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Water Temple Guide for Zelda 64 - Version 1.0
By Roland Carlos
E-Mail: FongSucks@hotmail.com
Web Sites:
http://commander.geminisector.com (Page for Starcraft)
http://members.xoom.com/pokedem (Page for Pokemon, GB Game)

I recieved a lot of emails about the Water Temple just recently (everyone
must be playing at the same rate?). Some even ask I make a guide for the
whole Water Temple. Anyone who's finished the Water Temple must say that 
making a guide for it is no small task. And, well it isnt. The Water Temple
has to be the hardest dungeon in the whole game. Not because of the enemies,
but because of the many puzzles and changing water levels.

Version Updates

December 29, 1998 - Version 1.0: First online release of guide.


Don't even think of trying the Water Temple before beating the Forest
Temple and the Ice Cavern. You need the Bow and Iron Boots. Make sure to get
the Zora's Tunic from King Zora or by buying it in the Zora's Domain shop.

To start, go to the bottom of Lake Hylia (really hard). Equip the Iron Boots
and walk to the gate. Use the Hookshot on the diamond to open the gate.

Once you are inside the main room, swim over to the right and enter the 
little passage. (Make sure to de-equip the Iron Boots so you can swim again).
When you see the water-filled hole, equip the Iron Boots and drop down. Find
the block and pull it back as far as possible. Float back to the passage you

You can get the Compass now, so step off the edge of the passage and equip
the Iron Boots to start sinking. As you sink past the middle door, de-equip
the boots so you can swim inside it. Equip the Iron Boots again and use the
Hookshot to kill the Stingers in the hallway. When you get to the spikes,
just Hookshot yourself over them. Then, hookshot onto the target on the
ceiling so you can get into the room. You'll see a chest blocked by a geyser.
Go near it and use the Hookshot to hit the diamond switch. The geyser will
stop and you can take the Compass.

Go back to the main room and sink all the way to the temple floor. Go to the
room with the two unlit torches (east side). Walk on in and talk with Ruto.
Float after her as far as you can. You will find a triforce on the wall.
Go near it and play Zelda's Lullaby to drain the water. Now, go in the door
on the opposite wall.

When fighting the Spike enemies, hit them with your Hookshot and then use
your sword to fight it while it is a sphere. Kill all the Spikes in the room
to make a chest with the Dungeon Map appear. Now, go back to place where you
first met Ruto (bottom floor). The torch is now on, but the rest are not. You
can use Din's Fire or shoot a bow through the torch so the arrow passes the
flame and hits a torch. After all the torches are lit, the door will open.

The new enemy here are Shell Blades. They can only be killed when they are
open. You can only hurt them with horizontal sword slashes, arrows or 
hookshot blasts. When they are all killed open the newly appeared the chest
for a small key.

Now, go back to main room and go to the western part of it. Push the block
so that it falls in the hole. Jump in after it falls and swim through the 
path to the room. The room is easy, just first kill the Blue Tektite. Now,
hit the switch with anything you like. A geyser will appear in the center. 
Jump on it and then jump onto the other side. Go in the room.

The next room has a lot of strong currents. Float until you reach the flat
platform. Then sink on down onto it. Just the hookshot to hit the switch in
the dragon's mouth. Then turn to your right and hookshot onto the target so
you can enter the room. De-equip the iron boots and float on up and open the
chest for a small key. 

Go back into to the main room again and this time go the south way. Swim 
until you reach the room with the switch. Hit the switch so that the water 
level is raised so you reach the next platform. Hookshot onto the target
when you reach the high platform.

In the gate, you should see a Gold Skulltula and a switch. The only thing 
that can enable the switch are a Spin Attack, or a slice with your Giant's 
Knife/Biggoron Sword. After you are doing getting the Gold Skulltula token,
let's go back into the main room.

Enter the locked door just north of when you come back into the main room.
Use your Hookshot on the target in the middle part of the room (use CUp to
look around). Go next to the Triforce symbol on the same platform and play
Zelda's Lullaby. The water will now rise to the middle level, and the 
platform you stepped on when you entered has now floated to the middle. Put
on your Iron Boots and sink into the hole that has been newly revealed.

When you get into the room after sinking, hit the switch from far away. A lot
of enemies will drop from above the switch after you trigger it. Kill all the
Spikes and Shell Blades in the way you want (my way is the Hookshot way).
After they are all dead, the door in the other corner will open so float up
there. Get onto the dry platform and blow up the tear in the wall with a 
bomb. Get the small key in the chest and then leave the way you came.

When you are back in the room with the Hookshot target and Triforce symbol,
just leave from the middle part of the room since the water level has rosen.
In the main room, equip the Iron Boots and sink back to the bottom. Go to 
where you met Princess Ruto (it's the room past the 2 unlit torches). When
you get to the locked door, float up as much as you can. Get on the platform
after you are done rising and blow up the tear in the wall with a bomb. Get
the small key in the chest. Now, go back to the main room.

Go to the west side of the main room and climb or Hookshot onto the west 
platform with the locked door and the Hookshot target above it. In the room,
just hit the switch when you are standing on the geyser. The geyser will 
rise, but hold your shield out and place it above yourself as much as 
possible. A Blue Tektite will try to attack you, but you will block it with
your shield. After fighting with the Tektite, exit the room and you will wind
on a ledge that overlooks the main room. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce
seal on the same ledge.

