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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Navi Trackers (from The Legend of Zelda - Four Swords +)
Nintendo Gamecube (Japan)


Version 0.8.2

This document copyright 2004 Robert Bajorek

Japanese characters in this document are in EUC format.

!   If you have the US game "Four Swords Adventures",  this guide will         !
!   NOT help you.  "Navi Trackers" is ONLY included in the Japanese release.   !


Table of Contents

1.   Guide Information
  a.   Contact Information
  b.   Version History
  c.   TODO List

2.   Controls

3.   Items
       Lucky Star
       Warp Balloon
       Super Warp Balloon
       Magic Hammer
       Super Hammer
       Unlucky Pot
       Roc Feather
       Pegasus Boots
       Pirate Charm
       Magic Mantle
       Event Card

4.   Objects and Obstacles
       Treasure Chest
       Shuffle Switch
       Blue Switch
       Red/Blue Posts
       Holes and Ladders
       Roulette Machine

5.   Getting Started
  a.   The Story
  b.   Starting the Game
  c.   GBA Connection Screen
  d.   Game File Selection
  e.   Navigators
  f.   Map Selection
  g.   GBA Connection Confirmation
  h.   Nickname Entry
  i.   Opening Minigames
  j.   Tingle Battle / Time Attack
  k.   L Button Item Selection
  l.   Bonus Character Selection

6.   Playing the Game
  a.   Objective
  b.   Collecting Medals
  c.   'A' Button Icon
  d.   Bonus Character
  e.   Using the Pirate Charm
  f.   Fairies
  g.   Attacking Other Players
  h.   Results and Scoring

7.   Special Items, Events, and Features
  a.   Shells
  b.   Lucky Time
  c.   Item Charge
  d.   Salvatore's Minigames
  e.   Blue Switches
  f.   Shuffle Switches
  g.   Lucky Star Roulette
  h.   Star Ghosts
  i.   Lucky Event
  j.   Bomb Event
  k.   Rupee Event
  l.   Expert Mode

8.   Hints

9.   FAQ

10.  Credits

11.  Copyright Information

= 1. Guide Information                                                         =

This is a guide to "Navi Trackers" (also known as "Tetra's Trackers" in the US),
one of three games included in the Japanese release of "The Legend of Zelda -
Four Swords +" for Nintendo Gamecube.

For those who are unfamiliar with Navi Trackers, it is basically a treasure hunt
game.  Up to four players can play, each controlling a different colored Link on
their GBAs.  On the TV screen, there is a map of the game world that shows where
players and things are, but it is also where the "Navigator" resides.  The
Navigator (initially Tetra, but two more are unlockable) is basically a
play-by-play announcer for the game.  The Navigators have full voice acting, so
they can keep everyone current on what's happening in the game without forcing
the players to look away from their GBAs.  Not only that, you can ask for help,
or even money, and the Navigator will be happy to oblige (although they are
known to make mistakes).  There are also numerous special items, events, and
minigames to make the game even more interesting and fun.

Unfortunately, at this time Navi Trackers is only available in Japan.  Actually,
Nintendo had a playable English version of it at E3 in 2003, but for unknown
reasons the US version of LOZ:FS+ (called "Four Swords Adventures") only has the
other two games ("Hyrule Adventure" and "Shadow Battle").

Anyway, as the chances of Navi Trackers coming to the English-speaking market
seem low, I decided to write this guide to help those who own "Four Swords +"
and don't understand Japanese play what is, in my opinion, the best of the three
games.  As always, if there is something that you would like explained that I
haven't covered, feel free to ask.

Japanese characters in this document are encoded in EUC format.  Most browsers
have a feature to auto-detect Japanese encodings, but you may have to turn it

| 1a. Contact Information                                                      |

Contact email: mkfbn426 -at- ybb ne jp
I use the nick "tatsumaki13" on the GameFAQs boards (http://www.gamefaqs.com).

| 1b. Version History                                                          |

0.8.2 - 2004/11/09
  Misc.       - Minor text changes
  Getting St. - Added map names and translations
  FAQ         - Added "Expert Mode" question

0.8.1 - 2004/06/13
  Misc.       - Various minor corrections
              - Changed header styles: easier to skim the guide now
              - Added note about US FSA at top of file
  Guide Info. - Version History: more recent versions listed first
              - Rewrote introduction
  Getting St. - Event Card not selectable when picking initial L Button mapping
  Playing     - Rankings table fixed: it was not displaying properly in some
                browsers.  I was mixing single and double byte spaces.
              - Added info in "Fairies" section
              - Finished certificates and translations
  Specials    - Added info about Event Card
  FAQ         - Added "Unlockable?" question

0.8 - 2004/06/05
  Misc.       - Minor text corrections
  Getting St. - Added more info about Tetra under "Navigators"
  Playing     - Fixed costs for asking for medal locations
              - Added info about attacking Tingle
              - Added some certificates and translations.
  Specials    - The number of medals required to extend Lucky Time
                is not fixed for each game.
              - Updated "Lucky Time" section
  FAQ         - Added "Don't know Japanese" question
              - Added "KoRL yelling" question

0.7 - 2004/05/14
  Misc.       - Changed "swamp" to "mud"
              - Changed "Pegasus Shoes" to "Pegasus Boots"
  Items       - Added info on where to find items
  Getting St. - Added info for King of Red Lions
              - Added certificates to "Records" menu
  Playing     - Added more Pirate Charm info
              - Added "Beating the Game" section
  Specials    - Expanded the game event schedule
              - Clarified how to extend "Lucky Time"
              - Added "Item Charge" event times
              - Added "Rupee Event"
              - Added more info about Salvatore's Minigames prizes
  Hints       - Added 1 hint
  FAQ         - Added "Navi of Navi Trackers" question
  Credits     - Added "IGN"
              - Added "Neoseeker"

0.6 - 2004/05/02
  Misc.       - Fixed typos
              - Various formatting corrections
              - Various parts slightly rephrased
  Controls    - Added L and R Buttons
  Items       - Added more info on Super Hammer
  Playing     - Updated "Fairies" section.  Info relating to how fairies
                appeared was incorrect.
              - Fixed "Expert Mode" description
  Specials    - Added "Lucky Event" section
              - Added "Bomb Event" section
  Hints       - Clarified 'A' Button Icon hint

