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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                Zelda 3 Text Dump
                American Version

Dumped by David Butler (davogones@hotmail.com)
for The Legends of Zelda (http://loz.zeldalegends.net/)
Last Revision: 3/13/02

What is a text dump?
A text dump contains all the text in a video game, ripped
straight from the ROM. I use a script to convert the ROM code
into formatted, readable text, in either TXT or HTML format.
Why is this useful? It is often useful, when theorizing about
Zelda, to have exact quotes handy. These text dumps put all
the text in the Zelda games at one's fingertips.

A word of warning though: internally, the ROMs arrange the
quotes in essentially random order. There is a little bit of
structure: for example, though one person's dialogue may be
split up into separate quotes, these quotes will generally
be all together, in order. But if you wish to find a specific
quote from the game, you will have to already know a few words
from the quote so that you can search through the entire text
dump. Any decent text editor should have a Search function,
and you'll need to use it to find anything specific in the
text dumps.

Where can I get the latest version of your text dumps?
If you downloaded this file off of a site like GameFAQs.com,
you might have an out-of-date version. This is because I only
submitted the text dumps to FAQ sites once, just so people
would know that these text dumps exist. Updated versions can
be obtained at my web site (The Legends of Zelda -
http://loz.zeldalegends.net) in the Emulation section.
Compare the revision date at the top of this document with
the one in the files on my site to see if you have the latest

How do you make text dumps?
I include the following information for those who are curious.
If you don't understand any of it, just skip ahead.

The first step in making a text dump is to have a copy of the
ROM. Then, if you have a quote from the game, you can search
for the text. Newer games (like OoT, MM, and LA) use standard
ASCII values for raw text, so it is possible to find the text
using any common text editor. Older games (like LoZ, AoL, and
ALttP), unfortunately, don't use ASCII standards, so it's
necessary to do a relative search using a hex editor like
Thingy. Then you can make a translation table that will allow
Thingy to translate ROM text into standard ASCII text. (There
are many freeware utilities available that will help you do
relative searches and make translation tables.)

To make things even more difficult, some games compress, or
encrypt, the text. For example, in Oracle of Seasons the hex
value "02 0E" translates to "Twinrova." ALttP uses compression
and doesn't use standard ASCII values, so this is the most
difficult game to dump. OoS and OoA use ASCII standards but
have text compression. Fortunately, I already have TBL files
for both of these games, so dumping is not as difficult as it
could have been. ^_^

After you have found the text (and you're sure you've found
ALL the text), copy and paste all the text you can find into
a new file. This is what the DMP files on my site are: all the
text I could find, copied and pasted straight out of the ROM.
Once this is done, I wrote a PHP script to parse the DMP file
and translate everything into a readable format (TXT or HTML).
Making a program is the easiest thing to do in the long run
(though something more powerful than PHP is usually preferable),
because it takes a while to find out what all the codes in the
ROM translate to. Using the standard Find/Replace function of
a text editor is too much work if what you're searching for
constantly changes.

Further References / Acknowledgements
 • For more information on ROM hacking, and emulation in
general, here are some good sites to visit:

Zophar's Domain - http://www.zophar.net/
Romhacking.org - http://www.romhacking.org/

 • A special thanks to EvilGiegue (EvilGiegue@hotmail.com),
who helped me figure out how to hack ROMs. Without his
catalyzing influence, these text dumps probably wouldn't
be here today. Make sure to check out his text dumps as
well, which are available on my site and on GameFAQs.com.

        The Text Dump

Thank you very much.
Whenever you lose your shield,
come back here again.

Thank you very much.
This is the Medicine of Life.
It helps you recover your Life.

Thank you very much.
These are Arrows. You can't
use them without a Bow.

These are Bombs.
Did you know you can pick up
a Bomb you already placed ?
(Press the A Button).

Thank you very much.
That is a Bee. Don't ask me
what it is used for, either.

Thank you very much.
You can recover one Heart.

No no no... I can't sell the
merchandise because you don't
have an empty bottle.

You can't carry any more
now, but you may need
some later!

I never imagined a boy like you
could give me so much trouble.
It's unbelievable that you
defeated my alterego, Agahnim
the Dark Wizard, twice!
But I will never give you the
Triforce. I will destroy you
and make my wish to conquer
both Light and Dark Worlds
come true without delay.

You are doing well, lad. But
can you break through this
secret technique of Darkness?
En Garde!

Hey kid, this is a secret hide-
out for a gang of thieves!
Don't enter without permission!
By the way, I heard that one
of our ex-members is staying
at the entrance to the Desert.

Yo Link! This house used
to be a hideout for a gang of
What was their leader's name...
Oh yeah, his name was Blind and
he hated bright light a lot.

*8CACWelcome, Link...
I  am  the  Essence  Of  The
...  ...  ...*8B*3 
 *8C*3The Triforce will grant the
wishes in the heart and mind of
the person who touches it.*8B*3 
 *8C*3If a person with a good heart
touches it, it will make his good
wishes come true... If an evil-
hearted person touches it, it
grants his evil wishes.*8B*3 
 *8C*3The stronger the wish, the
more powerful the Triforce's
expression of that wish.*8B*3 
 *8C*3Ganon's wish was to conquer
the world. That wish changed
the Golden Land to the Dark
 *8C*3Ganon was building up his
power here so he could conquer
the Light World and make his
wish come completely true.*8B*3 
 *8C*3But now, you have totally
destroyed Ganon. His Dark
World will vanish.*8B*3 
 *8C*3The Triforce is waiting for a
new owner. Its Golden Power is
in your hands...*8B*3 
 *8C*3Now, touch it with a wish in
your heart.
... ... ... ...

All right! Take it, thief!

Whoa... I saw her.
A very nice young lady at the
Waterfall Of Wishing in the
hills where the river
Link, you should meet her
at least once. I'm sure you will
like her.

Take some Rupees, but don't
tell anyone I gave them to you.
Keep it between us, OK?

Check out the cave east of
Lake Hylia. Strange and
wonderful things live in it...

You can earn a lot of Rupees
by defeating enemies. It's
the secret of my success...

Link, did you know that if
you destroy frozen enemies
with the Hammer, you will often
get a Magic Decanter?

Tra la la, look for
... ... ...

Oh yah, you found Sahasrahla!
... ... ...
Good job la la!

