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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Copyright 2004-2005 Brian McPhee

Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
Most Recent Update: October 19, 2005
Originally Created: October 11, 2004
Version: 1.0

-------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------

Section 1*


Section 2*

Parapa Palace*
Swamp Palace*
Spectacle Rock*
Graveyard Palace*
Labyrinth Palace*
Island Palace*
Hidden Palace*
Great Palace*

Section 3*

Enemy List*
Heart Containers*
Magic Containers*
Link Dolls*
Experience Points*

Section 4*

Credits and Legal Information*
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||--------------------------------Section 1*----------------------------------||
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Welcome to...  the ultimate guide!!!  To boost ratings I'm coming out with new,
x-treme lingo.  It's going to rock steady!  Okay, seriously now.  Just had to
get that out of my system...  Welcome to my latest guide.  This one is for, in
case you were blind but you regained your sight, The Adventure of Link.  It is
very probable that you need help on this game.  So, I'm writing a walkthrough
for it.  Simple, no?  Here you have a straightforward, step-by-step guide, not
too shabby if I do say so myself.

You can stare at it for hours on end and it will still be here.  This is
radically different from those "tele-walkthroughs".  They're like home shows
where they do the electric wiring during the commercials.  It simply cannot be
done so fast.  So, I offer you a better guide than any of my made-up "tele-
walkthroughs".  If you cannot read do not hesitate; you can learn very easily
with such books as Reading for Dummies.  It's a good book.  Now enough rambling!
I hate it when that happens.  It is time for me to give a review of The
Adventure of Link.

Well, sixteen years ago it was 1988 (this was written in 2004).  In that year
Nintendo released the second installment of the Legend of Zelda series.  At the
time, the first Zelda was revolutionary, and that's what Nintendo must've
thought people liked.  So, they went even more revolutionary and made this game.
Now, I don't know about you, but if I knew something was already a total success
I wouldn't try to change it.  But they did, and The Adventure of Link is the
result.  In my opinion, this is not the best Zelda game in the series.  If you
love this game, sorry, but it doesn't mean much to say a game "isn't good" in
the series because all of Zelda is so good.  But when it comes down to it, this
game makes for a great Zelda classic like its predecessor, but it was a hard act
to follow.

The Adventure of Link doesn't quite compare for a few simple reasons.  For one,
this game is so hard it is not funny.  There has never been such a hard Zelda
game and there will never be one because Mr. Miyamoto learned his lesson.  The
game is practically impossible to beat, but it can be done!  I am living proof.
Second, the game strayed from the extremely popular overhead view of the first
The Legend of Zelda game and made this 2-D except for intermediary screens.
Well, this makes it hard because Link, who in this game is taller than in the
past one, can attack in two ways, up and down.  So, enemies who can move their
shields at the speed of light are impervious to attack.  Plus, the items aren't
exactly to die for in this game.

This brings us to the inevitable conclusion that this game isn't number one
under the sun, or above it.  But, you have the next Zelda game in the series to
look forward to, A Link to the Past, which is the best game in the series, in my
humble opinion.  However, don't give up on this game.  Once I played it, I loved
it.  The RPG attributes are so minor it doesn't make a difference at all, and
really, it is sort of nice.

Of course, I don't hate The Adventure of Link or I wouldn't be writing this
guide.  The storyline is not very open-ended; it is sort of drawing the series
of a close.  This is because, back in '88, I'm sure Nintendo didn't foresee the
huge success of the Zelda series.  The first Zelda game introduced a video game
legacy that many have copied and is still loved by all.  Well, this game, while
not better than the first, undoubtedly introduced everything that any other RPG
game has ever had, including life points, gauges, and experience points.  So,
this game sort of fathered all other action RPG's and that's why I chose this to
be my next walkthrough.

The real reason I'm writing this isn't for nostalgia purposes only, as I've
explained.  The game is going to be, or was depending on when you're reading
this, released on October 25, 2004, for the GBA as part of the Classic NES
series.  I missed my chance to write a guide for The Legend of Zelda (the first
one) before it was re-released, so I won't make that mistake this time.  I'm all
about applications!  So get ready to be totally problem-free in your video
gaming experience!

By the by, if you see this guide on any website other than GameFaqs.com (note
that GameSpot is an affiliate of GameFaqs because both are owned by CNET
Networks, so it is justified there), please inform me.  With your help I can
stop plagiarism, which is illegal.  Also, this guide is protected by
copyright, making it even more illegal.  So please, help a guy out.


Trying to work your way through this guide can be a nightmare.  But, you may
have noticed that I "accidentally" placed asterisks (*) after the titles of
sections.  This serves more than decorative purposes, however.  If you press
CTRL + F, or Apple + F if you have a Mac, a search will be activated.  Type in
the name of the section including the asterisk and search for it.  First you'll
be taken to the Table of Contents and then to the name of that section.  It's a
real lifesaver when it comes to navigating through this guide.  This works on
all documents, not just this one, so feel free to use it everywhere.


The plot of this game wouldn't be so bad if the words weren't grouped with the
most idiotic pictures imaginable.  This is the first game in the series to take
a stab at an in-depth storyline.  I'' summarize it for you so you won't have to
look at the pictures or read the trying-to-be-dramatic words.  They still haunt
my dreams.

                            |    Story Summary    |

Ganon, an evil thief from the desert that Link killed in The Legend of Zelda
(first game) is dead, but his armies still roam Hyrule causing havoc.  Link, who
is now sixteen, has seen that his hand had been marked with a strange symbol, a
golden triangle.  Wondering what it meant, Link saw Impa in the North Palace of
Hyrule.  When Impa saw it she took link to a door that would only yield to he
who had the mark on his hand.  Within was a scroll that no one could read, save
Link.  Link deciphered it and it turned out that Link was destined to awaken the
sleeping princess Zelda.  Hers is a story of plight...

Long ago when Hyrule was one nation (in present day Hyrule many tribes and races
exist) a just king ruled with the Triforce, the golden power.  When he passed on
he gave two pieces of the Triforce to his offspring, and hid the third for no
one in the land was worthy of it.  The prince of the time was jealous of Zelda,
the princess.  He had received the part of Power and Zelda Wisdom.  He demanded
that Zelda tell him where the third piece of the Triforce was and to give him
hers so that he could govern with the complete Triforce, but she refused him.
So the prince hired a wizard, a Wizzrobe by the looks of the picture, to extract
the shard of the Triforce from her.
The wizard went too far, for in making false threats the prince had ordained the
death of his sister in the presence of the wizard.  The wizard cast a spell on
her and she would sleep forever there.  It became customary after that that
every girl born into the royal family be named Zelda in memory of the
unnaturally slumbering princess.  The prince killed the wizard and there was
nothing anyone could do.

So the Triforce of Power and Wisdom were passed on through the generations until
one day (somehow the Triforce became complete.  This contradicts lots of other
games' storylines, and so we must assume that the Triforce parts were united
somehow) a thief named Ganon found the golden power in the Sacred Realm where
the Seven Sages had hidden it.  When Ganon touched the Triforce, hoping to have
his deepest, darkest desires fulfilled, it separated into its three parts and
spread across Hyrule as it had in the past.

Ganon remained the holder of the Triforce of Power, Zelda (the present day
kept Wisdom, and Courage was probably sent back to its hiding place in Hyrule.
This is not all of what the scroll said; it excludes all that happened in the
future, because obviously it was written in the past.  I just added background
info from other games, mostly A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time.  So, Impa
said that the sign was a mark that he was destined to take up the Triforce of
Courage, which could undoubtedly awaken the sleeping princess Zelda with its
awesome power.  The scroll also disclosed another valuable clue.

The piece of the Triforce is hidden in a great palace that will open only to he
who has defeated the guardians of the palace.  It looks like Link stumbled into
another adventure.  So, it is time to wake up sleeping beauty.  By the way, when
Link killed Ganon only ashes remained.  If Link's blood is spilt upon the ashes
then Ganon will be revived by some magic.  So, every time you die in the game it
says "The Return of Ganon".

                             |    The Triforce    |

Now, a note for those who haven't played recent Zelda games concerning the
Triforce.  These are my definitions, designed to appeal to the reader.

Definition for mathematicians: The Triforce is an equilateral (and thus
equiangular) triangle.  Let us name the vertices A, B, and C.  The midpoints of
segments AB, AC, and BC shall be named D, E, and F, respectively.  Also, I
apologize for incorrect notation - I can't make the segment symbol due to
keyboard limitations.  Anyways, segment DE, DF, and EF are congruent and divide
the interior of triangle ABC into four equilateral triangles, all of whose
angles are, of course, 60 degrees.  DEF is black in color and the other three
triangles are gold in color.

Definition for everyone else: The Triforce is the essence of the gods, left by
the goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore when they created the earth and its
inhabitants.  The Triforce is therefore the ultimate power and is much sought
after.  The Triforce is best compared to a scale that measures your soul.  If
you believe in all virtues equally you shall receive the Triforce in its
complete form and the wish that results will reflect your deepest desire.  If
you do not believe in the virtues of power, wisdom, and courage equally, you
will receive the corresponding part of the Triforce and the other two shall be
hidden throughout Hyrule and two other individuals chosen by destiny will
receive the mark of the Triforce on their right hand.  Only when the one who
touched the Triforce unites all three of the pieces can his/her wish be granted.
Ganon believed in power the most, so he received Power.  Link obviously values
courage most.  However, even with a third of the Triforce you would be endowed
with unrivaled power.  This is the power Link must attain to awaken Zelda.


The saving system in either of the first Zelda games was not terrific.  In this
game you must die to save, which means unless you play for hours on end, you're
not going to be able to get a 000 score on your game, which so many people want.
When you do die, the silhouette of Ganon is shown on a bright red screen, you
hear a laugh, and it says "Return of Ganon" or something to that extent.  This
is an important element of the plot, but it causes lots of inconvenience.

To save without directly killing yourself you need at least one controller.
First, press Start.  Then press Up and A at the same time on the second
controller in slot 2.  If you have no second controller, quite simply switch
controller 1 to slot 2 while on pause.  Then you can press Up + A, and then
switch back to slot 1 to save.  Even though the Return of Ganon screen isn't
shown you still leave a life, unlike the first Zelda.

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||--------------------------------Section 2*----------------------------------||
 \                                                                            /

=================================Parapa Palace*=================================

                           |    The Shield Spell    |

You start out in the North Palace every singly time you start playing, so get
used to it.  Head to the right or left to exit it and you'll be in an overhead
section.  Your first objective is to get the Shield Spell, probably the best in
the game.  Once outside head one space right of the water and walk up to a path.
Follow it to the left across the forest to a town.  Now you're in 2-D again.
Welcome to the Town of Ruto.

Here's how towns work.  Women without hats who wear red restore your health.  To
let them talk to them with the B button and use Up on the control pad to enter
the house.  Apparently, Goriya of Tantari stole their mirror.  You can find this
out by heading to the left to a new screen.  Well, that was informative.  Exit
the village now.

