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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords Adventures Shadow Battle FAQ

Copyright 2004 Joshua Megnauth
Version 1.25

This FAQ is my first FAQ so please excuse it if it sucks. This will
cover the levels of Shadow Battle mode of the Four Swords as well
as basic info on how to play to levels. If you find any mistakes,
please email me at Forte200@netzero.com. If you want to use
this FAQ on your site, also email me. Make sure you don't 
edit the FAQ in any way at all. 

************************Who can host this FAQ**********************
GameFAQs- http://www.gamefaqs.com
Neoseeker- http://www.neoseeker.com

NOTE: This FAQ might not view correctly on certain monitors.
To view it correctly, right click the FAQ and save it as a text file.
Then view it as normal. 

Version History 
V .01-  Unreleased version where I wrote things I was going to do.
V .25-  Fixed a lot of errors and added many important things.
        Added general information and this version history.
V .50-  Got guide posted! Woohoo! I have decided to add more 
        sections for "lack of content". The credits will also be
        updated for shoecream's rewrapper. Added ratings for levels
        and weapons. Various fixes such as separators to make 
        reading easier. Fixed any wrong information I had, such as
        the Magic Hammer information.
V .75-  Various Fixes, major change (font change) ASCII work might be 
        posted soon.Most of the main part ofthis FAQ is done. 
        Various sections are not done, mostly the Hyrulean adventure 
        section. Neoseeker is now allowed to host my guides.
V 1.00- Tables and separators have been upgraded to look better. In
        my opinion, it really brings this FAQ together.
V 1.01- Quick ASCII test that has nothing to do with Zelda was placed
        on the bottom of the FAQ. A lot of spelling errors was 
V 1.25- Started playing the game again (multiplayer). I found some 
        differences and wrote them down. Some are big and some are not.
        Added a new section in "The Basics". 
        Note: This version DOES NOT have the completed Hyrulean 
        Adventure section. I must fix mistakes before it is released.

Table of contents:

1. General Information
2. What do you need to battle 
3. The Basics (a lot of mini-sections about playing the game)
4. Mini Games
5. Maps light world and dark
6. FAQ
7. Hyrulean Adventure
9. Closing and credits
10.Extra information/test ASCII art
General Information 
The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords Adventures is a newly
released game based off of "The Four Swords" which was an 
expansion to "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" for the
GBA. This game is better and more playable than its older version. 

In the version for GBA, you required four friends, each with a GBA
and the A Link to the Past cartridge along with link cables as required.
The game was a little shorter, but pretty much the same. 

This game only requires friends with GBAs, the game (obviously) and
GCN-GBA cables (one comes free with purchase). A good thing is, you 
can play with 2-4 players which adds a lot of fun to the game. 

This game is different from average Zelda games might I add. The main 
difference is you control four Links. You need all four to get past traps
and to solve puzzles. Unlike most Zelda games, where you start 
with three hearts and build up, in this game you start with four.
You can only carry one weapon, other than your sword, at a time.
There are different levels, each with three maps. The last one is the
boss map. If you link and play the game with your friends, you also
unlock a Tingle tower at each level. Every map you start, you start 
with only your sword, four Links, four hearts and no weapons.
It sounds odd, doesn't it? Even though odd, it is still extremely fun.   

One fun thing (which I don't think was in other Zelda games) is the
battle mode AKA shadow battle. Shadow battle is when you play with
your friends and well....battle! You don't control four Links, only 
one. There are different weapons to aid you in battle. You start
with five maps, and unlock five more when you complete your Adventure. 

*************************What do you need to battle******************

1.	1 Gamecube and the game
2.	2 or more GCN-GBA cables (one is already supplied)
3.	1 or more friends 
4.	A GBA for each player

That's it! You are set. Make sure the GCN-GBA wires are connected 
Starting from port one. The colors are:
Player one is green
Player two is red
Player three is blue
Player four is purple 

You cannot change what color you are unless you are playing 
adventure mode. 