I'm sorry, but you don't
seem to have enough Rupees...

Cluck cluck... What?!
You turned me into a human.
I can even speak!
Aha, it must be you who is
always teasing my friends.
The Weathercock is always
watching you harass them.
Well, this human shape is
uncomfortable for me.
Ahhh, I want to be a chicken
again! Cluck cluck...

Pay me 20 Rupees and I'll let
you open one chest. You can
keep what is inside.
What will you do?
  Open A Chest

All right! Open the chest you

Oh, I see... Too bad.
Drop by again after collecting

For 100 Rupees, I'll let you
open one chest and keep the
treasure that is inside.
What will you do?
  Open A Chest

Hi, Link. Sorry about my
yard. It's a little over
grown. Thanks for visiting.
I'm glad to have company to
talk to. I will tell you an
interesting story.
There is a lake swimming with
Zoras at the source of the
river, but it is hard to find.
The treasure of Zora can turn
people into fish. Heh heh heh.
I'd love to see that.

I haven't had a chance to trim
my hedges recently. Thanks
for visiting anyway...
A while ago, there was a boy in
this village who could talk to
animals with his Flute.
He had a pet bird that flew
with him everywhere, but
he went to the mountain and
never returned.

A*8A Start From Link's House
 Start From Sanctuary*3

A*8A Start From Link's House
 Start From Sanctuary
 Start From The Mountain Cave*2

*8A  Continue Game
  Save and Quit*3

Welcome to the treasure field.
The object is to dig as many
holes as you can in 30 seconds.
Any treasures you dig up will
be yours to keep.
It's only 80 Rupees to play.
What do you say?
  I want to dig
  I don't want to dig

Then I will lend you a shovel.
When you have it in your hand,
start digging! (Press the
Y Button to dig.)

I see. Then I give up. Save
some Rupees and come back.

OK! Time's up, game over.
Come back again. Good bye...

Come back again!
I will be waiting for you.

I can't tell you details, but
it's not a convenient time for
me now. Come back here again.

Save And Continue
Save And Quit
Do Not Save And Continue

*8A0- A. 1- B
2- C. 3- D

You can't enter with something
following you.










Link, I'm going out for a
while. I'll be back by morning.
Don't leave the house.

Unnh... Link, I didn't want
you involved in this... I told
you not to leave the house...
Take my sword and shield and
listen. You can focus power in
the blade (hold the B Button).
...Then release it using the
secret technique handed down
by our people...
Link, you can do it!
Save the Princess...
Zelda is your... ... ...

What're you doing up this late,
kid? You can stay up when
you're grown up! Now go home!

I see you brought a map so you
don't get lost. (Press the
X Button to see your map).

You look strong for a kid. How
much can you lift? (Press the
A Button while touching a thing
to lift it.)

I'll bet you can't wait until you
are old enough to use a sword!
(Press the B Button to use
your sword when you get it.)

That mark on your map must be
your destination.

You can often find valuables
in chests. (Press the A
Button in front of a chest to
open it.)

Us soldiers have been around,
kid. You can learn a lot from
us. But you already know that!

Meet the elder of the village
and get the Master Sword.

Princess Zelda, you are safe!
Is this your doing, Link?

I sense that a mighty evil
force guides the wizard's
actions and augments his
magical power. The only
weapon potent enough to
defeat the wizard is the
legendary Master Sword.
It is said that the village elder
is a descendant of one of the
seven wise men. Maybe
he can tell you more...
I will mark his house on your
map. But watch your every
move! I am certain that the
castle soldiers will be looking
for you now! .........*7t
I will hide Princess Zelda here.
Do not worry! Seek the elder!
Do you understand?
  Not at all

If you defeat the wizard, the
soldiers may regain
their sanity.
Go, seek the Pendants!

Take the three Pendants into
the Lost Woods. The Master
Sword awaits you there.

Link! You are a second too
late. I have failed... Zelda...
The soldiers have
abducted her.
They have taken her to
the castle.
You must find her before the
wizard works his magic.
Please...You are our only hope...

Thank you, Link. I had a
feeling you were getting close.

Yes, it was Link who helped
me escape from the dungeon!
When I was captive the wizard
said, "Once I have finished with
you, the final one, the seal of
the wise men will open."
Link, you must not let the
land of Hyrule fall into the
wizard's clutches.
If he releases the seal of the
seven wise men, evil power will
overwhelm this land.
Before that happens...
before it's too late... destroy
the wizard before he destroys
all of Hyrule! You can do it!
You can...

Link, be careful out there!
I know you can save Hyrule!

C*8DHelp me...
Please help me...
I am a prisoner in the dungeon
of the castle.
My name is Zelda.
The wizard, Agahnim, has done...
something to the other missing
girls. Now only I remain...
Agahnim has seized control of
the castle and is now trying to
open the seven wise men's
seal. ...  ...
I am in the dungeon of the
Please help me...

C*8DHelp me...
I am in the dungeon of the
I know there is a hidden path
from outside of the castle to
the garden inside.

There is a secret passage in
the throne room that leads to
Sanctuary. I'm sure the old
man there will help us.

That ornamental shelf should
open. Do you have a light?
It's pitch dark inside and you
can't see without one.
If you're ready, let's go!
Help me push it from the left!

You have to pull the lever to
open the door. (Press the A
Button and hold Down on the
Control Pad. )

All right, let's get out of here
before the wizard notices. I
know a secret path, but first
we have to go to the
first floor. Let's  go!

Link, listen carefully. The
wizard is magically controlling
all the soldiers in the castle.
I fear the worst for
my father...
The wizard is an inhuman fiend
with strong magical powers!
...  ...  ...
Do you understand?
  Not at all

You should follow the marks
the elder made on your map
when you explore.
If you don't know what to do
next, you can also visit a
fortune teller.

Link, you are wonderful!
As I thought, you have the
power of the Hero inside you!
Now, you should get the Master
Sword. I am confident that you
can defeat the evil wizard!

C*8DLink! Help! The soldiers
are coming to Sanctuary!
... ... ...

After passing through these
sewers, we will be very close
to Sanctuary!
Let's be careful!

Sanctuary is just beyond that
door. Pull the switch over

Who? Oh, it's you, Link!
What can I do for you, young
man? The elder? Oh, no one
has seen him since the wizard
began collecting victims...
...  ...  ...
What? Master Sword? Well, I
don't remember the details
exactly, but...