You see, now you know where Ruto is, which is important.  Head back to the North
Palace and follow the trail to the right.  Take it to another town, this one
called Rauru.  Head through the tunnel to the left and you'll be in the second
screen.  Find a long gray house and wait for a woman in blue with a hat to come
out.  Talk to her and she'll let you in.

Another town secret is revealed.  Every town has a wise man.  Walk past her to a
stone stairway that descends to a wizard-looking wise man.  Talk to him to learn
the Shield Spell.  Now you can minimize damage done to you.

                         |    50 Experience Points    |

At this point in the game you can increase your life gauge by one, which will
help you out a lot in the upcoming dungeon.  Northeast of the North Palace,
where you start the game out, is a single patch of forest.  Go there and you'll
enter an action screen (2-D screen).  Run past the spiders and duck then press B
to use the sword to get the bag.  With this experience you can choose to cancel,
which is very stupid, or to increase your life gauge.  I suggest the latter.
Now you take less damage from enemies.

                           |    Heart Container    |

You get a heart container, which increases your life gauge by one, each time you
find one in the other regions of Hyrule, but there's one available to you that
you should find at the present.  Right now, before the first palace, you can
find one of the few Heart Containers.  This is in Parapa Desert, which means
nothing to you.  From Rauru, the town where you got the Shield Spell, head up
and then east into a forest to find a cave.  Enter it and notice that you can't
see anything.  This will change soon.

Head to the end, avoiding the one enemy on the ground after the second ridge or
killing it by ducking and slashing.  At the end you'll be in a new part of
Hyrule.  Head right to see some water and follow it south to new yellow path-
like terrain.  Halfway through you'll be on a cliff screen.  Jump across and
then walk south to the patch of land in the middle of the forest.  Enter it and
you'll find a heart on the ground.  Get it and run off the screen, avoiding
unnecessary combat with the Goriya, the boomerang-wielding enemy.

                            |    Parapa Palace    |

Your first dungeon - can you do it?  If not, you might as well quit playing
because it only gets harder from here.  To reach the palace head north of where
you got the Heart Container in Parapa Desert.  It is a structure that looks just
like North Palace.  When you go there, the action screen will pop up.

Head to the right and you'll see a Mario-looking elevator.  Step on it and press
down to take it down.  Amazing!  First, at the bottom, head left.  As you do
annoying creatures with spears who loosely resemble pigs will run toward you.
One strike of the sword will kill them.  In the next screen you'll see two Bots,
blue jelly creatures.  Continue heading left because they probably won't attack
you, and you'll see a Stalfos.

These skeletal warriors are easily killed.  When one falls duck and slash
repeatedly.  Its unprotected legs will cause it to die and it will give you 30
experience points.  Keep heading left to find a key.  To get it slash the sword
when standing straight.  Now head back to the elevator where you started.  Now,
let me explain how small keys work.  In the first The Legend of Zelda you could
use keys from one dungeon in another - you could even buy keys for 100 rupees.
In this game keys can only be used in their respective palaces.  So, when at the
elevator head right now.

You'll have to use the key on the locked wall.  Continue to the right, slaying
Molbins (they are called Moblins in every other game.  I think it was a typo and
they just ran with it) and avoiding the Skull Ball as you go.  Eventually you'll
reach a Stalfos and shortly after another elevator.  Don't take it down yet;
there's more to do.  Continue to the right to see another Stalfos.  Keep going
to the right to reach a screen with a Bot and a Skull Ball.  After that is
another Stalfos, which should give you enough to upgrade magic.

Now you'll reach another elevator.  Take it up and head right, killing a Molblin
or two and then getting a small key at the top of the stairways.  Head right
again and continue on that path until you see an enemy throwing hammers.  Jump
through the hammers, which will cause some necessary damage.  Corner the enemy
and slash over and over until it dies.  Now jump up and get another small key.
Slash the statue by the key for a Red Potion.

Now return to the elevator.  Take it down one level and if you go right again
you'll see a Fairy.  Take it to restore all your health or save it for later,
which may be wiser.  Head left to the elevator you ignored earlier and take it
down.  Head left continually, avoiding all the Skull Balls you can (they take
magic when they hit you).  Now you'll be in a screen with two Bots.  Wait for
them to jump in front of you and kill them while ducking.

Jump onto the bridge, which will crumble as you do and run, stopping for the
experience bag along the way.  In the next screen head right and walk under the
hammers.  Slash the evil-doer and he'll drop a bag of 200 experience.  Next
you'll have to fight the hard Iron Knuckles (in the game it is one word but I
use two because it's much cooler).

There is a very easy way to beat him, however.  Slash repeatedly so it must
constantly have its shield up.  After about two or three hits with each
alternate (duck and attack) for a good hit.  Continue to win.  If you're lucky
only three units of life will be taken.  To the right of it is a locked door.

On the blue platform is the Red Candle!  Yes!  Now you can leave this dungeon
and explore Hyrule.  Actually, not quite.  You still need to kill the guardian
here and set the crystal in its altar.  So, head right all the way to the
elevator and take it up.  Now head right to the other elevator.

If you need it, now is the time to take the Fairy.  Take the elevator down and
head right.  You'll have to face another Iron Knuckle.  If you stink against
them, you can lure them over to the elevator.  Take it up (not to the next
screen) and the Iron Knuckle will walk around.  When he is behind you (as in to
the left) make a run for it.  As you head right up some stairs you'll be forced
to fight two Stalfos.

To do this easily, stand on the edge of the step so they can't fall down to
where you are.  Because of the size of the steps when they try to stab you
they'll be attacking air, while their vulnerable legs are easy targets.  In the
next screen you must fight another hammer enemy and this one is a tad tougher
because you must unlock a door as you do it.

When it is dead you must fight another Iron Knuckle.  You'll probably lose a
life here.  It's a bit risky, but if you jump just high enough you can hit the
Iron Knuckle's helmet as you fall with the sword because its shield does not
quite cover it.  When it is dead go to the right.

Boss: Horsehead

Seriously, Link is pretty tall.  So Horsehead, who towers over him, would be so
scary in real life.  Link must be used to it.  As you head to the right
Horsehead will be shown and the arena will be set so you cannot run.  First off,
use the Shield Spell so you take less damage if you do get hit.  If you're an
aggressive person and you try to fight him head-to-head you'll most likely die.
Horsehead is very easy to beat if you do the following.  First, take one step
forward.  Horsehead will begin his slow trek toward you.

Notice the weapon, a mace.  It takes a little while for him to pull it out.
Usually he stops right before he swings it.  At this point jump and slash the
head (don't move forward, jump in place).  Horsehead is very easy because he'll
be knocked back a little ways and you can do it again!  Do it until his health
is depleted and he'll explode, giving you a small key and fifty experience
points.  Use the small key on the door to the right and walk to the right you'll
find a strange blue stone altar.  Place the crystal there and walk to the right
to exit the dungeon.  One down, five to go!

=================================Swamp Palace*==================================

          |    Goriya of Tantari, the Trophy, and the Jump Spell    |

Remember when you went to the Town of Ruto and a woman told you Goriya of
Tantari stole from them their trophy?  Well, now that you have the Red Candle
you can get that trophy back.  From North Palace head north to a single,
isolated cave.  Inside, notice that it is illuminated now that you have the Red
Candle, you'll see an Ache.  These are bats, called Keese in every other game,
but in this one they like changing names.  Kill/avoid it and jump over the lava
pits from platform to platform.

Right of them is the infamous bandit, Goriya of Tantari.  Kill him and take the
Blue Potion he drops and the winged bird-like statue behind him, the Trophy.
Now return to the town of Ruto, which if you forgot, is to the left on the path
south of that cave.  When there head to the second screen and find a woman in a
red dress, no hat, who comes out of a house.  For getting the Trophy she takes
you to see her uncle, the wise man of the town.  Talking to him gets you your
second spell, the Jump Spell.

                           |    Magic Container    |

Get your health restored in Ruto and then go to the North Palace.  Walk around
the water to the south and you'll find a cave.  Enter it and defeat the enemies
(if you duck, the enemies that shoot rocks at you will not be able to hit your
body but your shield).  At the end is a Magic Container.  It increases your
Magic Gauge by one.

                          |    Path to the South    |

You've found everything that you want to find in the current sector of Hyrule.
Now you should expand to the south where the second palace is located.  South of
Ruto is a cave that provides such a path.  Continue to the right and you'll
encounter a few weak enemies and a Goriya.  This is a tougher one, though,
because so far you've fought Goriyas that could not move.  Be aggressive,
slashing constantly, which I've found to be most effective.  In the next screen
you must fight a second tough Goriya.  Kill it quickly to avoid damage and
advance to the next screen.  There are several Aches here and one special Red
Ache, which lands, turns into a dragon, and fireballs you.

Don't even bother attacking them; continue to the right to find a platform too
high up for you to jump.  Use the Jump Spell to make it easier on yourself and
exit the cave.  As soon you do enter the woods to the right.  There's a Fairy.
Head south, avoiding the tall grass as it makes you move slower, and you'll
reach a bridge.  As you cross over it an action screen occurs where you must get
across.  Dodge the fish, use the shield to block their projectiles, and run.  On
the other side, back on the overhead screen, wander over to the singular patch
of forest.  Inside is an experience bag with 100 points in it.  Exit the forest
and into the town.

                            |    The Life Spell    |

In the Water Town of Saria you'll encounter your first enemies in towns.  Talk
to some people and they'll fly away as Aches.  They were spying on you.  As one
man at the start says, eyes of Ganon are everywhere.  Eventually you'll find a
large, two-story blue house and a woman who's lost her mirror comes out.  Go
left into the next screen and into the first house.  Duck down and slash under
the table for the Mirror.  Take it to the woman who had lost it and she'll take
you to the village wise man.  Now you have the Life Spell, which restores your
health.  Use it well.

                             |    Bagu's Note    |

As you further explore the town you'll discover an old lady who can restore
magic.  Lots of towns, excluding Ruto, Rauru, and a future town, have a lady who
restores health and one for magic.  As you further explore you'll find a knight
guarding the river.  He won't let you pass the river to the next town.  Of
course, the knight is good friends with a man named Bagu who lives in the
wilderness of this region of Hyrule.

Head north of the bridge you used to get to Saria, the town where you got the
Life Spell, and look around the woods directly to the north.  The path where
Bagu lives is in the second row down and the four spaces over from the top row.
In the house lives Bagu.  Speaking like a total caveman he gives you Bagu's
Show it to River Man, the name of the knight who wouldn't let you pass in Saria,
and now every time you go and talk to River Man on either side of the river a
bridge will form to the even further south.  But first, you should beat the
second dungeon.

                             |    Swamp Palace    |

This palace can be found north of Saria.  Specifically, go north of the bridge
and follow the trail.  When you see a cave, run in, kill the enemies, and get
the experience bag.  Now, from the cave make your way to the first patch of
Then go to the northwest when the enemies aren't there.  Stop each time to wait
for the enemies to attack you on the path.  When they do just head right to get
out of the action screen.  Continue doing this, going step by step across the
swamp to reach a palace.

