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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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The purpose of this FAQ is to show you how to get a perfect file with as  
little backtracking as possible.  This only covers the side quests so if  
you're having trouble with dungeons look to pretty much any other  

Here's the key for some terminology here:
Gold Skullita number ### = [GS###]
Piece of Heart number ## - [PoH##]
|=====Quick Reference Guide=====|

Piece of Hearts

[PoH01] from the old lady for finding her dog in the market
[PoH02] from winning the treasure chest game
[PoH03] from the grave in the graveyard
[PoH04] from the guy on the roof in Kakoriko village
[PoH05] from Lon Lon ranch in the back in the building with the cows
[PoH06] from playing the ocarina with the skull kids
[PoH07] from the skull kid in the lost woods after playing Saria's song
[PoH08] from throwing a bomb in the moving jar in Goron city
[PoH09] from on top of Dodongo's cavern
[PoH10] from the Death Mountain Crater on the climbable wall
[PoH11] from the hole in the wall of the house in Kakoriko village
[PoH12] from the bombchu bowling alley
[PoH13] from the platform near the entrance to Zora's domain
[PoH14] from the lone platform in Zora's river
[PoH15] from under the waterfall in Zora's domain
[PoH16] from the fishing game
[PoH17] from the windmill
[PoH18] from the box on the cliff over the river in Gerudo Valley
[PoH19] from under the water fall in Gerudo Valley
[PoH20] from the fenced in area on the way to Lake Hylia
[PoH21] from the grave digging tour
[PoH22] from Lakeside Laboratory touch the bottom (via diving)
[PoH23] from bomb the tree by Lon Lon Ranch and dive down to the heart
[PoH24] from the bean plant in the graveyard
[PoH25] from beating Dampe in his race after winning the hookshot
[PoH26] from the horse back archery game
[PoH27] from the top of Gerudo fortress
[PoH28] from collecting 50 Gold Skullitas
[PoH29] from on an ice island in Lord Jabu Jabu's fountain
[PoH30] from the Ice cavern in the room with the compass
[PoH31] from the bottom of Lord Jabu Jabu's fountain
[PoH32] from Lake Hylia on top of Lakeside Laboratory
[PoH33] from playing all the ocarina songs to the frogs in Zora's river
[PoH34] from playing the feeding game with the frogs in Zora's river
[PoH35] from the bean plant in Death mountain Crater
[PoH36] from the bean plant in Desert Colossus

Gold Skullitas

[GS001] - Great Deku Tree:  In the room with the compass
[GS002] - Great Deku Tree:  On the vine wall below the cobweb in B1
[GS003] - Great Deku Tree:  Near the switch in the same room as [GS002]
[GS004] - Hyrule Castle:  In the crate in the room with the pots
[GS005] - Hyrule Castle:  In the tree the owl was sitting on
[GS006] - Kakoriko Village:  In the only tree in the village
[GS007] - Kakoriko Village:  Behind the House of Skullita
[GS008] - Kakoriko Village:  On the brick pillar in the incomplete building 
[GS009] - Kakoriko Village:  Across from the guard by the mountain trail
[GS010] - Kakoriko Village:  On the ladder leading up the look out
[GS011] - Kakoriko Village:  Soil mound in the graveyard
[GS012] - Lon Lon Ranch:  In the only tree in the ranch
[GS013] - Lon Lon Ranch:  On the wooden section of the horse pen
[GS014] - Kokiri Village:  Behind the Know-it-all-brother's house
[GS015] - Kokiri Village:  Soil mound by the shop
[GS016] - Lost Woods:  Soil mound to the second left after entering
[GS017] - Lost Woods:  Soil mound on the screen with the forest stage
[GS018] - Death Mountain Trail:  Soil mound outside Dodongo's Cavern
[GS019] - Dodongo's Cavern:  Behind the bombable wall using a baby dodongo
[GS020] - Dodongo's Cavern:  On the vine wall above the compass room
[GS021] - Dodongo's Cavern:  Behind the bombable wall at the end of the 's' 
          shaped path two rooms before the boss room
[GS022] - Death Mountain Trail:  Behind the bombable wall near Kakoriko
[GS023] - Death Mountain:  Crate by the entrance
[GS024] - Zora's River:  In the only tree in the river
[GS025] - Zora's River:  On the ladder by the entrance to Zora's Domain
[GS026] - Lake Hylia:  On the island with two pillars
[GS027] - Lake Hylia:  Soil mound by the Lakeside Laboratory
[GS028] - Zora's Fountain:  In the only tree in the fountain
[GS029] - Inside Jabu Jabu:  On the vine wall in the room where you raise   
          the water level
[GS030] - Inside Jabu Jabu:  On the wall after cutting 'The green tail'
[GS031] - Inside Jabu Jabu:  Next to [GS031]
[GS032] - Inside Jabu Jabu:  On the vine wall before the boss room
[GS033] - Zora's Fountain:  On the wall across from the log
[GS034] - Kakoriko Village:  On the wall in the graveyard.
[GS035] - Hyrule Field:  In a hole under the tree next to Kakoriko
[GS036] - Lon Lon Ranch:  On the shudders of the house's window
[GS037] - Lon Lon Ranch:  To the right of the pillar building
[GS038] - Hyrule Field:  In a hole by Gerudo valley
[GS039] - Gerudo Valley:  On the small waterfall
[GS040] - Gerudo Valley:  Soil mound next to the cow by the river
[GS041] - Lake Hylia:  On the back side of the Lakeside Labritory
[GS042] - Great Deku Tree:  Behind the bombable in the room with baby gomas
[GS043] - Goron City:  In the crate at the end of the rock maze
[GS044] - Gerudo Fortress:  On the wall next to the scarecrow call point
[GS045] - Kakoriko Village:  On top of the cucco lady's house
[GS046] - Goron City:  On the back side of the platform held up by ropes
[GS047] - Fire Temple:  In the room behind a blue 'song of time block' on   
          the wall behind the likelike 
[GS048] - Fire Temple:  In the maze with the rolling boulders it's behind a 
          bombable wall.
[GS049] - Fire Temple:  Above the room with the rolling boulders it's on    
          the climbable wall
[GS050] - Fire Temple:  In the next room after [GS049]
[GS051] - Fire Temple:  In the room with the megaton hammer
[GS052] - Death Mountain Trail:  Under the red rock near the top
[GS053] - Death Mountain Trail:  Under the red rock by the goron near the   
          entrance to Goron City
[GS054] - Dodongo's cavern:  Call the scarecrow to the ledge near [GS019]
[GS055] - Dodongo's cavern:  Backtrack to [GS020] and climb the vine onto   
          the platform
[GS056] - Lost Woods:  Above ride the beanplant near the forest stage
[GS057] - Sacred Forest Meadow:  On top of the maze on the right wall
[GS058] - Forest Temple:  On the first screen look up and to the right
[GS059] - Forest Temple:  To the right of the door leading toward the bow
[GS060] - Forest Temple:  On the wall across the mote in the room with the  
          vine wall on the right
[GS061] - Forest Temple:  On the wall to the left of a raised path in the 
          room with the well.
[GS062] - Forest Temple:  One of the side paths of the moveable room
[GS063] - Kokiri Forest:  The house with two pillars on top, between them
[GS064] - Gerudo Fortress:  On the back of the far archery target
[GS065] - Gerudo Valley:  Behind the carpenter tent
[GS066] - Gerudo Valley:  On the side of the stone pillar
[GS067] - Zora's River:  Next to the only pre-exposed hole
[GS068] - Zora's River:  On the left wall as it stats to snow
[GS069] - Zora's Domain:  Next to the frozen waterfall
[GS070] - Ice Cavern:  On the wall in the room with the spinning ice blade
[GS071] - Ice Cavern:  In the room with the compass on the wall
[GS072] - Ice Cavern:  On the wall in the room with the pushable ice block
[GS073] - Lake Hylia:  The crate underwater at Lakeside Laboratory
[GS074] - Water Temple:  On the other side of the fence (the switch doesn't 
          require the sword spin)
[GS075] - Water Temple:  At the top of the inside of the pillar in the
          middle of the level
[GS076] - Water Temple:  On the right wall in the room with the platforms   
          moving down the waterfall
[GS077] - Water Temple:  on the left wall of the under ground river
[GS078] - Water Temple:  against the waterfall with boulders falling
[GS079] - Lake Hylia:  On top of the only tree in Lake Hylia
[GS080] - Hyrule Castle:  On the side of the remains of the gate
[GS081] - Hyrule Castle:  In a hole by the only tree inside the castle gate
[GS082] - Bottom of the Well:  In the room with the likelike
[GS083] - Bottom of the Well:  In the right locked door of the center room
[GS084] - Bottom of the Well:  In the left locked door of the center room
[GS085] - Haunted Wasteland:  In the bottom of the oasis
[GS086] - Death Mountain:  Soil mound next to the warp point
[GS087] - Desert Colossus:  Soil mound next to the Spirit Temple entrance
[GS088] - Spirit Temple:  On the fence with the silver rupees
[GS089] - Spirit Temple:  On the opposite of the climbable wall in the room 
          with the lizfos
[GS090] - Spirit Temple:  Above you before you go to fight the iron knuckle
[GS091] - Zora's Fountain:  In the path under the silver gauntlet rock
[GS092] - Desert Colossus:  On a palm tree next to the fairy fountain
[GS093] - Desert Colossus:  On one of the rocks near the entrance
[GS094] - Spirit Temple:  In the trench where the boulders are rolling
[GS095] - Spirit Temple:  On the ledge to the right side of the huge statue
[GS096] - Shadow Temple:  In the room with the invisible spinning blade
[GS097] - Shadow Temple:  In the room with the falling spike panels
[GS098] - Shadow Temple:  In the room with one giant hallow skull turning
[GS099] - Shadow Temple:  On the far ledge on the screen with the huge boat
[GS100] - Shadow Temple:  In the room with four hollow skulls rotating