Long ago, a prosperous people
known as the Hylia inhabited
this land...
Legends tell of many treasures
that the Hylia hid throughout
the land...
The Master Sword, a mighty
blade forged against those
with evil hearts, is one of
them. People say that now it
is sleeping deep in the forest...
... ... ...
Do you understand the legend?
  Not at all

Anyway, look for the elder.
There must be someone in the
village who knows where he is.
You take care now, Link...

Ohhh,Link. You've changed!
You look marvelous... Please
save us from Agahnim
the wizard!

Hey! Here is Link, the
wanted man! Soldiers! Anyone!
Come quickly!

Incredible! At last you have
the three Pendants... Now, you
should go to the Lost Woods.
If you are the true Hero, the
sword itself will select you.
... ... ...

I am too old to fight.
I can only rely on you.

I am, indeed, Sahasrahla, the
village elder and a descendent
of the seven wise men.
...  ... Oh really?
Link, I am surprised a young
man like you is searching for
the sword of evil's bane.
Not just anyone can use that
weapon. Legends say only the
Hero who has won the three
Pendants can wield the sword.
...  ...  ...
Do you really want to find it?
  Of Course!

Good. As a test, can you
retrieve the Pendant Of
Courage from the East Palace?
If you bring it here, I will tell
you more of the legend and
give you a magical artifact.*7t
Now, go forward to the palace.

Other relatives of the wise men
are hiding from the evil
wizard's followers.
You should find them.

C*8DLink, it is I, Sahasrahla.
I am communicating to you
across the void through
telepathy... The place where
you now stand was the Golden
Land, but evil power turned it
into the Dark World. The
wizard has broken the wise
men's seal and opened a gate
to link the worlds
at Hyrule Castle. In
order to save this half of the
world, the Light World, you
must win back the Golden
Power. You must also rescue
the seven maidens who Agahnim
sent to the Dark World. As
members of the blood-line of
the seven wise men, they have
power that will surely help you.
The maidens are locked in
hidden dungeons full of evil
creatures and dangerous traps.
The Palace of Darkness should
be your first goal in this world!*7t
Link, I can rely on only
you. Please make this old
man's wishes come true.
I beg you!

C*8DBut I sense your helplessness...
Before you go any further,
find the Moon Pearl on
Death Mountain. It will protect
you from the Dark World's
magic so you can keep your
heroic figure.

A helpful item is hidden in the
cave on the east side of Lake
Hylia. Get it!

Oh!? You got the Pendant Of
Courage! Now I will tell you
more of the legend...
Three or four generations ago,
an order of knights protected
the royalty of the Hylia.
These Knights Of Hyrule were
also guardians of the Pendant
Of Courage.
Unfortunately, most of them
were destroyed in the great
war against evil that took
place when the seven wise men
created their seal. Among the
descendants of the Knights Of
Hyrule a hero must appear.
...I see. Link, I believe you.
You should get the remaining
And carry this with you.
This is a treasure passed down
by the families of the wise
men. I want you to have it.

You are correct, young man!
I am Sahasrahla, the village
elder and a descendent of the
seven wise men.
... ... ... What?
Link, I'm surprised a young
man like you is looking for the
sword of evil's bane. Not just
anyone can use that sword.
According to the tales handed
down by the Hylia, only the
Hero who has destroyed three
great evils and won the three
Pendants can wield the sword...
... ... ...
I see you have acquired the
Pendant of Courage. I will tell
you about the legend behind it.
Three or four generations ago,
an order of knights protected
the royalty of the Hylia.
These Knights Of Hyrule were
also guardians of the Pendant
Of Courage.
Unfortunately, most of them
were destroyed in the great
war against evil that took
place when the seven wise men
created their seal. Among the
descendants of the Knights Of
Hyrule a hero must appear.
...I see. Link, I believe you.
You should get the remaining
And carry this with you.
This is a treasure passed down
by the families of the wise
men. I want you to have it.

I will give 100 Rupees to the
man who finds the descendants
of the wise men.  THE KING

 |1st half LINK face||2nd half LINK face| WANTED! This is the
criminal who kidnapped Zelda.
Call a soldier if you see him!

Do not enter Death Mountain
without the King's permission!

This way to the
 Lost Woods

Beware of deep water and Zora!

Welcome to the Magic Shop.
The Waterfall Of Wishing is
just ahead. 

This cave leads to the path
back to Kakariko Village.

This way v
 Lake Hylia

This way <
 Kakariko Village

This way <
 Desert Of Mystery

This way ^ >
 Magic Shop
 Waterfall Of Wishing

This way > Eastern Palace
This way < Hyrule Castle

Lake Hylia

Pay no attention to the
average middle-aged man
standing by this sign.
Leave him alone!

The House Of Lumberjacks
A. Bumpkin and B. Bumpkin

This way v
  Kakariko Village

Double, double toil and trouble,
fire burn and cauldron bubble...
Making mushroom brew, I am...

Heh heh... Thank you, young
man... Come back to the shop
later for something good...
Heh heh...

Mmmmm... The smell of rotten
fruit... If you give me that
Mushroom, I can finish my brew.
Heh heh...

If you want to buy the potion,
you should bring a bottle to
put it in... He he he!

Red is the medicine of life.
Green is the medicine of magic.
Blue renews both life and
Here, taste a sample of the
Red Potion... He he!

Without a magic bottle, you can
not buy any potions.
He he he!

No, no, no... I can't put
anything into a full bottle.
He he he!

You got the Lamp!
Now you can light torches and
see your way in darkness.

You got the Boomerang!
Give it a try! (To select an
item, press the Start Button. )

You found the Bow!
You can shoot arrows until you
run out!

You borrowed a shovel!
You can dig in many places.
You never know what you'll

This is the Magic Cape!
You are invisible when you wear
it! Watch your Magic Meter!

This is Magic Powder!
Try to sprinkle it on enemies
and many other things!

You bought Zora's Flippers!
With these you should be able
to swim even in deep water!

You got the Power Glove!
You can feel strength in both
hands! You can pick up and
carry stones now!

You won the Pendant Of
Courage! Take it to
Two Pendants remain!

You won the Pendant Of Power!
Your goal of finding three
Pendants is in sight!
Go for the last one!