******************************The Basics*****************************

I am assuming you have played this game at least once to know how to move, 
so I will briefly explain it.

|Button:        |                                                  |
|               |                                                  |
|L             -|- Gather Links, create formation - Adventure only!|       
|               |                                                  |
|R             -|- Pick up weapons, items or Links - All modes!    |  
|               |                                                  |
|Start         -|- Pause - All modes                               |
|               |                                                  |  
|Select        -|- Change your Link's color (switch Links) -       |
|               |  Adventure Only!                                 |
|               |                                                  |
|Directional pad|  Use to move your Link or command cursor -       |
|               |  All modes/Menus                                 |
|               |                                                  |
|               |                                                  |
|B             -|- Cancel commands or use your sword (hold to      |
|               |   charge your sword)                             |
|               |- All modes/Menus                                 |
|               |                                                  |
|               |                                                  |
|A              |  Accept commends or use/charge items             |
|               |  (if they can charge) - All modes/menus          |
|               |                                                  |
|               |                                                  |
|               |                                                  |
|               |                                                  |

Sword Attacks: The sword in this game does more than just one attack!
Some are very useful, especially against the harder bosses.


Vertical Slash: Very common attack, soon as you press the "B" button,
this should be the first (or one of the first) attacks done. This 
attack only does normal damage.

Horizontal Slash: This attack is also very common and usually follows 
the vertical slash. This attack always does normal damage.

Diagonal Slash: This attack does normal damage but is only done after
vertical and horizontal slashes are done.

---------------Combo attacks---------------

Forward Slash Combo: After you attacked (or constantly pressed "B") you
will see your Link (or Links) jump forward and attack your enemy. 
This attack does heavy damage. After you land, you might be  vulnerable
to attacks.

---------------Special Attacks---------------

Spin attack: Charge your sword until it is held in front of you and 
glowing. Unleash this attack for heavy damage to be done.

Spin attack (roll): Roll towards or away from your opponent. Soon as
you finished rolling (or while you are rolling) press "B" to do the
above attack. This is very useful if you are being pursued by your 
enemies. You can quickly roll and attack to hit them back.

Sword beam: Once you get 2,000 force gems (or in shadow battle, the 
four swords sword) and you have full health, you can attack to shoot
a beam from your sword. It does normal damage. 

Hurricane Spin: Fully charge your sword (it will be held in back of
you) and let go of the button. You should start spinning and flying
around the screen. You can control where you go by using the analog 
stick (or the D-Pad on the GBA). This attack does a lot of damage. 
It always does heavy damage but sometimes I found it doing as much as 
two hearts per hit! You are also invulnerable while attacking.

The GBA and the GCN: 

Both your GBA and GCN would both show your health and the
weapon you are carrying. While you are in caves, houses 
are if you are in the dark world it will show on your GBA. 
That is why Nintendo requires you to have a GBA of your own.
If you don't, the screen would be all jumbled in the multiplayer

*There are four (really 5) formations to do in this game.                *  
*                                                                        *
*Gather: Press L to gather all the Links together. This only             * 
*        works in adventure mode!                                        *
*Diamond: This is the main defensive formation. When you are             *
*         being attacked heavily, use this formation to gather the       *
*         Links and attack from all sides.                               *
*Long: Great for cutting grass or stepping on switches, this formation   *
*      gathers all the Links in a straight line. This is also good if you*
*      are going are being attacked from one direction.                  * 
*Wide: Same as long except all Links are gathered and placed left to     *
*      right.                                                            *
*Square: All Links are gathered in a square. This is great for stepping  *
*        on switches and pushing objects.                                *

Damage types: 

None: You take no damage from the attack.
Normal: 1/2 or 1/4 of one heart is taken down.
Heavy: More than 1/2 damage is taken.

Weapons Level 1: 
Roc's feather-
What it looks like:  It looks like a little feather with a blue mark 
on the bottom. 

What does it do: It allows you to jump. 

Usefulness: 3 out of 5, it is somewhat useful, it allows you to pile
drive your opponent while jumping, or reach certain places
but that is all the usefulness it has. 
In adventure mode I rate it 5 out of 5. You can kill bosses very easily
with the Roc's Feather. 

Charge: There is no charge, but it allows you to jump. 

Tips: Jump around so you can't be hit. When you jump, press "B" to
attack your enemy. 

Damage type: Heavy damage if you attack using it. 
What does it look like: (Dumb question) It looks like a blue sphere
with a white string coming out. 

What does it do: You set one off, and after a few seconds,
it starts flashing red and shaking. Then it explodes.
You can pick it up and throw it.
Soon as it hits an enemy while thrown, it explodes. Its splash 
damage also burns down grass etc. 

