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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

 ________________          T H E  L E G E N D  O F                             
/ _____________  / _________    __     _____          __
|/           ,/,/  \   _____\  |  |    \    \        /  \ 
           ,/,/     | |        |  |     |    \      / /\ \
         ,/,/       | |____/|  |  |     | |\  \    / /__\ \
       ,/,/         |  ____ |  |  |     | | |  |  / ______ \
     ,/,/           | |    \|  |  | /|  | |/  /  / /      \ \
   ,/,/             | |______  |  |/ |  |    /  / /        \ \
 ,/,/__________/|  /________/ /______| /____/  /__\        /__\
/_______________/           Four Swords Adventure     

                      (Zelda no Densetsu : 4tsu no Ken+)

                  FAQ/Walkthrough by NeoShock and NinjaDuck

Version - 1.2.1 - Produced on 27/06/2004
Guide copyright of NeoShock (Lewis Harper) and NinjaDuck (Greg Donohoe) 2004
Game/Logo Copyright of Nintendo.

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be stored on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any web site (other than www.gamefaqs.com) or as a part of any public display
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
If you find this file anywhere else please contact using the details at
the end of this document.

==Table of Contents==
 I.   Introduction
 II.  Menus
 III. Hyrule Adventure
 IV.  Navi Trackers
 V.   Shadow Battle
 VI.  Items
 VII. Other Info
 IV.  Credits/Version History/Useful Links/Contact Info

 I.   Introduction
We have created this guide to allow English speaking importers to find out how
to do some of the trickier parts of the game. It is worth noting that we do not
speak Japanese so this guide is NOT a translation, but simply level strategies
and a guide to the general aspects of gameplay.
We hope you find this guide helpful and you can contact us with
ideas/mistakes/suggestions/decent ASCII art through the details at the end of
the FAQ.

You will need a GBA/cable for each player to fully play this game
(purchasable at local games store). The game itself can be bought from importing
shops, but EBay is a good place to try. You may also need a FreeLoader to allow
your GC to play Japanese games (or a modded GC) FreeLoaders are included with
Action Replays or can be bought seperately from Datel

 II.  Menus
This menu guide is not an exact translation but what we have worked them out
to be, its fairly simple, but if you're unsure about anything, its worth
checking it out here.
(Updated next version)

TITLE-1.Hyrule Adv. - File Select - Player Select (1-4)
      2.Shadow Bat. - File Select - Player Select (2-4) - Confirm - Level Select
      3.Tetra Trac. (NEXT VERS.)

 III. Hyrule Adventure
Hyrule Adventure is similar to LTTP single player, with many of the same
textures/ideas used. This mode can be played single player with a GC controller
or GBA and multiplayer can ONLY be played with GBAs.

If you've played Four Swords on GBA you should be pretty familiar with the
control system, but heres a quick run down anyway - 

A - Tap/Hold - Use item, open chest, talk or switch item at pedestal
B - Tap - Slash (press repeatidly for combo)
  - While in midair - down sowrd thrust (pretty cool but rarely useful)
  - Hold for a few secs - Charges up spin attack (SSSRAAATTTTT!!!!)
  - Hold for several secs and have 2000+ rupees total - super spin attack
L - Hold - Magnifing glass appears around character
R - Tap - Pick up item/Link
  - While running - roll
  - While sword is charged - jump (hold direction)
Start - Pause

Ok then, on to the game, theres a short story scene when you begin which shows
Zelda and Maidens summoning something, it goes wrong and Dark Link appears. He
then seals the summoners away and along comes the real Link who picks up the
4Sword and changes into the 4 brightly coloured Links to save the day.