You won the Pendant Of Wisdom!
With this, you have collected
all three Pendants! Go now to
the Lost Woods to get
the Master Sword!

This Mushroom smells like sweet
rotten fruit...
You can give this to anyone
who wants it (Select it and
press the Y Button).

You found the Book of Mudora!
You can use it to read the
ancient language of the Hylia!

You found the Moon Pearl!
This protects The Hero from
the changing effects of the
Golden Power.

You found the Compass!
Now you can pinpoint the
lair of the dungeon's evil

You got the Map!
You can use it to see your
current position and the rest
of the dungeon (Press X).

You found the Ice Rod!
Its chill magic blasts the air!
But watch your Magic Meter!

You found the Fire Rod!
This rod commands the red fire!
But watch your Magic Meter!

This is the Ether Medallion!
Its magic controls the upper
atmosphere and polar wind!
Watch your Magic Meter!

This is the Bombos Medallion!
Its magic makes the ground
explode with power!
Watch your Magic Meter!

This is the Quake Medallion!
Its magic causes the ground
to shake and defeats
nearby enemies!
Watch your Magic Meter!

You got the Magic Hammer!
You can drive the wooden
stakes down into the ground!
You can use it to pound on
other things too!

Oh! Here is the Flute!
Its music surely has some
mysterious power!

You got the Cane Of Somaria!
It will be very helpful if you
make proper use of it!
What a mysterious cane!

BOING! This is the Hook Shot!
It extends and contracts and...
BOING! It can grapple many

You got some Bombs!
You can pick up and throw
a Bomb you placed
(Press the A Button)!

This is a Magic Bottle!
You can store an item
inside and then use it later!

You got the Big Key!
This is the master key of the
dungeon. It can open many
locks that small keys cannot.

You got the Titan's Mitt!
Now you can lift the heaviest
stones that were once
impossible to budge.

He gave you the Magic Mirror!
This mirror is blue, clear and
You feel like it is going to
absorb you into another world...

This is it! The Master Sword!
... ... ...
No, this can't be it... Too bad.

C*8DSuddenly, Sahasrahla contacts
you telepathically...
... ... ...
Link, it is extraordinary
that you won the Master Sword
that makes evil retreat...
With this shining sword, I
believe you can deflect the
wizard's evil powers.

The destiny of this land
is in your hands.
Please, Link...

Heh heh heh... Thank you!
This is the Medicine of Life.
Use it to regain your Life

Heh heh heh... Thank you!
This is the Medicine of Magic.
You can recharge your mystic
energy with it.

Heh heh heh... Thank you!
This is the Medicine of Life and
Magic! You can recover both!

You borrowed the Bug Catching
Net! There may be some other
things you can catch with it,

You found the Blue Mail!
This armor reduces the damage
that you take from enemies!

You found the Red Mail!
This provides even better
protection than the Blue Mail!

Great! Your sword is stronger!
You can feel the sheer power
flowing through your body!

You found the Mirror Shield!
You can now reflect beams
that your old shield
couldn't block!

You got the Cane Of Byrna!
If you swing it once, a ring of
light will protect you!

Eh? It's locked!
If you had the Big Key, you
might be able to open it!

You are short on Magic Power!
You can't use this item now.
Watch your Magic Meter!

He gives you the Pegasus
Shoes! Now you can execute a
devastating dash attack!
(Hold the A Button
for a short time.)

Wow! I haven't seen a normal
person in a few hundred years!
Let me talk to you for a while.

Do you know about the
Gargoyle statue in the village?
People say they can hear a girl
calling for help from under the
statue. Isn't that a strange

Surprisingly, the Triforce
created this world to fulfill
Ganon's wish.
What is Ganon's wish,
you ask? It is to rule the
entire cosmos! Don't you think
it might be possible with the
power of the Triforce
behind you?

I once lived in the Lost Woods,
until the day I wandered into a
magic transporter...
The power of the Dark World
quickly turned me into this
tree shape...
I guess the two forests are
connected with each other...

I heard that using Bombs is the
best way to defeat the
one-eyed giants.
That's all I know!

Quit bothering me! And watch
where you're going when you
dash around!

You got the Pendant Of Power!
You have now collected all
three Pendants! Go forth now
to the Lost Woods for the
Master Sword!

You got the Pendant Of Wisdom!
Again your power has increased!
Now, go for the last one!

Well howdy, Light Worlder!
You look like a straight
shooter... Want to try your
skill in my shooting gallery?
I'll give you five shots for 20
Rupees. If you're as sharp
as I think you are, you stand
to rake in the Rupees.
How about it, stranger?
  No way

All right! Aim carefully!
Ready? GO!

Well little partner, you can
turn yourself right around and
leave the same way you 
came in.
See you later! Have a nice day!

Want to shoot again?

Throw some Rupees in and your
wishes will surely come true.
Do you want to throw Rupees?
  Throw a few
  Don't feel like it

Select an item using the
Control Pad and throw it using
the Y Button.

Hello there. Did you drop this?
  No, I didn't

I like an honest person.
I will give you something better
in return.

Are you sure this is not yours?
  Really, it isn't
  To tell the truth, it is

Now, now, don't tell me a lie.
Please take it back.

You got the Magical Boomerang!
You can throw this faster and
farther than your old one!

Your shield is improved!
Now you can defend yourself
against fireballs!

These are the Silver Arrows
you need to defeat Ganon!

She filled your bottle with the
Medicine Of Magic. To get such
a potion free is quite
a bargain!

Your sword is stronger!
You can feel its power
throbbing in your hand!

Happiness increased DC Rupees.
In total, your Happiness is BA.
You became happier by one

I will make your wish come true.
  I want to carry more Bombs
I want to carry more Arrows

Then I will increase your
carrying ability so you can
carry BA Bombs at maximum.
This is just a small happiness
I can give to you.

Then I will increase your
carrying ability so you can
carry BA Arrows at maximum.
This is just a small happiness
I can give to you.

I cannot grant any more wishes
for you, but a friend of mine
might be able to...
She lives in the Waterfall Of
Wishing near Zora's lake.
I will return your Rupees to
you. May you be happy...

Uhhh... Watch your step.
There are holes in the ground.
Could you turn right here?
Young man, are you also going
to the mountain to look for the
Golden Power?
Just ahead is a mountain full
of monsters. Many people have
vanished in this mountain while
looking for the Golden Power.

