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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 08:50:10 PST

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time FAQ
Secrets and assorted goodies
By: Pika  Email: Ultimanova@hotmail.com

Chicken War
In Kakariko Village, after you've caught a few chickens, slash one with 
your sword repeatedly until a cinema shows a chicken hitting the ground. 
The chickens will attack and can kill you if you don't have fast feet. 
To evade the chickens, walk into a house or leave the village.

Ocarina Jamming
Take out your Ocarina and hit buttons until you make a melody out of it. 
Hold Z then press a button to get a flat note. Hold R then press a 
button to get a flat note. For those who want to re-create a song of 
old, Link's Ocarina will only handle things with a steady beat.

Free Fairies!
Play Zelda's Lullabye by a time-telling stone and watch a red fairy come 
out. Once you capture the fairy with an empty bottle, you can keep it 
until you use it. The fairy does not come back.

Get a big fish before becoming adult Link
If you are extremely lucky, you can pull this trick off. Use your 
regular lure, and use Z Targeting to cast a more accurate line. If 
successful, you will have pulled in a 10 pounder, the biggest fish you 
can catch as Young Link. You get a heart piece for this.

Defeat the treasure chest puzzle in Hyrule Market
When the man gives you the key, the first chest you open should be the 
right chest. The right chest contains a key to get to the next room. 
Once in the next room, choose the left chest, then in the next room 
choose the right chest, and so on. If you are successful (you don't 
forget what chest you opened) you will find a heart piece.

The Awesome power of The Sun Song
To find the Sun Song, go to Kakariko Village and head to the graveyard 
at night. There is a Triforce logo towards the end of the graveyard. 
Walk on the logo platform and play Zelda's Lullabye. A hole will open. 
Go in the hole. There are bats. Kill them all. The door up front will 
open. Go inside. Quickly evade the mummies. Read the inscription in the 
next room. Then, Link will see an inscription of an Ocarina song. This 
is the Sun Song. Play it in the mummy room to keep the mummies encased 
long enough for you to escape. Once outside, you can play the Sun Song 
to change day to night and vice versa.

The ladder in Gerudo Valley
As a kid, go to Gerudo Valley. There will be a woman there who will not 
let you pass to Gerudo Castle. Dive off the bridge you took to get to 
her and swim inside the waterfall. You can clearly see a ladder there. 
Take it to find a cleverly hidden heart piece!

The fire arrow
Once you acquire the Fairy Bow, go to Lake Hylia and swim to an island. 
There will be a rusty stone there. Read the inscription. Wait for 
daytime to come, then shoot an arrow at the sun. You will have a fire 

Free Lon Lon Milk
Lon Lon Milk is good, isn't it? So good that when you got your first 
bottle, you accidently drank it. Have no fear, my friend. Find any cow 
in the world and play Epona's Song (make sure you have an empty bottle) 
and the cow will talk, then fill the empty bottle with Lon Lon Milk. So 
drink away!

Be the Bunny Bottle Boy
Okay, this sounds really doofus, but little kids in the family will for 
once actually appreciate you playing Zelda. Put your sword away. Equip 
the Bunny Mask. If you have an empty bottle, equip that too. Now you are 
Link, the Bunny Bottle Boy, replacement for Barney!

Different Saria Conversations
When you play Saria's song the first time after she teaches it to you, 
she will tell you that are somewhere linked to the forest. Play it again 
after someone like the Brother Domino in Goron Village, and she will say 
something different.

Skullulta Surprises
When you hit Kakariko Village, go to the House Of Skullulta. They will 
speak of a family curse on the Skullulta that can only be cured if you 
get all the Skullulta tokens. There are 100 total Skullulta Tokens (some 
can be earned by killing Skullulta, some are well hidden). Here are the 
rewards you get for killing so many Skullulta, then going back to the 
10- Wallet (Holds 200 Rupees)
20- Stone Of Agony (works with Rumble Pak)
30- Wallet (Holds 500 Rupees)
Numbers 40 to 90 are unknown, but for getting them all, you get a Gold 

Happy Mask Shop Mask Seller Locations
Attention all Junior Salespersons (or elf boy in your case)! The Happy 
Mask shop has masks that need to be given to people all around Hyrule, 
and you can help them give the masks! Here's how!

Enter Kakariko Village and meet with the Guard blocking the entrance to 
Goron Village and Path to Death Mountain. Use Zelda's letter and he'll 
let you pass. Talk to the guard again. He says his son needs a mask. 
Well, you know how you can help him? The Happy Mask Shop has 
conveniently opened for business. Borrow the only mask there (the one 
that looks like Pikachu) and wear it to Kakariko Village, then speak to 
the guard and return the profit to the store owner.

Borrow the skull mask from the shop and go into the Lost Woods. The 
directions to get through to the little boy who needs the mask is make a 
right, then a left. An Ocarina player will be there. Get on the stump 
there and play a song (I think it's Zelda's Lullabye). He will thank you 
for playing with him. Talk to him again and he will talk about his face. 
Wear the mask and talk to him. He will give you only part of the pay. 
The rest comes out of your pocket. Return the profit to the store owner.

Borrow the scary old wooden mask from the shop and head to Kakariko 
Village during the day. Then go to the graveyard and talk to the boy. 
Then put the mask on and speak to him again. He will pay in full. Go 
return the profit to the store owner.

Borrow the cute little bunny mask from the store owner and become adult 
Link and travel in Hyrule Field to find, of all things, a weird little 
man chasing rabbits. Talk to him with the mask on. I don't remember if 
he will give you full profit. Return the profit to the store owner.

Now borrow the Goron, Zora, and Mask of Truth. DO NOT SELL THESE MASKS! 
The Goron and Zora masks are to be in disguise, and I think the Mask Of 
Truth makes people tell the truth no matter what. 

Work for a living
This trick is rumored, that once you play the Super Cucco Game and win 
as Young Link, you are offered a job for when you get older and you get 
paid. Again, this is a rumored trick.

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