--Tricks that you should know--

Rolljump:  As you come to a ledge if you roll and are rolling when you run 
out of ground you'll jump slightly farther than normal.

Rolljump/sword:  Roll jump and swing your sword in the air which will make
you go a little farther with proper timing unfortunately once you've drawn
your sword you wont be able to grab on to a ledge.

Saving deku sticks:  If you have a burning deku stick you can put it away
before it burns out and save it, the quickest way to put it away it so 
draw your sword.  Because let's face it why lose a stick to fire when you 
can lose it by breaking it on the enemy's face (for double the damage of 
the kokiri sword).

--useless tricks--

Backflip draw:  A useless/cool looking way to draw your sword while 
backfliping.  Just backflip and draw the sword just after starting the 
flip and Link will pull out his sword without swinging it.

Roll draw:  Another useless/cool looking way of drawing the sword.  The 
timing for it is a little harder but if you try to draw your sword as you 
hit the ground from a fall where you'll roll Link will draw his sword 
without swinging it and roll.

|=====Monster Battling=====| 

This is the section on how to safely battle some of the tougher monsters in 
the game, one of the keys to beating most of them flawlessly is using deku 

Lizofos - Those annoying enemies you first find in Dodongo's cavern.  If you 
have your shield this battle is very simple.  Just Z-target while holding 
the shield up until they attack.  Once they attack and his your shield jump 
attack them.  After two jump attacks with the kokori sword the one you're 
fighting will run away.  If you have some spare sling shot bullets you can 
snipe him other wise he'll stay away forom you until you give his partner an 
equal beating.  If you don't have a shield you'll want to use a deku stick 
and simply don't give them a chance to attack you.  The easiest method is to 
use a deku nut to stun him then one jump attack with a deku stick will send 
him running.  If you don't have a deku nut or deku sticks you can simply 
back flip or side jump as they attack at you.  Another method if you have a 
good ammount of deku seeds is to keep your distance and go postal.

Stalfos - You first meet these in the Forest Temple.  You'll only ever fight 
one as child link so I'll get to that strategy last.  Stalfos have two 
attacks, a standard swing attack and a jumping swing attack.  These guys 
take off a lot fo life in each hit so you'll want to use deku nuts to 
prevent them from completing their attacks.  Because they have a shield you 
can only stun them with deku nuts when they're attacking.  For any attack 
you can stop them at any point by using a deku nut.  To dodge their attacks 
you'll make a lot of use of the jumps, particularly to the sides.  It's a 
simple sideways jump to dodge their attacks and you get a free hit.  If they 
jump attack at you you can jump attack at them and you'll both jump past 
each other but unless you're fast you'll likely miss your chance to attack.  
Another safe way to play it is using the bow and arrow.  Simply dodge and 
shoot, you can usually get two or three arrows in.  When you fight the 
stalfos as a kid you have this cool item called the boomerang that can go 
around their shield and stun them.  This simple fact makes the whole battle 
simple.  Keep in mind though that dodging attacks as a kid takes double the 

Iron Nuckle - Iron nuckles are easy to beat flawlessly.  Just inch close 
enough that they swing and step back out of range of the swing, they'll 
either swing twice or swing once and get the axe stuck in the ground.  If it 
gets stuck immediately jump attack and wait until they pull it out to back 
flip out thus triggering the next attack.  If they swing twice after the 
second swing jump attack them back flip out, because you were in range 
they'll immediately swing again.  When the armor breaks off there's a 
stupidly easy method and the canopener method.  The can opener is kinda 
simple keep attacking, if they get hit durring an attack it'll stop their 
attack so they litterally won't get a hit in.  The stupidly easy method is 
to target and run back/away as you shoot them with arrows.


Get the kokiri sword and shield and collect 60 more rupees.  Go into the  
lost woods and take the first two lefts.  Drop down the cliff and go to the 
business scrub next to the gossip stone.  Buy the Deku stick upgrade and  
head to the great Deku tree.

|=====After the Deku tree=====|

Assuming you got all of the available Gold Skullita's you'll have 3 (you 
have to come back with bombs for the fourth one).  Now when you exit the 
forest Saria will give you the ocarina before you're allowed to completely 
leave.  Hurry across the field to Hyrule castle make it in before the wolf 
howls and take the first right into the room with the pots.  Roll into the 
far right crate and kill [GS004].  Collect about thirty rupees and go into 
the main market.  Walk to the building with the huge bulls-eye on the side 
and enter.  It's the shooting gallery, play the game and get the first 
upgrade for the Deku seeds.  Walk back out and notice that Malon is waiting 
by the fountain.  Now go to see Hyrule Castle from there return to the 
market and you'll see that Malon is not there.  Walk back to the Hyrule 
Castle screen and you'll see Malon standing by the climbable vine.  Get the 
egg from her and put it on a C button.  Now walk back into town and avoid 
the other dogs as you walk to the corner under the guy looking for the 
sunrise.  The white dog will follow you as you wander around.  Go into the 
alley and return the fat lady's dog in exchange for [PoH01].  Walk back 
into the main town and go into the one lit building.  

It's the Treasure Chest game.  You might want to collect some money from  
breaking pots first, depending on how you do at this.  If you look closely  
at the seams of the treasure chest, you can see a few pixels change  
occasionally since the key spins around while it's in the chest and it's  
white, this will be your means of getting the piece of heart.  If you don't 
have the patience or the eye for the trick come back for this later.  

Assuming you got the [PoH02] go back to Hyrule Castle.  As you near the  
tree the owl will start talking to you, once he's finished roll into the  
tree he was on for [GS005].  Now proceed as usual to visit Princess Zelda.  