Head right to an elevator (the first statue can be struck for a Red Potion).
Take it down all you can.  Head right and wait for the Bots to attack you, then
trounce them.  Climb the stairs, avoiding the fire of the dragon statue, and
head into the next screen.  Here you must defeat a hammer-throwing enemy.  To do
this easily, stand on the edge of the first platform so that his hammers just
barely miss you.  When you see an opening run in, get his back to the wall, and
slash his heart out.

Do the same for the next enemy and then get the small key.  Now take the
elevator you came down with up one level.  Move to the left, defeating annoying
monsters that pelt you with stones as you go, and the Skull Ball.  In the next
screen, as if from Parapa Palace, kill the Bot that jumps out at first and then
head left to face a Stalfos.  Although it is blue, you should have gotten enough
sword upgrades that it is easy to beat.  Fight another Stalfos and head left to
get a second small key.  Now it is time for the long trek into the depths of the
dungeon for its prize.  Take the elevator you came in with up one level.

Go to the left, dodging the dripping lava or acid (whatever it is) to get to the
next room.  Here, pairs of dragon statues will fly around the room to hit you.
Practice dodging them and use the first key on the door found here.  Thankfully,
in the next screen they stop.  Defeat the Bot and jump to the platform for a
small key.  Now you have two again!  As you work your way across the lava pit
wait for the Bots to jump at you and die in the lava.  Then cross into the next
screen (what else would you do?).

Here's your favorite enemy, the Iron Knuckle.  Something good must be nearby.
If you must use the Life Spell, use it.  There are two Iron Knuckles and a Skull
Ball.  Remember, duke out the Iron Knuckle, leave it on the defensive, and
switch attacking positions (up or down) often.  In the next screen descend the
stairs to an elevator.  Head left and defeat the Stalfos.  Unlock the door and
run through the room quickly or wait a while because the blocks in the ceiling
will fall on you.  In the next screen you must face the ultimate adversary, a
Red Iron Knuckle.

If you'd like to make it easy for yourself jump over it, taking a lot of damage
yes, but you'll make it.  Unlock the door, running from the monster, and get the
Handy Glove, this palace's prize.  What does it do?  Now you can destroy pillars
blocking your way in certain areas of the dungeon.  You haven't seen any yet,
but they will come.  Return to the elevator you came down with and take it all
the way down.

Head left, avoiding fire and killing two Iron Knuckles.  In the next screen you
must kill a Stalfos.  To its right is a pillar of blocks.  Now that you have the
Handy Glove break it by slashing it and continue to the right to repeat the
process.  After one more Stalfos you'll be out of there.  Keep going right,
ignoring the elevator.

Kill the Molblin and Bot and you'll find a hammer-throwing enemy.  Kill it like
last time (wait for the hammer barrage to let up and then corner and kill it).
Now return to the elevator you saw in the previous screen.  Take it down and you
must a hammer-throwing enemy and a Bot.  Continue right to find some experience
(it's worth 50.  Risk it if you want) and Molblins.

Directly after that is a Red Iron Knuckle.  Fight to the death (probably yours)
if you'd like, but I'd just jump over it, taking minimal damage, and head to the
next screen.  Kill the Stalfos and use the key on the door.  Then comes an Iron
Knuckle and then a harder red one.  Kill/avoid it and move to the next room.

Boss: Helmethead

Nothing supernatural about him... He's just a really tall knight...  who shoots
fireballs.  They can be blocked by your shield.  First, enact the Shield Spell.
As he approaches jump up and slash the helmet, like you did for Horsehead.
After you knock out two of his helmets his head will appear and the helmets will
fly around shooting fire at you (a lot like Blind from A Link to the Past).
Slash that head to reduce his life (notice the life gauge) and you've beat this
easy boss.  However, use the Life Spell as often as you need to and try not to
take unnecessary damage (like trying to jump over him).  Take the key, head
right, and place the crystal in the red altar.  You then get an upgrade.  That
was well worth it.

================================Spectacle Rock*=================================

                            |    Death Mountain    |

It is very important that you already did the Bagu's Note side quest described
under Midoro Palace.  You're headed to Death Mountain, specifically to Spectacle
Rock, the lair of the thief Ganon.  It is the ultimate destination on Death
Mountain (which is actually a mountain chain).  So, go to Saria and cross the
bridge after talking to River Man and leave the town.  Below you is a cave.
Enter it and you'll be in a series of caves.  The maze makes up Death Mountain,
in short.

Take the cave to your right.  Inside are Bots and Molblins (the tougher kind)
but you should still have the sword beams from having full health which makes
them a breeze.  When you exit take the only cave you can, the right one.  To
defeat the Octoroks just jump up and slash progressively to reach the top.  Then
you must face a Blue Goriya, but it is fairly easy considering that you can
corner it and kill.  Then drop down, defeating Octoroks, and exit the cave.
Enter the right one and you'll be inside a cave chockfull of enemies.

First, kill the Bots and ignore the Aches (bats) if you so desire.  Eventually
you'll reach an elevator (don't go up; it's a waste of time).  Continue right,
fighting off an exe-wielding enemy to exit.  To beat it just slash when it is
prepping a slice.  Now, outside, you'll see a path of forest.  Get out right
away onto the path and take the right cave, as it has been a long favorite
direction.  Get across the bridge like the one to Saria town and take the next

In it is a Bot and one of the axe-wielding monsters, except it throws its axes.
So, enact the Jump Spell to get onto the upper platforms and get the Red Potion
to restore some magic.  Use the platforms to escape the cave unscathed.  In the
next cave you must first fight a Blue Goriya, an alligator with an axe (the weak
kind), and Aches all the way.  When you exit you'll have an option of one cave.
Take it and you must fight a few Bots.  Easy, right.  Then you reach an
alligator.  Crouch near it and make a few attacks as best you can.  After four
more Red Bots and another alligator you can exit the cave.  Take the only cave
you can and defeat the Bot at the start.

Here, use the Shield Spell if you like because you must face several alligators.
Stand on the upper platform, run in, crouch, and slash, then retreat to beat
them without taking major health.  After getting a Red Potion you exit the cave.
Now this is one of the hardest parts.  Head left into the hole, what was Ganon's
lair, I do believe.  First you must defeat a red alligator that throws axes,
then a few common cave enemies.

Then you must face a Red Ache.  I suggest you use the Shield Spell.  After
another Red Ache you'll enter a new sector of the cave.  Use the Shield Spell
again if you'll need it and defeat an alligator enemy.  You'll see an elevator
that you want to take down.  To the right is a red alligator.  Kill it and enter
the next screen.  Hop across the platforms and you'll reach a new screen.
Defeat the alligators and you'll reach an altar with the Hammer on it!  Yes!
Now you can take lots of short cuts and explore more of Hyrule.

                           |    Magic Container    |

While in the Death Mountain vicinity exit the hole you entered by to get the
Hammer and break the boulder to the left.  To break it press A by the rock.
You'll fall to a Magic Container.

===============================Graveyard Palace*================================

                            |    Water of Life    |

North of the bridge that leads to Saria town is a boulder in the swamp Moruge.
Break it with the hammer and you'll find a cave.  Enter it, defeat the enemies
on the bridge (or run, the easy alternative) to reach an alligator with an axe.
After two red versions you can jump to what looks like a Magic Container but is
really the Water of Life, which can heal all ailments.

                |    The Hammer and You (A Heart Container)    |

The Hammer is a very useful item.  First, go to North Palace.  Near the town of
Rauru is a boulder.  Smash it to create a shortcut!  Now you don't have to go
through that stupid cave near Ruto to get to Midoro!  To the right of the
boulder is a cave blocked by a boulder.  Enter it after destroying the boulder
and fight a few simple enemies and a Goriya.  At the end you get another segment
added to your life gauge!  Now follow the path down to another boulder.  Break
it and access the harbor town of Mido.

               |    The Downward Thrust and the Fairy Spell    |

In the second screen of Mido, the town, is a church with a door open on the
second floor.  Use the Jump Spell to get up there and walk into a Wise Man
setting.  At the end is a Knight who teaches you the famed Downward Thrust, very
useful.  But Mido has more to offer than just that.  Go to the third screen and
an old woman whose daughter is sick will run outside.  When she sees you have
the Water of Life described two sections above, she'll take you into the real
Wise Man setting.  He will teach you the Fairy Spell, which makes Link tiny like
a Fairy.

                           |    The King's Tomb    |

The burial site of the ancient royal family (the more recent royal family are
buried in the graveyard of Kakariko) is located southeast of Mido.  You should
see many crosses, tombstones, sticking out to represent the grave sites.  King's
Tomb, the gravestone that stands alone, is not your destination.  Head south of
it (directly south) and you'll fall into a hole.  Defeat the four cave enemies
and head right.  Too high even for the Jump Spell, right?  Yes, but not too high
if you could fly like a fairy.  Use the Fairy Spell to float up and head into
the next screen.  Head right and eventually you must fight a Blue Goriya.
Defeat it and exit the screen.  Welcome to an island.  Walk right into the

                           |    Graveyard Palace    |

Another dungeon, another item.  What waits inside here?  If you talk to various
people in towns, you know.  Now, head right and down an elevator like always.
Slash the first statue, by the way, for a Red Potion.  Head right to see a very
strange enemy.  Either fight them heroically, or use the Fairy Spell to fly over
all the hazards in this room.  In the next screen are a few Molblins.  After
that are a few Poes, the ghosts that fly around and drop flames.  Just run to
the next screen.

First, find the center group of blocks on the floor.  Use the Downward Thrust
you learned in Mido (press down while in air) to break the blocks (you need the
Handy Glove to do this, in case you skipped Swamp Palace for some reason) and
reach a key and experience points.  Then you'll be forced into battle with one
of the weird projectile throwing enemies.  Kill it (100 experience points) and
head into the next screen.  Now, the goal is to avoid dying as much as possible,
so don't set free the enemies.

You can't jump to the block stacks without the Jump Spell, but you can jump and
break the upper block to make a step for you.  At the end you'll see an Armored
Stalfos (what I call them, armored).  Skip over it and go to the next screen.
You'll be outside.  Run forward, avoiding the Poe's fire, and you'll see a Red
Iron Knuckle.  Kill it and grab the key.  Now return to the previous screen.
Fight and kill the Armored Stalfos.  This shouldn't be too hard for you
considering the only difference between it and a regular Stalfos is that it
takes more hits.  Crouch and attack the legs, if you don't remember.

Take the elevator down and open the door to the right.  Head through and, using
the shield to block enemy fire, go to the next screen.  Hop over lava pits to
reach a key.  You should now have two.  To the right of the key is a Red Iron
Knuckle.  You can do this easily right now by slashing it so it is forced into
the lava.  When you reach the other side, break the pillar and advance to the
next room.  Immediately a Red Iron Knuckle assaults you.

