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Bottom of the Well Guide for Zelda 64 - Version 1.0
By Roland Carlos
E-Mail: FongSucks@hotmail.com
Web Sites:
http://commander.geminisector.com (Page for Starcraft)
http://members.xoom.com/pokedem (Page for Pokemon, GB Game)

Someone gave me an email requesting I make a guide for the Bottom of the 
Well. I hope that person is past the Bottom of the Well by now. Still, this
guide can help other people with problems with the Bottom of the Well.

Version Updates

December 29, 1998 - Version 1.0: First online release of guide.


The Bottom of the Well is a sub-dungeon (like the Ice Cavern). There is no 
real boss. 

To get to the Bottom of the Well dungeon, you have to first go to Kakariko
Village as an adult. Talk to the man in the windmill. Take out your Ocarina
and learn the Song of Storms. Now, go back to the past, and go to the 
windmill again. Play the Song of Storms inside the Windmill. The well just
outside of the windmill will lose all of its water. Go down the well using
the ladder and go inside the dungeon.

As you walk forward, watch out for a Big Skullwalltula on the ceiling. If
you do not walk carefully, you will get hurt. Just look up and lure it down.
Kill it in any way you would like. After you beat him, Navi should turn
green toward a skeleton. Listen to what the Skeleton says. On the wall the
skeleton is leaning on, there is a fake wall. Just walk through the center
of the wall.

You should be in the large main room. Watch out however, in this room there
are two pits that will send you to floor B1. The pits are in front of the
chest just west of the triforce symbol, just east of the triforce symbol, 
below the two pieces of wood and in front of the chest in the southwest part
of the center room. Using the pits is the only way to get to floor B1 since 
the door to it is locked. You may want to go to there to get the Dungeon Map,
but it is up to you. Just follow the waterway to your left until you reach 
the northernmost part of the room. There should be a dragon looking head 
spitting out water and a triforce symbol. Stand on the symbol and play 
(guess) Zelda's Lullaby. The water will drain. Go back to where you entered 
the room. You will see a small pit there. Jump down and enter the small crawl 

In the room after crawling through the hole, you will fight the sub-boss, 
Deadhand. The way to beat him is hard to figure out in the beginning. 
First, you have to let one of the hands grab you so you are somewhat stunned.
Deadhand will comes toward you. Press your buttons rapidly so you can escape
the grasp of the hand. When you are free, Deadhand should be nearby. When
he begins to attack you (by biting) slash him with your sword. Repeat until

You will get the Lens of Truth after beating him. Test it out by looking 
behind the Lens of Truth chest to find a Huge Rupee in a small chest.

If you wish, you can now leave, but there are 3 Gold Skulltulas in here. 
Since i'm writing this, I might as well tell you how to get them. 

Again, if you want the dungeon map, just fall into one of the pits. You can
now see them clearly with the Lens of Truth. You can also use the Lens of
Truth to see the fake walls and hidden pits. To get the southeast treasure 
(the compass) use the Lens of Truth on the wall just west of it. It is fake
so you can walk through it to get to the treasure.

After that, go into the room just west of the center room. Fall down and 
climb up to enter some sort of tomb. In the room is a Gibdo (mummy). It is
like a redead so you can use Song of the Sun to stun it. To get the key in
this room, just use a Deku Stick and light the southwestern most torch. The
coffin will open to reveal a key. Go back to the center room.

Now, go to south inner wall and use the Lens of Truth on the wall. You will
see a chest in the room lined by some skulls. Open the chest for a key.
Now go east and then use the Lens of Truth on the inner south east wall. 
You will see the same type of room, open the chest for a key. Go into the 
center room. Go in the northwest room and kill the Gold Skulltula there.
Next, go in the room just east of it. Use the Lens of Truth to see the
hidden pit and kill the Gold Skulltula.

After getting those two, go to the northeastern corner of the main room.
Enter the small crawl hole. Now, enter the door and use the Lens of Truth
in the room. Watch out for the hidden pits and Beamos. The Keese shouldn't
be too much of a problem, but if they are, just use your Slingshot. Enter
the door so you can the enter the room with the Like Like and Gold Skulltula.

After you get that last Gold Skulltula, leave the way you entered and now
head to either the Shadow or Spirit Temple (I recommend Shadow since the 
Hover Boots help a lot in the Spirit Temple).


Hope you found this useful. Make sure to look at my 3 part Zelda 64 Guide.
In it you can find where to find rare items, boss strats, ALL 100 Gold
Skulltulas and ALL 36 Pieces of Heart plus MUCH MORE! Take a look at it.


This guide can and should be given out as long as it is not altered in any 
way. The guide's purpose is to help people play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of
Time and that is its only purpose. This guide cannot be used in any
commerically such as, but not limited to, Magazines, Books, Guides, without
first contacting the author for his consent. Credit must given if you take
information from this guide.

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is a 
trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc., copyright 1998.  
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Copyright 1998 Roland Carlos
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