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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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       _______ _    _ ______   /_     _____\ _____ ______ _   _ _____
      |__   __| |  | |  ____| | |    |  ____/ ____|  ____| \ | |  __ \
         | |  | |__| | |__   /| |    | |__ | |  __| |__  |  \| | |  | |
         | |  |  __  |  __| / | |    |  __|| |\|_ |  __| | . ` | |  | |
         | |  | |  | | |___/  | |____| |___| |_\| | |____| |\  | |__| |
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                 /      / /| |\_  | |    | |/ | | /  \   \
                /      / / |  __| | |    | |  | |/ /\ \   \
               /      / /__| |__\_| |____| |__| / ____ \   \
              /      /_____|______|______|_____/_/    \_\   \
             /                    \     /                    \
            /                      \   /                      \
              O C A R I N A     |    |\\\\|    O F   T I M E
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                                |    |\\\\|
                                |    |\\\\|
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                     An unofficial FAQ/Walkthrough for:
                    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
                      For the Nintendo 64 Game Console
                          Written by: Matt Hulbert
                       Last Updated on: Dec 08, 2001
                     Email MHulbert: Rocky1328@aol.com
                             Version:  Final

                        Copyright and Disclaimer:
  This guide and all of its contents are the property of the author, this
  guide may never be used in any way without the permission of the author
  so here are the guidelines pertaining to that: First of all, this guide
  may never be posted at any website without my permission, and this must
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  of the information in here was either compiled by the author, or it was
  contributed, by someone noted in the contributor credits, all questions
  regarding info someone contributed should be directed to them. Sections
  and pieces of this guide may not be copied and pasted to create smaller
  guides without the authors permission. Fourth, this guide may never and
  I mean never, altered in any way, or have advertisements added to it. I
  will not tolerate that at all. This guide may never be used by any site
  other than a non-profit one, and may never have any profit made form it
  in any way, shape or form. Next, this guide may not be given away as an
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  If you need to contact the author of this guide for any reason(s) which
  concerns this guide, please email me at rocky1328@aol.com. Things which
  are acceptable reasons would be contributions, corrections, praise. Now
  some things not to send are "Hey, will you sell me your game?" or "This
  game sucks." Emails like these will never be responded to, so you might
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  Alright, here's the deal. I am sure you have read through the copyright
  and are thinking, "Well what are the odds he would find my site." Don't
  think that, because it would be very sad to have your domain name taken
  away by the vendor and your account revoked for plagiarism and fraud of
  copyrights laws. Another mistake would be thinking this copyright isn't
  legal, it is perfectly legal under the international copyright law. Now
  if you still don't think so, I am sure your domain provider would think
  the same as I do, so don't push it. I have no problem with you using my
  guides under the terms in the disclaimer, but plagiarism is serious and
  very disliked by myself, and most of my friends who are authors as well
  so please just ask permission, it's really not that hard to send email.

                        Table of Contents
                  I. Story Explanation
                 II. Basic Controls/Maneuvering Link
                III. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
                 IV. Item/Shop Listings
                  V. Great Fairy Locations
                 VI. Big Poe Locations
                VII. Heart Piece Locations
               VIII. Skulltula Rewards
                 IX. Ocarina Songs
                  X. The Walkthrough
                    a. The Great Deku Tree
                    b. Hyrule Field/Castle
                    c. Lon Lon Ranch
                    d. The Lost Woods
                    e. Kakariko Village
                    f. Death Mountain Trail
                    g. Goron City
                    h. Dodongo's Cavern
                    i. Zora's Domain/Fountain
                    j. Inside Jabu-Jabu
                    k. Temple of Time
                    l. Lon Lon Ranch
                    m. Kakariko Village
                    n. Forest Temple
                    o. Goron City
                    p. Death Mountain Crater
                    q. Fire Temple
                    r. Ice Cavern
                    s. Lake Hylia
                    t. Water Temple
                    u. Shadow Temple
                    v. Spirit Temple
                    w. Temple of Time
                    x. Ganons Castle/Final Fight
                 XI. Character/Monster List
                XII. Miscellaneous Info
                    a. Bottle Locations
                    b. Biggorons Sword
                    c. Secrets and Tips
               XIII. Closing Thoughts
                    a. Contributor Credits
                    d. Final Disclaimer

Chapter I: Story Explanation

Navi, where art thou...
Come hither...

Oh Navi the fairy...
Listen to my words, the words of the Deku Tree...

Dost thou sense it?
The climate of evil descending upon this realm...

Malevolent forces even now are mustering to attack over our land of Hyrule.

For so long, the Kokiri Forest, the source of life,
Has stood as a barrier, deterring outsiders and maintaining
The order of the world...

But... before this tremendous evil power,
Even my power is as nothing...

It seems the time has come for the boy without a fairy to begin his journey.
The youth whose destiny it is to lead Hyrule to the path of justice and truth.

Navi... go now! Find our young friend and guide him to me...

I do not have much time left, fly. Navi. Fly! The fate of the forest. Nay. The
world depends upon thee!

Chapter II: Basic Controls/Maneuvering Link

Life Energy: Your life energy is not necessarily measured by a meter, but by
the number of little hearts you have up at the top left hand corner of your
screen. When all of these hearts are faded out, you are dead. They can be
refilled by finding heart pieces or buying them. Your maximum number can be
upgraded as well, by finding heart containers which will expand your life
energy level.

Magic Energy: This is the energy measured by the green meter at the top left
hand corner of your screen right under the life energy hearts. You will not
receive this meter until you have spoken with the great fairy on Death Mountain
and received the spin attack. This can be refilled by collecting magic jars,
they are green and can be found along with the other items when you cut grass
or toss rocks, when the meter runs out, you no longer have any magic with you.

B button-press the b button once to draw the sword, then press it again to
attack.  You'll keep your sword in hand until you put it away by pressing A or
until you activate a different weapon or item.

The A button also has many different uses, depending on your situation.  You
can use it to grab objects, pull yourself up and more.

A) To climb a vine, a ladder or a rough textured wall, just push the control
stick in that direction, to drop down, just let go of the control stick and
a. to climb on top of a block or another obstacle, move toward it until the
action icon reads "climb" then press A.

b) when you grab a small object, you just pick it up in your hands.  When you
grab a large object, like a block you can pus or pull it using the control
stick. Once the object is in the proper position, you'll usually let go
automatically if not press a to release.

c) open- Move next to a treasure chest and press A to open it.

D) speak- Face someone and press a to start a conversation.

e) dive- while swimming press a to dive. it is difficult to steer underwater so
dive strait at an object.

> A special weapon can be fashioned to the c's like a potion or a slingshot and
the ocarina.

Top c is used when Navi calls you you press top c to speak with her.

R button Press the right button to draw your shield and hold it in front of
you. For protection from frontal attacks.

L button allows you to see the maps in some areas. Turns maps off and on.

"Z" button has several uses. as you explore press z to center the view directly
behind link.. when you move close to an object Navi may fly near it so press z
to look at that person or object. This is called z targeting. Once a person is
targeted press a to speak to that person or examine that object. z targeting is
also used in combat.

Side step when walking narrow bridges hold z to face straight ahead and lock
the camera directly behind you. To walk sideways hold z and press left or right
on the control stick.

Rolling- press up on the controls stick and press A.

spin attacks- there are several spin attacks, use the control stick i a circle
very quickly and press b . Another method is hold b for a couple of seconds
then release it, You will spin and if you have magic you will send out a
powerful blast of magic from the sword.

Sword play- to slice sideways press b twice.  For an overhead chop hold z and
press b. if you want to take the direct approach press z up on the control
stick and b simultaneously to stab an opponent. To execute a powerful jump
attack hold z and press a. A jump attack has twice as much power of the other

Chapter III: Spoiler Free Walkthrough

1.) Kokiri Forrest

- Go to maze and get Kokiri Sword.
- Check all bushes and buildings for rupees.
- Buy a Kokiri Shield from the shop.
- Go out passage to the Deku Tree.

2.) Deku Tree

- Watch out for Deku Sticks and flowers.
- Talk/Enter the Deku Tree.
- Climb all vines and kill skulltulas.
- Use torches to open up all doors.
- Jump through the web from top level.
- Push giant block into water.
- Burn the web using a deku stick.
- Defeat shooting scrubs with 2,3,1 order.
- Fight Queen Gohma.

3.) Hyrule Castle

- Talk to Malon and get the egg.
- Climb up the vines to get inside castle grounds.
- Sneak by guards in front yard.
- Use mot to get to the other side of castle.
- Push the large blocks into the water.
- Wake up Malons father with the egg.
- Climb across the blocks to enter castle.
- Sneak by guards in all the hedges.
- Make it all the way to Princess Zelda.
- Make sure to listen to her dream.
- Leave the castle with Zelda's protector.

4.) Lon Lon Ranch

- Go in and play the game with Malons father.
- Win LonLon milk from game.
- Go out to race track and talk to Malon.
- Learn Epona's song from Malon.
Note: You have to talk to her several times.

5.) Lost Woods

- Go through the tunnel maze.
- Get Saria's song from Saria.

6.) Goron City

- Give guard note from Princess Zelda.
- Cautiously go up the trail.
- Kill the spiders on the trail.
- Enter the city and play Zelda's Lullaby at bottom door.
- The song to play for Durania is Saria's song.
- Throw the bombflower off the cliff to open Dodongos Cavern.

7.) Dodongos Cavern

- Blow up wall using the bombflower.
- Kill laser thing, bomb next wall to clear it.
- GO back out to main room, kill laser thing.
- Go through, and then kill the Dodongo spawns.
- Use the statue to hold down the switch, and keep door open.
- Enter next room, fight the Lizard creatures.
- When they retreat a new door should open.
- Use deku stick to light 3 torches and open door.
- Step on switch and cavern door will raise up.
- Go to where you found the treasure chest and open the door (right).
- Now blow up the door using a bombflower once inside.
- Use bombflowers to make the statues move and get treasure.
- Now the door should lift and you can exit the room.
- Go back to same room, and use bombflower to detonate pillar.
- Stairs will come down and you can use them.
- Once up the stairs, move the statue and climb ladder, then use switch.
- Get across bridge/ clear the space to other side.
- Go down the ladder and get past the motion blades on floor.
- Use the block to get up to the treasure chest.
- Use the bombflower to get through the wall.
- Shoot the eye in the next room to make the flames go away.
- Fight the lizard creatures again after running through new door.
- Jump across and use the switch to turn off the platform.
- Go to the wall and climb up to the chest and open it.
- Now you fight with the King of the Dodongo's.

8.) Jabu-Jabu

- Play the rupee game to get the silver scale.
- Get a small bottled fish to get into Jabu's mouth.
- Shoot the stuff with the slingshot to open the door in back.
- Jump into hole after Ruto after she runs off.
- Go to the pond and get Ruto on the other side of the bank.
- Hit the switch at the bottom to open the door and get through.
- Get on the elevator and then hit the switch with Ruto.
- Fight all of the fish and then receive the boomerang.
- Go back to the room with the switch and use the 1st tunnel.
- Use Ruto to keep the switch down and boomerang to hit the rope.
- The treasure chest will appear after a couple hits of the rope.
- Now go into the second tunnel and defeat all the creatures.
- Once they are all defeated another chest will appear.
- Go into exit 3 and then 4 killing the tentacle creatures inside.
- Fall back down the highest left most hole in the room with the holes.
- Fight the Giant Octopus creature and ride the elevator up.
- Hit the 2 red platforms and make them stop quivering, then go across them.
- Jump across the platform after exiting the room.
- Use one of the crates to keep the switch down and exit the room.
- Boomerang all of the creatures in the room then climb the vines.
- Fight Barinade the Electric Anemone.

- Forrest Temple -
- Use the same order to get through the tunnel maze.
- Learn the Minuet of the forest.

9.) Temple of Time

- Head back to the castle and watch the cut scene.
- Get the Ocarina out of the river and go to the temple of time.
- Play the correct Ocarina song and the door of time will open.
- Grab the Master Sword from its stone sealing and watch scene.

10.) Fire Temple

- Use the switch to free the entrapped Goron.
- Go across the bridge and then bomb the wall.
- Go back to the left and talk to another Goron.
- Jump across the Lava River and climb the fence.
- Use the block to cover the fire hole, then get on it.
- Climb up the side of the ledge, near the trapped Goron.
- Use a bomb to kill the fire so you can get through.
- Go left and talk to a Goron, then get a key.
- Shoot the eyeball thing and then open the treasure chest.
- Go to the other side of the next room after exiting the last.
- Use the bomb to open the cracked floor and go down to talk to Goron.
- Jump up to the next door, and enter with caution of invisible fire walls.
- Go to the door on the right to get the compass.
- Back at the main room, go to the door on the left, then use the switch
- Use a bomb to enter the next door.
- Then go in and hop the fence, use a bomb to null down the fire again.
- Go up the stairs and get the Megaton hammer from the chest.
- Hit the face block with the hammer to descend.
- Hit the statue/block to make the floor make a stairway.
- Use the hammer on the switch in the next room then enter the door.
- Play the song of time to the block.
- Hit the switch with the hammer and Goron comes out.
- Leave, and then hit the block to descend.
- Go to the first room of the temple and hit the statue.
- Enter the door and defeat everyone to enter the next door.
- Then after the fire creature, Goron is there and get the key from the chest.
- You will have to hit another switch with the hammer to get it.
- Now go back to where you fell from when you exited before.
- Now you must face Volvagia.

12.) Ice Cavern

- Take out the ice shooting statues.
- Go into the next room and get all the rupees avoiding the blade.
- Once you have all the rupees a new door will open.
- Go in and kill the enemies, fill bottles with blue fire.
- Use the fire to open the chest and get the map.
- Go back out the way that you came.
- Now go through the left wall of the blade room using the blue fire.
- Get the compass and heart piece from the next room.
- Go back and melt the ice on the right wall.
- Enter the room and push the block to get the rupees.
- After you have them all climb the block and exit the room.
- You still need some blue fire with you.

Zoras Domain
- Use the blue fire to get Zora out of the red ice.

13.) Water Temple

- Go to the main room of the temple by discarding iron boots.
- Use the iron boots to sink and go to the door on the right.
- Follow Ruto to the top of the water, Zeldas lullaby changes water level.
- Go to the door and defeat all enemies, then get the treasure chest.
- Go Back and then jump into the enormous hole.
- Light the 2 torches (dins fire).
- Enter the next room and kill claw creature.
- Get to and open up the treasure chest.
- Go back to the big pillar room.
- Climb the block, then push and get in the hole.
- Sink down to the bottom using the iron boots.
- Go through and come back up hitting the diamond switch.
- Enter the next door on the other side.
- Hit the switch and then go up through the gate.
- Go to the first big room you were in (main).
- Use the shot to get into another passage and hit the diamond switch inside.
- Go back to the same room as last time.
- Go around and enter the next door (by the pillar).
- Raise the water level all the way up and go through the tunnel.
- Push the red block into set position.
- Go back to the same room as last time and before.
- Go to the waterfall room, and go down to bottom platform.
- Use the hookshot to get to the next door.
- Raise up the water level.
- Get across to the statue.
- Lower the water level.
- Now get over to the platform.
- Get to the other side of the statue.
- Raise water and go up with the statue.
- Get across spikes and enter door.
- Fight Dark Link and enter the opposite side door.
- Get the longshot out of the chest. Play to the block.
- Fall into the river through the hole.
- Get on the platform and shoot the eyeball.
- Longshot to the chest, then fall down into the hole.
- Go back to the room you went back to before.
- Shoot the eyeball switch to open the gate.
- Use the block to help you enter the passway.
- Go back to the same room as before.
- Go down and enter the passage, then get over the spikes.
- Kill all the enemies and them get across the river.
- Bomb the walls and then go to the tunnel with the block.
- Use the block to keep down the underwater switch.
- Enter the next door and go to the right.
- Sink and go through the tunnel.
- Go in and get the chest, then go back to the same room as before.
- Get out of the room with water level changes.
- Now fight Morpha the boss of the water temple.

