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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Zelda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takuto
Skeleton Walkthrough
version 1.3
written by JL Lee
updated 23/12/2002

By now the skeleton walkthrough is still skeletal, but I've managed to
flesh out some of the more important parts of the game. This is all done in the
hope that those who are importing, but know no Japanese, can still manage to
clear the game.

As stated before, dungeon-clearing will probably be the last part,
since all of it are not text-dependent, but thought-dependent. No
worries if you're stuck though, there's always the GameFAQs message
boards to look for help.

\                            \
  \                            \

This guide will ALWAYS be updated at GameFAQs first. Be sure to check
it out THERE to get the best updated version!

This document is the result of someone's hard work. If you wish to post
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more of this copyright violations to carry on any longer.

Zelda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takuto, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind
Waker, Zelda no Densetsu: Toki no Ocarina, Zelda no Densetsu: Toki
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about the game is under Copyright Nintendo 2002. All rights reserved.

This document is © 2002 Lee Jin Lai under the Copyright Act of the
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legal action by the author himself. Get that clear, you plagarizers.

1.  Copyright Notice (see above)
2.  Celda
3.  What's Done, What's Gone
4.  Credits, Plugs, Thank Yous
5.  Controls (Not up)
6.  Item List
7.  World Map
8.  Walkthrough (Skeleton)
9.  Boss Strategies
10. Heart Piece Locations (Not up)
11. Treasure Maps Locations (Not up)
12. Great Fairy Locations (Not up)
13. Assorted Extras (Not up)
14. Second Play Extras (Not up either)
15. Revision History
16. Last Words

\          \
 \ 2. CELDA \
  \          \

Stories tell of a beautiful, prosperous Kingdom, bathed in the Light of
the dormant Gods. The eyes of Evil men would prey upon this light, and
the kingdom soon fell into darkness.

Out of nowhere, a Young Man, dressed in Green, appeared. Brandishing
the Sword that Drives Evil away, the young man sealed the Evil one, and
the Kingdom was restored to its glory days.

People hailed the young man who travelled through time to defeat the
Evil the "Hero of Time", and his story soon became the stuff of Legend.

Soon, the Kingdom again fell foul of the Winds of Destruction. The Evil
One that the young man sealed away came out from the ground, destroying
everything in its path. The people believed that the Hero of Time would
soon appear and save them again, but it was not to be, for the Hero
never appeared. What happened to the Kingdom, no one knows for sure.

Memories of the Kindom gradually faded, only recounted in the Winds of
Legend. On populated islands, young men who came of age would be given
a set of Green clothing, as a celebration, and as a hope that the one
would possess the Courage as the Young Hero of Legend once did......

\                             \
  \                             \

Version 1.3 (23-12-2002)
- Included detailed descriptions on how to get the Triforce Maps. Gosh,
  that was horrible to detail out :P
- World Map completed. Sounds sketchy, but it should be enough without
  taking TOO much space ^^;
- Finally got around to translate the prelude of the game (easy part
  because it's also stated in the manual ^_^)

\                               \
  \                               \

For now....

  for this game. For this series. For the love of Zelda. Do I really
  need to thank them more? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  where this document lies (or should anyway, the thousands of leeching
  sites not withstanding). The one and only place where you get
  thousands of people gathering to read this piece of crap done by
  yours truly.

GameCube Mania's Kaze no Takuto page

  where 80% of all unknown information is gleaned from. Hey, I'm not an
  expert, I'll leave that to the Japanese to squeeze out every nook and
  cranny, and then I'll follow suit to do so myself :P

MARS01 Zelda Strikes page

  Where I camped for information on their BBS when I was stuck myself,
  though most of the people there were also on the same pace as I was,
  or a little faster/slower, so in the end I didn't get much from
  there. Comprehensive guide though, if still in the process of
  building up.

\              \
 \ 6. ITEM LIST \
  \              \

Every Zelda game has its fair share of items. This one isn't any
different, and is also divided into several sections. I'll go through
the 3 rows first before the 2 columns.

Row 1 - Essential Sailing Items
|             \
| Sight Scope  \
|                                                                     |
| Your basic far-seeing scope. Used for all sorts of situations, and  |
| is pretty useful when it comes down to looking for enemies, items,  |
| or all sorts of contraptions far away from normal sight. The scope  |
| allows you to zoom in and out with the aid of the C-stick.          |
|                                                                     |
| While technically speaking, there's only one real use of the scope, |
| right at the start of the game, as you carry on your adventures     |
| throughout the large ocean, you'll find the Scope Man (for lack of  |
| a better term, who will reveal hints to you at what they're looking |
| at, usually pointing to some place that will aid you in your        |
| adventures.                                                         |

|      \
| Sail  \
|                                                                     |
| As it is. Without it, you'll never get to the places you need to go |
| quickly, although you can amble your way there without one, which   |
| WILL take forever.                                                  |
|                                                                     |
| Usable only on the Dragon Boat, the sail is the equipment to catch  |
| the wind, and move as fast as it can, dependent on the direction it |
| faces the wind. If the wind is directly behind it (as can be seen   |
| from the yellow arrow behind the boat), it'll move the fastest.     |
| Conversely, trying to sail against the wind will not make you move  |
| at all. Perfect practice for those learning to become an Olympic    |
| sailor :P                                                           |

|            \
| Wind Baton  \
|                                                                     |
| Better well known as the Kaze no Takuto, the main item of this game |
| Like the fabled Ocarina of Time, this magical instrument is a       |
| conductor's stick that you'll get to use. Using it, you conduct a   |
| variety of songs to help you carry on your quests.                  |
|                                                                     |
| There are 3 different styles when using this stick. The basic style |
| is the 3-Beat style, as you will see when you use it. It will play  |
| songs that use 3 beats, like the very important Wind Song.          |
|                                                                     |
| Pushing the control stick to the left brings up the 4-Beat style,   |
| naturally, for songs that require 4 beats. Pushing the control      |
| stick to the right brings up the 6-Beat style, for the hard to      |
| master 6 beat songs.                                                |
|                                                                     |
| Once you've gotten used to the beats, pusing the control stick Up   |
| or Down at the beats only serve to either increase or decrease the  |
| volume of the beats, nothing more ^^;                               |
|                                                                     |
| How to effectively use the beats? Like the Ocarina, which used the  |
| C buttons, this one uses the C-stick to create the melodys. Pushing |
| the C-stick to a particular direction at (or before) the beat will  |
| result in the tone being played. For example, the Wing Song is      |
| played Up, Left, Right, so push the stick Up before the beat,       |
| follow that up by pushing left, then finally moving it right to be  |
| able to successfully play the song.                                 |