After that comes a Blue Iron Knuckle.  This is a tad different from past Blue
Iron Knuckles, in that this one has sword beams like you do with full health.  I
recommend using the Shield Spell and getting up in its face and attacking.  The
Blue Iron Knuckle has great shield movements, but there is a glitch.  Jump after
a wave of sword beams and slash as you fall.  He'll lower his shield, expecting
you to fall and be vulnerable, so try to manipulate that.

At the other side unlock the door to access the dungeon's prize, the Raft!  Now
you can cross the sea to eastern Hyrule.  First, let's beat this dungeon,
Go back two screens to the second elevator you found.  This time around, take a
left.  After fighting a Red Iron Knuckle you can unlock another door.  Now you
have no small keys.  Let's fix that.

Head left again and you'll reach a room filled with blocks, after defeating a
Red Iron Knuckle, of course.  Take the other path, killing the levitating heads
that shoot fireballs at you, to reach a key.  Use the Downward Thrust to reach
it.  Return to the previous screen.

Go down the elevator.  Immediately you'll see a locked door.  Use the key there
and head right.  Take the lowest level if you want experience points.  Take the
upper path, as it is the only other, if not.  When you reach the column of
breakable blocks take care that, when you use the Downward Thrust, you only
destroy the right blocks, as both would release two Iron Knuckles on you.
Defeat the monster and enter a new screen.

Boss: Ironknuckle

The boss, who rides a horse, isn't too tough to beat.  First you'll be charged
by the horse.  Use the Downward Thrust on the horse until it runs off and then
you must fight a regular Blue Iron Knuckle.  Here's where to use the Shield
Spell if you haven't already and to use the Life Spell as often as needed.  The
best way to beat Ironknuckle without dying, because he is a tough boss, is to
jump and swing the sword as you land.  He will keep his shield low and you'll
get a hit.  This is, in my opinion, the best way to land a hit on one of the
toughest bosses in the game, probably the third hardest.  Do it only after
you've seen four (the average number of sword beams) be released.  Once you've
won take the key and use it on the door to the left.  Place the crystal in the
purple/pink altar.  Three down, three to go.

===============================Labyrinth Palace*================================

                            |    Eastern Hyrule    |

So far, you've been limited, and I mean severely limited, to northwestern
Meanwhile, there's over half the map you never even saw.  Now that you have the
Raft you can leave the East behind.  And remember, they don't call it the harbor
town of Mido for nothing.  Go to Mido and near it is a platform extending into
the sea, perhaps a dock.  Get onto it and you'll see quite a few new things.
You want the town to the southeast.

                              |    Fire Spell    |

The quest for getting this is just plain pathetic.  They've lost all
Go to the second screen and a woman will come out of the two-story house and
exclaim to all that she's thirsty.  Well, Link, the new water boy, can go to the
fountain to the left, get water, and bring it.  She'll take you to her house and
to the wise man, who teaches you the Fire Spell.  If you notice, it is very
cheap as far as magic is concerned, right up there with the Shield Spell.

                            |    The Lost Child    |

This town has outlived its usefulness.  It is time to go to Darunia, the next
town.  North of Nabooru is a cave.  Enter it and defeat a grand total of three
Red Aches before you see an enemy that will be harder for you to destroy with
shield and steel.  This is a Basilisk, and it must be torched to hurt it.  Gee,
how am I going to light it on FIRE?  If you didn't catch the hint, I guess I'll
just have to spell it out for you.  Use the Fire Spell to make flames leap from
your sword.  Neat-o.

After a few hits from fire it will die and you can safely go through the cave.
What would you do without those wise men who move their mouths in strange
fashions?  On the other side is a new region.  Walk through the forest to a
desert and then a bridge.  On the other side is the infamous Island Maze.  This
is remarkably easy.  Right now, you're looking only for a lost kid (wandered a
few miles from his town).  Head down (hug the southernmost wall) and go all the
way through this path until you find a hole by the river.  You'll fall into a
cave where an evil lizard creature with a spear lurks.

The Lizardman, as he is called, guards a poor idiot kid who somehow managed to
get this far into the maze.  The Lizardman is actually easier to defeat than he
would suggest.  He is like an Iron Knuckle but slower and easier to defeat.  And
he yields 150 experience.  You might want to come here again!  So take the
who Link picks up like an item, and return to the bridge you came to the maze

               |    The Reflect Spell and the Upward Thrust    |

Already we're going to learn another spell and sword technique.  From the bridge
walk around the forest until you can no more and then go through the forest to
the left until you eventually come to a mandatory action screen.  First off,
note that Link cannot swim; he will drown.  So don't jump in water.  Kill the
Blue Octoroks and exit the screen, going to another action screen.  It is just
like the first except stones are being thrown upward.  After that reach the

In the third screen wait for a house where an old woman comes out.  You're a
hero for saving her child.  So, she brings you to the wise man of the village.
He teaches you the Reflect Spell, which is completely useless except in rare
occasions.  Go to the second screen of the town and use the Jump Spell to hop
onto the low house.  Hop from rooftop to rooftop until you find a chimney you
can descend.  Once inside the house a knight teaches you the Upward Thrust.

                  |    Island Maze and a Magic Container    |

Return to the maze, where you found the lost child, and prepare for a long,
boring trek to the heart of the maze and the next palace, which contains a great
item.  I will now outline a simple path to the palace.  Go around the first rock
line to the lower bridge and go over it.  Go around to the second bridge.  On
the way there you must fight a few Octoroks and a Tektite, the jumpy creatures
that shoot at you.  From the second bridge traverse the third.  Now here's where
the path gets annoying.

Head left to the first opening and go down to the left, then down and around the
rock that extends toward the west rock border.  Doing this will make you play
one action screen with a Magic Container in it.  Now head up, around the rock,
to the opening in it to the right.  Head up around the rock line and you'll be
forced into an action screen.  After it head up, left, and up to the first
opening directly to the left.  Go through and follow the rock line to the south
that eventually curves in the direction of the palace.  Follow the path to the

                           |    Labyrinth Palace    |

First off, do not hit the statue at the start of a Red Iron Knuckle will come
out.  Head right, avoiding the Poe, and go straight to the elevator.  Take it
down and you'll get a feel for the dungeon - cold, dark, and miserable.  The
item of the dungeon won't be too hard to get, however.  Head right and into a
new screen.  First you must fight an Armored Stalfos for 100 experience points
that it guards.  After one more you'll reach an elevator.  Take it down one
level and you must fight another Armored Stalfos.

Slash its legs and continue on.  In the next screen cast the Fairy Spell.  Fly
to the next screen.  In here just jump from platform to platform (enemies on it
will probably back up into lava) to cross to a key.  Hit the statue for a Red
Potion you'll want to get.  Fantastic.  Now return to the previous room.  Fall
into the pit and you'll land on light platforms that break.  Instantly jump to
the right and onto solid ground.  Avoid the Skull Ball and the Molblin, and then
fight the blue enemy.

Just slash it aggressively.  In the next screen walk out to make two Armored
Stalfos drop in and lead them into the tunnel.  Defeat them there, as it is
easier to do it there because they have no Downward Thrust.  Head right and
you'll find a Blue Iron Knuckle.  But now you know how to defeat them easily
thanks to your encounter with Ironknuckle, the boss of the Graveyard Palace.
Jump up and they will lower their shields, so slash them as you fall.  When it
is dead use the key on the locked door and get the dungeon prize, the Boots!

Now you can walk on water.  Return to the previous room.  Drop down into the pit
and head right off the lava bridge that breaks.  Head one screen to the right
and you'll fight a bunch of enemies on the platforms.  Defeat them like you have
done in the past and get a key.  Now return to the previous room, avoiding the
hyper Skull Ball.  Cross the lava bridge, killing or ignoring the Dragon
Gargoyle statues, and if it helps you avoid the statues, use the Jump Spell so
you don't get knocked into the lava.

On the other side is a new screen.  Here you'll discover a Wizzrobe.  Don't even
bother wasting magic to defeat it; it isn't necessary to kill it now.  Use the
key on the locked door and be proud.  You're almost done here.  Head left,
ignoring the elevator for now, to a new screen.  For now just jump over the
magic beams of the Wizzrobes.  Now you're in a room you may recognize from the
Graveyard Palace.  Get onto the blocks and kill the Cat Gargoyle statues to
reach an area with a key.  Use the Downward Thrust to reach the key (yet another
application of the Handy Glove!) and then break your way to the stairway and
exit this awful room.

Return to the elevator and take it all the way up.  Head left to see the
elevator you came down with.  Further to the left is a locked door.  Open it and
head left, dodging Wizzrobe magic.  In this new screen you'll see a Red Iron
Knuckle.  Let's rid the palace of this filth, shall we?  When you've killed it
use the Upward Thrust to break the blocks above and the Jump Spell to reach the
key.  Use it on the locked door to the left.  For now, ignore the elevator and
continue to the left.

Cast the Shield Spell now.  Defeat the blue enemy like usual and use the
Downward Thrust to reach the key to its left.  Once you have it work your way
out by making a stairway for yourself.  If you want the experience you can also
get the experience bag first.  Now return, key and all, to the previous room.
Take the elevator down.  Head right, casting the Jump Spell.  Use it to easily
get across the platforms and evade the Dragon Gargoyle statues.

At the end is a key.  Do not hit the statue or it will become a Red Iron
Return to the previous room.  You should have two keys, now.  To the left of
elevator is a locked door.  Expend one key on it and continue to the left,
slaying the persistent Molblins.  Jump onto the light platforms and run across
to an elevator.  Take it down to a locked door.  Use a key and now you have none
left.  Head right, defeating Armored Stalfos as you do.  In the next screen are
two Red Iron Knuckles to deal with.

Boss: Carock

Easily the easiest boss in the game.  Carock is one of the few enemies you must
use the Reflect Spell on.  Yes, he seems very hard because he move so fast, but
his attacks are basically those of a Wizzrobe.  Deploy the Shield Spell just in
case, and the Reflect Spell as it is needed to win.  Stand in the corner and
crouch.  Carock will release many magic waves and as he zooms around the room
you're deflected magic attacks will hit him.  He's killing himself.  After
winning head right, put the crystal in the yellow altar, get the upgrade, and
exit the palace.

=================================Island Palace*=================================

                 |    Walk on Water for a Heart Container    |

This is the shortest side quest yet.  The only thing we need to do to reach the
next palace is get to it.  If you had the Boots before you could've already done
this.  Go to Nabooru, the town where you learned the Fire Spell, and continue on
the path to the east until it hits water.  Walk out onto the water (you have the
Boots so you can now).  However, you can only walk in certain water, probably
shallow water.  So walk right to the palace.

