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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Spirit Temple Walkthrough

By: Ernest 64
E-Mail: Mmmm... see last section.


1) Introduction.
2) Spirit Temple Walkthrough (including gold SKULLTULLAS).
3) Farewell... (credits)

1) Introduction

Hi there again!!!!! One more time I'm here to help you!!! 
This time, I'll guide you through the Spirit Temple (duh, 
it's on the title). This level is kinda tough. It is 
divided into 2 parts. One as young Link and the other as 
Adult Link. As always, I hope you find this guide useful.

- Enjoy!!!

Items, gold skulltullas and keys, will be at caps for a 
more comfortable search.

First and last version, written in February 1-2 /1999.
Ah, as always, see last section for details to contact me!

2) Spirit Temple Walkthrough (including gold skulltullas).

How to find it: Hey! it's hard...

First, you must free all four carpenters in Gerudo Fortress 
to gain the GERUDO'S CARD. Then, talk to the guy (or girl) 
above the stairs near the big gate. She'll open it for you. 
Drop down and enter it and you'll be at the Haunted 
Wasteland. Put on your Hover Boots, to help you cross the 
sand river. Proceed and you'll see some flags. Follow them 
until you get to a stone structure. There's a gold 
skulltulla inside and a chest with some rupees that appears 
after lighting the 2 torches with fire arrows.

Climb to the top of the structure and check the stone. Then 
activate your Lens of Truth to see a Poe. Follow him and 
you'll get to the Desert Colossus.

Go forward and then head to the big statue. This is the 
Spirit Temple. Enter it and read the signs in there. They 
say something about being a child and being a man... Exit 
the temple and you'll meet Sheik, who will teach you the 
REQUIEM OF SPIRIT. Play the Prelude of Light to warp to the 
Temple of Time, replace the Master sword to be a kid again, 
then play the Requiem of Spirit to warp again to the Spirit 
Temple. Enter it.

Note: I recommend you already have the Sacrecrow's song (e-
mail me or see my Fire Temple walkthrough here at 
gamefaqs.com) cause you'll need it for a gold skulltulla, 
and the Lens of Truth from the Bottom of the Well (e-mail 
me and I'll specify)... 


Spirit Temple: Young Link.

Climb up the stairs, then take a left. Talk to the Gerudo 
lady in there. Her name is Nabouru, she's the Gerudo leader 
after Ganondorf... She'll ask you: 

- "What do you want??", so answer her: 
- "Nothing, really".
- Then she'll say that you must be a Ganondorf servant, so
- You must say: "I hate Ganondorf!"

After that, she'll move out of your way, so enter the hole 
on the wall. In this room, kill everything (i.e the 2 bats 
and the Beamo: laser eye thing. Light a deku stick, then 
enter the door on your right and light all torches here. In 
this room, is the first gold SKULLTULLA. It's on the right 
hand wall. Return from when you came and go through the 
other door (left from the wall hole you entered 

In this room, kill the stalfos and the flaming skull there. 
Now stand looking at the diamond thing behind a fence. 
Throw you boomerang, and if you did it right, it will go 
around the fence, hit the diamond switch and then it will 
return to you. After that, the fence will fall creating a 
bridge. Pass through it (duh, really??) and enter the door.

In this room, there's a flying guy. It imitates all your 
movements, but in reverse (i.e, if you go right, it goes 
left, and so on...), so pass the moving spike (be careful 
not to fall), then turn left and go to the far left side. 
From here, shoot the diamond thing next to the door, with 
your slingshot, to make some fire appear, burning the 
flying guy. Note you can also use Din's fire to get rid of 
it. Enter the door that opens. 

In this room, open the small chest to get a KEY. Then, 
proceed to collect all silver rupees (some are on the 
ceiling, so get them via the fence). Another fence will 
fall creating a bridge. Enter the door there and you'll be 
back in the first room (actually, it is the second one, 
cause the first, is where you met Nabouru). Crawl through 
the hole to your right (the one between the 2 doors...) and 
enter the locked door.