|                \
| Grappling Hook  \
|                                                                     |
| A basic weapon that has far more uses than a simple grappling hook, |
| this is probably one item that will almost stay in a fixed position |
| of your three Item buttons. The Grappling Hook is a multi-tasking   |
| equipment that can be used on land, in the sea, and even in battles!|
|                                                                     |
| Land Usage:                                                         |
| Realistically speaking, this should be the actual usage of the hook |
| in the game, but of course, there's much more to that. When         |
| selecting the hook, the view will change to first person, and you   |
| can use it to grapple around fixed extensions and allow you to      |
| swing to get to platforms or areas usually out of reach, or to      |
| activate switches. It's quite easy to know that the grappling       |
| points are, however, getting to actually SPOT them is harder,       |
| mostly because they are up in the ceiling, out of normal sight.     |
| This will be the usual case in dungeons, making people feel stupid  |
| at times :P                                                         |
|                                                                     |
| While you're hanging from the rope though, you're not limited to    |
| simply swinging. Pressing R will stop the swing, and from there,    |
| with R still pressed, you can turn about and face another direction |
| to start swinging from, or climb up and down the rope for different |
| oscillation range.                                                  |
|                                                                     |
| Combat Usage:                                                       |
| While in combat, or whenever you're locked onto anything, using the |
| hook dosen't turn you first person, instead you'll see yourself     |
| swinging the hook in anticipation of letting go. If you're locked   |
| onto an enemy, you won't really grapple the enemy towards you,      |
| rather, you'll grab the item the enemy is holding towards you. This |
| way, you don't have to defeat the enemy in order to get its drops.  |
|                                                                     |
| Sea Usage:                                                          |
| Simple but very important. Using the hook in sea allows you to haul |
| up chests that are hidden underwater. Be warned that they are not   |
| found anywhere, but you can actually SEE where the chests are. They |
| are ALWAYS shown as a glowing circle in the water that disappear as |
| you get close. You'll have to time yourself correctly as to where   |
| to stop to be able to retrieve those chests. Normal chests in the   |
| water yield Rupees of different values, while Treasure Chests may   |
| contain special or rare items, or just Silver Rupees.               |

Row 2 - Other Items
|              \
| Tingleceiver  \
|                                                                     |
| A mouthful, but in all aspects, this can either be your best friend |
| or quickly become the most useless item in your inventory. Why?     |
| Simply because if you don't have a GBA-GC link cable, then you will |
| not be able to utilize it at all.                                   |
|                                                                     |
| What the Tingleceiver does is to allow Tingle to move from the GC   |
| into the GBA once you've linked up. There, for a fee, he can help   |
| you clear any difficulties you might face, eg blowing up a rock     |
| before you get your Bombs. Of course, the usefulness aspect is also |
| up for debate, since you CAN clear the game without ever using this |
| item at all.                                                        |

|        \
| Camera  \
|                                                                     |
| Another non-essential item that you still have to get anyway, the   |
| camera, as its name suggests, allows you to take pictures. While    |
| basically taking pictures is not useful at all in clearing the game |
| there are places where you can get to find some use for them.       |
|                                                                     |
| The Cameraman at Taura island will accept you as his apprientice if |
| you manage to clear the topics he sets you to clear, and by doing   |
| so, plus a couple more side-quest events, you can get the CameraDX, |
| which allows you to take colour pictures! What joy!!                |

|             \
| Heavy Boots  \
|                                                                     |
| As its name suggests, the Heavy Boots make you behave like a slab   |
| of walking stone. An essential quest item this is, and you'll get   |
| to utilize this quite a bit in several locations around the world.  |

|              \
| Magic Shield  \
|                                                                     |
| The one true optional item which might pass people by if they did   |
| not even take notice, the Magic Shield isn't really a shield in the |
| true sense of the word.                                             |
|                                                                     |
| What it is instead is a handy little purple crystal which, when     |
| activated, actually surrounds you with a handy little purple aura   |
| which halves damage. Nifty item, but since it's a MAGIC shield,     |
| common sense will dictate that it eats up your magic gauge at a     |
| nice little constant pace....                                       |

Row 3 - Bottles

What is a new-age Zelda game without old-school (almost anyway)
bottles? In this game, there are a total of 4 Bottles to collect. And
as in previous games, the Bottle can hold a couple of things, including
Fairies, Potions etc. Here then are the locations of all of the bottles
that can be found in the game.

1. Melody will give it to you. This is the only automatic Bottle that
   you will receive in the game, because you will HAVE to use it to
   proceed on. You obtain it after you throw Melody across the giant
   gap at the mouth of the Dragon Island volcano.

2. Found in a Treasure Chest in a Submarine at Bomb Island.

3. Terry's Boats at the Rocks Island, the shop sells a bottle at 500
   Rupees. Naturally you will need the Big Rupee Pouch first to be
   able to purchase it.

4. Catch a thief. After you've cleared Monster Island for the second
   time, speak with Eskimo-man in Taura, he'll mention about losing
   money every night. With that info in hand, wait for nightfall (or
   switch to it, since time stops when you're on the island). Speak
   with Mull, the girl in tattered clothing outside the Potion Shop,
   who will tell you to go away. Head up the stairs, then you'll see
   her running off in the opposite direction. The rest is a simple case
   of stealth hiding and following until you catch her in the act.
   Choose not to let her go, and she'll repent, giving you the last
   Bottle. Note that if you fail this event (in other words, get
   caught), you can redo it any number of times, just enter and exit a
   building to reset the event.

Column 1 - Bags
|            \
| Trophy Bag  \
|                                                                     |
| The one bag where you get to collect all kinds of Trophies that are |
| dropped from various enemies. Trophies, on the whole, are useless   |
| by themselves, but give them to specific people looking for these   |
| items, and you may gain a few surprises, apart from simple thanks.  |
|                                                                     |
| Happiness Pendants - Ms. Mary in the School at Taura is known for   |
|                      her exquisite taste. The Happiness Pendant is  |
|                      a very pretty item suitable for her! Clear her |
|                      simple request, then you can start giving them |
|                      to her. The first rewards you with Rupees, the |
|                      21st rewards you with a deed to her Mansion,   |
|                      the 41st (61?) rewards you with a Treasure Map!|
|                                                                     |
| Knight's Emblem - A status symbol of the Knights, the old geezer in |
|                   Pororo Island wants to see you defeat a number in |
|                   order to teach you his secret skill. Collect 10   |
|                   to show him, and he'll teach you the Spin Attack! |
|                                                                     |
| Skull Necklace - Worn mostly by Moblins, these are collector items! |
|                  The man standing outside the Bomb Shop in Taura    |
|                  allows you to play his pig-catching minigame if    |
|                  you present him with 3. After you've cleared the   |
|                  Monster Island for the second time, Maggy's father |
|                  (now the rich man) gives you a Treasure Map if you |
|                  present him with 20!                               |
|                                                                     |
| Gold Feathers - Said to be a girl's most prized possession if they  |
|                 receive it from their loved ones. One of the guards |
|                 in Dragon Island is looking for a hefty 20 for HIS  |
|                 loved one. The reward? Rupees! And then some......  |
|                                                                     |
| Bokopapa Seed - Mysterious seeds that drop from plants. Apparently  |
|                 they have restorative powers. Niyato in the Deku    |
|                 Tree requires 4 of them to create a Blue Potion,    |
|                 provided you have an empty bottle to place it.      |
|                                                                     |
| Red Chu Chu Drop - Dropped from Red Chu Chus naturally. They can be |
|                    used to create free Red Potions at the Potion    |
|                    Shop in Taura. 5 Chu Chus for a free potion. Not |
|                    a bad deal.                                      |
|                                                                     |
| Green Chu Chu Drop - Like the Red version, except that this one     |
|                      produces Green Potions instead. You'll need 15 |
|                      of them to give the Potion Man some help to    |
|                      start up though.                               |
|                                                                     |
| Blue Chu Chu Drop - Like the Green version, also requires 15 to be  |
|                     able to start up. However, these are RARE!      |