Before entering, if you read this section's title, I promised a Heart Container.
I'm going to stand and deliver!  Walk so that it seems that you're heading back
to Nabooru, but every step you take (from the palace toward Nabooru) press up to
see if you can walk.  Exactly ten spaces from the palace, not counting the
ground space, is where you'll find a path that leads up and over.  It takes you
to an action screen where you can get a Heart Container.  Now return to the

                            |    Island Palace    |

Awesome... a green palace.  Head right and descend the pit with the elevator.
At first, you won't be impressed.  Head right to see what looks like a throwback
from the Swamp Palace.  Kill the enemies and continue to the next screen.  Use
the Fairy Spell to enter the next screen.  When in that screen, return to the
previous to get the key.  Now head right.  This room features the ever-so
popular Dragon Gargoyle/lava bridge combination.

Get to the other side, getting the experience bag, 200, if you'd like.  Head
right and you'll fight a Red Iron Knuckle and find yet another element from
Swamp Palace.  It's one of those dripping objects that creates Bots...  Continue
right, facing or evading another Red Iron Knuckle, and use the key on the door.
Take the elevator down and now we're faced with the first decision of direction
in the dungeon, left or right.  Head left, as right leads to nothing.

As you go left you'll see Wizards, spin-offs of the Wizzrobe.  Just jump over
them; they're not worth the trouble.  In the next room you see a key up on a
high block.  Wait under the platform supporting the key and wait for blocks to
pile around you.  Use them as stepping stones to the key.  This dungeon sure is
hard.  Avoid the Poe and continue to the next screen.  Oh my gosh!  See that?  A
regular Iron Knuckle!  Killing it is so easy.  And to think you used to have
nightmares about them.

Continue right, fighting two more Orange Iron Knuckles.  Now let the long part
begin.  Take the elevator down and go to the left until you reach an elevator.
Use the Jump Spell if you want the 200 experience points in the bag.  Take the
elevator down once and go right.  You'll see a Red Iron Knuckle and a key.
Decimate the former (use the Jump Spell to reach them) and acquire the latter.

Hop down and continue right.  First you'll face a Blue Iron Knuckle.  You know
what to do.  Jump and hit it as you land.  Then it would appear we reached a
dead end.  A man from a town, I think Mido, told us that this palace had a fake
wall.  Jump into the wall and sure enough, it is fake.

Waltz through and move to the right.  After some Wizards you'll find an
Take it down and use the key on the locked door.  A Cat Gargoyle statue will
appear and attack you.  Continue left and fight a, hey get this, Orange Iron
Knuckle.  After it comes a blue one, though.  After defeating them both use the
key on the locked door and get the palace prize, the Flute!

The Flute has three uses throughout the entire game.  Pretty great item...  Take
the elevator back up (one screen back).  Head right.  In this screen is nothing
but a few Wizards and Molblins.  Take the elevator here up and head left.  Here
you must fight the Stalfos from the first two dungeons!  They're killing me (as
in, I am laughing, not dying).  In the screen to the right is a key.  Take it
for a key count of one.

Now take the following directions to return to the elevator with 200 experience
over it: right, down, left, left, left, left, up.  From this elevator (to make
sure we're talking about the same place, there should be two dripping objects
around you) head left and unlock the locked door.  Continue left and you'll see
a Mace Demon, one of the hammer-throwing enemies.

This truly is the Swamp Palace reborn.  Keep heading left passed a few break-
able blocks to engage a Red Iron Knuckle.  After it use the Upward Thrust to get
the bag of experience.  Return to the elevator, in this screen, and take it down
all the way.

Head left through a screen of Wizards.  You'll encounter an Orange Iron Knuckle.
After defeating it continue right.  You'll see a Blue Iron Knuckle.  The ceiling
is to low here to beat it with the jumping strategy so lure it out and kill it
there.  Then get the key.  Return one screen right and go up the elevator all
the way.  Unlock the door after kicking that Orange Iron Knuckle's sorry hide.
You must then fight a Blue Iron Knuckle.  You then must fight a Red Iron
Go through to the next screen.

Boss: Gooma

The Nintendo crew sure were creative when making bosses.  This monster has a
mace and looks very imposing, but he isn't that hard.  First, cast the Jump and
Shield Spells.  If you approach the barbarian he will toss a mace at you.  So,
run up, slash, and jump out of the way just in the nick of time.  Cast the Life
Spell if you need to and hope for the best.  I bet you can win without it,
though.  If Gooma seems to be cornering you try to jump over him.  Once Gooma
explodes take the small key, open the locked door, and head right.  Place the
crystal in the light blue altar.  One more to go!

=================================Hidden Palace*=================================

                           |    The River Devil    |

From the palace return to Nabooru.  South of Nabooru is what looks like a
It has two arms, large eyes, and an evil, black body.  Only one force can move
it.  Play the Flute with B.  The River Devil will die.  Woo-hoo!  Now you can
explore all of Hyrule.  Follow the path to an action screen.  Run past the
Lizardmen bombarding you with rocks, kill the one obstructing your path, and
exit the screen.

Continue along this path, fighting two more action screens like this (I think
this mountainous region is Lizardmen territory).  Then you reach a graveyard.
Head through it (not actually going into it.  Graveyard action screens are hard
to deal with).  Near the graveyard is a bridge leading into a forest.  Take it.
Use the Fairy Spell to cross it.

You'll be going to a town soon, so you can blow all the magic you want.  Below
that bridge is another.  Skip it.  The town is leads to is Old Kasuto, haunted
by invisible evils.  The wise man there teaches you nothing right now.  Head
east to a desert and then another forest.  Enter the cave near the woods.

In the cave you must fight three Tektites first.  After that screen, fall into
the pit and a Lizardman will join you.  Fight it or leave the pit so it's
stranded.  Continue this until you see a Red Lizardman.  It throws maces.  Skip
over it to the next screen.  Now you're back in the over world.  In the patch of
forest second from the top, second column over is a hidden town.  Press A by the
forest to "deforest it" and reveal the town.

                              |    New Kasuto    |

This is an extremely useful town.  First we're getting the last Magic Container
in the game, giving you the largest bar you can have.  To get it, wait for an
old woman to come out of her house, first screen.  She'll say that you deserve
her help and lead you in.  It would seem that you're going to a wise man, but it
really is a Magic Container.

Next on our list is the spell.  Go in the second screen and look for a long
house with an open door.  Walk into it and inside you'll find a hole in the
Enter it like you would a door to find the wise man.  He gives you the Spell
Spell.  It is a very interesting spell (no, it does not refill magic.  That
would be stupid).

Go to the third segment, back to the wall, and use the Spell Spell.  A cave
forms and it contains the greatest treasure of Kasuto, the Magical Key.  It is
like a skeleton key.  You don't need small keys anymore!  The sixth dungeon, and
the final one, is going to be a walk in the park.

                           |    Heart Container    |

The last Heart Container is near the final dungeon.  Walk along the shoreline of
the desert (pink terrain) and you'll find an action screen with a Heart
Container on it.  Now all you have to do is make the final dungeon appear.  To
do this, stand in the middle of the rocks and play the Flute.  The palace
appears.  This will be easy considering that you don't need keys anymore.

                            |    Hidden Palace    |

Note: There's tons of stuff, including a 1-Up and experience bags.  If you want
to explore on your own go ahead, but I'm not covering it in the guide.

The final frontier, almost.  I'm ready.  The first statue is a hidden Iron
Knuckle, red.  Now take the elevator to the very bottom.  Unlock the door with
the Magic Key and continue right.  You should be relatively unchallenged.  There
are just a few Wizzrobes (dodge) and a few easier enemies too.  In the first
screen is nothing of importance.

After that is a Blue Iron Knuckle.  Kill it and jump over the holes.  You may
need to use the Jump Spell.  Unlock the door on the other side and defeat the
Blue Iron Knuckle.  Go to the next screen.  Just avoid the Wizzrobes in this
screen and get to the next.  Continue right, not fighting the Blue Iron Knuckle.
If you want the experience use the Downward Thrust.  At the top of the blocks
continue right to another screen.  Use the Jump Spell to get across the floor
after the third knight statue.  The floor has an invisible hole in it.  Break
the pillar and continue right.

Mini-Boss: Ironknuckle

Yes, the boss of the Graveyard Palace is the mini-boss of the palace.  First,
deploy the Shield Spell as a safety measure.  When the horse floats by, jump up
and use a Downward Thrust on it.  I think the horse is mechanical.  Anyway, once
you've Downward Thrust-ed it enough it will run away and you have a regular Iron
Knuckle to fight.  Kill it by jumping and slashing when you land a key falls.
Get it if you want (you don't need it) and head right.  Unlock the door and get
the dungeon prize, the Cross.

The Cross shows invisible enemies and objects.  You now have all the items.  Now
go four screens back (left) to find a screen with pits that lead down.  Before
you jumped over them, but this time, fall in.  Fall down again and land on a
platform.  Jump to the platform to the right and unlock the door.  If you fall
one too many times the dungeon is in a loop so you can just keep falling.  Once
you unlock the door fight a Blue Iron Knuckle.  To the right of that, in a new
screen, is a pillar of breakable blocks.  The Handy Glove is so handy!

Break it and jump across the lava platforms.  Like usual, there are Dragon
Gargoyle statues here, so if you need to use the Jump Spell to help you bypass
them.  Once you reach a pillar of blocks break them and go to the next screen.
You may want to use the Reflect Spell in here to help you.  Usually you avoid
Wizzrobes, but here it would be wise to kill them because you have to fight
other enemies, too.

After a Red Iron Knuckle you go to the next screen.  In here is a super hyper
Skull Ball.  Use the Life Spell (only if you have low health or if you'll have
to enough to use the Fairy Spell afterwards) and then the Fairy Spell to get
across the lava gap.  In the next screen are a few enemies, one of them an
Armored Stalfos, one a Poe.  By an elevator is a locked door.  Go through the
door and to the next screen.

Mini-Boss: Ironknuckle

Again!  This is getting old.  Kill it like last time.  If you have a memory
deficiency problem between a few minutes I'll help you by listing how to beat it
for the third time.  First, Downward Thrust the horse when it comes by until the
Ironknuckle is unhorsed.  Use the Shield Spell if you need when it has no horse
and then jump up.  The Ironknuckle will defend the lower half of its body,
expecting you to attack that part, so as you fall attack the upper.  Since
you've been upgraded so much you'll probably kill it in a few stabs.  So, after
getting 300 experience and an unneeded key, head right to exit the screen.

This screen has the 1-Up, which comes in the shape of a Link Doll in it.  Since
these are so rare I'll cover how to get it.  Use the Jump Spell to jump from the
light platform in the pit to the upper ledge to the right.  Kill the Blue Iron
Knuckle and get the doll.  Now fall down the pit.  If you fall twice you must
repeat a few earlier steps.  If you, left two screens, unlock the elevator door,
and take it back up.  Then you can go right to the Ironknuckle room (you won't
have to fight him again) and right to the falling room with the Link Doll.  If
done correctly you'll fall and use the Fairy Spell as you're falling.  Fly to
the alcove and straight to the next screen to the right.

