get the small key
			from the chest.
		xi.	Go back to the LEFT side of the big lava
			room. Enter the door there.
		xii.	Free another Goron and get the key in the
			1.	You can play the song of time to get
				to another door, but it isn't
		xiii.	Enter the locked door at the other side of the
		xiv.	In this room it looks like a wrestling cage
		xv.	Have faith and jump across the lava pit and
			climb on the fence.
		xvi.	When you get to the top you can kill the
			sleeping Keese
		xvii.	Push the block down on top of the hole with
			fire erupting from it. When the block goes
			down, jump on it and it will bring you to the
			second floor.
		xviii.	Open the locked door. The Gorgon can't be
			reached at the moment so ignore him.
		xix.	Climb the ledges on the side. Watch out for
			the fire slugs and jump to the other side
			where the diamond switch is.
		xx.	Push the block down, jump down and pull it
			as far as possible. Make your way around to
			the top of the block and jump to the fence.
		xxi.	The fire is preventing you from climbing the
			fence! Go to the level just above that
			diamond switch and toss a bomb down to it.
			1.	If you walk slowly to the edge you
				can also use a Arrow.
		xxii.	RUN to the fence that was covered with fire
			before and climb it before it comes back.
			Now enter the door at the top.
		xxiii.	Now, turn left and go along the wall until
			you get to a Goron. Free him and get the key
			from the chest.
			1.	Avoid the Boulders
		xxiv.	Go to the wall on the opposite side of the
			room. Another Goron is there talk to him
			and get the key from the chest.
			1.	There is a Gold Skulltula in the
				room. You can see it by hitting your
				sword on the wall, or by Z targeting.
			2.	It is a glitch in the view.
		xxv.	Search the room for a locked door and enter
		xxvi.	Try not to fall down, if you do you are back
			at the beginning.
		xxvii.	Cross the grate to get to the other side of
			the room. Oh yeah, watch out for the wall of
			fire that gets activated as soon as you step
			on the grate.
		xxviii.	When you reach the other side jump into the
			small fence and get the Map. Take the door
			and you are now at the room from xxv.
		xxix.	Repeat the process, but this time enter the
			door on the other side.
			1.	You are now on the top of the
			2.	Face the door you just entered and
				play the Scare Crow Song to get to
				the elevator.
				a.	Take it to the top and try to
					get the 200 Rupees
				b.	There is also a Gold Skulltula
					on the side of the pit.
		xxx.	Now go to the platform with a big crack in
			the floor and use a bomb to open the hole.
		xxxi.	Climb down and free the Goron.
			1.	Now you have a shortcut to the
				upper platform.
		xxxii.	Climb the fence all the way back up. Jump
			to the platform with the switch and step on
		xxxiii.	Now go to the gate that just opened, free the
			Goron and take the key.
			1.	If you fall the Goron will be gone,
				but the key is still there.
		xxxiv.	Now, we're back in the firewall room. There
			is a door parallel to the map chest.
			1.	You have to jump from the fence to
				the platform and open the door.
		xxxv.	There are firewalls here that block your path
			if you go near them, so watch out!
		xxxvi.	Walk along the wall on your right side, go
			around the firewall, and get to the door.
			1.	Some doors are actually monsters.
				To get the right one, or one behind
				it, blow it up with a bomb.
		xxxvii.	Enter that door and get the compass in the
			chest. Go back to the big room.
		xxxviii.Turn left and carefully go to the locked door
			on the opposite side on your left. Use the
			last key and enter it.
		xxxix.	Ignore the Goron and cross to the other side
			of the corridor. And we're back in the
			opposite side of the fire room
		xl.	Step on the switch and rush to the door.
			Avoid the fire walls and climb onto the
		xli.	Bomb the door to destroy the enemy. Then
			open the real door.
			1.	Avoid the Like Like. They can eat
				your shield and your tunic.
			2.	To get it back just kill him!
		xlii.	Sub Boss
			1.	Fire Dancer
				a.	He is relatively easy boss to
				b.	When he is spinning in one
					spot place a bomb next him.
				c.	Then attack the running blob
					until he jumps in the fire
					again to get another cloak.
				d.	Repeat
		xliii.	Enter the door and climb the fence. Stand on
			the part above the diamond switch and
			throw a bomb to throw the switch.
		xliv.	Climb the fence while the flames are gone
			and enter the other room.
		xlv.	This takes timing, but it isn't too hard.
			1.	Stop on the switch and then run on
				the edge of the pit to the chest
				before the flames kick in.
			2.	If you succeed you get the treasure.
				a.	Megaton Hammer!
					i.	This is my favorite
					ii.	It breaks rocks, and
						rocks bombs can't
					iii.	It acts like a bomb
						to wall and boulders
					iv.	It can make things
					v.	It breaks rust
					vi.	It attacks like a
						jump hit with your
		xlvi.	Go back to the switch and you should see a
			small flat block with a picture of a face on
			Use the hammer to send it down and then
			follow	it.
		xlvii.	Use the hammer on the statue and enter the
			door that was behind it. Watch out for the
			bats and hit the little block with the
			hammer. This causes the floor to collapse
			into a stairway.
		xlviii.	Get one of the nearby boxes and use it to
			hold down a switch at the bottom of the
			stairway. Enter the door please.
		xlix.	Hammer the block and ride it down to get to
			the fire room.
		l.	There's a switch there for you to step on,
			but it seems a bit rusted so smash it down.
			Enter the door that unlocks.
		li.	Now, play the song of time to the blue block
			to use it as a platform. Get over to the
			rusted switch and hammer it. This causes the
			release of the Goron.
		lii.	Jump down to him and get from the chest a
		liii.	Go back out through the way you came in.
			Hammer the block and fall down.
			1.	What did the Gorgon in this room
		liv.	You have returned to the boss' entrance
			room. The only problem is that there is no
		lv.	Exit this room to go back to the entrance
			room of the fire temple.
		lvi.	There's another statue at the right side of
			the stairs.
		lvii.	Smash it and enter the locked door that was
			behind it.
		lviii.	Kill all of the enemies in this room to make
			the door open.
		lix.	You can get the bombs from the chest. Enter
			the door that unlocked.
		lx.	There is another Fire Dancer see xlii to find
			out to kill it.
		lxi.	Enter the new door to find another rusted
		lxii.	The final Goron is free and there's a chest
			waiting for you.
		lxiii.	Take the Boss Key and head back to the
		lxiv.	Jump over the platforms of the room and
			open the Boss Door to find the master of the
		lxv.	Boss
			1.	Volvagia.
				a.	This is a Chucky Cheese
				b.	Volvagia will come out of a
					hole and lay his head on the
					ground. This is your chance
					to hit him in the head.
					i.	Like Wack a Mole!
				c.	After a few times he will
					come out of the hole and fly
					around hitting you and
					blowing fire at you.
				d.	Later he will start to
					dropping rocks at you.
				e.	As the fight goes on he will
					keep his head there for only a
					few seconds.
				f.	Then he tries to trick you by
					blowing fire out of one hole
					and come out another.
					i.	If you do not hit him
						by the second time he
						will come out.
				g.	Just keep working at him
					until he is a pile of bones.
		lxvi.	Take the Heart Piece and exit.
		lxvii.	Daruna is claimed the Sage of Fire and gives
			you the Fire Medallion
XVI.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Death Mountain Crater III
		i.	Use the hammer to break the boulders that
			are blocking another Fairies cave.
		ii.	This fairy will double your magic capacity.
	b.	Death Mountain
		i.	There are less rocks coming down the
			mountain now.
		ii.	Take the time to ride the leaf by the cavern
			to get a heart piece.
		iii.	There are also two Gold Skulltulas behind
			the boulders heading toward the crater and
			next to the Goron City.
	c.	Gorgon City III
		i.	Go back to the boulder maze in the city and
			break all the rocks to get a 200 Rupee.
		ii.	The Goron are all back safe and sound too.
			Singing your praise!
XVII.	Quest for the Water Medallion
	a.	Kakariko Village IV
		i.	Get some blue flame from the item shop and
	b.	Zora's Domain II
		i.	Go through Zora's Domain at night and stop
			off at the waterfall to the left of the King's
		ii.	Kill the Gold Skuttula and head to Zora's
	c.	Zora's Fountain II
		i.	The fountain is now ice cold. Lord Jabu
			Jabu is gone.
		ii.	You have to get to the Ice Cavern on a ledge
			left of the fountain.
		iii.	You have to jump from ice burg to ice burg.
		iv.	Make sure to get the Heart Piece on one of
			the ice Burgs.
	d.	Ice Cavern
		i.	This is sort of a Mini Temple. You only
			need the iron boots.
		ii.	First, go forward and destroy the all three
			ice-blowing monsters and enter the door that
			opens up.
		iii.	This room has a giant blade spinning around
			in the middle of the room.
		iv.	Watch out for the blade and collect the silver
			rupees in the room.
			1.	Most are easily taken
			2.	One of the rupees is in the air.
				a.	You need to jump off the
					platform to get it.
		v.	After collecting all of the silver rupees,
			enter the door that opens up.
		vi.	Now you will reach a huge room.
		vii.	The Keese can turn you to ice, so take care
			of them with the Bow.
		viii.	Now, climb up the platform to the torch with
			the blue fire coming out of it fill all your
			free bottles up with blue fire.
		ix.	Exit the room and return to the room with
			the helicopter blade.
		x.	Two areas of the wall in this room are
			covered with red ice.
		xi.	First, melt the one at your left and enter.
		xii.	Watch out for the icicles and melt the red ice
			to get the Compass and Heart Piece.
		xiii.	Kill the Gold Skuttula on the wall.
		xiv.	Fill up all the bottles with more blue fire
			and exit the room.
		xv.	Enter the other passageway covered with red
			ice directly in front of you.
		xvi.	Head to the room with bats and a blue block
			in the middle.
		xvii.	Kill the bats with your bow so they will not
			bother you.
		xviii.	Push the block all over to reach the silver
			rupees in the room.