14.) Shadow Temple

- Light all the torches to enter the Shadow Temple.
- Get across the huge hole and use the lense of truth.
- Go through the wall in the next room and kill all enemies.
- Chest will appear, get the dungeon map from it.
- In the next room, use the lense to get through another path.
- Defeat the enemy and get the hover boots from the chest.
- Go across big space using the hover boots, enter door.
- Go through the false wall and kill the enemy in the next door.
- Get all the rupees and blow up the left wall to pass through.
- Avoid all of the Skulltulas and get to the next platform.
- Get all of the silver rupees, pull out the block (use lense).
- Climb the block and use the falling as a bridge across.
- Enter door on left using lense of truth.
- Go to platform and get all rupees, enter the next room.
- Go up the stairs and detonate the skull to get the key.
- Longshot to the next door with the lense of truth.
- Kill all enemies, get rupees in chest, and get other chest (use lense).
- Use block to get on ladder and then go to boat.
- Zeldas Lullaby moves the boat, then get on the bank when seen.
- Get through maze (use lense) and get the key from chest.
- Youll have to use dins fire to get through wood walls.
- Find a statue with bombs, shoot them, they detonate and make a bridge.
- Fight Bongo Bongo after manuevering the platforms.

15.) Spirit Temple
- Go up the stairs and enter tunnel.
- Kill enemies, enter door, kill all enemies, hit switch.
- Drop the fence with a boomerang and go across.
- Kill monsters with a fire attack.
- Go in, light torches, get chest, get rupees.
- Go into the opposite sided door.
- Go back through tunnel and next door, kill skulltulas.
- Blow up the rock and then enter through the door it shows.
- Kill enemies, get rupees, light torch, go to sun block.
- In the next room, kill the enemy, go up the stairs.
- Get the gauntlets from the chest, give them to Nabouro, but shes caught.
- Do this: Prelude of Light, Take out the sword, Go to spirit temple as adult.
- Go up the stair and push block off.
- Kill enemies, enter room, hit switch, kill enemies.
- Play Zelda's Lullaby to make a chest appear.
- Go to the door on the other side.
- Use mirror to reflect light.
- Go through the door and up the stairs.
- Play Zelda's lullaby to get the chest, then go to next door.
- Kill the enemies and use statue to keep switch down.
- Go up the stairs and enter the door, and get chest.
- Go back to room with the switch and statue.
- Use shield to reflect and open door, then kill all enemies..
- Use Zeldas Lullaby to enter the next door.
- Shoot the eyeball and get across to block.
- Hit the switch and then get the chest.
- Go back to the other room and go to the door on the right.
- Fight the Spirit Temple Boss.

- Temple of Time-
Get the light arrows from Princess Zelda.

17). Ganons Castle
Note - Once you have unlocked all 4 of the barriers, you will have the golden
gauntlets, and you can go out and move the huge boulder outside of the castle
bridge, go in and the fairy will replenish all your features.

- Unlock the 4 barriers.
- Make your way up the winding stairway.
- Reflect all of Ganons blast and attack when he's stunned.
- Escape with Zelda from the shuttering castle.
- The final fight with Ganondorf.

Chapter IV: Item/Shop Listings


Bottles: The bottles are very important items, and they absolutely necessary on
your quest to save Hyrule. In bottles, you can store things like Blue Fire, Lon
Lon Milk and Poes, which are all pretty important aspects of the game. One tip
that I do have is that you don't want to buy things just because you have an
empty bottle, because I guarantee you will need it later and it will be full.

Hookshot: This is a very handy and important item throughout the game, because
without it, certain things would not be attainable. The hookshot can only
grapple onto wood, so you have to be careful of watch you try to latch onto,
don't go falling of a roof! This item is necessary unlike something like say, a
deku nut.

Long Shot: This is a more advanced hookshot, because it reaches further. No
they did not make it be able to grab onto metal, still only the same crtain
types of wood as before, but atleast you get the new length. This item is even
more useful than the hookshot, because now things that couldn't be reached are
within easy range, and you don't have to worry about whether or not you can do

Lens of Truth: The Lens of truth is an important item, and it is very necessary
to the games story line, and your game because without it certain things cannot
be found and levels not defeated. The lens does use up magic power to use it,
and you might want to try it if you can't figure out a way to do something,
there might be a secret way to do it.

Compass: This is a completely optional item, considering most people don't even
use it. This is found in most of the dungeons and sections, and is just on the
map screen. If you are really lost, give it a try, even though I don't think
you will need too.

Fish in a Bottle: The fish in a bottle is a optional item throughout the game,
except for one case where it is necessary. To get into Jabu-Jab you are going
to have to present a fish to him. They can be bought at most of the stores
outside of the Kokiri village, but can call a pretty price.

Lon Lon Milk: This stuff must be light super calcium, because the way it
restores Link's health is a miracle. This can only be bought at Lon Lon Ranch
with the exception of the cows, one at the fairy fountain, and then the other
at Kokiri towards the end.

Silver Scale: The silver scale is given to Link after he plays and wins the
Diving game in Zora's domain, and allows him to dive deeper than before. It is
necessary to get this item before you go to Lake Hylia, or else you won't be
able to dive down deep enough to get the bottle message.

Zora Tunic: Zora's tunic allows Link to dive much deeper under water without
passing out and dying like never before. It's a snazzy blue color, and looks a
little better on Link than that old green suit of the Kokiri. This is a very
valuable item, which is needed to win the game.

Goron Tunic: The Goron tunic, is obviously gotten from the Goron's, it allows
you to withstand amazing temperatures, and it is mandatory for the Death
Mountain crater. It is a red suit, and doesn't really look as good as the blue.
It is not used a whole lot, but handy when it is, and fashionable.

Silver Gauntlets: The silver gauntlets are a step down from the Golden ones,
but they are still very powerful and allow you to lift smaller, but still heavy
things. Ultimately Link gives them to Nabouru the Gerudo theif, but oh well.

Golden Gauntlets: The golden gauntlets, the ultimate strength giver, aside from
the triforce. Link gets these when he finally beats all 4 sages creating the
barrier in Ganons castle. Now he can lift just about anything, even the huge
stone wall blocking the fairy fountain outside of Ganon's castle.

Stone of Agony: The stone of agony creates a rumble whenever danger is near,
that is if you are sporting a rumble pack. This way if you don't hear Navi, you
will have another way of being warned, but don't come to solely depend on it.

Magic Bean: A magic bean can be planted, and then when Link turns into and
adult a climable plant will be there, so don't expect and instant bean stalk to
climb, and they should be planted in the soil spots, you'll see what I mean
from trying.

Fairy Ocarina: The fairy ocarina is Links first ocarina, which Saria gives him
befor ehe leaves to go to Hyrule Castle. He learns some songs on here, but you
will eventually get the Ocarina of Time from the river and then you won't need
the Fairy Ocarina anymore.

Ocarina of Time: The Ocarina as in the title of the game, is the man object
aside from the Master Sword, and it is Links most powerful Magic. He can use it
to alter time, teleport and many of things. It is extremely powerful in a
mystical way and you can play some pretty fun theme songs on it.


Master Sword: The weapon that Link gains when he is turned into an adult seven
years into the future. What would a Zelda game be without the Master Sword, it
is the signifigant good that helps link defeat Ganon and gives him some
tremendous power when you do the spin attack, although it is not as powerful as
Boggorons Sword, it is still the weapon of choice for the hero of time, and can
defeat any enemy. All those who attack the hero of time must face his sage
magic the sword.

Kokiri Sword: Our heros first weapon, the Kokiri Sword is a treasure of the
forest, and will be a real help to you, inside the Deku Tree, and when you are
in Dodongo's Cavern. It can be used to cut up weeds in the earlier stages of
the game before you get the Master Sword. This weapon can only be used when
Link is a child, so don't expect to still have it in the future. Although short
it is still deadly and when mixed with the great fairies spin attack, its

Biggorons Sword: The most powerful weapon on the game, besides some of Links
sage magic, this one really packs a punch. It has to be held when 2 hands, even
by adult link, and no shield can be used with it, although do you really need
it? It is extremely powerful when you use the spin attack, although the mini
quest you have to go on to get it, is rather odd, surprisingly this weapon is
not even necessary to beat the game, but it sure down make it fun.

Megaton Hammer: The megaton hammer is one massive piece of machinery, and is a
force to be reckoned with, even if you are facing a pretty tough opponent. The
massive hammer can shatter rocks in Kokiri Village that the kid cant pick up
with the ease of Link aiming his slingshot, ya its that powerful. The hammer is
also great for smashing pots in the Poe shop in Hyrule Market when you are in
the future, but it does not serve well against the mighty Ganon.

Slingshot: Ah, Links trusty slingshot, which ahs made him a legend in the land
of Hyrule for his precise aim and shot. This is your most valuable weapon
besides the sword when you are a kid, because it allows you to rid vines and
higher areas of Skulltulas and flying creatures, not to mention fighting
enemies from a distance you don't feel like getting to close to. Sadly this
weapon is gone when you go into the future, but you will graduate to the fairy
bow. You will get the slingshot very early in the game, and very easily, so
it's a pretty easy to get, yet very cool and useful weapon!

Bombs: Where would we be without Bombs?! These things have more uses than the
amazing thingamajig. They are very good at finding secret passages through
walla that seem to be a different color, and smashing boulders and thinks like
that which stand in your way. Some enemies like in Dodongo's cavern, the laser
robots, can only be killed with a bomb, so try to make sure that you always
have a couple in case of an emergency, but do not come to rely on them to

Bombchu: The bombchu is a great variation of the bomb, its main feature is
still blowing stuff up. Except there is a very useful twist to these
inventions, if you don't really want to get to close to what it is that you are
blowing up, the bombchu is like a remote control mouse, that blows up at the
end of its run, this is great for enemies you don't want to face directly, or
clearing out a room of creatures before you even really enter, but those
opportunities are rare.

Bombflower: The bombflower is not exactly a miracle of modern invention, but it
still serves a pretty good purpose to the game, because without them the Gorons
would be doomed. They can only be pulled up once you have the Goron Bracelet,
and they grow back almost right after you throw them, so you kind of have an
unlimited ammo supply, except the only problem is they cannot be stored within
your items, so you cannot keep them with you. A bombflower is used to get into
the cavern by blowing away the huge boulder, and then inside it is used for
opening the secret door.

Deku Nut: These things are great against most enemies, but then they don't
phase some either. They deliver a stunning light which puts an enemy in shock,
sort of like a solar flare. These are great for making an escape or jst getting
an enemy into a very vulnerable position that they can be attack in, Queen
Gohma sure wishes you had never had them, she might be alive if you didn't. Do
not waste these, because I will make you a promise that if you do, you will
need one and not have it, it always used to happen to me.

Deku Seed: The deku seed, can only be used for one thing, and that is
ammunition for young links slingshot. They are a very hard seed, which
basically has the same effect as a bullet. They can kill a Skulltula in 2 hits,
so don't be foolin with link or you'll get pumped full of Deku seed. Without
these, the slingshot is worthless, you will have a max of 30 with you, so
always make sure you have at least 10, is a good number to keep your minimum
at, just for emergencies.

Deku Stick: Your basic stick, I like to think of it as a knife stick, but eh, I
don't think the Deku Tree would appreciate Link calling it that. This is very
useful through the course of the game, being used to light torches and open
passages all over the place as a child. They can also be used to fight enemies
that are electric that you don't want to be hitting with your sword, so make
sure you have a good supply, because after all they are pretty abundant.

Boomerang: Thank the sages for this one, it is about the best thing in the
world while you are in Jabu-Jabu's belly, because without it, there was no way
you could have ever beaten that level. The boomerang in real life is
Australian, and is a wider V shaped wooden object that when thrown correctly
returns to the thrower. It can be used to hit switches that don't hold very
long, and fight enemies at long range. But one of the best things for it, is
that you can lock on and get Skulltula tokens you could not have reach

Fairy Bow: The fairy bow allows Link to shoot things at a longer range than the
Slingshot and has a more powerful effect. DO no think that the arrows are
infinite nor are they cheap if you are forced to by them, because there are no
plants or rocks in your area, so don't just shoot them anywhere. They can be
equipped with the Light, Ice and Fire arrows which add that much more damage.
The arrows do travel far, but to become a crack shot you will have to practice
a little, and then who knows what you can do with your new skills.

Potions & Magics:

Red Potion: This potion is not really worth the rupees unless it is all that
you can get your hands on at the time. It will restore all of your health
energy and it has to be kept within an empty bottle. It is the same price as
the Green Potion, but Blue Potion is a much better buy.

Green Potion: This potion which also must be kept in a bottle will restore all
of your magic energy when you drink it. This is a very bad deal if you happened
to buy this, because you can go out into Hyrule Field and competely restore
your magic and don't have to spend a single rupee.

Nayru's Love: Provides incincibility for a short time.

Din's Fire: A very powerful power producing magic.

Blue Fire: Used to melt ice and can be kept in a bottle.

Farore's Wind: Just as the title calls it :)

Light Arrow: A powerful magic arrow used to defeat Ganon/stun him.

Fire Arrow: Used to light torches/ its is just a flaming arrow.

Blue Potion: Ah, also referred to as the ultimate potion, this great deal,
especially if you can buy it in bulk supply, will refill both your magic and
life energy fully at the same time. This is a great thing to have along for the
final battle with Ganon, as you may find yourself running low on both meters.

Kakariko Bazaar:
Arrows - 20 rupees - 10 pieces
         60 rupees - 30 pieces
         90 rupees - 50 pieces
Deku Stick - 10 rupees - 1 piece
Hylian Shield - 80 rupees
Deku Nut - 15 rupees - 5 pieces
Heart Piece - 10 rupees - 1 piece
Bomb - 35 rupees - 5 pieces

Kakariko Potion Shop:
Fish in a Bottle - 200 rupees - bottle required
Bug in a bottle - 50 rupees - bottle required
Poe the ghost - 30 rupees - bottle required
Deku Nuts - 15 rupees - 5 pieces
Blue Fire - 300 rupees - bottle required
Fairy Spirit - 50 rupees - bottle required
Green Potion - 30 rupees - bottle required
Red Potion - 30 rupees - bottle required

Chapter V: Great Fairy Locations

(A) = Adult Link
(Y) = Young Link

Location of Fairy:                What you Get:
------------------                -------------
Hyrule Castle Region (Y) -------- Din's Fire
Death Mountain (Y) -------------- Spin Magic Attack
Zora's Fountain (Y) ------------- Farore's Wind

Desert Colossus (A) ------------- Nayru's Love
Hyrule Castle Region (A) -------- Double Magic
Death Mountain Crater (A) ------- Double Health

Chapter VI: Big Poe Locations

Poe Shop:
When Link is an adult, If you go to Hyrule Market, there is that room that was
Full of pots when you were little. Well, it is now occupied by an old women and
She will buy all of the Poe's you have captured. Big Poe's get a better price,
But the little ones are better than nothing. She is also selling the "Ultimate
Potion" which revives both your health and your magic ability.