Here, kill the spiders in the wall and then climb it. When 
you're at the top, turn around and you'll see the second 
gold SKULLTULLA. Proceed to the next room. Here, kill the 2 
lizalfos, then proceed to throw a bombchu to the rock 
protuberance on the right hand wall. If you don't have 
bombchus, use your slingshot or boomerang to hit the 
diamond switch in front of you to make 2 chests appear. One 
contains bombchus, and the other one has a Deku Shield (if 
you lost yours) or 5 rupees. After that, light will hit the 
sun's face on the floor and the door will open. Go through 
it (duh...).

Now you're in the main room. Push the statue to your left, 
to make it fall pressing a switch. Climb up the stairs, 
then light a Deku Stick with the torch that's there, then 
drop down and light the 2 torches in the middle of the room 
(in front of the big statue) and get the chest containing 
the DUNGEON MAP. Climb the wall next to the statue you 
moved previously, then climb up the stairs again and enter 
the door. Go through the next door.

In this room, kill all eye laser guys, using bombs or 
bombchus, then proceed to collect all silver rupees in the 
room. After that, a torch will light, so use it to light 
all torches and make a small chest appear containing a KEY. 
Now proceed to move the blocks in the middle of the room 
and then move the one of the sun's face to the light. Go 
through the door that opened. In this stairway, immediatly 
turn around and kill the third gold SKULLTULLA above the 
doorway. Climb up the stairs and go through the door.

In this room, hit the metal guy sitting on the throne with 
your sword. He'll be alive!!! So watch it!!! Actually, this 
guy isn't all that tough. Just backflip when he tries to 
hit you with his axe, then press "A" to make a jump attack 
and hit him. If you're low of energy, you can place youself 
behind a stone pillar to make him break it and reveal 3 
hearts... After you killed him, go through the door behind 
the throne. You'll be outside!! Talk to the owl, and then 
open the treasure chest there containing the SILVER 

After the story sequence, play the Prelude of Light to warp 
to the Temple of Time, replace the master sword to become 
adult Link, and then play the Requiem of Spirit to warp to 
the Spirit Temple......

Spirit Temple: Adult Link.

Go up the stairs, then take a right. Push the big gray 
block (Now that you have the Silver Gauntlet) all the way 
until it falls. Hit the diamond switch in the ceiling using 
an arrow or your longshot. Go through the door on your 
left. In this room, kill the wolves, stand in the Triforce 
symbol, then play Zelda's Lullaby to make a chest appear. 
Longshot to it and get the COMPASS. Go back and enter the 
other door. 

In this room, avoid the boulders and start collecting all 
silver rupees. Use your hover boots to get the one in mid-
air. Also, in this room, play the Song of Time in front of 
the blue block to reveal the fourth gold SKULLTULLA. Go 
through the door. Kill the shield eater and get the small 
KEY from the chest. Now make your way back to the diamond 
switch on the ceiling room and enter the locked door.

Watch out for the shield eater and climb the wall. Use your 
lens and you'll see a hand monster. Kill it and then push 
the snake statue until it touches the third sun's face from 
the left. Enter the door that opens. Now you're at the main 
room again. Climb up the stairs (be careful of the statue 
on your right, it's alive) and jump at the triforce symbol 
in the big statue hand. Play Zelda's Lullaby to make a 
chest appear on the other hand. Hookshot to it to get a 
small KEY.

Now drop down, climb the wall and climb the other stairs. 
At the top, wait until Navi turns green, then play your 
Sacrecrow's song and hookshot to Pierre to kill the final 
gold SKULLTULLA of the level. Now drop down again and use 
your hookshot on the hookshot target on the ceiling near 
the alive statue, climb the stairs and enter the locked 

In this room, kill all eye laser guys with bombs or 
bombchus, then proceed to kill the flying guys with fire 
arrows. This is an easier way... Enter the door that opens. 
In this room, immediately go right and stand next to the 
door there. From here, shoot an arrow to one of the 
statues: Here's a diagram... I hope you understand it... 

