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Shadow Temple Guide for Zelda 64 - Version 1.0
By Roland Carlos
E-Mail: FongSucks@hotmail.com
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http://commander.geminisector.com (Page for Starcraft)
http://members.xoom.com/pokedem (Page for Pokemon, GB Game)

Now, the topic of the hour has changed to the Shadow Temple. People praising
me on my Water Temple also had a little side note, "MAKE A SHADOW TEMPLE
GUIDE!". Unfortunely, this happened at the same time big academic projects
were due so I was unable to do it. Another Shadow Temple guide came out, but
I'll still make one, just in case people need two.

Version Updates

January 29, 1999 - Version 1.0: First online release of guide.


The only things you need to enter the Shadow Temple are the first 4 
medallions and the Lens of Truth (see my Bottom of the Well Guide for that).
Once you have those items, go to Kakariko Village.

A little cinema which I will not ruin for you here ends up with you learning
the Nocturne of Shadow. Use the Nocturne of Shadow to warp to the Shadow
Temple entrance. As you go down the stairs, you will see a platform and a lot
of unburnt torches. Just use Din's Fire on the platform and the big door will
open so you can enter.

Go through the hallway and Longshot across the pit when you reach it. The
symbol in front of you may look like a door, but it is in fact a fake wall.
Navi will tell you of this when you reach the symbol. You can use Lens of 
Truth to see past it, but its a waste of magic since its the only way to go.

In the next room with the skull torches, use the Lens of Truth to find the
torch with a Skull on top of it. Push the Cresent so that it faces the real
Skull torch. Use your Lens of Truth to look through the fake symbol on the
west wall and go through it to the door.

In the tomb, take a right and keep your Lens of Truth in use. You should find
another fake wall, go through it and inside the room. Kill all of the Keese
in the room to get a Dungeon Map. Go back through the fake door and continue
on to the next room. The next room has a fake wall in its northwestern 
corner, use the Lens of Truth to see the door behind it.

In this room, you will face Deadhand (enemy found in Bottom of the Well 
Dungeon) again. The way to beat him is hard to figure out in the beginning. 
First, you have to let one of the hands grab you so you are somewhat stunned.
Deadhand will comes toward you. Press your buttons rapidly so you can escape
the grasp of the hand. When you are free, Deadhand should be nearby. When
he begins to attack you (by biting) slash him with your sword. Repeat until

When he is dead, you will get the Hover Boots. The Hover Boots only 
advantage is that you can run over pits for a limited time, sometimes 
avoiding death. It is bad in the sense you have no traction with them. Go
back to the room with the Skull torches. Run from the Bird Statue onto the
tongue on the other side. If the Hover Boots were equipped, you act like you
were running on solid ground for awhile. If you were fast enough, you will 
fall, but you will grab the Bird's tongue.

After going through the Bird mouth, you will reach an area guarded by a
Beamos. The bombable walls are fake, except for the one just in front of you.
To start, go to the room to your right (right if you are facing the
Beamos from the entrance from the Bird's Mouth). In that room, you will face
Gibdos, kill them and you will get the Compass for the dungeon. After that,
go from that room to the one just north of the Compass room.

Collect all the Silver Rupees in this room, just don't go to the Northeast
alcove, it contains a hidden pit which will force you to start over if you
fall in. After you get the small key for getting all the Silver Rupees, blow
up the real Bombable wall and go through the door.

In the hall, move slowly. Big Skulltulas are everywhere and so are the 
falling blades. After you are done with the hall, you will enter a big open
area. Navi will warn you for the coming Wall Master, so you won't be 
suprised. Jump through the 3 falling blade platform and reach the platform 
where you fight a Stalfos. From that platform use the Lens of Truth to look
to east. You will see secret platforms. Jump on all of them until you reach
the door.

In this room, turn on your Lens of Truth. You will see a hidden spinning
blades as well as a hidden Like Like, avoid them all so you can reach the
Gold Skulltula that is in the corner. After you are done, go back the way you

From the Stalfos platform, equip your Hover Boots. Get onto the moving 
platform whenever you feel fit, but run from it to the next platform when it
is at its highest point. Collect all the Silver Rupees, but watch out for the
Beamos and spikes. Go through the gate into the next room.

Just a word of advice, don't try to run past the spikes. These spikes will
send you back to the beginning if you are not careful. As soon as you enter
the room, turn on the Lens of Truth and find the Brown block. Pull it out and
use it to jam up the first spike. Go through the narrow path and go inside 
the first cell to find a Gold Skulltula. Now, continue pushing the block 
until both spikes are jammed. Go to the other side of the block and pull it
so that you won't get sent back when the first spike is unjammed. Pull it as
far as possible and climb on top of it. Go from the block onto the area that
is above the cells. Hit the switch and Longshot over to the revealed chest to
get a Small Key. Go back into the large area.