=Level 1-1=

The 4 Links arrive and the Owl talks for a bit, head to the left. The house
here has an old man you can talk to, and the kids out the back tell you how
formations work (single player only). In the next screen left theres a signle
switch that activates two 20 rupees.  Get the four links to push the block into
the water so you can cross.
Grab he money in the water if you like and go to the cave and stand on the 4
person switch. Some on grab the boomerang in the next room, exit the cave and
head up. 
Next screen, get rid of Shadow Link and use your boomerang to grab the key and
get into the house. Go through to the back to get the fire wand (under the big
block) and come back to the main screen. Burn the wood around the big block to
go underground, inside hit the switch and continue up and through to the next
screen. Shadow Link will run off, so just grab the rupees here and continue up.
Swim under the bridge to talk to Tingle under the block ¬_¬. Fall down the path
on the right and swim to the next screen.  Up stairs and into the cave. Use A to
fire out of the cannon. Same in the next cave and head up to the next screen.
All characters need to go to the furthest right cave, stand on the switches and
go to the middle cave. Open the chests for a heart and 100 rupees. Throw a Link
accross and have him stand on on the switch for the others to cross the bridge.
Throw 2 Links across and stand on all 4 switches to get out of the cave, jump in
to the water and go down.  DOWN THE WATER FAAAAAAAAAL!!! Go down a screen for 
200 rupees (should have enough for golden swords by now, go back up and into
the whirpool.  Through the water and push the HUGE block and stand in formation
on the gray tiles to get across, go down for chests and up to exit. Slash the
bushes and fall down to get over to the other side. 
Kill all the guards and stand on the four switches under bushes for rupees/an
extra heart. Kill all the guards in the next room for lots of rupes and go
left for the final screen and slash the black things to make the exit appear.
Phew, on to the next one. 
(Remember to save, its the first option on the popup)

=Level 1-2=

Head into the cave.
Go up left the get 2 lanterns. Kill Dark Link for rupees in the next room and
light the torches. Push the second block from the right to get through.
Then push the second from the right block to the left to get to the fire ring
push the blocks into the corners and grab the key to get through to the room on
the right.
Push the block rightand go down to do the same for the next one, push the next
block down and then push the big block down, push the next small block right to
get the key chest and head to the left.
Next room is pretty simple, use the right coloured link on the blocks to push
them at the end, light the lanterns to get through.
Head through the room (watch out for the holes!) and light all the lanterns to
get through. Head right first and smash the pots for a key, go back and then up.
Chuck someone across and hit the switch to get a power bracelet, two bows and
rupees. Fire your bows through the fire to light the lanterns and take out the
keese, head up.
Down stairs and go right, left, right to exit. Get all Links to pull the
switches in a line, the right switch opens the door and the the left gives
you an extra heart chest. Go up.
The next room contains Shadow Link, who will change to a colour, only the Link
of that colour can hurt him, kill him with the correct Link and head up for the
(Remember to save, its the first option on the popup)

=Level 1-3=

Go up at the first screen.
Get two Links to lift the block on the left. Get two Links to go through,
when you reach a gap, throw someone across to hit the switch under a pot and
the go up and slash the switch to open the gate.
Kill all the enemies and grap the chests, move on and pull the level on the
right. Go in and go up left for items, go back, then top right.
Go in the back of the house and collect bombs, then throw one through the
bottom door to activate the bridge. Jump down, go through to the door and go up
to get a key, exit up through the canon and then go back right and use the key
on the big door.
Go up.
Kill the green guards and then the big yellow guy, then alot of guards. Grab
the rupees (should have 2000 by now) and go up.
Kill shdow Link and hit all the switches (watchout for the hole), get one Link
to stand on a switch in the top left to let light into the room. The other 3
Links need to go in and push the block and stand on the switches under the pots
and then go through and talk to your little Zora friend. Now go right 2 screens.
Pull the long switch and go up for a selection of items, bomb to the right twice
and get your second Zora companion! Head out and one screen left.
The Zoras turn into some weird fairy/ ghost thing and  kills all the guards and
lets you through the top door. Go in.
Slash the top right/left curtains and two Links go each way to get up and stand
on the switches at both side to open the way forward, continue on up.
Lots of guards in the next room, kill 'em all to open the door and go in. Push
the thrown right and slash the curtains to get through. Fire all the way up and
you can drop down to the chests and then go up...
Big scary boss - just slash the ball with the correct coloured Link to bounce it
around, slash the boss when he's down.
Once he's done, go downstairs to free the pretty blue maiden. 
And thats the first world! ^_^
(Remember to save, its the first option on the popup)

=Level 2-1=

Head left, get rid of blocks and jump down, dispose of enemies. One rock has a
switch that drops a giant bomb under it. In the cave, push the block forward and
all grab bombs. Blow the crack in the top of the wall, grab the chests and blow
the wall at the bottom right to get back on the screen, exit south.

Grab 2 slingshots from the cave on the left, exit and go east to the next
screen (or kill zoras for 50 rupees).

Top left bush drops a 100 rupee, bomb the top right indent in the wall next to
the tree and go in the cave. Stand on the switches for rupees (right) and a
bridge (left). Next bomb all 3 exits, go right for rupees, then send on char
left and one up to create the bridge. Allhead left and kill the keese and bomb
the bottom wall to get through. Kill Shadow Link and lift the block for a big
rupee, now go east again.

