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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games




This document was written by Clasher (not exactly an intimidating name, but it beats my real
name - Will Walker - & my folks didn't let me use Deathblade).

E-mail address: j-d-walker@worldnet.att.net .

Copyright 2001, William Walker

***====LEGAL STUFF & NOTES====***

This will be my longest, & maybe last, walkthrough ever.

Violence: Well, let's see. We've got SNES, so the graphics are better than the original Zelda for
NES. The story is more complex & violent, & there are more weapons, such as the sword, fire
rod, bow & arrows & countless others. So, this game is considerably more violent than the NES.
On the bright side there is no blood at all, & the game is still rather cartoonish. Nevertheless,
think very carefully about this game, especially if you/your kid(s) have violence problems.

Credits: I got information for this game from two sources: a tipbook published by Nintendo, &
another & very good walkthrough written by Cyber Predator. With a Zelda game, that's a lot.
THANKS GUYS!!!! But these are my own tips. I didn't copy anything word for word.

Difficulty: Like most Zelda games the game does not require undue dexterity to complete. Of
course, the player must be able to use good judgement, but unlike platform games simple
banging on the buttons isn't as important. Also there are no "lives" or any way of starting the
game all over, although running out of life does cause the player to go back to an earlier point.
But, w/o proper tips this game can cause extreme frustration. Well, whoever heard of improper
tips with THIS??? Ha!

E-mails: I LOVE to get e-mails, & I will gladly answer your questions, additions, corrections,
admiring comments. However I will NOT reply to an e-mail containing any of the following: ads,
quizzes, things not pertaining to THIS game, ANYTHING with strong language, things already
clearly answered in this walkthrough, chain letters, unredabel lanquidge, or hate mail.

Legal notes: Any of the following things will result in lethal... errr... legal... action: altering this
document w/o my CLEAR permission, using this document to make money in ANY way or
posting this document or any part of it on any site w/o my CLEAR permission.


Long ago God (or the Devil, whatever) created the Triforce, & hid it inside a secret Golden L&.
Many people of the kingdom of Hyrule sought to find it, for it would grant the wishes of whoever
touched it. Nobody returned. Then Ganondorf, the King of Theives, found it & wished to
conquer the world. The Golden L& became the Dark World, a forbidding place full of evil
monsters. A battle ensued around Hyrule Castle as the Hylian army fought off the armies of
Ganon. When all seemed lost, seven wise men dispatched by the king, managed to seal the gate
to the Dark World. Well, of course, that seal didn't remain forever (THAT would make one
thrilling adventure, wouldn't it?)

No, many years later Hyrule began to suffer terrible floods, droughts & plagues. All seemed lost
when a wizard named Agahnim came & ended the disasters, & the king made him his chief
advisor. Then Agahnim built his power & killed the king, & the seven maidens who were the
descendants of the wise men were arrested & never seen again.

Princess Zelda herself was captured & taken prisoner, & using her powers of telepathy, she called
across the night to a young boy named Link, who was destined to become Hyrule's greatest hero,
but he would face a long & dangerous quest ahead of him, for he was fighting not only Ganon &
his armies but the triforce itself.

***====LINK'S QUEST====***

Link's quest consists of the following steps:

1. Enter Hyrule castle, & rescue Zelda & bring her to the Sanctuary.
2. Go to the Eastern Palace & get the Pendant of Courage.
3. Collect all items possible in the overworld.
4. Go to the Desert Palace & get the Pendant of Power.
5. Get all other items he can from the overworld.
6. Complete the Tower of Hera & get the Pendant of Wisdom.
7. Go to the Lost Woods & use the three pendants to get the Master Sword, a weapon that can
repel evil power.
8. Go back to Hyrule Castle & enter the tower, defeating Agahnim.
The following steps are all in the Dark World.

9. Clear the Palace of Darkness, rescuing the first maiden.
10. Get as many items as you can.
11. Clear the Flooded Palace & rescue another maiden.
12. Complete the Skull Forest Dungeons, rescuing the next maiden.
13. Beat Blind's Dungeon, & save the fourth maiden.
14. Collect all remaining items.
15. Finish Ice Palace, rescuing yet another maiden.
16. Clear Misery Maze, rescuing the sixth maiden.
17. Beat Turtle Rock & save Princess Zelda again.
18. Climb to the top of Ganon's tower & kill Agahnim.
19. Fight the final battle in the Pyramid of Power.


A button: When you have the Pegasus shoes, lets you do a dash attack, also used to pick
something up.

B button: Swings your sword. Hold down for spin attack.

Y button: Uses your selected treasure.

X button: Views the map (almost useless).

Start button: Switches to the treasure screen, where you can view what treasures you have & can
also select your treasure.

Select button: When you press this you can either continue the game or go back to the name
selection screen.


This section is rather long, but read the whole thing - it's very important.

*1*: Miscellaneous

All these items sometimes appear when an enemy is beaten, or may be hidden under an object.
Also dash attacking some trees causes objects to appear.

Heart: Gives you back one health heart. You'll lose hearts each time you get hurt, & if you run
out, you'll die. Some enemies take off more health.

Rupees: Green is worth 1, blue 5 & red 20. Black is worth 1,000,000, but unfortunately there are
no black ones in this game. Use them to buy things.

Magic bottles: A small one gives a little bit of magic energy back, while a large one is very rare
& refills your magic supply. Some items consume magic at various rates.

Arrows & Bombs: See *6*.

Faeries: Gives you back tons of life hearts! Very rare though (duh!)

Key: Only found in the underworld, keys are used to open doors, & only certain enemies can
contain keys.

Bees & Mines: Hurt you! Uhhh... stay away from them, preschoolers.

*2*: Swords

By holding B for a few seconds you'll charge up your sword for a spin attack. Any enemy
unfortunate enough to be struck by it will take twice the damage a normal sword blow would
inflict. If you have full life & the Master Sword (or better) an energy beam can fly from your
sword, but it only inflicts normal damage.

White sword: You'll have it from almost the beginning of the game, but it inflicts only normal

Master sword: You must have all three pendants to get it, & it's in a grove hidden inside the tree
in the very northwest corner of the Lost Woods. It inflicts double damage & also is necessary to
reach Hyrule Castle Tower.

Tempered Sword: Once you have the Titan's Mitt, go to the area at the south of the Village of
Outcasts. Talk to the frog & take him back to the Light World, & go to the blacksmith's forge
(the house on the path to the East of Kakariko Village) & then, come back a little later & talk to
one, & ask him to temper your sword. You'll be swordless for awhile & they'll charge 10 rupees
for their services, but the tempered sword will inflict triple damage, so get it ASAP.

Gold sword: After rescuing maidens 5 & 6, visit the bomb shop (go to where Link's house is in
the Light World while in the Dark World) & buy the super (red) bomb for 100 rupees. Use it to
blast open the cracked wall at the Pyramid of Power, throw your sword into the pond, & admit
you dropped it to the faerie that appears. (I think she should get a job at the Supreme Court -
maybe they could sentence murderers to look at her, she looks like a mutant Dilophlosaurus)This
sword inflicts quadruple damage, so get it!

*3*: Shields

The shield will defend you from most attacks. However you must be facing the attacker & not be
using your sword or the shield won't work. Also the first two shields can be stolen by enemies
that look weird & are mostly found in Skull Woods. You can get the shield back by beating them
quickly though.

Blue Shield: You'll have it from almost the beginning, but it can't deflect fireballs, only arrows
& spears.

Red Shield: You can deflect fireballs with this. Enter the Wishing Well (swim THROUGH the
waterfall west of the path to Zora's river), throw the Blue Shield in, & admit you threw it in to
Venus (who makes Cindy Crawford look like the Wicked Witch of the West)

Mirror Shield: Lets you deflect the laser beams in Turtle Rock, & is also found there.

*4*: Mail

Green shirt & pants: You'll have this from the beginning but it offers no protection at all.

Blue Mail: Found in the Ice Palace, it halves damage. Link also looks fab.

Red Mail: Found in Ganon's Tower, it quarters damage. Link looks like the groom of Cindy
Crawford (I haven't seen her yet, but... Hey - come back! Alright, I'll make like a clam).

*5*: Automatic use items

Pegasus shoes: After you get the Pendant of Courage visit Sahasrahala (I don't think I spelled
that right, but who cares? A teacher's pet, that's who) in his hut near the Eastern Palace & talk to
him. (To talk to somebody or open a chest, press A). Once you have them you can do a dash
attack, allowing fast travel over long stretches of ground & also will turn any enemy who
happens to get into your way into Bantha fodder (Star Wars style! Oh, you haven't seen that?
Well, you'd better) & that includes some walls.

Power Glove & Titan's Mitt: The power glove is found in the Desert Palace, the titan's mitt in
Blind's Lair. The power glove lets you lift green rocks & boulders, the titan's mitt allows you to
lift anything you want (& both are necessary to progress further).

Flippers: From the Magic Shop (which is near the Eastern Palace but north of the main area)
follow the path (you need the power glove) & then walk up the shallow water avoiding the small
Zoras until you find the waterfall (it's kind of a maze) & then buy the flippers for 500 rupees.
What? You don't have 500 rubies? Well get them, you lazy ape!

Moon Pearl: Found in the Tower of Hera, look in the walkthrough for a walkthrough on how to
get it. It protects you against the Golden Power & prevents you from becoming a rabbit when you
enter the Dark World. KILL!!!

*6*: All other items

Bow & Arrows: The bow is found in the Eastern Palace, the Arrows you can get by beating
enemies, particularly ones that fire arrows. You can only carry 30 arrows, but you can upgrade
that at the Pond of Happiness (basically, if you're getting too slow because of too many rupees,
visit it) Anyway they can be fired in four directions & are very important, though I recommend
against using them against enemies unless they are especially vulnerable to them.

Silver Arrows: Get them the same way you do the gold sword, only throw your bow in. All
enemies will die after one hit, & they are necessary to beat the final battle.

Boomerang: Found in Hyrule Castle, it can stun enemies & also retrieve items. It has a short
range, but any enemy hit by it will be immobilized for a while, & will always yield a green rupee.

Red Boomerang: Get it the same way you do the red shield, only throw the boomerang in. It
travels faster & farther & has the same effects on enemies & items.

Hookshot: Found in the Flooded Palace, use it for retrieving items & stunning enemies, but it
can't be fired diagonally like the boomerang can. It can also be used to grapple & then pull you
toward various objects. Probably the best all-around item in the game.

Bomb: Collect them from beaten enemies, you can carry only 10 at a time but can upgrade that
by visiting the Pond of Happiness. Also some bombs released by trees in the Dark World are
already set to explode, & the explosion will hurt you as well as enemies so watch it. Also they
can be used to blow holes in some cracked walls. I recommend against using them offensively.