0.5 - 2004/04/30 (First version)
  Guide Info. - Wrote introduction
              - Created TODO list
  Controls    - Translated details from manual
  Items       - Translated details from manual and in-game help
  Objects     - Translated details from manual
  Getting St. - Added "Objective" section
              - Added "Starting the Game" section
              - Added "GBA Connection Screen" section
              - Added "Navigators" section
              - Added "Map Selection" section
              - Added "GBA Connection Confirmation" section
              - Added "Nickname Entry" section
              - Added "Opening Minigames" section
              - Added "Tingle Battle / Time Attack" section
              - Added "L Button Item Selection" section
              - Added "Bonus Character Selection" section
  Playing     - Added "Objective" section
              - Added "Collecting Medals" section
              - Added "'A' Button Icon" section
              - Added "Bonus Character" section
              - Added "Using the Pirate Charm" section
              - Added "Fairies" section
              - Added "Attacking Other Players" section
              - Added "Results and Scoring" section
  Specials    - Added "Lucky Time" section
              - Added "Item Charge" section
              - Added "Time Event" section
              - Added "Shells" section
              - Added "Blue Switches" section
              - Added "Shuffle Switches" section
              - Added "Lucky Star Roulette" section
              - Added "Star Ghosts" section
              - Added "Expert Mode" section
  Hints       - Added 7 hints
  FAQ         - Added "Messed up characters" question
              - Added "US release" question
              - Added "Missing shells" question
              - Added "New maps" question
  Credits     - Added GameFAQs
              - Added Nintendo
  Copyright   - Created this section

| 1c. TODO List                                                                |

- More map information
- More info on the TV map
- More info on the Item Menu

= 2. Controls                                                                  =

You MUST play Navi Trackers with a Game Boy Advance (GBA) and a link cable.
You CANNOT play with a regular controller!


Control Pad

  - Move Link
  - Move the menu cursor


Start Button

  - Open/Close the Item Menu
  - Confirm nickname (Nickname Entry screen)

Select Button

  - Quick item change
    Instead of using the Item Menu, pressing Select repeatedly will cycle
    through all available items.


A Button

  - Interact with other characters (pirates, fairies, etc.)
  - Pick up items
  - Throw held items
  - Open treasure chests
  - Swim faster
  - Jump (with Roc Feather)
  - Select items (menu screens)


B Button
  - Cancel choices
  - Use Magic Hammer or Super Hammer


L Button

  - Use Warp Balloon
  - Use Super Warp Balloon
  - Use Pirate Charm
  - Use Event Card
  - Use Shovel


R Button

  - Run (with Pegasus Boots)
  - Pick up items
  - Throw held items

= 3. Items                                                                     =


The coin of the realm.  Used for buying medals or playing Lucky Star Roulette.
1 Rupee is 1 point, so collect as many as you can.

Green       - 1 Rupee
Blue        - 5 Rupees
Yellow      - 10 Rupees
Red         - 20 Rupees
Purple      - 50 Rupees
Large Green - 100 Rupees


Lucky Star¡¡¡Ê¥é¥Ã¥­¡¼¥¹¥¿¡¼¡Ë

Lucky Stars are excellent items, and you should try to have one of these in your
inventory at all times.  They are found in pots and chests, or they can be won
from the various minigames like Lucky Star Roulette or Salvatore's Minigames.

There are four different kinds:

Green 2-Star
Blue 3-Star
Yellow 4-Star
Red 5-Star

The number on the star determines the number of medals you get when talking to a

For example, normally when you talk to a character you receive one medal.  If
you have a Blue 3-Star you will get three medals.

You can carry up to four Lucky Stars at one time.  If you try to pick up a
fifth, you'll throw one out from your inventory to make room for the new one.
You can use this "feature" to get rid of lower value stars (replace a 2-Star
with a 3-Star).

If you're holding a Lucky Star, your GBA will play music.  Also, a number will
appear over your head representing the star you are carrying.

One more thing: The Pegasus Boots are faster when you are carrying a Lucky
Star.  Try running with a 5-Star, you really move!


Warp Balloon¡¡¡ÊÉ÷Á¥¡Ë

This highly useful item can quickly transport you to one of the four Warp
Points on the map.  The Warp Points are represented on the map as the four
compass points (the letters N, S, E, and W).

To use a Warp Balloon, face the direction you want to go and press L.  For
example, if you want to go to the South Warp Point, face south (down) and
press L.

You can hold up to nine Warp Balloons at one time.  You can get them from the
Opening Minigame or from treasure chests.


Super Warp Balloon¡¡¡Ê¥¹¡¼¥Ñ¡¼É÷Á¥¡Ë

The Super Warp Balloon looks like a flashing Warp Balloon.  Using this will
place you right in front of the next character who will give you

Ths item is only found in treasure chests, and you can only carry one at a time.


Magic Hammer¡¡¡Ê¥Þ¥¸¥Ã¥¯¥Ï¥ó¥Þ¡¼¡Ë

Use this to break pots, pound down posts or buttons, or activate switches.  You
can also beat up your opponents with this.

You can get this from the Opening Minigame or from treasure chests.


Super Hammer¡¡¡Ê¥¹¥Ñ¡¼¥Ï¥ó¥Þ¡¼¡Ë

You can pick up the Super Hammer from treasure chests.  It looks like a
flashing Magic Hammer.  Using this causes an earthquake that shakes the whole
map.  A large amount of rupees spring from the place that you smashed.  It can
only be used once.


Unlucky Pot¡¡¡Ê¤Õ¤³¤¦¤Î¥Ä¥Ü¡Ë

This rare item will blind opponents with higher rank than you by placing a pot
on their heads.  It can only be found in treasure chests.


Roc Feather¡¡¡Ê¥í¥Ã¥¯Ä»¤Î±©º¬¡Ë

The Roc Feather lets you use the A button to jump.  Very useful for avoiding
fire or water.

You can get this from the Opening Minigame or from treasure chests.


Pegasus Boots¡¡¡Ê¥Ú¥¬¥µ¥¹¤Î·¤¡Ë

Hold down the R Button to run.  If you run into a barrier like a wall or a
tree you'll be thrown back, but sometimes hidden rupees and other items are
shaken loose.