Boss: Barba

Like Gooma, this boss looks hard, but is a total pushover.  Link usually kills
some dragon or reptilian fire-breathing creature in his quests, and Barba is no
exception.  You'll want to cast the following spells: Shield, Jump, and Reflect.
Shield is obviously so you can defend yourself, Reflect is so you can reflect
fire (which is otherwise impossible to block with your shield), and Jump is so
you can reach Barba to attack.  This is a tall fire serpent and the head is the
weak point.  After it spits fire at you jump up, slash, and wait for it to pop
up again.  If you want to risk an attack try the Downward Thrust if you can't
seem to hit the head.  If you can't position the shield correctly to reflect the
fire, just jump to avoid it.  In fact, if you're particularly good at timing you
could hit before and after it fires.  I suggest you stick to one platform only
and let the other pop-up positions go.  Once Barba explodes take the unneeded
key (now you have three useless keys) and head right.  Unlock the door and place
the crystal in the final gray altar.  Now, for the final confrontation!

=================================Great Palace*==================================

                            |    Thunder Spell    |

The final spell can be gotten in Old Kasuto.  It was the town you skipped over.
Since we got the Cross you can now see invisible enemies, the ones that haunt
Old Kasuto.  West of where the Hidden Palace once stood is a bridge.  Cross over
it, using the Fairy Spell to get across quickly if you are pressed for time
(which you are!  You want to beat this game, don't you?).  In Old Kasuto you can
now see invisible enemies.  Go to the first house and enter it.  Go to the end
and a wise man will teach you the Thunder Spell.  It kills all enemies on the
screen.  However, it costs so much magic power you should almost never use it.

                              |    Link Dolls    |

It's not a doll!  It's an action figure!  No, really, you need extra lives to
get through the Great Palace.  I'm serious.  You NEED them.  The Great Palace is
like the gates to hell.  You want extra lives!  So, I'll tell you where you can
get them.  If you saw them earlier and took them then you shot yourself in the
foot.  Once you get a Link Doll it never comes back.  The Link Dolls can be
found in the places I list.

The first of the four is in Moruge Swamp, near the boulder blocking the cave
that held the Water of Life.  The second is on the shore of the graveyard (the
one with King's Tomb) to the southwest.  The third is on the shore of
northeastern Hyrule (the land area right before the bridge that connects to the
Island Maze).  The fourth is hidden on the left border of the swamp south of the
River Devil.  So, with seven lives you're ready to combat evil!

                        |    The Barrier is Broken    |

The six guardians are dead.  The Great Palace is nearing discovery.  Go to the
graveyard northwest of Old Kasuto and take the path to the south that leads to a
mountainous area.  This is the largest island in all of Hyrule (most of Hyrule
isn't an island).  Trek across this rocky terrain, avoiding enemies.  By the
this place is called the Valley of Death.  This terrain is treated like the
inside of a cave in action screens.  Soon you'll reach an action screen as the
path narrows to one space.

You must defeat two Lizardmen and bypass many Poes to reach the other side.  It
is much easier if you use the Fairy Spell to cross, but you're conserving magic.
Eventually you'll reach a cave.  Enter it and get across the first action screen
relatively easily.  In the second stab the scorpion in the eye when it opens it.
Then you must face a Blue Lizardman.  Don't take this half-heartedly; he is
strong.  Use the Shield Spell if you can't seem to beat it.  Easier, though, is
using the Downward Thrust to skip over it and run.  Once outside make your way
to the next cave.  Get through it (just run past the Lizardmen) and exit to the
Great Palace.  Once there, pass over the blocks so the barrier is broken.  It's

                             |    Great Palace    |

Note: If you get a Game Over in the palace you restart here.  That way, you
don't have to go all the way from North Palace here (especially through the
Valley of Death).

Head right to the elevator.  You must've already dispelled the aforementioned
barrier.  Take the elevator down and go left.  You'll face a Bird Knight, which
takes tons of hits to kill.  They only take a few hits from below, though (use
the upward thrust).  Once you do you get 200 experience points.  In the next
screen, walk up the stairs and to the point where a pillar sticks up.  Take one
step to the left and then jump across (it is a pit).

When you're done with that, take the elevator down.  Head right from here to a
new screen.  Continue right over a bridge (this isn't too hard...) to the next
screen.  Continue right to fight another Bird Knight.  To kill these easily
corner them and slash them to death.  Now take the elevator down.  In this new
room, cast the Shield Spell and Life Spell if you're weak.  Go forward, avoiding
the Dragon Gargoyle statues as best you can, and break the blocks to flee the
scene to the right.

Next you'll be in a hard screen.  Curse those Bird Knights.  This one has a
shield and sword and is much harder.  Run (unless you can spare a life or all
your magic) and reach a group of breakable blocks.  Now take the elevator down
before that Bird Knight catches you.  Keep going down until you reach the bottom
and head right.  You'll fight a weaker Bird Knight and move to the next screen.

Just head right, skipping over enemies (you can Downward Thrust the red enemies
quickly to stop the fire) and go down the elevator.  Continue right, defeating
the Bots (who are supercharged and take quite a few hits) and breaking blocks.
Then you must face a Blue Bird Knight.  Either run like the world was ending or
use the Thunder Spell, because I doubt you could kill it.  Of course, not even
the Thunder Spell can kill it.  After a long, grueling sword fight you can kill
it...  for 100 experience!  Rip-off!

Break the blocks and head into the next room.  As you cross the bridge use the
Downward Thrust to kill the beast and continue right down an elevator and head
right.  In here, there are curtains, but there is no boss.  There's just a Big
Bot (avoid) and a Bird Knight, which you may want to kill.  Keep to the right,
dodging the Blue Bird Knight, and cracking the blocks.  Go down once (1) and
head left.  Keep going until you find a Link Doll.  Yay!  You'll last longer.
Now return to the previous room.

Take the elevator all the way down.  Head left, killing the Bird Knight and Bot.
Break the blocks here, avoiding the Dragon Gargoyle statues.  One of the blocks
hides a secret hole.  Fall down and head right, avoiding the Big Bot.  It is
invisible until you pass under it and it will hurt you.  Keep right and you'll
see a bridge that breaks when you walk on it.  Cross over it until you see a
hole surrounded by walls.  Fall into it and head right after you fall.

Mini-Boss: Thunderbird

Note: See note below the paragraph before doing this!  I found a super-easy way
of beating Thunderbird!!!

This is easily the hardest enemy in the game, despite that it is a mini-boss.
There is no curtain, but you know it is a mini-boss because it has a life gauge.
Before battle cast the Shield spell, Jump Spell, and Reflect Spell (wait on the
Reflect Spell.  Depending on where you are in magic you won't be able to cast it
after using the Thunder Spell).  Now, you'll see Thunderbird float onto the
screen like a common enemy.  Immediately cast Thunder, making it turn blue and
show its face.  First off, avoid the feathers.  Even with shield and a Level 8
life gauge they will take major chunks of it out each.  As you fight the mad
beast more often you'll get better at dodging the feathers and it will be easier
to hit.  But you have to be good to beat it.  I've found that generally,
Thunderbird drops his fiery feathers of death from the side he is moving.  Take
advantage of this and jump up and slash the face.  It's the only way to hurt it
and will probably take you a long time.  Now, here's the best way to do damage
and avoid dying.  Standing on the main platform will kill you every time.  It is
too hard to dodge there and you jump too high.  Since Thunderbird drops move
feathers on the side he's moving from, stay in the side corners, jump up, slash
the face, and jump through two feathers to get to the other side.  Repeat the
process and hope for the best.  Each time Thunderbird gets faster.  When
slashing the face try to do two hits in one.  If you start a slash with an
Upward Thrust and end it with a slash it will be like two in one.  Good luck.
When it dies, head right.

Note: I found a glitch in Thunder Bird that makes him so easy.  It's great!
First, stand in the corner of either side of the screen.  You'll get hit by one
feather as Thunderbird comes over.  Don't worry, it won't kill you in one
feather so you can afford it.  Now, in the corner Thunderbird will move in and
out (his body will shift from in the battle scene to out of it) and his feathers
won't hit you.  So we've established an area where you cannot get hit.  So far
so good.  Note that I used the right corner.  I don't know if it makes a
difference which corner because I beat it only once.  Now just jump up and down
and slash.  Make sure your pressing the direction toward the side (left if your
standing on left, right if right) so you don't lead Thunderbird back to the main
arena.  Thunderbird will float around helplessly, dropping feathers that either
go too far or get absorbed by the black border.  Make sure you're also pressing
up on the control pad when doing this.  Every so often a feather will hit you
but you'll have beaten it by then.  If you keep doing this you'll learn to time
jumps and avoid feathers altogether.  Hooray!  However, you're still subject to
attack.  If you do get hit by the feathers using this strategy, you're jumping
at the wrong time.  You want to jump after it sticks its head out on the lower
level the second time.  That's when you can hit it and avoid damage.  When
waiting, walk into the border so you just barely aren't hit.  It's that simple!
The only time the feathers can hit you is right before you deliver the final
blow (he's shedding them so fast and so many you can't avoid it).  At that time,
though, you'll have so much health it won't matter.


The guardians are all dead.  Only one remains.  Since you killed the others, who
could be stronger but yourself?  It is Link's dark side manifested into one
ultimate warrior, Dark Link!  He is much, much easier than the other guardians,
however.  After Thunderbird, this will be like killing a Bot.  Step onto the
final arena...  Since you probably have no magic left, you won't be able to cast
a spell.  But if you can somehow, cast the Shield Spell.  While technically you
could refill your magic, you'd have to backtrack a bit.  So, Dark Link.  Back on
track.  First, Dark Link runs about as fast as you, so hurry to the left corner.
Stand there and just press B rapidly to slash.  Dark Link will walk up, be hit,
and make the same moronic mistake over and over.  Even without healing from
Thunderbird I beat him.

When you win an old man, possibly the King of Hyrule's spirit, gives Link the
Triforce piece of Courage.  Link gathers the three pieces of the Triforce and
awakens the Princess.  In North Castle Link awakens Zelda and she says that
you're a real hero.  The curtains lower, it looks like Zelda is giving Link a
hug, although we can only see their legs, and the credits roll.  Ah, so
wonderful it is to beat a game like this.  Sit through the credits and a symbol
of the Triforce appears.  It says "Thanks a million.  Push start to replay."
When you press start you can begin a second quest.  In it you start with all the
spells and gauges that you had, but you have no Heart Containers, Magic
Containers, or items.  You can replay the game.  The only difference between
this quest and the first is that you start with all your spells and levels, but
it really makes it easier.  CONGRATULATIONS!  YOU BEAT THE GAME!
  /                                                                          \
 /                                                                            \
||--------------------------------Section 3*----------------------------------||
 \                                                                            /

==================================Enemy List*===================================

In the first The Legend of Zelda they had a few pages of the manual devoted to
enemies.  This game has many more and some of the first.  It has one page
devoted to them and they only show the Myu, Iron Knuckle, and the Stalfos.
There are tons more, as you may know from playing the game.  Here, I will list
their names, habitats, and some notes on how to defeat them.