Super Bomb/Blue Chest: Carry these items behind you. To drop one off press A or jump off a
cliff. To detonate the bomb st& on it & press A - & GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Mushroom: Found in the Lost Woods, only use is giving it to the witch outside the Magic Shop.

Magic Powder: Go into the Magic Shop a while after giving the witch the mushroom & then take
it. Use it for one purpose: spraying on Fireballs to turn them into (!) faeries! Quite a nice change.
Consumes magic though.

Fire Rod: The most powerful weapon in the game, sends fire blasts that cook most enemies
immediately, & is found in Skull Woods & also needed to beat that. It uses up so much magic
that I highly recommend using it only when necessary.

Ice Rod: To get it go to the bottom right corner of the Light World & when you find a cave, reach
it by bombing open an entrance to the left. Use it to freeze enemies. Uses magic, but not as fast
as the fire rod. Also note: Hammering a frozen enemy usually gives a magic bottle. Again, I
recommend using it only when absolutely fired - to beat the boss of Turtle Rock, so in theory you
could delay getting it until then.

Bombos Medallion: Like all medallions uses up 1/3 of your magic meter, so only use it when you
have to take out a lot of enemies quickly, also very useful in beating the boss of Ice Palace. It
fries every enemy on the screen. How Nazian! To get it: Go left from the Flooded Palace in the
Dark World, stand inside the ring of stakes, & mirror warp. Go left & use the book of Mudora on
the monolith.

Ether Medallion: To get it, go left on the bridge to the left of the Tower of Hera, & use the book
of Mudora on the monolith. You must have the master sword or better too. It freezes every
enemy on the screen & is better then bombos because by freezing instead of frying you can
hammer them for magic bottles. So, if you need to use a medallion use ether, not bombos. Also
you need it to enter Misery Maze.

Quake Medallion: Use it only one time in the whole game: opening Turtle Rock. It's found by
following the path up & left from the Pyramid of Power in the Dark World. Near where the
Wishing Well would be, you'll find a ring of stones - throw any object in & it's all yours. Slam

Lantern: Use it for one purpose: lighting torches to light up rooms.  I'll let you find it. Uses a
little bit of magic.

Hammer: Use it for clearing away stakes & moles. Found in the Palace of Darkness. Can be used
to beat enemies, but don't use it unless the enemy is immobile or very close to you. Also use it on
frozen enemies - usually, you'll get a magic bottle (with quite a jolly bash).

Shovel: Go to the Haunted Grove in the Dark World - it's northwest of the swamp. Talk to the
boy (was, again we see the fate of those who venture into the Dark World) & agree to help him &
he'll give you the shovel. Use it to get the flute.

Flute: Immediately after getting the shovel mirror warp, go to the upper left corner of the Grove
& dig until you get the flute. Then go to Kakariko Village, stand on one of the square tiles near
the weathercock & play the flute. A duck comes out. Now play the flute any time in the Light
World's overworld & the duck will airlift you to one of eight locations. You need it to reach
Misery Maze & it's very useful too.

Net: After getting at least one bottle go into the house in Kakariko Village just above the inn &
talk to the sick kid, he'll give it to you. Use it to catch faeries. Cannot be used for attack.

Book Of Mudora: Useless unless you're standing next to a monolith, in which case use it to
translate the ancient language on it (& I thought we already were in ancient times). To get it, go
to the library in Kakariko village (near the south end, it has a book above the door) & dash attack
the shelf with the book.

Magic Bottles: There's four of these, & they can hold medicine or faeries. When you use one
you'll release/drink what's in it. Here's where they are:

1: To the left of Kakariko Village's weathercock is a merchant, buy the bottle for 100 rupees.
2: Enter the inn from the hidden back door & you're in business. (The inn is the large house in
Kakariko Village).
3. After getting the flippers go to the lake in the southwest & make your way upward & toward
the bridge. Swim under the bridge & have a word with the camper.
4. After getting the titan's mitt go to the shack where the Blacksmith's Forge is in the Light
World, pick up the blue chest & take it to the thief just outside the desert. Promise not to tell
anybody about his past & it's all yours.

Bottled faeries: If you hit a faerie with the net you'll have the option of keeping it in an empty
bottle or releasing it. If you run out of red life hearts but have at least one bottled faerie it will
automatically be used to save you from a game over, & you will reenter the game with 7 life

Medicine: There's three kinds of medicine & each one will charge you up. To use it select a
bottle with that medicine & press Y. Red medicine can be found at several shops but is cheapest
(120 rupees) at the magic shop, & it completely recharges your life. Green medicine can be
bought at the magic shop for 60 rupees but can be gotten for free by throwing an empty bottle
into the Wishing Well, & it completely recharges the magic meter. Blue medicine can be bought
at the magic shop (only) for 160 rupees & revives both your life & magic. Do not use it, though, I
highly recommend. No medicine is used automatically so be careful to use them when you're out
of magic power or about to die.

Magic Cape: After getting the titan's mitt go to the graveyard in the Light World & dash attack
the far northeast stone. Walk in & you're in business. It makes you invisible & invincible (what a
mouthful!) for awhile but continuously drains magic. Press Y to activate/deactivate it.

Staff of Bryna: Same as magic cape, but surrounds you with a force field that damages any
enemy that touches it. To get it: Use the warp tile on Death Mountain's west side to warp to the
dark version, go down & jump off the cliff, & enter the cave. Hammer down the moles & cross
the many spikes using the magic cape (use medicine to recharge). At the end is the staff & eight
life hearts. My STRONG advice? Don't get it at all.

Staff of Somaria: Found in Misery Maze, it allows you to create orange blocks. They can be used
to hold down switches or to be thrown at enemies. To blow one up & send four energy beams
that damage enemies outward, make a block when you already have one. Uses surprisingly little
magic energy.

Magic Mirror: When you're in the Dark World allows you to warp to the Light World, & when
you're in the underworld you'll warp back to the entrance. Also creates a sparkling tile that can
be used to warp back to the Dark World (man, they did a good job on that warp!!!) Uses no
magic power. To get it, lead the old man in the Death Mountain cave back to his home cave.
Actually you can't avoid getting it.

*7*: Dungeon Equipment

Map: One in every dungeon, gives you a detailed map of the dungeon. Totally worthless, so I'll
give no tips on how to get it.

Compass: Same as map, save it shows where the boss is.

Big Key: One in every dungeon, you must collect it as you need it to open big chests & doors
with large locks. Can be used unlimited times per dungeon but cannot be used like a normal key.

*8*: Hearts

Heart containers: You'll get one each time you beat a boss (usually) & one for every four pieces
of heart you get. You start with three & can & should increase that to 20 by the end.

Pieces of heart:

1. In the Lost Woods, you'll find it you enter from the southeast entrance nine bushes in a square.
Remove the center one & drop down the hole.
2. In Kakariko Village near the northwest corner is a well. Enter by jumping down from above.
Get the treasures (some rupees) & then blow open the crack in the north wall with a bomb. Get
out of the way & then walk in.
3. Also near the north of Kakariko Village is a green house that used to be Blind the Thief's
hideout (don't worry, we'll meet him later). Go into the basement & bomb the north wall again.
You can also push the blocks to get some rupees.
4. The southwest house in Kakariko Village has two brothers who are in serious need of a
psychiatrist & have sealed their doors shut. Dash attack the left wall, & then exit on the other
side. Then beat the course in fifteen seconds or less (try dashing) & it's yours to keep.
5. In the Light World's swamp, enter the building & push the blocks away. Then pull the switch
on the right (the other one drops a horde of detonated bombs on you - I'll NEVER make fun of
London again) by walking up to it & pressing A & pulling away. Then leave the building &
6. In the desert you'll find a cave in the upper right corner. Enter, & don't talk with Aginah, but
definitely bomb down from his room (put a bomb on the cracked wall) & there it is.
7. Also in the desert, midway through the Desert Palace, you'll want to go north & move some
stones out of the way. Instead, go to the far left, then south & it's there.
8. After getting the flippers go south, over the waterfall, then left, & instead of going over
another waterfall go left on the l& & you'll find it.
9. To the west of the sanctuary is a pile of rocks on a cliff. Dash attack it. Walk in & you'll find a
chest. Hmmm... I wonder what's in it...?
10. Just before entering the Dark World for the first time (on the way to the Tower of Hera) drop
down off the cliff below you in the second possible place. Enter the cave & you'll soon see it.
11. If you don't see it right there on Spectacle Rock (just before entering the Tower of Hera)
you're lost.
12. Just after beating Agahnim the first time go down the Pyramid of Power & always try to go
right. Just keep trying to go right & you'll find it.
13. After beating Agahnim go back to the Lost Woods area in the Light World. Instead of going
in go north along the area east of it. When you find a light green tree dash attack it. In you go.
14. After beating the Palace of Darkness go south & after hammering down the stakes instead of
going west go south & jump in the lake. Stand in the center of the ring of stones & mirror warp.
Good luck getting back to land.
15. Remember the Haunted Grove in the Dark World with that freak monster? Well, south & a
little east of it is a ring of bushes. Stand inside & mirror warp.
16. In the Village of Outcasts in the west area is a house with a chest above it. Enter & pay the
monster 30 rupees to open two for 16 chests. Keep playing until you get a piece of heart, 300
rupees are also hidden here.
17. Where the 15 second race is in the Light World, you'll find a game where for 80 rupees you
can dig in a field with a shovel (with a time limit of course) to find rupees, magic bottles... & a
piece of heart.
18. North of the Dark World's graveyard is a small ledge you reach via a ladder. Stand on it &
mirror warp. Then enter the cave (duh!)
19. After getting the titan's mitt go to where the Blacksmith's Forge is in the Light World &
you'll find 22 stakes. Hammer them all down & a cave appears at the bottom.
20. Near where the entrance to Death Mountain would be in the Light World, enter the cave,
cross the pit using the hookshot & use the magic cape to go by the bumper. Voila! 
21. In Misery Mire swamp, enter the left entrance & push the blocks to reach the chests. The left
one has your prize.
22. Go to the very northeast corner of Misery Mire, mirror warp, lift the boulder & walk in.
23. In the Dark World's Death Mountain about 2/3 of the way across from the west you'll find a
boulder. Lift it & enter the cave. To the left are some platforms you can reach via the hookshot,
many with 50 rupees. Cross the invisible catwalk to the north (see Ganon's Tower) & then go
through a maze of bombable walls (two faerie fountains there too) & when you come out on the
left, mirror warp.
24. Oooh! What a stinker! This one you'll actually get midway through Turtle Rock, just before
getting the mirror shield. Stand next to the cave leading to the big treasure chest & mirror warp.
Now, beat some Mimic enemies in a small cave & you'll find it. Congratulations!!! They're all

The remainder of this walkthrough is the walkthrough (it's not a walkthrough if it doesn't have
one, now is it?)