			1.	One of the rupees is trapped in red
			2.	If the block is stuck just push it
				into the holes at the edge of the
			3.	Be sure to get he Gold Skuttula on
				the wall of one of the holes.
		xix.	After collecting the silver rupees, move to
			block towards the left side and climb to the
		xx.	Use more blue fire to melt the ice blocking
			your way.
		xxi.	Fight the white wolfs and get a chest.
			1.	Iron Boots
				a.	They will allow you to sink
					to the bottom of water when
					they are put on.
				b.	You will drown if you do not
					have a blue tunic.
		xxii.	Sheik will appear and tell you that Princess
			Ruto was set free and she is at the Water
		xxiii.	She then teaches you the Warp song
			Serenade of Water.
		xxiv.	Put the boots on and fall down the hole open
			the door and exit.
		xxv.	Jump into the water of the Zora's Fountain
			with the boots on to collect another Heart
	e.	Water Temple
		i.	This has a history for stumping many
			players. There have been surveys asking
			people if they quit the game what level did
			they quit on. 80% said this one.
		ii.	The main problem is the keys. They are so
			well hidden it is extremely difficult to find
			them all.
		iii.	First put on the Blue Tunic and Iron boots
			and jump into the middle of the lake, or
			what's left.
		iv.	Go to the door and aim your Hookshot at the
			switch at the door.
		v.	Once it is hit you can enter the temple.
		vi.	Once you are inside, unequip the iron boots
			to float up to the surface.
		vii.	Climb up the edge and you are now in the
			main room of the water temple.
		viii.	Equip the iron boots again and sink down to
			the very bottom floor.
		ix.	Enter the door on the right side.
		x.	Princess Ruto is in this room. She then floats
			to the top and you follow.
		xi.	Unequip the iron boots and follow her up.
		xii.	At the top you will find a Triforce symbol
			on the wall.
		xiii.	Play Zelda's Lullaby there and the water
			level will go down to the bottom.
			1.	Where is Princess Ruto
		xiv.	Enter the door and defeat all enemies in the
		xv.	Open the treasure chest to get the map.
		xvi.	Go back to the previous room and fall down
			the hole.
		xvii.	It's a big drop but strangely you don't get
		xviii.	Light the torches at the bottom and enter the
		xix.	You must defeat all of the monsters here
			1.	Clams
				a.	They are the hardest guys
					here, especially when they
					are underwater.
				b.	Hit them directly in the soft
					middle when their mouths are
					i.	If you are using the
						Hookshot underwater
						try not to Z target
						them. It usually
		xx.	Get the key from the chest  when they are
			gone and head to the main room.
		xxi.	Go to the wall on the opposite side of the
			pillar. Climb up the little block and push the
			block until it drops down.
		xxii.	Drop down the hole and sink down with the
			iron boots.
		xxiii.	Go through the passage and float up at the
			end unequip the iron boots.
		xxiv.	Hit the diamond switch with whatever to
			make a water platform spout up in the
			middle. Jump onto the water and to the other
			side. Enter the door.
		xxv.	Use the iron boots and sink to the bottom of
			the water.
		xxvi.	Try to float onto the metal duct opposite the
			switch in the Dragons Head.
		xxvii.	Hit the diamond switch in the dragon mouth
			to open the gate.
		xxviii.	Quickly get up to where the gate is, ignoring
			the clams.
		xxix.	Take the small key and hit the
			diamond switch to open the gate again.
		xxx.	Go all the way back to the main room.
		xxxi.	Move around the center pillar for a locked
			door and enter it.
		xxxii.	Look around for a Hookshot target above
		xxxiii.	On the next platform you will see another
			Triforce Symbol.
		xxxiv.	Play Zelda's Lullaby beside the Triforce
			picture to raise the water a bit.
		xxxv.	Put on your iron boots and sink down into
			the place where the brown block used to be
		xxxvi.	Go through the tunnel until you reach a wide
			underwater room.
		xxxvii.	Hit the diamond switch with the Hookshot
			to open the gate above and bring down the
			1.	This can get tough with the clams.
			2.	Try not to Z target them and aim for
				the center soft point.
		xxxviii.Once you get all of the monsters a gate will
			open above you.
		xxxix.	Enter it and get a small key.
		xl.	Go back to the main room and float to the
		xli.	Go to the room where you met Princess
			Ruto Take off the iron boots and float up to
			the surface.
		xlii.	This level lets you float to the middle level
			you could not reach before.
		xliii.	Bomb the crack in the wall and take the key.
		xliv.	Head back to the main room again.
		xlv.	Float up to the surface. Look around for a
			passage with a Hookshot target over it, but
			no door.
		xlvi.	Go into that passage and through the tunnel.
		xlvii.	Hookshot to the target. And Hookshot to the
			other target.
		xlviii.	Now you will find a chest covered by water,
			and a diamond switch.
		xlix.	Aim your Hookshot or bow and fire at the
			switch. Now grab the chest ASAP! Take the
			compass and go back to the main room
		l.	Swim around the pillar to find a locked door
			and enter it.
		li.	Stand on the spurting water and then get off.
		lii.	Kill the spider thing and go back to the
			water spout. and shoot the diamond switch
			from where you are standing.
		liii.	The water will raise up, bringing you to the
			upper level. You are now in the main room,
			but in a alcove!
		liv.	Play Zelda's Lullaby to the Triforce picture
			and the water shall raise to the top level.
		lv.	Enter the door and then go to the passage
			directly across from where you are right
		lvi.	Go through the tunnel. There is a big red
			block there. Pull it back until it clicks into
		lvii.	Now return to the main room and enter the
			locked door at the opposite side of where
			you are now.
		lviii.	This room can get difficult. Make sure to
			kill the sleeping Keese on the edge of the
		lix.	Jump to the platform that is moving up and
		lx.	Take out your Hookshot and prepare to
			1.	You must shoot a moving platform
				and then shoot another until you
				climb your way to the top.
		lxi.	Enter the door at the top.
		lxii.	The diamond switch in the middle controls
			the water level:
		lxiii.	This is a easy room. One hit of the switch
			will raise the water, and then lower it. The
			statues with targets also move with the
			1.	Just raise the water to get across
				the river, then lower it, and repeat
				until you reach the final area.
			2.	Now lower the water and climb on
				top of the statue and fire again so
				the water will rise. The statue and
				you with it.
		lxiv.	Exit through the door.
		lxv.	Kill the Like Like and then Hookshot the
			ceiling to pass the spikes.
		lxvi.	Enter the door to reach what seems like the
		lxvii.	The door is locked with bars, but there is
			nothing here?
		lxviii.	Go back to the tree and you should see a
			shadow of yourself?
		lxix.	Sub Boss
			1.	Shadow Link
				a.	He is actually easy once you
					know how to kill him.
				b.	Do not Z target him, just use
					your Megaton Hammer on
				c.	He will dodge, but you just
					have to make your timing
				d.	When he is hit he will fall
					off the screen and then come
		lxx.	Once he is dead the illusion is gone and you
			see the room for what it really is. Exit
			through the door.
		lxxi.	Open up the big treasure chest to get the
			1.	Longshot
				a.	Doubles the length of your
		lxxii.	Don't rush out of here yet! Look behind the
		lxxiii.	There is a block of time there! Play the Song
			of Time to open a new area.
		lxxiv.	Jump into the water and swim down the
			river. If you get sucked in by a Whirlpool
			you will be sent back.
		lxxv.	Once you reach a dry platform look for a
			eye switch.
		lxxvi.	If there isn't one you have a little farther
			to go.
		lxxvii.	Shoot the eyeball switch with a arrow on the
		lxxviii.Longshot over to the chest behind the gate.
			Inside is a small key.
		lxxix.	Fall into the hole behind the chest.
		lxxx.	Now we're back in charted territory. Make
			your way back to the main room of the
		lxxxi.	Put on the iron boots and sink down to the
			bottom floor. Enter the room on the right
			and float up.
		lxxxii.	Play Zelda's Lullaby to the Triforce picture
			to lower the water level to the bottom.
		lxxxiii.Fall back down the hole and enter the
			middle pillar. Longshot yourself to the
			higher platform and play Zelda's Lullaby to
			raise the water to midway. Exit the pillar.
		lxxxiv.	Look around for the passage with a gate
			covering it. There is a Hookshot Target
			inside. You can only reach it with a
		lxxxv.	Shoot the switch with an arrow to make the
			gate open. Quickly use the Longshot on the
			target to pull yourself inside.
		lxxxvi.	Inside the water is a large block. Push it as
			far as it goes and enter the passage to find a
			chest with a small key and head back to the
			main room.
		lxxxvii.Sink to the bottom and enter the passage on
			the northern side and then float up.
		lxxxviii.Use the Longshot to get over the spikes and
			enter the locked door on the other side.
		lxxxix.	Kill the monsters with the bow to make it a
			smoother passage through here.
		xc.	Put on your Iron boots and walk across the
			bottom. When you reach the edge take them
			off and climb up. Enter the door at the end.
		xci.	Use the Hookshot or arrows to kill the flying
			stingers and then bomb the left and right
			sides of the wall to reveal a block.
		xcii.	Facing the block, Go to the left side and
			pull it towards the wall until you can not go
			any farther.
		xciii.	Now go to the other side and push it. Repeat
			until you drop the block onto the switch.
		xciv.	Once you do this the water will rise allowing
			you to go through another door.
		xcv.	Kill the two Tektites step on the switch and
			use the water spouts as platforms to cross
			the gap. Enter the door.
		xcvi.	You should now see a passage with boulders
			passing through.
		xcvii.	Go to where they are coming from and fall
			down and put on the boots to go under the
		xcviii.	Go through the tunnel, up to the surface, and
			enter the locked door.
		xcix.	Open the chest and get the Boss Key.
		c.	Head back to the main room then enter the
			door on the right and float to the top.
		ci.	Play Zelda's Lullaby to raise the water. Get
			out to the main room.
		cii.	At the top floor there is a Hookshot target on
			a platform. Longshot over there and enter
			the door.
		ciii.	This room is kind of tricky. You must run up
			the ramp avoiding the spike tiles without
			1.	If you get hit or stop you will slide
				back down.
		civ.	Once you get through you are in the Boss'
		cv.	Boss
			1.	Morpha
				a.	To get the fight going jump
					onto one of the platforms in
					the water.
				b.	The way to kill Morpha is to
					grab the "heart" of Morpha
					and wail on it with your
				c.	Try to Z target the boss
					"heart" and hit it with the
				d.	If a tentacle grabs you it
					will drain some energy and
					throw you into the spikes.
				e.	As you fight it two tentacles
					will grow and only one heart.
		cvi.	After awhile it will die. Take the Heart Piece
			and use the Warp Point.
		cvii.	Princess Ruto is now the Sage of Water and
			you are given the Water Medallion.
	f.	Lake Hylia IV
		i.	After you beat Morpha you are send to the
			island in Lake Hylia.
		ii.	You will get a small scene with Sheik.
		iii.	Stand on the platform on the island and play
			the Sun Song so the sun will rise.
		iv.	At that moment shoot an arrow at the sun
			and something will fall on a tiny alter in the
			1.	Fire Arrow
				a.	This will fire a arrow loaded
					with a fireball. It takes a
					little bit of magic, but
					a great way to light far
					away torches.