In order to find the Big Poes, you MUST be riding Epona.
Poes will appear if you are on foot, but they are NOT Big.

The Big Poes:

1) In a group of bushes near the stream to the west of Hyrule Castle.

2) At the sign that directs you to Lon Lon Ranch outside Hyrule Castle.

3) Under (or above) the ledge to the south of the entrance to Kakariko.

4) The lone tree just outside the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch.

5) The place where the stone wall east of the ranch turns.

6) The only tree east of the entrance to Gerudo Valley (Below the ledge).

7) The place where the road splits outside of the entrance to Gerudo Valley.

8) The boulder near where the road splits, between Lon Lon and the Lost Woods.

9) The patch of grass, south of #8, between the lone green tree and the
small grove.

10) In the grove of trees described in #9, north of the entrance to Lake Hylia.

Chapter VII: Heart Piece Locations

Note: The heart pieces Link can get while he is both a child and an adult are
all listed under the child section, because it is better to get them earlier.

Young Link:

Lon Lon Ranch
1. Go to the shed way behind the horse pasture, and move all of the crates out
of the way, there will be a crawl space that you can go through into a secret
place and fin d a heart container.

Lost Woods
1. Talk to the single skull kid while standing up on the log. You will have to
keep up with his music song, then he will give it to you for knowing Saria.

2. Talk to the 2 skull kids and play music with them, if you keep going they
will reward you with a heart container, but you have to keep going, each time
they ask if you wanna keep playing with them, say yes.

Kakariko Village
1. You have to talk to the man sitting on top of the building with the red
roof, he will then give you a heart container.

2. The Skulltula's in the house of Skulltula will give it to you.

3. Use the owl to get to the 2nd level.

Hyrule Field
1. Put a bomb near the tree near the entrance of Lon Lon Ranch.

2. Find the bombing area that is fenced in.

Kakariko Graveyard
1. Go on the Graveyard tour and you might find it if he digs it up.

2. Pull all the graves to find the secret place, suns song then.

3. Plant a magic bean to reach the upper level.

Zora's River
1. Near the frogs, play the song of storms.

2. You have to play the game of the frogs.

3. Use the chicken to go over to the windmill, its there.

Zora's Domain
1. The torches behind the waterfall must be lit to create a chest.

Goron City
1. Use the torches and a bomb to make the big vase spin then get it.

Hyrule Market
1. Play and win Bombchu bowling.

2. Get the white puppy to the lady in the alley.

3. Win the game key guessing game.

Gerudo Valley
1. Get on the secret ledge using a chicken to fly over there.

2. Go under the waterfall and to the right.

Lake Hylia
1. Catch a fish larger than the one in the tank.

2. Get the gold scale and talk to the scientist after diving in his tank.

Death Moutain Crater
1. Go to where you entered at the cliff side.

Adult Link:

Kakariko Graveyard
1. Race Dampes ghost, and win obviously.

Kakariko Village
1. Go into the back of the windmill by exiting the grave of Dampe.

Zora's Fountain
1. Use the iron boots to get to the bottom surface of the water.

2. Search fo rit on top of the icebergs.

Death Mountain Trail
1. Use a magic bean near Dodongo's Cavern.

Desert Colossus
1. Use the Magic Bean and leaf to get to the stone headings.

Chapter VIII: Skulltula Rewards

To get credit for killing a Skulltula, you have to get the little ghost token
thing at appears after it is dead. If you do not get it, you do not receive any
credit. Only the smaller gold Skulltula's count, not the really large ones.

10 Tokens: Adult Wallet
20 Tokens: Stone of Agony
30 Tokens: Giants Wallet
40 Tokens: 10 Bombchus
50 Tokens: Heart Container Piece
100 Tokens: Huge Rupee
255 Tokens (GameShark): Giant Wallet (holds 500 rupees).

Chapter IX: Ocarina Songs

LC - Left C Button         DC - Down C Button        A - The A Button
RC - Right C Button        UC - Up C Button

*+-+ Zelda's Lullaby: LC, UC, RC, LC, UC, RC

USE: All throughout the game, this song will show your connection with the
     Family and will help you a lot along the way. Whenever you see the
     Symbol, or something that mentions the royal family, give this tune a try.

WHERE YOU LEARN IT: This song will be taught to you after you sneak into Hyrule
                    Castle and talk to Princess Zelda. When you are done, Impa
                    Will show you out of the castle, and she will also teach it
                    To you. Only royal family members are allowed to learn it.

*+-+ Epona's Song: UC, LC, RC, UC, LC, RC

USE: Once Epona is your horse as an adult, whenever you play this she will come
     To you. However, this does not always work if you are in an area that she
     Cannot enter. This song is also used for a couple of other things like
     You talk to the cow in the fairy fountain on Death Mountain.

WHERE YOU LEARN IT: On your way back from Hyrule Castle, on your way to the
                    Woods you should stop by Lon Lon Ranch, and go out and talk
                    To Malon the little girl. Then show her your Ocarina and
                    Will teach you Epona's song, then of course Epona is

*+-+ Saria's Song: DC, RC, LC, DC, RC, LC

USE: Whenever you play this song you will be given a chance from Navi to talk
     Saria. Sometimes Navi will throw hints at you like, "Maybe Saria knows" or
     "What would Saria think" and these are usually ques to talk to her. This
     also the song you must play for Darunia to make him dance and talk to you.

WHERE YOU LEARN IT: Once you are back in the Lost Woods, which there is a map
                    In the walkthrough, go all the way through the tunnels
                    Into the Sacred Meadows, an there you will talk to Saria,
                    Course then she will teach you the song.

*+-+ Song of Time: RC, A, DC, RC, A, DC

USE: With this song you can open the wall in the Temple of Time that allows you
     Get the Master Sword. This is a very sacred song, that only Royalty and
     Sages know, it will also take to the Temple of Time whenever you wish.

WHERE YOU LEARN IT: After you have all 3 of the spiritual stones and are going
back to the castle to give them to Princess Zelda, a storm will start and Ganon
will come out of the Castle chasing Impa and Zelda, but luckily they escape, it
was only because you stalled Ganandorf.

*+-+ Prelude of Light: UC, RC, UC, RC, LC, UC



*+-+ Bolero of Fire: DC, A, DC, A, RC, DC, RC, DC



*+-+ Sun's Song: RC, DC, UC, RC, DC, UC

USE: Well, like its name, the suns song makes the rise or go down where ever
you are. It is very useful in times when you need have a little more time to
search for something, or to just avoid all the night monsters.

WHERE YOU LEARN IT: This song is learned when Link is an adult, and is in
Kokiri Village. You will have to go to the graveyard, and go up to the triforce
symbol in front of the large royal tombstone. Go into the grave and get past
all the zombies and you will learn the suns song of the inscription on the

*+-+ Minuet of Forest: A, UC, LC, RC, LC, RC

USE: Transports you back to the woods.

WHERE YOU LEARN IT: From Sheik infront of the Shadow Temple.

*+-+ Nocturne of Shadow: LC, RC, RC, A, LC, RC, DC

USE: This will transport you back to the graveyard.


*+-+ Requiem of Spirit: A, DC, A, RC, DC, A

USE: Takes you back to the spirit temple.


*+-+ Song of Storms: A, DC, UC, A, DC, UC

USE: This song when played, will either cause it to rain very heavil, ro to
stop raining, so now you can completely control the weather, between the suns
song and this, that's pretty cool. This will be useful to you later in the

WHERE YOU LEARN IT: After you have raced with Dampe and come in the back exit
to the windmill, he will talk to you about 7 years ago how that kid messed up
everything and stuff, then show him the ocarina and he will teach you.

*+-+ Serenade of Water: A, DC, RC, RC, LC



Chapter X: The Walkthrough

Ok, before you can go off to The Great Deku Tree, you are going to have to do a
bit of preparing, mainly gathering items and rupees. First, after you have seen
all of the cinematic scenes, you need to start getting some rupees. Try running
Though the bushes that are one big clump, there are two sets of them, they both
have 2 rupees a piece in them and they can be gone back to after a period of oh
I would have to say about 30-40 seconds. Now, go into all of the building, once
You have gone to all of them you should have: Opened up the treasure chests, so
that should have given you some rupees. You should have also broken the pots in
one of the huts, which should add 6 more rupees to your pocket. Now go into the
building with the red roof, it is the village shop. On the far right side of it
there should be a black area on the side of the counter, go back there and get
A blue rupee. Now go to where you see the water, and there are the white blocks
that you can use o jump from stone to stone and get across without getting wet.
GO across those once each way and you will receive a blue rupee. You should now
have at least 40 rupees if you have gone through this process again, so now go
back into the village shop and purchase the DEKU SHIELD. Now you have 1/2 of
what you need to leave the village. Now, you to the east side of the village,
where all of those fences are around the hut and go into the little space big
enough for Link to crawl through. Now you are in the Kokiri Swords Safehold,
which is  Where a giant boulder rolls around in a square and mashes whatever
tries to get by. So, wait for it to go by once, then follow it until you see an
up hill turn off, and then there is a treasure chest at the top of it. Open the
treasure and now you have the KOKIRI SWORD, a sacred treasure of the Kokiri,
but you can use it. Now you back out the way you came, and you are ready to
face the Deku Tree.

In order to get to the Great Deku Tree, you are going to have to get by Mido.
He is not at all friendly towards you, but don't worry, if you have the sword
and a shield, he has to let you through. To get out of the village, find the
squareish tunnel that leads away, you should see Mido guarding it once you get
close to it then once you are done talking to him go through it and into the
tunnel area. In the tunnel area you have to watch out for Deku branch men that
will pop up out of the ground and hit you. Don't worry, they pop out in front
of you, not from the ground directly beneath you. Swing at them with your sword
and they will turn to a DEKU STICK. Now you can equip this on your screen, as
you should have already done with the shield and sword. Now once you get into a
range the Deku Tree will start talking to you and the scene will cut, pay
attention! He will tell you of what you must do in an effort to save him. Once
you have watched the whole dramatic Cinema you will then proceed to enter into
the Great Deku Tree. Right when you enter you will notice that there is a new
enemy you might as well become very familiar with, it is a Deku Flower, a mean
little creature at that. It unlike its cousin the Branch, will jump and snap at
you, but luckily it can not leave a certain range from its roots. Use your
sword and shield to kill these, and I would suggest locking onto them with Z
Targeting to make it easier.

Once you are inside, chop the bushes all around you and should start to get new
things such as the DEKU NUT. Now climb up to the next level, on the right side
of the area and start walking up the spiral ramp. You will come to a break in
it but you can easily jump right across. Now you should be on a little balcony
island with a treasure chest. Open up the chest and you should get the map. Now
continue on walking along the spiral path, and you will come up tot a door,
which you need to open, because this is a very important step for the game. Now
go into the room and defeat the Deku Scrub, then proceed on into the next room.
Jump across the platform and then onto the other side of the raised area, and
there is a chest, open it up and you now have the Slingshot. Use the slingshot
to shoot down the ladder so you can climb back out of the area, then go back
out into the spiral area, and use the Slingshot to shoot down the Gold
Skulltula's that are on the vine that you need to be climbing. Now, keep going
along the spiral to the last door, go in and get the compass, you don't really
have to, but you might as well anyway. Once they are all gone, climb up the
vine and then get off at the ledge. Now, you will notice that there are areas
that you can jump off of and land down on the spider web that was on the floor
of the first level. So make sure that you jump off the ledge with the heart you
can get, and then jump off going down through the web and you will land in the
little pond down there. Now, get out of the water and go over to where the Deku
Flower creature is, kill it and then open up the chest. Use a Deku stick to
light the spider web on fire, which will allow you to pass into a new room.
Once you get to the area containing the three deku scrubs, after you have
defeated there brother and he gives you the order, you are going to have to hit
them with there own deku nuts in the order 2, 3, 1 or nothing will happen and
they just keep coming back. After that, its time to go head to head with Queen

- Queen Gohma -
There really isn't a whole lot that you have to do to defeat her, and it can
actually be done very quickly if you just do it right the first try. Once you
get into the large area, the doors are going slam behind you, and you will then
notice an enormous spider looking creature on the roof, first you will have to
fight her spawns, which you must lure out by going directly under her, after
you kill them she will jump down and you attack. Hit her in the face with a
Deku Nut and then hack at her with your sword. Don't bother trying the spin
attack, just keep slashing. Then she will run back up to the ceiling, except
this time you aren't going to have to fight her babies. Just use the slingshot
to shoot her in the eye and she will fall down from the ceiling stunned like if
you hit her with a Deku nut, then just keep slashing at her, and keep repeating
this process until she is finally dead. Once she is dead, you will get a heart
container, and then go and walk into the blue portal that should be on right
side behind you, it will take you back outside the Deku Tree. He will talk to
you about how brave you were, and there was really nothing you could have done
to save him anyways, but you did get the 1st of the 3 spiritual stones! Now you
are free to go back to the Kokiri Village and stock up on rupees and supplies
you will need on your quest to rid the world of Ganandorf's incredible evil.

| Hyrule Field/Castle |
Now, while you are still in Kokiri Village, there are some things that you are
going to have to take care of before you can just run off into Hyrule Field.
One of which are the rupees, you should try to get to 99 and max out if you
can, I know it takes a while, but once you need them and don't have them, you
will wish that you had stayed and got the extra 20. Another thing you might
want to do is go around chopping all the bushes and breaking rocks and
refilling your supply of things like Deku Nuts, Seeds and Sticks that you might
need on the journey that awaits you. Once you feel that you are stocked up
enough and are ready to leave the village, exit out of the tunnel. Then it will
show you on the bridge leading into the village and Saria appears, she will
give you the Ocarina, as a gift, and then you say your goodbyes and run out
into Hyrule Field. Now it is time to meet someone who is going to be a big help
to you over the course of the game, the all knowledgeable owl. He is going to
give you a little lecture on determination, and now it is time for you to run
to Hyrule Castle as fast as you can hoping to get there before night fall.