I don't want to steer you
wrong, so please don't get too
involved in such a mad quest.

Uhh... There must be a Heart in
the bottle.

Uhh... Turn right here...  ...
You know, I have a
granddaughter who is your
age... The King took her to the
castle and she never returned.
Kidnapping those maidens must
be part of the wizard's plot!
I'm sure he is trying to
somehow use the power of the
descendants of the wise

I don't know who you are, but
if you are going to go up
the mountain, will you take me
with you? I lost my lamp,

The missing maidens are still
alive somewhere. I believe that
a Hero will rescue them...
I wait for that day...
Uhh... These are dangerous
times... I talked too much.
Anyway... Thank you for your
kindness to an old man like me.
Uhh... I wanted to give you
this. If you wander into
a magical transporter, gaze
into this mirror.

The wizard has deceived the
King, and now he is trying to
open the way to the
Dark World. To complete
your quest, you will need
the Moon Pearl, which is in the
tower on top of the mountain.
All I can do for you now is to
comfort your weariness...
Come back here any time.

*3The Moon Pearl will protect its
bearer from the magical air of
the Golden Land, so you can
keep your human shape there.
All I can do for you now is
comfort your weariness... 
Come back here any time.

Link, I think the wizard
connected the two worlds
somewhere around the castle.
All I can do for you now is to
comfort your weariness...
Come back here any time.

...mumble mumble... My son
really liked to play the flute,
but he went to look for the
Golden Power and has not
returned... ... ...
I wonder where he is and what
he is doing now?...
... Zzzzzz Zzzzzz

...mumble mumble... Oh? This
is my son's flute...!
Did you meet my son?
Where is he? Is he all right?
... ... ... ...

Oh, I see... Well, I can tell
what you want to say by the
look in your eyes...

Would you keep the flute?
And will you play its sweet
melody for the bird in the
village square?
I beg of you, please!
My son would probably want it
this way...
...But still, I wish I could
see him once more...

Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz
... ... ...
Snore Zzzzzz Zzzzzz

Oh, Link. The rumors say
you kidnapped the Princess,
but I still trust you.

I can't believe you caught me!
With your speed it must have
been easy to kidnap Zelda...
You don't look like such a bad
guy, though...
Anyway, because you have
such quick feet, it might be a
good idea to run and bash into
many things...
For example, the trees in this
village have many useful things
hanging in their branches...
Well, just try it, OK?!

If you have enough time to
read this sign, you should go
to the goal immediately!

I'll give a piece of Heart to
the person who wears the Cape.

Curses to anyone who throws
something into my circle of

This way ^ Skeleton Forest
This way v Village Of Outcasts

This way > Cave

This way > Palace Of Darkness

This way < Bomb Shop

< Swamp Of Evil
 No Entrance
 No Escape

This is the Village Of Outcasts.
People without Rupees are not
welcome here.

The Waterfall Of Wishing is just
around the corner.

This way >^
Lake Of Ill Omen

After Agahnim took over,
everyone began to act
I suppose it's only
a matter of time before
I'm affected, too.

Hey hey! You're not allowed in
the castle, son!
Go home and get some sleep!

CLink, it is I, Sahasrahla. I
can talk to you telepathically
when you touch these tiles.
Here is a hint. You can use the
treasure hidden in this palace
to defeat armored foes.

CLink, it is I, Sahasrahla the
elder. An orb known as the
Moon Pearl is in this tower.
Whoever holds the Moon Pearl is
protected so that his form will
not change in the Dark World.
You must find it and escape
from the tower!
Don't forget the Moon Pearl...


The Hero's triumph on
Cataclysm's Eve
Wins three symbols of virtue.
The Master Sword he will then
Keeping the Knight's line true.

CLink, it is I, Sahasrahla.
You must somehow make your
way to the top of Spectacle
Rock. From there you can
reach the Tower of Hera on
top of Death Mountain.

CLink, it is I, Sahasrahla.
Objects exist simultaneously in
both worlds with similar shapes.
If the form of a thing changes,
it will affect the shape of its
twin in the other world.

CLink... It's me, Zelda...
Don't be deceived by the magic
of Blind the Thief! Be careful!

CLink, it is I, Sahasrahla
the elder! You must set fire
to four torches to open
the way forward.


To open the way to go forward,
Make your wish here
And it will be granted.

CWhen Ganon is stunned, give
him his last moment with a
Silver Arrow!
Do you understand, Link?

CLink, can you hear me?
It's me, Zelda. I am locked in
Turtle Rock on top of Death
Mountain. I know you are doing
your best, but please hurry...

CLink, it is I, Sahasrahla.
You must never fail to find all
the treasures in each dungeon.

CListen well, Link.
Even with the Master Sword,
you cannot inflict physical
harm on the wizard.
You must find a way to return
his own evil magic power to him.

CLink, do not use all your
magic power if you do not
possess the Medicine Of Magic.
Now, get ready to go into the
depths of this dungeon.

CLink, do you possess the
Medicine of Magic? If not, I
recommend against going any

CLink, the magic flames will
protect you inside this icy

CYou cannot destroy the
Skeleton Knight with the sword
alone. When he collapses, he is
vulnerable to another weapon.

CLink, it is I, Sahasrahla the
elder. I have some advice...
In the dungeons, you can gaze
into the Magic Mirror to return
to the entrance at any time.
Do not forget this!

My name is Chris Houlihan.
This is my top secret room.
Keep it between us, OK?

You caught a bee!
What will you do?
  Keep it in a bottle
  Set it free

You caught a faerie!
What will you do?
  Keep it in a bottle
  Set it free

You don't have any empty
bottles. You have no choice...
Just set it free.

This try your time was
DC minutes BA seconds.

If you can reach the goal
within 15 seconds, we will give
you something good.
Ready, Set... ... GO!

You qualified!
I present you with a piece of

You're not qualified.
Too bad!
Why don't you try again?

I don't have anything more to
give you.
I'm sorry!

You have to enter the maze
from the proper entrance or I
can't clock your time...

You, sir! Have you been going
through life without one of my
hold-anything bottles?
Well step right up and make
your life complete! I've got
one on sale now for the low,
low price of 100 Rupees!
What do you say? Interested?
  I'll take one
  Don't need it

Good buy! Thanks a lot!
Now, hold it above your head
for the whole world to see, OK?
It's good for business!