|          \
| Feed Bag  \
|                                                                     |
| This not-so-pretty bag can contain up to 8 sets of Feed, all of     |
| which can be bought from Terry's Wandering Boat Services. There are |
| only 2 types of feed, thankfully, so this one won't go TOO long.    |
|                                                                     |
|                                                                     |
| Piyoi Seed - Looks like an ugly face, but a favourite of Seagulls   |
|              apparently. When using one where Gulls are around, you |
|              switch to control it flying around! Free as a bird,    |
|              with the ability to knock into objects too! Just note  |
|              that once it is hit by an enemy, you'll lose control   |
|              of it though.                                          |
|                                                                     |
| All-Purpose Feed - Comes in a standard pack of 3. Used for all      |
|                    sorts of situations, including asking Pigs to    |
|                    dig for you at black patches, and getting the    |
|                    Flying Fish found in every map square to map out |
|                    that particular area plus free tips to help you. |

|             \
| Request Bag  \
|                                                                     |
| In the course of the game, different people will ask different      |
| requests from you, such as letter delivering, item exchanging, as   |
| well as holding your deeds and tickets. Nifty little thing to hold  |
| all other things, yes?                                              |

Column 2 - Weapons 1

|           \
| Boomerang  \
|                                                                     |
| The mighty boomerang makes its return in a Zelda game, and like its |
| predecessors, this one has its own uses, plus a couple of new uses  |
| as well to aid you in your neverending quest to get all the items   |
| in the sea world.                                                   |
|                                                                     |
| The major difference in using the Boomerang this time round is the  |
| fact that your view automatically switches to first-person if you   |
| are not locked on. The Boomerang can target up to 5 objects/items   |
| that it can hit, and are within its range (which is extremely long).|
| Not everything can be targeted though, those that are possible will |
| be highlighted once the cursor goes over them, like Switches, item  |
| drops, crystals etc.                                                |
|                                                                     |
| As a bonus though, the Boomerang retains its bonus of being able to |
| defeat enemies or stun them, which was the basic function in the    |
| older Zeldas.  The other added bonus is the fact that the Boomerang |
| can also be used while you're in the boat, making it your one major |
| weapon against the irritating sharks and squids that move too fast  |
| for Bombs.                                                          |

|          \
| Hero Bow  \
|                                                                     |
| The standard Bow of the game. You start off with standard steel-tip |
| arrows, and as you progress through the game, you'll be able to use |
| Fire, Ice and ultimately Light Arrows (wonder what happened to the  |
| Silver Arrows -_-).                                                 |
|                                                                     |
| Like the Boomerang before it, using the Hero Bow switches you to    |
| first-person view unless you're locked on, and can be used to do    |
| set tasks that won't work for the Boomerang, like hitting Face      |
| Switches. Also can be used while on the boat as well, but the sea   |
| bobbing will probably throw your aim off at points.                 |
|                                                                     |
| You will start off with 30 arrows, the first upgrade increases that |
| amount to 60, the second maxes it out at 99.                        |

|           \
| Hook Shot  \
|                                                                     |
| In the recent years, the Hookshot has almost become a necessity in  |
| Zelda games, more through design than anything else really. But the |
| fact remains that this item will come in very useful in many types  |
| of situations.                                                      |
|                                                                     |
| In the age of improved items and weapons, only the Hookshot remains |
| unchanged in its main purposes. No different from the past versions |
| are the ability to hook and pull yourself up to higher locations,   |
| hooking oneself to chests, as well as pulling enemies towards you,  |
| the hookshot, while being the usual late item, still is one of the  |
| most useful weapons that you can use.                               |

Column 3 - Weapons 2

|           \
| Deku Leaf  \
|                                                                     |
| The one sole original concept in this game has to be the Deku Leaf. |
| This multipurpose wonder leaf will be one of your main sources of   |
| usage in the game itself, while it isn't really much of a weapon in |
| its own right.                                                      |
|                                                                     |
| The first usage of the Deku Leaf is also the most important. While  |
| in mid-air, activating it will allow you to actually FLOAT in the   |
| air, slowly downwards. With the aid of a good wind, you can move a  |
| long distance between islands and different points. However, one    |
| must note that this one eats up the Magic gauge much faster than    |
| anything else in the game, so you can't really float a lot, even    |
| more so if you're trying to float against the wind.                 |
|                                                                     |
| The Deku Leaf can also be used as a giant fan. Simply flapping it   |
| when standing on solid ground creates a giant wind spiral that will |
| move stationary items, blow enemies away, or even activate wind     |
| turnstiles, at no cost to magic to boot.                            |
|                                                                     |
| For humourous purposes, try flapping the Leaf when you're out of    |
| Magic.                                                              |

|      \
| Bomb  \
|                                                                     |
| The most powerful long-ranged weapon that is (right...) the Bomb is |
| the weapon of choice whenever one is stuck with not knowing what to |
| do. In this incarnation, bombs retain their primary objective, to   |
| blow things (and enemies...and you) up.                             |
|                                                                     |
| The new added ability of Bombs this time is to act as a double for  |
| cannonballs in ship battles. You can also simply use the bombballs  |
| to blow up anything in its path (angles too), like fixed cannons,   |
| stone walls and such.                                               |
|                                                                     |
| You will start off with 30 bombs, the first upgrade increases that  |
| amount to 60, the second maxes it out at 99.                        |

|        \
| Hammer  \
|                                                                     |
| It's big, it's bulky looking, it's extrodinarily cute, it's mildly  |
| destructive. The Hammer isn't a weapon in itself, but you can still |
| use it to help you fight and clear enemies if you're willing to.    |
|                                                                     |
| What the Hammer will be used for is to clear paths were you can SEE |
| clearly little springs begging you to whack them in. That's where   |
| the dear Hammer shines. Other than that...                          |

\              \
 \ 7. WORLD MAP \
  \              \

Technically, you can start sailing anywhere you want once you're past
the first stage of the game, when you're about to fulfill the first
half of the game. Anyway, this is going to be as precise as it can be,
so be prepared for a lengthy section covering all 49 areas.