You can get this from the Opening Minigame or from treasure chests.


Pirate Charm¡¡¡Ê³¤Â±¤Î¤ª¼é¤ê¡Ë

With this item you can ask the Navigator for help, such as where to go for
the next medal, or even some extra rupees.

The use of this item is explained in the aptly-named "Using the Pirate Charm"

You can get this from the Opening Minigame or from treasure chests.


Magic Mantle¡¡¡Ê¥Þ¥¸¥Ã¥¯¥Þ¥ó¥È¡Ë

When you wear the Magic Mantle, for a short time you are invisible to other
players and invulnerable to all hazards.  Your running speed is much faster
(equivalent to carrying a 5-Star) and you can run through mud and fire with
no difficulty.  Your location is still displayed on the TV screen map.

This item is only found in treasure chests.



With this item you can make a hole in the ground that can trap other players.
It also unearths hidden items.  Good for one use before it breaks.

The Shovel is only found in treasure chests.


Event Card ¡¡(¥¤¥Ù¥ó¥È¥«¡¼¥É¡Ë

You need the Event Card to play Salvatore's Minigames.  See the "Salvatore's
Minigames" section for more information.

You can get this from the Opening Minigame or from treasure chests.

= 4. Objects and Obstacles                                                     =

Treasure Chests¡¡¡ÊÊõÈ¢¡Ë

Treasure chests can contain rupees, Lucky Stars, or other special items.



Pots can be destroyed with the Magic Hammer or picked up and thrown.
Sometimes they hide rupees and Lucky Stars.

You can temporarily blind your opponent by throwing this on their head.



This obstacle can't be crossed unless it's been pounded down with the Magic
Hammer.  Sometimes they contain rupees.


Shuffle Switch¡¡¡Ê¥·¥ã¥Ã¥Õ¥ë¥¹¥¤¥Ã¥Á¡Ë

A large red button with an 'S' on it.  Pounding this with the Magic Hammer will
shuffle the numbers on the flags.


Blue Switch¡¡¡Ê¤Ó¤Ã¤¯¤ê¥¹¥¤¥Ã¥Á¡Ë

A blue button with an exclamation point on it.  If you hit all five Blue
Switches with the Magic Hammer you can receive a Lucky Star.  See the "Blue
Switches" section under "Special Events and Features" for more information.


Red/Blue Posts¡¡¡ÊÀÖÀĹº¡Ë

Red and blue posts are linked to each other: if one is up the other is down.
For example, if you pound a red post with the Magic Hammer, ALL red posts go
down and ALL blue posts will pop up.



Stepping into fire causes you to drop some of your rupees.  Fire can be jumped,
and rain puts it out.


Holes and Ladders¡¡¡Ê·ê¤È¤Ï¤·¤´¡Ë

Some maps have underground areas that can be accessed via these holes.  Climb
out via the ladder.


Roulette Machine

By depositing five rupees into the Roulette Machine, you have a chance to win at
Lucky Star Roulette.  See the "Lucky Star Roulette" section for more

= 5. Getting Started                                                           =

| 5a. The Story                                                                |

Tetra has set up tests for Link to see if he is worthy of becoming a full-
fledged pirate.  (Tetra frequently refers to the game as a "kaizoku shiken",
literally a "pirate test").

The green Link is the "real" one, while the other three Links are some of
Tetra's followers disguised as Link.  The reason for the disguise is so Link's
friends won't help him during the test, since they haven't been told which Link
is the "real" one.

Can Link pass all 12 of Tetra's test and become a pirate?  Let's find out!

| 5b. Starting the Game                                                        |

From the Main Menu, Navi Trackers ¡Ê¥Ê¥Ó¥È¥é¥Ã¥«¡¼¥º¡Ë is the third item down.

From there, you'll see a preview screen with two choices:
¥¹¥¿¡¼¥È (Start)  ¤â¤É¤ë (Return)

Start is already selected, so press A to begin.

Next up is a brief movie.  If you want to skip it, press A.

| 5c. GBA Connection Screen                                                    |

You will now see a screen showing the GBAs that the Gamecube recognizes.
After you've connected your GBAs, press A.

| 5d. Game File Selection                                                      |

Next up are your save files.  You can have up to three files.  Let's choose
one with the A Button and then go through the available choices:

¥¹¥¿¡¼¥È ¥³¥Ô¡¼  ¾Ã¤¹ ¤â¤É¤ë
Start Copy Delete Return

- Start

If this is a brand new save file, choosing Start will take you to a screen
where Tetra asks if you want her to explain the game.  The left choice is
yes, the right is no.  Either way, you will eventually end up at the Map
Selection screen, so go to the "Map Selection" section for more help.

If you have unlocked other Navigators besides Tetra, then selecting Start
will take you the Navigators select screen. Go to the next section for
help with that.

If you haven't unlocked any other Navigators, then continue to the "Map
Selection" section.

- Copy

You need to choose one of the other file slots, then press A.

You are then asked to confirm: ¤Ï¤¤ (yes) or ¤¤¤¤¤¨ (no).  Choose the
appropriate one and press A.

- Delete

You are asked to confirm: ¤Ï¤¤ (yes) or ¤¤¤¤¤¨ (no).  Choose the
appropriate one and press A.

- Return

This takes you back to the save file select screen.

| 5e. Navigators                                                               |

The first time you play Navi Trackers, you only have one Navigator: Tetra.  As
you collect Shells (see the "Shells" section), you can unlock new Navigators
with different abilities.

If you haven't unlocked any Navigators yet, you won't see the Navigator
Select screen.  You can go ahead to the next section, "Nickname Entry".


There are three navigators: Tetra, Sue-Belle, and King of Red Lions.  You can
unlock the last two by collecting Shells.  Not all navigators are equal, so use
the following information to help decide:



Medals on the map are different sizes depending on their order.  For example,
let's say the next medals are 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.  The icon for medal 10
will be larger than the other four.  Medal 11 will be slightly smaller than 10,
12 will be smaller than 11, etc.  This basically makes the whole game like
"Lucky Time" (when the numbers on each flag are displayed on the screen).