XVIII.	Quest for the Lens of Truth
	a.	Temple of Time III
		i.	Go back to the Temple of Time and place
			the Master Sword back in the Alter.
		ii.	You are now back in the past as a kid again.
			Now is a good time to take care of some kid
	b.	Death Mountain Crater IV
		i.	As a kid your warp songs still work. Play
			Bolero of Fire.
		ii.	Quickly place a seed in the dirt and put a
			bug in the sand for a Gold Skuttula.
	c.	Zora's River II
		i.	Go back to the Frogs and play the Song of
			Time and the Song of Storms.
		ii.	All the frogs should be big and they will
			give you a Heart Piece.
		iii.	To get another Heart Piece play a song with
		iv.	MiniGame
			1.	You have to play the notes that go
				with the frogs.
			2.	The pattern is the same and it is free
				to play so take your time.
	d.	Kakariko Village V
		i.	Go back to Kakariko Village with four
			containers full of Ultimate Potions.
		ii.	Go inside the Windmill and step in front of
			the man and play the Song of Storms.
		iii.	This will lower the water of the well so you
			can enter.
			1.	If you learned the song from him and
				he learned it from you where did it
				come from?
		iv.	Jump down the well and enter another Mini
	e.	Bottom of the Well
		i.	There are several Gold Skutullas here, but
			you can always come back for them later.
			They are too difficult to explain right now.
		ii.	Go to the end of he hall, Navi will give a
			little saying and walk through the wall.
		iii.	Follow the water all the way around until
			you get to a Triforce symbol and play
			Zelda's Lullaby.
			1.	This will drain all of the water.
		iv.	Head back to the entrance of the dungeon.
		v.	Jump down into the trench that used to be
			flooded with water.
		vi.	Enter the tunnel and kill the Skulltula at the
			end of the tunnel.
		vii.	Climb the vines behind you and enter the
		viii.	You will now have to fight the MiniBoss.
			1.	Dead Hand
				a.	Go up to one of the White
					Hands and let it grab you.
					Once Dead Hand comes out
					break free.
					i.	He only comes out if
						you are being held by
						a hand.
				b.	Even though you are no
					longer being help he will
					still pursue you.
				c.	When he puts his head down
					swipe your sword at his head.
				d.	He will do this one more time
					before he runs away.
				e.	Repeat until he is dead.
		ix.	After killing him, a treasure chest will
		x.	Open it to find the Lens of Truth.
		xi.	Exit the Dungeon
			1.	If you would like to get some Gold
				Skutullas look around the dungeon.
				There are several keys that open
				doors to the rooms where they are
				hidden. You will need the lens to get
				them though.
	f.	Hyrule Market IV
		i.	If you have trouble playing the Key game
			now is your chance to win!
		ii.	MiniGame
			1.	Key/Chest Game
				a.	Go though each room using
					the Lens of Truth to see what
					is inside the chest. Take the
					one with the key.
				b.	In the end there is a Heart
XIX.	Quest for the Shadow Medallion
	a.	Kakariko Village VI
		i.	Go back to Kakariko Village and find the
			place on fire!
		ii.	You rush to Sheik and are told to back off.
			1.	Impa sealed a evil spirit in the well
				and Ganondorph has set it free.
			2.	Sheik is sent flying in the air.
			3.	You draw your Sword and Shield to
				protect yourself and Sheik you are
				knocked out by what looks like bugs.
		iii.	She will then teach you Nocturne of
			1.	This will happen after you beat the
				Water Temple.
		iv.	Before you play the song you can catch up a
			few things.
		v.	Longshot over the roofs until you reach the
			man sitting on the roof. He will give you a
			Heart Piece
		vi.	Huh?
			1.	Longshot over to the house in front
				of the windmill.
			2.	Aim for the hole behind the spinning
			3.	Longshot over there to find a Cucoo?
				a.	What purpose does he serve?
	b.	Shadow Temple
		i.	Play the Nocturne of Shadows to be
			transported behind the Graveyard and into a
			new section.
		ii.	The door to the Shadow Temple is closed.
			To open it you must cast Din's Fire on the
			torches to light them all.
		iii.	Go forward until you get to a huge pit.
		iv.	Use the Longshot to get to the other side.
		v.	Equip the Lens of Truth and walk through
			the wall.
		vi.	This is the main room of the dungeon.
		vii.	In the next room you will see several skulls
			with a single "wing" of a column.
			1.	With the Lens of Truth on push the
				"Wing" to the one real skull. This
				will open a door over a HUGE
				Bottomless Pit called the "Valley of
				a.	"Only He With Sacred Feet
					May Pass"
		viii.	Use the lens of truth again to discover a path
			in this room (just make sure it isn't the one
			you entered through). Enter that path.
		ix.	Continue through this room until you find a
			fake wall on the right side.
		x.	Enter the door and kill all the ReDeads in
			the room to make a treasure chest appear.
			Open it to find the dungeon map!
		xi.	Get out of this room the way you came in.
			Look on your right side and use the lens of
			truth. Enter the fake wall to get to a room.
			1.	Most of the rooms in this section are
				identical so don't get confused.
		xii.	Use your shield to protect yourself from the
			flying pots in this room. Keep the lens of
			truth on to find another passage in the wall.
		xiii.	Enter the door. Now you will need to fight
			Dead Hand kill it and a treasure chest will
			appear. Open it.
			1.	Hover Boots
				a.	They will allow you to float
					and walk on water for a short
					period of time.
				b.	When equipped on land it is
					like walking on ice.
				c.	If you roll you can extend the
					time limit for a very short
					period of time.
		xiv.	Return to the main room to go over the
			"Valley of Souls"
		xv.	Equip the Hover Boots and run over the pit.
			You should just make it and grab onto the
			ledge. Enter the door.
		xvi.	Continue until you reach a room with a
			Beamos, blow it up with a bomb.
			1.	There is a fairy on that spot if you
				play the Song of Storms.
		xvii.	Go through the wall on the right side, it's
			fake. Enter the door there. Kill the mummies
			with Din's Fire then your sword.
		xviii.	Open the chest for the compass. Exit to the
			Beamos room and enter the fake wall
			straight ahead of you.
		xix.	Just like the Ice Cavern there is a blade
			circling the room.
		xx.	Get all the silver rupees in the room.
			1.	Some you have to use the Longshot
				to reach.
		xxi.	When all the silver rupees are collected,
			enter the door that just opened and get the
			small key from the chest.
		xxii.	Exit the room to the previous room and blow
			up the wall on your left side and enter.
		xxiii.	This room has a bunch of Big Skutullas
			hanging down so step slowly.
		xxiv.	Once you get through them you have to pass
			several Guillotines. Once you are past them
			jump to the stable platform.
		xxv.	He you will fight a Stalfos.
			1.	You can go left to get some useless
				items if you want. Use the Lens of
				Truth to see the Platforms.
			2.	I believe there is a Gold Skutullas
				in one of the rooms.
		xxvi.	This platform has a Beamos and a spike tile
			spinning around it.
		xxvii.	The goal for this area is to pick up all of
			the Silver Rupees. First Blow up the Beamos
			and take that one. The rest are noticeable.
		xxviii.	Now enter the door the opened. Use the
			Lens of Truth to see the block in the wall.
			Pull out the block from the alcove.
		xxix.	Now, push into a position so that it is
			preventing both of the falling spiked blocks
			from smashing into the ground.
			1.	They should now stomp on the
		xxx.	Now switch to the other side of the block
			and pull the block to the end, past both
			falling spikes.
		xxxi.	Climb up the block to get to the higher
			place. Use the spiky blocks as a bridge to get
			to the other side.
		xxxii.	Hit the switch to make a chest appear on the
			other side. Now use the hover boots to reach
			the area and open the chest for a small key.
			Exit to the previous room.
		xxxiii.	Use the Lens of Truth and look at the large
			empty space at your left side, from the exit
			of the room. There should be some
			platforms now. Jump onto the moving one.
		xxxiv.	Make your way to the end of the platforms
			and enter the locked door
		xxxv.	In this room use the Lens of Truth to see the
			spikes on the ground. Collect all the silver
			coins again, some Longshot targets are
			hidden so look for them.