Habitat: Eastern Hyrule

Aches inhabit caves all over Hyrule, but you can really only find the true
"Ache" in the earlier caves in eastern Hyrule.  They are bats, the Adventure of
Link Keese equivalent.  They fly down, hit you, and fly back to their perch.
Best just avoid these pests.  Some townspeople in some towns, like Saria and
Darunia, are Aches in disguise.  Watch out; the eyes of Ganon are everywhere.

Habitat: Everywhere

Acheman, Red Aches, inhabit caves all over the map.  They look like Aches, but
when they land they turn into dragons and breathe fire, then fly back up to
their perches.  Although they're just as or more annoying than Aches, they're
much easier to hit.  The fire cannot be blocked with the shield.

Habitat: Bridges

Bago-Bagos are skeletal flying fish that jump up and run across bridges shooting
at you.  Block these with the shield and slash them.

Habitat: Caves

These creatures look like Dodongos from the first.  They breathe fire and are
weak to it.  Use the Fire Spell to hit them a few times.

Habitat: Hidden Palace

The boss of the Hidden Palace, Barba is the guardian of the crystal that is a
key to the Great Palace.  It is a huge fire serpent that breathes flames.  To
defeat it, first cast the Shield, Jump, and Reflect Spell.  When it pops up jump
and hit the head.  Jump or have the shield reflect the fire it breathes and
repeat the process.

Habitat: Island Maze

These are one of the scarcest enemies in the game.  They shoot energy balls at
you.  Slash them.
Big Bot

Habitat: Great Palace

I've seen only one of these throughout the game.  It is a huge Bot that hangs
from the ceiling and is invisible until you walk under it.  When you do it will
crush you.  If you slash it, it will turn into smaller Bots that take many hits
to kill.  Annoying just doesn't say it.
Big Skull

Habitat: Great Palace

I saw very few of these.  They are larger versions of Skulls.
Bird Knight

Habitat: Great Palace

The hardest non-boss enemy in the entire game, they are practically invincible.
The blue kind are like the merchants of death.  Not even the Thunder Spell can
kill them.  There are statues of them throughout the Great Palace (the Great
Palace is bird-themed).  If you do want to defeat them use the Thunder Spell to
weaken them and then you'll have a long, grueling battle that will probably
result in your death.  You see this, run.  I killed one and it resulted in only
100 experience points.  Of course, you could always up-slash them from
underneath (it takes five/two hits with a Level 8 attack for blue/red; thanks to
codemos for figuring out their weak point)...

Habitat: Eastern Hyrule

These easy slime enemies have had lots of name changes throughout the series.
They were Bits, Bots, Zols, ChuChus most recently, but this is the ancient
ancestor of them all.  The Bit is a red version of a Bot that just hops out and
takes one hit no matter what level you're on.

Habitat: Everywhere

Blue Bits.  That is it.  There are several types.  Some take one or two hits,
some in the Great Palace take four or five, and the components of Big Bots take
lots of hits.

Habitat: Labyrinth Palace

A huge Wizzrobe, it is the guardian of a crystal that is needed with five others
to open the Great Palace.  Carock is the easiest guardian.  Cast the Reflect
Spell, Shield if you're cautious, and crouch in one corner of the arena.  It
will cast spells that are reflected at it and Carock will kill itself.

Habitat: Death Mountain

They look like alligators, or crocodiles, and a bit like rhinos.  They come in
two types, one that throws axes and one that just uses one.  For the weaker kind
that do not throw axes, just wait for them to pull their weapons back in
preparation for attack and then stab them.  For the other kind, I'd just steer
clear of them.
Dark Link

Habitat: Great Palace

The final guardian of the Triforce part of Courage...  You must defeat the
incarnation of your evil side.  Dark Link is actually surprisingly easy.  First,
stand in the left corner of the room.  Stab into the air repeatedly until Dark
Link walks into it like an idiot.  He'll back up and repeat the mistake.
Continue until you've won.  Dark Link can counter this, but it rarely happens.
He may use the Downward Thrust on you.

Habitat: Forests

These are seldom-fought creatures that dwell in forest action screens.  They are
spiders.  The red kind just drops in and does nothing, while the larger blue
kind jumps out and attacks you.

Habitat: Palaces

These are polygon-like warriors that throw hammers that act as boomerangs.  The
best way to beat them is with the Downward Thrust.

Habitat: Great Palace

These are unarmored

Habitat: Unknown

The King of Evil, Ganon died at the hands of Link long ago, but his ashes remain
in some remote part of Hyrule (you can't actually find them).  If Link's blood
is poured upon his ashes, Ganon will be revived and free to roam about Hyrule in
his quest for chaos and the Triforce once again.  You can see his silhouette if
you get a Game Over.  It says "Return of Ganon."

Habitat: Deserts

You hardly ever see these except in the deserts of Eastern Hyrule.  They rise up
and stand there, blocking your way.  You must slash them so they lower and then
jump over them.

Habitat: Island Palace

A barbaric monster that holds a ball and chain, it is the guardian of one of the
six crystals that opens the path to the Great Palace.  When battling it cast the
Shield and then Jump Spell.  Run in, slash, and jump out of the way before it
maces you.  Repeat until you win.

Habitat: Eastern Hyrule

Goriyas are the tougher early enemies.  They throw boomerangs that are hard to
dodge, especially since they can hit your back.  They tend to inhabit caves, but
can be found outside.  They do not cross the sea to western Hyrule, so you can
leave them behind.

Habitat: Swamp Palace

Helmethead is a huge knight that is guardian of one of the crystals that
destroys the magic barrier of the Great Palace.  To defeat it you must knock off
its two helmets to reveal its pale head.  The helmets will float around and send
beams at you.  At this point cast the Shield Spell if you haven't already done
so and attack the head by jumping and slashing.

Habitat: Parapa Palace

Horsehead is the guardian of one of the crystals that dispels the barrier of the
Great Palace.  To defeat it stay in place and wait for it to approach you.  It
will swing its club, which is you cue to jump up and slash its horse's head.
After a few hits it will die.

Habitat: Palaces

Ironknuckles are heavily armored enemies that are found in every palace but the
Great Palace.  They come at you and attack either your chest or your legs.  Use
the shield to block and go on the offensive, targeting one region (the chest or
legs) and switching to the other rapidly to beat their shields to the finish.
There are three types, orange, blue, and red.  Orange and red and early blue are
the same as I described, but blue is different altogether.

Habitat: Graveyard Palace, Hidden Palace

These Blue Ironknuckles ride mechanical horses as if they were jousting with
Use the Downward Thrust on them until the horses run away and then you fight
them one on one.  When they slash their sword beams come out.  Jump up and
they'll lower their shields.  Attack as you fall and you'll beat them.  The
first of the three of these Ironknuckles was the guardian of a crystal that was
key to the Great Palace, but the later two were mini-bosses in the Hidden

Habitat: Deserts

Leevers, also from the first The Legend of Zelda, lurk in the later deserts of
the game.  They can be skipped, really, but if you want to fight them wait for
them to emerge and attack with the sword.

Habitat: Eastern Hyrule

These enemies are like Ironknuckles with spears.  They come in three types.  The
first orange type is easy.  The red type is harder, but the blue type is
practically impossible to kill and should be avoided.

Habitat: Eastern Hyrule

These slug-like enemies dwell in caves in eastern Hyrule.  Crouch and stab.
Mace Demon

Habitat: Palaces

They throw hammers in a few earlier dungeons.  Wait for the hammers to let up
and jump in, hacking him to bits.

Habitat: Graveyards, Palaces

In all graveyards and some later dungeons, these ghost enemies (called Poes in
The Legend of Zelda) come in a few varieties.  The lighter orange type drop fire
around as they fly.  Purple kinds are invisible and are running amuck in Old
Kasuto until you get the Cross.  The other type come in groups and flock
together, moving back and forth to crash into you.  Slash them like normal if
you get the chance.

Habitat: Forests

One of the rarest enemies, these are birds that fly around endlessly.  Since
they're so rare, just avoid them.

Habitat: Everywhere

Molblins come in several types.  They are from the first The Legend of Zelda, by
the way.  The easiest type found in dungeons can just be slashed as they run
forward with spears extended and that's it.  The other two types, who throw or
stab with spears can be taken out just as easily after dodging the spears.

Habitat: Palaces, Caves

Myus are weak slimes that have spikes.  Use the Downward Thrust to defeat them.

Habitat: Everywhere

These enemies, which are from the first The Legend of Zelda, jump up and then
shoot a rock out.  These can be blocked by the shield and then you can slice and
dice them.
River Devil

Habitat: Overworld

The River Devil, the only over-world enemy, blocks the path south of Nabooru to
Kasuto.  Play the Flute and he'll go running.

Habitat: Caves

These are too hard to kill.  Wait for them to open their eyes and slash.
skip these.  Pass over them easily with the Downward Thrust.

Habitat: Palaces

These just float around and cause damage.  They also deplete your magic.  You
can kill them, but it takes a ton of hits – about 125 with Level 1 attack; 11
with Level 8.  Thanks to jkwik6football9oracle for telling me Skulls COULD be

Habitat: Palaces

Skeletal warriors from the first Zelda, they have shields and a sword but aren't
too good with either.  Sometimes they have helmets.  Crouch and slash the legs.
If they can use the Downward Thrust slash the sides as they do.

Habitat: Eastern Hyrule

These hopping enemies from The Legend of Zelda fire fireballs at you and are
weak only to fire.  Use the Fire Spell to hit them.

Habitat: Great Palace

Definitely the hardest boss in the game.  This is an extract from my guide.
First, stand in the corner of either side of the screen.  You'll get hit by one
feather as Thunderbird comes over.  Don't worry, it won't kill you in one
feather so you can afford it.  Now, in the corner Thunderbird will move in and
out (his body will shift from in the battle scene to out of it) and his feathers
won't hit you.  So we've established an area where you cannot get hit.  So far
so good.  Note that I used the right corner.  I don't know if it makes a
difference which corner because I beat it only once.  Now just jump up and down
and slash.  Make sure your pressing the direction toward the side (left if your
standing on left, right if right) so you don't lead Thunderbird back to the main
arena.  Thunderbird will float around helplessly, dropping feathers that either
go too far or get absorbed by the black border.  Make sure you're also pressing
up on the control pad when doing this.  Every so often a feather will hit you
but you'll have beaten it by then.  If you keep doing this you'll learn to time
jumps and avoid feathers altogether.  Hooray!  However, you're still subject to
attack.  If you do get hit by the feathers using this strategy, you're jumping
at the wrong time.  You want to jump after it sticks its head out on the lower
level the second time.  That's when you can hit it and avoid damage.  When
waiting, walk into the border so you just barely aren't hit.  It's that simple!
The only time the feathers can hit you is right before you deliver the final
blow (he's shedding them so fast and so many you can't avoid it).  At that time,
though, you'll have so much health it won't matter.

Habitat: Palaces

Wizards are easy mages that summon fire.  They are susceptible to steel.