Usefulness: 4 out of 5, it is very useful, yet small. The level two 
version is MUCH better.

Charge: There is no charge, but you can pick it up and throw it.

Tips: Pick it up as soon as it starts flashing and throw it. If it
misses, it will still damage your enemy if it explodes.

Damage type: Heavy if it hits directly.

Bow and Arrows-
What does it look like: A curved "I" with a string coming down the 
folded part. 

What does it do: You can shoot it and it keeps going until it hits any 
obstacle or item. 
When it is charged, it goes through items. 

Usefulness: 3 out of 5: The fact that it doesn't go through 
obstacles until charged takes away from it's value. 

Charge: Shoots an arrow that is multi-colored, goes through items.

Tips: Shoot your enemy when their back is facing you.

Damage Type: Normal 

Charged Damage: Normal

What does it look like: A curved stick. 

What does it do: Shoot it to stun enemies and retrieve force gems 
etc. Hold down the attack button and it stays in one spot. 

Usefulness: In the adventure, 4 out of 5 and in battle 5 out of 5.
In the adventure, you can get the helpful force gems and stun
enemies while in battle you can pull items and Links to you. You can
rescue them from danger, or throw them right into peril!

Charge: There is no charge, but it stays in one spot.

Tips: Pull your enemy towards you and slash them.

Damage type: Depends on your attack when used.

Fire Rod- 
What does it look like: A rod with a red gem attached to it. 

What does it do: It shoots fire balls, and shoots like a flame thrower 
when the attack button is held down.

Usefulness: 5 out of 5, it is too good to be true. It shoots fire to
attack from far away. It burns things to a crisp, and causes your 
friends to lose control.

Charge: There is no charge, but it acts like a flamethrower when used.

Damage Type: Normal/heavy

Flamethrower damage: Normal

What does it look like: A cylinder with larger circles at the end. 

What does it do: It shoots fire directly in front of you and lights up 
dark places.

Usefulness: 2 out of 5: Only thing useful is that it lights up places.

Charge: No charge, but it lights up area and shoots fire directly in 
front of you.

Damage type: Normal

Magic Hammer: 

What does it look like: A wooden hammer.

What does it do: It damages your enemies when you hit them with it,
as well as create shockwaves to damage or flip over your enemies.

Usefulness: 5 out of 5, this hammer can stun enemies around 
you and damage them. It makes this hammer useful when you 
are cornered are if you are in a bad situation. It can also knock 
items out of the ground!

Charge: Charge it to cause a huge earthquake that knocks things
out of the ground!

Damage Type: Normal/Heavy (mostly heavy)

Charge Damage: None/Normal/Heavy *Note* It's charged damage
depends on how it hits. The Shockwaves normally don't do damage,
but can do a normal amount. If you hit your enemy directly with a
charged hammer it does "heavy" damage. 


What does it look like: A normal shovel with a wooden handle.

What does it do: Dig and you can find secret passageways, force
gems and even items. 

Usefulness: Though not a weapon, it is useful to find secret areas
and other useful things, thus it gets a 4 out of 5

Charge: It doesn't have a charge

Damage type: HEAVY....I mean none. 

Pegasus Boots: 

What does it look like: Red boots 

What does it do: Press "A" to charge into what ever you see

Usefulness: 5 out of 5, you can use it to attack and do heavy damage,
or you can charge into objects to reveal important things.

Charge: No charge 

Damage: Heavy if you it them from the back, otherwise, normal.


What does it look like: A wooden Y with a string across it.

What does it do: Stuns the enemy without damaging it.

Usefulness: 4 out of 5, you can stun your enemy and attack them.
The good part is, they can't protect themselves. You can really
rack up on the damage with it.

Charge: Damages your enemy instead of stunning it. 

Damage: None

Charge Damage: Normal 

Level 2 weapons:
Bomb: The bombs are bigger and have an extremely large blast 
radius. It also does 'heavy' damage more often.
Boomerang: It goes farther and faster than the original.
Bow and arrows: Shoots three shots in a row. 
Fire Rod: Create blocks that can explode and fire in different 
directions. Very useful for fast moving enemies. 
Lamp: No level two available
Magic Hammer: Larger and faster shockwaves.
Pegasus Boots: This allows you to fly over short and small holes.
Roc's Feather: Thanks to "lostlans" for this info: The level two 
Roc's feather would allow you double jump.  
Shovel: Allows you to find treasure by acting like a metal detector.
Slingshot: Fire three deku seeds at a time.  
More weapons coming soon!   