This is not exactly the best place for you to be at night, so you are going to
have to high tail it over to Hyrule Castle if you want to make it before dark.
Once it turns dark, the draw bridge is raised and you cannot enter until
morning which is a bad thing because at night, monsters roam Hyrule Field. If
you do just happen to be locked out of the village for the night, do not waste
your time with the monsters, simply get into the water and wait for morning.
The monsters will kill themselves trying to get you, because water kills them.
Now, once morning comes go across the drawbridge and you should be entering
Hyrule Market. This is a very busy place and there are people and animals
running around all over the place. Don't waste your time talking to everyone,
do not even go into any of the shops, yet. You need to find the girl who should
be standing in the middle of the square, she is very short and is wearing a
white and blue dress. This is Malon, talk to her and she will tell you all
about how her father was delivering milk, but he must have fallen asleep. Now,
go to the castle path and start walking up, Malon is going to play a bigger
role than you might have thought. Go up the vines on the side of the mountain
and go down onto the castle grounds. You need to get caught so Malon will
appear by the vines the next time you come there. Once you get tossed out,
rather rudely too, go back to the vines. Malon should be standing there, and
when you talk to her she will give you an egg. Put this as one of your C
buttons to incubate it so it will be ready right when you need it later. Now go
back up the vines and down onto the castle grounds, accept this time you don't
want to get caught. Here is how you should go to avoid the guards, because once
you do your home free to the moat:

Right when you get out the door of the passage way, run to the second little
point that sticks out at the bottom of the hill to the left. Then run up the
hill and straight all the way to the western most wall of the castle grounds.
If you got by, then you are home free for right now. Get into the moat and swim
all the way around the little bank then walk to where you see a man asleep and
two big boxes. Use the egg which should have hatched into a chicken by now, to
wake the man up and talk to him, then he will run off to Malon. Now push the
boxes down into the water and position them so you can get across into the
little opening on the other side. Once you are inside, you are just going to
have to wait for the mazes are hedges to become clear before you can pass. What
I mean by clear, is that the guards always move in a rotation around the area
they are guarding, so if one moves so does the other. So just wait until they
are both to where you are out of there vision to run across the area. Now when
you get the part where you have to walk across the plank over the ivy garden,
go very slow, because it is very easy to fall of and get caught. Once you get
by there its just more of the same mazes and then you finally get to the
courtyard where you can see Princess Zelda, talk to her, and make sure you
always say "Yes I believe you" or the right answer like that. After you have
talked to her and Impa has taught you the Lullaby, she will take you all the
way outside the city and show you the entrance to Kakariko village. The first
thing you need to do is go right to Lon Lon Ranch.

| Lon Lon Ranch |
Alright, once you enter into Lon Lon Ranch, go to the building on the left. You
will find Talon sleeping, so take advantage of this and throw all the chickens
into the corner where the hay is. Now use the egg from earlier to wake him up,
he will talk to you and tell you how he finally got Talon into a good mood
after he made her wait for so long. Then he will ask you if you want to play
his Cucco game, that is why you put all the chickens in the corner, so say yes
you want to play. Now, get ready, and watch the general direction he throws the
3 supers ones in, because if you know the general area the whole thing will be
a piece of cake. If you are standing facing Talon one of the chickens goes to
the wall on you left, one behind you and one to the wall in front of you and to
the left a little. Once you pick a chicken up, make sure you press B really
quick to check the chicken to see if its on eof the three supers. If you win
the game he will give you a BOTTLE of the famous Lon Lon Milk which can be used
to heal you, or put stuff in after you drank the milk out, you really just want
the bottle. Now you are going to go out to where Malon is standing in the
middle of the horse track and talk to her, she will introduce you to Epona and
lets just say you and Epona don't start off in the right note. Now keep talking
and then show her the Ocarina Saria gave you, and she will teach you Epona's
song. Now go back to where you see the stone building way in the back of the
pasture and go into it. Move all of the crates and you will find a secret place
with a heart piece. I usually wouldn't put that in the walkthrough, but you are
right there, and won't be coming back for a very long time. Now exit the Ranch
and make your way back to Kokiri Village.

| The Lost Woods |
Once you are back in the village if you talk to the girl she will tell you
Saria is looking for you. But you are going to have to find her by leaving the
village. But since you have the sword and shield you can come and go as you
please, so now you need to go to the part of the village near the big circle
tunnel. You will soon find a steep hill covered in Ivy and you can climb up it.
Climb up, and then go up the ramp, turning left at the top to go to the next
level. Now enter the tunnel there, and you are now inside of the lost woods.
The basic way to find your way through here is to go into the beginning of each
tunnel, not to far or you'll go through, and listen to see if the music is loud
or not there, if it is loud, go through the tunnel. Just incase you don't get
how this works, here are the directions to get to Saria: Right, Left, Right,
Left, Straight, Left, Right, then your out of the tunnel maze and to next
Now that you have found her, she is going to be playing an Ocarina, like yours.
Then talk to her and after a while she will teach you a new song on your
Ocarina. Now you could have just gone right to Goron City, but you have to know
this song in order the do that, so it was worth it. Now just exit the way you
came in and you'll soon be back in the village. Beware, to reach Saria you will
have to fight a wolfman and get by a few deku scrubs. Now that you have done
that, start making your way to Kakariko village.

| Kakariko Village |
While you are in Kakariko village there are a few things you can do before you
have to make your way up the death mountain trail. First off, you can help the
poor woman find all of her cuccos and she will give you a bottle, which you can
then use to get more Lon Lon Milk, or to put whatever else you want to buy in.
So, other things to do might be checking out the potion shops and just meeting
some of the rather odd locals. Now, If you don't feel like doing nay of that, I
assure you it is not mandatory, although at some time you will be required to
get the third bottle, or at least you will really need it. Now head up to the
Death Mountain trail, and by the way, don't jump into the well and waste

| Death Mountain Trail |
The Death Mountain Trail is not all that dangerous, but you can have some
problems if you are not careful. To even get onto the trail you are going to
have to talk to the Hylian Guard, who will let you pass if you show him Zelda's
Letter, then he will tell you that you better not go up the trail without a
bigger shield, and he knows the guy in Hyrule Market who can hook you up with a
Hylian Shield for a very good price, then he will talk to you about getting him
a mask fo rhsi son, don't worry about that yet. Now, I would recommend that you
go to Hyrule Market, it is only across the river and get the Hylian Shield from
the Bazaar, it will prove to be a wise decision in the end. Now come back and
just go up the trail, because the gat ewill be open for you to pass through.
First off, once you are a ways up the trail, you might as well just have your
weapons out and be ready to fight the colored spider creatures. There are 3 of
them, but only 2 will show themselves on the first level of the road, then at
the turn where it starts to go up the other one is waiting, so be ready for
him. Once you have killed all these creatures, you will notice that there is a
huge boulder to the left, that is the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern, but don't
worry about that, because you will be taking care of it later. Now make your
way up the trail until you come to a wider area with a small patio containing
rocks, toss these and get the rewards they possess and then make your way into
Goron City. (Don't be expecting a battle, this is a peaceful place).

| Goron City |
Ok once you get into the city, you will notice that it has 3 stories, and you
need to get on the bottom. Big Boss of the Gorons, Darunia, has locked himself
up in his room with the Goron Ruby, the spiritual stone you are after. And to
get him to open the door, or atleast to get in, he doesn't really open it you
are going to have to play Zelda's Lullaby, which will show your connection with
the royal family and allow you to enter. Once you get inside he will ask you
what you are doing there and so on, then take out the Ocarina and play Saria's
song for him, yes this is why it was so important that you learned it before!
He will start dancing like a mad man, and then he will thank you for cheering
him up and all that good stuff. Now you want the stone, but he cannot just give
it to you, his people are starving. So, he will ask you to go to the Dodongo's
Cavern and basically liberate it so they can eat again. He will give you the
Gorons Bracelet which will give you the ability to pick up bomb flowers, a very
handy item. Now, leave the city and go to where you see a patch of bombflowers
sitting, and a Goron next to them. Pick one of them up with your newly acquired
skill and toss it over the edge. The objection of this is to try to blow up the
boulder in front of the entrance to the Cavern. The screen will zoom way out so
that you can see how close you are, then if you miss wait for the bomb to grow
back and make the necessary adjustments. Once you have destroyed the boulder,
make your way down there and enter the cavern.

| Dodongo's Cavern |
When you first enter Dodongo's Cavern, you will walk out into the wider area,
and see that there are moving elevators on 3 sides of a island in the lava pit
which is guarded by a laser robot creature. Run and jump onto the elevator and
then to the left side of the dungeon, by running and jumping onto the next
elevator. Don't worry, if you are on an elevator and you cannot just jump right
off onto the next ledge, they do not go all the way down into the lava, so just
be patient instead of trying to make an impossible jump and severely hurting
yourself. Now once you get to the left side, use the bomb flower to blow up the
laser robot, and then use it to blow up the passage way which is a different
color than the rest of the wall. Now a treasure chest will appear that was once
guarded in the safehold of the false wall. Make your way to the other side of
the dungeon and use the same strategy, blowing up the laser robot and then the
wall to gain entry into the next room. Once inside, kill all of the enemies,
now you are going to have to use one of the statues to keep the switch down, so
that you can make it into the next area. In the next room simply dispose of all
the flying creatures, and then proceed to the next one with caution, the lizard
men are waiting, but you can defeat them by simply using the Z targeting and
blocking there attacks, then striking when they let there guards down. After a
bit of fighting they will run away like the lizard cowards they are, but do
expect to see our reptilian friends again! Now in the next room are all of the
huge dinosaur creatures, you are going to have to light all of the torches in
one try, so hopefully you have a Deku Stick or two with you, just incase you
mess up the first time. Once all of the torches are lit, you can go through
into the next room. Now use the switch you see, then go back to the left side
of the dungeon going into the newly opened pathway, this was kind of a hassle,
to bad you couldn't just bomb it open. Use a bomb to open the next area, or
should I say bomb the wall to open the next area. Now you are confronted with
an odd situation, bombflower, and a raised chest surrounded by statues. Ok, use
the bomb and put it right next to the statue, it will start to move and run
around, so run up and get the chest, then keep fighting and kill the statue,
because this is the only way that you will be allowed to pass into the next
room. Use a bombflower to cause the large stone structure collapse into a
stairwell, and then enter door at the top, then once in that room, pull the
statue out of the
Way and go up the ladder, hit the switch and enter the next door. Ok, now go
back across the newly found bridge and across the dangerous space, then climb
the block and use the bomb flower on the island ledge to blow the new area
open. Now you will have to get it directly on the ledge for it to detonate the
Now go into the next area, use the slingshot to shoot the marker eye and go
into the next room, where you will fight the lizard creatures. This time it
will be to the death. Now you have passage into the next area, now go all the
way around through until you come to a bridge with 2 holes which will be used
to throw bombs, now you have the bomb bag by the way, down into the 2 eyes of
the large reptilian head that you see when you first enter. You are going to
have to use the block in the next room to keep the door up and open, then just
make your way through the rest of the area until you reach and get to the skull
head. Now the mouth of it will open, and you may enter and now it is time for
the hero of time to meet the king of all the Dodongo's in a fiery battle to the

- King Dodongo -
Alright, now this is very simple compared to what you are going to have to do
in a while against the boss in Jabu-Jabu, so take advantage of the easy bosses
while you still can. Now, the way to kill him is when he opens his mouth throw
a bomb inside, and when it detonates, he will be shocked or stunned for a
couple of moments, so you can use your sword and attack him. Then he will run
around or should I have said roll around, and you can avoid being mashed by
getting right on the edge of the lava bank. Now just keep doing this until he
is dead. But, be careful, because if the bomb misses, you will be engulfed in a
enormous breathe of flames that takes some pretty decent damage. Now after you
have defeated him, now Darunia will have a word with you, and you are now
brothers?...don't ask. And he does give you the second spiritual stone, so now
it is off to the great fairy fountain, and make sure that your Hylian shield is
read and equipped.

| Great Fairy Fountain |
Yep, now you are going to be glad that you took the time to go to Hyrule Market
to get the shield now aren't you!! Ok, on your way to the Great Fairy Fountain,
and by the way the Great Fairy Fountain is not the one with the Boulder on top
and the cow down there, that is just a normal Fairy Fountain. To get to the
great one, first you will have to use bombs to get rid of all the boulders in
your way on the stepping stones, and then you will just have to make it through
showers of ton weighing boulders! Actually that is why you got the Hylian
shield, you see young Link is to small to hold it up with one arm like he does
with the Deku Shield, so he crouchs down and holds It over his head. On your
way to the Great Fairy Fountain, there will be massive showers of huge boulders
that you will have to block with the Hylian Shield. Just wait it out until they
are all stopped falling, because they are unavoidable. Now, once you get to the
Great Fairy Fountain, she has a great surprise for you. She will talk to you
for a few seconds and then grant you the Magic Spin Attack! This is the green
magic meter that when you hold B down, your sword will gather magic power and
when you let go of B, it is all unleashed in a massive spinning attack. Now
once you start to go down and leave the Fairy Fountain, the Owl will be there
and give you a ride down, what a swell guy. Now that you have a little more
time in Kakariko, you might want to do a little bit more exploring around...

| Zora's River/Domain/Fountain |
Ok, come through the passage way into Zora's domain, and might want to buy a
magic bean or two from the salesman. Now, make your way up through the twisting
area, after you have used the chicken to glide across the river to the opposite
bank. Now, you will come to the waterfall, and read the inscription, which says
that the waterfall only sleep when the king does, so to show your Royal
connection, play Zelda's lullaby while standing on the platform, then the
waterfall will slack up a lot. Now you can jump through into the little
passage, and you are inside Zora's Domain, this is a very cool looking place by
the way. Now, make your way up the spiral ramp and play the diving game for and
if you win, which you should, you will win a prize (the silver scale). Now that
you have the silver scale, you need to go down into the giant pool where you
doe into, and then go to the right side and catch a small fish in an empty
bottle, so I hope that you have one. You are going to need it to get into
Jabu-Jabu. Ok, now you are going to want to make your way to Lake Hylia,
through the portal in the middle of the giant pool you dove into. Before you
leave you might want to go to the market, but it is a lot cheaper to just catch
the fish yourself. Now, go to Lake Hylia, its time to find Princess Ruto for
King Zora!

| Lake Hylia |
Lake Hylia is kind of an interesting place, very laid back. So your main
purpose here is to find the bottle that Princess Ruto dropped behind when she
got stuck inside Jabu-Jabu. It should be right in front of where you come out
of the warp. Now, to dive down that deep you need to have played the diving
game at Zora's Domain, so that you can get the Silver Scale. Now once you have
the bottle, it isn't going to hurt anyone if you go fishing for a while, so you
might as well just do it while you are here, because you won't be coming back
for a while. So go over to the building up on the ledge on the other side of
the smaller section of the lake, with the little fishing emblem on the wall. Go
inside and talk to the owner of the pond, talk to him and then pay him the
rupees, and he will give you a fishing pole and a top water fishing lure. Now,
go over where you see log sticking out of the water, here is where the fish you
need to catch is. A lot of people try to get the sinking lure, but it really
doesn't matter until you are an adult, because you will most likely end up just
catching a ton of little ones, where if you use the floating plug, they wont
hit it, only the larger ones will go for it. Another question people ask is the
Loach, as it has been called. It is that huge Brown Fish you see every once in
a while as an adult. I have yet to catch it, but if I do I will add a section
on how to do it. Now, once you are out standing on the log, cast the poll a
little more to the left side, you should see the lilly pads and the poles
sticking out of the water, try to get right in that area, and then when you
reel it in, you should see a very large fish right hear where you are standing,
that is the one you need to catch, it weighs 10 Lbs. Now that you have caught
it take it to the guy at the booth and he will give you a heart piece. Now go
back out of the pond and make your way back to Zora's Domain using the passage
you came through.

| Inside Jabu-Jabu |
Now, you have the message in a bottle, so you want to go back to the throne
room where King Zora is and show him the message, he will talk to you a bit and
then say how your going to get her out, and then he allows you to go through
the little passage under his seat. You cannot get through it by jumping up, you
have to take the little side hallway to the right, and then you just make your
way out to where Jabu-Jabu is. Once you get near him you are going to have to
stand in front of him and then drop the fish you caught in the bottle on the
ground andn he will suck you both into his fat stomach. Once you get inside,
beware so the bubbles don't do you any harm. Now, once you get to where the
altitude of his throat changes, two seed shooting creatures will pop up, use
the Z targeting to take them out quick, you don't have time for this crap! Now,
use the slingshot, to shoot the little green marker on the roof and the door
will open. Now make your way into the next room. Now pass through this room,
not worrying about enemies in it, and do not worry about the crates either. Ok,
now you will come to a room with a bunch of pits, or sink holes or whatever you
want to call them. So, now you will also see Princess Ruto there, now go over
and talk to her. She is a very picky person and decides she doesn't need your
help, so she goes and falls down a hole! Now jump in there after her. Now that
you are down next to her again, she will allow you the honor of carrying her
all around Jabu-Jabu! Now, the main part of this until you get the boss of the
level is to kill the tentacles that are in the rooms, but this is going to take
a while because Ruto has a problem with being left alone, but you have to leave
her sometimes to go into the next room, because she needs to hold own the
switch. If you come out of a room and she is not where you left her on the
switch, she has gone back to the room with the sink holes, so just go and get
her. Ok, go into the first room, the one on the far right. Now go in there and
defeat all the enemies, then you can open the chest and get the Boomerang,
which is a crucial item for you to even come close to defeating this part of
the game. Now go through the different rooms, going back to get Ruto if
necessary, and killing all of the tentacles and collecting the other 2 items.
Now go back to the room with all the holes once all the tentacles are gone and
you will notice a new hole in the floor where the tentacly was when you first
came into this room. Now jump down the hole where it used to be, it should be
the same position hole, just on the opposite side of where you found Ruto. Now,
you will have to throw Ruto up to the spiritual stone of water, because you
have fallen into its chamber of keeping. But now what!? You get to fight a
stupid miniature octopus, and don't think that this is the boss of the level
either. After you have defeated this little pest, you are going to get a piece
of the real boss of the level. Ok, now get back to the room where the two
crates are and use them to keep the switch down so you can enter the next door,
because now there is a ledge you can get across on. Now, go in and kill the
flying creatures as well as the Skulltulas. You will climb up to where you see
a green switch but you can't hit it, it is protected by glass. Lock onto it
with the boomerang and move back, then throw and hit it, now you can enter the
next room, and get a piece of Barinade!