|=====After the castle=====|

Once you've talked to Zelda and learned her song you'll appear outside the  
castle.  Run across the field to Kakoriko village when you enter roll into  
the first tree (coincidentally the only tree) and kill [GS006].  Now to the 
back of town and to the grave yard.  Proceed to the back of the graveyard  
and play Zelda's Lullaby to get into the composer brother's tomb, learn the 
sun's song and head back.  Once in the graveyard play the Sun's Song and  
make it night time (it's midnight so Dampe's gone to sleep).  Now get the  
Hylian shield and [PoH03] from under the graves.  Go back into Kakoriko and 
walk to behind the skullita house where you'll find [GS007].  Go to where  
the building is being constructed and you'll see [GS008] on the back of the
brick pillar.  Now run up the stairs toward the guard but turn around when  
you're in front of him and you'll see [GS009].  Now show the guard Zelda’s  
letter and go to the look out where you'll see [GS010] on the ladder.  Shot
it with your slingshot and collect the token on your way up.  From the top  
of the look out walk to the front opposite the side of the ladder and z- 
target.  Now hold left and sidestep toward the left railing, jump as you  
get to it but keep holing left and link's screaming will be interrupted  
when he catches onto the seam of the fence nearest the building with the  
man sitting on it.  Climb onto the fence then on to the building.  Talk to  
the guy and get [PoH04].  Now go to the left of the building opposite the  
side the man is on and you'll drop down in an enclosed area where the old  
hag's potion shop is later.  Drop into the hole and come back out.  Once  
outside play the song of storms to make it day time and there will be a  
cucco near you.  Throw him over the fence near the wall and climb the  
ladder to your left.  Once at the top of the cliff next to the windmill  
you'll see a cucco walking around.  Float down with him and start tossing  
the cuccos in the pen (I only explained that part cause they're the two  
hardest ones to get to).  Once you have the bottle run back to the  
graveyard.  Before going through the gate you'll see some weeds with a rock 
in the middle of it.  Pick up the rock and bottle the bugs that come out.   
Now take the bugs to the dirt mound in the left corner of the grave yard  
and collect [GS011] (remember to rebottle one of your bugs...you'll need  
them).  On your way out of Kakoriko swing by the house of Skullita and pick 
up your Adult's Wallet.  Now head back to Hyrule Castle and pick up the  
keton mask.  with the new mask run across the field to Lon Lon ranch  
(assuming it's night time when you enter) go to the only tree next to  
Talon's house and roll into it collecting [GS012].  Make your way around 
the horse pen and you'll see a wooden section of the fence where you'll 
collect [GS013].  Continue across the field avoiding the birds to the tall 
pillar.  Walk into it and pull the corner milk box out a little, go through 
the crawl space and collect [PoH05].  walk back out into the ranch and play 
the Sun's Song making it day time.  Talk to Malon in the middle of the 
horse pen and learn Eponia's song, go into Talon's house and win his cucco 
game to get the second bottle.  Exit Lon Lon Ranch and go back to Kakoriko  
village, once there give the Keton mask to the soldier and return to Hyrule 
Castle for the Skull mask.  Now go back to the lost woods (make sure it's  
night time when you enter).  Once there go behind the house to your  
immediate right and collect [GS014] by the shop use your bug in the soil to 
collect [GS015].  Now enter the lost woods, take the first two lefts and  
you'll see another mound of soil; collect [GS016].  Go back the way you  
came (the stalchild on the tree stump won't talk to you yet).  Go strait  
and strait again which will put a tree in front of you with a bulls-eye  
hanging from it.  Shoot thee perfect bull's-eyes (score 100 points three  
times in a row) and collect the biggest seed bag.  Now jump down the ladder 
and you'll see two stalchilds on a long tree stump, play the ocarina with  
them and collect [PoH06].  Climb back up the ladder and go to the right,  
you'll see the stone entrance to Goron City quing you to take a right where 
you'll see the water entrance to Zora's River.  Now go left and you'll see  
all four paths identical go left again and you'll see two business scrubs  
near a mound of soil.  Kill the scrubs and plant your bugs in the soil to  
receive [GS017].  Now run in the tall mesh near the tree till you fall in a 
hole.  Put on the skull mask and walk out on the stage and collect the  
second stick upgrade.  No continue through the forest and learn Saria's  
song.  Once you get it and return to the lost woods take a wrong path on  
purpose to take you to Kokiri village.  Walk back into the lost woods and  
go left.  Stand on the tree stump and play Saria's song to collect [PoH07], 
show the stalchild the skeleton mask and he'll buy it.  Now go back to  
Hyrule castle and pick up the spooky mask go to the graveyard in Kakoriko 
and sell the scary mask to the kid there.  Go through the path the guard  
opened to Goron city.  Once there drop down to the bottom floor and play  
Zelda's lullaby to get into Durana's room.  Play Saria's song for him and  
collect the Goron's Bracelet.  Light a Deku stick and light the torches  
around the jar making it move, now run a lit stick up one level and light  
the two torches next to the Goron in front of the lost woods entrance.   
Take a lit stick to the bomb flowers by the rocks blocking the path and  
light one of the bombs clearing the path to the lost woods.  Now run to the 
path leading up to the next level and pick the bomb flower in the corner.   
Turn and run to the spinning pot and throw it in.  When the bomb goes off  
the pot will start spinning if it lands on the happy face (it'll land on  
whatever face it's on when the cut scene begins) you'll collect [PoH08].   
Now exit Goron City and take a right where you'll see a bomb flower  
partially fenced in.  Pick and throw the bomb flower down below opening the 
entrance to Dodongo's cavern.  Now pick it again and throw it away from  
you.  Face away from the fence but diagonal so the Goron is to your front  
right and Z-target so you can back flip over the lowered part in the fence  
landing you on the edge of the cliff above Dodongo's cavern.  Collect  
[PoH09] (refilling your life lost from the fall) now hop off of the cliff  
and you'll see a mound of soil at the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern, Use  
your bug there and collect [GS018].

|=====Inside Dodongo's cavern=====|

There are a total of 5 Gold Skullita's in Dodongo's cavern but one requires 
you to come back as an adult with the scarecrow's song and hookshot (but  
we'll come back for another that requires the boomerang or hookshot also).  
The most missed one other than that is:  In the area with the first baby  
dodongos there's a bombable wall on the left before the ground becomes  
elevated, lure a dodongo there and kill them so their death explosion  
clears out the wall.  Now go into the next room and collect [GS019].

|=====After Dodongo's cavern=====|

At this point, you should have 21 Gold Skullitas.  Take your bombs part of  
the way toward Kakoriko and you'll see a strange looking wall to your left, 
bomb it and there will be [GS022) (you can climb the wall it's on).  Now go 
up death mountain to where you'll see the entrance to Death Mountain.  Run  
in and you'll see a crate by the entrance, inside is [GS023].  Continue  
strait and you'll see a big rock in the middle of a circle of smaller 
rocks, bomb it and drop into the hole (to reset your 45 second timer).  Go 
back out into the volcano and continue away from the way you came in and to 
the right of a large rock on the edge of the cliff.  Climb down the wall 
and into the indent where you'll find [PoH10].  Hurry back to the hole to 
reset the timer again on your way out (I made the whole trip in 42 seconds 
once which included getting the GS and the PoH but I almost wet myself on 
the way back thinking I was going to die).  Once outside bomb the strange  
looking wall and walk in there you'll find a Great Fairy.  After getting  
your sword spin go talk to the owl and let him take you to Kakoriko.  He'll 
set you down on top of the roof of the cucco lady's house.  Go to the right 
where the cucco pin is and drop down where you'll find your self next to a  
crack in the wall leading to [PoH11].  Walk back out and collect your Stone 
of Agony (very fitting name if you already know where everything is).  Now  
head to Hyrule castle and in the market pick up your bunny hood.  while  
you're there go to the bombchu bowling alley and pick up your first bomb  
bag upgrade and [PoH12].  Sell enough bugs to get you 200 rupees and head  
to Zora's River.  Also, go get Din's fire though it's optional right now.   
Before bombing the rocks talk to the owl and roll into the tree exposing  
[GS024].  Bomb the rocks and go buy five magic beans leaving you with 50  
rupees (the next one cost 60 rupees).  Go break the circle of rocks, cut  
down the bushes, and float through the water to get 10 more rupees and buy  
the 6th beans.  (There's no Gold Skullita in the hole next to the bean  
seller).  With little to no rupees head back to Kakoriko and stand at the  
tree, take about ten steps forward, and start excavating!  One of the 
dozens of bombs should open a hole that has two redeads inside.  After 
killing them you get 200 rupees.  Head back to Zora's river and buy your 
seventh and eight beans leaving you with 50 rupees.  Venture through the 
river little till you see a log leading out into the water.  Walk out on 
the log and play your four of the songs for the frogs (you get 50 rupees 
for each new song you play them so after the third you'll be maxed out but 
you don't really need the money anyway).  Go back and buy the ninth and 
tenth magic beans from the guy and start planting (I always wait till I get 
all 10 to start planting so I know how many I've bought).  

!!!!!Remember you can still collect gold Skullitas from holes even after 
!!!!!you've planted the beans there.