So you're broke, eh? Too bad...
Come back after you earn more
Rupees. It might still be here.

I'm all sold out of bottles.
Come back later, OK? 
 ... ... ...

Wow! I've never seen such a
rare bug! I'll buy it for
100 Rupees, OK? Done!

Hey! They say eating fish
makes you smart. You have to
give me this fish for this
stuff, OK? Done!

Yo! Link! You seem to be in
a heap of trouble, but this is
all I can give you.

Hey you!

Ask us to do anything!
  Temper my sword
  I just dropped by

I'll give you a big discount!
 Sword Tempered... 10 Rupees
 Wait a minute

Tempered, eh? Are you sure?
  I changed my mind

Well, we can't make it any
stronger than that... Sorry!

Drop by again anytime you
want to. Hi ho! Hi ho!
We're off to work!

All right, no problem.
We'll have to keep your sword
for a while.

Your sword is tempered-up!
Now hold it!

If my lost partner returns,
we can temper your sword,
but now, I can't do
anything for you.

Oh! Happy days are here again!
You found my partner!
... We are very happy now...
Drop by here again!
At that time, we will temper
your sword perfectly!

Ribbit ribbit... Your body did
not change! You are not just
an ordinary guy, are you?
I used to live in Kakariko Town.
I wonder what my partner is
doing there without me...
Ribbit! I have a request of
Please take me to my partner!
Please! Ribbit! Please!

I'm sorry, we're not done yet.
Come back after a while.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Hey hey, amateurs shouldn't
try to do this. You're just
getting in the way!

After wandering into this world
I turned into this shape.
... ... ...
I enjoyed playing the flute in
the original world...
... ... ...
There was a small grove where
many animals gathered. I want
to see that place again...
I buried my flute there with
some flower seeds.

Will you try to find it for me?
  No way

Then I will lend you my shovel.
Good luck!

... ... ...
I see. I won't ask you again...
Good bye.

Did you find my flute?
... ... ...
Please keep looking for it...

Thank you, Link. But it
looks like I can't play my flute
any more. Please take it.
If by chance you go to the
village I lived in, please give
it to a tired old man you will
find there.
... ... ...
Well, my mind is getting
Please let me hear the sound of
the flute one last time...

BHocus pocus!
You will find the elder

BAbracadabra alakazam!
You will open a desert lock with
the Book of Mudora.

BHocus pocus!
You will find a member of the
wise men's line in the desert.

BAbracadabra alakazam!
You will find a mushroom lover
at the Magic Shop...

BHocus pocus!
You will meet Zora living in a
lake at the river's source...

BAbracadabra alakazam!
The true Hero will find the
Moon Pearl in the
mountain tower.

BHocus pocus!
Even the mighty Master Sword
cannot harm the wizard's body.

BAbracadabra alakazam!
The true Hero will jump into the
well near the smithy's shop.

BWell, I have to say my condition
isn't very good today. But I
want you to come back again...

BHmmm... You look like you might
have an interesting destiny...
May I tell your fortune?
I'll make it cheap...
  Ask him to tell it
  Not interested

BNow I will take AB Rupees.
I hope you will be healthy.
Yeehah ha hah!

BIt is indeed a poor man who is
not interested in his future...
I'll be waiting for your return.

BHocus pocus!
You will meet a strange man
standing in the desert...

BAbracadabra alakazam!
The gossip shop in the Dark
World has treasure for the

BHocus pocus!
You will find the smith's
partner in the
Village Of Outcasts.

BAbracadabra alakazam!
You will find a treasure resting
in peace in the graveyard.

BHocus pocus!
You will buy a new kind of bomb
in the Bomb Shop.

BAbracadabra alakazam!
You will find something inside
the pyramid of the Dark World.

BHocus pocus!
You will run into a barrier if
you try to enter
Ganon's tower.

BAbracadabra alakazam!
You will need Silver Arrows to
give Ganon his last moment.

Hey! I'll tell you a profitable
story if you pay me 20 Rupees.
How about it?
  Pay Rupees
  Don't want to hear it

Hah! Thank you. They say
there is a tiny circle of rocks
in the lake at the source of
the river. I don't know what
will happen, but it might be fun
to throw something into it...
Heh heh. See you...

Heh heh. I see. I'm not
interested in talking to people
who don't have Rupees...

Heh heh. Thank you. To tell
you the truth, I used to be a
thief in the Light World...
some of my fellow thieves went
into hiding because they were
afraid of being caught.
One of them was a master
locksmith, but now he is hiding
the fact that he was a thief...
...by pretending to be a
strange middle-aged guy!
Ha ha ha...

Hah! Thank you. To tell you
the truth, I found incredible
beauty inside the pyramid,
but someone sealed the door.
You can't do anything with a
standard bomb, they say...

Heh heh. Thank you. As a
matter of fact, monster magic
is making it rain in the swamp.
If you can move the air with
more force than the monsters,
the rain may stop.

Sniffle... Hey brother Link!
Do you have a bottle to keep
a bug in?
I see. You don't have one...
Cough cough...

I can't go out 'cause I'm sick...
Cough cough...
People say I caught this cold
from the evil air that is coming
down off the mountain...
Sniff sniff...
This is my bug-catching net.
I'll use it when I'm better, but
for now, I'll lend it to you.

Sniffle... I hope I get well
Cough cough...

... ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ...

Why did you take my sign? It
says plain as day to just leave
me alone! Sheeesh!

I heard that you know I used to
be a thief, right?

Well, I'll open a chest for you.
Will you keep it secret from
everyone else?
Would you please promise ?
  Promise not to tell
  Tell it to everyone

OK, if that's the way you want
it, I hope you drag that chest
around forever!

Remember, you promised...
Don't tell anyone.

All right, bring that chest over
here... Seriously, keep this a
secret from everyone.


Hold up the Master Sword and
you will get the magic of

Hold up the Master Sword and
you will get the magic of

Hey! Blast you for waking me
from my deep, dark sleep!
...I mean, thanks a lot, sir!
But now I will get my revenge
on you. Get ready for it!
...Err, is that OK with you,

Heh heh heh! I laugh at your
misfortune! Now your magic
power will drop by one half!
Now, do your best, even though
I'm sure it won't be enough!
Have a nice day! See you!