***====HYRULE CASTLE====***

Note: The Things to Get heading means items you should get before entering, not everything you
should have. You should have everything you had in the last dungeon, plus whatever's listed.

Welcome to Zelda! This first dungeon is very easy & it will give you the chance to get
acclimated to your moves. I suggest you master swordsmanship & maneuvering quickly or throw
out the game - it'll save you a lot of aggravation. Okay, here goes...

Things to get: Lantern


Only new enemies are covered here, but since this is your first dungeon, they're all here.

Guard: This is your basic fodder. The green ones will die after two sword strokes but the blue
ones take three. Also if they see you they will chase you, & remember that you don't have to beat

Snake: Found only in a few rooms in the sewer area, it takes two sword hits, try using a spin
attack if there's a lot of them.

Rat: Moves quickly along the walls but only requires one hit.

Bat: Moves erratically, you can beat it with the boomerang.

Getting there: Covered in the walkthrough.

Treasure: Boomerang

OK, you've just started the game. Your uncle (name? Search me) will leave the house, asking
you not to follow him. What, you think you're just gonna stay in bed the whole time? THAT
would make one great adventure, wouldn't it? Nah, you've got to leave too. Get the LANTERN
from the chest, then exit. You'll be in the middle of a storm. Man, this place really deserves "It
was a dark & stormy night". Anyway go north to the moat. All other ways are blocked by guards
- but they can't hurt you. Go west, then north to the gate. It's also guarded, but hey, what are you
supposed to do, do what he says and go home? So how do you get in? That's a good question and
I've got a good answer: through a bush at the end of the path to the right.

Now you're in the basement. Go left & you'll find your uncle, who has been wounded but won't
die. Instead he gives you his weapons - the WHITE SWORD & BLUE SHIELD. Now go left &
through the door, & you'll meet some baddies. Either go down through the door, or go left to a 5-
rupee chest. Dispose of anybody in your way with spin attacks. Once you leave this place you'll
be inside the walls. Go left & through the main door, either killing or avoiding the guards.

Once inside the castle go left through a door (there's tons of guards here, but I won't mention
them) & then go up through another door. Go up again, then right, then up & down the staircase.
You'll be in a room guarded by a single guard, & below you is a locked door. Kill the guard &
you'll get a key. Key + door = you going further down into a room with a chasm. If you fall in
you'll go back to the start & lose one life heart, & you only have three hearts so watch it. Besides
sword attacks you can also beat guards by crushing them with pots or sending them bungee

After the chasm go left, then up & through the door. Both doors close behind you, but you can
open them by killing the guard. That's important: Killing all the enemies in a room often opens
doors. After killing him go right & kill the Guard to get a key. Before you go back left & through
the locked door, open that chest. Inside is the BOOMERANG. From now on, beat guards by
hitting them with the boomerang & then killing them, you can also get rich this way. Go through
the locked door & down two staircases. Go right to meet the boss. (The boss guide is at the end
of the walkthrough).

Grab the big key & open the door to Zelda's cell. Get the 5-rupee chest in her room, & then
backtrack (with Zelda) all the way back to the entrance. Instead of going out, go up, into the
staircase, then to the throne room. Behind the thrones is a mantlepiece - push it from the left &
you'll enter the sewers. The sewer area is so easy I won't walk you through, as the enemies are
easy & all can be easily beaten. A word of note: To see you must ignite the torches with the
lantern, but if you have no magic power you're out of luck. The water doesn't hurt you - you can
wade in it. A word of note: At the end, pull the switch on the right - the left one releases seven
snakes, & you can pull the switch by pressing A + down after grabbing it. Remember: right is
right, right? Then go down into the sanctuary. Before you leave, be sure to get the heart container
in the chest.

***====EASTERN PALACE====***

Things to get: Nothing


Cannonballs: Cannot be destroyed, so avoid them.

Flowers: Just hit it with one sword stroke & it's gone! It also can give you tons of rupees.

Stalfos: Really easy. When you try to hit them they jump away, so either corner them or do a spin
attack. They're back from both NES games.

Fireball: Invincible, & not only takes one full heart away but also some magic power!!! Watch
out! In the future, you can beat them by spraying magic powder on them - that turns them into

Rocklops: A toughy. Can take eight sword hits & also takes a full life heart. If you can, use an
arrow. Red ones take two arrows. A pot works great too.

Getting there: It's at the end of a maze in the eastern area. While going through you'll face
Octopi, & they fire rocks at you that reduce your health by a whole heart, & guards that come to
life when you come near them & take four hits. When you reach the palace just go in.

Treasure: Bow

First off, go up through the middle door. Kill the Flowers & step on the round tile (called a
switch) to open the door. Go north & you'll be in a cannonball room. Avoid the oncoming balls
by dashing back & forth or hiding in the alcoves on the side. At the top, either take the left path
for 100 rupees or just go north. In the next room you can go left or right - go left. Now
(avoiding/killing the Stalfos) go left again. You'll be in a room with bone piles. Pick up & pot &
grab what's under it for four Stalfos to appear - beat them all & the door opens. Go up, right,
right again (watch out for Rocklopses & remember you need the big key to open the chest) &
then go south, avoiding/killing skeletons.

This next room is dark, & you'll be attacked by two Fireballs. Dash right, hit the switch & enter
the door before the Fireballs catch you. In the next room, pick up the top right pot & get a key.
Go back left & race around the bottom half of the room (beating a Flower) & on the other side,
enter the locked door. Go left again across the bridge, & listen up: In the next room first beat the
Flowers & Stalfos, & then move near the Rocklops to activate it, & quickly whack it with a pot.
Once all the enemies are dead the four Fireballs stop guarding the pot. Pick up the pot they were
guarding (duh!), step on the switch, & open the chest that appears to get the big key. Then exit at
the top. You can lose a lot of health here or even have a game over, so be careful!

Now push the block on the right out of the way & go right to the center room. The gray tile at the
top is useless, as are all other gray tiles. Once back in the center room open the big chest - it
contains the BOW. Four Stalfos attack & their flying skulls are invincible, so quickly exit
through the north door. Also you can jump down into the pots for some faeries. In the room
above this one you'll find six Flowers & two Rocklopses. Ignite a torch to see them & kill them
all, doing so carefully to avoid damage. One Rocklops has a key. Before opening the door on the
left & going down the stairs, go through the door on the right to find a Fireball guarding 90

Now that you're on the second floor, pull up the bottom right pot up & hit the switch to enter the
next room. (From now on, dispose of Rocklopses with arrows). In the next room are three
Rocklopses, but you only must activate & kill the bottom one & the switch he's guarding will
open the door. The next room has about 101 cannonballs, so time your run to the top left switch
carefully! In the room on the left kill the Skeletons & red Rocklops (requires two arrows - & only
arrows) & enter the next room. Kill the flowers (one spin attack can kill them all) & then beat the
two red Rocklopses with arrows. Be very careful: it's easy to get hit here! Ransack the pots, then
enter the door.

***====DESERT PALACE====***

Things to get: Two bottles, one with red medicine & the other with a faerie, the net, 4 or more
pieces of heart, the book of Mudora & the Pegasus shoes.


Evil Eye: A statue with a rotating eye that fires laser beams (Hey, Star Wars... um, forget it...) at
you, & they (or bodily contact) knock off a whole heart, so STAY AWAY!!! (iIvincible)

Tiles: In some rooms you'll be attacked by 22 tiles. Either break for it, smash the tiles with your
sword, or Cyber's approach stand in the doorway & wait 'em out. They take off a full heart

Fire crabs: Appear in the sanjd & fire fireballs & also pull you in. Avoid, but if you get stuck use
the sword.

Sand crabs: Numerous but hard to beat as they quickly surface & then go back under, so ignore

Getting there: In the desert the palace is so big it could be a planet but there's a stone in the way.
Use your handy-dandy book of Mudora on the monolith & in you go.

Treasure: Power glove

When you first enter you'll be in a room big enough to have the Super Bowl & have some room
left for a few malls (have I heard that before... it's in an Animorph book) anyway go up to meet
an Evil Eye. He's invincible so quickly run left & pick up the pots. Then go up, & you'll be in
the top passage. Go left to two doors. Go through the north one to meet an Evil Eye. Avoid him
& use your trusty dash to knock the key off its statue. Then leave, & go all the way right, but
don't enter the door. Instead go down until you find a locked door. Open it & kill all the Flowers
in the next room, avoiding that darned Evil Eye. Then go through the now open north door, avoid
the cannonballs & get the big key.

Now, leave this area & go back to the place where you got the small key. Don't enter its room,
instead go through the west door. The top right pot hides a switch, pick it up & step on it (careful
of Evil Eye) & then go up, & pick up the POWER GLOVE. Go back two rooms & you'll be
south of where you got the key. Now, go down & at the bottom, go left. Ignore the Evil Eye &
push the middle block on the right set & the door opens, revealing some faeries. Stock up, then

Now you're back in the overworld. Go northwest & enter the cave, pulling the stones away. In
the first room in the second part of the palace push the middle block in the right block set away
& then go up. DON'T ENTER THE ROOM! Instead, just wait in the doorway for the Tiles to
make their pathetic attack, then pick up the bottom left pot, take the key & enter the staircase.
Avoid the Evil Eye & kill the Flowers, then go through the door. The next room has several Evil
Eyes. Just make a mad dash for the end, picking up the second pot from the right to get the key.
In the final room kill the enemies &... oops, ah well, no door. Well, light all four torches with
your lamp & the wall moves, revealing a door, of course...

***====TOWER OF HERA====***

Things to get: Flippers, the third bottle, another four pieces of heart, red shield, red boomerang,
magic mirror.


Blue Octopi: Take three hits, & you'll be knocked back each time you hit them. At the end is a
red one that takes about 1001 hits.

Worms: Move erratically, & can be taken out with a single spin attack.

Fire beasts: Fire fireballs at you, just slash once.

Getting there: Climb to the top of Death Mountain, getting the magic mirror on the way &
avoiding falling rocks & the rodent guys, until you find a warp tile. Touch it & you'll go to the
Dark World. Go left, st& next to the north cliff, & mirror warp to get on top of Spectacle Rock,
& in you go.