Now pick up the cucco and start up the river, it's pretty simple most of  
the trip until you get to the two small waterfalls.  Fortunately, you can  
jump diagonally off of the platform you were first on (the one with the log 
leading to the singing frogs hanging off of it) and land in the shallows  
of the waterfall where it dips down.  Now toss the cucco up on the next  
platform and jump up and take it.  Walk to the left up the hill leading to  
the entrance to Zora's domain.  Walk past the platform where you play the  
ocarina and jump using the cucco to glide you to the platform with the  
piece of heart.  To save trips try to land next to the piece of heart then  
get [PoH13].  if times well enough you can finish the talking and pick up  
the cucco again before he runs off (if you miss it simply go back to the  
beginning and get the cucco again but you'll want to use this chance to  
practice the next time you pull this trick it'll be a lot harder to go  
back).  Whether you have to go back or not after the cucco go back to the  
area where you had to toss the cucco up to the top ledge.  Now jump to the  
left going down stream and you'll see a little land sticking off of the  
large land formation in the middle of the river.  Toss the cucco and climb  
the ladder where lo and behold there's another one.  Take this cucco and  
walk across the thin wood bridge to where the gossip stone sits alone on a  
circular platform.  Jump with the cucco toward the [PoH14] on it's own  
little ledge sticking out of the water.  Head back to where the piece of  
heart by the entrance to Zora's domain was and jump into the shallows next  
to the ladder.  Once it's night time you'll see [GS025] on the ladder.  Now 
go into Zora's domain.  First off head up to see King Zora there is one  
unlit torch on the way up and two lit torches at the entrance to his  
chamber.  Light a Deku stick and run down to the unlit torch and light it  
(it's one that never goes out).  Now light a stick again and run down by 
the shop and light the first torch.  Quickly draw your sword (puts out your 
Deku stick) and relight the stick and roll toward the torch in the shallow  
water (rolling in water doesn’t put the stick out but being submerged 
does).  Once it's lit hug the wall and keep rolling till you're under the  
waterfall and light the two remaining torches.  When all four are lit at  
once you'll get [PoH15].  Now head back up to the top of the waterfall and  
play the diving game (you actually make money since it cost 30 and he  
throws 6-7 rupees worth 5 each).  Collect the rupees and go get the silver  
scale.  Now head dive into the hole and go to lake Hylia.  Grab the bottle  
with a letter in it and swim shore where you'll see two scarecrows.  The  
one farthest from the water will ask for an 8 note song so make one up. Now 
swim to the fishing pond.  Go in and pay 20 rupees to fish to get [PoH16]  
you'll have to catch a 10 pound or bigger fish (basically the one in the  
middle by the log).  After you've caught the fish leave and swim across the 
lake to the island with two pillars on it.  Once there make it night time  
if it isn't already and collect [GS026] (and a fairy spirit).  Now follow  
the two bridges to the Laboratory where you'll find a mound of soil, use  
your bugs to collect [GS027], and plant a magic bean there.  Swim back out  
and dive to get to Zora's Domain again.  Take the letter to King Zora and  
he'll let you behind him to where Lord Jabu Jabu is.  Go put a fish in the  
bottle you just emptied and head back up to behind Jabu Jabu.  Before going 
in to to the immediate right from entering and roll into the lone tree  
exposing [GS028].  Bomb the wall touching the silver rock and get Farore's  
Wind before heading back to Jabu Jabu.  Empty your fish in front of him and 
he'll suck you and the fish into his belly.

|=====Inside Lord Jabu Jabu=====|

There's four Gold Skullitas in here other than that there's really nothing  
hard in here to get to, until you get the boomerang use Deku sticks on the  
electrified jellyfish or throw Princess Ruto at them.  When you fight the  
giant octorock stun him with the boomerang and if he's not facing you, you  
can run around the platform, either way one jump attack with a Deku stick  
kills him.

|=====Collecting stuff before going to the Temple of Time=====|

You're back outside if it's day time make it night and you'll see [GS033]   
on the wall across from the log you started the screen standing on (there  
was 4 inside Lord Jabu Jabu).  Go back out into Zora's domain.  In Zora's  
river head out to Kakariko village, if you see the running man doing laps  
around Lon Lon Ranch, DON'T TALK TO HIM YET.  Go to the house of Skullita  
and get your Giant's wallet.  Now run into the graveyard and make it night  
time, in the far right corner there's [GS034] on the wall.  On the way out  
plant the magic beans in the soil.  Now head into the windmill and look up  
at [PoH17] when the moving platform puts you on the left side moving away  
from the piece of heart, throw the boomerang up at the top part of the 
heart and it'll be pulled down to you (it may take a few tries).  Now head 
out to the field and sell the running man the bunny hood (he maxes out your 
rupees, so if you sold it to him when you had the adult's wallet you missed 
out on 300 rupees).  Now head to Hyrule castle and get the mask of truth.   
If you don't already have Din's fire go get that now.  Leave the castle and 
take an immediate left and cross the river and you'll see a lone tree, bomb 
the tree and a hole will open with [GS035] on a cobweb in the corner.  Now  
head across the field to Lon Lon Ranch and enter at night time.  On one of  
the window shudders on Malon's house you'll see [GS036].  Run to the right  
of the pillar where you previously got the piece of heart and you'll find  
[GS037] on the wall.  Head back out into Hyrule field and toward Gerudo  
valley.  On the way up you'll see a circle of rocks in the red soil area.   
Bomb in the middle of the circle and you'll find a hole with [GS038].   
Leave the hole and head into Gerudo valley.  At night time if you look to  
the waterfall you'll see [GS039].  Now pick up the cucco and look out at  
the river below, on the right you'll see a waterfall.  To the left you'll  
see a lone crate out on it's own platform (yeah remember the thing to  
practice in Zora's River).  Glide to the crate, set the cucco down and  
break the crate.  Now pick it up  again and get [PoH18].  If you're fast  
enough to pick the cucco up again before he runs off the ledge give your  
self a pat on the back if not or if you fell off the platform while patting 
yourself on the back you'll have to ride the river into Lake Hylia and run  
back through Hyrule field to Gerudo valley where you'll get to take the  
cucco toward the waterfall.  If you're still on the ledge holding the cucco 
pat yourself on the back while rubbing your stomach and jumping off toward  
the waterfall (ok fine you don't have to do all that other stuff just go  
toward the waterfall).  You'll see a piece of land on the left with a lone  
cow and lone Gerudo.  From there run as close to the waterfall as possible  
and jump in the water.  Under the waterfall, you'll see a ladder leading up 
to a hold in the rock wall with [PoH19] in it.  Go to the Gerudo and the  
cow and you'll see a small patch of soil, Use your bug (it doesn't matter  
if you keep it or not it'll be a while before you need them again) and  
collect [GS040], and plant a magic bean.  Jump into the water and ride it  
to Lake Hylia.  If it's night time on the side of the lakeside Laboratory  
you'll see [GS041] (stand on the bridge and throw the boomerang at it).   
Now head out of Lake Hylia, climb the ladder leading to a ledge over  
looking the square fenced in area.  Jump into the middle of the fences and  
set a bomb down and it'll blow a hole in the ground.  Inside you'll find a  
business scrub who, for 10 rupees, sells you [PoH20].  Now head out of the  
hole and to Kokiri village.  First off head back into the Great Deku tree  
(I bet you forgot about that bombable wall in the room with the baby  
gomas).  And you're thinking, "Crap I gotta go through this whole stupid  
thing again."  Jump through the gaping hole in the floor in the first room  
and you'll see a block you probably pushed down to use as a jumping stool,  
climb up the block and go through the crawl hole on the far wall, in that  
room is the bombable wall with [GS042].  Now leave the Deku tree and plant  
a magic bean in the soil next to the shop.  Go into the lost woods and take 
the first two lefts and plant a magic bean.  Backtrack to the first screen  
and go right then left then right then left then left and you'll be on the  
screen with the forest stage.  Plant the beans in the soil and jump into  
the hole and show off your Mask of Truth to get the first Deku nut upgrade.

!!!!!Don't go to the Temple of Time and become an adult until you've shown  
!!!!!the mask of truth on the forest stage or the Deku nut upgrade will be  
!!!!!permantly lost

Now at the entrance to the sacred forest meadow, bomb the rock and jump  
into the exposed hole.  There's two business scrubs, one sells the second  
Deku nut upgrade.  Head back to the entrance to Goron city and climb to  
the top where you usually come in from.  Now that you have bombs blow up  
the rocks to your right and go to the far left room which is a rock maze,  
you're thinking "Man I'm gonna use all my bombs" ...well...  
*chough*right,left,left,right*cough*.  You'll see a gossip stones and a  
crate in the corner containing [GS043].  Head back out and see the huge  
rolling goron below, blow him up and talk to him and he'll give you the  
biggest bomb bag (it may take a few tries).  Now head back to Kakoriko  
village before you enter make it night time and enter right after the wolf  
howls (the grave digging tour is only from 6-9 that would make it 6pm).    
Assuming you've followed my instructions so far you should have over 400  
rupees still to waste trying to find [PoH21].  With 42 Gold Skullita’s you  
can go get some bombchu's from the house of Skullita (you might need it  

|=====To the Temple of Time=====|

By now you should have a full row of hearts and one on the second row and  
one piece (if you did the treasure chest game), and 44 Gold Skullitas  
(that's what I always have at that point).  Now's your chance to do all of  
that fun stuff to see if it's on your game namely the dying soldier in the  
alley in the market.  The only miss able item in the whole game is the Deku 
nut upgrade from showing the mask of truth on the forest stage.  If you  
don't have it before becoming an adult for the first time it'll be gone for 
good (then you wouldn't have a 100% file).

|=====After becoming an adult=====|

This is where the fun comes in, the two most challenging things in the game 
come now, going through Gerudo's fortress highly unequipped, and completing 
the Biggoron's sword side quest without Eponia or the hookshot.  When I 
play through the game I'm all about making it harder so the temple order 
I'll be talking you through is Fire, Forest, Water, Spirit, Shadow.  

