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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Shadow Temple Walkthrough

By: Ernest 64
E-Mail: Mmmm... see last section.


1) Introduction.
2) Shadow Temple Walkthrough (including gold skulltullas).
3) Farewell... (credits)

1) Introduction

Hi there again!!! One more time, and as always, I'm here to 
help you... Someone e-mailed me to make this mini FAQ (I'll 
give you some credit, at the end), so... I'm here to please 
you my faithful and loyal readers.

Skulltullas, keys, and items will be in capital letter for 
a more confortable and easier search....

This is the first and last version, written in January 25-
26 1999.

Ah, as always, see last section for details to contact me.

2) Shadow Temple Walkthrough (including gold skulltullas).

How to find it:

Well, easy... after beating the Water Temple go to Kakariko 
Village... you'll see... Sheik, who will teach you the 
Nocturne of Shadow, use it to warp to the back of the 
graveyard. Now you're at the temple entrance.

Use Din's Fire to light all torches simultaneously to open 
the door. Enter the temple...

Note: I recommend you already have the Lens of Truth from 
the Bottom of the Well level (if you don't have them, e-
mail me and I'll specify...) and the Scarecrow's song (if 
you don't have it e-mail me or see my Fire Temple 
Walkthrough here at gamefaqs.com). You don't really need 
it, it is helpful to get a gold skulltulla and to cross a 
pit (I'l explain this later)...

Let's start!!!!


Turn right and cross the pit using your hookshot. Go 
forward and you'll go through the wall!!! (using your lens 
you can see that...). Now you'll be in the "First room". 
Take a drastic left and go through the wall on the far left 

Keep going in this room and use your lens to see a fake 
wall on your right. Enter the door behind it. In this room 
kill everything (i.e the zombie and the bats) and a chest 
with the DUNGEON MAP will appear. Now exit and return 
(using your lens) to see another fake wall on your right. 
Enter it and you'll be in a room same as last one. Watch 
out for the flying pots and use your lens to see another 
fake wall. So go through it (duh, really??) and you'll see 
a door. Enter it (duh, again???) and kill Dead Hand (Bottom 
of the Well Boss). Now it's easier because you have the 
Master or the Biggoron's Sword... After you killed him 
you'll get the HOVER BOOTS!!!!!!

Now return back to the first room and use your lens to see 
which of the skulls in the middle of the room doesn't 
dissapear. Grab the statue and push it to the skull that 
didn't dissappear. If you stop on any other skull you'll 
fall to a pit. This will open the gate at the other side of 
the pit. Now equip your hover boots press and hold all the 
way forward to reach the platform (the one with a silly 
face that had the gate).

Go down this corridor and you'll reach a laser eye thing. 
Kill it if you want with 2 bombs... go through your right 
wall. Enter the door, kill the Mummy and get the COMPASS. 
Exit and go through the wall straight ahead from you (left 
from the corridor). In this room you'll see an statue with 
two moving blades (it's similar to the one in the Ice 
Cavern level). So dodge them and grab all the silver rupees 
in the room (one is on a platform, so use your hookshot on 
the target in the ceiling...). after you get them a grating 
will open revealing a small chest with a small KEY. Exit 
this room and go to the wall on your left (straight ahead 
from the corridor). Use a bomb to blow it up and enter the 
locked door.

In this hallway, avoid the Skulltullas (you can see their 
shadows) and you'll reach a room with falling blades. Keep 
going forward and you'll reach a platform. Kill the 
Stalfos. You can play the Song of Storms in the middle of 
this platform for a Big Fairy. Go left from this platform 
(use your Lens and your Hover Boots) to reach a door on the 
far southwest corner. Go through it (Oh, come on!??) and 
put on your Lens to see another two-blade-statue. Kill the 
shield eater and all the bats (3 of them) and a grating 
will open revealing a chest with some rupees and the first 
gold SKULLTULLA. You don't really need to enter this room, 
but the title says it: Shadow Temple Walkthrough (INCLUDING 

Go back to the falling blade room, kill the Stalfos, summon 
the Big Fairy if you want using the Song of Storms, then 
(using your hover boots) continue straight ahead to the 
moving platform (right from the blades). Note: you must 
wait for the platform to be at its lowest point, otherwise 
you won't reach it and you'll fall to the pit.

Now, on the moving platform, wait until it reaches its 
highest point, then proceed forward to the laser thing and 
ground spikes platform. On here, grab all the silver rupees 
(I recommend you to unequip the hover boots...) avoiding 
the ground spikes to open the grating. Remember that one 
silver rupee is under the laser eye thing, so kill it with 
a bomb to get it...

Follow this corridor to get to the "Falling Spikes" room. 
Use your Lens and look at your right wall and you'll see a 
block. Pull it out until it gets to the face on the floor. 
Now push it (this is to avoid the falling spikes) until it 
gets to the second spike, then go around it and pull it all 
the way. There's a gold SKULLTULLA in a cage left from the 

Now climb the block and jump to the ledge on your left 
(right from the skulltulla). Now wait until the second 
falling spike drops down, then use it (hover boots) and 
hover to the ledge in front of you... step on the switch to 
make a chest appears, then return (via the falling blade) 
and get the KEY on it.