However, when playing in Expert Mode with Tetra, her medals are all normal-
sized.  I'm not aware of any other advantages of Tetra, so for Expert Mode
she seems to be the _hardest_ Navigator.



Pots are more likely to contain Lucky Stars.


King of Red Lions¡¡¡ÊÀÖ»â»Ò¤Î²¦¡Ë

Treasure chests are more likely to contain Lucky Stars, and during the last
minute they have TONS of 4 and 5-Stars.

| 5f. Map Selection                                                            |

This is the screen where you choose which map to play.  Simply highlight the
appropriate map and press A.

There also four options at the top of the screen.  Let's start at the top left:

- ¤¢¤½¤Ó¤«¤¿¡¡(Gameplay Instructions)

Your Navigator will explain how to play the game (in Japanese, of course).

- ¥¢¥¤¥Æ¥à¤»¤Ä¤á¤¤¡¡(Item Explanations)

Your Navigator will explain the various items and how to use them, in Japanese.

- ¥ì¥³¡¼¥É¡¡(Records)

Here you can view your scores on the various maps, certificates (earned by
clearing all 12 maps), and the Shells that you've collected.  Pressing Select
switches between VS. mode and Time Attack mode scores.

- ¥é¥ó¥À¥à¤»¤ó¤¿¤¯ (Random Map)

Randomly select a map (not available until you have two maps).


Here are the names of the twelve maps.  When you first start playing, only the
first map is available.  To unlock the next map, everyone's total number of
collected medals must be 30 or greater.  BTW, I took great liberties when
translating these names:

Oshiroga Atta Koyama
The Old Fort on the Hill

Yon no Me Hiroba
Four-Eye Square

Asase no Bakansu
A Vacation in the Shallows

Mittsu no Sankaku
Triple Triangles

Ipponbashi no Izumi
Log Bridge Spring

Jyuuji no Ukishima
Floating Cross Island

Animal Trails

Futari no Terasu
Couple's Terrace

Ryuusa no Ana
Quicksand Pits

Guruguru Meizu
Runaround Maze

Honoo no Saidan
The Flaming Altar

Asurechikku Kouen
Athletic Park


Using the Control Pad, let's select a map and press A.  If you've unlocked
Expert Mode you can switch to it by pressing R here.

| 5g. GBA Connection Confirmation                                              |

You have one last chance to connect other GBAs here.  If you're ready, choose
the left option ¡Ê¤Ï¤¤¡Ë.  Otherwise, choose the right one ¡Ê¤¤¤¤¤¨¡Ë.

| 5h. Nickname Entry                                                           |
This is where you enter your character's nickname.  These symbols are called
"hiragana", and each character has a sound (like "ka", "mi", or "shi").  The
name doesn't matter, but if you want to know more, do a search on "hiragana"
with your favorite search engine.  You should find a bunch of sites that can
explain it.

The navigator will frequently call you by name during the game, although that
probably won't mean much if you don't understand Japanese.  Anyway, select
two characters for your nickname, and press Start to confirm.

When everybody has finished, the navigator will speak your names and move on.

| 5i. Opening Minigames                                                        |

After entering names, each player will have the opportunity to collect items
and rupees by playing a minigame on their GBA.  Here is the list of games, along
with a brief description.


Pot Shooting! ¡Ê¥Ä¥Ü¡¡¥·¥å¡¼¥Æ¥£¥ó¥°¡ª¡Ë

There is a row of pots separating you from five bushes.  Every few seconds one
or more of the bushes will change into an item.  You must pick up a pot and hit
the item to collect it.  Sometimes a skull will appear, but you DON'T want
to hit those.

After you've used all the pots, the entire row of pots is restored.


Moving Trap! ¡Ê¥à¡¼¥Ó¥ó¥°¡¡¥È¥é¥Ã¥×¡ª¡Ë

You are standing in an open room with a large hole in the floor.  The hole
moves around the room, so you have to avoid it.  If it catches you, you'll
disappear for a few seconds before popping back out.  Items randomly fall from
the sky: collect them by touching them.  Don't pick up the skulls.


Sand Trap!  ¡Ê¥µ¥ó¥É¡¡¥È¥é¥Ã¥×¡ª ¡Ë

Sand is being sucked into three holes, and it will take you with it if you
aren't careful.  Move around and try to collect the items that fall randomly
from above.  If you fall into a hole, you won't be able to do anything until it
spits you out after a few seconds.  Watch out for skulls.


Match the Treasure Chests! ¡Ê¥Ú¥¢¡¡ÊõÈ¢¡ª¡Ë

This is like the game Concentration.  You are in a room with 12 treasure chests.
After you open one, an item pops out.  Then you have to try and find another
chest with the same item in it.  When you get a match, the item is yours.  Watch
out for skulls.  If you match two, there goes your bonus.


Balloon Attack! ¡Ê¥Ð¥ë¡¼¥ó¡¡¥¢¥¿¥Ã¥¯¡ª¡Ë

Items float from left to right, carried by balloons.  You need to shoot the
balloons to get the items.  However, there is a row of floating skulls between
you and the items.  Like Pot Shooting, you have an endless supply of pots.


Swim Against the Current! ¡ÊµÞή ¥¹¥¤¥ß¥ó¥°¡ª¡Ë

Water flows from holes at the top of the screen, pushing you towards the bottom.
Items also come out of the holes, so you have to catch them before they float
off the screen.  Skulls pop out as well, so stay away from them.


In case you were wondering, the Navigator's big speech during the minigame is
about using items (rupees, Warp Balloons, etc.).

After the minigame ends, if you did not get any skulls then you will receive a
2-Star as a bonus.

| 5j. Tingle Battle / Time Attack                                              |

If this is a one-player game, you will have the choice of playing against Tingle
or playing by yourself against the clock.

The top choice is to fight Tingle, the bottom is Time Attack.

If you choose Tingle, you get to select his skill level.  Higher numbers
are harder.

| 5k. L Button Item Selection                                                  |

Here you can select the initial item you want to map your L Button to.  The far
left item is the Pirate Charm, the second is Warp Balloons, and the third item
is the Event Card.  You can't select the Event Card right now, though.  See the
"Salvatore's Minigames" section for more information about when and how to use

Press A when finished.

| 5l. Bonus Character Selection                                                |

This screen shows who the Bonus Character is for this game.  For more
information on what that means, go to the "Bonus Character" section under
"Playing the Game".

| 5m. Lining Up for Battle                                                     |

After choosing your item, the Links (and maybe Tingle) will line up in front of
the start gate.  I think the order is determined by how many rupees you
collected during the Opening Minigame, but I haven't confirmed that.

