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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

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From: "Noah S." 

Where to find the 10 Big Poes in Zelda 64

1/3/99: The tenth Big Poe is found! See below for acknowledgements.

This document is about finding the ten Big Poes in Hyrule Field.
In case you were not aware, the point of finding the Poes is to
bring them to the Weird Guy in the first door in Hyrule Castle Town.
if you bring him all ten, he will give you a bottle.

In order to find the Big Poes, you MUST be riding Epona.
Poes will appear if you are on foot, but they are NOT Big.

The Big Poes:

1) In a group of bushes near the stream to the west of Hyrule Castle.

2) At the sign that directs you to Lon Lon Ranch outside Hyrule Castle.

3) Under (or above) the ledge to the south of the entrance to Kakariko.

4) The lone tree just outside the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch.

5) The place where the stone wall east of the ranch turns.

6) The only tree east of the entrance to Gerudo Valley (Below the ledge).

7) The place where the road splits outside of the entrance to Gerudo Valley.

8) The boulder near where the road splits, between Lon Lon and the Lost Woods.

9) The patch of grass, south of #8, between the lone green tree and the
small grove.

10) In the grove of trees described in #9, north of the entrance to Lake Hylia.

Thanks to:

cbraddoc@intergrafix.net, friggemall@yahoo.com, mandracc@usit.net,
toolman667@yahoo.com, ayaxpaty@sinfo.net, kmolloy@viclink.com,
falcon@communityonline.net, nether@mail.hot1.net, Ryjedi@aol.com

for helping me find the Last Big Poe. Whether your tip was right or wrong,
thank you for contributing.

	-Noah Schoenholtz, noah.s@home.com

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