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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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|                                                                  |
| The Legend of Zelda : The Ocarina of Time Secrets  Version 1.2.1 |
|     By :  Joca64 (Joaquim Mendes) Email :  Joca64@yahoo.com      |
|                                                                  |

Last updated: 21/06/2000

- Table of Contents -

1. What's new?
2. Introduction
3. Secrets
4. Conclusion


1. What's new?

Version 1.2.1 – Added a secret in Gerudo Valley.

Version 1.2 – I found the TRIFORCE!!! Just kidding, I've only spell 
checked the FAQ and Luigie has a new email address, check it at the 
bottom of the FAQ.

Version 1.1 - Added a secret in Desert Colossus, added a secret in Hyrule 
Castle, the lands are now in alphabetical order, corrected some spelling 

Version 1.0 - Added everything.


2. Introduction

- This FAQ was made thinking on the poor little guys that do not own a 
Rumble Pak and can't find all of Zelda's secrets. Well not really, I just 
had some spare time. If you want to use any part of this FAQ on your own 
FAQ, site or something of that kind email me and ask me permission.


3. Secrets

3.1. Death Mountain Crater

- Right next to the entrance to Goron City there is a boulder, blast it 
with the hammer.

- Near the entrance to Death Mountain, break the rock that is on the 
middle of a stone circle.

3.2. Death Mountain Trail

- Near the entrance to Goron City there is a small platform with a circle 
of stones on top. Play the song of storms in the middle of the circle.

- Near the place with a message board that says Mountain Summit Danger 
Ahead - Keep Out, climb the small ramp and jump to the other side. Climb 
the other ramp and place a bomb to blast the rock and reveal a secret.

3.3. Desert Colossus

- Near the place you appear when you warp there is a boulder. Lift it to 
reveal the secret.

3.4. Gerudo Fortress

- Proceed to the fortress's main entrance, the one with the 4 boxes. 
Break the 2 boxes at your right (when you are facing the fortress) and 
play the song of storms on the place they were.

3.5. Gerudo Valley

- Play the song of storms behind the carpenters tent. 

- Stand near the canyon and look down, you should see a small ledge with 
a white stone. Jump down and pick up the boulder (you need the Silver 
Gauntlets) to reveal the secret.

3.6. Goron City

- Well this is a tough one. As a kid go to Goron City and find the room 
with lava. There play the song of time. Return to Goron city as an adult 
and go to the same room, now you can use the LongShot to get to the other 
side and enter the hole.

3.7. Graveyard

- There are a lot of secrets here, just push all the graves to find them.

3.8. Hylia Lake

- Just push the grave that is on one of the islands.

3.9. Hyrule Castle

- Play the song of storms near the tree that is inside the Castle fence.

3.10. Hyrule Field

- When you are facing Hyrule Castle Market go to your right, pass the 
bridge and proceed to the tree nearest to the Castle. Put a bomb right 
next to the tree to reveal a secret.

- When you are facing Hyrule Castle Market go to your left and proceed to 
a place with a lot of trees and a boulder, break the boulder to reveal 
the secret.

- After going to the secret described above, go even more to the left and 
you'll see a bunch of trees and a river, go to the lone tree and place a 
bomb on its base.

- On the same place as above, this time go to the other side of the river 
and break the boulder to reveal the entrance.  

- Near the entrance to Gerudo Valley there is a big boulder on the middle 
of a stone circle. Break the boulder and place a bomb on the circle.

- Near the entrance to Hylia Lake there is a group of fences making a 
square. Place a bomb right in the middle of it.

- Near the secret described above, there is a hole that is only waiting 
for you to find him.

- Also near the entrance to Lake Hylia there is a big group of trees, 
somewhere in that mini-forest there is a boulder. You know what you have 
to do.

3.11. Lost Woods

- Right after you came from the Sacred Forest Meadow there is a boulder 
right there waiting for blasting.

- Enter Lost Woods via Kokiri Forest, turn right, left, and blast the 

- Enter Lost Woods via Kokiri Forest, turn right, left, right, left and 
left again. Proceed to the grassy area, walk to the place where are a lot 
of butterflies and you should fall into a hole (only as a kid).

3.12. Kakariko Village

-There is a secret right in the middle of the village. Put a bomb the 
between the tree and the stairs that lead to the well.

- Near the entrance to the old lady's Potion Shop is a hole on the ground 
just waiting.

3.13. Kokiri Forest

- As far as I know there is only one secret in this place, it is near the 
entrance to Lost Woods. Go to the place that has a Gossip Stone and play 
the song of storms just in front of it to make a hole appear.

3.14. Sacred Forest Meadow

- In the opposite side of the Forest Temple, place a bomb near the 
entrance to Lost Woods.

- In the middle of the maze there is a hole on the ground.

3.15. Zora's Domain

- In the flat stone that is not submerged, play the song of storms.

3.16. Zora's Fountain

- Near the Great Fairy's cave entrance there is a white rock lift it (you 
need to be wearing the Golden Gauntlets) and break the rock that is under 

3.17. Zora's River

- Right at the beginning of Zora's River, there is a circle of stones, 
play the song of storms to reveal the secret.

- There are two more secrets on top of a stone structure, use the magic 
bean to reach it. One in the middle of a stone circle and one just 
sitting there.


3. Conclusion

- That's all the secrets I can remember for now, but if you found another 
one or want to ask me something write to Joca64@yahoo.com

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