A*6H*8DCLong ago, in the beautiful
kingdom of Hyrule surrounded
by mountains and forests...
legends told of an omnipotent
and omniscient Golden Power
that resided in a hidden land.
Many people aggressively
sought to enter the hidden
Golden Land...
But no one ever returned.
One day evil power began to
flow from the Golden Land...
So the King commanded seven
wise men to seal the gate to
the Land of the Golden Power.
That seal should have remained
for all time...

... ...But, when these events
were obscured by the mists of
time and became legend...

C*6H*8D*3A mysterious wizard known as
Agahnim came to Hyrule to
release the seal. He eliminated
the good King of Hyrule...

C*6H*8D*3Through evil magic, he began
to make descendants of the
seven wise men vanish, one
after another.

C*6H*8D*3And the time of destiny for
Princess Zelda is drawing

Because the key is locked
inside this chest, you can
never open it.
Just take it with you.

100 Rupees for 30 Bombs! 30
Bombs for just 100 Rupees!
Please buy 'em, mister!

100 Rupees for 30 Bombs! I also
have a new Super Bomb in stock
for only 100 Rupees! Please
buy it too, mister!

Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. You can
drop this Bomb off anywhere.
(Press the A Button.)
Please don't forget it.

Ki ki ki! If you give me 100
Rupees, I will open the
entrance for you. Ki ki ki!
 What will you do?
  Ask him to open it
  Try to open it yourself

Ki ki ki! Hmph!
Do it yourself, then!
Kik ki ki!

Ki ki! Good choice! Then I get
100 of your Rupees. Kik ki ki!

I'm Kiki the monkey ki ki!
I love Rupees more than
anything. Can you spare me
10 Rupees?
 What will you do?
  Give him 10 Rupees
  Never give him anything

Ki ki ki ki! Good choice! I
will accompany you for a while.
Kik kiki!

Ki ki! Harumph! I have no
reason to talk to you, then.
Bye bye! Kik ki ki!

Ki ki? What are you doing?
I don't want to go there!

Ohh, thank you very much!
You saved my life. Please take
me outside.

Too bright!

Err... Wait a minute...
Please don't go this way.

I am Aginah. I sense something
is happening in the Golden Land
the seven wise men sealed...
This must be an omen of the
Great Cataclysm foretold by
the people of Hylian blood...
... ... ...
The prophecy says, "The Hero
will stand in the desert holding
the Book Of Mudora."
If you have the Book Of Mudora
you can read the language of
the Hylia People.
It should be in the house of
books in the village...
You must get it!
If you are the person who will
be The Hero...

You have collected the three
If you are indeed the Hero who
has Wisdom, Courage and Power,
the Master Sword sleeping in
the forest will be yours.

Aha! It is the Book Of Mudora.
With it, you can read the
language of the Hylia people.

You are the true Hero...
I believe that you will return
peace to this land again.

Your trial in the desert has
made you stronger. The blood
of the Hero must be in your

Was it you who disturbed my
peaceful nap? I will give this
to you if you go away!

I don't have any more good
presents for you. Take this
instead, pest!

Yo Link! A mysterious fog
has recently fallen over the
forest. We have to be careful!

Maybe it's nothing, but this
tree feels kind of strange as
we cut it...

Yo! The fog in the forest is
clearing. Thank you! We can
go there again! Hey brother!

Yeah Link, now I'm
quarreling with my younger
brother. I sealed the door to
his room.

So the doorway is open again...
OK OK, maybe I should make up
with my brother...

Hey Link, did you come from
my older brother's room? Is he
still angry?

*8CBCLink, because of you, I can
escape from the clutches of
the evil monsters. Thank you!
...This world used to be the
Golden Land where the Triforce
was hidden.
But because Ganon, the boss
of thieves, wished it the world
was transformed...
I'm sure he's intending to
conquer even our Light World
after building his power here.
He is trying to open a larger
gate between worlds near the
castle using our powers.
But the gate is not open
completely yet...
If we seven maidens come
together, we can break the
barrier around Ganon's hiding
I will tell you where the other
girls are held. I believe you
will destroy Ganon.
I will return to my original
form at that time.
 ... ... ... ... ...*7t

*8CBCLink, because of you, I can
escape from the clutches of
the evil monsters. Thank you!
...The Triforce will grant the
wishes of whoever touches it,
as long as that person lives...
That is why it was hidden in
the Golden Land. Only a select
few knew of its location,
but at some point that
knowledge was lost...
The person who rediscovered
the Golden Land was
Ganondorf the evil thief.
Luckily, he couldn't figure out
how to return to the Light
...Well, remember that you
have magical powers, which only
The Hero can make the most of!
There are some other magical
warping points like the one you
saw on Death Mountain.
By using them you can go
between the two worlds and
find the evils hidden in the
Dark World. You are the only
one who can destroy
Ganondorf, the thief-no,
Ganon, the evil King Of

*8CBCLink, because of you, I can
escape from the clutches of
the evil monsters. Thank you!
...Do you know the prophecy of
the Great Cataclysm?
This is the way I heard it...
If a person who has an evil
heart gets the Triforce, a Hero
is destined to appear...
...and he alone must face the
person who began the Great
If the evil one destroys the
Hero, nothing can save the
world from his wicked reign.
Only a person of the Knights Of
Hyrule, who protected the
royalty of Hylia, can become
the Hero... You are of their
blood-line, aren't you? Then
you must rescue
Zelda without fail.

*8CBCLink, because of you, I can
escape from the clutches of
the evil monsters. Thank you!
As the wise men sealed the way
to the Dark World, the Knights
Of Hyrule defended them from
the attacks of evil monsters.
I heard that the Knights Of
Hyrule were nearly wiped out in
that battle...
You are perhaps the last one
to carry on the blood-line of
the Knights...
It is ironic that the last one in
the line has the potential to
become the Hero of legend.
Surely you can destroy Ganon!

*8CBCLink, because of you, I can
escape from the clutches of
the evil monsters. Thank you!
They say the Hylia people
controlled mysterious powers,
as did the seven wise men.
But the blood of the Hylia has
become thin over time. We who
carry the blood of the seven
wise men do not possess strong
power any more, either.
Our powers will increase if we
mix the courage of the Knights
with the wisdom of the wise
men. Only a short time remains
until the gate at the castle
linking the worlds opens
completely. If you defeat
Ganon, this world will vanish
and the Triforce will wait for
a new holder.
I believe in you...
Good luck!

