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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
By: Zarbon (XLejesX@aol.com)


Greetings, everyone. I put this document together in order to enlighten many
of you to the less obvious points in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However,
given the complexity of this game, I may miss a secret here and there. But, I
shall try to unveil all that I can to you in this document.


The Scarecrow's Song

As a child, go to lake Hylia and run to the small garden with the two Scarecrows.
Remove your ocarina in front of the first Scarecrow and play a unique melody that 
you are fond of, and above all can remember. Then run down to the second Scarecrow
and play the same song for him. Now, after you become an adult, if you run to the
last Scarecrow you played the song for and play it again, He'll remember the song
and you'll learn the secret song... "Scarecrow's Song"!


Biggoron's Sword

This is how to aquire the best sword in the game, Biggoron's Sword.
(Note: You must be an adult to get the sword or use it.)

1. Go to Kakariko Village and get a Pocket Cucco from the lady next
to the chicken fence. Use it to wake Talon (the sleeping man in the house) up.
Return to the lady with the Cucco, and she'll give you a blue chicken.

2. Go to the Lost Woods and make a right turn from where you enter. There you will
see a sleeping boy. Use the chicken to wake him up. He'll give you a mushroom.

3. MOVE FAST! Deliver that mushroom to the "Secret" Potion Shop through the back 
door of Kakariko's regular potion shop. You must hurry, it has a time limit! The 
clerk will give you a potion for your efforts.

4. Return to where the boy was and give the potion to the girl. She will then 
give you The Poacher's Saw.

5. Go to Gerudo Vally and jump the broken bridge (with Epona) and deliver the 
saw to the carpenter next to the tent. He'll give you the broken Goron's Sword.

6. Take the broken sword to Biggoron (at the peak of Death Mountain) and attain 
the prescription.

7. Take the prescription to King Zora and get the Frog Eyes.

8. Hurry to the inventors house at Lake Hylia (you must hurry! Time limit!) and
give him the eyes. He will give you the eyedrops.

9. Dash to Biggoron and give him the drops. Wait 3 days and get your sword.


The Mask of Truth

This mask lets you talk to "gossip stones" the ones with the "one-eyed stare".
But, only as a child.

1. Go to the mask shop in Hyrule - Market. Get the Keaton Mask. Give it to the
Kakariko Guard at the road to Death Mountain.

2. Pay for the mask at the shop and get the Skull Mask. Now, go to the Lost Woods
and give it to the Skullkid on the stump.

3. Pay for the mask at the shop and get Spooky Mask. Go to the graveyard at daytime 
and give it to the little boy.

4. Pay for the mask at the shop and get the Bunny Hood. Now, run around Hyrule Field 
until you hear footsteps other than your own. Follow them to find the runner, who will
eventually stop and rest. Give him the mask now.

5. Pay at the shop, and you're done!


Getting all 4 Bottles

1. Pick up the 3 "Super Cucco's" in Lon Lon Ranch. (As a child)

2. As a child, Collect all the Cucco's in Karakiro Village and throw them into the 
Chicken Fence. Then talk to the lady.

3. Get it from the bottom of Lake Hylia. It has Ruto's letter in it.

4. As an adult, find the 10 big Poes. You'll encounter them in different areas of 
Hyrule Field (only on horseback). Shoot them twice and return them to the lady in 
the first house when you enter Hyrule.


About Gold Skulltulas

You know those spiders that you kill and get a token for? Well, they're there for 
a reason. Go to the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village and talk to all the 
spiders there. The more gold skulltulas that you kill, the more goodies they will
give you. Return there to claim your prizes.

10 Skulltulas - Adult's Wallet (Holds 200 Rupees)
20 Skulltulas - Stone of Agony (You need a rumble pack for this)
30 Skulltulas - Giant's Wallet (Holds 500 Rupees)
40 Skulltulas - Bombchu (A mobile mouse-bomb)
50 Skulltulas - Peice of Heart (1/4 heart)
100 Skulltulas - Huge Rupee (Fills your wallet)


Well, guys. I'm sorry this document was so short, and I'm also sorry if it left 
questions unanswered. Feel free to E-mail me with Feedback. My box is always open.

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