Special Items: 

Black Crystal: The Black Crystal shoots out one of three random
items. They might help you, or hurt you.
1. The Cucco: Steals an enemy's heart and returns it to you.
2. The bombchus: Bombchus fly all over hurting you can your enemy.
3. Carrot: Invincibility/Let's you ride a horse

Four Swords: Receive a fully powered sword. Gives you two attacks:
1. Beam attack: When you have full health, you can shoot beams
   from your sword like in the first Zelda.
2. Hurricane Spin: Charge up fully to spin wildly doing heavy damage.

Tips and Tricks: 

1.Hide: Always hide behind trees, houses when you see projectiles
coming towards you. Hiding can save you many times in battle.
There are many places to hide! Look around!

2.Roll: Rolling can avoid peril as well as speed you up while moving.

3.Throw things: Throwing items at your friends can slow them down as 
well as open passages.

4.Know the level: If you know the secrets of levels, then you can
always have an advantage over your friends. 

5.Throw your friends at obstacles: Rolling constantly can help
you pick up your friends as they cannot get you.
Throwing your friends at bombs and other obstacles can deal 
a lot of damage to them. Use whenever you can. 

6.If there is a large bomb, that kills anything on the screen 
(from Shadow Link), grab your friends, and make sure to toss them
when time is running out. When the bomb explodes, they will die.
Make sure you get to safety before the bomb explodes!

7.Be unpredictable: Roll constantly and never go to one
particular place multiple times.

8.NEVER stand in one place. It makes you an easy target. 

9.Use "Roc's feather" to jump and attack with B. 
The attack is very powerful and cheap.

10.Attack your opponents from behind. You can do more 
damage by attacking from behind. 
This brings me to my next point: 

11.Never turn your back to your opponent. 
You never know what they got planned.

More tips soon! 

*********************************Mini Games*************************** 

The mini games are fun (well, mostly fun) games that you
unlock at tingle's tower. After every second map in a level, 
you can load your save game and play with a friend (or friends). 
Tingle will ask you if you want to come to his tower. Accept it, 
and you unlock the mini game for that level. 
By playing a mini game, you receive force fairies. 
There are eight mini games in all. 

Here are the mini games in the order you should unlock them and 
basic info about them. 

1.Bucking Bronco: Race in a course with your friends.
You will be on horses while racing. Carrots make you run faster. 
You can also get a lot of force gems from this mini game. 
There are fences you need to jump over also.
Crashing into them slows you down a lot.  

2.Cucco Wranglers: Catch chickens (cuccos) and throw them
into the fence. The chickens that you caught would be
the color of your Link. All chickens would have to be
caught to beat this game. Rolling and cornering is very 
good in this mini game. 

3.Hammer Tag: One of your friends will be it and receive a nice shiny 
hammer. They have to chase after everybody else and hit them with
the hammer to make him or her it. The person who has the 
hammer for a total of sixty seconds loses. There are lots of traps,
such as gems, or dark world portals. *Note* The clock doesn't
reset. If you had it for 50 seconds, and you tag your friend, if you 
are tagged again the clock starts back from 50 seconds.

4.Monster Hunting: Fight! In this mini game, you have to fight 
tons of enemies. You get a lot of force gems from battling.

5.Volley, by Golly- You have to hit a volley ball back and forth 
with the friends. It is similar to fighting Phantom Ganon. 
When he shoots the energy ball, in this case a volley ball, 
it would change colors. You have to hit the ball if 
it is the color of your Link. 

6.Mole Melee: Equivalent to "whack-a-mole"
you have to hit moles. Yellow earns you points, black stuns you. 
There are also multicolored moles. If you hit a mole of your color,
you earn more points.

7.Monster Hunting, Again!: Same as mini game number four, except 
with much harder enemies. 

8.Bonus Course: A dungeon with a lot of battles means lots of funs.
You have to get to the end, alive. It has traps, and puzzles as 
long with a lot of battles. You will have to work together if you want
to survive!

**************************Main Shadow Battle Section******************

Vaati: If this is on, Vaati will appear after a while 
and kill everything. It will show a note similar to this,
"30 seconds left!"