Anyway, Gonzo will do a brief countdown.  Then the gate opens, and the game

= 6. Playing the Game                                                          =

| 6a. Objective                                                                |

The goal of this game is to get as many points as possible.  The fastest way to
do this is to collect medals from the various flag-holding characters scattered
around the map.  There are 100 medals total, and the person who collects the
last medal will get a point bonus.  You can also get points by collecting items
from fairies or picking up rupees.

The game lasts nine minutes or until all 100 medals are collected.

| 6b. Collecting Medals                                                        |

Every map has five characters holding flags.  These are the people who hand out
medals.  Depending on the map you choose, the characters may be different.  (If
you've played "The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker" you will be very familiar
with the characters; all 20 of them are from that game.)

Every flag has a number from 1 to 99 on it (the 100th flag has a crown).  The
flags will always be in numeric order.  For example, at the start of the game
the flags are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

To get medals, you need to talk to the character holding the flag with the
LOWEST number.  If you talk to one of the other four characters, they will
ask you if you want to know the location of the flag holder right before them
(ie. the '4' flag holder will show you where the '3' flag holder is).

Also, you have to pay three rupees per medal.  No money = no medals.  If you
use a Lucky Star, you have to pay more.  For example, using a 4-Star costs
4*3, or 12 rupees.


Let's see an example:

When the game begins, the flags are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  To get a medal,
you need to talk to the character holding flag '1'.

As you start looking, you find the character holding flag '2'.  You then walk up
to him and press A.  You are asked (in Japanese) if you want a hint to where
the holder of flag '1' is.  You want to know, so you say yes (the left choice).

You are then shown a picture of the flag '1' holder.  Now you know where he is
so you walk over there.  After finding him, you stand in front of him and press

He says something in Japanese, congratulating you.  You are also holding a
Lucky Star, a 3-Star in this case.  So, you pay him 3*3 or 9 rupees, and he
hands over three medals.  Then you see him carried off the screen by
balloons.  Offscreen, the '2' and '3' flag holders also fly away.

In a few seconds, he will reappear somewhere else on the map.  His flag will no
longer have a '1' on it.  It will have a '6'.  Also, the '2' and '3' flag
holders will reappear soon carrying '7' and '8' flags.

Now the flags are ordered 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  To get the next medal, you have to
find the character holding the '4' flag.

| 6c. 'A' Button Icon                                                          |

Here's an important tip for collecting medals.

When you walk up to a character, a big 'A' Button Icon will appear over their
head.  Most of the time it is green, but if you wait it will turn red for a
brief time.

If you press A when the icon is red, you will get a one medal bonus.


An example:

You have a 2-Star, and you talk to the character with flag 10.  Their icon
is green when you push A.

Your screen will show:  (10) (11)

so you got two medals.


Same example, but you push A when the icon is red.

You will see: (10) (11) + (12)

You got a free medal!  (It really is free, you don't pay the three rupee charge
for it.)


As you can see, unless another player is right on your tail it pays to wait for
the icon to turn red.

One more thing: if you do this trick with a 5-Star you still get five medals,
but the NEXT character handing out medals will appear in the EXACT same spot
as the one you just talked to.  You can potentially get 22 medals in about
30-40 seconds this way (four 5-Stars for 20 medals, then 1+1 for two more).

| 6d. Bonus Character                                                          |

In every game, one character is randomly selected as the "Bonus Character".
These are the differences between them and other characters:

- Their flag number flashes.
- Their 'A' Button Icon is always red.
- Every time you get medals from them, you will get an extra 100 points.

| 6e. Using the Pirate Charm                                                   |

A useful item in your arsenal is the Pirate Charm: a necklace with a blue
rock.  You can get the Pirate Charm from the Opening Minigame or from a
treasure chest.


With the Pirate Charm, you can ask the Navigator for help.  To use, set it as
your 'L' Button item, then press L.  You will see the following four items:

- ¥á¥À¥ë¤Ë¡¡¤Ä¤¤¤Æ
Asks where the character handing out medals is.  The location is shown on
the TV screen map.  This may be free, or it may cost 5-10 rupees.  Also,
sometimes the Navigator botches it.  For example, Tetra may accidently flip the
TV map around, while Sue-Belle may highlight more than one character.

- ¤¿¤«¤é¤Ð¤³¤Î¡¡¤Ð¤·¤ç
Asks for the locations of treasure chests.  The Navigator will show all the
treasure chests on the TV screen map for a short time.

- ¥ë¥Ô¡¼¤¬¡¡¤Û¤·¤¤
Asks for rupees.  If they like you, they may toss you a rupee.  Be careful,
sometimes you get hit on the head with a pot instead.  You can only ask once
per game.

- ¤­¤¯¤Î¤ò¡¡¤ä¤á¤ë
Don't do anything.


When someone uses the charm, the Navigator's Pirate Charm will glow the same
color as the player who asked for help.  Only one player can talk to the
Navigator at once; other players have to wait until the current request is
complete before asking for help.

| 6f. Fairies                                                                  |

Every so often a fairy will descend from the sky and hover for a little while
over the playing field.  Usually when this happens the Navigator will mention
it ("Ah, yousei ga arawareta yo!").  The location of the fairy is shown on
the TV screen map.

If you walk up to a fairy and press A, she will give you an item and fly off the
screen.  These items can give you a huge point boost (getting all eight of them
is worth a whopping 2360 points!), so collecting them should be a top priority.

BTW, if you are playing with Tingle, he never goes after fairies.  You should be
able to get all of them every time.  (If you play Tingle at his highest skill
level, that's about the only chance you have to beat him!)


The following list shows when each fairy appears and disappears.  The numbers
represent the number of medals that have been collected.

For example, the first fairy will appear after the 5th medal is collected.  If
no one talks to the fairy by the time the 15th medal is collected, it will
disappear and the next fairy will appear.