Now, jump back into the water. It will be at the top level now. Swim over to
the west side again and enter the locked door. In this room, there are 
platforms and waterfalls. First off, use your Hookshot to kill any Keese you
see. Don't bother with the Gold Skulltula since you cannot get it yet. Time 
for the fun part now. Drop down to one of the bottom platforms. After that, 
Hookshot onto one of the moving platforms (make sure it is not one that is 
about to fall). From there, Hookshot onto another one and another until you 
reach the top.

In the next room, kill the Blue Tektites first. They like to bother you when
you are trying to finish the room. After killing the Blue Tektites, hit the
switch in the center with your Hookshot or Bow. The Dragon statues will rise,
each with a Hookshot target on them. Hookshot onto the first dragon statue.
Next, Hookshot or Bow the switch to make the statues lower. Hookshot onto the
target on the wall, and then run past the Dragon statue's head. Hookshot or
Bow the switch again. Hookshot onto the third Dragon Statue. Hookshot or Bow
the switch again. Stand on top of the third Dragon Statue's head. Hookshot or
Bow the switch again. You will now rise with the third statue. In the next 
part of the room, you need to Hookshot onto the target on the ceiling to 
leave. To kill the Like Like, just throw bombs at it till it dissolves.

In the next room, you'll be in some sort of endless shallow lake. Just walk
around a bit till you see your shadow. Yup, it's Shadow Link that fun boss
from Adventures of Link. To beat him, you could just fight him like you 
would other sub-bosses, defend and attack while they are recovering. People
looking for the easy way out will use Din's Fire or the Megaton Hammer. Kill
in any way you like. After your are done killing him, go into the north door.

A big chest? Could it be? Yes it is! The treasure of the dungeon. The 
Longshot! It it a Hookshot, but with twice the range. But, you need to get
out of here. So play Song of Time to remove the Blue Block on the floor. Fall
down through the hole. Swim in the water avoiding the whirlpools. When you 
get to the second whirlpool, take a breather on the nearby ledge and kill the
Gold Skulltula on the wall nearby. After the third and fourth whirlpools, 
climb onto the platform and hit the eye switch (use Cup to look for it) with
an arrow. Longshot onto the dropped chest and open it for a small key. Then
use the platform your on now to exit.

After all that, go back into the room where you met Princess Ruto (two unlit
torches at the entrance). Float all the way to top and play Zelda's Lullaby
again to lower the water level to the bottom. Go into the room with the
second Triforce symbol (the one with the Hookshot targets). Play Zelda's 
Lullaby for the Triforce symbol there to raise the water level to the middle.
Look around for the Gold Skulltula in this room and Longshot it for a token.

Go to the south part of the main room and use an arrow on the eye target. 
Longshot across before the gate closes. Push the block as far as possible
and then turn right to get the small key. When you are done with that, go
back to the room with the falling Hookshot platforms and kill the Gold 
Skulltula there with the Longshot.

Go back to the room with on the west side with the raising geyser you ride 
on. Float up and exit to room to go back to the triforce symbol. Play Zelda's
Lullaby (by now it should be embedded in your mind) and raise the water level
to the top. Just so you know, this is the last time you have to change the 
water level. (Don't worry, I'll wait till your done dancing). 

As you leave the little ledge, equip the Iron Boots and sink on down to the
bottom floor of the main room. Go to the north part of the bottom floor of 
the main room and enter the little door. When you get to the room with the
spikes and the Hookshot target, Longshot yourself over the spikes and next
to the locked door.

In the next room, there are Blue Tektites on guard, whirlpools in two corners
and falling boulders. The answer to get to the other side? Just use the Iron
Boots and walk across the center to the other side. If the Blue Tektites are
giving problems when you are trying to climb up, just Longshot them from the 
floor. Leave through the door.

Now, in this room, first kill all the Stingers in the room. That way, your
life will be easier. Now, go down, and bomb each of the southern walls (one
has a different color texture and the other has a crack in the wall). Push
and grab the big block until you it goes through one crack and out the other.
In the end, you should push the block off the edge onto the switch located in
the slot where the block falls. Go with the rising water level into the room 
on the west.

The next room is easy, just hit the switch and jump on the geysers. After 
that room, you'll be at the source of one of the boulder producing machines.
Just use the Longshot to get the Gold Skulltula on the wall. After that, 
walk into the water (with Iron Boots) and fall down in the hole to the right.
Get the boss key in the room nearby. Go back to the main room.

Go to the north side of the main room and Longshot onto the Hookshot target
nearby. Enter through the door. The next room may seem hard. It is easy to
get to the door though. Just run up avoiding the spikes (this may require
timing) without stopping or changing direction. If you were successful, you
will be next to the boss door and go through it with the boss key.

How to beat: Giant Aquatic Amoeba - MORPHA

Morpha is very easy to beat. Since you have the Longshot, you can get him so
far away he can't attack you. Just Z-Target the little ball in one of the
tentacles. Pull it towards you with the Longshot and then hit it with your 
sword. Repeat the process until dead.

After that, you get to see the Sage of Water (guess who it is) and get the
Water Medallion. Lake Hylia will refill itself when you return so you can now
get the Fire Arrows and you can now easily swim over to the fishing pond.


Hope you found this useful. Make sure to look at my 3 part Zelda 64 Guide.
In it you can find where to find rare items, boss strats, ALL 100 Gold
Skulltulas and ALL 36 Pieces of Heart plus MUCH MORE! Take a look at it.


This guide can and should be given out as long as it is not altered in any 
way. The guide's purpose is to help people play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of
Time and that is its only purpose. This guide cannot be used in any
commerically such as, but not limited to, Magazines, Books, Guides, without
first contacting the author for his consent. Credit must given if you take
information from this guide.

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