Jump down and exit south-west.

Get boomerangs in cave and go back through.

Go east (one of the rocks has a rupee shower under it ^_^)

Stand on the switch and then jump in the water pool, swim along for rupees and
then go up the ladder, go in the right door for sling shot and then left to
upgrade your items. Go back to the Zora army and get rid of 'em. Exit east.

Slingshot your way through the sea of crabs for a rupee extravaganza and exit
east again.

Hide under ground and work your way along, watch out for the BOMB! Top right
hole for bombs, one above big bomb for money and one right of that for a fairy
in a bottle. In last hole, bomb th whole and head for the passage way. Inside,
cannon your way up and exit the screen east once again.

Jump down a whole on the far right and go in the left door to kill the magical
triangle kights. Head up right and through the maze to exit. Exit east.

Dispose of the purple dudes with your boomerang/slingshot/bomb throwing skills
and use the switched for chests containg money and an extra heart. Theres also
a fairy in the bottom right block. Exit east.

Go under water when the bombs gonna blow and collect some rupees (should have
2000ish by now) and go for the switch if you want even more money.

BOSS! (familiar? ^_~) Now, hit the colour of your Link on the boss (wrong colour
and you have to start again) pick up the dropped money and head north!

Smash the orbs and get teleported outta there!
(Remember to save, its the first option on the popup)

=Level 2-2=

I'm scared...
This little town is rather irritating in Japanese, but follow this through and
you should be fine :)

Enter, talk to the old dude and go north (hard stuff!).

Go left and slash the bushes for four switches to activate 2 chests, go right
and press A in front of the little stand to make our good friend Gopher Owl come
along! Now go back down.

Talk to old man for a blue gem and stick it on the patch of swaying flowers next
to the Gopher Owl stand, now go underground. Go to the middle here to warp up
and grab your chests before heading west.

Go in the house and play the game if you like, then head down into the forest
(GBA) and talk to the witch for another blue gem. Go back east.

Go north.

Go to the top and go through the warp, the house on the right has a game in it
if you're up for some gambling, now go to the other long house. Go all the way
to the back and back down the left to find four switches that deactivate the
blocks, go round for your chests. Go back up and then exit west.

Push the fat lady with all four Links and go inside, take the gem from the chest
and go down the warp in the bottom of the area.

Stand on the switch and talk to the person, now work your way through the maze
quickly and talk to the other person to get through. Gon in both houses for
Pegasus Boots and an extra heart. Go back to the over world. This bits fun, use
your boots to scatter the people (run into them) and then get through to talk
to the guy in green. Exit back east.

Talk tho the blue guy in the centre, now exit south.

Pegasus Boots the tree for items and exit east.

Go to top right house, get the lantern and burn your way into the four doored
doored house, go into the far right door and talk to the purple dude. Exit west.

Exit west.

Talk to the red guy and go back east.

Exit north.

Exit west.

Go into the left house and talk to the guy, say option 1 and then option 3 to
get the shovel. Now you can dig where ever you see a triangle sticking out the
ground for rupees. Now exit east.

Exit south.

Exit east.

Dig 2 tiles down and one right from the door of the bottom right house and drop
down the hole. Climb across and go back up and go into the forest. Stand on the
switches for a rupee and a gem, and take the gem up to the portal (in between
trees). Go into the top right house and talk to the left person (red) for the
Fire Wand. Go to the top left house and step on the switches to get through and
burn the wood. Now go in the left and front doors for rupees and then the right
one, talk to this girl and she'll give you an envelope(!). Take this letter out
of the underworld and exit west.

Exit north.

Talk to the guy in the bottom right for Roc's Feather. Go to the right house
(long one) and jump the gap with your new found item and push the barrels as a
team to get through. Go up through the warp and then talk to the person in the
bottom right (don't be scared!), it'll take your book and make a new house on
the overworld for you. Go back up and in the new house. Inside, go down stairs
and use your 1337 jumping/bombing skills to get to the other side and go back
up. Now exit east.

Any path will do, but you can jump for a big greenie and to downsword thrust
Tingle (B while jumping), dig for a big purpley and get one at the end too, this
should be plenty for the power swords. Exit east.

Talk to the old lady and exit east again.

Fight both Shadow Links (they may go through the warp), the second one you kill
will turn a colour, so use your appropriately coloured Link to kill him off,
then head up.

Smash the eyes and you're done! PHEW!