Head out of Hyrule castle and strait to Lon Lon ranch (make sure you have  
at least 50 rupees).  Go in and talk to Ingo by the horse pen, he'll charge 
you 10 rupees to ride the horses, you can get the money back by jumping  
each of the two fences (five rupees each).  Remember to play Eponia's song  
to get Eponia to come to you.  You can't win the race with Ingo with any  
other horse.  Once the time is up pay for another minute on the horse, get  
your money back and talk to Ingo while on Eponia he'll ask you to race him  
for 50 rupees (note that he only charges you if you lose but you have to  
have 50 rupees before he'll race you.  Ingo is generally easy to beat when  
you have three things in mind.  First don't try to pass him immediately or  
you'll be pinned up against the wall using carrots and you may or may not  
end up ahead of him, if you don't you'll be down about half your carrots.   
He makes wide turns so as you come to a turn stat using carrots and make  
the turn tighter than he does thus passing him.  Once you're in front of 
him just stay directly in front of him so he can't pass you and use the 
carrots as they regenerate.  If you need to regenerate carrots don't use 
them all after five seconds they'll start regenerating and they'll come 
back one a second, so every six seconds use one carrot and you'll gain 2 
and use 1.  When you get to the last stretch, use them all for the win.  
The second race it a little tougher but as long as you keep in mind the 
three things from above you'll do fine. After winning the second race Ingo 
will lock you in...simply jump any of the walls of the ranch and you have 
your self a horse and if you won both races on the first try and got your 
money back from jumping those fences you got him for free :D now head to 
Gerudo Valley and jump the broken bridge on Eponia.  Hop off and head in on 

|=====Gerudo's Fortress=====|

How to go through Gerudo's Fortress without the biggoron's sword, hookshot, 
or bow and without getting caught or knocking out a guard.

!!!!!If you get caught and you don't have the hookshot/longshot you'll be  
!!!!!thrown out in front of the carpenter’s tent instead of in the normal 

When you walk in go past the stairs and hug the wall as it turns into one  
big rock.  There's a door in front of you and a Gerudo pacing back and  
forth.  Stay behind the rock while keeping your distance and wait for her  
to start walking away from you.  Run into he door in front of you and 
you'll find yourself in the room with the first carpenter.  When you go to 
talk to him a Gerudo will drop out of the ceiling with two swords.

-----Battling the Gerudo with two swords-----

This is a simple battle as long as you have Deku nuts...if so you can end  
it flawlessly in about ten seconds.  Deku nuts can stun her in the middle  
of any of her attacks including her special attack that catches you if you  
get hit by it.  When she's not attacking and you throw a Deku nut one of  
two things will happen she'll either A.) get stunned or B.) block it.  Is  
she gets stunned you can do a jump attack which will knock her on her butt  
which gives you time to immediately follow up with another jump attack.  If 
she blocks it immediately follow with a jump attack and you'll hit her as  
she lowers her guard back to normal.  With this in mind as long as you have 
about five Deku nuts you can end these fights quickly.

If you don't have Deku nuts the fight will take slightly longer since  
you'll have to wait for her to attack and make an opening for you to attack 
her.  If she does her special attack jump to the side once or twice and  
you'll have dodged it and be in line to attack her.

-----End battle section-----

With the woman defeated she runs away and leaves a small key, now go let  
the carpenter out (NOTE: the carpenters will not just leave once you've  
opened the cell, you have to talk to them first unlike the Gorons in the  
Fire Temple).  Now exit the room through the door opposite the side you 
came in through.  You'll be back outside but inside a square indent of the  
fortress.  There is a door to your left and the open area with patrols to  
your right (also a fairy fountain hidden near the crates across from you  
that requires the song of storms to access).  Go to where the fountain is   
and you'll see a Gerudo pacing toward/away from you.  When she starts  
walking away from you, run out and hug the wall to the left which leads  
into a door where the second carpenter is.  When you go talk to him you'll  
be attacked by another Gerudo with two swords use the same tactics as  
before and when she's defeated, you'll get another small key.  Open the 
cell and talk to the annoying carpenter.  After he runs off like a fairy 
exit the room through the opposite direction you came in.  You'll find 
yourself outside again.  You'll be over looking that square indent and 
there'll be a climbable vine wall to your front left.  Climb the wall and 
you'll see two doors, one directly in front of you and one to the left of 
that one.  Go strait first and you'll find your self inside the fortress 
where there's the third carpenter.  Talk to him and fight the guard.  When 
you get the key release the girly carpenter and watch him run off in a 
direction that should immediately get him caught again (fortunately he 
doesn't cause if he got re-caught I'd leave him).  Now go back out THE WAY 
YOU CAME IN.  Once outside the door that was on your left will be to your 
immediate right.  Walk in and you'll be on top of a ramp leading down into 
a room with a cooking pot against the right wall.  In front of you there's 
a small ledge sticking out from the wall and past that is the ramp leading 
out of the room in the direction you need to go.  You'll see below there's 
two guards pacing back and forth and one that occasionally walks into the 
room from the adjacent hallway.  Make sure the guard in the hallway is 
walking away from the cooking pot and the guard nearest you is walking 
toward the pot as the far guard is walking away from the pot and you'll be 
able to jump down and run diagonally to the ramp on the opposite end.  Once 
at the top go out and you'll see that to your right there's a door that's 
in a square indent in the fortress, one you jump down there you won't be 
able to get back up without going back through the annoying cooking pot 
room.  You'll also hear a [GS044] if it's dark out who's up against the wall
 to your back right.  Without the hookshot you'll have to climb the 
ledge to you're left and follow the path around to where you'll jump over 
the two adjacent doors below leading to the third carpenter and the cooking 
pot room.  Jump across the gap and when the path turns left you'll see 
another climbable wall.  Climb the wall and follow the top to where you'll 
see the Gold Skullita on the wall.  The easiest way to kill it is by timing 
throwing bombs.  Once it's dead you can jump from the ledge and draw your 
sword giving you enough range to get to the token.  You'll now be standing 
in the indent with the door you entered the screen to your front left and 
the door inside the indent in front of you.  If you missed the token, you 
can jump diagonal to your left and back to where you entered to try the 
jump again.  Once you've gotten the token jump down in front of you where 
you'll see the last unexplored room to the left.  Walk in and you'll be 
inside with a crate next to you.  Don't run strait out because there's a 
guard pacing up and down that hallway.  Once she walks past run behind her 
down the hall and to the left where you'll find the fourth carpenter.  
After talking to him you'll be attacked and you get to beat the Gerudo 
with two swords again.  She'll drop the key to his door and thus allow you to 
free the carpenter.  once freed the second in command Gerudo will drop down 
(wearing the same color outfit as your current tunic, if you change tunics 
her outfit will change to match).  She'll give you the membership card 
which will allow you to roam freely through the fortress.

Questions about that part:

Q.  In the room with the cooking pot why didn't you just jump across the  
ledge and stay above the pacing guards below?

A.  You can't jump to that small platform sticking out of the wall because  
of how far away it is.  The only way to get to it is using the hover boots  
or the hookshot/longshot.

|=====Between Gerudo's fortress and the Biggoron's sword side quest=====|

On the way out of Gerudo Valley jump into the river and take it into Lake  
Hylia, run up to where the lone scarecrow is on the bank near the fishing  
pond and play that song you made up.  With your new song you can call the  
scarecrow to certain places where Navi reacts.  Go to the Lakeside  
Laboratory and ride on the plant next to it to the fishing pond.  Go in and  
catch that middle fish again to get the Gold Scale.  Now exit again and go  
back to the Lakeside Laboratory.  Go in, jump in the water, and dive till  
you touch the bottom, now talk to the man, and collect [PoH22].  Head back  
toward the Castle and pass between Gerudo Valley and Lon Lon ranch.  As  
you go up the hill go to the first tree to your left and set a bomb next  
to it.  A hole will open up and you'll see a tektite on top of the water.   
Kill it and dive into the water and get [PoH23] from the bottom of the  

|=====Biggoron's sword side quest=====|

This is relatively simple other than the three timed items which are still  
no problem (you'll run through the lost woods for all of them).  Head to  
Kakoriko (make sure it's day time) and talk to the cucco lady, she'll give  
you a pocket cucco egg.  Put it on a C button and play the sun's song twice 
(thus hatching the egg).  Now go into the house at the bottom of the large  
set of stairs and you'll see Talon a sleep.  Use the cucco to wake him up  
and head back to the cucco lady.  Use the cucco near her and she'll give  
you a blue cucco Cojiro.  Before you leave run into the windmill and learn  
the Song of Storms.  