			1.	A lot of them require the Longshot.
		xxxvi.	Once they are collected enter the opened
		xxxvii.	Go up the stairs and take a bomb or flower
			and throw it inside the skull to make the
			skull explode. Take the small key after it
			explodes. Kill all of the bats in the room to
			make it open up and exit the room.
	       xxxviii. In the invisible spike room, use the Lens of
			Truth and Longshot to the target at the top
			of the room above the platform for the new
		xxxix.	Equip the Iron Boots for support. This will
			keep you stable when the fans try to blow
			you away.
		xl.	Continue through the tunnel until you get to
			a large cavern again. Once there wait for
			both of the fans you are facing to stop
			blowing and the ones behind you stop. At
			this moment equip the Hover Boots to blow
			you over the gap.
		xli.	Equip the Lens of Truth and follow the path
			until you see a alcove on your left. Stop and
			face it.
		xlii.	Now put on the Hover Boots when the fan
			starts blowing to be shot across into the
			alcove. Enter the door
			1.	Ignore the door at the end of the
		xliii.	Kill the mummies in this room to make a
			chest appear. It only has rupees. Did you
			miss a key? No you didn't.
		xliv.	Bomb the little mound of dirt in the corner.
			There is nothing there right! Use the Lens of
			Truth to get the Key. Exit the room.
		xlv.	To the right is a ladder you can't reach so
			turn left and get the block, you can climb up
			to the ladder.
		xlvi.	Climb up the ladder and jump on to the big
			boat. Stand on the Triforce symbol and play
			Zelda's Lullaby. The boat will start to move.
		xlvii.	Two Stalfos will come and start to fight you
			on the boat. You can ignore them if you
			want to. When you see dry land at the side
			of the boat, jump to it. Enter the door at the
		xlviii.	This is a hidden maze. Use the Lens of Truth
			to get through it. There are secrets in every
		xlix.	Watch out for the floor masters roaming
			around maze.
		l.	Find the room with the spikes on wood
			coming together to kill you. Use Din's Fire
			to destroy them.
				1.	Take the Boss Key.
		li.	Go back to the maze room. Now look for a
			room with an invisible floor master, he can
			only be seen with the Lens of Truth.
		lii.	Kill this guy to make a chest appear. Inside
			the chest you shall find a small key.  Exit
			back to the area that you jumped off the
		liii.	This part stumped the great game master.
			There is a small hint from the Bird Head
			Statue on the ground, but here is the answer.
		liv.	Aim your Bow to hit the Bomb flowers that
			surround the Bird Head Statue. It will blow
			the base off creating a bridge with the
		lv.	Use the Key to get to the next and final
		lvi.	Use the Hover Boots and Lens of Truth to
			get to the Boss Door and enter the Boss'
			1.	Bongo Bongo
				a.	Impa sealed Bongo Bongo a
					long time ago in the well, but
					he was freed.
				b.	With normal eyes you can
					only see his hands.
				c.	With the Lens of Truth you
					can see his while body.
				d.	He will contantly banging
					the floor causing you to
					bounce up and down. Put
					the Hover Boots to keep
				e.	Fire an arrow at his hand to
					stun it, then quickly do the
				f.	Now shoot his eye to put him
					down for a moment.
				g.	Now quickly Z target his red
					eye and slash away.
				h.	Easier said than done. He is
					only stunned for a few
					seconds, then he charges.
					i.	If he charges you can
						still hit his eye to
						stop him with your
				i.	If you run out of arrows the
					Longshot will work, but not
					as quickly as arrows.
					i.	His hands drops items
						when they are hit and
						you might get some
				j.	He is the second hardest
					enemy for me!
		lvii.	Once he is dead he will disintegrate and you
			get a Heart Piece.
		lviii.	Step onto the Warp portal and Impa will
			wake as the Sage. She will give you the
			Shadow Medallion.
XX.	Save the Carpenters
	a.	Gerudo Fortress
		i.	Take Epona to the Gerudo Bridge. Have her
			jump over the cavern like before.
		ii.	Talk to the man in the tent and he will tell
			you all his workers left for the Fortress, but
			haven't returned.
		iii.	Take Epona to the Fortress and you will get
			caught and thrown in jail as you enter.
		iv.	Your first job is to get out. Take your
			Longshot and grab onto the wood from the
			window. Now jump down to the ground.
		v.	Note:
			1.	You can kill a Gerudo Guard by
				hitting them with a arrow.
				a.	They will rise after you leave
					the room.
			2.	You can stun them with the
				Longshot or Hookshot for a short
				period of time.
			3.	If you are caught while you are
				freeing the carpenter start back from
				the beginning until you reach a
				familiar point.
		vi.	Carpenter I
			1.	Enter the door on your left and
				continue forward and a Kakariko
				Carpenter will call you.
			2.	Talk to him and he will say
				something stupid. Then a Guard
				a.	She is actually quite hard to
					kill. Just wail on her while
					she is Z targeted. The
					Biggeron Sword works best.
				b.	if she spins and makes
					contact with you, your put
					back in the tower and you
					have to start over.
				c.	If you win you will be given
					a key to open the cell.
		vii.	Exit this room, but the carpenter reminds
			you that three of his friends are still there.
		viii.	Carpenter II
			1.	You should now be outside with a
				few crates. Enter the tunnel at the
			2.	Inside, walk forward and turn right.
				Wait a while and you'll see a guard
				stop at the corner. Sniper her with
				the arrow and now go through the
				hallway until you find an exit on the
				right side wall.
			3.	You should be outside again. There
				is a guard just around the corner so
				be careful. Peek around the corner
				using Z.
			4.	Shoot her and then head to the tunnel
			5.	This room has another of those
				carpenters. Talk to him and another
				guard will attack, see vi./2.
			6.	Free him and move to the third
		ix.	Carpenter III
			1.	When you exit the room you are
				back outside again. Climb down the
				fines, jumping works also and enter
				the door at the bottom of the vines.
			2.	Talk to the Carpenter and fight
				another Gerudo Guard.
		x.	Carpenter IV
			1.	The final one!
			2.	Exit through the same room you
				entered in.
			3.	After exiting the room, climb back
				up the vines and enter the door at on
				the left side.
			4.	Stay up on the top of the ledge and
				take care of the two Gerudos any
				way you want.
			5.	Make your way up the slope on the
				opposite side of the room and exit.
				a.	You can get a Heart Piece by
					using the Longshot on the
					chest, but come back to this
					after you saved all of the
				b.	There is also a Gold Skuttula
					here at night..
			6.	Jump down to the next level and go
				through the door.
			7.	A Gerudo guard will be passing by
				so take caution. Hide behind the
				crate and kill the guard as she passes
			8.	Go right and you'll find the fourth
			9.	Talk to the Carpenter and fight a
				final Gerudo Guard.
		xi.	Another Guard will appear and congratulate
			you on your thieving skills. She will make
			you a member of the Gerudo.
			1.	Gerudo Membership Card
				a.	Allows you to freely walk
					around the fortress and use
					the training ground freely.
XXI.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Gerudo Training Room, Mini Game
		i.	I highly recommend getting the Hover Boots
			before completing this MiniGame. What
			ever you do, DO NOT use any keys before I
			tell you. Do not open any Doors!
		ii.	Key I
			1.	Once you enter go through the lion
				head on your left side.
			2.	Defeat the two Stalfos that appear in
				1 minute time.
			3.	After the fight, open the treasure
				chest to find you first key. Enter the
		iii.	Key II
			1.	You now have 1 minute to collect all
				of the Silver Rupees.
				a.	Some are cleverly hidden!
			2.	Turn left to get the one near the
				cliff. Turn all the way around and
				get the one near the path that
				boulders fall down.
			3.	Now go back to the entrance. If you
				look up you will see a Hookshot
				target. Grapple yourself up there to
				get another silver rupee.
			4.	Go to another target a bit further
				back to reach the fourth rupee.
			5.	The last rupee is blocked by a
				firewall so take the path around it.
				Grab the last rupees
			6.	Enter the door that opens. Defeat the
				four wolfos in the room. After you're
				finished with them, you can open the
				chest for some arrows.
			7.	Ignore the other door it is a fake
				monster. Instead use the Lens of
				Truth to see a passageway in the wall
			8.	Use the Longshot to get up there.
			9.	If you have the Silver Gauntlet see
				below, if not skip to 10.
				a.	Hit the switch and fall back
				b.	Push the huge gray block
					with the silver gauntlets
					until it falls into a hole.
					Enter the door.
				c.	Now you are in a room with
					three Like Likes infesting
					the grounds. That chest is
					actually a ice trap.
				d.	Kill the Like Likes and open
					the chest that appears to
					receive 200 rupees.
				e.	Now use the Lens of Truth to
					find another chest.
				f.	Open the new chest where a
					Like Like used to be to find
					what you really want A small
					key, a extra small key.
					i.	I am not counting this
						as one of the keys,
						since you do not need
						this right away.
			10.	Now Longshot yourself to the
				invisible passageway where you
				stepped on the switch.
			11.	Enter the door that's there. This room
				has a big rotating statue in it.
			12.	Drop down to the lower level. The
				hint was blinding the eyes of the
			13.	You have to hit each of the four eyes
				in the eye. If you miss once you have
				to start over again.
				a.	If you run out of Arrows,
					your Hookshot works, but
					somewhat harder.
			14.	When all four eyes have turned red, a
				chest will appear near the statue.
				Hookshot it to get the Second Key!
			15.	Problem, how do you get out? When
				Navi Turns green at a certain spot
				Play your Scare Crow  Song to make
				Pierre appear. Hookshot him and
				take the new exit.
		iv.	Key III
			1.	Open the chest and get the small key
				inside. Now go back to the room
				with the statue in the middle.
		v.	Key IV
			1.	You should now be in the room with
				the statue. Hookshot the target above
				the door and enter to the next
			2.	Take out the megaton hammer and
				start bashing the statues from the
			3.	Behind one of the statues is a switch.
			4.	Step on the switch to make the fire
				go away in the middle. Run to the
				chest to get the fourth key!
		vi.	Key V
			1.	Exit this room and enter the huge
				Lava Room. You have to collect all
				of the silver rupees.
				a.	Hoover Boots work great at
					getting you through the
			2.	Instead go to the platform in the back
				of the room and play the Song of
				Time to make a Time Block appear.
			3.	Climb it to get another key!
			4.	Don't exit there is still more to be
				done here!
		vii.	Key VI
			1.	Now the fun part, collect all of the
				silver coins.