The format is going to look like a map format, coordinates are given in
(x,y) format, so it isn't going to be very difficult to find them. If I
encounter difficulties from many people, maybe I'll change to Alpha-
Numeric format, but for the moment, I'll stick to the one that I've

So in all aspects, the map grid will look something like this. In order
for you to have them fleshed out, use the All-Purpose Feed near the
Flying Fish in each area and he'll help you uncover the map. It is
HIGHLY suggested you do so, because you're going to have a hard time
looking for Treasure later if you don't.

  | 1,1 | 2,1 | 3,1 | 4,1 | 5,1 | 6,1 | 7,1 |
  | 1,2 | 2,2 | 3,2 | 4,2 | 5,2 | 6,2 | 7,2 |
  | 1,3 | 2,3 | 3,3 | 4,3 | 5,3 | 6,3 | 7,3 |
  | 1,4 | 2,4 | 3,4 | 4,4 | 5,4 | 6,4 | 7,4 |
  | 1,5 | 2,5 | 3,5 | 4,5 | 5,5 | 6,5 | 7,5 |
  | 1,6 | 2,6 | 3,6 | 4,6 | 5,6 | 6,6 | 7,6 |
  | 1,7 | 2,7 | 3,7 | 4,7 | 5,7 | 6,7 | 7,7 |

|                                                                     |
| Legend:                                                             |
|                                                                     |
| --------------------                                                |
| (x,y) NAME OF ISLAND                                                |
| --------------------                                                |
|                                                                     |
| Treasure Map #: Item obtained in this map, requires the correct     |
|                 Treasure Map first naturally.                       |
|                                                                     |
| Watchtower: Items obtained from clearing the Watchtower(s), either  |
|             from defeating enemies on top, or destroying all        |
|             the cannons.                                            |
|                                                                     |
| Submarine: Items obtained from inside the Submarine Chest. Requires |
|            clearing of the enemies inside.                          |
|                                                                     |
| Great Fairy: Upgrades obtained from Great Fairy                     |
|                                                                     |
| Giant Squid: Item obtained from defeating Giant Squid               |
|                                                                     |
| Travelling Salesman: Exchanger of items, as explained in the Extras |
|                      section                                        |

Treasure Map 25 - 200 Rupees

Events - Refer Walkthrough

Treasure Map 41 - Great Fairy Map

Events - Rupee Chests only appear at night inside the Face
       - Destroy all the cannons inside the face to reveal Chest,
         containing Treasure Map 19
       - Watchtower: Gold Feather

Treasure Map 8 - 200 Rupees

Events - Great Fairy: Requires Hammer in order to enter.
                      Arrow upgrade.
       - Watchtower: Skull Necklace

Treasure Map 38 - Heart Piece

Events - Destroy all the cannons inside the face to reveal Chest,
         containing Treasure Map 32

Treasure Map 28 - Treasure Map 3

Events - Use Fire Arrows to melt ice to reveal hole.
          ->  Puzzle: Light up all 6 Torches to reveal Chest,
              containing 100 Rupees
       - Control Seagull to hit Switch at the very tip of the Needle
         Peak to stop fire and reveal hole. Inside has a Chest,
         containing a Heart Piece

Treasure Map 23 - Heart Piece

Events - Giant Squid: 100 Rupees
       - Use Hook Shot to pull yourself up to the lowest tree. From
         there, hook your way up from tree to tree, until you reach
         -> Puzzle: Warp from pot to pot until you find the correct
            path to the Chest, containing the Ghost Ship Map.

Treasure Map 9 - 200 Rupees

Events - -> Puzzle: It's golf using wind really. Blow the little plant
            "balls" from their "tees" to their respective "holes" using
            the Deku Leaf, because you can't reach them. Clearing the
            "course" will reveal a chest, containing a Heart Piece,
            plus gain access to the hole, with a chest containing
            Treasure Map 8.
       - Watchtower: Gold Feather, Skull Necklace

Treasure Map 7 - 200 Rupees

Events - Blow up or lift up the rocks there. One of them has a hole
         underneath, which has a chest containing a Heart Piece.
       - Watchtower: Gold Feather

(2,2) OYAKO ISLAND (for lack of a better translation, sorry)
Treasure Map 29 - 200 Rupees

Events - Travelling Salesman

Treasure Map 2 - Heart Piece

Events - Blow up the rocks blocking the way to the hole. It has a chest
         containing Treasure Map (?) <- check up later.
       - Destroy the Boats in this area for Heart Piece and 100 Rupee
       - Watchtower: 20 Rupees, Gold Feather, Bokopapa Seed
       - Masked Terry Shop: Bottle for 500 Rupees
                            Heart Piece for 950 Rupees
                            Treasure Map 4 for 900 Rupees

Events - Travelling Salesman
       - Float NW from the Dried Tree to reach a chest containing a
         Heart Piece. If you check the mini-map on the bottom left
         corner of your screen, you'll see a VERY small green spot
         where you can land. That's the place.

Treasure Map 35 - 200 Rupees

Events - Watchtower: Skull Necklace
       - The boats around the "island" can be destroyed to reveal the
         entrance which leads into the island.

Treasure Map 12 - 200 Rupees

Events - Destroy all the cannons inside the face to reveal Chest,
         containing Treasure Map 41.
       - Watchtower: Gold Feather

Events - Way too many. Refer to Extras section.

Treasure Map 24 - 200 Rupees

Events - Great Fairy: Rupee Bag upgrade
       - Submarine: Treasure Map 22

Treasure Map 22 - 200 Rupees

Events - Cannon minigame, 50 rupees per play
         -> 1st clear: Heart Piece
         -> 2nd clear: Treasure Map 17

Treasure Map 10 - 200 Rupees

Events - Giant Squid: Heart Piece

Treasure Map 21 - Light Circles Map

Events - Destroy all the cannons inside the face to reveal Chest,
         contining Treasure Map 21
       - Watchtower: Gold Feather

Events - Watchtower: Heart Piece, 20 Rupees
       - Lift up the stone face to reveal a hole

Treasure Map 16 - Treasure Map 28

Events - -> Puzzle: Activate all 4 Switches in Time. Start off by
            standing near the Stand-on switch, use the boomerang to hit
            the Crystal switch, then quickly move to the Stand-on
            switch, before changing to the Hammer to hit the Raised
            switch, and finally rush (roll) to the Heavy Boots switch
            to remove the fire from the hole. This is the fastest
            recommended path of course. Inside the hole is a chest
            containing 200 Rupees.

Treasure Map 40 - Triforce Map 5

Events - Switch to Seagull to search for a Heart Piece somewhere on the
       - Submarine: Treasure Map 14

Nothing worth noting...

Treasure Map 18 - 1 Rupee

Events - Way too many. Refer to Extras section.

Treasure Map 26 - Squid Map

Treasure Map 6 - 200 Rupees

Events - Destroy all the cannons inside the face to reveal Chest,
         contining Treasure Map 26
       - Watchtower: Skull Necklace
       - Submarine: Heart Piece

Nothing worth noting...

Treasure Map 4 - Heart Piece

Events - Great Fairy: Requires Fire Arrows in order to enter
                      Bomb upgrade
       - Watchtower: Gold Feather, Skull Necklace

Events - Rupee Chests only appear at night inside the Face
       - Destroy all the cannons inside the face to reveal Chest,
         containing Treasure Map 13
       - Watchtower: 20 Rupees
       - Giant Squid: Great Fairy -> Magic upgrade

Treasure Map 11 - Heart Piece

Events - Chest on the island contains Treasure Map 10
       - Submarine: Treasure Map 9

Treasure Map 30 - Heart Piece

Events - There is a small path that leads inside the dome, you have to
         crawl through it. Inside the hole there are branching paths.
         The left path leads to a rock (blow/lift up) with a chest
         containing 50 Rupees. The right path further splits into two,
         the left leading to a Heart Piece, the right blocked by a rock
         (blow/lift up), behind which is a chest containing a Happiness
       - There is another hole on the small island with the weird tree.
         Hook Shot there, and inside the hole is a chest containing 200
         Rupees. Be ready for a very hard fight there though.
       - Watchtower: 20 Rupees

Treasure Map 3 - Treasure Map 40

Events - Great Fairy: Requires Bombs in order to enter
                      Bomb upgrade
       - Watchtower: Bokopapa Seed

Treasure Map 14 - 200 Rupees

Treasure Map 1 - 200 Rupees

Events - There is a chest on the roof of the Mansion, you need to Hook
         Shot there. It contains Treasure Map 27
       - Silding Panels puzzle in the mansion itself. Each time you
         clear one you get Rupees. No extra prize for clearing them
       - There is a small grappable location in the ceiling. Use the
         Grappling Hook to pull it to reveal a (not-so)secret entrance.
       - Giant Squid: 100 Rupees

Treasure Map 17 - 200 Rupees

Events - There is a chest along the way into the hole. It contains
         Treasure Map 36.