Treasure: Moon Pearl

I'd like to note two things: crystal switches, which cause blue & gold blocks to appear &
disappear, & star tiles which make pits appear & disappear. Falling into any pit sends you to the
lower level. Got that? OK, at the start hit the crystal switch (with your sword, but the boomerang
can hit them from a distance) & then enter the stairs on the left (hit the crystal switch with the
boomerang while outside the blocks) Now get the key with the boomerang, & go back to the

Go to the top left corner of the room (with crystal switch help) & open the door leading to stairs.
Go down, & survive an onslaught of Tiles (slash at them with your sword or dodge them, can be
very hard) & after all 22 have shattered the door opens. Go through, take out three worms with
spin attacks & enter the lower door. Kill all the enemies & then ignite all four torches with the
lantern to make a chest appear. Open it for the big key & mirror warp.

Now that you're back at the start go up the stairs on the right. Kill three Blue Octopi & go left.
Hit the star tile if necessary & go through the north door (opens with the big key). Now using the
star tiles cross the room & enter the stairs on the right, avoiding/killing Octopi & be sure that the
crystal switch is set for GOLD BLOCKS DOWN. On the next floor just cross over to the other
side & go up the stairs, but avoid/kill some Worms & a Fire Beast, & make sure that the pits
around the treasure chest to the north are IN THE POSITION CLOSEST TO YOU.

On the top floor you can do three things. First, in the top left are three pits. Enter the top right
one to fall to your doom... ahem, a faerie pond. Power up & step on the warp tile to go back.
Now step on the star tile near the rotating fire bar (which will remind veteran gamers like me of
Super Mario Brothers for NES) & a pit appears near the top of the room. Drop into the top half of
it & if the pits on the lower floor were in the right position, you'll get the MOON PEARL. Plus,
on the far right is the staircase to the top level & sixteen pots, all with hearts!!! don't get them all
though - if you fall back here, recharge with them, & only take enough to fully recharge your life.
BTW, you can only get them if gold blocks are down.


Things to get: Master sword


Charging guard: Tries to turn you into Bantha fodder by charging at you. Slash at him with your
sword and he'll be a memory in no time.

Getting there: Just walk in, you don't need to go through the secret passage.

Treasure: None. Also there is no map, compass or big key.

I won't be able to walk you through it this time, as you should have all the skills you need. A
word of note: to reach the tower, from the entrance go left, down & through a door, then go right,
slash the energy shield (only the master sword can, of course) & walk in. The tower itself is
mainly a trillion ways to get run through. It has every single kind of soldier in the game,
including ball & chain guys. Use spin attacks if possible & be sure to use your lamp to light up
some rooms, & knock guards into pits if possible (don't fall in yourself) & often you must beat
all the soldiers in a room to open the door or get a key. If you're as good as Hollywood's best
swordsmen (Luke Skywalker, Madmartigan, Inigo Montoya, to name a few) or are lucky enough
to get hearts you can just cook your enemies with energy blasts.

***====PALACE OF DARKNESS====***

Things to get: Another four pieces of heart (you should now have 10 containers)


Helmasaur: A much smaller version of the boss, has a mask that withst&s frontal attacks so
either use a spin attack or dash attack.

Jelly: Cyber calls them Birris. The tipbook calls them Onoffs. I call them Jellys. They look like
little jellyfish. Every few seconds they'll electrify their bodies & when they do that a sword
attack will actually hurt YOU. So, either slash them when they're not electrified or use a
projectile weapon - the hookshot works very well. Red ones split in two after one hit though, &
the spawn can still electrify themselves. These are the basic baddie in all the dungeons, so I
recommend you perfect beating them. I think that's enough for an enemy. Onward...

Troopas: Red turtles that move slowly toward you, I call them troopas as that's what the Super
Mario Brothers calls them, & they are obviously an allusion to the Super Mario series. They can
do big damage & are invincible until you get the hammer. Then it couldn't be easier - just use the
hammer near them to flip them over, then either hit them again with the hammer or use a spin
attack. Be careful the hammer can also flip them back up & they'll go much faster if they get
back up, so watch it.

Mimics: Huge rats (where is my madness medicine?) that mimic your movement. Green ones are
easily killed with a spin attack, but red ones require two arrows - two avoid their fireballs, stand
to the side and fire an arrow, then move so he walks into the arrow's path.

Getting there: It's a little tricky. You'll have to go through a bramble maze (another similarity,
this one from Donkey Kong Country 2 which I recently beat) & in some places go through the
bramble, although it doesn't hurt you. After the large bramble maze you'll meet a blue monkey
named Ki Ki (in the words of Cyber, 'merry' in Japanese - which you're probably NOT after
about an hour trying to negotiate the maze) & he'll follow you if you pay him 10 rupees. If you
get hit, he'll run off, requiring another 10 rupees. When you reach the palace he'll offer to open
the door - he's the only one who can, & he charges 100 rupees, which should make the bugger
merry enough.

Treasure: Hmmm. I talked about the hammer in the enemies section. I will talk about it in the
boss section. & the route further into the Dark World is blocked by stakes. Nah, it's not the
hammer - actually, it's called the magic hammer... Hey! Come back!

This palace is longer than the previous ones, & there's a lot of backtracking involved, but hey, if
you gotta you gotta. First go left, hit the switch, & go up through the left door. Go down the stairs
& you'll find a fireball launcher. Ignore it & pick up the bottom left pot (actually a skull, but I
call it a pot anyway) for a key. Mirror warp, & back at the entrance go through the center door &
open the locked door. Now take the left passage, & put a bomb on the cracked floor. (I'll assume
you have bombs, but if not, well... just have them, OK?)

Drop through the new hole & jump down from the ledge. Lift the pot, & step on the switch for a
chest. Get it & you have a key. Some skulls attack, so just mirror warp again. Retrace your steps,
going up twice & then bombing open the floor on the left again. This time instead of jumping
down, go up & open the locked door. Go up the steps & open the chest with the big key, &
mirror warp.

Once you have the big key go up twice, & take the right passageway. Push the bottom block into
the pit & then keep going, picking up a key. Walk across the edge where the arrow is & you'll
automatically jump over the pit. Climb the steps & go left, through the locked door. The next
room has a ledge that collapses, so pick up a pot & do a dash attack, ramming two Helmasaurs.
On the other side pick up a pot & go right through the door. Ignore the chest the Troopas are
guarding, & go down either stairway.

You'll be in a room with two Fireballs guarding 270 rupees (give or take)! Use magic powder to
turn them into faeries, & open the two chests at the bottom. One has a single arrow, the other a
key. Go back through either stairway, then go left to the chasm room. Enter the locked door to
the left. This is a dark room guarded by four Fire Beasts. In the upper right corner is a 3-bomb
chest. Instant red light that a bombable wall is nearby. That wall happens to be in the bottom
right corner, & by blowing it open you can reach the HAMMER.

Now go back to the room with the collapsing bridge. Strangely enough it won't collapse, so just
run down across it & go through the door on the bottom. (If that doesn't work, mirror warp &
retrace your steps). Once you're in the room with the Blue Octopi, wait until they gather next to
the bridge, place a bomb, pick it up with A & then throw it down over the pit to them. After they
blow jump down, & hit the crystal switch at the bottom of the room with your boomerang. Once
blue blocks are down, go through the right door.

In this room go to the top & pick up all the pots. You'll find three hearts & a switch that requires
continuous weight. Push the top left statue onto the switch & then go through the door. Take care
of three Mimics here and go up.

If necessary hit the crystal switch & go right, being careful of the Deathblade. What's that? It's a
dead end? No, it's NOT dead end! Shoot an arrow into the Rocklops statue & the wall moves,
revealing a stairway (only the programmers know why!) Go down & hammer down the moles in
your way. To get by the crystal switch blocks stand between them & throw your boomerang at
the switch, & go by. The next room has a single Troopa. That is a warning not to be taken lightly!
The room after that has SIX Troopas, & is probably the hardest room of the palace. After all the
Troopas are dead go right & push the top right block. Touch the warp tile, & you'll be in a thin
corridor. Go up to the final door, giving two sets of Troopas a big headache.

***====FLOODED PALACE====***

Things to get: Bombos medallion


Firefish: These aren't too common, & are released from holes in walls, then skim the water's
surface. Use the sword or hookshot, but be careful. They look like fireballs before they l&.

Mini-Zoras: Little creatures that skim the water, surfacing every few seconds. Use the hookshot
or sword.

Living Drops: This is the only self destructing enemy in the game, & they die after bouncing off
the walls three times. You can also use a spin attack. It moves fast though, & can be difficult to

Bots: Returning from Zelda II, just use the sword or hookshot.

Firebars & fire snakes: Both are invincible & must be avoided.

Deathblade: Bounce back & forth & of course are invincible, run by at the right time.

Getting there: You can just walk into the palace, but to flood it with water (it's not called the
flooded palace for nothing), you'll need to return to the Light World, enter the building, push
away the blocks & pull the right switch to drain the water, return to the Dark World via the warp
tile created by the mirror, & you're as good as there.

Treasure: Hookshot, of course.

To start, simply swim left & run by the Deathblade, & kill all the Mini-Zoras. Once you have the
key open the door & go down the stairs. In this room go to the bottom avoiding Firebars &
getting some hearts under the pots, then pull up the very bottom pot for a key. Use it to open the
door & go left. Now avoid the baddies & go down the steps. To get to the left door: Go through
the north door, pick up the pot for a key, go back down & climb the steps unlocking the door, go
up & hammer down the moles, & finally push t-the ss-sswitch to t-the (gag) left t-t-t-to fl(two
gags)ood the c-co-or-ridor. (A few minutes later). Oops, got parched, excuse me.

You're now in the main room. Go left, & go through the bottom left door, avoid the enemies &
go down the steps & through the north door & pick up the pot for a key. Then go back to the
main room & go through the top left door (being careful of those cursed Firefish) & hit the
crystal switch with your sword or a bomb. Then hit it again so that the Deathblade is on the right,
& go through then push the switch from the right to flood the next corridor. Hit the crystal switch
again & exit to the right. Make sure the switch is set for GOLD BLOCKS DOWN. Go back to
the main room & exit through the bottom left door. Avoid the enemies & go left, over the now-
sunken blocks, & again go left.

Now avoid the enemies & go down into the shallow water. Push the bottom block left & the
middle block up to get by, & go up the stairs. Push the block away, & being careful of Firebars
drop down the top right hole. Go left across the sunken (right?) gold blocks through the door to
find the big key. Backtrack to the main room & get the HOOKSHOT. We need a key, so use the
hookshot to hit the pot on the left. You'll be dragged over to it. Pick up the two pots to get your
key, then go back to the treasure chest, & again use the hookshot to get pulled over. DO NOT
PICK UP THE POTS! You could be stuck forever which means starting the dungeon ALL
OVER! Instead just go through the door.