			2.	They shouldn't be a problem, you
				have collected so many now.
			3.	There is only one that can get tricky.
				It is surrounded by fire.
				a.	Equip the Hover Boots and
					hit the switch next to the
					platform near Key V.
				b.	Run and jump over the
					platforms to the other side
					and grab it before the fire
					comes back.
				c.	If you fall you must start all
					over again.
			4.	Now enter the door that was just
			5.	You are now in a room covered in
				Time Blocks. Stand next to them and
				play the Song of Time. They should
				all disappear.
			6.	Now put on your Iron Boots and
				Blue Tunic and take a dive. Equip
				your iron boots and Zora Tunic and
				dive into the water.
			7.	First things first, kill the enemies.
				The Oysters are a pain, but you have
				to do it.
			8.	You have to do some fancy foot
				work to get the rupees.
			9.	Use the Hookshot to get some of
				them, the others you must take on
				and off the Iron Boots to get pulled
				into by the current.
			10.	Once you are done you get the sixth
		viii.	Key VII
			1.	Go back to the lava room and take
				the other exit on your left. The one
				you haven't been into yet.
			2.	Now you have 1:30 to defeat the two
				dinolfos and the Beamos.
				a.	Be careful of the fire walls
					on the edges of the outer
			3.	 Once they are dead you get the
				seventh key from the chest and take
				the new exit.
		ix.	Key VIII
			1.	Now you should be back at the main
				room again where you started.
			2.	Enter the Lion head that is strait
				ahead from the entrance to the
				course. You know it when you see
				the huge wired fences.
			3.	Go through the first door and then
				turn left and look up at the ceiling
				with the Lens of Truth. You should
				see a hole there.
			4.	Climb up the fence, through the hole
				and open the chest for the final key!
			5.	Now you must finish the course. Go
				back down the fence and continue
				along the path opening up all of the
				locked doors with you keys.
			6.	At the end of the path you will find a
				huge chest. Open it to find the
				treasure of the Gerudos. Only a true
				Thief can obtain this treasure!
				a.	Ice Arrow
					i.	No real use, but it
						will cause the target
						to freeze!
					ii.	Do not use this on
						Keese it will make
						them ice powered.
	b.	Gerudo Fortress II
		i.	MiniGame
			1.	Archer Game
				a.	Go up to the northern part of
					the camp with Epona. Talk to
					the Gerudo there and she will
					let you play the Archery
				b.	You slowly ride Epona down
					and around the course. You
					have a total of 20 arrows in
					your quiver.
					i.	If you get 1000+ you
						get a Heart Piece
					ii.	If you get 1500+ you
						get a Large Quiver
				c.	It is possible to get 2000
					points in the game.
					i.	I have never been able
						to do it, but it is.
				d.	Remember the center targets
					are 100 and the pots are 100
XXII.	Quest for the Spirit Medallion
	a.	Gerudo Fortress III
		i.	If you talk with most of the people in the
			fortress you find that Nabooru is the leader
			after the Great Gannondorph.
		ii.	She is up at the Spirit Temple where she
			1.	To get there you must pass the trials
		iii.	Go to the gate and climb up the tower and
			talk to the Gerudo and have her open the
		iv.	Prepare for the Haunted Wasteland
	b.	Haunted Wasteland
		i.	Start off by going up to the river of sand,
			Quick Sand.
			1.	You can Hookshot over to the
				barrels, or use your Hover Boots and
				walk over it.
		ii.	The sand is blowing and it is hard to see, but
			try to follow the flags.
			1.	You may go in a circle and end up
				back at the river so watch out.
			2.	There is also a Bombachu man in
				desert riding on a flying carpet, cool
		iii.	One you see a circle of flags around a stone
			house enter it
		iv.	Get the Gold Skuttula if you want then exit.
		v.	Go around the building up the ramp and read
			the plaque.
		vi.	Put on the Lens of Truth and try to follow
			the Guiding Poe.
			1.	If you get lost and lose him you will
				end up back at the beginning.
		vii.	If you followed him right you will end up in
			Desert Colossus
	c.	Desert Colossus
		i.	First go to the right of the entrance and blow
			up or knock down the wall to reveal another
			Fairy Fountain!
		ii.	Play Zelda's Lullaby at the symbol and you
			will get a new magic spell.
			1.	Nayru's Love
				a.	This is pretty much useless,
					Din's Fire was the only item
				b.	This will place a protective
					barrier around you to keep
					you from getting hurt.
	d.	Spirit Temple
		i.	Go back and enter the tower. You find that a
			huge block is in the way. The hole is to
			small for a adult to crawl in.
		ii.	Exit the temple.
		iii.	As you leave Sheik will appear and teach
			you the final warp song, Requiem of Spirit.
		iv.	Warp back to the Temple of Time and return
			to the past
			1.	Before you rush back you can try to
				find the Pyramid!
			2.	There is a Pyramid in the game, it is
				in the backdrop and un reachable,
				but you can see it!
	e.	Hyrule Market V
		i.	Get a bug for one of your bottles then warp
			back to Desert Colossus.
			1.	Some people have tried getting into
				Gerudo Fortress by backtracking as a
				kid through the desert. You can do it,
				there is no doubt, but you can not
				cross the River of Sand, that's why
				they put it there!
		ii.	Place your final seed in the ground and get
			the Gold Skuttula from the dirt.
	f.	Spirit Temple II
		i.	Enter the temple to find Nabooru standing
			there. Talk to her, it doesn't matter what you
			say, and she will ask you to get the Silver
			1.	That way she can spy on
				Gannondorph and stop him from
				doing harm.
		ii.	Enter the temple through the small hole!
		iii.	In the first room defeat the bats with your
			slingshot then the Armos Knight
			1.	Use a bomb or Bombachu to block
				him up.
		iv.	Now enter the door to the left. Defeat the
			Stalfos Knight, then aim your Boomerang at
			the flying skull and hit it with your sword to
			defeat it.
		v.	Now hit the switch with your boomerang to
			drop the gate and go into the next room.
		vi.	In this room, destroy all the pots leading to
			the other end of the room, and then walk
			towards the center of the room.
		vii.	Make a slight turn so that the floating enemy
			passes you, then run to the other side and go
			as far to the end of the left platform as
		viii.	Now shoot the switch with the Slingshot to
			incinerate the enemy in the fire, and then
			enter the door to the next room.
		ix.	In the ext room, collect all five silver
			rupees to drop the grate in middle of the
			fence and walk across it to the other side.
		x.	Use a Deku Stick to light the two unlit
			torches to make a chest appear.
			1.	Using Din's Fire will ignite all bats
				in the room.
		xi.	Open the chest to get a key, then enter the
			door by the two torches and go to the next
		xii.	Now, go right and crawl through the small
			space and go up the stairs. Use the key to
			open the door and enter the next room.
		xiii.	In this room defeat the Skulltulas crawling
			on the wall, and then climb up it to reach the
			second floor.
		xiv.	Defeat the enemies in the room, and then
			use a Bombachu to destroy the boulder
			surrounded by light on the rocky wall to
			shine light on the sun switch to open the
			door to the next room.
		xv.	In the next room, push the Armos statue
			right off the ledge onto the switch below to
			open the door upstairs.
		xvi.	Now run up the stairs and light a Deku Stick
			by the torch. Jump down to the lowest
			section of this room and light the two unlit
			torches to make a chest appear.
		xvii.	Take the Map, then climb the wall by the
			Armos statue you pushed before and run
			back up the stairs again.
		xviii.	This time, enter the door to the next room
			and go up the stairs to reach the third floor.
		xix.	Collect the five silver rupees and destroy the
			Beamos statues.
		xx.	Once they are all collected a lit torch will
			appear. You now must light a Deku Stick,
			then run around and light the unlit torches to
			make a chest appear open it and take the
			1.	The easiest way to do this is to take
				the gray blocks and place them in a
				way so they block the Spike Tiles
				from getting in your way.
		xxi.	Now head over to the group of blocks and
			take the one with the sun and place it in the
			sun's rays. This will open the door for the
			next room
		xxii.	Go up the stairs and enter the SubBoss room
			with the
		xxiii.	SubBoss
			1.	Iron Knuckle
				a.	He is actually quite easy to
					deal with.
				b.	Just run up to him and when
					he swings his axe at you
					jump back. Now hit him
					while he is stunned for a
					second after he swings.
				c.	Taunt, Jump, Swing Repeat!
				d.	Just watch out for his hits,
					they can take off three
		xxiv.	Once he is dead you can enter the room with
			the Silver Gauntlet.
			1.	Silver Gauntlet
				a.	This allows an Adult to push
					the large blocks and pick up
					bomable boulders
		xxv.	After you get the Gauntlet you see Nabooru
			in trouble. Two witches at making her fall
			into the sand. Her last words were for you to
			get out safely!
		xxvi.	Head back to the Temple of Time and go to
			the Future again.
	g.	Hyrule Market VI
		i.	Take the time to get re-stocked on all your
			potions and arrows.
		ii.	After that head back to the Spirit Temple.
	h.	Desert Colossus II
		i.	Now that you planted a seed you can ride
			the leaf to another Heart Piece on one of the
		ii.	You can also get a few Gold Skutullas here
			1.	One on a boulder
			2.	The other is on a tree's leaf
	i.	Spirit Temple III
		i.	Enter the temple and push the block on the
			left side down into the pit. This will now
			allow you to enter the temple.
		ii.	In the next room defeat the Beamos statue,
			then aim at the ceiling and use the Longshot
			or an arrow to hit the switch to open the two
			barred doors.
		iii.	Enter the left room and defeat the Wolfos,
			and then stand on the Triforce symbol and
			play Zelda's Lullaby to make a chest appear
			at the far end of the room.
		iv.	Use the Longshot to reach the chest and
			open it to get the Compass, now exit the
			room and climb the brick wall.
		v.	You started in this room so enter the door
			furthest to your left.
		vi.	Collect the five silver rupees to open the
			door to the next area. Now here you have to
			defeat the Like-Like and open the chest for a
		vii.	Go back to the room with the Beamos statue
			and enter the middle room using the new
		viii.	In this room defeat the Like-Like then climb
			the wall at the other end of the room to reach
			the second floor.
		ix.	In the next room, defeat the floor master
		x.	Push the mirror so it's light points at each
			of the sun switches on the wall. The third
			one should open the door and enter the next
		xi.	In the next room, defeat the Armos statue by
			the door by hitting its side or back, then run
			up the stairs.
		xii.	Put on your Hover Boots and face the big
			statue in the room. Use the boots to hover
			towards the right arm of the statue and land
			on its hand.
		xiii.	On that hand is a Triforce symbol, so play
			Zelda's Lullaby there to make a chest appear
			on the other hand.
		xiv.	Use the Longshot to reach the chest and get
			a key, and then drop down to the ground and
			head to the far end of the room where you
			entered this area.
		xv.	Stand in front of the statue facing the wall.