Treasure Map 16 - Heart Piece

Events - Climb to the top of the larger island(?) for a Heart Piece.
       - There is a hole on the smaller island(?). Hook Shot to the
         tree, and fall in. Inside is a very brain-taxing block puzzle
         that I have not been able to solve yet. The reward? 200

Events - Giant Squid: Heart Piece
       - Watchtower: 20 Rupees, Gold Feather, Bokopapa Seed.

Treasure Map 39 - 200 Rupees

Events - A couple. Refer to Extras section.

(6,3) FIRE ISLAND (more apt name would be Volcano Island...)
Treasure Map 37 - 200 Rupees

Events - Giant Squid: 100 Rupees
       - Watchtower: (?)

Treasure Map 34 - 200 Rupees

Treasure Map 20 - Heart Piece

Events - Blow/Lift up the stone to reveal a hole. Inside are quite a
         fair number of enemies, but the prize is nice, a Heart Piece.
       - Watchtower: 20 Rupees
       - Submarine: Bottle

Treasure Map 31 - Heart Piece

Events - A couple. Refer to Extras section.

Treasure Map 32 - Sea Heart Map

Events - Boat Race: Costs 30 Rupees to take part. Reach the end before
         the time limit, and all the Rupees gained in the race are
       - Submarine: Submarine Map

Treasure Map 13 - Secrets Map

Events - You can use the Hook Shot to pull yourself to the lowest-
         postioned tree, from there pull yourself up to higher ledges
         until you reach the hole.

Treasure Map 19 - Bird Heart Map

Events - Birdman Contest. Beat the record distance and you earn
         yourself a Heart Piece. Use the wind as well as the small
         tornados to help you achieve it. Full magic bar helps too.
       - Submarine: Watchtower Map

Treasure Map 27 - 200 Rupees

Events - Watchtower: 20 Rupees

Treasure Map 5 - Heart Piece

Events - Great Fairy: Requires Hammer in order to enter
                      Arrow upgrade
       - Watchtower: Gold Feather, Bokopapa Seed

Treasure Map 36 - 200 Rupees

Events - Use a Seagull to hit all the Crystal switches in the birds'
         nests to open up the gate that blocks the way to the hole.

(7,6) TOBI CLIFF ISLAND (direct translation, no known meaning >_<)
Events - Make your way into the hole on the only island you can climb
         to, make your way past the thorn obstacles to get the
         Happiness Pendent. There is another route up, which leads to
         Treasure Map 25 plus the exit to the other island.
       - Watchtower: Bokopapa Seed

Treasure Map 33 - Heart Piece

Events - Watchtower: Gold Feather
       - Submarine: Heart Piece

\                \
  \                \

Pororo Island

- Start off by returning Home. Talk to Grandma (automatic)
- Return to the viewing tower. Get the Viewing Glass.
- Use it and look at the post box. Event.
- Go to Old Men's house (lower floor), get Sword. Learn some sword
  techniques too.
- Head up to the area with trees, use sword to cut, enter Forest.
- Clear Forest, events.
- Return to house, get Shield from Grandma.
- Talk to pirates again. Event.

Pirate Ship
- Go to the lower deck.
- Learn how to jump using ropes. Get the chest at the end of the room.
- Head back out.

Monster Island
- Event, and you'll lose your sword.
- Take out the 3 searchlights first
- Make your way to the big tower (cutscenes point to it EVERY time)
- Get sword back.
- Event, get blown off.

Taura Island
- Go buy a Sail from the Eskimo-dressed man (talk to him in front of
  the counter). It costs 80 rupees.
- Return to boat. Event.
- Sail to next destination, Dragon Island.

Dragon Island
- Head up and into the Hawkman cave. Use the Bomb Plants to help you
  clear the way.
- Events. Head to the second floor, speak with Melody. Get Letter.
- Return downstairs, enter the only corridor that leads to a door,
- Give the boy (Komori) the Letter, head back out.
- Enter the volcano area, speak with Melody.
- Throw her across the gap, get the Bottle.
- Go outside the cave area, fill the Bottle with Water.
- Return to the volcano, pour the Water on any of the dried Bomb Plants
  to revive it.
- Blast the huge stone to open up the way to the dungeon.
- Clear dungeon!
- Talk to boat, he'll tell you to look for the Wind God.
- Walk to hole near boat, past it, to a small island.
- Check the tablet, events.
- Learn the Wind Tune!
- Set the Wind to South.
- Sail to the next destination, Tree Island

Tree Island
- Move along the track to the inner part of the tree.
- Event. Roll attack into the Deku Tree to drop the...drops. Defeat
  them all. Event.
- Do the jumps! Till you get the Deku Leaf. Float down to the ledge
  (pointed out with one huge arrow).
- Now outside, float down to the small island.
- Change the wind direction to directly facing the entrance of the
- Use the spinning tornado to boost your floating height, then you'll
  be able to enter the dungeon.
- Clear dungeon!
- Couple of events.
- Sail to the next destination, Fish Island

Fish Island
- You'll notice it keeps raining non-stop. Be used to it for a while.
- Event.
- Sail to the next destination, Taura Island.

Taura Island
- Move to the back of the Bomb Shop (there is a way + small ledge)
- Event. Take note of the Pirate Ship Password.
- Enter Pirate Ship. If you mess up the password, the Boat will tell it
  to you again.
- Learn how to jump from rope to rope. Get the Bombs at the end of the
- Sail to the next destination, Pororo Island.

Pororo Island, Revisited
- Go see Grandma first. Heal her if you wish to.
- Return to boat, sail to the back of the island.
- There's a huge slab of rock to be blown away, plus whirlpool to time
  you. Be fast in bombing them out.
- Meet Jabu. Event. Get the third Pearl.
- 3 locations will be highlighted.
- Go to all 3 locations, place the three Pearls onto the pedestals.

God's Tower
- Dungeon as it is. Clear it!
- Golden circle will appear in the water, enter it.

Hyrule Castle
- Push the triangular prisms into the Triforce locations to open up the
- Get Master Sword.
- Defeat all enemies, then exit the area back to the boat.
- Sail to the next destination, Monster Island.

Monster Island, Part Deux
- Blow up the gate with Bombs.
- Defeat Shadow. Get Hammer.
- Areas are changed a little. Still, target is the same, the big tower.
- Get up there, event. Run up the staircase, defeat boss.
- Enter final room. Meet Ganondorf. Event.
- Sail to the next destination, God's Tower.