Key 1        5-14
Key 2        15-24
Key 3        25-34
Whistle 1    35-44
Whistle 2    45-54
Triforce 1   55-69
Triforce 2   70-84
Triforce 3   85-99

| 6g. Attacking Other Players                                                  |

There are many ways to attack the other players:

- Pounding them with the Magic Hammer
- Blind them by throwing pots at them or using the Unlucky Pot
- Picking them up and throwing them
- Picking them up and using a Warp Balloon to teleport them away!

If you are playing Tingle, hitting him with the hammer or a pot will
launch him off the screen and out of play for a few seconds.  Be careful;
if you beat on him too much, his skill level will jump up.

| 6h. Results and Scoring                                                      |

After time expires or all 100 medals are collected, your Navigator will
calculate your scores.

First, you will see a board showing the medals collected.  Each medal will
be colored according to who received it.  The total number of medals are
then displayed.  If you collected 30 or more medals, then you will receive
a new map (except on Map 12).

Next, you are shown the number of times medals were collected from the Bonus
Character.  Again, they are colored by player and the total displayed.

You will then see the following table:

100th (Crown) Medal = 500 or more points [*1]
Rupees              = 1 point each
Medals              = 100 points each
Bonuses             = 100 points each
Key                 = 50 points each
Whistle             = 80 points each
Triforce            = 100 points each

*1 - The faster you clear the map, the more points you receive.

Also, the following point bonuses may be displayed if someone got a complete
set of fairy items:

All 3 Keys          = 250 points
Both Whistles       = 500 points
All 3 Triforces     = 1000 points


The next screen shows flags representing each player.  The flags will rise
depending on each player's score.

The player with the highest score is the winner.  To clear a map, the winner's
score must be greater than 6000 points.  You are awarded a flag depending on
your score.

0    - 1999 points: No flag                     No rank
2000 - 2999 points: No flag                     Novice              ¡Ê¿·ÊÆ¡Ë
3000 - 4000 points: No flag                     Probational         ¡Ê¤ª»î¤·¡Ë
4000 - 5999 points: No flag                     Apprentice          ¡Ê¸«½¬¤¤¡Ë
6000 - 7999 points: White Flag                  Full-fledged Pirate ¡Ê°ì¿ÍÁ°¡Ë
8000 - 9999 points: Skull and Crossbones Flag   Pirate Leader       ¡Ê¥ê¡¼¥À¡¼¡Ë
10000+ points     : Medal Flag                  Pirate Boss         ¡Ê¥«¥·¥é¡Ë

If you're score is good enough, you'll see it added to the high score list.


Lastly, if you've found one of the hidden Shells, then a board showing the
shells you've found will be displayed.  Also, if you've unlocked something
a window will appear showing it.

See the "Shells" section for a list of unlockables.


The Navigator will then ask if you want to save.  Left is yes, right is no.

You are then asked if you want to continue.  Left is yes, right is no.

| 6i. Beating the Game                                                         |

You can beat the game four times: Normal VS. Mode, Expert VS. Mode, Normal Time
Attack Mode, and Expert Time Attack Mode.  To beat a mode, you must clear all 12
maps.  To clear a map, you need to score 6000 or more points.  (Nothing special
happens for beating all four modes.)

Depending on how well you do you are awarded a Certificate of Achievement
(ǧÄê½ñ) and a seal, followed by the game credits.

After earning a certificate, you can view it again via "Records" on the Map
Selection screen.  Some records screens have three circles in the upper right;
these represent the three possible certificates you can earn for that mode.  To
view, simply highlight the appropriate seal and press 'A'.

To earn the top certificate, you will need to get a score of 10,000 for ALL
12 maps.  If you earn one of the higher certificates the lower ones are
automatically unlocked.

Here are the six certificates (three for Normal Mode, three for Expert Mode) and
their meanings:


Normal Mode



Certificate of Achievement
Pirate Rank
Full-fledged Pirate

Your ability and potential is good, so hurry up and become a pirate ASAP! 




Certificate of Achievement
Pirate Rank
Pirate Leader

You passed easily!  Great job, your result even surprised Gonzo!




Certificate of Achievement
Pirate Rank
Pirate Boss

No complaints on your results!  I have to have you as my right-hand man as soon
as possible!


Expert Mode



Certificate of Achievement
Pirate Rank
First Class Pirate

This is a little different from the typical result.  You're no ordinary pirate!




Certificate of Achievement
Pirate Rank
Shrewd Leader

Your result was pretty sharp.  Your skill level is approaching mine!




Certificate of Achievement
Pirate Rank
Legendary Boss

Your result is unsurpassed!  You'll be a pirate who creates legends!

= 7. Special Items, Events, and Features                                       =

Here is the list of scheduled events. They are the same for every game.

9:00  Game Start

8:30  Item Charge
8:00  Lucky Time

7:40  Lucky Star Roulette
7:30  Item Charge

6:30  Item Charge
6:00  Salvatore's Minigames

5:50  Lucky Star Roulette
5:30  Item Charge

4:30  Item Charge

3:30  Item Charge
3:20  Lucky Star Roulette
3:00  Lucky Time

2:30  Item Charge
2:00  Lucky Time extension (if enough medals are collected)

1:30  Item Charge
1:25  Lucky Star Roulette
1:00  Lucky Time extension (if enough medals are collected)

0:30  Item Charge
0:00  Game End

| 7a. Shells                                                                   |

Every map has one Shell, some hidden more cleverly then others.  A Shell can
only be found ONCE; in subsequent games it is replaced with a Large Green Rupee.
Either way, it's worth 100 rupees.

Map 1  - Near the northeast corner of the map, protected by two posts.

Map 2  - On a raised platform in the northeast quadrant of the map.

Map 3  - On a tiny island in the extreme northeast corner, next to a
         Blue Switch.

Map 4  - In the southwest area, there is a group of four pots in the shape
         of a cross.  Hit the ground in the center of the cross with the hammer
         and the shell will appear.

Map 5  - In the far northwest area, there is a blank square blocked by two pots.
         Get rid of the pots, then hit the blank space with your hammer to make
         the shell visible.

Map 6  - Along the wall in the southeast part of the map is a blank square
         blocked by a Blue Switch.  Hit the switch with your hammer, then hit 
         the blank space with your hammer to make the shell visible.