- Barinade -
Ok, this is actually a pretty tough boss, much harder than what you faced in
the Dodongos cavern. Ok, he is going to be spinning around, so you need to lock
onto the separate tentacles and hit them with the boomerang. This doesn't mean
that you can stop running, he can shoot a ton of brown junk at you and it give
quite a shock, so be ready to feint or parry out of the way of a blast. Once
you get him down enough he will switch his attacks, and just start spinning and
chasing you like a saw blade. You are going to have to pick of the tentacles
and avoid them at the same time, as well as get hit in on him. If you can hit
him with the boomerang it will stun him, and then you go in and knock him up
with your sword, this will do some damage. Then you basically just keep
repeating this process, this boss is not easy, but if you just go with the flow
it will be simpler, do what you have to do to survive. Now once you have killed
him, go into the blue portal and you will talk to Ruto and she will give you
the stone and no has a little crush on Link, but he manages to get away from
her. Now it is time to head to Hyrule Castle, because you have all 3 spiritual

| Temple of Time |
After you have escaped from Jabu-Jabu's stomach, you need to go to Hyrule
Castle to give Princess Zelda the stones like you told her you would the first
time you spoke with her. But when you get close enough to the castle entrance,
a scene will embark, and you will see Impa and Zelda racing out of the castle,
and she will give you a look of great fear. Then shortly after you will see
Ganondorf riding after them on another horse, and he will stop and ask you if
you saw where they went. Now, being the hero of time and all, Link decides he
is going to make sure Zelda escapes, so he does no speak to Ganondorf, but when
he unsheathes his sword, Ganondorf knocks him to the ground with a flash of
light and then when you wake up they are gone. Now go over to the river where
you saw the item being thrown into the water, and dive down after it, it is the
Ocarina of Time! Now that you have it, you will be taught the Song of Time. Now
once you are in the Temple of Time in Hyrule Market, play this song when you
get onto the pedestal and then the wall of time which for centuries has been
the safehold for the Master Sword created by the sages, and then you will learn
of Zelda's flee from the castle, and pull the Master Sword out of the stone and
then when you awake, you are in an odd place. You will be awakened by Navi, and
then you will talk to the sage Roura about what has happened to you. Links
sould was sealed here because he was not yet old enough to become the hero of
time, even though he was the rightful wielder of the Master Sword, but now 7
years later he is old enough, and now he must free the rest of the Sages, and
then defeat the ultimate Evil Ganondorf, who has taken over much of Hyrule, no
it is time to go on your journey, and do not be shocked at the evil which has
over taken Hyrule either!

| Lon Lon Ranch |
Ok, now that you are an adult it is time to go back to the Lon Lon Ranch and
get what is rightfully yours from the evil Ingo. When you get there you will
find out that Talon was thrown out of the ranch by Ganondorf and Ingo was put
in charge, and if Malon tries to defy him he will mistreat the horses. So, now
go out to the pasture during the daytime, and talk to Ingo and tell him yes
that you do want to ride on of the horses. Now, once you get into the stable be
ready to play Epona's song, and she will come to you once your timer starts,
get on her and go over to him and speak to him, he will make you a little bet.
Agree to his terms and then when you are racing him, make sure to try to
scatter your use of the karrots only to when he used them, and then use the
last to surge past him. He always gets a little bit of a fast start, but if you
take the inside of the track you can catch him pretty easily. Now that you have
beaten him in the race once, he will get very upset and challenge you to
another all or nothing race, and if you win you get to keep Epona! So when the
race starts, just play it smooth like you did last time and you should be ok.
Now if you win the next race, and you should, he will get very upset and throw
a tantrum, then give you Epona, bu the has one little catch, he says you can
never leave the ranch?! Yah right, who does Ingo think he is messing with, so
just gallop around the track and then use your carrots to jump over the gate,
then you are free to do what you like, and now our travels will be much easier,
and faster because of Epona.

| Kakriko Village |
Ok, Sheik told you that you needed to learn a new skill if you wanted to save
the forest girl, and of course the forest girl is Saria. So, go to Kakariko
village and head into the graveyard, because it is time to get the hookshot,
before you go to the Forest Temple. Now go to the left side of the graveyard
when you enter it and pull on the grave in the farthest left corner, and you
will hear the sound FX for when you uncover a secret. Jump down into the little
hole and when you get there you will be in Dampe's the grave, you remember the
old grave keeper from 7 years ago. He is going to talk to you, and then you
have to race him. You are going to have to keep up right behind and watch out
for the fire he throws down, because if you get to far behind you will not know
which way to go. Now that you are at the end, talk to him and he will give the
hookshot to you as a reward for being so fast. Now you will exit into a really
small room and play the song of time to open the little door. Now head out and
into the next area which is the back entrance to the windmill. Now wait for the
board to come around and jump on it, then jump off onto the little ledge that
has the heart container on it. Jump down and talk to the music guy. He will
talk to you about how 7 years ago that Ocarina kid screwed everything up, so
then show him the Ocarina and he will talk to you then teach you the Song of
Storms! Now you can cause it to rain or stop raining, pretty cool heh! Now go
to Kokiri Forest and when you get there you will be a little bit surprised by
whats there.

| Forest Temple |
Now that you are back in Kokiri Forest you will notice some of the things that
I said you would not be expecting. One of which you might have already noticed
is the huge Deku Flower right at the entrance, so enter the village with
caution. Now these are scattered all over the place, as well as Deku Scrubs and
those creatures in the water that shoot deku seeds. Now, you need to get to the
lost woods, but make sure you have a full supply of bombs before you try to go
into there, because it is a little different in the sacred meadow maze than it
used to be. Now that you have made it through half of the lost woods, you will
have to play Saria's song for Mido or he will not let you through. Now, finsish
going through the tunnels, and then once you get into the meadow, enter with
caution in the maze. Every other corner, there will be an enormous ogre guard
with a lance, so you better run if he starts to charge at you, wait until they
start to walk away, then throw a bomb right next to them, and they will be
destroyed. Now that you have made it all the way through the maze past the
ogres, go up the ladder behind the pathway and go into the fairy fountain. If
you have Lon Lon Milk or Poes, just get rid of them, and fill all of your
bottles up with Fairies! They will restore you completely. Now proceed to the
pathway and destroy the huge hammer guy, then make you way to where you used to
talk to Saria. Stand on the stump and shoot the hookshot up to the tree branch
over hanging the temple ledge and then enter the temple. But, before you do
that, you will be taught the Minuet of the forest from Sheik. Now once you get
up to the door, or rather the front steps 2 wolves will appear, and you will
have to kill them, but don't worry they only came at you in single attacks. Now
once you are in you will have to kill a large skulltula and then just keep
going into the next door. Go up the stair behind where you watched the Poes do
that scene with the torches and then you will have to kill a Blue Bubble, to go
to the next room where you must then kill 2 large warriors to make the door
reopen and a chest will also appear, you know have 1 of the small keys. Now go
back out and then go to the next unchained door and use the song of time to
open it up, you'll have to kill the flower inside. Now climb up the stairs,
kill the Blue Bubble, and then get the map out of the chest in there. Go out
the next door, careful of the small flower outside, then use the hookshot to
shoot the mark that is over the balcony to the forward left, now step on that
switch and you will lower the water level in the well you saw on the way in.
Now go down into the well and open the chest at the end of the corridor, and
you will get the second small key. Now go back to the room with the torches and
open the door on the left, and kill the Skulltula. Now go up the ladders after
killing the blue bubble. Follow the arrows, using the blocks to stack on the
lowered section, and then using them to climb. Eventually you will end up in a
room with floating platforms and a very fancy looking chest in the wall. You
will also see a ladder on the wall, but you have to be quick, because of the
monsters that will come down and kill you. Just forget about those for a while
and keep going to where you reach the room where the warrior guy comes out and
you kill him and then there will be another as well, then you will be rewarded
with the Fairy Bow! Ok, now start to make your way back from the way you got
there, and shoot the ghosts, after the third on, go to the room where got the
bow you will kill the one and get a key from it. Go back to the torch room
killing the next ghost, the compass does not really matter but that is your
reward for killing it. Go to the hazy room and shoot the eye marker then you
will need to get the key from the chest, then go into the hole, carefully,
because you will have to kill the 2 enemies there. After you have killed all
the enemies in the area you will receive another key. Make your way back
through the block room, through the haze room and then shoot the eye marker to
set the room back how it used to be. Now go all the way up until you reach a
room with spinning floating platforms. Use the torch to make the arrow catch on
fire and hit the marker all at one time as you shoot it. Then go back out into
the room you were in before which should have been a hazy(twist) room. Go into
the hole opening that is now there and use the blocks to make the ghost appear,
kill it, and now the next door will be allowed to pass through, so fight the
next ghost, and after you kill it. Use the torches to make the elevator come
back into service and then in the next room get all the switches and then it is
time to fight Ghost Ganon and he is not really that hard, he isnt even really a
Boss like the others, but anyways after you fight him, if you win, Saria is now
freed. Ok, now it is time to go and talk to Sheik again to find out what you
need to do next because he told you to come to the Forest temple. He will show
you how to switch between Young and Future Links, and you will now learn the
prelude of light from him. The next temple that you must face is the Fire
temple located in Death Mountain Crater.

| Goron City |
Ok, now that you are back in the Goron City, which has been deserted by the way
except for the company of one Lone Goron, who is Link, Darunias son. Now, all
you have to do to make him stop rolling is throw a bomb in front of him and he
will stop. He is all upset so you will have to talk him down, then he will take
you into the store room, where you can stock up on supplies, as well as you
receiving the Goron Tunic, which will allow you to withstand extreme heat and
temperatures like in the Death Mountain Crater. Now pull away the statue, and
you will be in view of a passage into the Death Mountain Crater. Enter it.

| Death Mountain Crater |
Ok, this is very simple, but just make sure you are wearing the Goron Tunic, so
that you don't get all burned up. Now once you get into the Death Mountain
Crater, make your way over to the bridge so that you can use the hookshot to
get across to the other side. Now that you are their, the magician Sheik will
appear andit is time for you to learn a new tune on your Ocarina, this one is
called the Bolero of Fire. Once you have learned how to play it, he will do
that thing where he throws down a capsule, it flares and he is gone. Now just
head down through the stone hingeway and you are now officially in the Fire

| Fire Temple |
Ok, once you are in the fire temple you are going to have to set off the switch
to free the entrapped Goron there. Now make your way across the bridge and use
a bomb on the wall that appears a different color from the rest. Now make your
way to the left so that you can talk to the Goron, then get over to the other
side of the lava river (jump) and then climb up and over the fence. Now what
you need to do is use the block to cover up the hole and then to get on top of
it. Now you will be climbing up the side of the ledge where the next trapped
Goron is. To get through all the fire, all you have to do is use a bomb then
you can cross to the next side. Now once again go to the left and then talk to
the Goron, he will give you a key. Make it into the next room, and shoot the
eyeball thing, then you can get the treasure chest. Get across the room, and
then exit out of the last door. Use a bomb on the crack, and then you will be
ready to talk to another Goron. Jump up to the next door, and have your guard
up, because there are invisible fireballs in the next vicenity. Now you can get
to the compass by going into the door on the right side and retrieving it from
the treasure box. Now make your way back to the main room of the temple, and
this time go to the door on the left, and then set off the switch inside. You
will have to use a bomb o get into the next area. Once again, when you are in
the next area, jump over the fence and then use another bomb to calm the fire
long enough to get across. Now go up the stairs, and in the room will be a
chest which is containing the Megaton hammer, this is one cool item. Hit the
block with your newly acquired hammer and you will begin to descend. Once in
the next area, hit the statue/block to make it form into a stairway that you
will then go up into the next room, and then use the hammer on the switch in
there as well. Now play the song of time at the block, that is like the one
that was in Dampe's grave the first time you were there. Hit the switch inside
the next area and another Goron will appear, then exit that room and hit the
block again to descend. Go back to that first room of the temple and hit the
statue with the hammer, then go to the next area and defeat all of the enemies
that are in there. Destroy the fire creature after passing through and then you
will see another Goron and get another key from the box, after using the hammer
on the switch. Now go back to where you fell through earlier in the level, and
you are ready to fight with the boss of the temple, Volvagia.

| Ice Cavern |
Once you are in here the first thing you are going to want to do is take out
the ice shooting statues because they are a real pain in your backside. Go into
the next area and get all of the rupees, and be on your guard so you don't get
hit by the blade that is flying around in there, once they are all collected, a
door will open. Now, once in the next room, you can fill your bottles up with
the coveted blue fire after you have cleared the room of all enemies. Use the
blue fire to open the chest, by melting the ice and you will receive the map.
Now, go back out the way you came, and make sure to get a refill on your blue
fire. Now melt the other wall of the room with the blade room with the blue
fire so you can pass through. Now in the next room you will receive a compass
and the heart piece. Go back and melt the ice on the right side of the walls in
the blade room and then push the block so that you can get all of the rupees.
Once you have all of them, climb up the block and exit the area, make sure you
have the blue fire.
Now use the blue fire to get King Zora out of the red ice and you are ready to
go to Lake Hylia.

| Lake Hylia |
Back at Lake Hylia it is time to go fishing again. Accept this time you are a
little bigger than last time, and that means the fish will be bigger also. Now,
do the normal routine and pay for your equipment, accept this time you are not
going to be using the normal top water fishing lure. Start at one end and make
your way all the way across the weedline, and eventually you will find the
sinking lure. Sometimes it is in the rocks to, you just have to search the
area. Now your fishing will be much better, and when you get one that says it's
a real lunker, take it to the guy and he will give the prize. Now you are ready
to go outside the fishing pond and enter the water temple, which is in the
stone passage submerged in the water, you probably remember from when you were
exploring to find the note that Ruto had left behind when you were a child.