			Go into the door, push the block back and
			ride the elevator to the bottom. You now
			have a easy entrance and exit of the temple.
		xvi.	Go back to the main room and look at the
			ceiling on the right side to find a target.
			Use the Longshot to hit the target and get
			pulled back up to the platform and run up
			the stairs again.
		xvii.	Enter the door there, and in that room, defeat
			the Beamos statue and run up the stairs to
			the next room.
		xviii.	In this room, there are THREE floating
			enemies, like the one you saw as a child, but
			there's a much easier way to kill them this
		xix.	Use Fire Arrows on each one to defeat them,
			then enter the door to the next room!
		xx.	In the next room, stand in front of the locked
			door with your back to it.
		xxi.	Then, aim your Longshot at an Armos
			Knight standing behind the switch nearby so
			that when it comes alive, it hits the switch!
		xxii.	Enter the opened door and go up the stairs to
			the next area. There, go to the Ironknuckle
			and attack it by its side and get ready for a
		xxiii.	After you defeat Ironknuckle, enter the next
			room and you'll be on a ledge outside the
			temple with a chest.
		xxiv.	Open the chest to get the Mirror Shield, and
			then reenter the temple the way you exited it
		xxv.	Now, backtrack down to the room with the
			Armos Knight and the switch and get to the
			far end of that room.
		xxvi.	Stand in the bright spot on the floor and aim
			your Mirror Shield so that it reflects the
			light onto the sun picture.
		xxvii.	After you open the door, enter the next room
			and take the key from the chest and leave
			the room.
			xxviii.	Enter the door to your right and then
			cross the next room. This time, enter the
			left door using a key and enter that room.
		xxix.	In the next room, defeat the Beamos statues
			using bombs and then make your way to the
			very top of the moving wall.
			1.	Just use your Longshot and aim at
				the top section of the wall. It will
				pass all the other obstacles and
				place you on the top.
		xxx.	Once you get there, defeat the other two
			Beamos statues and go through the door and
			run up the stairs and enter the following
			door to reach the fourth floor.
		xxxi.	In the next room, stand on the Triforce
			symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby to open the
			door in front of you and enter that room.
		xxxii.	Now, defeat the Torch Slugs using your
			sword and then pull out your Megaton
			Hammer and break all of the fake doors in
			the room.
		xxxiii.	Then, go up to the eye switch on the wall
			and shoot it with an arrow to make an ice
			block appear above you.
		xxxiv.	So, to reach it, use the Longshot on the
			ceiling target to get atop the blocks and hit
			the switch to make a chest appear on the
		xxxv.	Open the chest to get the Boss Key, then
			leave the room.
		xxxvi.	Now, go up the stairs and enter the next
			room and avoid the flying pots and go by the
			cell with a switch behind it and use the
			Spinning Sword Attack to it it.
		xxxvii.	Go through the door it opens and defeat the
			Lizalfos and floating skulls and then bomb
			the wall to the left of the mirror.
	       xxxviii. Then, turn the mirror so it reflects right
			into the room you just bombed and hits the
			next mirror.
		xxxix.	Go to the second mirror and point the
			reflection so that it faces out of the bars
			and hits the big mirror panel on the wall.
		xl.	Get back to the room where you hit the
			switch and drop down to the floor and stand
			in the light spot on the floor.
		xli.	Reflect the light with your Mirror Shield so
			it hits the sun picture. This will lower the
			platform you were standing into the Statue
		xlii.	Take your Mirror Shield and shine it on the
			Statue's Face. It will crack and fall off.
			Showing a Grate and a tunnel inside.
		xliii.	Longshot your way over to it and the gate
			will open.
		xliv.	You are now in the Boss Room I.
		xlv.	SubBoss
			1.	Iron Knuckles (2)
				a.	There are now two Iron
					Knuckles, one bigger than the
				b.	The same tactics apply. Wait
					until they swing at you then
					jump attack them.
				c.	The Big Iron Knuckle will
					take 4-5 hearts now!
		xlvi.	Once you defeat them the bigger, silver, Iron
			Knuckle's armor will fall off. Revealing
			Nabooru! She tries to get away, but the two
			witches appear and put her back into the
		xlvii.	They tell you to leave, just follow them into
			the next room.
		xlviii.	Boss
			1.	Koume and Kotake
				a.	This is their first form that
					they try to kill you in.
				b.	Do not Z taget them. If you
					do you will not be able to
					control your shield!
				c.	When the Fire witch sends
					her fire at you reflect it
					with your shield to the Ice
					casting one.
				d.	And Vice Versa
				e.	When it comes at you hold
					the R button and aim it with
					the stick.
				f.	After about 5-6 hits on either
					one they change into their
					next form.
			2.	Twinrova
				a.	This is a beautiful
					combination of the two.
				b.	Now Z target the witch.
				c.	When she sends a fire or ice
					spell at you catch it with
					your shield.
				d.	When you get 3 of the same
					spell, fire or ice, the power
					will be sent back to the
					witch. That is why you must Z
					target, you won't miss with
					i.	If you get 1 fire and
						then a 1 ice it will
						hurt you and make
						you have to catch the
						magic all over again.
				e.	When it hits them run over to
					the platform and go crazy on
				f.	After awhile they will die.
				g.	They show a small, what
					Miyamoto thought, was
					funny anime scene.
		xlix.	Take the Heart Piece and enter the Warp
			l.	Nabooru wakes as the Sage of Spirit
				and gives you the Spirit Medallion
				your final medallion.
XXIII.	Sheik's True Identity
	a.	Temple of Time IV
		i.	Return to the Temple of Time and as you
			enter Sheik will appear.
		ii.	Sheik will tell you the story about the
			Triforce and how the world changed when
			he opened the Door of Time.
		iii.	How when Gannondorph touched the
			Triforce it showed true evil in his heart.
			Toprotect itself his separated and went
			in to hearts of people who shown those
			essences of that part of the Triforce.
		iv.	Zelda received Wisdom, Gannondorph
			received Power, and you received Courage.
		v.	Sheik then revealers herself a Zelda. She
			apologizes about what she did in the past.
			She didn't know giving you the Orcania of
			Time would cause this much damage. She
			thought she was protecting the world.
		vi.	She then gives you the Light Arrow. The
			power to kill Gannondorph.
		vii.	At that moment Gannondorph appears and
			takes Zelda away from you. He takes her to
			his castle and wants you to come and
			retrieve her.
XXIV.	Prepare for the Final Fight
	a.	Kakariko Village VII
		i.	There are some things you must have before
			you start the final fight.
			1.	4 Bottles full of Ultimate Potion
				a.	3 Bottles are fine
			2.	Doubles Magic Bar
				a.	From Fairy near Fire Temple
			3.	Full or Almost Full Heart
			4.	Fire Arrow from Lake Hylia
XXV.	Defeat Gannondorph
	a.	Entering Gannondorph's Castle
		i.	Now that you have collected all of the
			Medallions and united all of the Sages their
			power can be used to allow you entrance to
			the Castle.
		ii.	A Rainbow Bridge appears linking the main
			land and Gannondorph's Floating Castle.
			1.	False Rumor
				a.	There is no temple in the
					middle of the red sand, so
					don't bother jumping down
					there, or dropping your
		iii.	Go across the bridge and enter the Castle.
		iv.	Pass the Beamos and enter the door to the
			Main Chamber.
		v.	There is a Barrier keeping you from taking
			the stairs to Gannondorph's Chamber. That
			is where Zelda is trapped.
		vi.	To disperse the Barrier you must shoot a
			Light Arrow at the heart of the Barrier.
	b.	Forest Barrier
		i.	Stand in the center of the four torches and
			use Din's Fire to light them. There is one
			more torch left unlit above the door. Use a
			Fire Arrow and go to the next room.
		ii.	There are tons of ways to complete this so I
			will only let you know the basics.
			1.	Use the Hover Boots and the fans to
				blow you into the left rupee.
			2.	Kill the Beamos first.
			3.	There is a switch that will create
				targets for you.
		iii.	Once you get all of them you can enter
			though the door in the back.
		iv.	Fire a Light Arrow at the glowing pulsing
			ball to destroy that part of the barrier.
		v.	You will see Saria and then be taken out of
			the room.
	c.	Spirit Barrier
		i.	Again, collect the silver rupees. Watch out
			for all the moving spikes in the room!
		ii.	For some of these you need to move the
			armos statue so that the spikes aren't moving
			back and forth between the wall and the
		iii.	Use the Longshot to reach the one in the
			center of the room on the ceiling.
		iv.	The door will open after you collect all of
			the Rupees.
		v.	In the next room kill the fire monsters. Hit
			the diamond switch at the other side of the
			gate by using a spin slash attack.
		vi.	A chest will fall. Take it if you want.
		vii.	To hit the right switch use a Bombachu go
			over the fence and blow the switch.
			1.	Use Farore's Wind here, just in case
				a Floor Master comes and takes you
		viii.	Destroy the spider web on the ceiling using
			a Fire Arrow allowing light to enter the
		ix.	Only one of the Sun Pictures are correct.