Habitat: Palaces

Mages with extreme power, they release magic waves that can only be countered
the Reflect Spell.  It was one of these who sent Zelda into her eternal slumber.

Those all the enemies I know of (the name).  If you know the name of enemies
contact me at kirby0215@aol.com.


There are very few "characters".  Since we know very limited number of names it
will be difficult.

Bagu: A man who lives in the forest near Saria, Bagu gives you a note that lets
you pass into the Death Mountain region.

Error: A man in Ruto who tells you about the Island Palace's fake wall.

Fairy: Located all over Hyrule are tiny fairies that replenish health.
Sometimes they appear in place of enemies.  If you see a sole patch of forest,
it might have something good inside...

Ganon: The evil thief Link killed in The Legend of Zelda, Ganon's minions now
plot to revive him by killing Link and spilling his blood on his ashes.

Impa: Not actually in the game, she leads Link to North Palace and explains his

King: We don't know the name of the king, but he reigned long ago.  He passed
down the Triforce parts of Power and Wisdom, but kept Courage sealed away in the
Great Palace.  I think it is he who gives you that piece.  He wrote the scroll
that Link can read in the storyline.

Knight: There's a knight in Mido and Darunia.  They teach you the Downward
Thrust and the Jump Thrust.

River Man: Once he sees you know Bagu, he lets you into Death Mountain.

Wise Man: In every village is a wise man who teaches you a spell.

Zelda: The princess of long ago (there is a current Zelda, but you're trying to
awaken the old one), a wizard cast a spell on her and she slumbers eternally.
Surely with the Triforce you can awaken her.


These are all the items, techniques, and spells you can get.

                                |    Items    |

Candle: The only item that is not needed you get.  The Candle illuminates caves.
Some expert players don't get in harder quests.

Handy Glove: This lets you slash blocks and break them.

Hammer: Lets you break boulders.  This is used on the over-world map.

Raft: Lets you cross the sea from Mido to eastern Hyrule near Nabooru.

Boots: Lets you walk on shallow water in some areas.

Flute: Lets you play a mystical melody that has two uses.  It scares off the
River Devil and unleashes the Hidden Palace.

Magic Key: The skeleton key, it opens all locks.

Cross: Lets you see invisible enemies in Old Kasuto.

                      |    Spells & Sword Techniques    |

Shield Spell: Halves the damage you take.

Jump Spell: Makes Link jump much higher.

Life Spell: Lets you heal yourself when used.

Fairy Spell: Makes you the size of a Fairy and lets you fly.

Fire Spell: Lets you send fire from your sword.

Reflect Spell: Deflects fire, magic, and some energy attacks.

Spell Spell: Has very limited uses.  It makes a cave containing the Magic Key
appear in New Kasuto, but it turns all enemies (only some) into Bots upon

Thunder Spell: Kills all enemies on the screen except very strong ones and is
needed to defeat Thunderbird.

Downward Thrust: Lets you plunge the sword downward as you fall.

Upward Thrust: Called the Jump Thrust, it lets you raise the sword toward the
sky when used.

===============================Heart Containers*================================

There are four Heart Containers in the game that add a segment to your life
gauge.  They can be found in the following locations:

1) Go to Parapa Palace and down south to Parapa Desert.  Keep heading south to a
group of trees.  In the center of them is a screen with a Goriya and a Heart

2) Once you have the Hammer break the boulder in front of the cave south of
Rauru.  At the end is a Heart Container.

3) Once you have the Boots walk to the Island Palace.  From the palace,
excluding the ground space, walk ten spaces left and head up.  Head right and
you'll reach an action screen.  There lies a Heart Container.

4) Go to the Hidden Palace and walk along the shoreline near it.  To the lower-
right is the action screen.

===============================Magic Containers*================================

These add a segment to your magic gauge.  Like Heart Containers, you can have a
maximum of eight segments.  Here they are.

1) Once you have the Candle head south to a cave south of North Palace to a
Here is the Magic Container.

2) At Spectacle Rock, where you got the Hammer, is a boulder to the left.  Smash
it and fall in to a Magic Container.

3) Go to the Island Maze and take the lowest path after the third bridge.
You'll find a Magic Container as you go.

4) Go to New Kasuto and find an old woman who says she'll help you in the first
screen.  She leads you to what looks like a wise man setup, but leads to a Magic

==================================Link Dolls*===================================

You can get Link Dolls, 1-Ups, in the following locations.  Get them only when
you are ready to go to the Great Palace.  You can get one in the Hidden Palace
and (I haven't counted how many) some in the Great Palace.  Here are the over-
world Link Dolls.

1) In the Moruge Swamp near the cave with the Water of Life in it.

2) Near the graveyard with King's Tomb on the southwest shoreline.

3) On the shore of the area near the bridge that leads to the Island Maze.

4) On the left border of the swamp south of the River Devil.

===============================Experience Points*===============================

Experience - the baffling new element of the game.  Experience upgrades your
Life, Magic, and Attack.  You can get to Level 8 on each and it has the
following effects.  Life makes you take less damage, Magic takes you use less
magic, and Attack makes your offense stronger.  Every time you defeat a boss,
except for the boss of the Great Palace, you get an automatic upgrade.  So try
to get an upgrade before you beat a boss.  Beating almost every enemy gets you
experience.  You can also get the following "bags of experience" in the
following places.

1) Near Tantari Desert (the desert north of North Palace) is a single patch of
forest.  Inside is the experience bag.

2) North of Moruge Swamp, left of Rauru in the cave not blocked by a boulder is
the point bag.

3) In a patch of forest east of Saria, south of the river.

4) West of Nabooru, you'll see it as soon as you raft from Mido.  It's a forest.

5) In the cave east of the River Devil, south of Nabooru.

6) From the cave right of the River Devil is a boulder.  Smash it and walk along
the shore.  At the end, where the rocks are at the highest, is an action screen
where the point bag can be found.

7) South of the River Devil, northeast of the graveyard, you'll see a swamp.  At
the top is a cave.  There's lucky # 7.

8) In the Valley of Death, the path to the Great Palace, there's a narrow path
that branches off.  The left branch is a dead end while the right leads up to a
cave.  Take the left branch and walk around for an experience bag.  Enough said.

There are eight, although you can find experience bags in other ways.  They fill
dungeons to the brim and sometimes when you defeat enemies, they drop experience


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions because they are asked often.  If you
have a question that is, let me make this specific, not answered in the guide
I'll be happy to answer you.  You can e-mail me at kirby0215@aol.com.  Now, let
the interrogations begin!

Question: Can you really beat the game without getting the Candle?
Answer: Yes.  I haven't personally done it, but every Zelda game is made for the
three-heart challenge.  You can't do it in this game (you start with four
segments to the life meter) but you can make it harder for yourself.  You can
cancel upgrades, avoid Magic and Heart Containers, even not get the Candle.
However, this is the hardest Zelda game and you might want to get some gaming
prowess before you ever attempt this.  The goal is to not die.

Question: What are those numbers by my name before I start playing?
Answer: Those represent the number of times you've gotten a Game Over.

Question: Why won't the stupid wise man give me the spell?
Answer: Wise men only give spells if you have the magic to back you up, very
similar to getting the Magic Sword in The Legend of Zelda.  If you follow the
guide step-by-step you'll never run into this problem.

Question: How could you say that the Adventure of Link is the worst in the
series?  You should be ashamed!
Answer: Please don't flame me (insult me in e-mail)!  Look, I made that comment
when I first started writing the guide and had memories of dying in palaces.
When I wrote the walkthrough, my opinion changed completely.  This game is a
diamond is the imagined rough, and one of the better games in the series.  I've
since revised my introduction review.  This is not the worst in the series.  I
won't say what it is here, but I'll give you a hint.  No I won't!  Let's just
say not all Zelda games were created equal.  You won't burn me today!

Question: Is Link a super-Christian or what?  He goes to churches, walks on
water, heals the sick, has a Cross, kills devils, and smites evil with his
lightning (Thunder Spell)!  Seriously.
Answer: Link had a cross on his shield in the first game, too.  No, he's not.
Link believes in some sort of Hylian religion that believes that there are three
chief goddesses, Din, Nayru, and Farore, who created the Triforce.

Question: Can knights refuse to teach you sword techniques like wise men can?
Answer: I don't know per se, but it is probable.  I never ran into this problem
because I always get upgrades as soon as I can.  If you do, collect Heart
Containers or try to level up your offense.

Question: What other games have you written guides for?
Answer: As you might expect, I'm a pretty big Zelda fan.  So, most of the games
are Zelda games.  Here's my list in the order they were released.  The Legend of
Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Sonic the
Hedgehog 2 and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario Kart: Double Dash, The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, The Legend
of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and to top it all off Super Smash Bros. Melee.  In
that last game I mentioned Link can perform the Downward Thrust.  Pretty neat,

Question: Can I use your guide on my website?
Answer: Absolutely not.  It is illegal to do so because this guide is protected
by copyright.  DO NOT.  I mean it.  Refer to the legal section for specific

Question: Why not?
Answer: Let's pretend (I said pretend) that I did let your website, probably
started by you and your brother last Tuesday.  First, I'd have to update the
guide on your website, which would be hard to do because I update frequently.
Then, I'd get floods of e-mail because the guide wasn't current.  There are a
few more reasons not, but here's a good one.  NOOOOOO!  NOOO!  NEVER!

Question: Can you reenter a dungeon once you beat it?
Answer: No.  It turns into a rock.

Those are all the questions I've gotten as of late, but I'd be glad to take
yours in.
  /                                                                          \
 /                                                                            \
||--------------------------------Section 4*----------------------------------||
 \                                                                            /

=========================Credits and Legal Information*=========================

The best part of the guide is here!  You probably zipped right down here.  Am I
right?  Huh?  Huh?  No, huh.  Okay.  I'll accept that.

                               |    Credits    |

First, the credits.  I'd like to thank Nintendo for one thing, for making and
then re-releasing this game.  Thanks a million.

Second, I'd like to thank myself.  I said it.  I wrote the guide, I played the
game, and I helped you, hopefully.  Also I made that wicked joke about home
shows in my introduction.  Hilarious!

Also, I'd like to thanks GameFaqs for posting all my guides.  It's a great

Recently some people have e-mailed me and helped me out a bit.  Here's where
I'll post their names and contributions.

- codemos, for giving a good strategy for defeating Bird Knights.
- jkwik6football9oracle, for telling me that Skulls can be defeated.

That's it for now, but the list could grow in time.  Now to the legal mumbo
jumbo we guys in the biz call copyright.

                          |    Legal Information    |

First, I take no credit in the creation, distribution, translation, re-
formatting, or making of this game, period.  This honor goes to the workers at

Second, this document in Copyright 2004-2005 Brian McPhee.

Third, this may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Also, all trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

That's Kirby021591 signing out.  I can't wait to write another walkthrough, but
it looks like I'll have to.  I hope I've helped.  See ya later.
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