| Water Temple |
Go to the main room of the temple, which can be done b discarding the iron
boots, the door you need to enter is on the right side. Follow Ruto to the top
of the water, and you can use Zelda's lullaby to change the waters level.
Defeat all of the enemies inside the door and get the chest. Now make your way
back and jump down into the big hole, not this again, don't you remember the
last time you were with Ruto, all the holes in Jabu-Jabu! Use Dins Fire to
light up the 2 torches at the same time then you will be able to enter the next
room and kill all of the enemies in there. Go all the way through into the next
room and discard of the claw creature, and then you can get the treasure chest.
Go to the room which contains the large main room and climb up into the block
and then down into the hole. Again, sink down into the hole by using the iron
boots, go through and then come back up hitting the diamond switch. Now go
through into the next door on the other side. Hit the switch and then you need
to get up to the gate. Go through the very first large room you were in and use
the hookshot to get into the secret passage, using the diamond switch inside.
Go back to the very first room, same as before and go into the door next to the
large pillar.
Raise the water level and make your way through the tunnel and then in the next
area, push the red block into position, then once again return to the main room
of the level. Get into the room with the waterfalls and then make your way down
onto the last platform. You will have to use the hookshot to get across to the
next door, then raise the water level and get back across over to where the
statue is. Lower the level again and then get back across over to the platform,
then get to the other side of the statue, so when you raise the water, the
statue and you will go with it. Go through the spikes, and you will have to
fight Dark Link, once he is dead enter on the opposite sided door. Now you will
get the longshot out of the chest and play the song of time to the block. You
should fall down into the river through the hole and then go back to the main
room again. Shoot the eyeball switch which will let you pass into the next
room, where you can use the blocks to pass to the next area. Go back to the
main room, and then enter the passage and kill all of the enemies, then you
will have to get across the river. Bomb the walls so you can get into the
tunnel which contains the large block. The block is used to keep down the
switch, and then go into the door then down the right way. Get the chest and
then go back to the main room, leave the room with the water level changes and
now it is time to fight with Morphia, the demon ruler of the water temple.

| Shadow Temple |
First off, to even enter the actual temple, you are going to have to light all
of the torches. Once you are in, use the lens of truth after you have gotten
across the huge hole. Go through the wall in the next room after killing all of
the enemies. A chest will appear and you can get the map of the dungeon out of
it. Now once you are in the next room you will have to use the lense of truth
to get through another path. Now defeat the enemies and get the hover boots out
of chest. These will be very useful to you a little later in the game. Use the
hover boots to clear the large area and then enter into the next door. Get
through the next false wall and kill the enemy in the next door. After you get
all of the rupees blow up the wall on the left side of the next room. Avoid all
of the skulltulas and then you will be able to get to the next platform. Get
all of the silver rupees, and then use the lense of truth to pull the block out
and climb it and use the falling as a bridge across. Now you will need to enter
the door on the left using the lense of truth. Go onto the platform, making
sure to get all of the rupees and then get into the next room. Now go up the
stairs and detonate the skull thing to get the key. Use the lense of truth and
longshot over to the next door. Kill all of the enemies in the next room and
get the rupees out of the chest, and then use the lense of truth to get the
hidden one. Use the block to get onto the ladder and then make your way onto
the boat. Then get onto the bank when seen and use the lense to get through the
maze. After you have obtained the key, use Dins fire to get through the wooden
walls, Find the statue with bombs, and shoot them, then they will detonate and
make a bridge. Fight with Bongo Bongo, then your done with this section temple.

| Spirit Temple |
Ok there are 2 parts to the spirit temple so here is the one where you play as
young Link, before he got the ability to travel through time. Go up the stairs
and enter the tunnel and kill all the enemies. Then enter the door and kill all
the enemies, then you will need to hit the switch. Drop down the fence with a
boomerang and then get across. Use the fire attach to kill all the monsters and
light the torches in the next area, a chest will come, open it and then get all
the rupees. Now go into the opposite sided door. GO back through the previous
tunnel and kill all the skulltulas after entering the next door. Blow up the
rock and then enter the door that will show up in its place, Kill all the
enemies inside and get all the rupees. Light all the torches and then go to the
sun block. In the next room, kill all of the enemies and then keep going up the
stairs. Then get the gauntlets from the chest, and you need to give them to
Nabouru, but she has been caught, so now it is time to come back as an adult
(just re pull the master sword). Go up the stairs and push the block. Kill all
the enemies after the room, hit the switch and kill the enemies. Play the
Zeldas lullaby and a chest will appear. Go to the door on the other side and
use the mirror to reflect the light. Go through the door and then up the
stairs, Play the lullaby to get the chest and then go to the next door. Kill
all the enemies and then use the statue to keep down the switch. Go up the
stairs and enter the door, then get the chest. Go back down to the room with
the switches and the statue, use the shield to reflect and open the door with
the mirror shield. Play the lullaby to enter the next door, and shoot the
eyeball, then get across to the block. Go back into the other room and go to
the door on the right, now it is time to face, the boss of the spirit temple.

| Temple of Time |
Ok, now that you are in the temple of time, you are going to be a little
surprised if no one has told you how the game ends. You will be confronted by
Sheik, or the person who claims to be Sheik. You will converse and then he will
tell you about the pieces of the triforce, how they were concieved, and how
when Ganon touched it, they split to three. Now Ganon has the triforce of
power, Link has the section of courage and the last triforce piece of wisdom,
belongs to the one who was meant to be the leader of them all! But Ganon was
not happy with only 1 piece so he started hunting for the other to be sages and
locking them, but now that you are here, his dark reign shall come to an end.
Now Sheik will draw up his arm and the triforce symbol on the back of his hand
will flash and it is really Princess Zelda! She has been hiding from Ganon with
that disquise for 7 years now, and she thought she was safe enough to tell you.
But, then there is a rumbling and Ganon locks her up in the Pink crystal which
Link cannot free her from. Then he tells you if you ever want to free her again
to go to his castle, so that is what you must do now, your duty as the hero of
time is to be used. So gather your hearts, if you need any, and make your way
to Ganon's lair.

| Ganon's Castle |

Make sure you beat every single temple. The story sequence follows, you must
make your way to Ganon's Castle after what happens in the Temple of Time. You
will also receive the Light Arrow. Go near the steps at Gannon's Castle the
Sages will create a rainbow bridge for you. Keep in mind later that east of you
is a big rock column that has a moon crescent symbol.

As you enter and walk down the blue carpeted stairs. You will spot two
Beamos(One eyed,laser firing thingie). You can just run then roll past them and
quickly open the door. Upon entering that door you will see a huge entrance
some kind of barrier covering it. You must destroy the Fire, Water, Forest,
Shadow, and Desert Barrier to advance. Oh btw somewhere downstairs is a place
you can catch Fairies. Comes in handy when you are in trouble be wary of the
Business Scrubs in there. Just reflect the Deku Nuts they shoot at you with
Hylian Shield. The Mirror Shield is too strong and will crack them to pieces.
almost forgot, it doesn't really matter which barrier you conquer first. BUT!!
But, you have to beat the Shadow Barrier first before the Fire Barrier. You
can't beat the Fire Barrier w/o the Golden Gauntlets that are found in the
Shadow Barrier.

Forest Barrier

Objective : Light all torches.

This one is pretty simple. Destroy all the Keeses. Just light all the torches
and a treasure chest with a key inside it will drop down. You can use either
Din's Fire or Fire Arrows. Remember there are 5 unlit torches : Four on the
carpeted octagon and one on top of the locked door.

Objective : Get all the white rupees to open barred door.

In the next room is the real challenge. In the distance you see a hookshot
target and two fans beside it. If you turn around you see two other fans. Turn
back to your original position and you spot a Beamos. Go to your Equipment
Screen and choose the Hover Boots. Wait until the left fan(the one behind you
turns on and then run across to the left platform). The air from it carries you
across. Now take out the Beamos with a Bomb. Just Z-target it and throw. Wait
until the fan in front of you dies off then run. Step on the switch this
activates a hookshot column. Use it to get back to the entrance. Now that you
are back at the entrance run across to the right platform. Using the same way
you got to the left platform. Dash towards the center column and then dash to
the steps. Climb the steps and open the door. In this room you will find the
Forest Barrier, its covered in green electricity. Don't touch it! It shocks
Aim and fire one of your Light Arrows. You will release Saria. You will then
zoomed back to the outside of the Forest Barrier Room Entrance.

Water(Ice) Barrier

Link animation : Let Link just stand there and he will begin to sneeze.

Objective : Get Blue Fire or Flame.

In front of you is the blue flame surrounded by lots of ice stalagmites.(Rock
formations formed from the ground or ice spiky thing) Run to it and destroy
to get to the blue flame and store it in one of your bottles. Avoid the falling
ice stalactites(Rock formations formed and hang from the ceiling or hanging ice
spiky thing). After collecting the blue flame. Open the left treasure chest. It
has the key. Do not open the right one or you will get a ' freezing ' surprise.
Open the door.

Objective : Solve Puzzle within 2 minutes and melt Red Ice.

You have 2 minutes to complete this puzzle. First, go to the ice block farthest
from you. Push that block from the left side to the ice rock. Go behind it and
push it forwards. This will make the ice block fall into hole and stay in its
place. Go back to the where you started. Move the second ice block from the
side and push it to the right unto the ice rock. Go to the right side of the
block and push it forward. This ice block will work as a step for Link. Climb
the ice block and then the platform. Take out the blue flame to melt the red
ice. Just hit the switch and the iron bars will be removed. Go through the door
that you just unblocked and find the Water(Ice)Barrier. Shoot it with your
Arrow and Princess Ruto will be freed. Commence Zooming!

Note : If you mess up on this puzzle just exit the room and reenter it. The
clock resets.

Desert Barrier

Objective : Grab all the white rupees.

As soon as you enter, be very cautious of the moving spikes. Destroy the Beamos
right in front of you with a Bombchu or a Bomb so he will not get in your way.
To get one of the white rupees from the spike's path just pull one of the
statues back so you have enough time to collect it and avoid being hit. By
collecting the last white rupee the iron bars will be removed from the door.

Objective : Reflect the sunlight beam to the correct sun icon.

In the next room are two Torch Slugs. Just Z-target them and hit them with your
hookshot to paralyze them. Commencing hacking away. Or just use the Biggoron
Sword. ;) Hit the switch with a Bombchu. A treasure chest will drop down. Open
it and get the key. Open the door. Hit the other switch. A treasure chest will
drop down. I forget if you get frozen or get a rupee from it. Advance towards
the next room. Now look up and look for a breakable hole. Take out your arrow
and shoot it. sunlight should come down. Stand in the sunlight and use your
Mirror Shield(Hold R and move the analog stick down )to reflect the sunlight
beam into one of the sun icons. The correct sun icon to hit with the sunlight
beam is the one that is left of you as soon as you enter the room. Reflecting
the other beams makes Wallmasters fall(Evil Hand that homes in on your shadow
and grabs. It places you at the huge entrance of a pathway blocked by a
barrier). Reflecting the right sun icon opens the door. Go through it. The
Desert Barrier should be in front of you. Shoot a Light Arrow towards it to

Shadow Barrier

Objective : Collect Golden Gauntlets.

Use your Long Shot to get to the Treasure Chest on your left. I don't sure if
this Treasure Chest had a rupee or a freezing surprise in it. Use your Long
on the target above the entrance to get back. To the right of you is an unlit
torch. Aim at it with your Long Shot. Target the torch with the red dot and
out your Fire Arrow and shoot. This will light up the torch and make blocks so
you can get over to the platform in the distance. Defeat the Like Like on the
platform before he eats up your tunic and shield. Now turn around and use the
Fire Arrow to light the torch again. This creates another set of steps in front
of you to make it to the next platform. Use this time to immediately go unto
other set of steps that lead down to a switch. Stepping on this switch will
down a Big Treasure Chest containing the Golden Gauntlets. The Golden Gauntlets
will make you able to lift up huge stone pillars with moon crescents on them.
Now, use your Lens of Truth to see a path made of glass towards a switch on the
left. Step on that one and the iron bars will be removed. Go back unto the
platform you got your Golden Gauntlets from. Use Lens of Truth and follow the
path. There is gap between the path. I'd suggest just hovering over it with
Hover Boots. Open the door and you will now see the Shadow Barrier. Shoot it
with your Light Arrow. Impa will now be freed. Cue the zooming.

Fire Barrier

Link Animation : He wipes his forehead because of the intense heat.

Objective : Collect White Rupees to open barred door.

Upon entering you should already have the Goron Tunic. Otherwise Navi will you
that its too hot to be in this room and will have 2:20 to complete it. Collect
the white rupees in any order you want. But remember the White Rupee that is
place way out of reach cannot be collected until you have used your Golden
Gauntlets on the stone column with a moon crescent in the room. When he lifts
he uncovers a hidden white rupee and throws the column to the direction of that
out of reach white rupee, making a platform. Use your Long Shot to get across
the Lava Lake and enter the door. You will find the Fire Barrier. Just shoot it
with your Light Arrow. King Darun will now be freed. The Zooms... The Zooms...
The Zooms. heh

Sun Barrier

Objective : Defeat Enemies and find key.

First of all, you need to remove the stone pillar in front of it with your
Golden Gauntlets. If I remember correctly, the key is in one of the outter
chests. The middle freezes you. I think. Just kill all enemies and open all
chests. :) You can always get more Fairies in that room I mentioned at the
beginning of this walkthru. Open the locked door and enter.

Objective : Grab key.

Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol and a treasure chest will drop.
the key and open the door.

Objective : Collect all the white rupees to open barred door.

You have approximately 1 minute to grab all the white rupees in the room.
Look up and use the Hook or Long Shot target to see some alcoves containing
white rupees. Avoid the boulders at all costs. They will just slow you down.
Make yourself into the next room. You will spot the Sun Barrier. Shoot your
Light Arrow at it to free Rauru. Zoom, baby baby baby Zoom Zoom! You have to
give me luvin'.. sorry.. K7 bootleg song. :_

Great! You've made it out alive. Now go to the huge entrance that was once
covered by the barriers. Reminder! Do not continue further until you have
the Stone Pillar outside of Ganon's Castle! This is very vital for you to

In this next room you can do either one of the following. Kill the Keeses(Bats
that light on fire.. very very bad) or just avoid them and run for the door.
Pretty simple room. Defeat the Stalfos and Dynalfos to opened the barred door.
Continue up the stairs. Open the door and kill off the Stalfos and Dynaflos to
make a huge, blue treasure chest appear. It contains the boss key. Open the
and continue up the staircase. In this room you will have to have face two Iron
Knuckles. One is in black armor, the other in silver. Hit them to make them
move. After you defeat them open the door. Continue up another staircase. You
will enter in a room full of pots. Do not hit any of them. You will find out
soon. The column is also climbable but its blocked. Just make your way towards
the other door on your right. Continue up the staircase, while hearing the
played by an organ. Trust me this is the last staircase. :) Open the door with
the Boss Key.

Boss Section

WARNING! Do not read what is below this if you don't want to stay ruined. Just
shield your eyes or something.

Upon entering, Link will be surprised. Zelda is shown stuck in a pink diamond-
shaped confinment. Link looks at his hand and the Triforce of
Courage shines. Zelda looks at her hand and the Triforce of Wisdom shinses.
Ganondorf will stop playing the organ to speak to you.

Ganondorf : " The Triforce parts are resonating... They are combining into one
again... The two Triforce parts that I could not capture on that day seven
ago... I didn't expect they would be hidden within you two! "

:: Ganondorf laughs ::

Ganondorf : " And now, finally, all the Triforce parts have gathered here! "

:: Ganondorf turns around and throws back his cape ::

Ganondorf : " These toys are too much for you! "

:: Ganondorf clenches his fist and the Triforce of Power shines ::

Ganondorf : " I command you to return them to me! "

Ganondorf then creates a vortex of pure evil.