Handicap: You can make yourself stronger or weaker and 
start with more force gems etc. 

Keep items: If on, it allows you to keep "powerful" weapons.
 I don't know what they consider powerful though.

Meters: It allows your health and force gems meters to show. 
The Field- 
Description: You start on one of the four edges on a 
square at the middle of  the map. There is one house in
the middle of the map, and one cave at the top left corner. 
Directly to the left of the house, are some flowers. 
There is a switch on the bottom one. 
This switch opens up a makes the square open up and drops
what ever is there into oblivion. 
To the right of the house, is an item place.You need to go into 
the house and hit the switch. That switch makes bombs appear all 
around the item place to the right and makes
a random item appear. The trees can release bees if hit with the 
Pegasus boots. The cave has a Pegasus Boots and a cucco.
Hit the cucco a few times to have his buddies attack outside
the cave. Hit the switches multiple times, to have enemies
appear outside. Charge the outside of the house to cause enemies
to come inside the house. 

Rating: 5 out of 5: One of my favorite maps to battle in. 
It has a lot of traps, and things to do. It will lead to 
a long and harsh battle.

Tips for battle: The BEST weapon for this area is the big bomb.
Use it to cause large amounts of damage. 
Throw bombs inside the houses to hurt your enemies. 
Throw your enemies on the square and press the switch 
quickly to make him fall down. Beat up the cucco 
and run inside the house for cover. 

The dark version is not different except the trap switch is at the top. 
Tower of Flames: 
Description: This map has so many traps. In the middle, 
the pots have switches to make the fire change directions.
The little holes, make you fall to another area with switches.
The switches make trap doors in the middle of the area. Use it
when your friends are standing in the middle. The house on top,
makes fire appear around the area. The south house unleashes 
bombchus to blow up all the bombs around the area. 

Rating: 4 out of 5: This level gets really chaotic. There are lots of 
switches that trigger a lot of traps. You can hurt your enemies 
badly by using those switches wisely. In this level, it is ok
to stay in one place. Moving can literally get you killed.

Tips for battle: No tips really, just use all the switches to your

Dark world version: There is no bombs at the edge of the screen, but 
there is a lot more switches. The switch at the top creates a 
permanent fire around the arena. The switches in the middle causes
fire to be sprayed in certain directions depending on the switch 
pressed. The switch on the bottom releases a large amount of bombchus
everywhere. The other switches remained the same. 

Tower of Winds:
Description: This map is fun. Once you have the "Roc's feather"
you are unbeatable. Roc's feather allows you to jump, making it
hard for enemies to hit you. In the doors, there are switches that
make Shadow Link drop a HUGE bomb that kills anybody in the
Light World. This level is played in sidescroller format. There 
are four doors all around the area. The doors take you to 
the dark world. 

Rating: 4 out of 5: This level is good, but once you get a particular 
item, your opponent would not have a chance. So it will usually
be a one sided battle if you get "The Roc's Feather". There are not 
a lot of switches, so this level is mostly an item battle. There is also a
rather nasty trick you can use on your friends. 

Tips for battle: Hit the switches in the dark world place, and pick up
your enemy before he comes through  the door. When the
bomb explodes, so will he! People in the Dark World can pick up 
people in the light world, so this trick is rather nasty. 

Dark world version: More switches! That is all that changed. 
The switches drop MORE bombs on your enemies. Since this level is 
small, bombs are very useful. Use it whenever you can!

Hyrule Castle: 
Description: Very simple level. It is two squares, you start in one,
and the second one is when you use the dark world portal. 
You can only stay in the dark world for ten seconds.
There are only items in the dark world. The first square is a never 
ending enemy slaughter. Even bosses would join the fun! 

Rating: 5 out of 5, this simple level is very fun to play with your 
friends. Weapons are plentiful in this level, using them to your 
advantage is great. This level is fun, especially towards the end 
where things will get very crazy. 

Tips and tricks: Keep your enemy away from the 
Dark world portal. If he is inside with you, 
you can pick him up and throw him out 
of the dark world before he gets items.
Throwing your enemy at other enemies is fun too. 

Dark world: There are switches that unleash hundreds of bombchus.
Bosses and enemies appear more often than usual.  