Map 7  - In the northeast part of the map is a group of four posts in the
         shape of a cross.  Hammer the blank square in the center to get the

Map 8  - In the southwest part of the map is a group of three posts and a
         Blue Switch in the shape of a cross.  Hammer the blank square in the
         center to get the shell.
Map 9  - There are three large mushrooms in the northwest corner of the map.
         Using the Pegasus Boots, ram into the lower right mushroom to make the
         shell appear.

Map 10 - There is a small room in the southwest part of the map.  In the lower
         right corner of that room is a blank square protected by a Blue 
         Switch and a pot.  Hit the blank space with your hammer to make the
         shell visible.

Map 11 - The center of the map is a large area filled with fire.  In the upper
         left corner of this area is a row of pots and a Blue Switch.  At the
         end of the row is a blank square.  Hit that with the hammer to get
         the shell.

         You'll need to wait until the rain puts out the fire before you can get
         to it.

Map 12 - The northwest quadrant of the map has a couple of large patches of
         mud (the dark green areas) connected north-south by a thin strip of 
         mud.  To the left of that thin strip is a tree.  Ram into that tree
         with the Pegasus Boots and the shell will pop out.



1 Shell   - "Lucky Star Roulette" unlocked (prize is a 4-Star)
2 Shells  - "Blue Switches" bonus unlocked (prize is a 4-Star)
3 Shells  - "Sue-Belle" Navigator unlocked
4 Shells  - "Star Ghosts" unlocked (4 ghosts)
5 Shells  - "Lucky Star Roulette" upgraded (prize is now a 5-Star)
6 Shells  - "Blue Switches" bonus upgraded (prize is now a 5-Star)
8 Shells  - "King of Red Lions" Navigator unlocked
10 Shells - "Star Ghosts" upgraded (total ghosts increased to 5)
12 Shells - "Expert Mode" unlocked

| 7b. Lucky Time                                                               |

Lucky Time occurs at the 8-minute and 3-minute mark.  When it's "Lucky Time",
Gonzo will pop up on the TV screen and talk a lot.  Then for the next minute
the medals on the TV map will show their numbers.  Lucky Time lasts for one

The 3-minute mark Lucky Time can be extended by another minute by
collecting a certain amount of medals.  That extra minute can then be extended
again by collecting more medals.  The number required seems to be between 3 and

It doesn't matter who collects the medals.  For example, say that three medals 
are needed.  If the green player gets one followed by the red player getting
two, Lucky Time is extended.

The number of medals left to collect is shown on the ticker at the bottom of the
TV screen.  The sentence is in Japanese, but the numbers aren't.  The game says
"Yatta!" when someone collects enough medals.

BTW, the actual name of this event is ¤Þ¤ë¤ß¤¨¥é¥Ã¥­¡¼¥¿¥¤¥à (Marumie Lucky
Time).  "Marumie" means "fully exposed".

| 7c. Item Charge                                                              |

Every minute at the 30 second mark the game will say "item charge!".  When that
happens, all the open treasure chests are refilled.

| 7d. Salvatore's Minigames                                                    |

At the 6-minute mark, a foghorn is sounded and Salvatore (the guy who runs the
cannon shooting game from LOZ:WW) will appear on the TV screen.

To play these minigames, you need to have picked up the Event Card (either from
the Opening Minigame or a treasure chest).  If you've tried to use it before
now, the game wouldn't even let you select it.  Once Salvatore appears, you can
finally use it.

Select the Event Card as your L Button item via the Start menu or by pressing
Select repeatedly.  Then press L to see the Event Card screen on your GBA.

When it's time to play, one of the following three games is chosen at random:


Pirate Bingo:

This does not require any Japanese knowledge.

Salvatore draws bingo balls from a box.  If you have the number he drew, select
it and press A.  The first player with three in a row wins a Lucky Star.  It's a
5-Star at the beginning, but as more numbers are drawn it degrades to 4 and


Quick Buttons:

This doesn't require Japanese knowledge, either.

Salvatore will choose either "Balloons" or "Bombs".  Then he will say "pon"
multiple times.  You need to select the exact number of balloons or bombs
that he says.  The player who does it the fastest wins that round.  The player
who wins the most rounds (out of three) gets a Lucky Star.

3 wins = 5-Star, 2 wins = 4-Star, 1 win = 3-Star.

In Japanese, balloon is "fuusen" and bomb is "bakudan".  You don't really need
to know that because Salvatore uses different voices for each one.  If he speaks
with a high voice, it's "balloon".  A low voice is "bomb".


Here's an example:

Fuusen!  Fuusen, pon pon pon!

In this example, you would select the balloon and press A three times.


Here's another:

Bakudan!  Bakudan, pon pon!

Select the bomb and press A twice.


I think this may seem a little difficult when you read it, but it should make
sense when you play.


Pirate Quiz:

Unfortunately, this one requires the player to understand Japanese.

Salvatore asks three questions, and you need to select the answer from four

The player who answers the most questions correctly wins a Lucky Star.

3 wins = 5-Star, 2 wins = 4-Star, 1 win = 3-Star.

| 7e. Blue Switches                                                            |

Every map has five Blue Switches: big blue buttons with an exclamation mark on
them.  To activate a switch, you need to pound it down with the Magic Hammer.
On the TV screen, a counter keeps track of the number of switches that have been

At first, the switches don't do anything.  After you've collected two Shells,
the player who activates the fifth switch gets a Lucky Star.

| 7f. Shuffle Switches                                                         |

Shuffle Switches are big red buttons with the letter "S" on them.  When you hit
one, the numbers on all the flags are shuffled around.

| 7g. Lucky Star Roulette                                                      |

After you've found one Shell, Lucky Star Roulette will be open for business.
(See the "Shells" section for more info on Shells).

To play, first you need to find a roulette machine.  They are easy to 
recognize; it's a tall box with a spinning wheel on it.  Stand in front of the
machine and press A.  Link will throw five rupees into the machine.

On the TV screen just under the lower left corner of the map is a spinning
wheel.  After you deposit your money, one quadrant of the wheel should have
your Link's color on it.