Navi : " Link! I can't help you! Because of the waves of darkness. I can't get
close. I'm sorry Link! "

Ganondorf gets rid of the organ and Zelda in the room. He starts floatingin the
air. You now come face-to-face with....

Great King Of Evil : GANONDORF

Run to a wall because Ganondorf will do a quake punch and cause the blocks in
the center to fall down. Remember the room with the pots? Thats what is below
you if you fall. Now then unto how to defeat him. Turn around and have a good
camera and choose a spot so you can easily jump across or hover across.
Ganondorf will then create an energy sphere from the lightning he collects. He
will then toss it at you. Swing it back to him with your Master Sword. If you
can do it with the Biggorn Sword... thats cool,too. The Master Sword is more
reliable. When you swing back the sphere at Ganondorf he will reflect it back
you with his cape. Keep swinging it back and forth, until it finally connects
and hits him. Now! As fast as you can take out your Light Arrow, aim and FIRE!
The shot has to be just right or else he will break the Light Arrow's hold and
start attacking again. Ganondorf will be stunned and fall onto the center
platform. Here's your chance. Pause and go to the equipment screen. Change to
the Biggorn Sword. Link will still have the Bow in his grasp. Press Z, this
target him and press Z again to get rid of it. Make your way across the gap to
the center platform. Press Z to target him and start hacking away. After a few
hits, he will then float back into the air. Run to a platform and switch back
the Master Sword. You can also use the Hover Boots to make it safely back to a
platform. Repeat process until dead. You can tell how much damage Ganondorf has
accumulated by looking at his cape. It starts to deteoriate. Oh yea, almost
forgot you have to beat him quickly otherwise he will make more floor pieces
fall. Plus, he will create a black vortex surrounded with green energy and
4 green lightning spheres at you. :) Its not a very pretty sight. You can do
either one of 3 things : 1.) Escape it by anticipating Ganondorf's yell and run
away and roll to avoid the 4 blasts. 2.) You can charge up your sword with B
then release at the right moment to reflect Ganondorf's 4 spheres right back at
him. 3.) Shoot him with a Light Arrow while he is creating the Black Vortex.
Couple of things here. Take off your Hover Boots they will just slow you down!
Don't even think about using the Mirror Shield, you will still get hit by the
blasts. Hrm... I think you can use your Long Shot to drag yourself unto
Ganondorf after he's been stunned.

After you defeat him he will then drop down on his knees breathing heavily.

Ganondorf : " The Great Evil Ganondorf.. beaten by this kid?! "

:: Ganondorf coughs up some blood ::

Ganondorf : " Link....! "

He goes into a real pissy fit and destroys the whole top of the castle. He then
falls face first on the floor. Princess Zelda floats down and the pink diamond
confinment disappears.

Zelda : " Ganondorf..pitiful man... Without a strong, righteous mind, he could
not control the power of the gods...and...

:: Zelda screams ::

Soon the place starts quaking.

Zelda : " Link listen to me! This tower will collapse soon! With his last
breath, Ganondorf is trying to crush us in the ruins of the tower! We need to
hurry and escape!  Please follow me! "

Do as what the princess tells you and follow her. You have 3 minutes to get out
of the castle. It would be wise to put on your Hover Boots. She can float
across.. you can't w/o the boots. :) Don't try to beat her on the staircase.
Ladies first! Also because she can knock you off the staircase by accident.
Keep in mind, if you get hit by the rocks Zelda will gasp and just stand there.
So avoid getting hit! Soon you will come to a room in which Link looks. Follow
Zelda. She will then be trapped by this column of fire. Two Stalfos appear kill
them off quickly. Zelda will now be freed from the fire.

Zelda : " Thank you Link. Please hurry! "

She drops a few hearts for you to collect. Follow that Princess! You will soon
run down a staircase full of falling debris and rocks covered with fire on the
staircase. Stay clear of them! You will just make her gasp. ;) You will then
appear on a bridge. Kill off the zombie and follow her to the staircase which
leads to the exit. The castle will start to explode and crumble. Very nicely
done I might add. :D

They both look upon the remains of the castle.

Zelda : " Its over...it's finally over... Link... I'm sorry I couldn't help you
in the battle before! "

Suddenly, a loud thud is heard. Zelda gasps. Talk to Zelda she will say...

Zelda : " What is that sound? "

You have to go and check it out. It goes into cut scene. Fire starts surround
the platform you are on. Zelda is blocked out. Ganondorf breaks out of the
rubble. He is very pissed and breathing heavily. His eyes gleaming with anger.
He clenches his fist and the Triforce of Power section shines. He calls upon
the power of the Triforce to change into....


He knocks away your Master Sword towards Zelda. He is a very cool looking boss!
This game is sure to make game of the year, no doubt about it. Perfect blend of
secrets, graphics, and replay value. Music could've been better though in some
places. But the Final Boss Theme is very well done, so is the song played
the credits. I hated the crappy camera angles when fighting Ganondorf!!! Oh..
sorry.. where was I?  Oh yea.. GANON turns into a very cool looking monsterous
form. Pretty huge boss.. he looks as if he's a hybrid of a bull, a wild boar,
and  a minotaur. He holds in one hand a long spear and a sword in the other.

Navi : " There's no way he's going to hold me back again! This time, we fight
together! "

Let the battle of good vs evil begin!

Take off the Hover Boots because they will just slow you down. Now, make sure
you have the Light Arrows ready. Also equip the Biggorn Sword. Z-target him and
fire one of your arrows when his guard is down. This means that none of his
weapons are close to his face. The Light Arrows will stun him for awhile this
your chance to run towards his back and hit his tail with the Biggoron
Sword(Aren't you glad you finished Adult Link's trading? ;) or just use the
Megaton Hammer. That is his weak point. Repeat this process until he drops to
the ground and the fire dies down.

Zelda : " Link! The Master Sword is here. Hurry up!! "

Run to where Zelda is and pick up your Master Sword otherwise GANON will regain
his senses and make the fire start again. You can use Fire or Ice Arrows as
but not as effective. Deku nuts blind him for a very short second. If you run
out of arrows no problem. Let GANON destroy one of the columns with his
The columns will reveal goodies. Two of the columns include magic jars. Trust
you'll need'em. One contains arrows, the other fairies, and finally bombs. If
you do run out use your potions. You did remember to buy ultimate potion from
the old woman in Kakariko Village didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!? Also that stone
pillar outside of Ganon's Castle had a cave behind it. The fairy there made
defense greater. Reducing every hit to half. If you run out of magic no problem
again. Just wait until GANON strikes with one of his weapons and block it with
your shield and roll under him and hit his tail. Or just roll under while he is
about to attack. Here's a neat trick. You can do weapon cancelling. You know
that when you have the Biggoron Sword you can't shield,right? Well that's
partially right. Press any of the C buttons and activate the Long Shot, don't
shoot it! Just take the weapon out with the C button and then press R, instant
shield. Comes in handy. :) After awhile GANON will fall to his knees again.
Zelda will use the last bit of her magic to hold down GANON.

Zelda : " I'm using my power to hold down the Evil King! You use your sword and
deliver the final blow! "

:: Link's Master Sword starts to gleam with power ::

Go near GANON and press B to land the attack. That's it! Enjoy the ending!
next game.

Chapter XI: Character/Monster List

Link: Link is the main character of the game, whether or not you choose to name
him that, but if you do it is more realistic. He is a Kokiri Fairy Boy, but he
was very different than the rest of them, partly because he was chosen by the
Deku tree to save the world. He is always courageous, but still has a softer
side. Once you're an adult, Link is basically a hero/legend for all that he has
done to save the different races (Gorons, Zora's, Kokiri's, etc.)

Saria: She is kind of the unspoken leader of the Kokiri, and she is Links best
childhood friend. She to has an Ocarina, and the bond between the 2 is so great
that ther is even a song so he can always talk to her. Although in the end you
will just have to see for yourself how they end up relationship wise...

Navi: The fairy which was sent to Link by the great Deku Tree. She possesses
magic, although is kind of annoying in the beginning of the game, but you will
get used to her. She cannot help in the battle with Ganondorf because of his
evil waves, but later in the battle, she is of some help to you.

Princess Zelda: The Princess of Hyrule, and another one of Links lady friends.
She first tells him of the evil that is spreading and growing in Hyrule and
with that they will become life long friends. She will even help him out in
disquise later in the game, so be on the lookout!

Impa: Impa is the stern but caring guardian of Princess Zelda, and was born and
raised in Kakariko Village, which she then rebuilt into a nice place. She is
the one who teaches you Zelda's Lullaby, and is constantly at the side of the
Princess giving her aid when needed, she is also one of the only ones who
believed Zelda's dream in the beginning of the game.

Mido: He is the authority figure in a sense of the Kokiri village. He is really
just a mean little kid, but he thinks he is all big and tough, although he
wasn't asked to save the world now was he. Pay no attention to his negative
thoughts, and just keep doing good.

Nabouru: Ah, the thief and another one of Links lady friends. In the end I
think they are pretty good friends, even though they resent eachother at first.
Sh eis not as evil as she seems, and so you give her the silver gauntlets.

Biggoron: He is the guy who gives you Biggorons sword, obviously! He is big but
wouldn't hurt a fly unless it pulled a knife in him. Its kind of funny, how he,
a pleasant nice guy could make the Biggorons sword, but who cares.

Darunia: Big Boss of the Gorons, and he is one strong rock eater. He is the
only Goron who wasn't trying to eat the Red Stone, and gives you a pretty cool
Bracelet so you can lift bombflowers. Although you have to do a little bit of
cheering up and dancing first.

King Zora: Kind of an odd looking guy, although he is very signifigant to you.
After you show him the letter he will allow you to go through the Zora
Fountain, which few other than Zora's have ever done. He also gives you a Zora
Tunic which usually runs for about 300 rupees! What a discount!

Jabu-Jabu: The Lord that the Zora's serve, not sure why, he is pretty
gluttonous. I mean common, he inhaled a minnow? But none the less he is their
god so he must be respected. Remember to enter him you must have a fish though.

Deku Tree: The Deku Tree should be very important to you because he is
basically the caretaker of your people, or at least he was and now the new Deku
Tree will take his place later in the game. Not to mention you went inside of
him to try to save his life, risking your own, only to find it didn't matter.

Skull Kids: I feel kind of bad for them, because they are really nice, just
startle very easy. They will play their instruments with you and then give you
the heart pieces when your done, then you are there friends forever.

Ganondorf: The ultimate evil and scurge of Hyrule, yep you and his pathes will
cross more than once. He holds one of the triforce emblems, but you can still
take him down with the swords you carry. He is of the Gerudu's from the desert
and is a very powerful sorceror as well.

Malon: Malon is the daughter of Talon, the owner of Lon Lon Ranch when you are
a child. She Is responsible for teaching you Epona's song, and gives you the
egg at the castle. Although she seems sweer, apparently she has a streak of
power her father has only seen, he fears her...?

Talon: A big but friendly guy who own Lon Lon Ranch until it is taken over by
Ingo and Ganondorf. He is kind of dumb, but oh well at least he lets you play
the cucco game, and gives you Lon Lon Milk.

Ingo: The evil ranch worker, who when you are a child complains, and then when
you come back as an adult he has taken over the ranch and put Talon to work!
Well, we will just have to see about that won't we, to bad you cant whack him
with the Master Sword a few times.

Princess Ruto: At first she is very conceded towards Link, and gives him th
epleasure of carrying her around Jabu Jabu's stomach, and then she runs away if
you leave her somewhere. But late ron the relationship forms, and when she
grows up she is quite the catch.

Dampe: The distorted gravekeeper, is actually a pretty nice guy. His ghost will
eventually give you the hookshot which is very useful, and you can get a heart
piece on his graveyard digging tour. He is very slow, so be patient when
walking through the graveyard.

Scarecrow: You will meet the scarecrow as a child in Lake Hylia, and when you
play him a song he will never forget it. Then when you get older when you play
your scarecrow song, he will help you in certain places, what a nice guy.

Where  - where you'll see them
Attacks- what actual offensive/defensive attacks they will use
Hits   - number of blows needed to defeat
         If no weapon is specified, number is for Kokiri Sword (Light Age)
         or Master Sword (Dark Age)
Notes  - stuff you should know

Light Age refers to young link, Dark to older link. If you want to discover
all of the little secrets that make this game great, get used to changing
between the two.

3)DAMAGE TABLE (1 = Kokiri Sword)
B            : 1
(R),B        : 1.5
(Z),U or *+A : 2
(Z),U+B      : 1
360+B        : 1 per monster
(B)          : 1 per monster

(before recieving spin attack)
180+B        : ?

B            : 2
(R),B        : 1.5
(Z),U or *+A : 4
(Z),U+B      : 2
(B)          : 2 per monster

B            : 4
(R),B        : 1.5
(Z),U or *+A : 8
(Z),U+B      : 4
(B)          : 4 per monster

C            : 2
(R),C        : 1.5
(Z),U or *+A : 4
(Z),b or f+C : 2
180+C        : 2

HOOKSHOT     : 2
ANY BOMB     : 2
DIN'S FIRE   : 2
ANY ARROW    : 2


Where   : Inside the Deku Tree
Attacks : Hops into you
Hits    : 2
Notes   : Also appears during the boss encounter

Where   : Dodongo's Cavern, Bottom of Well, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple,
          Ganon's Castle, Gerudo Training
Attacks : Homing Beam
Hits    : 1 Bomb
Notes   : Only attacks if the eye sees you, explodes again after hit
          If you don't want to use bombs, use Hookshot or arrows to the eye
          to stun for several seconds!

Where   : Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
          Gerudo Training
Attacks : Sword Slash, Overhead Jump
Hits    : 6
Notes   : Can block and has a high jump, also you can get him to jump off
          Jumping slash only blockable with Mirror Shield.

Where   : Forest Temple, Spirit Temple, Gerudo Training, Ice Cavern,
          Ganon's Castle
Attacks : Double Swipe
Hits    : 2
Notes   : Can block

Where   : Ice Cavern, Gerudo Training
Attacks : Double Swipe, evading
Hits    : 4
Notes   : Can block, moves faster than Wolfos

Where   : Hyrule Field during Light Age
Attacks : Stick Smack
Hits    : 2
Notes   : Only come out at night

Where   : Hyrule Field during Light Age
Attacks : Spinning Blade chase, one spilts into 3 Larva and chases you
Hits    : 6
Notes   : Only come out during the day

Where   : SW section Hyrule Field during Light Age
Attacks : Spinning Blade chase
Hits    : Invincible
Notes   : They will stop chasing after a while and leave something
          You can eliminate them by blocking with your shield.

Where   : Death Mountain Trail
Attacks : Hops into you
Hits    : 2(Kokiri Sword or Arrow)/1(Master Sword)
Notes   : Will continue to follow you until hit or outrun
          If you don't mind wasting an Light Arrow, shoot one at Mr.
          Tektite for a purple rupee

Where   : Lake Hylia, Zora's Fountain, Water Temple
Attacks : Hops into you
Hits    : 2(Kokiri Sword or Arrow)/1(Master Sword)
Notes   : Same old Tektite, think water instead

Where   : J-J's Belly, Zora's River, Zora's Fountain,
          Lake Hylia/Kokiri Forest during Light Age, Forest Temple
Attacks : Rock spit
Hits    : 1 reflected shot back at them

Where   : Desert Colossus
Attacks : Spins into you
Hits    : 1(Biggeron)/2(Master)/4(Kokiri Sword)
Notes   : They go away if you run from them

Where   : Mostly in dark indoor places
Attacks : Dive n' bite
Hits    : 1
Notes   : If they fly through a torch, they become FIRE KEESE
          Hard to see in darkened places
          To open some doors or reveal chests, kill all of them in a room

Notes   : Same as above except they will burn the DEKU SHIELD if they hit!
          You can steal their fire by blocking with the Hylian Shield

Where   : Ice Cavern
Notes   : Same as above except they freeze you for 2 seconds

Where   : Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Attacks : Comes alive when touched, then has bouncing attack
Hits    : 1
Notes   : When hit, will bounce around very quickly and explode

Where   : Bottom of Well, every temple except Forest, Ganon's Castle
Attacks : Swallows you and spits out
Hits    : 1(Biggeron)/2(Master)/3(Kokiri Sword)
Notes   : Can block, some will steal your shield and Goron Tunic
          Beat them to get stolen items back (before you leave the room.)