#   @     L D            @  Statues.        
  S                      #  Statue you have to shoot.
@   @                    S  Blue Switch.                            
                         L  Link's position.
                         D  Doorway. 

After you hit it, it will come spinning, and it will press 
the switch on its way to you, that will open the door 
behind you, so quickly enter it... Go up the stairs and 
enter the door. Here you'll have to fight another Metal 
guy. Kill him the same way you did as young Link (now it's 
easier cause you now have the Master Sword or the 
Biggoron's Sword...). Go through the door behind the throne 
and this time, the chest there has the extremely powerful 
MIRROR SHIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go back to the four statue room, stand in the light, and 
use your new Mirror Shield to reflect it to the sun's face 
on the wall. Enter the door and get the KEY from the chest. 
Now go back to the flying guys room and enter the locked 

In this room, the moving wall room; use your longshot at 
the very top of it and you'll be raised to the next level. 
This is easier than navigating this moving wall, cause it 
can be really tough... Here, play Zelda's Lullaby in the 
triforce symbol and go through the door that opened. In 
this room, the fake door room, blow away the fake door on 
the far left to reveal a gold eye. Shoot it with an arrow 
and a new ice block will appear. Use your hookshot on the 
hookshot target on the ceiling to reach it, then hop onto 
the one with the switch to remove the fire and reveal the 
chest containing the BOSS KEY!!! Exit the room.

Turn right and enter the door. In this room, watch out for 
the flying pots, then use a spin slash to hit the diamond 
switch behind the fence. Enter the door that opened. Kill 
all enemies, and then blow the wall right from the snake 
statue. Move the statue until light passes through the next 
room. Now move the other statue until light passes through 
the grating and hits the mirror on the other side. Now make 
your way back to where the mirror is and use your mirror 
shield to reflect the light onto the sun's face on the 
wall. If you don't understand this part, don't worry, me 

The platform will fall and now you'll be facing the big 
statue's face. Stand in the light, then use your mirror 
shield to reflect it to it's face. The face will break 
revealing a grating. Longshot to it and enter the Boss Room 
door. Here, you'll have to fight the third and last Metal 
guy. Kill him the same way as the others and after the 
story sequence, go through the door behind the throne. 
Climb the wall there, stand in the middle of the middle 
platform and you'll meet....

Spirit Temple Boss:

Sorcerer Sisters: Twinrova

Their attacks: Well, there's only one: they throw fire or 
ice at you... 

How to get rid of them: Mmmm... kinda tough... Stand on one 
of the four surrounding platforms. Face them. Then wait 
until any attacks you. DON'T Z-Target. Use your mirror 
shield and try to reflect her attack to the other witch. 
After you hit them enough times, they'll combine into a 
more powerful Twinrova.

Put on your hover boots and stand in the middle platform. 
Z-Target her and wait until she attacks you. Hold your 
shield to absorb it. After 3 of the same kind (fire or 
ice), it will reflect back at her. She'll fall in a 
platform. Hover to it and hit her with your sword. Repeat 
until dead...

It's important to remember that if you are absorbing fire 
attacks, and she throws you an ice one, DON'T try to absorb 
it!!!!! Or you'll get hurt....

3) Farewell... (credits)

I wish to thank all people that made this faq possible by 
e-mailing me to do it...

Also, I want to thank Tom and Nick for their e-mail... guys 
your great!!!  

No more credits, everything else I did by my own...

Again, that's the end of this mini-faq. I hope you found it 
useful. Please e-mail me if you find typos, mistakes, 
anything I missed or also, if you want to say hi, or ask a 
question on anything and everything related to this 
brilliant game...

Ah, here's how you can contact me!!!!

E-mail: laredos@latino.net.co
Or you can find me in the ICQ, my # is: 13296608

Please tell me your ICQ number, I'll put you on my list if 
ya want... Bye for now my faithful readers....

C-Ya on my next FAQ!!!!!!


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