			The wrong ones will unleash traps and
		x.	The next room contains the heart of the
			Spirit Barrier. Destroy it with the Light
	d.	Shadow Barrier
		i.	First, kill the green skull with the bow and
			arrow. Okay, now look at the wall on the
			right for an unlit torch.
		ii.	Light this torch with your Fire Arrows!
			When the light is on, some ice platforms
			will appear forming a path to the island with
			the Like Likes.
		iii.	When you reach the island with the Like
			Like, the torch will have already turned off
			the light relight it, but also equip the Lens
			of Truth.
		iv.	Head to the switch below and hit it to make
			a big chest appear on the island where the
			Like Like was.
			1.	Golden Gauntlet
				a.	This is pretty much useless at
					this point in the game.
				b.	It can move huge blocks that
					are blocking the path, like
					the one in the Fire Barrier
		v.	Now look around for a path that you can
			only see with the lens of truth. Follow on
			that path the reach a switch.
		vi.	Hit the switch with the Megaton Hammer to
			open the exit.
		vii.	Use the Longshot on the torch beside the
			exit to get there.
		viii.	Destroy the barrier with the Light Arrow.
	e.	Hyrule Courtyard II
		i.	Exit the Castle and go to the Fairy where
			you got Din's Fire.
		ii.	Move the rocks and then move the huge
			black stone.
		iii.	Go inside and play Zelda's Lullaby
		iv.	The Fairy will Double your Defense!
	f.	Light Barrier
		i.	Go back to the Castle and head for the big
			black stone like the one you just moved.
		ii.	Use the Lens of Truth to see all the enemies.
		iii.	Kill them to make a small chest appear.
			Inside the chest is a small key. The other
			chests are traps.
		iv.	Use the key to open the locked door and
		v.	Stand on the Triforce symbol and play
			Zelda's Lullaby
		vi.	A small chest will fall down. Get the key
			from the chest and enter the locked door.
		vii.	Collect all silver rupees in 1:00 minute. I'm
			pretty sure you can do this on your own.
		viii.	You have to go in and out, but you should
			be able to get it in one turn.
		ix.	What no Barrier? Use the Lens of Truth!
		x.	Break the barrier and head to the next
	g.	Fire Barrier
		i.	You need your Red Tunic to protect you
			from the flames, the Hover Boots, and the
			Gold Gauntlet
		ii.	You'll have to collect all the silver rupees
			in the room AGAIN!
		iii.	Go from platform to platform collecting all
			the easy silver rupees first.
			1.	Make sure to have the Hoover Boots
				on or the main platform will sink!
		iv.	Head to the Black Stone and throw it off the
			platform. Take the Rupee.
		v.	The Black Stone created another platform
			for you to reach the final Rupee.
		vi.	Now go to the platform with a torch slug on
			it. Kill the slug and get the rupee on that
			platform. Then jump to the Black Stone that
			you threw and get the rupee on the platform.
		vii.	Now Longshot yourself to the exit.
		viii.	Destroy the Barrier again.
	h.	Water Barrier
		i.	When you enter the first room there is a
			Blue Flam in front of you.
			1.	If you refilled your magic and hearts
				with potions you will need the empty
				bottles. If not, refill now and
				collect the blue fire now.
		ii.	Open the chest on your left and take the key.
			1.	The right is a trap.
		iii.	Now you have another platform puzzle like
			in the Ice Cavern. You only have two
			minutes to figure this one out.
		iv.	Solution:
			1.	First go to the block farthest from
				you and push it to the ice rock on the
			2.	Now go behind the block and push it
				into the hole.
			3.	Now go to the other block. Go to the
				left side and push it to the right.
			4.	Now push it to the place with the
				blue fire.
			5.	Climb up the ice block and get the
				blue fire.
			6.	Use it to melt the red ice and push
				the switch to get rid of the bars.
		v.	Destroy the final Barrier and it is gone for
		vi.	If you are out of potions go back to
			Kakariko and refill them with Ultimate
			Potions now. All of them should be full.
	i.	Gannondorph's Tower
		i.	Just run up the stairs, ignore the Keese.
		ii.	You will encounter a few battles on the way,
			but nothing big
			1.	A pair of Dinolfos.
			2.	A pair of Stalfos.
				a.	They will give you the Boss
			3.	A pair Iron Knuckles.
	j.	Gannondorph's Chamber
		i.	Once you enter the Triforce in each person's
			hands resonate together. Zelda is trapped in
			a crystal and Gannondorph is playing the
			organ. After a quick talk the fight begins.
		ii.	Boss
			1.	Gannondorph
				a.	Here is the situation.
					i.	Navi can't reach him
						so Z target is out.
					ii.	The floors missing in
						some places
				b.	Stay on the edges, but beware
					he will know more of the
					floor down as the fight goes
				c.	The tactics is like the
					Phantom Gannon, but a few
				d.	Reflect his magic back at him
					with the Sword. You will
					have to do some major
					volleyball action with him.
				e.	When he is hit by his own
					magic, shoot a Light Arrow
					at him and he will fall.
				f.	This is your que to run to the
					middle platform where he is,
					jump over, Z target him and
					do a jump attack and swiping
					of your sword.
					i.	This takes about 8-9
						times to kill him.
				g.	He will shoot lightening and
					a earthquake force to make
					you fall to the bottom of the
					floor. There pots await you if
					you run out of arrows and
		iii.	After he is dead he will cough up some
			blood and pass out.
		iv.	With his last power he is trying to make the
			castle crumble in on you.
		v.	Zelda takes you out leading the way going to
			the bottom floor opening all the locked
			1.	Along the way you will get in a few
				fight with Stalfos.
			2.	Try to avoid the ReDeads.
		vi.	You and Zelda will both watch as the castle
		vii.	After the castle collapses you will hear a
			noise from the rubble. Link investigates and
			a your Master Sword is flung away and a
			fire surrounds the outside of the castle.
			Gannon Rises.
			1.	Save Your Game, you'll see after
				you kill Ganon.
			2.	Do not save it again!
		viii.	Equip the Biggeron Sword and get ready for
			the fight of your life.
		ix.	Boss
			1.	Gannon
				a.	He is the primitive form of
					Gannondorph and is using the
					last of his power to destroy
				b.	Navi can help you again with
					Z targeting.
				c.	To kill him you have to shoot
					his head with the Light
				d.	Now that he is stunned his
					glowing tail will drop. Z
					target it quickly and Jump
					Attack it or slash it.
				e.	If you run out of Magic, life,
					arrows, lead him to one of the
					pillars. When he attacks you
					he might know one down and
					they are filled with items.
				f.	After awhile his power will
					fail and the fire will go down.
					Zelda will call you to the
					Master Sword.
				g.	Run up and grab it. Try to get
					one hit while he is still
				h.	Now repeat except use the
					Master Sword from now on.
				i.	After awhile Zelda will use
					her strength to hold him
					while you deliver the final
					i.	Some people see
						green others get red,
		x.	Gannondorph is sealed in the Sacred Realm
			where he can not hurt anyone, but he swears
			vengeance again.
XXVI.	Ending
	a.	Zelda takes the Orcania of Time and sends you back
		to your real time. The time before this happened.
		Then a long ending sequence.
	b.	October 26th is the date for Mask of Majora's
		Release! You must complete Zelda, Orcania of
		Time to play this add on version!!!