(Remeber to save, its the first option on the popup)

To be continued...
 IV.  Navi Trackers
Fun multiplayer game with cool Wind Waker graphics. There is Japanese
commentary by various characters that tells you whats heppening, but it its
not essential to enjoy this part of the game. This can only be played using GBAs
as it is required to show each players position.

(In later releases we will cover this section but we are focusing on Hyrule
Adventure at the moment.)
 V.   Shadow Battle
Shadow Battle is much more simple than Navi Treackers. This mode is prtty much
a free for all battle where you try to kill your opponents my anymeans possible!
This can only be playing using GBAs (you need it when you go into the
"Shadow World" of the levels or when you enter buildings).

(In later releases we will cover this section but we are focusing on Hyrule
Adventure at the moment.)

 VI.  Items
This section is just a brief summary of the items the Links can get : 

==Equip Items==
Exchanged at pedestals.

Hit A to dig a hole to uncover all sotrs of things!
Upgrade : ?

Bomb with a few seconds fuse. Can hurt enemies, burn grass and blow open caves.
Also can be blown up with most attacks and picked up using R.
Upgrade : HUGE BOMB! (more poweful, and big...really big!)

=Pegasus Boots=
Hold A to dash, can knock things out of trees, hurt enemies.
Upgrade : Super Boots (can dash over small holes)

Can be used on special blocks to let you pass over them, hurt ememies and annoy
your friends ;). 
Upgrade : The Big Squash (huge range and extra power)

=Roc's Feather=
Used to jump over holes and get to higher levels, press B in midair for a down
sword thrust, Adventure of Linkr style!
Upgrade : ?

Simple arrow used to hit some switches and hurt enemies, charged shots pin
allies against walls.
Upgrade : Super Arrows (more powerful)

Used to attack enemies/hit switches. Shots confuse allies for a few seconds,
charge shot gives extra distance/power.
Upgrade : Three-Way Shot (charged shots fire forward and left/right at 45

Stuns enemies and pulls Links/rupees/keys toward user, can also be used to hit
switches.  Hold A for a spinning shot that stays till you release A, or it comes
into contact with something.
Upgrade : Super Boomerang (shinier and longer range throws)

Burns some materials, makes Links run around for a while and hurts bad guys.
Upgrade : ?

Used to light fixed lamps and allows you to see around you in dark rooms.

==Pick-up Items==
Items with instant effects.

Gives your Link more health :)

Used to open locked doors within the level.

=Power Bracelet=
Lets you lift large objects (such as some trees...)

Totally owns enemies when thrown.

Used to revive you if you die, which never happens, but it sometimes happens.

=Extra Heart=
Gives you an extra heart container for more maximum health.

A healthy snack! Not really, it allows you to ride Epona! Use A to jump, she
gives enemies a hard time when you step on them but runs out if you dont grab
more carrots.

 VII.  Other Info
This section will provide non essential tips and info about 4Swords+.

Obviously each Link is a different colour (P1=Green, P2=Red, P3=Blue, P4=Purple)
but did you know that each Link has a slightly different voice?

If you didn't alreay know it from other Zelda games, if you hit your charged
sword against a bombable wall, it'll make a different noise from normal.

Not at all relevant to game play, but there are now 4Swords+ Cubrix available
from Japan (or eBay :D). Theres one of each colour with and lots of different
possiblities for faxcial expressions (random). The heads even turn and the eyes
shift left and right! <_<  >_>
Each has their own individual accessory too - Green has fairy, Red has a bomb,
Blue has bow and Purpley (the coolest) has 2 rupees (blue & green).

(More to come!)

 IV. Credits/Version History/Useful Links/Contact Info

Thanks to - Ceej, Nintendo/Capcom, Datel and the GameFAQs 4Swords+
message board.

=Version History=
1.0 - First Vers. - first world of Hyrule Adventure
1.1 - Fix - Few spelling mistakes solved and formatted to 80 lines
1.2 - Some more - More general info and level 2-1 covered, added menu stuff
1.2.1 - Level 2-2 and a spelling fix.

=Useful Links=
http://www.dvdboxoffice.com - great video games retailer, free world shipping!
http://www.ebay.co.uk - good place to purchase game
http://www.codejunkies.com - producers of FreeLoader
http://nintendo.co.jp/ngc/g4sj/index.html - official Japanese site

=Contact Info=
Please contact us with any suggestions/mistakes/ideas/better ASCII art and if
you find this document is being supplied publicly or is hosted on a web site
other than GameFAQs. (Please use "4Swords+ Guide" as the email subject)


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