Exit this room, then go back to the falling blades room 
(the one with the Stalfos, this is easier if you get 
confused between falling blades and falling spikes room). 
Go to the ramp on your left to reach a platform with a 
falling blade. Dodge it, equip your Hover Boots and Lens of 
Truth to see an invisible platform. Go to it and you'll see 
another invisible, but moving platform. Use it to get to 
the locked door there. Enter it (duh, again???). Now in 
this room use your Lens to see the invisible spikes on the 
floor. Kill the zombies for some rupees, and collect all 
silver rupees by using the hookshot targets on the wall. 
(there is one in an invisible platform, so use your lens to 
see the hookshot target and get it). 

Enter the door that opened. Climb up the stairs and use a 
bomb plant there and throw it to the giant skull. Grab the 
small KEY and kill the third gold SKULLTULLA behind it. Now 
kill all bats to unlock the door. Go back to the previous 
zombie room. Now put on your lens to see an invisible 
hookshot target on the ceiling above the locked door. Go 
through it.

Now in this corridor, put on your Iron boots (ya, Iron, not 
Hover, this is to avoid being blown from the fans). Turn 
right and wait until the fan there stops, then equip your 
hover boots to cross the pit. Reequip your Iron ones and 
cross the path. You don't need to enter the door there, 
there are some weird chests, a hint (if you're using this 
Faq you don't need it), and a Big Fairy you can summon with 
the Song of the Sun. Kill the eye shooting fire at you with 
an arrow (when the eye is opened).

Note: If you get burned what do you do?? Run, don't you? 
But you can't run with the Iron Boots!!!, so that's a big 
problem... Well... not anymore. Just swing your sword a few 
times to get rid of the fire... (good hint, huh???).

Now look left using your lens (from looking at the door) 
and you'll see a fake wall. So face it, equip your hover 
boots, and when you see you're starting to be blown away by 
the fan behind you, hold all the way forward and you'll 
reach the platform... (cool, ain't it??). Enter the door.

In this room, look to your right and use a bomb on the pile 
of sh... (Oops!!) sorry, dirt there. This will reveal an 
invisible small chest, so use your lens and grab the KEY on 
it... Proceed to the locked door (get rid of the mummies if 
you want...).

Now you are at the "Big Ship's" room. Take a left and pull 
the block to the face tile on the floor, then turn around 
and push it all the way to the stairs. Climb it, them, and 
you'll be next to the ship. Don't go to it yet. Instead, 
look to the grating left from facing the ship. Wait until 
Navi turns green and flies to the grating platform, then 
play your Scarecrow's song to make Pierre appear on it.

Longshot to him to kill the fourth gold SKULLTULLA. Now go 
to the ship, stand in the Triforce Symbol and play Zelda's 
Lullaby to make the ship move. While it's moving, you'll 
have to fight 2 Stalfos, so take out your hover boots if 
you have them equipped... Then the ship will stop and will 
start sinking (it doesn't matter if you were or not done 
with the Stalfos), so jump to the platform to your left 
(when facing the front of the ship).

Enter the door in there. Well... now you are in the 
toughest room of this Temple, the "Maze Room". Use your 
lens to see the invisible walls of the maze. There are 4 
rooms in this maze (I say four, cause the one you entered 
from counts as one). One has 2 spiked wood walls, so use 
Din's fire when they are close enough to get rid of them. 
This room contains the BOSS KEY!!. Another has three giant 
skulls, they give you some rupees if you blow them up and 
the last GOLD SKULLTULLA, behind them. The last one, has an 
invisible monster (use your lens), so kill it to get the 
last small KEY!!. Once you have everything, exit.  

Note: I recommend you to navigate this maze by sticking on 
the outside right wall, it is easier. Also watch out for 
the 3 or 4 invisible hand monsters on it...

Now, in this room, stand on the bone platform, then wait 
until Navi turns green and fly to the platform on your 
right, above. Then play the Scarecrow's song and longshot 
to Pierre to cross the pit. Another way is to shoot the 
bomb plants next to the statue with an arrow, to make it 
fall to create a bridge...

Proceed to enter the locked door in there, then put on your 
hover boots and your lens of truth to see the platforms and 
reach the final Boss Room Door... Drop down the hole in 
there and you'll meet...

Shadow Temple Boss: 

Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo

I don't know, but he looks somehow like Andross in Starfox 

I recommend you to have a fairy in a bottle...

His attacks: well, clapping, smashing, punching....

First, shoot both hands with an arrow. They will turn blue. 
Immediatly put on your lens to see his face and start 
charging a spin attack, when he tries to "bite" you, 
release the spin and he'll be stunned. Once he's stunned 
slash him with your sword and repeat... With the Biggoron's 
Sword will be a lot easier...

3) Farewell... (credits)

Again, that's the end of this Mini-faq, I hope you found it 
useful. Please e-mail me if you find typos, mystakes, or 
also if you have any comment or question on anything and 
everything related to the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 
the best game in all history... Hey!! I'm an expert, so ask 
anything you want to know about this game... I know many of 
you are still stucked somewhere so ASK me!!! I love to 
answer e-mails, so ask whatever you want... I think I'm 
saying a lot of trash, so let's see the credits...

First of all, I want to thank the one who had the original 
idea of this FAQ: Logan Nalliah- masta57@hotmail.com

I wish to thank Zauron-  zauron@ugo.net for some info in 
the Maze Room and the Shadow Temple Boss...

Also, I want to thank Rcarlos- FongSucks@hotmail.com  , for 
1 gold Skulltulla...

No more credits... everything else I did it by my own...

Ah, here's how you can contact me!!!
E-mail: laredos@latino.net.co
Or you can find me in the ICQ, my # is: 13296608

C-Ya on my next FAQ!!!!!!!!!!

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