Now you'll be in a room with three exits to the north. You must go through the shut one, so open
it by picking up the top pot to reveal a continuous weight switch... & the nearby statue can be
pushed... then go right & through the once-shut door, & take out a Jelly, & go through the stairs.
Push the lever & the water drains. Go through the now open door & go up.

You're now in a wide room with a few enemies. Dead end you say? Of course it's not a dead
end. To exit, walk THROUGH the gargoyle second from the right. In the next room pick up the
pots, then go into the stairway. Bash the Jellys & go down to a room with a current & three
Water Bugs. Well, we know how much fried french fries are loved in America - so how about
fried flies? To get them, wait until they all gather around you, then fry them good with bombos.
Swim left against the current for a key, & then bomb north midway across the room for some
goodies. Then go to the far left & go up twice.

***====SKULL FOREST====***

Things to get: Ether medallion


Bunny Clouds: Ooooooohhhhhh! What a dirty trick! These things follow you & don't hurt you,
but they turn you into a bunny for a while or until you get hit, & as a bunny you can't use any
weapons. You can only destroy them if they hit a wall.

Gibdos: Mummies that steal two life hearts & can take no less than four spin attacks!!! Sound
hard? Well, if you're facing a group of them use ether magic & then crush them with the hammer
& you'll get plenty of magic bottles. Alternatively, you can do what I think should be done to all
the test papers in the world - fry them (with the fire rod).

Wallmaster: Another veteran from Zelda for NES, drops from the ceiling an takes you back to
the start of the dungeon, & even if killed keeps coming back!

Getting there: Go to Kakariko Village's northwest exit & go into the Lost Woods. Then go east
& south, hammer down the stakes & pick up the rock. A warp tile is under it, touch it & go north
to Skull Forest.

Treasure: Fire rod

To start off, I'd like to say that in part of this dungeon you'll be in the overworld, & there are no
less than six entrances! Many are useless though. First go east as far as possible then north &
west. If you fall in the hole you're screwed up but you can avoid it by crawling on the very
bottom, using a spin attack to slash away the bush, & slipping around the bottom. Once past it
ignore the nine bushes & instead go north through a rib cage. Go down the other rib cage & enter
the skull.

Now that you're inside you'll meet some enemies. Use ether to freeze them & then turn them into
pancakes with the hammer. The pot in the middle hides a switch, but to hold it down you must
pull the statue on the right onto it. To pull, hold onto it & drag it up onto the switch. Wallmasters
will attack the whole time, so watch it. Once the statue is on the switch enter the next room.
Enemies in your way? Use your handy-dandy ether medallion to turn it into the Ice Age, smash
your enemies up with the hammer, & avoiding the Deathblade open the chest with the big key, &
mirror warp.

Go back through the ribs & to the nine bushes. Use your sword to slash the middle one & go
down the hole. Instead of going down bomb open the left, cracked wall, step on a star tile & enter
the hole. Ignore the pots & pull the switch, causing a wall to explode. Take out two worms & get
the FIRE ROD. Now get to the door below you by either going around the room you fell into or
using the hookshot to grapple the statues. Now exit.

You'll be near the bushes. Go north through the ribs & go through the skull you used to get the
big key. Instead, go through the left door & then dash through the next room, & exit. Now go
through the west rib cage to a huge blocked skull. Use the fire rod to burn the bones & enter. The
next room involves several Fireballs & you will have to go under a bridge several times. When
under it you can't see which way to go, so be careful & go quickly to avoid the balls (these aren't
the ones you're used to, instead they simply go around the blocks). The room on the right has a
lot of enemies, but you can get through w/o breaking a sweat by using the bridge. When possible
go through the door on the bottom, get the key & mirror warp.

Now instead of going under the bridge cross it avoiding a Fire Snake (another Super Mario
allusion) & enter the locked door. This room has several pits & here's the route to take: Use the
hookshot to go left, then go up to the top, & grapple right, & then go down & through the door.
The next room has four Gibdos - use the fire rod to fry them & ignite the torches with the lantern.
They all must be lit to open the door, & you must light the top one with the fire rod. The next
room, ether & crush all the enemies & slash through the ropes in the top center, go through the
door & again use ether, & finally go right & drop into the pit.

***====BLIND'S DUNGEON====***

Things to get: Nothing


Goriya: All the enemies from Zelda for NES are here! The blue ones aren't much of a problem,
but red ones shoot fireballs that can be blocked by your shield. Use spin attacks for both.

Lizards: Rare, ignore them.

Bubbles: This enemy consists of two fireballs, one lighter & one darker. When the lighter &
smaller one leaves the darker one, spin attack it & both die.

Getting there: From Skull Forest go south to the Village of Outcasts. In the center is a statue with
the pitchfork, pull on it like you do a switch & it'll reveal the entrance.

Treasure: Titan's mitt

This dungeon is crucial, as the titan's mitt is necessary to go any farther in the game. OK - In the
first area you'll find four huge rooms, each with an upper & lower level. I'm not gonna give a
walkthrough for this part - that would be too long, & besides, I'm tired. Note: The map, compass,
& big key are all here, & you must get the latter before leaving, as the door in the top right corner
requires the big key. Good luck.

Once you get out of that place you'll be in a thin room - go to the top & pull up the right pot, &
use the key under it to open the bottom door & go left. In the next two rooms don't bother killing
the enemies & just make a mad dash for the other side. That's a hint - make a mad DASH. When
you're in the room with the conveyor belts everywhere & is pretty big, go to the very top & go
through the door, using magic powder to turn Fireballs into faeries. In the room above this are
seven Deathblades - just run through, but be sure that the crystal switch is set for blue blocks

On the top floor lift the far right pot for a switch, then go left. The next room is overrun by
Lizards - mad dash right through. The room after that has a sunbeam on a crack in the floor. This
is important: Place a bomb & then throw it onto the crack to blow it open. A chest in the room
contains bombs. After doing this, backtrack back to the conveyor room, making sure you have
blue blocks down. Then go through the top right door, & in the room after that just run through.
After that is a room with a jumble of conveyors; go through the steps at the top.

Kill the baddies here & lift the huge gray block out of your way. Go down, then right to the
prison area. Go through the various cells to the boss. Errr... boss? That's a young woman. Are
you insane? Well, she asks you to take her outside. She's actually Blind the Thief in disguise,
waiting for a chance to kill you. Luckily she won't be able to do that (yet). Get the key from the
chest in her cell. Then go back to the bottom & leave here, & dash right through the next two
rooms. You'll find a chest surrounded by moles. The floor collapses, so hurry! Hammer the
moles & open the chest containing the TITAN'S MITT. Backtrack to the stairs, go up them & lift
the top right pot for a switch, step on it & go right, then up. There's light in here thanks to your
bomb overhead, so lead the maiden into the light... & get ready to fight (great, I sound like a poet

***====ICE PALACE====***

Things to get: Another heart container, tempered sword, magic cape


Alliguin: A cross between a penguin & an alligator. They seem strong & pack a powerful punch,
but can be easily mowed down with the hookshot or (if in great numbers) ether.

Skeleton Knight: One of the tougher enemies. Hit him with the sword and then when he's
stunned blow him up with a bomb (hey, Nazi style... uh, forget it).

Wampa: Remember that monster that almost kills Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back?
Well, I read up a little & found it's called a wampa. This game's wampas come out of the walls
& can only be killed with one weapon - the fire rod.

Black Death: Little black blobs that come out of walls every so often. Either slash them with the
sword or use bombos magic when they're all out.

Getting there: Go to the center of the Light World's lake. Pull up the black rock & use the warp
tile, & you're as good as there.

Treasure: Blue mail

This palace is my least favorite in the whole game, because of all the backtracking involved &
you can also get stuck permanently here, meaning you'll have to beat Misery Maze & use the
cane of Somaria to do it. Also the floors are sometimes slippery, making it annoyingly difficult to
maneuver, & of course, enemies can move just fine. Also you'll have a heck of a time getting the
big key. Think you can do all that? Oh well, got to break the ice sometime.

All right, here goes. When you enter go up, & a Wampa attacks. Fry it & go left. The floor is icy
here, but your enemies are three Jellys, so use your hookshot on them. Get the key & go through
the locked door down the stairs. To open the door go to the bottom left corner & hit the switch.
The next room is a + junction, so push the block out of your way & go down. Immediately go
back through the door, push the block away & go right. Six Alliguins are here - use ether, of
course, & pull up the bottom pot, hit the switch & leave, spraying magic powder on the Fireball
for some more life. Hit the switch, push the block & go up. Kill all the red Jellys here. Now it
looks like you're stuck - how do you hit the switch & get through before the blocks close? Well,
put a bomb on the switch & before it explodes run through the blocks. The bomb triggers the
switch, so then go down, & bomb through the cracked floor.

Here you must take out two Skeleton Knights to proceed. After doing so go down to a room with
a conveyor belt that switches directions, & plenty of stationary Deathblades as punishment for
those who don't maneuver the maze correctly. The second Jelly has the key, & use the hookshot
on the Black Deaths. On the other side go through the door, making sure the crystal switch is set
for gold blocks down. The next room has a slippery catwalk with pits & a Firebar. Use the
hookshot to grapple pots & go faster, & pull up the bottom left pot for the switch. Enter the door
& then go down the stairs.

You'll now be attacked by five Alliguins. Use ether & crush 'em, then go up. Use a well-timed
run to escape the giant Deathblade, & go up. The floor will collapse - don't worry, you want to
go down. You'll fall into a large, icy room with several exits. What you must do now is go
through the top left door & use the hookshot to cross the melted sections, & if you like take out
the four red Jellys. Go down, & you'll be attacked by four giant Deathblades. Just make a mad
dash for the stairs.

First off, grapple the pot. Don't pick it up yet - instead just enter the stairs. The next room: Take
out a Skeleton Knight, hammer the moles, lift the block, go to the corner of the room to make the
Bunny Cloud hit a wall, hammer down more moles, t-take out a-a-another Sk-k-ke-eleton
Knight-t, pull (gag) the st-tatue's tongue to open t-h-h-e door a--n--d gggoo t-h--r---o--ugh. Oops,
got parched again. Go up the stairs & grab the big key. Backtrack all the way back to the room
with the locked left door, pulling the statue's tongues if necessary. Pull up the pot now & grapple
the chest on the other side, grab the key DON'T OPEN THE DOOR or you could be trapped

Instead, mirror warp and make your way back to the room with the giant Deathblade (Kill!!!)
Then time a dash by, & go left. Being careful of the Firebar go down the stairs, which takes about
five minutes thanks to the icy floor. In the lower floor ignore the Wampa & just bomb through
the floor on the left, drop down & grab the BLUE MAIL.