*8CBCLink, because of you, I can
escape from the clutches of
the evil monsters. Thank you!
Ganon captured us because he
couldn't break the seal of the
wise men with his power alone.
And then, using the wizard
Agahnim as his pawn, he drew us
to the Dark World.
After cracking the seal with
our powers, he sealed us inside
of these crystals.
He then gave us to his loyal
monsters. But Ganon didn't
plan on your getting this far.
Now, Princess Zelda is waiting
for you inside of Turtle Rock.
Please hurry!

*8CBCI appreciate your coming so far
to rescue me. As I thought,
you are the legendary Hero.
I have felt this from the first
time we met.
... ... ...
Ganon is waiting inside of his
tower to pass through the
gate linking the two worlds.
Once Ganon enters the Light
World, it is unlikely that
anyone can stop him.
But if he stays in the closed
space of this world, you can
find him wherever he runs.
Now, go to the Tower Of
Ganon! We will use our
combined powers to break the
barrier. Let's return peace to
the country without fail...
... ... ...*7t

*8CBCMay the way of the Hero lead
to the Triforce.

*8CBCDo you understand?
Not at all

Link, we are going to break
the barrier of Ganon's Tower
with our power.

*8CBCI appreciate your coming so far
to rescue me. As I thought,
you are the legendary Hero.
I have felt this from the first
time we met.
... ... ...
Ganon is waiting inside of his
tower to pass through the
gate linking the two worlds.
Once Ganon enters the Light
World, it is unlikely that
anyone can stop him.
But if he stays in the closed
space of this world, you can
find him wherever he runs.
Some maidens still need your
help, though. Once you rescue
them all, go to Ganon's Tower.
We who are of the blood-line of
the wise men will then use our
power to break
Ganon's barrier! 
Link... You must return
peace to this country...

Ahah... Link!
I have been waiting for you!
Heh heh heh...
I was hoping I could make Zelda
vanish in front of your eyes.
Behold! The last moment of
Princess Zelda!

Ho ho ho... With this, the
seal of the seven wise men is
at last broken.
It is now only a matter of time
before evil power covers this
After all, the legendary Hero
cannot defeat us, the tribe of
evil, when we are armed with
the Power of Gold.
Ho ho ho... Now, I must go!

Oh, so?... You mean to say you
would like to be totally
destroyed? Well, I can make
your wish come true!

Grrrrugh! Well met! Like the
true Hero that you are...
But I am not ready to admit
defeat yet. I will draw you
into the Dark World!

Ho ho ho! It's great that you
could come all the way here,
I'm very happy to see you
again, but
you'd better believe that we
will not have a third meeting!
Prepare to meet your doom!

Wah ha ha! What do you want,
little man? Do you have
something to ask me?
  I want the flippers
I just dropped by

Wah ha ha! But I don't just
give flippers away for free.
I sell them for 500 Rupees a
What do you do?
  Pay 500 Rupees
Quit after all

Wah ha ha! One pair of
flippers coming up. I will
give you a free bonus with
your purchase.
I will let you use the magic
water ways of the sea folk
which link lakes and rivers.
When you see a whirlpool, dive
into it. You never know where
you'll surface! Wah ha ha!

Wade back this way when you
have more Rupees...
Wah ha ha! I'll see you again!

Great! Whenever you want to
see my fishy face, you are
welcome here.
Wah ha ha! Good bye...!

Hi Link!
Elder? Are you talking about
the grandpa? OK, but don't
tell any of the bad people
about this.
He's hiding in the palace past
the castle.
I will mark the spot on your
map. Here you are...*7t

Did you meet the grandpa? If
all the bad people go away, he
can come back to the village.

You're new here, aren't you?
Did you come here looking for
the Power Of Gold?
Well, you're too late. It will
obey only the first person who
touches it.
The man who last claimed the
Power Of Gold wished for this
world. It reflects his heart.
Yes, I came here because of
greed for the Golden Power,
and look what happened to me... 
To restore the Golden Land, a
person worthy of the Golden
Power must defeat the man who
created this place...
Until that time, I am stuck in
this bizarre shape.
But what a mischievous thing
to leave lying around...
The Power Of Gold...

 -Mysterious Pond-
Won't you throw something in?

What will you do?
  Throw an item
  Don't try it

Don't do it!

Don't do it!

I will give this back to you
then. Don't drop it again.

How many Rupees will you toss?
  BA Rupees
  DC Rupees

You are an honest person.
I like you.
I will give you something
These are the Silver Arrows.
To give Ganon his last
moment, you definitely need
them! I know I don't quite have
the figure of a faerie.
Ganon's cruel power
is to blame!
You must defeat Ganon!

  Great Luck.

  Good Luck.

  A Little Luck.

  Big Trouble.

For your reference, today you
will have

You found a piece of Heart!

You found a piece of Heart!

You found a piece of Heart!

You found a piece of Heart!
Your Heart level increased!

You found a Heart Container!
Your Heart level increased!

I will sooth your wounds and
comfort your weariness...
Close your eyes and relax...

Oh? Who are you, Mr. Bunny?
This world is like the real
world, but evil has twisted it.
The Golden Power is what
changed your shape to reflect
what is in your heart and mind.
I am always changing my mind,
so I turned into a ball...
But if you have a ball called
the Moon Pearl, you can keep
your original shape here.

You didn't change your shape?
You aren't just a normal guy,
are you?

What do you want?!
Do you have something to say
to me, silly rabbit?!
I came here to get the Power
Of Gold but now I'm a freak and
I can't go back to the real
world! If I only had the Moon
Pearl from the Tower Of Hera, I
could go back to my original
shape! I've got good reason
to be stressed out!
So back off! Shoo shoo!

WOW! Your shape didn't change!
You got the Moon Pearl, huh?

In such a dangerous world you
may need many things. Select
something that you like...

Hi, may I help you? You can
open two chests for 30 Rupees.
Why don't you play?
What will you do?
  Play here
  Maybe next time

Well, come back and play some
time. I'll be waiting for you.
Until then, good bye!

Hey kid!
You can open a chest after
paying Rupees!

You can't open any more
chests. The game is over.

All right, kid.
Choose well! Good luck!

May I help you? Select the
thing you like (Press the A
Button). Prices as marked!

You don't need that item...
Why not select something else?
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