Find the small narrow path that leads you from the Beamos platform onto a
falling blade platform. From there, turn on the Lens of Truth to see the 
platforms. Use them to get to the door on the other side. In this large room,
you'll see Silver Rupees, but turn on the Lens of Truth to see the spikes all
around the room. Get all the Silver Rupees and go through the now revealed
door. In this room, kill Keese so that they don't bother you and throw a Bomb
Flower into the Flaming Skull. When it explodes, jump down and grab the Small
Key left in the ruins. Also, look on the wall that was behind the Flaming
Skull to find a Gold Skulltula. Go back to the spike room and use the Lens of
Truth above the door on the platform to find an invisible Longshot target.

The fans may be bothersome at first in this hall, but to avoid getting 
affected, just equip the Iron Boots. Sure you go slow, but you are 
untouchable. When you reach the pit, just Longshot onto the wooden pillar so
you can easily cross it. In the next area, there are many fans, but just go
through them to the room that is just ahead (and below the fire spewing 
switch). Kill the Redeads in the room, and read what the symbol has to say.

Go back into the room with the many fans and use the Lens of Truth to 
position yourself effectively. Position yourself in front of the secret area
and equip the Hover Boots. Run with the fan as it blows you over and
then go in the next room. In this room, kill the Gibdos and then use a Bomb
on top of the pile of dirt just near the entrance. Once it has been blown up,
turn on the Lens of Truth to see the treasure chest where the dirt was. Open
the chest for a small key. 

In the next room, push and pull the big block onto the gold symbol so you can
reach the ladder. Go onto the ship, but don't set sail yet. Use your Longshot
to get the Gold Skulltula in the little fenced in area. You can use Pierre
here if you want to get onto the platform itself. Once you are ready, play
Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol on the ship to make it sail. You will
fight Stalfos along the way, but should not be a problem. When the ship 
reaches its end, Navi will warn you to jump ship, which you should do, onto
the nearby platform. Enter the nearby door.

In this room, you can only see the walls between the columns if you turn on 
the Lens of Truth, don't bother the Floor Masters unless you really want to.
Enter through the north door first. In this room, wooden walls with spikes
start closing in. What do you do? Din's Fire that's what. Make sure to grab 
the boss key in this room. Now, go back to the invisible maze room and go 
through the south door.

In this room, use the Lens of Truth to see the invisible Floor Master. Kill
him and his spawn to get a Small Key. Now, go back to the invisible maze room
and go through the west door.

This room is like the Burning Skull room, except three times the fun. You can
blow them all up to get some Rupees, but I want you to come here to get the
Gold Skulltula that is behind the 3 Burning Skulls on the wall. Now, go back
through the invisible maze room back into the area where you landed on from
the ship. Look on the other side of the pit, you will see some Bomb Plants.
Use an arrow on one of the Bomb Plants and all will explode which will send
down the Bird Statue. Cross using the Bird Statue and go through the door.

In this room, use your Hover Boots to go from platform to platform until you
reach the northern most platform. Use your Lens of Truth on the door there so
you can see that it needs a Boss Key. Pass through the door into the small 
room which only has a pit. Jump through the pit to begin your boss battle.

You can tell if Bongo Bongo is going to attack if his hand stops pounding on
the platform. To attack him, just hit his hands with a bow shot. Magic pots
and arrows come out of a sucessful arrow shot. When both hands are blue, use
the Eye of Truth to find the Eye. Hit the Eye with a Bow Shot and than Jump
Attack him while stunned. If you are slow, the hands will recover and you
will have to start over. Repeat the process until dead.

When you are done, you will get the Medallion of Shadow. Go from here to the
Spirit Temple which is located near Gerudo Valley.....


Hope you found this useful. Make sure to look at my 3 part Zelda 64 Guide.
In it you can find where to find rare items, boss strats, ALL 100 Gold
Skulltulas and ALL 36 Pieces of Heart plus MUCH MORE! Take a look at it.


This guide can and should be given out as long as it is not altered in any 
way. The guide's purpose is to help people play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of
Time and that is its only purpose. This guide cannot be used in any
commerically such as, but not limited to, Magazines, Books, Guides, without
first contacting the author for his consent. Credit must given if you take
information from this guide.

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is a 
trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc., copyright 1998.  
All other trademarks copyright their respective owners.

Copyright 1999 Roland Carlos
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