God's Tower
- Enter the golden circle again.

Hyrule Castle
- Event upon event. Lots of story told.
- Exit after the events.

|             |
| Triple Task |

Technically, you can do any of the three tasks presented to you.
However, since the last one (finding the Triforce pieces) require some
equipment you can only find in the dungeons, you'll have to do them
first anyway.

Getting the Fire/Ice Arrows
- Go to any large whirlpool.
- Get sucked in. Use arrows to shoot the god's butt. 3 hits will do.
- Learn the Warp Song (wrong name I know, I'll change it in due time)!
- Warp to Oyako Island, get Fire/Ice magic for Arrows from Fairy Queen.
- Warp out.
- Sail to the next destination, either Fire or Ice Island. This one
  talks about the Fire Island first.

Fire Island
- Use Ice Arrows to defuse the fire. 5-minute timer starts.
- Head all the way down, get the Power Wrist.
- Sail to the next destination, Earth Island.

Earth Island
- Lift up the rock, opening the path
- Learn the Earth Song (again, wrong translation, but heck)!
- Sail to the next destination, Dragon Island.

Dragon Island, Lost Love
- Head up to the viewing peak from the second floor exit.
- Play (or rather, conduct) the Earth Song in front of Melody.
- She'll follow you right there and then.
- Sail back to the Earth Island.

Earth Island
- Play the Earth Song again in front of the tablet.
- Dungeon door opened.
- Clear dungeon!
- Master Sword automatically powered up.
- Sail to the next destination, Ice Island.

Ice Island
- Use Fire Arrows to melt the ice. 5-minute timer starts.
- Head all the way down, get the Heavy Shoes.
- Sail to the next destination, Wind Island.

Wind Island
- Wear the Heavy Shoes to walk into the wind, use Hammer to destroy the
- Learn the Wind Song (different from Wind Tune, yup probably
  translated wrongly too)!
- Sail to the next destination, Tree Island.

Tree Island
- Look for the small violin-playing leaf. It's hidden in the waterfall,
  you can see notes coming out of it -_-;
- Play the Wind Song in front of it.
- It'll follow you there and then.
- Sail back to the Wind Island.

Wind Island
- Play the Wind Song again in front of the tablet.
- Dungeon door opened.
- Clear dungeon!
- Master Sword automatically fully-powered up.

Triforce Retrevial
If you haven't done so already, you should have checked the Postbox for
any incoming mail. The chances are that you've done so already, and
that you've received one very important mail from Tingle (at a hefty
processing fee too, 201 Rupees), plus a very important Map. Yes, it's
the Sungoi Map, which details (not so detailed-ly) the locations of the
Triforce Maps.

On each of the 8 locations mentioned in the Sungoi Map, there will be a
specific place where you'll see the Wind Mark on the floor, and a
Triforce Mark a little ahead of it. Getting to the Marks themselves do
take effort though, so please exercise caution (not that the game isn't
easy up to this point...).

Once you've gotten the Maps though, that's not the end. You have to
bring these Maps to Tingle (at Tingle Island, obviously) to have him
decode them in his own...peculiar...fashion. Oh, and a cost of 398
Rupees EACH. Ouch.

You can then use the decoded Maps to help you look for the Triforce
Pieces hidden under the sea!

8 places are noted, 8 places this part will elaborate on.

Triforce Map 1 - Steel Island (2,5)
Destroy the surrounding boats around the Steel Island first, especially
the one that is guarding the door. Once done, simply head inside, and
waiting beautifully for you is the Wind Mark!

Triforce Map 2 - Mansion Island (5,5)
You have to enter tha Mansion first in order to get the Map.
In order to enter the Mansion, you need the Deed.
In order to get the Deed, you have to applease Ms. Mary.
In order to applease Ms. Mary, you have to give her Happiness Pendants.
In order to give her Happiness Pendants, you have to first find her
students (this roundabout BioHazard-style crap is irritating).
In order to get her students to listen to you, you have to play Hide
and Seek with them.
In order to play Hide and Seek with them, you must first get the

Oh yeah, if you have the Deed already, ignore most of the below.

So it all boils down to one damned camera which is found in Tingle's
cell. There is a box in Tingle's cell that can be pushed, revealing a
rather large rat hole you can crawl into. Make your way out of that
maze (and be careful not to walk onto the wooden parts, those are
traps), and you'll receive the ungodly Camera.

Then you play Hide and Seek with the children. They're hidden pretty
well, so if you're stuck here, you could always employ the help of the
Viewing Scope or a Seagull.

Once you're done with the game, the children will talk about giving Ms.
Mary a present in the form of Happiness Pendants. How strangely
appropriate that you carry some. Give her 1 first, and she'll thank you
for it with Rupees. Give her another 20 to gain her trust, and her

Once you have the Deed, sail to Mansion Island, show it to the Doorman
to gain access inside. If you're expecting the Wind Mark immediately,
you'll be sorely disappointed. In fact, you won't find anything of use,
UNLESS you look up. A nice little hook there for you to grapple, which
in turn will switch off the fire in the fireplace. Now you have
somewhere to go.

What follows is a not very confusing maze which requires you moving
around and crawling about. And generous usage of the Hammer. It is,
strictly speaking, a one-way path, so you know you're near the end when
you end up fighting 2 Zomb...I mean, ReDeads.

Behind them, the Wind Mark!

Triforce Map 3 - Birds' Peak Island (7,5)
The hole is right in front of you, but it's conveniently barricaded.
There are no switches on the island that you're standing on, but if you
have looked carefully at the tall peaks where those large birds are
either nesting on or flying about, you might notice little white spots
in their nests. Yup, switches.

So the most logical thing to do will be to try and hit those switches
from afar right? Well, in a way, yes, but there's a more efficient (and
required) way. Asking the dear Seagulls to do it for you. Take out as
many of those birds as possible first using arrows, then switch control
over to Seagull.

Use it to knock into those switches to activate them, and when all 6 of
them (including the highest peak in the center that the arrows won't
reach) have been hit, the gate will rise up for you. Just note that the
more enemies you let alive, the shorter your survival time, as they
will keep chasing after your poor seagull.

Underneath the hole, the Wind Mark!

Triforce Map 4 - Ghost Ship
This is actually a cell-killer, because even if you know that the Ghost
Ship is what we're looking for, you can never get close to it at all.

What we really need is a Ghost Ship Map, hidden in a hole at Diamond
Island (1,6). To get to that hole, you need the Hook Shot. Pull
yourself up from tree to tree, until you get to the hole.

Inside is a little warp puzzle, with you jumping into the pots and
looking for the correct way. Each pot you jump to will lead you to a
new area with 3 other pots. 2 of them are incorrect, and will send you
back to the starting point, the last is the one that will bring you
forward. The Ghost Ship Map is at the end of all this crazy warping.

Now that you have the Map, it's much easier to locate the Ghost Ship.
As can be seen from the map, the Ghost Ship moves around to different
islands on different phases of the moon. So the simple thing will be to
wait for nightfall (or switch to it), check the moon position, and head
to that particular island. Of course, if it's too far away, or if
you're feeling lazy, you can always stay put at Diamond Island and
cycle through the moon phases, because it will show up there anyway!