Now head to the lost woods, from the entrance go left and you'll see a 
young punk kid where the Stalchild used to be.  Show him Cojiro and he'll 
give you a forest mushroom which will spoil in three minutes.  

Now run out the way you didn't enter this screen and you'll see that the 
bean plant is now a platform that'll move you past that bridge that links 
Kokiri village and Hyrule field.  Run into Hyrule field and hug the right 
wall as you run out into the field, you'll see a small body of water coming 
from Zora's river.  Go to the right side of the river and run in the 
shallows of the river to Kakoriko village (make sure it's daytime when you 
enter).  Now run up the stairs to your front and you'll see two shops, the 
right shop sells potions so run through there and to the left side of the 
shop keeper.  That path will put you back out in the village but behind his 
shop, now run across to the old hag's potion shop.  She'll take the 
mushroom on the second try (never worked for me on the first try) and give 
you an odd potion (from this point on you can buy blue potions from her for
100 rupees).  

Now take the odd potion back to the Lost Woods where you'll see a Kokiri  
there in place of the guy from before.  She'll trade the odd potion for the 
poacher's saw.  

Remember doing Gerudo valley...well since there's a bridge there now, you  
can get there by foot.  Talk to the carpenter outside the tent and he'll  
give you a broken biggoron's sword.  

Now head to the top of death mountain.  The quickest way is to go to the  
lost woods and from there to Goron City.  In Goron City you'll notice  
there's only one Goron there and he's rolling around.  Bomb him and he'll  
unlock Durana's room and give you the Goron's Tunic.  Now run into Durana's  
room, pull the statue away from the wall, and take the entrance into  
death mountain.  From inside death mountain go to the right and you'll see  
a red rock on the edge of the cliff.  Jump over the edge of the cliff and  
you'll see another cliff below you which you'll land on.  There's a ladder  
to your left that'll lead you up to where you'll see that wall you climbed  
down as a kid and the exit to death mountain to the right (next time you  
make this trip you'll be timed so practice/remember it well.)  To your left 
you'll see Biggoron, show him the broken sword and he'll give you a 
prescription for his eye drops.  

Unfortunately, that way in from Goron's city is one way because of that  
jump.  So head down death mountain avoiding the flaming rocks as you run.   
You'll need 300 rupees to buy a blue fire for King Zora so on they way down 
the mountain swing by the entrance to Goron city.  Stand in the middle of  
the circle of rocks and play the song of storms and a hole will open.   
inside you'll find a fish (bottle it) and a treasure chest with 200 rupees  
in it.  Now head to Kakoriko.  Before going into the potion shop go to the  
beggar next to the item shop and sell him your fish for 100 rupees.  Now  
run into the potion shop and buy a blue fire.  Now head to Zora's River.   
Ride your plant platform most of the way up the river and walk on foot to  
Zora's domain.  The whole place is frozen but the trip back will be more  
simple than you think.  Go up to King Zora and stand next to him and use  
the blue fire.  Once he's unfrozen he'll give you the Zora's tunic and when 
you show him the prescription he'll give you an eyeball frog (you have  
three minutes to get to Lake Hylia).  

Immediately play the Sun's song and you'll be back at the entrance to  
Zora's domain.  Exit to Zora's river and go to the left through the portal  
to the lost woods.  Once there go strait then left then right then strait  
and left and you'll be at your plant from before that can get you out of  
the forest quickly (jump off onto the bridge).  Now keep rolling toward  
Lake Hylia and you should make it with about 40 seconds left.  

After showing the frog to the guy there, he'll give you the eye drops...now 
you have four minutes to get to the top of Death Mountain.  Go back to the  
lost woods and into Goron City, from there take the same route you went  
through before and you'll come out on top of death mountain in a little  
over three minutes.  Give the eye drops to Biggoron and he'll give you the  
claim check for the broken sword.  In three days he'll exchange the  
claim check for the Biggoron's sword.

|=====Before the Fire Temple=====|

You can't get into the Fire Temple without the hookshot so head back to  
Kakoriko and into the graveyard in the back.  Ride your magic bean pant up  
and break the crate where you'll see [PoH24].  Now pull the corner grave  
closest to your bean plant out and drop into the hole.  You see the ghost 
of Dampe in front of you wanting to race you.  The race is relatively 
simple since you only have to follow him (there really are no shortcuts 
there but there are however redeads.)  When you get to the end with him 
he'll give you the hookshot.  You'll exit into the top of the windmill 
(after using the song of time to move the blue block).  Now go back into 
the grave and beat him again but this time in one minute or less.  It's a 
little harder just roll on strait-away’s, dodge his fire particularly 
during turns where you can be blindsided (listen for the sound of when he 
throws fire as you get to the corners to know if it's safe to roll or not). 
When you get to the last circular room, keep rolling and you should have 
no problem.  Just because you get hit by fire doesn't mean it's over, I've 
been hit by fire twice and still got there in under a minute.  When you get 
into the room where he gave you the hookshot, if you did it in one minute 
or less you'll be rewarded with [PoH25].  Now leave and make it night time 
and go to the cucco lady's house.  Stand on the crate next to her door and 
shoot the roof of the House of Skullita.  From that roof turn back around 
and hookshot the cucco lady's roof, against the wall of the town you'll see 
[GS045].  Head to Goron city (still night time) and walk out onto the 
platform being held up by ropes.  On the back side of the platform, you'll 
see [GS046].  Now go into Death mountain (via the entrance behind the 
statue in Durana's room) and enter the Fire Temple.

|=====the Fire Temple=====|

The only time the bow is needed is to get the map, in the room with the  
maze and rolling boulders go through the bottom locked door and you'll see 
a silver eye on the wall to unlock the room the map is in.  Instead go  
through and into the next room where the wall of fire comes up behind you  
and chases you. Once to the high side the door will be to your front right  
with a cage to the right.  Pass the door and walk to the cage and you'll  
see that you can climb over the side of the cage where you'll drop onto the 
map.  The most frequently missed Skullita is near there as well.  walk out  
onto the second level of that room with the maze of rolling boulders and  
play the scarecrow's song.  Hookshot the scarecrow then turn around and  
hookshot the target leading up to a hidden room.

Assuming you get all of the Gold Skullitas in the temple you'll have 52 by  
the time you leave.

|=====After the Fire Temple=====|

Now that you've beat the fire temple make your way back out of the crater,  
hookshot across the broken bridge and you'll see two red rocks in the way  
of a cave.  Break the rocks and go through to get the magic upgrade.   
Continue out of death mountain through the top of the mountain so you end  
up next to Biggoron.  Go down to the path leading up the mountain where the 
volcano previously erupted and smash the red rock up against the left  
wall.  Make it night time and you'll see [GS052].  Now continue down to  
where you picked the bomb flower as a kid to open up Dodongo's cavern and  
break the red rock exposing [GS053].  Now go back into Dodongo's cavern and 
to the right where the baby Dodongo's came out of the ground.  Play the  
scarecrow's song and you'll be able to hookshot into an indent in the wall  
with [GS054].  Head back out into the main room and take the raising  
platform to the second level and follow your original path backwards to  
the room where you set off a chain reaction of bomb flowers to lower the  
staircase.  One side of the staircase has vines on it so you can climb up  
it and collect [GS055]

Leave the level and go back into Goron City.  Take the path to the lost  
woods.  Take the first let and you'll see Mido blocking the path.  Play  
Saria's song and he'll move letting you continue, take the first left and  
you'll be on the screen with the forest stage.  Stand on the bean plant and 
it'll raise you up to the ledge where [GS056] is sitting.  Head to the  
sacred forest meadow and as you come up to the beginning of the maze play  
the scarecrow's song.  Hookshot the scarecrow and you'll be on top of the  
annoying maze you were going to have to go through.  On the right wall  
you'll see [GS057].  Continue past the club swinging enemy and into the  
forest temple.

|=====The Forest Temple=====|

All of the Skullita's in this level are pretty easy to find and there are  
five of them.  I'd say the hardest part would be the stalfos but with Deku  
nuts it's a piece of cake, basically they have two attacks, a normal swing  
and a jump attack.  You can stun them in the middle of either.  If you  
don't have Deku nuts when they slash normally jump to your right.  For  
their jump attack lunge and stab.  And for the poes shoot them with the  
hookshot and pull them in, then as they run shoot them with the bow and  
repeat when they appear again.