Go right through the door by pushing the blocks out of the way & go through the right door in the
room with the crystal blocks, frying a Wampa. The next room has Black Deaths, a Fireball, ice
on the floor & a Firebar. Bombos the Black Deaths & use magic powder for the Fireball. One of
the pots has a key & another a switch, but I'm so confused by now I forget which. Once you get
them go back left, & up. The door requires the big key. Here you'll face Jellys & Skeleton
Knights - ignore them & just open the locked door & go down the steps.

Magic powder the Fireball, & go down & right. Hit the crystal switch twice to kill the Bunny
Cloud, & then set it for BLUE BLOCKS DOWN. This is absolutely crucial. Get some goodies
from the pots & then backtrack all the way back to the room with the crystal blocks. See those
two blocks? You've got to get to the other side of them, so go right &... OH CRUD I'M LOST!
Sorry, but I can't help you here. Well, you've got to go along the path to the right so you can get
back to the blue mail & still have blue switches down. Once you get back to the blue mail
treasure chest it's easy - just go right, & push the lower block into the chasm (which is only
possible if blue blocks are down). & then drop down yourself, lift the pot & push the block onto
the switch. Finally, go down through the door, lift the left pots, pull the right statue up & then get
in where it was, hammer down the moles & lift the block & drop down to FINALLY reach the
boss. Well, it's about time.

If you get stuck in this palace you may e-mail me, but I might not be able to reply soon - I expect
to get a ton of e-mails on this palace. A word of note: You can do Misery Maze before this, & if
you do you'll be able to use a Cane of Somaria block to hold down the switch instead of go
through a 10-mile hike to push one down from above. However you'll be doing Misery Maze
w/o blue mail, which makes it much harder. You choose. Folks, I am going to pass out now...

***====MISERY MAZE====***

Things to get: Flute


Bomb Rats: Little creatures that can be killed with the sword & drop detonated bombs.

Eye Skulls: Skulls that chase you if you turn away (yet another Super Mario allusion) & can be
killed with several spin attacks.

Wizzrobes: Back from NES, they fire energy beams at you that can't be deflected. My advice?
Slash once when visible but before fires.

Getting there: Use the flute & go to location 6. Pick up the right rock for a warp tile to Misery
Mire swamp. & you thought the "great swamp" was bad, eh? Go to the center & use ether while
on the ether tile for a serious improvement.

Treasure: Get the Staff of Somalia, ya lazy dog! There's a war there & if ya don't git, you'll get
killed by the bad guys! Oops, I'm going nuts, please excuse me.

To get across the first pit, just use the hookshot. Go down the stairs to a room with one Evil Eye,
some Wizzrobes & Flowers. Beat 'em all & the door opens, go through (obviously). You're now
in the "main room." Go to the bottom level & cross, avoiding fire enemies & exit through the top
right door. This room has nothing but a block & doors, push the block left or right & walk
through the top door. Simply go right up through the next two rooms & get a key. Go back to the
main room.

In the main room go to the bottom left corner, & open the locked door. There are some Eye
Skulls here but they aren't much of a problem - hit the crystal switch & go back to the main
room. Go across the wire mesh floor, avoiding Fire Snakes. The blue blocks are now down so
you can reach the pot hiding a switch that makes a key chest appear. Now go back through the
bottom left door & now, open the locked door to the left. (There's a key in this room too, giving
you an extra key - we'll use it later). From here go down, around & into the steps - but watch out
for those Bomb Rats.

You'll now find two torches obstructed by blocks. Push the blocks out of the way but don't light
the torches. Instead go down, push the blocks again & now light all four torches in both rooms
quickly. To push away the blocks, push the top & bottom blocks toward the torch & the middle
block up or down. If you can light all four torches fast enough you'll hear a long rumbling. From
the bottom room go right & you'll find the room has exp&ed. Drop into the hole (there may or
may not be Wizzrobes here) & get the big key, & mirror warp.

Now go back to the main room (going through that Evil Eye room again, but this is the fastest
way) & then go right & through the first door you find (enter the main room from the bottom).
Simply dash right through the next room. You'll now be in a chasm room. The bridge collapses
so fast you can't reach it in time... or so you think. Use the hookshot to grapple a block & get
there faster, & run fast because Deatheyes will fire at you. At the end you'll find your prize - the

Now you've got to go ALL THE WAY TO THE BIG KEY. There may be a faster way but I'm
not sure. Anyway once you go around & reach the big key chest, go left & step on the warp tile.
Then go right & through the door that opens with the big key. Dash across the wood bridge &
down the steps. To open the door, simply pick up the left pot & hold down the switch with a
orange staff block (if only we could do that back in the Ice Palace!) Also since we have an extra
key, open the bottom right locked door to find a room with 45 rupees.

Then go left to a room with a Deathblade. The best way? Get hit & run by while you're flashing.
Before going through the door though go up & hit the crystal switch. Then go left & if crystal
blocks are in the way, hit the switch again. Use a bomb to go up, being careful of the black rats
that come down. Hit the crystal switch on the left, & go back down, use magic powder to take
care of the Fireballs & go left. Now, go to the very top, hit the switch, then go down the stairs, &
go left through the door (hit the Fire Snake & run by while flashing).

***====TURTLE ROCK====***

Things to get: Golden sword, silver arrows, quake medallion


Crusher: A yellow rolling pin like thing (spiked, of course) that tries to crush you. Invincible.

Deatheye: The main enemy here & also invincible, fires lasers at you. Once you have the mirror
shield you can block them.

Pokey: A creature from Super Mario, use a spin attack.

Getting there: From the Tower of Hera go to the far east, & when you find a plateau hammer
down the three stakes in this order: bottom right, top, bottom left. A warp tile appears. Touch it
& then use quake while standing on the quake symbol.

Treasure: Mirror shield

All right. The most important concept in this short but hellish dungeon is the staff platforms.
When you find a tiny "?" block (One of many, many Super Mario stuff here) use the staff of
Somaria on it. A platform appears that you can ride. When at an intersection hold in the direction
you want to go.

The first room is easy - just ride across on a staff platform. The room after that has six doors, &
they all lead nowhere save for the one next to the top right stop. I mean the door facing to the
right. The room it leads to has four torches. While riding a staff platform use the fire rod to ignite
the torches. Trouble is, you've only got a little while before they go out & the door closes. So,
ignite them as you come back. this room can be hard, as you must time things just right. Luckily
this room is also unique. Once you get in the top door you'll have to escape a Crusher by hiding
in the little alcoves. After slipping by grab a key.

Now go back to the second room & go to the very top left door - it's locked of course. Spin
attack Pokey for another key, & go up again. You're now in the toughest room yet - two Chain
Chomps (from Super Mario of course) will attack by lunging. They take out THREE life hearts
per hit, & you have to get by several times. Their movements are erratic, so they are hard to
elude. Worse, you must hit the crystal switch several times & push the top block in the right
group to make the key chest appear. This room takes out so much life even I don't have a joke,
for once. Well, just have PLENTY of heart containers, bottled faeries & medicine.

After coming out of there alive you'll find yourself in a place with pipes everywhere (another
allusion). Enter them in the bottom right corner & when you come out go left. Enter the right
pipe & enter the door. Spray magic powder on the bubbles & bottle the faeries to replace your
used ones. Hit the crystal switch & go down & right. Enter the two pipes & you'll go back to the
first pipe room, getting the big key & a large magic bottle on the way (you can't fall in the lava).

Now simply go back to the bottom right corner & enter the pipeline. This time instead of entering
the right pipe enter the (surprise!) left pipe & go down. Here go right & you'll be attacked
mercilessly by some Deatheyes. I suggest just making a mad dash for the crack, placing a bomb
there & GET OUT OF THE WAY! Then go down back to the overworld. This is the time to
collect the final piece of heart, & once you do that go into the other cave, use the hookshot to
grapple the chest, & get the MIRROR SHIELD.

Go up twice, the second door opens with the big key. Enter the pipe & then go up. Go up again
with a bomb, & you'll find a Crusher & a crystal switch. Use the boomerang to hit the switch
from a distance & reach the key chest. Dodging the Crusher go back & hit the switch with the
boomerang, & go down the stairs. Here, you'll go through a dark maze of staff platform track.
The Firebars are almost impossible to avoid, but don't take much life. Here's the path to take
from each intersection: Down, right, down, down, step on switch once & get back on, left, right 4
times, down 4 times, left five times & through the door.

The next room is a simple mad dash, but time your stop just right or you'll fall. Of course, you
can also choose to get fried by lasers, so I say dash & time it right. Go down. You'll now find
four Deatheye-guarded chests - the fourth has a key, the others rupees (& are DEFINITELY to be
ignored) & after getting the key fall into a pit to go back to the start with minimal damage. Go
back through the door, then go left. This room is a maze of crystal blocks (& a few Fireballs - use
magic powder), I don't think it requires a walkthrough, just use your boomerang to hit switches
from afar. When you reach the stairs, go down, cross via a staff platform & get ready for a very
dangerous rescue.

***====GANON'S TOWER====***

Things to get: Nothing

Enemies: None

Getting there: From Turtle Rock go west (watch out for lion-like enemies) until you find the
glowing tower, which you can only enter if you have (surprise!) all seven crystals. You'll get a
pretty neat letterboxed show (How Spielbergian!)

Treasure: Red mail

Well, you've made it. You've gotten the master sword & recovered the pendants of virtue,
defeated Agahnim & rescued all six maidens & even made it to Ganon's Tower where your
nemesis is building power. But none of that matters for a grain of sand if you can't beat the big
guy himself. You'll be facing a lot of enemies in this tower, including all three Light World
bosses again. If you're facing hard enemies you may wish to use silver arrows, as they kill with
one hit & you probably have so many rupees by now you actually might want to increase your
hold. You should obviously have every item in the game (save maybe the cane of Bryna) & all
four bottles, each one with medicine or faeries. Here goes nothing...

The first room has nothing but statues of Ganon holding the triforce (man, that guy has no taste)
& three stairways. The middle one leads to the higher floors of the tower while the other two
each lead to the first floor where the red mail is. We're gonna have to go about 1 hour & through
10,000 rooms to get the big key. All right, go down the stairs on the left.

This place has only one significance: getting a key. Simply time a dash so you bash the key off its
ledge w/o getting hit by the fire. Now DON'T OPEN THE DOOR but instead go back down the
stairs. Once back in the start room go through the stairs on the right. Here you'll find two chests
& two pots. Pick them all up for some goodies including a large magic bottle, & to open the
door, hold down the switch under the bottom left pot with a staff block. In the room on the right,
you'll be attacked by a Bunny Cloud, Fireball (use magic powder) two devices that fire fireballs
when you use your sword & Tiles. In the words of Cyber, "wait for all 22 tiles to shatter to make
a key chest appear." You already have the key & I beat the tower w/o this one, but you may want
to get it anyway - you can't have too many keys. Open the right door.