This time, the Ghost Ship won't run away. simply sail to it, and you'll
automatically enter it. Like those Submarines, you have to clear a
series of enemies before the chest appears. The Triforce Map is in the

Triforce Map 5 - Needle Peak Island (1,5)
The Map is not in the island per se, but rather found in a chest that
is dropped by one of the 3 Boats in the particular area. West of the
island there is a small section of Boats, one of them Gold. Many will
perceive, from Tingle's Map, that the Gold Ship is the one that holds
the Triforce Map. Not so really. It's randomly placed on one of the 3,
so you'll still have to destroy them all, and haul up their treasure.

The next complaint is that you didn't get a Triforce Map. Well, in a
sense, yes, you're not going to get one. Instead, you'll be able to get
Treasure Map 16. However, if you look at that map, you'll realise that
the wordings are in RED in contrast to the other Treasure Maps.

So it's a simple case of following the directions given in the Treasure
Map to get the Triforce Map...or so you think.

Treasure Map 16 will lead to a chest containing Treasure Map 28.
Treasure Map 28 will lead to a chest containing Treasure Map 3.
Treasure Map 3 will lead to a chest containing Treasure Map 40.
Treasure Map 40 will lead to a chest containing Triforce Map 5!

Triforce Map 6 - Pororo Island (2,7)
It's actually on Pororo itself, but you need to do quite a few things
to get to it. First, head up to the high peak where you should have
crossed the (now-destroyed) bridge. The man there will talk about a
face in the distance, so use the Viewing Scope to locate it. It's
somewhere to the right of the bridge end.

Set the wind to the direction you feel its best for you, then take off
and float to that spot. If you fail, you can always try from an even
higher vantage point on top of the rocks.

Lift up the rock face to reveal the hole. Drop in, and the sign nicely
tells you to prepare for a long fight.

A VERY long fight that is.

Basically you'll have to go down 30 floors to get to the Triforce Map.
Every floor contains enemies until the 10th, 20th and naturally 30th.
Every 10 floors contain enemies from the 3 basic dungeons. Technically,
floor 1-9 contain enemies from the Volcano, floor 11-19 contain enemies
from the Forbidden Forest, and floor 21-29 contain enemies from God's
Tower. At every 10th floor, there are rupees, hearts and equipment
replendishment, plus a way out, if you decide to give up.

The Wind Mark is on the 30th floor!

Triforce Map 7 - Huge Face Island (3,5)
Nothing much worth noticing there, lift up that giant face to reveal
the hole.

Drop down the hole, and you'll find yourself in a little arena of
sorts, with 2 doors on either side, and one more in front, locked. Go
to all of the 4 side rooms, clear the enemies inside, and finally go
out to meet a pair of Knights. Defeat them to unlock the final door.

The Wind Mark is inside that room!

Triforce Map 8 - High Ledge Island (7,1)
This one requires exclusive use of the Hook Shot. Find a spot where you
can hook to the lowest-positioned tree, and from there, hook your way
up to the tallest location, where the hole awaits.

Drop down the hole, and you'll find yourself in a little arena of
sorts, with 2 doors on either side, and one more in front, locked. Go
to all of the 4 side rooms, clear the enemies inside, and finally go
out to meet, no, not a pair, but, get this now, 4 Knights. Defeat them
to unlock the final door.

Hyrule, The Final Reckoning
- Head back down to the Master Sword location. Event.
- Head out of the castle entrance. Another event.
- Follow the path down, until you reach the cave opening...

Ganon's Castle
- Final area!
- Defeat the first 4 bosses. All of them are brought back in full
  monochrome glory.
- Next part, drop down the right hand door to enter a maze, with a
  Shadow in each room.
- Clear the maze to get the Light Arrows!
- Fight Shadow one last time, use Light Arrows!!
- Use sword shadow dropped onto the sealed door.
- Enter, and face the boss parade insaide.
- Once you're done with the bosses, grapple and climb up.
- The final battle awaits!

The END, for now.

\                     \
  \                     \

In every Zelda game, you get to fight a multitude of bosses. This game
is no different from other Zelda games, though it has noticably less
known ones. Naturally, in Zelda Boss battles, you usually have to use
the weapons you found in said dungeons to defeat them. And just as
naturally, they don't really survive that much hits once you know the
correct way of fighting them. In fact, you can beat almost every boss
without taking damage at all, but I'm rambling on.....

Oh, and don't mind the cheesy names. They didn't bother to name the
bosses this time round...




You've heard how I said Capcom has had its hands somewhere in this
game, and this boss is no different...

Technically it has only 2 variations of attacks. The first is to crunch
both its pincers on either side of you, and after a second or two of
charging, throw a flame at you. Since the flame covers the entire area
in a sweeping move, there's no real escape once you're hit.

The other attck is simply crushing one pincer directly at your current
standing position.

Dodging these two attacks can't be more simpler. The trap can be easily
rolled out of, since there's a hole in either pincer for you ro roll
out from. The pincer attack can be easily sidestepped if you're locked
on, once you see it about to strike with one pincer, side-jump in the
opposite direction.

But how to attack? Well, the first priority will be to take out its
shell first. Most will have tried to use the Grappling Hook to pull its
eye down, but it will shut whenever it's close. Thus this option is not

To break the shell, you have to wait for it to attack first. When you
roll out of the Flame Trap, or when it has its pincer stuck in the
ground after the crush attack, use the chance to look UP with the
Grappling Hook. You should be able to see the dragon's tail sticking
out of the roof. Use the Grappling Hook to grab its tail to swing back
and forth (and watch the beauty below), and finally let go. Hopefully
you landed on a higher platform so as to make things easier in the long
run, but that's not too much of a problem even if you don't.

Anyway, watch the hilarity as you get to pull the dragon's butt down,
and the volcano piece drop onto Hardshell. It starts cracking, then it
jumps up to plug the hole (very funny to see if you're on an upper
ledge). Grapple and swing again 2 more times to finally break the

Once that is done, you can attack freely! Of sorts. Anyway, lock on to
the eye now, and grapple it to pull it forward. Slash wildly at the eye
once it hits the ground. Rinse and repeat, and you're done!




In this battle, time is of the extreme essence. Too slow, and it'll
take you forever to beat it. But, as usual, let's look at its repitore
of attacks.

It has quire a number of tentacles, each able to hit you anytime.
You'll notice that they'll start convulsing first before they actually
crush down on you, so that's ample warning.

For the other attack, it will draw in all its tentacles, and actually
attack from underground, with the whole mess of them poking out and
literally strangling you (not that serious of course).

There is no crazy way to avoid the attacks. In fact, all you need to do
is to keep moving so that nothing will ever hurt you! Just watch for
the stationary tentacles of course, and never stand under one when

Its weak point is its core, and it just so happens that the core is
nicely wrapped up in all those petals. It also just so happens that the
flower is nicely propped up in the air by several vines. Well, the
simplest of tasks will be to use the Boomerang and cut those vines
right? Correct, to an extent, because once you start cutting them, THEY
WILL GROW BACK. After a while that is. So you can't slowly take your
time cutting a vine at a time, try to always aim for 5 each blow, let
loose, run, get it back, aim and let loose, until all the vines are
cut, and the core is revealed.