Every once and a while the wheel will stop (the game actually says "Roulette
Stop!").  If it stops on your color, you'll get a Lucky Star.

Win or lose, if you want to play again you need to deposit another five rupees.

You can play Lucky Star Roulette four times each game.

| 7h. Star Ghosts                                                              |

To unlock Star Ghosts, you must first collect four Shells.  (See the "Shells"
section for more info on Shells).

Star Ghosts are, well, ghosts that carry Lucky Stars.  They can travel anywhere
on the map, even through walls.  They always seem to fly in straight lines, and
if they spot you an exclamation point will appear over their heads and they'll
run faster.

If you hit a Star Ghost with a pot or the Magic Hammer, it will disappear and
leave a Lucky Star behind.

The first ghost killed leaves a 2-Star, the next a 3-Star, then a 4-Star, and
finally 5-Stars.

| 7i. Lucky Event                                                              |

Sometimes the Navigator will yell out "Lucky Event".  When that happens, they'll
throw a 5-Star to the start point.  If no one picks it up it will disappear on
its own.

| 7j. Bomb Event                                                               |

Occasionally, a series of bombs and a timer will appear on the TV screen map.
If you are standing in one of the bomb areas when the timer runs out, you'll
lose an item.

| 7k. Rupee Event                                                              |

If the players are really broke, sometimes the Navigator will throw a bunch of
rupees to a flashing location on the map.

| 7l. Expert Mode                                                              |

In Expert Mode, the characters do not hold their flags up.  You have to talk to
a character to find out what their number is.

To unlock Expert Mode, you need to collect all 12 Shells.

= 8. Hints                                                                     =

- Before you try to get medals from a character, WAIT UNTIL THE "A" BUTTON
  ICON IS RED!  You'll get an extra medal.  Look at the "'A' Button Icon"
  section under "Playing the Game" for more on this.

- When playing the Opening Minigame, it's helpful to mentally keep track of
  the number of Warp Balloons you've already collected.  You can only carry
  nine, so don't bother grabbing more than that.  You might take yourself out of
  position for the next item or accidently pick up a skull.

- Once you've picked up a skull, don't bother avoiding them anymore.  Whether
  it's 1 skull or 100, you've lost the bonus.

- The person who hits the last Blue Switch gets the Lucky Star, so keep an eye
  on the counter.  When it says 4/5, go after that last switch.

- Warp Balloons are common, so don't be afraid to use them.

- Going after the fairies is well worth it, so keep an eye out for them.  The
  point bonuses are huge for collecting a set of items.  For example, getting
  all three triforces is worth 1300 points!!  At the very least, try for one of
  each set.  This stops your _opponents_ from getting the big point bonuses.

- The Pegasus Boots are faster when you are carrying a Lucky Star.

- When someone gets medals, pay attention to which medals are left on the map.
  You can significantly cut down the time spent looking for the next one.  For
  example, let's say someone just picked up three medals, so there are only two
  left on the map.  Now you know the next medal has to be at one of those two

= 9. FAQ                                                                       =

How do I unlock Navi Trackers??  I beat the game and I still can't find it!

  Unfortunately, Navi Trackers is NOT in the US release.  It is ONLY in the
  Japanese version.


Ok, so Navi Trackers isn't in Four Swords Adventures.  Will it ever come to

  Probably not, but Nintendo has not explicitly ruled it out.  It's possible it
  may be sold as a separate game (unlikely) or given away as a promotion.


Why does this FAQ have all these messed-up characters?

  Your browser isn't recognizing the Japanese characters properly.  This
  document uses "EUC" encoding for the Japanese parts.

  Your browser should have an option like "Character Set" or "Character
  Encoding", probably under the "View" menu.  If your browser has a
  "Japanese - Autoselect" option you can try that, but now you know this file
  is EUC-encoded so I'd just select that manually.

  Windows 2000 & XP, Mac OS X, and Linux should all have Japanese support out
  of the box.


There's a big green rupee where the shell is supposed to be.  What gives?

  The shell was already picked up during a previous game.  You can only
  get it once.  It has been replaced with a Large Green Rupee.


How do I unlock new maps?

  Collect 30 medals to unlock the next map.


What is the "Navi" in "Navi Trackers"?

  It's probably taken from the first two syllables of "nabigeetaa", the
  Japanization of the English word "navigator".

  The Japanese like shortening words to two syllables.  Take the Super
  Famicom (Japan's name for the Super Nintendo). "Fami" is short for
  "famirii" (family), "com" (or "con") is short for "konpyuutaa"
  (computer).  Not only that, I've seen people shorten "Super Famicom" to
  "supafami", a contraction of a contraction!

  And apparently "nabi torakkaazu" is too long, because I just saw someone on a
  Japanese BBS shorten it to "nabitora"!


Can I _really_ enjoy this game if I don't know Japanese?

  Absolutely.  The only part that requires Japanese knowledge is one of
  Salvatore's minigames, and those are optional anyway.  The rules are
  explained in this guide, so with a little practice you should be fine.


What the heck is King of Red Lions yelling about?

  Well, the King is kind of a blunt guy, err, boat.  Anyway, when a player
  gets medals (and sometimes Lucky Stars) the Navigator announces it to
  everyone.  Tetra and Sue-Belle are fairly relaxed, but the King of Red
  Lions is more forceful:

  Midori no Rob wa, medaruwo sanmai geTTO!!
  Green player Rob got 3 medals!!

  The word he screams at the end is "getto", which is actually a Japanization of
  the English word "get".

  The other time he yells a lot is during the last minute of the game.  If
  it's Lucky Time, he'll say "Wasshoi!  Wasshoi!  Wasshoi wasshoi wasshoi!" 
  "Wasshoi" is frequently heard at Japanese festivals (matsuris) as a kind
  of encouragement to work harder.


I've unlocked Expert Mode.  How do play it?

  Press R at the map selection screen.  Press L to switch back.

= 10. Credits                                                                  =

GameFAQs   - For providing an invaluable service to gamers over the years
Nintendo   - For developing and releasing this surprisingly fun game
IGN        - For kindly hosting this guide on their site
Neoseeker  - For kindly hosting this guide on their site

= 11. Copyright Information                                                    =

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site other than
the following:

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Any redistribution of this document or public display is strictly prohibited,
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