|=====After the Forest Temple=====|

You now have 62 Gold Skullitas and you'll reappear at the Great Deku tree.  
Make sure it's night time and walk out into the town, turn left as you walk 
out and you'll find [GS063] on top of the house with two pillars on top.   
Now head out and to Gerudo valley.  Make sure it's still night time and  
head up to the horse back archery range and go to the far target and you'll 
see [GS064] on the target.  Make it day time and do the horseback archery  
and collect [PoH26] and the first quiver upgrade.  Some tricks for the  
horse back archery are really simple, on the way down shoot each of the 8  
pots, after hitting the eighth pot start shooting the big target at the end 
as you loop around it, on the way pack put one in each of the three bull's 
-eyes and unload the rest of your arrows into the last target.  Now head  
back to the fortress and go into the dreaded cooking pot room.  Take the 
top exit and you'll see where the Skullita was on the wall.  Call the 
scarecrow to the top and run around to where you jumped from to get the 
token the first time through.  Inch as close to the edge as possible and 
line up with Pierre so you can get the most range out of the shot.  You 
won't see the dot on him but you can barely hook him.  On that platform 
you'll find a treasure chest with [PoH27] inside.  Now exit the fortress 
and go behind the carpenter’s tent at night time and on the wall you'll 
find [GS065].  Go to the stone pillar across from the tent's entrance and 
you'll find [GS066].  Now head out of Gerudo Valley and to Lon Lon Ranch 
(ride Eponia in).  Talk to Malon and she'll let you run an obstacle course 
with Eponia to win a cow for your house.  The course is rather simple you 
don't need a carrot to jump the smallest fences.  So as long as you hug the 
wall and only use your carrots before the large jumps you'll be ok.  
Remember to use carrots every 6 seconds if you need to replenish them if 
not use them as they come back.  The best time I've ever made on it was 47 
seconds but you're aiming for 50 or less.

|=====A Hunting We Will Poe=====|

Yeah I know the pun was bad but here's the section on finding the 10 big  
poes.  Keep in mind you can steer them away from walls by moving toward the 
direction you want them to go away from and they'll go away from you (and  
in turn away from the wall).  I'm a fan of getting them in order from  
hardest to easiest so:

01.) Head to Gerudo valley area.  There's a tree near a steep hill, ride  
past the tree (bumping into the right side) and up the hill.  Once you're  
at the top use your remaining carrots and start shooting the poe.

02.) Turn around and ride across the path in front of Gerudo valley where  
the path splits.  if you ride strait toward the poe he won't sway left or  
right into the wall, if that doesn't work out too well go across the same  
place in the opposite direction.

03.) Go to the land bridge near Kakoriko village.  Back in with Eponia and  
a poe will appear in front of you.  Take off after him and shoot him down  
before you get to the fence.

04.) Go to the stream North of Hyrule castle.  Back Eponia into the corner  
furthest from the castle.  If the poe appears take off after it, if not  
ride forward hitting the bushes and it'll appear.

05.) Ride between the tree by the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch and the ranch  
its self and a poe will appear (Steer it to the right so you don't hit the  
stone wall and be ready to jump the fence unless you can shoot it first)

06.) Pass the corner of the stone wall (usually toward the castle) and a  
poe will appear.

07.) Pass the lone silver rock near the stone wall and a poe will appear.

08.) Ride toward Lake Hylia through the wooded area adjacent to Kokiri  
Forest and as you pass one of the center trees a poe will appear.

09.) On the out side of that wooded area ride through the middle of the  
patch of bushes and a poe will appear.

10.) Ride past the sign directly in front of Hyrule castle and a poe will  

I've caught all 10 and only used 20 arrows before which is one reason  
behind not getting the biggest quiver first.  After exchanging the poes for 
points on you card you'll get the fourth bottle (and if you don't spend any 
money you'll have 500 rupees).  

|=====Before the Ice cavern=====|

Now head to Kakoriko and play the shooting gallery to get the biggest  
quiver (and to refill the arrows used in poe hunting).  Swing by the house  
of Skullita and get your last reward [PoH28].  Now head to Zora's river.   
Ride your bean plant to where the ladder is near the gossip stone on it's  
own platform.  Make sure it's night time and on the wall closest to Hyrule  
field you'll see [GS067].  Make your way up stream to the entrance to  
Zora's domain.  As it starts snowing look up and to your left and you'll  
see [GS068] (you'll have to line up with it and stand on the fence to  
hookshot it.)  Make sure it's night time when you go into Zora's domain and 
go to the edge of the waterfall where you'll see [GS069] to your left on  
the wall.  Head into where Jabu Jabu used to be and you'll see [PoH29] on a 
piece of floating ice.

|=====The Ice Cavern=====|

The Ice Cavern is pretty simple there is one piece of heart and 3 Gold  

|=====After the Ice Cavern=====|

On your way out of the Ice Cavern equip the iron boots and sink to the  
bottom of the pool Lord Jabu Jabu used to be in and you'll find [PoH31].   
Now make your way to Lake Hylia.  Once you're there ride your plant to the  
top of Lakeside Laboratory and climb the ladder to collect [PoH32].  Now  
ride the plant again to the Finishing Pond.  Once there catch the middle  
fish (19-21 pound fish) and collect the gold scale.  Now head back to the  
Lakeside Laboratory and enter.  Put on the iron boots and sink to the 
bottom of the water there where you'll find a crate with [GS073] inside.  
Now enter the water temple.

|=====Water Temple=====|

As difficult as the Water Temple is known for being there are only 5 Gold  
Skullitas.  Four of which require the longshot.  The most missed ones are  
the one on the right wall two rooms away from Shadow Link, In the room with 
the waterfall and the moving platforms you have to hookshot up one by one.  
And after getting the longshot use the iron boots to stop in the 
straightaway between the whirlpools in the underground river.

!!!!!After getting the longshot is your first available time to get the 
!!!!!fire arrows.  You don't have to complete the level just shoot the sun 
!!!!!as usual (you can see it through the clouds).  walk down the ledge and 
!!!!!call the scarecrow to the platform where the arrow landed.  Now 
!!!!!longshot him.

|=====After the Water Temple=====|

Now you're back on top of the center Island in Lake Hylia, when the scene  
ends run to the pedestal next to the tree and shoot an arrow at the sun and 
the fire arrows will drop.  After collecting them go back to the tree and  
longshot so you're standing on top of the one branch of the tree, now make  
it night time and collect [GS079].  Make your way out and to Kakoriko  
Village, when you get there you'll learn possible the most useful song  
ever.  Now head back toward Hyrule Castle, before going into the temple of  
time go to where Hyrule Castle used to be and you'll see Ganon's tower.   
Run to where the remains of the gate are laying down and on the back side  
you'll see [GS080].  Now head to the Temple of time and become a kid again. 
While you're at the Castle head in and get Din's fire (if you didn't  
before), after collecting the magic take the path you followed to meet  
Zelda the first time.  When you come out of the water on the far side of  
the walkway you'll see a lone tree by the fence.  Play the Song of Storms  
and a hole will appear with [GS081] inside.  Now warp to Kakoriko and head  
into the windmill.  Teach the guy the Song of storms so he can teach it to  
you in the future and the well will drain.  Now head into the bottom of the 

|=====The Bottom of The well=====|

My least favorite place in the whole game, fortunately there are only 3  
Gold Skullitas here and none of them are hard to find.

|=====After the Bottom of the Well=====|

Head to Zora's River back to the frogs you played music for.  Play the Song 
of Time and after playing the Song of Storms they'll give you [PoH33].  Now 
talk to them again and they'll ask you to play an ocarina game where they  
eat the flies above their head, after winning you'll receive [PoH34].  Now  
warp to the temple of time (if you didn't get the Piece of Heart from the  
Treasure Chest game make it night time and do so now) and become an adult  
again.  Now head to Gerudo valley.  Where you can now get the ice arrows.

|=====Gerudo Training Ground=====|

!!!!!First and foremost it is NOT possible to miss the ice arrows there 
!!!!!are 8 locked doors and 8 keys.  At worst you'll have to return with 
!!!!!the silver gauntlets