XXVII.	Item List
	a.	Tunics
		i.	Kokiri Tunic
			1.	Basic Green
				a. Offers No Extra Protection
		ii.	Zora Tunis
			1.	Blue
				a.	Lets you breath underwater
		iii.	Goron Tunic
			1.	Red
				a.	Lets you Resist Heat
	b.	Swords
		i.	Kokiri Sword
			1.	Child's Sword
		ii.	Master Sword
			1.	Adult Sword
		iii.	Biggeron Sword
			1.	Adult Sword
			2.	Strongest
	c.	Shields
		i.	Deku
			1.	Child's Wooden
		ii.	Hylian
			1.	Metal Shield
				a.	Adult & Child
		iii.	Mirror
			1.	Adult Reflective Shield
	d.	Boots
		i.	Kokiri Boots
			1.	Standard
		ii.	Iron Boots
			1.	Allows you to sink
			2.	Allow to stand still
		iii.	Hover
			1.	Allows you to walk on air & water
	e.	Weapons
		i.	Boomerang
			1.	Child
		ii.	Fairy Bow
			1.	Adult
		iii.	Fairy Slingshot
			1.	Child
		iv.	Hookshot
			1.	Adult
		v.	Longshot
			1.	Adult
		vi.	Megaton Hammer
			1.	Adult
		vii.	Bombs
			1.	Both
				a.	Blows walls and enemies up
		viii.	Bombachu
			1.	Both
				a.	Moving Bomb
		ix.	Deku Nut
			1.	Stuns enemies
		x.	Deku Stick
			1.	Various
		xi.	Fire Arrow
			1.	Shoots Fire through an arrow
		xii.	Ice
			1.	Shoots Ice through an arrow
		xiii.	Light
			1.	Shoots Pure Goodness through
	f.	Bottle Items
		i.	Bottle
			1.	Allows you to hold potions and
				small things
		ii.	Blue Fire
			1.	Melts Red ice
		iii.	Bug
			1.	Various
		iv.	Fairy
			1.	Heals and Revives you
		v.	Fish
			1.	Various
		vi.	Green Potion
			1.	Restores MP
		vii.	Red Potions
			1.	Restored HP
		viii.	Blue Potion
			1.	Restores Both
	g.	Misc
		i.	Magic Beans
			1.	Makes plants grow in 7 years.
		ii.	Lens of Truth
			1.	Allows you to see the hidden
		iii.	Mask of Truth
			1.	Various
	h.	Orcania
		i.	Fairy
			1.	Basic Flute
		ii.	Orcania of Time
			1.	Opens the Door of Time
	i.	Magic
		i. Din's Fire
			1.	Creates a cricle of Fire
		ii.	Farore's
			1.	Creates Warp Points
				and Transports you them
		iii.	Nayru's Love
			1. 	Creates a Temporary
				Protective Shield
XXVIII.	Heart Pieces
	a.	Lost Woods
		i.	Skull Boy for Playing Saria's Song
		ii.	Skull Boys for playing Orcania Game
	b.	Hyrule Field
		i.	Bomb center of Four fences near Lake
		ii.	At the north-west corner there is a grove of
	c.	Market
		i.	Dog Lady for finding her dog near the shop
			1.	Reward
		ii.	Bombachu Bowling Game
			1.	Prize
		iii.	Key Game
			1.	Prize
	d.	Lon Lon Ranch
		i.	Silo behind the crates
	e.	Kakariko Village
		i.	Windmill
			1.	On the ledge, boomerang
		ii.	Rooftop
			1.	Talk to the man on the roof
				a.	Adult, Hookshot
		iii.	Dampe's Grave Digging
			1.	Prize
		iv.	Impa's House
			1.	Ledge from the roof in Impa's house.
		v.	Dampe's Racing
			1.	Prize
			2.	Adult
		vi.	Cemetery
			1.	Ride Plant to Box
				a.	Adult
			2.	Play Sun Song in Flowered Grave
		vii.	House of Skuttula
			1.	Collect 50 Tokens
	f.	Zora's Fountain/River/Domain
		i.	River
			1.	On ledge in the beginning
			2.	On ledge near waterfall
			3.	Prize for Playing all Songs
			4.	Prize for Fly Catching Game
		ii.	Domain
			1.	Light all of the Torches on the
		iii.	Fountain
			1.	Bottom of the Fountain
			2.	Adult, Iron Boots
	g.	Lake Hylia
		i.	Fishing Game
			1.	Prize for a 9+ Fish
		ii.	Lab
			1.	For reaching the bottom of the well
			2.	Riding the Magic Bean Leaf to the
				a.	Adult
	h.	Death Mountain
		i.	Above Dodongo's Cavern
			1.	Adult
	i.	Goron City
		i.	Vase
			1.	Throw a bomb in the Vase
	j.	Death Mountain Crater
		i.	Climb down the
	k.	Gerudo Fortress/Valley
		i.	Bridge
			1.	Jump off of bridge with Cucoo and
				break crate.
			2.	Behind Waterfall
		ii.	Gerudo Fortress
			1.	Prize
				a.	Adult, Bow
			2.	Chest
				a.	Adult
	l.	Ice Cavern
		i.	Near Blue Flame
	m.	Desert Colossus
		i.	Ride the Plant to the top of the rock
			1.	Adult
XXXI.	Gold Skutullas Rewards
	a.	10 Tokens
		i.	Adult Wallet
		1.	Holds 200 Rupees
	b.	20 Tokens
		i.	Stone of Agony
	c.	30 Tokens
		i.	Giant Wallet
			1.	Holds 500 Rupees
	d.	40 Tokens
		i.	Bombachu
	e.	50 Tokens
		i.	Piece of Heart
	f.	100 Tokens
		i.	200 Rupees
XXX.	Gold Skutullas 100 Total
	a.	Bottom of Well
		i.	Cell with Like Like
		ii.	Room with Fake Door
		iii.	Room with the Deku Baba
	b.	Death Mountain Crater
		i.	Crate at Entrance
		ii.	Soft Soil
	c.	Death Mountain Trail
		i.	Soft Soil near Dodongo's Cavern
		ii.	Bomb false wall
		iii.	Rock outside of Dodongo's Cavern
			1.	Adult
		iv.	Falling Rock Boulder Area
			1.	Adult
	d.	Deku Tree
		i.	Compass Room Wall
		ii.	Basement Wall
		iii.	Basement Crate
		iv.	Bomb False Wall with Gohma Larva
	e.	Desert Colossus
		i.	Soil Patch
		ii.	Rock
		iii.	Tree
	f.	Dodongo's Cavern
		i.	Above Dropped Stairs
		ii.	False wall in Baby Dodongo's Room
		iii.	Scarecrow Song on First Floor
		iv.	Bomb false wall in Northern west first floor
		v.	Behind Armos
	g.	Fire Temple
		i.	Like Like Room I
		ii.	Like Like Room II
		iii.	False Wall in Boulder Maze
		iv.	East Tower
		v.	East Tower
	h.	Forest Temple
		i.	Spinning Room in Basement
		ii.	On Vines at entrance room
		iii.	Main Room
			1.	Near North Door
		iv.	Wall of Right Inner Courtyard
		v.	Wall of Left Inner Courtyard
	i.	Gannondorph's Castle
		i.	Stone Archway
	j.	Gerudo Valley
		i.	Outer Wall
			1.	Mini Waterfall
		ii.	Under Stone Arch
		iii.	Soil Patch
			1.	Under Bridge
		iv.	Behind Carpenter's Tent
	k.	Goron City
		i.	Boulder Room
			1.	Inside the crate
		ii.	Behind suspended alter
	l.	Haunted Waste Land
		i.	In stone house basement
	m.	Hyrule Castle
		i.	Roll into tree at entrance
		ii.	Tree in near moat
			1.	Song of Storms
		iii.	In crate in the guards room
	n.	Hyrule Field
		i.	Hidden hole near Gerudo Valley
		ii.	Hidden hole outside of Gerudo Valley
	o.	Ice Cavern
		i.	Blue Fire Room
		ii.	On Wall in Platform Room
		iii.	Room with ice Scythe
	p.	Jabu Jabu's Belly
		i.	Basement Wall
		ii.	Basement Wall Near SubBoss
		iii.	On Vines Wall Near Boss
		iv.	Under pit room
	q.	Kakariko Village
		i.	Top of Impa's House
			1.	Adult
		ii.	Tree in entrance
		iii.	Side of House in Village
		iv.	Side of the House of Skulltula
		v.	Stack of Bricks
		vi.	Ladder to Tower
	r.	Kokiri Forest Village
		i.	Soft Soil
		ii.	Back of Know It All's House
		iii.	Back of Twins House
			1.	Adult
	s.	Lake Hylia
		i.	Top of Tree on the Island
			1.	Adult
		ii.	Soft Soil next to Lab
		iii.	Crate in well of Lab
			1.	Adult
		iv.	Back of Lab from Bridge
		v.	Fire Arrow Alter
			1.	Child
	t.	Lon Lon Ranch
		i.	Tree Near Houses
		ii.	On Wooden Fence
		iii.	Outer Wall Next to Storage
		iv.	Second Story Window of House
	u.	Lost Woods
		i.	Soft Soil Left of Entrance
		ii.	Soft Soil Near Sacred Meadow
		iii.	Ledge Near Sacred Meadow
	v.	Sacred Meadow
		i.	On Left Wall
			1.	Stand on the Platforms
	w.	Shadow Temple
		i.	Room in B3 with Invisible Blades
		ii.	Room with Spiked Platforms
		iii.	Blown Skull Vase Room
		iv.	Cage near Ferry Boat
		v.	Room with 3 Skull Vases
	x.	Spirit Temple
		i.	Room with the Bats and Gates
			1.	Child
		ii.	On Climbable Wall
			1.	Child
		iii.	Wall on Main Chamber
			1.	Adult
			2.	Scarecrow Song
		iv.	Hallway near SubBoss
			1.	Child
		v.	Rolling Boulders Room
			1.	Adult
			2.	Song of Time
	y.	Water Temple
		1.	In Hidden area near Boss Key
		2.	Basement Cell
			a.	Use Spin Attack
		3.	The Platform Waterfall Room
		4.	Rapid River Area
		5.	Top of Center Tower
	z.	Zora's Domain
		i.	Top of Frozen Waterfall
			1.	Adult
	aa.	Zora's Fountain
		i.	Wall Next to Log
		ii.	Tree on Southern Island
		iii.	Secret Cave under Boulder on Island
			1.	Adult
			2.	Silver Gauntlet
	bb.	Zora's River
		i.	Outer Wall southern center. Top
			1.	Adult
		ii.	Outer Wall near Zora's Domain
			1.	Adult
		iii.	Tree at Entrance
		iv.	Ladder Near Zora's Domain
XXIX.	Glitches & Secrets
	a.	Swordless Link
		i.	Remember at the end when I told you to
			save your game after Gannon threw the
			Master Sword Away?
		ii.	Reset the game and you will start in the
			Temple of Time, but with no Sword!
		iii.	Ride Epona and use your C buttons to use
			your items.
		iv.	You can use your weapons while riding
		v.	The fun this to do is use a Bottle of the
			Orcania. You will fall off Epona, but she
			will run as if you are riding her!
	b.	Extra Bottle Trick
		i.	You can get more bottles if you want. Here
			is how to do it.
			1.	Go to Kakariko Village and jump in
				the hole with the fish.
			2.	Grab the fish and just as you are
				collecting it hit the start button and
				change the bottle's location with
				another item.
				a.	Use the Claim Check
			3.	When you look at it again the item
				changed into a Bottle!
			4.	You can not get potions, only fish,
				fire, bugs, and fairies.
	c.	100+ Gold Skutullas
		i.	You can get more than 100 Gold Skutullas if
			you want.
		ii.	As a kid go to a hole where there is one, like
			Hyrule Castle.
		iii.	Z target the Token and jump back into the
			warp spot.
		iv.	Go back down and it is there again!
	d.	Orcania of Time
		i.	Do the bottle trick and replace the Fairy
			Orcania with a bottle.
			1.	DO NOT SAVE!
		ii.	When Impa teaches you Zelda's Lullaby you
			will pull out the Orcania of Time!
XXXII.	Rumors
	i.	You can not get the Triforce.
		1.	The Triforce is not a collectable in
			the game. It was at one point, but it
			was taken out. Do not believe what
			others say!
	ii.	There is no Mask of Time
	iii.	You can not beat the Running Man
	iv.	There is no V force
		1.	The power that is released when you
			have full hearts
		2.	It was planned, but there wasn't
			enough room in the cartridge.
	v.	The Zora's are now unfrozen during the

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