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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games


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  /  /         | |          | |         ||      //  / /     \    \    | | | |
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                            THE ADVENTURE OF

Heart Containers and Magic Containers Locations FAQ
                    by Kaas

 /                 \
|   Introduction    |

Zelda II, the Adventure of Link, was one of the very first Zelda games I ever 
played. I played when I was about 10 years old, and I remember finding it a 
great game, yet very difficult. I didn't own it, but went over to friends a 
lot to play it. You can imagine my happiness when Nintendo decided to re-
release this classic adventure (on GBA and NGC). I started playing it again 
and once again, it was very hard. 

One of the differences with the other Zelda games is the fact you don't get 
Heart Containers when you defeat one of the bosses. Instead, they are spread 
all over Hyrule for you to found. The same goes for Magic Containers. Some of 
them are pretty hard to locate, so I decided to write this little FAQ to help 
you locate them.

So, why did you need those Containers again? Well, as said before, this game 
is very hard, so you'll probably need all the help you can get. A Container 
gives you another block of life or magic (depending on which one of the two 
you find). Seeing how you start out with only four blocks of magic and life 
you can imagine yourself the Containers are very useful. Another reason to 
collect them is you need all Magic Containers to get a certain spell, which in 
turn you need to get an important item.

Be aware this FAQ will contain some spoilers, so if you don't want to read 
those, you should stop now.
If you have something to add to this FAQ, spotted some mistakes or simply have 
something to tell me, drop me an E-Mail. My adress is Kaas(dot)Bink(at)GMail
(dot)com. Feel free to write me!

 /                 \
|  Version History  |

Version 1.0  - 10/31/2005
The indepth FAQ is done. If I get any mail or hear something I missed, I'll 
probably update it, but I think I've got everything.

 /                 \
| Heart Containers  |

There are a total of 4 Heart Containers to be found across Hyrule. They look 
like a Heart and have a red color. If you have located a Container, simply 
walk over it to automatically pick it up.

Heart Container 1
Prerequisites: none, you can get this Container the moment you begin the game.
Location: this Container is located south of Parapa Palace (the first palace, 
located north-east of the palace you start in). From Parapa Palace, go south 
until you reach a path. Follow it, cross the area with the bubbles and keep 
walking until you see a small wood. Walk to the middle of the wood and you'll 
enter an action-screen. Walk to the right to get the Heart Container.

Heart Container 2
Prerequisites: Hammer (the Hammer can be found at the end of the maze in the 
mountain; enter the maze south of the village of Saria).
Location: the Container can be found just south of the village of Rauru (which 
is just east of the palace you start in). Use the hammer to smash the rock 
south of the village, then smash the rock in front of the cave you see on your 
right. Follow the cave to the end (it's not very big, and only holds a few 
enemies) to get to the second Heart Container.

Heart Container 3
Prerequisites: Hammer, Jump (this magic is obtainable in the village of Ruto, 
in the top west corner of Hyrule), the Raft (obtain this in the third palace, 
the one on the island) and Boots (get this in the fourth palace, the one in 
the labyrinth in the top east corner of Hyrule).
Location: this Container is east of Nabooru Village. Get there by using the 
raft and going east. Follow the path east of Nabooru Village and walk over the 
water to reach the palace in the sea. When you're on that small island, walk 
10 spaces to the left. From there, go up 4 spaces. Now walk to the left until 
you reach an action screen. Cast "jump" on yourself to jump up the platform 
and grab the Heart Container.

Heart Container 4
Prerequisites: Hammer, Raft, Flute (get this item in the palace in the water, 
which is east of Nabooru Village).
Location: go across the water with the raft, then go south of Nabooru Village. 
Use the flute on the River Devil (the black spider), then keep following the 
path. Follow the path past the cemetary and cross the bridge (it's filled with 
flying skeleton fish). Once you reach the three rocks (where the hidden palace 
is), go right and follow the shore. There's an action screen hidden there. In 
the screen, simply grab the Heart Container and leave.

 /                 \
| Magic Containers  |

Just as there are 4 Heart Containers, there are also 4 Magic Containers. They 
look like some kind of red bottle. Just walk over them to pick them up. They 
add an extra bar to your magic meter.

Magic Container 1
Prerequisites: you might want to have the Candle for this Container, because 
it's in a dark cave. Then again, there are only a few enemies there, so you 
would probably survive it. If you want the candle, get it in Parapa Palace 
(the first palace, northeast of your starting palace).
Location: this Container can be found in a cave south-east of the palace you 
start the game in (where Zelda is sleeping). Simply walk around the water 
surrounding the palace and you will see the cave. Enter it and go to the end 
of the cave to find it.

Magic Container 2
Prerequisites: Hammer
Location: this Container is located in the bottom west corner of Hyrule. Go 
south of the town of Saria into the maze filled with caves. Once you finally 
reach the end of the caves, you'll notice a hole in the ground. Well, there's 
where you can find the hammer. If you don't have it yet, get it now. Once you 
have the hammer, smash the rock next to the hole in the ground with A and drop 
down there. You'll find another Magic Container there.

Magic Container 3
Prerequisites: Hammer, Raft
Location: this Container can be found in the top east corner of Hyrule. Cross 
the water again with the raft, then enter the cave north of Nabooru Village. 
Once you exit, simply keep going east and enter the bridge. The Container is 
located in this labyrinth, but where? Well, if you have the boots, you can 
walk over water so simply keep going left whenever possible and you should 
reach it. However, if you don't have the boots, it is located in the middle 
left of the labyrinth. Go across the third bridge you see and take the first 
left from there. Keep walking and you'll fall down a hidden hole in the 
ground. Take the Magic Container there and leave via the left.

Magic Container 4
Prerequisites: Hammer, Raft, Flute, all three previous Magic Containers
Location: the final Container is found in the hidden town of Kasuto. To get 
there, use the raft to get across the water. Use the flute on the River Devil 
south Nabooru town and follow the road. Go right past the cemetary and enter 
the woods above the bridge. Keep going through the woods and enter the cave 
you'll see. Follow the cave to find a wood. Use the hammer (by pressing A) and 
chop down the woods to find the hidden town of Kasuto (it's somewhere in the 
left top corner). Enter the town and talk to the old woman who comes out of 
the second house (if you don't have all three previous Containers she won't 
let you enter the house). Keep walking to the right to find the last Magic 

 /                 \
|    Legal Stuff    |

This walkthrough, and all it's content (including the ASCII), is 
Copyrighted, 2005 by Jaap van Zon. This walkthrough is only allowed on 
www.gamefaqs.com. No part of this walkthrough can be used without proper 
quoting and/or recognition. Any person(s) found violating this copyright 
is/are punishable by law and will be to the fullest extent. If you see this 
walkthrough on another site, please alert me.

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