You don't need further instructions on sword-slashing, do you? Oh, and
watch out, because after a couple of seconds, the flower will close
itself up, and if you're in it, you'll get eaten up (for some damage),
and everything starts again, but of course damage has been taken on its
side too.




In the latest of Lame ripoffs that Nintendo can think up of, they rip
off bosses from their own personal series, give them a mechanical look,
and throws fireballs.

Anyway, this boss has 2 hands with eyes on it, 2 eyes on its face, and
naturally, a mouth. All weak points in itself, but first.

The hands at first won't do anything but float around, but after the
face takes damage (I'll get to that later...), it will initiate
different attacks, one of which tries to push you off the platform
you're standing on and down to the eletrified floor. The other attack
is when both hands clasp together, and crush down on your location.

The face will, for the most part, not do anything, but once you take
down both its hands, it will start attacking by closing its eyes and
shoot an electrical ball stream at you.

For the hands attack, it's pretty simple to avoid by simply running
away, but for the face attack, you must remember to roll to the side,
not backwards, to avoid the relentless stream.

To attack, you have to first shoot the eyes on the hands. Locking on to
shoot will do fine, and each eye will close up after 2 hits each. Then
it's on to the eyes on the face, and they also take 2 hits before
closing each. Once all 4 eyes are closed, the face will fall down, its
mouth wide open.

By now, you should have faced the stone statues that do the same thing,
so simply throw a bomb into its mouth to injure it. Repeat the process
2 more times to defeat the boss. If (and it's highly possible) you run
out of arrows, do not dispair. The boss will automatically drop a set
of arrows for you to use, and it should be more than enough to make you
survive this trial...




If you've played Ocarina of Time before, this isn't even going to be
helpful, because you've seen it all before. Move along now...

If this is your first Zelda game, be prepared for a huge mass of...3

The first you'll probably get to see is it charging up a big red ball,
after which it'll throw a couple of smaller red balls spread out but
eventually converging on the current location.

The second sees it charging a white electrical ball, then throwing it
at you.

The last sees you standing in the middle of 5 such Shadows, 1 of which
is real, doing a circle cut. Mind you, all 5 will deal damage to you,
but you can only damage the real thing.

Dodging the red ball is far too easy. As it lets out the smaller balls,
simply side-jump to avoid them all. As for the multiple Shadow thingy,
simply roll out of the circle, since there are gaps in between them.

There are 2 ways of attacking Shadow. The easy way would be to roll out
when it does the multiple attack, then wait for the other 4 to
disappear, and finally hit the real one before it disappears too.

The other method, much more fun, is through reflecting the white ball
back at it. Not using the shield, but using the Master Sword. Time it
correctly to bounce it back. Chances are that it will also bounce it
back at you, and the ball will only become faster and faster. If you
manage to win this Pong game, it'll stun Shadow for a few moments,
enough for you to get near and grab a couple of swings in. Repeat where


                         METAL BIRD-FACE


This little...err..big friend of ours isn't as hard as it should be,
varied attacks or no, so from now on, I'll simply be listing the
correct way of attacking. You should be used to running around now :P

To attack it, wait until its beak is in the ground, then whack using
the Hammer. That's all there is to it, until the metal mask breaks,

From now on, it's almost like the first boss fight. Simply hit its head
whenever it's stuck in the stone......watch out for the mask pieces
blocking your way though...




Like all the ghosts in the Earth Dungeon, nothing can hurt it
physically, that is, until it faces the Light Of Doom that strangely
comes out of nowhere in the ceiling. Never mind that, but you have your
source of light now.

Run, roll, get whacked, or using whatever means, GET to the spotlight,
and use the Mirror Shield to reflect the light back onto the Ghost,
shocking it to one messy plup that won't get up or do anything until
you start doing something.

Well, you're wrists are powerful enough now (no pun intended), so pick
up Pluppy, and..err...bowl it into any of the sharp spikes found around
the fighting area. Upon hitting the spikes, Pluppy turns into lots of
Ghosts! Your job is to try kill as many as possible within the short
time frame they are split apart, because after that the remainder will
form up and you'll have to start over, with the reduced amount of
ghosts, naturally.

As the number of ghosts are reduced, the arena turns into a disco. The
spotlights will now flash on and off, so you'll have to be fast when
one appears to get there, and reflect long enough to stun the giant
ghost before it decides to shine elsewhere.

Once you're done with all the little ghosts, what's left is...well...




So maybe it dosen't smell terrible, but heck. You're standing on sand,
so expect a lot of fun mucking around in it.

The simplest thing to do is to get close enough to Hookshot the stupid
lobe that is sticking out oh-so-obviously and whack it BEFORE you get
too close for it to eat you up. Once you've hit enough it will then
dive into the sand, and release 3 smaller variations of it.

Plus running into the sand means it'll turn up anywhere. So watch your

The 3 smaller ones are there to torture as your your perverse pleasures
please you. Hook them up, and watch in sated fascination as they
wriggle about helplessly in the sand. Put them out of their misery if
you so choose to, they will most probably drop hearts, which is why
this is probably the easiest of the bosses in this game...

Again, the big mouth just waits there, lobe erected as usual, for your
Hooking (again, NO pun intended...I think). Repeat the process until it
realises that it can't even get a single love bite on you.


                   BOSS PARADE 1 - MARIONETTE


Time to get serious.

Marionette can only be defeated in one way.

Use the Boomerang to cut all 5 BLUE lines that attach the hands, legs
and tail. Once that is done, the marionette will simply hang limp. DO
NOT, for the love of Subaru-sama, lock on to its head. That's a dummy
point, and you can never hurt it that way.

Instead, aim your Light Arrows at its tail. Yeah, see the shiny blue
crystal that SCREAMS at you to hit it? That's the one. 3 hits, and it's
on to part 2...


                      BOSS PARADE 2 - SPIDER


Interesting to note that you can't see where it goes once it goes up,
but in actual fact, you can!

The water, silly, the water. Catch its reflection, camp in one corner,
and when the spinning stops, pray that you're near the same shiny blue
crystal so that you can get across easily before the legs cut off your

Again, if the core (or butt?) is in sight, aim and shoot Light Arrows.
3 hits, and you finally get to meet the irritant.


                     BOSS PARADE 3 - CENTIPEDE/SNAKE


They can't escape using old bosses, can they? Veterans of Triforce of
Gods (better known as Link to the Past to Americans) will remember this
boss well, except that it's now in full 3d glory, and moving very fast,
and you're not supposed to use your sword on its tail anyways.

However, nothing says that you can't use the sword on the head. Whack
it (if you can even catch hold of its actions) to stun it for a VERY
short while, use that split second timing to hit the tail.

You can, of course, use the alternative method and hit its tail anywy
from long range, provided you can even catch its erratic movements.....




HA! And you expect me to tell you how to beat him? Try it out and
experience it for yourself! He's not THAT hard, considering the overall
"difficulty" the bosses have provided in the game.....

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Version 1.1 (20-12-2002)
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- Finished up on Boss Strategies. Not as hard, but a wordful. Should
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