This room is really hard. You'll be attacked by a Wallmaster & must ignite all four torches at the
same time for the bottom door to open. Well, use the fire rod for all of them, as it's the only way
to ignite them from a distance & fast enough. Also two require the fire rod. Beat all the enemies
first & do it fast, as fire blasts eat up magic power. You do have magic medicine, right? Anyway
once you light all the torches streak for the bottom door & if you make it you'll find some
Gibdos. Ether & hammer them & get your magic power back (if you can't use ether because of
low magic power, use spin attacks). Then create a staff block, throw it onto the conveyor belt, &
when it reaches the crystal switch, get between the crystal blocks & then detonate it. This allows
you to reach the left door.

The room after that has four chests, the top left one contains the compass but also causes 101 pits
to appear (give or take) so just step on the warp tile. The next room has some blue Jellys
(hookshot) & conveyor belts that try to push you into pits, & star tiles that make pits appear in
your face. Defeat will be in your face too if you don't watch it. When possible, hookshot up to
the top two pots & get their key, & go right through the locked door. The room after that is really
hard, as you must stop several Goblins as the bridge collapses. Should you fail to reach the
Firebar-guarded pot in time, leave & come back. I strongly suggest donning the magic cape &
then zipping by the goblins & beating a fast exit out of there.

The next room has a seemingly impossible to reach warp tile surrounded by pits. Where's the star
tile? Pull the left statue down & voila! Reaching it is tricky - you'll have to slip through a tiny
space between the statue & the pit. Then cross the new bridge & step on the warp tile. Here you
are seemingly stuck, surrounded by pits. Not so, amigo. Just do a dash attack left & you'll cross
an invisible ledge. It's easy, but that's a warning...

The next room is the infamous invisible catwalk room, which is so hard I'll tell you how do it
w/o any jokes. OK - first make sure you have enough magic energy for several fire blasts. Go to
the top part, near the top left door. Use the fire rod & ignite the torch on the other side of the
chasm. Also kill Blue Octopi before igniting the torch, & kill the other ones with the fire rod as
you can't afford to slow down. The invisible ledge is only visible as long as the torch is lit (just
why I'd like to know) so make a truly mad dash across. If you can get to the spot where you can
ignite the torch again before it disappears, do so & get through the door. If you miss, there is
another method - create a staff block & slowly push it & when it disappears you know there's a
chasm ahead, so turn & repeat that. If you fall, you must start all over so watch it.

After getting through the top right door (after three or so game overs, no doubt) you'll find an
enemy overrun room. As I always say, if you don't need to fight, don't. Just place a bomb near
the bottom right crack & then drop down. You'll face the Armos Knights again, only now you're
on an icy floor (just how the ice got there I'd like to know) but it's actually very easy - just hit
each one with a silver arrow. Then go up & grab the big key (it's about time!) Then go back
down & left, & before entering the stairs dash attack the weak top wall & go up for some much
needed faeries!!! Then go down the stairs & push the block, & grab the RED MAIL! Mirror

Well, now that you've got the treasure, it gets even tougher. Go up the middle stairs in the first
room & you'll find for your first challenge a place with spikes, bridges made of crystal blocks, &
Mimics. Kill them using either your sword or (with red ones) silver arrows, using the same
strategy you used in the Palace of Darkness. Then reach the bottom door by crossing the spikes
while wearing the magic cape. Trouble is, you've got to push the top block to open it, & reach
the block with the same thing.

Following that you'll face two red Mimics & a Deathblade - one is especially hard as you must
time your shot so it hits the Mimic not the blade. After both bite it the door opens, go through of
course. You'll face two more Mimics, only now it's much tougher as you'll be attacked by two
Evil Eyes at the same time. Yep, those guys are back from the Desert Palace. Then go up,
through the door (requires big key).

You'll face a room with a crystal switch. Hit it & GET OUT OF THE WAY as six Deathblades
come blazing at you. Charge a spin attack & take out the two hidden Rocklopses with it. Now
pick up the middle pot & step on it. Use the boomerang to hit the switch so it traps as many
Deathblades as possible, go back to the bottom door & then enter the top right door. You'll now
be attacked by two moving cannonball launchers - time runs fast so you can get to the other side,
& go up the steps. I tried Cyber's trick of changing the direction of your dash before you dash to
reach the bottom platform, & it didn't work (I also almost got a game over).

The next, conveyor belt room has two Stalfos & Goriyas (back from Blind's Dungeon) - kill both
& go through the door. Now take out three more Stalfos preferably with pots while avoiding the
Evil Eye on the conveyor belt. The next three rooms are all the same: Take out a few zillion
enemies avoiding one or two Evil Eyes, usually on a conveyor belt. Two of the rooms are also
slippery. Here's where you must make a choice: if you have plenty of life medicine/faeries use
normal attacks, if you have at least two bottles of magic medicine use bombos in all three rooms
& either ignore the goodies your enemies leave, or grab them with the boomerang. The fourth
room is simply a mad dash to the other door to avoid the Bunny Cloud.

You'll now face the Lanmolas again, only now there's a fireball launcher in the corner. Thanks to
your golden sword you will have minimal trouble. Then go up, ransack the pots for goodies & go
up the stairs. Then you'll face another invisible ledge, this one much shorter but with three
Wizzrobes. Here's what to do: Use ether (if possible) & time it right so you get them when fully
materialized or it'll be wasted, & ether also shows which way the ledge goes for a second.
Hammer them for more magic power & if you fall, use staff blocks.

The next room has several Goblins & Deatheyes - run like mad with the magic cape & you'll be
fine. Then you'll face four Wizzrobes on a conveyor & avoiding a Deathblade - use spin attacks,
it's not hard enough for a medallion. Then go through the door. You'll then have to cross a
collapsing bridge guarded by Goblins - use the magic cape to get by. The room after that is really
tough - you'll have to do the following in order. Pick up all the pots. Light all four torches with
the fire rod very quickly, & being careful of the Firebar streak for the door. if you make it, just go
up the stairway - watch the Deatheyes though.

You'll have to light another four torches, but now you must do so very quickly as the floor will
collapse & Living Fire will attack too. Use the fire rod or lantern if you can. There's also some
luck involved here. Be careful & go back down the stairs if necessary. The next room, spin attack
the Helmasaurs for the key & open the chests for bombs, & avoid the spikes. Then go through the
locked door. Here you must place a bomb on a conveyor belt so it explodes as it goes by the
cracked wall... or so it seems. Instead, walk onto the conveyor belt (watch the giant Deathblade)
& place the bomb onto the crack while holding toward it & right next to it, & the bomb won't
slide away. 

The room after that, reach the center by cleverly hitting the crystal switches from a distance with
the boomerang to get the key. Then open the door (going past the layers of blocks again). Beat
Moldorm again - he requires only two hits, thanks to the golden sword. If you fall, you'll enter a
spike & Wizzrobe room  - run up to the steps in the upper right corner. After beating the worm
grapple the chest that appears, & push the blocks out of your way to proceed. Put on the magic
cape & race for the top stairs, & go up them. Then go left, & into the final door... Whew with a
capital W!

After beating Agahnim, just jump into the Pyramid of Power (after stocking up on faeries &
medicine) & get ready for the final battle.


There's countless tricks, but here's the two most important:

Half magic power: After beating Ice Palace & Misery Maze, go to the blacksmith's forge in the
Light World. Hammer down the stake to the right of it & jump in the well. Go up & spray magic
powder into the statue. A spirit appears & says he's halfed your magic power, but what he really
did (reminds me a lot of Murray in A Simple Wish - bet you haven't seen that, you'd better) was
make all items use half magic power!!!!!!!!

On becoming a billionaire: Just outside the desert, you'll find two large boulders. Pick up the
bottom one & enter the cave. Grab all the rupees under the pots & leave. Then go back in, & do it
again, & again & again until you get the maximum of 999 rupees.

***====BOSS GUIDE====***

HYRULE CASTLE BOSS: Ball & Chain Trooper

You'll be hard pressed to find somebody who's 3+ and doesn't have a disability to lose to this
guy. He'll attack with his (duh!) ball & chain, but all you must do is pick up a pot from the other
cell & throw it at him. Do that twice & he is dead... zzzzzz...


The Pendant of Courage, eh? Courage??? You don't need much here save eyesight & arrows.
The knights will move in a circle around the room, then march to the top & charge down the
room. Hit each one three times with an arrow (spin attacks work but are very lame) & he's
history. The final one is a bit harder - he'll turn red & jump & try to stomp on you. Move away,
turn around & fire an arrow at him & it should hit him. Three hits & he's no more. The only hints
for this battle is to try to shoot when they come down at you if you're not a good shot & to try to
kill them one at a time.


Hmmm... These guys are back from NES! Only now they're bosses. Well, they remind me a lot
of Taxxons in the Animorphs books - they live in the sand, they are large & ugly, & they have
that same craving for human flesh. This battle is tougher than the last one so be sure to have
some faeries in reserve.

They'll attack by jumping up through the sand. Stand to the side of the spot where one's about to
appear. Then time a spin attack to whack one on the head, which is the only vulnerable spot.
They also send four rocks when they surface, but they aren't much of a problem - it takes two
rocks to eliminate half a life heart. The Lanmolas will float in a random direction for a random
time, then go back down. The head is the only vulnerable spot, so hit it with basic strokes as you
don't exactly have time to charge a spin attack. It takes eight hits for each one to go down, & the
final one kicks up eight rocks instead of four. They look alike, so you can't gang up on one. Oh
well, we can't get everything we want.


I have a lot of things to say about this boss. For starters, I think they got the name for this boss
from that villain in Indiana Jones, Maulam. There's also a Moldorm in NES, but I don't think it
was as bad as this... well, I can say about 100,000 curse words & be regarded as a nice guy when
referring to him.

Moldorm is a worm on steroids that lives on a platform with no railings, and will try to ram you.
He behaves similarly to his smaller counterparts only he's much bigger, he's only vulnerable in
the tail, and he's a major hemorrhoid. You need to hit his tail with a basic sword stroke six times,
and spin attacks don't inflict any extra damage. Should he ram you and knock you off the
platform you'll have to climb back up and start over.