Where   : Royal Family's Tomb, Bottom of Well, Market during Dark Age,
          some hidden areas, also one during the escape from Ganon's Castle
Attacks : Freeze stare, choke
Hits    : 2(Biggeron)/4(Master)/8(Kokiri Sword)
Notes   : Jam on the buttons to get out of choke sooner
          Song of the Sun freezes them

Where   : Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
          Same as Re-Dead, need to defeat these to reveal chests/open doors
          Will not return after game has been saved

Where   : Lost Woods
Attacks : Little Darts
Hits    : 2(Biggeron)/4(Master)
Notes   : Only attacks you when you're grown up.

Where   : Sacred Forest Meadow during Dark Age(hedge maze)
Attacks : Running Gore
Hits    : 1 Bomb/Hookshot
Notes   : Attacks when it sees you / Hookshot will stun him for 2 seconds

Where   : Route from Sacred Forest Meadow to Forest Temple during Dark Age
Attacks : Ground Wave
Hits    : 3 Bombs/Arrows , 6(Biggoron)/12(Master)*
Notes   : It's hard to get close to him, easier to use a Bombchu.
          Hookshot stuns him for a few seconds
          * Spozzo22 said you could roll behind him (not confirmed by me).

Where   : Lake Hylia, Desert Colossus
Attacks : Dive and peck
Hits    : 1

Where   : Kakariko Graveyard/Hyrule Field during Dark Age
Attacks : Fire Balls(Dark Age)/Lamp Swing(Light Age)
Hits    : 2(Dark Age)/4(Light Age)
Notes   : Not to be confused with the Poes in Forest Temple, which are
          Dissappears in Kakariko Graveyard if attacked too late

Where   : Back Kakariko Graveyard at Night
Attacks : Lamp Swing
Hits    : 5 (Kokiri Sword)
Notes   : It's bigger and has a hat. Can't catch in a bottle!
          It also appears VERY rarely.

Where   : Fire Temple
Attacks : Fire trail
Hits    : 8 with fire knocked off
Notes   : Use bombs or hookshot to knock off fire
          Will return to the fire after about 10 seconds,
          run to the other side if it runs off

Where   : Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Ganon's Castle
Attacks : Surprise grab from above
Hits    : 1
Notes   : Very hard to see, listen for a whooshing sound
          Don't stand still or they take you back to the beginning
          Watch the size of your shadow and roll away, hit to get lots of

Where   : Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Attacks : Grab, little ones hop around
Hits    : 1(splits into 3), then 1 each for them.
Notes   : These are the things that grab you from above and take you back to
          the beginning.
          Some are invisible and require the Lens of Truth to see

Where   : Ice Cavern, Ganon's Castle
Attacks : Ice Breath
Hits    : 2
Notes   : Ice Breath will freeze you for 2 seconds

Where   : Dodnogo's Cavern
Attacks : Fire Breath
Hits    : 2
Notes   : Explodes after a few seconds when knocked down

Where   : Dodongo's Cavern
Attacks : none
Hits    : 1
Notes   : Can use the explosion to open a rock door leading to a Skulltula.

Where   : Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple, Gerudo Training
Attacks : Overhead Smash, Sidestep (evasive maneuver)
Hits    : 3(Kokiri)/2(Master)/1(Biggeron Sword)
Notes   : Will not return after game has been saved(except for the ST).

Where   : Ganon's Castle, Gerudo Training
Notes   : Same as Lizaflos

Where   : Inside the Deku Tree, Forest Temple
Notes   : Same as Giant Skulltula, only smaller

Where   : Various areas on walls, Inside the Deku Tree
Attacks : Dash
Hits    : 1
Notes   : Will dash only if it faces you

Where   : hidden in 100 different places
Attacks : none
Hits    : 1(Hookshot)/2(Boomerang or Sword)
Notes   : Grab the token afterwards. Some are only out at night.
          Use the U+B slash to hit those on the ground.

Where   : Various indoor places
Attacks : Big Spin
Hits    : 2(Kokiri Sword)/1(Master) on when turned away
          or 1 with Hookshot/Hammer/Arrows
Notes   : Wait for him to turn, then attack
          You can hit him in the front if you use the Hookshot/Hammer or

Where   : Various hidden places
Attacks : Rock spit
Hits    : 1 reflected shot back at them
Notes   : Will try to sell you something if you talk to him soon afterwards,
          otherwise will return to his hole.

Where   : Inside the Deku Tree, Bottom of Well
Attacks : Rock spit
Hits    : 1 reflected shot at them, then 1 more hit

Where   : Sacred Forest Meadow during Light Age
          Kokiri Forest during Dark Age(before Phantom Ganon)
Attacks : Rock spit
Hits    : 1 reflected shot back at them, then 1 more hit
Notes   : They run if you get too close

Where   : Outskirts of Kokiri Forest during Light Age,
          Inside the Deku Tree, Forest Temple
          Kokiri Forest during Dark Age(before Phantom Ganon)
Attacks : Bite
Hits    : 2(kokiri Sword)/1(Master)
Notes   : Usually gives a Deku Stick

Where   : Bottom of the Well, Shadow Temple
Attacks : Grab (with the hands), Throw
Hits    : 10?
Notes   : Hand grab holds you for a few seconds.

Where   : Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ice Cavern
Attacks : Flies at you
Hits    : 1
Notes   : If you get hit by it, you'll get what was in it.

Where   : J-J's Belly
Attacks : none
Hits    : 1
Notes   : If you get hit, it breaks and releases something.

Where   : J-J's Belly
Attacks : Shock
Hits    : 1
Notes   : If you strike it with the sword you will get shocked but
          still get the hit. Use the boomerang instead!

Where   : J-J's Belly
Attacks : Shock, Blade Spin
Hits    : 4
Notes   : When defeated it will split into 3 Biri. Use boomerang to stun.

Where   : J-J's Belly, Water Temple
Attacks : Dive
Hits    : 1
Notes   : They fly up when they are ready to dive

Where   : J-J's Belly
Attacks : Flies at you
Hits    : 1 in tail
Notes   : They often go in and out of walls

Where   : Water Temple, Gerudo Training
Attacks : Lunge and chomp
Hits    : 1 Hookshot
Notes   : Hit it in the nerve when it opens its shell, have Iron Boots on.

Where   : Fire Temple, Ganon's Castle
Attacks : Lunging
Hits    : 4
Notes   : They give a magic refill every time!

Where   : Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle(near end)
Attacks : BIG mace swing
Hits    : 5
Notes   : That swing hits HARD (like 1/5 of a full lifebar!)
          They don't come back after you save the game.

Where   : Water Temple
Attacks : Spike Dash
Hits    : 1 w/Hookshot
Notes   : Attack when it stands still

Where   : Spirit Temple
Attacks : Fireballs
Hits    : 1 w/ fire arrow or Din's Fire or a Fire Switch
Notes   : Don't run out of magic... Defeat these to open certain doors...

Where   : Forest Temple, Spirit Temple
Attacks : Flies around in a circle
Hits    : 1 Bomb
Notes   : Actually, it's a skull with green mist surrounding it.

Where   : Forest Temple
Attacks : Just flies around
Hits    : 1 to knock on the ground then 3 more

Where   : Death Mountain Crater, Fire Temple, Gerudo Training
Attacks : Jumps in a semi-circle over ledges surrounded by lava
Hits    : 1

Where   : Spirit Temple
Attacks : Spins around
Hits    : 1
Notes   : Hit it when it stops

Where   : Spirit Temple
Attacks : BIG Mace Swing
Hits    : 10
Notes   : A bit more powerful than the Iron Knuckle, appears just once.

Where   : Outskirts of Water Temple
Attacks : Sword Slashes, also can block, backflip, and has an ICE SLASH
Hits    : 10
Notes   : OK this is a Sub-Boss, but a very cool fight

Chapter XI: Miscellaneous Info

Bottle Locations:
1.) Play the Super Cuckoo game at Lon Lon farm and you will receive a bottle
    of Lon Lon Milk, if you win. Once you have used the Milk, other things
    can be put in the bottle such as, fairies, blue fire, bugs and potions.

2.) There is another one at the bottle of Lake Hylia.

3.) After you catch 10 Poes and give them all to the Ghost Shop owner in Hyrule
    Market, you will receive a bottle.

4.) Find all of the woman's Cuckoos in Kakariko Village and then she will give
    you a bottle, but you do to find all 7 of them not 6 or less.

Biggoron's Sword:
The Biggorons sword is the most powerful weapon in the game. It is twice as
good as the master sword therefore you can defeat bosses twice as fast. Cool!
The downside, you cant use your shield when the biggoron sword is out. Anyway,
on to business.
Step 1: As an adult, go to Kakariko Village and talk to the chicken lady. She 
will give you the egg. Play the song of the sun twice and the egg should hatch. 
Take the cucoo into the house where Talon is sleeping. Go up to him and wake him 
up with it. Talk to him after you wake him up. Go back outside and present the 
cucoo to the chicken lady. Now she will give you Cojiro, the rare blue cucoo.

Step 2: Take Cojiro to the lost woods. When you first enter the lost woods,
take the first left and there will be a guy sleeping by a tree stump. Use
Cojiro to wake him up. He gives you an Odd Mushroom for the cucoo.

Step 3: This is the first timed trade. Dont worry, you should get it with about
a minute left if you use Epona. Take the mushroom to Kakariko Village. Go into
the potion shop near the tall watch tower. Go out the back of the shop and jump
down. The entrance to the old lady's potion shop is up the stairs and in the
door. Go in and talk to the old lady. She will smell the mushroom and give you
a potion made with it.

Step 4: Take the Potion back to where you got the mushroom. The guy is gone but
there is a Kokiri girl in his place. Present her with the potion and she will
take it and give you the Poachers Saw. Exit the lost woods.

Step 5: Get over to Gerudo Valley and use Epona to jump across the ravine or
use the longshot. Present the Poachers Saw to the boss carpenter by the tent.
He will give you the Broken Goron Sword.

Step 6: Time to meet the biggest goron you have ever seen. Go up death mountain
trail and get to the top. Kill the spiders on the climbing wall before you
climb up. There are three of them. Careful! there is a tekitite that will jump
down from the first ledge and knock you off. Lure him off by going up to the
climbing wall. Kill him and climb to the top. Talk to the big goron and present
the broken sword to him. He will give you the prescription card.

Step 7: Go to Zoras Domain and if you have not thawed King Zora, do so now. You
need a blue flame to do this, duh. Show him the prescription and he will give
you an Eyeball Frog. The quickest way to get out of Zoras Domain is to just
jump into the river and run down until you get to Hyrule Field.

Step 8: Get on Epona and get to Lake Hylia as fast as possible. Go into the
Lakeside Laboratory and show the scientist the Eyeball Frog. He says he is
going to eat it but dont worry, he gets the point. He makes the Eyedrops from

Step 9: This one can be hard if you get caught up on something. Dont try to
jump any fences becauseyou know how Epona can be. Just get to the entrance to
Kakariko Village and dismount from Epona. Get into Kakariko and make your way
to Death Mountain. Get up there as fast as you can avoiding the rolling
boulders and Tektites. Once you get to the part with spiders on the climbing
wall, kill them fast and lure the Tektite off the ledge. You should get up to
Biggoron with about 20 seconds to spare. Give the Big Goron those Eyedrops and
he will give you the Claim Check.

Step 10: The final step. Play the Song of the Sun a few times so that it makes
about 4 days go by. Go talk to Big Goron and he will give you the mighty
Biggorons Sword! Use it with pride, you earned it!!! Notes: using Ocarina songs
to transport yourself from place to place to get there quicker will NOT work.
Once you warp there you have one second left on your timer. You do get as many
tries as you want but it is a waste of time to try and warp.

Free Lon Lon Milk:

If you have an empty bottle, stand in front of any cow and play "Epona's
Song".  The cow will feel energetic and fill your bottle up with Lon Lon
Milk for free!

Chapter XII: Closing Thoughts

Copyright and Disclaimer:
This guide and all of its contents are the property of the author, this
guide may never be used in any way without the permission of the author
so here are the guidelines pertaining to that: First of all, this guide
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I mean never, altered in any way, or have advertisements added to it. I
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there should be no problem with your using the guide. Now, if you think
you don't understand something in here, the author can answer any thing
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                      Contact Information:
If you need to contact the author of this guide for any reason(s) which
concerns this guide, please email me at rocky1328@aol.com. Things which
are acceptable reasons would be contributions, corrections, praise. Now
some things not to send are "Hey, will you sell me your game?" or "This
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as well not even waste yourself on sending them to me, understood?...!
Alright, here's the deal. I am sure you have read through the copyright
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think that, because it would be very sad to have your domain name taken
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if you still don't think so, I am sure your domain provider would think
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guides under the terms in the disclaimer, but plagiarism is serious and
very disliked by myself, and most of my friends who are authors as well
so please just ask permission, it's really not that hard to send email.

+-+ Expert Gamer: Thanks for helping out with some of the fairy locations.

+-+ Noah S: Thanks to him for donating the Poe locations.

+-+ CGrey: Another huge thanks goes out to him to him for contributing a full
           monster list! Alright this guy is great, thanks again Iceout.

+-+ Elusive (Eluminate@hotmail.com): A huge thanks to him for his information
                                     on Ganon's castle, which he allowed us
                                     His info is really helpful to everyone.

+-+ Patrick Allen: Thanks to him for the Section on Biggorons Sword. His email
                   is KwiGonn@hotmail.com, his information was great.

+-+ Mike Mason: I have to give Mike a lot of credit in the making of this FAQ.
                He did things that I didn't even ask him too, just to help out
                And is about as close to a co author as you can get without
                Actually being one. I will look forward to more of his work in
                The future, which I am trying to persuade him to do.

+-+ Dingo Jellybean: He is always willing to answer a question and give help on
                     something about any of his guides, or even if he does not
                     have a guide on it, and he is a pretty good friend.

+-+ Jeff Veasey: The webmaster and maintainer of GameFAQs.com who allows us to
                 help other gamers by posting all of our Well what else can we
do but thank them for such an amazing game,
              I mean common, Nintendo 64 will never see anything like this game
              For a very long time, Nintendo of America and Japan we salute

+-+ Shigeru Miyamoto: The creator of Zelda, among other things, without his
                      for video games we might have never seen a game as good
                      this, our thanks is great to you Mr. Miyamoto.

+-+ Matt Hulbert: I compiled the information in this guide, and had the
                  of replaying the entire game from scratch, so I can't said it
                  was a painful experience, and hope this guide helps you out.

+-+ Marshmallow & Outkast: Well, there guides are also really good, and I think
                           that you should check them out. I am not saying they
                           are better than mine, but respectively they are very
                           good and deserve your attention.
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