Above the clouds: 
Description: There are four places to get items. This map has a 
spinning fire thing in the middle of the map. Around the center 
is a  bunch of colored squares. When it is your Link's color,
you can cross. There is a hole that leads to a switch (which
changes the direction of the fire). 

Rating: 4 out of 5, this level is more hard than fun to play. Items 
are gotten very easily, but will not be used much. Throwing 
your enemies is the key. A lot of draws will happen in this area
do to the excess of throwing. You will see what I mean
when you play this level with friends. 

Tips and tricks: Throwing your enemies is the key to victory. 
You can't win without it. 

Dark world: There are four fire things instead of two. 
The middle's color changes a lot faster. 


Q: How do I get level two items?
A: You have to take your item to the Great Fairies in the level 
you are in. Some levels have it, some don't.

Q: How do I unlock all the dark world levels?
A. Beat adventure mode once.

Q: Can I play without GBAs and only controllers?
A: No, Nintendo designed the game for only GBA play. 

Q: What is different from the GBA version?
A: The Gamecube version is longer and features more game play
Q: What is your favorite map to battle on?
A: The field
Q: Why did you write this guide?
A. I like to help people, but mainly because I wanted to try something
   new. :D
Q. What do you recommend to use, a GBA or a GCN controller?
A. I recommend the GBA, there is not any pros or cons of using either.
   The GCN controller has more buttons so certain things can be done
   easier. Okay, maybe only one thing can be done easier and that is
   switching between formations. If you want to quickly switch to a 
   formation, you can use the C-Stick. On the GBA, you have to press
   L then a direction. But, on the GBA you can view caves etc. which
   is pretty cool.
Q. Do you need to play with friends to beat this game?
A. No, but if you want to unlock mini-games to play with your friends,
   you must go to a level where you beat the first two maps. Tingle 
   will invite you to his tower where you unlock a mini-game depending
   on the level you are on. Some of the mini-games are not fun. 
Q. Which is harder, Hyrulean adventure with friends, or by yourself?
A. Well, without a doubt it is much harder with your friends. Nintendo
   made it so as much as you want to beat up your friends, you will 
   have to work together at some points. If you get one of your 
   friends mad, they might just throw you at an enemy. Nintendo also
   made most levels and bosses harder. They also took out certain 
   weapons and items or gave a limited quantity. You might just end 
   up fighting your friends instead of your real enemy! Some parts 
   though are actually easier. Remember how you can only carry one
   weapon at a time? Yes, it is still there, but the Links can hold
   different weapons making you ready for different situations.
***************************Hyrulean Adventure***********************
This is just a short mention. In this game, you can play adventure
mode with more people, there are a few differences though.
I will list all the differences, so you know what to expect. 

This section is not done yet, I have to play multiplayer more to see
all the differences. 

1. In Lake Hylia there is a star switch you must have one Link step 
   on to get to the next side. It will be on the opposite side this time 
   and you will have to throw a Link to get there.
2. Cave of No Return: You will have to step on four switches to get
   the blue bracelet and the bow and arrow.

Ok, this FAQ doesn't have too much to it right now,
but trust me, I will finish more. The Maps section is 
almost complete. That is the main area of the FAQ. 


Nintendo: I learned a few tricks from their guides. 
They also made the game.

My brother/family: For playing the game with me. :D

GameFAQs: GameFAQs rules they posted this guide.

Shoecream: He made an excellent rewrapper which I used several 
                     times while making this FAQ. Use it at:
Lostlans: He gave me the information for the level two "Roc's Feather"

Neoseeker: They rule too, they posted the guide also. 

This FAQ should only be seen on the sites mentioned at the
top of my FAQ, if you want to host this guide on your site
please email me at: Forte200@Netzero.com. 
If anybody else is using it without permission, 
please let me know. You will be credited!

Copyright, 2004, Joshua Megnauth - This copyright gives you the 
permission to view this FAQ as long as you don't copy it and pass it
off as your own. You can save this FAQ on your computer for your own
use. If you contact me, I can give you permission to host this unedited
FAQ on your own site as long as it is NOT for profit. If you violate this
copyright, you can be sued if you don't reverse your actions. Any
ASCII art found can be copied as long as you give me credit and contact
Note: In version 1.00 and under there is NO ASCII art. If you host
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And remember everybody! Buy Mudkip and Torchic soda! Quality since 
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