When you first meet him, he'll take Zelda & use evil magic (actually it's not so evil, as he's just
making the game longer & more fun) to send her into the Dark World, & himself disappear.
What are you supposed to do, go home? No way! Just slash through the middle curtain & go
through. He'll say, "Oh, so you want to be totally destroyed? Well, I can make your wish come

I hate this battle because it's impossible to predict what Agahnim will do. He'll do an attack,
disappear (watch his shadow) & reappear somewhere else. Slashing him directly will give you a
world of pain. What you must do is slash at his fireballs & reflect them back at him. The problem
is, he doesn't always shoot fireballs. See, whenever he's in any place NOT the top center of the
room he'll either fire a single fireball (reflect it back at him with your sword) or a blue energy
sphere. Slash it once & it splits in six & disperses, most likely hitting you. If he's in the top
center of the room he does his lightning attack - that can do a lot of damage but is easy to avoid -
just stand right to the left or right of him. About six hits should do him in.


I'm a Star Wars nut, as you know. Remember how Yoda says "size matters not?" Well, I think he
needs to look at his Jedi training books again - the boss here is large... & definitely in charge. He
looks pretty neat (although you probably won't be thinking about that) with a huge red body like
a giant... I mean GIANT... Helmasaur with a mask & glowing eyes.

HK's main attack is his tail, which makes you feel like somebody who gets in the way of Visser
Three. When it speeds up, watch out - it'll try to whip you & can do tons of damage, so avoid it
by running right up & getting rather up close & personal... you're safe if you get close to the
head. He also attacks with fireballs (something Visser Three does in at least one of his 3 zillion
monster morphs) that split into three fireballs, & they, in turn, split into four fireballs which fly
off the screen.

To beat this behemoth you've first got to destroy his mask. This can be accomplished with five
bomb blasts &/or many hits with the hammer. I prefer bombs - it's more fun & you don't have to
risk getting hit as you do it. After destroying the mask you'll find a large green spot on his head.
What are you waiting for? Run up & slash it. He moves at double speed now though. If the you
survive long enough to give the 8th slash, HK's reign of terror will end.


You'll be fighting in a room filled with shallow water. Arrghus looks at first like a huge mass of
orange blobs. How rude. Actually the orange blobs, called Arrgi, are protecting daddy dearest.
He'll try to ram you a few times (and is so easy to avoid you can avoid him blindfolded) & then
make the Arrgi expand outward. Dodge them (of course).

Use the hookshot & it'll pull an Arrgi off its parent. It'll crawl back to it (& is presumably acting
like a baby who doesn't get his 874th milk bottle - but that might be a little too emotional for little
kids) & if it makes it, it'll be relieved of all damage. Being careful not to get hit yourself, slash it
twice. Repeat that for all the Arrgi (there's exactly 13, but who cares?) & keep in mind that it
gets a little tougher later in the battle as you need to pretty much hit them right on the target.

After scrapping all his kids, Arrghus gets very mad & tries to crush you. When his shadow
appears, dodge it & charge a spin attack. When he lands he'll then try to ram you. Release your
spin attack & let him have it. Four spin attacks does him in.


Hmmm... Mothula sounds a lot like Mothra! Can we become Godzilla for this boss? Just this
once? PUH-LEASE??? It would be so cool... no dice? Oh, waa waa. Do I sound like an idiot or
what? Alright, enough of that.

This battle is a little hard, as you'll be on a conveyor belt that switches direction every few
seconds. The walls are made up of Deathblades, & some of them move. To top off all that,
Mothula also fires energy blasts in threesomes that can really cause you pain, so watch it. The
best way to take out the huge insect is the fire rod, about eight hits will send the little wiener into
the graveyard. If you run out of magic use medicine, or just use the sword.

BLIND'S DUNGEON BOSS: Hmmm... let me think...?

This is another pain. Blind looks like a neat freak, & he'll move back & forth, firing an
occasional laser. Once you hit him once he'll send fireballs out like there's no tomorrow. Hit him
in the head three times (with basic sword strokes) & he'll collapse & his head goes off, firing
fireballs. Then he'll grow a new head & start attacking again. Repeat the three hits & he'll get
another head, three more & he's out. Problem is, the head(s) are invincible & fire a lot of
fireballs... well, I hate it.


I don't know why they made this boss pink. I don't know too many girls bother to get this far;
most aren't that into video games . . . I'm talking about Kholdstare here. Since you probably
don't want to do the palace all over again (if you did, I'd have trashed the game) it's a good thing
this guy is a goober - just what we needed after some real sons of... wait, I'm not supposed to say
bad words... in the last two dungeons.

Periodically in this battle ice blocks will fall from above & when they land they split into four
other blocks which spread out. No matter. Ice or no ice, you'd have to be a complete idiot to lose
to this guy - just use bombos & he'll come out of his icy shield & split into three different bodies,
trying to ram you. Use the fire rod & gang up on one body, & it'll die after four hits. Use magic
medicine if necessary, but the sword works too (but is only half as effective).


Oooh!!! My favorite! (Well, until they make a nude boss). This boss is made up of another father
& his kids, but this is a lot stranger. I guess will just have to take our enemy one eye at a time.
Yep, all your foes in this battle are eyeballs! How cool!

The main problem in this battle is the sheer damage they can inflict. Vitreous's kids will take out
three units of life per touch, & he himself takes out FIVE hearts - that's the biggest thing one
enemy can do in the game. Well, as long as you have the tempered sword, blue mail & reserve
life, it won't be a problem - spin attacks work great against the eyes, as unlike other enemies they
don't bounce back when attacked & in effect it inflicts quadruple damage!

However, the eyes come so fast & furious you'll in no time have to retreat to a corner & bang on
B like crazy to fend them off. Vitreous also shoots huge lightning blasts (de-ja-vu!) down the
room, but they usually don't hit you if you're in a corner. (Note the "usually"). After teaching
Vitreous's kids a little lesson about safety when around great heroes he'll attack. This part is
PATHETIC - just stand right below him, & when he attacks fire an arrow at him to bounce him
back into his own slimy mess. It's like playing volleyball. It's hard not to get one right in the eye,
is it? Eight arrows sends him packing.


Talk about out of the frying pan & into the fire! The dungeon itself is hard, but Trinexx makes
me want to puke. (Wait, I'm wearing my best shirt now). I want to know why we have to beat
him - we rescued Zelda twice on NES, and besides, you rescued so many gals in other games like
Super Mario Brothers, Sonic CD, Castle of Illusion, Astyanax... about one in every one game.
Hey, I like that.

Alright, on with the boss. Trinexx is a huge beast of living rock (another Animorphs allusion) &
again, we see how much size matters. Trinexx comes with three heads - one fire, one ice & one
rock. Not bad, eh? You can't do anything about the rock head, save rock it. It'll attack you by
lunging when the tail speeds up, so dodge it. You probably will get hit, though.

Instead, concentrate on the ice head. It breathes an icy jet (talk about bad breath) that freezes a
large part of the floor & makes the battle much harder, so kill it first. Do that by first hitting it
with a fire rod blast, then hitting it with the sword. Do that a few time & it'll die. The fire head
breathes a huge fire jet (anybody got a mint?) That disappears for a moment. Do the same thing,
only use the ice rod.

Now Trinexx will explode, but he's not dead. Instead the rock head slides out of its shell, &
becomes a very mobile snake. It will twist & turn & try to ram you. To beat it you've got to twist
& turn like a worm & slash it in the glowing section. Think you can do that? Three slashes in it
& that should be the last time you rescue Zelda until Zelda 64.


Hmmm... very interesting. Agahnim says a quick dialogue promising your destruction, then
creates two phantom Agahnims that will do the exact same thing he does, only they cannot be
wounded. There are no lighting blasts this time, so it's pretty simple - stand as favorably as you
can, & when the Agahnims fire, just slash at their fire like mad - it's a little on the hard side to
concentrate on what each one is doing when there's three of them. They'll fire either energy
spheres or fireballs, & you CAN reflect fireballs from the phantoms onto the real one, but I don't
recommend it. If they all fire at the same time (which they usually don't) you can use a spin
attack. Just concentrate on reflecting bolts & you should win with minimal damage - you don't
want to do Ganon's Tower again do you? Anyway six hits sends him packing.

PYRAMID OF POWER (FINAL) BOSS: Ganon (who else?)

Ahhh, the classic. Looking like a genetically disturbed giant anteater & with a ton of sneaky
attacks, Ganon makes the perfect final boss. Take note: stock up on faeries/medicine before
entering of course. Ganon says a little dialogue (promising your destruction, of course) & then
begins. That triforce painting on the floor is pretty nifty, huh? Can't... get... music... out... of...

Ganon first attacks by throwing his trident at you. Dodge it & he'll teleport & catch it. It does
home in on you though. Before he throws it hit him like there's no tomorrow, six times. then
he'll spin his trident & create a ring of fire around himself. The eight fireballs expand outward
(de-ja-vu!) & then retract, turn into Firebats, & fly at you. To avoid the bats either run back &
forth or use the magic cape for a second. They're invincible (duh!) Before he generates the
flames, hit him. Repeat six times.

Now it gets harder. Ganon teleports around the room & will eventually launch a Firebat which
leaves rings of flames around him. Hit him (which is very difficult) & he'll stomp, & cause the
outer edge of the floor to collapse (he makes a different edge collapse with each hit) & while it
collapses there's nothing you can do. Falling in supposedly makes you fall forever (but as we
know, no good guys die in video games) but actually makes you restart the battle. Hit him four

Ganon now uses his secret technique of darkness (what a mouthful!) & extinguishes the two
torches. He'll now teleport invisibly & launch a Firebat leaving a trail of flames. Light the
torches with the lantern (using the fire rod wastes magic energy) & after one is lit, you'll be able
to see Ganon transparent. Light the other one & he'll be stunned for a moment but then launch
his Firebats as always. Now hit him with the sword & he'll for some reason turn blue. When he's
like that fire a silver arrow at him. Keep doing so until the torches go out, & then relight them.
After four silver arrows, the big guy takes a tumble & the real cinema begins. Enter the door &
watch the ending - you've earned it.


I hope you enjoyed The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It's the only Zelda game for SNES,
but Zelda 64 will be pretty neat - it is the most popular game in the world, you know. Now I
certainly hope these tips helped you. Of course, they don't cover everything, especially in the
overworld. I didn't cover gambling games, 300 rupee chest locations & secret caves - because I
want you to find some things for yourself. Too bad Zelda doesn't have difficulty levels - I want a
challenge, man! A real challenge! Well, I think I got my wish. Now if you'll excuse me I have to
go & get my Sega Dreamcast...

Once again, any unauthorized copying, altering or selling (or linking directly to this document)
w/o Clasher's permission will result in... well, you'll find out.

Fair well & Farewell.
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