Go to the right door first, there'll be two lizfos and a beamos in the room 
and you'll be timed to beat the three of them.  I usually just maul the  
lizfos (if they're attacking and they get hit they stop what they were  
doing).  After beating them you'll get a key (that's one).  Now go to the  
next room and there'll be a huge pit of lava with a few pillars in the  
lava.  Jump to the front most pillar which is slightly to your left and  
play the song of time making two blue blocks appear.  Now go to your left  
to the switch and step on it (it makes that circle of fire go away).  Now  
jump across the pillars back to the one you were on when you made the  
blocks and you can jump to the lowest one.  Climb up and collect the key  
(that's two).  Now jump to your right where the pillar of fire was and  
collect the rupee, hookshot the torch on the door opposite the way you came 
in and continue collecting the rupees (that was the hard one).  The side  
door with the torch next to it should be your next door.  Go in and you'll  
see four blue blocks there.  Play the Song of time opening the hole and  
jump into the water.  Use the iron boots to sink to the bottom and start  
collecting the rupees (if you don't have the longshot you'll have to get  
good at putting on and taking off the iron boots).  After collecting the  
rupees you'll get another key (that's three).  Go back to the room with the 
lava and to the door to your right.  Inside you'll find a chest surrounded  
by fire along with some fire bats and lava slug enemies.  Kill the enemies  
and start hitting the pillars against the wall with the megaton hammer, one 
will open a switch to stop the circle of fire, another will expose an eye  
you can shoot on the wall to make another treasure chest drop (the one with 
your fourth key in it).  Now exit through the door you haven't been through 
and you'll be in a round room where you have to blind the eyes of the  
statue.  It's pretty simple stand on the round platform and it starts  
moving around the room.  Aim at the center and shoot the eyes as they come  
in range and a treasure chest will drop and a door will unlock.  The door  
that unlocked wasn't the one you came in through it was the one on the  
catwalk above you.  Get the key from the chest (that's five) and head back  
out the way you came in.  Go back to the first room and go onto the left  
door (opposite the side you went through the first time).  you'll be in a  
room with sand and rocks and you'll have 1 minute to kill 2 stalfos and get 
the key from the chest they drop (that's five).  

!!!!!only 6 keys are required to get to the ice arrows so if you have five 
!!!!!now skip to the next paragraph

After killing them you'll be in a room where you'll immediately see a  
timer.  As expected you'll be collecting silver rupees.  the only thing to  
keep in mind is that the middle section has a wall master that will fall on 
you if stand still too long.  Keep in mind there are targets on the ceiling 
for you to hookshot to.  After collecting the rupees head into the next  
room, inside you'll see on the wall across from you a silver gauntlet block 
and a door to the front left.  As you walk in you'll be attacked by four  
wolfos.  After killing them use the lens of truth and you'll see a hole in  
the wall above the fake door.  You can longshot to the target then step on  
the switch to unlock the door you came in through.  Walk through the door  
in front of you and you'll be on top of the circular catwalk above the room 
with the statue whose eyes you shot.  Since you already blinded the eyes 
the door on the walkway with you is unlocked, run in and collect the key 
from the chest (that's six).  Now head back to the room with the wolfos and 
push the silver gauntlet block (if you have the silver gauntlets) enter the 
room and you'll see three likelikes in three holes keeping them from 
getting you.  Don’t moves just shoot them with arrows or sword spin.  Once 
they've been killed use the lens of truth and you'll see a treasure chest 
in each hole.  The back right hole has a key in side (that's seven).  

Now head back to the first room and go through the center door there'll be  
a locked door to your left and right.  Unlock the door to your left and  
once you enter go to your immediate left and climb the fence wall into a  
hidden room with another key (that's either six or eight).  Continue  
through the maze in the direction you were heading and you'll get to the  
center where you'll get the ice arrows.  The only good thing about the ice  
arrows is that they kill likelike's in one hit.  Remember to loot the place 
on the way out, there's a few places where you can get bombchu's.

|=====To the Spirit Temple=====|

Once there start into the haunted wasteland, it's easiest to go through the 
wasteland in the day time so I suggest making it daytime before getting too 
far if it isn't already.  When you get to the center oasis climb to the  
bottom and on the wall you'll see [GS085].  Climb back out and use the lens 
of truth to follow the ghost to Desert Colossus.  When you enter you'll see 
two trees next to a cracked wall to your front right, run over there (while 
avoiding the leavers) and bomb the wall, inside you'll get Naru's Love.   
Now head to the giant statue in the wall and enter the temple.  Once inside 
walk back out and you'll learn the song to warp there.  Now warp to the  
temple of time and become a kid again.  Bottle a bug (the closest one is by 
the tree in front of the gate at Hyrule castle).  Now play the Bolero of  
fire and you'll see next to the warp point a mound of soil, use and  
rebottle a bug to collect [GS086], now plant the bean and warp to Desert  
Colossus.  To the left of the Spirit temple entrance you'll find the last  
mound of soil.  Use your bug to collect [GS087] and plan your last bean.   
Now head into the temple.

|=====The Spirit Temple (as a kid)=====|

There are five Gold Skullitas in the temple three of which can be collected 
as a kid or as an adult (since you can backtrack as an adult).  The  
remaining two must be collected as an adult.  

|=====After the Spirit Temple (as a kid)=====|

Now warp back to the Temple of time and become an adult again.  You'll  
notice you have the silver gauntlets equipped so head to Lord Jabu Jabu's  
area to where you got Farore's Wind (be sure it's night time).  There's a  
silver rock that couldn't be bombed before lift it with the gauntlets and  
drop into the hole, after killing a series of invisible skullitas you'll  
find a ladder, climb to the top and kill one more skullita and on the wall  
to your left you'll see [GS091].  Now play the Bolero of Fire and you'll  
see that the bean you had planted is now a platform that will take you up  
around one of the smoking rocks with [PoH35] on top.  Now play the Requiem  
of Spirit and warp to the Spirit Temple.  On the opposite side of the 
Temple entrance from where you're standing you'll see a crater with a rock 
outside of the ground next to it.  Stand on the rock and play the song of 
storms to make a fairy fountain.  On the back side of one of the palm trees 
(at night time) you'll see [GS092].  Now head back to where you planted the 
magic beans as a kid and ride on the bean plant (be sure it's night time) 
as you pass one of the rocks you'll see [GS093] on top of it.  After 
collecting the skullita head back to that bean platform and ride it one 
last time until it goes under the 'upside-down 'U' shaped platform".  On 
top you'll find [PoH36].  Congratulations you've collected all of the 
pieces of heart in the game.  Now enter the Spirit Temple again.

|=====Spirit Temple (as an adult)=====|

There are two Gold Skullitas left assuming you got the three from the trip  
through as a kid.  The hardest one to get is on the right side of the huge  
statue.  To get the scarecrow to appear on the ledge by the statue's right  
hand walk up the right bicep and play the song.

|=====The Shadow Temple=====|

After completing the Spirit temple you can warp strait to the Shadow  
Temple, inside this temple there are a total of five Gold Skullitas  
(imagine that, you walk in with 95 and there are 5 more inside the level).   
The most frequently missed one is on the screen with the ship, you can call 
the scarecrow to the platform above where the block you dragged across the  
room started, and longshot the scarecrow.

|=====What's left=====|

Well so far the only things you don't have is the cow in your house, the  
gold gauntlets, the heart lining, and the light arrows.  With all 100 Gold  
Skullitas you now have infinite rupees since the father of the skullita  
family will give you 200 rupees every time you talk to him for the first  
time in that screen (i.e. talk to him then leave and re-enter and talk to 
him again).

So head to the Temple of Time and you'll get the light arrows (look I  
explained it without spoiling anything) now head across the new bridge into 
Ganon's castle.  Make the first barrier you go through the shadow barrier,  
after that the order doesn't matter (actually you can go in any order but  
the shadow must be done before the fire or light barriers can be  
completed).  Once you walk in you'll see a green bubble in front of you  
(easy to kill) and a likelike on the platform ahead (sneaky huh) now  
remember those ice arrows you fought long and hard to get shoot the  
likelike with one and it'll die in one hit.  Now shoot the torch to your  
right with a rife arrow and run like there's no tomorrow.  Once on the  
second platform you'll see a switch on a platform close to the bottom of  
the screen.  Use the lens of truth and you'll see a path that crosses by it 
where you can jump from.  Once you hit the switch a treasure chest will  
drop which you can hookshot to and get the gold gauntlets.  Now finish the  
shadow barrier and leave the castle.  Once you cross the bridge new bridge  
run to your left where you see a huge pillar like block...toss it aside and 
go in where you'll find a fairy fountain and you'll receive the white  
lining around your hearts making all damage to you reduced by half.

Congratulations you now have everything...a 100% perfect file.


For the record I did about 98% of this from memory, the only things I had 
to actually play the game for was to remember which rooms came next in 
Gerudo's Fortress...yeah I play too much OoT.

And now to thank the big people, thanks to Nintendo for making the game and 
for Cjayc for making this site for me to submit my FAQ to.  And thank you 
for reading my FAQ (and putting up with my horrible poe pun).

Again if you have any comments feel free to email me at 

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